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Jorrel De Santos

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Finance Minister roasts Page 3 Kaieteur News over ‘Contingency Fund abuse’ report

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Analisa Samaroo

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Celebrating a winner

Restoring Georgetown…

$500M to be spent to improve D&I work Page 16 Remembering Dr. Walter Rodney...

On his 34th Death Anniversay Page 10

Education Minister, Ms. Priya Manickchand, and a team of top officials from her ministry yesterday joined Enmore Hope Primary School and staff in celebrating the success of Amrita Ghandatt, who is among the top achievers this year at the annual National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) examination


Reuben Stanley


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Finance Minister roasts Kaieteur News over ‘Contingency Fund abuse’ report ––stresses that monies were approved by Parliament By Vanessa Narine

KAIETEUR News found itself in hot water again yesterday, when Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, blasted it for the contents of an article published on Thursday under the headline, ‘Speaker concerned about Govt’s continued abuse of emergency fund.’ The article took one word, ‘worried’, from an observation made sometime by the Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Raphael Trotman, and linked that word to the 2010 and 2011 Auditor-General’s Reports, and comments made by the Chair of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), A Partnership for National Unity (APNU)’s Shadow Finance Minister, Mr. Carl Greenidge. According to the article at reference, “If Government deems a situation an emergency, they would use the funds. The Parliament Finance Minister would then examine during Dr. Ashni Singh a sitting whether the situation for which the funds were used was actually an emergency according to the law.” It was this very point that was used by Dr. Singh to flay the ‘daily’ for being unable to “set aside the sound bites”

that make for “salacious” reporting and acknowledge the facts. “It is extremely unfortunate when a technical issue is distorted for the purpose of scoring cheap political points,” he said. PASSED BY PARLIAMENT He noted that it was strange to hear certain comments coming from Greenidge when in fact 92.6 per cent of the monies, which was included in the only six financial papers for spending from the Contingency Fund in the 10th Parlia-

It is nice to say ‘abuse’, but what do the facts say? Where is the ‘abuse’ that this front-page headline is screaming about?’ – Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh

ment, where the Opposition has the majority, were approved by the National Assembly. Noting that the sums on the six financial papers totalled $9.4B, and $8.7B was approved by the House, Dr Singh said, “The PAC Chairman, opportunistically, is saying there is abuse, but his Party approved the spending in Parliament.” Asked if any of the monies were intended for the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) and the Guyana Power and Light (GPL), Dr Singh said the amount was 20 per cent of the total

that was approved, some $1.8B. He was most emphatic that the approval from the National Assembly is an effective endorsement by Members of Parliament (MPs) of the use of the Contingency Fund. “It is nice to say ‘abuse’,” he said, “but what do the facts say? Where is the ‘abuse’ that this front-page headline is screaming about?” Spending from the Contingency Fund, he noted, is voted on by the National Assembly, and reported on by the Minister of Finance to the said Body. Dr. Singh also addressed concerns expressed in the Auditor General’s report, and while making no attempt to justify the shortcomings that were the subject of said concerns, he pointed out that such queries are the norm in even the most advanced of bureaucracies. The last expenditure from the Contingency Fund was made through Financial Paper Four of 2013, which was considered by the National Assembly in the latter part of January 2014. It reflected a $1.1B advance for current and capital expenditures made from the Contingency Fund for the period 2013-11-06 to 2013-12-31. The listed expenditures on this Paper are in relation to: Additional electricity subsidy to LINMINE (the Linden Electricity Company Inc) and Kwakwani Utilities Inc; a clean-up campaign in Georgetown; payment of additional stipend and tuition fees for Government of Guyana-sponsored students; the execution of additional drainage and irrigation works; providing additional support to Transport and Harbour’s Department; and clean up exercise at schools within the Georgetown District following heavy rainfall, among others. A provision for assistance to Philippines following typhoon Haiyan, Somalia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Lucia and Dominica was also included on the paper. The financial paper’s entire sum was approved by the House.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

From NGSA results…

Minister reports improvement in English, Science, Social Studies By Ravin Singh E D U C AT I O N M i n i s ter Priya Manickchand disclosed yesterday that overall improvements in English, Science and So-

cial Studies, from 2013 to 2014, were recorded at this year’s National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA). Region Seven (Cuyuni/ Mazaruni) was the most improved Region with a 15 per

cent increase between 2013 and 2014, she reported. The Minister announced that improvement was evident in candidates securing 50 percent and more in English, from 28.73 percent

in 2013 to 61.92 percent in 2014, a 9.6 percent increase was recorded for all Regions except Region 10 and in Georgetown where an unprecedented 25 percent better was registered. Improved results were also noted in the number of boys securing 50 percent and more in that subject. An overall improvement was also shown in Science grades, from 31.77 percent in 2013 to 43.75 percent in 2014 for candidates securing 50 percent or more overall. Boys in Regions Five and 10 achieved more than 15 percent higher and girls in Regions Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Ten and Georgetown showed an improvement of more than 14 percent. Overall performance of candidates in Social Studies securing 50 percent and more remained on par with that of 2013. But it was highlighted that girls, this year, showed an improved performance. OVERALL DECLINE Mathematics recorded an overall decline in the number of candidates securing 50 percent and over in the subject. In 2013, 43.94 percent of the candidates secured 50 percent or more, in comparison with 31.52 percent in 2014, an average decline of 9.6 percent was noted for boys and 11.7

DATE: 11/06/2014 E

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percent for girls this year. Minister Manickchand also emphasised the monumental achievement over the last 20 years, stating that, between the periods 1994 to 2014, the Ministry recorded a 31.52 percent of children who passed with 50 percent or more in Mathematics, compared to the 10.6 percent in 1994. In 1994, 14 percent of children passed with 50 percent or more in English compared to 51.92 percent in 2014. In 1994 also, 30 percent of candidates passed Science with 50 percent or more compared to 43 percent in 2014. Forty percent of those who wrote Social Studies gained 50 percent or more in comparison to a 16 percent pass rate in 1994. Amongst the improvements were schools that improved by 25 percent or more, the number of students who passed with 50 percent or more. These included Warapoka Primary (Region One); Bethany, Sparta, Wakapoa and Jacklow Primaries in Region Two; Vive-La-Force, Mc Gillvary, Blake and Zeelandia Primaries as well as Comprehensive College in (Region Three); Cane Grove, Enmore, Chateau Margot and Diamond Primaries, IPE Academy (Mon Repos), Phoneix Academy (Region 4) which comprised East Bank and East Coast; Ithaca, Zeeland, De Hoop




Primaries in Region Five; Leeds and Johanna Primaries in Region Six; Holy Name Primary in Region Seven; Kato and Kopinang Primaries in Region Eight; M o c a M o c a P r i m a r y, Konashen, Parikwau Nawa Primaries in Region Nine; Kimbia Mission Academy, St. Thomas and Aroaima Primaries in Region 10 and J. E. Burhnam, Rama Krishna and St. Ann’s Primaries in Georgetown. OTHER SCHOOLS Apart from schools with 25 per cent improvements over the last year, other schools within these same regions also achieved 10 percent improvements. Senior Secondary Schools were awarded to students achieving the following marks at the exam Queen’s College 514 marks and above; Bishops’ High 510 to 513 marks; St. Stanislaus College 506 to 509 marks; St. Rose’s High 503 to 505 marks and St. Josephs High School 500 to 502 marks. The Minister also pointed out that while President’s College still remains one of the top schools in Region Four, students from Regions One, Two, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten, who have achieved a minimum of 491 marks, will be awarded residential places there.


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GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Answering criticisms…

Brassington denies Marriott is high-risk venture By Vanessa Narine

CHAIRMAN of Atlantic Hotel Inc. (AHI) and E x e c u t i v e D i re c t o r o f National Industrial and Commercial Investments Ltd. (NICIL), Mr. Winston Brassington yesterday maintained that the Marriott Hotel under construction in Georgetown is not a “high risk” venture. In a televised interview with Mr. Christopher ‘Kit’ Nascimento, he answered the many criticisms over the project declaring that it is a “good deal” for Guyana in terms of the creation of over 500 jobs and the boost to the local hotel and tourism industry. Brassington said:“Marriot is a great economic venture for the country…it will accelerate the hotel and tourism sector….it is an investment where pretty much all the money is going into a properly built hotel that is designed and built by Marriott, done to international standards that will be there for a long time.” Asked about the cost involved, he noted that the numbers being peddled are inaccuracies that are unjustified. “Our hotel is on the lower end of what the Marriott would cost,” he said. The AHI Chairman added that the facts are plain as day, in particular as it relates to the cost, which was determined through international public tender. According to him:“The price for what Guyana has is based on that tender….the tender process conformed to our laws.” Brassington also expounded on the arrangements for the development and stressed that the process was undeniably public. He said:“We did all of this in public…we answered questions in Parliament. We published our audited accounts. The information of our money going first was contained in the feasibility studies, of which the major parts, were made public last year.” On the question of hidden costs, Brassington clarified that NICIL bore the $2M development and design expenses as well as the $2.7M for the rerouting of

the sewage system in the city, However, he stated that the latter is an investment in infrastructure that is now owned by Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) and an undertaking that would have had to be made at some point, irrespective of the Marriott development.

THE MISINFORMATION He said the misinformation being circulated about the criteria being changed for the investor is simply that, misinformation. The AHI Chairman said:”At that time (when the project was unveiled) we did not have the investor, but we had every confidence that it was only a matter of time before we secured the investor. We had the Government commitment to invest onethird in the project. We had the reasonable expectation that Republic Bank Limited (RBL) will secure the US$27M and we believed that with Marriott there it was only a matter of time to conclude arrangements with the private investor. “Now we have published the accounts of AHI and it did show that we were putting the money up first, but that was the plan that our money goes first, followed by the private equity investor and then finally Republic’s (RBL) monies.” He said the injection of RBL’s monies, following the said sequence, is expected to be made in July. In May, AHI and RBL announced the completion of the financial arrangements by the latter for a syndicated borrowing of US$27M in debt financing for the former, towards the construction of the Marriott operated hotel and the shell of an Entertainment Complex. Republic Bank, on behalf of its consortium of lenders, has received its approvals and the transaction is expected to be concluded shortly. The principal investors in AHI (Marriott Hotel Guyana project and Entertainment Complex) are NICIL and British Virgin Island (BVI) registered, ACE Square Investments Ltd. ACE Square Investments

Ltd. will acquire 67 per cent of the equity of AHI for US$8M. As required under the Hotel Management Agreement between Marriott and AHI, Marriott has consented to the transfer of the controlling interest of AHI from NICIL to ACE Square Investments Ltd. Ace Square Management Ltd, affiliated company of ACE Square Investments Ltd., has been selected to operate the Entertainment Complex and secure the outfitting cost, estimated at a minimum of US$4M. Additionally, Ace Square Management Ltd will guarantee a minimum financial performance of the Entertainment Complex, consistent with the feasibility study conducted by HVS International (dated October 31, 2012). Brassington explained that the delayed release of the name of the private investor in the Marriot project was due to a confidential conditionality agreed to by all parties. He said:“Last September, at a press conference, we indicated that we had executed agreements for the investor, but we did

not release the name of the investor, saying we had to wait on certain conditions to be fulfilled

WAS CONDITIONAL “Essentially, the release of the name was conditional on the conformation of Republic Bank that they completed raising the US$27M and agreements of all the financing documents. It was a condition that we should not say who the investor was until this was confirmed. “It is not unusual. An investor does not want to come into a project until they are satisfied that all of the financing for the project is secured. Otherwise, they will be coming into an incomplete was unavoidable. “…the other partners, Marriot and Republic Bank, had full knowledge of who the investor was and had conducted their due diligence.” The AHI Chair also addressed the criticism that the criteria for the investor was relaxed from the previous stipulation that the investor has experience in the hotel industry and referred to the sequence of advertising that was done to attract an investor. He continued:“Out of the

2009 process, we secured Marriott….by mid-2010 Marriott had announced to the world that they will be the operator for the hotel. “Jumping forward, the investor we have selected and the terms and conditions under which we selected this investor was based on a public advertisement published 13 times between January and March of 2012…we already had Marriott there and already had the project started. The ad said we were simply looking for an investor to invest US$8M for 67per cent of the equity totaling US$12M. “…one condition that was relevant that we need the investor to confirm that neither the investor, nor any of its affiliates, had any interest in a branded hotel company that operates in competition with the Marriott.

HOTEL EXPERIENCE “…we said clearly that we are not looking for an investor with hotel experience, quite the opposite (of what was earlier asked for in 2009 before Marriott signed on to the project).” According to him, a primary critic on this issue, President of Transparency Interna-

Mr. Winston Brassington

tional Guyana Inc., Mr.Anand Goolsarran has made unfortunate pronouncements. Brassington charged: “Goolsarran’s comments are inaccurate. He seems to be unfamiliar with the sequence of activities to develop this project, the facts of this project. “…for a man in his position, Mr. Goolsarran should know better. His statements are reckless and irresponsible.” Additionally, AHI, in the latter part of May, announced the appointment, by Marriott International Inc., of Mr. Roberto Grisi as General Manager of the Guyana Marriott Hotel, in Georgetown. Grisi assumed his position effective June 1 and the long-awaited Marriott project is progressing and on schedule for opening in the third quarter of this year.


Now that the Police are trying to rebuild close ties with communities…

EVERY military and paramilitary organisation has its specific standard operation procedures which govern its peculiar institutional operations. And it is failure to adhere to these basics that have often brought these forces, be it army, or police, into serious dissension with the public and general opinion in whatever country or theatre of operation such infringements occur. In the case of a police force, such procedures have been designed to deal with situations ranging from the not so threatening to the very serious ones. And as far as is understood, every citizen is governed by the application of such rules as it may apply to the specific occasion. This is inclusive of even the serving policeman/woman. This means that they, too, as upholders and defenders of the law, are bound to follow their own guidelines in personal matters that may affect them. One may refer to the well known saying, “You know better, then do better.” Certainly, it is because of failure to adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures of the Guyana Police Force, in which cadet officer, Franz Paul is a serving member, much less to be reminded of the old adage alluded to above, that has resulted in his remand to prison on very serious charges - inflicting grievous bodily harm, discharging a loaded firearm with intent and common assault, in addition to one for conspiring to pervert the course of justice. These are as a result of the allegation that Paul shot 16 year old Alex Griffith in his mouth on April 30, as a result of a robbery report.

