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Private sector ‘fed up’ of Opposition’s shifting positions Page

PSC’s Ramesh Persaud


–PSC Chair, Ramesh Persaud

Albouystown businesswoman found bound, murdered in her home Page

Sooba: City Hall now 12 in better financial position



Ms Carol Sooba

Pitbulls maul 11– year-old Linden boy

11–year–old Dequan Gordon at the Georgetown Hospital yesterday

Father’s Day ‘hit-and-run’ robs family of their dad




First Lady’s Fathers’ Day message...

Fathers may be a 19 tower of strength, authority Page

––but they, too, need love and affection

First Lady Deolatchmee Ramotar


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

Albouystown businesswoman found bound, murdered in her home

THE bound body of 65-year-old Sumintra Dinool was discovered among items in her ransacked two-bedroom home at Bar and Sussex Streets, Albuoystown, Georgetown early yesterday morning. She was found by her son, Shah Dinool, who had been out with friends and returned to find that his mother had been murdered. Speaking with the Guyana Chronicle yesterday afternoon, the man said

he had been a mere two corners away from home ‘hanging out’ with his friends, and had returned home at approximately 04:45 hrs. As normal, he took off his footwear before heading to switch on the lights prior to proceeding to his room, which, upon pulling the blinds, he found in a state of disarray. Shah said he first thought the thieves were still in the house, having embraced the opportunity to secure entry when his

The room where the businesswoman’s son found her dead body

mother left for the La Penitence Market, where she operates a stall, and leaves home very early in the mornings to go there; but it turned out that his mother lay motionless in her room, which had also been ransacked. Her hands were tied behind her back, and her feet were also tied, while a towel was placed around her mouth. He said that when he rushed to hold his mother, he realised that she had been dead for some while. This discovering caused him to immediately summon his friends whom he had left at the shop, and he ran to his father’s place, two houses away, to inform him of the tragedy. Shah Dinool said the police arrived half an hour after being summoned, and they turned up only when one of their colleagues who is his friend telephoned them repeatedly. They dusted the home for finger prints and were reportedly able to uplift a few. He said the thieves were able to cart off approximately two hundred thousand dollars in cash, along with a flat screen television, VCR, and other items. The knife with which the intruders had entered the home was discovered after the police had concluded their initial investigations and had left. Asked if he suspected anyone, Shah Dinool said the persons who had invaded their home and murdered his mother are from the area, since they were able to gauge his movements and know that he was not at home, hence they had opportunity to pounce on his See page 11


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

Private sector ‘fed up’ of Opposition’s shifting positions –PSC Chair, Ramesh Persaud By Vanessa Narine HEAD of the Private Sector Commission (PSC), Mr Ramesh Persaud, yesterday weighed in on the main Opposition’s dismissal of the importance of complying with the regulations set out by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), and by extension, those of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF). “The PSC’s position is that we are fed up of the shifting positions on this matter. We believe that it is highly irresponsible to write off FATF and CFATF,” he told the Guyana Chronicle. After the Parliamentary Special Select Committee’s last meeting to review the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill last Wednesday, the PSC’s Ramesh Persaud Committee Chair, Gail Teixiera, told the Guyana Chronicle that A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) “scoffed” at the necessity of Guyana meeting

the requirements set out by the financial regulatory bodies. Persaud underscored the fact that while Guyana has felt the impacts of being blacklisted regionally by

‘The PSC’s position is that we are fed up of the shifting positions on this matter. We believe that it is highly irresponsible to write off FATF and CFATF’ CFATF last November, risking official blacklisting from FATF will be disastrous for the local economy. “CFATF’s membership is about 34 countries. If you look at FATF, what we have is major countries like the US (United States of America), Canada and Europe, all of which are major trading partners. To dismiss such a huge organisation is nothing short of irresponsible,” the PSC Chair said. As it stands, the Parliamentary Special Select Committee is caught in a deadlock with no progress on the following issues: agreement on the passage of the AML/CFT (Amendment) Bill; agreement on APNU’s proposals to amend the AML/CFT Principal Act; and

agreement on the counter-proposals offered by the Attorney-General (AG) to address what are viewed as problematic areas of APNU’s amendments. The Committee meeting last Wednesday (June 11) was adjourned indefinitely. PASS THE BILL Persaud said the stalemate is frustrating the private sector. “The PSC, at this point, is very much frustrated at the non-movement of the Bill,” he said, particularly given that the nation is grappling with the beginning of the implementation of counter-measures advised by CFATF when it referred Guyana to FATF on May 29. The counter-measures against Guyana that were advised by CFATF in a missive to its members include the following: the requirement of enhanced due diligence measures; introducing enhanced reporting mechanisms, or systematic reporting of financial transactions; refusing the establishment of subsidiaries, or branches, or representative offices in Guyana; and taking into account the fact that financial institutions from Guyana do not have adequate AML/CFT systems and limit the business relationships or financial transactions with the country. Had the AML/CFT (Amendment) Bill been enacted in May before the CFATF had held its plenary session, Guyana could, in all probability, have avoided being referred to the FATF, particularly since the CFATF noted that 90 per cent of the deficiencies identified in the country’s draft are legislative in nature. “The world at large, all the stakeholders on this issue, must be aware that the private sector is in total See page 10


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

In Ukraine, a day of mourning shows nation divided By Timothy Heritage and Alessandra Prentice

KIEV/DONETSK Ukraine, (Reuters) - Church bells rang out over Kiev's Maidan square and hundreds of mourners bowed their heads in silence on Sunday, a national day of mourning, to honor 49 Ukrainian servicemen killed by proRussian separatists. But some 600 km (375 miles) away to the east in the city of Donetsk, heart of an armed insurgency against central rule by Kiev, there were few signs of mourning as people enjoyed a lazy stroll, sipped coffee in cafes and watched their children play. Few events illustrate more clearly the bitter chasm that has opened up between east Ukraine and the rest of the country of 45 million. Heroes to some, the 49 killed when a missile hit their plane on Saturday were enemies to others. "I feel desperate, like it's a betrayal. I don't know what I can do to help," Volody-

DATE: 11/06/2014 I

06 07 14 18 13 15 17





myr Radchenko, an engineer in his fifties, said on the Maidan, cradle of an uprising which ousted Ukraine's Moscow-backed president in February. Nearby, an Orthodox priest led prayers on a stage, flanked by men in black masks and camouflage fatigues. Radchenko's depressed mood and sense of helplessness are shared by many in Kiev, whose euphoria over Viktor Yanukovich's overthrow as president has given way to dismay as Russia annexed Crimea in March and separatists rose up in the east in April. "I'm very worried," said choreographer Iryna Zhadan, starting to weep. "I cry and pray a lot for the dead soldiers."

WORRIES ABOUT THE FUTURE More than 100 protesters were killed in clashes on and around the Maidan before their hate figure, Yanukovich, fell. Makeshift shrines have been erected around





the square and some protesters are still camping out on its edges, worried about the fragile peace and the direction the country is taking. Ukraine now has a proEuropean leadership and a new president, Petro Poroshenko, who has intensified a military campaign in the east since being elected on May 25 but has also launched tentative peace talks with a Russian envoy. He has promised a tough response to the shooting down of the plane which some say is needed to crush the separatists but others fear could lead to all-out war with rebels armed with tanks which Kiev and Washington say come from Russia. Moscow denies backing the rebels. Facing the possibility of further Western sanctions, it disavows any plan for a military invasion to absorb mainly Russianspeaking eastern Ukraine. But some Ukrainians still fear Russia and the West could fight a proxy war in Ukraine and would rather let the rebellious regions of




Donetsk and Luhansk go than face such a conflict. "It's awful. I just don't understand why we need Donetsk and Luhansk," said Lyudmila Shevchenko, a 60-year-old Kiev resident. "If they like it without us, let them live on their own and we won't send our children to their deaths." The downing of the military plane as it came in to land at the airport outside Luhansk killed more government servicemen than any other incident since the conflict began. It has increased tension as Moscow and Kiev try to agree how much Ukraine should pay for Russian gas before a Monday deadline for Kiev to pay $1.95 billion in debts or have its gas cut off, that could disrupt flows to the rest of Europe. It also fuelled a violent protest at the Russian embassy in Kiev and a diplomatic spat over insulting comments by Ukraine's foreign minister about President Vladimir Putin. [ID:nL5N0OW0GX]


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GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

OAS makes recommendations for improving elections in Antigua WASHINGTON, (CMC) – The Organisation of American States (OAS) has outlined a number of recommendations it says can improve the electoral process in Antigua and Barbuda. The OAS was among regional and international organisations that observed the June 12 poll resulting in the victory of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ALP). The OAS said that it’s observer mission (EOM) headed by Dr. Rosina Wiltshire, fielded a team of 16 members from 12 countries to observe the June 12, 2014 General Elections on invitation of the Antigua and Barbuda Government. “The Mission would welcome the restitution of the continuous registration process by the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission, following the rules instructed by the Representation of the People Act,” said the OAS, recommending that the electoral authority ensure that the registration process is not interrupted in the event of future re-registration processes. It said that in order to

Dr. Rosina Wiltshire headed the OAS observer mission

guarantee the balance of power within the commission, established by the reform made after the 2009 Election, the mission would welcome stakeholders agreement on which candidate should occupy the seventh seat as soon

as possible, it said. Once the electoral process is finalised, the mission also recommended that all political actors guarantee the independence of the Boundaries Commission in the upcoming debate regarding the con-

stituencies´ boundaries established in the law, “to ensure that the future constituencies are more balanced in terms of number of voters”. In addition, the mission urged all political parties and candidates to engage in the promotion of specific reforms to “directly tackle the existing situation of the underrepresentation of women running for seats in the House of Representatives”. The EOM is also recommending that political parties work on the inclusion of affirmative action measures in their constitutions to guarantee the full exercise of political rights for men and women and the promotion of gender equality in the electoral competition The EOM said the Electoral Commission “must be empowered with authority

and resources for effective oversight of political spending, and must ensure the enforcement of more effective sanctions in case of misconduct”. Based on the conclusions adopted during the Regional Forum Strengthening Regulation of Political Parties and Political Financing System in the Caribbean, in 2013 in Barbados, the mission advised consideration of the adoption of the model law on regulation of political parties and political financing system debated in this forum. In terms of electoral organisation, the EOM recommended taking a number of actions to speed up the electoral process, including the publishing of voter lists outside each polling station and enabling the verification process of at least one or two

additional voters while one voter is casting his/her ballot. It suggested considering counting the votes at the polling station under the supervision of the Presiding Officer and the scrutiny of Electoral Officers, political agents and security forces, as well as citizens of Antigua and Barbuda. The EOM said it recognised the efforts made by both the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission and the Supervisor of Elections in the preparation of the elections, enabling them to overcome several of the problems experienced in 2009. The OAS said a more detailed verbal report on the observations and recommendations of the EOM will be presented by Wiltshire shortly to the OAS Permanent Council.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014



Father’s Day is every day

YESTERDAY was set aside in the world’s annual calendar to honour fathers; but how many fathers honour their responsibilities? The biological feat of impregnating a woman is, generally, a simple and probably enjoyable activity, but the responsibilities that come with fatherhood have many men running for cover; that is, after the boasting, machismo chest-beating and celebrations are over. Being a good father is not an easy proposition; and unless a man is fully committed, he should not even think of fathering children, because a father’s duties are, first and

foremost, time-consuming and all-consuming. A good parent needs to be there for their children; not just for milestones, which, of course, are important, but also for the daily events, such as study, play, guidance, companionship and friendship, because, the first shaper of a child’s personality is a parent. Discipline is necessary, but first it is more important to be a good role model; not the “Do as I say and not as I do” variety. Although it is necessary to try to understand your child’s point of view or fears, give his or her opinions a hearing and genuine consideration, as a parent

has to make the final decision on what the child needs, and what is the best course of action, because, at the end of the day, a parent is the absolute guardian of the child’s interests and welfare; and most (should be) to guide the child in the right direction so that its pursuits are elevating to the rounded personality that should befit a good and productive human being. A father needs to schedule his commitments so that they interfere as little as possible with quality time he should be spending with his offspring; and each child should get its equal share of his attention, because sibling rivalry is painful and

destructive, and starts with competition for a parent’s love and attention. And whilst fathers are not superhumans and do get tired, then it is okay to sit in front of a television and watch a movie or a game together. Even girls like to relate to bonding with dad over a game. And sharing even one mealtime a day is a prerequisite for bonding with the entire family; not hiding behind a newspaper or book, but sharing experiences, relating to each other in the multiplicity of ways that families do over a meal. This builds trust and relationships and, most importantly, memories that last a lifetime.

Build your child’s character by teaching him or her responsibilities by not shirking yours; delegate household tasks to everyone and ensure all of you play your part. Daily tasks instill discipline and a sense of time, and give a child a sense of comfortability. While discipline is important, punishment should not exceed the crime. Discuss with your children your expectations, and what should

be the parameters for behavioural patterns; and let them know boundaries in no uncertain manner. If you invest time, care and love in your children, the rewards are limitless, not the least of which is love and respect, and the knowledge that you helped shape a good human being. Because, ultimately, a good father is the shaper of his child’s character and destiny.

Suffering under PNC 1 and 2 was equally horrible I HAVE read with utter amusement about what two letter writers have deemed to be an apology by the PNC. It was published in both the Stabroek News and the Kaieteur News, and sought to break down the PNC era of misrule and corruption into two separate and distinct components: PNC 1 and PNC 2, and then seek to conclude that PNC 2 under the Hoyte dictatorship had implicitly apologised to this nation for the ills and wrongdoings of PNC 1 under the Burnham dictatorship. They further sought to conclude that Guyana was on the road to economic prosperity when the PPP/C took office in 1992. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Rodney CoI Firstly, the letter writers are of the opinion that the Rodney Commission of Inquiry should have been held by the PPP/C Government in 1995. Is this a magical year? Why did the PNC Part 2 not hold a CoI into Rodney’s death? Twelve years after his assassination, no inquiry was

held by the PNC, yet these AFC/APNU letter writers are accusing the PPP/C of agitating racial disharmony. Whether we seek to live in denial or not, voting has always been along racial lines in Guyana, and there is no solution in sight. But that is not the issue here. It would have been the patriotic duty of the WPA to bring closure to Rodney’s death, hence the PPP could not be accused of using the Rodney CoI to its political advantage. It does not matter to them that the Rodney family wanted to bring closure to this nefarious deed. This nation needs answers for the gruesome murder of one of its most brilliant sons, and the perpetrators must be exposed for what they are or were. Would it not have been an act of political brilliance if this was done by the Hoyte government? Why do you think the PNC did not want such an inquiry? Well, the answers are now in the public domain! ‘Exotic Flowers’ The letter writers made a very simplistic conclusion: since they were not ‘harassed or victimised’ by PNC 2 in

the run-up to the 1992 General Elections, then all was well in the entire country. They could not have appreciated the mounting international pressure on the Hoyte administration, especially from the USA, which was taking its toll. They could not have appreciated the efforts made by the PPP to cleanse the voters’ lists from 1990 to 1992 so that there would be a free and fair election; and neither could they understand the intervention of former US President Carter on Election Day 1992 to quell the violence which erupted by the PNC supporters when they realised that the PPP would win that election. Hoyte had ‘free and fair’ elections pushed down his throat! Economic sanctions would have been imminent if the PNC had ‘misbehaved.’ Next, they hinted lightly to the fact that the Guyana dollar was devalued from 4 to 1 US in 1985 to 125 to 1 US by 1992. This sent the cost of living to astronomical heights during that period, and even though the bans were lifted on food items, the Guyanese people could hardly afford them because of the impoverish wages and salaries they received.

In 1992, the minimum wage was $65 per day, and that could not have even bought a pound of chicken! However, that is not important, since, during the PNC 2 era, Mr. Hoyte supported the letter writer’s father’s ‘flower shop’ by purchasing ‘exotic flowers’ from them. This was a great act of humanity done to a PPP supporter, according to these letter writers. Why worry about the rest of the country when your flowers are bought, presumably to be placed on the graves of impoverished Guyanese? The ‘Apologies’ of PNC 2 Unashamedly, the rest of the letter seeks to create, by implication, what appeared to them, during the last seven years of the PNC, to be an ‘apology’ by the PNC 2 Leader, Hugh Desmond Hoyte. Firstly, the 1985 General Election under the late Desmond Hoyte was the most comprehensively rigged election in the history of this country. Hoyte gave himself 77.6 % of the total votes cast, and gave the PPP 15.6%. That was PNC 2’s first apology!

Secondly, the removal of the ban on food items, the removal of the price control and foreign exchange restrictions were the direct results of the 1988 deal with the IMF and World Bank. The PNC’s neck was on the economic guillotine! But this did nothing to alleviate the sufferings of the poor in Guyana, who had to pay exorbitant prices for these scarce items. The Indian businessmen to whom Hoyte reached out were the distributors of these scarce items, and they made fortunes fleecing the poor people! They donated millions to PNC 2 coffers. However, in effect the removal of the ‘ban’ only meant that you will not be jailed for having these items in your possession! They were still unaffordable! This was the PNC 2’s second apology! Thirdly, by 1988, the economy was bankrupt and the National Service became an unnecessary ‘black hole’ and a millstone on the neck of the PNC, so they were forced to let it go! It was disbanded after years of humiliating experiences suffered by all races. I noticed that the letter writers said ‘perceived to be humiliating to Indian

women’. I was there at Port Kaituma in 1983, and the sufferings, hardships and human degradations were experienced by men and women alike, and race has nothing to do with it. It was no ‘perception’, it was real as it was horrific. People like these writers were born with golden spoons in their mouths, and should desist from insulting the sufferings of the Guyanese people! So this forced abortion was PNC 2’s third apology! Fourthly, Hoyte did not cause the Rabbi to be prosecuted because of his sense of justice and fair play, but because he was forced to do so in order to maintain a good relationship with the US and to keep the aid flowing to Guyana. The Rabbi was a US convict! This act of duress was the PNC 2’s fourth apology! So much for PNC 2 apologies! I don’t know which part of Guyana these two writers are from, since they claimed that “no independent TV or radio station has been granted a licence since the end of the Hoyte administration” in 1992. Now Berbice alone has

See Page 7

GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014


Study shows suicide Suffering under PNC 1 ... From Page 6 is preventable IN 1978, a study by a researcher named Richard Seiden found that 90% of people who tried to jump off San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge did not go on to die by suicide. From this one can infer that victims of suicides would also have been relieved had they survived, which means that there is always a possibility of being able to help those who display any kind of behaviour that may lead to suicide. But such help can only be offered in a context of information dissemination and requisite training at various levels of society. And this context becomes so urgent given that, not only does Guyana have the fourth highest suicide rate in the world, with 26.4 suicides per 100,000 people (2006. All indications suggest it’s higher today) but also because of the possibility that not all suicides end up in the official stats. Furthermore, research reveals that, for every person who commits suicide, 30 attempts fail; so there would translate into over 700 attempted suicides per 100,000 persons in Guyana. Additionally, there seems to be a certain predisposition to suicide within some families, (more than one member attempting suicide) and within certain locations, where suicide becomes an almost normative and/or copycat act. With respect to information dissemination, those who dispense drugs – agricultural and pharmaceutical - should be mandated to always provide information about the dangers of ingestion or overdose, as the case may be, to each purchaser. Such information can then be disseminated to everyone in the home, which must eliminate easy access to all drugs and medications by securely locking them away. Only the most level headed and/or responsible person in the household should have access to keys or lock combinations. Secondly, there should be an ongoing suicide prevention programme that is focused on educational and religious institutions, and medical care facilities. This would entail the provision of requisite training for health care professionals, religious leaders and educators. Such training can be joint ventures between the public and private sectors, including non-governmental organisations; professional and business bodies; and sports, cultural and youth clubs. Such training should include emphasise communication, lack of which has been identified as a significant driver of suicide. In fact, many of those suicides that involve teens in intimate relationships and teens getting pregnant are a result of lack of empathetic communication on the part of parents and legal guardians. Instead, scolding in anger, threats of dire consequences, use of force, guilting and scare-mongering seem to characterise communication in those situations. Emphasis should also be placed on self-acceptance. Researchers at Northwestern University in the US found that self-acceptance could help people to be more realistic about who they are, and less willing to internalise negative and dysfunctional behaviours which drive suicide. Self-acceptance should go in tandem with self-forgiveness. As the late Maya Angelou suggested, “Forgive yourself for every failure…because if you’d known better you would have done better!” Thirdly, there is need for ongoing focus on suicide and related issues such as alcoholism, domestic violence, relationships and teenage pregnancy in all schools. Students can engage in research and investigations, and express thoughts and feelings via writing (essays, poetry), art, drama, debates and focused events. Naturally, too, suicide, substance abuse, violence and teenage pregnancy should become part of the school curricula, especially at the secondary and tertiary levels; and, if possible, the provision should be made for at least one staff member with a requisite level of training in guidance and counselling (such a pilot programme was in place a few decades ago). Among other tasks, this individual should engage in regular contact with parents/homes and other service entities within the school catchment area. This would create a network of alertness and quick-response to situations that may point to suicidal behaviour, and also provide assistance with related issues that drive suicide: domestic violence/abuse, teenage pregnancy and relationship issues, and alcoholism. While suicide is both premeditated and impulsive, last-minute impulses often actualize from hopelessness, powerlessness, helplessness, loneliness, depression, fear and anger; whereas premeditation is driven by relationship and intimacy problems, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, domestic abuse, and other forms of violence. Thus those who are trained to man the anti-suicide campaign must be aware of the risk factors and warning signs. And they should take note of any behaviour out of the ordinary, language out of the usual, and change in attitudes, and immediately set the ball in motion by engaging in empathetic communication and making the next-step referral. The long and short of it is that suicide is not a solution, and should not be an option. And given the frightening numbers cited above, suicide prevention should be everybody’s business, especially since suicide is inextricably linked with other social issues, such as alcoholism, relationship and intimacy problems, drugs and substance abuse, and domestic and other forms of violence. Thus we commend and applaud the efforts and actions of the students and teachers of the Black Bush Polder, Essequibo and Berbice High schools, who have lifted the banner of suicide prevention for the rest of the nation to follow suit. We hope students and teachers from throughout the nation will join in this effort, and that the rest of society will become involved. Similarly, we applaud the press statement put out by APNU, and we hope APNU will now join with government in developing measures to address this issue. In the final analysis, suicide transcends political gamesmanship, and our politicians must display the will to lead the suicide prevention campaign, which will also result in tackling the other related issues. NORAH CARTER DEVV-RAMDAS DANIEL JUDY DEVEAUX ANNAN BOODRAM

three TV stations and one radio station.

