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Tips For Purging Toys 9 Ways to

Celebrate READING ...and as always our ENORMOUS calendar of events!

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Amber Enos Photography California Wedding and Portrait Photographer www.amberenos.com

Emily Lee-Hajec Emily enjoys spending time outdoors with her kiddo, husband, and their Jack-uahua pooch. Her favorites include cooking (or at least attempting to), good conversation, and a solid cup of coffee.

On The Cover: Meet the Smith Family: Ashley, Mick, and their three precious daughters, Tenley, 5, Lainey, 3 and Charlotte, 8 months. Ashley and Mick have an affinity for Chico. They both graduated from Chico State and Mick grew up in nearby Orland. Mick is the proud owner of GCI Insurance Agency in Orland. Ashley is also an entrepreneur – she is the founder and owner of North State Events, a premier event planning company. Currently, the Smiths live in beautiful north Chico and have found it to be the ideal place to raise a family.

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Cameron O’Brien Cameron is a senior at California State University, Chico studying Mass Communication and Psychology. He currently works at Chico Performances Marketing, where he holds the title of Senior Marketing Assistant and plans to one day become a purveyor of creative marketing and advertising. In his free time, Cameron enjoys being outdoors, spending time with his friends, and exploring creative outlets.

Zada Kent Zada is a devourer of books and writer of spooky short stories. You can download her free short fantasy at amazon.com/author/zadakent. She is also mom to a transgender teen and loves continuing the conversations about equality, green living, and writing at https:// medium.com/@zadakent.

Pam Moore Pam is a Boulder, CO freelance writer, and speaker who is passionate about helping women push through fear to become their best selves. The author of There’s No Room for Fear in a Burley Trailer, her work has also been published in The Washington Post, Runner’s World, Huffington Post, and many others. To get her free guide to crushing Impostor Syndrome, visit www.pam-moore.com.

Celeste Cramer Celeste is a parent of two children, ages 13 and 16. She graduated from Chico State in 1999 and worked at a non-profit, teaching parenting classes and managing a program designed to help high-risk parents improve their parenting skills. Celeste has over twenty years of social work experience and over fifteen years of management experience. For ten years, Celeste worked for Butte County Behavioral Health in different roles: crisis counselor, supervisor, and administrative analyst. During her time there, she coordinated the crisis counseling at the Disaster Recovery Center after the Camp Fire. On the side, Celeste has been doing event planning and marketing with a focus on raising funds for schools and non-profits. Celeste recently accepted the position of Executive Director at Stonewall Alliance of Chico.

Article and Photo Submission Deadline: Please submit family-friendly and seasonally appropriate photos and informative articles for the Summer Issue by March 20th. Growing Up Chico Magazine is published quarterly and available, free, at over 200 family-friendly locations throughout Butte County. We are also available online at www.growingupchico.com. Copyright © 2020 by Growing Up Chico Magazine. All rights reserved. Reproductions without permission are prohibited. Articles and advertisements found in Growing Up Chico Magazine do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the management. We reserve the right to edit. Every effort is made to avoid errors, misspellings, and omissions. If an error is found, please accept our sincere apologies and notify us of the mistake.

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In Chico For ages 2-12

SCHEDULE AN EVALUATION TODAY! Meet Matias, a 9-year-old with a fun sense of humor. Matias really struggled with reading, but now it is much easier, and he enjoys it. Matias’ mom talks about the journey: “I knew when we worked together he would spend a lot of time looking at a word before reading it. Honestly, I thought he was being stubborn. But, watching him and receiving his reading scores, I started to believe there was more to it.” “My daughter had seen Dr. Griffith for Vision Therapy for tracking when she was younger, so I decided to have my son evaluated.” Matias did need vision therapy, but for a different condition. He was not able to maintain focus of his eyes or keep both eyes pointing at the same place, making it incredibly difficult to read. “After two months of therapy, his reading level jumped a grade and a half! Now when we pick up a book to read that used to be beyond his ability, he can breeze through it. What a joy it is to watch his excitement when he reads. This would have never happened without vision therapy.” “Vision therapy involved weekly appointments with Dr. Griffith and daily exercises. I would like to say we breezed through therapy, but motivation can be hard at times for both my son and myself. Life can get in the way. But we continue to go because we both see the progress and know real change is taking place.”

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growing up chico magazine


Photo from readacrossamerica.org

Celebrate Reading & Help Your Child Develop a Love for It By Kimberly Blaker


hat better day to celebrate Read Across America Day than on the birthday of the beloved Dr. Seuss, which is March 2nd? It is the perfect kickoff to March’s National March Into Literacy Month, both of which are dedicated to the promotion of reading and literacy. Read Across America Day was first introduced by the National Education Association (NEA) in 1998. The NEA’s goal for the celebration is to motivate kids to become lifelong readers, thereby improving student performance. Every year, schools, public libraries, and other organizations celebrate this day by holding reading events for kids.

Ways Parents Can Promote Reading: There are many ways parents can promote a love of reading

and encourage their kids to read not only during this celebration, but year-round. Read to kids. Begin reading to your child very early. The NEA suggests that infancy is an excellent time to start. As your child grows, encourage their participation in reading the story with or to you. Although your child may not be ready to read, kids often memorize some of their favorite books or pages. Making your child an active participant will help develop their love for reading. Visit the library. Think of the library as a big free educational toy store. Help your child choose some books, but also encourage him or her to select some on their own. Your child can also take home audiobooks, video games, videos, and music CDs. Help your child build a collection. One thing common among reading lovers is how

much they enjoy having their own book collection. Help your child grow a personal library of their favorite series, author, or genre. Then give your child a special shelf to store and display the collection. Play word games. Look for board, computer, or phone games that help kids develop their reading and spelling skills, and vocabulary. Sign up for Goodreads. Through this Android and iOS app, kids can track both the books they have read and those they want to read. They can also check out what their friends are reading. Subscribe your child to a magazine. There is a host of kids’ magazines on the market and something for every age group. It will give your child something to look forward to each month and build enthusiasm for reading.

Read in front of your kids. Show kids that reading is not just a school requirement, but rather a lifelong activity. Let them see you reading, both to learn and for pleasure. Form a kids’ book club. If your child is interested in it, this is a great way to build excitement for reading. You will want to find kids who are at about the same reading level. You will need to decide where to hold the weekly or monthly meetings, which could be at your house, or perhaps your school or public library will provide you space. You might be able to advertise it through your child’s school or public library, as well. Set up a reading room or corner. Find a quiet distraction-free area in your home to designate as the reading area. It should have comfy seating, perhaps even a bean bag or two, pillows, blankets, and good lighting.

school and home www.growingupchico.com

The Life-Changing Magic of Purging Toys By Pam Moore

Until recently, I was convinced my life would be better if only we had more space. Until we got a bigger house or remodeled, I thought a unique organizing system for our burgeoning collection of toys and books would do the trick. I lived in constant fear of a painful Lego-meets-foot disaster. I felt suffocated by the sea of toys covering every surface of our house. And then I purged. Our lives changed for the better, overnight. As it turned out, we did not need more space, more labels, or more baskets. My kids certainly did not need more “friendly reminders” to pick up toys. What we needed was less. Here’s why:


growing up chico magazine

1| It’s Simple

Before The Great Purge, I had this excellent idea: I would rotate the toys every few months. I put a huge bin of toys on a shelf with extra diapers and good intentions, but, organization is not my forte. Our plants are chronically thirsty, and my car typically gets an oil change a thousand miles too late. Not surprisingly, I never got around to rotating the toys. I could not muster the energy to get the bin down, empty it, and fill it back up with different toys, all under the watchful eye of my opinionated three-year-old. However, collecting the books, I was tired of reading and gathering the annoying, batteryoperated toys (you know the type) and dropping them in a garbage bag instead of the toy basket? That was easy.

2| It’s Energizing

Once I got the urge to purge, I could not stop. I began to look at everything in my house with a fresh perspective. Instead of asking myself, “Where should I put this?” I asked myself, “Do I really need it?” If the answer was no, into the bag, it went. Along with the kids’ toys and books, I got rid of clothes I did

not love but was saving for just in case, socks without mates, half a dozen books I had meant to read, a stack of expired coupons, and jewelry I had forgotten I owned. Without the burden of extra stuff in my house, I literally felt lighter.

3| It’s an Opportunity for Learning

My three-year-old learned that it is important to share. I learned she’s happy to share if I give her a chance. Initially, I worried about how she would feel about letting go of her things. I thought about restricting my adventures in purging to after bedtime, but her bedroom is where most of her toys are, so that was not an option. I considered lying, but I feel it is important to be honest with my kids (although I maintain it’s not hurting anyone if they think my chocolate is a spicy adult vitamin). So I told the truth. I explained to my daughter that she and her baby sister are lucky to have lots of books and toys, but some kids do not have any, so we need to share. I braced myself for tears and screams. They never came. Instead, my daughter nodded and helped me add toys to the give-away bag.

4| Everyone is Happier

With less stuff, there is less mess. Less mess means I am not perpetually an inch away from tripping over a rogue block or a Frozen doll. While being asked to put her toys away used to elicit tears and cries of “It’s just too much!” from my threeyear-old, now she generally cleans up with minimal pushback. On the nights when the tidying falls to me, I get it done in under five minutes. Meanwhile, my kids do not seem to miss any of their old toys. If anything, they have more space to create forts out of blankets and end tables. Having less means less to put away, less to think about, and less chaos. Less time spent dealing with stuff leaves more time for the stuff that matters. I only wish I had purged sooner.

school and home www.growingupchico.com www.growingupchico.com www.growingupchico.com

Something for Everyone in the New Year with Chico Performances By Cameron O’Brien, Marketing Assistant at Chico Performances


he rejuvenation of the New Year is here, signaled by the burgeoning greenery on streets and parks, the crisp air of clear days, and the positivity of a fresh start. This particular New Year rings in a new decade, full of possibility and inspiration. An upcoming spring season also brings with it new experiences from Chico Performances, from ballet to Bossanova, there is something for the entire family on the stage of Laxson Auditorium. “Chico Performances is dedicated to providing our community with opportunities for art and culture experiences that entertain, educate, and inspire,” said Rachel Simmons, Marketing Coordinator for Chico Performances. “The spring programming is full of opportunities for families to make memories together.” On January 30, Cirque FLIP Fabrique brings their eccentric and exciting gymnastics-oriented show, Blizzard, to the stage, taking audiences on a wild journey through a winter storm, narrating on the beauty and wonder of both seasonal changes and the power of friendship. Featuring a cast of highly skilled gymnasts and dancers, as well as a full band performing original pieces, Blizzard is sure to be a sensory delight. GuGu Drum Group, hailing from Shanghai, comes to the stage on February 4. Representing the powerful musical lineage of emperors and dynasties, the award-winning percussion group performs a theatrical drama depicting historical and culturally significant drum compositions that showcase the various percussive instruments used in ancient drum music. Featuring drum vignettes based on timeless Chinese proverbs, fables, and fairy tales, GuGu Drum Group highlights the unity, human evolution, awareness, wisdom, social commitment, and communication that ancient drumming has as its history. This high-energy extravaganza is a surefire bet to entertain audiences of all ages!

