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GUYANA No. 103651 FRIDAY NOVEMBER 15, 2013

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Through metal streaming…

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18 year old Trishant Sukhoo

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Herstelling wife-killer trial

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Eyewitness testifies she saw Jeffrey Ward stabbing her aunt

Spanking new Digicel financed Mahaica Children’s Home opened Centre

The spanking new Mahaica Children’s Home (Adrian Narine photo)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

GPF preparing for four military funerals

By Leroy Smith THE Guyana Police Force (GPF) is preparing for four military funerals, with the first to be held tomorrow, as ranks pay their final respects to colleagues who died while still serving. The first funeral tomorrow will be that of 19832 Woman Corporal Jocelyn Bobb who passed away last week after falling ill. She was stationed at the Felix Austin Police College and was among the first persons new recruits or aspiring young policemen and policewomen would encounter when they turn up for interviews and entry exams. Following her death, many young ranks expressed sadness and remarked how accommodating and encouraging she was in dealing with them. While no dates have yet been set for the other funerals of those who died over the past week, they will also be accorded military sendoffs, in keeping with the standard operating procedures of the GPF for serving members who pass away. Those are Constable 18053 Sherwin Pantlitz, Lance

Corporal Jocelyn Bobb

Constable Saquiel Anderson

Corporal 20293 Michael Forde and Constable 22082 Saquiel Anderson. Pantlitz and Forde were killed in the line of duty on Tuesday while exchanging gunfire with berserk businessman Deryck Kanhai who was involved in a three hours shootout with cops in Middle Street, Georgetown. The cops were reported to have been shot as they attempted to enter the lower flat of a three-storey building in which the gunman had secluded himself and kept them at bay. The men were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH) a short distance away but were pronounced dead on arrival.

20293 Lance Corporal Michael Forde

18053 Constable Sherwin Pantlitz

Home Affairs Ministry supportive of Christmas policing arrangements

THE Ministry of Home Affairs said yesterday that it is in support of the policing arrangements made by the Guyana Police Force (GPF) for the holiday season. The Ministry acknowledged that, during this period, there will be increased commercial activities, including an increase in traffic and these efforts by the GPF are all aimed at ensuring that citizens

and visitors carry out their activities in a safe and secure environment. The Ministry urged citizens to be security conscious at this time, safeguard their residences and personal property and report any suspicious activity in their neighbourhood, to the nearest Police station. The Ministry is also seeking the cooperation of citizens in ensuring the success of these arrangements that are currently being implemented. It said:“We take this opportunity to laud the efforts of the Guyana Police Force and wish all Guyanese a safe and hazard free holiday season.�

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013


Through metal streaming…

Canadian Sandspring Resources in new Toroparu gold deal

By Clifford Stanley


HE Canadian mining company, Sandspring Resources Ltd announced earlier this week that it has agreed to sell a small percentage of the gold produced at its Toroparu Mine in Region 7 (Cuyuni/Mazaruni) to the metals streaming entity, Silver Wheaton. The sale price will be US$400 an ounce, for the duration of the mine life, in exchange for an up-front payment of US$148M. The announcement said the current market price for gold is around US$1,300 an ounce but new deal would allow Sandspring Resources to get the advance payment, from Silver Wheaton, for mine construction at Toroparu. A reliable source said that arrangement is in keeping with a number of agreements which Silver Wheaton has, in which, for an advance payment, it has the right to purchase all or a portion of the silver and/or gold production, at a low fixed amount, from high quality mines located in politically stable regions around the globe. The transaction is known as metal streaming which the source explained is an adaptable and evolving financing alternative through which a cash-strapped mining company may receive a capital injection without sacrificing control over operations or compromising shareholder equity. This model allows Silver Wheaton to take advantage of high quality, earlier stage projects. CRITICAL FUNDS Meanwhile, Sandspring gets access to critical funds without

diluting shareholder value. However, a metal stream can reduce the overall value of a mining project in the event of a future sale, particularly if the market value of the metal being streamed increases significantly. The source said metal streaming companies have no control over the mines that produce their gold or silver, meaning that, when production falls short of expectations or is affected by political instability, a company must, itself, incur the losses. Because of the lack of control over production, earnings are based entirely on the difference between the fixed discount on the price of the metal that is agreed to and the actual market price of the metal. In a media release, Sandspring Resources disclosed that, in keeping with the recently signed agreement, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Silver Wheaton (Caymans) Ltd., the latter will pay Sandspring cash upfront, payments totalling US$148.5 M for 10 percent of the payable gold production from the Toroparu Mine in Guyana. Additionally, Silver Wheaton will make ongoing payments to Sandspring for the market price of US$400 per ounce of gold delivered to it over the life of the Toroparu Project, subject to a one percent annual increase, starting after the third year of production. Upon satisfaction of certain conditions, Sandspring is entitled to an initial draw down of US$13.5 M of the cash payment, to be used primarily for advancement of the final feasibility documentation for the Toroparu Project.

WILL RETURN If Silver Wheaton elects not to proceed with the gold stream, Sandspring will return all but US$2M of the US$13M paid in advance. The balance of the US$148.5 M is subject to Silver Wheaton’s election to proceed and is payable in installments during construction of the Toroparu Project, once all necessary mining licences have been obtained and conditions pertaining to final feasibility, the availability of project capital finance, the granting of security to Silver Wheaton and other customary details are satisfied. If, following receipt of feasibility documentation Silver Wheaton elects not to proceed, Sandspring may elect to either return US$11.5 M to Silver Wheaton and terminate the agreement or reduce the stream percentage from 10 percent to 0.774 percent. Sandspring Chief Executive Officer Rich Munson said: “This streaming transaction provides a non-dilutive capital commitment of approximately 30 percent of the US$464 M project finance required for the Toroparu Project as determined in Sandspring’s pre-feasibility study and marks a significant milestone for Sandspring.” He added:“Furthermore, the addition of Silver Wheaton as a strategic partner brings significant experience and expertise to Sandspring as it continues to develop Toroparu,” Sandspring is aiming for potential large scale production in 2015, Munson indicated.

Herstelling wife-killer trial

Eyewitness testifies she saw Jeffrey Ward stabbing her aunt

By George Barclay

EYEWITNESS Stacy De Cambra in the Herstelling wife-killer’s case told a Demerara Assize judge and jury she saw accused Jeffrey Ward stabbing away at her aunt Donnette Ward. According to De Cambra, it was on April 24, 2010 and her aunt who had left the country had just returned from Barbados, and she was helping her to unpack her suitcases. The eyewitness identified the 52-year old accused, who was sitting in the dock confirming he was her aunt’s husband. De Cambra also told the jury that before her aunt left Guyana she lived at Lot 100, Herstelling, East Bank Demerara with her husband, children and grandmother. On Thursday April 22, 2010 her aunt Donnette Ward came to visit them from Barbados. “ I was at home; about 1:30 p.m to 2 p. m...On that day I was helping her unpack her suitcases. Jeffrey Ward came to the house that afternoon; he greeted me and went into the bedroom with my aunt,” De Cambra stated.

“I recall Saturday April 24, 2010 about 10:30 a.m. I was at home, Jeffrey Ward came. My great grandmother and my two foster aunts were also at home. I was in my bedroom. My aunt Donnette also was at home.” “Jeffrey Ward and my aunt Donnete Ward were in her bedroom which was the eastern most bedroom. I heard my aunt scream, calling for me “Stacy! Stacy come!” I ran to the bedroom where my aunt Donnette Ward and Jeffrey Ward were.” “The bedroom door was open. As I entered the room I saw Jeffrey Ward sitting on my aunt’s thighs. She was lying on the bed on her back. Jeffrey Ward was stabbing my aunt Donnete Ward with a knife. It looked like a “Rambo knife.” It had a black handle and stainless steel blade. He dropped the knife and came after me with a smaller knife. The other knife was on the bed on his left hand side. I was about 10 feet away from him. Nothing was blocking my view. He jumped off my aunt and came at me. I had to back away; he was firing stabs at me. “My aunt was lying on the bed. My aunt Donnette Ward got up and ran out the front door. She ran out the bedroom door which was at the south side of the bedroom. I did not observe anything about her at that time. Jeffrey Ward turned away from

me and ran after my aunt. I ran after him and locked the front door. He was on the verandah about to re-enter the house.” “I observed my aunt Donnette Ward had a long cut on her hand. I observed other cuts about the body, on her left leg, breast and tummy. I started calling my aunt’s name but she did not respond.” “When I saw Jeffrey sitting on my aunt he was wearing a black and blue shirt and a khaki coloured pants. My aunt’s bedroom was very bright; sunlight was coming in through the windows on the northern and eastern sides of the room.” “I later gave a statement to the police at the Providence Police Station in relation to this matter and I signed the statement-my aunt Donnette Ward is dead. “ Forensic Pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh testified that he performed a post mortem on the body and found nine incised wounds. The wound that caused death was the one on the chest, the doctor said. Justice Navindra Singh is presiding over the trial while Mrs. Judith Gildharie-Mursalin is prosecuting and Mr. Huckumchand is the defence attorney. The hearing is continuing.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

U.S. carrier starts Philippine storm relief as Aquino comes under pressure By Stuart Grudgings

water believed to have killed thousands. “There are still bodies on the road,” said Alfred Romualdez, mayor of Tacloban, a city of 220,000 people reduced to rubble in worst-hit Leyte province. “It’s scary. There is a request from a community to come and collect bodies. They say it’s five or 10. When we get there, it’s 40.” Many petrol station owners whose businesses were spared have refused to reopen, leaving little fuel for trucks needed to move supplies and medical teams around the devastated ar-

(Reuters) - A U.S. aircraft carrier “strike group” started unloading food and water to the typhoon-ravaged central Philippines on Thursday, as President Benigno Aquino faced mounting pressure to speed up the distribution of supplies. While relief efforts picked up, local authorities began burying the dead - an important, if grim, milestone for a city shredded by one of the world’s most powerful typhoons and the tsunami-like wall of sea-

A U.S. Navy MH-60S helicopter drops supplies at Tacloban Air Base, Philippines, as part of relief efforts following Typhoon Haiyan November 14, 2013. Credit: Reuters/ Specialist 3rd Class Ricardo R. Guzman/US Navy/Handout

DATE: 06/11/2013 A 04 27 11 26 12 22 25 DATE: 13/11/2013 N 18 03 01 15 13 02 20

eas nearly a week after Typhoon Haiyan struck. “The choice is to use the same truck either to distribute food or collect bodies,” Romualdez added. The nuclear-powered USS George Washington aircraft carrier and accompanying ships arrived off wind-swept eastern Samar province, carrying 5,000 crew and more than 80 aircraft, after what strike force commander Rear Admiral Mark Montgomery called a “high-speed transit” from Hong Kong.

Iran puts brakes on nuclear expansion under Rouhani, IAEA report shows (Reuters) - Since Hassan Rouhani became president, Iran has halted a rapid expansion of its uranium enrichment capacity, a U.N. inspection report showed on Thursday, in a potential boost for diplomacy to end Tehran’s nuclear dispute with the West. The quarterly report by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) also said no













2013/11/13 2013/11/14

further major components had been added to a potential plutonium-producing reactor since August. The marked slowdown in the growth of activities of possible use in developing nuclear bombs may be intended to back up Rouhani’s warmer tone towards the West after years of worsening confrontation, and strengthen Tehran’s hand in negotiations with world powers due to resume on November 20. Iran stopped increasing its capacity to refine uranium - which can fuel nuclear power plants but also bombs

3 2

if processed much more “when their team changed” in August, a senior diplomat said, referring to Rouhani and his administration. But Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu - who strongly opposes any deal with Iran short of dismantling its enrichment program - said he was “not impressed”. Israel, believed to be the Middle East’s sole nuclear-armed power, has long warned it could use force to prevent Iran from gaining an atomic bomb.