PNC 2’s “Economic Progress” Then the letter writers claimed that the economic progress started by the Hoyte administration continued until 2001. Let me refresh their confused minds a bit. Two years after PNC 2 took office, Guyana became one of the poorest nations in the Western Hemisphere, with a per capita GDP of $500 US dollars. Hoyte, in 1988, went to the IMF and the World Bank for help, and it is they who implemented the Economic Recovery Programme, and Hoyte had to change course for economic survival. But this did nothing to change Guyana’s fortunes, since the mismanagement and corruption from PNC 1’s days continued unabatedly. By 1991, 60 % of the population was living below the poverty line, and inflation rose from 40% in 1988 to

125% in 1991. Wages and salaries fell far below the inflation rate, and the Guyana dollar was devalued by more than 4,333 %. On May Day 1991, the General Secretary of the TUC, Joseph Pollydore, lamented the fact that workers were in a state of abject poverty and could not even buy ‘basic food’; and that the Government had left children breadless, and homes rice-less because of the inability of breadwinners to buy even minimum quantities for their families’. Workers refer to the ERP as ‘Empty Rice Pots’! The minimum wage was just a meagre $65 dollars per daynot even the price for a pound of chicken! Furthermore, in 1990 the per capita GDP fell to $370 US, and when Hoyte took over it was 500 US dollars! Moreover, during all the years under the Hoyte administration the GDP continued to fall, to the extent that during the 1991 Budget presentation, Finance Minister Carl Greenidge admitted

that several economic indicators were doing badly. It was that same year that Guyana showed a positive economic growth of 6.1 % after 15 years of negative growth. Ironically, this was achieved only after selling off 15 of the 41 state-owned enterprises at lesser than market value; by rescheduling the 2.1 billion US dollars foreign debt; by having no foreign currency reserve; by having a deficit in the Consolidated Fund of 18 billion Guyana dollars; by pressuring the workers by heavy taxes, and by bringing rice, sugar and bauxite down to their knees! Not to mention the falling and decaying infrastructure, the 13 hours per day ‘blackouts’, and the thriving ‘back track’ business! Compare these today under the PPP/C Government because, today, in Guyana, these two letters say they are seeing a widening gap between the rich and the poor. HASEEF YUSUF AFC Councillor-Region 6


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

On Enmore Martyrs Day…

PPP underscores impact of slain workers’ sacrifice By Vanessa Narine

THE courage and sacrifice of the five sugar workers who were gunned down by colonial police on June 16, 1948 – Enmore Martyrs Day – have been hailed; and it has been underscored that the Peoples Progressive Party (PPP) came into being as a significant consequence of their shooting deaths. “It was at the graveside of the slain sugar workers that Dr. Jagan made a silent pledge to dedicate his entire life to the cause of the working people of Guyana,” the PPP said in a statement. Early on the morning of June 16, 1948, a crowd of about 400 workers gathered outside the factory at Enmore for a protest and picketing exercise. By 10:00hrs, the crowd had grown to between 500 and 600 persons. Several persons managed to enter the compound at the rear of the factory. The policemen tried to push back the crowd, but after this effort failed, they opened fire. Five workers

were killed and 14 others were injured. Lallabagee Kissoon, 30, was shot in the back; 19-yearold Pooran was shot in the leg and pelvis; Rambarran died from bullet wounds in his leg; Dookhie died in hospital later that day; and Harry died the following day from severe spinal injuries. These men, through the years, became known as the Enmore Martyrs. The PPP acknowledged that, in current times, many are seeking to deny the role played by Dr. Jagan and the PPP in the struggle for better working and living conditions for sugar workers. “Some are even trying to project the PPP and the legitimate and militant GAWU as ‘anti-worker’, in their desperate and vain attempt to deceive the workers by making outlandish promises and statements which they very well know are untrue and cannot be realistically met,” the PPP said in its statement. However, the ruling party has said, the deaths of the En-

more Martyrs are a constant reminder to inspire and guide Guyanese in the pursuit of a better Guyana, where there is peace, progress and prosperity for all. The PPP said, “The deaths of those sugar workers remain, until this day, a monument to the struggle of sugar workers for improved working and living conditions, and (is a reminder of) the brute force meted out to the workers at the hands of the planter class. “Those five sugar workers are rightly referred to the Enmore Martyrs, but the cause for which they gave their lives triggered a much wider assault on the colonial status quo in the formation of the People’s Progressive Party in January 1950, a mere two years later.” STRUGGLE CONTINUES The ruling party also addressed the performance of the embattled sugar industry, and underscored its commitment to Guyana’s sugar workers, as evidenced by its


A national occasion to rally and inspire “ON Monday 16th June, 2014, Guyanese will once again observe the anniversary of the martyrdom of five (5) heroic sugar workers who sacrificed their lives in order that Guyanese workers, in general, and sugar workers, in particular, could enjoy better conditions of work from their employers. “On this occasion, the People’s National Congress Reform joins the rest of the nation in remembering Lallabajee, Pooran, Harry (Jug), Surujbally and Rambarran. “The struggle of the sugar workers, and the commemoration of the Enmore Martyrs has become a national occasion to rally and inspire. Regrettably, sixty-six (66) years after

their death, and thirty-seven (37) years after the People’s National Congress Government erected a monument to their memory at Enmore, on the East Coast of Demerara, sugar workers are still being used as convenient political allies by the PPP. “On this 66th anniversary, however, the workers of this important industry are showing signs of resistance, and asserting their independence from the clutches of the increasingly arrogant and insensitive PPP/C Government. “Meanwhile, the rights of all workers continue to remain under threat, and the political environment hostile to the maintenance of the independence and full development of workers and their unions.

“The struggle for a living wage by public sector workers; the overt and covert efforts to destroy the Guyana Trades Union Congress (GTUC); the virtual abolition of collective bargaining in the public sector; and the shameless failure to protect worker’s rights and interests in the bauxite industry by the Minister of Labour are but a few examples of the arrogance, insensitivity and brazen attacks on the trade union movement by the PPP/C Administration. “On this 66th anniversary of the Enmore Martyrs, the PNCR rededicates itself to the continued struggle for workers rights, a living wage, and better working conditions for all workers in Guyana.”

continued support, the most recent being the injection of $6B to assist the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) in turning the industry around. The $6B is expected to cover expenditures that include: mechanization -- converting 2,500 hectares of land to make it suitable for mechanical operations, which will be done at a cost of $1.1B; tillage and replanting of 9,200 hectares -- both efforts being consistent with improving cane production and yield, which will be done at a cost of $1B; factory upgrading at all sugar estates, including Skeldon – to be done at a cost of $2B; works to be done to field infrastructure -- to improve field-to-factory access; and purchasing of equipment -- excavators, bell loaders, tractors, etc. to account for the remainder of the allocation. The PPP said, “The PPP/C administration, out of genuine concern for the wellbeing of sugar workers, intervened by putting billions of dollars into the industry in order to ensure

its long-term viability, despite strong opposition from both the APNU and the AFC. “…it is true that the sugar industry is currently experiencing some challenges, many of which are outside the manageable control of the Sugar Corporation. Among these are drastic cuts in the price of sugar, reduced and erratic labour supply, and changing weather patterns; which, coupled with technical problems experienced by the main sugar factory at Skeldon, resulted in less than anticipated sugar production and consequently a sharp decline in export earnings. “However, the PPP is encouraged by the fact that the industry has reached, and even surpassed, its first crop target this year; and remains optimistic that the industry is now on the road to full recovery. This augurs well not only for our sugar workers, but for the country as a whole, since sugar continues to be the largest employer of labour and a major foreign exchange earner.”

The ruling party extended its congratulation to all sugar workers, as well as the management of GuySuCo, on the good performance during the first crop. The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) surpassed its 74,000-tonne target for the first crop, and the PPP/C has said that this trend will continue in the second crop and, indeed, in the years ahead. Government says that despite its challenges, the sugar industry remains relevant to the health of the national economy. In 2013, sugar exports accounted for 8.3 percent of total exports valued at US$112.2M, and the industry contributed 3.9 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The first Enmore Martyrs’ Day also coincided with the struggle for democracy, including workers’ and industrial democracy. That major struggle of the sugar workers had the recognition of the Manpower Citizens’ Association (MPCA).

Vital UK/Caribbean meeting in London By Rickey Singh

within the EU. Since CARICOM ForA TWO-day meeting of eign Ministers have been United Kingdom and Camandated to press ahead ribbean Foreign Ministers with efforts to influence gets underway in London The Dominican Republic today, with the strengthto amend its new citizenening of “partnership” ship law to end what has for economic development been condemned by, among and security as priority others, the Inter-American agenda issues. Commission for Human Officially slated as the Rights, as racial discriminaEighth UK/Caribbean Fotion, it is doubtful that they rum, it could well be the would be disposed to mainlast so structured to containing the prevailing UK/ tinue participation by the Caribbean Forum, according Dominican Republic with to ministerial sources. the Caribbean Community Foreign Affairs, Mrs Carolyn RoAlso on the work agenda states. Unless, that is, The drigues-Birkett for this week’s UK/Caribgovernment in Santo Dobean Forum is a review of CARICOM, whose membermingo shows willingness to the 31-point “Plan of Acamend its controversial new ship includes Haiti, to scuttle tion” that resulted from the citizenship law that discrim- the current arrangements for 7th Forum two years ago, as inates against immigrants the UK-Caribbean Forum in well as issues like “Reparaprimarily of Haitian descent. favour of a now being touted tions for Native Genocide and The government in Lon- “CARICOM-European Union Slavery”, and a “Post-2015 don, as host for this week’s framework”. Development Agenda”. In this approach, the govmeeting, is expected to fully Guyana’s delegation utilise its diplomatic resources ernment in London would for the meeting is Foreign to avoid such a likely devel- remain an important “partner” Minister Carolyn Roopment, according to minis- for economic development drigues-Birkett, currentterial sources. Nevertheless, and security cooperation, ly chairperson of CARas host, it is also fully aware recognising that the UK is al- ICOM’s Council of Foreign of the expressed resolve by ready a very influential player Ministers.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana…

David Granger: PNC will only apologise if their mistakes in Government are exposed OLD Kai shook his head in disbelief upon reading that PNC/R Presidential Candidate and APNU leader, David Granger was not questioned by the media on a glaring inconsistency during his last media interaction. I initially thought that the pressure from the explosive revelations of the ongoing Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry had forced his error, but then, after reading between the lines, it gradually emerged that there is an increasing fear that the CoI is getting closer to identifying the specific individuals and the role they played during this dark period in our country. Thanks to the CoI, we now know that David Granger had detailed knowledge on the man accused of killing Dr. Rodney, as was revealed by former Chief of Staff, Norman McLean. Contrast this to an interview Mr. Granger gave to the Guyana Times some time back, indicating that he was not around when Dr. Rodney was killed, and, in hindsight, conveniently omitted that he was intricately involved in the issue during that time. Let us also not forget that Mr. Granger, in trying to criticise the

CoI, had worried that the revelations will only embarrass public officers involved at the time. This brings me back to the Friday, 13 June and what a ‘black Friday’ it was as the Opposition Leader was quoted as admitting that his government committed mistakes during their dictatorship, but asserted that he will not issue any blanket apology for that period. Instead, he is reported as saying that “he (will) need to see the evidence of such claims…” It does not end there, as the media also quoted Mr. Granger as saying, “Every government makes mistakes; I am not denying that the PNC did, but it has to be investigated... So, if you feel the PNC killed persons or rigged elections, then it has to be investigated; and we are prepared to deal with the consequences when it is brought to light.” This position, when examined closely, raises some serious concerns, as, are we to believe that Mr. Granger, having indicated that he is aware of mistakes his PNC Government committed, is now saying that he will only apologise if it comes to light? So, if it never comes to light, then Guyanese will never know of these

unspeakable acts, and how they affected our country’s history; and we will forever be robbed of the truth by the PNC-APNU. Let us pause for a moment and digest that such an impression is being conveyed by a man who has ambition to be President of of this country. Old Kai recalls a quote from US Republican Mitt Romney on leadership: “Leadership is about taking responsibility, not making excuses.” The Guyanese population will now judge if Mr. Granger and company are indeed serious about their commitment to accountability, transparency and reconciliation as has been so heavily touted by them since the 2011 elections. Why must it take an investigation for Mr. Granger and his Party to come forward and apologise to the Guyanese people? That would not be a sincere apology. Having admitted that his Party is indeed guilty of past atrocities, the onus now is on Mr. Granger to come forward and admit their transgressions and seek forgiveness from the population. When one is sincere, that is how it is done. The terms put forward by the Opposition Leader for apologising further confirms that he has no intention of doing

so, especially when one takes into consideration the attacks that former PNC leaders have come under for disclosing what actually transpired during that period. Take for instance Mr. Joseph Hamilton, a former senior priest of the House of Israel and PNC/R Member of Parliament. He was described as a ‘demon’, accused of fabricating evidence, and perjury by the Opposition when he testified before the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry. When one considers that this type of attack will await witnesses of any future investigation, it is easy to see why Mr. Granger is so coy with his conditions for offering an apology. Let us also not forget that when this CoI was established, the PNC indicated that they would boycott it; so what guarantee do we have that they will not go down this route for any future investigations? Old Kai then will not hold his breath, waiting for an apology from the Opposition, as what this ongoing CoI has helped me to confirm is that the more things change, the more they stay the same within the PNC and their mask, the APNU.

Is there anything to hide, Basil? IT has always been the position of the People’s National Congress (PNC), when responding to the question of an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the death of former Working People’s Alliance (WPA) leader and internationally renowned historian, Dr. Walter Rodney, that it was not afraid of such an investigative hearing, for it did not have anything to hide. This was the publicly stated position of former leader, Mr. Robert Corbin, and even current party chieftain, Mr. Granger, when asked whether his Party was prepared to give testimony soon after the announcement of the establishment of the Commission of Inquiry.

But then came the u-turn, with the announcement that the Party was not going to testify, because of objections to one of the Terms of Reference, but that it was going to have its interest represented by an attorney. What a surprise, given its earlier affirmatively bold declarations! This meant that the Party was not going to avail itself the opportunity of what it knew of the political activist and historian’s death, as should have been the case. This position was always going to be questioned by many observers, because of the overwhelming perception and conclusion that the Party whose government had been in office at the time had been responsible.

So, now that the Inquiry is in progress, and with some very interesting details emanating from some well known personalities, who in turn have been highlighting the alleged roles played by some very important former State officials in the murder, the Party’s lead representative counsel, and also its parliamentary spokesperson on Legal Affairs, is already declaring that for all that has been said, there has been no evidence as to how Rodney met his death. Observer does not believe that Mr. Basil Williams should be reminded that, in a nutshell, the COI’s business is to probe the circumstances of the political activist’s death; why he had been killed; and who were respon-

sible. Further, the proceedings are now at an interesting stage, where critically important details have now begun to emerge, which will continue when the Commission re-commences. So why the rush, Mr Williams? Why the seeming tone of triumph from him? Or is this a sign of panic? Worry, perhaps that his Party will finally be exposed? Is there something to hide? Surely, the truth process of this COI would have been overwhelmingly assisted, had the PNC decided on testimony. Truth would have been enhanced ten-fold. But, do not worry, Basil, this centrepiece of all morality, as it relates to the Rodney inquiry, will eventually emerge.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

President lauds China’s humanitarian assistance to Guyana

- at reception for outgoing/incoming Chinese medical teams By Sandy Agasen CHINESE Ambassador to Guyana, Mr. Zhang Limin on Saturday evening hosted a farewell reception for the tenth batch of medical doctors from the People’s Republic of China, who served here or two years. The function also served to welcome their successors. Proceedings were held at the Embassy of the Peo-

ple’s Republic of China on Mandela Avenue, here in Georgetown, and the event was graced with the presence of President Donald Ramotar, Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, and Health Minister, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran. The President welcomed the eleventh batch of doctors, and expressed his gratitude to the tenth batch as he wished them a good trip back and the very best in their future

endeavours. He noted that the presence of the medical teams in Guyana is evidence of the humanitarian contribution which has become a very important aspect of China’s assistance, particularly to developing countries. The President spoke about the Chinese who had come to Guyana, and their great contribution to our country in every field of endeavour.

He said “…they are part of the total mosaic of the Guyanese population that has its origin in different parts of the world, but uniquely forging a common thread, a common identity, a common culture; and that, I think, is extremely important and very good, and can even make us a stronger nation.” The Head of State said that Asian country has made an enormous contribution to

the whole world. He stressed thus: “Particularly in 2008, during the financial and economic crisis that gripped the world, it was fundamentally the work of China -- not only the economic development within China, but also the investment that China has put in many of our countries -- that has helped the international economy to keep growing.” The President noted that

President Donald Ramotar is flanked by Prime Minister Samuel Hinds (right), the Chinese Ambassador Zhang Limin, and Dr. Bheri Ramsaran (right) along with the 10th and 11th Medical teams, last night at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Guyana, where a Farewell/Welcome Reception was held (Photos by Sonell Nelson)

Chinese investment has honed infrastructure and the development of the world economy. He said the productive sectors of the Chinese economy have proven to be important for Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, North America and, essentially, this part of the world. Hence he urged the eleventh medical team to further cement the China/Guyana friendship. Ambassador Limin congratulated the outgoing medical team on their successful completion of duty and for promoting the relationship between Guyana and the People’s Republic of China. He welcomed the eleventh medical team to Guyana, and highlight that Dr. Zhang Yueming was appointed Director of Gynaecology and Obstetrics at the Georgetown Public Hospital, a first for Chinese medical teams in Guyana. Ambassador Zhang Limin said, “I believe that the eleventh medical team will carry forward the fine tradition of healing the wounded and saving the dying; knowing no boundary, strength, solidarity and cooperation with local medical skills, and making more contributions to deepening the friendship between our two peoples.”

Private sector ‘fed up’ of Opposition’s shifting ... From page 3 support (of) passage of the AML/CFT (Amendment) Bill,” the PSC Chair stressed. In a bid to meet the CFATF’s requirements, the bill was tabled in the National Assembly in April 2013, but was referred to a Parliamentary Special Select Committee, and was eventually voted down by the combined Opposition in November 2013. The Bill was re-tabled in December 2013, and was again referred to the Parliamentary Special Select Committee, where it has been languishing ever since, its passage attached to several other conditions being called for by the combined Opposition. APNU, for instance, has proposed three amend-

ments; but given that the APNU proposals have been viewed as problematic, the Attorney-General, on behalf of the Government, offered them counter-proposals in the interest of ensuring that the amendments made are CFATF-compliant. These counter-proposals were considered by the Parliamentary Select Committee and were rejected by APNU. The main Opposition is also calling for the President to given his assent to several Bills passed in the National Assembly, including the Local Authorities (Elections) (Amendment) Bill 2013, which states that elections must be held on or before August 1, 2014. The Head of State has already forwarded to the National Assembly his explanation for his non-assent. On the other hand, the AFC, having fully thrown

its support behind the APNU position, is demanding establishment of the Public Procurement Commission (PPC), which the government has agreed to, provided that Cabinet retains its no-objection role in the process. This position has been rejected by the AFC. However, after the CFATF announcement had been made by May 29, the AFC noted in a statement that it is now willing to amend its position and support Cabinet’s retention of its no-objection role. FATF’s next plenary meeting is slated for the period June 23 to 25, 2014 in Paris, France, at which time the international body is likely to put Guyana up for review by its International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG).


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

Albouystown businesswoman found bound, murdered ... From page 2

mother. The police said yesterday that they are investigating the murder. As at press time last evening, they had arrested two persons and had listed electronic equipment among the items which had been taken from the home. Shah Dinool said he has been living at that location for the past 29 years, and has never had issues with anyone in the area, neither did his mom. He also indicated that he had not yet been able to sit and comb through the house to see what items had been stolen, apart from the very visible ones which were missing. With respect to the cash stolen from the home, he said it represented float money which had been lying around various parts of the house and was not The knife which the anything too substantial. intruders left behind (Leroy Smith)

The house where Shah Dinool lived with his mother for more than 25 years

Murder of Lusignan lad ...

Perverting the course of justice charge likely for suspect’s father By Leroy Smith THE Guyana Police Force is looking to institute charges against the father of one of the two young men who confessed to strangling Dhanraj Latchman to death last Wednesday night in the Parika Backdam. Crime Chief Leslie James confirmed last evening that the police are examining the possibility of charging the man for his actions during the course of a police investigation. After the two cousins confessed to killing their friend, they told investigators that they hid his car keys and cellphones at a home in Third Street, Lusignan. They also told investigators exactly where in the house the items were hidden. However, when the poThe late teen’s mother, lice arrived at the house in Taramattia Daby question, and searched for the items where the men said they were hidden, they were not there. But after intense

questioning, the father of one of the men admitted removing the items from where his son had hidden them, and putting them elsewhere. He then led police to where he’d buried the items outside the house, and was made to retrieve them himself. It transpired that the man had earlier visited the deceased’s home and spoken with his mother, telling her how sorry he was to hear what had happened to her son, and that if his son was indeed involved in the murder, he’d see to it that he faced the full force of the law. On Saturday, Latchman’s mother, Taramattia Daby, had told the Guyana Chronicle: “But if meh been know that dis man had me car key and meh son two cell phones, it would ah be another day! It would ah be another day! Dem woulda got to carry me and lock me Dead: Dhanraj up, because I woulda beat this Latchman man so bad what come in this yard and tell me but he na know, and he ah give me he sympathy and he know what happen.” She made the foregoing comments after learning that the

very man was responsible for hiding her son’s belongings, after the boys confessed to murdering him and dumping his body aback Parika. She’d also said at the time that she was not prepared to take any form of compensation from the two suspects’ relatives for the murder of her son; that she’d rather that they faced the law. The two suspects, who are close relatives, are being held by the police for the kidnapping and subsequent murder of their friend, 17-year-old Danrag Latchman of 115 Lusignan. The two were last seen in the teen’s white Toyota 212, PMM 9823. They on Friday told investigators that they were forced to strangle the lad after their bid to sell his car failed. They said they had no other option, since they had already told him that they were going to collect money; and the mere idea that the car was not sold and they had no money, they had no other alternative but to kill him. They reportedly drove to the Parika backdam where they committed the act, and then drove the car back to a location along the backdam as close as possible to the Public Road, where they caught public transportation and made their way back to the East Coast. They did tell investigators that they’d hired their friend to take them to Parika, but had returned later that evening. However, the police held on to them after they both gave conflicting reports about what transpired during the period they were with the youngster.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

Sooba: City Hall now in better financial position By Leroy Smith

LEGALLY appointed Town Clerk of Georgetown, Ms Carol Sooba, has declared that the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) is in a better financial position than it was before she took over the administrative role of Town Clerk. Speaking at a recent press conference, Sooba told the media that the financial records of the council are now in proper order, and can stand up to any level of scrutiny. Sooba said that unlike in previous years, when workers’ statutory deductions were not being remitted to the various agencies, things have improved, and those are now ‘things of the past’. She said the M&CC has been remitting deductions from employees’ emoluments to the National Insurance Scheme and the Guyana Revenue Authority in accordance with the laws of Guyana and the guidelines which govern such remittances; and the council has also been able to fulfill its monthly obligation to the Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL), paying over several millions monthly as part of an arrangement to clear accumulated electricity bills, which

amount to millions of dollars. Prior to Sooba assuming the position of Town Clerk, workers were forced to picket the council and take to the streets each month for their salaries, which in some cases were owed them for more than two months. Workers were occasionally unable to receive their monies in time for the Christmas season, and in some cases had to spend that period without receiving their salaries. The situation was so dire Ms Carol Sooba that the Government of Guyana was, on many occasions, forced to make advance payments on rates and taxes for government buildings

within the city in order to make money available for the M&CC to pay workers. When the time for salaries and wages came around at City Hall and funds were not available to pay workers, the council, through its Mayor, Hamilton Green, would inform that persons were not paying up their rates and taxes; and if there were any payments, those were being done at a very low rate. Despite those claims, however, the senior workers of the council were receiving their salaries while the ordinary workers were forced to wait months and weeks. However, despite the evidence, there has been a recent war waged against Carol Sooba and her immediate staff by City Mayor Hamilton Green and a selected number of councillors. Sooba has, for the past few months, been unable to carry out her functions as Town Clerk in an environment that is free from fear and intimidation. There have been calls for her to resign, while similar calls have been made for Hamilton Green to resign as the mayor, with persons citing the state of the city with respect to the garbage situation. Persons have also begun questioning the motive of the mayor, who recently appointed Public Relations Officer Royston King as Town Clerk when he, Hamilton Green, had issues with King during 2009, when King felt that he was being victimised by Mayor Green.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

Intense rivalry continues as Miss Guyana Jamzone heats up THE three delegates in the Guyana leg of the Jamzone Pageant are in fierce competition as the date draws closer when the best candidate to represent Guyana at the international pageant in August must be selected. Soyini Fraser, Faydeha

King and Onesha Hutson were selected from the photo shoot and the infomercial they produced as part of the reality show, and were unveiled to the public on Sunday evening as the show commenced. The second staging will take place this Sunday with

another part of the reality show, titled “Meet the Press”. This staging saw the delegates showcasing their intellectual skills as they answered several questions posed to them by three seasoned entertainment personnel at the Gravity Lounge on Tuesday afternoon. They

The Jamzone 2014 hopefuls: Soyini Fraser, Faydeha King and Onesha Hutson

were tested on Guyana’s tourism and entertainment industry; how they can promote Guyana and Jamzone as a whole; and, more importantly, how they can pos-

itively promote the image of pageantry in Guyana. The third segment of the reality show will take the form of a runway show in heels and swimwear, and will also be recorded at the Gravity Lounge. The three delegates will be revealing their feminine beauty to the public in designer swimsuits. The final aspect of the reality show will take place on the night of June 21, when

the queen will be crowned. A show will be created, and patrons will be interviewed with a view to garnering their opinions of the delegates and who they think is the most suitable contestant to represent Guyana at the pageant. The winner will be announced after the opinion pieces. The grand finale of the reality show will be aired on June 29.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

Colombia votes...