Even, as it has been reported, that a relative of Paul’s had been robbed, then despite being a member of the Guyana Police Force, he was obligated to have her file the mandatory report for investigation. Since everyone is obliged with such a procedure, then it is no less for this officer or any relation to him. But to then proceed to Griffith’s residence, drag him out of his home as is the standard fashion for the longest while; accuse him, to which he apparently had been able to provide an alibi, then take him to a dam where it was alleged that he was physically assaulted before being shot in the mouth in what has been described as Russian roulette style, signalled that officer Paul was prepared to exact his particular brand of justice. But Griffith survived to tell his story that elicited the usual public outrage against another police excess that is unending. There have been many instances in which members of the police force have taken action outside of the law, against persons who may have offended their friend/family in some manner. Whereas, some of the alleged offenders were afterwards turned over to the authorities for lawful processing, others were not. Now it is a very common sight, police taking alleged suspects into custody, and often physically abusing them even before the obligatory investigative process begins. Even persons not known to be offenders have experienced such jackboot treatment at the hands of some of the nation’s law enforcement representatives. There seems to be a presumption on the part of such ranks that being lawmen ascribes such rights to them as far as such conduct,

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014


EDITORIAL totally unlawful, is concerned. But such is not the laid down operational rules for the Force. Call it a continuous distortion that is responsible for this kind of behaviour that has resulted in a schism with the general Guyanese community. What is astonishing, and unforgiving, is that Paul, up to that time of active duty, was being groomed for future leadership responsibilities within the Guyana Police. Moreover, he would have been in command of a party of policemen. It would have been expected that at such a level, he ought to have been at his best in terms of professionalism, especially in upholding the dictum of due process. Such an act is not only totally unbecoming as a policeman and would–be police officer, but continues to add and extend to an already abysmal perception of the Force by a public that is distrustful of its general behaviour, apart from being disgusted and contemptuous. We ask the question whether Force members are oblivious to what such acts on their part have done to relations with the communities at large, and to the fact, also, that such a pattern will not in any way contribute towards combating crime, thus making our communities safer? These inhumane acts continue to send an unmistakably negative signal to citizens. This alleged incident, occurring at a time when much effort is being made by the police to rebuild trust and closer ties with the communities, can only jeopardize such endeavours that have started to bear fruit in some locales.

President meets pastors

PRESIDENT Donald Ramotar, accompanied by Minister of Legal Affairs Anil Nandlall, Minister in the Ministry of Finance Juan Edghill and Rev Kwame Gilbert, meet with P a s t o r s y e s t e rday at Office of the President. The Pastors expressed grave concern over the non-passage of the Anti-Money Laundering Bill and its effects on Guyana.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

New Guyana School student tops NGSA exams this year By Ravin Singh

JORREL De Santos of New Guyana School, who secured a total of 533 marks out of the maximum 540, has emerged as the top 2014 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) candidate. De Santos was followed by Aliah Mohamed from School of the Nations, who gained 531 marks and ranked second while Ravi Singh from Westfield Prep took the third spot with 530 and the fourth placed was Isaac Mallampati, also from New Guyana School whose score was 527. The results, announced on radio and television by Education Minister Priya Manickchand indicated that Analise Samaroo, of School of the Nations, who achieved 525 marks came fifth. Sixth placed were three candidates, namely Krystal Singh of Success Elemen-

Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand, during her pronouncements yesterday) tary, Jeremiah Bentham of Winfer Gardens Primary and Jeron Boucher of Genesis Early Childhood, who all scored 524 marks each.

Ninth place was shared between Shania De Groot of Success Elementary and Reuben Stanley of Mae’s Under-12, both of whom

achieved 523 marks. WERE COMBINED The Minister disclosed that 15,227 candidates

sat the examination countrywide on April 16 and 17 last. They also wrote the National Grade Two Assessment in 2010 and the National Grade Four Assessment in 2012. A percentage of the marks gained at both the grade two and four assessments were combined with the marks earned at the Grade Six and determined the candidates’ overall scores. Five percent of each candidate’s grade two score in Mathematics and English and 10 percent of the grade four score in the same subjects were added to 85 percent of every candidate’s score in both subjects. The combined scores in Mathematics and English were added to those gained in Science and Social Studies and, as such, the highest possible standardised scores obtainable were Mathematics 136, English 132, Social Studies 137 and Science 135. The maximum possible total score obtainable was

therefore 540. The top one percent of this year’s cohort comprises 79 males and 89 females for a total of 168 candidates in the top one percent. The top ten students were all awarded places at Queen’s College (QC) where the minimum cut-off point was 514 marks. Bishops’ High School places were awarded to candidates who would have scored between 510 and 513 marks. Saint Stanislaus College awardees would have had to attain between 506 and 509 marks, St. Rose’s High School qualifying marks were between 503 and 505, and those gaining in the range of 500 and 504 gained places at St. Joseph’s High School. The Minister expressed her pride at the achievements, noting the roles of the teachers, parents and others who have contributed significantly to ensuring education of their children remains a high priority.

Anti-money laundering problem…

Luncheon reports no progress from Ramotar/Granger discussions By Telesha Ramnarine

“This last PSSC meeting by no means contributed to us having any hope that this expectation would be realised,” Luncheon remarked. Meanwhile, he said it goes without saying that some CFATF/FATF compliant anti-money laundering legislation is better than none.

NO PROGRESS has been made in the discussions between President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader David Granger, as far as the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF)/Financial Action Task Force (FATF) compliant legislation is concerned. This was reported yesterday by Cabinet Secretary Dr. PIPED WATER Roger Luncheon, when he provided the update at his usual “Blacklisting, apparently, cannot be turned on and post press briefing at Office of the President, Shiv Chander- off like piped water. Legislation is needed, but while paul Drive in Georgetown. necessary, it is not sufficient. Blacklisting is not needed. Furthermore, at the most recent Parliamentary Special Se- Blacklisting should be avoided at all costs. International lect Committee (PSSC), the Head of the Presidential Secretar- experience has shown that, minimally, it takes two years iat (HPS) reported: “You had more of the same interminable to get out of this blacklisting trap. Very few have done it discussions, inflexibility and essentially, the same outcome, in less. Most have taken more than two years. no movement. None whatsoever. “We had harboured some expectation that FATF ple- ‘Blacklisting, apparently, cannot be turned on and off like nary is on the 19th and that piped water. Legislation is needed, but while necessary, it there might have been some movement sufficient enough is not sufficient. Blacklisting is not needed. Blacklisting to have the enactment of the should be avoided at all costs. International experience has legislation. This is what we harboured. Now we know that shown that, minimally, it takes two years to get out of this that anticipation fades more blacklisting trap. Very few have done it in less. Most have and more into the realm of taken more than two years’ – Dr Luncheon impossibility.

“The results of what have essentially taken place up to now is that we have been blacklisted and the expectations that come the June plenary of FATF, the blacklisting would solidify and the discretion of jurisdictions state parties that are obliged to being members of the Treaty to protect their financial systems would see blacklisting of Guyana taken to a higher level than it currently is and has been. “To the extent that the blacklisting and its extent is a function of those jurisdictions that are notified by CFATF and FATF that Guyana has defaulted and Guyana is blacklistable, it means then that our time to be spent in getting out of the blacklisting trap, our efforts would be dedicated to meeting and satisfying the requirements that are being adopted or imposed on CFATF and FATF treaty players. “Essentially, when we get to the point of enacting CFATF or FATF compliant anti-money laundering legislation, let us not assume that we have done all that is necessary. As I pointed out, the legislation is necessary but it is not sufficient,” Luncheon reiterated. At a previous press conference, he had said the Opposition continues to deny responsibility for this “sad state of affairs” and wants the public to believe that the anti-money laundering legislation is just another aspect of local politics. “It is unfortunate that the Opposition attends in Parliament to the plight of the Berbice Bridge crossers, the maritime commuters and declines, refuses to see the bigger picture of FATF compliant legislation,” he lamented.

Hard work really does pay off ––as NGSA top achievers find out


Jorrel De Santos

Aliah Mohamed

By Rebecca Ganesh-Ally JORREL De Santos of New Guyana School secured the top position as Minister of Education, Priya Manickchand announced the National Grade Six Assessment 2014 results, ahead of her previously stated June 27 date. Speaking to the press at the National Centre for Educational Resource Development (NCERD) on Battery Road, Kingston, Georgetown, she said the highest possible standardised scores obtainable were 136 points for Mathematics, 132 points for English Language, 137 points for Social Studies and 135 points for Science, making a total of 540 available. She also said cut-off marks for the top sixth form secondary schools are Queen’s College (QC) 514; Bishops’ High School 510; St. Stanislaus College 506; St. Rose’s High School 503 and St. Joseph High School 500. The other top nine candidates are Aliah Mohamed of School of the Nations with 531 marks; Ravi Singh of Westfield Prep with 530; Isaac Mallampati of New Guyana School with 527; Analise Samaroo of School of the Nations with 525; Krystal Singh of Success Elementary with 524; Jeremiah Bentham of Winfer Gardens with 524; Jeron Boucher of Genesis Early Childhood in Region Three with 524; Shania De Groot of Success Elementary with 523 and Reuben Stanley of Mae’s Under-12 with 523, all of whom secured places at QC. DE SANTOS, who hopes to be a successful neurosurgeon, scored 533 marks out of a possible 540 to secure himself a place at QC. Speaking with the media, the confident youngster said:“I knew I would have done well because of the amount of work I put in. But I didn’t expect to do this well.” He explained that a lot of his recreational activities, such as playing video games and surfing the Internet had to stop. He thanked all his teachers, including his nursery school teacher, who helped to lay the foundation for him, his parents and family who

Ravi Singh

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Isaac Mallampati

supported him through his journey, as well as God for giving him the strength and understanding. His advice to other candidates is “Revise, revise, revise! The exam is not easy! Even though you might have done a past worksheet that was easy, still take my advice: Revise!” Second-placed ALIAH MOHAMED, of School of the Nations, said she was very surprised when she was given the good news. She explained that, when the work at school was finished, the homework and reading at home continued, even on weekends and holidays, but “It paid off.” RAVI SINGH of Westfield Prep, who gained third position, related that the NGSA exams called for a lot of studying and commitment. He said that a lot of his hobbies and fun had to be put aside in order for him to achieve good results. When asked what his advice is to fellow students now preparing for the NGSA, he said: “This is a very stressful journey, but you have to braveup; do your best.” He thanked God, his teachers, his friends and above all, the support of his family, for his success at the exam. He said, very boldly, that he wants to be a pilot. ISAAC MALLAMPATI, also from the New Guyana School, conceded that “the exams were challenging, but because of all my studying, I was able to do well.” He gained fourth place with 527 marks, and is still considering what his plans for the August holidays are, while very excited about going to QC. “I knew I worked hard, but this is such a surprise! I didn’t know I would have done so well!” said an excited Analisa Samaroo of School of the Nations, who achieved 525 marks to secure the fifth position. She explained that she had to give up some of her hobbies to facilitate extra studies. “I hope they work hard, so that they can get to where I am going now” was her advice to her colleagues preparing for their exams. JEREMIAH BENTHAM from Winfer Gardens Primary shared the sixth position, achieving 524 marks, and securing a place at QC. “I feel very shocked at the moment but yet happy,” was his im-

Analisa Samaroo

Jeremiah Bentham

mediate response. He pointed out that his day starts as early as 04:00 hrs to have some extra studies done. He credited his success to God, his parents and teachers. “When you are in the exam room, do not doubt yourself; and make sure you study hard,” he advised fellow students. Sharing the ninth position, REUBEN STANLEY from Mae’s Under-12, who gained 523 marks, said that he had a disappointing start when he missed the National Grade Two Assessment, but he continued to study, and today, it has paid off. He credits his success to his parents, who asked him to stop playing video games, Reuben Stanley cut down on his play time and continue to revise. He expressed thanks, as well, to his teachers and fellow classmates. “I love Science; it’s my best subject,” he said. A percentage of the marks gained at the Grade Two and the Grade Four Assessments was combined with the marks gained at the Grade Six Assessment in order to determine the candidates’ overall scores. Five percent of each candidate’s Grade Two score in Mathematics and English, and ten percent of the Grade Four in the same subjects, were added to 85 percent of each candidate’s score in those subjects. The combined scores in Mathematics and English were combined with the scores gained in Science and Social Studies. (Photos by Sonell Nelson)


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Finance Minister: Guyana cannot afford to be dismissive of CFATF, FATF By Vanessa Narine

THE Main Opposition’s “cavalier” approach to the necessity of complying with the standards of the Caribbean Financial Action Task Force (CFATF) and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) was decried by Finance Minister, Dr. Ashni Singh, yesterday. The Chair of the Parliamentary Special Select Committee, reviewing the Anti-Money Laundering and the Countering of Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) (Amendment) Bill, Gail Teixiera, told the Guyana Chronicle after the Committee’s meeting on Wednesday,

that A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) had “scoffed” at the necessity of Guyana meeting the requirements set out by the financial regulatory bodies. Addressing the issue at a news conference yesterday at the National Communications (NCN) studio, Dr Singh made it clear that Guyana cannot ignore CFATF and FATF. “We don’t enjoy the luxury of ignoring the views of CFATF or FATF; we are part of an international system. “Guyana is not an island; it is not isolated from the rest of the world, and as long as we are part of this international

system, we must abide by international standards and norms,” he said. “I don’t believe any country enjoys the luxury, even a country much larger than ours, of dismissing CFATF or FATF and to the extent that these entities have articulated, have promulgated, standards that are applicable to their membership; we have an obligation to comply,” Dr Singh added. APNU and the government, after Wednesday’s meeting, are now embroiled in disagreements over two main issues: The necessity to comply with international regulations, as well as the powers of the President

and Ministers in the local AML/CFT framework, which were the subject of APNU’s amendments to the principal act and counter-proposals made by the Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs, Anil Nandlall. The latter proposal was rejected by the Main Opposition at Wednesday’s meeting. Also, the Party is calling for the President to assent to several Bills passed in the National Assembly; Bills the Head of State has described as clashing with the Constitution. The Parliamentary Special Select Committee’s meetings have been adjourned indefinitely giving rise of greater un-

certainty over the passage of the AML/CFT (Amendment) Bill before FATF meets at the end of the month. FATF’s next plenary meeting is slated for June 23 to 25, 2014 in Paris, France, at which time the international body is likely to put Guyana up for review by its International Cooperation Review Group (ICRG). Additionally, the nation is grappling with the beginning of the implementation of counter-measures advised by CFATF when it referred Guyana to FATF on May 29. Through a missive to its members, the counter-measures against Guy-

ana that were advised by CFATF include: the requirement of enhanced due diligence measures; introducing enhanced reporting mechanisms or systematic reporting of financial transactions; refusing the establishment of subsidiaries or branches or representative offices in Guyana; and taking into account the fact that financial institutions from Guyana that do not have adequate AML/ CFT systems and limit the business relationships or financial transactions with the country. Meanwhile, the National Assembly is scheduled to sit next on June 19, 2014.

