Annual Impact Report 2022-2023

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Annual Impact Report 2022-2023

A Message from the Board Chair & CEO

Dear Supporters of Girl Scouts,

What a remarkable year it has been at Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey. During our fiscal year 2023, Girl Scouts celebrated 111 years of preparing girls for a lifetime of leadership, adventure, and success.

Through the support of our valued volunteers, Board of Directors, staff, donors, and members, our Girl Scouts were able to engage in a wide range of experiences that explored the four pillars of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience: STEM, the Outdoors, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship.

To provide more resources to our 18,500 Girl Scouts and 10,200 members, we focused on programming, technology, philanthropy, property improvements, and staffing to help more girls discover, connect, and take action. We are committed to innovation in our work so that we can “keep up with the speed of girls” and do more to help them achieve our mission.

As we look forward, we know that the future is bright. With your continued support and through programs and initiatives that foster courage, confidence, and character, Girl Scouting empowers girls to become leaders of tomorrow. We are pleased to present this 2023 Annual Report: another year of discovery and innovation.


Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey Board of Directors

Bette M. Simmons, Ed.D. Board Chair

Shanna Jafri 1st Vice Chair

Matthew Lamb, Pharm.D, R.Ph. 2nd Vice Chair

Leslie Franklin


Krista Korinis


Sandra A. Kenoff

Leslie Achter

Jill Andersen

Delia Blackler Perretta

Elisa Buckley

Karyllan Dodson Mack

Danielle Furze

Julia Helliesen

Pia House Walker

Germaine Lacqua

Joe Pennisi

Christyl Lucille Murray

Nikki Sumpter

Nashira Spencer

Girl Representatives

Erica Adu

Lorayne Gulbrandsen

Nicole Pelish

Program Highlights

At Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey, during Fiscal Year 2023, we remained committed to delivering the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls in grades K-12 to help empower them to find their voices, build skills, and discover their talents.

As the 11th largest Girl Scout council in girl and adult membership (out of 111), we served more than 18,500 girl members and 10,200 adult members in Bergen, Passaic, Morris, Sussex, and northern Warren counties of New Jersey.

Throughout the year, we provided a variety of staff-led program activities focused on the four pillars of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience: STEM, Outdoors, Life Skills, and Entrepreneurship. Total attendance for program activities included more than 9,372 girls and 4,964 adults.*

Of the top 25 badge-earning activities, those that offered unique opportunities to explore STEM and the outdoors, were the most popular. Among them were Maple Sugaring (Cadette Trees Badge), Girl Scout Brownie Night Out (Brownie Outdoor Adventurer Badge), Crack the Case (Junior Detective Badge or Cadette Special Agent Badge), High Tech Hide and Seek (Junior Geocacher Badge or Cadette Trailblazing Badge), and Morning Chores on the Farm (Junior Playing the Past Badge or Cadette Animal Helpers Badge).

In addition to badge-earning activities, we mentored year-round teams of Girl Scouts in:

• robotics (FIRST TECH Challenge Team Steel Magnolias and several FIRST LEGO league teams)

• hiking and backpacking (Trailblazers group)

• media relations (Media Girls)

Seventy-two girls were active in our robotics programs, which included FIRST competition training and our “Dance Off, Robot Style” activities, during which girls learned to think like engineers to design, build, and code competitive robots using a variety of levels of Java-based programming.

*Individual members may have attended more than one program activity.

Program Highlights

Our Trailblazers group learned outdoor skills such as hiking, camping, primitive camping, equipment selection, outdoor safety, and fire building. They hiked the Appalachian Trail in New Jersey and explored other state destinations such as Mahlon Dickerson Reservation, Wildcat Ridge, Pyramid Mountain, Ramapo Mountain, Norvin Green Forest, and more.

Our 12 Media Girls represented our council at events and for interviews and provided communications support in sharing our stories with the media throughout the year. They appeared on News12 New Jersey and WPIX News New York, and shared their own generated video content on our social media.

