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GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

Fire ravages top flat of popular Industry supermarket By Asif Hakim

A FIRE of as yet unknown origin yesterday ravaged the top flat of “The Market Place” supermarket on Fifth Street, Industry, East Coast Demerara. The entire top flat of the supermarket was damaged,

to the extent that the owner had to relocate all his groceries. The owner of the business told the Guyana Chronicle that he could not say how the fire started, but is hoping that the investigations by the Guyana Fire Service would identify the cause.

Meanwhile, he thanked the Guyana Fire Service for responding in a timely manner, or else his entire building would have been completely gutted. A neighbour who was on the scene told this newspaper that all she saw was smoke coming from the building and immediate-

Industry residents at the scene of the fire yesterday ly she alerted the other neighbours. She related that she attempted to help the owner remove the groceries but the heat was too intense. The woman said that in

The supermarket that was on fire

all the years, Fifth Street never had a fire and this blaze was a shock to her since the business was well secured. Only Tuesday, 76-yearold father of seven, Sew

Susankar, perished in an early-morning fire of unknown origin at his home at Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara. Neighbours had indicated that the area had a power outage, and as soon as power was restored, a loud explosion was heard at Susankar’s residence and then smoke was seen coming from the building. Firefighters tried to rescue the man from the burning building through the unlocked grill door at the back, but their efforts were unsuccessful. He was found still alive in the bathroom of the house, but succumbed to his injuries en route to the Georgetown Public Hospital in the tray of a police pickup, and was pronounced dead on arrival.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

During panel discussion...


Nandlall expresses limited confidence in consultations for Service Commissions By Derwayne Wills ATTORNEY General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Mr. Anil Nandlall, has expressed limited confidence in the process of consultations with the Opposition on the substantive appointment of integral members of the Service Commissions. He made his view known during a Wednesday evening panel discussion on ‘Guyana’s Independence’ at the Cheddi Jagan Research Centre (Red House) in Kingston, Georgetown. The discourse was hosted by the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) and the other panelists included Home Affairs Minister and General Secretary of the PPP Clement Rohee, and PPP Founder Member, Ashton Chase. Minister Nandlall noted that there has been a significant reduction in the political power of the Executive President, introduced under the 1980 Burnham Constitution, emanating from a broadbased 1999 Constitutional Reform Commission. “Our constitution, in many respects, is superior

in terms of inclusive governance, greater participation from the Opposition and non-government agencies, this is so more than any other constitution in the Caribbean,” he observed. HAMPERED The AG said, however, that in his estimation there is limited confidence with the provision of consultation, since this process has since hampered the substantive appointment of both a Chief Justice and a Chancellor of the Judiciary. According to him, the only country in the world that has such a provision as Guyana, for meaningful consultation, is Pakistan, which has not appointed a Chief Justice in 14 years because there is never an agreement between the Leader of the Opposition and the Prime Minister of the day. Minister Nandlall pointed out that the provision for recommendations by the National Assembly is another exemplification of inclusive government, since the Opposition now has “a real role and an opportunity never

Mr. Anil Nandlall, Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, speaking at the Red House forum on Wednesday enjoyed before to nominate persons to sit in their own rights, on these important tribunals.” He was keen to note that what obtained from the unchanged 1980 Constitution is that appointments made to the Judicial Service Com-

mission were by the Executive President, acting unilaterally without consulting any other. Nandlall said there was a need for significant reduction in such presidential power, which was done by the 1999 Constitutional Re-

view Commission (CRC). The Minister said, in 1980, the Executive President was required to consult with the Leader of the Opposition but he underscored that the late former President and PPP Founder Member, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, had bemoaned what obtained during the 1980s was that then Executive President Forbes Burnham would communicate, by telephone to Dr. Jagan, then Leader of the Opposition, that he was moving to “appoint ‘Mary Jane’ as a Judge or ‘Tom Jones’ as a Chancellor” after which Burnham would declare that the Leader of the Opposition has been consulted in accordance with the requirements of the constitution “and just put down the phone.” Nandlall said during that time the actions of Burnham “satisfied what consultation was under the constitution.” The AG continued that changes were made to the effect that “consultation” was replaced by “meaningful consultation” after which such was defined by the constitution. AN EXCHANGE The Legal Affairs Min-

ister said it now requires an exchange of documents between the President and whichever official he has to meaningfully consult, further adding, there has to be an exchange of documents where the President’s view and that of the other entities involved in the consultation are expressed, with dialogue that is conducted across a reasonable period of time. Holding to the constitutionally provided structures of the Public, Police, and Judicial Service Commissions, Nandlall said those named bodies play an integral role in the appointment of, as well as disciplining of persons in See page 9


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

D-Day 70th anniversary: Ceremonies and staged landing held HUNDREDS of the last surviving D-Day veterans have gathered on both sides of the English Channel, 70 years on from the momentous World War Two mission. A spectacular Red Arrows display in Southsea and parachute drop in France came on the eve of the anniversary. The Princess Royal was at the drumhead ceremony in Portsmouth, where on 5 June 1944 troops were preparing to invade Nazi-occupied France. Between 2,500 and 4,000 Allied troops are thought to have died the next day. As many as 9,000 Germans are also estimated to have lost their lives when around 156,000 troops, mainly from Britain, the US and Canada landed on Normandy’s beaches in one of World War Two’s key turning points. ‘Killing field’ On the anniversary of the eve of the landings, the Prince of Wales laid a wreath near the Pegasus Bridge a strategic crossing which British troops captured within minutes of landing in gliders on the French coast just after midnight during the push. Events have been held in the UK and France

and sacrifice, success and disaster will soon fade from living memory. An emotional 88-yearold Sapper Harry Billinge said: “It was a killing field. I hope they will not forget the poor devils that died here.” ‘Prison camp’ Navy veteran Charlie Stretch said D-Day was his last day as a teenager. “I was 20 the next day and I didn’t think I’d see 20,” he said. “In the navy you didn’t get your tot [of rum] until you were 20 so I thought I’d go without having tasted rum.” Fellow veteran Les Reeves said the commemorations were in honour of “the lads that never saw the White Cliffs [of Dover]” after crossing the Channel for the invasion. Dougle Morton, who was 23 on D-Day and landed on Sword Beach, said he was among a group of soldiers locked in a “prison camp” in Hastings before the invasion as Allied commanders tried to keep their plans secret. He said he remembered playing cards during the crossing and, asked what he felt about being part of such a massive operation, he said: “We had a job to do and we did it.”

Prince Charles toasted veterans at a lunch near the strategically important Pegasus Bridge In a note written on the wreath he said: “In ever-grateful remembrance of your service and sacrifice, Charles.” The prince and the Duchess of Cornwall had lunch with veterans and watched as more than 300 troops parachuted in to Ranville, the first village to be liberated. Among them was 89-year-old Jock Hutton, who repeated the jump he made into France 70 years ago. The Queen, who has arrived in Paris with the Duke of Edinburgh for a three-day state visit, will join other world leaders in Normandy on Friday to mark the day the mission began. Leaving flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier with President Francois Hollande, the two heads of

state paused and bowed their heads beneath the Arc De Triomphe. About 650 UK veterans most in their 80s or 90s and many making the journey for the last time - are expected at Friday’s Sword beach ceremony. The towns may have French names, but the five Allied landing beaches are still known as Utah, Omaha, Juno, Gold and Sword. On the anniversary itself, the Queen will head an international service of commemoration attended by royals, presidents and prime ministers. Hundreds of veterans are here, but their numbers are dwindling. The youngest are well into their 80s. This will be the last significant anniversary most will witness. Their stories of heroism

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Allied troops crossed the English Channel in the initial D-Day assault on 6 June 1944, paving the way for the defeat of Nazi Germany. The attack was planned from Southwick House, just north of Portsmouth, which was the main departure point for troops heading to Sword Beach. The city marked that history with a ceremony earlier. In a message in the order of service, Princess Anne wrote that this year was “particularly poignant because it will be one of the last milestones on which there will be sizeable numbers of veterans who were there on the day”. Prime Minister David Cameron said: “Shortly after D-Day, my own grandfather was wounded and came home. “We will never forget

what they did and the debt that we owe them for the peace and the freedom that we enjoy on this continent.” Pay tribute On the other side of the Channel, parachutists have landed on Sword Beach as part of the commemorations. And last evening, the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra will pay tribute to the veterans. A flotilla led by HMS Bulwark is sailing from Portsmouth to Normandy with four vessels from other countries. Heads of state from 17 nations are to attend the international ceremony at Sword Beach on Friday, the easternmost of the five landing sites.(BBC News)

Bergdahl had left his unit before, but returned: sources By Phil Stewart WASHINGTON, (Reuters) - A U.S. military investigation of Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl’s capture by the Taliban found he had slipped away from his unit before but had always returned, raising questions about whether or not he was deserting when he disappeared in 2009, people familiar with the findings said yesterday. Bergdahl, 28, was freed after five years as an Af-




ghanistan war prisoner on Saturday when the Obama administration agreed to release five Taliban leaders from Guantanamo prison in exchange, a deal that touched off a firestorm of criticism. Some soldiers who served in Afghanistan have accused Bergdahl of deserting from his remote outpost in the eastern region of the country on June 30, 2009, but the Pentagon has said publicly that the circumstances were unclear.


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GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

COP Chairman to contest party leadership PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad, (CMC) - Chairman of the Congress of the People (COP), Carolyn SeepersadBachan on Thursday announced her decision to run as a candidate for political leader in the party's internal election later this month. In a media release, Seepersad-Bachan said she will file nomination papers Friday. “Over the past few days I have been discussing with my family, close friends and members of the party my potential candidacy for the po-

litical leadership of the Congress of the People (COP). I am thankful and encouraged by the overwhelming support I have been receiving.” “It is with great humility that I now announce my decision to contest the position of political leader of the Congress of the People (COP),” she said. COP holds six seats among the 42 representatives in the Parliament of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Earlier this week Seepersad-Bachan met supporters and constituents, who urged

her to contest the position. In a statement on Wednesday, former COP leader, Winston Dookeran, endorsed Seepersad-Bachan for the party’s leadership, saying he will vie for the chairmanship post which Seepersad-Bachan currently holds. She will go up against current leader Prakash Ramadhar for the party’s leadership on June 29 – the day of internal election. Ramadhar won the party's leadership election in 2011 with some 3,338 votes. His closest competitor was Anil

Authorities clamping down on use of cellphones while driving in Jamaica KINGSTON, Jamaica – Government, through the tabling of a revised Road Traffic Bill in Parliament, has announced plans to clamp down on the use of cellular phones and other electronic hand-held devices by motorists while driving. Making his contribution to the 2014/15 Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives Wednesday (June 4) following the tabling of the Bill, Minister with responsibility for Housing, Dr. Morais Guy, said, “Several initiatives have been implemented with regard

to treating with the number of road fatalities and crashes over the years.” Other proposed road traffic changes in the Bill include the mandatory training and certification of driving instructors and a longer period for holding a learner’s permit. Also, contained in the Bill is the granting of increased powers to the Island Traffic Authority. Earlier this month, Transport Minister Dr. Omar Davies, said that when the legislation is passed, Jamaica will have a modernised Road Traffic Act and regulations predicated on

ensuring that road safety issues are addressed according to 21st century requirements. “We intend to launch preemptive strikes against those who are intent on creating imbalances in the traffic environment. This new Act and regulations will, among other things, deal with the issue of driving while using mobile phones, including ‘texting’ while driving,” Dr Davies said at the recently held International Road Federation (IRF) Caribbean Regional Congress in Montego Bay. (Jamaica Observer)

Roberts, who received 1026 votes. Some COP members have reportedly expressed dissatisfaction with Ramadhar’s leadership and have called for Dookeran to return. However, Dookeran stated that 'recycling leaders' was not the answer. He said the rebuilding of the identity of COP must come from younger members who both understand and are committed to the principles and values of the party.

Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014



A turning of the soul DURING cross examination, Lead Counsel for the People’s National Congress Reform (PNC/R) at the ongoing Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (COI), Basil Williams, suggested that Joseph Hamilton went from a priest to a demon, based on the testimony he has given. But Hamilton was a youth who made bad choices, based on the then extant circumstances of the prevailing times of Walter Rodney’s freedom struggle. Plato had philosophised that the most evil person can change their persona if they decided to turn their whole soul toward the light, as a more mature, spiritually-awak-

ened Joseph Hamilton has. The PPP/C Government has been transforming Guyana from a basket-case into a bread basket, against constraints that would cripple any other governmental construct, and has achieved a modern Guyana that moved Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves of St. Vincent and The Grenadines into describing our country as “The only shining star of the Caribbean”, with lifestyle enhancement changes having created what has been described as “a middle-income economy” that, from less than two decades away being known as the second poorest nation in the world, second only to Haiti. And even former die-

hard opposition members are being forced to concede that their lives are tremendously better off, a complete reversal than previously obtained under a PNC administration, when struggle for survival at every level, deprivation of every human right, and terror ruled the day. Of course, there are those like Adam Harris and others of his ilk, who benefitted tremendously from the dictatorial regime, and who want a reversal of the current governmental construct into that of yesteryears, just so that they can once more rule as despots. And this is why Joe Hamilton is being chastised by Basil Williams and other PNC-ites for revealing the truth of the terror of the

times during PNC rule of dictatorship, oppression, suppression and rigged elections, with a mixture of mayhem and murder thrown in for good measure. Hamilton’s claims, inter alia, that during 1978, while he was a student priest in the House of Israel, he was forced moments after reading the Bible to beat and terrorise opponents to the then PNC government is being rubbished by Williams, who suggested that Hamilton went from “being a priest to a demon,” a suggestion that was rejected by Hamilton, who claimed that at the time his actions were seen as doing a good. But Williams and many PNC supporters claim to be adherents of biblical teach-

ings, and are fully aware of the stories of the Good Samaritan, Mary Magdalene, Saul, who converted to Paul on the road to Damascus after a visitation from the Lord, among others; so it resides within the human spirit to transform their thinking and conduct, and become better human beings with humane consciences, as Joe Hamilton obviously has; hence his finally deciding to contributing to right a decades-old

wrong. And they are also aware of the story of Cain and Abel, and the way Cain murdered his brother Abel. Hamilton is today attempting to facilitate some level of justice for a modern-day Abel, who was slaughtered by a modern-day Cain. So, not as a priest turned demon, but as a demon turned human is Hamilton giving his evidence before the Rodney COI.