Finance Minister sets to right IFMAS ‘misconception’ –says it’s nothing but a ‘manufactured controversy’ By Vanessa Narine F I N A N C E M i n i s t e r, Dr. Ashni Singh yesterday addressed what he described as a “raging furor” over implementation of the Integrated Financial Management and Accounting System (IFMAS). He further contends that the issue is a “manufactured controversy” that seeks to pull a technical issue into the sphere of politicking. Dr. Singh, at a news conference held at the National Communications Network (NCN) studio, made it clear that the government’s role is to set policy, which is that there should be a strong and robust accounting system, and this policy is conveyed to the relevant technical officers who are charged with its implementation and devise the best solution in this regard. He explained that the

decision to implement IFMAS was executed in 2004 when there was a move from a complete manual system to an automated accounting system. This new system, he said, allowed for real-time applications to be executed, as in the case of the timeliness in which decision makers have information readily available. “IFMAS completely revolutionised the man-

consideration, including: The culture change from manual accounting to an automated system; the priority modules that needed to be implemented based on the needs and where greater value, in terms of accounting practices, will be added; and the alignment of the system to Guyana’s business/ accounting processes. Dr. Singh noted too that the availability of capacity was also a fac-

trol, Expenditures, Appropriation and the General Ledger, which the Finance Minister said formed the core of the system. He said the second phase saw the implementation of two additional modules, namely, Revenue and Treasury Management. Subsequently, a supplementary module, integrated with IFMAS, Budget Preparation, was

‘The two modules that are still outstanding are not absolutely critical, simply because all the features imbedded in them are in the current operational system. This, however, does not make it redundant because one is a specialised system, which is what the two modules are, and the operational system only has aspects of the modules’ features that would not be anywhere else’ – Deputy Finance Secretary, Louise Bouyea agement of public finance management in Guyana,” the Finance Minister said. PHASED IMPLEMENTATION He added that the implementation of IFMAS was done in phases, taking several factors into

tor, and pointed out that the Public Service Ministry has a twice-annual training programme that sees some 100 persons trained in the operation of IFMAS. The first phase saw four modules of IFMAS being implemented: Con-

implemented. MISINFORMATION To date, there remains two modules that have not yet been implemented, and these are Purchasing and Assets/ Inventory. It is these modules that have been the source

of the controversy, led by former Auditor General Anand Goolsarran, who first spotlighted what he said were the potential consequences of not having the modules operationalised. Dr. Singh flayed Goolsarran for his comments on the matter, and stressed that they are “tainted” by politics. He acknowledged that the concerns raised by the former Auditor-General are issues that are in no way condoned, but was emphatic in pointing out that it was the IFMAS system that highlighted the very concerns raised. The Finance Minister decried the creation of a “national scandal” over the non-operationalisation of the two modules. “It is a blatant misrepresentation that is being peddled,” he said. Additionally, the Deputy Finance Secretary, Louise Bouyea, who was p a r t o f t h e M i n i s t e r ’s

technical team at yesterday’s news conference, expressed similar sentiments as the Minister. She said: “The two modules that are still outstanding are not absolutely critical, simply because all the features imbedded in them are in the current operational system. “This, however, does not make it redundant because one is a specialised system, which is what the two modules are, and the operational system only has aspects of the modules’ features that would not be anywhere else.” IFMAS, as is the practise is many other countries using the system, was customised for Guyana’s use and is augmented by human controls. The system is also periodically upgraded as recommended by its managing technical officers. The last upgrade was in the latter part of 2013.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Why the Rodney Commission?

Dr. Rodney’s widow appealed to President Ramotar By Shaun Michael Samaroo THE ongoing Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry was convened “in response to a direct request from Ms. Patricia Rodney,” Head of State, President Donald Ramotar said yesterday. Ms. Rodney resides in the United States of America. She is the widow of the late Dr Walter Rodney who died in a mysterious bomb blast outside the Georgetown Camp Street Prisons on June 13, 1980. President Ramotar, in an invited comment, told the Guyana Chronicle that the Commission of Inquiry “is a Presidential Commission,” and debunked criticisms of the Commission from the camp of the People’s National Congress (PNC). “At no time did we discuss the Commission at any level of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C). This is purely a Presidential Commission; I responded to the heartfelt

President Donald Ramotar cry of Ms. Rodney, who is advancing in age, and who wants to get some answers,” the President said. President Ramotar convened the Commission of Inquiry to probe how and why Guyana became host to the major political assassination in the history of the English-speaking Caribbean, after Ms. Rodney made her request. “This is not a political issue at all,” he said. The ongoing hearing, now adjourned until June 23 next, has the nation spellbound, with daily testimony of

––to convene Rodney Commission

dramatic undercover espionage and shadowy political intrigue during the period of 1978 to 1980, with the then government of the PNC ensnaring State agencies such as the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and the Guyana Police Force (GPF), along with the cultish House of Israel, a powerful religious sect led by the late Rabbi Washington, a fugitive from US justice and fanatical patriarch of some 2000 religious zealots, into sinister political conspiracies. TESTIMONIES Testimonies at the Hearing paint a strange, sinister picture of top leaders of the PNC Government directing and cajoling Police intelligence officers, Army officers and members of the religious sect to beat, harass, oppress and terrorise political opponents. The situation in Guyana became so fearful and tyrannical that it resulted in a number of people being killed, including Catholic Priest, Father Bernard Darke and members of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA). The WPA encountered the most gruesome impact of the state of the society when a deadly bomb, disguised as a communication device, blew up in Dr Rodney’s lap while he sat in his car in Georgetown, killing him instantly. Dr Rodney was the populist leader of the WPA, leading a strenuous national opposition against the PNC Government. Since the Commission began its work, with Counsel for the family of Dr. Rodney taking a prominent role, and with Counsel appearing for the PNC and the Trades Union movement, the PNC has publicly said it would not participate in the hearing, and has criticised President Ramotar’s Government for convening the Commission. President Ramotar dismissed the PNC’s criticisms as baseless, noting that the Commission is comprised of distinguished Caribbean jurists. Mr Ramotar said the Commission’s aim is for Ms. Rodney and her children to receive some form of historical justice. “I met with the daughter of Dr Rodney in the US, and the least I could do for this family is to convene this Presidential Commission” to investigate Dr. Rodney’s killing,” the President said. PRESIDENTIAL COMMISSION The President also noted that the Commission “has been long in the making,” with efforts to convene it made by former Presidents, the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan, and Mr. Bharrat Jagdeo. When Dr. Jagan became President of Guyana after the 1992 national elections, he made strenuous efforts to see that justice was served in Dr. Rodney’s mysterious bombblast death. However, efforts to extradite the main suspect in the case, ex-Guyana Defence Force (GDF) officer, Gregory Smith, from French Guiana proved futile, as the French Government refused Guyana’s extradition request.

Around 2005, Ms. Rodney appealed to President Jagdeo for an Inquiry into her husband’s demise, but according to sources, an unnamed top leader of the WPA requested that the Commission be delayed. Since Dr. Rodney died in what many suspect is a deliberate political assassination executed under the influence of the PNC Government, the Rodney family, international academia, and Human Rights organisations around the world have called for a Commission of Inquiry. Ms. Rodney sought to have such an inquiry from the day

Dr. Walter Rodney her husband died, and even after she and her three children had fled Guyana in fear following Dr. Rodney’s killing. President Ramotar said he is confident that the Commissioners, comprising Barbadian Sir Richard Cheltenham as Chairman; Ms. Jacqueline Samuel-Brown of Jamaica; and Trinidad and Tobago’s Mr. Seenath Jairam, are professional, and will preside over the Inquiry with judicial impartiality, fairness and professional integrity.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

‘WICB cannot feel they’re it and call any shots’ –Dr Roger Luncheon By Telesha Ramnarine AS far as regional cricket is concerned, the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) “cannot feel that they’re it and call any shots. Our argument continues to be that we gotta sit at this table. This regional cricket is not WICB table, they have a role no doubt about it, a role that has evolved over time but this administration, and I think the region, has to be careful.” Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon made those observations yesterday when he hosted his regular post-Cabinet press briefing at the Office of the President in Georgetown. Noting that the WICB believes it is an “untouch-

able” body, Luncheon said he is certain that within a few weeks when the CARICOM heads meet, this will again be a subject matter on the agenda, “something that has to be dealt with again in-camera because I am pretty certain President Ramotar is going to let loose on this band of WICBers.” Having unilaterally decided to remove the New Zealand match from Guyana and as a consequence, having denied Guyanese the opportunity to attend and participate in Test cricket, Luncheon said the WICB is now writing to disassociate itself from any attempts, any intention to belittle President Donald Ramotar and to show disrespect to him and his administration.

“Interestingly, in the very same breath of that correspondence, the WICB issues further threats. The WICB would have us believe that these extreme measures are quite appropriate, and they’re appropriate for their ill-defined charges of government interference in cricket and cricket administration, charges that are based on their misconception of the parliamentary enacted Cricket Administration Bill,” said Luncheon. He said the administration is yet to receive a WICB “well-considered” response to its earlier offer. “We asked them to give us a list of their concerns within 14 days about this bill. Fourteen days come and what we have gotten, threats and more threats.

“WICB really think they are untouchable, that regional governments exist to do their bidding and follow their dictates where cricket is concerned. That is bad for them but it is even worse for regional cricket.” At his press conference last week, he reported how Cabinet had found appalling the recent decision by the WICB to deny this country’s hosting of the Test match against New Zealand later this month. He said more appalling was the “arrogance” with which WICB President Dave Cameron dealt with Guyana’s President and his Cabinet. Furthermore, Luncheon said most appalling is the support the Guyanese directors apparently provided

during the WICB recently-held board meeting that influenced such an “unacceptable” outcome for Guyana. “The West Indies have recognised the role of cricket, the role it has played, is playing in the region’s commitment to its integration. Here we have a regional institution that insensitively acts in this indecent, high handed and reckless fashion, issuing ultimatum to a regional government. WICB BEHAVIOUR “The Cabinet of Guyana records its absolute rejection of the WICB behaviour, particularly as one comes to understand and appreciate the full picture. Guyana enjoys cricket. Guyana supports cricket. Taxpayers’ dollars

contribute to the development of the sport in Guyana. The WICB had announced the relocation of the third Test between West Indies and New Zealand from Guyana, citing failure to bring resolution to an ongoing dispute within the game in the country and the recent passing of the Cricket Administration Bill in the National Assembly. In a release, the WICB said they had serious reservations about the Bill which they say thrusts the administration of cricket in Guyana from an independent body to the Government of Guyana, viewing such a move as undesirable and inconsistent with International Cricket Council (ICC) tenets.

Simeon De Abreu and Joel Persaud top Region 6 at NGSA exams By Michael Khan THE All Saints Primary in New Amsterdam, Berbice has once again etched its name in the record book as one of the leading institutions in the ancient county. Following the an-

light of their parents and well-wishers. Owing to constant power failures in New Amsterdam and its environs yesterday, not many persons were privileged to view or hear the live broadcast on NCN radio and television, as Minister of Education Priya

‘Parental involvement played the most important role in the success of the four top students in Berbice’ – All Saints’ Primary teacher, Mr. Bassant Jagdeo Keayla Vanderstoop who said: “Our hard work has paid off and we are grateful to all those who guided us along the journey to

The All Saints’ Primary top students with their parents and class teacher, Mr. Bassant Jagdeo

nouncement of the 2014 National Grade Six Assessment (NGSA) results, the school shared top honours with Cropper Primary at Albion, Corentyne, but the school secured four of the top ten spots in East Berbice/Corentyne (Region 6). Under the astute guidance of acting headteacher Bassant Jagdeo, Simeon De Abreu (518 marks), Keayla Vanderstoop (515); Sarah Reid (509) and Johnathan Seeraj (506 marks), all of Grade 6 ‘A’, placed their school in the academic spotlight, much to the de-

Manickchand announced the results of the top performers in Guyana. However, as information reached a few folks via the internet on their cellular phones, the elated parents of the four top performers rushed to the school to extend their congratulations. “I am very pleased with my achievement and I must thank God, my parents and teacher for making this possible,” Simeon De Abreu said. He was awarded a place at Queen’s College in Georgetown, along with

NGSA.” Sarah Reid and Johnathan Seeraj who were awarded places at St. Stanislaus College, also in the capital city, were equally grateful for the input of those who assisted them during their preparation for the first major examination in their academic career. HONOURS ROLL Speaking with the Guyana Chronicle, De Abreu’s father, Clement De Abreu of Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, said that he is proud of his son being the

joint top student in the region. “I always told him that I wish to see his name on the Honours Roll and he assured me that it will happen; thanks to Jehovah God and sir Bassant for making this a reality,” he said jubilantly. P e l l o n Va n d e r s t o o p and Marian Seeraj also expressed joy in being part of their children’s success at the NGSA. Class teacher Bassant Jagdeo, who nurtured his c h a rg e s f r o m L e v e l 5 , through extra lessons after regular school time and on weekends, said that being at the institution for close to twenty-three years has made his job a routine one and the outstanding performances came as no surprise. “The success of these children comes as no surprise because they worked hard during their preparations for the NGSA; our motto ‘Only the best is good enough’ is testimony that we have lived up to our standards and we will continue to do so,” he assured. PARENTAL INVOLVEMENT Jagdeo pointed out that parental involvement played the most important role in the success of the four top

Top student, Simeon De Abreu points to the spot on the Honours Roll where his name will be etched

students. He added: “Discipline on the part of the children was integral in their accomplishment and I am extremely proud of them.” Joel Persaud (518 marks) of Cropper Primary school shared the top position with Simeon De Abreu. The other top performers in Region 6 are: Fawaz Haniff

(517) of Rose Hall Primary, Kishan Yashwardeo (515) of Cumberland Primary, Khileshw Naraindeed (510) also of Cropper; Aviva Read (510) of School of the Nations (Berbice), Marcus Mangru (508) of Skeldon Primary and Alex Mohabir (506) of St. Therese’s Primary.