We celebrated the 111th Anniversary of the Girl Scout movement during Girl Scout Week in March with a council-wide birthday party held in Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream. More than 3,250 Girl Scouts and adults attended. Our Media Girl team helped host the event and spoke with correspondents from local news programs.

Our council led a Girl Scout Destinations trip as part of the national travel opportunities offered by Girl Scouts of the USA. During our excursion, Broadway Bound, we hosted Girl Scouts from all over the country for a week in July. The girls and chaperones stayed at Lake Rickabear Camp’s Friendship Lodge for a week, attended five Broadway shows, and visited several New York City historical locations.

In addition, we conducted several other large-scale events including:

• FallFest Family Weekend at Lake Rickabear Camp in Kinnelon, where families learned more about our program activities.

• Virtual Financial Literacy Workshop for Girl Scouts of all levels sponsored by Morgan Stanley, which helped girls earn a financial literacy patch.

• Black History Month Showcase at American Dream, where girls earned a challenge patch.

• Discover Memphis staff-led excursion to Tennessee for adult volunteers.

• Sleep with the Fish overnight at Norwalk Aquarium.

• Intro to Camping: Glamping, which brought indoor troop camping to Girl Scouts Daisies and their leaders.

• Perfectly Imperfect, which explored yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques for body positivity.

11th Largest Council out of 111 in girl & adult membership

72 girls participated in GSNNJ Robotics

9,372 girls & 4,964 adults participated in program activities*

93 girls earned the Girl Scout Gold Award

88 girls participated in travel & hiking activities

300 girls earned the Girl Scout Silver Award

*Individual members may have attended more than one program activity.

1,071 girls served through Community Engagement programs

366 girls earned the Girl Scout Bronze Award

1,423 girls attended GSNNJ camp

1,640,530 Girl Scout Cookie packages sold

132,604 cookie packages donated

Membership By Program Level

4,886 5,231 3,749 2,707 1,076

GSNNJ by the Numbers
Served over 18,500 Girl Members and 10,200 Adult Members.

Fall Product & Girl Scout Cookie Programs

By participating in this year’s Fall Product Program and Girl Scout Cookie Program, Girl Scouts learned valuable sales and business skills unlike any other year, while they raised funds to support their troop’s activities and take-action projects. We began our cookie program season with the introduction of a new Girl Scout Cookie flavor, Raspberry Rally. The nationwide shortage of inventory for the highly anticipated flavor, in combination with supply chain and digital platform issues, posed some challenges, as well as life lessons, for all involved. Although more girls participated in the Girl Scout Cookie Program prior to the previous year, gross sales overall were lower. Girls learned important lessons about supply and demand and the challenges businesses were facing in a post-pandemic environment.

Fall Product Program

• 4,057 girls participated

• Troops earned a total of $102,526 in Troop Proceeds

Girl Scout Cookie Program

• 14,187 girls participated

• 11,573 girls utilized the Digital Cookie platform

• 902,883 packages were sold via Digital Cookie as shipped, donated, and girl-delivered orders

• Per Girl Average for FY23 was 108 packages

• Troops earned a total of $1,258,427.25 in Troop Proceeds

• Cookies from Home donations totaled 102,800 packages

Cookies from Home

The following organizations were the 2023 recipients of donated packages from the Cookies from Home program.

Blood Centers of NY & NJ

Eagles Angels

Interfaith Food Pantry

Long Valley Community Assistance Program

Mt. Pilgrim Missionary Church

New Hope Food Pantry

Operation Jersey Cares

Paramus Community Pantry

Paramus Police Department

Roxbury Township Public Assistance

Salvation Army

Table of Hope

Trinity Lutheran Church

Veterans Food Pantry

West Milford Fire & Rescue

Gold Award Girl Scouts

The Girl Scout Gold Award is the mark of the truly remarkable and proof that not only can Girl Scouts make a difference, but through their Gold Award projects, they already have. Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors who earn the Gold Award tackle issues that are dear to them and drive lasting change in their communities and beyond. The Gold Award is a key that can open doors to scholarships, preferred admission tracks for college and military service, and amazing career opportunities.