Gardens and art galleries should be built in other two Counties

PARKED at the entrance of the Promenade Gardens was a set of buses from Berbice that had transported schoolchildren from that county to behold the beauty and splendor of the garden. the face of things, all that we deem as art and culture reside in the capital of Georgetown. The Botanical and Promenade Gardens,

National Art Gallery, Burrowes School of Art, National Museum, National Cultural Centre, National Park, Theatre Guild, Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology, Indian Arrival Monument, National Monument, Museum of African Heritage, National School of Dance, National Archives, all are in the

County of Demerara. The lack of these cultural institutions in the Counties of Berbice and Essequibo limits the artistic talents of its people. I remember having the opportunity of seeing the Floriade, the world flower show described as the art of nature. It gave one a sense of understanding as to how Europe produced such out-

Scotiabank is hard to reach

I WISH to give credit to the fact that Scotia is one of the largest Banks in the world and known for excellent service, mostly in foreign countries. As a customer, albeit to a small level, I wish to bring to the public’s attention certain experiences I have had with the Bank as a regular customer and also as a security service provider. I must state also that over the years this bank and some others have had several cases of dishonesty involving their staff, some of which went to court and some of which were quietly settled, according to

information. All employers could expect some dishonest employees.  As it is known, financial institutions, as a result of the business of handling people’s money trusted to them, like to keep certain matters private so as not the create fear among customers in order to keep them. I am asking Scotia Bank publicly these questions so that it may give answers publicly to clear certain difficulties I have: 1. Why does Scotia bank only use easily torn plastic bags for night deposits?  It is noticed that a pen or finger nail can damage a night deposit bag used to hold cash,

standing artists. The magnificence and beauty of those flowers compelled one to put paint to canvas, even if one did not have the talent. Gardens and art galleries will do the same for citizens of these Counties. It will inspire young minds, and may yet produce a Da Vinci, Van Gogh, or Picasso. New Amsterdam had

whether operated by infra red light or a mechanical counter to account for the number of bags deposited in the chute which has to be transported per day or per hour? If not, and even be sent down a why have they not thought chute into the bank’s lodg- of installing such a device?  ment area.  In the process the People have a right to ask; as bag can be torn.  It is known it is their money. 4. What is done to the that in the past they used heavy canvas bags, which plastic bag after the cash is retrieved from it?  Are bags were numbered.  2. What procedures do sent to customers to verify they have in place that if their deposit and to keep for monies are sent in this bag a few months or years for or any to account for them.  collation and evidence in For example, do they have case of needed accountabila camera system that photo- ity or investigations by the graphs each bag deposited, Police or customer?  5. How long does it take or a video which is installed nearby to ensure that bags to dispatch reports to the can be counted as they are customer as to deposits.  In my opinion this should be dropped in the chute? 3. Do they have any done the very next day, and counting device installed, emails dispatched can be

a small but beautiful garden that was mowed down to build the High Court. Building galleries in the two Counties will display the art that is stacked up at the National Art Gallery in such a manner that it elicited caustic comments from an artist who was having an exhibition there. The rotation of the art pieces prolongs their lives,

as well as being viewed as was intended. It is high time that the PPP builds art galleries and gardens in Berbice and Essequibo; the model of PPP private/public partnership seems the way to go.

sent initially and hard copies dispatched later. Any delay could compromise the integrity of the system and the bank.  If delays are apparent and continuous, as an investigator and security person, I would say something sinister is afoot. 6. The bank should invite its customers and customers’ security service providers to witness the process of what happens to cash after lodgment in what is referred to as ‘Night Deposit.’   On numerous occasions I tried to call management of Scotia Bank on the phone without success.  They have an automated answering system, without the joy of the human voice.  The system gives three options, but

every time I call the voice mails ask for a message, no one is ever available. Holding on hoping for a receptionist or operator, never happens, as another option provided by some companies local and overseas.  I have been trying to get their legal manager, or Properties manager, or Administrative manager on a particular important issue.  My advice to Scotia Bank, and banks in general is to never get so big that you lose the human touch.  Losing the human touch in business and industry is the beginning of the end, in my opinion.


ROSHAN KHAN RK’s Guyana Security Services

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014


Braithwaite’s alteration of offensive words puts him in disrepute THIS is in further response to Barrington Braithwaite’s racist rants in the Kaieteur News. Out of the usual race armory of Guyanese racial exchanges usually attributed to misunderstood poverty, Barrington Braithwaite bludgeons an exchange with the usual “guilt loaded racism” deployment on his Indo-Guyanese countrymen in clockwork timing rapidity.  His letter of KN of 5-27-14 titled “the ‘Sultan Mohamed’ group is becoming less and less viable to fool this generation” was responding to my KN letter of 5-24-14 titled “Mr. Braithwaite must build his own house as a priority rather than destroy others.” If Braithwaite feels so confident that “this”, “that” or any “generation” are no fools then what is there to be concerned, much less worry about?  His original letter of KN on 5-20-14 titled ‘the other normalcy” excoriating the  Indo-Guyanese origins in India was targeting both an original religion and an entire country’s race  population but, after censure, Braithwaite has shifted to make it a “generation” issue. Endowment in black munificence has apparently either graced or bypassed Barrington’s roots after slavery was abolished in 1838. Which is it, some three centuries after abolition of slavery? Publicly identified with the ACDA in becoming a cultured African is he speaking as their spokesmen by use of the royal plural?  For him to claim that today’s black condition is (quote) “because we are victims of what is now established as ‘ideological racism’ plus spite, and it was the manipulation of race, not ideas, that have always been the factor to exist of the PPP, with the Indo-Guyanese as your pawns, and they’re not accepting the bottom-house ‘Black man ah déblé’ (devil) anymore.” (Unquote) is a talking drum out of tune with the times, especially black self-sufficiency.  What Braithwaite has done…, he wrote it himself …. is finding some kind of nirvana through validation from bottom house Indo-Guyanese because, commendably  (quote) “they’re not

accepting the bottom-house ‘Black man ah déblé’ (devil) anymore”! (unquote). He does not say why. Must any laudable acknowledgement of any race as no longer the devil require specific Indo-Guyanese endorsement to anyone, including black emancipation and happiness?  If such is a deal breaker revelation for any Indo-Guyanese credit to interracial co-existence, then what else is still secret to be revealed?  What was received in return? Without  the presence  of  any  Indians with ancient cultural origin in Haiti to be blamed for its poverty, Braithwaite has no case whatsoever in Guyana. All  the charges of racism against Braithwaite were not in any systemic ambivalence, either vague or inferred, as he now portrays them.  They remain specific, factual and very clear, without a shadow of doubt. evidenced by his own words requiring clarification.  What he had  written  in the officially printed KN of  5-27-14 titled  “the ‘Sultan Mohamed’ group is becoming less and less viable to fool this generation” contained a  glaring pivotal alteration of what he had first written in KN on 5-20-14 titled ‘the other normalcy.” On  being taken to task and realizing it was offensive he attempted to blur its severity by blatant  fabrication and distortion  of that first  letter of KN  of 5-20 -14, thus  prolonging this debate. This is dishonest and wrong, for which he should apologise.  Originally he first wrote  “… that India stands out as the host nation of the origins of the infamous Bramanic Aryan cult with its bizarre ideologies of racist oppression.”  After my response in the KN of 5-20-14,  he lied blatantly clever  rewriting to disarm readers  in the KN of  5-2714 by stating that, (quote):  “I will address the only area that can truly be attributed to me by Mohamed, (sub quote)  ‘that India stands out as the host nation of the (he  omitted three words i.e. “origins of the”) infamous Bramanic (missing word “Aryan) cult with its bizarre ideologies of racist oppression” !(Unquote).    Why did he do this? You never

know. Braithwaite steps into unknown territory  and therefore cannot be accused of  only  fooling himself.   Shame on Braithwaite for  his  clever  wailing victimology  of shifting  blame in counter charging they were (quote) “implying their own illness of racism to me (Braithwaite), accusing me (Braithwaite) of despising Indians, naturally among them my own relatives”  (unquote) but  he  still outshines Shakespearean  drama. As if in justified righteous anger he seeks to invoke and harness black umbrella sympathy and protection.  Isn’t he such a joy of dignity to behold?  Clean up your fake act man. It stinks. Sorry to disappoint, but all black people are not automatically viewed as deble (devils) most assuredly, as he claims; with all certainty,  no other races  including Indians, are, likewise  not devils or otherwise, regardless.  Such perverted mentality becomes  a verbal spectacle in  gymnastics,  plain and simple, and is what erodes collective dignity and  does no good for all Guyanese. What  originally began our exchange was only prompted by Braithwaite’s initial provocative  miasmic projectiles,  armed  with his arcane race prejudices against

Indo-Guyanese in a letter to KN of 5-20 -14 titled “the other normalcy”.  Let him now deal with its fallout  by his own conscience, honour  and the temperance cushion of any supposedly   Indo-Guyanese ancient unbuffed Aryan  relatives  or friends he may have recently discovered to proudly acknowledge and  escape scrutiny. However, it was  UWI’s Dr. Kean Gibson’s inflammatory  existing attack on   Hinduism’s ancient Aryan origins  by hook and book, which  automatically includes all those of Indian ancestry, regardless of  any  unbleached  non-Hindus Aryan  race ancestry.  That bold attack on Indian existence and their rights to survival cannot be more threatening.  Braithwaite’s echo of black  satisfaction  that  no one is a devil  now requires Gibson’s  insensitive assault be withdrawn, with full  apology and restitution. By Braithwaite’s own measurement standards what determines priority to resolve Guyana’s problems is made clearer.  Constantly claiming the black condition was neglected due to race can never be righteously sustained by rampant political cannibalism of the “others” for  peaceful coexistence. It is conclusively Caricom’s Indians who can

justifiably assert to their detractors that its (quote) “because we are victims of what is now established as ‘ideological racism’ plus spite, and it was the manipulation of race, not ideas, which have always been the factor to exist of the PPP, with the Indo-Guyanese as your pawns.” Add Gibson’s fuel to Braithwaite’s black assault on Indians to make it worse by its concentrated “religious and ideological racism.”In Mr. Braithwaite’s original  identification of  his own racist projection  from Georgetown all the way to  New Delhi by claiming  (quote) “ India’s serious domestic resistances to this three thousand-year practice  (Aryan Indian origins of Hinduism that) are ongoing and are commendable, yet, its vestiges remain rooted over there, (India)  and have troubled this country’s (Guyana)  modern history significantly for too long ” (unquote) is what underlies  his preoccupation, which has been troubling.  But his macabre letter is only incredible foolishness without justification. He continues  the  habitual  reanchoring  to another, in this case to  Indo-Guyanese, as the central  target and resolution of slavery’s  left over problems.  But Indo-Guyanese did not enslave anyone in the Ca-

ribbean, as everyone knows; even noted by Mr. Eusi Kwayana. Why must their Caribbean presence automatically require their descendants to be saddled with slavery’s forever problems by inheritance?  Indians themselves absolutely require no others’ validation for their presence, cultural, economic and political survival.  Neither has it been a Caricom  Indo-Guyanese achievement  that drove out all  Euro-Guyanese, forced the Portuguese  to quit  in disgust, and is currently serving the Chinese  with the usual menu’s  acrimony.  Truth  be told, the Indo-Guyanese  has  always  automatically become  subjected to  black prejudgment  and found  guilty because of  their numbers and economic success.  Whittled down by internal and external interests, their unique cultural and religious practices remain defenceless.  By what peaceful necessary means must their continued existence prevail for human rights survival is only their right to decide: No claim of mandate or authority to speak for anyone or group belongs to me. SULTAN MOHAMED


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

Minister Edghill rubbishes Kaieteur News IFMAS reportage as baseless, sensationalist –deems it ‘yet another instance of Yellow journalism’ MINISTER in the Ministry of Finance, Bishop Juan Edghill has taken issue with Kaieteur News’ reportage two days in row speculating as to why the agency has not been able to operationalise certain key features of its accounting system, the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System ((IFMAS). One of those speculations, as reported in the June 5 article, is that “the absence of the two features...have opened up the floodgates for mismanagement and lack of proper accountability with regard to assets and consumables acquired by the government.” In an effort to set the record straight and address the misconception, the following is what the Minister had to say about the matter: “The Ministry of Finance views with utter disgust Kaieteur News’ headlines of its June 4 edition, “Billions in assets have gone untraced” and June 5 edition, “Finance Ministry refuses to train operators”. “Both headlines are not only designed to sensationalise, but are misleading and, once again, the accompanying stories do not provide any information to support the stated headlines. “In its Wednesday June 4 edition, Kaieteur News purports to suggest to the nation, obviously to promote the sale of their newspapers, that “Billions of assets have gone untraced.” Nowhere in the article did they produce any evidence to suggest that there are billions of untraced assets. “While we acknowledge that there are two modules that have not yet been implemented, there is not one iota of evidence that exists that suggests that Government’s assets of any amount have gone untraced. “Kaieteur News is called upon to produce the evidence to substantiate its blazing headlines. We at the ministry believe that built into the IFMAS system are several tiers of internal controls that debunk this malicious assertion. “We herein state, for the public record, the facts about the IFMAS system: The implementation IFMAS in 2004 have allowed Government of Guyana to remarkably improved its Public Financial Management System and these improvements include tight security controls, improved accountability and enhanced efficient decision making. The modules which are currently in place included; Controls, Appropriations, General Ledger, Expenditure, Revenue and Treasury Management, “With the implementation of the software, all cheques are now digitized and are issued from the Official Consolidated Fund Bank Account, thereby eliminating the effort of having to manually prepare cheques. In addition, the process of reconciling the Official Consolidated Fund Bank Account has been enhanced by the utilization of the Treasury Management Module and now the bank reconciliation is done on a timely basis.

“The system continues to provide users countrywide with an easy to use means of obtaining information necessary for confident decision making. It also continues to support the need of individual line managers in the Central Government to retrieve financial data from an online real time system. “Since the introduction of IFMAS, the Ministry of Finance has provided support in terms of training and advice/guidance to government officers/users of the system. In addition, the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the Public Service Ministry continues to facilitate training sessions bi-annually, in an effort to ensure that all users are properly equipped with the knowledge and understanding of IFMAS functionality and the processing of transaction in the software. “As technology advances, it is the Government of Guyana’s desire to continually update its operation and systems to that of international best practices and standards. As such, the Ministry of Finance is currently looking at the implementation of two additional modules, namely the Purchasing Module and the Asset Module. “The Purchasing Module seeks to do the following; * Provide the ability to create purchase requisitions and purchase order with self-creating commitments to reserve the necessary funds (fully integrated with the Appropriations Module currently installed) * Provide the ability to record the receipts and return of goods and automatically update the purchase order to reflect the transactions * Complete integration with the payment process to reflect payment for goods ordered and received * Provide the ability to create an asset record when goods are received The Inventory/Assets Module seeks to do the following: * Provide the ability to create inventory and asset entries when entering a new record based on the requisitions * Provide the ability to have automatic stock ordering when the system hits a user-defined reorder point * Provide the ability for tracking issues and receipts * Provide the ability to enter receipts for deliveries to stores via the Purchasing module * Provide the ability to make adjustments to reflect inventory average and shortages * The ability to provide queries and reports on current inventory, stock activity and receiving reports “The unhealthy practice of stating unsubstantiated and unverified information in the public, with a view to getting a response could only be described as malicious. “Had Kaieteur News been careful to obtain all the necessary information, the grave error of misrepresenting the facts, as they would have done in the two stories, could have been avoided. “This is yet another instance of yellow journalism.”

One in quartet on ganja charge jailed after pleading guilty ––brother, two others deny offence and granted bail By Geeta Rampersaud FOUR men who were allegedly caught with cannabis sativa were brought before Magistrate Faith McGusty yesterday at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. One of the four men, 25-year-old Rohan Singh of Lot 11 Railway Street, Kitty, Georgetown, was sentenced to three years imprisonment after he pleaded guilty to the charge. Details of the offence said that on Wednesday at Railway Street, Kitty, he had in his possession 7.6 grammes of marijuana. Meanwhile, his brother and two others who are facing the same charge were placed on $25,000 bail each and will return to Court Three for the commencement of their trial. His brother Satesh Singh, 25, who also resides at the same

address as Rohan, along with two others, Damion Sardina, a 27-year-old porter of Lot 32 Shell Road, Kitty and Orrette Sumner, 27, of Lot 91 Lamaha Street, Kitty all pleaded not guilty to the said offence that said on the same day they also had in their possession 7.6 grammes of marijuana. Police Corporal Seon Blackman, prosecuting, stated that on the day in question around 14: 45 hrs, acting on information received, police on patrol went to the address where they found four men at the upper flat of a building. A subsequent search was carried out and the prohibited substance was reportedly found and the quartet taken to the Narcotics Branch, Criminal Investigations Department (CID). The prosecutor objected to bail for the trio, citing the nature and gravity of the offence, but he was overruled.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

Old Kai: Chronicles of Guyana…

PNC’s Basil Williams unwittingly admits to collaboration ––between the hierarchy of his Party and House of Israel

OLD Kai had to look twice at a media report on Wednesday, which focused on the cross-examination of witness, Joseph Hamilton, a former leader in the House of Israel and PNC/R Member of Parliament, by PNC lead counsel, Basil Williams during the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry. Mr. Hamilton had earlier made some shocking revelations, where he detailed the relationship between the House of Israel and the PNC dictatorship at the time. Several witnesses have so far testified that the House of Israel was used as a terrorist arm of the PNC to attack, disrupt and harm opposition members during that era. This has been strenuously denied by the PNC leadership, including Presidential Candidate of the PNC and leader of APNU, Mr. David Granger, who has sought as much as possible to distance himself from that period when he was a senior figure in the GDF, and a close confidante of Dictator Forbes Burnham. Mr. Granger, during the race to be elected as the Party’s Presidential Candidate for the 2011 elections, had however admitted then that he was a long-serving member of the PNC. That apart, it appears that no one

catered for the stunning revelations of Mr. Hamilton, someone who was integrally exposed to the machinations between the PNC and the House of Israel. Here it was, a first-hand account of the plots, the attacks, why, when and how Father Bernard Darke was assassinated as only two individuals the PNC had instructed the House of Israel not to harm because of the possible repercussions. This was all being denied by the PNC. Startling revelations that current leader of the PNC, Mr. Robert Corbin (Mr. Granger is only the Party’s Presidential Candidate) had given the House of Israel guns was also being denied. The clandestine meetings to plan the attacks were also denied. Every single revelation by witnesses during the ongoing CoI has been denied by the PNC. At the same time, every single effort has been made by the PNC to attack the credibility of the witnesses, and this came to a head when the media reported that the PNC legal team has now suggested that Mr. Hamilton went from being a ‘priest to a demon’. He has also been accused of committing perjury. Here is where the effort by the PNC falls apart, as while denying such links with the House of Israel, Mr. Basil Williams is quoted as asking Mr. Hamilton in his cross-exam-