17-year-old missing after allegedly transporting friends to Parika

––car found abandoned at Parika Backdam, two in custody

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

MISSING: Danrag Latchman, 17 By Leroy Smith FAMILY members of 17-year-old Danrag Latchman of 115 Lusignan, East Coast Demerara are hoping and praying for his safe return after he disappeared on Wednesday, when he left in his private vehicle, Toyota 212 # PNN 9823, to transport two men he knows from Good Hope, East Coast Demerara to Parika, East Bank Essequibo. His relatives are hoping that he has not been murdered. Latchman’s relatives say the two men had visited their home on one occasion to carry out works on the roof, and this publication was told that the young man was last seen by his uncle heading out of Good Hope with the two men in the vehicle. Taramattia Daby, Young Latchman’s mother, related that when she had contacted her son at about 17:00 hrs on Wednesday, he had informed her that he was heading to Parika with his two friends, where they were expected to pick up some money from another person.

Relatives and friends trying to placate the missing lad’s mother, Ms. Taramattia Daby, seated right (Photo by Leroy Smith) The woman said she averaged when her son would be back in the city and began calling his phone, and he informed her that he was still “over the river” as the man they had gone to see had been praying. Latchman’s mother said she again tried to contact her son, but his cellphones were both turned off. Repeated efforts to contact Latchman proved futile, and relatives began feeling uneasy since the 17-year-old is not known to be someone who sleeps out. Later in the evening, family members visited the home of the two men who were last seen in the teenager’s car, and they questioned them about Latchman’s whereabouts. The men reportedly told Latchman’s relatives that when they returned from Parika on Wednesday night, they exited the car on the Lusignan Public Road in the vicinity of the supermarket. They said that Latchman proceeded to head east along See page 18

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Police Chief confirms…


Common-law husband confesses to killing drowned wife By Asif Hakim TWO days after the death of 25-year-old Shelly Rampersaud, her husband is alleged to have confessed that he murdered her. The body of the mother of three, who lived at Lot

34 Friendship Public Road, East Bank Demerara, was found at the bottom of her back steps, with her head in a bucket of water. According to neighbours, she and her common-law husband, Vindra Krishna Siriram, who went home about 01:45 hrs reek-

25-year-old Shelly Persaud, who was murdered by her husband

ing of alcohol, were heard arguing and minutes later there was an abrupt silence. Father of the deceased, ex-policeman Orin Morris said his son-in-law visited him and told him that his daughter was dead but he did not know who killed her. Morris said, when he went to the scene, he saw his daughter’s corpse on the ground and her head in a bucket of water near the back steps. “When I see my daughter, I could not believe it was her. She was so blue and her neck looked as if it was broken. If my son-inlaw was home at that time, he supposed to know how this happen,” the man said. He said his granddaughter informed him that her father told her they would not see her mother anymore, that Tuesday night was her last night. Acting Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud yesterday confirmed that the common-law husband of the dead woman confessed to killing his reputed wife

at their home. The Police Chief said that the post mortem which was conducted yesterday at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation by pathologist Dr. Nehaul Singh showed that the woman died from drowning due to neck compression injury. The file of evidence will now be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for legal advice.

Shelly Persaud and her husband in happier times


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Berbice police investigating road accident in which three died By Jeune Bailey

THE Berbice Police are continuing their investigations into the horrific accident which has left three female members of a household dead after a speeding motorcar, PPP 5842 , slammed into them on Wednesday night on the Corentyne highway. The lifeless mangled remains of Tabitha Bagot, alias La Toya, 19 years ; her sibling Wanita; and three-year-old niece, Shamaine Cort, had reportedly died on the spot following the impact which was heard a village away. Wanita Bagot, a former student of the Lower Corentyne Secondary school, had completed her final examination a day before her death. Her sister Tabitha, an employee of NPIC, had also written Mathemathics at the recent sitting of the Caribbean DEAD: TABITHA BAGOT examinations. The alleged motorist, of whom police said was under the influence of alcohol, has been arrested and remains in police custody.

Berbice Divisional Commander Orin Joseph has identified the driver as Naresh Persaud, 18, of Number 51 Village, Corentyne . Meanwhile, Matthew Mc Bean, who is listed as critical but stable, remains a patient at the New Amsterdam Hospital. He is responsive, and was able to utter just a few words. He was riding his cycle on the No.35 Public Road when he was struck by the same vehicle that killed the three girls. And at approximately 18:30hrs, Elroy Parks was walking along the Kilmarnock Public Road, when he was hit from behind by the same vehicle. Villagers standing at various points told this newspaper that the driver had seemingly lost control of the Silver Grey Spacio motor vehicle, as the vehicle was swerving from side to side. The girls who died had moments earlier exited a groDEAD: WANITA BAGOT cery shop in their home town, Phillipi, when the vehicle slammed into them. Walter Bagot, the girls’ uncle, said he was at his home when he heard the loud impact, and on hearing screams, he

rushed to see what had transpired. ‘The villagers were screaming murder, murder; so I rushed out to see what was happening…… I saw the girls on the roadway. I lifted La Toya, she was dead. Her body, like those of her sister and niece, were also mangled. It appeared as though all their bones were broken. They were all dead.’ ‘It was just two weeks ago that their mother, Angela Bagot, and their brother left for a vacation in New York.’ Meanwhile, after hitting the girls, the driver failed to stop. Instead he continued his murderous journey at an accelerated speed to Number 35 Village, where he hit Matthew Mc Bean who was riding his bicycle. Mc Bean is expected to commence studies at the University of Guyana, Berbice Campus, in September. Meanwhile, persons pursuing the driver intercepted him and would have INJURED: MATTHEW given him a ‘sound beatMCBEAN ing’ if the police did not intervene. The post mortem examinations are expected to be conducted on the remains of the girls on Friday.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Students of One Mile Wismar Primary tour GPL’s Kingston power plant By Michel Outridge THE Guyana Power and Light Company (GPL) yesterday hosted students of One Mile Wismar Primary School on an educational tour of their Wartsila Power Plant at Kingston, Water Street, following a request from the school. Public Relations Officer, Shevion Sears-Murray led the guided tour for the 132 students of Grade One, who were accompanied by six teachers and six parents, after answering some searching questions from the curious group. She told reporters yesterday that as part of their social responsibility they facilitated the tour based on a request from a teacher. Sears-Murray stated that the tour is geared towards educating the children on GPL’s operations so they can have a better understand-

ing of the challenges and logistics involved. She pointed out that the children were eager to learn and did not hesitate to ask many questions which included the frequency of power outages, electricity theft and the issue of disconnection. Sears-Murray added that the explanations were simplified and valid points were made about electricity conservation and the promotion of safe electricity distribution. Meanwhile, Teacher Roel Nurse told this publication that the outing was a good thing for the children and will leave a lasting and positive impression. She remarked that some of them on becoming adults will return to the power company to seek employment. She noted that the group of six-andseven-year-olds were able to grasp much information from the staffers of GPL, who led the tour.

Students of One Mile Wismar Primary School on tour at GPL Wartsila Power Plant, Water Street, yesterday



Restoring Georgetown…

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

$500M to be spent to improve - including wharves, D&I work sluices and kokers By Telesha Ramnarine OF the $1B that the 2014 annual budget provided for implementing the ‘Cleanup Guyana’ programme, $500M will be spent in Georgetown to improve drainage and infrastructural work like the wharves, sluices and kokers. Head of the Presidential Secretariat, Dr. Roger Luncheon provided the update yesterday when he met with reporters at Office of the President in Georgetown to conduct his usual post-Cabinet news conference. As for the other half of

the money, Luncheon said the coastal administrative regions were identified as the beneficiaries and the emphasis was also placed on drainage. “For the second half of the money, the coastal administrative regions were identified as the beneficiaries and the emphasis here was on drainage which was easily recognised by Cabinet as a challenging sector and also solid waste disposal which Cabinet appreciated had generated widespread concern among the residents of those coastal regions,” said Luncheon.

Dr. Roger Luncheon Cabinet gave approval, in principle, for the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development See page 17


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

$500M to Corentyne labourer be spent ... struck down by Tapir From page 16

to assume responsibility for expending the sum of money and then, subsequently, Cabinet was given details of the planned use of the money, Luncheon informed.

LABOURER Ravi Bahadur, 32, of Number 47 Village, Corentyne, was hit by a speeding Tapir vehicle yesterday morning and was admitted at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

SPECIALISED UNIT According to Luncheon, Cabinet’s concerns were specifically about sustainability but the Minister of Local Government addressed those concerns by pointing out that there will be the creation and staffing of a specialised unit in the ministry that would deal exclusively with programming and implementing the activities in Georgetown and on the coastal regions. “The minister also recognised that there were structures, existing entities on the ground, that had statutory responsibilities for undertaking some of the very same functions and activities that he would be spending this $1B on and he declared that some of this money would indeed flow to these bodies to improve their functioning, to outfit them, resource them better and definitely to enhance their capacity to discharge their statutory functions,” said Luncheon. SOLID WASTE LEGISLATION He said the minister has also recognised that the imminently planned enactment of solid waste legislation for the whole of Guyana that would now create a unified approach to solid waste had the potential of sustaining the solid waste component of this $1B. “Overall, the minister left assured of Cabinet’s support but clearly recognising Cabinet’s concern to spend a billion dollars in six months and to provide credible results. It is a bit of a challenge and Cabinet and the public…will all be interested when the six months would have elapsed, what kind of report the minister would be providing.”

Ravi Bahadur Bahadur, alias ‘Black boy,’ had left his home at 04:45 hrs, and was walking to work in the ‘backlands’ when he was struck down. His mother, Reena Bahadur, told this reporter at his hospital bedside that she was sill in bed when she received a message that her son was

involved in an accident. She said, “Some one pick him up in their car and them came to pick me up. We then went to Skeldon Hospital

where he was taken to the theatre, before being transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital.” Bahadur, married and

father of three, sustained a gaping wound to his forehead and nose. The driver of the vehicle is in police custody.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

17-year-old missing after allegedly transporting ... From page 12 the East Coast Demerara Public Road to drop off two other persons that had joined the car at Parika and had asked to be taken to Enmore, a village also on the East Coast Demerara. Latchman’s relatives asked the men if they knew the other two persons who had joined the vehicle, or whether they would recognise them if they saw them again, but they responded in the negative. Latchman’s family then decided to report the matter at the Vigilance Police Station, and the two men who were last seen in his car were arrested. Up to press time, they were assisting the police in their investigations. This publication was told that the arrested duo has been giving investigators different stories to account for the period they had been with Latchman and their reason for hiring him. Latchman’s relatives say he did not work as a taxi operator but rather works along with his father who is a welder. Late yesterday the police at Vigilance took the two men over to the Police in D Division, where they were also questioned by investigators. The men were asked to take the police to the man whom they claimed they had travelled into the area to meet and whom they claimed had some sort of money to give them. One of Latchman’s relatives is of the view that his friends, who are known to the family, took the young man and handed him over to either the other two men or to the person they had travelled to Parika to meet.

Danrag Latchman’s relatives also lament the unprofessional approach of some ranks at the Vigilance Police Station, who were very laid back and appeared the least concerned with the report that the family was making at the time. One relative told this newspaper that the ranks on duty on the night the report had been made to the police were not willing to drive to the home of the suspects.

The relatives of the missing man were forced to use their vehicle to transport the police to the home of the two suspects, even though there were two police vehicles parked in the compound of the police station. Late yesterday Latchman’s relatives received word that a white 212 motorcar had been seen stripped and parked at a location at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo. However, when they

Friday, June 13, 2014 ––– 05:00 hrs Saturday, June 14, 2014 ––– 05:30 hrs Sunday, June 15, 2014 ––– 05:30 hrs

travelled over to the location the vehicle was not that of the now missing man. Continued searches led family members to stumble on the vehicle at the Parika Backdam. The vehicle, according to information

reaching the Guyana Chronicle, was damaged to some extent, and the inside was filled with sand and a piece of wood, suggesting that there had been some kind of struggle. There was, however, no blood in the vehicle,

and the keys to the vehicle were not in sight. Relatives and police also searched the trunk of the vehicle for the young man, since they thought that he had been murdered and placed in the trunk.


Police Commander Hicken leads interaction with religious leaders By Leroy Smith

COMMANDER of ‘A’ Division, Senior Superintendent Clifton Hicken admitted, last Friday, that the Guyana Police Force (GPF) is looking to the religious leaders for guidance in some aspects of its modernisation process. He made the admission while leading a team of senior officers meeting with faith based leaders who function within the Police Division. Hicken pointed out that when it comes to morals and values, especially within the communities, the faith based organisations seem to have a better grip on those issues since they deal with them in a more personal way. He said that the approach to have an interaction with the leaders of the faith-based organisations was that it was realised that at the alter alone is not going to help the process, hence the encouragement for religious leaders to find them-

Faith-based leaders at last Friday’s meeting selves in the streets and alleyways, as well. Hicken asked the leaders to go back to their communities and identify the vulnerable young people who are misguided by wrong role models and work with them. He emphasised that, should their current behaviour be left unchecked, it will pose trouble for the society in later days and possibly seeing them ending up on the wrong side of the law. The Commander cited statistics and surveys done by the GPF which show that most of the young people who have found themselves on the other side of the law are between the ages of 14 and 20. CHANGING TIMES Hicken told those gathered that because of the changing times and the ability of the younger generation to capture and retain, the changes associated with crime and the new dimensions to it, young people need to be protected from harming themselves. He called for an immediate arrest, by the faith-based leaders, of the lost souls and give them the requisite guidance so that they are not allowed to broaden their scope See page 26




50th Anniversary of the Detention o By Navin Chandarpal

FIFTY years ago, on June 13, 1964, the British Governor of, then, British Guiana ordered the detention of 35 high ranking Political Activists without any charges or trial. Thirty-three were from the governing PPP; its youth arm, the PYO, and the Sugar Union, GAWU. Heading the list was the Deputy Premier, Minister Brindley Benn. Only two were from the Opposition PNC. Those detained and kept at Sybley Hall were (in alphabetical order): Montaz Ali, Akbar Alli, Neville Annibourne, Desmond Beckles, Samsundar Beepat, Brindley Benn, Moses Bhagwan, Charles Christopher, Manie Copane, Dalchand, George


Dipchand, Victor Downer, Nathram Durbeej, Reginald Forde, Rames George, Joseph Albert Gibbs, Eric Gilbert, Maurice Herbert, Robert Jordan, Moneer Khan, Harry Lall, Rufus Low-Chee, Winston Madramootoo, Nasrudeen, Bhola Persaud, Prakash Persaud, Leslie Premdass, Pandit Ramlall, Mohamed Safee, Desmond Shepherd, Leonard (LSH) Singh, Rambarran Singh, Vincent Teekah, Sydney