growing upchico chico magazine 1414 14 growing up growing up magazine chico magazine

B- The Underwater Bubble Show is a Cirque-style modern

fairy tale about the journey of an adult who learns that he can still go back and find joy in life. The March 6 performance couples together the wonder and creativity from the Cirque du Soliel-style and the imagination of childhood. After another long day filled with things to do, meetings to attend, and deadlines to be met, Mr. B finds himself transported- as if by magic- to a special, colorful, and happy place called Bubblelandia. Bubblelandia is a place in which to linger, to dream, to listen, to watch, to savor, and to marvel, but above all, it’s a place to daydream. The simple, silent storytelling meets spectacular special effects and amazing performers to transport all audiences to a magical place where fantasy becomes a reality. Lasers, low ground-smoke, and flying foam simulate waves and the underwater atmosphere. A juggler in a huge plastic ball is the performer that immediately attracts Mr. B and the audience into Bubblelandia’s wondrous world. At the same time, dancers and acrobats serve as “small colorful fish chasing Mr. B and each other inside the aquarium. It is a magical circus spectacular that adults, as well as children, will love. Are you feeling adventurous? Look no further than Chico Performances’ annual presentation of the Banff Mountain Film Festival in April. The ever-popular festival returns to Laxson on April 9 and 10 for two evenings of films that tell stories of remote journeys, ground-breaking expeditions, and cutting-edge adventures told through the eyes of adventurers, photographers, and filmmakers from around the globe. Both evenings will feature different, exhilarating, and thought-provoking films. Stay tuned. The lineup will be announced in March. These shows and performances, along with so many others, are all part of Chico Performances Spring Season, bringing arts and entertainment to Butte County and beyond. More information and tickets are available online at www. chicoperformances.com, over the phone at 530-898-6333, or in person at the University Box Office on the corner of West Third and Chestnut streets.

“The spring programming is full of opportunities for families to make memories together.”

By Zada Kent

16 growing up chico magazine


family time

Earthy Easter Eggs


f you are interested in a greener Easter this year, dyeing your own eggs with environmentally friendly ingredients is a fun and safe way to celebrate.

I started by looking into what others had used successfully. Vegetables, spices, and juices were at the top of everyone’s lists. Some of the materials I used worked best when I boiled them with the eggs, while others worked great made ahead of time so I could soak the boiled eggs in the liquid overnight. Of course, with both methods, the longer the egg soaked, the more intense the color became. To help your newly-discovered color adhere to your egg, add about a teaspoon of white vinegar to it. The most success I had came with beets, turmeric, and the juice drained from organic canned blueberries. Drawing creative designs with white crayon before dyeing our eggs, or using colored crayon after dyeing our eggs, was especially fun for my daughter. We also wrapped our eggs with rubber bands to create patterns before dyeing them. Just remove the bands after you reach your desired color to reveal the contrasting stripes. Here are some suggestions to get you started with your own creative experiments: • • • • • • • • •

Yellow: turmeric, cumin, celery leaves, green tea Orange: paprika, chili powder Red: canned cherries with juice, lots of red onion skins Pink: beets, cranberry or pomegranate juice, raspberries Lavender: blackberries, grape juice Blue: canned blueberries with juice Green: spinach, parsley Brown: coffee (instant or strongly brewed), black tea Black: blackcurrant

If creating your own colorants does not sound exciting enough for you this Easter, you can purchase some great natural colorings online or possibly at your local organic food store. One online company I found is Seelect. They have natural, organic, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free food colorings that can be purchased at www.SeelectTea.com. Whether you choose to make your own food colorings or buy them, keeping it earth-friendly this Easter is a good decision. Not only will the planet be healthier, but your body will be as well. Artificial colors are made up of some very nasty ingredients. Coal tar and petrochemicals are only a couple of those ingredients. Medical studies have linked artificial colors to cause nausea, vomiting, high blood pressure, skin rashes, hyperactivity, breathing problems such as asthma, learning disabilities, and other allergic reactions. Some are even suspect of being a neuron-toxic hazard and linked to osteoporosis and cancer. My experimental egg colors did not glow with neon colors but glistened in gorgeous muted earthy hues. My daughter and I had a fun time guessing which ingredients would give us the best results, and the extra time we spent together on the holiday was wonderful. As responsible human beings on this shared planet, we need to make little changes in our daily, weekly, and even yearly routines, and that includes holidays. The simpler the change is to implement into our lives, the easier and more likely it will be to keep those changes. If experimenting in your kitchen with plants and spices is not your idea of a simple change in your Easter habits, consider purchasing natural colorings that will be better for you, your loved ones, and our beautiful Earth.

family time

Honey Bee Discovery Center


he first interactive exhibit and museum of its kind, the Honeybee Discovery Center in Orland, teaches the importance of pollinators, including bees, especially honey bees, in our environment. It shares the history of beekeeping, stewardship of our environment, and offers a pollinator garden.

From Evolution to Observation The Honeybee Discovery Center takes visitors from the past to the present, as bees and humans adapt to the challenges of an ever-changing world. Foremost, it provides a unique opportunity to observe and study honey bees scientifically and socially.


Bees and Blossoms There exists a clearly-defined nexus between pollinators and our food supply, especially almonds. Nestled in “The Valley of the Queens,” The Honeybee Discovery Center’s permanent exhibits include an in-depth emphasis on beekeeping and California’s almond industry and the queen bees produced in this unique microclimate known as Northern California. Richard Marple, a long-time resident of Berkeley, California, had collected beekeeping artifacts for 80+ years. This desire to share his collection and lifelong fascination was the inspiration for the Honeybee Discovery Center. Mr. Marple gifted his collection to a group of visionaries, led by Yvonne Koehnen, the matriarch of one of the area’s oldest beekeeping families. Today the Founding Committee behind the project is comprised of local beekeepers, government officials, gardeners, educators, and individuals interested in supporting and understanding pollinators and their importance.


growing up chico magazine

In 2017, the City of Orland, California, became the 44th “Bee City, USA.” Being situated within the Mediterranean microclimate of Northern California, Orland is recognized as “The Queen Bee Capital of North America,” annually producing and exporting hundreds of thousands of queen bees throughout the world to support the pollination of agricultural crops. The perfect union of Orland as Queen Bee Capital and the Honeybee Discovery Center was born in 2018 when the two groups joined to make the vision come to life. At present, the Honeybee Discovery Center administrative offices are located at 501 Walker Street in Orland, California. Fundraising is currently underway for the construction of the state-of-the-art Discovery Center, and pollinator gardens. The Honeybee Discovery Center will be a leader in creating a cultural awareness of bees and the beekeepers who care for them. Interactive activities and displays will teach the importance of honey bees and native pollinators, and our world’s dependence upon them. Visitors will leave

with an understanding of the responsibility we all share in conserving and supporting their habitat and species. In order to build The Honeybee Discovery Center, we are relying on tax-deductible contributions from supporters like you. Philanthropy will bring the Discovery Center to life. A gift of any amount is sincerely appreciated. The Honeybee Discovery Center is a program of the Butte Agriculture Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and increasing agriculture education and awareness. Visiting their giving page: https:// www.butteagfoundation.org/giving There will be a new exhibit at the Honeybee Discovery Center, which will open March 6th and will feature the interconnection between Almonds and bees. The exhibit

will explain how almonds are produced and will show what happens in the orchard from winter, through pollination, the growth of the almond through the spring and early summer and then harvest in the late summer early fall. We will have old-fashioned equipment on display and photos of almond production in the past and currently how almond trees are cared for and harvested. We are currently looking for old equipment and art for this display. If you have anything that you might loan us for this exhibit, you can call Donica O’Laughlin at (530)514-5061.

To find out more about the discovery center visit: honeybeemuseum.org www.facebook.com/orlandhoneybeediscovery

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www.growingupchico.com www.growingupchico.com www.growingupchico.com

family time

Spring Photo Gallery

parenting growing up up chico chico magazine magazine 2222 growing

www.growingupchico.com www.growingupchico.com

Parenting an LGBT*Q+ Child By Celeste Cramer Executive Director of Stonewall Alliance of Chico


ao Tzu once said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. Most parents know this all too well. Spread out over a lifetime, a child’s life is a genesis. From their first words to their first holiday away from home, the interaction between parents and children represents a series of new beginnings across uncharted pathways. It is particularly true for parents who face the stark, devastating reality of endings: a child struggling with suicide. Many parents have contemplated what the loss of a child would mean for them. It is rare, however, that parents have had to ask themselves how they would respond if that loss resulted from suicide. The very act is one that promotes fear and confusion, particularly for parents who did not know that their child might be struggling. In my long career as a mental health professional, I have lost count of how many parents have sat across from me, stricken with fear about the next step forward. In every instance, I felt haunted by their helplessness and distress, while simultaneously tasked with the responsibility of helping them understand that “What you do going forward, can be a matter of life and death.” Within our culture, paradigms of parenting often place disproportionate importance on whether a child is a girl or a boy. Between gender reveal parties, naming pools, and nursery themes, this question is often central to how others regard a child’s identity before their personality, or even the child itself, really emerges. Most parents would probably say the number one question they get asked during pregnancy is, “Is it a boy or a girl?” It is little wonder, then, that parents are overwhelmingly distraught when their child expresses that they are not the sex they were assigned at birth. In other words, the war of blue and pink has ended with no

one emerging the victor. As the dust settles, parents look to each other as if to ask, so what do we do now? Of course, every situation is different. What some parents have found works to honor the identity of their child might not work for others. Much like gender identity itself, integration is a highly individualized experience and needs to be regarded as such. Nevertheless, some themes consistently emerge as being crucial to affirming the identity of young people and making that difference between life and death.