Santos re-elected as president

JUAN Manuel Santos has won re-election in Colombia’s most dramatic presidential contest in years. Mr. Santos won nearly 51% of the votes, and saw off his right-wing challenger, Oscar Ivan Zuluaga, who had 45%.

Correspondents say the victory will be seen as an endorsement of the president’s ongoing peace talks with the leftist Farc rebel group. Mr. Zuluaga had said he would halt the talks unless the rebels ceased all hostilities.

Mr. Santos, 62, will be inaugurated in August for a new four-year term. Mr Zuluaga, who had won the first round of vote in May by a narrow margin, accepted defeat in a speech to supporters at his headquarters.

He vowed to continue his fight “to defend the life and the liberty” of all Colombians. He also thanked his political mentor, former president, Alvaro Uribe, who will be sworn in as senator in August, and is expected

to lead the opposition to the government. TALKS IN CUBA With almost all the votes counted electronically, results were announced one hour after polls closed. There were no reports of

major problems or irregularities, says the BBC’s Arturo Wallace in Bogota. Nearly 48% of the 33 million Colombians registered to vote took part in the election. Despite concerns in CoSee story on page 19


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

The road since it was rehabilitated

The road to ‘Donkey City’ before it was resurfaced

Works Ministry wraps up $4.5M road work at ‘Donkey City’ COMMUTERS and motorists who frequent ‘Donkey City’, in the vicinity of the Stabroek Market Square, can now traverse the area with ease, following the resurfacing of the roadway there. According to a release from the Ministry of Public Works, its Force Account Unit (FAU) on Friday “completed overlaying a large section of the Square with asphalt concrete to bring the area to a more acceptable standard.” This was after Works Minister, Mr. Robeson Benn, was approached by the City Engineer's Department to execute the rehabilitation works. Prior to the rehabilitation, the Ministry said, the road was in such a deplorable state, that it made navigation difficult for both vehicles and pedestrians. The project, which lasted three days, cost the Ministry approximately G$4.5M. Meanwhile, work on resurfacing a section of the main access road to the University of Guyana is set to begin today, courtesy also of the FAU.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

Courts Guyana rewards winne By Rebecca Ganesh-Ally COURTS Guyana handed over a number of prizes to lucky customers who had recently participated in competitions the mega-store had held. A press briefing was arranged to hand over the prizes to their lucky winners at the Courts Head Office on Main Street, Georgetown. At that event, Roberta Ferguson – Public Relations and Promotional Officer, explained: “At Courts Guyana, we always try to reward our customers and thank them for their patronage throughout the year; and we know that, without our customers, we would not be the mega-store we are today”. Ferguson noted

that the store received great response for each promotion held, and the winning entries were drawn under the scrutiny of both external and internal auditors. Courts Guyana held its “Make your dreams come true with Mabe” promotion during the month of May, and two lucky customers who had purchased Mabe products got the chance to win $1M each to spend on their dreams. Dianne Jonas and Abbigale Camppell became two happy millionaires after their names were selected. Both winners disclosed their great excitement at winning, and are very grateful to Courts Guyana for the opportunity. They also indicated that they would never shop anywhere else, since they obtained both great service as well as quality products from Courts.

L-R are Abbigale Camppell, Marketing Manager of Courts Gu Dywantie Seoraj; Chima Armstrong; Dianne Jonas, and Publi Ferguson (Photo by Adrian Narine)

De Willem man dies FIFTY–SIX–YEAR old Imran Mohamed, of De Willem, West Coast Demerara was on Saturday, around 15:00hrs, struck down by a lorry on the De Wil-

lem Public Roa Police invest far revealed tha attempting to cr his bicycle when

Pitbulls maul 11-ye –two friends escape unhurt

By Asif Hakim

ELEVEN-YEAROLD Dequan Gordon of Linden was on Saturday night attacked by two pitbull dogs while going fishing with two friends. The incident reportedly occurred around 22:30hrs, just after the child left home. Preposterous though it may sound, the time was confirmed by both the child’s father and 11–year–old Dequan Gordon at the Geor aunt. According to his Public Hospital


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

ers of its various competitions Four persons also won refrigerators filled with Coca Cola soft drinks, the official soft drink for the FIFA World Cup games. Customers who made a minimum purchase of $49,999 at the Courts stores got the chance to be one of two weekly customers to win refrigerators filled with Coca Cola. Chima Armstrong, Dywantie Seoraj, Jennifer Sookdeo and Devion Gomes are the proud winners of this competition. Courts Guyana’s ongoing Digital promotion, which started on May 12 and will end on June 30, indicated that if one were to spend $49,999 and over on any digital product, that person would be given a chance to win an all-expense-paid ‘Lime’ to watch the football finals at a local joint. Courts Guyana

uyana; Pernell Cummings; Bonita Coonjah; Devion Gomes; ic Relations & Promotions Officer of Courts Guyana, Roberta

s following accident

d. igations have so at Mohamed was ross the road on n he was hit.

He was rushed to the Georgetown Hospital (GPH), but later died. The driver of the lorry is in police custody. (Asif Hakim)

ear-old Linden boy

aunt, Neshelle Bristol, Dequan was just about three lots away from home when the two dogs jumped their owner ’s fence and launched their attack. While his two friends managed to escape unscathed, Dequan was not so lucky. His aunt said the dogs bit him in the throat, on his buttocks and parts of his hands and feet. He was initially taken to the Linden Hospital to seek medical attention, but his injuries were so severe, he had to be transferred to the Georgetown Hospital (GPH) where he unrgetown derwent emergency surgery.

The child’s father, Dexter Gordon, who is now in Georgetown to see about his son’s welfare, said he was at home when the incident occurred. He said he’d heard the screams, but didn’t know it was his son until he went out to see what all the noise was about, and was told by neighbours what had transpired, and that they had already taken care of the boy. “When I went outside, I saw my son, and I started to pray,” Dequan’s father said, adding: “He was bitten up all over, and was in blood. These people cannot hope to take care of those types of dogs with just a low fence; is either they build their fence higher or get rid of the dogs. I’m very shocked and surprised...”

will award eight lucky customers this prize, but due to the excitement the FIFA World Cup games are currently creating in Guyana, the company has decided to offer an extra customer this opportunity. Bonita Coonjah received $60,000 to spend at her ‘lime’ with friends and family at the 704 Sports Club on Saturday, June 14. Courts Guyana is pleased to serve and reward its customers in a way no other furniture and appliance store is able to match, she said. Ferguson also urged customers to be on the lookout for more and better promotions in the future.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

Braille classes to begin BCCI gives employees who are fathers tokens of appreciation soon at Guyana Society –new initiative for the Blind being fostered By Shivanie Sugrim

week. The funds immediately gave rise to the THE Guyana Society Braille classes, and aims for the Blind (GSB) to create more similarly will, within the next beneficial initiatives for two weeks, begin its visually impaired perBraille classes - an sons. eight-week programme Ganesh Singh, Exentailing four hours of ecutive member of the classes per week that Blind Society, in an inwill benefit 12 regisvited comment, told the tered visually impaired Guyana Chronicle: “Alpersons, 10 of whom sat though we are moving the Caribbean Secondelectronically for blind ary Education Certifipersons to communicate, cate (CSEC) examinaBraille will always be tions a few weeks ago. here, and it is essential The course, to be for all blind persons to conducted by experiknow Braille.” enced Braille teachers This initiative apart, who are also visually the Guyana Society for impaired, will entail the Blind (GSB) is curExecutive member of the Guyana two categories: Grade 1, Society for the Blind, Ganesh Singh rently registering perwhich will focus on the sons who are visually tered by the One Laptop alphabet and the foundaimpaired and have othtion of reading; and Grade Per Family (OLPF) Region er disabilities, preferably 2, which will focus on in- Two Office through a be- physical, to sit the 2015 quest of $200,000 given May-June CSEC examdepth reading. This initiative was fos- to the Blind Society last inations.

LAST Friday, the Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI) held a Father’s Day programme for fathers working with the company, and tokens of appreciation were given out to each father. This undertaking was one of the many events hosted by the company, which had previously sponsored many events that benefited the communities both

on the eastern and western sides of the Berbice River Bridge. BBCI says the company has received 51 public relations requests thus far for 2014, and has managed to approve 42 of them, comprising sponsorships of Mashramani 2014 events, horse racing events, donations of trophies to various non-profit and educational institutions, facilitated tours

of various schools, waivered toll charges for tour buses, sponsored cricket tournaments, made donations towards the Region 5 cricket tournament and to religious organisations, among others too numerous to mention. Tokens of appreciat i o n w e re d i s t r i b u t e d during the Father’s Day programme at the Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI)

Tokens of appreciation were distributed during the Father’s Day programme at the Berbice Bridge Company Inc. (BBCI)

Wilderness Explorers to launch new Questions on choice of new CARDI Director Foundation to benefit communities By Rickey Singh

WILDERNESS Explorers will celebrate its 20th anniversary by launching a “Wilderness Explorers Foundation”, a non-governmental organisation (NGO) to support projects that are involved in conservation and sustainability in communities. The intention is to raise funds to undertake projects

that would improve societies and enhance the tourism sector. The company would be starting up the foundation with an initial deposit of US$1000. The company plans to undertake worthwhile projects of short- and long-term duration that support conservation of the environment, and sustainable projects that will

be beneficial to local communities in an environmentally friendly manner. Projects that impact the environment and the less fortunate will also be undertaken in communities. The first project to be undertaken involves providing support to two children with disabilities in the community of Rewa. (Shivanie Sugrim)

THE region’s premium Agricultural Research and Development Institute (CARDI), seems once again headed for a crisis over the recruitment of a long-overdue Executive Director. And questions are being raised over the attention being paid by the Ministers responsible for the agricultural sector are expected to ensure transparency in the choice of the best possible candidate. The Trinidad-based institution has had an act-

ing Executive Director for more than two years in the person of a retired former Caribbean Director of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA), who has to demit office not later than July 31. However, Ministers of Agriculture were alarmed to discover that up to this late stage, the recruitment process remains under what has been described as “a veil of secrecy” amid reports of a trio of possible candidates, all from within CARDI and not known to have had any outstanding record

of achievements! The selection process involves the Board of Directors, comprised of senior technical officials, which will then go to the Board of Governors comprising Ministers of Agriculture. Since under CARICOM’s quasi-cabinet structure, Guyana has lead responsibility for regional agricultural development, it is felt that its government should perhaps become actively acquainted with the modalities and status of the process to choose a new CARDI Director.

Essequibo man’s suicide upsets children’s Father’s Day plans CIOG donates $200,000 to GSPCA A 24-year-old father of three of Westbury Housing Scheme on the Essequibo Coast allegedly ended his life by hanging himself with a window blind at around 03:00hrs Saturday, shattering the Fathers’ Day dreams of his wife and children. According to Tomika Marks, she and husband, Roberto Smith had an argument earlier Friday night, but made up matters later and even had a little ‘lime’ and

conversation on their bridge. After their little talk on the bridge, Tomika said Roberto left to go and see a friend nearby, and she went to bed. But on awakening around 03:00 hrs Saturday, she had a sudden urge to open their front window and look outside. That’s when she saw her husband hanging from a dunks tree in their yard. Springing into action, Tomika said she rushed out of the house and loosened the

noose from around Roberto’s neck, as she called out to the neighbours for help. Up until then, she said, he was still alive, as she could hear him groaning. By the time she managed to get him to the hospital, he had already died. A carpenter by trade, Roberto has left to mourn, besides his wife, his three young children, aged four, two and 12 months. Police are investigating. (By Rajendra Prabhulall)

THE Central Islamic Organisation of Guyana (CIOG) recently made a donation of $200,000 to the Guyana Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA). Mr. Insanally thanked the CIOG for its generosity, and noted that the donation would help the GSPCA to continue offering low-cost spay and neuter surgeries to prevent unwanted animal pregnancies In this picture, Mr. Oliver Insanally, Honorary President of the GSPCA (left), receives the donation from Shaikh in pets who undergo these procedures. Zakir of the CIOG

GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

First Lady’s Fathers’ Day message...

Fathers may be a tower of strength, – but they, too, need authority love and affection “ PA R E N T I N G i s a s h a re d re s p o n s i b i l i t y. Fathers play a pivotal role in the upbringing of their children. They are a source of stability and strength in a family. For children, their fathers are often their first and u l t i m a t e h e ro e s ; t h e y imitate them and they take example from their fathers. “On this Fathers’ Day, 2014, I extend heartfelt greetings to all the fathers of Guyana. In so doing, I acknowledge the outstanding contributions that fathers have made to their households and to the development of their children. “As a child, I grew up in a humble household, which was never short of fatherly affection. This made my childhood so much more enjoyable. Later, when I became a mother, my husband was the epitome of fatherly attentiveness, love and care to all of our children. More importantly, he set a good example by being a good husband. His constant presence and concern for us has enriched our family life in ways that cannot be quantified. He remains an excellent

First Lady, Deolatchmee Ramotar

role model for all fathers. From my own experience therefore, I can appreciate the value of fathers in the lives of their children. “I want to use this occasion of Fathers’ Day to encourage fathers to play a greater role in the lives of their children. And I would like to urge all children to take kindly to their fathers, and to try to understand and appreciate them. Fathers may be symbols of strength and authority with families, but they, too, are human, and need to be shown affection and love. “On this Fathers’ Day, 2014, may all fathers find love and acknowledgment. Happy Fathers’ Day!”

Santos re-elected... From page 14

Nearly 8 million Colombians voted for Mr. Santos in the runoff election

lombia about high crime and unemployment, the campaign focused on the peace negotiations with the Farc, launched by Mr. Santos in November 2012. The talks, which are being held in Cuba, are aimed

at ending five decades of conflict. Mr Santos expects a deal to be signed by the end of the year, with the Farc giving up their armed struggle, and joining the legal political process. Government negotiators and rebel leaders have held several rounds of talks in the Cuban capital, Havana. They have agreed on three points of the agenda drawn up in 2012, namely land reform, future political participation and drug trafficking, which is allegedly the main source of income for the rebels. Three other points remain to be agreed on: The rights of the victims, disarmament of the rebels and the implementation of the agreement.



Father’s Day ‘hit-and-run’ robs family of their dad F I F T Y- o n e - y e a r - o l d Mustak Alli of 179 Robi n d r a S t re e t , A n n a n dale South, East Coast Demerara was yesterday morning discovered dead on the Annandale Public Road, a short distance from his home. He had been killed in a hit-and-run accident. A l l i ’s b r o t h e r, w h o identified his body to the

police, told the Guyana Chronicle that he was alerted to the presence of his brother’s dead body on the road by another villager who visited their home. He said he readily recognized his brother when he went to the accident scene, and that Alli’s legs had been broken in several places. Alli’s widow, Indira,

Investigators examining Mustak Alli’s remains

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GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

Aries For as long as you can remember, the word ‘no’ has had a strange, but not entirely negative, effect on you. When spoken in a certain tone of voice, it elicits an irresistible impulse to rush right out and do whatever it is you’ve just been warned against doing. Try to warn any innocent bystanders against using that word in that particular tone now. It may not work, but it will make reconciling with your conscience tomorrow a lot easier. Taurus Change in general has never been at the top of your buddy list -- in fact, nothing pushes your buttons faster than seeing your carefully laid plans derailed. Things might feel frustrating today, because the universe has arranged for plenty of unexpected events to appear on today’s agenda. Forewarned is forearmed, though, so now that you know what’s coming, just try not to become too attached to plan A. Have plan B ready, just in case. Gemini You’ve never understood it when your people refuse to try new things. Even if you give something a shot and it doesn’t work out, you still feel that it’s still better than being bored. That attitude is about to come in handy, thanks to an interesting new friend who brings an opportunity to broaden your horizons. If your passport isn’t current, you may want to take care of that! You may end up with an invitation to travel.

Dead: Mustak Alli


related that she was at home when she heard the news. She said she had last seen him alive on Saturday night, when he left for work in Good Hope, three villages away. She recalled that he left home at approximately 16:00 hours on his pedal cycle. She said he had been all excited about Father’s Day, and had insisted that his three biological adult children and the 11-yearold he and his wife had adopted when the child was only eleven days old be at his home on Father’s Day. Indira said that her husband had been heading home to assist her with the cooking for Father’s Day. This is the second time that the family has lost a loved one to a road accident. In 2013, Mustak Alli’s brother was killed in a hit-and-run accident involving a Canadian citizen, who was acquitted after the police had failed to prepare a proper file. That accident also occurred on the East Coast Demerara Public Road. The police reported yesterday that they were able to tow into the police station an abandon car which was suspected to be involved in the accident. This publication was later informed that the owner of the car was not the one driving it at the time, but both the owner and the purported driver, an Annandale resident, were taken into custody. It was not clear up to press time last evening whether the vehicle remained impounded as well. (Leroy Smith)

That certain someone you’ve been spending a lot of your time with lately seems to be interested in a lot more than just being friends, and you’re not arguing. You’ve definitely had your share of up and down relationships, but you sense something different about this one. The real test, of course, is to see if you can spend time together comfortably without feeling the need to keep talking and talking. Leo You’re already charming enough to require supervision under certain circumstances, and you’re even more irresistible when you set your mind on something -- or someone. It’s going to take all that charm and more to get through today with your sweetie, since the universe isn’t especially cooperative when it comes to helping you plan romance. Don’t count on those plans you made, or on your companion being very accommodating. Virgo Your dependable nature makes you a big fan of routine and regularity. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to count on that -- or much of anything else, for that matter -right now. The universe has arranged for a perfect storm of unexpected madness to wreak havoc on anything even remotely resembling a schedule. Your best bet is to talk yourself into appreciating the finer points of spontaneity right away, and to force yourself to have a laugh. Libra You’re on the hunt for companions who let you express yourself completely, no matter how unconventional you’re feeling. You’d better find them quickly, too, because if you try to spend much time with the usual suspects, you may need to worry about comments (some quite mean-spirited). Will your behaviour be that extreme? It sure could -- and you’re not really surprised to hear that, are you? You’ve been feeling the need to break out of a rut for some time. Scorpio If you’ve been thinking about doing shaking things up around the house lately, the urge to get started may suddenly become impossible to resist. Before you tear down a wall or drop too much cash, you may want to consider a few things: the time and money you have available, for starters -- and what you’ll do if you don’t stay in this mood long enough to fix that gaping hole in your dining room. It might be wiser to just choose a colour for an accent wall for now. Sagittarius No one is surprised that you’ve got something to say. Thanks to the rather startling array of energies the universe has directed your way, you are ready, willing and able to let it fly. Do yourself a favour: Before you actually begin speaking, think about all possible repercussions of your comments. Do you really want to alienate anyone you come into contact with, or can you settle for just speaking your mind to the one person who deserves it the most? Capricorn When you are out shopping or wandering today, the more unusual your find, the more you’ll absolutely have to call it your own. That goes particularly for arts and crafts, but maybe also for people who happen to possess qualities you’re fond of. Before you get too involved, be sure there is more connecting you than just one shared cause or opinion. Kindred spirits are great to have around, but if you’re after a long-term relationship, there needs to be a bit more to it. Aquarius You’ve never been much good at taking orders unless they’re life-or-death. That goes double for your calendar, which means you often forget birthdays or deliberately ignore some holidays. Still, when you see something you know would bring a smile to the face of your sweetheart, you’ll mortgage the house to get it for them. And when someone you love needs some TLC -- like now, for example -- you’ll treat them so well, they’ll think it’s a holiday. Pisces You’d like nothing better than to charge off after that one special person you’re wildly attracted to, completely forgetting about anyone and anything else. Moreover, your perpetually keen instinct is telling you they’d absolutely adore it if you did. Unfortunately, you’re duty-bound at the moment, and they may be too. Until that changes, hang out, make plans and bide your time. You can do it, but you’ll certainly have your work cut out for you.








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Land For Sale in Bush Lot, WCB. Tel. 335-0944, 616-5106.  No.2, 138 ft x 1750 5.5 acres - $15M, Phone 227-7734.   at Parika Backdam, EBE. Call 617-4837.  Road Kitty 123 by 38.4, $11M neg. Phone 678-0752.  St, 41 x 171 $29M. Call Carol 612-9785. 96 x 123 - $70M. Call Carol 612-9785.  Public Road $35M. Call Carol 612-9785. 1200ft x 40ft, La Grange Public Road, West Bank Dem. Price $8.5M. Call 621-6037.  Park, Supply, Eccles, Diamond, Trival Realty- 665-7946. Blocks for sale. Tel. 683-9910.  business, residential, any reasonable offer. Call Neil, 614-1170.  120 x 48 land. Serious enquiries only. Owner leaving country $2.4M. Tel. 673-7600.  with 2-storey column structure at 3rd Bridge, Grove Housing Scheme, $5.5M neg. 600-2032.  lots located in the Peter's Hall area, East Bank Demerara. Call 231-5359, 672-7189.  Land of Canaan, EBD, transported developed land, by acres. Please call 2660014, 669-8139.  70 acres of transported land at Coverden, East Bank Demerara. Serious enquiries only. Contact 661-6993.  Gardens 60 x 135 - $27M, Queenstown 60 x 80 - (back) $35M. Call Carol 6129785. : Prime land with double infrastructure, including roads, drains, electricity, water, perimeter fence and play park. Call 615-8810, 668-3100.  land opposite seawall in the vicinity of Bel Air Springs, 3 lots starting from $34.999M each. Call Shiv on 600-6681.  land 68.431 acres (excluding reserves) on the East Bank of Essequibo River. Contact 639-0077, 601-1231.  Estates, EBD lots, authorised agent De Freitas Associates. 609-2302, 609-6516, E m a i l :  land Linden Highway 152 acres, road to river $36M. 609-2302, 609-6516, 645-2580. E m a i l :  3rd Avenue, land with concrete fence, land filled to road height. Size 110x60, 624-7684. ,/Grove, Grove Public Road, Vreed-en-Hoop, La Parfaite Harmonie, Eccles Housing Scheme, Herstelling, Schoonord WBD. 615-3728, 629-8253. $15M, Grove $6M, La Parfaite Harmonie $2M, Garnett Street $35M, Good Hope $8M, Diamond $15M, Ideal Engineering & Realty Services. Tel. 225-5908, 626-5807, 688-7485.  GARDENS/ REPUBLIC PARK E.B.D (Gated community) - Size 5000 sq ft. Prices $11million, $12million and $13.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET- double lot prime business spot (Size 12,500 sq ft) Price USD$ 1.3 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665 -7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  GARDENS/ REPUBLIC PARK E.B.D (Gated community) - (Size 10,000 sq ft) Price $23 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

  ST NEWTOWN Land with concrete fence. Size 31 X 135. Price 21million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  NEW SCHEME E.B.D - Size 50 X 100. Price $7 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  REPOS E.C.D - Land with foundation for 2 storey house. Land size 52 X 84. Price $ 6.5 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353. ST NEWTOWN Double lot. Size 31 X 135. Price $18 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.   ST NEWTOWN CORNER LOT -Size 70 X 70. Price $24 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  ROAD, Bourda CORNER LOT. Price $42 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353. STEET, LODGE - 3 lots together with a 2 bedroom wooden cottage with 8ft driveway. Price $18 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  E.B.D - land with concrete fence. Size 110 x 64. Price $7.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353. / GROVE E.B.D Size 40 X 80. Price $3.8 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353. HOUSTON GARDENS - Size 87 X 125 Price $15 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  PARK, GOERGETOWN - corner lot. Size 3978 sq ft. Price $5.8 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.   (gated compound), opposite Grand Coastal 7 house lots together. Ve r s a i l l e s W B D , b a c k o f A r a c a r i Te l .              CLOSE to Brickdam, $75M suitable for 5-storey complex, hotel Mr Ramsohoye 618-0000, Mr Per e i r a 2 2 6 - 1 0 6 4 , M r. Darindra 615-0069, 225-2626, 2 2 7 - 6 8 6 3 , 2 2 5 -5198\  only remaining business land in Alberttown 14 000 sq. ft, well developed US$699 000. Phone Lady Khan 676-3405, Master Boodram 692-3831, Mr Darendra 615-0069, 226-1064, 225-2626, 225-3068, 623-2591, 669-0943.  55x150 - $35M neg, Grove EBD $25M neg, Queenstown $115M neg, Land of Canaan 27 acres at $4.5M per acre, Ogle $40M neg, EC D $35M neg, Triumph $10M neg. Ampac Real Estate. Tel. 610-3666, 684-1893.     of land in Vlissengen Road close to Sandy Babb Street - $79M for 4-storey complex drive through. Phone Mr Boodram 692-3831, 6150069, 225-2626, 225-5198, 618-000, 626-4180. only remaining triple lot in God Bless Agricola A is #1 for parking truck, bond. Security is the best in the world $19M. Phone Lord Budram 692-3831, Pereira 6693350, 623-2591, Alexander 6611952, Hercules 661-1952, 226-1064, 225-5198, 227-6949, 225-2626,2 31-2064, 693-9131, Cameron 225-5184, 7 d a y s a w e e k 2 4 h o u r s.