The following are the GSNNJ Girl Scouts who earned their Gold Awards this year.


Allie Baldini

Georgeena Gonedes


Lexa Ananian


Nicole Mueller

Julia Nugent

Miranda Salinger

Mary Young


Natalia Cresti


Maria Calvi


Isabella Nemerofsky

Abigail Rokicki

Anna Staltari

Jacqueline Williams

Judy Yeung

Glen Rock

Grace Lew

Emma Ohnegian

Hanna Perez

Goffle Brook

Alexandra Spalt


Kareena Shah

Lauren Zawadzki


Annie Li


Emily Bulko

Olivia Burchell

Kait Karoleski


Keira Fischbeck

Sky Sedlacek


Gina Oswald

Long Hill

Dena Mistichelli

Meghan Sherer

Erin Aroneo

Shaye Bundonis


Isabella Freitas

Deeksha Prabhu


Clara Forte


Abigail Puzo


Katelyn Liloia


Ella Espino

Grace Zak


Swara Agarwal

Sophia Kalliaras

Madeline Tubbs

Sahana Vaidya


Emma Collins

Natalie Rosenthal

Mount Olive

Olivia Casale

Victoria Granberg

Mountain Lakes

Jennifer Catallo

Olivia Manchand

North Warren

Madelyne McCormack


Alexandra Fruhling

Old Tappan

Sierra Lumia

Allie Tama


Madelyn Fried

Marisa Schoenberg

Anna Vidaic


Monalisa Hait

Ava Turrisi


Amber Derricks


Alexa Helmke

Gracie Schrader

Ridgefield Park

Gianna Terrarosa


Tierney Johnson

Katelyn Dickson

Lindsey Libenson

Alexandra Rupprecht

Isabella Salerno

Kat Slott

Ava Swartz

Katrina Weispfenning


Lyndsey Christiano

River Edge

Abigail Finan

Maeve Flynn

River Vale

Nicole Choi

Olivia Garcia


Ashleigh Ribe


Lauren Pfleger

Saddle River/ Upper Saddle River

Zoe Anderson

Harley Carlin

Sarah Cassell

Autumn Chiu

Catherine Corrado

Anara Pollak


Lily Tobachnick

Washington Township

Katelyn Poggi

Erin Thomas

Natalia Wolinski


Arya Kaul

Isabelle Mailman

West Milford

Linna Liaukus


Mia Heid


Claudia Ferenc

Ava McCann

Delia J. Perretta

Girl Scout Adventures

Our Gold Award Girl Scout Valencia Julien was awarded the 2023 National Gold Award Girl Scout scholarship from Girl Scouts of the USA. One girl per council is awarded this honor, and as our council’s recipient, Valencia received a $10,000.00 scholarship for her take-action project, which helped children to understand Alzheimer’s Disease. She was selected because her work exemplified the core components of the Girl Scout Gold Award and demonstrated extraordinary leadership to drive lasting change in her community and beyond.

Kareena Shah earned her Girl Scout Gold Award this year with a take-action project that focused on the world water crisis. She studied the water crisis in India, created an educational program for middle-school children, and produced a series of podcasts on the subject entitled, “One Drop at a Time,” during which she interviewed leaders and experts on the issue. She reached out to the Eileen Fisher Corporation to learn more about their work in water conservation and to interview their staff, which availed her of the opportunity to participate at a conference with the company’s Social Consciousness team and create a video presentation that was shown company wide. Kareena also met with students from USKids4Water (USK4W) to plan Hack4Water, a hackathon geared towards immersing students in working to solve water-related issues.