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06 05 11 20 21 13 07

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013


Brazil Mensalao trial: Supreme Court upholds jail terms

(BBC News) Brazil’s Supreme Court has upheld jail terms against most of the politicians, businessmen and bankers convicted in the country’s biggest corruption trial. More than 20 people were convicted over a scheme to pay opposition politicians for supporting the former government of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. The court did not say exactly how many would be put behind bars. But among them is Mr Lula’s former chief of staff, Jose Dirceu, who was sentenced to 10 years and 10 months. Also facing time in jail are the former chairman of the governing Workers Party (PT), Jose Genoino, and former party treasurer Delubio Soares, court officials told the Agence France-Presse news agency. Mr Lula was not implicated in the case. The central allegation of the case was that illegal payments and benefits were paid to members of Congress in return for supporting the government in crucial votes. The “Mensalao” (big monthly allowance) scandal came to light in 2005 but the sentences were handed down at the end of 2012. The trial was seen as a key test of Brazil’s ability to hold its politicians to account for corruption. Mr Lula left office at the end of 2010 with huge approval ratings and remains a popular figure Delubio Soares, Jose Dirceu and Jose Genoino (L to R) could soon be starting their in Brazilian political life. jail terms

Govt stands its ground

PSC nominations By Ria Taitt Political Editor (Trinidad Express) In the face of objections from the People’s National Movement (PNM) and Chaguanas West MP Jack Warner, the Government stood its ground and supported the nominations of Dr James Armstrong and

Raomar Achat-Saney to the Police Service Commission (PSC) on Wednesday. The Parliament approved the presidential notification of these two nominations with 21 votes for and eight abstentions. The other two nominations— Martin George and Eddison Khan—were unanimously ap-

proved. The Government’s case was vociferously argued by Attorney General Anand Ramlogan. Ramlogan waded into the PNM for its “political hypocrisy”, stating while the PNM government defended the presidential appointment of Selwyn Cudjoe, a professor of literature, to the Central Bank during its tenure in office, it was now objecting to the appointment of Armstrong and Achat-Saney on

Nation publisher, editors in custody By Multimedia Desk (Trinidad Express) The publisher and two editors of Barbados’ leading print media, The Nation Newspaper have been detained and are currently in police custody. This according to a release on the newspaper website Following is the full content of the release: The publisher and two ed-

itors of The Nation Publishing Co. Limited are in police custody pending charges on the publication of the story which appeared on October 26 in the Saturday Sun under the headline Sex Scene. From 10 a.m. Chief Executive Officer & Publisher Vivian-Anne Gittens, Editor-in-Chief Roy R Morris and News Editor Sanka Price, the author of the story, have been

at the District A Police Station being interviewed at different points. The interviews were being conducted by the CID division. Attorneys Queen’s Counsel Alair Shepherd and Ezra Alleyne accompanied the three to the prearranged station visit. A number of editors of the Nation are at station at this moment awaiting the outcome of the matter. (AC)

the grounds of suitability. The Attorney General reminded the House he had fought this case for the Maha Sabha, which had sought to challenge the appointment of Cudjoe by the President (then George Maxwell Richards) to the Central Bank board. Ramlogan recalled the law required people sitting on the Central Bank board to be versed in finance, economics, accounting, management and administration. He said it was doubtful whether Cudjoe met the statutory criteria because his qualifications as a professor of literature were, at first blush, not relevant to fiscal and monetary policy. Ramlogan said the court, nevertheless, ruled in Cudjoe’s and the Central Bank’s favour. Ramlogan yesterday heavily criticised the former PNM government for making such an appointment. He disclosed for the first time that the Central Bank had to fly in Cudjoe first-class to attend every board meeting and sub-committee meeting of

the bank. He said taxpayers’ money was “wasted” on flying in Cudjoe, who was not any international economist or financial expert, for every meeting, while there were many other people who were qualified in the areas prescribed in the law (finance, etc), who were resident in the country. The Attorney General also pointed out that Section 122 of the Constitution required the President to nominate people to the PSC in his own judgment and discretion after consultation with the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader. He stressed therefore that the nominees brought to the House for approval were not Government nominees, but presidential nominees. Hence the Parliament should be very cautious in rejecting nominees proposed by the Head of State, he said. He said the Parliament should not reject the nominees if there was clear justification beyond any reasonable doubt. Ramlogan said there were different ways to interpret Section 122 of the Constitution and President Anthony

Carmona would have obtained independent legal advice on the issues raised in the Karl Hudson Phillips letter. The Attorney General said the fact that the President proceeded with these nominees, notwithstanding the concerns raised in the Hudson-Phillips letter, must not be easily overlooked.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013


Insecurity a matter of general concern EDITORIAL

A further unravelling of US hypocrisy ACCORDING to a BBC News report the remains of former President of Brazil, Joao Goulart will be exhumed to establish whether he died of natural causes or was poisoned. Mr Goulart, widely known as Jango, died in 1976 in exile in Argentina. His cause of death was deemed to have been a heart attack. But a former Uruguayan intelligence officer has said Mr Goulart was poisoned by agents working for the region’s military governments. He governed from 1961 to 1964. Forensic scientists commenced work on Wednesday morning, digging a hole in the grave to create an escape for gases which had formed inside the tomb. Mr Goulart, a progressive leader with left-wing sympathies during the height of the Cold War, was deposed in the 1964 military coup and replaced by the repressive Caetano dictatorship. Goulart fled first to Uruguay, where he settled as a farmer, and in 1973 to Argentina on the invitation of its President, Juan Peron. Mr Goulart was found dead on 6 December 1976 in the Argentine city of Mercedes, nine months after a military junta had overthrown the government of Juan Peron’s widow, Isabel Peron. Officials at the time said he had died of a heart attack, but no post mortem examination was carried out by the authorities in either Argentina or Brazil, where he was taken for burial. Doubts about his death resurfaced five years ago when a former Uruguayan intelligence officer serving a sentence for drug smuggling in Brazil alleged Mr Goulart was poisoned by Uruguayan agents at the request of Brazilian military rulers. The intelligence officer, Mario Neira, said the alleged murder was part of Operation Condor, a plan under which the military governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay collaborated to eliminate their political opponents in the 1970s and 80s. Neira alleges that Mr Goulart died after his heart medication was swapped with one altered to cause a cardiac attack, by agents working on behalf of the Brazilian military. Brazil’s National Truth Commission, which started work last year, agreed to investigate the claims with the help of the presidency’s human rights commission. “The exhumation will put an end to the anguish of his family and thousands of Brazilians who have sufficient reason to believe that his death did not occur spontaneously, as stated in the death certificate - which was issued without a prior post mortem examination,” the Brazilian human rights commission said. The former president’s grandson, Joao Marcelo Goulart said it was “an historic moment not just for the family but also for the country and all the relatives of those killed, disappeared, tortured and exiled by the military dictatorship”. Goulart was one of the many victims of the deliberate policy of the US to remove leftist governments in Latin America by any means during a heightened period of the Cold War. This policy of the US was vigorously pursued by the US in pursuit of furthering their geo-political and economic interests and it was executed by both covert and overt means,

A dangerous phenomenon of recent re-incarnation reminiscent of an earlier parlous period of critical insecurity has become a matter of general concern to the more vigilant of social onlookers in our mutually suspicious plural society. This current pervasive insecurity is fuelled by public sentiments of the intellectual authors of discord, both in Guyana and abroad, and has given rise to a pronounced disposition on both sides of the social divide, which can develop into an ethnic insurgency, if left unaddressed and/or unchecked. Deeply ingrained in the minds of some sections of our people were the resonant calls for cleavage to “kith and kin” and “slo fyah, mo fyah” by a former President and then Opposition Leader, after consecutive defeats at General Elections.  This most recent egregious, episodic development came in the form of an allegation of education apartheid by highly placed opposition  spokesmen, given the context of the obvious ethnicity of the valedictorians in the recent CSEC Exam Results, coupled with the publication of their pictures in the newspapers – no doubt in their minds, another expression of triumphalism.   Some of these public figures, regular correspondents in the media, both electronic and press, appear unconcerned with its brutal consequences, and perhaps, it is their perception that there is adequate self-insulation against any possible infliction of injury or fatality.  In the past, experienced politicians have had cause to voice their apprehension about a Rwanda-type reaction and  Guyanese need recall that some years ago, Bishop Randolph George, both prior to and at the time of his farewell Benediction, had warned of the dangerous developments that would ensue from sustained public mutual mistrust in a parochial society such as Guyana’s.  The smoldering embers of angst can become a ready source of the raging pyre of internecine strife.  Civil stakeholders can play their role in defusing, if not arresting, the inevitable downward spiral into unrest, if not anarchy, by sensitizing their members about the marauding bands of the urban ghetto-type youths, influenced by these inflammatory statements.  These youths frequent the streets on bicycles, CG motorcycles, yellow taxis

and other motor vehicles with scant regard for other law-abiding citizens, and recent incidents point to orchestrated events to intercept attack and rob the unfortunate race group identified with the valedictorians, if the reports in the Press are any indication. People of any ethnic grouping, when their tolerance levels reach saturation point, will not unreasonably react instinctively in an attempt to provide them with commensurate protection by way of self-defence.  Thus it has quite rightly been observed that anarchy should replace civility, tolerance and respect for one another, the Rule of Law will be displaced with the law of the Jungle with concomitant consequences.  Gone are those dark days when the glamour of insurrection was the sole alternative to perceived political oppression of constitutionally expressed freedoms deriving from the guarantee of electoral contests.  The notion that the tyranny of the majority becomes less plausible is indefensible where the ground rules were inherited from a constitutional framework which formed the only universally approved process for electoral success and vindication.   Where the playing field is level, the goal posts are fixed, the referees are mutually approved and the third umpires in the form of observers are omnipresent, a losing contestant can hardly expect a sympathetic ear from judicially inspired quarters on the basis of a pre-existing inequity or disadvantage.   Whoever heard or called for redistribution or a sharing of the earned medals in the Sport of Athletics where one race group generally predominates and is universally applauded and hero-worshipped without condemnation for their acknowledged superior prowess, after playing by the preset rules and procedures?  Electoral contestants must plan, strategise, form coalitions of productive forces, make sacrifices, and compete by lawful means to secure the glory of the reins of Government.  In the Bible it is written – there is no glory without sacrifice.  Ethnic insurgency has no place in a democratic polity and other means of redemptive suasion must be the preferred option. MATTHEW HENSON

Gun licencing laws should be comprehensively reviewed

AS I write I am still shocked and in disbelief as to the mayhem that took place in Middle Street, Georgetown on Tuesday. Shocked to the point that I am extremely fearful of my country and capital city because it has become a very dangerous place to dwell in. When we thought we were making headway into reducing gun crimes among criminals now this latest bloodshed coming from a licenced firearm holder. It is truly a scary situation and if authorities do not get to the bottom it we are doomed as a society. We now have to get down to the arduous task of putting together the pieces of this bizarre puzzle called gun violence and look forward to the ways in solving it. 

In the first place we have to review our gun licencing laws. When I say review those laws I am talking about putting together a select committee which would look into the business of the issuance of gun licenses, who should and who should not be the holder of a firearm. I mean  general house cleaning, a rigorous overhaul that would change the whole thing. The idea of removing the authority under which someone acquires a firearm from the police department to The Home Affairs Ministry was mooted sometime ago and I do hope this is the case. Because there are too many gaping loopholes were chalked up against the old system where guns were known to have landed in the hands of questionable char-

and in this regard the Central intelligence Agency (CIA) was a key player. It was during this period too that the US was working relentlessly, in collaboration with local reactionaries here, to destabilise the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) government under the Premiership of Dr Cheddi Jagan. In doing so sabotage, terror and engineering of racial division were employed which resulted in hundreds of deaths, millions of dollars in loss of property and many became homeless as a result of the numerous arson attacks. Eventually as in Brazil, the PPP government was removed in 1964 through Anglo-US machinations which saw the electoral system changed from First Past the Post to Proportional Representation. It was indeed one of the darkest and most

acters, felons, if you please people who should not have been remotely close to a firearm. But, they were licenced holders nonetheless, which causes you to wonder how come this and that certain individual got a firearm? Anyway, Minister Rohee must be commended for this move but I will also urge him to go one step further. I would like your officials to carry out intensive microscopic background checks into any person applying for a gun license. This means that persons with felonies, persons with a violent temper or prone to violence; these individuals are automatically eliminated.  It also follows that those guys who are of the domestic abuse type would have been brought in guilty with this

dragnet. Next stop, a psychiatric evaluation and a certificate issued by a physician of the Ministry’s choosing is in place here, then and only then should a firearm license be granted.  It does not end there, yearly checks and an evaluation report made up when the renewal of licenses come up, to ascertain whether the firearm was used or not. If it was used then why was it used and for what purpose? There are numerous reports of persons threatening other people or brandishing their guns even discharging them indiscriminately and are still the holders of a firearm. This

(Please see page 7)

unfortunate periods in the history of this country. And more darkness followed as Guyanese had to endure 28 years of dictatorial rule during which time the country virtually collapsed as we became economically bankrupt, social services and infrastructure dipped to the lowest ebb and shortages of food and almost every consumer item became the norm. What is ironic is the fact that those who engineered the removal of governments not to their liking are the very ones who claim to be champions of human rights, freedom and democracy. But nothing could be more hypocritical, because how could freely elected governments be removed by overt and covert means and replaced by dictatorships in the name of human rights, freedom and democracy?