Thompson and Frank Wills. The Detention Order was a deliberate major step in the British – U.S. conspiracy along with the local Opposition to remove the PPP from Government before Independence could be considered for the country. As Dr.Cheddi Jagan points out in the ‘West on Trial’: “On the constitutional front, the Colonial Office and the Governor assumed more and more powers. Instead of the crude gunboat suspension of 1953, there was suspension by stages. Early in 1964, the British Government issued three Orders in Council which eroded our constitutional authority. The constitution was amended to provide for new elections in December 1964; powers held by our ministers were placed in the hands of the Governor. By mid-1964, he was virtually


of PPP Activists in 1964 a dictator — he was authorised to withdraw money from the Treasury without the sanction and approval of the legislature; he assumed powers held by the Minister of Home Affairs for the registration of voters and the conduct of elections; he was put in complete control of the Emergency and of a new force, the Special Service Unit, which was no more than an arm of the police, responsibility for which rested with the Minister of Home Affairs. “Using emergency powers handed to him by the British Government but without local legislative approval, the Governor assumed the power to impose flogging and life imprisonment simply for the possession of firearms. Meanwhile, the British Army and the Opposition-controlled Volunteer Force resorted to intimidation and terror. The British Army was put

above the law; its men were made immune from arrest. But the Governor could arrest and detain others without trial. “In June, came the detention of 32 PPP legislators and activists, including the Deputy Premier. This robbed the Government of its parliamentary majority and amounted to a virtual suspension of the constitution. Only 2 PNC members were detained despite the overwhelming evidence that the PNC was a terrorist organisation. “….The British Colonial Secretary and his nominee, Governor Sir Richard Luyt, justified the detention of PPP leaders and activists by falsely associating them with the disturbances which occurred in 1964. In fact, the blame for the reign of terror, arson, looting and murder that had begun in 1962 must be laid at the feet of an irresponsible Opposition, aided and abetted

21 by business interests, a corrupt big-business-controlled press and foreign reactionary elements.” Dr. Jagan’s description of the set of actions by the British Government points to the fact that the PPP Government was being crippled ahead of the holding of the Elections later that year in December. At the same time, the objective was to cripple the Election Machinery of the PPP as a Party by detaining many key Activists. It must be noted also that in addition to the Detainees, other Activists were being held on trumped up charges at other locations. For example, General Secretary of the GAWU, Philomena Sahoye, was held at the New Amsterdam Prison for five months while facing a charge at the Springlands Court. She was later charged with three counts of sedition for alleged utterances directed at the queen. When the elections were held in December, the Activists were still in Detention except for a few who were released earlier. The manipulations led to the imposition of the PNC-UF Coalition and the dictatorship and decay which characterised the first quarter century of our Nation’s existence as an independent country.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

This week we are toning things down a bit; but, as expected, you will be served up an electric platter of entertainment and delicacies...Do enjoy, folks!

Fashion Designer Lucky B:

Telephone contact#: 616-0301/227-5216

De Original Stush on the rise in NYC WHILE he became popular for his soca singing competence in Guyana, Carlos ‘Lucky B’ Williams has put down the microphone and picked up the scissors; and he has tapped into his other creative side in “the land of the free and the home of the brave”, USA.

Lucky B’s scheme of things, as his creative he is satisfied that he is making abilities and fashion forward creations are to strides -- albeit baby steps at be featured on the “Americas it girl designer present – and is getting the lucracontest”, slated for television showcasing in tive recognition necessary. August, 2014. He has completed several If he wins, he has much to gain aside upgrade workshops in Paris, from popularity as a creative director. France, and has also launched “I’m not like the regular Guyanese into fashion photography at the designer. I take things at my pace BRICK House. while catering to private clientele; and His creations have been at present I’m working on my Atelier showcased at the Guyana Fashcollection,” said the designer as he ion Week, Uptown Fashion worked on a red, sequined, body-fit- Week, New York Fashion Week ting, high-fashion yet ready-to-wear and, more recently, at the Irie piece in his showroom located on Jam Fashion Rave. Flatbush and Caiton Avenue in New York. T h i s d e s i g n e r, s t i c k i n g t o h i s C aribbean roots, has an ever growing clientele of mostly Jamaicans, with names such as Bennie Man, Lisa Hype, Baby Cham, and Conscience among others donning his attire, as he creates outfits for men and women at the same pace. While some designers are done at sketching, his quest to impact the fashion mainstream includes Carlos ‘Lucky B’ Williams (right) takes a bow after his de- s k e t c h i n g , c u t t i n g , signs were paraded at the Uptown FASHION Week event sewing and photography. This 33-year-old former Canal Number One He makes it a point to note resident made the USA his home five years ago that he has always had a love and counting. He is still very much interested in for fashion designing, and furthering his singing career, BUT he has found pursued it by completing a taimore favour for his designing abilities on the loring course at the Carnegie college circuit in the United States, and is now School of Home Economics branching out into showcasing for major fash- in downtown Georgetown; ion events with his eyes on the prize of Milan. and for this he is eternally Under the brand name ‘Original Stush’, grateful for the training and which was launched in Guyana in 2007, he has certification. made his way into the ‘Bikini under the Bridge’ This West-Dem dude is event, and, more recently, the Uptown Fashion aiming for his creations to be Week in Manhattan as at February last. showcased in Milan and Paris, One of Lucky B’s very sexy evening designs But that is just the tip of the iceberg in and being sold in stores; but

Carlos Lucky B makes mind-boggling swimsuits


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Shal Marshal for Pulse Cooler Fete

“Till Ah Find A Place 3” – “She’s Back” returns to NCC on June 28/9 Kirwyn Mars raves that his performance will be more than electric

–on July 5 at Everest Cricket Ground PULSE Entertainment is pleased to announce, for the third time, its annual

Cooler Fete, which will be staged on Saturday, 5th July, 2014 at the Everest Cricket Ground, deemed a more central location Shal Marshall for such an event as this. The goal of this year’s ‘Pulse Cooler Fete’ is to create a new and exciting twist on the classic “Cooler Fete” by incorporating some of the best international Soca artistes and the excitement of the two FIFA World Cup matches to be aired on that day. Entertainers for this show will be TC, Nadia Batson, Karma Band and Shal Marshal, along with guest DJs Parliament and X-Base. Gates at the Everest will be opened from 13:00hrs to facilitate viewing of the two (2) FIFA World Cup 2014 quarter final qualification games being played on July 5, 2014, which would be viewed on a 15 X 20-foot LED screen (1:00 pm to 1:00 am). Along with the viewing of these much anticipated games, patrons of “Cooler Fete” would be able to purchase food which would be provided by various food and beverage organizations.

‘First Born’ returns with a bang!!!

First Born Group

WHILE Guyana’s premium music ambassadors, ‘First Born’, may have been dormant for a while, their management fraternity, ‘Vizion Sound Records’, wishes to announce that they are now back with a bang!!! Formerly a five-member group that invaded the music scene some years ago, management wishes to announce that this body has now been reduced to three sizzling members in the likes of Rawlston Richmond, Troy Azore and Trayon Garette, who have been creating quite a stir since they joined forces recently with Vizion Sound Records. With a pulsating new release, ‘Good Today’, already on the charts, these studs

are also expected to release a fifteen-track album in the near future. Always keeping things at the highest standards, these musicians continue to grow in status. Just last month, their performance was the best at the DJ Face Birth Night celebration, and now they are carded for spectacular performances at the upcoming Linden Town Week festivities. The First Born group continues, as customary, to reach out to their many fans, always serving up positivity and prosperity through their music. To date, they have already produced three new singles and, of course, a throbbing new music video, “Fell Asleep”, with local song diva Celeste David.

Their performances at the just concluded football tournament between Jamaica’s ‘Boystown Football team and local Guyanese elites added extra lustre to the event, which was promoted by Vizion Sound Records. The group is poised to unleash a musical inferno again, and fans are asked to be prepared for its intensity. The group continues to uphold the motto “Forever teaching souls, teaching brotherhood, obedience, and righteousness, naturally…”, as they focus on taking Guyanese music to the next level. (Please assist us with a little exposure through publishing in your entertainment supplement)

THE award-winning play “Till Ah Find a Place 3 – She’s Back” will take to the stage of the National Cultural Centre on June 28 and 29, 2014. It is a popular play written by Ronald Hollingsworth - one of Guyana’s most celebrated playwrights and dramatists, who now resides in the United States of America and who has, for two consecutive years (20122013), won the Guyana National Drama Festival Best Production Awards in the Open, Full-length play category. This play is the third of a four-part series, and is extremely popular and relevant today because it forces us to question whether we, as a people, are too generous or too naïve when it comes to those whom we call our friends. The play highlights how some persons can misuse friendship in their bid to take what belongs to others. It warns us about being too quick to open our doors to seemingly good acquaintances; and even if we do, there should be some clear, definitive boundaries in this regard. The dynamic cast includes Romel

Edmondson, Sonia Yarde, Mark Luke-Edwards, Abiola Clarke, Clemencio Goddette, Nirmala Narine, Kirwyn Mars, Lyndon Jones, Paul Budnah and Brian Goodman. Rehearsals are underway, and the cast is working assiduously with the hope of setting the Cultural Centre stage ablaze on play nights, when

some of them take on their most challenging roles yet. This production will be co-produced and co-directed by dramatist/director/producer/ playwright Mrs Sheron Cadogan-Tayl o r. T h o u g h the messages are very serious, the play will captivate and entertain its audience in unexpected ways, even though some might have seen it before when it was first staged in 1995. This production is a must-see for lovers of things cultural. Tickets, costing only $1500 and $1200, are currently on sale at the National Cultural Centre, or from members of the cast.

Buddy’s Nightclub launches its ‘Ultra Lounge’ BUDDY’s Nightclub is launching an all-new event this Friday. The management of Buddy’s Nightclub has decided to convert the club into an Ultra Lounge. It’s a new style with great music, the environment entails brighter lights, lower music and lots of flat screen TVs across the room to accommodate sports lovers.   The Buddy’s Nightclub Ultra Lounge is now the spot to hang out after work. Grab some friends and check it out. There are lots of food to order, cocktails from the Shaker’s Cocktail Bar, and drink specials on Absolut for $400 per shot and J.W Black for $500 per shot. T h a t ’s o n l y $14,400 for a bottle of Absolut, and $18,000 for a bottle of J.W. Black. Admission is free, and there is no dress code in effect.  Friday’s new hang out spot is now the Buddy’s Nightclub ULTRA LOUNGE, opened from 3pm every Friday, with TEAM MMR passing through on the music side.


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Miss Guyana Jamzone Reality Show for Channel 21/72 on Sunday at 19:30hrs

ALL Guyana is invited to tune in on Sunday at 19:30 hours on Channel 21/72 to view the delegates vying for the Miss Guyana Jamzone 2014 crown, as Hits and Jams Entertainment premieres the reality show! Viewers can tune in for the opportunity to see the unveiling of the three finalists contesting this prestigious title and the chance to win US$10,000. Each of these three ladies is a winner, and the judges have the unenviable task of deciding which one of these stars the proverbial fountain will bless. The contestants are 21-year-old Faydeha King, 22-year-old Onesha Hutson, and 24-year-old Soyini Fraser. Like last year, the Jamzone committee opted to produce the reality show to give the contestants a platform to showcase their capability to represent Guyana, while the public gets to know the delegates beyond the glitz and glam. Again the public will be vital in the selection process, and will be asked to vote for their favourite contestant. After an in-house screening, these three beautiful young ladies were chosen to face week after week of challenges, which will determine who has what it takes to make the ideal delegate to represent Guyana when the international leg of the pageant is hosted on August 15. In the first episode, judges Gor-

don Moseley, Feliz Robertson and Malcolm Ferreira will evaluate images from the girls’ very first Jamzone photo shoot, and review pre-recorded videos the delegates coordinated and scripted themselves. The curtains will come down on the month-long reality show on Sunday, June 29, when the finale will be staged and the Queen will be crowned. This year’s pageant promises to be one with a difference, during which our delegates will undergo intense training to develop their talent and improve their performance, so that the winner is ready for a competitive pageant experience come August, when delegates from across the Caribbean and other terri-

The Ladies soliciting corner

Bombshell’s Hottest Dudes…

Simeon Brown: a chocolate tropical mystery waiting to be solved THIS week, we are not only teasing the ladies’ taste buds, but we are also giving you the ultimate challenge of genuinely netting a dashing young man who is normally ‘hard to get’. He certainly is no Mr. Invincible, but just loves the thrill of having the ladies chase after him. Don’t be discouraged girls… He happened to mention that once the stallion is captured, the captor is in for the thrill of her life. From what I heard, he has been captured already. Ooooooops!!! This mouth of mine….. Maybe I am just kidding Michael Moore enjoys working out, athletics, playing basket ball, and is a talented and well established musician. He is also one of Guyana’s talented musical producers, and certainly has the dashing good looks of a runway model. If I can remember, ladies, I think he also possesses that rare adventurous streak inside. Ladies, he is not vain, but this dude takes great pains to look his best always. Well, I know you females are looking for that phone number. Sorry, search and you shall find him…. When you do, he has something else to tell you.

Miss Guyana Jamzone 2013, Alicia Bess

tories will travel to Guyana to participate in this ever-expanding pageant!

Bombshell’s hottest and most explosive ‘Moms’

‘Shelly G’: a mom to make other moms go mum Certainly an appetizing eye candy NO ONE would ever imagine that ‘Shelly G’ has mothered a child, not with that aura of erotic sensuality she exudes, nor with the easy way she can change the temperature in any room, especially one where the males are gathered. Hang around ‘Shelly G’ and any man is sure to soon feel engulfed by her erotic charisma. With a dazzling smile and such marvellous dimples, accentuated by amazingly white, well formed teeth, and with a lanky body that advertises the verve and dynamism of a woman who cares herself, ‘Shelly G’ would do things to a man that cannot be written on these pages. Oh my soul, please don’t ever be caught alone with this damsel. ‘Shelly G’ seems to be so exquisitely assembled one gets the meaning of the term “a jewel of a person”. Shellon ‘Shelly G’ Garraway is one of Guyana’s hottest soca singers, and not many know that she has a four-yearold daughter. Ask her about her amazingly good looks and she will say, “Oh…I am lucky; I got it from my momma”. ‘Shelly G’ enjoys dancing, singing, interacting with interesting personalities and travelling. While she is yet single and available, she notes that her ‘ideal man’ will have to be ultimately honest, fun loving, very creative, and knowing how to tease her and please her. If you think you are that lucky guy, I will tell you how to find her…. “But just know that yuh money haffa be right, cause this gal looking fuh take she musical career to de extremes’ From what I have heard, Shelly G’s knight in shining armour has just ridden in with all that she is looking for, so droll all you want, your jaws may very well get tired.