Shaye Bundonis earned her Girl Scout Gold Award by addressing the need for adapting toys for children with special needs. She reached out to the Target Corporation to present her ideas for adapting switches on toys. Target’s heads of marketing and product development agreed to meet with her and showed interest in working with her to develop product improvements. Earning her Gold Award gave Shaye the courage and confidence to take her project further and take additional steps to make the world a better place.

Autumn Chiu earned her Girl Scout Gold Award with her take-action project, Sweating Out the Stigma, which focused on addressing society’s preconceived notions about people with special needs and challenges. She wanted to eliminate the stigma associated with persons with special needs, particularly among high school students. Autumn created a program that brought children with special needs together with high school students to play Pillo Polo. She recruited and trained student volunteers to help conduct the program. As a result, Autumn discovered that the children involved in the event were learning to work with others, were gaining confidence, and were improving their coordination, while the volunteers were gaining a better understanding of the special needs community and learning to see each person beyond their disability.

Natalia Wolinski was concerned about how much waste was being produced and disposed of each day at her high school during lunchtimes. She developed her Girl Scout Gold Award take-action project to find a better way of managing the waste. Being a member of the Green Team at West Morris Central High School in Chester, she set out to lead the team to build three compost bins in the school garden and establish a system to collect school food waste. She created a YouTube video and shared her success with the New Jersey Composting Council to promote composting in schools around the state.

National Council Session

In July 2023, delegates from our council were in Orlando for Girl Scouts’ 56th National Council Session (NCS) and Phenom by Girl Scouts convention. NCS is the national business meeting held every three years, during which delegates from every council across the nation meet to discuss, debate, and vote on issues important to the Girl Scout Movement.

At the 56th National Council Session, July 18–20, 2023, the body of delegates debated and voted on seven proposals and took various actions.

Proposal 4, which was originated by the Girl Scouts of the USA National Board upon recommendation by the DEIRJ Board Advisory Committee, proposed amending the preamble to the Girl Scout constitution in the following way and the motion was voted on by all 111 councils’ delegates and approved.


PROPOSAL: To amend the Preamble of the Constitution by inserting the words “and anti-racism” after the word “pluralism” in both places where that word occurs.


“Girl Scouts advance diversity, pluralism, and anti-racism and actively identify and oppose racism by removing systemic barriers to participation in our Movement and in the communities in which we live.”

This was a very exciting session for our girl member delegates (high school age), who for the first time, were able to attend an NCS convention in-person on location to participate in the national debates and voting. Congratulations to our Girl Scouts who took on leadership roles during the sessions: Girl Scout Ambassador Kalia Cheung was chosen to be a Girl Presiding Officer for NCS and Girl Scout Ambassador Libby Nebres was a discussion Co-facilitator.

Our NCS Delegates spent three years preparing for this event and we are truly grateful for their time, dedication, and insights while representing our council.

Emily Aprea

Chiquita Barnes

Brittany Boetticher

Paulette Brauch

Kalia Cheung

Jessica Hoffman

Shanna Jafri

Sandra A. Kenoff

Krista Korinis

Libby Nebres

Regan Sharkey

Bette M. Simmons, Ed.D.

Kathryn Tucker


Allison Bottoni

Isabella Krepps

Aurora Luer

Kim Luer

to Our Delegates
Thank You

Property Improvements

This year, we made a significant investment in our camp properties to enrich the Girl Scout Camp experience for our members at Lake Rickabear Camp in Kinnelon and Jockey Hollow Camp in Mendham. Underscoring our commitment to outdoor programming, which is a key pillar of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, our camp properties underwent renovations and upgrades so that we could provide girls and their families with more enriching and fun experiences that enable them to learn new skills and thrive in the outdoors.

Upgrades completed in FY23 at Lake Rickabear Camp included the addition of eight new pickleball courts, two basketball half courts, four-square and hopscotch courts, and a junior scooter track, in addition to new roofing and replacement windows in the Friendship Lodge and Beach Lodge, respectively. At Jockey Hollow Camp, capital improvements included upgrades to the archery range and refurbishing of the swimming pool and horse corral. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in July, which local government officials and the media attended.