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013


Opposition obstructing policies beneficial to the people I am a strong believer in the multi-party form of government. But this system necessitates a strong, intelligent and nationalist opposition which could succeed to government with the positive or tacit acceptance by its supporters, its adversaries and by the diplomatic community. The present parliamentary opposition led by Mr Granger has not so far evidenced those qualities: (1) The opposition merely obstructs policies which are for the benefit of the nation. These policies, such as the Amalia Falls Hydropower project would have created a competitive industrial base with cheaper electrical power, would have created more employment for the youth

and would have jump-started Guyana into a growing economic prosperity. The opposition has killed the Amaila Falls Project without putting anything in place. (2) The opposition has cut out the subsidy given to the GPL which would have ensured consumers continuing to enjoy cheaper subsidised electricity. And they have put nothing in place. (3) The opposition has rejected the Specialty Hospital which would have saved the lives and ensured the health of numerous ordinary citizens who do not have wealth or wealthy relatives to pay for high-grade medical treatment either locally or abroad. By so doing, the opposition is responsible for the

death of many who would have been successfully treated at the Specialty Hospital. Further, many Guyanese expatriates who would like to retire home in Guyana bringing their pensions and other assets here, could never do so because there is no Specialty Hospital to treat them. And the opposition has brought nothing in place. (4) At the moment, the opposition’s desire to kill the money-laundering bill in Parliament, will not merely assist the rich money-launderers and even terrorists, but will also damage the Guyana economy and bring it down to the condition worse than the worse days of Mr L.F.S Burnham’s reign with food shortages, high prices, scarcity and people not being able to

Gun licencing laws should be ... (From page 6) is preposterous! A firearm is issued for the sole purpose of defense and protection of the individual and not as a weapon of offense. So, the screening that goes with it should be so razor thin that the slightest misdeed you are out. But my most scathing rebuke is reserved for the opposition and their charlatans who are the main reasons for the Middle Street deaths. They are the ones who castigate the police whenever a felon is shot. They accuse them of police brutality and extra-judicial killings. They hound the police at every turn with this nonsensical argument that the police should go after the criminal and make an arrest rather than shooting him. This political

obstruction of legitimate police work caused the Middle Street loss of life and if the opposition has any moral fibre left in them they should face up to the fact. The police was over cautious in their approach to get Deryck Kanhai and they paid the ultimate price.  Listen to what my friend who was an ex-police officer had to say ”the police have themselves to blame ... they should’ve brought Kanhai down at the get-go, period, end of discussion.” This might sound harsh but it is the living truth no lawman has any business negotiating with a gunman it is simply shoot him then ask questions after. This was evident in the lady who tried to drive through a roadblock at Capitol Hill. She was shot and killed even though she had a small child on board. Come to think

of it she was, what you would call, a woman of unsound mind yet the police did not hesitate to kill her. Once the police are convinced that there was firearm use by the felon then deadly force should be used against him. There should be no discussion with anyone when a firearm is involved. This politicizing and foolish posturing by opposition forces in Guyana only heightens c rime a nd is fue l for the mayhem that we witnessed on Tuesday. I close by offering my condolences to the family and friends of the slain civilians and police in this horrible incident.   NEIL ADAMS

travel, or send money abroad or receive remittances from families in the USA, Canada and other places. And the opposition continues to try to kill the bill for no reason. The government, the diplomatic community and the ordinary Guyanese people have called upon the opposition to desist from killing the Bill. But they have metaphorically spat in their faces despite the danger of having their visas suspended as supporters of money-launderers and terrorists. The business community, the diplomatic community and ordinary Guyanese have evaluated the opposition as (a) Weak since obstructing and not putting anything in place shows weakness and not strength. (b) Being anti-business and

anti-private sector. (c) Being anti-national since it does not desire greater employment of youth and others. (d) Causes high prices and scarcity. (e) Rejecting the advice and interests of the Diplomatic community and also indicating that were it in Government, they would not honour their international loans. The opposition, led by Mr. Granger has already given itself the prescription for failure at the next general elections, whether such elections be snap or at the prescribed time. It has lost the support of the diplomatic community, the business community and private sector and ordinary Guyanese folk who see it as unable to govern in any constructive and positive fashion. Mr Granger certainly realises

that the days of political parties having racial block votes have passed away and the opposition, or any other political party, could no longer look forward to any racial block-voting without working for it or deserving it. If Mr Granger does not wake up to a constructive and positive mode of parliamentary politics, the PNC/APNU would soon be caught in a crescendo of decline resulting in its days being numbered. Would Mr Granger at this late hour be able to reverse the failure syndrome which is now en gulfing himself and his party? P.I. PETERS


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

UNFPA report puts prominent focus on teenage pregnancy her to Women Across Differences (WAD), an NGO supported by UNFPA. According to her, WAD encouraged and supported her and today she is a confident young woman, boasting skills she never had. She declared confidently:“This is not the end for me, but the beginning.” The next speaker was the other teenage mother, Hunt, who already had two children at the age of 17. She related that she had no support from the children’s father and had to work two jobs just to make ends meet. She, too, was referred to WAD and said she would, probably, have given birth to five or more children if it was not for the help she received from that organisation.

By Jimmy Roos

THE United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) released its annual report on Wednesday with prominent focus on teenage pregnancies and the challenges they pose to society. The occasion, at Regency Suites Hotel, in Hadfield Street, Georgetown, was attended by representatives of other development agencies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) assisting teenage mothers, as well as students from three secondary schools, Central High, St. Stanislaus College and Brickdam. The audience was addressed by Ms. Patrice La Fleur, Assistant Representative UNFPA Sub-Regional Office for the Caribbean in Guyana, Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran as well as two teenage mothers, Indira Austin and Tiffany Hunt. La Fleur mentioned that teenage pregnancies are, often, a result of cultural, social and economic circumstances, as most girls who become pregnant are from marginalised communities. She said those girls, usually, have little control over their personal circumstances as adults often take decisions that affect them. As a result they have low self-esteem and are easily manipulated by others. Consequently, La Fleur emphasised the importance of em- Honourable Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsarran with Patric La barking on a new approach that Fleur, Assistant UNFPA Respresentative for the Caribbean in Guyana will empower girls through edu- and Ms.Patricia Sheerattan-Bisnauth, Chairperson of Guyana Planned cation. Parenthood Association LESS LIKELY She noted that the girls who stay in school longer are less likely to get pregnant and added that “childhood must never be derailed by motherhood.” Following La Fleur’s remarks, Austin, a teenage mother told the gathering how she fell pregnant at the age of 14, due to a lack of proper and guidance information. After her pregnancy, her family and boyfriend encouraged her to abort the foetus and, when she refused, she was treated like an outcast and none of them wanted anything to do with her. She said she got a second chance in life when a hospital referred

She, just like Austin, mentioned the love, support and encouragement she received and today is a confident married woman boasting many skills she did not have previously. She has attended UNFPA conferences in Mexico and the Dominican Republic and is scheduled to graduate from the University of Guyana (UG) in 2016. Hunt encouraged other girls not to engage in early sexual intercourse and to resist pressure from boys who tell them they must in order to prove their love. Minister Ramsaran declared that teenage pregnan-

QC hosts annual Renembrance Day Service

By Shirley Thomas

QUEEN’S College (QC) hosted its annual Remembrance Day Service on Monday when students of the Georgetown institution in an atmosphere of solemnity, remembered and acknowledged the supreme sacrifice paid by gallant men and women during World Wars I and II. Among those who fell in the two wars were old boys and masters, whose names were read and in whose memory two wreaths were laid by the youngest students, Rebecca Persaud and Daniel Baldeo Thorne. The ceremony began at 11:00 hrs, on the lawns of the school compound where, students, staff and others, despite the inclement weather, stood up proudly and nobly for the cause. Flags were posted at half mast by students after which came the lusty singing of the universal hymn ‘O God Our help in Ages Past’ by all assembled. This paved the way for prayers and a patriotic song, followed by the short addresses of the Principal, Mrs. Jackie Benn-Ralph and Deputy Principal, Ms. Nadia Hollingsworth. They, both, outlined the history leading up to the two

Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsarran with teenage mother and baby cy is not a health issue but, rather a developmental one. Like La Fleur he maintained that education, particularly on reproductive health is the solution to the problem of adolescent motherhood. He called for greater collaboration between the Ministries of Health and Education as well as the Parent Teachers Associations (PTAs) to tackle it. BETTER MOTHER According to Ramsaran “an educated woman is a better mother.” He stated that, when education is disrupted, it begins a vicious cycle that negatively affects not only the future of the mother, because she can no longer continue the process but also the future of her offsprings. Ramsaran recognised UNFPA, in particular La Fleur as well as WAD for the stellar work they are doing. He called on the media to spread the message far and wide, so that people everywhere can learn about what WAD is doing, so that its teenage mothers programme can be replicated countrywide. He also urged those students present to learn from Austin and Hunt and not fall into the same situations.

Remembrance Day 2013…

President commits $1M to Guyana Legion;Prime Minister gives $100,000 - Legion amasses over $2M in about 15 minutes

By Shirley Thomas PATRON of the Guyana Legion and Commander of the Armed Forces, President Donald Ramotar Sunday committed $1M to the Guyana Legion, while Prime Minister Samuel Hinds pledged $100,000 on behalf of the Students reverendly stand in preparation for the laying of the wreaths

wars and the way in which lives were lost, for what cause and the signing of the Armistice or truce which ended the battles. Introducing the programme, Hollingsworth said: “We are assembled here, at this time, to remember all those who fought and died for their country in the two World Wars. The first during the years 19141918 and the second during the years 1935 to 1945.” ONE CAUSE Noting that old and young men lost their lives in the wars, the she made clear that, regardless, they all fought and died for one cause, their country and peace. The truce was signed between the Allies and the Germans at the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the elev-

enth month, in the year 1918, effectively bringing and end to fighting. “So, today we remember those who were killed in that war, and also the second World War, and we pray that, never again, will our country or any other find itself at war with any other nation,” the Deputy Principal said. The gathering then went into the school auditorium, led by drumming Police ranks, where there was awed reverence, as the names of the QC Old Boys and Masters were read: Those who fell in the First World War of 1914 -1918 were F.H Abrahim, F.R. Jones, H. A. Butt,F.C. Kelly, C.V. Bynoe, W.S.L. Payne, W.A. Carruthers, W.W. Rainer, W.H. Coombs, W.T.R. See page 16

Day) 2013. And together with other pledges and on-the-spot donations collected at the function, the Legion amassed a total of $2,029,240 in just under 15 minutes. Other donors included The Disciplined Services - $250,000; The Commissioner of Police/

Sri Lanka today to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. The prime minister highlighted the government’s commitment to continue working in support of the Guyana Legion, and the Veterans of World War II. Noting that “Our people

At Remembrance Day 2013 reception at the Guyana Legion: From left are General Secretary of the Guyana Legion Kingsley Nelson; Legion President Duncan Stuart; Prime Minister Samuel Hinds; and Brigadier Mark Phillips, Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force. Office of the Prime Minister. This was the good news announced by Prime Minister Hinds Sunday at the reception hosted at Coghlan House, Carifesta Avenue, by the Guyana Legion, in observance of Armistice Day (Remembrance

Police Force - $400,000; Guyana Defence Force - $200,000; Fire Service - $50,000 and cashon-the-spot donations -$29,240. Prime Minister Hinds brought greetings to the forum, on behalf of President Ramotar who is preparing to leave for

served and served well during the two Wars,” the prime minister endorsed the sentiments of Chief-of-Staff of the Guyana Defence Force, Brigadier Mark Phillips,that the men who gave their lives had paid See page 16

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013


Local government Ministry refutes misrepresented, mischievous and misinformed statements on recycling plant MOU


HE Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development (MLGRD) has said it wishes to clarify the misrepresented, misinformed and mischievous statements published by Media Houses which seeks to confuse and communicate incorrect messages to the public on the recent signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for the establishment of recycling plant in Guyana. A statement issued by the Ministry yesterday said: :Firstly, Natural Globe Guyana Inc. is a registered company in Guyana that is owned and operated by a Guyanese entrepreneur who resides in Canada and is in the process of becoming a re-migrant resident. This company is also a local consultancy firm that provides integrated solutions for sustainable development in the fields of solid waste management and specializes in operations in the environmental sector. Mr. Osman is the Chief Executive Officer of the identified Recycling Agency (Natural Globe Guyana Inc.) and has partnered with other Canadian agencies such as John Mogford Enterprise Inc. of Ontario Canada where he holds the position of Vice President in this Enterprise, which also specialies in recycling of wastes to final products, environmental management, transportation planning, modular housing projects, amongst others.” “In addition, Mr. Osman is also an active member of the Tadger’s Fuel Economy Solutions which is also a key player for environmental management in Ontario Canada. Mr. Osman serves in the capacity of Technical Adviser to this agency as it relates to the utilisation of environmentally friendly products in an effort to reduce gas emissions to promote healthier environments.”  “Secondly, as it relates to the selection process, Natural Globe Guyana Inc. was amongst a list of nine potential agencies and was considered the outstanding agency after satisfactory meeting the criteria outlined by the Ministry. The selection criteria were based on the proposed nature of the recycling programme and its relevance to Guyana context of development and sustainability. In addition, the proposals submitted by the other potential agencies had significant monetary impact and other obligations on the State in order to make their proposed programme a success. Natural Globe Guyana Inc. on the other hand, proposed a method of operation that did not contain any monetary impact on the State hence, the direction the GoG is hoping to move forward with.” “Thirdly, a point that also merits immediate attention is that MLGRD signed onto a MoU with the expectation to

facilitate the investment of the programme to make it operational within the expected timeframe and not a contract as previously published by both the Kaieteur News and Stabroek News. The Ministry is demanding that these two media houses provide evidence that the Permanent Secretary of MLGRD Mr. Collin Croal signed a contract with

Natural Globe Guyana Inc. to the tune of approximately US$30M. To this effect, MLGRD is satisfied that there is credible evidence with regards to Mr. Osman experience, involvement, and expertise in the business of recycling and his initial commitment to invest approximately US$30M in this particular project

and the standard operating procedures were followed in identifying Natural Globe Guyana Inc.” “Finally, Kaieteur News reported that their media house was not invited and/or informed on the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding at the Ministry’s Boardroom on Monday November

11, 2013 at 13:30hrs. This accusation is in incorrect, mischievous and misleading. Kaieteur News was informed like other media houses via a media advisory sent to Further, the Ministry followed up with a telephone call to 2258491 which was received by someone identifying himself

as Mr. Lake. “ “MLGRD is not sure to what end Kaieteur News a n d t h e S t a b ro e k N e w s campaign of incorrect, mischievous and misleading information that is being peddled to the Guyanese public intends to achieve or is to scare investors from Guyana?”  