Relocation of test match…

Cabinet declares WICB recent decision appalling By Telesha Ramnarine HEAD of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon said yesterday that Cabinet has found appalling the recent decision by the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) to deny this country’s hosting of the test match against New Zealand later this month. Speaking at his weekly post-Cabinet media briefing, in Office of the President, Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Georgetown, he said more appalling was the “arrogance” with which WICB President Dave Cameron dealt with Guyana’s President and his Cabinet. Furthermore, Luncheon said most appalling is the support the Guyanese directors apparently provided during the WICB recently held board meeting that influenced such an “unacceptable” outcome for Guyana. “The West Indies have recognised the role of cricket, the role it has played, is playing in the region’s commitment to its integration. Here we have a regional institution that insensitively acts in this indecent, high handed and reckless fashion, issuing ultimatum to a regional government. “The Cabinet of Guyana records its absolute rejection of the WICB behaviour, particularly as one comes to understand and appreciate the full picture.Guyana enjoys cricket. Guyana supports cricket. Taxpayers’

dollars contribute to the development of the sport in Guyana. THEIR MOTIVES “Who are these Guyanese directors and what were their motives in contributing to the WICB’s terrible decision? Is there silence, their failure to repudiate that decision to be taken as evidence of their support, their connivance with the WICB in foisting this unconscionable blow to Guyanese cricket lovers?” Luncheon said Cabinet has vowed to “resolutely” defend Guyana’s interest in his matter now and in the future. A few days ago, the WICB announced the relocation of the third Test between West Indies and New Zealand from Guyana, citing failure to bring resolution to an ongoing dispute within the game in the country and the recent passing of the Cricket Administration Bill in the National Assembly. In a release, the WICB said they had serious reservations about the Bill which they say thrusts the administration of cricket in Guyana from an independent body to the Government of Guyana, viewing such a move as undesirable and inconsistent with International Cricket Council (ICC) tenets. However, the Government of Guyana subsequently rubbished the claims made by the WICB.

ination, as reported by the media, “I am saying that there is no way you could have been a part of those meetings between the hierarchy of these two bodies (PNC/House of Israel), because you were too low down on the ladder.” The PNC lead counsel has now apparently come full circle, and through his question has now admitted that there was indeed a link between the House of Israel and the PNC, but his only contention is that Mr. Hamilton was “too low down on the ladder” to be part of “those meetings”. This admission by the PNC’s lead counsel now serves to legitimise the contentions of all the witnesses thus far; he has destroyed his own arguments, and it is left to be seen what will be the next move for the Party after they have been exposed by their very Chairman. Will they continue with him as Lead Counsel, as it is difficult to see how his efforts to undermine the credibility of witnesses and their testimony will be taken seriously, henceforth? Old Kai is also pondering if Mr. Williams, by his admission of the link between his Party and the House of Israel will be asked to take the stand as a witness along with the others he has now implicated.

Nandlall expresses limited confidence ...

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the Public and Police Services. He explained that the Judicial Service Commission is the body that makes recommendations to the President in terms of the appointments of Judges and other judicial officials. “We now have amended the constitution to allow for parliament to generate names for the first time to staff these commissions,” Nandlall said. He added: “There is a second complement of persons who will staff these commissions and they will be generated through a process in the National As-

sembly.” President Donald Ramotar, on Monday, met with the Leader of the Opposition, retired Brigadier David Granger, to discuss the composition of the Public, Police, and Judicial Service Commissions, which have been inactive for quite some time, specifically, for the last four years coming out of the 2011 General elections, which saw the combined Opposition of A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)/Alliance For Change (AFC) gaining a one-seat majority in the National Assembly.

A section of the audience


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Special Report on the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry by Shaun Michael Samaroo

The Walter Rodney’s Commission of Inquiry in session yesterday.

Granger was Army Liaison to GPF in Gregory Smith probe - Says former Army Chief-of-Staff McLean

EX-ARMY Chief, Major General Norman McLean, yesterday named Brigadier David Granger as an Army Officer in liaison with the Guyana Police Force (GPF) when the police investigated former Army Sergeant Gregory Smith as a suspect in the bomb-blast assassination of world-renowned Guyanese scholar, Dr Walter Rodney. Denying he personally was involved in the investigation against Smith, or that he took any responsibility to look into the matter of a soldier under his command allegedly involved in murder, during his testimony, McLean named Granger as one of the Army’s pointsmen in sharing Army information about Smith to the investigators. What dark conspiracy lurked below the surface at the Guyana Defence Force when the world-renowned Guyanese scholar was assassinated? That’s the question now confronting the Commission as the inquiry unfolds at the High Court building in Georgetown, with the Army’s role now dominating the probe.

The ex-Army Chief, responding to a question from Counsel Andrew Pilgrim, said “Yes, it’s possible” that a conspiracy happened within the Army without his (McLean) knowing about it, despite holding the post of Chief-of-Staff. Pilgrim asked McLean if such a conspiracy could happen among officers lower in rank, unknown to him, and he said “Yes, it’s possible,” noting that “rogue elements” existed in the ranks of the GDF. E a r l i e r i n t h e d a y, Commission Chairman Sir Richard Cheltenham had to prompt McLean several times to answer questions, as McLean seemed reluctant to answer, or to verbally engage Counsel. Emotions flared across the floor yesterday as the ex-Army Chief took to the witness box to testify, and got into a heated verbal exchange with Counsel Pilgrim, who is representing Dr Rodney’s widow, Patricia Rodney and the three Rodney children. McLean repeated throughout his testimony, which lasted all day and was adjourned to an undetermined date, that he lacks

knowledge or awareness of much of the information Counsel was seeking answers to from him. To several of the questions, McLean said he did not know, was not aware, or could not remember. At other times he nodded his head or shook it from side to side, a grave expression on his face, and Commission Chairman

Sir Cheltenham asked him a number of times to verbally answer the questions instead of responding non-verbally. McLean got into a more verbal mood as the day pushed on, the room packed with Guyanese steeped in the history of Guyana, including former Army officers, senior media personnel, top Members of Parliament, including

Opposition MP Moses Nagamootoo, and senior members of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA). McLean warmed to the task of testifying, and even generated some laughter among the audience, as he joked and smiled at times. But he also faced questions with pensive, tense expressions on his face, with Com-

mission Chairman Sir Cheltenham at one point noting that when Counsel posed certain questions, McLean would appear “to be not with us.” McLean appeared not to be interested in listening. It took Counsel Pilgrim’s sharp, incisive questioning to rattle his cool, and to get Turn to page 11

counsel selwyn pieters engaging commission chairman sir richard cheltenham at the Walter Rodney’s Commission of Inquiry


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

‘Pilgrim, noting that McLean was responding that he did not know or was not aware of a lot of the information Counsel asked him, put to him that he was outside the loop of a conspiracy in the Army, and asked if this was possible. ‘Yes, it’s possible,’ McLean said, noting that the Army could harbour ‘rogue elements’

Major General Norman McLean testifying yesterday at the Walter Rodney’s Commission of Inquiry. From page 10 him to answer questions with lengthy sentences. McLean became particularly loquacious when Counsel asked him if he knew former Army Pilot, Gerry Gouveia may have been the pilot of an Army plane that flew ex-Army Sergeant Gregory Smith to the hinterland. Witnesses have testified before the Commission that Army Sergeant Smith was involved in the bomb-blast assassination of Dr Rodney on June 13, 1980 in Georgetown, when a communications device exploded in the lap of the opposition political leader. McLean denied knowing Smith, and said he heard of him being a soldier, but “he had deserted” the Army. McLean indicated that he had very little interest in Smith, and did not partic-

What dark conspiracy lurked below the surface at the Guyana Defence Force when the world-renowned Guyanese scholar was assassinated? That’s the question now confronting the Commission as the inquiry unfolds at the High Court building in Georgetown, with the Army’s role now dominating the probe

ularly pursue the desertion case, despite Smith having had special overseas Army training. Counsel Pilgrim’s peppery questions saw McLean become animated and heated in his exchanges. At one point, both Counsel and McLean resorted to raising their voices to angry pitch, to the point where Pilgrim addressed McLean as “Ma-

jor”, and McLean, face red and body taut, pointed a wagging finger at Pilgrim, seated a few feet to his left outside the witness box at a table, and informed him “It’s Major General; I earned it!” Pilgrim duly apologised for the mishap. Pilgrim, noting that McLean was responding that he did not know or was not aware of a lot of the informa-

Counsel For People’s National Congress(PNC), Basil Williams, consulting wiht Major General Norman McLean yesterday at the inquiry

Audience in rapt attention as Major General Norman McLean testifying yesterday at the Inquiry. tion Counsel asked him, put it to him that he was outside the loop of a conspiracy in the Army, and asked if this was possible. “Yes, it’s possible,” McLean said, noting that the Army could harbour “rogue elements”. McLean said he knew Gouveia well, and “mentored” him, but never knew about that particular plane trip at the time it took place. Questions from Counsel gleaned the information to the Commission, from McLean, that Gouveia told him in a private conversation “last week that he (Gouveia) had flown the plane.” McLean said he was not interested in hearing anything more, as “If he didn’t tell me that 34 years ago, why would I want to know about it now?” Counsel Pilgrim indicated that Gouveia may testify to the Commission. Counsel Selwyn Pieters intervened with an aggressive objection, noting that key documents should have been secured for the Commission’s task. A Canadian lawyer representing the local trade union move-

ment at the Commission of Inquiry, Pieters, speaking in a tone that offended the Commission Chairman, who noted that Pieters seemed to want to “lecture” the Commissioners, asked the Commission to secure relevant supporting documents from the Army and Guyana Police Force to back up the claims of Counsel in questions they pose to the witness. After several heated exchanges, Counsel for the Commission said efforts would be made to secure the documents from the Secretary of the Defence Board. McLean was excused from the witness stand until such time as cross-examination into his testimony could be continued. The Commission is scheduled to conclude its second sitting today, and resume later this month. McLean denied any knowledge of the Guyana Defence Force Account Form that was tendered into evidence during the testimony of Joseph Hamilton that showed an Army Officer had handed over a number of guns and

ammunition to the House of Israel religious sect. He denied any knowledge of either the handing over of the guns, or of the signatures on the form, but said that the guns and ammunition listed were standard Army weapons. Pilgrim is to resume his cross-examination of McLean when the ex-Army boss takes the stand again, with interest high surrounding further questions about Granger’s role in the Army during the time Rodney was assassinated. The Government of Guyana convened the Commission of Inquiry in answer to an international outcry, going on for 38 years, for a probe into the singular major political assassination in the history of the English-speaking Caribbean. Dr Rodney, a world-renowned scholar, died when a communications device exploded in his lap in Georgetown on June 13, 1980. The Commission resumes today for the final day of its second sitting, again this month.


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Biogas digester hailed as alternative energy model ––available for demonstration purposes at Agri Ministry

By Clifford Stanley MINISTER of Agriculture Dr. Leslie Ramsammy yesterday hailed the installation of a biogas digester in the compound of his Ministry as a small example of an alternative energy model which can serve to bring about a substantial reduction in the use of fossil fuels and the pollution of dangerous emissions. The biogas digester, in the form of a low-cost tubular polythene plastic bag with related pipes and other attachments, was installed in the compound of the Ministry by the local office of the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA). Dr. Ramsammy made the comments during the launching of the collaborative project between his Ministry and IICA, an event which also coincided with the observance of World

Environment Day (WED) yesterday. The gathering at the launch included Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture, Ally Baksh, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Mr George Jervis, local IICA representative Mr Wilmot Garnett; Chief Executive Officer of the Guyana Energy Agency Dr. Mahender Sharma; other agricultural officers, farmers and interested members of the public. During brief remarks to mark both the launch and the observance of WED, Dr Ramsammy said: “We at the Ministry of Agriculture believe that agricultural waste and domestic waste does not have to contribute to environmental pollution. We believe that agriculture and domestic waste does not have to continue silting up and clogging up our drains ; we believe that this waste can be converted to alternative energy sources.”

efficient way to harness, produce and use an alternative energy source at the farm level.”

Cooking up a storm, biogas style He said that the biogas digester as an alternative energy model served to show that the dependency on fossil fuel was not an imperative but only an option, an option which Guyanese can give up without any substantial disruption. “This is not a small step that we are taking but a very

important step ; a very meaningful way of observing World Environment Day,” he said. The bio-gas digester which permits the production of methane gas will be used for demonstration purposes to interested visitors at the Ministry. IICA’s representative Mr. Wilmot Garnett said that the

facility showcased the continued collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture and IICA. He said: “Through our shared commitment towards a greener and more sustainable livelihood we have installed this biogas digester which demonstrates a practical and

He said: ”I encourage all present to view and appreciate the biogas process and develop policies that will lend support to interested farmers, so as to do our part to contribute positively towards a greener and sustainable livelihood.” During a demonstration on the facility yesterday, IICA’s technician and field assistant, Mr Jermaine Joseph said that the biogas digester can be installed at a cost of about G$100,000 and can provide free methane gas for cooking for at least ten years once properly cared. The IICA can assist with advice in the construction of low cost biogas digesters. For further information, please contact Mr. Jermaine Joseph at IICA’s office at 18 Brickdam, Stabroek. Tel. #226-8835.


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Guyana to benefit from EU-funded Agriculture Policy Programme - project management unit set up at IICA Office in T&T By Clifford Stanley A PROJECT Management Unit (PMU) will serve as the overall management and monitoring unit of the recently launched European Union (EU) funded Agriculture Policy Programme (APP) for CARIFORUM countries. The APP, from which Guyana will benefit, is a programme funded under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) between the European Commission (EC) and the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) as the implementing agency. The Caribbean Agriculture Research and Development Institute (CARDI) and the CARICOM Secretariat

are partners in the implementation. The APP aims at boosting agriculture in CARIFORUM countries through the development of small holder agricultural producers and entrepreneurs. The end beneficiaries are, among others: small farmers, fisher-folk, small-scale processors and traders, including organised associations and networks and women and youth. T h e d u r a t i o n o f  t h e APP is four years and it was launched in Trinidad two weeks ago. The PMU for this programme has been established at the IICA Office in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) under the overall management of IICA Representative and Regional

Successful day of interaction organised at Moruca THE National Sports Commission (NSC) of the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, in collaboration with the Regional Democratic Council of Region Two (Pomeroon/ Supenaam) has, once again organised a successful Day of Interaction at Moruca in North West District, Region One (Barima/Waini). A release said the journey to Moruca commenced from Georgetown to Parika by road at 09:00hrs on Saturday, May 31, then to Supenaam by river, on to Charity by road and then to Moruca by river, arriving at approximately 14:00hrs. The visiting party, comprising Director of Sports, Mr. Neil Kumar and other officials from the National Sports Commission; Chairman of Region Two, Mr. Parmanand Persaud and officials from the Regional Administration were given a warm welcome as they moved around the community meeting residents, sensitising them to the purpose of the visit and encouraging their participation. On Sunday, June 1, the community centre ground was alive with activities as residents converged there and participated in a number of sport disciplines, including football (male and female), volleyball (mixed), softball cricket (male and female) and dominoes (mixed). Communities which took part included Paloma, Karaburi, Huridiah, Huradiah, Santa Rosa/Kumaka and Waramuri. Sports in the communities seem to be well organised as all five female teams were smartly

attired in colourful uniforms. TREMENDOUS TALENT The latter comprised girls as young as 13 years who possess and displayed tremendous talent and skill. With proper training, teams of the hinterland will match those in and around Georgetown. It is, therefore, necessary and important for the Guyana Football Federation (GFF), in collaboration with the NSC to organise programmes, to reach those areas and assist in the development of football in the hinterland, the release said. The Director of Sports and the Regional Chairman encouraged the residents, as well as participants and followers to continue using sports as an integral part of their entire development. They also expressed thanks to all for accepting the call to participate in the Day of Interaction. As a means of encouraging sports development in the various communities, sports gear and equipment were distributed and a call was made for the gear and equipment to be properly utilised for the benefit of all. A presentation of sports gear and equipment was also made to the Headmaster of Moruca Secondary School, Mr. Martin Da Silva, and he promised that they will be properly used, remarking that it is a manifestation of encouraging the youth to be involved in physical education and sport, and academic achievements.