At our Service Centers, to ensure that our troops have access to the materials they need, we expanded the offerings of our retail shop by installing a locker delivery system outside our Service Center to offer convenient pickup of retail purchases such as uniforms and badges after shop hours.

And, after a year of preparation, we successfully migrated our council website ( to the new national Girl Scouts website platform on July 19, 2023, to join the many Girl Scout councils that had already upgraded their systems. The move provided improved technology and navigation and better access to national information for our members and staff.

Lake Rickabear & Jockey Hollow Camps

During Summer 2023, girls engaged in hiking, boating, swimming, riding horses, zip lining, archery, woodworking, nature exploration, cooking, sports, and arts & crafts at our Jockey Hollow Day Camp in Mendham and Lake Rickabear Day Camp in Kinnelon.

Campers during this year were the first to receive pickleball instruction and play basketball on the new courts, and those who were also registered as Girl Scouts were able to earn Girl Scout badges and patches for various activities.

• 1,423 girls participated in our summer camps

• 827 girls attended Jockey Hollow Day Camp

• 596 girls attended Lake Rickabear Day Camp

To support the increase in usage of our camp properties by our members (including troops, Service Units, and families) and outside groups (such as schools, churches, and towns), additional staff were hired, enabling us to bring the camp experience to more visitors, including those who were not in our summer camp sessions.

A total of 1,943 registered Girl Scouts camped overnight at our campgrounds. Archery, the low ropes challenge course, and waterfront activities were the most popular with visitors and a total of 1,040 registered Girl Scouts participated in these activities outside of camp sessions.*

*Individual members may have attended more than one camp activity.

Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement staff continued to expand the impact and reach of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience by helping girls in underresourced and emerging communities participate in Girl Scouting within our jurisdiction. The staff provided Girl Scouting opportunities throughout the school year during lunch hours and after school, as well as program activities during summer months with our Celebrate Girls Summer Program. A special focus this year was on exploring STEM careers, discovering how to stand against racism and pledge to work for a just society, practicing mental wellness, creating positive change in the community, and more. It was our first year working with Speer Village Housing, part of the United Passaic Organization, and with Englewood’s Palisades Charter School.

• 1,071 girls were introduced to Girl Scouting

• 975 girls participated in school programs

• 78 girls participated in summer programs

Celebrate Girls Summer Program

At our Celebrate Girls Summer Program in Paterson, we served 78 girls during seven one-week sessions held in July and August. Girls worked on Girl Scout badges, attended field trips, spent time in the great outdoors, practiced mental wellness, and participated in a Book Club. Weekly field trips on Wednesdays included visits to museums and shows. Girl Scout Cadettes and Juniors made a special field trip to Becton Dickinson, where they learned about STEM-related careers. Weekly field trips to Lake Rickabear Camp in Kinnelon were held every Friday to spend time outdoors learning new skills.

Annual Meeting & Adult Recognition Events

The Annual Meeting and Adult Recognition Event returned to being a combined, in person event. Approximately 300 volunteers and staff attended on May 10, 2023, at The Cosmopolitan in Wayne. At the 16th Annual Meeting, new GSNNJ Board Members and Girl Representatives were sworn into office and outgoing members were recognized.

As a mission moment, Girl Scouts Heather Fenton from Bloomingdale and Natalie Vadakkan from Oradell were recognized for being winners of the Girl Scouts of the USA essay contest, To the Moon and Back. They were presented with Girl Scout patches that had traveled on the NASA Artemis 1 Mission in 2022. Heather and Natalie spoke to those in attendnce about the importance of the Girl Scout Leadership Program in their lives.