Shelly G, the red hot Tropical Temptress

Come on, ladies… Make a wild dash for this chocolate mystery


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Bombshell’s Profile Personality...

Photo of the Week

Mark Pierre: the new resounding voice on local radio

SOME persons may never know their actual calling until they happen to thread by chance on ground that really causes their ‘inner diamonds’ to shine. Not so long ago, a young man who really could not find his true calling decided to ‘try ah thing’ as a radio announcer, and he has since caused most of the competition to fade behind. You see, folks, the very first morning he hit the air waves, he was not just a flawed voice like many others, but brought to the platter the ‘real deal’ that should be associated with our radio waves. I was all exquisite diction and precise, perfect pronunciation, and this dude just knew how to set the mood, quell disturbed spirits, lift the gloom,

The other side of the super-cool Mark Pierre

The amazing transformation Some people are of the opinion that girls from countryside villages are scrubby, plain and often not sexy. Well alyuh stop it right dea!!! Most times, dem countryside gyal more than pretty, all dem does want is a little caring and just the right polishing, and yuh gon see how flashy deh really are. Just recently, we bumped into a simple ‘country gyal’ with dazzling good looks mirrored beneath her inexperienced and carefree, girlish demeanour. We called in an experienced stylist, and with a little brush and powder, this was what we discovered. Since she desired to be dressed as a sexy woman going to a dinner, we gave her a black dress of her choice with accessories, and she just unfurled into a stunning beauty. This certainly goes to show that the Bombshell luck can strike at anytime. So again we urge you to step out in style and you may very well be the next person showcasing your assets in this corner.

The talented Mark Pierre (right) and a radio colleague. He is about to set the lives of his fans on fire

bring good cheer, and satisfy just about any listener’s fantasy with a voice made in Heaven to create Heaven on Earth. For the eloquent and very spirited Mark Anthony Pierre, his arrival on radio heralded the arrival of a sleek swan amongst the many ‘ugly ducklings’. He knew just how and when to tease, to firmly but gently reprimand, and there was never a spark of anger, even when he should be infuriated at callous callers. To top that, his fan base swelled like tidal waves, and today his is a household name that would be remembered for years to come. This cheery and pleasant soul started as a teacher at the Mon Repos Primary School in 1993, then later lightened up the atmosphere at the Trans Guyana Airways for ten years, where he func-

tioned as a flight operator amongst other duties. He was also employed with the Royal Caribbean International Airlines, where he would be remembered as a very kind and considerate colleague to many. When he arrived on Guyana’s 89.1 Hot FM, not so long ago, it was a relief to many Guyanese, who welcomed the fresh new sound. As expected, a large fan base tunes in at 10:00 hrs to listen to this ‘radio magical genie’ until 11:30 hrs on Mondays. Again, they get an excellent treat when he explodes on the RUSH Hour Show from Mondays to Fridays from 16:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs. Radio bliss has once again been awakened, and Bombshell takes time out to applaud this dude for a job well done, and wishes him all the best in his future endeavours.

Aracari Resort to host biggest Father’s Day Buffet ever FATHER’s Day is just around the corner, and, of course, everyone is fussing about where to go and what to get their beloved dads. Some are rushing here and there in utter confusion, since they all want to leave their fathers with sparkling memories on this very special day. Here comes the Aracari Resort (160 Versailles, West Bank Demerara) to the rescue with a fantastic package made especially to meet the needs and affordability of practically anyone.

The Aracari’s Macaw Restaurant will be hosting a special Father’s Day Lunch/ Dinner Buffet, which begins from 11:00 hrs (lunch will be served at that time). This lunch offer will cost only $3000 per person, but kids under twelve years can obtain the same offer for $1600. The Buffet Dinner Special will open at 18:00 hrs, and special offers are made only by reservation. Persons are asked to call phone number 264-2947 to place their orders. Drinks can be

ordered from the Poolside Bar, and will be served by courteous waitresses. Meanwhile, with fathers in mind, the hotel and resort has worked out a special offer on rooms which will place Deluxe Rooms on offer for only #20,750, while the De Elegance Queen Rooms are accessible for a smashing price of $26,125. The De Elegance King Suites are going for only $27,200. What are you waiting for, folks? Cash in on these bargains and make your father feel extra special.


The ’A’ Division top command takes a moment to pray before the commencement of the meeting (Photos by Leroy Smith)


Commander Hicken and Deputy Commander Dion Moore during one of the many interactions with the young people in Albouystown

Police Commander Hicken leads interaction ... From page 19 of illegal activities. When it was time for interaction, the views and recommendations of the faith-based organisations were many, the first being a call for the return of the Guyana National Service (GNS). It was evident that the leaders were all happy with the new approach being taken by the GPF in its modernisation procedure and the efforts to have the communities involved. They called on the Police to keep open the line of communication and interaction with the community. One leader said it was not all right to blame the young people for all the issues and problems they find themselves in since this usually happens with the absence and guidance of the parent figure. There was also a call for the Police to understand that the modernising and the community action component is effective, so those who are bent of embarrassing the process must be purged. HARDLY FORGET One leader advocated for proper counselling of the new recruits into the Force since he said young people hardly forget the treatment they are made to receive and when they enter it and are placed in certain positions, they tend to act out what they experienced when they come into contact with members of the public. Corporal punishment did not escape the radar of the religious community who have gone on record many times calling for its reinstitution to keep children in line, something most adults have said played a vital part in their lives and which is responsible for some of the values by which they live. The ‘A’ Division Command team was advised by one leader that the GPF is doing a very bad job when it comes to press and publicity and the efforts it is making within the various communities. The view was aired after Hicken spoke of what the GPF is doing in places like ‘Tiger Bay’, Albouystown, and parts of Berbice. Pleas were also made for the Police to continue building on its image which has degenerated to a negative one in rating. One of the reasons, said a female religious leader, is by ensuring that the Police stick to the standard operating procedures and the laws of Guyana when they execute their duties. Presently, the GPF is working with several faith based organisations on reforming first offenders before they are sent to the Courts or remanded to prison. The Force is working to provide counselling and other forms of guidance to the young people that will see them reintegrating into society as against going to rub shoulders with hardened criminals.



Tomorrow evening…

Stabroek Rotary hosts another Jazz, Wine and Words By Michel Outridge ANOTHER evening of first class entertainment is expected when the Rotary Club of Stabroek presents the fifth staging of its main fund-raising event titled ‘Jazz, Wine and Words.’ The occasion on Saturday, June 14, at the Theatre Guild Playhouse in Parade Street, Kingston, Georgetown, is billed as a tribute to fathers. The event will be used to highlight the importance of fatherhood in the nurturing and development of a child and, by extension, the community. Since its inception in 2010, the show has steadily evolved as one of the premier entertaining events in Guyana, and has, over the years, featured excellent performances by seasoned artistes like Ruth Osman, Paul Keens Douglas, the Jakoostic Ensemble, Miguel Browne, Karen Smith, and the Desi Jones Quartet. Dramatist, Mark Edwards, is also to make one more cameo appearance. This year, the programme will continue on its path of excellence by featuring the highly acclaimed singer, songwriter and flautist, Michele Henderson, from Dominica. STUNNING PERFORMANCES With five albums to her credit, Ms. Henderson has carved a trail for herself following stunning performances at major music festivals across the world including the St. Lucia Jazz and Arts, World Creole, Barbados Congaline, New York International Music and Roskilde (Denmark). She has been featured in seminal Caribbean magazines such as ‘She,’ ‘Home Companion,’ ‘Maco,’ ‘Caribbean Beat,’ ‘The Beat’ and also in the international media including ‘BET Jazz.’ In recognition for her work, the Government of Dominica appointed Michele as an official goodwill ambassador to the island in 2004. To add to her ever expanding list of achievements, her entry was recently declared winner of the regional competition to select the official Anthem for the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). An additional treat awaits patrons of the fifth Jazz, Wine and Words, as this year ’s outstanding local talent will be introduced through the collective called Wordsmiths. Undoubtedly, the leading exponents in the genre of spoken words in Guyana, the group boasts exceptional talent, among them Kamadyah Yisrael, Randolph Critchlow, Latoni Beaton, Jermaine Joseph, Andrew Timram and Yaphet Jackman, all unique artistes who have established their style and message as second to none. The usual offerings of delightful hors d’oeuvres enhanced by a selection of fine wines and good company will set the mood for an unforgettable evening of Jazz, Wine and Words.

Michele Henderson



Digicel Credit Loan launched during early morning broadcast By Michel Outridge

Radio show ‘Digicel Morning Vibez’ featuring DJ Casual, Big Red, Selector Face, and ‘The Dread’ live yesterday outside Muneshwer’s on Water Street

DIGICEL Guyana introduced its newest product in a live radio broadcast yesterday morning. It stated that if you are in a situation where you do not have any credit in

your Digicel cell phone, just dial *141# and press send to make the call through ‘Digicel Credit Loan.’ The introduction was done with DJ Casual, Big Red, Selector Face, and The Dread (Seen Up) on 100.1 Fresh FM Radio at the Muneshwer’s Round About on Water Street, Georgetown. The MCEE on stage

all Digicel’s promotions. Many times James said customers can access Digicel Credit Loan as many times as they wish and at any given time but they must top up their account after which the money will be deducted. She told reporters that the product launch is in keeping with customer

Part of the gathering yesterday morning during the ‘Digicel Credit Loan’ launch on Water Street (Photos by Michel Outridge) was comedian/actor Linden ‘Jumbie’ Jones, backed by several other actors and actresses who had the crowd roaring with laughter as they performed several skits demonstrating how useful the launch of Digicel Credit Loan can be during an emergency when your cell phone is out of credit. Speaking to the media on the occasion, Head of Marketing, Ms. Jacqueline James, said the latest launching by Digicel is very simple and user friendly by just dialing *141# to get $141 credit added to your main account with a $9 service charge. She explained that $150 will be deducted when customers top up their accounts using cell phones which can be used to activate a data plan or make calls and they are still entitled to

benefit, meaning that they know sometimes people find themselves in a situation where they need to make an urgent call but do not have any credit. James pointed out that, with the Digicel Credit Loan, they can do so and with that in mind they (Digicel Guyana) wanted to facilitate such. She added that Digicel Guyana always has something new happening to better serve customers and there is a lot more in store which will eventually be rolled out. During the Digicel Morning Vibez live radio broadcast, many persons were gifted free umbrellas, hats, and jerseys among other things, as they were entertained braving a slight drizzle. The early morning show got underway at 06:00 hrs and ended at 09:00 hrs.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014



GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Victoria Kings lead EDFA/ Stag Beer League table DESPITE having the same number of points with Mahaica Determinators, Victoria Kings has assumed the pole position in this year’s East Coast of Demerara Football Association (EDFA) organized Ansa McAl Stag Beer sponsored league competition. Both teams has six points which they accumulated from their first two matches, but by virtue of having a clean slate, thanks to their custodian Winston Collins, Kings have a better goal average in comparison to Determinators, who has conceded one goal while scoring three, with Kings’ Winston Pompey being the leading goalscorer of the tournament to date, scoring all three of his team’s goals.

English York 09:00 hrs Pres Rapide 09:30 hrs Connecticut 10:05 hrs Studio Star 10:40 hrs Escape To Glory 11:10 hrs Maid A Million 11:40 hrs Phaenomena 12:15 hrs Saved By The Bell Sandown 09:10 hrs Kinematic 09:40 hrs Groor 10:15 hrs Token Of Love 10:50 hrs Kastini 11:20 hrs Sea Here 11:55 hrs Comanchero Aintree 12:50 hrs Masterofdeception 13:25 hrs Sweet Deal 14:00 hrs Lexicon Lad 14:35 hrs Dubai Prince 15:10 hrs Swaledale Lad 15:45 hrs

Vesperal Dream 16:15 hrs The Road Ahead Irish Racing Tips Clonmel 11:55 hrs Jolaine 12:25 hrs Emmy Lou 12:55 hrs Diamond Geezer 13:30 hrs Mossy Island 14:05 hrs Chill 14:40 hrs Dale Street 15:15 hrs Pat Garrett 15:50 hrs Isaac Bell South Africa Racing Tips Greyville 10:15 hrs Brown Sugar 10:50 hrs Mootahadee 11:25 hrs Summer Sixtynine 12:00 hrs Anointed King 12:35 hrs Dame Victoria 13:10 hrs Choir Maiden 13:45 hrs Regal Eagle 14:20 hrs Big Cat 14:55 hrs Poivre 15:30 hrs Big Thrash French Racing Tips Maisons-Laffitte 08:35 hrs Daraybi 09:05 hrs Vercingetorix 09:40 hrs Keena 10:10 hrs Ali Blue American Racing Tips Belmont Race 1 Nonna’s Boy Race 2 Awakino Cat Race 3 Arch Avenger Race 4 Skipping Race 5 Bounty Pink Race 6 Devious Maddy Race 7 Fast Time Race 8 Mighty Ian Race 9 Point Roll

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014


World Cup 2014 kicks off with colourful ceremony THE 2014 FIFA World Cup officially got under way yesterday with a colourful opening ceremony before hosts Brazil kicked off against Croatia. A cast of 660 dancers paid tribute to the country’s nature, people and football with a show around a “living” ball on the Arena de Sao Paulo pitch and the final act saw a performance of official World Cup song “We Are One” by Jennifer Lopez and rapper Pitbull. The month-long tournament sees 32 nations compete in 64 games and many fans took to the

streets to sing and chant their support for Brazil as excitement built in the hours before the tourna-

ment began. But there were also dem-

onstrations from those unhappy with the expense of hosting the tournament. Police in Sao Paulo had to use tear gas to break up one protest, which involved about 50 people, while striking airport workers in Rio de Janeiro blocked a road outside the airport, demanding a wage increase and a World Cup bonus. The strike was to have lasted for 24 hours but union leaders called it off early for legal reasons. However, there was no trouble within the 65 000-seater Arena de Sao Paulo during the opening ceremony.