FIRST: CALL THEM BY THEIR NAME Researchers led by a team at The University of Texas at Austin found that transgender youths who are allowed to use their chosen name have a lower risk of experiencing depression and suicidal ideation. Compared with youth who could not use their chosen name in any context, transgender youth ages 15-21 who could use their name at school, home, work and with friends experienced: • 71% fewer symptoms of severe depression • 34% decrease in reported thoughts of suicide • 65% decrease in suicidal attempts Those who have even just one context in which a chosen name could be used had a 29% decrease in suicidal thoughts. In Butte County, over 60% of lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth reported that they had seriously considered suicide versus 17% of their non-LGB peers. Similar results were found for transgender youth, with almost 55% admitting to having seriously considered suicide. This means that in one year in Butte County, approximately 491 middle school and high school lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender youth seriously considered attempting suicide. To read the entire study about Butte County, please visit www.stonewallchico.com/suicide-prevention-resources.

SECOND: USE THEIR PRONOUNS For youth who are transgender, nonbinary, or gender nonconforming, claiming their authentic gender is an important step in their “coming out” process. However, this can be very difficult and confusing for their parents. When parents continue to refer to their child by their “old” pronouns, this is known as misgendering, which can be ostracizing and cause trauma. One parent - who was having a difficult time referring to his child with “they/them” pronouns - came up with a creative solution. He imagined that his child had a mouse in their pocket all the time, to help him remember to refer to his child with “they/ them” pronouns. THIRD: HONOR THE PERSON Often, well-intentioned supporters are so fixated on affirming the gender identity of an individual that they forget that identity is complex and multi-faceted. Actress Laverne Cox, best known for her dynamic role as Sophia on the Netflix series “Orange is the New Black,” brilliantly drove home this point in an address to the University of Kentucky in 2014. Sidestepping her trans identity explicitly, Cox labeled herself as a woman of color born to a poor single mother and an actress arguing, “it is important to name the multiple parts of my identity because I am not just one thing, and neither are you.” This lesson is critical for parents: although respecting their identity is essential, remember that your child is more than the sum of their parts. Listen carefully and let the child lead the pace. Treat them as a complex person and let them decide what they feel ready for next and define their own needs. RESOURCES If you are needing support with navigating your feelings and experience with a loved one’s gender identity or sexual identity, reach out and get help. Stonewall Alliance of Chico has a weekly support group for parents of LGBT*Q+ people where we offer a safe and supportive environment to get your questions answered, discover resources available in our community, and meet other parents in similar situations. The following books are recommended: • Seeing Gender: An Illustrated Guide to Identity and Expression by Iris Gottlieb • Trans Allyship Workbook: Building Skills for Supporting Trans People in Our Lives by Davey Shlasko and Kai Hofius • Unconditional: A Guide to Loving and Supporting Your LGBTQ Child by Telaina Eriksen • The Gender Creative Child: Pathways for Nurturing and Supporting Children Who Live Outside Gender Boxes by Diana Ehrensaft • Becoming Nicole by Amy Ellis Nutt • The Bold World by Jodie Patterson Stop by Stonewall Alliance of Chico’s library to check out these books and many more. Visit Stonewall’s website at www. StonewallChico.org or call the office (530.893.3336) for more information and support. Most importantly, even though this experience may be confusing for you, your child is still that beautiful being that should be supported and loved and treasured through their growth into discovering themselves.


women in business

Dr. Kimberly Lange Youthful Smiles Dentistry for Children and Teens

Women in Business

growing up chico magazine

Dr. Lange aims to build trust with her young patients by showing and explaining the procedures to help eliminate the fear associated with dentistry. In addition, children can even watch a movie while getting their teeth fixed. At Youthful Smiles the latest techniques and materials are utilized. Dr. Lange has been certified in Laser Dentistry and is now incorporating it into her practice. 650 Rio Lindo Avenue, Suite 4 Chico, CA 95926 www.youthfulsmileschico.com 530.343.3137

Jacqueline Kowtko PhD, LE, CPE Chico Electrolysis Center

Feel your best, look your best!


Dr. Kim Lange of Youthful Smiles has been practicing in the Chico area for 19 years and loves every minute of it. She is a general dentist who has limited her practice to children and teens. Her main goal is to make dentistry as fun and comfortable as possible for her young patients.

If you need unwanted hair removed permanently or want to reduce lines on your face with skin rejuvenation that increases natural collagen and elastin, call Chico Electrolysis Center. Jacqueline is a Harvard graduate and Certified Professional Electrologist. She is recommended by local dermatologists and physicians who have seen the results of her work. Her commitment to excellence has brought her through twelve successful years serving the north state.

Dionna Kawaoka KidsPark

Dionna Kawaoka, owner of KidsPark, a licensed hourly childcare center and preschool, combines her love of children with her desire to provide a community service. With a background in Child Development Dionna understands the importance of play and the positive impact it has on young children’s development. At KidsPark kids enjoy art, climbing structures, games, stories, dramatic play, music, cooking, hands-on science and special themed days. KidsPark’s Preschool, uniquely, introduces children to The Arts – music, drama, literature and visual art. Open days, evenings and weekends without reservations; drop-in when you need.

Schedule an appointment or consultation with Chico Electrolysis Center at 519-8111. 2619 Forest Ave, Suite 110 Chico, CA 95928 www.chicoec.com 530.519.8111

2477 Forest Ave. Suite 190 Chico, CA 95928 www.kidspark.com/chico 530.894.6800

Ashley Smith North State Events

North State offers complete planning services for a variety of special events, including weddings, birthday celebrations, fundraisers, bridal showers, reunions, company parties and corporate events. Every event is carefully planned and organized down to the smallest detail. In addition, Ashley has the ability to customize each event with her creative talent and imaginative style, to the delight of her clients. “Tell me what your vision is, and I’ll make it a reality,” she says. Another invaluable component that Ashley can offer her clients is streamlining the process of hiring outside vendors – including caterers, florists, photographers and D.J.’s – which are crucial to the success of every event. After years of experience working in the event planning field in the local area, Ashley has made solid connections with many first-rate vendors – so she can quickly connect clients with the right one, saving everybody time and money. To see full list of our services and wedding packages, visit our website. We offer complimentary consultations. www.northstateevents.com 530.801.1275

Debbie Pierce RN, IBCLC

Debbie began her career as a local nurse for Enloe Medical Center, Oroville Hospital and for the Butte County Public Health Department, specializing in Maternal-ChildAdolescent Health. In 1986, she became the first IBCLC in Butte County and has been working in private practice ever since. She was a founding member of many breastfeeding committees, a faculty member for lactation courses, and was the owner of the Chico specialty store, Mother Nurture. Debbie, now a part of Dr. Loeta Robles’ Team, is passionate about breastfeeding and is excited to continue to protect and support young families in our community! Loeta Robles, DDS, Inc. 101 Raley Blvd., Suite 104 Chico, CA 95928 www.mychicodentist.com 530.893.8913

Shae Lerner

Baby Moments Of Bliss Birth Doula/ Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Doula Benefits: Studies have shown that having a doula decreases the cesarean rate by 50%, labor length by 25%, induction by 40%, epidural requests by 60%. Doulas use the touch and massage to reduce stress and anxiety during labor. Placenta Benefits: During pregnancy, the placenta takes over hormone production. After birth there is a period of time where hormone levels go from being three times the normal amount to below the amount one had before getting pregnant. By getting your placenta encapsulated and taking the pills regularly after birth, you can: *Supplement your hormones and minerals *Fight fatigue *Support lactation *Help your body heal *Enjoy your first weeks with your baby and family without the baby blues!

Panda Mae Bell Bless Your Heart Mercantile

Last November, I lost my home and the boutique I was apart of in the Camp Fire. My family and I moved to Orland and with a lot of hard work, determination, and love, Bless Your Heart Mercantile opened in August. BYHM was the first business to open after the camp fire in Glenn County. We currently have over 10 women consigners who sell their goods in our store! I am very grateful to all my customers for the love and support! BYHM offers a wide variety of unique home decor, women’s clothing and accessories, gifts and handmade and locally made items!

Shae.Lerner@gmail.com BabyMomentsOfBliss.com 530.588.1098

701 4th Street Orland, CA 95963 facebook.com/blessyourheartmercantile 530.520.4835

Joy Book

Jamie Kalanquin

Norwex Independent Sales Consultant & co-owner of Book Family Farm

I love to help people remove the harmful chemicals from their homes, save time, money and their health by introducing Norwex quality microfiber that picks up butter from a window (streak free) and 99% of bacteria with just water!! I don’t ‘sell’ anything, I just share how it works and Norwex sells itself because of its quality and effectiveness. Norwex is generous! Host a party and earn it for free! The demos are amazing. It is fun to get friends together to introduce them to their next best thing! Or in March-July you can bring your friends and their kids to the farm for a fun farm field trip and incorporate learning about Norwex! 153 Heavy Horse Ln Durham, CA 95938 joybook.norwex.biz bookfamilyfarm.com 530.264.5692

Thistle & Stitch

Sarah Schneeweis HYPE Dance Studio

Sarah Schneeweis is the owner and director of HYPE Dance Studio in Chico, currently celebrating 16 years of business in the community. Growing up as a dancer, she always wanted to provide local dancers a place to experience the incredible world of dance. She is a current choreographer and co-director for the NBA Sacramento Kings 916 Crew, and is a former dancer for the NBA Golden State Warriors. She is also a former UDA Head Instructor, and a current choreographer and master teacher for UDA/ Varsity. She is a veteran judge for Dance Worlds Hip Hop Panel, National Dance Team Championship, UDA College Dance Nationals and Varsity’s ICU annually. Sarah is the co-creator of annual dance production “Believe” that has become a holiday Chico tradition. Sarah’s vision and specialty in dance production choreography has been awarded and recognized throughout her career. Sarah’s work and devotion to education in the dance industry has established her voice with her students, colleagues and professionals. HYPE Dance Studio has been a successful business in the Chico area since 2003 and was acclaimed as one of the top 50 Studios in the United States by Dance Spirit Magazine. Sarah has also been recognized by Inside Dance Magazine and Danceprenuer Podcast on iTunes, both of whom did feature articles on Sarah, her choreography, and her philosophies on dance. Sarah also leads the award-winning Fusion Dance Company into its 16th year on the competition/convention circuit with over 60 members. She looks forward to continuing her work as a major influence in the dance industry.

1033 Mangrove Ave. Chico, CA 95926 www.hypedancestudio.com 530.898.8789

Melissa Pasquale Senior Recreation Supervisor

Sewing since five years old, she creates her wares with skill and creativity. Visit the new Thistle & Stitch shop to browse her signature flannel plaid infinity, blanket, and straight scarves in over one hundred patterns, as well as locally handcrafted housewares and gifts.