with 20ft driveway Dennis Street $17M, S e c . ' M ' 90 x 50 p l u s r e s e r v e $ 1 7M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft - $19M, one house in McDoom close to main road $9M. Pho n e M r D a r i n d r a 615-00 6 9 , 6 1 8 - 0 0 0 0 V i c e P r e s i d e nt Alysious Pereira 6 2 3 - 2 5 9 1 , 2 2 7-6863, 2261064, 225-2 6 2 6 .  large Continental Park lot to build your dream palace, plus 4 000ft reserve. Price $22M 661-1992 Lord D a r i n d r a 6 1 5 - 0 0 6 9 , M r Alex Pereira 669-0943, 618-0000, 623-2591, 225-2626, 2261064.   x 60 land in Bel Air Village for hotel, bond, 5stor e y, s t u d e n t s ' d o r m $ 4 2 M . P h o n e Vice President Patrick Pereira 6693350, Vice P r e s i d en t Ramsohoye 618-0000, 6232591, 227-6863, 225-2626, 6677812. land is going to solve your business need, in Smyth close to Brickdam 120 x 60 the only land available for $55M neg All lands that wou l d give you the same return o n y o u r i n vestment $95M, talking of 5-sto r e y c o m p l e x . P h o n e Lady Racel Jones 688-3431 , Master Darindra 6 1 5 - 0 0 6 9 , 6 1 8 - 0 0 00 , 6 2 3 2 5 9 1 , 2 2 5 - 2 6 2 6 , 2 2 5-3 068, 2 2 6 - 1 0 6 4, E mail : m house lot 55' x 100' located just behind the Princess Hotel in a gated community, walking distance to the Providence Stadium. This is currently a booming area, with two international malls, businesses, a family fun water park currently being built. The highway connecting the East Bank to the East Coast will also be built here. Priced to sell at $18.5M. Serious enquiries only - 645-9266, 647-4997. lot in Dennis St, with driveway 20 feet $17M, Sec. 'M', 80 x 60, plus reserve for bond $19M, Da S i l va S t 8 0 x 5 0 $ 1 3 M , Kitty Railway Embankm e n t 8 0 0 0 s q . f t $ 20M, land has 20 ft drivewa ys. Vic e Pre s i d e n t D r a n d i a 6 1 5 0069, Vice P r e sident Alysious Pereira - 6232591, Vice Pr e s i d e nt R a m s a y a e 6 1 8 - 0 0 0 0 , Vice President 225-26 2 6 , 226-1064, 667-7812. 20 Acres of Title Land at    (Riverside)- $12M;      - 4 0 A c r e s ;          - $ 3 5 M ;       ( d o u b l e l o t ) - $ 6 M ;          ( J i b l o t w i t h active driveway)- $22M;       (double lot)$30M; FR                    acre s of land in the city for hotel, and any complex Main Street 2 ½ acres US$5M, Water Stre e t 4 acres for hotel, hotel on 5 acres of land overlooking the sea US$5M; ano t h e r o verl o o k i n g t h e s e a US$1.5M, income US$15000; riverside land residential land at LBI $10M; Republi c Park $8M, Dia mond $ 7 M , S e c . ' K ' $ 2 0 M , B e l A ir Park $25M, G a r n e t t double l o t $ 4 2 M , Phone 225-2626, 231-2064, 2252709, 226-1064, 227-6949, 22768 6 3 , 6 6 7 - 7 812. 619-7945

to let


 in close proximity to UG. Call 691-8919.  business place, bottom flat, 207 Barr St, Kitty. Tel. 6234700.  Eccles US$1000, furnished. Tel. 611-0315, 690-8625.  located space, suitable for business. Call 690-9292, 225-7131.  in Alberttown bottom flat. Call 641-3018, after 17:00hrs.  daily - furnished 2bedroom, studio apartments and business space. Tel 621-5282.  furnished h o u s e U S $ 1 0 0 0 . 6 11 - 0 3 1 5 , 690-8625. floor and second floor space on Duncan Street. 6218198.  furnished one-bedroom apartment air conditioned,. Tel. 623-2923.  to sublet in Cummings Lodge (UG students only.) 613-4614.

businesses must think out of the box. They must adopt a new strategy. The Chinese are moving in some locations that land for bond/factory is cheap, 20 000 sq ft land close to the Chinese embassy for bond. $58M, 8 000 sq. ft on the main road close t o t h e C h i n e s e E mbassy $54M for 4-storey fast food/supermarket 200-c a r parking. 1½ acres of land in Turkeyen for hostel, school, university, b ond, Buy now, be d e c i s i ve. Present, you hav e a boss, now decide. P h o n e M r. D a n h a n d r i 6 1 5 0065 , M r. P a t r i c k P e r e i r a 6 6 9 - 3 3 50, Mr. Alysious Pereira 62 3 - 2 5 9 1 , 2 2 5 - 2 7 0 9 , 2 2 5 2626, 225-306 8, 226-1064, 2276863, 225-5198 Seven days of h o t m a il:

 self-contained room for female, no children. Tel. 6788141. : Unfurnished two-bedroom apartment with all conveniences. Tel. 642-0636.  flat business space at 234 South Road, East ½ - $300 000. Tel. 616-0312.  Avenue: Furnished top flat with all conveniences. Tel. 677-8176.  for beauty salon. Price neg. Contact 227-3626, 2316972.  Air Park: Furnished fourbedroom executive concrete building with all conveniences. Tel. 225-0545.  space, Bel Air Park: Eping Avenue large executive office space with parking. Tel. 6420636.  space $60 000, bond space $80 000, Beauty salon $100 000, internet café $60 000. Tel. 642-0636.  place, North Road: Large and fully secured ground floor. No renovations needed. Tel. 642-0636.  concrete 3-bedroom bottom flat, spacious living quarters, telephone, parking, toilet and bath, EBD. Decent working couple. Tel. 668-5384, 648-3342.

 wish to advertise all land was made by the creator for different purposes. Go as high as you can to enjoy economy of height. Earl's Court LBI do u b l e l ot 120 x 90 $17M, Happy Acres parallel to the Main Road 100 x 50 - $16M, for business or 4-storey apartment land for bonds on the East Coast $28M, Kitty 8 000 sq. ft $20M, Da Silva St 70 x 35 - $14M, 9 000 sq. ft on Main Road 500 yards so u t h o f C h i n e s e E m b a s sy, Tu r k e y e n 1 . 4 a c r e s $38M, Campbellville 80 x 60 with lo t s of reserve $16M, Republ i c P a r k $ 1 6 M , C o n t i nental Park double lot $35M, Croal Street 75 x 50 - $32M, 3 lots at 'AA' Eccles with massive unfinished structure $98M, plus reserve. Friendship $3.5M , P e a r l 5 acres for gated commun i t y $ 4 5 M n e g . Phone , 2 2 5 - 3 0 68, 226-1064, 227-6863, 227-6964, 225-2626.

        f o r r e n t , one going concern snackette, busy area. Call 682-7733, 227-4792.  apartment for business purposes, 22 North Road and Camp Street, next to Cell Phone Shack. Tel. 629-1657. , fully furnished, gated apartment with internet cable, AC, Call Carol 6823733.  furnished apartments with kitchen, toilet and bath. Serious enquiries only. 660-0943.  to Let: Central Georgetown Fully Furnished A/C Hot and Cold System Contact Mr. Joe Ishmael Office 227-1964 or 690-9216  top flat threebedroom house, 80 Albert & Laluni Streets, Queenstown. Tel. 2267452, 226-0178.

 3 BR Furnished House A/C, Hot Water, Large Yard, Self-Contained EBD US$1,000 Call 645-0944  space, business spot and office space at Good Hope. Contact Kishan 643-2795, 2204739 after 18:00hrs  large 2-bedroom bottom flat, unfurnished apartment, grilled, with parking in Atlantic Gardens $65 000 per month. Tel. 622-4746, 220-0959.  and two-bedroom apartments at South Ruimveldt, Price US$500 and US$700 monthly. Serious enquiries only. Tel. 601-9323, 649-2251.  room and apartment $3 500, $4 000, $5 000, $6 000 daily. Call Julian 638-4505, 225-4709.  Air or Prasad Nagar 3 BR Luxurious furnished apartment, A/C, Security US$1,500. Call 668-7419  furnished apartment fully tiled and secured with AC, hot and cold, internet, US$20 daily. 231-6061, 621-1524. -EN-HOOP, 7-8 Plantain Walk: Unfurnished 2 - two-bedroom apartments with parking. Tel. 264-2639, 264-2743. -bedroom apartment at 85 Industry Housing Scheme, couple or working single person or student. Tel. 222-7904.  top flat Section 'K' Campbellville, US$600, AC, hot and cold, parking, etc. 628-1023. -bedroom apartment, preferably decent working couple, 8th Street Area 'Y' Cummings Lodge, Housing Scheme. Tel. 609-5922. Price $30 000. :                               f u r nished 3-bedroom house, fully meshed and grilled, large yard space and office space at the bottom. 6108 3 5 1 , 6 9 7 - 5 4 92. house to rent in Kitty - one self-contained master room, extra toilet, bath, grilled, parking for one car, water day/night, kitchen, dining and living room. Tel. 227-6178.  3-bedroom $70 000, North 2-bedroom $55 000, Diamond 2-bedroom $60 000, $75 000, Hadfield 1-bedroom $45 000. 655-8361, 699-6811.   2-bedroom apartments, fully furnished and selfcontained for long- and shortterm rental. Contact Tropical View Hotel. 227-2216.  spacious 3 bedroom, more apartments. 2227986, 638-7232.  5-bedroom house Happy Acres. Call 231-7839 between 08:00hrs and 16:00hrs. : Unfurnished one-bedroom self-contained apartment with parking. Contact Mr Hing. Tel. 680-5000.  3-bedroom top flat with master room located at Republic Park. Semi-furnished, US$900, Tel: 621-6888.  furnished, two-bedroom apartment, Lot 33 Fifth Avenue, Subryanville. Both rooms AC, parking space, security grille. Tel. 226-5369 (Alexis). house lot at 4th Street, Martyrsville, good road, close to line top road, ready to transfer. Price $4.5M neg. Tel. 629-5300.

22 23 TO LET  land, Linden Highway 152 acres road to river $36M, Kitty Public Road $19M. Tel. 592-6092302, 609-6516, 645-2580.  furnished apartment for foreigners in Lamaha Springs, large yard space, WiFi, kitchen. Tel. 6500892, 692-2016. furnished, 1-bedroom apartment with AC in Kitty, for short time visitors. 686-4620, 227-2466. two-flat prime business property at 38 High Street, Werken-Rust, Georgetown. Call 6802198, 625-4282. -bedroom apartment in Thomas St, Kitty. Price $40 000 monthly. Contact 639-2728. : One-bedroom furnished or unfurnished apartment, fully grilled, $55 000 with water included, 121 Thomas St, Kitty.  self-contained semi-furnished room for elderly bachelor, spinster in Crane $15 000 monthly, four months rent advance. Tel. 619-8683. -bedroom apartment, Middle Road La Penitence couple or single person. Price $35 000 monthly. Tel. 225-9759, 653-5763, 227-6678.  space 8x12 on D'Urban St, walk-in pavement suitable taxi base, barber shop, office $40 000, etc. 226-0673, 685-4694.  $55 000 - $90 000, Kitty US$700, Ogle $55 000, AA Eccles house US$1200, Subryanville. Diana 227-2256, 626-9382. : Furnished two-bedroom executive apartment with internet access, generator and parking. Tel. 6420636.  Unfurnished one-bedroom executive apartment, with parking. Contact Krishnadat Raghubir. Tel. 6420636.  apartment 1-bedroom US$500 monthly, 2-bedroom US$1000 monthly, 3-bedroom US$1500 monthly, semi-furnished, parking, air condition at Kitty, Campbellville, Georgetown. Tel. 623-4861. -room top flat office with general office (30ft x 30ft) in secure environment in Georgetown, US$1200 per month. Tel. Wills Realty - 627-8314, 227-2612, 610-8314.  bedrooms executive apartment, Industry ECD, furnished;19" television, beds, stove, suite, refrigerator, washing machine $85,000 monthly, Call 628-2866 after 5PM." -bedroom fully furnished flats, Campbellville, $100 000, US$40 per night, two-room fully furnished flat, residence, office US$1500. Wills Realty 2272612, 627-8314,  farm in Linden, 3 large pens fully equipped, can rear 12 000 birds. Cheap electricity and water. Can build more pens if you want, nice farm house. Come and see. Call 444-6589, 694-1888. en-Hoop: One spacious 2-storey three-bedroom back house with grille, verandah, varnished floor and concrete fence. Prepaid GPL meter. Rent includes water. $65 000 monthly. Tel. 685-7566.

TO LET : 2-bedroom lower flat, secure, in great condition $90 000. 2nd St. Cummings Lodge 4-bedroom upper flat, parking for 2 vehicles $75 000. Naresh Persaud 2259882, 681-2499. Street: 1 & 2 bedroom furnished apartments, hot & cold, AC, Internet, from US$20 daily. Rates neg. for monthly visitors. Te l : 227-5852/6384404.  spot could be used as boutique, bond, church, mini mall, cell shop, snackette, shop, drink shop, pharmacy, cell shop, internet café, etc. Contact 646-0668, Call 15:00hrs - 18:00hrs only.  floor restaurant in Middle Street for a state-of-theart Restaurant & Bar Goodwill go with it US$3000 neg. Mr. Patrick Pereira, 225-2626, 231-2064, 227-6949, 2276863, 225-5198, 225-3068.  bottom flat apartment, fully grilled, master bedroom, AC, Enachu Street, Section 'K' Campbellville. Contact 2274992, between 08:00hrs and 17:00hrs.    Apartments for rental. Self-contained one bedroom apartments with a comfortable lounge, dining area and kitchenette. (Accommodation) Call: 226-4001/2252780. : Fully furnished one- and three-bedroom apartments, AC, hot and cold, internet, cable TV, parking, etc. Suitable for overseas visitors, short term. 227-1843, 226-5137. - and two-bedroom fully furnished, AC, WiFi, apartment conveniently located at 6 Seaforth St, Campbellville. Long- or short-term. US$35/60 daily. 621-3094, 650-5354.  close proximity to Sheriff Street - brand new 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for business, school, residence etc. Price USD $12,000. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  - 3 storey concrete building suitable for school. Building size 10,250 sq ft. Price USD $5000. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET, ALBERTTOWN - 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for school, embassy, office complex, call centre, medical complex etc. Price USD $6,000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET brand new executive offices. Size per unit 1650 sq ft. Price USD $2200 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.        M , GEORGETOWN - office space available suitable for consultants, accounting firm, lawyers etc. Price USD $500 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  AND REGENT STREETS - Commercial space on ground floor. Size 1645 sq ft. Price USD $2400 (as is). Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

-bedroom upper flat at 575 3rd Avenue Diamond. Twobedroom upper flat, three-bedroom lower flat at 10 Hague Public Road, WCD. Call June 6231562, 223-3265.

 STREET, BOURDA - 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for store, restaurant and bar, etc. Price USD $8,500 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 $50 000, office and shop Kitty US$1000, US$500, Hadfield office space US$700, Carmichael Street US$600. Bougainvillea Park, Farm US$800. 676-5537, 6461334, 661-0180.

 NAGAR - furnished executive flats with modern amenities. Price USD $1350 and unfurnished USD $1100 . Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.



 - fully equipped restaurant and bar. Price USD $3500 . Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 and roof garden in Republic Park, EBD. Office space and roof garden in Charlotte Street, Georgetown. Contact 628-1203, 651-3402, 227-4263.

 E.B.D - 3 storey concrete building suitable for school. Price USD $6000 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 World #1 Realtor Mister Terry Redford Reid 667-7812, 2256858, 225-7164, 226-1064, 2252626, 231-2068, 619-7945. Have the executive rental reduced by 35%, Prashad Nagar US$1000, Jacaranda Ave. Bel Air Park U S $ 2 0 0 0 , Barima Ave Bel Air Park US$1800, Bel Ai r S p r i n g s US$1000, large bond for rental office small form US$3 75, 10 000 sq ft office space for technology business. 225-2626, 2255198, 226-1064, 623-2591, 6693350

 NAGAR - unfurnished 3 bedroom top flat can be used as office or residence. Price USD $1250 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  - fully furnished 2 bedroom executive flat with modern amenities. Price USD $1400 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  almost new concrete house in Campbellville, 3 bedrooms. Can do consultancy business, location Milton Street. Price US$550. Phone 226-1064, Mr Boodram 692-3831, Mr Alex Pereira 669-0963, Mr Darindra 615-0069, 225-2626, 225-3068, 6232591, 225-5198, 227-6949, 2276368.  from July 1, 2bedroom bottom flat in Georgetown, can be used as office space or residence, 3-bedroom house in Queenstown US$2500 monthly, 1- and 2- bedroom, fully furnished apartments on East Coast Demerara, 1-bedroom semifurnished apartment in Georgetown. Call 689-9222. , 3-bedroom house with large bond space US$2500, Continental Park 4-bedroom house with AC and automatic gate US$2000, 3storey newly built property ideal for school, restaurant or church, etc $800 000, McDoom 3 large bond spaces with security $150 000, Diamond upper flat US$600, Eccles 4-bedroom furnished house US$1800. IDEAL ENGINEERING & REALTY SERVICES. Tel. 225-5908, 626-5807, 688-7485.  2-storey building situated at Lot 49 Parker Street Providence. Each flat contains 3 bedrooms, one self-contained, equipped with air-conditioned living room, water, light and fully secured with grille. Parking also available. Call 625-6227.  floor restaurant in Middle Street for a state-of-the-art Restaurant & Bar Goodwill go with it US$3000 neg. Mr. Patrick Pereira, 225-2626, 231-2064, 2276949, 227-6863, 225-5198, 2253068. , Gardens US$1 5 0 0 , Lama Ave, B e l A i r P a r k US$180 0 , B e l A i r P a r k o n t he round about US$1000, Prashad Nagar US$1500, land from $11 million, riverside l a n d h o t e l s w i t h U S $ 3 5 0 0 0 m o n th rental a nd office space US$40 000 month prope r t i e s f r o m $ 1 4 m i l l i o n . 22 5 - 2626, 225-5198, 226-1064, 623-2591, 669-3350    "Spaces at Time Square Mall"- Ground Floor US$1000/ 1st Floor US$700/ 2nd Floor US$500; (formerly C h i n e s e S u p e r m a r k e t 3storied) - US$10,000;     (Opp.Burial Ground. 160 X 40 Building as a whole or in three parts- Ground US$5000/ Upper US$5000/ Restaurant US$15000;  ( b o n d 2 0 00 sq.ft)- US$2000;   US$1500;  - US$700;  US$5000;  US$2000;       (business/ residence)- $150,000;  - $2000;  $70,000/ $40,000;      (Best off e r ) US$5000;  (Bank, etc)US$10,000;  (formerly Windsor Estate)US$2000.  2271988/ 623-6 4 3 1 

 A N T H ONY Reid BSc h a s more than 20,000 hrs in Real Estate In v e s t m e n t and Economic Transformat i o n of People Economic Gr o w t h . We have rental from US$15 0 0 , i n Bel Air P a r k , a m b assa d o r ' s r e s i d e n c e i n U n iversity Gardens Le Resouveni r, Lama A v e w i t h p o o l , J a caranda Ave. with large lawns US$2000, Prashad Nagar US$1000, apt. f r o m U S $ 7 0 0 , b o n d 8 0 0 0 sq ft, small an d l a r g e o f f i c e s p a c e up to 1500 0 sq foot; state of the art hotel and o f f ice c omplex with income of US$40 000 monthly. 22 5 - 2626, 225-5198, 226-1064, 623-2591, 669-3350  1&2US$3500/ US$4500 fully furnished;   US$2500;   (furnished)- US$1500;  (fully furnished)-US$2500/ unfurnished US$1000;    -US$1000;      US$1400;        US$800; US$600/ US$400;  (furnished upper)- US$850/ (3 bedroom lower)- $85,000;   (upper)-$90,000/ (lower)$80,000;  (Studio)- $80,000;  (upper)$60,000.  227-1988/ 6236431/ 6578887.  furnished bottom apartment (1 master room), parking, etc US$1000, 3-bedroom furnished house (1 master room) grilled, parking, etc US$1500 residential others. Apartment/houses furnished and unfurnished from US$1000 up. Call 664-5105.                       Pl a z a B r i d g e N e w Mall, Business spots available, (US)150 - 1000, Albertown 6 Office spaces, $80,000, Commercial Building for rent, $(US)2500 and above, Executives Homes for rent, $ ( U S ) 1 5 0 0 a n d a b o v e , Apartment Bld. & office space Bent Street, $500,000, 2 bedroom furnish flat duke street kingston, $US 750, 3 bedroom in sybranville fully furnish, $US 650, fully furnish 1 bedroom in alexander village, $US 500

PROPERTY FOR SALE PROPERTY FOR SALE  ST $55M, 60x120. .Tel. 611-0315, 690-8625.  house and land, 2storey building, 3 apartments Cornelia Ida. 610-0514.     home $30M n e g . 6 11 - 0 3 1 5 , 6 9 0 - 8 6 2 5 .  Bank $20M, Kitty $32M, Diamond $7.9M. Diana 227-2256, 626-9382. Residential Two Blgs on Double Lot Sandy Babb Street. Call 645-0944 bedroom house at A68 East La Penitence, Pirai Square. Call 686-2852.

PROPERTY FOR SALE  flat house in gated community, EBD. Move in, ready. Tel. 670-8958  Park: Two-storey four-bedroom, two baths, garage $23M, neg. 699-7239, 647-5914.  Gardens, corner lot $10M. Contact 680-3771, 694-7210.  $25M, Campbellville $40M, Hadfield St $15M, Alberttown $15M. Tel. 225-0545.  $70M, Ogle Air Strip Road $70M, $125M. Call Carol 612-9785.  Nagar 3-bedroom, 2-storey house in mint condition $45M. Call Carol 6129785.  $30M, Sec. 'C' Enterprise $35M, Good Hope $30M, New Hope $35M. Call Carol 6129785.  business place, newly constructed concrete building. No repairs. Vacant possession. Tel. 642-0636.  Road business place: Large two-storey concrete building. Vacant possession. Tel. 225-0545.  Road business and residence, building 30ft by 100ft, land 50ft by 110ft. Vacant possession. Tel. 225-0545.  Street $9M, Charlestown $9M, Robb St $90M, Regent St $175M. Real Deal Realty - 647-0856, 668-4781. :              house, La Parfaite Harmonie, WBD, fully tiled, grilled, well fenced, self-contained room, etc neg. 677-6805, 648-4271.  3-bedroom ranch-style house in Republic Gardens, house 3½ baths, gated compound. Tel. 602-6287, 222-2314.  Babb Street Kitty 2storey business, no repairs needed. Price $75M. Call 6924223 for more information.  $47M, Diamond $40M, Charlestown $10M, (2nd lot with driveway) Eccles $22M, East Coast $30M, $25M. Call 6899222.       Gardens, D'Urban Street, Republic Park, Hadfield Street, South, North Ruimveldt, Diamond, Blankenburg, Sophia, Mahdia, Trival Realty- 665-7946.  St $35M, South Ruimvdldt $20M, Bel Air Park $35M, East Ruimvdldt $20M, Lance Gibb St, $75M. Call 6267159, 610-0065.  structure, height 35 ft L x 87 ft W x 52 ft - $4M, located in Linden. Tel. 694-7210, 6803771.  second building in Pike Street from Sheriff Street, great business and residential area, $50M neg. Call 2313236. No agent.  wooden and concrete building, vacant possession. 178 Waterloo St, Georgetown $50M neg, Tel. 627-3994.  St $32M, Thomas St. $65M, Sheriff St $150M, David St Kitty $40M, etc, Sonja 623-2537, 225-7197.  Kitty $70M, 2-bedroom furnished $120M, 2-bedroom North Ruimveldt $60M. Charlyn 665-9087.  St $19M, Vryheid's Lust $10M, Diamond $12M neg, Providence $33M neg, Enterprise $12M. Charlyn 665-9087.  Laluni Street: Two large concrete and wooden buildings with land measuring 120ft by 50 ft. Vacant possession. Tel. 225-0545.

