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Welcome to Summer! We have a lot of great things to look forward to this summer! In this issue, you will find our annual Summer Camp Guide. Be sure to take a look, as there are camps for kids of all ages and interests. While you are looking, do not miss our articles on upcoming events, information on coding classes, surrogacy, yummy frozen treat recipes, and much more. Make sure you mark you calendars for our 6th annual Growing Up Chico Night on July 20th. It will be from 6-9pm in the downtown city plaza. We will have booths with fun activities for kids, information for parents, performances, and giveaways. It is a fun evening for the whole family. I always enjoy feedback from our readers. Is there something you wish we would offer, or is there something you really enjoy about our magazine? Please send me an email and let me know how we are doing. I would love to hear from you! I am truly grateful for our advertisers; without them, this magazine would not be possible. So, if you happen to do business with any of our advertisers, please be sure to mention you saw their ad in Growing Up Chico. Thank you for making Growing Up Chico your family’s resource. Happy reading! Marne Larsen Publisher (530) 518-6154

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DeAnna Holman DeAnna is a teacher and mother of three who is working as a freelance writer, editor, and graphic artist (She also owns a booth at Eight and Main Antiques). She also does the layouts and assists in editing Growing Up Chico! She obtained her BS from USC and her teaching credential from CSU, Chico. DeAnna is a breast cancer survivor and will be writing about her experiences. She lives on an almond orchard in Durham with her husband, kids, dogs, and cats.

Hunter Hampton Hunter, a Chico native for over 25 years, earned his Bachelors Degree from California State University, Chico. Hunter is a licensed real estate agent and is the General Manager of the Chico Heat Baseball Club. Hunter is married to his wife, Dawn, and has two children.

Andie Sands Andie has been married to her husband Frank for 8 years. They have a 6 year old son (Ace) and an 11 month old daughter (Maudie). She works part time as a nurse in the emergency department. She also home-schools her son, who is a kindergartner. Andie is the cocoordinate of the Mom Spot ministry at the Paradise Alliance Church; an organization for young moms to build friendships.

Kimberley Humble Kimberley is a three time surrogate, doula, mother of three, and wife to one amazing man. She has remained passionate in her work, helping families thrive for over 17 years. As the owner of Supportive Conceptions Surrogacy Agency and Chico Doula Circle, she has the knowledge and background to support each family from inception, to conception, to birth, and beyond.

Steve Carson Steve is the Media Relations Director of Hooked on Fishing, Not on Drugs, Chico. He also has been the Outdoors Columnist for Chico Enterprise Record for 18 years, Chairman of the Butte County Fish and Game Commission, a member of the California Outdoors Hall of Fame as well as a member of the Outdoor Writer’s Association of California.

Cover Photo: Little Wishes by Emily Hajec Photography Little Wishes by Emily Hajec is Chico’s Premier Newborn, Baby, and Maternity Photographer. Specializing in natural light photography, the Little Wishes newborn studio is located in North Chico. They pride ourselves on creating a personal, relaxed, and enjoyable experience for every client. Since 2011, Emily has been creating beautiful, timeless images that truly capture the moment. Little Wishes offers both indoor and outdoor baby (3-12 months), child, and maternity photography. Please visit the Little Wishes website to see a full list of services, and to book your session today!, 775-686-9033

On the Cover: Kids: McKenna, Olivia, Alex, Mia, and Nicholas of Chico, having fun on the field with Heater, the Chico Heat Baseball team mascot.

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Common Core Coding



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n this technological age of staying tuned in, logged on, plugged in, and keeping up with viral videos and social media, it can all seem a little overwhelming at times. For those of you who think you are absolutely clueless about electronics, let me explain what computer coding is all about.


rogramming is the process of typing code, or computer instructions, to create a program. Whenever we use a computer, we use programs that were created by coding. Anything as big as an operating system ( like Windows or MacOS), to something as small and silly as an app that throws birds at pigs, was once coded. It seems simple enough; however, programming is more than just typing on computers.

By: Kelsey Dimmick

“So why should my child learn coding?” Well, I’ll explain why...


he reason it is so important to learn coding at a young age is that it hones important skills that are useful for your children beyond the technological realm. Coding requires a great deal of problem solving and critical thinking. By learning programming, children gain a new mindset and a new perspective on how to analyze and overcome complex situations. Learning these skills early on creates mental maps that can make future, more complex concepts easier to understand and master.


oding also encapsulates the STEAM learning ideal to help expand a child’s breadth of learning. For those of you who are not familiar with STEAM, it is the idea that Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math should all be incorporated together to teach children to establish a well-rounded foundation. The following concepts show how coding encompasses every component of STEAM:

Science: The process of creating a program requires the use of the scientific method. A hypothesis needs to be drawn, trials and errors recorded, steps to completion drafted, as well as a conclusion reached about whether you were successful, or not, and why -and what can be done to fix any problems. Coding aids in critical thinking and defines a scientific way that problems can be approached and solved.

Technology: Coding requires the use and understanding of technology in order to be implemented. Since coding is based around technology, it clearly fits into this category.

Engineering: Programming offers a way to logically construct designs based on mathematic and critical thinking techniques. By using code to create simulations, engineers can

determine the optimal way to complete projects and identify and solve problems before they are built.

Art: Think about the latest Pixar or

animated film you have seen. Those characters were created through coding. Artistic renderings are turned into computer generated avatars that can then be manipulated through code to bring them to life on the big screen.

Math: To create code, numbers have

to be compared, assigned variables, used for coordinates, etc. By using numerical values in coding, we can apply math in a visibly useful way, eliminating that question of “when am I going to use this in real life?” that kids struggle with.


here may be those of you reading, who are still saying to yourself, “I don’t know, I still don’t like the idea of having a computer teach my child.” Hopefully, I can put your mind at ease because learning the fundamentals of coding does not have to involve a computer.


t Bricks 4 Kidz’s Coding classes, their curriculum with both on-line and offline activities, develop STEAM skills on and off the computer. They see computers as one more learning tool

rather than the only way to teach the principles of coding. By having a healthy pairing of hands-on activities with a few coding lessons on the computer to emphasize topics, kids are able to absorb the material easier and have more fun. Cross platform instruction is a common Bricks 4 Kidz’s methodology throughout most of their classes. They do not just have kids sit and build with Lego bricks all day. They have them learn what they are building, understand topics, and be able to improve upon them by asking questions to further their knowledge. By using subjects that kids get excited about like: Minecraft, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Super Hero’s, Star Wars, etc., they are able to create an environment where kids are eager to learn.


y utilizing such teaching methods, and incorporating STEAM concepts, as well as critical thinking techniques, a wellrounded education is gained. Coding emphasizes these important common core traits. We can think of coding as an extra tool in our teaching arsenal to create new ways of understanding key topics. Through coding, we are able to develop new skills and re-purpose old ones, in a growing age for our growing generation of kids.


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school and home

Simple Sidewalk Paint Make Homemade Sidewalk Paint With Only 3 Ingredients! Here is an easy way to keep kids busy on a summer day. After kids make their own sidewalk paint, they can create works of art for hours!


1 cup of cornstarch 1 cup of water Food coloring


Mix cornstarch and water. Next, add desired about of food coloring. That’s it, it’s that easy!

school family andtime home



on g n i Fish arson By Steve C

20, IS A E, ON MAY K A L E O H S T AT HORSE HING” EVEN IS F N O D E “HOOK H ANNUAL HICO’S 30T UTDOORS! ID GET K S O d reel O T Y A W T A ds a new rod an GRE the lake’s ing Tackle awar


sh ases one of Shakespeare Fi catches and rele ho w ty ci ild e saw a total th ch y k, an ee combo to Fishing W herps. Last year l or na , io ds at ea N llh th off bu 30 , rp o kick to its leasing a bass, resident bass, ca welcoming kids arded; six for re be aw s ill w bo m co on co hi t e C ar of g, no for a turtle. of 10 Shakespe ooked on Fishin ldfish, and one “H go E ild E le w r FR ng fo si al t o nu es tw an e larg the Chico Bass one for a carp, t. It is one of th e rigged up by ar ds ro es e er tir an en Drugs”** even lo e in th The 500 er tackle includ fishing events Club. The loan s ired as qu B re se as di day children’s ra s, eel” sinker Club and Pa St st ue ! Q e es oak at ir L St nv shoe are on “E United come to Horse e nightcrawlers special Daniels r are invited to ay, Some 5,000 liv rd de . un Club tu un ns G Sa d d tio an la an on n gu 15 od re s oo R Kid by lake AM to N the Chico 00 d 7: an t, om ai fr sh B tfi rk am ca Pa D ell ies. annel donated by Oro in Upper Bidw r on-site facilit 0 pounds of ch s the use of thei E, along ance at the 8,00 w E of catfish lo ch FR a al ds r is ly un fo , us on po si ro 20 0 is gene May of the 8,00 event. Adm lf e ha th ]. r an ild fo th d ch e r te or pe an the event most it 1 fish A little m that will be pl harvested during instruction [lim e d ar t an for kids en it, ev ba e , . th le e an opportunity ned for free id stocked for ea with all tack ov cl pr sh ill tfi w ca r er ei se is summer. remaind have th , no fishing licen r the rest of the years, and the Kids can even ke fo la ke ” t la ly to on t on s ge id be “k sy to ers will s catfish brough Since this is a to fish in this ea e thousand-plu xpert local angl E th . ng 16 ni r ” ea r de nd cl la un Po s pu of po sk gler Finn The yeoman ta . A perennially required for an separate “Huck co Rotary Clubs enty of vertebrate There will be a hi pl in C s. d e be he th an ac ill , to w al co ic lls re as fa og in, hand e 1 to 5. The h, herpetol ag fis to e s, th ed er gl ag of y ur an s. la st co sher e en aquarium disp for the younge hico Area Flyfi e free, but all ar is run by the C sh bait, but available to us tfi ke s 5,000 invoice, la el ca e re $2 t” th d a re s an of ec ie e “s ds rr lif ro ur favorite of catfish ca yo ng ng ki ri last year oc B st n. g bi ow he Lake. tal. Key donors bring their oe vi e sh ar se or rs H so e at on ag s sp sinker a Inland anglers so financial Kids, Californi please, no lead area, the littlest ’s ” lo ol nd R Po in d ’s ta an nn , ap rs Fi hico Area Toddle included: C In the “Huck otary Clubs, C always biting. R e ar co h hi fis C s e n, gh th tio ou at da th te County Fish estock tr Fisheries Foun 1 to 5 will find Memorial, But water-filled liv al in ch n h er io fis K nt , te rs V. at lle t an ro turing, Franklin er to shor Flyfishers, Bry even kids in st homas Manufac at are the answ T , th ar on ye sh si tfi st is la ca m ea ed om ckle. ie pool ar and Game C with pre-hook peare Fishing Ta es left the kidd es on ak Sh oli, tle d lit an 0 n, 35 r ories. ], Pete Giampa Constructio spans. Ove numerous mem [and co-founder tle d lit an ission: an as m rm sh w e ai tfi pl s, ch ca m er nt si gl ce Eve young an with a ni ago with a of s ar op ye cr n ’s w 30 ar e do m ye t so unity to catch walking Typical of last started the even have the opport Chico, who was to of e ild “I ir ch e. gu y A ud er tit ev yn r el the many sitive at “Our goal is fo 4-year old Mad an alternative to Matt, and a po em d, th ep da ve r ke gi he to is a sport t lly ith ge fu w a fish I will them. Fishing h, and hope h fis nd tc a toward the lake ou ca I ar l if al t e bu ar d Teal ould also s that fish so far, d was 6-year ol r entire life. I w gative influence lle ei ri ne th never caught a th r o fo ls in A . e d at yn ro peare those who d Madel n particip d a new Shakes volunteers and that anyone ca t the fish,” grinne de ea ar gr aw r as ou I w ; of l ss ho co, w ank al d a ba ssible for 30 really like to th Hamman of Chi e this event po ught a catfish an ak ca m “I . ed ss lp e ba th he a of g ve ha ost asin contributed that in,” no doubt m and reel for rele d reeling them an h fis ng hi ” tc years. like ca d e. co Bass Club an hi C kids would agre e th by n ram ru A special prog