Coordinator for the Caribbean, Mr. Gregg Rawlins. The PMU is staffed by Project Coordinator, Mr. Robert Best; Administrative Assistant, Mr. Brent Theophille; and Financial Coordinator, Ms. Sonia Scarce.  The PMU will serve the key roles of approving, monitoring and evaluating work plans and budgets and conducting financial management to ensure proper use of the EU grant funds towards results agreed upon as per defined indicators, Head of the Unit, Mr. Robert Best, disclosed recently.  The PMU will also facilitate technical analysis of progress, identify obstacles and propose changes in the

APP Administrative Assistant Mr. Brent Theophille

APP Financial Coordinator Ms. Sonia Scarce

APP Project Co-ordinator Mr. Robert Best

interventions if required to meet agreed upon results; coordinate mobilisation of resources and advocacy for the CARIFORUM countries and coordinate with relevant IICA units to simplify harmonization. The PMU will be supported by three Technical Coordinators (TCs) who will

be the focal points for this project within the component led by CARDI and the CARICOM Secretariat and with respect to activities in The Dominican Republic (DR). The technical coordinators are responsible for establishing, enhancing and operationalising the activities under the components led by

CARDI and the CARICOM Secretariat as well as the activities to be undertaken in The Dominican Republic.   A Project Steering Committee (PSC), with membership to incorporate and enhance the regional perspective will provide the overall policy direction of the programme.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

An appreciation developed …

Luncheon reports on outcome of Ramotar, Granger meeting By Telesha Ramnarine DURING last Monday’s meeting between President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader David Granger, an appreciation developed for an intervention, one that is timely, and would end with the enactment of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) compliant money laundering legislation. That was reported yesterday by Head of the Presidential Secretariat (HPS) and Cabinet Secretary, Dr. Roger Luncheon who, having personally attended the meeting, made the disclosure at his usual post-Cabinet media briefing at Office of the President, Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, in Georgetown. “The Leader of the Opposition proposed in their 48 hours of activities to have CFATF (Caribbean Financial Action Task Force) legislation; they would contribute to an engagement with

Government representatives on a particular range of issues whose resolutions, to their satisfaction, would contribute to the enactment of CFATF compliant legislation. “In essence, you scratch my back and I scratch yours. Were that engagement and what was undertaken to be successful, I might want to hazard the guess that the Parliamentary Special Select Committee’s contribution would be superfluous, meaningless and unnecessary, provided an outcome satisfactory to the President, on behalf of the Government and the Leader of the Opposition, if an agreement were to be arrived at,” Luncheon said. Referring to the CFATF blacklisting as another nail in the coffin, he said the result of Guyana’s failure to enact compliant anti-money laundering legislation was more than a matter of prophecy.

BEING IMPLEMENTED In fact, Luncheon said some aspects of the outcome were already being implemented and impacting on Guyana’s foreign financial transactions and, consequently,on its economy. “The journey of the AG to Miami for the plenary with his empty hands has to be seen in its true light. Every stakeholder imaginable, including the Government, private sector, civil society, donors, Caricom, CFATF, UNASUR, FATF, they have all tried and they must be commended for the efforts they made to have Guyana enacting CFATF, FATF compliant anti-money laundering legislation. However, they have had to accept the bitter gall of failure of defeat.” Luncheon said the Opposition continues to deny responsibility for this “sad state of affairs” and wants the public to believe that the anti-money laundering legislation is just another aspect of local politics. “It is unfortunate that the Opposition attends in Parliament to the plight of the Berbice Bridge crossers, the maritime commuters and declines, refuses to see the bigger picture of FATF compliant legislation,” he lamented.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

Prosecutrix advises jury at start of ‘Country’ murder trial ...

‘If you have a doubt at the end of the case, it must be based on reason and commonsense’ By George Barclay AT the opening of ‘Country’s’ murder trial yesterday, leading prosecutrix Mrs. Judith Mursalin told the jury that the people and the accused are all entitled to their impartial assessment of the facts of this case. And she advised them, “If you have a doubt at the end of the case, it must be based on reason and commonsense.” The prosecutrix was delivering her opening address to the jury at the tri-

al in which Omesh Chaitram, called ‘Black Boy’, is charged with the murder of Wendell Fresco, called ‘Country’, on June 10, 2012. The prosecutrix is representing the State while Attorney-at-law Mr. Raymond Ali is appearing for the accused who has pleaded not guilty. Mursalin also told the jury that the prosecution in order to prove the offence of murder will have to prove certain elements. According to her, they will have to prove that ‘Country’ died as a result

of injuries he received that he died within a year and a day of receiving those injures; that it was the accused Omesh Chaitram, called ‘Black Boy’ ; who inflicted the injury or injuries that caused his death; that the accused inflicted the injures on ‘Country’ with the intention to kill him or to cause him grievous bodily harm which is serious bodily harm. Referring to the facts of the case, the prosecutrix stated that Wendell Fresco ‘Country’ had a home at Hunter Street, Albouystown with his brothers but he was

Disapproved Customs Amendment Bill to be resubmitted to House for further consideration – HPS Luncheon CABINET has reiterated its intention to have the once disapproved Customs Amendment Bill resubmitted to the House for further consideration, Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr. Roger Luncheon informed yesterday. Speaking at his usual post-Cabinet media briefing at the Office of the President in Georgetown, Luncheon said this comes in the wake of the CCJ ruling that so adversely affected Guyana, as well as in the context of the denial by the Opposition of being responsible

for such an outcome. According to Luncheon, Cabinet maintained that the focus of the bill on addressing Guyana’s treaty obligations should not be diverted; and it should not be confused with other issues such as the environment. “Cabinet insisted that that cannot be and the bill ought not to be used for any purpose other than to correct the discriminatory nature of our tax law with regards to our obligations under the revised Treaty of Chaguaramus.” (Telesha Ramnarine)

mostly living on the streets, around Bourda Market. On 10th July, 2012, he was found lying under a shed at Alexander Street and he appeared to be dead. The prosecutrix said further that he had what appeared to be blood on his body and a stab wound to his chest. He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead. According to her, on July 12, 2012, Government

Forensic Pathologist, Dr. Nehaul Singh performed a post-mortem examination on ‘Country’s’ body and found he had sustained two incised wounds - one with a stabbing action to the left chest going from left to right and slightly downwards, caused by a sharp-pointed instrument at least 12 cm in length. The doctor, she said, gave the cause of death as perforation of the heart. ‘Country’ was 35 years

old at the time of his death. Following police investigations the accused was charged. Yesterday afternoon, Justice Navindra Singh, the trial judge, conducted a voir dire (a trial within a trial) to determine the admissibility of a caution statement in the matter. Wi t n e s s , C o n s t a b l e Chaitram Seeram, testified at the voir dire. The hearing is continuing.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

Following combined Opposition budget cut…

Luncheon assures OP staffers of May salary payments soon By Telesha Ramnarine THE agony of those who have been affected by the lack of funding for Programme One in the Office of the President (OP) would soon end and workers can anticipate payments soon, Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon reported yesterday. Dr. Luncheon preferred not to be more specific but said he trusts the workers will take his word for it. He was at the time speaking at his usual post-cabinet press briefing at the Office of the President in Georgetown. All of the OP staffers have continued to work despite not being in receipt of their May salaries, Luncheon said, but he reiterated that they will be paid sooner rather than later. At a previous press conference, Luncheon said the imminent arrival of the salary date for May in the Public Service had brought home, with stark clarity, the full impact of the 2014 Appropriation Act, which was passed in the National Assembly subsequent to the $37.4B Opposition-led cut from the $220B national budget. He had said that the impact would no doubt take its toll on the livelihoods of the affected workers, particularly those at OP and its subventions agencies. Both the capital and current expenditure programmes for administrative services for OP were disapproved by the political Opposition in Parliament. “The impact, were it to be felt, would essentially see us putting up the ‘For Rent’ or ‘For Sale’ sign as there is no money in the kitty…nothing to support even the most routine activities of the Office of the President and the subvention agencies under OP,” Dr. Luncheon had told reporters. He explained that the impact is such that it has not only threatened the discharge of the constitutional functions of the President, but livelihoods of many public officers as well. Many of these officers were appointed by the Public Service Commission to pensionable posts. Under the allocation for OP, the cuts include $245M for the Presidential Guard services; $95M for the provision of developmental and humanitarian aid, among other initiatives; $10M for the Office of the First Lady; $73.5M for the Guyana Energy Agency; $119M for the Guyana Office for Investment (Go-Invest); $122M for the Institute of Applied Science and Technology (IAST); $17M for the Integrity Commission; and $28.5M for the Office of the Commissioner of Information. Last year, the combined Opposition cut the Budget by $31B; and in 2012 by $21B.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

Taxi driver granted $125,000 bail -on fraudulent conversion, damage to property and simple larceny charges By Geeta Rampersaud AGRICOLA taxi driver, Eon Thompson, appeared on Wednesday before Georgetown Magistrate, Faith Mc Gusty, charged with fraudulent conversion, damage to property, and simple larceny. He pleaded not guilty to all the charges, and was ordered to post $125,000 bail. One of the charges alleges that on Tuesday, April 29, at Georgetown, being solely entrusted to pay $60,000 to the Guyana & Trinidad Mutual Fire & Life Insurance Companies (GTM) for Troy Altram, he fraudulent converted same to his own use and benefit. Another offence alleges that between April 4 and 29, at Georgetown, Thompson unlawfully and maliciously damaged one car device valued $15,000. The third allegation is that between April 4 and 29, at Georgetown, he stole two Premier speakers, two other speakers and one car jack, among other items together valued at $448,000, and all being the property of the same virtual complainant (VC). Police Corporal, Seon Blackman, prosecuting, objected to bail on the grounds that the defendant and VC are known to each other, and if granted bail, the defendant may tamper with the witness. He added that since his commission of the offences, Thompson has not been cooperating with the police. Thompson, however, pleaded for bail, and requested two weeks to repay the VC. He informed the court that he has three children to take care of, and wanted a speedy conclusion to the matter. Magistrate Mc Gusty granted him bail on condition that he makes no contact with the victim. He was also bonded to keep the peace pending determination of the matter. He will make his next court appearance on June 12.

Noise nuisance accused bonded to keep the peace for next six months By Geeta Rampersaud JEETENDRA Mahadeo (no address given) appeared on Wednesday before Georgetown Magistrate, Faith McGusty, on a noise nuisance charge. Particulars of the offence are that on Sunday, May 25, at Balram’s Bar on Station Street Kitty, Georgetown, he operated a stereo set in such a way as to cause annoyance to Dharampaul Persaud. After pleading guilty to the charge, the unrepresented defendant told the court that he played the stereo inside the building, and it was a surround system. The virtual complainant was not present in court to contend this assertion, and Mahadeo was bonded to keep the peace for the next six months.



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

Teenage girl knifed to death in Berbice murder/suicide

By Jeune Bailey-Vankeric JUST days before her 15th birthday, schoolgirl Tamesha La Toya Adams, called ‘Toya,’ was knifed to death aback the home of her adoptive parents at Sisters Village, East Bank Berbice. She would have been 15 years old on June 13. Her 23-year-old boyfriend, Kellon Sam, nicknamed ‘Gadget,’ who had lost his job at the Cement Factory three weeks The motionless body of teenager, Tamesha La Toya Twenty-three-year-old Kellon Sam after ago, was found hanging from a Adams he was removed from a mango tree mango tree, behind his parents’ where he had hung himself villager. residence, a stone-throw from “I spoke to her about the relationship, where the lifeless body of the teenage girl security guard at the Brothers’ Health Centre. telling her that she was too young, and that was found. At a school meeting last week, La Toya Early yesterday morning, neighbour, See- she needed to focus on her school work. But had said she wanted to become an Agriculta Ramkarran left her house to attend to her my words fell on deaf ears; you know young turist, and intended to enter the Agriculture flock of sheep penned in her backyard. But people…” she lamented. stream at the Berbice Educational Institute, The woman recalled that a few months where she was a student. on approaching the sheep pen, she observed an unidentified person in her neighbour’s ago, the girl drank tablets for the same reason Meanwhile, the girl’s father, Robert Adand had to be hospitalised. “She was perform- ams, remembered that after his wife left for mango tree. Unsure of who it was, she stepped back- ing fairly at school, and brought her report work, he arrived home at 20:30hrs and found ward to get a better view but, because of card to support her claim. During the last that their daughter was not at home, and a the position of the body, she was unable to school term, Tamesha obtained 52.9 per cent. subsequent search in the village was fruitless. identify the individual. She then called to However, her teacher observed that she should He remembered that the girl was adopted her neighbour, Colvin, a younger sibling of talk less and read more,” Adams reported. eight years ago when she was experiencing With her head tilted, Adams fondly re- several challenges with her biological parents. the deceased, telling him that someone was counted the last conversation she had with the hanging from the tree. Over at the Sams’ house, Gordon Sam, Ramkarran said initially he did not see, so teen, who had requested a bun. She told her father of the deceased told reporters that he had to take his face and direct it to where to take the bun, and she left for work. She is a his son had been employed as a checker at the person was hung and when he saw, he began hollering: “Gadget! Is Gadget! Oh God!” His screams brought his parents and other villagers to the scene, and they all wailed at the sight of the man, who was described by relatives and friends as being quiet and mannerly. It was the wails that subsequently caused the villagers to brave the heavy rainfall, as they rushed to where Sam had hanged himself. Amongst those who hurried to the place was Marlyn Adams, the adoptive mother of Tamesha, who opted to use the shorter route behind her home in order to get to the Sams’ house. As her feet slithered on the muddy pathway, attempts were made to steady herself when she observed the lifeless body of her daughter lying on the ground. “I recognised her feet; I knew it was her; I just could not go forward anymore. I hurried back home to my husband,” the woman said. The teen suffered a deep wound to the right side of her neck, and a knife was also stuck into her chest. According to the woman, it was during October last year that she became aware of Adoptive parents Marlyn and Robert Adams share an emotional embrace after the her daughter’s relationship with the fellow discovery of the lifeless body of their daughter yesterday

the Cement Factory. But three weeks ago, his services were terminated without a cause. Apart from that, he had a girlfriend named Connie Benn who died at the New Amsterdam Hospital after an unsuccessful appendectomy surgery about three months ago. “I did not know about this girlfriend; I guess his mother had known,” the father said, remarking that young people tell their mothers everything. AN ARGUMENT He said that following his son’s death, he was informed SUICIDE VICTIM: Kellon that Tamesha had the name of Sam another young man written on her body, which had resulted in an argument. The man said: “My son worked for $60,000 per month; he never contributed much to the home, so I guess this girl would get his money. I suppose he was frustrated after losing his job... maybe the other girlfriend, and then on learning that this girl was seeing someone else was too much for him to handle. “But I never knew; I never knew,” the father confessed, regretting the death of one of his five children. Another villager, fondly referred to as ‘Cousin Maylene’, recalled hearing Tamesha’s voice just after 21:00hrs saying the door was locked. The elderly woman said that thereafter, she retired to bed as she assumed it was the teen and her father who were having a conversation. “Is this morning I realised that is dead the child dead,” the woman said. Other villagers told reporters that the teen, who had a roadside confectionery stall, was allowed to have her own way for too long. They claimed that despite several reports to the parents about the teenager’s deviant behaviour, their words fell on deaf ears; they were in denial. As a matter of fact, the couple was too old to manage that teenager effectively, they said about the Adams who are both in their sixties. The bodies of Kellon Sam and Tamesha La Toya Adams are currently at the Arokium Funeral Home awaiting post mortem examinations.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

Tourism Minister adopts ‘no holds barred’ approach to making Guyana Festival a success By Rebecca Ganesh-Ally TOURISM Minister (ag) Irfaan Ali said Monday at the launch of the Night of the Legends that “a special package will be offered to Jamaicans, in collaboration with Fly Jamaica and other airlines, to finalise packages out of Florida, Toronto, New York, and even London.” He explained that that package would be applicable from Thursday to Monday. “The plan is to encourage all Guyanese as well as other visitors (to come here) for the Guyana Festival.” Minister Ali said that, for the very first time, the fusion of the six different cultures that make up the Guyanese tapestry would be brought together to reflect a true melting pot that contains the Guyanese identity. He noted also that the Guyana Festival is being heavily marketed in the abovementioned countries, hence the reason for development of the packages.