Melissa Pasquale has worked at the Chico Area Recreation and Park District for almost 20 years. After visiting Chico in her youth, she eventually moved here for college and never left. She earned her Master’s degree in Recreation Administration and has found a fulfilling career in Parks and Recreation. Melissa has also had the opportunity to teach in the Recreation Department at Chico State for several semesters. Here she connects with students and loves to give back to the organization that helped her get her start in the field of recreation. Melissa has three children who keep her busy with a wide variety of recreation activities. She very much enjoys serving the Chico community through her jobs!

2565 Zanella Way Ste. E Chico, CA 95925 thistleandstitch.com thistleandstitchshop@gmail.com 530.524.5008

Chico Area Recreation & Park District 545 Vallombrosa Ave Chico CA 95926 530.895.4711 www.chicorec.com

Jamie is the creator and owner of Thistle & Stitch, a retail and custom embroidery shop grown out her love for the outdoors, adventures, and all things plaid. She is inspired by the history of Scottish tartans as well as flannel-loving outdoor enthusiasts. Jamie, her husband, and sometimes their active three year old travel to over a dozen Scottish festivals and local events throughout the year helping to keep California plaid.

women in business www.growingupchico.com 26 growing up chico magazine

Loeta Robles DDS

Women in Business

In the business of improving oral hygiene since she was just 16, Dr. Loeta Robles started her career as a Sterilization Assistant, then became a Dental Hygienist, and then finally, the Dentist. For her, a career in Dentistry was the best and only fit. Through tough situations like commuting for four years to dental school and returning home on weekends to her family, she always found a way to grin and bear it. Her mission after 30 years in Dentistry you may ask? To treat her patients the way she would like to be treated- with compassion and integrity. Loeta Robles, DDS, Inc. 101 Raley Blvd., Suite 104 Chico, CA 95928 www.mychicodentist.com 530.893.8913

Megan Grandfield DanceAway

Megan started working in her mom’s business when her mother Janet opened the first DanceAway in Redding in 1994. She was 12 and hasn’t looked back. Now in her 30’s, married with a 2-year-old, she has DanceAway on Main Street in Chico, teaches swing dance and designs costumes for performers and athletes. Chico has a wonderful dance and arts community, and Megan feels so lucky to be able to work closely with many of the local studios. DanceAway has been open in downtown Chico since 2001 and we are entering our 19th year of loving this community.

228 Main St Chico, CA 95928 www.danceawaydesigns.com danceaway.costumes@gmail.com 530.891.0672

Jeni Borgman Funny Faces Creative Outlets

Jeni Borgman, owner of Creative Outlets In-Home Preschool & Funny Faces has always had a passion for kids & painting. She created Funny Faces in 2003, providing face painting & balloon tying for events. Jeni loves interacting with children of all ages and feels it’s the greatest job ever! Creative Outlets In-Home Preschool opened in 2011 after Jeni received her degree in child development. It is a true Preschool in an In-Home setting. She enjoys preparing children for success in kindergarten and throughout life through play, music & art while providing a safe and exciting environment to learn & grow. Funny Faces www.funnyfaceschico.com 530.570.0199 Creative Outlets www.facebook.com/creativeoutlets 530.892.8069

Mandie Burson Kinetics Academy of Dance, Owner/Director

Mandie Burson is the owner and director of Kinetics Academy of Dance, in downtown Chico. As a former dancer, gymnast, and cheerleader, Mandie is passionate about providing well-rounded physical activities for the community. Kinetics has provided 19 years of family-friendly dance experiences. Home to the original Baby Ballet Program, children as young as one can partake in imaginative dance with storylines, props and costumes. Kinetics is proud to offer a dance/life balance, allowing a choice of involvement level. The studio provides performance opportunities like their free Christmas show and end-of-year productions such as their upcoming 2020 show, “The Wizard of Oz”. Among a wide variety of dance classes for all ages and abilities, Kinetics offers camps, special events, fairy and princess birthday tea parties and has an adorable shop called the “Fairy Cottage” on site stocked full of dance attire, toys and novelties. 627 Broadway St., #100 Chico, CA 95973 www.KineticsAcademyofDance.com 530.345.2505

Natasha Shelton

Chico Mall & Yuba Sutter Mall

Natasha grew up in Chico and graduated from Chico State in 2003. After spending several years in the Sacramento area, she relocated back to Chico so that her husband and two young children could enjoy the tight-knit community that she experienced growing up in Chico. As Sr. General Manager of Chico Mall and Yuba Sutter Mall, Natasha oversees the day to day operations as well as the ongoing redevelopments of both centers. Her primary focus is to oversee the property management of the malls and leasing teams to maximize property value, build community ties and achieve ownership objectives. Natasha brings over 16 years of management and leasing experience using her in-depth knowledge of industry practices to offer unparalleled service to her clients and tenants. Natasha has a passion for retail and repositioning properties to better align themselves with their local communities to create a thriving environment for both merchants and customers. This is an exciting time for Chico Mall with many new opportunities on the horizon! 1950 E 20th St, Chico www.chicomall.com 530.343.0706

Tammie Harvey Taming Tangles

Heather Wysong & Laurel Tennant

Miste Cliadakis Altum Wealth Advisors Financial Advisor

North State Ballet

Hello, my name is Tammie Harvey. I am a mom to 3 kids and a foster mom as well. I love kids and animals. I’m originally from the Bay Area but have lived in Chico since 2008. When I found out Cool Kidz Cuts had closed I just had to reopen it for our kids and community. Since doing that in 2018 I have now relocated and renamed the salon to Taming Tangles!!! Taming Tangles is an appointment-based salon that specializes in Children’s Cuts and Styles of all ages. We offer a wide range of Hair Services for Parents, as well as a wide range of exceptional Kid Products, Services and Gifts. Taming Tangles is a wholesome, clean, and fun-filled experience for the whole family. We look forward to taking care of your family’s hair care needs!

North State Ballet is the area’s newest classical ballet school where technical skill and passionate artistry are gracefully intertwined. The school strives to inspire growth, develop excellence, and nurture students as whole individuals. The building boasts state-of-the-art studios located in south Chico. With extensive classical training themselves, both women are North State natives who offer the opportunity for their students to pursue their goals and reach their own unique potential. Classes are also offered in jazz, lyrical, and contemporary ballet. Whether you’re two or 72, NSB promises to furnish a truly exceptional experience.

1360 Longfellow Ave. Chico, CA 95926 www.TamingTangles.com 530.897.0123

312 Otterson Dr., Suite G Chico CA 95928 www.northstateballet.com northstateballet@gmail.com 530.774.2364

Carrie Jossel

Darci Crossin


Waxed is Chico’s elite waxing studio offering quality and professional hair removal. Owner and waxing enthusiast Carrie Jossel, has been offering her expertise in this industry for 15+ years. She has created a comfortable space for all women and men to come for their waxing needs. Whether it’s creating the perfect brows or getting an (almost) pain free brazilian, Carrie at Waxed is the one to see!

Apple Blossom Baby

Darci opened Apple Blossom Baby in 2006 to help families find high quality, affordable new and resale clothing. In the past 13 years, it has become a one-stop-shop for all things baby and child. You can find maternity clothes, clothes for children up to size 14, cloth diapers, baby carriers, breastfeeding support products, wood toys, organic products, and unique locally made items. Apple Blossom Baby is a great place to get your next baby shower or child’s birthday gift. They offer free wrapping and registries. There is even a playroom for your shopping convenience and many family-friendly classes.

225 Main St ste F Chico, CA 95928 Carrie@WaxedBoutique.com www.waxedboutique.com 415.994.7014

977 East Ave, Suite 90, Chico, CA 95928 www.appleblossombaby.com 530.345.1617

Miste Cliadakis is an Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) and has been working as a financial planner for over 20 years. She and her team won CN&R Best of Chico 2019 Financial Planner. Miste helps individuals and families with a focus on women, including widows, divorcees, moms and entrepreneurs. Her team helps clients grow and protect their wealth, and plan for the future. She makes recommendations based on each client’s individual goals and risk tolerance. Miste communicates with her clients in terms they understand and at a pace that fits them. Contact Miste for a complimentary consultation or second opinion.

1074 East Ave., Suite T1 Chico CA 95926 www.AltumWealth.com 530.924.0110

Dr. Suk Young Ahn DDS

Dr. Suk Young Ahn is a general dentist, practicing dentistry since 2003, and is currently seeing patients in Chico, providing services specifically for children, teens and up to young adults. Her passion and love for children comes from her strong belief that every child should be respected and understood, regardless of their age. She says, “It is a special privilege to work with children and help them understand the importance of their oral health from a very young age in a gentle and caring way.” Dr. Ahn feels very fortunate to work with an amazing staff who can “create magic” in connecting with little ones. Their team is dedicated to making each child’s dental experience a positive one. 111 Raley Blvd #260, Chico, CA 95928 www.sukahndds.com 530.342.0104

women in business

Han Mai

Instant Nails & Spa

Women in Business My family and I came to the United States in 1996. In 2001, our family took over Instant Nails and Spa when my father’s cousin retired. I attended Chico State University and had a beautiful daughter before I took over management of Instant Nails and Spa.

28 growing up chico magazine


We really appreciate our loyal customers, as many of them have been faithful customers for over 15 years. We offer a wide variety of services at Instant Nails & Spa like Spa Pedicure’s, Nails, Facials, Waxing and more. Walk-ins are welcome and gift certificates are available.

Nikki Farris

The Law Office of Nikki Farris Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Trustee

Nikki Farris is a Chico native and has been practicing law in Chico for 20 years. She loves her community and is raising her family in Chico. Nikki founded her practice on pillars of business law, estate planning and bankruptcy law. Drawing on her experience evaluating information, she helps clients develop detailed strategies for both business and individual issues.