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**“HOOKED ON FISHING, NOT ON DRUGS” IS A PROGRAM OF THE AMERICAN SPORTFISHING ASSOCIATION. To donate, volunteer, or for more information, call 530-891-4757 or email Post questions on, and “Like” our FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook. com/pages/Hooked-onFishing/368678556513424


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The Heat Is On!

A Stroll Down Memory Lane


he sound of the iconic Glenn Fry song, “The Heat Is On,” is blaring from the stadium sound system. The team colors of red, white, and blue uniforms adorn the field, the smell of garlic fries in the air, and there is an electric buzz from the sold-out Chico crowd. Kids racing “Heater,” the mascot, around the bases, the rally train, and the kids dancing on the dugouts, are a few of the many memories from a not so distant past. The Chico Heat dominated summers in Chico from 19972002, where almost everyone that lived here had a memorable and emotional experience. The era of Chico Heat baseball was a proud moment in Chico’s history, a time when baseball was king of the Chico summers. Sold out baseball games and hard to find tickets were the norm. The fireworks show on 4th of July brought families together to celebrate American pride in Chico. Ladies, to this day, still talk about the fresh cut flowers that were routinely present in the women’s restrooms. Season ticket holders grew accustomed to seeing Steve Nettleton shaking hands with folks after the game, thanking them for supporting the local team. All these memories bring back amazing feelings of growing up in Chico.

Here in Chico, we have a first-class university, we have virtually zero traffic, and we are centrally located; only 3 hours, in any direction, to an international airport, the finest wineries, city culture, gambling, and first class entertainment. What makes Chico truly amazing is the people who live here; our community. And now, America’s pastime is once again alive and well in Chico, CA. 2016 marked the return of baseball to Chico, the return of the Chico Heat. “Build it and they will come” made famous in the movie Field of Dreams is exactly what happened. The 2016 version of the Heat picked up where the 2002 team left off. The Heat led the Great West League (GWL) in attendance, averaging over 1,656 fans a game. Chico set the single game GWL attendance record with 4,415 fans in attendance for the 4th of July game. According to Ballpark Digest, a notable baseball publication, Chico ranked 15th (out of over 200 teams) in the country for total attendance for Summer Collegiate baseball. Head coach and local hero, Fred Ludwig, won Coach of the Year honors and Chico State’s, Stuart Bradley, took home the GWL Pitcher of the Year award. To top it all off, the 2016 Chico Heat won the inaugural

Great West League Championship. Affordable, family, fun. A place to see and be seen. A team to rally around. A place to go on a Friday or Saturday night in the summertime. That is what the Heat is about. They help make Chico an even better place to live; A better place to raise a family. Nettleton Stadium is simply another jewel in the crown that we call Chico. A safe, affordable, social environment to build and create emotional ties and bonds around summertime experiences that are formed to last a lifetime. Cities shape the lives and outlooks of the people that live in them. Chico has formed a distinct identity, distinguishing itself from other cities. Chico is home to the beautiful Bidwell Park which is the third largest municipal park in the nation. We are home to the famous Sierra Nevada Brewery that produces arguably the best craft beer in the world. And now, Chico has its very own baseball team, yet again! Years from now, reminiscing on the past, your kids will not remember who won or lost the games. They will remember times spent with Mom and Dad and enjoying family time together. What they will remember is how they felt that summer at the ballpark.

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SURROGACY 101 WHAT IS SURROGACY? Basically, it is when one woman carries and births a child for someone else. It has become popular and controversial in recent years, and is often misunderstood. The first documented surrogacy arrangement occurred in the early 1980s, with the first successful birth via surrogacy happening a few years later. In recent years, celebrities such as: Tyra Banks, Jimmy Fallon, Nicole Kidman, Neil Patrick Harris, and many others, have chosen the surrogacy route to expand their families, thrusting the topic into the spotlight.

WHY SURROGACY? Reasons for surrogacy range from inability to become pregnant, to multiple miscarriages, medical conditions, and

By Kimberley Humble

more. Surrogacy is not for just the rich and famous; sometimes friends and family step in, as was the case in 2005, when a 58 year old mother acted as a surrogate for her daughter and son-in-law, giving birth to their twin daughters, her granddaughters. Amazing! Unlike this case, most of the time, surrogate candidates and families are connected via agencies or independently through online groups.

SURROGACY MISCONCEPTIONS Today, there are any misconceptions, the top of which is that surrogates give away “their” babies, when in reality, rarely is a surrogate or her husband genetically related to the child she is carrying. There are two types of surrogates: gestational

and traditional. Gestational surrogates have no genetic relationship to the child they are carrying. The embryo has been created at an IVF clinic and is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus with the hope that development will continue. Traditional surrogates become pregnant using their own eggs, along with the sperm of the intended father. In this type of surrogacy, there is a genetic relationship to the surrogate carrying the pregnancy. Traditional surrogacy is a rarity today, as scientific advances have led to very high success rates of pregnancy using IVF with gestational surrogates. Another common misconception is that surrogates are primarily financially motivated. While compensation is part of the equation, the act of surrogacy is altruistic in

nature. Surrogates all have children of their own and cannot imagine a life without them, opening their hearts and minds to the possibility of helping others become parents. There are two types of surrogacy arrangements, commercial and altruistic. Commercial surrogacy is when the surrogate mother is compensated a set amount of money for each month she is pregnant. Altruistic surrogacy is when the surrogate does not receive compensation for carrying the pregnancy. In both types of arrangements, intended parents bear costs, such as IVF fees, pregnancy co-pays, insurance premiums, and legal fees. Intended parents also bear 100% of the parental responsibilities once the child is born, which they are thrilled to do. This is what they have been

dreaming about, striving towards, and praying for! In both arrangements, surrogates must be financially stable and not reliant on government aid.

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE On a personal note, I first became involved in surrogacy in 1999, when I was hired as a doula for a surrogate. The intended mother did not have a uterus, and hence, had

known since she was a teenager that she would never be able to carry her own child. Watching the joy of the parents as they held their baby for the first time was indescribable. There were so many tears of joy and gratitude. The surrogate was incredibly honored to have been trusted with the care for their daughter in utero and was so happy to see them all together as a family for the first time. I

knew from that moment on, that I too, wanted to bless a family in the same way when the time was right to do so! While surrogacy is not for everyone, if the idea tugs on your heartstrings, there is a family waiting for your help.

HOW DO YOU BECOME A SURROGATE? The first thing you do if you are interested in becoming

a surrogate is research, research, research! Learn the legalities, requirements, and ethical agency options. Know your personal preferences regarding intended parents and expectations. Join groups, ask questions, and be in touch if you would like additional information. Surrogacy has changed my life, as well as the lives of so many families in the best of ways. It is such a gift!

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COMMUNITY BABY SHOWER Have you heard the forecast? There are plenty of babies brewing in Butte County. When babies are on the horizon, a party is in the works. Mark your calendars for a FREE Community Baby Shower for all pregnant and new mothers. It will be held at the Paradise Alliance Church: 6491 Clark Road in Paradise, on May 5th from 10:30am – 1:00pm. The shower is hosted by Butte Baby Steps, a program of Northern Valley Catholic Social Service, in collaboration with Adventist Health. There will be so many wonderful things for mom and baby all under one roof… • Community providers will offer resources and information for having a healthy pregnancy and raising healthy children. • Snap Ed will provide information on making homemade baby food, along with fun samples for all to try. • The MADIA Project will arrive in style with her Big Pink Bus full of kids clothing in a range of sizes. • A photographer will be on hand for complementary photo shoots for mom and family. • There will also be snacks and refreshments, as well as numerous free giveaways. This event will be fun for the whole family. Transportation to and from the event may be available. Call 876-0928 for more details.

summer camps

and explore in the garden. While learning about famous artists and periods, use a variety of art materials and techniques: watercolor, acrylic, and tempera paints, collage, yarn, clay, pastel and more. Lessons are adjusted to fit the interests and skills of the students. Each camp session ends with a painting party using canvas and easels. (Monday-Thru Thursday 9:00 to 12:00)

Ability First Sports

Ability First Youth Sports Camp

CONTACT: 588-0335, AGES: 8-17 COST: $1000 DATES: June 18th – 24th DESCRIPTION: Ability First Youth Sports Camp is a wheelchair sports camp designed to provide instructional and recreational opportunities to youth with physical disabilities. Athletes must be minimum assist to independent and be able to actively engage in sports. Sports range from the beginner through both the junior and national levels of athletic competition. Evening recreation programs are designed to provide opportunities for leisure and social activities.

Almond Country Farms Horse Camp

CONTACT: (530) 343-1558, 570-5984 AGES: 4-15 years COST: $25 a day DATES: June 13th – August 10th DESCRIPTION: Horse Camp is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8am-12pm for children ages 4-15 years old. Learn riding, care, and all about horses. This camp runs weekly through summer break. Campers may come as often as they like, as camp is on a daily sign-up basis.