PROPERTY FOR SALE  One newly constructed 5-storey commercial building, on land 30x170, $150M. Tel, 226-0025, 648-3171, 600-3171.  Nagar: Threebedroom concrete and wooden property on corner lot, non-negotiable $40M. Tel. Wills Realty - 627-8314, 227-2612, 6108314.  Street (back building) $25M, Republic Park (need work) $24M, Kitty (Public Road) $36M, AA Eccles $55M, Diana 2272256, 626-9382.  2storey wooden and concrete building, top flat apartments, bottom flat whole sale/ retail business, car wash $40M. Call 645-5938.  St, Newtown, double lot, two-storey building, size of land 30x116, close to Vlissengen Road. Price $43M neg. Contact 660-8888.  3-bedroom property in South Ruimveldt Gardens $25M. Excellent condition, yard space 100x45. Quality Real Estate. Tel. 650-9880.  6-bedroom properties at Phase 1 Good Hope Housing Scheme ECD, fully grilled etc. One 6-bedroom 2storey at Anna Catherina WCD. Tel: 231-4586, 673-5546. concrete 2 flat house at 47 Happy Acres ECD, fully furnished 3 bedrooms top flat, hot and cold bath, big yard space. Call 225-2902, 673-1095.  brand new concrete building, 50 x 40, 3 apartments located at 19th Street Diamond EBD. Price $32M neg. Contact 677-4866.  Village, Vreed-enHoop, WCD 2-storey 3-bedroom wooden/concrete house on 43ft x 300 ft transported land. Move in, ready. Price $8.5M neg. Call 627-0289.  in First Street, Diamond Scheme (high income) Fibreglass boat with 250HP inboard engine, Contact 623-1392 between 08:00hrs and 17:00hrs.  three-bedroom wooden and concrete house with modern conveniences in Good Hope, ECD. Phone 234-1188, 693-8113, 615-1774.  and land: Friendship, Diamond, Eccles, Grove, La Parfaite Harmonie, Republic Park, Crane Village, Alberttown. 615-3728, 629-8253.  business and residential 3-storey property in excellent condition, situated at 11 Camp & Norton Streets, Georgetown neg. Call Pearl Realty - 689-9991. land with foundation, located in prime residential area. Land size 100x102 $38M neg. Tel. 623-9099, 665-4082. storey concrete house located at BB Eccles Housing Scheme, EBD. 5 bedrooms selfcontained, parking . Owner leaving. Call 672-7384.  Street, Norton Street, Kitty Public Road, Sheriff Street, Republic Gardens, Republic Park, Diamond, Eccles, Hadfield Street. Trival Realty 665-7946.  2-storey concrete building (30x40) land (50 x 80) 'A' Field Sophia. Price $7.6M neg. Contact Sanjay 662-3842. , New Garden St; Newly constructed three-storey, executive concrete building. Vacant possession. Tel. 642-0-636.  and land, length 560 ft, one-storey 3-bedroom wooden house at Triumph Agriculture Road, ECD, $13.5M. Tel. 663-1397.

23 24







, Queenstown, Alberttown, Campbellville, South, Diamond, Eccles, Grove, La Parfaite Harmonie, East Coast, East Bank, Bel Air. Call 610-3420, 218-1469, 649-9543.

 - Investment property on corner. Suitable for business, apartment complex, hotel or dream house etc. Land size 6500 Sq Ft.Price $85 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.

 E.B.D - brand new 6 bedroom executive concrete house. Price $36 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 Park $17M, BB Eccles $32M, $31M, Nandy Park $38M, Blygezight $56M, South Road US$900 000, Lamaha St US$400 000, Regent St US$900 000, Georgetown going business $36M, Land of Canaan going business $90M. 609-2302, 6096516.

 ACRES OF land with wallaba, silverballi, mora and a small quantity of greenheart and other mixed varieties of woods inland of Boeraserie, West Coast Demerara. Price $100 000 neg. Four-bedroom fully furnished concrete house in excellent condition, Meadow Brook Square $65M, Southern Queenstown land 90x220 - $150M neg. Building for residence, offices, on land 33ft x 100ft Bourda, $75M neg. Wills Realty 227-2612, 627-8314 Email:

 are your own 20% Bent Street two family business $17M . Land in Da Silva Street 140x33 $16.8M, Meadow Brook ranch $12M, Lodge Scheme $14M, AA Eccles on double lot $78M, Lamaha Gardens Executive $64M, land in South Road 75x33 $38M, Charlotte Street $19M, Sec. M Land 80x60 $15M, Da Silva St Land 90x32 $16.5M, Smyth Street Land 120x60 $65M, Bel Air Park need repair $50M n e g . 2312064, Mr. Ramsahoye 225-2709, 225-2626, 225-3068, 227-6949, 2255198, 627-

 Lust 2 houses $9.5M, Lusignan 3-bedroom $13.5M, Annandale 3-bedroom $8M, Mon Repos 6-bedroom $25M, Atlantic Ville land $9.5M, Eccles land $6.5M. 655-8361, 699-6811.  Park $40M, Georgetown central $40M, Farm, Wakenaam, gas station Essequibo, mining blocks $45M, each, Herstelling $6M, Ogle $40M. Call 645-5938.  Park, Beterverwagting, two-storey concrete house 26x45, 4 bedrooms, 3 washrooms, grilled with excellent electronic security. Tel 672-6169. property, 3 bedrooms upstairs & downstairs, excellent condition at 20-26 Humming Bird St. Festival City, North R/veldt, 628-5798.  4-bedroom $11M, Annandale 4-bedroom $9M, Mon Repos $25M, Good Hope $13M. Land Montrose $7M, Good Hope $6M. Troy 26-2243, 694-3652.  Hope EBD: One 3-bedroom house situated on the eastern side of Public Road, with house on Lot 14 and Lot 13, Vacant, suitable for business. Call 648-4274, 2259473 on Saturday and Sunday.  Gardens: One executive two-storey concrete building with all modern conveniences, swimming pool 15x30, land 120x90, $120M. 226-0025, 648-3171, 600-3171.  and land at a strip between lots 18 and 19, South Section Canal #2. Land at Lot 147 and 152, No. 72 Village, Corentyne Berbice, 13 acres land at Parika. 619-4236.  DISCOUNT: 20% on all executive properties $60M, 30% discount on $24M, and below, 15% discount on land $18M. Phone 667-7812, 225 - 6 8 5 8 , 225-2626 Te r r e n c e R e i d .  3-bedroom property in Prashad Nagar reduced from $42M to $34M, Pere Street $34M. Phone Mrs Bibi Khan 676-3405, Mr Darindra 615-0069, Mr Boodram. 692-3831, Mr Alex 669-0943, 2252626, 225-3068, 623-2591.  $115M, Campbell Avenue $55M, William St $32M, $43M, Alberttown $45M, Seaforth St (land) $33M, Good Hope $11M, $12.5M, $15.5M, Earl's Court $45M. Call 609-9232.  E.C.D 2 family concrete house upper flat 3 bedroom lower flat 2 bedroom. Price $56 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  E.B.D - brand new Executive concrete house, upper flat 4 bedroom and lower flat 2 apartments Price $53 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  BACKLANDS - 3 bedroom flat house on corner lot, repairs needed Price $14 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 STREET, ALBERTOWN - 3 storey concrete investment property. Suitable for school, embassy, office complex etc. Price $150 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  close proximity to Sheriff Street - brand new 3 storey concrete building. Suitable for business, school, residence etc. Price USD $1.3 million Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  BABB STREET KITTY - 2 storey wooden and concrete Income Property. Price $60 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  - 3 storey Investment Property. Currently renting as apartments and offices. Price $100,000,000 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353. ROAD - brand new 3 storey concrete building with roof garden. Currently renting as hotel and bar. Price $110,000,000 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  ST, KITTY - Investment property on corner. Suitable for any business. Price $55 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  STREET, NORTH CUMMINGSBURG - land with a wooden and concrete building. Land size 38 X 242. Price $69 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  GARDENS brand new executive 5 bedroom concrete house with swimming pool. Price $150 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  S T E E T, LODGE - 2 bedroom wooden cottage with 8ft driveway. Price $7.8 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  - Brand new investment property - 3 bedroom upper flat and 2 two (2) bedroom apartments lower flat. Price $39 million neg . Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  STREET, BOURDA - fully furnished 20 rooms hotel , restaurant and bar. Price USD $1.2 neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 643-6353.  BARKER ROAD, SOUTH RUIMVELDT GARDENS wooden and concrete building on corner lot. Price $33 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.

 ROAD KITTY - two family concrete property suitable for business. Price $45 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 S T R E E T, WORTMANVILLE 2 old wooden buildings on land. Size 38 X 105. Price $14.8 million neg . Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.

 REPOS E.C.D- Modern 4 bedroom concrete property inclusive of 1 master room. Price $32.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

/ GROVE E.B.D 2 bedroom flat concrete house on corner lot. Price $10 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 2257276, 6657400, 685-7887, 6436353.

 OF CANAAN- 4 bedroom concrete house just off the public road. Price reduce to $14.5 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

 NEW SCHEME brand new 4 bedroom executive concrete house on 6000 sq ft land. Price $22.5 million. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 685-7887, 643-6353.

E.C.D - 2 family concrete house upper flat 3 bedroom and lower flat 3 bedroom apartment . Price $18 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate on 225-7276, 6657400, 6857887, 643-6353.  HOPE E.B.D (Gated Community) - Executive modern four bedroom concrete houses with swimming pool. On single lot $30 million, with double lot $36 million. Contact Royal Real Estate 225-7276, 665-7400, 6857887, 643-6353.  E.B.D - 2 family wooden and concrete house upper flat 4 bedroom, lower flat 2 bedroom apartment repairs needed. Price $15.5 million neg. Contact Royal Real Estate 2257276, 665-7400, 685-7887, 6436353.  609-8233: Prashad Nagar 4-bedroom $40M neg, modern land 60x126 Prashad $32M, Atlantic Ville $9M, 50 x 100 Good Hope $13M, Dennis Street modern 3-bedroom $20M, Mon Repos 5-bedroom $25M, Enterprise 4-bedroom $11.5M.  $50M neg, Aubrey Barker South $35M neg, Ogle $40M neg, and $55M neg, LBI $10.5M neg,, $22M neg, Lamaha Gardens $85M neg, Eccles $25M neg, Water Street $75M neg. Ampac Real Estate. Tel. 684-1893, 610-3666. SALE/RENT NEWLY built  bond, located on McDoom Public Road, with office space, upstairs size 120x40. Asking US$650,000. For rental US$6500 not far from the gas station. 680-3771, 6947210

       G a r d e n s o n double lot at corner, 3 self-contained bedrooms, 1 master room, custom kitchen, dining, living family and study rooms, 5 appliances included. Price $75M. Land for sale D'Urban and Lime Streets, old gas station. Price $80M. Contact Mincom Realty. Tel. 671-8494.  2-storey building situated at Lot 49 Parker Street Providence. Each flat contains 3 bedrooms, one self-contained, equipped with air-conditioned living room, water, light and fully secured with grille. Parking also available. Call 625-6227.  by owners, transported properties, One-flat two-bedroom house at Somerset Court Herstelling, spacious yard and excellent community. One 3-floor building 50' x 30' for commercial or domestic use in Section 'M' Campbellville. Excellent investment opportunity. Serious enquiries only, 652-5467.  Street, Albouystown 2-storey, 2-family front building. Vacant possession, parking. Upper flat 2 bedrooms, water pump, $12M.      3 bedroom upstairs and 1 downstairs, parking for 2 vehicles, toilet, bathroom, back yard about 15'. Tel. 6118912.

 road side concrete and wooden house, (45ft x 20ft) grilled, 5 bedrooms, 3 washrooms, concrete and grilled fence, concrete yard and trestle with 3 450 gallons and 1 - 200 gallons water tanks, located at 57 New Road Vreed-en-Hoop. Tel. 6240779.      M a r g o t - $ 30M , A t l a n t i c Ville $53M, Diamond $40M, Alberttown $ 45M, L / G a r d e n s $65 M , A t l a ntic Ga r d e n s $ 45M , A l e x a n d e r & Robb S t $ 65M, Tel. 219-4399, 610-8332.  Ave, $55M, Guysuco Gardens $ 55M , G o o d H o p e $10.5M . William St, C/ville $ 3 3M , $45M. C/ville $45M, Atlantic Ville $26M, Subryanville $150M, M o n t r o s e $ 1 6 M , M o n R e p o s $ 10.5M Tel: 219-4399, 610-8332     Gardens $65M, $95M, K i t t y $ 4 4 M , Pike St. C/Ville $ 4 5 M , David St, $55M. S h a m r o c k G a r d e n s $ 65M . Charl o t t e S t . (2 buildings) $125M , Mon Repos $35M, D i a m o n d $ 19M , E c c l e s $ 30M , LBI $34M, S h e r i f f S t . $ 1 5 0 M , Tel. 219-4399, 610-8332  Real Estate: Diamond corner Public Road $65M neg, $12.5M, Grove $4.5M, $18M, $20M, $6M, $12.5M, $9.5M, Herstelling $16M, Hadfield Street $21M, $40M, Eccles $30M neg, Bel Air $65M neg, Smyth Street $65M. 6765537, 667-2422, 641-5670, 6123501.  St US$1M, Regent St US$900, South Road US$800 000, Lamaha St. US$400 000, Section 'M' Campbellville US$400 000, Blygezight US$275 000, Somerset Court $22M, BB Eccles $46M, $32M, $31, Land of Canaan business $90M, Windsor Estate Housing. Tel. 592-609-2302, 6096516, 645-2580.

  in Providence with parking for 4 vehicles at reduced price to sell $33M neg, 3-storey property with business on the E.B. Demerara, lots of yard space, secured area, suitable for school, supermarket, factory, lumber yard, etc $80M neg. Tel. 6843718, 686-4899. Owner migrating. HOUSES require repairs in Brickdam, land size 120x38 $44M was $60M. Phone Alysious Periera 623-2591, Lady Khan 225-2626, Lord Boodram, 6923831, 225-2709, Lady Abundance 661-1952, 225-3068, 6690943 Mr. Pereira. , 3-storey building $90M, 2-storey $38M, McDoom $85M, Diamond $32M, Good Hope $17M, Providence $40M, Queenstown $60M, Charlestown $50M, Ideal Engineering & Realty Services. Tel. 225-5908, 626-5807, 688-7485,  Avenue, Diamond, 2-storey concrete house 60x32, 4 bedrooms, master, etc, yard space for 15-20 vehicles $38M neg. 3rd Avenue Diamond, lot with foundation $9M, Thomas Street South Cummingsburg 240ft x 38ft with one building $70M neg. Middle Street prime 3-storey business property $130M neg. Naresh Persaud 225-9882, 681-2499.

 Large well-architectured and constructed property on double lot. Price neg, Bachelor's Adventure, newly constructed three-bedroom concrete building on ½ acre land $70M neg. Five-bedroom twofamily property D\Urban Backlands $30M, Diamond New Scheme four-storey concrete building 100ft x 100ft each floor, ideal for supermarket, etc $180M, Chateau Margot two-flat concrete building on land 100 x 200 ft $75M. Kitty two unfurnished concrete building on same lot $28M with 8ft driveway to back building. Wills Realty 227-2612, 627-8314, 610-8314.  us at Raphael's Reality, 204 Charlotte Street, Bourda. Tel. 225-8241, 227-4950, 2267829, Fax: 227-1537 For Sale: Executive Ogle $115M, Diamond $35M, $20M, Queenstown $65M $75M, Versailles $25M, Continental Park (exquisitely furnished) 70M, Plaisance (2-storey concrete) $23M, Dazzell Scheme $20M, Atlanticville 19M, John Street Campbellville $55M, Water Street, Agricola $18M, M/cony $ 6 5 M , L i g h t St A l b erttown $40M, Prospect $20M, North Ruimveldt $12M, Mon Repos $45M, Enterprise $13.5M, $25M, Lamaha Park $15M, East La Penitence $18.5M. Land for sale: 157 acres river to highway, Linden Highway $30M, Mon Repos $2.5M, Bel Air Park $60M, Diamond $4.5M, For Rent Ogle 5-bedroom furnished, swimming pool US$4000 per month, new one and two-storey apartments in Georgetown US$800, US$1200 and US$1500 monthly. All prices are nego tiable. % DISCOUNT on all properties for this summer only. UG Gardens $140M, Republic Park $30M, Nandy Park 4 apartments $ 3 2 M , M i d d l e Road La Penitence land s i z e 140 x 60 $17M, second S t r e e t A l berttown business and residence $45M, 5th St. Alberttown massive concrete $48M, Eccles $14M, Kitty Sandy Babb St. two properties on double lot $38M, L a m a h a St Queenstown apartment complex $5 8 M . P h o n e V i c e P r esid e n t 2 3 1 - 2 0 6 4 , 2 2 5 3 0 6 8 , 2 2 7 - 6 8 6 3 , 2 26-1064, 227-6949, 225-2626.  BARGAIN 26% 26% 26% discount: Two-family concrete business and residence in the front of Happy Acres $32M, Dowding Street, Kitty wi t h d r i v e w a y $16M, BB Eccles $16M, South Ruimveldt Gardens $!6M, Light Street $21M, S e c o n d b u i l d i n g w ith 12 ft drive way $!4M, David Street Subryanville with 14ft driveway $16M, West Ruimveldt concrete flat house $4.9M, Dazell Housing Scheme $11M. 6 9 2 - 383 1 , M r D a rindra 61 5 -0069, Mr. A. P e r e i r a 623-2 5 9 1 , M r s H e r cules 661-1952, 225-2626, 225-2709, 225-5198..  business and residence w ith reserve for 20 cars $11M, Meadow Brook old house $12M, L o d g e $ 1 4 M , Middle Road La Penitence with 20ft dri v e w a y 4 a p a r t m e n t s $15M, second ranch con crete $ 3 8 M , G arnett St. business and reside nce $32M. Phone M r. B u d r a m 6 9 2 - 383 1 , M r D a r i n d r a 6 1 5 - 0069, Mr. A . P e r e i r a 623-2 5 9 1 , M r s H e r cules 661-1952, 225-2626, 225-2709, 225-5198..

 Garde n s e x ecutive $68M, Prashad N a g a r 8000 sq ft land $60M, L a m a Av e n u e , B e l A i r P a r k $ 8 3 M , B e l A i r Park $45M Dowding Street Kitty $29M, and $19M , D a v i d Street Subryanville fr om $19M, back with 12ft driveway $14M, Section 'K ' Campbellville $ 4 0 M , G arnett Street ranch concrete $38M, Owen Street Kitty concrete 2-storey $39M, Camp Street busi n e s s a n d r e s i d e n c e . P h o n e M r D a r i n dra 615-0069, Mr Carlos B u d r a m 692-3831, Mr. Alex P e r e i r a 2 3 1 - 2 0 6 4 , M r. Ramsahoye 225-2709, 225-2626, 225-3068, 227-6949, 225-5198, 627-7812, 226-1064.                  Diamond 4 bedroom furnished with pool, 78 M, Behind Plaza 4 apt double lot, 30 M,Lot 5 Best Road 3 bedroom flat W.C.D, 17 M, Mon Repos 3 bedroom flat, 15 M, Ogle Airport5 bedrooms, 65 M, Republic Park 2 story, 37 M, Robb and Albert, 95 M, Plaza bridge 3 bedroom house double lot, 20 M, Pike Street, house top flat 2 Self contained bedrooms, 45 M, Hot/cold shower, lower flat, 1&2 bedroom apartments, North Road before Camp Street (100x35), 160 M, Robb Street 3 story building, 160 M, Agricola 2nd Street, 7 M, Enmore E.C.D house 4 bedroom, 17 M, South Ruimveldt Park 5 bedrooms, 2 baths, 35M, 4 car parking garage, study etc. Section K 4 bedroom, parking, yard space, 50 M, and 3 bathrooms, Johnny P Supermarket Aubrey B a r k e r & K a i k a n Street, 45 M, Ogle 2 Story c o n c r e t e 5 5 x 11 0 , 4 b e d rooms 3baths, 45 M, Diamond AA 2, Story concrete 3 bedrooms 2 baths, 16 M, Princess Street, 15 M, Durban Street between Hardina and Luisa, 30 M, Upper Durban Street two properties together30 M, Bel Air Park 4 bedrooms, 3 baths55 M, P r o v i d e n ce ( b e h i n d stadium)18 M, Mon Repos Martyrs Ville13M, New Amsterdam10M, South Sophia12 M, Meadow Brook Garden fully furnish 65 M, P i k e a n d r a i l w a y, 3 8 M , Aubrey barker street main r o a d 4 b e d r o oms, 38 M , Norton street main, road, 17 M, prices street 30 x 100, 6 M, Prashad hospital, 2.5 M neg IS your year for 28% discount on all properties. Happy Acres 2-storey concrete $24M, Pr ovidence Stadium new $16M, concrete Republic Park $3 6M, Eccles concrete $34M, Sout h R u i m v e l d t G a r d e n s $12M needs repairs, Middle Road La Penitence 4 - a p a r t ment $14M, La Penitence two-storey $11M, D\Urban B a ckland s c o n c r e t e $ 2 8 M , Me a d o w Brook $12M, D\Urban Street concrete residence and business $28M.Mr Darindra 615-0069, Mr Carlos Budram 692-3831, M r. A l e x Pereira 2 3 1 - 2 0 6 4, M r. R a m s a h o y e 2 2 5-2709, 2252626, 225-3068, 227-6949, 225-5198, 627-7812, 226-1064.