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

Middle Street shooting terror…

Some condemned Kanhai but many were anti-police

By Leroy Smith DESPITE the shooting to death on Tuesday of four persons, including two lawmen who bravely confronted the threat to public safety, by businessman Deryck Kanhai who went berserk, hundreds of those gathered at the scene showed no support for the police. This Guyana Chronicle reporter arrived at the scene fifteen minutes after the episode started and remained until the end. It was observed that when the lawmen were shot and lost their lives, a small number of onlookers openly expressed regrets but the majority of the crowd were heard making very insensitive and derogatory comments directed at the police. The crowd of onlookers included a large number of young people, men and women. Their comments focused on police using deadly firepower in engaging suspects in deprived communities but in this instance they seemed incapable of bringing down a lone gunman in a timely manner. Policemen in the crowd and those who created a human

chain to prevent onlookers from getting too close to the crime scene were forced to endure the unfair statements being levelled at ranks in the height of the exchange of the gunfire. CROWD APPLAUSE What did not escape attention was the crowd response to the exchange of gunfire. It was noticed that when the police fired at the gunman there was silence among most of the crowd but as soon as the gunman returned fire there was rapturous applause. The reaction from the crowd proved that those who were showing clear support for the gunman were in total disregard of the valiant role being played by the young policemen who were putting their lives on the line in answering the call to duty. As the police left in vehicles with their fallen colleagues, there were those who cried in support of the Guyana Police Force but others ran behind the vehicles voicing comments that “they got more fu dead, duh man gun terror dem.”


At the Georgetown Public Hospital there were many persons who behaved like the masses at Middle and East Streets, discrediting the efforts being made by the police to bring the situation under control. The remarks of one woman was so disturbing that it upset a female police corporal to the point of bringing her to tears just when the body of policeman Michael Forde was brought into the hospital compound in the back of a police vehicle. Tuesday’s scenario showed the need for the police to be able to equip themselves for an adequate and timely response to all threats to public safety and good order. Many of the policemen who responded to the scene on Tuesday were seen running into the firing line without protective vests or helmets. Meanwhile, Deryck Kanhai’s brother on Wednesday told this newspaper that the man’s actions were stupid and he claimed the lives of innocent persons. His brother also stated that he was feeling bad about the entire situation.

Driver on causing death by dangerous driving charge on $2.6M bail By Leroy Smith MAGISTRATE Alex Moore, at Sparendaam Court yesterday, fixed bail at $2.6M for a teenage driver charged with, among other offences, causing death by dangerous driving.

Eighteen-year- old Trishant Sukhoo, of Section ‘B’ Non Pariel, also on East Coast Demerara, faced two other charges, of failing to stop after an accident and to render assistance to the victim.

18 year old Trishant Sukhoo makes his way to the Sparendaam Lock-ups until his relatives are able to post the $2.6 million bail. (Photo by Leroy Smith)

The other two offences attracted surety of $50,000 each, making the total of $2.6M, for the defendant’s pre-trial freedom. Defence Counsel Pa mela De Santos, who made the application on behalf of Sukhoo told the court he is not a flight risk and is willing to lodge his passport at a station and present himself to the Police daily. The lawyer said the young man was saddened by the incident and even took it upon himself to go to the Police who did not have to go in search of him after the early Sunday morning occurrence. After listening to the prosecutor and the lawyer the magistrate granted the request of the latter, on the grounds that the actions taken by the young man after, his willingness t o b e m o n i t o re d b y t h e Police daily and the lodging of his passport, were See page 12


Driver on causing ... From page 11 favourable enough to him. Meanwhile, the parents of the young man through the lawyer pleaded with the court that the amount required for his freedom is a hefty sum that could prove impossible for relatives.

OTHER VALUABLES H o w e v e r, M a g i s t r a t e Moore pointed out that it could be covered by the lodging of a transport and/or other valuables. The case resulted from what happened Sunday morning, at approximately 01:00 hrs on the Vryheid’s

Lust Public Road, East Coast Demerara, too, when the vehicle driven by Sukhoo hit barber Gopaulram Dass as he was crossing the thoroughfare. The father of one was left at the roadside but the number plate of the vehicle was found at the scene. Dass was picked up by a

friend in whose company he had been earlier and taken to Woodlands Hospital in Georgetown where he was pronounced dead on arrival. On Monday morning, the errant driver turned himself into the Police in the company of his father. A post mortem revealed the cause of death of the 35-year-old Dass was multiple injuries, including three ribs, a leg and neck, all broken.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

Gopaulram Dass, his wife and eight year old son, in happier times, pose for this photo

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

IT equipment stolen from Citizen Security Programme

By Michel Outridge THE Ministry of Home Affairs (MOHA), yesterday, reported that on November 9, 2013, a quantity of IT equipment, including computers and related equipment were discovered missing from a storage area at the Citizen Security Programme (CSP) office at Ogle, East Coast Demerara. Some of the equipment was earmarked for the New Forensic Laboratory. The Guyana Police Force is currently conducting investigations into the matter. The MOHA has pumped $60M into the development of the construction and equipping of the Forensic Laboratory which is nearing completion. The ministry stated that using the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) Process,

the supplier, International Pharmaceutical Agency (Guy) Limited of Lot 22 ‘B’ Camp Street, Georgetown was awarded the contract to supply and deliver items to the Forensic Laboratory as follows: Lot 1 – Small Apparatus and Glassware (150 items) in the sum of $39,616,509. These items include beakers, test tubes, pipettes and storage containers. Lot 2 – Consumable and Chemicals (248 items) in the sum of $10,174,812. These items include chemicals, reagents, acids and solutions. These items are needed to perform daily analysis, testing and sampling. Additionally, the supplier Pressy Enterprise of Cowan and Parade Streets, Kingston, Georgetown was

matters, resulting in unsolved cases. However, the completion of this laboratory will significantly improve local forensic capabilities, thereby enhancing the security sector.   Government is cognisant of the need for more advanced technology to enhance the crime fighting capacity of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), hence several groundbreaking initiatives have been taken to ensure that the security sector is geared to capacity to deal with emerging challenges. awarded the contract in the sum of $15,024,000 for the procurement of photographic and forensic equipment for the Guyana Police Force. In September 2010 the sod was turned for the Forensic

Laboratory which is located within the precincts of the University of Guyana, Dennis Street. The lab comes after an agreement signed between the Government of Guyana and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), as part of the institutional strengthening component of the Citizen Security Programme (CSP). Over the years, the Force has been at a disadvantage in carrying out effective investigations as it relates to criminal

Cop injured by man menacing school children with cutlass

POLICE at about 12:45hrs on Wednesday responded to a report that a man who appeared to be mentally unstable was in the Soesdyke Primary School armed with a cutlass and terrorising students and teachers. According to a police press release, upon their arrival at the scene, the armed man attacked the police with the cutlass and inflicted a wound to the left hand of Inspector Mohan Khan.  The police were forced to resort to the use of force and the man, identified as Christopher Mc Cullen of Timehri Docks, was shot and injured to his left shoulder.  Inspector Khan and Mc Cullen were taken for medical treatment at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, East Bank Demerara. (Michel Outridge)

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013


Berbice Police Commander outlines Christmas strategy By Michael Khan

THE Christmas policing strategy in Berbice will be assessed on a weekly basis and changes will be made where necessary, the Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Brian Joseph said Wednesday. Speaking ahead of the programme that starts today, he said:”I, as Commander, officers and other ranks in ‘B’ Division, are prepared to work with all stakeholders to ensure, as far as possible, a crime and accident free Christmas.” The November 15, 2013 to January 15, 2014 schedule was officially launched in the boardroom of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region 6 (East Berbice/Corentyne) on Wednesday. The Divisional Commander highlighted areas of concern to the police throughout the division, which is divided into four sections One, Mara to Burlam Turn; Two, Number One Road to Number 62 Village, Corentyne; Three, Right Bank of the Abary River to Ithaca Village, West Bank Berbice and Four, Number 63 Village to Moleson Creek, Corentyne. “We will be focusing on the main shopping areas in New Amsterdam, Rose Hall Town, Port Mourant and Corriverton in East Berbice, while, on the West side, we will focus on the Rosignol, Bath Settlement and Bush Lot areas. Ranks will be deployed to monitor the above areas by static or roving foot

patrol, while mobile anti-crime patrols will monitor areas with less activities,” Joseph related. The Commander redmarked a number of areas deemed ‘hot spots’, where a number of criminal activities and traffic violations usually occur and promised that those in the four sections will

would, normally, be gathered on known criminal elements, who are being closely watched. “I have instructed all my ranks, especially those on the mobile patrol that, once they see a known character in or around places where they ought not to be to stop them and ask questions; keep the community on

Some of the ‘B’ Division police officers at the launching.

Assistant Commissioner Brian Joseph addressing the gathering in the presence of Senior Superintendent Stephen Mansell During the launching. be closely monitored, with offenders facing the brunt of the law. Joseph said:”Despite we (the police) may not be present at every crime scene, those persons who are caught flouting the law, will be arrested, charged and placed before the court; whatever happens thereafter, is not within our jurisdiction.” He said ‘B’ Division Police have a good working relationship with other Joint Services agencies and information

high alert,” Joseph said. Also present were second-in-command, Senior Superintendent Steven Mansell, other law enforcement officers within the Division, Regional Chairman Permaul Armogan, Vice-Chairman Bhupaul Jhagroo, members of Community Policing Groups (CPGs), representatives of the Berbice Chamber of Commerce and Development Association (BCCDA) and members of civil society.


President commits $1M ... From page 8

the supreme sacrifice in the cause of peace and freedom during the two World Wars and should not be forgotten. Noting too that “we have been fortunate not to have had a World War since then,” the prime minister said that battles, struggles and violence continue in countries such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and other places. For Guyana’s part, he considered it fitting that “We should meet each year, and commemorate, even though no amount of songs we sing; poems we recite, nor gloom that can pervade us, can compensate for the lives and property lost.” Under such circumstances, the prime minister sees it as timely that “we recommit ourselves to work at all times for peace in our country and the well being of all citizens.”


On this note, he added: “From the government’s side, today we reiterate our pledge to continue to provide support towards the veterans of World War I and II, and we have begun support for our veterans from the Guyana Defence Force and other members of the Disciplined Units…” At this juncture, the prime minister took great pleasure in handing over the $1M on behalf of the President and $100,000 on his own behalf. And President of the Guyana Legion, Duncan Stuart, expressed gratitude to the president, the prime minister and all other units and individuals who whole heartedly gave towards their cause. General Secretary Kingsley Nelson did the honours of acknowledging the oldest

QC hosts annual ... From page 8

Rickford, G.L.F. Forshaw, E.G. Swain, T. W. Hunte, H.P. Weber and C.B. Wrong. The victims of the 1935 to 1945 war were C.A.E. Birthles, C.E. Rainer, H.N. Edmonds, B.S. Sam, R.J. Greathead, W.A. Smellie, L.O.H. Harding, D.I. Westmaas, W.W. Merriman and a master, F.T. Weston.

The fallen To h o n o u r t h e f a l l e n , wreaths were hung in the auditorium by Persaud and Baldeo Thorne. This was followed by the Police sounding of the Last Post; the observance of two minutes silence and the

Traffic cop dies in motorcycle crash

- Trailer rider killed in UNAMCO Trail accident

POLICE are investigating a fatal accident that occurred at about 14:00 hrs on Wednesday on the Zeelugt Public Road, East Bank Essequibo, which resulted in the death of Police Constable 22082 Saquiel Anderson of the Parika Station Traffic Department. Investigations have revealed that Constable 21482 Sadikie Fraser was riding a motor cycle along the roadway with Constable 22082 Saquiel Anderson as the pillion rider.  According to reports, as the motorcyclist was in the process of overtaking a stationary motor pickup, the driver of the pickup suddenly drove off and made a U-turn, resulting in a collision.  Both ranks received injuries and were taken to the St. Joseph Mercy Hospital where Constable Anderson later succumbed to his injuries, while Constable Fraser is receiving medical attention.  The driver of the motor pickup is in police custody assisting with the investigations. In another fatal accident on Wednesday, Police reported that at about 15:30 hrs Cleveland George, 45, of Parika, East Bank Essequibo, was travelling on a trailer transporting logs that were attached to a motor lorry along the UNAMCO Trail, Berbice River, when the trailer swayed.  George reportedly jumped off the trailer and received injuries and he was pronounced dead on arrival at the Kwakwani Hospital.  The driver of the motor vehicle is in police custody assisting with the investigations.(Michel Outridge) 

For Saturday November 16, 2013 -14:30hrs

and longest serving veterans, namely Cecil Cunha, Joseph Gooding, Edgar Mitttelholzer and Benjamin Durante. The Commemoration Reception was well planned, fairly well attended, but failed to attract a single diplomatic presence. The representative from the British High Commission who earlier had so graciously officiated at the wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph, was unable to attend. Also removed from the programme was the announcement of prize winners and the presentation of trophies and other prizes to winning schools in the Legion’s Annual Schools Quiz Competition. However, at the function, the spirit of camaraderie pervaded amidst the exhilarating and inspirational performance of the Police Steel Band which began the morning’s programme with renditions

hair-raising sound of the Reveille, culminating with the school song, then the National Anthem. Ms. Gem Rohlehr-Vogt, retired Deputy Principal noted that QC is almost 170 years old and, because of its history, it has been fitting in with certain historical occasions in society, two such being the two World Wars. “This was, initially, a Boys’ School in those days and, since it was males going to war, many of the masters of the school and some of the students went to both wars and lost their lives,” she lamented. For this reason, QC is the only school commemorating those incidents. Meanwhile other schools invited to witness the ceremony were Marian Academy, Bishops’ High School and Christ Church Secondary. Other invitees included Mr. James Rajroop, representing the Old Students’ Board, who was also a graduate of QC Cadets.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

Aries March 21 - April 19

It’s not like you to talk a lot. You pride yourself on using only as many words as you need to get your point across: no more and no less. So when your loved ones ask you what’s up, don’t be offended. They’re just wondering who you are and what you’ve done with their friend. Oh, enjoy it. It’s good to keep ‘em guessing. Then blame it on the coffee and keep chatting -- they’ll be only too happy to listen.

