FCC Annual Report 2021

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New Donors:


At a Glance

Grants Awarded:


Gifts Received:

Outstanding Pledge Balance:

$133, 289

$193, 420

Endowment Balance:

Matching Grant Awarded:

Communities Served:


$307, 564

$90, 000

Year in Review The Foundation of Cornerstone Communities had another extraordinary year to celebrate!


Gifts pledged over three to five years

Visionary Pledge: $100,000 or more

Friend Pledge: up to $1,000

Dr. Andrew and MJ Smith

Nikkole Abbott

The growth of the Foundation of Cornerstone Communities endowment will result in a larger annual payout to fund more projects into the future.

Futurist Pledge: $50,000 or more

Susan Andersen

The Foundation of Cornerstone Communities applied for and was approved for a $75,000 challenge grant from the Community Foundation of Greater Dubuque Small Town Dreams Initiative in late 2020 to build its endowment to $450,000.

Tim Ahlers

Within the first quarter of 2021, the first milestone in the “quiet phase” was met with gifts and pledges secured over three years by the FCC Board, GMHC leadership and physicians, making the total raised, with the match, $225,000. In the summer, the Foundation launched the second “community phase” with a campaign called “A Strong Tomorrow” to raise an additional $225,000 to meet the challenge grant goal of $450,000.

Thanks to our generous donors, the Foundation is only $48,620 away from reaching this goal! We celebrate this past year’s donors in both the quiet phase and the community phase who share the Foundation’s common goal of protecting the future of local healthcare.

Thank you!

The Foundation was pleased to partner with three communities to award five grants to projects that directly impact the every day health and vitality of residents in the communites served by Guttenberg Municipal Hospital & Clinics.

Please consider a year-end gift in the enclosed envelope to help us reach our goal of $450,000!

Dr. Robert and Karen Merrick

Builder Pledge: $25,000 or more

Sandra Ashline Michelle Behrend Heidi Bolsinger Julie Breimon

Matt and Betsy Busick

Paul Decker

Grower Pledge: $10,000 or more Community Savings Bank Dr. Michele and Steve Dikkers Dr. Jeffrey and Carolyn Hoffmann Russ and Juanita Loven Tom and Lisa Manson

Laura Elsinger and Chris Schoen LeAnn Esmann Lois Fleming Jeannie Funk Taylor Grinstead Cheryl Jacobs

Dr. Guy McCaw

Erlene Kennicker

Comrade Pledge: $5,000 or more

Sarah Meyer

Jill Knepper

Terri Koopmann Mary Moser

Kathy Lansing

Kathryn Mueller

Brian and Jackie Lee

Joan Parker

Anna Mae Moser CPA Andy and Mindy Reimer Bryan and Amy Speed

Cara Peterman Sara Phelps Lexi Pierce

Founder Pledge: $1,000 or more

Kayleen Schmelzer

Mark Cromer

Cynthia Schultz

Catherine Dean

Sally Schumann

Karen Kerper

Cheryl Simmons

Danelle Krapfl

Lana Troester

Carol Lamker Emily Matt Debra Preston Amy Sitzmann Amber Wessels

This listing is intended to acknowledge gifts and pledges made by November 1, 2021. We make every effort to accurately report gifts and pledges. If a correction needs to be made, please contact us at 563-252-5558.

“We both grew up in Guttenberg and want to see the community thrive. We have strong family ties as well as a house in Guttenberg and hope to retire there someday. Through our support, we hope to contribute to both the health and vitality of the community, ensuring the future of healthcare in Guttenberg.” MATT BUSICK AND BETSY BROWN, DONORS


Grants Awarded

One-time gifts

Grower Gift: $10,000 or more John and Pat Ertl

Jeffrey Ashline

Guttenberg Industries: John & Pat Ertl, Chris & Deb Moser, Jim Ertl, Bill Ertl, Tom & Lynn Ertl