24 25 PROPERTY FOR SALE  N a g a r $ 3 8 M . Newtown corner land for fast food $36M, Mandela Ave 150x60 for Fast food by the Gymnasium $85M with 3-store y conc r e t e bui l d i n g , D u n c a n Street corner land $35M, R o b b S t r e e t land $50M, LBI double lot $15M, D'Urban Backlands $20M. Phone Mr Boodram 692-3835, Lady Abundance 661-1952, 2312064, Lady Cameron 2 2 5 2626, 225-2709, Mr Ramsohoye 615-0069.                              Westminster 0.086 acres flat 3-bedroom house, Cummings Lodge Housing Scheme $14M neg, Campbellville Section '1' $58M neg, Hadfield St Wortmanville back house $11M neg, D'Urban St North Freeburg $22M, Hadfield St East ½ of East ½ Wortmanville $35M, Roxanne Burnham Gardens $14M neg, Albouys Street north ½ of the west ½ of A l b o u y s t owm $6M neg, Samaroo Dam Klien Pouderoyen West Bank $8M neg double lot. Diamond $11M neg, Section 'C' Middle Walk Nabaclis East Coast $34M neg,    Sheet An c h o r, Cumberland. Land can be surveyed, developed into a h o u s i n g a r e a w i t h a p p r o x imately 125 house lots $100M neg, land C/Lot 9.5 acres, Section 'A' Prince William St. Plaisance $15M neg.              with AC. Only lawyers, doctors travel service, customs broker rental $80 000 monthly neg. Bargains in Guyana: Full concrete D'Urban Street business $19M, business and residence Bent S t r e e t 1 6 M , G o r d o n Street business & residence $23M. Wa terloo S t r e e t b u s i n e s s a n d resid e n c e ( n e w ) $ 3 5 M. South R o a d L a n d $36M, C harlotte Street 2 buildings 2 houses by Light $32M. Land 140 x 60 by Russian E mbassy $30M. Land at Turkeyen 140x60 $32M. L0 Ressovenure Land 126x60 $20M. Camp b e l l v i l l e flat house needs repairs $ 13M. Section K $19M needs rep a i r s , 3 s t o r e y Quamina Street for hotel U S $ 5 9 9 0 0 0 , B e l A i r Park $49M Lamaha Gardens valued $85M now $ 7 0 M . R ental of ap a r t m ents from US$70 0, Resi dence US$1 200 upwards. Phone L o r d Pa t r i c k P e r e i r a 22 7 - 6 8 6 3 , 2 2 5 - 2 7 0 9 , 2276949, 22 6 - 1 0 6 4 , 6693350. 7 d a y s a w e ek tonyreidsrealty@hotma i l . c o m

HEAVY DUTY EQUIPMENT                     FOR SALE


 small, black fridge. Call 643-6604, 688-3201. small, black fridge. Call 643-6604, 688-3201.   tables. Tel. 2225362, 612-5604. Tel:

 & plucked chicken. 650-4421, 220-9203

small, black fridge. Call 643-6604, 688-3201.  flat bottom boat. Call 604-0038.  Yamaha 48 outboard engine, 1500-lb seine. Tel. 641-9597.  14" river dredges, $16M neg. 6698985.

FOR SALE  55 Sandy Babb Street, Kitty. Tel. 227-6392. RCF speakers with box. Pumpkin (wholesale $30 per lb). Tel. 654-2847, 6865341.  breed Rottweiler dogs, pure breed German Shepherd dogs. Tel. 662-0116.  touch 4th GEN with accessories. Price $40 000. 6774757  female Rottweiler, 13 weeks, fully vaccinated. 6179476, 264-2210.  generation RX7, Nissan Stanza, 18000 BTU AC, split unit used. 218-3266, 6161965.  320 B/C excavator pa r t s , r a d i a t o r, o i l c o o l e r throttle cable box, etc. Call 6967686  - 8x4 SLATE pool table $450 000 neg. 601-8083, 6892658.  puppies, $ 1 0 , 0 0 0 e a c h 6 41-4812.  new 4-cylinder Kubota engine on bed. Contact 623-1387.   - , t h r e e p h a s e c urrent $360,000. Tel:621-4928 -bred male Rottweiler pups, vaccinated a n d d e w o r m e d . 6 2 7 - 1360. products: Circle saw $40 000, angle grinder $30 000 with gig saw, hammer drill. Tel. 6516103.  new Garmin Rhino GPS, $200 000. Tel. 662-7425, 661-9431.  Station 3 games, $5 000 each (Killzone 2 and Xbox 360 Gears of War. Tel. 6516103. 1 - belt sander adjustable $160 000, edge sander $60 000. All in good working order. Owner leaving - 614-9432  and German Shepherd pups. Te l . 6 1 8 - 2 9 0 3 .  chicken in wholesale quantities 50 lb and over, free delivery around Georgetown. Tel. 225-9304, 226-0772.  STORAGE FACILITY Freezing and cold storage facilities available.Affordable price offered. BM Enterprise Inc.Houston GFL Wharf . Tel. 227-8176/77.  rebuilt Perkins, Deutz engines, Lincoln generator welder, Honda ATV bikes, model 'M' with winch, 320 BL excavator. Call 691-2921.  Amp 2450 $160 000, Pro Form treadmill $120 000, power wash $65 000. Tel. 6500892, 692-2016.  MAC tool parts washer with bin at bottom 110v $55 000. Owner migrating, 6165340.  Sony 'VAIOS' Laptop and 21" Sharp TV used, $85 000 (package). Tel. 220-8596, 643-9196, 6861091. computers with 20" LCD $65 000, Laptops from $49 000, Iphone 3GS $35 000, BlackBerry from $8 000. Future Tech - 231-2206.  General Electric stove, stainless steel with large oven, 110-240v actually new $80 000 neg. Tel:614-9432 brush cutter FS 280, barely used, excellent condition, $60 000, 671-7065, 643- 5705. articles for sale. Contact 6421359.  pups, German shepherd pups, 682-2148, 618-2903..


-bred Rottweiler pups, fully vacinnated and dewormed, Tel. 689-1729. pair EV 2" throat drive with box and shell Pioneer amp, Ashley crossover and equaliser, RCF speakers, etc. 639-8953, 220-9931.  Clark Ranger skidder, 1 - Puma mill with 30 Hp motot or engine. Tel. 269-0603, 609-8041, 662-2508.  new Xbox one and Playstation 4 consoles. Used play station 3 and Kinect. Low prices guaranteed. 668-1906. -charged controllers 12v, 30A, 800w inverters, purchased in USA. $17 000 and $18 000. Call JD 693-1752, 226-7742.  jet ski, new CAN-AM ATV, 4x4. One Toyota Tundra, black, year 2005, $2.9M. Tel. 226-0025, 6483171, 600-3171.  and plucked chickens in wholesale and retail quantities, also available dog meat in any quantity. Tel. 657-3707, 643-3240. 18.2 cubic (Frigidaire) refrigerator, 54 acres transported land at Northern Hogg Island. Priced to go. Contact 227-0575, 220-9336.  BTU AC unit comes with transformer and AC brackets, $100 000 neg. Call Mrs Reynolds.  HDL Limited, 309 East & Quamina Streets. Stoves, table/floor. 20", 24", 30". Black/ white/s/steel.  HDL Limited, 309 East & Quamina Streets. Televisions 14" to 60" REG, LCD, LED, SMART.  HDL Limited 309 East & Quamina Streets. Tripplite stabilisers 500w to 2400w, 110v/ 240.  2 games, Xbox 360, PSP available, starting at $1 000 each, Mod also available. Contact 684-3025.  car alarms, Pioneer stereos, reverse cameras, and marking of vehicles. Tel. 679-7944.  glass swimming pools, installation and warranty included. Contact 622-0654, 231-0363.   new 6' x 80" clear imported glass sliding doors, 17 regular and 5 waterproof sheet rock and various lengths of wood. Call 675-3384.  Terrier Dachshund mixed puppies, 5 weeks old, vaccinated and dewormed, $25 000 each. Call 614-4435, 291-0774.  Speakers L/2 - 750 YK, QSC amp MX 1500, Peavy CS 4000, Honda 13 000 watts generator, like new. Price neg. 229-6363, 623-3240.  regulators 2000w 110-240V - $6 000 and 3000w $8000, a quantity of office wall dividers, could set up 2 to 3 offices with glass doors, etc $40 000. Tel:616-5340        H o b a r t e n gine welder large machine welds a little over idle speed, $290 000, wood mortice machine $150 000, wood shaper $180 000. Tel. 619-6863, 601-8276.   arm radial DeWalt slide, cross cut and rip saw 3-Phase current with adjustment and large metal table $ 3 6 0 0 0 0 . 664-3368  on antenna for all Japanese Car, foreign used $5000 each. Rear view mirror for 212, 192 and Wagon, Honda, etc, original Japanese - $5000 each.Tel:664-3368  car seat $12000, baby basket $12 000, baby pram $15 000. Bra n d s a r e E v e n f l o a n d Fisher Price, small tricycle $5 000, child tricycle $10000. 616-5340  JOHNSON outboard engine, 60 Evinrude 80 mercury fibre-glass boat with sheet fibre glass tray cover for Toyota Hilux. Tel. 672-9272.




 surveillance security systems, 4 channels, going cheap only $75 000. All necessary accessories included, also any other brands available. Tel. 609-2815.

 materials: New large blue bathtub fibreglass made $35 000, 3 hot and cold water sinks, used with fittings. English-made $10,000, a quantity of used iron grilles for window, etc $100,000. Tel:664-3368

 RZ long base bus, Serious enquiries. Price neg. Contact 625-6187

 stainless steel with wheels vacuum cleaner 110v for car wash, commercial use 110v, 60Hz shop vacuum wet and dry $60 000, 5000 new PVC fittings for pipe mains ¾ and ½-inch and metric, cheap. 621-4928

 100 Sprinter, 643-6239, 227-6328, 643-6947.

3000 new PVC Talbot push-fit fittings for water mains adaptor PF x - F1 25mm SDR 11 x ¾ in ACTL WR 10 at $100 each. Owner leaving 614-9432.  135 HP outboard foreign-used with remote control new tank, hydraulic tilt, 12v battery start mower used in Guyana giveaway $350000. Tel:621-4928  side by side refrigerator and freezer 110v, excellent condition $180 000 neg, new model hot and cold water dispenser 110v with bottle $20 000. 621-4928  Generator Perkins 35 KVA 60c 120-240V, prime power, 5phase, no repairs, good condition $2.3M. Air condition unit, new 4ton 60c $380 000, Hilux Toyota Jeep 4x4 $700 000. 227-1287, 6966540 neg.   flat screen monitors with cords all $100 000, 10 used APC with and without battery $60 000. Tel:664-3368 : 12-½" DeWalt HD planer $125 000, 10" craftsman table saw with stand $40 000 10 amp DeWalt reciprocating saw $25 000. Buy all 3 pieces for $150 000. Contact Osbert 602-5294, Avril on 227-7607.   air conditioner wall uni t s a n d w a t e r p u m p m e t a l cages with gate to place lock $10 000 each, 1 large snap-on parts washer 110v with bin at bottom to hold fluid wash $55 000. Tel:664-3368.  Auto Parts Limited: Suspension, lights, body parts, etc. Opening Monday to Friday 08:00hrs to 17:00hrs, Saturday 08:00hrs to 16:00hrs. Lot 106 Unity, ECD, Guyana. Tel. (592) 259-3277, cell (592) 677-6674.  Panel Door and Furniture: Arch door and frame, French door, spindles, windows, cupboard furniture and ply boards, purple heart door $28 000, locust door $25 000. Cell 626-8141, 664-1109.   computer desks in box with drawers $12 000 each, 250 new computer boards $500 each, 25 boxes new HP Printer ink all $100 000, a quantity of new computer cards, new hard drive etc $60 000. Tel:614-9432  sale! Clothing, shoes, bags and household items, all at bargain prices on Saturday, May 31, 2014 at Lot 2900 Well Road, North Ruimveldt, Georgetown, starting at 06:00hrs. Tel. 218-1223.  Deals! Chocolate brown sofa in very good condition $25 000, hardly-used crib with mattress and entire comfort $20 000, used freezer only $25 000. Tel. 626-4320, 226-5295. 1 - Xerox photo copying machine large with scanner attached, CD and manual available along with six new cartridges, hardly used, mint condition $350 000 for all Owner leaving 614-9432.  new! 5 - 8000 watts Generac generators, Maytag washer, Maytag dryer, Samsung stainless steel washer, Samsung stainless steel dryer, large Samsung 4-burner gas stove, large LG stainless steel refrigerator. Contact 6011463, 24 hours.  6500 watt generator, Behringer 4000 watt power amp, 15" monitors (powered and nonpowered), bass boxes (Scoop), Amp rack, tweeter boxes, 2 Denon Jugglers with mixer and original case. Tel. 623-2923.  movable caravan (canteen/workshop), double door refrigerator, six-burner gas stove, rotisserie, new toaster oven, surround stereo system, bedroom lamps, water dispenser, 2 - 10x12 carpets. Call June, 623-1562, 223-3265.

 CRV $1.5M neg. Call 657-0482.  Toyota Alex. Tel. 6257416.

  in working condition PHH series. Call 6509957. Ceres PGG series. Call 690-9292, 226-5718.

, bed frames and mattresses, bedside cupboards, wall dividers, 4seater dinette sets and shelves (used) 14' and 15' aluminum boats, used 25Hp outboard and a 35 KVA 3-phase generator (hardly used) for sale. Contact 628-1203, 651-3402, 2274263.

 Toyota Camry $875 000. Tel. 614-7856.

 BEDFORD engines (1 with air governor control), runs good, both $450 000, L-10 Cummins, top half rebuilt by Swiss used on backup generator, runs great $650 000. Tel. 609-8727, 683-5759.

Ducati Hypermotard 1100, 2008, registered. Call 681-3111.

 30-feet Bayliner boat and trailer with 4-cylinder Mer cruiser engine, and Alpha 1 Sterndrive needs reverse cable otherwise good condition, engine starts and runs, one Bombardier Seadoo jet ski, 1 Kawasaki 750 sts jet ski, both working, minor repairs. Call 4446589, 694-1888. Call to make offer owner leaving. Hymac 580C excavator in working condition, Have a new triple pump worth $800 000 also spare engine, triple pump and control valves, going cheap $1.5M. Call 444-6589, 6941888, Owner desperate to sell.  in Moblissa with 2 houses, 1 large bond, etc citrus and pineapple. Ideal to raise chickens, access to large creek, only 8 minutes drive from highway, can drive in with car, good road. Owner migrating, must sell. Call 444-6589, 694-1888 to negotiate price.  sets, music sets and speakers, grass cutter machines and trimmers, brass pipes and shower sets, building paint sprayers, heavy duty rotary and hammer drills, compressors, electric winches (trucks and ATVs), Honda water pumps (2inch,/3-inch), 48 Yamaha outboard boat engine, vehicle alternators and starters for various vehicles. Tel. 227-8519, 653-4287, 618-1839.  5050 amplifier used, QSC 1450 amplifier used, Spin 3300 amplifier new, Spin 330 amplifier used, Dennon 1500S mixer and pair Dennon 3500 CD player used, DBX 1231 equalizer used, DBX 120 x Sub harmonic used, Rane 23A crossover used. Tel. 613-3846, 670-9993. " 5 HP wood planer, 10" 3 hp wood table saw, 8" 3 hp jointer planer, (DeWalt 12" mitre saw, drilling machine, circle saw, 3 hp plunge router, jig saw, cordless drill) 17" wood ban saw 3 hp, sanding machine, 4" wood planer, biscuit cutter, 5" 3 hp blower, air compressors, welding plant, double door fridge, 3 Perkins diesel engines fully bed for dredge. Tel. 220-3523, 6161578.  John Deere engine generators 163 KVA ($3.5M) a n d 6 3 K VA , o n w h e e l s $2.3M, all enclosed, low hours. Tel. 639-3100, 6671116, 220-5526.

VEHICLES FOR SALE 

 Carina 170. 6587534.  GRAND Cherokee with lots of new spares. 6263001.

 CRV, $1 39M. Call 657-0482.  Raum, fully loaded, lady-driven. Price neg. Tel. 6129708.  Leyland Daf 45 GNN series, $2.4M neg. Call 649-4138.

 NZE, blue, in excellent condition, mag rims, AC, neg. Tel. 694-7730, 602-3343.  minibus with mags and music, in excellent condition. Price $1.3M neg. Tel. 625-6397.  Runx, fully powered with mags and flair kit. Price $1.6M neg. Tel. 625-6397.  Base canter, good working order, no reasonable offer refused. 684-3718, 686-4899.  model RAV-4, PLL series, 600 RR, 2008 model CBR. Tel. 646-6459.  stick gear Prado, one RZ 1800 Lexus. Tel. 643-2795, 220-4739 (after 18:00hrs) Kishan.  IST, fully powered with mags and flair kit. Price $1.6M neg. Tel. 625-6397.  212 new model, registered 212 new model, G-Touring. 628-3625. Premio, PNN series, music, AC. Price $2.25M n e g , l a d y - d r i v e n . Te l . 6 2 8 0736. silver Honda CRV, PMM series, 2002, $2.8M neg. Tel. 641-5670.  AT 212 Carina $2M, unregistered Toyota Primo $2.5M. Tel. 226-5473.  Front loader, IT - 24F, good condition. Any reasonable offer. 618-4958, 667-6123.  RAV-4 4L, silver, PRR series, in excellent condition $5M neg. Tel. 648-4059. 670-9084.  DAF Dump Truck Twin Steer 20 Tons Call Mr. Joe Ishmael Office 227-1964 or 6909216  Allion, PNN series, excellent condition. Contact 6666680, 617-1777.  Mitsubishi Lancer. Call 227-7834, 677-6471. Price $560 000 neg.  2005 Tacoma, Primo, Hilux, 4 doors. Contact 627-8057, 629-5178.  DAF sand truck, Cummins engine $2.5M neg. Call 665-5154.  Toyota Premio, PRR series, 2003 Mitsubishi Galant PNN series. Tel. 613-0613. Pajero, PLL series, lady-driven, $1.1M. 226-0673, 685-4694.  CRV PJJ series. Price $1.6M. Contact 664-4038, 619-7731.  Mazda Axela in good condition, attractive colour. Serious persons. Call 649-9543, 2181469, 610-3420.  315i fully loaded, in excellent condition, $1.850M neg. Owner leaving country. Tel. 6497005.









 Toyota Allion in immaculate condition. Any reasonable offer. Owner leaving country. Call 616-7351.

 330 Bedford dump truck, 155 Leyland with crane. 6853832, 332-0205.

  C a m i , l a d y d r i v e n , $ 2 . 4M n e g , in excellent condition. T e l . 6 8 2 - 0 3 7 9 .

2005 Mazda Demio, Toyota Fun Cargo and used Toyota Raum, fully loaded. Tel. 6102021, 610-2216.

 Benz CLK 200 Kompressors, pearl white, 2005 PRR, mileage 69 000, immaculate condition, gorgeous, must see. 623-5492.

 F350 food truck, opens both sides, food warmers and glass case. No reasonable offer refused. 2003 Mazda 6, CD, alloy wheels, leather interior, excellent condition. No reasonable offer refused. Tel. 612-9999.

  Big sale now on - Toyota, Allion, Ractis, CYLPHA, Vitz, 15 and 19 seats Pitbull, Belta, IST< Cami, AT 212, Axio, 9 seats Voxy, Picnic, Allex, Spacio, Passo, Vios, Avensis, IPsum, Rush, Hilux, Sienta, Alteeza, Runx, Celica, Platz, Wish, Vigo & Land Cruiser 4-wheel drive & single cab pickups, Corolla NZE 121 and Caldina Fielder Wagons, Hilux Xtra Cab, new and old models Premio BB Raum Prado, 4-Runner Land Cruiser, Pick-up Vitz Rav4, Audi A4, Merc e d e s B e n z E 2 0 0 , M a zda Demio, Rx7,. Rx8, Axela, Suzuki, Escudo, Honda Fit, CAPA, Civic, new and old models CRV, Nissan Cefiro, Murano, Tida, Latio, Datsun Pick-up 2x4, Vanette Van, x-Trail, BMW 318 and 320, Mitsubishi: Mirage, Lancer, Colt, Dingo, Pajero I.O. 244 Sheriff Street. Tel. 2272322, Fax 227-2330, 3 Bagotstown, EBD. Tel. 233-5151.

 workers: Skilled carpenters, masons (with own tools), tilers, labourers. Good pay. Contact 616-5914, 615-5734, 220-0109.


  C a r i n a Wa g o n , very affordable. 616-2409  Vitz $1.75M, Contact Robin, Tel. 6550647.  82 Starlet Turbo, s t i c k g e a r , D V D , A C . Te l . 682-0997.  Nissan Bluebird SSS $550,000 negotiable. Tel: 6004409  unregistered 2006 Mazda Axela, low mileage. Call 614-0726, 663-0819  Bluebird, good condition, PDD series, $380 000 neg. Tel. 622-7762.

 Corolla AE 110, crystal lights, mag rims, alarm, CD player, fully powered, very good condition. Tel. 623-2923.  Nissan El Grand, fully powered, CD, back and front TV, alloy rims, AC, 4-wheel drive, full flairs. Tel. 658-1946, 619-6059.  Mitsubishi Canter 4D33, solid vehicle $2.5M. Serious buyers only. 690-8727. Parts for SV11 Camry 690-8727.  Toyota Raum, fully powered, PMM, AC, mags, perfect for bank purchase, $1.3M. 612-6693, 689-4330.

 Spacio, body kit, TV, rims, excellent condition, $1.65M neg. Tel.684-4050.

Land Cruiser, needs windshield, runs and drives, off road lift kit, as is - $500 000.Tel. 609-8727, 683-5759.

 Allion in excellent condition AC, mags, etc. Price $1 55M neg. Tel. 629-5300.

Toyota Raum, fully powered, AC, mag, excellent condition. Tel. 626-3955.

 Canter 2-tonne, enclosed, diesel, excellent condition. Call 220-5281.

 Allion A15, AC, music, mags, clean, excellent condition, solid. Price $1.65M neg. Tel. 655-7839, 666-4928, Matthew.

 Lancer, good condition, stick gear $800 000 neg. Tel. 622-7762.   Corona, AC, mags, good condition. Price $580 000. Tel. 686-0782.  X-Trail, PPP series, excellent condition, white. Tel. 614-5142.  Verossa $3M, leather seats, HID, rims, TV, silver blue. Tel. 618-7618.

 metallic blue and black GT Turbo Starlet automatic PHH series, mag rims, CD player. Tel. 610-7463, 219-3121 $1.2M neg.  Raum, PKK, $1M neg, Spacio, PMM with dark interior, $1.6M. 621-9080, 270-4674.  IST, chrome rims, alarms, CD player. Asking price $1.7M neg, lady-driven. 6199800.

 RAV-4 PMM series, fully loaded, good condition. Price $1.9M neg. Contact 669-6499.

 your vehicles and SAVE BIG. Contact QUALITY AUTO SALES. 650-9880.

 Hilux Surf, Toyota Tundra, one 2RZ minibus. All vehicles in excellent condition. 623-1355.

 Allion in excellent condition, mags, CD player, clean interior, no smoking. Call 6158810, 668-3100.

 Premio, NZE, Corolla, AT 212 Carina, IST, Raum, new model, Rav-4, Tida, AE 110, Alex, Runx. 621-6037.

 minibus, BKK series, AC, mag, music working. 229-6380, 616-5929.

 Toyota IST, excellent condition, with alarm, CD, TV and mag rims. Price $1.65M. Contact 614-8632, Premio $2.45M neg.

 model Raum PRR 4759, mag rim, alarm, AC< CD, very clean, $1.65M neg. 2336337,r 662-6024.

 Civic Hatchback, excellent body condition, not working. Contact 674-2454, 226-7838. Reasonable offer accepted.

IST (2004), Tacoma (98), Nissan Vanette (07). Contact 660-1943, 647-1930.

 2 new model, AC, alarm, mags, CD deck, stick gear, Honda 1 - 600 F3 CBR transformer style. Price neg. Tel. 618-5509.  2002 Toyota RAV-4 in excellent condition, AC, alarm, auto start, 81 000 km. Price $2.9M neg. Tel. 629-5300. sale, Toyota Spacio $2.1M, Runx 2005 $2.35M, Wills $2M, Contact 619-2431, 650-1369  Toyota Voxy silver and black, unregistered 688-1657.             model Runx (silver), PPP series, AC, CD deck, ladydriven, $1.65M. In excellent condition. Tel. 661-1888, 678-5764. 212, new model, fully powered with AC and music, in excellent condition. Price $1.35M neg. Tel. 625-6397.  Toyota Allion, PNN series, excellent condition, $2.2.M neg. Call 600-9662, between 08:00hrs and 20"00hrs.  model Honda CRV excellent condition, AC, mags, CD. Price $2.5M neg. Toyota NZE, excellent condition, with flair kit, mags, AC, CD. Price $1.3M neg. Tel. 628-1682.  Massey Ferguson 699 Tractor 4 wheel drive, One Massey Ferguson 255 tractor with front bucket. Contact: 6133609.