The Artist’s Garden

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Art Camp

CONTACT: 530-588-1767, Artist’s Garden Chico Facebook Page, Sign up form: AGES: 5 to 14 year olds COST: $150, discount for siblings DATES: French Impressionists Session 1: June 12-15 (Ages 8-14) Session 2: June 19-22 (Ages 5-8) Modern Artists Session 3: June 26-29 (Ages 8-14) Session 4: July 10-13 (Ages 5-8) DESCRIPTION: In Art Camp we create

June 26 – 30: Minecraft 210, Into the Nether, Jr. Robotics, Brick City Engineers Camp, EV3 Advanced Robotics July 5 – 7: Open Play July 10 – 14: Mighty Girlz Camp!, Comic Book Creator Camp, Star Wars Camp, Robotics July 17 – 21: Wild Animal Park Camp, Stop Motion Animation, Pirates and Princesses Camp, Robotics Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley July 24 – 28: Ninja Camp, Jr. Robotics, Pokémon Camp, Stop Motion Animation Camp Quest (Paradise) July 31 - Aug 4: Batman Camp, Ev3 CONTACT: 530-873-2437, Robotics, Wizards and Muggles Camp, Comic Book Creator Camp AGES: 6-12 years old Aug 7 – 11: Jedi Training Academy, Stop COST: $125.00 per week Motion Animation, Minecraft 301, End of DATES: 6/12/2017-8/11/2017 Dragons, Robotics DESCRIPTION: Join us this summer for Boys and Girls Club’s Camp Quest: A full Aug 14 – 18: Ninja vs Nexo Knights Camp, Robotics, Mighty Girlz ll, Stop service day camp for youth ages 6-12. Open Monday-Friday, 7:30am to 5:30pm. Motion Animation Camp Quest is the most affordable summer program in Paradise and provides Butte County 4-H Youth the most inclusive services. There will be Development Program a fun new theme each week, from sports to 4-H Camp at Camp Rockin’ U art, and more. Sign up for one week or all CONTACT: 538-7201, ten. Camp is $125.00 weekly and includes meals and trips. Events/4-H_Camp/ Camp Journey (Chico) AGES: 9-13 years CONTACT: 530-899-0335, COST: $275 275 (includes: meals, lodges, activities, ect.) AGES: 6-12 years old DATES: Sunday, June 25th to Thursday, COST: $145.00 per week June 30th, 2017 DATES: 6/12/2017-8/15/2017 DESCRIPTION: This is your invitation DESCRIPTION: Journey into the summer to fun, learning, and adventure! Youth can with the Boys and Girls Club’s Camp enjoy hiking, swimming, sports, fishing, Journey: A full service day camp for youth kayaking/canoeing, nature study, crafts, ages 6-12. Open Monday-Friday, 7:30am campfires, singing, and games – all at 4-H to 6:00pm. Camp Journey is the most Camp, Lake Francis. The camp has cabins affordable summer program in Chico and with bunks built to sleep 10 maximum provides the most inclusive services. There which will include: 1 adult, teen counselors, will be a fun new theme each week from plus campers. A Nurse is also part of our sports to art, and more. Sign up for one full-time staff. Contact the Butte County week or all ten. Camp is $145.00 weekly 4-H office at 538-7201 to learn more! and includes meals and trips.

Bricks 4 Kidz Summer Camps

CONTACT: 530-332-9172, AGES: Varies by camp, please call COST: Varies by camp, please call DATES & DESCRIPTION: June 5 – 9: Morning Mash Up Camp, Coding 4 Kidz Camp, Afternoon Mash Up Camp, Comic Book Creator Camp June 12 – 16: Angry Birdies vs Pokémon Camp, Jr. Robotics Camp, Mine Craft 103, Crafting Your World, Stop Motion Animation June 19 – 23: Everything is Awesome Camp!, Ev3 Robotics Camp, Super Hero Academy, Stop Motion Animation Camp

Butte County Office of Education - Oroville

Creative Visual Arts Camp CONTACT: 530-532-3051, AGES: Grades K-8th COST: $125 Fee increase: $5/camp after May 31. DATES: July 17th – July 22nd, 9am-4pm with early drop off & late pick up available. DESCRIPTION: Students hone their talent for self-expression while learning a variety of mediums by participating in activities such as painting, drawing, and crafts. 9am-4pm with early drop off & late pick up available.

Lego Robotics

professionals. Not only will campers make

CONTACT: 530-532-3051, AGES: 3rd-8th Grades COST: $125 Fee increase: $5/camp after May 31. DATES: Camp Dates: June 19th – June 23rd DESCRIPTION: Working in small groups, students will be mentored by the Las Plumas High School Robotics team to build and program a Lego Robot and compete in a camp tournament against other teams. Includes a t-shirt!

a huge difference in the life of the dogs that they are paired with, but they will learn a myriad of skills that build empathy, patience, citizenship, and a philanthropic outlook on life.

California Regional Theatre

CRT Kids Summer Theatre Camp

CONTACT: 1-800-722-4522, AGES: 5-15 Sports and Nutrition Camp COST: Ages 5-6 $165, 7-10 $180, 11-15 $195 CONTACT: 530-532-3051, DATES: 6/12-6/30 & 7/10-7/30 DESCRIPTION: Summer camps are a great AGES: Grades K-8th way to have fun and gain skills at the same COST: $125 Fee increase: $5/camp after May 31. time! Each camp is an exciting program DATES: July 10 - July 14, 9am-4pm: designed to cultivate children’s imaginations, Early drop off & late pick up available foster confidence, and have fun! DESCRIPTION: Campers will spend June: Students ages 5-10 will perform their week creating healthy snacks and “Suessical Kids” and Students ages 11-15 participating in variety of sports activities, will perform “High School Musical 2” Jr. including swimming, First Tee golf, July: Students ages 5-10 will perform soccer, and much more. “Music Man” Kids and Students ages 11-15 STEM Camp will perform “Once Upon A Mattress.” CONTACT: 530-532-3051, CARD/Chico Creek Nature Center AGES: Grades K-8th Camp Chico Creek COST: $125 Fee increase: $5/camp after May 31. CONTACT: 530-891-4671x27, DATES: July 24th –July 28th, 9am-4pm: drop off & late pick up available summer-camp/ DESCRIPTION: Hands-on camp offering AGES: 5-11 a variety of science activities, including COST: $29 per ½ day, $45 per full day, making GAK, designing power cars, $135 per week ½ day, $210 per week full day digital editing, and wacky experiments. DATES: 6/8/17 – 8/18/2017 Technology Exploration Camp DESCRIPTION: The Chico Creek Nature CONTACT: 530-532-3051, Center, located in the heart of Bidwell Park, presents nature education day camps. AGES: 2nd – 8th Grades The program is designed to provide COST: $125 Fee increase: $5/camp after May 31. outdoor recreation and to foster awareness DATES: June 26th – June 30th 9am-4pm: of nature in a fun, safe, and caring setting. Early drop off and late pick up available Campers enjoy hands on natural science DESCRIPTION: Fun course in labs, up close animal visits, outdoor programming, game design, green screen, games, arts and crafts, and swimming in drones, animation, robotics, and more for Big Chico Creek. aspiring tech innovators. Emphasis will be on creativity and exploration. Students of all levels will enjoy!

Butte Humane Society BHS Summer Camp

CONTACT: 530-343-7917x109, AGES: 12-15 COST: $225 DATES: June 17th – July1st DESCRIPTION: Campers team up with shelter dogs to train them basic commands and behaviors each morning and learn what it is like to work in a variety of animal related careers from industry

Challenger Sports

Challenger Sports Soccer Summer Camps

CONTACT: Ally MacLennan, amaclennan@, 916-596-1694 British Soccer Camp AGES: 3-16 COST: $88-$181 DATES: Chico: Week 1: June 12th –16th & Week 2: June 26th – June 30th, Oroville: June 19th – 23rd, Paradise: July 24th – 28th, Red Bluff: July 31st - August 4th, Redding: Week 1: June 12th - 16th & Week 2: July 24th - 28th, Yuba City: July 17th - 21st DESCRIPTION: The most popular soccer camp in the country is based upon one

of the most innovative approaches to coaching youth soccer! Our experienced staff study the game at all levels and we identify key techniques that your players need to master to reach their true potential. With programs for each age, the curriculum includes a variety of foot skills, technical drills, tactical practices, freestyle soccer and small-sided games. To register go to:

TetraBrazil Soccer Camps

AGES: 7 - 15 COST: $130 - $150 DATES: Red Bluff: July 31st - August 4th, Redding: July 10th - 14th DESCRIPTION: The unique TetraBrazil curriculum contains more than just techniques and tactics. Each member of the TetraBrazil coaching staff will bring an authentic taste of the flair, passion, and creativity of Brazilian soccer to the camps. In addition to learning advanced footwork, new skills and the most effective moves used by top Brazilian players, campers will warm up to samba music, learn Portuguese phrases, and discover what it is like to grow up and play soccer in a country where the game is treated like a religion. To register go to: www. .

One Week. One Passion Competitive Camp AGES: 10 - 14 COST: $325 DATES: Redding - June 19th - 23rd DESCRIPTION: One Week - A one week, 6 hours per day program, for ages 10 to 18. We offer an experience; provide the skills, quickness of play, techniques, disciplines, and knowledge vital for the USA’s soccer generation. One Passion - A chosen, expert, international team from Challenger Sports, will provide an inventive, mentoring and motivational focus, empowering you to take your game to the next level. To register go to: www.

Chico Area Junior Golf Association (CAJGA)

Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Junior Golf Clubs

CONTACT: (530) 570-9876, hfegley2/index.html AGES: 7-18 (through summer of high school graduation) COST: Beginner- $35.00 per child / Intermediate- $45.00 per child / Advanced$50.00 per child DATES: May- 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24 / June- 7, 14, 21, 24 /

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July- 5, 12, 19, 28 DESCRIPTION: Chico Area Junior Golf Association is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Organization with the mission to introduce as many children as possible to the game of golf and the values it teaches. CAJGA offers Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced junior golf clinics/camps for children ages 7-18 (through summer of high school graduation). Camps are held and Skyway Golf Park and Butte Creek Country Club. Scholarship opportunities are available. Visit our website for more information or to sign up for a clinic program (clinics are listed under the “Tournaments” tab).

Chico Area Recreation District CARD Camps

CONTACT: (530) 895-4711, AGES: 3 and up COST: Varies, see website DATES: Varies June 12–Aug. 18, see website DESCRIPTION: CARD’s huge list of camps covers all ages and interests. My First Camp, A Bug’s Life, and others cater to the youngest campers; various sports camps—baseball, flag football, soccer, water polo and more—are great for your aspiring athletes; and plenty of others like Academy of Rock, art, Camp Chico Creek, Chi-Da-Ca, cooking, LEGO, and Summertime Delight will make your child’s summer memorable.