Instant Nails & Spa 2 Williamsburg Lane Chico, CA 95928 Follow us on Facebook 530.899.0553

Nikki assists new and existing business owners in business strategy analysis and development, including business entity structure and buy-sell agreements. She has achieved favorable resolution for hundreds of bankruptcy clients, many of which were complex and difficult cases, both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. 2607 Forest Ave., Ste. 120 Chico, CA 95928 www.bakerfarrislaw.com 530.898.1488

Julie Gonzales

Emily Mellon &

Chico Creek Dance Centre

Jessica Peck

Vanessa Smith Norwex

As a mom to four busy children and a CAL FIRE wife, time and health are everything! I am passionate about removing toxins, without sacrifice, and teaching others how they can do the same in a sustainable way that saves money. Norwex has become a way of life, that has afforded my family, and so many that I have been blessed to help, with better health and more time together. I truly enjoy sharing with others how they can detox their homes while creating a positive effect on the environment for future generations to come. Norwex offers solutions. Text “crashcourse” to 530.324.5899 & learn more www.vanessatoxicfree.com Facebook #Vanessatoxicfree

DeAnna Holman Teacher, Magazine Editor, Arbonne Consultant

Once Upon a Child

Julie, along with her husband, Jake, are the owners of Chico Creek Dance Centre. They took over as new owners in May of 2019. They have the wonderful opportunity to still work alongside Artistic Director Debbie Jorritsma and help grow the dance studio for our community and dancers. Julie started out working for Debbie 9 years ago helping with costumes for performances at the studio. Her job increased over the years in helping to head up the costume department for the full-length ballets for Chico Community Ballet and other administrative roles. She has enjoyed designing and creating beautiful costumes for their pre-professional program. Chico Creek Dance Centre’s extraordinary team of instructors provides dance classes for all ages, all levels, and all styles. 1144 W. 1st Street Chico CA 95928 530.893.9028 www.chicocreekdancecentre.com

After many cities, states and countries my sister and I are excited to be back in our home town of Chico where we have settled to raise our families. We truly love it here and are so lucky to be surrounded with the good people and beautiful nature that makes it so special! Our happiness continues to grow as we embark on our newest adventure of bringing a new store to Chico! Once Upon a Child will offer parents a fun and convenient way to buy and sell gently used kids’ items. You will find clothes, toys, baby furniture and equipment that is affordable and very high quality. We want our families to know that we focus on the quality, safety and value of items that you need in your home while raising your family. We have been blessed with the opportunity to bring this amazing store to the community of Chico and look forward to seeing you in the store. We anticipate seeing you this Summer 2020. 801 East Ave, Ste 106 Chico, CA 95926 www.onceuponachildchico.com

DeAnna is a 5th-grade teacher at the newly formed Paradise Ridge Elementary School (formerly Ponderosa Elementary, Paradise Elementary, Creekside, and Evergreen schoolsnow located at the former Paradise Intermediate School). She is also a magazine editor, mother of three, and an Arbonne Consultant. As a breast cancer survivor, DeAnna is rethinking what she puts on and in her body. She believes in the Arbonne product motto: “Pure, Safe, Beneficial” because they combine the best of science and nature- from nutrition products that are vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO formulated to high-performing skincare products. DeAnna believes that everyone should invest in their health and beauty products to ensure they are safe for their entire family. Please contact her if you are interested in investing in health and/ or beauty products that you can trust or if you would like to become an Arbonne consultant. Arbonne HealthyHolman@gmail.com deannaholman.arbonne.com dholman@pusdk12.org

spring fun

S R E N Daisy’s French Toast N I W Daisy, age 7

Fresh Strawberries with Wheat French Toast and Honey for Dipping

Salmon Patties www.growingupchico.com

Jason, age 11

Ingredients: 1/4 cup chopped green onions 1/4 white onion diced small 1 egg or egg white 1 Tbsp lemon juice 1/4 cup bread crumbs 2-3 cans wild Alaskan salmon, drained 1/2 tsp salt 1/4 tsp pepper 1 tsp dried parsley 1/4 cup light mayonnaise 1 Tbsp flour

30 growing up chico magazine

Directions: Mix all ingredients in a bowl and shape into patties. Throw the patties onto a George Forman Grill for 5 minutes. You can also use Avocado oil or Ghee melted on a pan and add patties. Cook 3 minutes on each side or to your desired crispness.

Hi, my name is Jason. I chose Salmon patties as my healthy recipe. I chose this recipe because it tastes like yummy chicken nuggets.

Ingredients: 1 cup strawberries 1/3 cup honey for dipping 4 slices of wheat bread 2 eggs 1/2 cup milk 1 Tbsp brown sugar 1 Tbsp honey 1/2 tsp vanilla Instructions: Cut strawberries in quarters and save for later. Cut the wheat bread into slices for dipping. Mix remaining ingredients in a shallow dish. Dip the slices of bread in the mix. Fry on medium heat in a pan coated with vegetable spray. Cook evenly for 1 1/2 minutes each side until golden brown. Serve warm with a side of strawberries and dipping honey for a fun and healthy breakfast — this recipe yields 2 servings.

Kids 14 and under are encouraged to send in their own healthy recipes. Winning recipes will be featured in our next issue and winners will be awarded a $25 gift card! DEADLINE: MARCH 15TH Send recipe & photo of prepared recipe to: marne@growingupchico.com.

Growing Up Chico is excited to announce our NEW Win It Wednesday promotion! Every month, we will have a giveaway from one of the local businesses featured on this page. To enter to win, simply go to www.growingupchico.com/giveaways. The winners will be picked randomly on the 4th Wednesday of each month. You can enter to win the first giveaway anytime between February 1st - February 26th by 12 pm, and we will email the winner later that day. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for reminders and information on upcoming giveaways. Enter to Win 6 Tickets to Willy Wonka Kids! California Regional Theater is a theater production group dedicated to the creation of excellent theater and the education of students of all ages in the art of performance. CRT also offers many educational opportunities through children’s theater, youth theater, actor workshops, dance workshops, and various other art and music-oriented classes. Their highly successful programs are staffed by experienced, qualified instructors whose goal is to give back to the community through education and performance! (800) 722-4522, www.crtshows.com

Enter to win a $25 gift certificate from Apple Blossom Baby! Apple Blossom Baby is a local Chico shop providing popular and hard to find new items, unique locally crafted treasures, and highquality resale products. 977 East Ave. #90, Chico 530-345-1617, www.appleblossombaby.com Enter to win a one-month family membership to In Motion Fitness! In Motion Fitness is a five-acre resort of pools and palm trees nestled in a luxurious Mediterranean resort setting. We offer northern California’s largest selection of group exercise classes, fitness equipment, and aquatic facilities. We invite you to experience the World-Class facilities, services, and programs that have made In Motion Fitness a nationally acclaimed fitness facility. 1293 East 1st Avenue, Chico 530-343-5678, www.inmotionfitness.com

spring fun

Top Seven Spring Staycation Spots By: Emily Lee Hajec

stay·ca·tion /ˌstāˈkāSHn/ noun: a vacation spent in one’s home country rather than abroad, or one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions.



ur quaint community of Chico is one of the most historic small towns in all of California. It is home to the iconic Bidwell Park and wellknown Chico State University. But this “City of Trees” is a true hidden gem. With a population of just under 90,000 people, Chico has a very unique and special ambiance about it—the Downtown vibe; the smalltown feel; the creative and small business community. There is so much to experience, especially for families looking for a fun, easy, and memorable staycation. Here are our Top Seven Spots for Spring Break…Chico style! Chico Children’s Museum Opened in Spring 2019, the Chico Children’s Museum is all about learning and connecting through play! Imaginative exploration is at the core of the museum’s mission, and their educational stations and permanent exhibits are sure to delight little learners. Located in the heart of Downtown Chico, the museum features nearly 9,000 square feet of hands-on fun, including an indoor treehouse, air-propelled scarf wall, interactive career exhibits, and many more engaging sensory activities. When: Tuesday thru Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM; Sunday 12 PM – 5 PM; Monday closed Where: 325 Main Street, Chico, CA 95928 Cost: Daily admission is $9 per person for ages 2 and older; includes in/out privileges Contact: 530-809-1492; www.chicochildrensmuseum.org

32 growing up chico magazine

Downtown Chico Downtown Chico is such a fun and unique experience—it is truly the perfect family outing! Plus, it always feels good to support our local, small business community. Spend the morning strolling down Main Street and Broadway while checking out the one-of-a-kind boutiques and shops. From the National Yo-Yo Museum at Bird and Hand to the old fashioned fun at Sweet Chico Confections to the handmade creativity at Made in Chico—there is something for everyone to enjoy! Afterward, grab a table at one of the dozens of delicious restaurants. Whether you love pizza, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, sushi, barbecue, or classic Mexican cuisine—Downtown Chico is THE place to go for the BEST restaurants in Northern California. Remember to stop into Schubert’s Ice Cream or Denine’s Cupcakes before the day is done for a yummy treat—their award-winning desserts are sure to delight! When: Business hours vary by store/restaurant. Where: Downtown Chico (From Salem Street to Wall Street, and 1st Street to 6th Street) Contact: www.DowntownChico.com Terrain Park Climbing Center Whether a first-time climber or an experienced mountaineer, the Chico Terrain Park is pure indoor fun for kids of all ages! Their premier boulder gym is designed as an accessible intro for beginners, as well as a training ground for pros. Knowledgeable staff is always on-site to get you started, answer questions, and ensure safety. The center also has a challenging slackline, ping pong and foosball tables, and a Wi-Fi lounge with refreshments and snacks. When: Monday thru Sunday 9:00am-9:00 PM Where: 931 W. 5th St., Chico, CA Cost: Daily drop-in rates are $15 per adult and $12 per youth/student plus $2 shoe rentals; includes in/out privileges Contact: 530-809-0796; www.terrainparkclimbingcenter.com Gateway Science Museum For the space enthusiast, Gateway Science Museum is the place to come in Spring 2020! One of the many gems located on the Chico State campus, Gateway, will unveil its newest exhibit Mission Aerospace: An Ah-Maze-Ing Adventure in just