LEYLAND Daf truck with hyab, Caldina Wagon. Tel.. 626-5706.  Land Cruiser Prado PMM Series. 225-0188, 225-6070, Monday to Friday 08:15hrs 16:15hrs, Saturday 08:15hrs 13:15hrs.  TM Double Rear Axle Truck, Excellent Condition, Ideal for mining, fuel, sand etc. 220-5163.  Joy Auto Sales just opened! Hilux, pick-ups, Premio, Pitbull, enclosed Canter, 26-seater buses, etc. Tel. 220-3569, 220-5444.  Toyota Raum, green, PMM series, excellent condition. Asking $1.35M neg. Contact 6653038, 226-4356.  soon. Unregistered Toyota IST, New Model Raum and Mazda Axela, fully loaded. Lowest prices. 643-6565, 226-9931. Mk 11 Station Wagon, model YX76 - 2Y original engine in very good condition. P r i c e n e g Call 259-0039, 619-4560.  Suzuki Escudo, excellent condition. 1 Rover 618i, very good condition, 611-9488, 6473702. CRV, PKK series, excellent condition $1.775M. Owner leaving country 645-7406, 6134614.  strong 3-ton, open back canter in good condition. 2318417, 226-9648, 643-7666, 6677973, 658-2948.

 Super Custom bus 2005 model, BPP, terms avail. Te l . 6 2 5 - 7 2 8 3 . 2 0 0 3 P r e m i o late PPP series. Tel. 639-5484. Both in excellent condition.  Lancer, PJJ series, good condition, autom a t i c , $ 6 8 0 0 0 0 n e g . Te l . 677-2600.           long base canter, 2001 MOD KK - FE53EE reconditioned, 32 000 km, registered Jan 2014 No GSS 1588, Call 220-9572, 617-3642.  Tundra, 20" chrome rims, full accessories, never registered, $3.5M, Toyota RAV-4 excellent condition, $2.2M. 613-2755, 647-7722.  model 'M' truck with dump, used to fetch sand and dirt. Needs cab. Call 444-6559, 6941888. Asking $1.4M.  Auto: Mitsubishi Canter 2-ton dump truck, 3600 cc with low mileage, 2003 dark blue Raum with alloy wheels, excellent condition. 624-7684. Mitsubishi Lancer Motor Car PKK 499, Sunroof, DVR , Tiptronic, dark interior, Pioneer Deck, Flair kit, 15" black MagRims, Evolution Spoiler - 613-1764 or 685-5707  2002 model unregistered Toyota Regius , 8 seats, AC, air bag, alloy wheels, power steering, power windows, TV navigation, $1.8M, 624-5617.  Avensis 2007, fully loaded HID, TV, 4-Disc Brake, 18' chrome European-made $3.6M neg. Owner leaving country, Tel. 672-6352.   R AV 4 , 2 0 0 1 model, 60 000km, PKK series, excellent condition, automatic, alarm, MP3, DVD, CD deck, etc. Contact 613-9239.  $6.5M, tractor $5.5M, backhoe $6.5M neg, Chippers $300 000. Contact 6 6 2 - 0 7 0 1 , 6 2 9 - 0 6 6 1 Ye a r model 2000-2005, Englandstandard, Germany-made.  Mazda Axela. Owner leaving country. Reasonable offer accepted. Serious enquiries only. 675-6061.  Extra cab pickup (22R engine), manual (EFI) 4x4, GPP series, $2.4M. Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902   P r e m i o h a r d l y used, automatic fully powered, $2.1M. Call Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.  Toyota Duet (small car) 4 door, 1000 cc, automatic, fully powered, AC, mags, alarm, price $950 000. Rocky. 225-1400, 6215902.  AE 91 corolla, automatic, fully powered, price $450 000. Rocky. 225-1400, 621-5902.  AT 212 Carina automatic fully powered, AC, CD, immaculate condition $1.450M, Contact Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902. canter, open back, long tray, manual, diesel, $1.3M Contact Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.  Caldina Wagon, 4x4, automatic, fully powered, ac, mags, alarm, $1.9M.C o n t a c t Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.  RZ hardly used immaculate condition, $1.4M. Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.  Pajero (junior/ 4dr), automatic, fully powered, ac, (4x4), hardly used $1.5M Contact Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.  Hilux pick up, 2L, diesel, manual, 4x4, solid deff, $3.6M, unregistered Contact Rocky 225-1400, 6215902.  Galant motor car, 2004 model, Pnn series, automatic, fully powered, ac, low milage, hardly used $1.8M Contact Rocky 225-1400, 621-5902.

 Auto Sales, 36 years in business. For the best deal when buying or selling used vehicles. We have all models of vehicles. Call David 2313690, 649-0329.     Ta c o m a , s t i c k s h i f t , k i n g c a b , A C , b ull bar, tool kit, high lift. In immaculate condition. Call 626-5306, 6717450.  or selling your used motor vehicle? Call Marketing Pro on 619-5784 Marketingadvo2013@gmail: In stock: 170, 192, 212, NZE, Fielder, Allion, Spacio, Premio, Pickups and many more at the best prices.   hard-to-get vehicle p a r ts i n c l u d i n g w i n d s c r e e n , computer b o x , d o o r s , l i g h t s , engines, f ront half, back half, mirrors,window screen for all ty p e s o f v e h i c l e s , s p o i l e r, d o o r v i s o rs, mudflap for 2002 Rav-4, etc for To y o t a , Nissan, B M W, Mercedes, M i t s u b i s h i, Honda Isuzu, Fuzo, etc. Lights for Preimo, NZE & 212. at unbeatable prices. Cont act Tel. 6457800, 001-59 7 - 866-6358.  Toyota Hilux double cab, 4x4 pick-up, Solid Def front suspension, air-conditioning, completely rebuilt 3Y engine with genuine To y o ta p a r t s , n e w f r o n t a n d rear shocks, new steering ends and damper 2000cc, alloy wheels, new tyres, snorkel. R e c e n t l y s p r a y e d o v e r. C a l l 645-3775.   To y o t a Tacoma, 4-cyl, stick shif t, 3" lift kit, low mileage, 2006 w h i t e To y o t a Ta c o m a a u t o matic, fully equipped, low mileage, 2005 Ford 150 FX4, red, fully loaded, leather interior, sun roof, 22" rims, CD player, alarm. All vehicles unregistered, Contact Raj, 6191200, Ravi 647-7722.    CF 65 with Hiab at the rear, Iveco 7.5-ton tipper truck, Iveco panel van with twin rear wheels, Isuzu NKR flat bed caner, double cab Mitsubishi canter with tipping tray, ERF EC11 tractor unit, Tandem axle low loader with hydraulic ramps, Seddon Atkinson twin steer tipper. 609-7803.  Toyota Tacoma 4x4 2008 model automatic, fully loaded with 4" lift kit, headers, modified exhaust on/off road tyres with 1 7 " m a g s , P R R . P r i c e $ 4 . 5 M . O n e To y o t a Av e n s i s 2006 model fully loaded, PPP. Price $3M. One Honda AT V 4 7 5 c c 2 0 1 0 m o d e l , d o u b l e s h o c k s r e v e r s e gear, drive shaft, five forward. Price $1.7M. Tel. 220-3523, 616-1578.                               - To y o t a N o a h ; To y o ta Voxy, To y o ta IST (New Shape) Suzuki Swift; Daihatsu Move (660cc) Mercedes Benz C 2 0 0 C o m p r e s s or; Corolla AE100 Wagon ; Toyota Hiace Minibus RZ; Pitbull Style Freezer Van; L a n d Cruiser (fully load e d ) ; M a z d a P r o c e e d 4 WD Extracab p i c k u p ; Toyota Hilux 4WD Extra-cab pic k u p s 3R Z , 5 L , 3L-S olid Diff e r e n tial; Mitsubishi Canter Tr u c k s 3 , TO NS OPEN TRAY, 2-TON 4WD; 4- TONS Freezer; Nissan Atlas 2 Ton Truck. P r e - O r d e r y o u r u n i t s earl y a n d g e t t h e b est prices. Full aftersales s e r v i c e a n d f i n a n c  ing a v ailable.                                                           



DRIVER to work taxi in Georgetown are. Call: 6999601.  domestic. Call 6178757.           to work on river dredge in the interior. 6698985.  worker to make straw and plastic bags, (East Bank area). Tel. 225-7820-4. , dispatchers and contract cars. Tel. 231-0316, 219-4087. , kitchen assistant. Apply to Household Plus, 131 Regent and Cummings Streets.  needed for a gold mining prospecting. project. 662-7425, 661-9431.  and Porter. Call 227-6659, A. Wahab Trading, 152 Barr St, Kitty. Mechanics to work in the interior, must know about Perkins engines. Contact 2269768, 642-7963.   TO BUY- on the linden Soesdyke highway 50 to 100 acres minimum TEL: 2235273/4 CELL: 624-4440  to work at private residence - TEL: 2235273/4  Managers to work in the interior; must have knowledge of Land Dredges & Prospecting. Contact 2269768.  clerk Senior/Junior CXC English and Mathematics, Computer knowledge an asset. Call 225-0188/225-6070.  Maid. Apply with written application. Contact Sharon at 226-4459/629-9886  Sales girl, Apply in person at Ramroop's Trading,1 C Orange Walk Bourda. Tel 2271451, 225-5998.  buy heavy-duty straightstitch, heavy-duty surger in working condition. Persons to sew in Georgetown. Call 622-4386.  stitch machine operator, to work at garment factory. between 08:00hrs and 16:00hrs. 222-2541.  skilled arc, acetylene welder fabricator, one labourer - steel working exposure an asset. Tel. 227-1830.  Salesgirl, Apply at Lot 8 North Road, between Cummings and Light Sts. Sean and Sons. 629-1530.  GO AND COME CLEANING ONLY, 30,000 MONTHLY APPLY GUYANA VARIETY STORE CUMMINGS AND MIDDLE STS

 waitresses, one bar girl, one kitchen girl, one handy boy at Janeel's bar, 14 Vryheid's Lust, Public Road. Tel. 6865766, 676-7005.  to buy in La Parfaite Harmonie, Cummings Lodge, Tuschen, Parika, Grove and Diamond. 218-5591, 675-7292.  Marketing personnel: Knowledge of promotions will be an asset. Highly paid commission. Tel. 614-0949  drivers with minibus and hire car licence, also dispatchers and contract vehicles needed to work for a reputable transportation service. Call 645-0025.  sitter from Monday to Saturday, must have experience with kids 6 months and three years, must have child care certificate Tel 227-3939 :! 2 Canteen attendants, kitchen attendant, female bar attendant. All must have valid Food Handler's Certificate and experience, 226 Success ECD, Tel 220-4719, 677-1230.  Clerk. Must have valid Police Clearance, at least 3 subjects CXC, able to work flexible hours, excellent reporting skills. Contact 231-5359, 672-7189.  Hardware, 244 Regent Street, Lacytown: Sales clerks, porters, drivers. Please apply in person with written application.  Staff, Roti & Puri Maker, Baker, Counter staff. For fast food restaurant opening soon. Apply in person. NYC Fashion, Opposite Bhena's Foot Ware, Regent & Camp Strs. , cashiers, counter clerk and pump attendants. Come in person with handwritten application to RUBiS Gas Sttion, Vlissengen Road, Bel Air Park. Tel. 226-4459. Driver/Expeditor, to work at Meadow Bank, age 35-50 years, sound secondary education, valid car and van driver licence. Free medical benefit, wages $20 000 for 5 days. Flexible hours. TeL. 225-9304, 2260772. /Purchasing Officer: Must have valid driver's licence, valid Police Clearance, be familiar with vehicle parts, lubricants, etc. Willing to work long hours, if necessary. Contact 231-5359, 672-7189. . Lot 31 bent street werk-enrust,Georgetow. (592)225-8101,2258103,(592)658-3928,686-3153 All properties ranging from $4 to 20 million all land ranging from $500,OOO to 8 million, Rentals from $25,000 to 60,000.  - Essequibo: Must be able to manage the operation, located in Airy Hall. Sell cement and supervise staff. Must have a recent Police Clearance. Having a vehicle would be an asset. Contact 231-5359, 6727189.  Guards: Must have military background (with Army or Joint Services, at least 5 years experience, preferably living on the East Bank of Demerara. Must present necessary documents - TIN, ID and NIS. Suitable persons may apply in person at 121 Regent and Oronoque Streets, Georgetown.  Man. For Residence and Compound. Duties include cleaning, gardening, maintain dogs. Will be taught to service pools. Only decent, respectful persons need apply. Apply in person. 8am - 4pm RK's Guyana Security Service 172 Light & Charlotte Streets, Bourda 5pm 6pm 278-279 Atlantic Gardens, East Coast Demerara


GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Monday June 16, 2014


Ballance and Jordan ease England’s fears … Ballance reaches maiden century as England close on 267-8 By Josh Reich LONDON, England (Reuters) - Gary Ballance’s maiden Test century and a crucial 78-run seventh-wicket stand with Chris Jordan saved England’s blushes after Sri Lanka had torn off the top off their batting line-up on the fourth day of the opening Test at Lord’s yesterday. Shaminda Eranga and Rangana Herath had left the hosts wobbling on 117 for five at tea, while Nuwan Kulasekara removed Matt Prior soon after the interval to raise Sri Lankan hopes of a first Test win at the home of cricket in seven attempts. However, Ballance’s century in his second Test, brought up with a six over square leg on the first ball of the day’s final over, and Jordan’s positive approach on his debut took England’s lead to 389 at stumps. “It’s a great feeling, I can’t really describe it to be honest, it’s very special and I’m over the moon at the moment,” Zimbabwe-born Ballance, whose parents and brother flew to London to watch the match, told a news conference after becoming the fourth player to score a century in the match. Ballance, batting at number three, and Jordan displayed the discipline lacking from some of their team mates whose dismissals had raised the possibility of a result on a pitch that appeared to favour a draw. England, should they decide against declaring, will commence the fifth and final day on 267 for eight with Ballance 104 not out and Liam

Gary Ballance reaches his first Test hundred in the final over of the day at Lord’s. Plunkett on two. Earlier in the day Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews, who along with Kumar Sangakkara (147) helped Sri Lanka pass the follow-on target in Saturday’s evening session, brought up a well-deserved third Test century when he smashed a James Anderson full toss through extra cover. The attack-minded Mathews was unable to push on, however, falling lbw to Plunkett for 102 from the next ball he faced. Jordan wrapped up the innings for 453 in rare fashion, causing Nuwan Pradeep (4) to strike the wickets with his bat after being struck on the shoulder by a bouncer. ERANGA BURST Alastair Cook and Sam Robson eased through to lunch but did not last much longer,

Angelo Mathews celebrates his maiden Lord’s ton against England.

with the captain feathering an edge on 28 through to Prasanna Jayawardene off Eranga, who had opened his spell with three consecutive maidens. Cook has not reached three figures in his last 22 Test innings and will rue missing the chance to build some confidence on a placid pitch, albeit one that may offer some encouragement for the spinners on the final day. Eranga doubled his wicket tally in his next over, getting through Robson’s defence to complete a tough Test debut for the Middlesex 24-year-old who was dismissed for one first time out and only managed 19 yesterday. Ian Bell, playing his 99th Test, went the same way as the hosts teetered at 69 for three, Eranga having taken three wickets for three runs off 21 balls.

ENGLAND first innings 575-9 declared SRI LANKA first innings D. Karunaratne c Prior b Jordan 38 K. Silva c Prior b Anderson 63 K. Sangakkara c Prior b Moeen 147 M. Jayawardene lbw b Broad 55 L. Thirimanne c Robson b Anderson 2 A. Mathews lbw Plunkett 102 P. Jayawardene c Bell b Plunkett 6 N. Kulasekara c Prior b Jordan 9 R. Herath b Anderson 2 S. Eranga not out 5 N. Pradeep hit wicket b Jordan 4 Extras: (b-7, lb-5, w-6, nb-2) 20 Total: (all out, 138.4 overs) 453 Fall of wickets: 1-54, 2-151, 3-277, 4-289, 5-385, 6-400, 7-413, 8-430, 9-442. Bowling: Anderson 31-7-93-3 (w-1), Broad 29-8-67-1 (w-1), Jordan 27.44-102-3 (w-1), Plunkett 32-2-116-2

Ballance and Joe Root appeared to have knuckled down before left-arm spinner Herath caught the latter, who compiled his maiden double-century in England’s first innings, on the back leg dead in front. Moeen Ali, making his debut alongside Jordan and Robson, hit the first ball he faced back down the pitch for four but Herath found a gap through bat and pad to shatter the stumps with his next delivery, while Prior tamely cut Nuwan Kulasekara to Lahiru Thirimanne in the gully after tea. Ballance struggled to find the gaps early in his innings, at one stage going 26 balls without troubling the scorers in the lead-up to tea, but he fought his way through to a half-century to stem the flow of wickets alongside Jordan, who fell for 35 after looping a ball from Herath to Sangakkara at mid-off. Ballance then combined with Stuart Broad to effectively bat Sri Lanka out of the match, putting on 57 in just over seven overs. The 24-year-old lefthander said while it would be difficult to take 10 wickets in a day, he was confident they had the strength in the attack to make life difficult for the Sri Lanka batsman. “It will be tough, but as Sri Lanka showed there, they got eight wickets in 60-odd overs so it’s possible, especially under pressure, if we can get a few early wickets then we’ll definitely have a good chance,” he said. Thirimanne paid tribute to Eranga for his inspired spells before and after lunch that altered the direction of the match.

(nb-2, w-3), Moeen 16-2-56-1, Root 3-1-7-0 ENGLAND second innings S. Robson b Eranga 19 A. Cook c Prasanna b Eranga 28 G. Ballance not out 104 I. Bell b Eranga 9 J. Root lbw Herath 15 Moeen Ali b Herath 4 M. Prior c Thirimanne b Kulasekara 16 C. Jordan c Sangakkara b Herath 35 S. Broad c & b Herath 24 L. Plunkett not out 2 Extras: (b-3, lb-4, nb-2, w-2) 11 Total: (for eight wickets, 69 overs) 267 Fall of wickets: 1-46, 2-51, 3-69, 4-98, 5-102, 6-121, 7-199, 8-256. Bowling: Kulasekara 15-2-65-1, Pradeep 13-3-37-0 (nb-1), Eranga 187-63-3 (nb-1, w-2), Herath 23-2-95-4.

Messi strike ... From Backpage was turned into little Buenos Aires by tens of thousands of his countrymen. Although they took the lead in the third minute when Sead Kolasinac netted the fastest own goal in World Cup history, Argentina looked unconvincing until Messi struck with a dazzling run and sweet left-foot shot that went in off the post in the 65th minute after a onetwo with substitute Gonzalo Higuain. It was Messi’s first goal in the finals since scoring in Argentina’s 6-0 win over Serbia & Montenegro almost eight years ago to the day. Even then they could not afford to relax as substitute Vedad Ibisevic scored in the 85th minute for Bosnia to set up a thrilling finale. “They were two different halves,” Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella told a news conference. “In the first one I think we controlled the Bosnians well, but beyond that, we didn’t create the kind of depth that we managed in the second half. Obviously we need to improve.” UNWANTED RECORD The match began dramatically when Kolasinac put through his own net after two minutes eight seconds, beating the previous unwanted record set by Paraguay’s Carlos Gamarra against England in 2006 by 38 seconds. He was in the wrong place when a Messi free kick, headed on by Marcos Rojo, hit him and went in.

English Racing Tips Carlisle 09:15 hrs Arabian Bride 09:45 hrs Diatomic 10:15 hrs Rich Again 10:45 hrs Live Dangerously 11:15 hrs Election Night 11:45 hrs Camerooney 12:15 hrs Vodka Wells 12:45 hrs Emerahldz Newton Abbot 09:30 hrs August Hill 10:00 hrs Taffy Thomas 10:30 hrs Purple ‘ N Gold 11:00 hrs Able Deputy 11:30 hrs Dais Return 12:00 hrs Respectueux 12:30 hrs Bernisdale Windsor 13:05 hrs Cabuchon 13:35 hrs Sunset Sail 14:05 hrs Summer Stroll 14:35 hrs Breccbennach 15:05 hrs Magique

Bosnia, naturally shaken after making such a bad start to their first ever match in the finals, did not dwell on their misfortune for long. After surviving a nervy spell, they began to look the better side against a subdued Argentina team who were in danger of losing their record of winning their opening match in their last five World Cups. Messi, whose tepid displays in the last World Cup in South Africa when he failed to score have been exhaustively documented, made little impression until his goal and Bosnia had their chances with both Senad Lulic and Edin Dzeko going close in the first half. Substitute Ibisevic scored Bosnia’s first World Cup goal when he shot through Sergio Romero’s legs, but it was too little too late. Bosnia were far from outplayed, however, and capitalized on a cautious safety-first approach from Sabella in the first half. Playing with five at the back against lone striker Dzeko and with Sergio Aguero and Messi getting limited service in attack, Bosnia dealt with their more illustrious opponents with relative ease. Muhamed Besic did a good policing job on Messi who was largely anonymous in the first half. Sabella changed his formation at halftime, introducing Fernando Gago in midfield and Higuain in attack but in the end it was Messi’s magic, as so often is the case, that made the difference.

15:35 hrs Igider 16:05 hrs Indira South Africa Racing Tips Kenilworth 08:30 hrs Careless Love 09:05 hrs Destiny Driven 09:40 hrs Tour De Var 10:20 hrs South Kensington 10:55 hrs Knysna Lagoon American Racing Tips Philadelphia Park Race 1 Joe Bagadonuts Race 2 Valentinos Gold Race 3 Riverness Race 4 Fivefourthreetwone Race 5 Sayler’s Creek Race 6 Leet Race 7 Winchill Race 8 Trading Secrets Race 9 Protection


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FIFA not deliberately keeping Blatter out of sight - TV boss By Mike Collett RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - FIFA’s TV producers are not deliberately keeping images of FIFA president Sepp Blatter and Brazil president Dilma Rousseff off screens, Niclas Ericson, the head of FIFA TV, said yesterday. The crowd at the Corinthians arena booed and jeered Rousseff when a shot of her cheering one of Brazil’s goals in their 3-1 win over Croatia was briefly shown on the big screen inside the stadium. The image of Blatter

has often been booed at past World Cups when he was shown on the screen in the stadium, and this World Cup was noticeable for the fact there was no opening speech by either the country’s president or Blatter before the start of tournament. Asked whether it was a deliberate policy not to show their images, Ericson defended the “editorial decisions” taken by the production team responsible for the images both globally and in the stadium itself. “The production team are focusing on what is

happening on the pitch therefore the focus is on the football,” he told reporters. “Sometimes it is nice to have the VIP tribune and you saw at the first match and it goes very fast. “We have one feed that goes to the giant screen and one that goes to the world feed and so editorial decisions are made on the spot by the editorial team. “Sometimes it will be more, sometimes it will be less.” The abuse directed at Rousseff, who is running for re-election in October, could not have been more

explicit on Thursday but in a statement issued by her office on Friday she said she would not be intimidated by “verbal aggression” shouted by crowds during the World Cup. She said the chants were nothing to compare to what she had to endure in jail during military rule when she was tortured. “I won’t let verbal aggression bother me,” she said. “I won’t be intimidated by insults that children and families shouldn’t be hearing.” Ericson also said that

FIFA had not organised the World Cup for the benefit of the global television audience at the expense of the players’ health, although some matches would be played in hot weather. “Everything has been cleared by FIFA’s medical experts and it has not been an issue at all for them,” he said. He also said the cumulative global TV viewing figures by the end of the World Cup are likely to be the largest ever recorded for any sporting event since the advent of television. “We don’t know yet ex-

actly what the final figures will be yet of course but we expect an increase on the 3.2 billion reach that we had in 2010,” he said. He said viewing attendances for Saturday’s match between England and Italy in Manaus were hugely satisfying for FIFA as the match was televised live so late in Europe. “We have figures that 14.2 million watched on BBC in England and 12.8 million watched the match on Rai Uno in Italy, in the middle of the night in Europe so we are very happy about that.”