The evening continued as we showed our appreciation for our Girl Scout Volunteers, who are the lifeblood of our organization and who help prepare our girls for a lifetime of leadership by being the mentors they need in today’s world. Service Unit Managers, Product Program Managers, and other volunteers were honored with recognition awards and membership year pins.

In 2023, 253 adult recognition awards and 187 membership year pins were presented to our dedicated volunteers. We were honored to celebrate their special accomplishments and collective years of service to our organization.

Women of Achievement

Women of Achievement 2023, our largest fundraiser of the year, was celebrated at the Westmount Country Club on April 20, 2023. There were more than 300 guests in attendance and an active silent auction online. The event raised over $200,000 to help expand the impact and reach of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience in northern New Jersey.

We honored these extraordinary local women leaders for their personal and professional accomplishments:

Dr. Jabeen Ahmed

Medical Director, Sheefa Pharmacy and Wellness Center

Colleen Fay, CPA, MST Tax Partner, Withum

Samantha Plotino

Executive Director, The Provident Bank Foundation

Elinor J. Ferdon Young Woman of Promise

Danielle Nebres

Service Unit Manager, Madison and Harding Townships, Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey Mitzi Golbek Spirit of Girl Scouting Award

Thank You to Our Donors

The following is a comprehensive list of our Donors in alphabetical order. We are grateful to all contributors and salute their choice to invest in the girls and volunteers of Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey. Every dollar makes a difference, but for the purpose of this report, we are listing the names of donations greater than $100. The list below represents contributors whose gifts were received from Oct. 1, 2022 - Sept. 30, 2023. Thank you to all of our donors for their continued support.

The Juliette Gordon Low Society recognizes donors who support the mission of Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey even after their lifetime through planned giving. It was established to thank and honor friends of Girl Scouting who choose to make Girl Scouts part of their legacies and a beneficiary of their estate plans. View our listing of JGL Society Donors.

The Circle of Friends Giving Society was founded in 2017 by generous champions of Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey who made multi-year pledges of $5,000 or more to ensure the long-term sustainability. View our listing of Circle of Friends Giving Society Donors.

Donors ($100+)

Katherine Abbott

Accurate Proclean

Leslie Achter

Jabeen Ahmed

Allstate Office Interiors


Amazon Smile Foundation

Jill Andersen

Kelsey Anderson

William Anderson

Hilary Anderson

Emily Aprea


Atlantic Health System

Estate of Audrey Anderson

Axel Johnson, Inc.

Laura Axler

Hyung Bae

BAE Systems

Richard Baker

Melissa Baralt

Estate of Barbara Von Dem Hagen

Chiquita Barnes

Bonita Barnhart

Frank Barra

Edwin Barreto

Carol Barrett

Bayer Fund


Behnke’s Paramus Building Supply

Katherine Bickerton

Spotsel & Dorothy Bing

Raquel Bini

Margaret Blewett

Anand Shah/Borough of Prospect Park

Louanna Branca

Bressler, Amery, & Ross, P.C.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

Lynnferd Brown

Angela Browne

Elisa Buckley

Kristin Buffardi

Judith Carey

Cynthia Carvalho

Denise Cauchard

Rachel Cawley

Mabel Chang

Laura Chepucavage

Hemma Chertkoff

Aashna Choudhary

Vicki Christie

City of Passaic

Clyde Paul Insurance Agency

Sheryl Colligan

Christine Collins

Cathy Coloff

Karen Connelly

Katie Cook

Dahlia Cooper

Wendy Costello

County College of Morris

Carmen Dacosta

Darmofalski Engineering Associates

Jo Ann Davaris

Mary Ann and Philip Deacon

Patti Deitz

Delta Dental of New Jersey Foundation

Shari DePalma

Nicole Devonshire

Martha DeYoung

Diana Dloughy

Driscoll Foods

Kendrick Durant

Ed Fagan, Inc.

Gerry and Monica Eichman

Suzanne Elliot

Ernest Schacht Fund

F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.