Linda Aulwes Jayne Bries

Comrade Gift: $5,000 or more

Joe and Helen Ertl

Pickleball Courts – City of Guttenberg

Amy Clefisch

Dr. Michele and Steve Dikkers

Debra Eulberg

Founder Gift: $1,000 or more

Rachel Fritz

Susan and Tom Fassbinder Kari Harbaugh

Robin Esmann

Family of Beverly Herman

Tom and Ann Korczyk

Jennifer Hinzman

Charles and Bonnie Millham


Connie Andregg Janice Andregg In memory of Robert Hoffman, Tom Tujetsch, Joan Hinzman and Don Rohner

Robert and Janet Brown


Friend Gift: up to $1,000

Jim and Sue Osterhaus Mike and Gail Scherr Daniel and Karen Slagel Dr. Andrew and MJ Smith

Randy Hoeger Patricia Hoffmann Norman and Joyce Kopecky Jan Krall Tracy Kregel Beth and John Larson Richard and Gail Larson


Viking Loop Trail – Edgewood Board of Economical Development

Russ and Juanita Loven In memory of Robert Hoffmann


Cindy Meyer

Tony and Beth Mescher

Osborne Park Walking Paths – Clayton County Conservation Board

Molly Moser Emily Mueller Mary Newbern


Timothy and Sherry Oliver In memory of Pamela Bell

Community Vitality Initiative – City of Guttenberg in support of Guttenberg Brewing Company

Jane Parker Sydney Pirillo


Sustainability – Guttenberg Gallery & Creativity Center

Grant Funding The FCC is pleased to offer grant application opportunies four times per year; each January, April, July and October. Do you have a project in your community that needs funding, or maybe a great idea or initiative that will enhance the health of your community? The Foundation partners with visionary leaders in all communities served by GMHC on initiatives that align with the FCC mission of creating a healthy and vibrant today.

Raytheon Technologies

“I have been part of this community for over 35 years, will retire here, and want to make sure the quality healthcare we have now is here for me and my family. Recognizing the need to keep our area vibrant made it easy to commit to a 5-year contribution plan.” LISA MANSON, DONOR

William Robinson Emily Sadewasser Schneider Electric Foundation Daniel Schnoebelen Dr. Andrew and MJ Smith In memory of Claire Frommelt Sue Stagman Robyn and Dorothy Tangeman Ron and Jane Thein In memory of Maxine Klaes & Donald Rohner Roger and Rosemary Thomas Paul Ulbrich Nancy VanMilligen Jacob and Hannah Wille Rennie Young

20 Years from Now You Will See... Our Purpose The Foundation of Cornerstone Communities will support initiatives and programs that directly impact the everyday health and vitality of residents of all ages in the region served by the Guttenberg Municipal Hospital and Clinics including the clinic communities of Guttenberg, Garnavillo and Edgewood.

✓ More vibrant and healthy communities ✓ Growing populations in the Guttenberg Municipal Hospital & Clinics service area

✓ Strong and sustainable health care system ✓ Millions in the Foundation of Cornerstone Communities Endowment

✓ Thousands in grant funding to community projects that promote vitality

Do you value your local healthcare? Do you want to grow our communities? Do you believe in a healthy vibrant today for all residents? Become a Member!

Partner with us to provide funding for grants to organizations who

have projects that align with our mission of creating a healthy and vibrant today. Send gifts or pledge in the enclosed envelope or to Foundation of Cornerstone Communities (FCC), PO Box 550, Guttenberg, IA 52052.

VISIONARY – A gift of $100,000 or more (may be made over 5 years) FUTURIST – A gift of $50,000 or more may be made over 5 years) BUILDER – A gift of $25,000 or more (may be made over 5 years) GROWER – A gift of $10,000 or more (may be made over 5 years) COMRADE – A gift of $5000 or more (may be made over 5 years) FOUNDER – A current gift of $1000 or more SUSTAINER – A commitment to an annual gift of $100 or more For more information contact Amy Speed at 563-252-5558 or amy.speed@guttenberghospital.org.

The FCC Board’s policy is that gifts of $1000 or more will be endowed and eligible for the 25% Endow Iowa State Tax Credit. Donors may request a portion or all of their gift for nonendowed or current cash needs.