L-R: Tameca Sukdeo-Singh, Coordinator of the Guyana Festival; Tourism Minister (ag) Irfaan Ali; and Lennox Canterbury, Coordinator of the Night of the Legends festivity (Photo by Adrian Narine)

Giving an outline of each day of the event, Ali explained that “no two days are the same; so it’s not like you will come on day 1 and believe that the rest of the days are the same.” Day One, he explained, would feature the grand opening ceremony of the event, wherein the Guyana De-

fence Force would conduct an air show. There would also be a national concert featuring performances from all artistes, and various dramatic performances will highlight drama groups, and craft, poetry, dance and painting. The Night of Local Legends, slated for Day Two,

will see renowned celebrities such as Dave Martins, Sammy Baksh, Eddie Grant, and Terry Gajraj performing. There would also be games in which various communities would compete against each other in cricket, football and other sporting activities with the aim of winning trophies and other prizes.

The Guyana Festival will culminate with a culinary cook-off competition of traditional Guyanese cuisine, such as duck curry, pepper pot, cook-up, metemgee and black cake, followed by a grand concert aimed at promoting the next generation of Guyana’s music and help to develop new/young talent. The cook-off competition will attract various groups from Guyana, the Minister noted. “There is a group of Guyanese out of Florida who have indicated their interest and are prepared to cook ‘hassa curry’. In addition, there will also be standup comedy and a “Next Generation” performance by younger artistes. Performing will be Jumo “Rubber Waist” Primo, Adrian Dutchin, Melissa “Vanilla” Roberts and others. This activity is slated to be announced shortly. During opening hours, this family-oriented event will take the format of an exhibition showcasing craft,

art, culinary delights, celebrity and demonstration tents; and there will be concerts in the evenings. There will also be a children’s playground, Minister Ali disclosed. “We want all of Guyana to rally around the festival. We want all of Guyana to feel the energy, and to be a part of this historic patriotic moment in celebrating who we are. We are reconnecting the past with the present as we project the future. “If we can’t celebrate our own, then no one will celebrate them for us,” Ali said. The festivities would cater for everyone, according to Minister Ali. There will be more than 12 different rides for the children, and any child under the age of 12 would be admitted without charge. Adults can take advantage of the Guyana Festival passport, costing US$15 or Gy$3000, which would allow them entry to the festivities on each night of the three-night event.

TravelSpan sends 14 Guyanese to be trained as flight attendants in Las Vegas - more to follow later this month By Rebecca Ganesh-Ally TRAVELSPAN Guyana announced on Wednesday that fourteen Guyanese are attending formal training to become flight attendants at Vision Airline’s Office in Las Vegas, Nevada which will be done by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Speaking at the press conference at the Executive Lounge at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), Timehri, Ms. Vanita Jagnarain, General Manager of TravelSpan Guyana said the company began advertising vacancies for flight attendants in January 2014 and received hundreds of applications. Thirty applicants were shortlisted and all will be trained by the FAA. The 14 Guyanese left this week for the training that will last three weeks. In view of the class size all prospective flight attendants were not accommodated in the first batch, but the remaining 16 are scheduled to leave at the end of June to be trained.

According to Jagnarain: “We received applications from almost every part of Guyana and we have short-listed persons from Berbice, Bartica, Essequibo, Linden and Georgetown.” She said that it is the initiative of TravelSpan to have an all-Guyanese cabin crew and therefore decided to conduct the training and have Guyanese qualified by the FAA. Referring to the cost to conduct this training, Jagnarain said, “It is very costly and for persons to access training it has to be done through an airline and this shows our commitment to the market. We would not have been making this investment unless we wanted to stay on the market.” However, she did not disclose a figure for the training cost. Meanwhile, the prospective flight attendants have signed a contract that will see them working with the company after the training has concluded. “After the completion of the training we will have some of these

same flight attendants do their first flight on their return,” she indicated. Also speaking with this newspaper, Yannick December, a flight attendant as well as an employee with Capitol News Channel 7, noted that it’s a great opportunity to be trained by the FAA because as a flight attendant; you will then be recognised worldwide. He encouraged persons to elevate themselves. “I am doing two jobs, I have to cover 20 days with TravelSpan and I am still free-lancing at Capitol News.” TravelSpan Guyana is currently the only airline that provides Guyanese with non-stop flights to New York. Jagnarain said: “Our company is a U.S.-based one, but the owner, Nohar Singh, is a Guyanese.” The company also has flights scheduled for Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays to and from Port of Spain, Trinidad. TravelSpan also offers an all-inclusive vacation package at a cost of US$1,279 per person for 7 days at 4, 5 and 6-star hotels

Vanita Jagnarain, General Manager of TravelSpan Guyana (sitting centre) surrounded by the fourteen Guyanese flight attendants (Vishwanauth Narine photo)

in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic on Tuesdays in July and August, she said. TravelSpan Incorporated was set to begin direct flights between New York and Guyana starting December 14, 2013 after being cleared by the U.S. Department of Transport. The airline was established in April 2006 and began operations in Guyana shortly after be-

ing granted licenses to provide regional and international services. TravelSpan Guyana is a sister company of the existing TravelSpan Inc. which operates charter services between Port of Spain, Trinidad and North America. The FAA is the national aviation authority of the United States. As an agency of the United States

Department of Transportation, it has authority to regulate and oversee all aspects of American civil aviation. The Federal Aviation Act of 1958 created the organisation under the name Federal Aviation Agency. The agency adopted its current name in 1966 when it became a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation.




AST week it was the women dominating this page, and they certainly did a fine job. There were hotties here in all shades, shapes and sizes. This week around ‘de men come fuh tek ovah’, and to demonstarte that they also must have their say.

However, you must dig in for all your entertainment glories on the next three pages, and trust me... This week we will make your ‘teeth sweat’. So ladies and gentlemen, do enjoy the best in entertainment; and do make sure that you are back here again next Friday for another serving of the exciting Entertainment Bombshell. See ya, folks...

Bombshell’s Hottest Dudes…

Can Marquis Khan be the morsel to satiate an insatiable appetite?

This dude seems to have been marinated in sweet wine of the highest vintage, and dipped in tropical nectar dripping in a pristine rainforest.


E has been described in certain circles as hot and tantalizing, sensual and captivating; possessor of a masculine aura that would envelop females in its cocoon of intoxicating sensuality. They say he has lips like tropical cherries, eyes that transmit sultry messages; and shows off a lean, athletic, sexy body. Marquis Khan certainly tops the Bombshell list of hottest dudes of the century. This reticent but talented male enjoys singing, dancing, travelling, and associating with creative and innovative individuals. Marquis has already made a name for himself in both the local and international music fraternity, just as he believes in ‘living life to the fullest’, and ‘making hay while the sun shines’. His ideal woman certainly has to possess a drop dead gorgeous body and the brain to match it. She would certainly have to be an excellent cook, and know how to keep her man properly entertained all the time. Mi ladies, I wish you good luck in your search to find the way into Marquis’s heart. I applaud the first lady to net him, if he is not already taken.

Contact #: 616-0301 / 2275216

Alkaline for Jamzone Guyana N

INETEEN-year-old Jamaican dancehall artiste Alkaline has confirmed that he would be performing at the Regional Night of the Hits and Jams’ Jamzone Summer Break, set for August 15-24. This event will feature several events leading up to the beach jam. Usually, the main attractions for the event are the Regional Night, the International Night and the Jamzone International Pageant. This is Alkaline’s first visit to these shores, and his appearance is anticipated to draw the younger fan base. This Dancehall artiste comes to these shores with a bundle of hardcore rhymes, killer hooks and slick productions; he was undoubtedly one of “the baddest” lyricists in 2013. Describing himself as an “in di streets yute”, Alkaline, whose real name is Earlan Bartley, was born at the Victory Jubilee Hospital in Kingston in 1993. His first attempt at committing lyrics to paper was at the age of 14, and by 16 he was already recording and producing his own records. While at Ardenne High, where the Jamaican teenager completed his high school studies, Alkaline balanced school and the groundwork of a solo career by recording music in and around local studios whenever he got the chance. He copped six subjects at the

Alkaline Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) exams, and is currently pursuing a first degree in Media and Communication at the University of the West Indies’ Mona Campus. Alkaline is a major Martin Luther King enthusiast, and in addition to loving life and his music, he lists fashion, fishing and playing video games among his passions. His personal style is not that of a typical artiste, but one with a sort of urban edginess with a twist of hardcore appeal. His tunes include “Ruin it”, “We have had enough”, “Get Gal easy”, among others.

Adrian Dutchin’s new release is ‘Too Bad’

ADRIAN Dutchin recently launched a new song, called “Too Bad”, which features Charmaine Blackman, Carib Soca Monarch Kwasi “Ace” Edmundson and Jory Hector. The song was written by Dutchin and was recorded using the “Nana Riddim”. The actual recording of the song was produced by DP Records. The song is about deejays playing the right music to hype a crowd, songs that they love to hear. The song was released on the Boom FM Radio, as well as on other radio stations in Guyana. Dutchin thanked Darrell Pugsley, the producer of the song, the artistes who were involved, and the deejays who are contributing to the success of the song, as well as making it loved by all. The music video will be shot shortly, and will be released soon. The Guyanese artiste, confirmed to perform at the New York City Jamzone event, said he is working on some new tracks for the August holiday called “Summer Riddim”. He is also working on some other gigs that will definitely create some vibes on the

ADRIAN Dutchin

local airwaves. Dutchin will be making several appearances during the summer vacation in the US, and will also be heading to perform at Caribana in Canada. He recently performed at the US Memorial Day celebrations before a packed crowd as Guyanese overseas celebrated Guyana’s Independence Anniversary.



Bombshell’s Artiste of the Week

Darrel Pugsley: very versatile and superbly talented

The super-talented Darrel Pugsley IF one were to ask for a music producer cum arranger cum composer of any merit on the Guyana shores, the name Darrel Pugsley is most likely to be recommended. Lovers of Guyanese music may remember him as one of the lead keyboard players with the Brutal Jammers and Heat Wave bands. This happily married 31-year-old attended Sand C r e e k P r i m a r y, P r e s i dents College & St Rose’s high. He operates between Manaus and Sao Paolo in Brazil, and the prime entertainment spots in Guyana;

and has played keyboard for and/or toured with artistes such as Serani, Cecile, Kiprich, Mr Easy, Collie Buddz, Spragga Benz, Jah Melody, Louie Culture, Turbulence, Natural Black, Natty King, Rupee, Peter Ram, and many other popular names; yet, he remains true to the Guyanese music industry. Operating out of his home studio (DP Records) at McDoom, East Bank Demerara, Darrel almost weekly churns out hit after hit, which immediately invades and claims the local airwaves. Just ask Lisa Punch,

or Big Red or Isla Man or Jackie Hanover amongst other Guyanese artistes. He has also shared the same stage with other international acts, such as Akon, Buju Banton, Sizzla Kalonji, Beenie man, Capleton, Beres Hammond, and Tony Matterhorn, just to name a few. He boasts the enviable experience of working alongside musicians in and out of studios as a former arranger/composer and producer at Brutal Tracks Studios and also DP Studios, which he owns. Darrel offers the total package of graphic designing, video editing and audio engineering. His musical productions cover the genres of R/ B, hip-hop, dancehall, reggae, Jazz, Samba, Reggaeton, soca, Forro, Indian, soul and poprock. His work has definitely been heard, but many have never seen the face behind the creativity. The young musician, engineer and businessman has been in music professionally for at least two decades, having started playing the guitar as a child, compliments of his

father. He also plays bass and rhythm guitar. He came to Georgetown, Guyana at age nine, happened upon music by accident, and has made it his career. He composed and arranged seven tracks on Natural Black’s album titled ‘Guardian angel”, which was launched in Barbados; and now he’s working on the music of a host of other artistes, including the likes of Mondale Smith, Tandy, and Kester D. If truth be told, this Guyanese all-encompassing musician also owns an online radio and television station, and is the voice behind many advertisements for most of the major companies in and out of Guyana. And he’s nowhere close to touching 40! With accomplishments that continue to pile up, he’s not one to blow his own trumpet, but humbly states “My goal basically is to push the artistes that I work with towards much success…It’s not about me, it’s about them and taking Guyanese music to the international arena in a professional manner so that Guyana wins positive

publicity.” Further, he states, “It’s not about me. I started the record label for my artistes.” He has worked with all of the bigger names locally, like Big Red, Jumo, Adrian Dutchin, Jory, Natural Black, Jackie Hanover, Lisa Punch, Malo, and Mondale. In the Gospel arena, Darrel has also produced music for Sean Sobers, Mariam Williams, Kester D, Bro Ravi, and Solid Youth, to name a few. A point to note is that, for several years, his productions have placed first and second at the Schools Mash Calypso competitions. While many producers simply have a studio, Darrel projects that a producer has to have a home to do projects after hours. At present he is working on projects with artistes from Germany, the USA, Brasil, Africa and Guyana. DARREL started producing music while still attending school. He produced his music at home and at @Zoe media Productions owned by Obed James (best engineer in Guyana), and Dominion Studios, owned

by Pastor King. He took his music seriously after a major vehicular accident landed him in hospital at a time when he was supposed to undergo brain surgery for a clot in his brain. Those clots gave him terrible headaches that came with bleeding from his nose, but he says that “music literally healed me, as I was gonna study medicine en route to being a medical surgeon, but I couldn’t study anymore, and listening to much music and spending time with the keyboard kept the headaches away.” He said it was a miracle that he didn’t have to undergo surgery any more… Thank God! What keeps Darrel interested? Well as he puts it simply, “The technology. I’ve seen it grow. I started producing when protools didn’t exist in Guyana as yet. I was very fortunate to have access to the very first protools digi01 system in the country, which was released in 1999. Now I’m privileged to be using protools 10 HD.”

Mikhail Rampersaud: a great Guyana Talented Teen Contestant Mikhail Rampersaud is a 19-year-old resident of Triumph, East Coast Demerara who enjoys dancing, teaching and trekking the catwalk whenever the opportunity arises. This Guyanese sports a mixture of African and East Indian ancestry, and has a love for culture, nature and community work. Come July 6, 2014, Mikhail Rampersaud and fourteen other persons, both males and females, will vie for the crown of Mr and Ms Talented Teen 2014. The pageant has been ongoing for some years now, and will see for the second time the appearance of talented male teens on stage. Rampersaud hopes to be that one special male talented teen to represent Guyana in Antigua later this year. Asked about his obsession with pageants and walks on the catwalk, Rampersaud said that the passion for the catwalk has always been there, but the encouragement to have it manifested came from his grandmother who,

Mikhail Rampersaud during a photo shoot for the Mr Guyana African Roots Heritage Pageant in 2013

in 2013, encouraged him to be part of the Mr. Guyana African Roots Heritage Pageant. The inspiration for this year’s Talented Teen involvement came from his experience in 2013; moreover, his director encouraged him to

get involved and broaden his horizon. Rampersaud attended Queen’s College in Georgetown, where he wrote the Caribbean Secondary Examination Certificate and attained ten subjects at one sitting, all at university accepted grades. He has three sisters but no brother, and his parents are Sharon and Jeffery Rampersaud. The Rampersauds have been living at Triumph for as long as the youngster can recall. According to him, he attended all his school while living at their Lot 31 Triumph, East Coast Demerara home. In addition to being afforded the opportunity to represent young people of Guyana in Antigua, the Guyana Talented Teen queen and king will also receive a one year scholarship at the University of Guyana, as well as being presented with a laptop computer and an iPhone.