Chico Cheer All Stars, Inc. Chico Cheer July Camps

CONTACT: 530-894-2227, AGES: 5-18 COST: 1st camp $100, 2nd camp $75, 3rd camp $50 DATES: July 10th-13th, July 17th-20th, July 24th-27th DESCRIPTION: Beginners Cheer Camp: July 10th-13th, If your athlete loves to cheer and tumble

then this is the camp for them! Athletes will learn basic cheerleading motions and terminology, tumbling, jumps, and a special dance to perform on the final day! Chants and cheers will also be taught, as well as team activities. Tumbling Camp: July 17th-20th, If your child loves to tumble, this is the perfect camp to help them succeed. All tumblers will be evaluated on the first day of camp for proper placement in either the beginner or advanced section of camp. Beginners will work on basic tumbling skills and jumps. Instruction includes proper body position and techniques needed for cartwheels, round-offs, and back handsprings. For the advanced tumblers (back handsprings or above) focus will be on higher level tumbling such as tucks, layouts, and fulls. Stunt Camp: July 24th-27th- This camp is for anyone looking to advance their stunting skills. Kids will learn the proper techniques to base, back spot or fly in a variety of stunts throughout the week. Special focus is on flexibility and proper technique. Camp info: All camps run 10am-2pm with a minimum of a half hour lunch break. Please wear shorts and tank top or tee with flexible tennis shoes and bring a sack lunch. Campers must be ages 5 and up.

Chico Creek Dance Centre Summer Dance Jamm!

CONTACT: 893-9028, AGES: 6-adult COST: $125 per camp/discounts for more camps! DATES: June 26th -July 26th DESCRIPTION: Looking to have some fun this summer? Come JAMM with us at Chico Creek Dance Centre! We are offering 5 camps that include all different dance styles: Tap, Musical Theater, Jazz, Hip-Hop, lyrical, and Contemporary! Dance Jamm camps are 3 days from 12:00-3:00. Please call for more information. Instructors: Genevieve Muzquiz, Raven Hunter, & Tianna Haynie.

Show*Kids “Princess Fantasy”

CONTACT: 893-9028, AGES: 4-10 years COST: $150 DATES: June 9th -June 20th, 2 week dance camp DESCRIPTION: Show*Kids “Princess Fantasy” Dance Camp offers children ages 4-10 years an experience in the wonderful

world of Dance and Theatre! Campers will be provided with an introduction to several dance styles in preparation for performances during the last week of camp. It is a great opportunity for children to explore their own creativity through movement and meet new friends! Special camp shirts, crafts, games, prizes, performance, and a cast party are all included. Held from 9 am-noon. Instructors: Melinda Buzan & Sheree Henning.

Chico Dojo

Chico Dojo Day Camp

CONTACT: 530-898-9753 AGES: 5 and up COST: $25/day or $100/week DATES: June 19th-23rd, 1-5pm DESCRIPTION: Each day will be a fun schedule of karate lessons mixed with games - lots and lots of games! Friday the 23rd will be a pool party and snacks will be provided each day.

Chico Montessori Children’s House Camp Chico Montessori

CONTACT: 530-342-5518, AGES: 2.9 – 5 years COST: Varies from $180-$360 with 5% discount if all 5 sessions are booked DATES: 6/12/2017- 8/1/2017 DESCRIPTION: We are offering a summer program with 5 themed sessions (2 weeks in length) for children ages 2.9 (and potty trained) – 5 years of age. Sessions will include: Music, Animal Planet, Fairy Tales, California Adventure, and Vehicles/Construction. Each session will have multiple hands on activities relating to the theme. Throughout the summer, the Montessori materials and summertime water play will be available. Our first session will begin on Monday, June 12th.

Chico Rebels Lacrosse

Lacrosse ‘Beginnings’ Summer Camp

CONTACT: 801-891-9507, asp?n=151435&org=CHICOREBELS AGES: 6 - 10 COST: $85 DATES: June 12 - 15 DESCRIPTION: Looking for a crossover sport that’s taking the country by storm? Beginnings is a co-ed program developed for kids ages 6 to 10 that want to try something new. It is a fast-paced, highly-engaging curriculum that teaches fundamental lacrosse principles through

engaging games and activities. Whether your child has tried football, basketball, baseball, soccer, or hockey, lacrosse is a multi-dimensional sport that is unlike anything you have tried before. All lacrosse equipment will be furnished and age appropriate.

Dimple Deedles Music Studio Kindermusik

CONTACT:,, 433-1965 AGES: 0-18 months, 18 months – 3 years, 3 years – 5 years COST: $59 DATES: June & July (see website for dates & class times) DESCRIPTION: Peek-a-Boo I Love YouLearn songs, finger plays, and dances you need to enhance your experience with baby at home. Beach Days - A beach-themed class to get your child moving and dancing while developing fine motor skills like finger plays, gross motor skills like galloping, and life skills like turn-taking and selfcontrol. On the Road - A family adventure! Your child will sing and explore instruments in this summer vacation-themed class.

Durham Recreation & Park District Durham-azing

CONTACT: 345-1921, AGES: K-2nd and 3rd-6th COST: $135/weekly (full day) $90/weekly (half day) $35/day (full day drop in) $20/day (half day drop in) DATES: June 5th – August 11th (weekly) DESCRIPTION: Join your friends and your favorite camp staff for a week of summer time fun. Weekly camp themes will incorporate a variety of activities such as: outdoor games, team building events, group challenges, crazy crafts, silly projects, field trips, Fun-Food Fridays, the bounce house, pool time, music, and more!

Evangelical Free Church of Chico EFCC Vacation Bible School

CONTACT: 530-343-6022, AGES: K-6th Grades COST: Free DATES: July 17th-21st DESCRIPTION: Imagine a world where curious kids become hands-on inventors

who discover they are lovingly crafted by God. VBS is fast approaching and your kids won’t want to miss it. VBS is for kids 5 years old (by Sept 1st) through 6th grade, and it’s FREE! It all takes place July 17th-21st. Registration begins June 1st at, under “Upcoming Events.”

Forebay Aquatic Center 5-day Youth Aquatic Camps

CONTACT: 530-961-3767, AGES: 7-12 COST: $150 DATES: Weekly, June 12-August 18 DESCRIPTION: Come learn fun on the water! Each day try a different watercraft, exploring the Thermalito North Forebay. Camp is focused on the importance of water safety. Campers will learn to use all types of water equipment: kayaks, canoes, stand-up paddle boards, windsurfing, and even sailing! Camp runs 8:30-12:30. 5-day Youth Rowing Camp CONTACT: 530-961-3767, AGES: 12-18 COST: $150 DATES: Weekly, July 17-August 11 DESCRIPTION: Week-long camps to learn the basics of Olympic shell rowing. Campers will love the sport with awesome coaches who have a lot of experience in competitive and recreational rowing. All Middle & High School students are invited! No previous experience necessary. Camp runs 8:00-12:00.

FunLand/ Cal Skate Chico

FunLand Extreme Fun Summer Camps

CONTACT: 343-1601, AGES: 5-12 years COST: $165 all day (9-5) or $130 mornings (9-1) DATES: Session 1: June 13th-17th, Session 2: June 27th-July 1st, Session 3: July 11th-15th, Session 4: July 25th-29th, Session 5: August 8th-12th. DESCRIPTION: These summer camps are designed to be a fun, heart-healthy, active alternative to the ‘normal’ Summer Camp. This is a chance for the campers to do everything FunLand and Cal Skate has to offer, and then some! Campers can spend the morning or the whole day doing things not normally offered to the public. Activities will include, but are not limited to: Skating, mini-golfing, batting, arts/ crafts, arcade games, dodge ball, hockey, and more!

Gateway Science Museum Gastronomical Food Science Discovery Camp

CONTACT: 530-898-5130, http://www. summer-camp.shtml AGES: 4-6th grade & 7-9th grade COST: $210 4-6th grade; $225 7-9th grade (discounts available) DATES: June 26-30th (4-6th grade) or July 10-14th (7-9th grade) DESCRIPTION: Join Gateway Science Museum this summer for a week-long gastronomical adventure, discovering where our food comes from! Explore our food systems and experiment with growing and preparing different foods. Investigate the different properties and nutritional attributes of fruits, vegetables, meats, and more. Meet a farmer and discover which of your favorite snacks are produced right here in Northern California.


Handi-Riders Horse Camp

CONTACT: Donna Hernandez, 530-315-0654, AGES: 8-15 COST: $250 DATES: June 12 to July 10, 8a-1p DESCRIPTION: These exciting and educational camps are a great way to spend time with horses. From beginner to experienced, our participants will learn about safety, behavior, care and feeding, hands-on grooming and riding. Everything & snacks included. Required: closed toe western style boots.

Honey Run Quilters

Quilting for Kids

CONTACT: 530-342-5464, AGES: 8-16 years old COST: $80 DATES: June 19th-23rd, 9:30am-12:30pm & July 17th-21st, 1:30-4:30pm Want to beat the heat this summer? Join us for our annual kids quilt camp. We have a new quilt this year. It is a beginner level quilt introducing the young sewist to the basics of quilting and sewing—accurate seam allowances, piecing and pressing. All cutting will be completed by HRQ staff prior to camp. Fabric for the project must be picked out a few days before the class. Water and snack provided each day. This camp will be offered both in June and July. If you repeat in July, we will have a different quilt for you to do.

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Stay all day and take the sewing project camp too!

HYPE Dance Studio

CONTACT: (530) 898-8789,

Disney Princess Camp

AGES: 3-5, 6-8 COST: $95.00 DATES: June 12-14, 9AM – 12PM DESCRIPTION: Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Jasmine! Dancers are encouraged to dress in their favorite Disney Princess attire! Each day will include an hour of ballet, ½ hour of snack/craft/color time, ½ hour story time, an hour of choreography. Breaks included. Early drop off at 8:30 AM is available. Please bring a snack!

Hip Hop Camp

AGES: 4-6, 7-12 COST: $125.00 Dates: June 19-22, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM DESCRIPTION: Learn the latest hiphop moves with great music kids love! Each day will include 2 hours of hip-hop instruction, including warm-up, tricks and skills, rhythm and musicality, and choreography. Plus 1 hour of freestyle and creative dance with clean and appropriate music and movement for children. Breaks included. This camp fills up fast, early registration suggested!


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Moana Camp

AGES: 3-5, 6-8 COST: $95.00 DATES: June 26-28, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM DESCRIPTION: Get ready for an amazing journey to the sea as we explore the musical voyage of Moana and friends! Dancers are encouraged to dress for the adventure! Island-themed activities will be included, an hour of ballet and jazz, ½ hour of snack/craft/color time, ½ hour story time, an hour of choreography. Early drop off at 8:30 AM is available. Bring a snack! Register early for this one!