Taurus April 20 - May 20

The astrological team on duty today is absolutely insisting you entertain someone special -- someone so special they’re downright unique -- at your place. It’s not as if you’re going to argue, either, unless this special person asks you over to their place. In which case, you won’t argue, and you shouldn’t. In short, privacy is the name of the game. Big shock, huh?

Gemini May 21 - June 21

You’re not quite sure what’s gotten into you, but you think you like it. You’re still as fun-loving and fond of risks as you ever were, but now you’re also looking for a safety net, just in case. That’s certainly not like you, is it? Maybe there’s a certain person in the picture? Someone you don’t want to offend or frighten away? Well, not to worry. Just be a little extra cautious today.

Cancer June 22 - July 22

You’re as flexible as can be right now, so having to multitask over the next few days shouldn’t be a huge problem for you. The good news is all the lovely things you’ll be juggling may include hanging out with someone irresistible you cross paths with under quite serendipitous circumstances. Don’t ask too many questions -- just enjoy this reunion or connection for what it is.

Leo July 23 - August 22

You still haven’t settled down, have you? Do you feel as if you’re operating your mouth without engaging your brain first? Well, try your best to get it under control. If it doesn’t work, though, don’t worry about it. The entire world is going to be quite chatty today, so you’re certainly not alone. For once, in fact, you’ll blend right in. Some people may even wonder why you’re so quiet.

Virgo August 23 - September 22

You’re a sensitive creature with antennae that never, ever fail you. Thus, your internal radar will come in handy today, given the unpredictable, mixed bag of astrological energies bombarding you. One never knows what you’ll do -- or what the rest of the world will do -- but your intuition should give you some hints just before it happens. Better keep a chaperone nearby. You’ll be picking up all kinds of signals -- even those you’d rather not tune into.

Libra September 23 - October 22

You’re in the mood for ‘just the facts, ma’am.’ Nothing more, nothing less and certainly nothing else. So heaven help anyone who decides to embellish those facts or lavish you with unnecessary details to manipulate you. You know all about subtlety. You wrote the book on it, and you know when you’re being worked. You’ll recognise the signs immediately, and you won’t hesitate to spell them out -- and offer helpful if not blunt hints on how to move forward.

Scorpio October 23 - November 21

You’ve kept quiet about that attraction you’ve been feeling for a long time, but you sure can’t do it much longer. You really need to talk with someone about this, and your best friend or favourite sibling will be only too happy to listen. Better get it off your chest now, and map out a battle plan for when they make their move -- because they’re about to do just that. And soon, too.

Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 CHANNEL 11 07:00 Guyana Today 08:00 Bollywood Hits (r/b) 09:00 Stop the Suffering 10:00 Food Network 11:00 History 12:00 CNN 12:30 Newsbreak 12:35 Stop & Shop 13:00 Round Table (r/b) 14:00 NCN Newsbreak 14:05 Bollywood 60 Mins (r/b) 15:00 Feature 16:00 NCN Newsbreak 16:05 Disney XD 17:00 Courts Christmas Tree Light up - Live 18:00 NCN News Magazine - Live 18:30 Political Scope 19:00 CC-LCDS Quiz 19:30 Pulse Beat 20:00 3d/daily millions/play de dream/lotto draw 20:05 NCN Newsbreak 20:10 Grow with IPED

You could spend the next 48 hours worrying about what one of your closest -- but craziest -- companions will do next. But why would you want to? Remember, you can love someone just as much as you want, but you can’t live their life for them. Relax, and forget about sorting out someone else’s drama. If you need to take a mini-vacation from this friend, there’s no time like the present.

Capricorn December 22 - January 19

Part of you really and truly wants to keep quiet about what you’re feeling, especially if it concerns a touchy subject. But a much more insistent part of you just won’t have it, and is determined to let it all out. You’re currently involved in a heated internal battle, and while neither side has officially won, deep down you know who to bet on. Your feelings are written all over your face.

Aquarius January 20 - February 18

You’re still having a fine old time, and aren’t even near ready to call it quits. You’re probably running on just a few hours of sleep, too, but you’d never know it. You’re excited and enthusiastic, feeling as if you have a solid eight hours of snooze-time under your belt. Well, good for you. Consider it a gift from the universe, and enjoy it while it lasts -- in the company of some equally energetic playmates.

Pisces February 19 - March 20

Today’s astrological package includes more than just a touch of passion. We’re talking major-league fireworks, in fact. But remember, passion can go both ways. So if you’re happy, you’ll be emphatically happy, and anyone who comes into contact with you will feel it right away. If you’re angry, though -- well, just warn any innocent bystanders to duck. You wouldn’t want anyone who’s truly innocent to get caught in the line of fire, right? At least fire a warning shot.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

UNFPA report puts prominent focus on teenage pregnancy


By Jimmy Roos

HE United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) released its annual report on Wednesday with prominent focus on teenage pregnancies and the challenges they pose to society. The occasion, at Regency Suites Hotel, in Hadfield Street, Georgetown, was attended by representatives of other development agencies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) assisting teenage mothers, as well as students from three secondary schools, Central High, St. Stanislaus College and Brickdam. The audience was addressed by Ms. Patrice La Fleur, Assistant Representative UNFPA Sub-Regional Office for the Caribbean in Guyana, Minister of Health, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran as well as two teenage mothers, Indira Austin and Tiffany Hunt.

La Fleur mentioned that teenage pregnancies are, often, a result of cultural, social and economic circumstances, as most girls who become pregnant are from marginalised communities. She said those girls, usually, have little control over their personal circumstances as adults often take decisions that affect them. As a result they have low self-esteem and are easily manipulated by others. Consequently, La Fleur emphasised the importance of embarking on a new approach that will empower girls through education.

marks, Austin, a teenage mother told the gathering how she fell pregnant at the age of 14, due to a lack of proper and guidance



She noted that the girls who stay in school longer are less likely to get pregnant and added that “childhood must never be derailed by motherhood.” Following La Fleur’s re-

information. After her pregnancy, her family and boyfriend encouraged her to abort the foetus and, when she refused, she was treated like an outcast and none of them wanted anything to do

with her. She said she got a second chance in life when a hospital referred her to Women Across Differences (WAD), an NGO supported by UNFPA. According to her, WAD encouraged and supported her and today she is a confident young woman, boasting skills she never had. She declared confidently:“This is not the end for me, but the beginning.” The next speaker was the other teenage mother, Hunt, who already had two children at the age of 17. She related that she had no support from the children’s father and had to work two jobs just to make ends meet. She, too, was referred to WAD and said she would, probably, have given birth to five or more children if it was not for the help she received from that organisation. She, just like Austin, mentioned the love, support and

encouragement she received and today is a confident married woman boasting many skills she did not have previously. She has attended UNFPA conferences in Mexico and The Dominican Republic and is scheduled to graduate from the University of Guyana (UG) in 2016. Hunt encouraged other girls not to engage in early sexual intercourse and to resist pressure from boys who tell them they must in order to prove their love. Minister Ramsaran declared that teenage pregnancy is not a health issue but, rather a developmental one. Like La Fleur he maintained that education, particularly on reproductive health is the solution to the problem of adolescent motherhood. He called for greater collaboration between the Ministries of Health and Education as well as the Parent Teachers Associations (PTAs)

to tackle it. BETTER MOTHER According to Ramsaran “an educated woman is a better mother.” He stated that, when education is disrupted, it begins a vicious cycle that negatively affects not only the future of the mother, because she can no longer continue the process but also the future of her offsprings. Ramsaran recognised UNFPA, in particular La Fleur as well as WAD for the stellar work they are doing. He called on the media to spread the message far and wide, so that people everywhere can learn about what WAD is doing, so that its teenage mothers programme can be replicated countrywide. He also urged those students present to learn from Austin and Hunt and not fall into the same situations.

Providence, Rose Hall, Berbice cane harvesters strike

CANE harvesters attached to the Providence and Rose Hall Estates downed tools on Wednesday and engaged in street protest over a proposed one percent wage increase which they have been offered by GuySuCo. The protesters, representing almost half of the field workers

on to the two estates, marched from Providence, East Bank Berbice, chanting:“One percent can’t wuk.” They journeyed to New Amsterdam where they staged a brief picketing exercise in front of  the Peoples Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) office, at Main and Charlotte Streets.

Cane Harvesters lingering at a ‘Hangout Spot’ in N/A following their vocal protest

Police cordoned off the area and diverted the mid-morning traffic as the strikers demonstrated. ‘P’ Gang representative Carlton Austin told the Guyana Chronicle that they are dissatisfied with the one percent wage hike which had been offered them. He noted statements made by the company that it is cashstrapped but asked how the top brass is receiving high salaries. Austin said he is of the opinion that the demand for an 8 percent rise is reasonable, given the fact that, initially, they were pushing for 12 percent. CUTTING COST “If you are cutting cost, you can’t start from the bottom and then increase at the top,” he posited. There was also a call for the Guyana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) to, adequately, represent the cause of the cane harvesters. GAWU Regional Supervisor in Berbice, Harvey Tambron, in an invited comment, explained that, management will not have union dues deducted from workers’ wages without proper authorisation. Refusing to touch on the issue of salaries for GuySuCo’s top management, he said the union understands the difficulty workers are facing and it will continue to represent them. “That is our legal obligation,” he acknlowledged. Tambron also reported that the union met with workers’ representatives on Tuesday and a decision was taken to allow the negotiations between GuySuCo’s management and union officials to continue. “There is nothing wrong with organised protest or strikes; we will support the workers in strike action once the union can defend and justify the cause,” he assured. However, Tambron said the recent action by the cane harvesters cannot be justified because representatives had agreed to wait on the outcome of the current negotiations, before anything is done. He added: “No other gangs on any of the other estates are on strike for wage increases.”  

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013


The dining area of the Mahaica Children’s Home. (Adrian Narine photos)

Digicel Marketing Manager, Jacqueline James and Minister Jennifer Webster yesterday following the opening of the Mahaica Children’s Home.

Spanking new Digicel financed Mahaica Children’s Home opened By Michel Outridge THE new multi-million-dollar Mahaica Children’s Home, at Mahaica Old Road, East Coast Demerara, was officially opened yesterday and handed over to the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security by Digicel Guyana. On hand to cut the ribbons jointly with the Digicel Guyana team was Minister of Human Services and Social Security, Ms. Jennifer Webster, who lauded the initiative undertaken by the company to construct a large building for housing children. She remarked that the design of the edifice is impressive, unique, pleasing and most suitable to house children. The minister commended the work of Digicel Guyana Marketing Manager, Ms. Jacqueline James, for seeing the project through 10 months following the sod turning exercise on July 25, 2012. She also conveyed the appreciation of President Donald Ramotar, who is overseas, but commended Digicel for partnering with the Government of Guyana for the undertaking. Webster observed that the massive facility will accommodate more than 80 children and there are adequate caregivers but the ministry, under the Child Services Act 2011, will establish a management board which will ensure that the Mahaica Children’s Home meets the minimum standard and also of day care services, to see that they are in adherence and compliance of the stipulations. EXEMPLARY WORK She said, however, she is grateful to Digicel Guyana for the gesture and pleased with the design of the building which she describes as exemplary work by architect Marcel Gaskin. Meanwhile, in brief remarks, Chief Executive Officer of Digicel Guyana, Mr. Gregory Dean said that, during the Christmas season, a team would, usually, visit children’s homes in an effort to spread good cheer and it was recognised that many of these need a facelift. With that in mind, he assured that they would be embarking on three such projects in which the Hararununi Girls Home will be refurbished in three to four months time, repairs to the Ptolemy Reid Rehabilitation Centre dining room and other parts of the building as well as refurbish the Help and Shelter building. He stated that they are working in a systematic fashion to rehabilitate and repair the various children’s homes across the country to meet some form of satisfactory level where children can be comfortable.

Dean thanked James for her efforts in seeing the project through from the inception because her task was not easy but she did an excellent job owing to her skills. Giving a background, James told the gathering that it all started around Christmas 2011 during a visit by a team form Digicel Guyana, including Curtis ‘Casual’ Armstrong. It was recognised that the building was in dire need of repairs and they took some photos and contracted the services of architect Gaskin, who visited the location and advised that a new structure be constructed even after the existing one was repaired, including the roof. She said they accepted the proposal and worked out the logistics with Gaskin and two other partners - R&D Engineering and Pattensen Surveyors - and, after a tendering process and numerous meetings, the construction began. James said the design of the edifice was solely created by Gaskin Cutting of the ribbons to signal the formal opening of the Mahaica Children’s Home yesterday by Minister Jennifer Webster, Digicel Marketing Manager Jacqueline James, CEO Gregory Dean and staffers of the ministry.

and the erection started in July 2012. Yesterday’s ceremony also saw prayers by representatives of three religious denominations before the the ribbons cutting by Minister Webster, James, Dean and staffers of the Ministry after which a tour was conducted. The Mahaica Children’s Home is fully completed with all the furnishings are being utilised by 60 children from birth to 18 years of age. The residence, previously a wooden structure, was in need of repairs when Digicel volunteered to replace it with a modern and sprawling concrete one. The building is lavishly furnished with all basic amenities, including a library with computers and books, two dormitories to house 30 children each, a sick bay, recreation room, laundry area and a kitchen.


