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Langley | September 2012

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Kids Eating Healthy? Yup! 4 How to Make Healthy School Lunches for Kids


Suggestions to help get your child(ren) eating healthier.

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BUSINESS HIGHLIGHT 8 EuroLine Windows Giving Back to the Community.

EVENT LISTINGS 15 What’s Happening Close to Home? Events in Your Community.

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September 2012


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How to Make


School Lunches for Kids


onfrontations focusing on diet between children and parents have been around seemingly since the beginning of time. Many children start off as cooperative eaters, anxious to try different types of foods. As they get older, the number of foods they’re apt to eat diminishes, which can make choosing healthy items for lunches and dinners more difďŹ cult. It also can make packing lunches for school more challenging. Many initiatives have attempted to improve the quality of school lunches provided by school cafeterias. Government regulations to reduce the amount of fat and sodium in these lunches, and to introduce more whole grains, fruits and vegetables, are one such initiative. Parents of students who prefer to bring their own lunches from home

may be left wondering how they can create healthy lunches their kids will eat. Considering school lunches must compete with far less healthy yet widely available alternatives, parents will need to be creative in their creation of homemade lunches. Here are some ideas to get you started: Purchase a new lunch container. There are many different new and innovative lunch containers that can make separating school lunches easy. Few kids want to dig into a brown paper sack and pull out something that has been so squashed it’s unrecognizable. Partitioned lunch boxes enable you to pack different items together where they can be stored separately. The divisions also help you remember to include foods from the basic food groups, such as a fruit, vegetable, protein, starch and dairy item. Have your child make a list of his or her favorite foods. Once the list has been made, see how you can make the foods healthier. For example, if chicken nuggets make the list, prepare your own nuggets with white meat chunks that are baked, not fried. If there are a number of bread items, see if you can substitute whole grain breads instead of white, bleached varieties.

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The Community Guide

September 2012


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The Community Guide


How to Make Healthy School Lunches for Kids ...continued from Page 4 Get creative. Children may not be inclined to eat loose pieces of fruit. But if the fruit is stuck on skewers or served with a low-fat dipping sauce or caramel, it may look more appealing. Look to “mini” foods, which tend to be more fun as well. Little sandwiches and little burgers may present an optical illusion, where kids think they’re eating only a small amount, but actually it’s a full serving.

Don’t let the time of day dictate what you serve. As long as kids are eating healthy items, it doesn’t matter when they eat them. If a child loves bagels, choose whole wheat bagels and add an egg on top for a nutritious lunch. Serve with a gelatin dessert that contains chunks of fruit and low-fat milk, and you’re set. There are many different ways to improve homemade lunches for the better. TCG

Hide healthy foods within others. There are entire recipe books that teach you how to mix fruits and vegetables into desserts to increase nutritional value. Everything from spinach to tofu to beets have been included in items like cake, cookies and brownies. So if kids are reticent to dig into their greens, try a clever hiding method. Cut foods into fun shapes. Kids may be more inclined to eat a turkey and cheese sandwich if it’s cut into star shapes or their favorite cartoon characters. Invest in a few cookie cutters so that lunchtime becomes fun time. For those who love a muffin in the morning but want a healthy option, try this recipe.

Oatmeal Raisin Muffins 1 1 1/2 1/2 1 1 1 1 2 1/2 1/2 1 2/3

Cup Oats Cup Skim Milk Cup All-Purpose Flour Cup Wheat Flour Teaspoon Baking Powder Teaspoon Baking Soda Dash Salt Teaspoon Cinnamon Egg Whites Cup Sugar Cup Applesauce Teaspoon Vanilla Extract Cup Raisins

Preheat oven to 375°F and spray muffin tins to grease. Soak oats in the milk for several minutes. Sift together the flour and dry ingredients. Mix together the egg, sugar, applesauce and vanilla. Blend the wet ingredients and the oats. Fold in the dry ingredients, then the raisins. Spoon batter into muffin tins. Bake for 15 to 20 minutes. 6

The Community Guide

September 2012

Create a Designer Look on a Budget


nterior Designers have a knack for pulling together furniture and accessories to create rooms with widespread appeal. But not every homeowner has the resources to hire a professional to help turn their interior from drab to fab. Fortunately, it doesn’t always take a pro to transform a home’s interior. The key to creating a beautiful room is planning. Designers do it and so should you. Measure the dimensions of the room and create a sketch of the area using graph paper or computer software. Be sure to plot any windows or doors on the drawing so that you will be aware of obstacles. Homeowners unsure of what they want should browse through magazines or pictures on the Web for inspiration. Search for key phrases that describe your design style, such as Tuscan, farmhouse, country, colonial, etc. Then read up on the components of these styles that define it. This will help you select items that fit with the style.