Music Video Camp

AGES: 6-8, 9-12. 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Cost: $125.00 (DVD copy of the music

video will be available to purchase for $20 at the camp) Dates: July 10-13. DESCRIPTION: Calling all dancers! Get ready to star in your very own MUSIC VIDEO! Dancers will learn choreography and get styled for their first music video shoot ever! Professional cameras will come “on location” to HYPE’s specially designed set to film on the final day! Dancers will learn hip-hop and jazz choreography, and learn the exciting process of dancing in a music video.

Pom Camp

AGES: 4-6, 7-10 COST: $110.00- includes pom poms! DATES: July 17-19, 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM DESCRIPTION: If your child loves to cheer and dance...this is the camp for her! Kids will learn pom motions and terminology, dance technique, team movement, and a special dance to perform on Final Day! Chants and cheers will also be taught, as well as team-building activities daily. Breaks included. Early drop off at 8:30 AM is available. Please wear shorts and tank/t-shirt with flexible sneakers. Bring a snack!

DESCRIPTION: Do you like to express yourself, design creations, and innovate in unique ways? A MakerCorps member will guide participants through the process of turning ideas into reality supported by the creative spaces Inspire has to offer. 3D printing, laser engraving, animation/video lab, ceramic wheels, as well as theater, dance, and recording studio spaces are some of the activities participants will explore throughout the week. Families are invited to the final day to a mini-maker faire where participants will display, perform, or present their creations. Space is limited. To register, go to the link at

J Robinson Wrestling Camps

J Robinson Technique and Competition Wrestling Camps

CONTACT: 612-349-6585, AGES: 8 – 18 Technique, 12-18 Competition COST: $379 - $499 DATES: July 18 – 22 & July 23 – 27 DESCRIPTION: Featuring Chico native and 2016 NCAA Champion Nahshon Frozen Camp Garrett, as well as 2016 National AGES: 3-5, 6-8 Champion Dean Heil and All-Americans COST: $95.00 Brett Pfarr and Michael Kroells, J DATES: July 24-26. 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM Robinson Wrestling Camps will host DESCRIPTION: Enjoy the music and a 5-Day Technique Camp and a 5-Day moves from the Hit Movie, FROZEN! Competition Camp at CSU, Chico. Each day includes an hour of ballet The two camps may be combined for a and jazz, 1/2 hour of snack/craft/color discounted 10-Day Combo Camp price. time, 1/2 hour story time, and an hour of Learn more and register for the nation’s choreography. Early drop off at 8:30 AM is #1 wrestling camp system at www. available. Bring a snack!

In Motion Fitness

Kids in Motion Swim Camps

CONTACT: 895-6437, AGES: 4yrs-8yrs COST: $105 per child/session DATES: June 12, June 26th, July 10th, July 24th, Aug. 7th DESCRIPTION: All camps are MondayFriday from 9am-1pm. Camps include lots of swimming, fun art projects, and a yummy, healthy snack. Camps are limited to 20 kids. Must pay to reserve a spot.

Inspire School of Arts & Sciences Maker Camp!

Supported by Inspire School of Arts & Sciences and MakerED CONTACT: 530-891-3090 AGES: 7th-9th grade COST: Free (donations accepted) DATES: July 10th-14th


Camp KidsPark

CONTACT: 530-894-6800, AGES: 2-12 COST: Daily or hourly rates- call for more information. DATES: 6/12-8/5 DESCRITION: KidsPark is offering fun, weekly themed summer camps. Each week is packed full of a variety of activities, guaranteed to be fun for everyone. From Kitchen Cooking, to Wacky Water Week, Goopy Gak Attack, and more. KidsPark summer camps have been a creating great summer memories for the last 10 years! Call now for more information.

Northern California Ballet

Northern California Intensive Summer Ballet Program

CONTACT: Trudi Angel 530 872 1719 AGES: 8 to 21 COST: ages 8 to 11 $135.00, ages 12 to 21 $550.00 DATES: July 28th to August 6th 9:30am to 5:30pm. Lunch will be served on campus. DESCRIPTION: The program will conduct sessions in Classical Ballet, Pas de Deux, Modern Jazz, and Character. There will also be Spanish dancing and lectures in injury prevention and nutrition. There will be a work shop performance on Sunday, August 6, 2017 at the Paradise Performing Arts Center. Housing if needed is $135.00; the students will be housed with a dancer family.

North State Ballet Intensive Program

CONTACT: 774-2364 AGES: 10 and up by start of intensive COST: $600 (2 weeks), $350 (1 week), or $75 (daily drop-in) DATES: July 10-14 and 17-21 DESCRIPTION: Our ballet intensive program is geared for upper and lower, intermediate/advanced ballet students. NSB will be hosting guest master instructors in multiple genres of dance. This program will run for up to two weeks, Monday-Friday from 10am-4pm. Current NSB students will receive a 10% discount (5% for non-NSB students) if registered and paid in full by June 1st. A 50% deposit is due upon registration, regardless of the discount.

Southwind Farm and Training Stable Summer Horse Camp at Southwindarm

CONTACT: 530-897-0899, AGES: Ages 6 and up COST: $285/session DATES: Session 1: July 17th-July 21st, 9am-2pm Session 2: July 31st-August 4th, 9am-2pm DESCRIPTION: The 15th Annual Summer Horse Camp at Southwind Farm offers riding instruction, horsemanship, crafts, and games for ages 6 and up at our clean, safe, and professional facility. Safety is taught and practiced while having fun and learning on our gentle and reliable lesson horses. All camps are taught by our experienced instructors, for all levels of riders. Call or email with your address for a brochure. Space is limited.

The Studio 561

The Studio 561 Summer Kids Camp CONTACT: 530-370-1285,,, 561 East Lindo Ave. Chico AGES: 6-12 COST: $175 per week half day, 9-12 am or 1-4pm DATES: July 10-21 DESCRIPTION: These artist led art and craft camps will not only entertain, they will educate in the art around us, in nature, and within ourselves. Every day is a new activity with the focus on developing the natural talent and interest of your child.

Turtle Bay Exploration Park Discovery Camps at Turtle Bay

CONTACT: 530-242-3108, AGES: 7-10 COST: $160/wk -members, $180/wk -non DATES: 6/12-16, 6/19-23, 7/17-21 DESCRIPTION: Monday – Friday, June 12-16, 2017 – Spy Camp: Calling all sleuths! A case file has been left at Turtle Bay! Help piece together the case and identify the suspects. Campers will solve a Turtle Bay mystery by analyzing physical evidence from a crime scene, experimenting with chemistry, and even building a miniature getaway car! Do you have what it takes to solve the crime? Registration Deadline is May 26, 2017. Monday – Friday, June 19-23, 2017 Icky Sticky Science: Join us for a tour of the grosser things in life and nature, from boogers and mucus to weird plant and animal adaptations. Conduct fun and messy science experiments that will have you saying “eew!” Campers will learn the science and purpose behind each nasty phenomenon and leave with a newfound appreciation of the world’s weird—but necessary—processes. Registration Deadline is June 2, 2017 Monday – Friday, July 17-21, 2017 Maker Camp: Innovations, creations, and workstations – this week, campers will take matters into their own hands and construct machines, build circuits, and design innovative tools! Focused on hands-on self-led activities and problem solving, we are so excited to offer our very first Maker Camp. We will provide the glue, tape, cardboard, and spaghetti noodles; what will you make of them? Registration Deadline is June 30, 2017.

Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology

Summer Camp at the Valene Smith

Museum of Anthropology on Chico State Campus!

CONTACT: 530-898-5397 or or AGES: 5-11 COST: $100 each session DATES: July 5th-27th, M-Th 8:30-12:30 DESCRIPTION: Travel the globe to enter epic time periods. Come explore where history and fantasy connect with games, art, and science. See the world through the lens of anthropology! Plus,Whacky Wednesdays – optional theme-related dress up days!

All about Pirates: July 5 & 6 - $50 (half week) Mummies & Mysteries: July 10 - 13 Fantastic Beasts: July 17- 20 Adventures in Archaeology: July 24 - 27

Wood Family Farm

Wood Family Farm Camp

CONTACT: 343-7120 AGES: Preschool – 10 years COST: $125.00 DATES: Held weekly throughout the summer DESCRIPTION: Wood Family Farm is passionate about providing hands on experiences that connect Chico area kids with the world around them. Children will care for our various farm animals, tend to our large organic garden, cook fresh healthy food, and enjoy creative art projects as we play and learn together at Wood Family Farm- a place to grow. Camps are held M-F 8:30-12:00 noon. There is online registration for all of your favorite camps, and check out the new ones, too!!

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summer fun

Waterworks Park Is Bringing The Beach To Redding! WaterWorks Park is excited to announce the addition of COWABUNGA BEACH, a 15,000 sq/ft outdoor addition to its existing facility. Cowabunga Beach will be open for guests to enjoy in the upcoming 2017 season. The new expansion will contain several new and upgraded amenities that will enhance guests’ experience: • The new 10,000 sq/ft wavepool will generate 4ft waves of varying combinations and endless summer fun, just as if you were at the beach • Additional cabanas featuring adjustable fans and large TV’s • Additional kiddie pool with interactive slides and water features for the little tykes • Additional birthday party area • Enhanced and expanded kitchen with new menu items • Enhanced and expanded gift shop • Upgraded restrooms

“We are excited to bring the beach to Redding. The introduction of the wave pool will provide guests with an exciting and new experience of playing in the waves, just like at the beach,” said Rebecca Ortiz, general manager of WaterWorks Park. “By adding these new features and upgrades WaterWorks Park will be an even better place for family fun entertainment in Redding.”

Cowabunga Beach

At Cowabunga Beach guests will be able to have fun swimming and jumping in the waves just like they were at the beach, without getting all that sand everywhere. Hang out in the shallows and feel the waves lap against your feet or be more adventurous and swim and splash in the 4ft waves further out. There is a spot for everyone, from the little tykes, to the full-grown adults that want to play like children.

About WaterWorks Park

WaterWorks Park opened in the summer of 1985 and just celebrated its 30-year anniversary. Just off I5, WaterWorks Park is the place to cool off in the hot summer months. This tropical beach themed waterpark and family destination has many other major attractions including: the Raging River, Dragon Slide, Cyclone, Avalanche, and Lazy Lagoon. Also available is a kiddie pool area with water features and slides for the small thrill seekers and a swim and splash pool. The park currently employs over 100 seasonal staff. With the addition of the wave pool, WaterWorks Park will be able to increase jobs for the community by up to 30%. For more information visit www. or call (530) 246-9550.