Caroline Fairchild

Steve & Colleen Fay

Renee Feldman

Elizabeth Festa

Kathleen A. Finnegan

Joy Firshein

First Hope Bank

Shawn Fohs

George D. Fosdick

Tevra Francis

Leslie Franklin

Franklin Mutual Insurance Company

The Frelinghuysen Foundation

Danielle Furze

Carol Gabel

Sabrina Gagliotta

Dara Garcia

Betty Garger

Suzzanna Gill

Global Installation Resources, LLC

Nazly Gonedes

Lynn Gregorski

GSNNJ Chatham Service Unit

GSNNJ Hanover Twp. Service Unit

GSNNJ Harrington Park Service Unit

GSNNJ Maywood Service Unit

GSNNJ Washington TWP Service Unit

Maria Haggerty

Jennifer Hallahan

Lisa Hamm

Linda Hanlon

Bradley Hanson

Kathie Harrington

Julia Helliesen

Leigh Hermey

Sarah Hill

Jessica Hoffman

Stephen and Bonnie Holmes

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ

Pia House Walker

Cindy Huson

Inserra Supermarkets Inc.

Shanna Jafri

Jersey Barnfire

Beth Johns

Jessica Joyce

Kearny Bank

Keil Oil

Etta Kelly

Sandra Kenoff

Hyunjung Keum

Melissa Kiesche

Bob & Debbie Kirsch

Maria Lorena Kirschner

Stephanie Kivett Ohnegian

Kiwanis Club of the Chathams

Marianne Klein

Shannon Knowlton

Erica Kolodziej

Krista and Justin Korinis

Merryl Kramer

Anna Krepps

Kuiken Brothers Company, Inc.