Once a particular style has been chosen, create a design board just like the professionals. Cut out swatches of fabric, select paint swatches, find magazine pictures that fit with your goal and arrange them on a piece of poster board. See how the items work together. If you are unsure of colours, see which shades were used in the inspiring picture and determine if it will coordinate with your home. When designing, identify or create a focal point in the room and build off of that. This may be a large window, fireplace, or even the entertainment center if it’s a family room. Place furniture around the focal point and then move outward. It’s also important to keep scale in mind. Large walls or tall ceilings will create plenty of wall space. A small print or wall hanging will be lost in such an area. Be sure to choose furnishings and accessories that fit with the scale of the room. In other words, a huge sectional may overpower a small living room. When choosing colours, make sure they are cohesive. Research the colour wheel that artists use to help with designing the room. Some colours are complementary or opposites and still work together. Homeowners nervous about colour should choose a colour from fabric or furniture and use a few different shades of the same colour in the room. Select an accent colour that can be used on trim or as a spot of colour on a pillow or accessory. When plotting wall hangings or other decor, odd numbers often look more pleasing to the eye. Experiment with different sizes of framed artwork or different shaped accessories for visual appeal.For example, a few rectangular shaped items with a ...continued on Page 10

Use a magazine picture as inspiration for your room, then select similarly shaped and scaled furnishings that mimic the look for less money.

September 2012

The Community Guide



BUSINESS HIGHLIGHT in making a positive impact on the community and the company does this through various philanthropic ventures.

EuroLine Windows:

Giving Back to the Community Established in 1993, EuroLine Windows Inc. has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of doors and windows in British Columbia. The local community has played a huge role in making the business successful and most of the customers are nearby residents. To show their gratitude and appreciation, EuroLine Windows Inc. gives back to the community in various ways.

EuroLine Windows Inc. played a leading role in making sure the Little House Society campaign became a roaring success. The initiative was launched for the purpose of providing accommodation to various groups of society who cannot find a suitable home. The aim was to help recovery groups and students along with any other community groups in need.

The program consisted of a training course where the attendees were educated about the negative impacts of substance abuse and alcoholism. The idea was to convince the people to quit using the substances that are not only detrimental to their health but to the wellbeing and stability of their families.

From the outset, EuroLine Windows Inc. has been involved in several causes. As a company, they have championed campaigns, offering financial backing and vocal support as well. Like most leading businesses in the area, they donate generously. In addition, they arrange fund raising programs and events for various charities. The President of EuroLine Windows, Mr. Isbrand Funk believes strongly 8

Following the vision of Mr. Funk, EuroLine became an active campaigner for the Little House Society. Since its inception, EuroLine Windows was there every step of the way. Contributing financially would have been the easy way to give back to the community but they went out of their way to promote the initiative so that more people would join and contribute. Needless to say, EuroLine Windows played a major role in raising awareness for the cause.

The Community Guide

September 2012

And that is not all. They even provided the windows that were installed into each structure that was built to provide housing to the people. EuroLine Windows Inc. backed the campaign from the beginning and saw it through to the end.

EuroLine Windows Inc. has achieved success through the support of the community. Through Little House Society and other initiatives, they are now giving back.

Even with regards to their business and products, EuroLine Windows tried to offer the best quality possible. Their range of products covers a series of doors and windows, for different types of homes. They use only the best material which is durable and elegant at the same time. The aim is to provide complete satisfaction to the customers. Among their innovative products is a Passive House compliant window system which is made from a fiberglass and vinyl hybrid.

**Opinions expressed in this article/advertisement are those of the contributor and do not necessarily represent the views of The Community Guide or Growth Media N.A., Inc.