Make Your Own

Frozen Treats

summer fun

By Andie Sands

Creamy Mango Popsicles Ingredients • 10 oz. frozen mango (or fruit of your choice) • 1 can full-fat coconut milk (or 13 oz. milk of choice) • 2 tbsp. sweetener of choice- honey works great! • optional, 1 overripe banana Instructions *Note: The popsicles will be much creamier if full-fat coconut milk is used, but any milk will work – You can also blend in 1/4 cup of raw cashews (soaked in water for a few hours to soften them) or some raw almond butter for a creamy result- if you cannot have coconut, but want creamier popsicles.

Blend all ingredients until completely smooth. Pour into Popsicle molds and freeze. I add Popsicle sticks (purchased at a craft store) about 1/2 hour after freezing so the sticks stay upright. To easily remove popsicles when ready to eat, run the Popsicle mold under warm water for a few seconds, and then gently twist off.

Avocado Fudge Pops


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Frozen Yogurt Fruit Bark Ingredients • 1 large container of plain yogurt • 1 tablespoon vanilla • 2 cups chopped fruit • *Sweetener can be used if you like your yogurt sweet Instructions • Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. • Mix the plain yogurt with vanilla. • Pour the yogurt onto the baking sheet and spread a little to even out. • Sprinkle on the chopped fruit and freeze for 3-4 hours until frozen solid. Slice up and enjoy!

Ingredients • 1 large Hass avocado, ripe (about 1 cup packed flesh) • 1 and ½ cups Almond Breeze Almond milk, Original Unsweetened • ½ cup maple syrup • ⅓ cup cocoa powder • 1 tablespoon vanilla extract • Pinch of salt Instructions • Scoop the avocado flesh out from the skin and discard the skin and pit. • Combine all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. • Pour the mixture into an ice pop mold. • Freeze for 8 hours or longer. • Run warm water over the mold to release the pops.

Watermelon Sherbet 2-Ingredient Watermelon Sherbet is a light, refreshing, frozen treat that comes together with just fruit and yogurt. It is the perfect healthy snack or dessert for cooling down all summer long! Ingredients (vegetarian and gluten free) • 3 cups seedless watermelon cubes, cut 1 inch in size and frozen solid • 1/2 cup vanilla yogurt Instructions Add half of the frozen watermelon cubes to a large food processor. Process until the watermelon breaks down and becomes grainy. Stop the food processor and add half of the yogurt. Process until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy, scraping down the sides of the bowl as necessary. Scoop the sherbet into a separate container and repeat steps with the remaining ingredients. Serve immediately for a frozen yogurt/soft-serve consistency. For a firmer consistency, freeze for 1 to 2 hours and then scoop. Leftovers may be frozen solid, but the sherbet will be very hard and impossible to scoop straight out of the freezer. Instead, place the container of frozen sherbet in the refrigerator to slowly soften for 3 hours before serving, at which point it should be scoopable. pid=camp.7Coea9PbCDAn

Frozen Bananas Ingredients • Bananas • Semi-sweet chocolate chips • Toppings: sprinkles, coconut shavings, nuts, or any other toppings you love! Instructions Insert the Popsicle sticks into the bananas, and then melt the chocolate either in the microwave or in a double boiler on your stove top. Once it’s good and gooey, dip the banana pops into the mixture until they are coated. Shake on some sprinkles and place those puppies on parchment paper. Stick the whole thing in the freezer. Give ‘em about an hour to set. Now you’re ready to chow down, guilt-free.

Butte County Library, Chico:

events calendar events calendar

Children’s Event held every Saturday throughout the summer starting June 3rd and held from 10am-12noon. Each week there will be a new activity realted to the Summer Reading Program, this year’s theme is Read By Design. TUESDAYS: Preschool Storytime; Stories, songs & crafts for ages 3-5. Two sessions: 10am & 11am. WEDNESDAYS: Babies Love Books; Babies ages 18 months & younger will enjoy this special story time. 11am. THURSDAYS: Toddler Storytime; Stories, songs & action rhymes for ages 3 & under. Two sessions: 10am & 11am. AfterSchool Storytime: Stories & crafts for ages 12 & under at 3pm. FRIDAYS: Bilingual Story Garden; Enjoy stories & songs in English & Spanish geared for ages 0-5 at 10am. SATURDAYS: 1st Saturday of month: Japanese Storytime At Chico Library; Monthly program features classic tales of Japan, Kamishibai (“paper-theater”), & Japanese songs & crafts. 1pm. 2nd Saturday of the month: Spanish Storytime; Monthly storytime features stories, songs & craft for all ages, in Spanish at 2pm. 3rd Saturday of the month: Chinese Storytime; Monthly storytime features stories & songs in Chinese at 2pm. 4th Saturday of the month: StoryTail Tutors; Monthly program for beginning, struggling or reluctant readers at 2pm. SUNDAYS: Free Family Movie: Weekly movies. Contact branch for titles and ratings. All Ages. Showtime 2pm. 1108 Sherman Ave. (530)891-2726.

Check out all of the great things we have to look forward to this Summer! Please note that Parent Cafe’: Free public events where dates and times are subject to Butte parents have meaningful, guided conversations that help solve problems which could affect their children. Dinner change. Please call ahead to and childcare will be provided free of charge. Parents, confirm events. Foster Parents, Grandparents, Providers, and other

Ongoing Events Allegory Belly Dance:

Classes every Saturday, July 8th - Saturday, July 29th for children ages 7-14 and held at the Chico Art Center. For more information and to register please go to

Chapman Food And Fitness Festival: Held every

Barnes & Noble Storytime:

Held weekly on Wednesdays at 11am and Saturdays at 2pm in the children’s book section. Call 894-1494 for more info.

at the Chico Municipal Airport. This museum features air exhibits that are fun for the whole family! Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-4pm. FREE! 147 Convair Court, 345-6468.

Barry Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary and Education Center: The mission of the Barry Kirshner

Chico Art School:

Wildlife Foundation is to provide rehabilitation and longterm care for exotic and native species, as well as to provide educational programs on all levels, emphasizing wildlife and habitat conservation. Field trips, tours, camps and more. Call 533-1000 or go to for more info.

growing up chico magazine growing growin up up chico chico magazine magazine

Blue Oak School Tours:

34 38 34

people working with or raising children or anyone in the community who is interested in strengthening families in our community are encouraged to attend. Café is offered once a month in Oroville and in Chico. www.

Fourth Tuesday of each month, 9AM-11AM. Take a guided tour of our classrooms and explore all the creative and academic facets that Waldorf education offers. On the tour, you’ll get to know our community and philosophies so you can decide if Blue Oak Charter School is the right fit for your child. Space is limited, call us to reserve your spot: (530) 879-7483.

Book Family Farm:

Fun, Educational, Year Round Field Trips & Tours, and Grass-Fed Meats. Fun, educational farm tours Saturdays: $5 per child, adults free if accompanied by child. RSVP bookfamilyfarm@ or 342-4375. For up to date info, “like us” on Facebook.




Our programs provide an extraordinary atmosphere for students to build unique creations, play games, and have loads of fun using LEGO® bricks. The activities are designed to trigger young children’s lively imaginations and build their selfconfidence. After school programs, birthday parties, camps, playgroups, Kidz night out, scouting, open play and drop off for ages 5 and up. Call 332-9172 or go to

Friday from 2–5:30pm at 1010 Cleveland Ave. For more information, call 624-8844 or visit

Chico Air Museum: The Chico Air Museum is located

Classes in painting and drawing for ages 7+. All levels. Monday-Saturday. Email for homeschool, after school and adult class availability. $25 per class-1 1/2 hr. Email Janet@chicoartschool. com or find them on Facebook: ChicoArtSchoolandGallery.

Chico Certified Farmers’ Market-Saturdays: Take

advantage of all the wonderful produce grown locally at Chico’s year round Farmers’ Market. Held every Saturday from 7:30am1pm, rain or shine. Located at 2nd and Wall St. parking lot.

Chico Cheer Dollar Night:

A great intro to Chico Cheer. Just sign a release form and bring $1 CASH ONLY and come to the gym to play, tumble, or perfect your cheer skills! Chico Cheer equipment and gym is available to practice any level of tumbling and/or stunts. Come in on your own or join us with your group or team! $1 = 2 hours of fun! Friday 6 - 8 PM. www.ChicoCheerAllStar. com, 894-2227.

Chico Creek Nature Center:

Offers kids of all ages a place to interact with animals and nature, discover Bidwell Park’s diverse ecosystem and learn about preserving this natural resource. After school, homeschool, preschool and family programs as well as an animal museum and nature play room. Admission is $4 for adults, $2 for children and seniors, free for members. Open Wednesday through Saturday from 11am to 3pm. 1968 E. 8 th Street, 891-4671, www.

Chico Dojo: Kids Karate classes for kids 3 and up. 30

years of teaching experience. Classes include: All Belts Kids Karate, Adults All Belt Karate, Kabudo (Weapons Training), and Advanced Karate. Please call 898-9753 or go to

Chico Doula Circle:

Free Prenatal Workshops first Thursday of each month from 7-8pm and third Sunday of each month from 2-4 pm. Clients and potential clients can come to as many workshops as they choose. During our meetings, we welcome new families, attend to established clients, and present experiential learning opportunities on a variety of topics related to pregnancy, birth & breastfeeding. For more information visit www.

Chico Mothers Club:

Ongoing weekly playgroups and a variety of other fun activities for young children. Gather weekly for friendship and support. For detailed information, please visit

Chico Museum: Open Wednesday - Sunday, noon to 4pm; donations gladly appreciated. Located at Second and Salem Streets, Downtown Chico. Phone 891-4336, or visit

Chico Yo Yo Club: Come learn new tricks, show off

your skill, & win great prizes. Bird in Hand in Downtown Chico. Every Saturday at noon. 893-0545.

Circle Time: Every Tuesday and Thursday at 9:15am, doors open at 9. Join us for books and stories, songs and rhymes, dancing, shaking, music making, and of course parachute play! This class is great for all ages, but designed for toddlers and preschool age children. Taught by a Child Development major with over 10 years of experience. Held at Apple Blossom Baby, 1372 Longfellow Ave., call 345-1617 for more details.

Enloe’s Mother and Baby Education Center:

Ongoing childbirth preparation, infant parenting, mother wellness and infant-child CPR classes. Please call 3323970 to register or go to and click on the Mother Baby page for more information and to view a full list of classes.

Family Skate Night: North Valley Hockey, go to for more info.