The pageant has eight males and seven females who will be vying for the coveted crowns and other benefits come July 6. In addition to the July 6 event, there will also be a sashing ceremony on June 8 and a cocktail reception on June 27, all in honour of the delegates. While many are looking at this strikingly handsome young man and maybe hoping that he takes the lion’s share of the male component of the competition, he will be in a better position to do so with generous support of the members of the public. Mikhail Rampersaud can be contacted via telephone number 679-7149 or on Facebook https://www. rampersaud?fref=ts where information on how you can assist in sponsoring him for the Guyana Talented Teen 2014 Pageant can be obtained.

Rampersaud, in one of his dance moves, paused for a photo opportunity



Mahaicony Guinness Bar to explode with ‘lollipop frenzy’ S

OME persons are of the opinion that countryside villages cannot promote or conceptualise proper party concepts, and that is why folks at the Mahaicony Guinness Bar are out on a resolute mission to ‘shut those mouths’ and cease those negative tongues from wagging. Bombshell visited the venue just recently, and almost doubled over when we received wind of the next party concept high on the Bar’s entertainment agenda. Tonight the saucy Mahaicony hotties will be decked out in the skimpiest and most scandalous

outfits, and will come out in great number to engage in a smashing ‘lollipop frenzy’ that would showcase the divas unleashing various scorching ways to ‘lick the lollipop’. This certainly is going to be crazy, since, on my visit there, the ‘country gals’ were already tumbling over each other in the shops trying to purchase the biggest and most colourful lollipops with which to unfurl their ‘lollipop fetishes’. But they will have to be more than ready to take on the steam coming from the ‘Victoria Lollipop Dolls’ who are most famous for their mind boggling lollipop dances

and tricks. The event would be further heightened with fantastic performances from local singer ‘Lil Million’, who has promised to put on quite a show. Well folks, the damsels are all waiting with bated breaths for tonight’s ‘lollipop clash’; and if you are wise, you would rush down there to see who would be crowned the ‘Lollipop Queen 2014’. Music for the event would be supplied by Black Rose Sound System, and admission is said to be ‘easy’.

Let’s tell it like it is…

‘My! My! My! What a lollipop fantasy’

‘So You Think You Can Sing’ karaoke contest was an epic disaster Some contestants were shocked beyond belief at the madness that was occurring at the judges’ table

WELL, it’s indeed a good thing that a very popular nightspot decided to host a recent karaoke competition to pave the way for many talented Guyanese singers, but what I would advise the nightclub folks to do the next time is to screen the judges properly before placing them on the panel to judge singers who are by far more talented than some of those judges. So you should understand why most of the judges created chaos at the venue, saying whatever silly things crossed their vapid imaginations. For some of them, the level of talent was way beyond their depth, and many of them were using this forum to get back at some of the singers with whom they may have had personal grievances or just did not appreciate. Well, the confusion began at the Preliminary Round when the MC announced that the males were competing for cash packages of $100,000, $60,000 and $40,000. By the time the event reached the semi-final stage, that announcement was changed to $75,000, $40,000 and $20,000; and it was the very MC who had made the original announcement making this amended announcement. That was chaos number one!!! And it looks like this MC had his favourites as well, because at times he was actually fuelling the audience to respond positively to some contestants, while it was just a lukewarm acknowledgement for others. Talk about drama!! And some of the judges were certainly unfit to even be gracing the venue with their presence; the organizers should have certainly known better. Take, for instance, the fact that female judge Michelle Playter was affiliated and associated with quite a number of contestants in the competition, and was seen leaving the venue in their company for partying purposes or whatever else they were going to do. No wonder when she appeared to judge at the semi-finals she was rudely told that she had been replaced and had been taken off the panel of judges.

“Ow lawd! If yuh see how she deh bout de place fuming and fretting. At one point I thought she ten pounds ah Maybelline woulda fall aff in chunks to de ground.” Jackie Hanover must be commended because she was ‘fair and square’ and ‘gave Jack he jacket’, regardless of her association with any contender. Then one night they brought a short, fat judge who reeked of alcohol and was there telling the contestants all kinds of nonsense. This same judge, in his apparent drunken stupor, wanted to give jokes on stage, and even sing, until the audience ‘booed him away’ and he was not seen again for the rest of the night. It was a refreshing sight to see fresh judges at the semi-finals, but whose unearthly idea was it to put Kwasi ‘Ace’ Edmondson on the panel? That was a horrific mistake. There he was, telling the poor singers ‘bull crap’ all night and causing some well deserving singers to be knocked out of the competition. I mean come on, folks! Kwasi sounds almost like he is talking when he sings, and he had the gall to tell one of the singers that he needed to learn to dance. That was the biggest understatement of the century, because every honest soul knows for a fact that Kwasi stands there like a frozen log in a soca competition, almost appealing pitifully to the audience for mercy with pleas of “I can’t really dance, I ain’t know fuh wine.” How dramatic…! “Well, I know that if a certain ex-media personality was in the competition, we would have been hearing different comments from Kwasi”. Some things are certainly better left unsaid…. Well, well, well…. Big Red was certainly surprising when she told a male contestant that she knows he can sing, and should have done better when he hit the notes in a reggae song that was not fitted with notes or pitches.”

When will our judges learn to be honest and neutral?

Has de world gawn mad or what? Even though she was informed that the judges selected the songs, this judge was relentless and made it appear as though she had a personal vendetta against this contestant, whom I am told has been promoting her music with much fervor over the years. “But a little bird whispered that somebody close to a certain judge had asked the same contender for certain favours, and when the contender divulged the information to the manager of a certain judge’s relative, maybe a certain judge got vex and must be holding malice. Oh gosh, dis story want moh people…” Well, de dutty story bus out dat a certain female judge sleeping wid two ah de males who gaan through

tuh de finals. And people, if yuh hear dem sing… Each ah dem sound like Tortollian vultures with a chronic disruption in dem tonsils. But, strangely, they are moving from round to round in the competition. Marquis Khan did a really good job as a judge, and this is the calibre of judges promoters must employ for song competitions of this magnitude. You see, folks, judges must be fair and forget their affiliations; judging must not be done on the basis of somebody knowing somebody. There is bound to be lots of unfair dealings and utter confusion. And it’s really confusing as to what the judges are looking for in this competition, because even though the MC reads out the criteria

to everyone, there are still cases where persons are off key, breaking apart on notes, missing out on their words, and still receiving favourable comments from some judges. For me, I would say some of the judges just don’t know what they are about. There is a lot more that caused this karaoke contest to be lacking in many areas, but I have had my say. And I hope future promoters use this as constructive criticism and would not make their judging panels a dreadful mistake or a cause of great frustration. Anways, good luck to all the winners. And to those cheated out of a fair chance of winning, I sa: BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME… Maybe elsewhere.


k e e W e h t f o o t o h P O

UR camera had recently picked these two scorching hot royalties as they paraded at an event in their honour. And just in case you are wondering who these rare beauties are, let’s help you out a little: These red hot little damsels are actually showgirls who did a fine job at a recent Car and Bike Show on the local shores. There is nothing more enticing than two really hot babes perched on the pulsating bonnet of a flashy convertible My! My! My! These girls are really royal indeed. And folks, you can be just as dashing too. All you need to do is dress to kill (ensure you do not promote any wardrobe mishaps), make sure that makeup is intact. Then vogue and smile for the Bombshell cameras. Now fans, you never know where we will be, so if you are stepping out, make sure you do so in fine style.

Way to go girls…


Katherina Roshana chaired EU venture on decriminalising same sex relations EVEN as she is readying to hand in her crown as Miss Guyana Universe 2013 after a very extraordinary and successful reign, Katherina Roshana still continues to shine like a diamond, and this is evident in all her endeavours. Just recently, folks, at a European Union engagement, she was selected to be chairperson for a prestigious function geared at getting Guyana to begin decriminalising same-sex relations. At that function, Katherina -- as expected -did a splendid job, affirming her stance again as one of Guyana’s more popular and likable beauty queens of recent times. At that function, the EU urged Guyana to decriminalise same sex intimacy and strengthen efforts to combat domestic violence and trafficking in persons. Addressing the gathering at the University of Guyana Gardens, EU Ambassador Robert Kopecky said the EU has been working with the Guyanese Government and civil society on a range of issues. He added that he would encourage the Government of Guyana to abolish the

Katherina Roshana (centre) toasts with President Donald Ramotar (left) and EU Ambassador Robert Kopecky’

death penalty, to decriminalise same sex connections, and strengthen efforts aimed at combating domestic abuse and human trafficking. He strongly encouraged the holding of Local Government Elections and the passing of the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Bill. Ambassador Kopecky said the EU has an important role to play in bringing together partners around the world to achieve lasting peace and equality. He noted that that is why the EU, in order to safeguard its values, has strengthened its position at the UN and has deepened its relationship with strategic partners and regional organisations. His Excellency President Donald Ramotar noted that as far as the Local Government Elections are concerned, he cannot be oblivious to the political situation that exists in Guyana. Speaking on the penalty issues raised by the EU Ambassador, he said that in relation to the death penalty and same-sex relations, he was sympathetic with the view, but he pointed out that, as a democracy, we have to take the opinion of the Guyanese people into consideration as well. He added that with the death penalty, the law has been amended so that it is no longer mandatory when a person is found guilty of murder.

Bombshell’s Most Provocative Babes…

‘Lady Wonder’s sultry curves and dangerous contours make her a notable standout S

‘Lady Wonder’ is certainly the dream every man wonders about

HE is certainly a delectable eye candy who has all of her dangerous curves in all the right places. This hottie, a runner-up in the Miss Bootilicious Pageant, is every guy’s dream; she reeks of intoxicating sexiness. ‘Lady Wonder enjoys dancing, modelling, singing and interacting with creative individuals. She believes the power of a successful woman lies in her confident smile, in the swish of her luscious hips, in the sensuality of her proud strides, and in the enticement detected in her suggestive eyes. This lady’s dream guy would certainly have to be ambitious, wealthy, intelligent, and willing and able to keep her laughingly happy most of the time. While she believes that no human is perfect, try as hard as they might, she advises that persons should use every experience (be it good or bad) as a stepping stone to perfection and to bettering themselves. Maybe this angel is not looking for anything guys; Maybe she wants YOU to look instead. So feast your eyes and wish upon a star. Good things come to those who wait; so maybe your dreams just may come true.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014


Machine-readable passports attract more security to ensure integrity

Below rates for June 5, 2014 Currency G$/US$ G$/GBP G$/CAD$ G$/euro BDOS$ G$/EC$ G$/TT$

Buying 205.98625 345.26996 188.30357 280.24089 101.74500 75.36667 31.74819

Selling 208.43594 349.58876 190.47563 283.78553 102.76500 76.12222 32.06646

For Friday June 6, 2014 -10:30hrs For Saturday June 7, 2014 -12:00hrs For Sunday March 8, 2014 -13:00hrs

IN an effort to ensure the integrity of the machine-readable passports, the Ministry of Home Affairs has introduced another security feature. A release from the Guyana Police Force has directed new applicants to ensure they walk with their birth certificates to aid in the process of their acquiring a machine-readable passport. The release specifies that the applicants’ birth certificates must have been issued no longer than six months prior to their applying for the new machine-readable passport. When contacted, Senior Police Superintendent Dale Alves, head of the Immigration Department of the Guyana Police Force, told the Guyana Chronicle that the directive on the new requirement came from the Ministry of Home Affairs. While not being able to confirm the real reason behind the new directive, he opined that the arrangement is to ensure the integrity of the passports when issued. Asked about the instances of fake documentation being presented to immigration officers at the ports of entry and at the Central Immigration Office in Georgetown, Alves said that was not an issue at the listed places. He, however, confirmed to this publication that, just over a month ago, a Chinese national flying from China was not allowed to enter this country, but was immediately deported, after it was discovered that he was tendering fake documents. Alves explained that for that man to ever enter Guyana legally at a later date, that man would need to obtain written permission from the Ministry of Home Affairs.(Leroy Smith)

Aries March 21 - April 19 Your energy level will continue to lag today, and it might be high time for you to think about what else you can do to take better care of your physical self. You can do something healthy to get fit that is actually fun, you know! Think about the types of activities you like to do -- walking, hiking, biking or skating -- and just do them more often. The hardest part is just getting started, and the stars say that today is the perfect day to do just that. Taurus April 20 - May 20 It’s all about fun today -- finding it, making it, and stretching it out for as long as you possibly can. If you are in the middle of a romance, the two of you should take some time today to go off on a little adventure. Hunt down an out-of-the-way place where you can pretend you’re on your first date all over again. And if you’re single, the fun should be easy to come by -- all you need to do is grab your wildest friend and find out what they have in mind! Gemini May 21 - June 21 Don’t feel guilty if you’re having a hard time communicating with your family right now. Sometimes familiarity breeds contempt, and the people who know you the best are also the people who bug you the most. Just give yourself some distance from the relatives who are getting on your nerves. You need to keep yourself from saying something or doing something that could hurt their feelings. It’s okay to need a break from the ties that bind every once in a while! Cancer June 22 - July 22 You’re relating better to other people right now, and some problems you’ve recently had with friends are fading away. When your communication is this good, you should enjoy it! So try to set aside time to socialise today. Meet a friend for a long lunch if you can, plan a dinner date with your sweetie, or just stop by a friend’s house on the way home from work. Everyone has a lot to talk about right now, and it’s always good to share ideas with likeminded people. Leo July 23 - August 22 A range of tempting treats (food and other things) will be dangled in front of you today. But before you reach right out and grab whatever seems appealing, pause to think. This is not a day to be impulsive and act on your every whim: it is a day to be a little bit more thoughtful -- a little bit more conservative than you usually are. Map out your course of action. Things will go smoothly if you have a good plan, so be patient. A golden opportunity is coming. Virgo August 23 - September 22 Seek out stimulation today! Luckily, it will be easy to find -- simply go out and explore new experiences, different cultures, unusual music, exotic foods or foreign films. Spend time with things that don’t quite make sense to you -- and before the end of the day, these things will start to make a lot of sense. This includes the people in your life whose motivations are mysteries to you. Find out what makes them tick by asking open-ended questions and challenging them on a point or two. Libra September 23 - October 22 You are in the midst of something very exciting, but there is some missing information that you need to uncover before you can go on to the next step with confidence. To find out what you need to know, seek out impartial voices right away -- they will help prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by extraneous details or second hand gossip. Too much information is not a good thing right now, and you need someone who will help you sort through it all. Scorpio October 23 - November 21 Trusting other people has helped you to foster your relationships and grow as a person, but today you should play your cards a bit closer to your chest than you usually do. Circumstances beyond your control might create conditions that are conducive to loose lips -- and you don’t want any private information getting into the wrong hands. Any type of information that you want to keep confidential needs to stay a secret right now. Keep quiet if you expect others to do the same. Sagittarius November 22 - December 21 For the best results, keep to a steady pace today. If you have more free time in the afternoon than you have in the morning, don’t put off all your errands until tonight. Instead, scatter them throughout your day. And if your morning schedule is wide open, you should avoid rushing ahead on things that need to be taken slowly. All the details need to be covered before you can go full steam ahead. Timing is important today, so don’t let either impatience or procrastination guide you. Capricorn December 22 - January 19 Any impulse buys you make on credit today could end up draining your bank account of much-needed funds, so save the shopping until you’re feeling more flush and can pay with cash. It’s wise to take your time in any buying situation -- after all, what’s the big rush? Make sure that you’ve done all your research before making any purchase, especially when it comes to big-ticket items like automobiles, computers or television sets. A new gadget can be seductive but not worth its price. Aquarius January 20 - February 18 It doesn’t take a lot of energy for you to see things that other people aren’t seeing today. You can look beneath the surface of what people are doing with one quick glance. You can see that someone’s smile is a false front, and that their happy-go-lucky attitude is just an act. If you feel like it, reach out to them and let them know that you can tell something is up with them. Let them know that you’re there for them when they need to talk -- because soon they will. Pisces February 19 - March 20 If someone asks you a question that stumps you, tell them that you’ll figure it out later. Your brain is working fine, but it is working a bit slowly today -- so you might need to ask for more time than you usually need to complete certain tasks. Your brain power ebbs and flows just like your energy level. There’s no miracle food or exercise that will help get the synapses firing faster -- it’s just a normal, temporary slowdown that shouldn’t cause you any real problems. Try not to let it bug you.














GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

Sharapova scraps into final showdown with Halep PARIS, France (Reuters) - She once posed for a photograph with an eight-yearold Eugenie Bouchard but that friendly touch was not on show yesterday as Maria Sharapova wiped the smile off the Canadian’s face to set up a French Open final with Simona Halep. While a 2002 photo of a statuesque Sharapova wrapping her arm around a pixie-like Bouchard has gone viral over the past 48 hours, the Russian hogged the limelight at Roland Garros as she grunted and shrieked her way to her third successive Paris final with a 4-6, 7-5, 6-2 win. “Winning a match where I felt my opponent played extremely, exceptional tennis and I didn’t feel that I was playing my best, I fought, I scrambled, and I found a way to win,” said seventh

Maria Sharapova seed Sharapova after a third mattered most was the straight win from a set down. blazing forehand she sent She produced nine flying past Bouchard’s racdouble faults, 35 unforced quet on her fifth match errors and was broken point. That left the Russian belfour times in a messy performance but the shot that lowing into the skies while

Bouchard, dubbed the ‘next Sharapova’ was left to reflect on what might have been. “When you play a great champion, you definitely feel their presence. Often I constructed the point well and then didn’t finish it as well as I could,” said the 20-year-old. “I had a couple of chances here and there and just didn’t take my opportunities when I had a few of them. That’s part of the learning experience for me.” Halep, 22, proved that she is a fast learner as she became the first Romanian in 34 years to reach a grand slam final by dousing the fire of Andrea Petkovic with a 6-2, 7-6(4) win. Many of the near-capacity 15 000 spectators who went out for a breather following the conclusion of Sharapova’s 2-1/2-hour marathon barely had a chance

to file back into the stadium before fourth seed Halep romped through the opening set. But Petkovic, who almost quit tennis a year ago after her ranking plummeted to 177 following a series of back, ankle and knee injuries, showed her indomitable spirit to hang in there in the second set before Halep finally sealed her fate. She dropped her racquet on her moment of triumph before raising both fists skywards as it dawned on her that she could join her manager Virginia Ruzici, champion in 1978, in the French Open winners’ circle. “I feel amazing now. It’s incredible I will play the final in Paris. I did everything on court to win this match,” Halep said in a courtside interview after reaching the final without dropping a set.

WICB not backing down on Narine decision - Cameron

PORT-OF-Spain, Trinidad - West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) president Dave Cameron said the Board will not back down on the decision not to consider top spinner Sunil Narine for the

upcoming three-Test series against New Zealand. Cameron was responding to a letter from Minister of Sport Anil Roberts, who was pleading for the regional body to reconsider its position on omitting Narine after he failed to arrive at the pre-series training camp in Barbados by the June 1 deadline. Narine remained in India to play for his Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) franchise in the final of the Indian Premier League. Roberts wrote the WICB president on May 31 last week, asking the Board to reconsider its decision to drop Narine, who helped the KKR to the IPL Premier League title on Sunday.

But in a brief response dated June 2, Cameron stated that the WICB “stands by its processes where players are selected to represent the region in various formats of the game.” Cameron wrote: “A few months ago, the Board of Directors, West Indies Players Association and the Territorial Boards agreed (on) a way forward regarding our management of the sport with the aim of getting us back to number one.” He added that the parties arrived at a “transparent” consensus that places the players as a priority as the WICB seeks to grow the game. “We are cognisant of the emotions which run con-

Fourteen to represent Guyana in Barbados ... From Backpage

and John Joseph will be carrying the Guyana flag. Though his father Mark Vieira, one of Guyana’s stalwarts on the track, will not be competing in the Barbados leg, Matthew will lead a squad of talented young Super Bike racers.

The young Vieira wowed the thousands that gathered at the South Dakota circuit last November and pundits are enthusiastic about his chances competing with the Caribbean’s best. Joel Neblett, Carlos Mendonca and Nikhil Seereeram would be Vieira’s teammates in Barbados.

trary to the process. We ask that other administrators respect our position and when

English Epsom 08:35 hrs Thistle Bird 09:10 hrs Tres Coronas 09:45 hrs Gregorian 10:20 hrs Dance And Dance 11:00 hrs Ihtimal 11:45 hrs That Is The Spirit 12:20 hrs Mime dance Market Rasen 08:55 hrs Gabrial The Great 09:30 hrs Investissement 10:05 hrs Dreamsoftheatre 10:40 hrs Keeneland 11:20 hrs Shinook 11:55 hrs Teenage Dream 12:30 hrs Chilly Miss Goodwood 13:00 hrs Aldwick Bay 13:35 hrs Aledaid 14:10 hrs Links Drive Lady 14:45 hrs Tafawuk 15:15 hrs Muhawalah 15:45 hrs Rapid Advance Irish Racing Tips Leopardstown

the time is appropriate, (the WICB) will seek your valued input,” Cameron stated.

12:55 hrs Toscanelli 13:30 hrs Balmont Belle 14:00 hrs Ponfeigh 14:35 hrs Truthwillsetufree 15:05 hrs Eye Of The Storm 15:35 hrs John Constable 16:05 hrs Artful Artist South Africa Racing Tips Fairview 08:15 hrs Political Playboy 08:55 hrs Sunningdale 09:30 hrs Ransom Of Choice 10:05 hrs Sprinting Queen 10:40 hrs Thatcatcanrun American Racing Tips Belmont Race 1 Spanish Armada Race 2 Tempered Threat Race 3 Perfect Disco Race 4 Quiet Sunshine Race 5 Lady Kreesa Race 6 Saythreehailmary’s Race 7 Wine Burglar Race 8 Escapist Race 9 Bakken

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014


Banks DIH backs ‘Green Machine’ with GT Beer By Calvin Roberts

WHEN Guyana’s national rugby team take to the National Park tomorrow from 16:00hrs to face Trinidad and Tobago in their all-important North American Caribbean Rugby Football Association (NACRA) Caribbean 15s Championship, they will be doing so with the support of Banks DIH behind them. Yesterday, at a simple media briefing held in the boardroom of the beverage manufacturing giant, Banks Beer brand manager Brian Choo-Hen presented a cheque for an undisclosed sum to president of the Guyana Rugby Football Union (GRFU) Peter Greene. Prior to the presentation, Greene, who also stewards the Guyana Amateur Powerlifting Federation (GAPF), said the GRFU has done everything within its power to ensure the Guyana 15s squad is well prepared ahead of the clash. “This matchup against Trinidad and Tobago, for which we are the underdogs, since they defeated us 20-0 last year after we defeated them by the same margin the previous year, can be viewed as a final in the Caribbean championship. “I say so because both teams chalked up resounding victories over Barbados in their opening matches, with Guyana winning 48-19 and T&T coming away with a 38-5 victory,” said Greene. He added, “We have done everything within our

power and limitation to ensure the team is adequately prepared for this matchup, so it is no longer what if, but when, and I can safely say that the guys are bubbling over with confidence, fit and ready to go mentally and physically.” He thanked Banks DIH for coming on board, this time with their GT Genuine Lager Beer and even expressed GRFU’s appreciation to the beverage company for its belief and timely support given to rugby football in Guyana. Communication Manager of Banks DIH Troy Peters in his brief remarks applauded the GRFU for the hard work they have put in, in order to have the team ready for this all-important clash, saying he is eagerly looking forward to the contest. “I must say thanks to the GRFU for hosting the game at the National Park, since for me it brings the spectators close to the game based on the outline of the venue which has hosted several matches of this nature in times past. “I believe that the GRFU is doing a tremendous job when it comes to promoting and developing the sport of rugby in Guyana and we at Banks DIH will be looking forward to a very exciting game on Saturday (tomorrow) and also to see Guyana using their home advantage well,” said Peters. Captain of the Guyana 15s team, Ryan Gonsalves, who, along with GRFU

… ahead of tomorrow’s clash with T&T

From left: Ryan Gonsalves, Robin Roberts, Mike McCormack, Troy Peters, Jeff Clement, Terrence Grant and Mortimer Stewart look on appreciatively as Banks DIH Banks Beer brand manager Brian Choo-Hen makes the presentation to GRFU president Peter Greene (3rd from left). vice-president Mike McCormack, referee’s official Terrence Grant and assistant manager Robin Roberts, was present at the briefing, emulated Greene by saying the team is ready for the clash. “This clash with T&T is an important game for us. It can be seen as the ‘Battle of the Giants’, since we both defeated Barbados and have the same points-difference. “We never see them (T&T) as a pushover even though we defeated them two years ago, but the fact that they defeated us last year means we will be looking to settle the score on Saturday, as this will be

payback time for last year’s loss,” said Gonsalves. Quizzed on the feelings in the team, Gonsalves said his teammates are all bubbling with confidence, fit, ready and raring to have a go at the Trinidadians, knowing very well what is at stake. “We have been in training for a lengthy period prior to this clash and as you know with all ball games, the team that plays well on the day comes out victorious, so all we are looking to do is play well, handle the ball well, execute what we would have practised and come away with the win at the end of the day.”

Asked about injury concerns within the team which will be having the services of USA-based Vallon Adams for this all-important clash, taking into consideration he missed the game against Barbados, Gonsalves said there is nothing to worry about, not even with Claudius Butts. “Claudius had some minor pains from a bad hit, but he is okay. In fact he was part of our assimilation exercise yesterday (Wednesday afternoon) and he ran and caught the ball well, while his ball-handling skills were exceptional. “With the inclusion of Vallon Adams, along with Richard Staglon and Ronald Mayers, I think we have a strong team who will be stopping the Trinidadians on Saturday and I wish to urge all Guyana to wear something green and come out and support us, even if you don’t know anything about the sport,” said Gonsalves. In the event to ensure the game is played, the GRFU has acquired the services of a water-pump which will be utilised should the outfield become waterlogged from the inclement weather that has been plaguing the country recently. The winners of the tomorrow’s clash will play-off against the winners of the North Zone - featuring reigning champions USA South, Bermuda and Cayman Is-

lands - for the undisputed title of overall Champions on June 28. USA South have already commenced their quest to retain the Championship title with a convincing 33-6 win against Bermuda who will be going up against Cayman Islands in the Cayman Islands tomorrow as well, before USA South and Cayman Islands battle next week Saturday. The officials for tomorrow’s clash are Brian Zhap (Referee), Romell Paris (1st Assistant) and Carlton Heywood (2nd Assistant), with Subola Gray and Andrea Lashley as the fourth and fifth substitute officials and Jason Brewer the Match Referee. The T&T team, along with the officials who will be coming from overseas, should arrive at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport at 11:00hrs today. The Guyana 15s team reads: Ryan Gonsalves (capt.), Rondell McArthur, Rickford Cummings, Grantley Williams, Jason Tyrell, Dwayne Schroeder, Felon Thompson, Richard Staglon, Clive Powell, Peabo Hamilton, Avery Corbin, Theodore Henry, Claudius Butts, Carl Lewis, Ronald Mayers, Alain Crawford, Cyan Kitt, Kevon David, Vallon Adams, J. Archibald, Leon Greaves and Chris Singh.

‘Disappointed’ de Villiers pledges support for Amla Pakistan players to get pay AB de Villiers has admitted “disappointment” at being overlooked as South Africa’s next Test leader but has pledged his full support for new captain Hashim Amla. De Villiers was considered the frontrunner for the position Graeme Smith vacated in March and in an interview with ESPNcricinfo had declared himself “ready” to lead and give up the wicket-keeping gloves if necessary, but that was not enough to convince the selection panel. “I will not beat around the bush. I’m disappointed that I’m not the captain,” de Villiers told the Afrikaans newspaper Beeld. “Everyone has dreams and ambitions and hopes

they will become reality but I accept the situation and will not let it come between me and Hashim. It would be very stupid of me if I let it affect my game and my role in the team. The choice is made. I wish Hashim all the best and will give him all of my support.” Although neither de Villiers nor convener of selectors Andrew Hudson would reveal when the former was informed about the decision, Hudson explained at Amla’s appointment on Tuesday that all the candidates for captaincy were consulted and gave their support to the selectors’ choice. “Processes were followed. We’ve spoken to the guys who were close and

that little group of senior players are all supportive of Hashim,” Hudson said. “We said to the guys ‘This is what’s coming’ and the guys said they were behind it 100%. There’s this group of senior players - Dale (Steyn), Morne (Morkel), Faf (du Plessis), AB, JP (Duminy) - that are behind Hashim and they respect him. He hasn’t just got two or three guys that support him, he has got a core.” Amla also had the backing of his predecessor Smith, who tweeted a message, part of which read, “Congrats my bud and excited to watch you shape proteas Test future,” while recent retiree Jacques Kallis called Amla’s promotion

“well deserved.” The reasons for the selection committee’s unanimous recommendation of Amla, which the board ratified, was put down to “deciding who we thought was best for the job,” Hudson said, with a focus on ensuring the transition phase will be as smooth as possible. “Hashim is solid and sets an example and he can continue the team culture going forward,” Hudson said. “One of the great things is that 90% of what the team needs to be successful is already there and needs to be continued and I think Hashim’s leadership style will suit this continuum.” (ESPN Cricinfo)

rise with new contracts

KARACHI, Pakistan (Reuters) - Centrally contracted Pakistan players will receive a 25 per cent increase in their monthly retainers and higher match fees, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) said yesterday after awarding deals to 31 players. The PCB said it had enhanced the monthly fees by 25 per cent at all levels and had also increased Test match fees by the same amount. “We have also increased the fees for one-day internationals by 10 percent while the players’ share of the logo fee has also been revised upward by 15 per cent. Some of the individual performance incentives have also been made more competitive,” chief selector Moin Khan said. Moin, who is also manager of the national side, said the board had also increased incentives for the team including win bonuses. The payout for a series win against the three teams at the top of the International Cricket Council rankings (Australia, South Africa and England), as well as India, has been increased from 200 per cent to 250 per cent. “We have taken into consideration all factors, fitness and performances, before deciding upon the players who should be given contracts for 2014 and the list includes some promising youngsters,” he added.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 6, 2014

Uncapped trio called up to England Test squad ‌ Plunkett, Woakes earn recalls LONDON, England (Reuters) - Uncapped trio Sam Robson, Chris Jordan and Moeen Ali have been named in the England squad for the first Test against Sri Lanka, starting at Lord's next Thursday. Australia-born opener Robson has yet to represent England at senior international level but has played for the Li-

said in a statement. "All four have carried their exciting winter form into the domestic season to earn well deserved recognition. "We believe that this group of emerging talent will be very well complemented by the established core of experienced players that have been selected." The squad is the first

future," Whitaker told the BBC. "Just at the moment we would like to see a few more overs under his belt, but he will be back soon. "Our number one priority is someone being 100 percent fit and we're c o n f i d e n t M a t t i s . We believe he can be part of that core group of players that can drive the team

Alastair Cook (captain), Moeen Ali, James Anderson, Gary Ballance, Ian Bell, Stuart Broad, Chris Jordan, Liam Plunkett, Matt Prior, Sam Robson, Joe Root, Chris Woakes

ons development team, while pace bowler Jordan and all-rounder Ali have played limited-overs cricket. Yo r k s h i r e p a c e m a n Liam Plunkett has been included, seven years after playing the last of his nine Tests for England against the West Indies, while wicketkeeper Matt Prior returns after being dropped during the last Ashes series against Australia and struggling with an Achilles injury. "We would also like to acknowledge the contribution of both the County and England Performance Programme coaches in helping to develop the talents of Sam Robson, Liam Plunkett, Moeen Ali and Chris Woakes," national selector James Whitaker

named under new coach Peter Moores, who succeeded Andy Flower after the Zimbabwean stepped down after five years in charge following the 5-0 whitewash Down Under in January, and the ending of controversial batsman Kevin Pietersen's international career. PRIOR RECALLED All-rounder Ben Stokes, who impressed during England's dismal Ashes trip, misses out, having recently returned after injuring his wrist hitting a dressing room locker, while Prior gets the nod at wicketkeeper, despite a recent clamour for Jos Buttler to be elevated to the Test line-up. "Ben Stokes is very much part of England's

forward over the next three or four years. "Very few people go through their careers without a blip but he is just the sort of character we want in that team." Robson, 24, is likely to partner captain Alastair Cook at the top of the order, having scored three centuries for the Lions in Sri Lanka earlier this year Jordan has been rewarded for some impressive performances in the one-day international series against Sri Lanka, which the visitors won 3-2, while Ali, who scored 162 in his last innings for Worcestershire, can bat in the middleorder and offer a slowbowling option. The two-Test series concludes at Headingley.