a few months. Join in on a learning adventure and explore the history of flight, navigation, and NASA’s vision for the future. This temporary exhibit will encourage visitors to experiment with thrust, lift, control surfaces, and gyroscopes. Be sure to call the Gateway Museum for more information about this Ah-Maze-Ing temporary exhibit, as well as details about their permanent exhibits as well. When: Regular hours are Wednesday thru Sunday 12:00–5:00 PM Where: 400 West 1st Street, Chico CA 95929 Cost: Children under 2 are free; children ages 2-17 or students $5; adults $7 Contact: 530-898-4121; www.csuchico.edu/gateway Rare Air Trampoline Park One of California’s largest indoor trampoline parks is now in Chico! Entertainment for the entire family, Rare Air, features attractions that are fun for all ages: dodge ball arenas, a battle beam, an airbag pit, slam dunk court, and even a junior jump zone for the littlest of jumpers! There is also a large arcade area, as well as food and drinks. Park staff supervises the trampolines at all times to ensure jumpers are staying safe and following rules. Be sure to visit their website to save time and complete the safety waiver prior to your visit, and for more information regarding the facility and programs offered. When: Monday thru Friday 2 PM – 8 PM; Saturday 10 AM – 9 PM; Sunday 12 PM-8 PM Where: 1090 E. 20th Street, Chico CA 95928 Cost: For pricing visit RareAirParkChico.com Contact: 530-433-5557; www.rareairparkchico.com Caper Acres Park At the heart of one of California’s largest municipal parks is an iconic playground: Caper Acres! Located in the One Mile Recreation Area and originally constructed in the 1950s, the popular play structures include a ground castle (perfect for hide-andseek!); connecting crooked houses (just built in Summer 2019!); a pirate ship (with climbing sea serpent to boot!); a two-story bridge and slide; and many more park features for good old-fashioned outdoor play! The best part? It’s free! Please note: Caper Acres is a gated park with specific operating days and hours; please be sure to call the City of Chico for park information and potential maintenance closures. When: Please contact 530-896-7800 Where: 500 South Park Drive, Chico, CA 95928 Cost: FREE Contact: 530-896-7800; www.chico.ca.us FunLand Cal Skate Chico Putt. Skate. Bat. Whether you want to roller skate indoors, play a round of miniature golf, or just get outside and swing the bat--FunLand has something for kids of all ages! Voted Chico’s Best Place for Family Fun 2019, Cal Skate features a 15,000 square foot indoor roller rink! Need a rest from all that skating fun? Hangout at their large arcade and snack bar for a change of pace. Afterward, head outdoors to their on-site batting cage facility. Dubbed “The Dugout,” it features seven stations with three speeds of baseball and two speeds of softball, and equipment is provided (or you can bring your own bat!). Ready for even more fun? Play a round of miniature golf at FunLand’s 18-hole, beautifully landscaped course. A family favorite, FunLand, is one of Chico’s best places for all-day entertainment! When: Please contact 530-343-1601 for current hours of operation. Where: 2465 Carmichael Drive, Chico, CA 95928 Cost: Please visit FunLandChico.com for information regarding pricing and rentals Contact: 530-343-1601; www.FunLandChico.com


See how many things your family can check off on the list this spring! Take a hike Fly a kite Ride bikes Splash in puddles Visit a new playground Make a bird feeder Visit a farm Plant an herb or veggie garden Go berry Picking Have a media-free day Draw with sidewalk chalk Have a picnic Visit a farmer’s market Look back at family photos Identify flowers Blow Bubbles Feed the ducks Plant a tree for Earth Day Visit a museum Climb a tree Look for a four-leaf clover Visit the library Pick up litter Dance in the rain Stargaze Go on a nature hike

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communication skills. Ages: 8 - 12 yrs, Tuesdays: 2-5 pm, Little Red Hen’s Lifespan program, Located at 2418 Cohasset Rd Suite 150.

Check out all of the great things we have to look forward to this Spring. Please note that dates and times are subject to change. Please call ahead to confirm the events.

Ongoing Events

www.growingupchico.com www.growingupchico.com

0-5 Families Outside: Hiking and outdoor adventures 3rd Friday of the month (different meet up each month). Strengthening Families Program, Youth for Change, for more details, visit www.youth4change.org or call (530) 230-0211. All Ages Playdate: Bring your friends and make some new ones! Held weekly each Friday from 10 am-12 pm at Apple Blossom Baby. Call 530-345-1617 for more details. Allegory Belly Dance: Ongoing classes for children ages 7-14 and held at the Chico Art Center. For more information and to register, please go to www. allegorybellydance.com. Azad’s Martial Arts Center: Learn from the best Martial Arts instructors around in an environment that is both safe and fun for all members of your family. Kids, teen & adult martial arts classes, self-defense, tai chi, fitness classes, and more! azadsmartialarts.com, 530-8922923. Baby and Me: Bring your baby (and your other children) and come and chat with other parents. Share your joys, let go, and be supported. Drink some tea or coffee and relax. Held on Fridays, please call for more details. Strengthening Families Program, 2856 Olive Hwy, Suite A, Oroville (530) 230-0211, www.youth4change.org.

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Barnes & Noble Storytime: Held Saturdays at 11 am in the children’s book section. Call 894-1494 or go to barnesandnoble.com for more details. Barry Kirshner Wildlife Sanctuary and Education Center: The mission of the Barry Kirshner Wildlife Foundation is to provide rehabilitation and long-term care for exotic and native species, as well as to provide educational programs on all levels, emphasizing wildlife and habitat conservation. Field trips, tours, camps, and more. Call 533-1000 or go to www.kirshner.org for more info. Birthdance Midwifery: Offers childbirth classes & comprehensive prenatal care. For more details and a schedule of upcoming classes, visit birthdancemidwifery. net or call 530-520-2296. Book Family Farm: Fun, educational, year round field trips & tours, and grass-fed meats. Fun, educational farm tours Saturdays: $5 per child, adults free if accompanied by a child. RSVP bookfamilyfarm@gmail. com or 342-4375. For up to date info, “like us” on Facebook. Buddin’ Sprouts: For children with autism and other socially related disabilities. This program is a progression of Lil’ Sprouts and serves children one-on-one to develop more advanced sensory, behavioral, social, and

Butte County Library, Chico: TUESDAYS: Preschool Storytime; Stories, songs & crafts for ages 3-5. Two sessions: 10 am & 11 am. Homework Help from 3-5 pm for grades 1-8. WEDNESDAYS: Babies Love Books; Babies ages 18 months & younger will enjoy this special story time. 11 am. Homework Help from 3-5 pm for grades 1-8. Teen Fandom Club; 4–5pm, Teens 13-17 Tell us what you are the most passionate about, whether it’s sports, Marvel superheroes, Teen Titans, Pokemon....you name it! Here you will be accepted and never judged in our welcoming and fun environment for all fans! We have different activities every week. THURSDAYS: Toddler Storytime; Stories, songs, & action rhymes for ages 3 & under. Two sessions: 10 am & 11 am. 3D Printing program in our Maker Lab from 3-6 pm, all ages. Chess Club: 3:30-5:30 under 18 only. FRIDAYS: Maker Lab from 3-6 pm. SATURDAYS: Chess Club from 11am-1 pm. Maker Lab from 3-5 pm. 1st Saturday of the month: Japanese Storytime At Chico Library; Monthly program features classic tales of Japan, Kamishibai (“paper-theater”), & Japanese songs & crafts at 1 pm. 3rd Saturday of the month: Chinese Storytime, features stories & songs in Chinese at 2 pm. 2nd & 4th Saturday of the month: StoryTail Tutors; Monthly program for beginning, struggling or reluctant readers at 2 pm. SUNDAYS: Free Family Movie: Weekly movies. Contact branch for titles and ratings. All Ages. Showtime 2 pm. 1108 Sherman Ave. 891-2726. Butte County Library, Durham: TUESDAYS: Kids Crafternoon; 3-5:30 pm, Free dropin craft program for kids of all ages (under 5 with adult help.). THURSDAYS: Preschool Storytime; 10 am, Stories, songs, and activities for children 5 and under. 2545 Durham-Dayton Hwy, Durham, 879-3835. Butte County Library, Oroville: WEDNESDAYS: Preschool Storytime, 11 am, for ages 3-5. Family Storytime, Come enjoy a sit-down story time with the whole family, no matter the age! 3:30pm. THURSDAYS: Babies Love Books, 10:30 am, Babies and parents will enjoy connecting through rhymes, songs, and books during a program created especially for them. No sign-ups are necessary. Presented by Butte County Library Literacy Services. SATURDAYS: Lego Club, 10 am-4 pm, All-day Lego fun for the whole family. Bring your imaginations, we’ll provide the Legos. SUNDAYS: Make & Take craft project for children from 2-4pm. Sensory Shenanigans Playtime is created for children with autism and/or sensory-learningdisorders, as well as their families/caregivers from 3-4pm. 1820 Mitchell Ave, Oroville, 538-7642. Butte College Foster/Kinship Care Education Program: Provides FREE Parent Education Trainings. Call 8976235 or visit www.butte.edu/services/fosterkinship for more details. Butte Parent Cafe’: Free public events where parents have meaningful, guided conversations that help solve problems that could affect their children. Dinner and childcare will be provided free of charge. Parents, Foster Parents, Grandparents, Providers, and other people working with or raising children or anyone in the community who is interested in strengthening families in our community are encouraged to attend. www.butteparentcafe.com. Chico Air Museum: The Chico Air Museum is located at 165 Ryan Avenue. This museum features air exhibits that are fun for the whole family! Open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 10am-3 pm. FREE, donations are welcome. 345-6468.

Chico Area Recreation and Park District: The Chico Area Recreation and Park District are here to help you play! They offer classes, sports, and events for all ages. For more info, visit www.chicorec.com or call (530) 895-4711. Chico Art School: Classes in painting and drawing for ages 7+. All levels. Teen art and art history classes. Monday-Saturday. Email for homeschool, after school, and adult class availability. Janet@chicoartschool.com. Chico Certified Farmers’ Market-Saturdays: Take advantage of all the excellent produce grown locally at Chico’s yearround Farmers’ Market. Held every Saturday from 7:30 am-1 pm, rain or shine, located at 2nd and Wall St. parking lot. Chico Cheer Dollar Night: A great intro to Chico Cheer. Just sign a release form and bring $1 CASH ONLY and come to the gym to play, tumble, or perfect your cheer skills! Chico Cheer equipment and gym is available to practice any level of tumbling and/or stunts. Come in on your own or join us with your group or team! $1 = 2 hours of fun! Friday 6 - 8 pm. www.ChicoCheerAllStar. com, 894-2227. Chico Children’s Museum: Our mission is to LEARN AND CONNECT THROUGH PLAY. 325 Main St. Open TuesdaySaturday: 10 am - 5 pm, Sunday: 12 pm - 5 pm, Closed Monday. To find out more about the museum, please visit www.chicochildrensmuseum.org. Chico Creek Nature Center: They offer kids of all ages a place to interact with animals and nature, discover Bidwell Park’s diverse ecosystem, and learn about preserving this natural resource. In addition they offer after school, home-school, preschool, and family programs, as well as an animal museum and nature playroom. Open Wednesday through Saturday from 11 am to 3 pm. 1968 E. 8th Street, 891-4671, www.BidwellPark.org. Chico Dojo: Kids Karate classes for kids three and up. Thirty years of teaching experience. Classes include All Belts Kids Karate, Adults All Belt Karate, Kabudo (Weapons Training), and Advanced Karate. Please call 898-9753 or go to www.chicodojo.com. Chico Doula Circle: The Chico Doula Circle can help you have your best birth experience. For more information, visit www.chicodoulacircle.com or contact Kim Humble at 530-518-0421. Chico History Museum: Featuring ever-changing exhibits on Chico, ranging from its history to its agriculture. 141 Salem St, open Thursday-Sunday, 11 am-4 pm, 891-4336. Chico Mall Family Movie Nights: Join Chico Mall every 3rd Friday of the month for Family Movie Nights. Movies begin at 7 pm near Dick’s Sporting Goods. Bring your low back chairs and blankets for the movie. No outside food or drink. Go to Facebook/ ChicoMall for movie info or call 343-0706. Chico Mall, 1950 E 20th St, Chico. Chico Mothers Club: Ongoing weekly playgroups and a variety of other fun activities for young children. Gather weekly for friendship and support. For detailed information, please visit www.chicomothersclub.org. Chico Yo Yo Club: Come learn new tricks, show off your skill, & win great prizes. Bird in Hand in Downtown Chico. Every Saturday at noon. 893-0545. Circle Time: Wednesdays from 3:15-4pm, Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9:15-10am. Join us for books and stories, songs and rhymes, dancing, shaking, music making, and of course parachute play! This class is great for all ages, but designed for toddlers and preschool age children. Taught by a Child Development major with over 10 years of experience. Held at Apple Blossom Baby, call 345-1617 for more details. Cloth Diapering Class: Is cloth diapering for you? Find out this and much more at the once a month class held at Apple Blossom Baby. Call 530-345-1617 for more details.