This week our hotties decided to step out in fine style and the battle for supremacy was well engaged. None would back down, so we just decided to select the ‘best of the best’, based on their fashion statement. But I think just one may have missed the mark, while the others were just fantastic. This time around the HJTV dudes raked in a place for themselves as the most fashionable, ‘shottahs’.

A hot dancehall diva

she looks like a tigress.

These two hotties deserve the fun they are enjoying

Sleek and sensual evening allure

The HJTV shottas stood out like dynamite

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

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This is just how we expect our curvy girls to look

Three pretty lasses know how to make a fashion statement.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013


Mahadeo Shivraj invites all to see ‘83 MILLION GEES’ POPULAR playwright Mahadeo Shivraj will be screening on the big screen his fourth and latest movie, “83 MILLION GEES”, on November 23rd and 24th at the National Cultural Centre from 8.00pm. If you had seen “TILL I FIND A PLACE”, you would not want to miss “83 MILLION GEES”, as the creative genius of writer Ronald Hollingsworth and Director Mahadeo Shivraj again concoct another mesmerizing play for an audience they so adore. The movie has evolved from the play of the same name (83 MILLION GEES) which won the 2012 National Drama Festival for Best Production, Best Sound, and Best Actor - Mahadeo Shivraj. Synopsis of 83 Million Gees! A multi-racial group of Guyanese who felt economically deprived by the political process resort to stealing $83 million dollars from the Central Bank to avenge the stifling system of government that has neglected their needs. They were mistaken into believing that stealing this huge amount of money was the most difficult part of the operation when, in fact, the act of sharing the spoils created the greatest challenge for this group of bandits, which grew constantly larger. However, “83 Million Gees” is satirical, and the struggle over that huge sum metaphorically represents the physical size of the Republic of Guyana (83,000 sq miles). In other words, this multi-racial group appears on the surface to be fighting over spoils, but in a deeper sense they are locked in a grave battle over political and economic power, and, most of all, racial dominance.

Scenes from the movie “83 MILLION GEES”

Ruqayyah Boyer, Miss World Guyana, is Cover Girl of Shabeau Magazine! REIGNING Miss World Guyana, Ruqayyah Boyer, who recently returned to Guyana after competing for one month

at the Miss World Pageant in Indonesia, is still making waves not just in the continent of Asia, North or South

The reigning Miss Guyana World, Ruqayyah Boyer, is the new face of Shabeau magazine

America, but in our very own Caribbean region! Having recently given up her Miss Guyana Universe title to our diamond girl Katherina Roshana, Ruqayyah is currently featured as a cover girl alongside Barbadian Songstress Allison Hinds on one of the most prestigious Caribbean Magazines, “Shabeau”. The young ambassador who hails from the mining town of Linden made it as a semi finalist in the “talent and beach fashion” rounds of the Miss World Pageant, where, amongst 130 delegates, she placed in the top 32. Boyer was also named spokesperson for the Caribbean American Domestic Violence Awareness Group after her Miss Universe stint, and the public relations officer of the Caribbean Youth Environment Network. Guyana is scheduled to be a main feature in another Caribbean magazine called ‘Nu Woman’ (The Bahamian & Caribbean Woman Magazine) this November. To read Miss World Guyana’s featured story in Shabeau, all one has to do is log on to the online version at http:// or subscribe to the Facebook page at Shabeau magazine.

‘Berbice Uprising’ play to feature foreign actors

TWO Canadians and a Dutch national are to be featured in the 25-member cast of “Berbice Uprising”, a play written and directed by Ras Leon Saul, set to be staged at the National Cultural Centre at 20 hours on Saturday, November 16, as part of the National Drama Festival.

Music diva Charmaine Blackman is playing the role of “Nana” (Kofi’s wife) alongside Ras Leon Saul, who plays the lead role of “Kofi Badu”, aka “Cuffy”. Accomplished actor Max Massiah is “Akkara”, while Jasmine Wong is “Nefetari” – Kofi and Nana’s teenage daughter. Tristan Isaacs is “Akkabre”, a free African, and

company. “Berbice Uprising” is an entertaining dramatic musical fusion based on re-enactment of the decisive moment when the enslaved Africans in the Dutch slave colony of Berbice, led by Kofi Badu, took destiny into their hands and decide to rebel, rising up at Plantations Lilienburg and Magdalenen-

A scene from the play “Berbice Uprising” Adrianus Vlugman, originally from Holland, plays the role of “Massa Barkeij” – the benevolent owner of Plantation Lilienburg on the Berbice River; Amos Sarrouy of Nova Scotia, Canada plays “Vandenburg” – the lustful and brutal Overseer of Plantation Magdalenenburg on the Canje River; while Carmen Pedersen reprises the role of “Mevrouw Vernesobre” – the cruel and inhumane owner of Plantation Magdalenenburg.

Paul Callender is “Sambo”, the fastest runner in Canje. Music icon and filmmaker Bonny Alves is the associate director and musical arranger for the production, with drumming being provided by Ras George alongside Ras Lij and Congo Nya. Dances are provided by Divine Starz dance group, choreographed by Gary. Stage manager is Clive Jordan, and costumes are done by “Mich” of the Black Cotton

burg in February 1763! The 250th Anniversary of the commemoration of the 1763 Berbice Slave Rebellion is being observed in 2013. Sponsors who supported the stage play in a major way are the Berbice Bridge Company Inc., Mohamed’s Enterprise and “Brother” from Swiss House. Tickets, priced at $500., are on sale at the National Cultural Centre. For more info call 693-6035.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

Let’s tell it like it is…

Ole people seh ‘no mind how carrion crow dress up, he cyant pass fuh peacock’ WELL, I really thought that media representatives were persons of excellent calibre and impeccable sophistication, but the actions of a young lady from a certain media entity has left me perplexed, perturbed, and perhaps perambulating as I ponder the perniciousness of some people’s proclivities. You see, folks, the Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL), in association with the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA), recently hosted their annual El Dorado Bartenders Contest at the Pegasus Hotel; and, of course, only carefully selected media operatives were invited to attend this function. Somewhere along the line, someone made the horrid mistake of inviting this certain young lady, and she brought the entire media to shame. There she was, acting all like a peach, with legs crossed like the perfect lady; but that was until the organizers decided to open the bar to allow patrons to have several free cocktails of their choice. It was a sight to see this young woman gulping down glass after glass of the cocktails, and I was afraid she would choke on the liquid. There she was, pushing and shoving the other guests in her attempt to be the first to reach the next bartender to get her fill of more cocktails.

And an HIV/AIDS volunteer thief de people rum!!!

Well when yuh think is the media gyal alone disgracing she wuk place, yuh lie... THERE was also a well known HIV/AIDS male volunteer who was a total disgrace at the event. The minute the promoters opened the bar, he practically gobbled up every imaginable cocktail, shoving and bumping into guests in his single-minded quest to plunge into everything except water that could be soaked up in the process. Within minutes of giving vent to his greed, he was pro-

Gyal stop making noise and pass up de people champagne glasses!! Apparently she did not know that her actions were being disapprovingly looked upon by other wide-eyed media personalities

and guests, who were all appalled at her behaviour. I do not know if, somewhere along the line, she got tipsy, drunk, downright inebriated, or “filled to the gills”, as they say. What I do know is that this young lady stole two of the people’s champagne glasses and hid them in a large black plastic bag with which she had come to the “party”. No one knows what other items she had put into that infamous plastic bag, but when somebody screamed on her, the female promoter stormed into her like a whirlwind, demanding that she return the glasses. This female media operative began to scream at the top of her voice, calling down the heavens as she declared that she did not have the glasses. It was a most shameless act, because one could have plainly seen the print of the glasses from outside the plastic bag. The promoters demanded that she open her plastic bag, but she loudly and vehemently refused to comply with that request. Nevertheless, as she moved about with her black plastic bag like ‘Ole Man Paapy’, the champagne glasses clinked and clanked in an embarrassing musical accompaniment to her guilty actions. Shame! Shame!! Shame on you media operative!!! You have categorized yourself among the individuals who disgrace and embarrass the media fraternity. And this girl was in the presence of a friend who abused the promoters bitterly, telling them that they could not even write a proper press release. Who cares about press releases when the missing champagne glasses were so obviously outlined in your big black plastic bag for all to see?

Toto Gas Station presents ‘Parika Fair of the Year’


Granny Ivelaw LL road leads to the Parika Community Centre Ground tomorrow to witness what promoters have dubbed “the biggest event of the year!”

The venue will come alive as patrons converge for the

‘Parika Fair of the Year’, being promoted by the Toto Gas Station Crew. In an interview yesterday, promoters noted

It good dem catch yuh... Pass back de people rum. verbially ‘drunker than a fish’, and was still trying to get more cocktails!!! Then the most disastrous thing happened…. I was inches away from him when I looked and saw him grab a bottle of 10-Year-Old El Dorado Rum from the table. Looking around to ensure he was not caught, he pushed it into his bag. Mister, did you know that the organizers did not invite thieves and miscreants to their function? Five minutes after that episode, the young man repeated the same act, carting off another bottle of the same rum before he hurriedly departed the venue. Well, when I thought he had left, I was in for a grand surprise. About ten minutes afterwards, this young man returned and walked up to the promoter, pleading with her to give him two bottles of half-consumed liquor. Of course she gave him; and there he was, hurrying from the venue, slurring to himself, “Leh me get outta dis place; I done getting drunk already”. Subsequent investigations revealed that this particular young man was never invited to the event. Talk about “popers” (Guyanese term for uninvited guests) wanting to officiate at functions where they were never even invited.

that the event is family-oriented and will feature Bouncy Castle, Merry-go-Round, trampoline, and face painting for children. However, the pinnacle of excitement surrounds spectacular performances by Guyana’s Chutney Queen, Ms Fiona Singh, and the dancehall queen, ‘Shortie’, out of Den Amstel village. Promoters have also carded to perform character dancer ‘Granny Ivelaw’, so one can only guess the tons of fun that would be generated at this event. Music will, of course, be supplied by Slingerz Family and 71 Sounds. The event is sponsored by Stag Beer, Toto Gas Station, Chico Cargo Boat Service, Reuben Saw Mill, and Classic Culture Gas Station. For more information persons can call FIONA SINGH

phone number 695-8205.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013


Nrityageet: A highly anticipated entertainment masterpiece


VER the years, Nrityageet has be come one of the most sought after and highly anticipated entertainment features on our local calendar. Many have enjoyed the production’s mind blowing costumes, colourful decor, and dazzling choreograph; and have, of course, wondered who is behind this fantastic feature. Bombshell is more than ready to tell them that the Nadira and Indranie Shah Dance Troupe is responsible for this annual show, called Nrityageet, which is actually the company’s annual ‘season’. It was founded in 1979, and has a remarkable record of 28 unbroken annual productions on or around May 5, as a commemoration of Arrival Day. The team of producers is led by the four co-founders of Nrityageet, all members of the Shah family: Nadira Shah Berry, Indranie Shah Lennartson, Seeta Shah Roath (formerly Mohamed), and Bhanmattie Shah. Nadira is producer, artistic director, main choreographer

by Nadira, who has been living in Barbados and the USA; and Indranie, who lives in Sweden. Their consistent annual return to Guyana for the show, as well as the maintenance of links with the group, is mainly what keeps things together. There are equal contributions of perseverance and endurance from those who keep the troupe together in Guyana, such as Seeta, Bhanmattie and Rewattie. The 2007 edition of Nrityageet emphasized the Catholic interests of the Nadira and Indranie Shah Troupe and their efforts at outreach to dance forms and other groups. This added to the show’s variety, while producing lack of variety of another kind; for example, the ‘Line Dance’ by guest performers, Terpsichorean Ballroom Dance School. It was, in fact, too much of a line to hold much interest, with the men masking the women for the entire one-dimensional linear choreography. Other dances, such as ‘Sargam’ and the appearances of the Cummings Lodge Mandir

dance choreographed by its former student. Mohamed’s artistic achievements were further on show with other of her choreographies, such as the impressive ‘Serenading the Cobra’, which she performed. The piece called ‘Sexy Back’ was one of those that demonstrated the versatility of both the Troupe and Mohamed. It was a mixture of the popular with modern, making considerable demands on technique and expression. In a similar vein, the piece ‘Giya’ (Rewattie Datt and Stacy Singh) showed the emergence of a few others, like Almasi Alleyne, Miss Singh, and Rubena, who all have good potential to be lead dancers. There were other dances, apart from those performed by Mohamed, which demonstrated the level that those emerging dancers may aim to get to. These included ‘Chan-

The dances of a lifetime and dancer; Indranie is choreographer and dancer; Seeta is the director of Nrityageet, besides being the manager, researcher, artistic and set designer, and PR coordinator; Bhanmattie is the active matriarch, designer and maker of all the costumes. The three other producers are Suzanne Shah Mohamed, a dancer and choreographer; Rajendra Shah, a dancer and music coordinator; and Rewattie Datt, dancer, choreographer and teacher/trainer of the troupe. She is, it seems, the only producer who is not a member of the Shah family. Nrityageet is an outstanding achievement, the result of an extraordinary show of commitment, interest and dedication