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Lessons from Worrell and Lloyd By Dr Rudi V. Webster THROUGHOUT the IPL competitions West Indies players have done particularly well. This year was no exception - Lendl Simmons, Dwayne Smith and Sunil Narine performed brilliantly. I feel that if they had the opportunity to play in the other formats of the game in India they would do equally well. So why are these players who are mediocre at best when they play for West Indies doing so well in India? Having worked with the Kolkata Knight Riders, the 2012 champions, I would say that the enabling factors are the competence and professionalism of the administrators, the learning environment in which the players operate, and the first class coaching, leadership, and player management skills that they encounter. These factors enhance players’ self-belief and self-confidence, and motivate them to perform as disciplined members of the team. It would be interesting to learn how West Indies players would rate their administrators, coaches, captains and selectors in these areas. Autocratic attitudes and practices are common in West Indies cricket. But when players are made to believe that they can truly make a difference to the performance of their team, they bring with them a level of motivation and discipline which when correctly directed and focused satisfy a major requirement for success. Discipline then comes from within; it doesn’t have to be imposed. In fact, at the highest levels of sport success revolves more around motivation, self- belief and self-discipline than around talent and potential. Richard Pybus the new cricket director of West Indies cricket has recently designed and articulated a good strategy and detailed plans for improving West Indies cricket. But execution will be key because strategic plans by themselves can only take the team so far. Plans

and goal charts do not accomplish performance. Players do. Players breathe life into the team’s vision and plans. At the end of the day it is competent, well-trained,

Rudi V. Webster highly disciplined and highly motivated players that are the key to the team’s success. Good management and administration are needed to run a cricket organisation but the team will not win its battles on the field unless the players are motivated to fight. No one has as yet found out how to administer or manage players into battle. U.S. General Omar Bradley once said that the greatest leader in the world could never win a campaign unless he understood the men he had to lead. And Vince Lombardi the famous American football coach said, “Coaches who can outline their plans on a blackboard are a dime a dozen. The ones who win get into their players and motivate.” In sport, motivation depends more on the needs and aspirations of those who are to be motivated – the players – than the needs and goals of the coaches. But too often that priority is reversed. The same applies to change. Coaches who suggest change are convinced of its benefits but the players who have to implement the change might not see its value because it might not address their needs and concerns. How important then are motivation and player management? Sir George Alleyne recently gave a brilliant Sir Frank Worrell Memorial Lecture in Trinidad. I would encourage every West Indian to read this lecture. In his address he quoted Sir Wesley Hall as saying that Frank Worrell was a great man-manager. He added that

Frank never denigrated the person. He would identify the fault and address it in personal interaction, never in public. Sir George also quoted Cammie Smith as saying that Worrell spent as much time speaking about life and living in personal interaction as he spent in discussing cricket. Such was the rapport and respect that there was ready compliance with his instructions on and off the field because one did not want to disappoint the skipper. Clive Lloyd did similar things with his players. Worrell and Lloyd fully understood their players and knew how to get the best out of them. In a Test match in Perth, Joel Garner bowled about 5 or 6 no-balls in one over, became quite frustrated and started to lose composure and control. Lloyd then went up to him and asked, “What size shoes do you wear?” Joel stuttered and said “Size 16.” Lloyd then countered, “You wear size 16 and you can’t get a piece of your boot behind the line. Come on man.” Joel never bowled another no-ball in the match. These types of motivational and man-management skills are singularly lacking in today’s West Indies administrators and coaches. In the last few years the relationships between the players and the coaches and between the players and administrators hit rock bottom One only has to look back at the hostility between the senior players and the coach to see the magnitude of the problem and the silly manner in which the conflict was handled. The same inflexible, autocratic and punitive attitude has now been used against Sunil Narine for staying on in India to play the IPL final thereby missing one day of the West Indies training camp, The more things change the more they stay the same. The use of intimidation, fear and punishment occasionally work as a motivational technique but too often it is counterproductive because it disrupts performance and frequently creates resentment, disrespect, disloyalty and a stifling of talent. The people in charge of

the West Indies players can continue with their autocratic and outmoded practices and stifle the talent of the players or they can learn from Frank Worrell and Clive Lloyd and get the best out of their teams and players. Pybus must now spend most of his time motivating the players and other stake-

holders to implement his strategy. But effective execution will only happen if at the same time he gets rid of limiting beliefs, bad habits, poor excuses, disruptive insularities, political infighting and outmoded management traditions. And he must constantly remind his people that

good leadership starts with self-leadership. (The author: Dr Rudi V. Webster is a career sportsman, medical practitioner, former West Indies cricket team manager, former director of the Shell West Indies Cricket Academy and a mental skills coach).


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Imrul century rescues draw for Bangladeshis BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (CMC) – Opener Imrul Kayes hit his eighth firstclass century to rescue a draw for Bangladesh-A and frustrate West Indies High Performance Centre’s victory bid, on the final day of their second four-day ‘Test’ here yesterday.. Starting the day at Kensington Oval on 32 for three with only survival in mind, Bangladesh rebounded from a poor first session to finish the day on 242 for nine, with Imrul striking 112. On 13 at the start of the day, the 27-year-old batted to well into the final session, to ensure the stalemate for the visitors. Overall, he lasted just over 5-1/2 hours, faced 247 balls and counted 15 fours and two sixes. At the heart of the resistance was a stubborn 89-run

Opener Imrul Kayes gathers runs through the onside during his century yesterday. (Photo courtesy WICB Media) Shuvogoto Hom, who struck partnership for the sixth wicket between Imrul and

39, which ensured Bangladesh-A batted through the

Spencer clocks world-leading time to win in Rome

Kaliese Spencer ROME, Italy (CMC) – Jamaican Kaliese Spencer became the first woman to dip below 54 seconds in the 400

metres hurdles this year as she raced to a world-leading 53.97 seconds to win at the Golden Gala Pietro Mennea


(Friday June 06, 2014) Compliments of THE TROPHY STALLBourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1) Twice (WI vs ENG, Bourda, 1930 & WI vs ENG, Lord’s, 1939) (2) Courtney Walsh-227 ODI wickets Today’s Quiz: Who was the WI captain when fast bowler Roy Gilchrist was sent home from the 1958-59 India tour? Who has the honour of scoring the first ever ODI century? Answers in tomorrow’s issue

here yesterday. The 27-year-old was never seriously threatened as she dominated the event to finish ahead of American Georganne Moline who clocked a season-best 54.56 to be second and Great Britain’s Eilidh Child who finished third in 54.82. It was the second straight Diamond League victory for Spencer who won at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene last weekend. However, there was another shock result for World and Olympic 100 metres champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce who finished one from last, as American Tori Bowie won for the second consecutive meet. The pint-sized Jamaican was last in Eugene last weekend and could do no better than eighth this time around in a time of 11.19 seconds. Bowie, meanwhile, stormed to a personal best 11.05 seconds, with Jamaican Kerron Stewart second in a personal best 11.08 and her countrywoman Simone Facey, third in 11.13 seconds. In the corresponding men’s event, American Justin Gatlin extended his domination this season with a clocking of 9.91 seconds, to beat Jamaican Nesta Carter into second in a season-best 10.02 seconds. Britain’s Adam Gemili finished third in 10.07 - also a season-best. Veteran Kittitian sprinter Kim Collins, a former World champion, was fourth in 10.15.

post-lunch session without losing a wicket and into the final hour of play. Impressive left-arm seamer Sheldon Cottrell led the attack with four for 51 while Miguel Cummins picked up two for 49. The result handed the hosts a 1-0 victory in the series, following a massive 351-run victory in the first match last week at the Windward Cricket Club. With the target of 490 runs a near impossibility, Imrul and Mominul Haque set their stalls from early, in a 78-run fourth-wicket stand. Mominul made just 19 but occupied the crease for 107 minutes in the morning session and faced 87 balls, before being run-out off the first ball of the final over before lunch. Two deliveries later, wicketkeeper Nasir Hos-

sain edged seamer Carlos Brathwaite to Ashley Nurse at slip, as Bangladesh-A slipped further. On 111 for five at the interval, Imrul and Shuvogoto batted sensibly thereafter. Imrul, however, attacked when necessary, clearing the ropes down the ground with leg-spinner Devendra Bishoo, as he looked to punish

anything loose. He was 94 at tea, with Bangladesh on 170 for five, and brought up his century shortly afterward. His dismissal at 200 for six saw four wickets fall for 26 runs to create a nervous finish but wicketkeeper Nurul Hasan, 13 not out, and Robiul Islam, five not out, held on doggedly.

WI HPC 1st innings 354 Bangladesh A 1st innings 219 WI HPC 2nd innings 354-5 decl. BANGLADESH A 2nd innings (o/n 32 for three) Imrul Kayes c Ambris b Cummins 112 Shamsur Rahman c Johnson b Cottrell 9 Marshall Ayub c Fudadin b Cummins 0 Elias Sunny lbw b Cottrell 4 Mominul Haque run-out 19 Nasir Hossain c Nurse b Brathwaite 0

Shuvogoto Hom c wkp. Walton b Cottrell 39 Nurul Hasan not out 13 Muktar Ali c Carter b Cottrell 4 Taijul Islam run-out 10 Robihul Islam not out 5 Extras: (b-7, lb-13, w-2, nb-5) 27 Total: (9 wkts, 102 overs) 242 Fall of wickets: 1-16, 2-22, 3-27, 4-105, 5-111, 6-200, 7-203, 8-207, 9-226. Bowling: Cottrell 20-4-51-4, Cummins 19-5-49-2, Nurse 15-4-440, Brathwaite 17-8-22-1, Bishoo 158-36-0, Carter 9-3-11-0, Blackwood 6-2-8-0, Johnson 1-0-1-0.

Silva and Thirimanne hit centuries KAUSHAL Silva and Lahiru Thirimanne both scored centuries as Sri Lanka made 358-3 on the opening day of their four-day warm-up match against Northants. Opener Silva recovered from the early loss of partner Dimuth Karunaratne to score 152, while Thirimanne, who was dropped off his first ball, hit 120. Both Kumar Sangakkara (28) and Mahela Jayawardene (46) made starts before being dismissed. Silva and Thirimanne had put on 238 for the fourth wicket at the close of play. Sri Lanka were 1-1 when Karunaratne edged Steven Crook onto his thigh pad and was caught at gully by Kyle Coetzer. Veteran Sangakkara looked comfortable until he hit a long hop straight to Chad Barrett at deep long leg. Crook claimed his second wicket when Jayawardene, who had made a near run-a-ball 46 before, picked out Matt Spriegel at gully. Northants wicketkeeper Ben Duckett dropped Thirimanne off the next ball and was made to pay. (BBC Sport)

Kaushal Silva


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FIFA overrules No-Confidence vote against Matthias … calls the May 31 Congress invalid THE Federation International Football Federation (FIFA) yesterday deemed the May 31 Congress held by representatives from the Georgetown Football Association, East Bank

Football Association, East Demerara Football Association, West Demerara Football Association, National Association of Women’s Football, Guyana Football Referees Council

and the Guyana Football Coaches Association at Water Chris Hotel “invalid.” The body, forming twothirds of the GFF Congress at the meeting cast a vote of “no-confidence” on

VESS lift Patrick April Under-17 football trophy VRYMAN’S Erven Secondary School (VESS) battled a spirited Berbice High School (BHS) outfit in a muddy outfield to emerge winners of a roller-coaster encounter to lift the second annual Patrick ‘Patto’ April Under-17 memorial football title at the Scott’s School ground, last evening. It was a fierce tussle for the championship after the game ended 2-2 at regular time but, it was VESS who held their nerve to blast their opponents away 4-2 on penalties. Dexter Welcome opened the VESS account by netting in the 7th minute as they held the advantage 1-0 at halftime. Upon resumption of play, Borris Griffith booted another goal for VESS, who at the time laid a finger on the title, but a pumpedup BHS team was in no mood to accept defeat at that point. Shamar Arrindel then retaliated by scoring in the 43rd minute and his namesake Randy Arrindel got past the VESS goalie in the 52nd minute to level the scores.

The battle continued until the final whistle blew and the game was decided on penalties where VESS showed no mercy in scoring 4 of 5 penalty kicks while their opponents managed only 2. At the end of the four-day tournament, which was used as a warm-up for the Digicel nationwide Schools tournament set to commence on June 16, organiser Neil ‘Grizzly’ Humphrey of the Hearts of Oak Masters Football Club commended the victorious team for their effort and urged BHS to take note of their flaws and better their performance in future events. Trophies were awarded to: best goalkeeper - Rickford Williams (VESS), best defender - Randy Arrindel (BHS), best midfielder - Akeem Haynes (VESS) and, best striker - Borris Griffith (VESS). The tournament was held in honour of Patrick April, who was a former rural constable and footballer in the Ancient County. (Michael Khan)

The victorious Vryman’s Erven team pose with their hardware.

president Christopher Matthias. FIFA general secretary Jerome Vlacke made the disclosure to Matthias and below is the communiqué in its entirety.

FIFA general secretary Jerome Valcke


The Chronicle is at

FIFA overrules No-Confidence vote against (See Story on Matthias page 39)

Seaboard Marine Caribbean Motor Racing Championship

Fourteen to represent Guyana in Barbados on July 6

Vishok Persaud’s Subaru Impreza being loaded into a container yesterday at the John Fernandes terminal (Sonell Nelson photo) VETERAN champion drivers Kevin Jeffrey and Andrew King are among several of Guyana’s top drivers and riders who will be representing Guyana in the first leg of the 2014 Seaboard Marine-sponsored Caribbean Motor Racing Championship (CMRC) which revs off

at the Bushy Park circuit on July 6. Yesterday, the drivers and their teams saw their bikes and cars along with other equipment packed at the John Fernandes shipping terminal, from where they would be sent to the Land of the Flying Fish ahead of the competition.

The 2014 CMRC this year will see racing being held in Trinidad and Tobago and falling under the newly established Caribbean Motor Racing Association (CMRA). Barbados will stage the first leg; the second will be staged in Trinidad on August 25, following which

the drivers will head to Guyana’s South Dakota on November 16 and on the Jamaica for the final leg on February 22 at Dover Race Way. This year, Seaboard Marine, one of the world’s largest shipping company between the United States and the Caribbean Basin, Central and South America, has offered to ship all the competitors’ cars for free to all the various tracks. The exercise, according to one of CMRA’s founding members and former renowned champion Ray Rahaman, will cost the shipping company in excess of US$100 000 and applauded its effort in helping to take the sport of motor racing to higher heights Peter Paroon, Seaboard Marine’s Guyana representative, pointed out that his company is more than elated to once again not only be a part of the prestigious event, but also help in the development of the sport around the Caribbean. President of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC)

John Carpenter was very happy with the formation of the CMRA and also the prospect of having a more conclusive CMRC unlike any other. He added that shipping and getting the bikes and cars around was always a challenge to some of the racers but with Seaboard Marine’s offering to take the machines and equipment around, it would mean that fans could expect an unforgettable championship this year. Meanwhile Jeffrey and his son Kristian will be teaming up to help Guyana retain their overall championship.

Jeffrey, who is said to be one of the best in the Caribbean, said that his car is ready and he is happy to share the track with his son against the region’s best. The younger Jeffrey lives in Canada and his father said that he was in Guyana recently, putting in some fine touches on his Mitsubishi EVO 9 and is even more ready than he (Kevin) is. The Group 4 category list also includes Vishok and Danny Persaud, while over in the Group 2 Category, Shairaz Roshandin, Chet Singh, Andre Dhanraj

(See page 34)

WICB not backing down on Narine decision - Cameron (See Story on page 34)

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