Dimple Deedles Kindermusik Program: Watch your child enter the room with enthusiasm as they smile at their teacher who is nurturing their progress and encouraging their development! Classes available for babies, toddlers, preschoolers and K-1st graders. In a Kindermusik class, your child’s language skills will flourish, their fine and gross motor skills will develop and their social skills will become enhanced; all while a rich musical foundation is being laid. Quality set of home materials included in monthly tuition. Sign up for a FREE Introductory class today at www.dimpledeedles.com or call 530-433-1965. Enloe’s Mother and Baby Education Center: Ongoing childbirth preparation, infant parenting, mother wellness, lactation support and infant-child CPR classes. Please call 332-3970 to register or go to enloe.org. Family Swim: The 90 degree indoor pool is always comfortable any time of year. Family Swim is open to anyone (no membership required) on Fridays from 5-8 pm. Cost is just $2 per person. For more information, contact Chico Water Sprites at 342-2999 or visit www. chicowatersprites.com. Fantastic Fridays: Athletic Horizons has the ultimate playgroup! Takes place on the 1st and 3rd Friday of the month for all children, walking to 5 years old. Contact for more information: 893-4967 or www.athletichorizons. com. Free Tennis Clinic: Held every Saturday at the Chico Racquet Club at 10am, open to all ages. 1629 Manzanita Ave, 895-1881. Gateway Science Museum: Come explore the Gateway. Visit the many hands on exhibits for kids and families of all ages. Open Wednesday-Sunday, noon-5pm. For more information, call 898-4121 or visit www.csuchico.edu/gateway. Growing Together Teens: GTT is a socialization program for teens with autism and other developmental disabilities. Designed to build friendships between participants and provide activities conducive to social behavior, cognitive, and emotional growth. Promotes individuals’ self-esteem and teaches them to become self-advocates. Employment experience is supported. 13 -17 yrs on Fridays from 2:30-5:30pm. Little Red Hen’s Lifespan program, Located at 2418 Cohasset Rd Suite 150. Home Depot Kids Workshops: Chico & Oroville. Handson building workshop for ages 5-12. 1st Saturday of each month, 9am-12pm. Free. Chico: 342-0477; Oroville: 538-0521. Jazzercise: FREE Childcare! Contact for more details and class times. 896-9743, www.jazzercise.com. Kids in Safe Seats: Low cost car seat program for Butte County residents. For more info on this program, please call Butte County Public Health 800-339-2941. Kids Night Out: Fridays at In Motion Fitness from 5:309:30. Each night includes dinner and an exciting activity. Must pre-register. Call 895-kids or visit www.inmotionfitness.net to find out more. La Leche League Breastfeeding Support Group: La Leche League offers free mother-to-mother support for breastfeeding. Babies and young children are always welcome at meetings. Meetings are held throughout the month. Please refer to the LLL of Chico Facebook page, call 4874109 or email lllofchico@gmail.com for details and times. Lil’ Sprouts: Little Red Hen’s Lifespan program, An early intervention program for children with autism. LiL’ Sprouts provides one-on-one support to help develop play skills, sensory needs, socialization, behavioral, and communication skills. Ages: 4 - 8 yrs, Mondays: 2 - 5pm, Located at 2418 Cohasset Rd. Suite 150, behind Cathy’s Sew and Vac. Little Red Hen Mommy & Me Fairy Garden Class: Floral & More: 959 East Ave. Let’s grow together! Create your own fairy garden featuring Studio M miniatures in our hands-on Mommy & Me class. $20 fee provides 1 terra-cotta pot and 3 Fairy garden plants. Miniatures are available to purchase. Refreshments will be served. Call

894-0040 to RSVP and to check dates and times. Classes fill up fast!

weather permitting. “Like” us on Facebook www. facebook.com/sdbmx to receive current track updates.

Meet & Greet: Meet & Greet Parent Support Group will be held the last Thursday of each month, from 6-8pm. Meet & Greet is for parents or caretakers of children (adult or youth) with developmental disabilities. This free program offers an evening of respite and enjoyment for parents. Meet & Greet provides support and ideas from knowledgeable parents in a light-hearted, enjoyable environment. Childcare is not provided. For more information please call Loren at Autism lifespan, 8970900.

Sunny Garden Montessori: Chico’s only indoor family play space. Our goal is to create a fun, learning environment for children and their adults through play and fun interactions. Check out the online calendar for upcoming events and classes. Open from 10am-4pm Mon-Fri. www.sunnygardenchico.com, 2801 Godman Ave Ste 140 in Chico.

Montessori Mommy and Me: Weekday playtime for children 0-5 and their parents. Children find stimulating, educational fun while parents relax. Call 343-3101 or for more info go to sunnygardenchico.com for a full schedule. Mothers Strong Support Group: Mothers Strong is a collaborative group of new mothers, families and agencies working to help mothers impacted by perinatal mood and anxiety. www.helpcentral.org/mothersstrong/ for more info. monca, The Museum of Northern California Art: The mission of the museum is to provide a vehicle for all ages to experience and create art for the sake of enjoyment, expression, social cohesion, innovation and communication. Check our website www.monca.org and Facebook page for upcoming events within and outside of the museum. Special guided tours available for groups of children, adults and organizations. Book in advance. Music Together: Music classes for little ones at Sunny Garden Montessori, call 343-3101 or info go to sunnygardenchico.com. Northern California Fertility Foundation: If you are in need of comfort, understanding, and support regarding infertility, we welcome you to come discover you are not alone in the journey. Meets on the first Thursday of every month from 6-7pm at the Enloe Conference Center, 1528 Esplanade. Speaker event held the 2nd Wednesday every other month at 6pm. For more details please visit www.northerncaliforniafertilityfoundation. org. Parents & Guardians of LGBT*Q Youth Support Group: Wednesdays 6:30-8 pm at Trinity United Methodist Church, 285 E 5 Street, Chico. Patrick Ranch Museum: Educational Field Trips, family events, tours of Glenwood Farm house & more at the Historic Patrick Ranch. To schedule a field trip and to view a list of upcoming events please visit our website at www.patrickranchmuseum.org or call 342-4359. Practical Parenting: Classes held once a month at Apple Blossom Baby, please call 345-1617 for more details and class topics. Rare Air: Toddler time Friday mornings from 9-10am & 10-11am and Saturday mornings from 9-10am. Toddler Time is dedicated to our jumpers 6 and under. Every Tuesday from 2pm-8pm is Family Night! Special Needs Day: 10am-12pm first Sunday of every month. For more info visit www.rareairparkchico.com or call 530433-5557. Reading Program: Read 10 books to your child, fill out a form and come in for a FREE book for your home library. Our hours are M-Th from 10-4pm at 2856 Olive Hwy Suite A. Strengthening Families Program, www. youth4change.org. Roo’s Zoo Skate Session at Cal Skate: Join RollerRoo for this specially designed session for kids 10 & under–strollers welcome. 10am-12pm. $5.50/child, includes quad skate rental (parents skate for $2.75); or $25/6-weeks. 343-1601. Silver Dollar BMX: First race is FREE for those looking to try something new here in Chico! There are racers as young as 3 years old and all ages are welcome! Practice/racing every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday,

The Studio 561: The Studio 561 also offers children’s painting classes, mixed media classes, family painting parties, birthday paint parties, camps, adult classes and painting parties. By local artist, Christine Mac Shane, to find out more go to christinemacshaneart.com or call 370-1285, 561 East Lindo Avenue. Thursday Night Market: Explore Downtown Chico’s Thursday Night Market on Broadway between 2nd and 5th Street, including side streets and the fabulous City Plaza! This festive, weekly market is a ton of fun and features a bounty of farm-fresh produce from CDFA certified farmers, mouth-watering prepared foods from food trucks, booths and Downtown restaurants, handmade, local arts & crafts, and live entertainment for all ages. Held April - May from 6-9pm. Time Out For Moms: Time Out For Moms meets every Friday Morning from 9am - 11am, childcare provided. This program is designed for mothers of babies, toddlers and young children in order to provide connection, support and encouragement for moms. We use a set curriculum, such as “MOPS,” and enjoy guest speakers, breakfast, and fellowship together during our weekly meetings. Visit www.bidwellpres.org for more information and registration. Any questions please call 530-343-1484. COST: $50 for full year. Tiny Tots: Geared for families with children that are ages 1-2 years old. Parents can talk with other parents, and children play while gaining small and large motor skills. Wednesdays from 10-10:30am, Strengthening Families Program, 2856 Olive Hwy, Suite A, Oroville (530) 230-0211, www.youth4change.org. Tot Time: Geared for families with children that are ages 3-5years old. We focus on age appropriate fun activities that promote school readiness. Arts and crafts and snack is provided. Mondays from 11-12pm, Strengthening Families Program, 2856 Olive Hwy, Suite A, Oroville (530) 230-0211, www.youth4change.org.

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Unschooling Self-Directed Get Togethers: Curious about unschooling/self-directed education and whether it’s a fit for your family? Are you an unschooling family interested in meeting up with fellow families? Meet with seasoned and new unschooling/self-directed families. Kids are welcome to enjoy the play ground and play room (plenty of space on rainy days) while we chat about parenting styles and options. FREEThrive, Homeschool Program, 1361 Hawthorne Ave, check website to dates and times, www.thrivechico. org. Valene L. Smith Museum of Anthropology: The museum is located in the Meriam Library complex, across from the main library entrance at the CSU Chico Campus. 400 W 1st St, 898-5397,www.csuchico.edu/ anthmuseum.