Family Swim:

The 90 degree indoor pool is always comfortable any time of year. Family Swim is open to anyone (no membership required) on Fridays from 5-8 pm. Cost is just $2 per person. For more information, contact Chico Water Sprites at 342-2999 or visit www.

Fantastic Fridays: Athletic Horizons has the ultimate

playgroup! Takes place on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month for all children, walking to 5 years old. Contact for more information: 893-4967 or www.athletichorizons. com.

Free Tennis Clinic:

Held every Saturday at the Chico Racquet Club at 10am, open to all ages. 1629 Manzanita Ave, 895-1881.

Friday Night Concerts:

Celebrating 40 years in Downtown Chico, the Friday Night Concerts are Chico’s best place to hear live, local music for free. Pack up your blankets and lawn chairs, bring the family downtown, pick up a bit to eat from one our our fabulous downtown eateries and head to city plaza from 7 - 8:30pm. Held every Friday from May 5th - September 8th,

Gateway Science Museum:

Come explore the Gateway. Visit the many hands on exhibits for kids and families of all ages. Open Wed. through Sun. noon to 5pm. For more information, call 898-4121 or visit www.csuchico. edu/gateway.

Home Depot Kids Workshops: Chico & Oroville.

Hands-on building workshop for ages 5-12. Saturdays, 9am-12pm. Free. Chico: 342-0477; Oroville: 538-0521.

Infertility Support Group:

If you are in need of

comfort, understanding, and support regarding infertility, we welcome you to come discover you are not alone in the journey. Meets on the first Thursday of every month from 6-7pm at the Enloe Conference Center, 1528 Esplanade, and often includes a guest speaker. For more information, call Andrea, 517-1447 or Sarah, 519-2268.

childbirth experience. We recommend that you choose to attend a session that ends one month before your baby is due. Call 876-2518 to register or go to for more information.

876-0928 for more information.

Roo’s Zoo Skate Session at Cal Skate:

Free speech, language, and hearing screening for all ages. Brought to you by CSU, Chico Communication Sciences and Disorders Program. Held at Aymer J. Hamilton Building on the Chico State Campus. 530-898-5871.

Speech & Hearing Fair Saturday, May 6th

Investigation Station: every Saturday, thru May 7th,

Join Roller-Roo for this specially designed session for kids 10 & under–strollers welcome. 10am-12pm. $5.50/child, includes quad skate rental (parents skate for $2.75); or $25/6-weeks. 343-1601.

Jazzercise: FREE

Sliver Dollar BMX: First race is FREE for those looking

Pioneer Day Parade & Festival Saturday, May 6th

Silver Dollar Speedway:

38th Annual Endangered Species Faire Saturday, May 6th

1-3pm at The Gateway Science Museum. www.csuchico. edu/gateway, 898-4121.

Childcare! Contact for more details and class times. 896-9743,

Kids in Safe Seats:

Low cost car seat program for Butte County residents. For more info on this program, please call Butte County Public Health 800-339-2941.

Kids Night Out:

Fridays at In Motion Fitness from 5:30-9:30. Each night includes dinner and an exciting activity. Must pre-register. Call 895-kids or visit to find out more.

La Leche League Breastfeeding Support Group: La Leche League offers free mother-to-mother support for breastfeeding. Babies and young children are always welcome at meetings. Meetings are held throughout the month. Please refer to the LLL of Chico Facebook page, call 487-4109 or email for details and times.

Lowe’s Build and Grow Workshops:

Free kids clinic, Saturdays at 10am. Must pre register at: www. or call for more info.

Meet & Greet:

Meet & Greet Parent Support Group will be held the last Thursday of each month, from 6-8pm. Meet & Greet is for parents or caretakers of children (adult or youth) with developmental disabilities. This free program offers an evening of respite and enjoyment for parents. Meet & Greet provides supports and ideas from knowledgeable parents in a light-hearted, enjoyable environment. Childcare is not provided. For more information please call Loren at Autism lifespan, 897-0900.

MOMS: Making Our Mothering Significant is a group of

moms who get together to share the joys and challenges of motherhood. Every mom needs a community that will encourage and support her. 1193 Filbert Ave, on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month at 9am, from September through May. Child care is provided. First meeting is free! Contact EV Free Church for more information: 343-6022.

Montessori Mommy and Me:

Weekday playtime for children 0-5 and their parents. Children find stimulating, educational fun while parents relax. Call 343-3101 or for more info go to

Mothers Strong Support Group:

We are moms who provide support and strive to empower each other. Our group is a safe, advice free, and judgement free zone. A place to speak the truth about mothering even when you may feel anxious or depressed. Held in Paradise at 10 am on the first and third Monday at the Family Resource center, and in Oroville every Tuesday at FRTH from 10:3012. for more info.

Museum of Northern California Art (MONCA): The mission of the Museum is to make art accessible and promote awareness of northern California artists through collections, exhibitions, and educational programs.

Patrick Ranch Museum:

Educational Field Trips & more at the Historic Patrick Ranch. To schedule a field trip, please call 588-3869 or 592-9260 or for more information visit our web-site at www.patrick The Patrick Ranch Museum is also open on Saturdays for tours of the Glenwood Farm house. Tours from 11am-3pm. Check website for upcoming events on Saturdays.

Pregnancy Education Series:

This four-week childbirth education series is designed to prepare expectant women and their support person for their

to try something new here in Chico! There are racers as young as 3 years old and all ages are welcome! Practice/ racing every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday, weather permitting. “Like” us on Facebook sdbmx to receive current track updates. Every Friday night. Gates open at 6pm and races start at 7pm. For more info and for a full schedule of events go to,

The Mom Spot: A place for mothers of young children

(birth through kindergarten) to connect by building friendships and sharing experiences. Meets on second and fourth Tuesdays of the month 9-11:30 am. Join us for a hot breakfast, craft, speaker, and free onsite child care. Meets at Paradise Alliance Church 6491 Clark Rd. Paradise-call for questions 877-7069.

The Studio 561:

Children’s painting classes, mixed media, family painting parties, birthday paint parties, and summer camps. Also offers adult classes and painting parties. By local artist, Christine Mac Shane, 370-1285, 561 East Lindo Avenue.

Thursday Night Market:

Explore Downtown Chico’s Thursday Night Market on Broadway between 2nd and 5th Street, including side streets and the fabulous City Plaza! This festive, weekly market is a ton of fun and features a bounty of farm-fresh produce from CDFA certified farmers, mouthwatering prepared foods from food trucks and booths, handmade, local arts and crafts, and live entertainment for all ages. Held from 6-9pm every Thursday from April thru September.

Time Out For Moms:

Time Out For Moms meets every Friday Morning from 9:00am - 11:00am, childcare provided. This program is designed for mothers of babies, toddlers and young children in order to provide connection, support and encouragement for moms. We use a set curriculum, such as “MOPS,” and enjoy guest speakers, breakfast, and fellowship together during our weekly meetings. Visit for more information and registration. CONTACT: 343-1484, www. Dates: Fall: September 9th-December 16th and Spring: January 13th-May 19th.

May The Pirates of Penzance Ongoing until May 21st

Frederic has spent his formative years as a pirate. He plans to mark his 21st birthday by breaking free from the Pirate King and courting Mabel. But because Frederic was born on the 29th of February, a date that arrives every 4th year, he finds he hasn’t reached his 21st birthday and the Pirate King is still his master. Soon, Frederic will be on a collision course with the Pirate King’s new nemesis: Mabel’s father, The Major General! Gilbert & Sullivan’s timeless light opera masterpiece is full of laughs, twists and turns! Thu, Fri, Sat at 7:30pm, Sun at 2pm. Chico Theater Company, To order tickets by phone please call 530-894-3282, Box Office open Noon to 6pm, Mon -Sat.

Community Baby Shower Friday, May 5th

Free Community Baby Shower for all pregnant and new mothers. It will be held at the Paradise Alliance Church on 6491 Clark Road in Paradise from 10:30am-1pm. Hosted by Butte Baby Steps, a program of Northern Valley Catholic Sociall Service, in colaboration with Adventist Health. Call

Parade starts at 11am in downtown Chico. Stay afterwards for the fun activities. For more info please go to www.

The Endangered Species Faire is a Free event for all ages, with environmental education being offered alongside music, ecoentertainment, a rescued animal show, and a larger than life puppet parade. 11am - 4pm, One Mile Picnic Area in Lower Bidwell Park. For more info please go to endangered-species-faire.

Spring Garden Tour Saturday, May 6th

Enjoy touring several local gardens, a delicious luncheon, a beautiful plant boutique and delightful raffle opportunities at the Spring Garden Tour. Held at 2341 Floral Ave. For ticket information go to: 11am-4pm.

Friendly Garden Club Plant and Bake Sale Saturday, May 6th

Come to this event, rain or shine. Enjoy the plants and delicious baked goods. Glenn County Fairgrounds, 8am2pm.

Gavel Club Sunday, May 7th

Brush up your Communication & Leadership skills with your child! Gavel Club is an affiliate of Toastmasters International. Come join our meetings on the 1st & 3rd Sunday afternoons of the month! Attain/Help your child attain Competent Communicator & Competent Leader certificate through us. 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM, Mountain Mikes Pizza Banquet Room, 1105 W 5th St, Chico.

History of the 20 Mule Team Thursday, May 11th

Lecture by Lee Dummell. Lee is a retired law enforcement officer, who has been studying history for about 40 years with a particular interest in the 1800’s. He is a member of the Oregon California Trails Assn, Trails West, Indian War Historian & collector and exhibitor. Cost: $5.00, Light Refreshments will be served 10381 Midway,

Art at The Matador Friday, May 12th and Saturday, May 13th

A production of CHIvaa, this show is celebrating it’s seventh year, the event kicks off the art exhibition season in Chico. With a festive and fun indoor-outdoor celebration of visual arts and artists on the historic grounds of The Matador Motel. Admission is free! There’s entertainment, food, demonstrations and art for every budget and taste. Bring your friends and family!

Caper Acres Fun Run Saturday, May 13th

Caper Acres Fantasy Fun Run and Walk takes place at Sycamore Field in Bidwell Park. Attendees will dress to impress in creative, fairy tale or children’s character costumes. For more info and to register please go to:

Sherwoodstock Music Festival Saturday, May 13th

Benefitting Sherwood Montessori Public Charter School. Sherwoodstock Music Festival featuring Joe Craven and the

events calendar events article calendar title

Sometimers, Smokey the Groove, Wolfthump and Dial up Days! Join us for a fantastic all-ages afternoon of music, food, drinks and fun in a beautiful orchard setting! Food trucks, beverages four purchase, kids crafts, activities, games and more! Proceeds benefit Sherwood Montessori Charter School in Chico. Tickets and more details availalbe at or at the gate. Kids under 5 free! Location: The End of Normal, 2500 Estes Rd, Chico. Held from 4PM - 8PM.

largest single-day children’s fishing events in the entire United States! Kids 15 and under are invited to come to Horseshoe Lake in Upper Bidwell Park from 7:00 AM to Noon for a chance at the 8,000 pounds of channel catfish that will be planted for the event. Admission is FREE, along with all tackle, bait, and instruction [limit 1 fish per child]. Kids can even have their catfish cleaned for free. **”Hooked on fishing, not on drugs” is a program of the American Sportfishing Association.