4TH DIGICEL Inter-Secondary India get home with ease School Football Championships against Bangladesh

Defending champions to kick off this year’s action in Linden By Calvin Roberts FITTINGLY, two-time champions Christianburg/Wismar Secondary School (CWSS) have been given the distinct privilege to kick off this year’s fourth edition of the Digicel Inter-Secondary School Football Championships, when they take on Linden Foundation at the Wisburg ground from 15:30hrs today. Two other matches will be played today at the same time, with Queenstown Secondary matching skills with Freeburg Secondary at the Ministry of Education ground, while at Timehri, Supply Secondary and Xenon Academy will go head-to-head. At the launching which took place two weeks ago in the auditorium of CWSS, Digicel’s Marketing Director Jacqueline James created quite a stir when she outlined the huge increase in bumper giveaways for this year’s tournament which will be played under the theme ‘Unite, Develop, Excel’. According to James, the winners of this year’s tournament will collect $1M which will go towards a project within their school that will be beneficial to the students. Members of teams who reached the quarterfinals, including coaches and teachers, will all receive Smartphones. For this year’s tournament, not only will the top-placed get an increase, but the second- third- and fourth-placed finishers are set to receive $600 000, $400 000 and $250 000, which will all go towards a project in the respective schools. “In addition to the top place prize and trophy, this year we are instituting something new to all regional winners, who will be rewarded with a prize of $100 000 that will go towards a project in the school, even if they do not advance to the overall final. Additionally, all teams making it to the quarterfinals, including the players, coach and teacher, will each pocket a Smartphone compliments of Digicel, so I am sure the students will be thrilled to be a part of the tournament this year, as they will have something for themselves coming out of the tournament,” stated James. This year’s tournament sees a return of inaugural champions Government Technical Institute (GTI) and their nemesis Guyana Industrial Training Centre (GITC), even as the heavy presence of Waramadong, who finished as runners-up twice to CWSS, is noted. Matches will be played at several venues across Guyana, including Moruca in Region One, Walton, Charity and New Opportunity Corps grounds in Region Two, St Cuthbert’s Mission and Timehri in Region Four, Kildonan in Region Six, Paramakatoi instead of Mahdia in Region Seven, Annai (Region 8) and Kwakwani in Region 10. For Georgetown, three venues have been identified as central for this tournament which is looked forward to by footballers attending schools. They are Ministry of Education, Police Sports Club, Eve Leary and the Guyana Defence Force Camp Ayanganna grounds. Playoffs will kick off tournament from July 18, while the quarterfinals will be played on July 21, the semifinals two days later and the third-place playoff and final will be contested on July 27 at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence.

INDIA won the rain-interrupted opening one-day international against Bangladesh by seven wickets in Dhaka yesterday. Bangladesh overcame the loss of two early wickets to post 272 for nine, but openers Robin Uthappa (50) and Ajinkya Rahane (64) got India off to a flying start. A two-and-a-half-hour rain delay meant India were set a revised total of 150 from 26 overs and the visitors cruised home with seven balls to spare. Bangladesh elected to bat first after winning the toss and were immediately on the back foot when Tamim Iqbal was dismissed by Umesh Yadav in the fourth over for an 11-ball duck. Iqbal’s opening partner Anamul Haque, who was dropped by Yadav on the last ball of the ninth over, and number three batsman Mominul Haque took Bangladesh to a measly 34 for one from the first 10 overs of their innings but the latter was dismissed in the very next over for six, caught behind while attempting to drive Yadav. Anamul was joined at the crease by skipper Mushfiqur Rahim and the pair set about repairing their side’s innings after the two early setbacks. After a cautious few overs, Mushfiqur danced down the wicket and cover-drove Akshar Patel over the top for the first six of the innings. Anamul chipped in with

a few boundaries of his own before he got himself out, caught by Ambati Rayudu at midwicket, six runs shy of his half-century to give Parvez Rasool his first oneday international dismissal. Not to be deterred, Mushfiqur slog-swept Mishra for a maximum with the final ball of the 24th over, while new batsmen Shakib Al Hasan brought up the Bangladesh hundred with the first ball of the 25th over. Mushfiqur reached his half-century with a single off Rasool a few overs later and added nine runs to his total before mistiming to mid-off to give Rasool his second wicket of the match. Shakib and Mahmudullah proceeded to boost their side’s run-rate by regularly dispatching India’s bowlers to the boundary and Shakib notched his 25th ODI 50 by cutting Patel to the ropes before returning Suresh Raina’s delivery to the bowler for a caught-and-bowled dismissal. Bangladesh passed the 200-mark shortly after Nasair Hossain’s arrival but, although four wickets fell in five overs as Mahmudullah (41), Ziaur Rahman (2), Nasire (22) and Mashrafe Mortaza (18) were dismissed, a flurry of late boundaries helped the Tigers to a competitive total. India openers Uthappa and Rahane started the run chase briskly, reaching 59 from the first 10 overs. Uthappa hit Shakib for a six in the 13th over and Rahane

responded by twice slapping Abdur Razzak to the ropes in successive deliveries in the very next over. Uthappa brought up his fifty in fine style - middling a Rahman delivery over the midwicket boundary for his third maximum as India raced to 99 without loss from 16 overs. Bangladesh then made a much-needed breakthrough when Shakib trapped Uthappa (50) leg-before-wicket as his tantalising 44-ball innings was brought to a close. The heavens opened shortly after and, after a two-and-a-half-hour delay, the players returned to the field with India charged with the task of scoring 51 runs from 9.2 overs. Their resumed chase got off to a terrible start when, two balls after the resumption, Shakib pinned Cheteshwar Pujara (nought) lbw for his second wicket of the 17th over. Rahane passed 50 in the 20th over with a single before he and new batting partner Rayudu plundered fours off Mahmudullah to eat away at the target some more, as India moved to within 26 runs of victory with five overs remaining. Rahane was unable to see India home when he was acrobatically caught at third slip by Rahman off Mortaza’s bowling but Rayudu and Suresh Raina scored the 15 runs needed with more than an over to spare to secure victory for the tourists.

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Benzema scores brace as France overrun 10-man Honduras PORTO ALEGRE, Brazil (Reuters) - A Karim Benzema brace and an own goal by goalkeeper Noel Valladares awarded after confirmation by goal line technology gave France a 3-0 victory over 10-man Honduras in their World Cup Group E match yesterday. Wilson Palacios charged into French midfielder Paul Pogba seconds before the break in a reckless challenge that had him sent-off for a second booking, and Benzema smashed home the resulting penalty to give France a lead they deserved having dominated the first 45 minutes. Three minutes into the second half, Benzema stole past the defence to shoot across goal with his shot coming back off the far post, rolling along the line and going in off Valladares. “The second goal hits post, then the goalkeeper but I saw the ball behind the line so that is it,” Benzema said. “I don’t know it is good to have goal line technology because football is like that, sometimes you don’t know whether the ball was in or not but the essential thing is

France’s Karim Benzema scores past goalkeeper Noel Valladares of Honduras to complete his hat-trick during their 2014 World Cup Group E soccer match at the Beira Rio stadium in Porto Alegre, yesterday. (REUTERS/Damir Sagolj) opened their account earlier. that it counted and we won.” A shot by midfielder It also signalled that BenBenzema struck again zema could be one of the Blaise Matuidi was tipped with 18 minutes left when he stars of the tournament. on to the crossbar by Valshot from a narrow angle on The match - the first be- ladares and over for a corner the right past Valladares and tween the two teams - was a in the 15th minute and Les into the roof of the net. bruising encounter. Despite Bleus rattled the bar again The result will go a accusations that Honduras in the 23rd with a header by long way towards helping were a thuggish side, France Antoine Griezmann from left France banish the ghost of dished it out too and the first back Patrice Evra’s cross. their disastrous campaign yellow card was handed to Benzema then headed in South Africa, when the Patrice Evra after he body- busy midfielder Mathieu players mutinied against checked Andy Najar in the Valbuena’s right cross over coach Raymond Domenech 7th minute. the bar two minutes later as and returned home in disFrance dominated almost Honduras battled in defence grace. from the start and might have to stay in the match.

The tackles were going in fast and hard and matters came to a head in the 28th minute when Palacios and Paul Pogba tangled on the ground, the veteran Honduran appearing to stamp the Frenchman and receive a kick in return. Both were given a yellow card but the incident was to have its denouement later. Just before the break, Palacios clattered into Pogba in the penalty area. The popular player made an ignominious walk off the field and Benzema drilled in the penalty hard and high. After that, the game was up for the Hondurans. Three minutes into the second half, Benzema’s shot cannoned off the post and back across the face of goal before Valladares inadvertently pushed it towards his own net. Despite his desperate efforts to scramble the ball clear, the referee awarded the goal with the aid of the technology - the first time it has been used in a World Cup match to decide if the ball had crossed the line. Initially, it was credited to Benzema then logged as an

own goal. Matuidi skimmed the outside of his right post with a fine chance midway the second half as France, making light of the absence of Frank Ribery, kept the Honduras goal under siege. France coach Didier Deschamps will take encouragement from the fact that the French looked composed and did not get flustered when the goals did not come, although arguably they could have banged in a few more in the second half against the reduced Honduran side. On top of Benzema’s performance, defender Mathieu Debuchy looked impressive, notably for his forays up the right. Honduras will have done nothing to lessen their reputation as perennial underdogs with a nasty bite. “There are no excuses; they played better than we did. We will have to improve but sometimes it is difficult to play with less players for such a long time especially facing a team that is very well organised,” Honduras coach Luis Fernando Suarez said. “The results would have been different if we had our 11 players but these things happen.”

Swiss roll over Ecuador with dramatic last-gasp strike By Patrick Johnston BRASILIA, Brazil (Reuters) - Substitute Haris Seferovic finished off a breathtaking box-to-box counter-attack in stoppage time to give Switzerland a thrilling 2-1 win over Ecuador in their World Cup Group E opener yesterday. A brilliant block tackle by Valon Behrami in his own area instigated the break, which was allowed to continue by an excellent decision from Uzbek referee Ravshan Irmatov after the midfielder was body-checked. The move continued with Ricardo Rodriguez crossing for Seferovic to finish in the 93rd minute, sending the Swiss fans into raptures and deflating the South Americans, who had played their part in another World Cup attack-fest - albeit lacking the quality seen in earlier matches. “It was a dream end to the game for us and is very important for the morale of the team,” Swiss coach Ottmar Hitzfeld told reporters. “It will give us some extra strength for the next two matches,” he added, looking ahead to clashes with France and Honduras. The Swiss had promised more attacking endeavours with an exciting young side after dour, defensive displays in their last two World Cups, but it was the South Americans who struck first in the 22nd minute after pre-

match concerns about the Europeans’ soft centre proved founded. Ecuador striker Enner Valencia easily stepped away from Johan Djourou to meet Walter Ayovi’s free kick from the right and Swiss goalkeeper Diego Benaglio was stuck on his line as the ball fizzed into his six-yard box. BOSSED POSSESSION The Swiss had bossed possession for long periods at the Brasilia national stadium, where thousands of fans missed the kickoff as they negotiated the lengthy security queues, but they struggled to break down the South Americans and were restricted to long shots. Hitzfeld had seen enough and opted to introduce Admir Mehmedi at the break and the forward needed just three minutes to make an impact as he beat Carlos Gruezo to head home a corner and level the scores. The goal opened up the scrappy but entertaining contest as the play flowed end to end but both teams lacked calmness and quality in the final third. The Swiss, who beat Spain in their opening match in South Africa four years ago but failed to reach the knockout stages, thought they had taken the lead when Josip Drmic poked home from close range with 20 minutes left but the strike was wrongly ruled out for offside. Undeterred, both sides continued to go toe to toe like heavyweight boxers and Ecuador substitute Michael Arroyo

Switzerland’s Admir Mehmedi celebrates after scoring. (Credit: REUTERS/Paul Hanna) almost snatched the lead with an 86th-minute deflected free kick that unconvincing Swiss goalkeeper Diego Benaglio did well to palm away. The Ecuador substitute was then guilty of dawdling in possession after trying to take an extra touch in the penalty area when he should have shot, allowing Behrami, who was guilty of giving away the ball cheaply throughout the match, to block his effort in the dying seconds. The fatigued South Americans were slow to track back after committing forward in search of the winner with Rodriguez allowed time and space down the left to roll his cross into the area for Seferovic to smash into the roof of the net. Ecuador coach Reinaldo Rueda lamented “a moment of naivety” that cost his side the game. “We lost our organisation at the end, we were somewhat betrayed by our emotion and this provoked the goal which took the draw away from us,” he told reporters.


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Hardy knocks out American Malcolm Terry on his HBO Boxing After Dark debut

Guyana’s Simeon Hardy celebrates his secondround TKO win over American Malcolm Terry last Sunday at the Barclay Center in New York. By Rawle Toney THEY call him ‘Candyman’ but there is nothing sweet about Simeon Hardy; at least his opponents don’t think so.

The Guyanese who now resides in the USA, certainly made a name for himself as a ‘chin checker’ and, only being in the professional arena for just four years, it’s clear that the ‘Candyman’ is unquestion-

ably on his way to building more than just a candy factory. Hardy last Sunday wowed thousands at the Barclay Centre and possibly millions watching on HBO when he stopped American Malcolm Terry in the second round of their six-round encounter. The fight was broadcast on HBO Boxing After Dark fights and was an undercard for the WBO Junior World title clash between Chris Algieri and Russia’s Ruslan Provodnikov, which Algieri (20-0, 8 KOs), won via a split decision, 109-117, 114-112, 114-112, over Provodnikov (23-3, 16 KOs). Reports reaching Chronicle Sport from New York states that Hardy literally bombed away at Terry, dropping him in the first round and finishing him with a flush right hand in the second. As a result Terry hit the canvas hard, forcing referee Steve Willis to call off the fight

without a count at 1:02secs. Hardy, speaking to this newspaper yesterday said that he credits his win to the hard work he’s been putting in since turning pro and most importantly making his fights look easy by implying the tactics taught him by world class trainer Collin Morgan. “I put on a show HBO saw and made four different fight dates offers,” Hardy said when asked about his future plans. Before migrating, Hardy had kayoed Iwan Azore to win the vacant WBC Caribbean Boxing Federation (CABOFE) welterweight title at the Cliff

Simeon Hardy looks to his corner as a wounded Malcolm Terry lies on the canvas after being knocked out in the second round. Anderson Sports Hall. However, Hardy said that he had since moved up in weight class (no middle weight) “so that title could be vacated again since I was stripped of it last year”. The Sophia resident is tipped to be Guyana’s next world champion and his con-

stant improvement in the ring since moving to the U.S. sees him travelling the path to live up to those expectations. Hardy’s ring record remains unblemished and improved to 13 wins from as many fights, ten of which came from his notorious right hand.

Caldeira double powers Tiger Bay past Melanie … Semifinals and final on this Saturday THANKS to Dennis Caldeira’s double, Tiger Bay were able to maintain their supremacy over Melanie, following their 4-0 win in the quarterfinal of this year’s fourth annual Mackeson Stout ‘Keep Your Five Alive’ Futsal football competition, which was contested at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall tarmac last Saturday night. In fact, such was the intensity of the quarterfinal action that three of the four matches were decided via penalty kicks, as no team sought to give anything away to their opponents, in their hunt to claim the top prize when the final takes place at the same venue after the semifinals on Saturday. After seeing Alexander Village and North East La Penitence play to a nil-all draw in which the former came away 1-0 winners via penalty kicks, Tiger Bay took the court to face the team they met in the final of the Banks DIH National Guinness Greatest of de Streets competition a few weeks back. The eventual victors asserted themselves early in the contest, when Caldeira opened the scoring in the first minute, doubling his team’s lead three minutes later when he completed his double, before Solomon Austin made it 3-0 just before the whistle sounded for halftime. After the break, Tiger Bay continued with their attack on

their opponents’ goal area and were duly rewarded when Jamal Blackman scored the final goal of the contest in the 18th minute, to push his team into the semifinals. West Front Road and defending champions Sparta Boss then claimed victories via sudden death penalty kicks over Albouystown and Texas respectively while in the lone exhibition game, the Media XI, through goals from Mark Younge, Duncan Saul, Esaun Griffith and Okeshi Crocker, drubbed Qualfon 4-1. At stake in the competition is $500 000 in cash and prizes and even though there is one more night to play, teams are asked to note carefully that only those who have been registered on the registration form provided will be allowed to participate, with no alter-

ations being allowed, only in the case of injury which must occur during the playing of the competition. “In addition to the tournament, there will be an Axe halftime show compliments of that product’s main distributor in Guyana, DeSinco Trading, which is being dubbed the ‘Take and Shoot’ competition, for which fabulous prizes will be up for grabs, along with the regular Mackeson giveaways,” said tournament organisar Kevin Adonis. Apart from Ansa McAl and DeSinco Trading, some other sponsors of the tournament are: Colours Boutique, Clairan’s Boutique, Clear Water, Star Party Rentals, White Castle Fish Shop, and HJTV and its 94.1 Boom FM, just to name a few. (Calvin Roberts)


(Monday June 16, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALLBourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: Clive Lloyd (WI vs AUST, Jamaica, 1984) 12 Today’s Quiz: How many New Zealanders have now played Test cricket? Who is the first New Zealander to win the Man of the Match Award in an ODI involving the WI? Answers in tomorrow’s issue

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Second Test at Queen’s Park Oval

Windies could look to pace to even Test series PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (CMC) – West Indies are likely to go with a three-pronged pace attack in the second Test against New Zealand which bowls off here today, as they seek to rebound from last week’s heavy defeat and level the series. The Caribbean side were hammered by 186 runs inside four days in the first Test at Sabina Park in Kingston last Wednesday, and will hunt a victory over the next few days at Queen’s Park Oval in order to stay alive in the threeTest rubber. While they fielded two seamers and two spinners in the opening Test, captain Denesh Ramdin hinted yesterday that they could play the lone spinner as they looked to boost

their fast bowler options. “Looking at the pitch, it looks like a little more grass than Jamaica so we may have to make some changes to our spin department,” Ramdin told reporters. “Come tomorrow, (it) depends on how (Shane) Shillingford feels – he has a little niggle – and how (Sulieman) Benn is feeling. The fast bowling unit we have is bowling well so maybe we’ll get one extra fast bowler and try to get some wickets.” This means that either Shannon Gabriel, who has already played six Tests, or the uncapped Jason Holder could come in to the XI, joining the newball pair of Jerome Taylor and Kemar Roach. Taylor, playing his first

Test in nearly five years last week, looked impressive in both innings while Roach, returning after a year’s layoff due to injury, was penetrative in the second innings. Though changes to the bowling department seem imminent, Ramdin stressed it was the Windies batting which needed attention. Selectors have dropped experienced stroke-maker Marlon Samuels and opener Kieran Powell and included the uncapped pair of Leon Johnson and Jermaine Blackwood. Ramdin said whatever batting line-up was employed, West Indies needed to spend time at the crease and cash in on opportunities. “We will have to come

Carter helps HPC tie Twenty20 series CAVE HILL, Barbados (CMC) – Jonathan Carter’s unbeaten half-century inspired West Indies High Performance Centre to a comfortable eight-wicket win over Bangladesh-A here yesterday, and a share of the two-match Twenty20 series. Chasing a modest 126 for victory at 3Ws Oval, the hosts strolled to their target off just 15.3 overs, with Carter getting 53 not out. He posted an 81-run, unbroken stand for the third wicket with Andre Fletcher who finished on 44 not out, as the HPC took command of the game to earn a 1-1 draw in the series. The left-handed Carter was positive from the outset, gathering his half-century off just 29 balls with five fours and two sixes. Their partnership was important when the HPC slipped to 45 for two in the eighth over, after seamer Shafiul Islam had removed both Johnson Charles and Nkrumah Bonner for 12. He finished with two for 19. E a r l i e r, B a n g l a d e s h

hard at New Zealand. We are one down in the series. We know how important it is for our batsmen to put the runs on the board and we keep stressing that. “We haven’t been doing that. Our bowlers have been doing a fairly good job so if they can continue to do that, our batters can have some confidence going into this match,” Ramdin pointed out. “The younger players will have to step up, (Darren) Bravo, (Kirk) Edwards, young (Kraigg) Brathwaite, those are the ones for the future and hopefully they can take this opportunity to stamp their authority and get some runs this game. “We’ve looked at some footage for the last couple of days. We talked about the opposition, how patient they were as bowlers. “They ran in and bowled in good areas. I think we as batters need to spend more time at the crease and hopefully we can do that this game. We know they may come with a different attack depending on the pitch but we are prepared for that as well.” West Indies batted poorly in both innings of the Jamaica Test, post-

Batsman Leon Johnson goes through his paces during Sunday’s training session. (Photo courtesy WICB Media) ing totals of 262 and 216, while the Black Caps amassed over 508 in their first innings, to put them under pressure. While the visitors batted slowly, Ramdin said there was much to be learnt from that experience. “There’s not really pressure but in terms of our batting, we need to get our batters right. First innings will be very important. In the last Test, if we had gotten 75 to 80 runs more in our first innings it would have been quite a different game,” Ramdin noted. “They wore us down. They batted with a lot of patience. On the first and second day I thought it was a very good batting track and the third and fourth days were when the ball did a bit in terms of spin … their spinners exploited it more than we.” Though trailing in the series, Ramdin said the

players were all still highly motivated. “We’re looking forward to it. All of the players are keyed up. The game in Jamaica has gone and we’re looking forward to this game,” he said. SQUADS:: WEST INDIES – Denesh Ramdin (captain), Chris Gayle, Kraigg Brathwaite, Kirk Edwards, Darren Bravo, Jermaine Blackwood, Leon Johnson, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Kemar Roach, Jerome Taylor, Sulieman Benn, Shane Shillingford, Jason Holder, Shannon Gabriel. NEW ZEALAND – Brendon McCullum (captain), Tom Latham, Peter Fulton, Kane Williamson, Ross Taylor, Jimmy Neesham, B.J. Watling, Tim Southee, Ish Sodhi, Mark Craig, Trent Boult, Corey Anderson, Hamish Rutherford, Luke Ronchi, Neil Wagner.

Blake stumbles and loses in New York

Jonathan Carter

were held to 125 for seven, thanks to another penetrative spell from leftarm seamer Sheldon Cottrell who picked up three for 19. Sent in, Bangladesh got a top score of 29 from opener Imrul Kayes, 28 from Sabbir Rahman and 25 from Shu-

vagata Hom. Cottrell struck as early as the first over when he removed Nurul Hasan with the third ball of the day with just a run on the board but Imrul and Shuvagata steadied the innings with a 54-run, second-wicket partnership.

NEW YORK CITY, NY (CMC) – Sprint star Yohan Blake suffered defeat in his first outing in the Diamond League this year, finishing second to fellow Jamaican Nesta Carter in the 100 metres at the Adidas Grand Prix. Blake stumbled at the start and failed to recover enough, clocking a slow 10.21 seconds behind Carter who crossed the line first in 10.09 seconds on Saturday. Trinidadian Keston BledYohan Blake man finished third in 10.23 seconds. happened at the start. “Everybody saw what There’s not much more to

say,” Blake muttered to reporters in the mixed zone. Blake, widely viewed as the heir-apparent to World and Olympic champion Usain Bolt, is coming off a long injury layoff where he has struggled with hamstring problems. Meanwhile, Jamaican Warren Weir dipped below 20 seconds as he won the 200 metres in a time of 19.82 seconds. The Olympic bronze medallist finished ahead of counterpart Nickel Ashmeade who was second in 19.95 seconds.


Windies could look to pace to even Test series

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Messi strike lights up Maracana as Argentina sink Bosnia

By Mike Collett

Lionel Messi of Argentina celebrates after scoring a goal during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group F match between Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina at Maracana, yetserday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Shaun Botterill - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

RIO DE JANEIRO -(Reuters) - Lionel Messi finally made his mark on the World Cup and lit up the Maracana with his first goal in the finals for eight years as Argentina were forced to battle for a 2-1 win over debutantes Bosnia in their

opening Group F match yesterday. Messi, four-times world player of the year and Argentinaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best footballer since Diego Maradona graced the 1986 tournament, put his side 2-0 ahead on a night when the stadium

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Sead Kolasinac of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2nd L) scores an own goal during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Group F match between Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina at Maracana yesterday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Mike Hewitt - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images) Printed and Published by Guyana National Newspapers Limi ted, Lama Avenue, Bel Air Park, Georgetown. Telephone 2 2 6- 3243-9 (General); Editorial: 2 2 7- 5204, 2 2 7- 5216. Fax:2 2 7- 5208

MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2014

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