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GUDBERG independent magazine for art, graphic design & photography summer 2010 issue 9

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welcome to gudberg In 2007, the independent GUDBERG Magazine for Art, Graphic Design & Photography was created – each quarterly issue monothematically addressing what is currently moving our visual culture. In collaboration with international artists and renown galleries, GUDBERG curates an exhibition and puts in onto paper, not only taking on a stroll through the globe’s most exciting art scenes, but also serving as a forum for established international artists as well as emerging and promising creative talents. This issue is a cooperation with the artists of »Fotobuchtage 2010«. The festival will be opened for the first time in the House of Photography, Deichtorhallen in June 2010. GUDBERG shows parts of different photographyprojects and creates new composings.


volker gerling (p. 03-05) jörg koopmann (p. 06-07) susan paufler (p. 08-09) bernd uhde (p. 10-11) cécile fontaine (p. 12) len lye (p. 13) michael wolf (p. 14-19) peter bialobrzeski (p. 20-22) kolkata heritage photo project (p. 23) andreas herzau (p. 1, 24-26)

andrew phelps (p. 27-28) kirill golovchenko (p. 29-30) andreas mühe (p. 31) rob hornstra (p. 32) alexander gnädinger (p. 33) andreas magdanz (p. 34) esther haase (p. 35-36) michael schnabel (p. 37-38) renate aller (p. 39) ulrich mack (p. 40)

imprint Publisher: VERLAG GUDBERG GmbH & Co KG [] // Art Direction: Jan Mueller-Wiefel // Address: Poolstrasse 8, 20355 Hamburg-Germany // GUDBERG is published four times a year. Ever-changing, ever-unique and only to be found in select galleries, bookstores, design offices and agencies, cafés and hotels worldwide. Each issue is released in a limited edition of 2000 copies. Once they’re gone, they’re gone. Available current and back issues, posters and original art from featured artists can be ordered online. Visit us in our new GUDBERG gallery (Poolstrasse 8, Hamburg)!

GUDBERG #09 "all areas"  
GUDBERG #09 "all areas"  

Artists of "FOTOBUCHTAGE 2010": Andrew Phelps, Rob Hornstra, Andreas Mühe, Andreas Magdanz, Peter Bialobrzeski, Kolkata Heritage Photo Proj...