Performers dressed as trees, flowers and various musical instruments all performed in three acts before the central ball opened to reveal singers Claudia Leitte, Jennifer Lopez and rapper Pitbull as they sang the official World Cup song as the finale. No host nation have ever lost their opening World Cup game, with the previous 20 producing 14 victories and six draws for the hosts. England open their World Cup campaign against Italy tomorrow, while they will also play Uruguay and Costa Rica in their Group D fixtures.

Hosts Brazil start as favourites to win the World Cup for a sixth time, while holders Spain are aiming to win a fourth major tournament in a row after winning the European Championship two years ago. The other seeded teams are Colombia, Uruguay, Switzerland, Argentina, Germany and Belgium. Governing body FIFA said it had sold more than 2.9 million tickets, but they were still available for several matches on Wednesday, including some involving Germany, Italy and France. There will be 31 matches

shown live on BBC television and online, starting with Spain v Netherlands on Friday, June 13,, and live text commentary on all 64 matches, available on the BBC Sport website and app for mobile, tablet and connected TV. BBC Radio 5 live will also be providing 24 days of live coverage and 61 live match commentaries from football’s showpiece tournament. The BBC will also broadcast the 2018 and 2022 World Cup finals in Russia and Qatar after signing a new rights deal with FIFA.

Chelsea sign ex-Arsenal midfielder from Barcelona (BBC SPORTS) - Chelsea have signed former Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas from Barcelona on a fiveyear deal. The 27-year-old Spaniard spent three years at Barca and joins the Blues after Arsenal turned down a first option to buy him. Fabregas joins for an undisclosed fee and said Chelsea matched his football ambitions, adding he had “unfinished business” in the Premier League. “I considered all the other offers very carefully and I

Cesc Fabregas firmly believe that Chelsea is the best choice,” he said.

While the fee for the move is unknown, the Spanish club were happy for Fabregas to leave for a fee in the region of £30M and his arrival comes 10 days after England midfielder Frank Lampard announced he would end his 13-year stay at Stamford Bridge. Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho is also keen to finalise the transfer of his Spain team-mate Diego Costa from Atletico Madrid, as he bids to improve on his side’s third-place finish in 2013-14,

four points behind champions Manchester City. “They have an amazing squad of players and an incredible manager. I am fully committed to this team and I can’t wait to start playing,” added Fabregas, who has 89 caps for Spain. Fabregas, who scored 50 times in 305 games for Arsenal during his previous spell in England, will wear the number-four shirt and join Ramires, Nemanja Matic and John Obi Mikel as central midfield options

Neymar double gives Brazil dramatic opening win By Mike Collett (REUTERS) - Brazil’s poster boy Neymar scored twice and the outstanding Oscar added a late third as the hosts came from behind for a dramatic 3-1 victory over Croatia in a thrilling World Cup opening match, yesterday. But the 71st-minute penalty from Neymar that tipped the Group A game Brazil’s way seemed a soft one after Japanese referee Yuichi Nishimura harshly ruled that Croatia skipper Dejan Lovren had fouled Fred who appeared to throw himself to the ground. Neymar had brought Brazil back into the game after 29 minutes with the equaliser after defender Marcelo put through his own net after 11 minutes to give Croatia a shock lead. Marcelo’s misfortune meant he became the first Brazilian ever to score an

Brazil’s Neymar scores from a penalty kick during the 2014 World Cup opening match between Brazil and the legs of Brazil skipper own goal at the World Cup. The cross came from Ivica Olic whose low ball from the left went through

Thiago Silva, clipped Nikica Jelavic’s foot and bounced in off Marcelo with keeper Julio Cesar helpless.

Neymar created Brazil’s first opening when he jinked along the byline, resulting in a half-cleared ball to Oscar who slammed in a curling 25-metre drive that goalkeeper Stipe Pletikosa acrobatically pushed away. But Croatia’s reprieve only lasted seven minutes and the equaliser was greeted by scenes of unbridled joy. Oscar started the move by beating two men in midfield before finding Neymar who advanced a few metres before cracking in a low leftfoot shot that went in off the base of Pletikosa’s left-hand post for his 32nd goal in his 50th international. Neymar scored his 33rd when Pletikosa got both hands to his penalty but could not stop the ball from going in and Oscar wrapped up the win in the dying minutes.Croatia at the Corinthians arena in Sao Paulo yesterday.

for Mourinho. He scored 35 goals in 129 appearances for Barcelona, but it failed to earn him a regular midfield role at the Nou Camp, with the trio of Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta and Sergio Busquets viewed as the club’s main central combination. Still Arsenal’s youngest-ever player at just 16 years and 177 days, it was expected they would bid for their former charge - an FA Cup winner with the club in 2005. But with Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Ozil, Mikel Arteta and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all able to fulfil central roles, Gunners manager Arsene Wenger chose to sign the man he made captain in 2008. “Yes, everyone knows that Arsenal had the first option to sign me,” added Fabregas, who said it was “extremely important” the move was completed before the World Cup finals. “They decided not to take this option and therefore

it wasn’t meant to be. I wish them well in the future.” Chelsea look set to lose defender David Luiz to Paris St-Germain after a deal was agreed for the Brazilian, but goalkeeper Petr Cech welcomed the signing of Fabregas. “Obviously he’s a great player, with a lot of experience playing in England and the Premier League so it’s a great addition to the team,” said Cech. Barcelona schooled Fabregas in their La Masia academy from the age of 10 and thanked him for “his professionalism and dedication during his years at the club”. He could feature in Spain’s World Cup Group B opener against Netherlands today, with team-mate Xavi calling the move “a great opportunity”. “He’s looking very happy now, he knows what his future holds in store for the next few years and, of course, it’s a very important loss for Barcelona,” he said.


Compliments of THE TROPHY STALLBourda Market &The City Mall (Tel: 225-9230) & CUMMINGS ELECTRICAL CO. LTD-83 Garnette Street, Campbellville (Tel: 225-6158; 223-6055) Answers to yesterday’s quiz: (1) 35 (2) Carl Hooper (Dunedin, 1986/87) Today’s Quiz: Where in Guyana Test matches have been played? Who has captained NZ in most ODIs to date? How many games? Answers in tomorrow’s issue


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Sri Lanka can’t beat Root as England get on top (REUTERS) - Joe Root hit an unbeaten 102 and Moeen Ali impressed on his debut as England recovered from the loss of three early wickets to reach 344 for five on the first day of the opening Test against Sri Lanka at Lord’s yesterday. Root, 23, yet to nail down any one position in the batting line-up in his fledgling international career and dropped for the final Ashes Test in Australia at the start of the year, compiled his third Test century from 190 balls and struck eight fours. He was given strong support by the recalled Matt Prior who was unbeaten on 76 at the close of play after the hosts dominated the final two sessions. “It was quite a tough winter from a team’s point of view, and personally as

well, so to come back and score a hundred meant a lot to me,” Root told a news conference. “The position when I came in was obviously quite tricky and it was very pleasing to go on and get us in a decent position at the end of play.” England, fielding a new-look team after being humiliated 5-0 in Australia, lost three wickets in the morning session as Nuwan Kulasekara and Nuwan Pradeep made a bright start after Sri Lanka captain Angelo Mathews elected to bowl. Ian Bell (56) was out early in the afternoon session, soon after bringing up his 40th half-century in his 99th Test, to leave the home side on 120 for four before Root and Moeen rallied by sharing an 89-run stand. Moeen showed few nerves despite making a slightly streaky start

while Root became the fifth youngest England batsman to pass 1 000 Test runs. The pair batted for most of the middle session but after tea Moeen slashed at a ball from Rangana Herath - having earlier hit the first ball he faced from the spinner for six - two short of a maiden half-century and the catch was taken by Mahela Jayawardene at first slip. Prior, back in the team after injury and loss of form, was almost trapped leg-before second ball when he was hit on the back leg by Herath and a video review decided in his favour. After that early scare the wicketkeeper-batsman offered good support to Root as the Sri Lanka attack tired and the pitch began to lose its green tinge. The duo scrambled

GCB clarifies CPL ‘Amazon Warriors’ U-19 selection

JUNIOR Chairman of Selectors within the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Nazimul Drepaul yesterday cleared the air as it relates to the non-selection of Young Warriors Cricket Club’s Shimron Hetmyer as one of four Under-19 players with the Guyana Amazon Warriors team. Below is Drepaul’s letter: “AS CHAIRMAN of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) Junior Selection Panel, I find it necessary to clarify recent news articles surrounding the non-selection of U-19 player Shimron Hetmyer, as a junior member of the Amazon Warriors. I must make it abundantly clear that the GCB is not involved in the selection of players for the Amazon Warriors. The GCB received an email from the Amazon Warriors’ manager Omar Khan, requesting the names of three U-19 players to be nominated by the GCB for possible selection to the squad to participate in the camp and join the team for their home matches. The request from Khan specified the speciality of the three players. Only one batsman was requested. My panel selected three players based on their performances in the recently concluded Inter-County U-19 Tournament. Khan then requested that the batsman selected be replaced with Tagenarine Chanderpaul. The player we selected performed exceptionally well in the U-19 Tournament and has all the requirements to be a T20 batsman, but after much deliberation, my panel reluctantly agreed to the request of the Amazon Warriors’ management. I reiterate that our nominations were made as per the required specifications of Omar Khan, and the players’ performance at the U-19 competition. I would also like to state that my panel did not select Kevin Paul, the fourth U-19 player in the Amazon Warriors’ squad. Further, contrary to those news articles about the non-selection of Gudakesh Motie-Kanhai, I want to inform all that Motie-Kanhai could not have been considered for selection as he is no longer classified as an Under-19 player.” For your Information, Nazimul Drepaul Chairman of the Junior Selection Panel Guyana Cricket Board Editor’s Note: Shortly after receiving this letter of clarification from the GCB, a press release was sent indicating Hetmyer’s inclusion to the Guyana Amazon Warriors line-up, as two other Under-19 players were drafted in.

plenty of quick singles and took advantage of any loose balls to put on an unbeaten 135 for the sixth wicket. Root said the partnerships with Prior and Moeen were crucial to establishing a dominant position. “After a difficult winter the way Matty came back into the side was testament to his character and ability and it’s really pleasing to see him go on and make a score and hopefully he can do that tomorrow,” added Root. “Moeen on his debut too, to play the way he did, to come into the side and play some elegant strokes and make it so easy at times, it took a lot of pressure off me.” England, with a new coach in Peter Moores and with the international career of batsman Kevin Pietersen now controversially ended, got their new era off to a poor start. Australian-born Sam Robson (1), making his debut along with Moeen and pace bowler Chris Jordan, edged a full ball o ff t h e l i v e l y P r a d e e p that was well taken by wicketkeeper Prasanna Jayawardene.  Captain Alastair Cook, who had moved quickly through to 17 but never looked comfortable during his 26-ball innings, also played a false shot, attempting to cut a Kulase-

Joe Root reaches his third Test century and second at Lord’s - to shore up England’s position. “The first session and kara delivery that was the hour after that we too close to his body and bowled really well, then chopping the ball on to his after that it didn’t go our stumps. way. But I think we should After a shaky start Bell back ourselves and come began to find his touch, back tomorrow and do confidently driving any- our job,” said Sri Lanka thing over-pitched and he opening batsman Kaushal brought some cheer to the Silva. crowd with a lusty straight “The last hour or so six off Herath in the first we tried to take wickets over after lunch. so that made it easier for H e w a s u n a b l e t o them to score some runs. maintain that momen- But apart from that I tum, however, falling lbw think the first two sesto Shaminda Eranga after sions we did really well, the original not-out deci- we stuck to our plans and sion was overturned on bowled according to our review. fields.”

Blackwood and Johnson receive Test call-up FOLLOWING their consistent performance during this year’s Reg i o n a l f i r s t - c l a s s s e ason and even against Bangladesh-A in their present series, Guyana’s Leon Johnson and Jamaica’s Jermaine Blackwood have been drafted into the West Indies Test team for the second match against New Zealand. The Windies trail New Zealand 1-0 in their threematch series, having lost

Leon Johnson

the first game at Sabina Park, Jamaica last Wednesday by 186 runs, with the second set to bowl off at the Queen’s Park Oval from Monday. According to unconfirmed reports, the duo will be replacing Marlon Samuels and Kieran Powell, but such reports are yet to be confirmed, while Chronicle Sport will furnish its readers with more information on this issue in another edition.

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014


Annual GBTI Open set to serve off next Thursday THERE is much excitement in the tennis fraternity as the Guyana Tennis Association (GTA) prepares to serve off this year’s edition of the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry (GBTI) annual Open tournament from 17:00hrs at the Banks’ Kaieteur Street, Bel Air Park-based courts next Thursday. The competition which continues to evolve over recent years is now considered the premier competitive event on the GTA calendar of activities and the categories featured are: Men’s Open Singles and Doubles, Ladies Open Singles and Doubles, Men’s Over-35 Singles and Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Junior Boys and Girls Open Singles and the Novices Singles and Medley Doubles. The final two categories

were established three years ago to accommodate the growing number of Beginners and Intermediate players, as the GTA seeks to promote active living through tennis as a valuable health and wellness alternative. The format for the Open categories is best of three sets, while the Men’s Over-35 will play a super tie-breaker for the third set and the Novices will play one set. The action gets under way from 16:30hrs every weekday of the competi-

GBTI CEO John Tracey with 2013 Men’s Champion Anthony Downes and his opposite number Nicola Ramdyhan.