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September 2012

The Community Guide


Create a Designer Look on a Budget ...continued from Page 7

circular clock and a conical flower vase can mix it up in the room. This is where looking at magazine layouts can be extremely helpful. Many stores sell items that mimic the look of higher-priced items. When copying a designer room, select pieces that are similar, but not necessarily the same brands. Consider shopping at secondhand stores or antique shops for discounted pieces. With a little new fabric or stain, many items can look like new again. Shopping online also may enable shoppers to find items more readily and see how they look in staged rooms.

instance, if you cannot find a particular throw pillow or drapery that fits with your style, go to a fabric store and purchase fabric to make your own. Decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune or look like you pieced odd items together. By following the guidelines of a designer room and selecting lower-priced items that mimic the shape and scale of similar accessories, it’s possible for any homeowner to create a room for less. TCG

When designing, it never hurts to think outside of the box. Items that were intended for outside may work well inside as well. Hanging lanterns or plant stands could be put to use in a rustic room. Save some money by making some items yourself. For


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The Community Guide

September 2012

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September 2012

The Community Guide


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The Community Guide

September 2012

Did You Know?


ompost can improve soil structure and texture and improve the soil’s capacity to hold water. Eco-conscious green-thumbers love compost because it’s all-natural, while cost-conscious homeowners like compost because they can improve their lawn and garden without spending a dime. Adding compost improves soil fertility and can stimulate healthy root development, enabling lawns and gardens to better withstand potentially harsh weather, such as summer heat waves or windy fall and winter afternoons. Compost is effective because it provides food for microorganisms that contribute to overall soil health. When these microorganisms are fed, they produce phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen. As a result, homeowners save money because they do not need to purchase potentially costly soil amendments to maintain healthy soil. When making compost, homeowners can use a host of ingredients they likely already have lying around the house. Dead houseplants, for instance, can be effective compost ingredients as long as the plants were not thorny or riddled with

disease. Homeowners with pet rabbits, or gerbils, or hamsters can even add these animals’ manure to their compost. When doing so, include the wood or paper bedding from the animal’s crate. Another potentially valuable compost ingredient is vegetable scraps, such as carrot peelings, or even eggshells. When adding these items, be sure to bury them in the compost pile so they don’t attract animals.

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September 2012

The Community Guide

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The Community Guide

September 2012

EVENT LISTINGS Langley Community Farmers’ Market

Wednesdays, from May 23 - October 3 2:00pm - 6:00pm Kwantlen University Campus (20901 Langley Bypass) The Langley Community Farmers’ Market is pleased to welcome vendors & customers alike to participate in Langley’s tastiest outdoor market. You will find more than 30 vendors that “Make it, Bake it or Grow it” selling the very best this region has to offer. Enjoy some live entertainment while you learn about where your food comes from & how it is grown, you might even leave with a tip or two and maybe a delicious new recipe from a local chef. Go to for more information.

Community Day

September 15 Bethel Mennonite Church | 24687 - 56th Avenue, Langley 2nd Annual Community Day. This event is entirely free to the public and will include various activities for kids, free food, live music, and a craft sale with ALL proceeds benefitting the Langley Food Bank. Everyone is welcome!


BBQ on the Bypass

September 16 20771 Langley Bypass The most popular BBQ competition in the lower mainland. Teams from all over the Pacific Northwest are invited and there’s lots to eat and do all day.

2012 U-23 Pan American Men’s Volleyball Cup September 25 - September 30

Langley Events Centre (7888 200th Street, Langley) Featuring teams from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Venezuela! Tickets available at Ticketmaster.

Cranberry Festival at the Fort

October 16 Fort Langley National Historic Site Pick up some fresh cranberries for your Thanksgiving feast and browse over 100 vendors in the village of Fort Langley’s biggest event of the year! At Fort Langley National Historic Site, watch a barrel-making demonstration, try cranberry bannock, play the cranberry toss, and more.

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JD Farms Fall Festival/Customer Appreciation Day

September 15 24726 52nd Avenue, Langley (Corner of 248th Street and 52nd Avenue) The 5th ANNUAL FALL FESTIVAL & CUSTOMER APPRECIATION DAY at JD Farms Specialty Turkey! Bring the whole family and enjoy an afternoon of great food, entertainment, music and more!! Once again our friends at Aldergrove Rotary Club will be firing up the BBQ - food is by donation and all proceeds go to the Terry Fox Foundation. • Live Entertainment • Face Painting by Madam Butterfly • Balloons for the Kids by Mr. Flowers • Petting Zoo Sponsored by Otter Lamb & Swine 4H Club • Bouncey Castle and Pony Rides by Laughingstock • JD Farms Vendors Demos and Sampling • Cooking demos by House of Q and Well Seasoned • Barbecue Hosted by Aldergrove Rotary Club


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Sudoku Solution September 2012


The Community Guide


The Community Guide, Langley, September 2012  

September 2012 - The Community Guide, Langley, BC We’re live and we’re excited to be here! The Community Guide is here to support local com...

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