Chico Antiques & Desing Faire Saturday, May 13th

43 Annual CHVA Car Show in the Park Sunday, May 21st

Held at the Patrick Ranch Museum, 10381 Midway from 8am-3pm. $5 admission. Call 893-5534 for more info.

Paradise Chocolate Fest Saturday, May 13th

Admission $5.00, 4 & Under Free. Admission Includes Free Chocolate Samples! Free Chocolate Pie & Ice Cream Eating Contests! Free Kidz-Zone Bounce House & Super Slide, Carnival Games, Crafts & Prizes! Musical Concerts & Demonstrations on 2 Stages! Free Raffle Prizes! Booths & crafts. Free Parking! Terry Ashe Park & Recreation Center, 6626 Skyway in Paradise, www.

Feather Fiesta Days in Oroville Saturday, May 13th

Car show, Street Fair and Craft Fair with 50 plus booths showing local arts and crafts for sale. Downtown Oroville, find Feather Fiesta Days on facebook for a full schedule of events.

Kiwanis 70th Annual Kiddies’ Parade Saturday, May 13th

Parade starts at 4:30, held in Oroville. Please go to www. for more details.

Block Party with a Purpose Saturday, May 13th

Let’s clean the Creeks! Our efforts during the annual cleanup went a long way this year, but regular cleanups are still needed! If we don’t keep up with cleanups, the creeks can get quite bad. Let’s not let them get that way! The meeting place will be determined 2 weeks before the event, visit our website watershed/blockparty a week before the cleanup for location details.

Glenn County Fair Thursday, May 18th - Sunday, May 21st

The theme is “There’s No place Like Home” and will be hosting Glenn County’s largest class reunion. 221 East Yolo Street, Orland, for more info go to www.

Carnival Friday, May 19th

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growingup upchico chicomagazine magazine growing

Hosted by Hooker Oak School. Face painting, carnival games, food trucks, entertainment and so much more! Invite all your friends and family - open to everyone! 4-7pm at Hooker Oak School.

Cinderella Friday, May 19th and Saturday, May 20th

Cinderella is a ballet composed by Sergei Prokofiev to a scenario by Nikolai Volkov. It is one of his most popular and melodious compositions, and has inspired a great many choreographers since its inception. Cinderella is notable for its jubilant music, lush scenery, and for the comic double-roles of the step-sisters (which can be performed in travesti), more mad than bad in this treatment. Paradise Performing Arts Center, 777 Nunneley Rd. Paradise. For tickets info go to www.

Hooked On Fishing Saturday, May 20th

To kick off National Fishing Week, the city of Chico will be welcoming kids to its 30th annual FREE “Hooked on Fishing, not on Drugs”** event. It is one of the

Enjoy vintage cars and trucks, original, customs, and even Rat Rods on the grass and in the shade on the banks of the Sacramento River. 100 River Park Way in Red Bluff, for more info call 530-243-2902.

Annie Jr. Thursday, May 25th

Cheer on the young actors of Playhouse Youth Theatre as little orphan Annie charms everyone’s hearts. Annie is determined to find the parents who left her on the doorstep of an orphanage run by the cruel Miss Hannigan. Despite Miss Hannigan’s evil machinations, Annie finds a new home and family in billionaire Oliver Warbucks, his personal secretary, Grace Farrell, and a lovable mutt named Sandy. Featuring such unforgettable tunes as “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” and “It’s A Hard Knock Life,” this production is perfect for the entire family. Held at Laxson Auditorium. Go to www. or call 530-898-6333 for ticket information.

Silver Dollar Fair Thursday, May 25th - Monday, May 29th

This year’s theme: Race to the Fair! Carnival, livestock, entertainment, food and much more! Thursday from 4pm10pm is $1 admission, 5 and under are free. Monday is Kids Day and free admission for kids 12 & under. For a complete schedule of events and ticket information please go to

June 55th Annual Chico Chamber’s Community Celebration: Summer Bash Thursday, June 1st

The 55th Annual Community Summer Bash will be honoring the 35th Anniversaries of Bird in Hand and Made in Chico! Join us for an evening under the stars at Patrick Ranch enjoying local music by The Kelly Twins Dueling Pianos sponsored by North Valley Eye Care, a Hawaiian style dinner catered by New Hock Farm Catered Events and other surprises. Visit for ticket information.

Hooked on Fishing in Oroville Saturday, June 3rd

Hosted by the Oroville Kiwanis, please check out their website for more details:

Chicago-The Musical Friday, June 9th to Sunday, July 2nd

When nightclub sensation Velma Kelly murders her sister and her two-timing husband, Chicago’s slickest lawyer, Billy Flynn, is set to defend her in court. But when chorus girl Roxie Hart also winds up in prison for murder, Billy takes on her case as well, turning her into a media circus of headlines. Neither woman will be outdone in their fight against each other and the public for fame and celebrity. Full of smoking’ jazz music and hot dancing, this Kander & Ebb musical is the longest running American musical in Broadway history. Chico Theater Company, To order tickets by phone please call 530-894-3282, Box Office open Noon to 6pm, Mon -Sat,

Movies in the Park Saturday, June 10th

Movie of the night is: The Secret Life of Pets. Movies

start at dusk and are shown at Sycamore Field near OneMile. Please go to for more details.

TajMo: The Taj Mahal & Keb’ Mo’ Band Thursday, June 22nd

In this performance, Blues titans Taj Mahal and Keb’ Mo’ share the stage with their band for an exciting night of music, performing songs from their long-anticipated collaborative album TajMo. Held at Laxson Auditorium. Go to or call 530-898-6333 for ticket information.

Chico Bike Music Festival at Elks Lodge/ Manzanita Place Saturday, June 24th

Please contact the Butte Environmental Council for more details,

Driving To Fight Autism Golf Tournament Monday, June 26th

Calling all super heros to golf for a good time! CRBR golf tournament at Butte Creek Country Club Benefiting Autism Research & Services. 7:30am-4pm. For more information please call 530-513-1078.

Patrick Ranch Museum Threshing Bee Saturday, June 10th

Tractor & draft horse parade, old fashioned wheat harvest, bee & stock dog demos, wagon rides, food & craft booths, live music, farm animals, car & truck show, Glenwood Farmhouse tours and children’s activities. 9am-4pm. 10381 Midway, www.

July Chico Heat Fireworks Tuesday, July 4th

Fireworks will be held after the Chico Heat baseball game at Nettleton Stadium brought to you by Golden Valley Bank. First pitch starts at 6:35pm. For ticket information please go to

Fireworks at the Silver Dollar Speedway Tuesday, July 4th

Fireworks will be held at the Silver Dollar Speedway, 2357 Fair Street. Fireworks start at dark and when sprint car races are finished. Open seating, Racing starts at 6pm. Food and concessions are available for purchase. For more information, and for tickets prices please go to

Slice of Chico Saturday, July 8th

A summertime tradition! Come downtown for a family-friendly, fun-filled day exploring the charming shops and quaint eateries in downtown Chico. Guests are guaranteed to discover something unique and will always be treated to HOT prices and COLD slices of watermelon courtesy of ProPacific Fresh! www.

Movies in the Park Saturday, July 15th

Movie of the night is: Moana. Movies start at dusk and are shown at Sycamore Field near One-Mile. Please go to for more details.

6th Annual Growing Up Chico Night Thursday, July 20th

Help Growing Up Chico Magazine celebrate their 6th annual Growing Up Chico Night in the downtown city plaza from 6-9pm. There will be music and dance performances along with many family friendly booths with fun crafts and giveaways. An event for the whole family! Please call 518-6154 for more information.


P r e sc h o o l & C hildc are D irecto ry Center





Chico Montessori Children’s House

2.9-5 years

8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday

814 Glenn St. Chico, CA 95928 342-5518


Creative Outlets In-Home Preschool

2-6 years

8:30am-1:30pm Monday-Thursday

The goal of the Montessori approach is to help the child acquire the confidence and motivation he or she needs to fulfill his or her best potential. This is done by providing an environment with activities that fit the child’s individual needs, builds his/her interests, and nurtures his/her enthusiasm.



Katie’s Kids Preschool & Day-care

0-5 years

6:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday

Creative Outlets offers a true preschool experience with the benefits of a loving, in-home setting. The owner has 20 years of experience and a degree in child development. The program focuses on teaching kinder readiness and is tailored to the needs of each student. It incorporates Math, Science & Pre-Reading, utilizing Zoo Phonics, cooking & gardening. Children learn through play, music & art, while providing a safe & exciting place to learn & grow. Exploration/personal growth on an individual basis is encouraged. Nutritional snack & lunch provided. Preschool curriculum offered. All meals provided. Open since 1990.



Kids Park

2-12 years

Drop in childcare, affordable hourly rates. The preschool curriculum is offered from 9:00am-11:30am. The 4 and 5 year old class is held on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and The 2 and 3 year old class is held on Tuesday/Thursday.

2477 Forest Ave. Chico, CA 94928 894-6800

Little Sprouts Preschool

2-5 years

M-Th: 8am-10pm, Fri: 8am12midnight, Sat: 10am-12am, Sun:1pm-6pm

15 Overland Ct. Chico, CA 95928 345-0123

Notre Dame Preschool TBD


Little Sprouts Preschool offers: ECO Green, organic gardening, and recycling. The Kindergarten readiness program has Zoo Phonics, Into to Spanish, French & Sign Language, Daily circle time and enrichment activities. Nutritious snacks and lunch included.



Wood Family Farm

8:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday

Hooray, let’s PLAY! Wood Family Farm is committed to offering classic, early childhood education in an alternative play-based format. They inspire learning through their Nature-based, tactile, interactive curriculum. They have a large organic garden, barn with animals and more! Wood Family Farm is a place to grow!


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3-8 years

7am-5:30pm Monday-Friday

Downtown Chico, (530) 343-2502

D-Diapers L-Lunch P-Parent participation T-Traditional school year A-After-school program S-Summer program Y-Year round program



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Summer 2017  
Summer 2017  

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