Jane Kurek

L3 Harris Technologies

Suzanne & Daniel La Rue Scarberry

Germaine Lacqua

Lakeland Bank

Matt Lamb

Scott LaRue

Ginny Laughlin

David Lee

Patricia Lee

Susan Leeds

Meghan Leininger

Carol Leo

Erlisa Levin

Brianna Licciardi

Lillian P. Schenck Fund

Little Brownie Bakers

Megan Lunde

Rosie & Harold Lunde

Nina Luongo

Darlene Lyden Cooper

M&T Bank

Karyllan & Joe Mack

Bridget Macklin

JoAnne Madalena

Madison Area YMCA

Nona & Thomas Maher

Devon Maloney

Kathryn Marsh

Steven Martin

Sally Mason

Dave & Randa Mauldin

James McCreedy

Karen McMullen

Medcore Health Group

Carrie Meise

Merck Partnership for Giving

Tracy Merwede

Elaine Meyerson

Susan Miller

Lori Miller

Mellanice Miller

Patricia and William Milley

Christine Mirante

Mia Mischuk-O’Brien

Sarah Molnoski

Craig Montanaro

Rebecca Moody

Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Regina Morris

Morristown Rotary Club

Jean Myers

Helene Nagurka

Michael Naidrich

Thomas and Carol Neilson

Tonia Nesheiwat

New Jersey Natural Gas

Michele and Robert Newhouse

NJM Insurance Group

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Foundation

Luisa Nunez

Linda O’Sullivan

Mary Oates

Raed Odeh

Adriana Oliver

Order of the Evergreen

Susan Pak

Palmer & Cay

Panera Bread, LLC

Kimara Patton

Kevin and Beth Paul

Joe Pennisi

Delia Perretta

Helgard Perretta

Loren Pierce Alexis

Gina Plotino

PNC Bank

Leanna Porter-Harris

Anne Powley

Presbyterian Women

Jennifer Pressman

The Provident Bank Foundation


PSEG Foundation

R&J Strategic Communications

Mary-Jane Rader

Laura Ranji

Gwenette Reese

Renaissance Charitable Foundation

Research & Development Council of NJ

Raffaele Ricciulli

Margaret & Elke Riedling

Riverdale Police Department

Courtney Rosenkrantz

Veronica Ross

Kristina & Dennis Ryan

Leigh Anne Sauchelli

Barbara Saunders-Adams

Sean Savio

Farhanna Sayegh

Schenck Price Smith & King, LLP

Terry Schile-Morales

Francine Schott

Candy Shanks

Regan Sharkey

Brett Sharpton

Mikele Simkins

Bette Simmons

Anupreeta & Samir Singh

Lynelle Slivinski

Raymond Soroka

Nashira Spencer

Joseph A. & Linda Spencer

St Joseph’s Health

Keith Suchodolski

Alia Suqi

Priya Suresh

Swertee Technical Services, LLC

Tarpey Group

Charisse Taylor

Cindy Taylor

Paul Telesca

TGI Office Automation

The Tudor Foundation

Thorlabs, Inc.

Tilcon New York Inc.

Melodie Toby, Ph.D.

Carmine Torrecuso

Lisa Torres

Tri-Tech Energy Inc.


Lisa Tubbs

Brian and Lissette Tufaro

Gabriella Tuminaro

Mari Tuohy


Sam Varga

Visions Federal Credit Union

Margaret Wainscott

Ginell Walker-Way

Waste Management

Donna Watridge

Rose Anne Weissel

Dianna Weston

Wiley, Malehorn, Sirota & Raynes

Melissa Williams


Women United in Philanthropy

YWCA of Northern New Jersey

Katherine Zatz

JoAnne Zerby

Tracy Zur

Juliette Gordon Low Society


Eva and Erik Andersen

Janet Slater Anderson*

Ann C. Smart Charitable Trust

Janet Boetticher

Wendy and Richard Bongo

Paulette Brauch

Denise Cannizzaro Garcia

Diane G. Cifelli

Casey Croes

Esther and Robert Endres

Joy Firshein

Adrienne Fulcher

Betty Garger

Virginia Gibson

Kathie Harrington

Susan Harwood

Dawn Hopper

Rose Mary Iannone

Shanna Jafri

Sandra Kenoff

Maria Lorena Kirschner

Krista Korinis

Ginny Laughlin

Darlene Lyden Cooper

Meral Malady

Barbara McNally

Lori Miller

Sarah Molnoski

Danielle Nebres

Michele and Robert Newhouse

Rebecca & Michelle Newhouse

Margaret Nicolais*

Jessica Panagiotou

Lori Pimenta

Beth Purdy

Veronica Ross

Terry Schile-Morales

Candy Shanks

Bette Simmons, Ed.D.

South Shore Outdoor Store, Inc

Helen Wronski

*deceased member

Circle of Friends Giving Society

Jill Andersen

Emily Aprea

Carol Barrett

Kristin Buffardi

Leslie Franklin

Bonnie & Stephen Holmes

Shanna Jafri

Sandra Kenoff

Stephanie Kivett-Ohnegian

Krista Korinis

Germaine Lacqua

Matt Lamb

Ginny Laughlin

Harold Lunde

Karyllan Mack

Susan Miller

Veronica Ross

Bette Simmons, Ed.D.

Nikki Sumpter

Katherine Wnek

Independent Auditor’s Letter

Cumulative Surplus/(Deficit)

Statement of Activities 2022-2023

Our Mission

Girl Scouting builds girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.

Girl Scout Promise

On my honor, I will try:

To serve God* and my country,

To help people at all times, And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Girl Scout Law

I will do my best to be honest and fair, friendly and helpful, considerate and caring, courageous and strong, and responsible for what I say and do, and to respect myself and others, respect authority, use resources wisely,

* Members may substitute for the word God in accordance with their own spiritual beliefs.

Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey 95 Newark Pompton Turnpike, Riverdale, NJ 07457 (973) 248-8200

Invest in Girls. Change the World. Make a donation to GSNNJ, which boosts every Girl Scout’s ability to improve the world.

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