Dancers were much more rewarding. ‘Destiny’, which is a pas de deux designed by Vivienne Daniel and danced by Suzanne Mohamed and Tishan, however, took proceedings to a considerable height, bringing together the country’s principal choreographer with one of its most promising lead dancers. Suzanne Mohamed has grown in accomplishment as a dancer, literally growing up with Nrityageet while receiving some of her training from Guyana’s National School of Dance, in addition to other schools overseas. The National School of Dance was also brought in to be a part of the programme in a

dini’ and ‘My Loved Ones’, in which Nadira and Indranie Shah appeared either together or as soloist. Nadira, in particular, has presence and a command of the stage consistent with talent, training and experience. Two dances that stood out, however, were ‘My Colourful Country’ and ‘Ram and Seeta’. ‘My Colourful Country’ exhibited some of the real strengths of Nrityageet. It was choreographed by Datt, another dancer building a promising career as a product of the Nrityageet tradition, and was competently performed by the troupe. The

Such dazzling choreography set, designed by Seeta Shah Roath, was very colourful and appropriate to the dance, with its Independence Arch and the gay colours of the national flag. This very visible element of spectacle and colour is a heritage of Indian dance theatre that has been a hallmark of Nrityageet. Equally spectacular, and even more interesting as a dance, was ‘Ram and Seeta’,

by Datt and Nadira Shah. Even though the costumes worn by most of the dancers in this piece might have been a bit too close fitting to the extent of tending to restrict their free movement, the very element of good costuming was another inheritance from the Indian dance tradition exhibited in the show. As was the case in most of the other items, they were

desi gned by Bhanm at t i e Shah, and were very spectacular, colourful and carefully wrought to support the plot. It was a regal performance which appeared to involve Lord Ram and his wife, Seeta, holding court accompanied by corresponding images. Adaptations from the Ramayana are themes that have left a very famous legacy for Indian dance theatre.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013


NSC/MCYS/MoH/GCF 7th Annual ‘Ride for Life’

Team Coco’s dominate first two stages By Calvin Roberts TEAM COCO’S dominance on long distance races in Guyana was yesterday underlined at the completion of the first two stages in the National Sports Commission/ Ministry of Sport/Ministry of Health/Guyana Cycling Federation seventh annual ‘Ride for Life’ five-stage cycle road

... Jeffrey leads race

race yesterday. National Road Race and Time Trial champion, Raynauth ‘Obeah Man’ Jeffrey, took the first stage of this year’s event from the 62 starters yesterday morning, while his Team Coco’s teammate in Barbados’ Darren Matthews, took the second later in the day, securing Jeffrey’s lead heading into this morning’s third stage. After Jeffrey was presented with his symbolic yellow jersey for his first stage win, the 56 starters who completed the first stage earlier yesterday morning were sent on their way for the 60 miles course by National Cycling Coach, Hassan Mohammed. As they passed D’Edward Village on the West Coast of Berbice, Alanzo Greaves, Junior Niles, Paul Choo-WeeNam, and John Charles made their way to the front of the

ENGLISH Lingfield 07:55 hrs Sweet P 08:25 hrs Pool House 08:55 hrs Freedom’s Light 09;25 hrs Mystery Bet 09:55 hrs Powerful Pierre 10:30 hrs Novellen Lad 11:05 hrs Piceno 11:40 hrs Atlanta Bay CHELTENHAM 09:05 hrs Hunters Lodge 09:35 hrs Eastlake 10:05 hrs Oscar Whiskey 10:40 hrs Kaylif Aramis 11:15 hrs Balthazar King 11:50 hrs Quick Jack SOUTH AFRICA RACING TIPS Fairview 08:10 hrs Key Castle 08:45 hrs Indian Hawk 09:25 hrs Bonnard 10:05 hrs November Rain 10:45 hrs Katie Em Irish Racing Tips Dundalk 13:45 hrs Caso Do Lago 14:15 hrs Have A Nice Day 14:45 hrs Mangolia Beach 15;15 hrs Alvar 15:45 hrs Teajaybe 16:15 hrs Hangar Five 16:45 hrs High Net Worth

peloton which included Jeffrey, Matthews, Geron Williams, Godfrey Pollydore, Orville Hinds and Paul DeNobrega, just to name a few. The quartet worked in tandem and held a lead of two minutes and 45 seconds o n M a t t h e w s a n d Wa l t e r Grant-Stuart and an additional one minute and 20 seconds on the chasing peloton, as they passed through Number Five village. Grant-Stuart found the pace of the hard working Matthews too much to handle and was wheeled in by the chasing peloton, even as Matthews remained a lone soldier on his way to connecting with the front quartet, which he did just before they crossed the Mahaica bridge. Choo-Wee-Nam began to suffer cramps just before they reached Ann’s Grove, while Williams, Jeffrey, Pollydore, DeNobrega and Scott Savory connected with Greaves, Niles and Charles, with Niles and Charles being dropped off the pace as they approached Victoria and Savory shortly after. The battle for supremacy in the second stage was left to be fought between Greaves, Matthews, DeNobrega, Williams, Jeffrey and Pollydore and with Matthews showing signs of fatigue while the others worked tirelessly ahead of him, many felt he would have been dropped off the pace by the front runners. However, it turned out that he was playing dead to see his funeral and realizing that no one was willing to sing ‘Amazing Grace’ for him, displayed his sprinting prowess to take the second stage in a time of 2h: 21m: 25seconds ahead of Williams, Pollydore, Greaves, DeNobrega and Jeffrey, with all six riders partaking in the bonus times on offer for their respective placing. Earlier in the day, Jeffrey showed he can be a sprinter, when he took the first stage (46 miles) from the man he defeated to take

the National Road Race title this year, Orville Hinds, doing so in a time of 1h. 37m: 42seconds, with Hinds crossing the line eight seconds behind him. Five cyclists namely Greaves, Hinds, Jeffrey, Pollydore and Robin Persaud, went on a break just as they passed Leeds Village, before Jeffrey and Hinds thought they had enough and made their solo move to the front, while the cat and mouse tactics between Greaves and Persaud continued. Together the duo worked in tandem to increase their lead over the languishing trio, until they were approximately one kilometer from the finish line, at which point Jeffrey thought he had enough of Hinds and made his move, one that was unanswered from the Team United cyclist. Pollydore showed he has Greaves’ number when it comes to a sprint for the finish line, when he took the third position with Greaves, Matthews and Williams finishing in that order, while Gerald Yates finished 40 seconds after Jeffrey crossed the line and the peloton another 34 seconds after Yates. At the end of the first two stages, Jeffrey leads the event with a time of 3h. 58m: 55secs, followed by Matthews who is 37 seconds behind him. Pollydore, who is in third position, has an additional two seconds behind Matthews in the overall timings, with Williams fourth (+4seconds on Matthews) and Greaves fifth (+6seconds on Matthews), as they head into this morning’s third stage which covers a distance of 35 miles from Wales to Bushy Park, Parika and pedals off at 09:00hrs. Niles is leading the Veteran’s position with a time of 4h. 01m: 55secs, ahead of Raymond ‘Steely’ Newton’s time of 4h. 2m: 20secs that places him in 10th position overall alongside defending champion Jaime Ramirez, Persaud, Akeem Arthur, Albert Philander, Mario King and Hamza Eastman, while Arthur, King and Eastman are vying for the Junior category.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

West Indies crumble to Ojha spin for 182 on opening day MUMBAI, India, (CMC)Spin bowling sparked another typical West Indies batting collapse as India took control on day one of the second Test at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai yesterday. West Indies crumbled for 182 before tea, eroded by leftarm spinner Pragyan Ojha, and India in reply reached 157 for two at the close, well within sight of first innings lead. Retiring batting great Sachin Tendulkar, playing his 200th and final Test, is not out on 38 and

rookie Cheteshwar Pujara not out on 34. Shane Shillingford continues to be the Windies’ most effective bowler on this trip, grabbing 2-46 from 12 overs. The visitors lost their last seven wickets for 42 runs in the space of 89 deliveries between lunch and tea. Kieran Powell hit the top score of 48 and all of the West Indies’ top seven batsmen reached double figures, but none of them carried on. West Indies hopes for a

strong start had taken a dent, when they reached 93 for two at lunch, after Chris Gayle and Darren Bravo fell. Gayle, playing his 99th Test, was caught at gully for 11 in the first half-hour after the Windies were sent in to bat on an unusually helpful, grassy pitch, when he played back defensively to a delivery from Mohammad Shami that popped from a good length. Bravo joined fellow lefthander Powell and they eased the pain of the early loss, when

they put on 61 for the second wicket. Fortune favoured them both, when Bravo, on four, edged Shami just short of second slip fielder Murali Vijay, and Powell, on 21, edged Kumar to first slip, where Ashwin put him down. In between their mis-steps, the two young left-handers batted with confidence. Bravo got into gear, when he drove Shami elegantly through cover for his second four, and Powell typically looked in fine touch with his first boundary, a languid off-drive off Kumar, showing his class. T he tw o young le fthanders appeared to be batting for the interval, when Bravo was caught behind for 29 off Ashwin, playing defensively forward to a delivery that spun and bounced. After lunch, West Indies suffered an early set-back, when Powell essayed a whip and was caught at short leg off Ojha, when the ball lobbed from the pad from a thin inside edge in the third over after the interval. This brought Shivnarine Chanderpaul to the crease. Playing his 150th Test under the maroon cap, he and Marlon Samuels stitched a stand of 43 for the third wicket to stem the fall of wickets.

Left-arm spinner Pragyan Ojha finished with 5 for 40, as India bowledout West Indies for 182 on the opening day. But Samuels was caught at slip off Ojha for 19, when he played defensively forward to a delivery that spun sharply, setting the collapse in motion. Chanderpaul was unable

West Indies players celebrate the wicket of Murali Vijay on the opening day of the second Test at the Wankhede Stadium. to mark his momentous appearance with a milestone innings, falling three overs later caught at first slip for 25, when Bhuvneshwar Kumar squared him up and found his edge with a well-pitched delivery that moved across him. Narsingh Deonarine, one of two changes to the Windies line-up, was fortunate on 12, when Pujara dropped him at slip off Ojha, but he was soon caught at gully for 21, playing defensively forward to Ashwin. West Indies captain Darren Sammy emerged with his side 162 for six and lasted just two balls before he was caught at short mid-wicket off Ashwin for a duck, essaying an ill-advised slog/sweep. After this, there was lit-

WEST INDIES 1st Innings C. Gayle c Sharma b Mohammad Shami 11 K. Powell c Dhawan b Ojha 48 D.M. Bravo c wkpr Dhoni b Ashwin 29 M. Samuels c Vijay b Ojha 19 S. Chanderpaul c Ashwin b Kumar 25 N. Deonarine c Vijay b Ashwin 21 D. Ramdin not out 12 D. Sammy c Sharma b Ashwin 0 S. Shillingford lbw b Ojha 0 T. Best c wkpr Dhoni b Ojha 0 S. Gabriel c wkpr Dhoni b Ojha 1 Extras (b8, lb8) 16 TOTAL (all out) 182 Fall of wickets: 1-25 (Gayle), 2-86 (Bravo), 3-97 (Powell), 4-140 (Samuels), 5-148 (Chanderpaul), 6-162

tle or no resistance from the tail-enders, as Ojha brought the innings to a close, when he had Shannon Gabriel caught behind for one to claim five wickets in an innings in a Test for the sixth time. The Windies were put under early pressure, when openers Shikhar Dhawan and Murali Vijay shared 77 for the first wicket. But Shillingford snared them in the space of three deliveries, when he had Dhawan caught at deep mid-wicket for 33 and Vijay caught at leg-slip for 43. The visitors formed a guard of honour to welcome Tendulkar to the crease with accompaniment of a loud roar from a crowd that nearly packed out the stadium.

(Deonarine), 7-162 (Sammy), 8-162 (Shillingford), 9-172 (Best) Bowling: Kumar 17-2-45-1; Mohammad Shami 12-2-36-1; Ashwin 15-2-45-3; Ojha 11.2-2-40-5 Overs: 55.2 INDIA 1st Innings M. Vijay c Sammy b Shillingford 43 S. Dhawan c Chanderpaul b Shillingford 33 C. Pujara not out 34 S. Tendulkar not out 38 Extras (b8, nb1) 9 TOTAL (2 wkts) 157 V. Kohli, S. Tendulkar, R. Sharma, *+M. Dhoni, R. Ashwin, B. Kumar, P. Ojha, Mohammad Shami to bat Fall of wickets: 1-77 (Dhawan), 2-77 (Vijay) Bowling: Sammy 6-0-270; Gabriel 6-0-32-0 (nb1); Shillingford 12-1-46-2; Best 5-027-0; Samuels 5-0-17-0 Overs: 34 Position: India trail by 25 runs with eight first innings wickets standing

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013


No central contract for Zaheer, Sehwag ZAHEER Khan, Virender Sehwag and Harbhajan Singh find themselves out of a central contract for the 201314 season, while Gautam Gambhir and Yuvraj Singh find themselves downgraded in the BCCI’s retainer list, released yesterday. Suresh Raina is the surprise inclusion among the five players in the highest grade; the others are captain MS Dhoni, Sachin Tendulkar, R Ashwin and Virat Kohli. The list also features five players who were not rewarded with a contract last year. They are Bhuvneshwar Kumar (Grade B), Mohammed Shami, Ambati Rayudu, Jaydev Unadkat and Mohit Sharma (all in Group C). While Zaheer and Sehwag featured in Grade A last year, Harbhajan was included in Grade B. ESPNcricinfo understands that they were axed because none of them is assured of a place in the team in any of the three formats. Their exclusion need not, however, be the end of their