O’Donohoe assures LCPL games will not be moved FOLLOWING speculations about the Limacol Caribbean Premier League (LCPL) games being moved from Guyana after the removal of the third Test match between the West Indies and New Zealand, Chief Executive Officer of the League, Damien O’Donohoe yesterday denied same.  During a teleconference at Digicel’s head office in Kingston yesterday morning, O’Donohoe confirmed that the three matches scheduled for the Guyana National Stadium on July 17, 19 and 20, will go ahead as planned.  After the third Test match between West Indies and New Zealand was switched from Guyana to Barbados, fans were questioning whether this year’s edition of the LCPL games would follow suit, given the current climate in Guyana’s cricket administration.  O’Donohoe, during a telephone link up from Trinidad and Tobago with sport journalists from Guyana, confirmed that what currently obtains in Guyana would have no effect on the matches being hosted here.  “While it is a shame Guyana has lost the Test match, I want to give the assurance that the Limacol CPL games will go ahead in Guyana as planned,” he assured.  O’Donohoe further pointed that preparations are mov-

Damien O’Donohoe ing full steam ahead, as all the territories have been doing their part to ensure another successful tournament, with the groundwork being laid close to a year now and they’re basically fine-tuning ahead of the mega event. The CEO added that the Limacol CPL will provide the ultimate entertainment package, with some of the biggest names in cricket and showbiz this summer.   Hip-hop superstar, Rick Ross, will headline one of the biggest concerts ever seen in St. Kitts and Nevis, during Limacol CPL Finals Week, and he will be the top bill at the concert, to be held at Warner Park Football Stadium on August 15, the night before the Limacol CPL final.   The Miami rapper will bring more international star quality to the high octane cricket tournament, which boasts some of the most ex-

citing players on the planet, as well as Hollywood shareholders, Mark Wahlberg and Gerard Butler.   “Rozay” has scored five Number 1 albums in the U.S. and collaborated with the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West and Drake, and fans will be hoping to see him perform some of his biggest hits, including The Boss, Aston Martin Music, and Nobody, from his latest album, Mastermind.   The concert will undoubtedly add spice to what already promises to be a thrilling Finals Week in St Kitts, ensuring that the Limacol CPL lives up to its reputation as the Biggest Party in Sport.   Fans will also be treated to Beefy’s Bash, an all-star charity match featuring Sir Ian Botham, Brian Lara, Piers Morgan, Glenn McGrath, Wasim Akram and Shane Warne, two semi-final showdowns during the week, as well as the main event, the final of the 2014 Limacol CPL on August 16.   The Limacol CPL will be held from July 11 to August 16 with a total of 30 games, with defending champions Jamaica Tallawahs putting their title on the line against last year’s runner-up Guyana Amazon Warriors, Antigua Hawksbill, Barbados Tridents, St Lucia Zouks and Trinidad and Tobago Red Steel.

tion and from 08:00hrs on weekends and the Tournament Coordinators, Shelly Daly from Park Players Club and Tandy Primo from Non-Pareil Club have distributed application forms. They can also be contacted at 642-5672 and 641-2727 respectively. As the tournament grows, the GTA laments the loss of many seasoned players to migration. However, in the near future, the GTA hopes to be able to import players to participate in the tournament

to provide sustained competition of good quality for the emerging crop of top junior players. GBTI CEO, Mr John Tracey, a veteran tennis player, continues to provide significant support to tennis as he desires to see the sport regain its prominence in Guyana. His annual sponsorship of this tournament and the provision of tennis facilities in and out of Georgetown demonstrate his unwavering support for the development of the game.

Review of the Atwell versus Gonzalez fight clearly shows Atwell was ahead when fight was stopped By Michael DaSilva

A REVIEW of the fight between Guyana’s Clive `The Punisher’ Atwell and World Boxing Council (WBC) featherweight champion Johnny Gonzalez of Mexico clearly shows that Atwell was ahead on points when the referee stopped the contest. Chronicle Sport, who is privileged to be in receipt of a copy of the tape, reviewed it in company with several experienced coaches, boxers and former promoters and all have come to the conclusion that Atwell was ahead on points when the bout was stopped by referee Laurence Cole with just three seconds remaining in the 10th round. The stoppage came about because of a clash of the two boxers’ heads which caused a small cut above the left eye of Gonzalez halfway through the fight and which continued to bleed until the referee called a halt to the proceedings. At that point, judges Roy Danseco of the Philippines and Americans Herb Santos and Michael Tate had scored the fight 99-89, 96-92 and 98-90 all In favour of the Mexican whose record now stands at 56 victories from 64 fights. Viewing the fight in the company of other experienced persons in the sport, it showed that both boxers used the first two rounds feeling out each other, with both of them connecting with a few combinations. In round three, Gonzalez connected to Atwell’s head with a solid straight right that did not seem to affect the local champion, as he stepped forward to Gonzalez and connected with a combination to body. Thereafter he was on the retreat but countering well which caused the crowd to start booing (why they were booing is anyone’s guess as Atwell was having the upper hand). Atwell subsequently landed a double left jab followed by a straight right to end the round. Round four saw Atwell aggressively taking the fight to Gonzalez who was able to score with a left hook that Atwell shook off. The Mexican later connected with a left dig to Atwell’s body and a left hook to head, but Atwell retaliated with two straight rights to Gonzalez’s head and a one-two combination to head also. Gonzalez, probably sensing he was behind on points, started to come forward to Atwell in the fifth round, which allowed Atwell to land three consecutive left jabs to his opponent’s head followed by a straight right. Nearing the end of the round, both boxers exchanged combinations, but the round, like the previous two, belonged to Atwell. Both fighters went at each other in round six and while Atwell was concentrating on Gonzalez’s head, the latter was concentrating on his opponent’s mid-section, with Gonzalez connecting to Atwell with two one-two combinations during the second minute of round seven, but the Guyanese responded with a few combinations of his own, in a round that was won by Gonzalez. Atwell became the aggressor once again in the eighth round and kept up the pace for the first two minutes and later started to evade Gonzalez’s punches by keeping him at bay. Clearly, it was Atwell’s round. Round nine saw Atwell connect with three-punch combinations for which the Mexican had no answer but landed a single one-two combination that did not seem to deter the Guyanese from continuing his aggressive tactics. Atwell came out for the 10th round apparently seeking to put a stop to the contest, but Gonzalez started to back away and counter-punch his way out of trouble. Atwell continued to storm Gonzalez and the two boxers’ head once again collided resulting in the stoppage with the judges’ score card giving Gonzalez the victory..


GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014

Confident Barnwell seeded No.4 for tomorrow’s CSCT By Calvin Roberts NATIONAL all-rounder and NAGICO Super50 skipper Christopher Barnwell was last Monday afternoon seeded number four for this year’s edition of the Caribbean Single-Wicket Cricket Tournament (CSCT) which takes place at the University of the West Indies Oval in St Augustine, Trinidad tomorrow from 16:00hrs to 23:00hrs. Four cricketers who competed in the recently concluded 2014 Pepsi/Indian Premier League (IPL) T20 including defending champion and number one seed Dwayne Smith of Barbados, who guided Chennai Super Kings to the IPL qualifiers, will be battling for the top prize of US$7 000.

Smith defeated Barnwell, who was making his debut in the tournament, in last year’s final, after the Guyanese had disposed of the-then defending champion Lendl Simmons, who, along with Smith, Kieron Pollard and Kevon Cooper, forms the Pepsi/IPL quartet. In an invited comment with Chronicle Sport yesterday afternoon after his training session with the local-based players of the Guyana Amazon Warriors, the 27-year-old Barnwell said he is very confident ahead of tomorrow’s tournament. “Playing in the final last year against Dwayne Smith and ending as runner-up, I am heading into this year’s tournament brimming with confidence.

… Smith is defending champion

Guyana’s representative in this year’s Caribbean Single-Wicket Cricket Tournament and NAGICO Super50 skipper Christopher Barnwell gets ready to drive at a delivery in the indoor nets of the Gandhi As you are aware, cricket is a funny game and as you

know that it is being played on the day and anything

can happen. However, I am pretty confident for this year’s edition, heading into the tournament with my form being good and I am looking forward to doing much better in this year’s edition, having my eye on the top prize,” said Barnwell. Twelve top all-rounders from across the Caribbean, including the quintet mentioned above, will be competing in the innovative tournament which has over US$15 000 in cash and prizes up for grabs. Pollard who is seeded number two behind Smith, will lead a Trinidad assault on the championship cup, with number three seed Sim-

mons, Cooper, Reyad Emrit and emerging new talent Marlon Richards completing the home team’s assault on Smith’s reign. Each of the seeded players will be in a separate group with two other all-rounders and the winner of each group will proceed to the knockout stage which involves two semifinals, from which the winners will compete in the grand final of the tournament. 15 games will be played during seven hours of cricket. There will be a music extravaganza. Apart from the top prize of US$7 000 the tournament winner can earn more as individual prizes for best fieldsman, wicketkeeper, catches, run-outs and stumpings will be up for grabs as well.

GASA selects duo for Commonwealth Games OLYMPIAN Niall Roberts and national swimmer Onika George have been selected by the technical committee of the Guyana Amateur Swimming Association (GASA) to represent Guyana at the upcoming Commonwealth Games, to be held in Glasgow, Scotland from July 23 to August 3. The duo are currently under the training of national coach Sean Baksh, undergoing their preparation at the National Aquatic Centre at Liliendaal. Roberts, who last participated internationally at the International Swimming Federation (FINA)

Niall Roberts World Championships in Barcelona last year, and George were selected based on their FINA points. Baksh noted that while other swimmers were considered to attend the event

they were already committed to another international event. According to Baksh, the training is coming along fairly well with few impediments, highlighting George’s academic commitments, but she expects to get in more practice as the school term comes to an end. George, a fifth form student at Bishops’ High, is currently sitting the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations and has been dividing her time between studying and training for what will be her debut international event. Roberts will be swim-

ming in the Men’s 50m and 100m freestyle, and 50m butterfly, while George, who was last year’s sole qualifier at the Junior C A R I F TA S w i m m i n g Championships, will be participating in the Women’s 50m and 100m freestyle and the 50m backstroke. Roberts and George are two of the athletes who will be representing Guyana at the quadrennial Games. Swimming is one of seven distinct sporting disciplines in which Guyanese athletes are expected to participate at the Games. The others are athletics, rifle shooting, table tennis, cy-

cling, squash, and boxing. The Athletics Association of Guyana (AAG) has already announced athletes Winston George, Stephan James and Adam Harris as their choices to participate in the track segment, with national captain Mahendra Persaud and Lennox Braithwaite being the chosen ones to fire their weapons in the rifle shooting category, with experienced rifleman and wind coach Ronsford Goodluck as manager/coach. Guyana participated in the event when it was last held in Delhi, India back in 2010. At the time Guyana fielded a 34-man team which was considered at the time to

be one of the largest Guyanese contingents to be sent to an international event. Overseas-based Guyanese Aliann Pompey’s silver medal was Guyana’s sole medal at the event. Pompey won the medal by merit of her 51.65 seconds finish in the Women’s 400m dash. Pompey had initially finished third. However she was elevated to silver after original silver medallist Folashade Abugan was disqualified for doping. Attending the Games on several occasions over the years, Guyana have thus far amassed a total of fifteen medals at the Games, three of which are gold medals.

Tiger Bay win ‘A’ Division-sponsored football triple-header against Police By Asif Hakim AFTER losing the first encounter to Police Football Club (PFC) 3-1 with the second ending in a 2-2 stalemate, the recently formed Tiger Bay Football Club rebounded to demolish PFC 4-1 in the final match at the Police Sports Club, Eve Leary, last Wednesday night. To decide the series winner both sides had to contest an extra time fixture, which

Rensford Coleridge

went for 10 minutes. In the 5th Tiger Bay’s Calvin Shepherd scored to crown his team the overall champions. The match which got under way at 17:00hrs, saw Tiger Bay striker Rensford Coleridge score in the 20th minute and one minute later Rawle Adams doubled that lead with his blast past a hapless PFC custodian, after latching onto a loose ball from 70 metres out. In the 32nd minute, Rawle Haynes pulled one

back for the lawmen and not to be outdone, Tiger Bay regain the two-goal advantage, courtesy of Dion Alfred’s strike five minutes after Haynes’ goal, much to the delight of his teammates. The victorious team had their final goal from Rensford Coleridge, who was later named Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the series, as Tiger Bay won the match 4-1. However, needing to arrive at an overall winner

of the series, both teams went at each other for an additional 10 minutes, in which Shepherd’s 5th minute strike confirmed Tiger Bay’s superiority over their opponents. Tiger Bay team player Rensford Coleridge had won the MVP award along with the first goal scorer award. Trophies and prizes were given to both teams by Police ‘A’ Division Senior Superintendent Commander Clifton Hicken. Kurt Dickson, the Tiger Bay captain, said that he knew that his team would have won the series and

he is looking for more like this. He also thanked the Commander, referees and members of staff for making this possible. Coleridge said that he felt good that he won the award because it will boost him, adding he has been struggling in the past games and he felt really bad because everybody was looking at him as a waste. The losing captain Dion Rodney said that his team could have won but they didn’t prepare, sending a challenge for a rematch because his team would come stronger..

GUYANA CHRONICLE Friday June 13, 2014


A piece of Brazil in Guyana By Rawle Toney IT’S CALLED the greatest show on earth and by far the world’s most popular sport. Not since 1950 has the FIFA World Cup been hosted in Brazil and it is only the fifth (Uruguay 1930, Brazil 1950, Chile 1962 and Argentina 1978) time that the event is being staged on the South American continent. The 2014 FIFA World Cup kicked off yesterday at the Corinthians Arena in Sao Paulo Brazil; the home of the World’s most decorated nation in the sport, who have won the tournament a record five times (1958, 1962, 1970,1994, 2002). Fittingly, Brazil defeated Croatia 3-1 in the opening

fixture of the tournament with goals from their wonder kid Neymar Jr. and Oscar and scores of Guyanese and Brazilians turned up at the Brazilian Embassy on Church Street in Georgetown to share the joy and excitement of the sport just like their friends and family back home. Chronicle Sport photographer Sonell Nelson was on hand to capture the essence of yesterday’s atmosphere at the Brazilian Embassy. Brazil’s Chargé D’Affaires Sabine Nadja Popoff was joined by Guyana’s Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and fellow diplomats who revelled at the Embassy, and are overjoyed with the Brazilian national team’s victory.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds and Brazil’s Chargé D’Affaires Sabine Nadja Popoff

The celebration after Oscar scores Brazil’s third goal against Croatia whom they defeated 3-1 in yesterday’s World Cup opening game.

Speaking with Chronicle Sport after the game, Popoff noted that she was more than happy to host the event, given the fact that the two countries are allies and that Guyana had a dense population of Brazilians. Asked if this will be the occasion every time her country play, the Chargé D’Affaires said “No, we did this for the opening and will do it again if Brazil reach the final or deeper in the tournament. But I’m glad so many people turned out and we won which made it even better.” Guyana Chronicle photographer Sonell Nelson was on hand to capture the essence of yesterday’s atmosphere at the Brazilian Embassy.

Brazil all the way


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World Cup 2014 kicks off with colourful ceremony (See Story on page 35)

Dancing broccoli, space-age body-poppers and a giant multi-coloured ball that popped open like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange to reveal the inimitable J-Lo.

Brazil lived up to its on Story billing as a favorite (See to win the World Cup by defeating Croatia 26) Jr. double, which 3-1, thanks page to a Neymar included a controversial penalty.

Singers Jennifer Lopez (left), Pitbull and Claudia Leitte perform during the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup at the Corinthians arena in Sao Paulo, Brazil yesterday.

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FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014

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