…Gambhir, Yuvraj downgraded career, because BCCI rules say that any non-contracted player who features in any international match during the contract period is awarded a Grade C contract for the rest of the tenure. Ravindra Jadeja, Shikhar Dhawan and M Vijay have been upgraded from Grade C to B for their “exceptional” performance in the last contract cycle, while Rahane’s demotion on the reverse route was due to the fact that he has failed to make most of his limited opportunities. Tendulkar’s mention in Grade A may have raised quite a few eyebrows since the veteran batsman is making his last international appearance during India’s second Test against the West Indies. However, since the annual retainers are awarded on a pro-rata basis, Tendulkar would be eligi-

ble for two months’ compensation since the beginning of the retainer cycle in October. Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman were also named in the top category and were paid proportionately during the 2011-12 cycle. The list has been pruned from 37 last season to 25, the BCCI’s rationale apparently being that many players had started taking an annual retainer for granted. “The list was extended last year in order to give fringe players the confidence. But now the Board feels only those who are in line of an India call-up should be awarded an annual retainer,” a Board official said. The contracts, decided by a three-member committee of the BCCI comprising president (N Srinivasan), secretary (Sanjay Patel) and chairman of selectors (Sandeep Patil), run from October 1, 2013, to September 30, 2014. (ESPN Cricinfo)

Trott, Cook, Pietersen score half centuries …Pace bowler Steve Finn takes five wickets By Nick Mulvenney SYDNEY, (Reuters) - Jonathan Trott believes everything is coming together for England a week before they embark on their bid for a fourth successive Ashes triumph in Brisbane. Trott, Alastair Cook and Kevin Pietersen all scored half centuries as England’s batsmen made the most of the Sydney sunshine on the second day of their final warm-up on Thursday. Opener Michael Carberry, who looks set to make his Ashes debut next week, was dismissed for just four but thereafter it was a good day for the tourists, who reached the close of play on 302 for five against an Invitational XI. Pace bowler Steve Finn had earlier ended up with five for 103 as the Australians were dismissed for 304 before lunch, pressing his claim to be England’s third seamer at the Gabba. “Everyone has got a few runs but you’re not going to know exactly what nick you’re in until you’re in front of 50,000 at Brisbane,” Trott told reporters. “It’s more about getting mentally prepared for that... being a tight knit unit, everyone firing, not just the batters but the bowlers and the fielding. “We’ve looked good in

the field here as well, so everything seems to be coming together.” After Carberry’s departure, Cook and Trott enjoyed a long period out in the middle on a good Sydney Cricket Ground wicket, putting on 143 for the second wicket before both were caught behind as a result of loose shots. Trott, who had averaged just 27 in the first Ashes series of the year in England, was unhappy with the manner of his dismissal and ruefully bit his bat as he made way back to the dressing room with 83 runs to his name. “As a cricketer, you have pride and you want to go out there and do well every time,” Trott added. “I f e l t I w a s i n g o o d form and played at a ball I s h o u l d n ’t h a v e , I w a s disappointed. Today, I made a mistake and paid for it.” Cook accumulated 81 before making way for Ian Bell, who joined Pietersen at the crease and the pair both survived early scares before taking the game to the bowlers. EXOTIC SHOTS Bell smashed 35 of 45 balls but it was Pietersen who really caught the eye, playing conservatively for 45 minutes or so before cutting

lose with a full repertoire of extravagant shots. Showing no signs of the knee problem that forced him to have a cortisone injection last Sunday, he knelt to smash his second six of the innings over midwicket before holing out on the boundary three balls later for 57 from 71 balls. “It’s always nice to see him in full flow and being confident, even in warmup games,” Trott said. “It is important that everyone feels in good touch and the way Kev goes about it might be different but he looks in good form to me.” Leg spinner James Muirhead (2-97) took Pietersen’s wicket, a small measure of revenge for the punishment he had received from the almost contemptuous England batsman. “Before the game I said to the boys he’s the one batsman I want to bowl to,” the 20-year-old Muirhead said. “I knew he’d come really hard at me, I know I got hit for a few sixes but to get him out was just really satisfying.” Joe Root, occupying the number six spot he is expected to retain in Brisbane, kept up the scoring rate with a quickfire 26, while Jonny Bairstow, standing in as wicketkeeper for the injured Matt Prior, accumulated a more pedestrian 11.

Zaheer, Harbhajan and Sehwag: out of a central contract.


Annual Joint Service Athletic Championships

Police seeking to regain championship honours

–– finals set for today at Eve Leary By Michael DaSilva THE Guyana Police Force (GPF) will be seeking to regain the overall title of the Annual Joint Service Track and Field Championships which concludes today at the Police Sports Club ground Eve Leary. Already, the lawmen and women have seized a sizeable lead in the points standing and are looking all set to regain the

ALITA MOORE championship title which they lost to the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) three years ago. After three days of competition, the GPF have accumulated 245 points, 45 ahead of the GDF and more than 200 points ahead of the other disciplined forces (Guyana Fire Service, Guyana Prison Service, and City Constabulary). Today’s finals will see the country’s top senior athletes competing against each other and much rivalry is anticipated as the GPF are out to prove they have better athletes than the GDF. Two of the most anticipated finals will be the women’s and men’s 100 and 200-metre races, as Alita Moore and Litia Myles will try to outdo each other in the women’s 100-metre final, while GDF’s Davin `Black Boy’ Fraser and police’s Olympian, Winston George, will face each other in the men’s 200-metre final. Fraser returned 21.98 seconds in winning his heat, while George clocked 22.2 seconds to win his heat. The 22.2 seconds registered by George is the same time that police’s Shawn Semple returned to place third in the heat that was won by Fraser. GDF won the title in 2011 but failed to repeat that performance last year as they (GDF) and GPF were tied on points last year. According to the GDF coach and former national

quarter mile champion Robert Chisolm, he has put together a very good bunch of athletes for this year’s championship and he is very confident the soldiers can pull off this year’s title, however, the soldiers will have to come better that they have been over the past couple of days as the GPF is determined to hold on to their lead Chisolm is of the view that he has a stronger track team than the police’s athletes, but admitted that the Police field athletes are stronger than his. For today’s men’s and women’s 100-metre final, Police will be represented by two top class athletes in Quinse Clarke and Lotitia Myles respectively. Other top police athletes on show today will be Patrick King (men’s 400-metres) and Tyshon Bentick. Meanwhile, GPF won the men’s road relay on Tuesday for the first time in the event’s history. The law keepers also made a clean sweep of the women’s long jump with Tracy Moses winning with a leap of 5.29 metres, followed by Cindy Fraser (5.26m) and Tandika Burgess (5.23m) respectively.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013

Vintage Tendulkar promises grand exit in farewell Test

MUMBAI, (Reuters) - A deafening roar greeted Sachin Tendulkar yesterday at his home ground as India’s favourite son walked out to bat in his farewell Test to a guard of honour from his opponents. Tendulkar’s 200th Test match, against West Indies, at the Wankhede Stadium will also be his last, as the ‘Little Master’ brings the curtain down on a glittering 24-year career at the age of 40. With his heavy bat -sporting a grip in the colours of the national flag -- tucked under his arm, Tendulkar trotted out to bat at the fall of opener Murali Vijay, whose dismissal had sparked wild celebration among expectant fans in the stands. “A billion hearts are beating at the moment,” Tendulkar’s childhood idol and former India captain Sunil Gavaskar said from the commentary box. The stadium, filled to its 32,000 capacity, erupted in joy as he swept West Indies spinner Shane Shillingford for a single to get off the mark in his innings, which could be his last as the visitors were shot out for a paltry score while batting. Tendulkar, who made his debut for India against Pakistan in Karachi in 1989 as a curly haired 16-year-old, Sachin Tendulkar walks out has most batting records in to bat in his final Test against his kitbag, and enjoys un- West Indies in the second Test matched adulation in crick- in Mumbai. et-crazy India. He has scored the most runs in Tests and one-day international cricket and his 51 Test centuries and 49 ODI hundreds are also records. But ‘The God of cricket’, as fans call him in India, has not been in prime form for the last few years, with his last Test century coming against South Africa in January 2011.

He showed little sign of rust, though, yesterday as six vintage Tendulkar boundaries flowed from his bat, both off the front foot and the back. His signature cover drives left fielders stranded while his last four of the day, a classic straight drive off West Indies captain Darren Sammy, sent the crowd into a frenzy. He remained unbeaten on 38, ensuring he will shoulder the weight of expectation -- as he has done every time he has stepped on the field -- for at least one more time as fans will flock to the stadium expecting another big innings from him. His wheelchair-bound mother Rajni, who has never before watched her son bat at a stadium, joined his first coach Ramakant Achrekar, figures from politics, sport, corporate India and Bollywood stars on Thursday to watch the master batsman in his cricketing swansong. “I am really touched with #ThankYouSachin messages. Your support all these years have inspired me to give my best,” Tendulkar said on Twitter on the eve of the match. “I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for 24 years of support.” FESTIVE MOOD The match started in festive fashion with the Indian government releasing two commemorative stamps, while local organisers used a specially minted coin to mark the occasion as Tendulkar led the team on to the ground. India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, with a grin on his face, said he would have to disappoint everyone present, or watching the game on the television, by opting to field first after winning the toss. “W e w i l l b e v e r y f o r t u n a t e i f w e g e t a n o t h e r Sachin,” Dhoni added after flipping the coin, w h i c h h a d T e n d u l k a r ’s i m a g e o n o n e s i d e , a t t h e t o s s . “S o i t i s i m p o r t a n t t h a t w e l e a r n f r o m t h e great man.” Dhoni also handed him a cap which had “200th Test” stitched on it while the whole Indian team wore a shirt which had “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar 200th Test” embossed on it. The sense of occasion resonated from every inch of the stadium; with the sentiment best summed up by one banner in the crowd which grappled with the spectre of the sport in India, post-Tendulkar. “Now only humans will play cricket,” it read. Due to an ongoing dispute between media organisations and the Board of Control for Cricket in India, Reuters is unable to provide full coverage of the India v West Indies test match.


F&H Printing Establishment $1MCountry Wide Dominoes

Competition begins today and concludes with finals on Sunday ... Record 67 teams to battle for top spot

TODAY BEGINS in earnest, the countdown to the battle for the top prize and other prizes up for grabs in this year’s segment of the F&H Printing Establishment countrywide dominoes competition, which will culminate with the finals being played at Sunday at 6:00 pm. A record 67 teams will commence the playoff segment this afternoon after the March Past which will be taken by the Director of Sport, Neil Kumar, from 17:00 hrs, at the National Gymnasium, Mandel Avenue. All of last year finalists have made it into the playoffs including defending champion TNT, the second placed West Side and Limpy Lotto, who placed third, while the “spreading out” drawing system from last year will again

be used to ensure the occurrence of collusion among teams more difficult. Matches will resume at 10:00 hrs. tomorrow, with fixtures being issued this evening, while teams are asked to ensure adherence to time for tomorrow’s fixtures and also Sunday’s which will be issued tomorrow evening. The coordinators warned that it is the responsibility of team Captains to ensure that at least they are present for the draw and receipt of fixtures, with teams who will be affected by bridge opening, asked to take note. On Sunday, the quarter- finals, semi- finals and the finals will be played with matches set to commence at 12:00 hrs. sharp. To date, all the zone winners of the preliminary rounds have already received their

prizes and the following prizes are still to be determined: winner $500,000, trophy and medals; runner-up $250,000, trophy and medals; and third placed $100,000, trophy and medals. The fourth, fifth and sixth placed finishers will pocket $60,000, $35,000 and $25,000 respectively, while those teams who have made it thus far in the tournament and came out empty handed, will pocket $10,000 each. In addition, the player who shares the first Double Love in the playoffs will receive $5,000; Best Female Player $5,000; First Love (Finals) $3,000; Best Performing Team from far reaching areas $25,000; Best Performing Corporation Team $15,000; and Best Uniform Team $30,000. The organizar will like to take the opportunity to thank all the teams for participating, particularly those that did not make it to the playoffs: Kumar, Ministry of Culture Youth and

Sports, Courts (Guyana) Ltd, and All Season Racing Service, and Dave Persaud of Trinidad and Tobago. In addition, the organiser wishes to thank King’s Advertising for partnering with F&

H Printing Establishment to ensure the successful hosting of this event, which F&H sees as part of its corporate responsibility and has committed to hosting annually.


COMPLIMENTS OF THE TROPHY STALL-Bourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055)

Answers to Thursday’s quiz: (1) run out (WI vs AUST, Sydney, 1992-93) (2) 1987 World Cup

Today’s Quiz: (1) How many runs the great Sunil Gavaskar scored in

his inaugural Test series? (2) Put these in order beginning with the team the WI first engaged in ODIs: Australia; New Zealand; England; Pakistan; India

Answers in tomorrow’s issue

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday November 15, 2013



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NSC/MCYS/MoH/GCF 7th Annual ‘Ride for Life’

West Indies crumble to Ojha spin for 182

Please see story on page 32

Team Coco’s dominate first two stages

... Jeffrey leads race


Dominant Team Coco! At left, National Road Race and Time Trial champion, Raynauth ‘Obeah Man’ Jeffrey, takes the first stage from Orville Hinds (background) while his Team Coco’s teammate, Darren Matthews (at right), takes the second stage from Geron Williams, even as Godfrey Pollydore (right) gets ready to sprint past Alanzo Greaves.

Memento for Chandi on his 150 Test

FORMER Guyana and West Indies captain Clive Lloyd presents Shivnarine Chanderpaul with a memento for his 150th Test just before play started in the 2nd Test match in Mumbai, yesterday.

Vintage Tendulkar promises grand exit in farewell Test

West Indies players form a guard of honour for Sachin Tendulkar on the opening day of the second Test at the Wankhede Stadium (See story on Page 34).

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