GuGu Drum Group From Shanghai Tuesday, February 4th The ancient drums and the drum movements represent a powerful lineage of drumming that dates back to Emperors of long-ago Chinese dynasties. This awardwinning percussion group from Shanghai will be presenting a theatrical drama depicting historical and culturally significant drum compositions that showcase the various percussive instruments used in ancient drum music. This high-energy extravaganza is a sure-fire bet to entertain audiences of all ages! Laxson Auditorium at 7:30pm, for tickets visit www.chicoperformances.com or call (530) 898-6333. Little Women The Musical Friday, February 7th - Sunday, February 16th Based on Louisa May Alcott’s life, Little Women follows the adventures of sister, Jo Meg, Beth and Amy March. Jo weaves the story of herself and her sisters and their experience growing upin Civil War America. Little Women embodies the complete theatrical experience, guaranteeing a night filled with laughter, tears and a lifting of the spirit! Put on by California Regional Theater, held at Center for the Arts, 1475 East Ave, Chico. Visit crtshows.com for tickets and more info.

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Growing Up Chico’s Family Fun Day Saturday, February 8th Join Growing Up Chico at the Chico Mall for a day of family fun! There will be free activities for kids, resources for families and much more. Held from 11am3pm at the Chico Mall, 1950 E 20th St. 6th Annual Chico Toy Brick Builders Show Saturday, February 8th This is our 6th annual LEGO builders show. We will have many displays, activities for kids of all ages, and a raffle. Come on out for a great day of LEGO play! 10am-4pm East Ave Church in Chico. 21st Annual Valentine’s Gala Saturday, February 8th As the Club’s most impactful fundraiser, the Valentine’s Gala ensures that we are thriving and able to accomplish our mission to continue to save and change the lives of more than 2,000 youth each year at 9 Club sites in Chico, Hamilton City, Paradise, Magalia, Oroville, and Juvenile Hall. This spectacular black tie optional evening is a special night to celebrate our youth and our Clubs and raise 10% of our operating budget. The special evening includes live music, champagne reception hosted by Allevity Employer Solutions, passed hors d’oeuvres, catered dinner by Bacio Catering, 2 bottles of wine per table, cash bar, dessert made with Club youth mentored by Sycamore Glen Active Senior Community, a special presentation by our North Valley Youth of the

Year, a boutique high end & silent auction and a one-ofa-kind live auction. We will be doing a raise the paddle to ask you to open your hearts and wallets for our Bids for Kids – Fund a Future! For more info please go to bgcnv.or org or call 530-899-0335. Chris Thile Tuesday, February 11th Multiple Grammy Award-winner and MacArthur Fellow Chris Thile, a member of Punch Brothers and Nickel Creek, and now the host of the radio program, Live from Here, is a mandolin virtuoso, composer and vocalist. Laxson Auditorium at 7:30pm, for tickets visit www.chicoperformances.com or call (530) 898-6333.

Bodytraffic - Contemporary Dance from LA Saturday, February 29th BODYTRAFFIC is a world-class contemporary dance company, known internationally for its Los Angelesgrown, contagious vivacity. The company is deeply committed to producing acclaimed works by distinctive choreographic voices, while surging to the forefront of the contemporary dance world. Laxson Auditorium at 7:30pm, for tickets visit www.chicoperformances.com or call (530) 898-6333.

Mossy Creek Saturday, February 15th Mossy Creek is a seven-member sensation, playing both original material as well as unique arrangements of traditional tunes. This Chico jewel plays with a vengeance. Harlen Adams Theatre at 7:30pm, for tickets visit www.chicoperformances.com or call (530) 898-6333. Brian Regan Saturday, February 15th Critics, fans and fellow comedians agree: Brian Regan is one of the most respected comedians in the country with Vanity Fair calling Brian, “The funniest standup alive,” Having built his 30-plus year career on the strength of his material alone, Brian’s non-stop theater tour continuously fills the most beautiful venues across North America, visiting close to 100 cities each year. Laxson Auditorium at 7:30pm, for tickets visit www. chicoperformances.com or call (530) 898-6333. Miss Nelson Has a Field Day - Field Trip Friday, February 21st A fun-filled musical from the award-winning playwright and composer Joan Cushing, based upon the book Miss Nelson Has A Field Day by Harry Allard and James Marshall. Recommended for grades Pre-K - 5. Laxson Auditorium at 9:30pm & 11:30am, for tickets visit www. chicoperformances.com or call (530) 898-6333. Chico Sportsman’s Expo 2020 Friday, February 21st - Sunday, February 23rd Chico Silver Dollar Fair Grounds in Chico. Admission $5.00, 12 & Under Free, Veterans Free on Sunday. For more info: www.chicosportsmansexpo.com. We Shall Overcome - A Celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Featuring Damien Sneed Saturday, February 22nd We Shall Overcome showcases repertoire from across the African American music traditions that electrified generations of civil rights activists and defenders with interwoven spoken word from Dr. King’s recorded speeches. Producer and Musical Director Damien Sneed has conducted and collaborated major original works for Wynton Marsalis, regularly accompanies Jessye Norman, and has toured extensively with Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, and the Clark Sisters. This production ties together a living lineage of music and culture that includes traditional gospel, modern gospel, classical, jazz, Broadway, and spirituals. Laxson Auditorium at 7:30pm, for tickets visit www.chicoperformances.com or call (530) 898-6333. Chico Science Fair Monday, February 24th - Wednesday, February 26th The 20/20 - Eye On The Future Science fair will be held at the Masonic Family Center, 1110 W. East Ave. Wednesday February 26th, will be open to the public from 8AM - 9PM (Field trips are 10AM to 1 PM), at 5PM there will be a free animal show, and at 6PM there will be an award ceremony. Check out Chicosciencefair.org for direct links to our 2020 guidelines and the judging rubrics so you can be best prepared for a thorough project. Spring Equinox Dinner Annual Fundraiser Saturday, February 29th Fundraiser dinner, dance and auction for Chico Children’s Chior. Held at Chico Elks Lodge #423. Purchase tickets on Eventbrite.com.

Empty Bowls Fundraiser Thursday, March 5th Empty Bowls in Chico celebrates 19 years in 2020! The idea is simple. A ticket gets you a handmade, ceramic bowl made by a local junior or senior high school student, and a variety of delicious soups, bread, dessert and coffee prepared and donated by local Chico restaurants. All proceeds benefit the Torres Community Shelter, a program of True North Housing Alliance. Purchase tickets on Eventbrite.com. B-The Underwater Bubble Show Friday, March 6th After another long day, as always filled with things to do, meetings, deadlines to be met, Mr. B finds himself transported as if by magic to a special, colorful, and happy place called Bubblelandia. Bubblelandia is a place in which to linger, to dream, to listen, to watch, to savor, and to marvel but, above all a place to daydream. Simple, silent storytelling is coupled with spectacular special effects and amazing performers to transport all audiences to magical place where fantasy becomes reality. Laxson Auditorium at 7:30pm, for tickets visit www.chicoperformances.com or call (530) 898-6333. 2020 Bidwell Classic Saturday, March 7th The annual Bidwell Classic will be held in Lower Bidwell Park. 5k- Starts at 8:00am, 1/2 Marathon 8:10am. This races is a fundraiser for local High Schools, (PVHS and CHP). For more information about this race or to register please visit www.fleetfeetchico.com. Stuff N Things: A Fair Retail Story Thursday, March 12th – Saturday, March 28th Featuring powerful lyrics, an engaging original score, and a social-activist marionette, this charming and provocative musical uses wry humor and brutal honesty to explore how corporate capitalism can fracture the American Dream, while sympathy with our fellow humans can lead to powerful new beginnings – all within the walls of the local convenience store. Held at the Blue Room Theatre, for tickets and more info visit www.blueroomtheatre.com. The Earth Day Film Festival Friday, March 13th - Thursday, March 19th Films will be shown at the Pageant Theatre in Chico. Special events will be held at Idea Fab Labs Chico, Butte Creek Ecological Reserve and more. Films are curated thematically into screening blocks that are 70120 min each. Tickets for individual screenings are $10 and a Full-Festival Pass is $85 (valid for all events and screenings) for the week of the festival. Chico Kite Day Sunday, March 22nd Celebrate spring at the end of a string! Bring the entire family for this free event. Experience the color and excitement of kite flying during the Annual Chico Kite Day. All kite flyers will receive a souvenir, compliments of Bird in Hand. 12-4PM. Held at Community Park, 1900 Dr. MLK Jr. Pkwy., Chico.

Sweet Repeats Spring Sale Thursday, March 26th - Sunday, March 29th The consignment pop-up event for all things baby, kid, teen & maternity in Chico & the North State! www. sweetrepeatsale.com The Jungle Book Monday, March 30th – Sunday, April 5th Adapted from Rudyard Kipling classic novel. Blue Room Youth Spring Production. Held at the Blue Room Theatre, for tickets and more info visit www.blueroomtheatre.com.

Easter Bunny Photos and Visits at Chico Mall. Friday, April 3rd – Saturday, April 11th Easter Bunny photos and visits at Chico Mall. The Easter Bunny will be at Chico Mall for photos and visits, 10am – 8pm Monday-Saturday. Check Facebook.com/ChicoMall for more bunny and event information. 9th Annual Chico Walks for Autism Saturday, April 4th Hosted by The Yellow Door. Held at Sycamore Field, Bidwell Park, 8:45AM – 11:45AM. Sign up on Eventbrite.com. Wildflower & Nature Festival Saturday, April 4th This is a free admission event packed with vendors, presenters, demonstrations, bands, food and much more! The event will run from 10am to 4pm. Kick off Spring by visiting the Wildflower & Nature Festival Riverbend Park in Oroville. Neverland Ball 2020 Saturday, April 4th A fundraiser dinner for Inspire School of Arts & Sciences. Entertainment, drinks, dancing, live music by Decades, silent auction, photo booth, face painting and more! The Big Room At Sierra Nevada Brewing Company in Chico. For tickets and more info visit www.neverlandball.com. Rock & Gem Show Saturday & Sunday, April 4th - 5th Paradise Gem and Mineral Club Annual Show! Silver Dollar Fair Grounds, 2357 Fair Street; Sat. 9-5; adults $4, free admission for children 12 and under. Celebrating the club’s 70th birthday! Show theme is “From the Fire, We Rise,” features vendors, displays, and activities for children; contact Trish Haggerty, 15267 Northlake Rd, Magalia, CA 95954, (530) 966-5112; Hagboyz5@gmail.com; www. ParadiseGem.org. Cinderella’s Closet Prom Dress Giveaway Sunday, April 5th Join Chico Mall and the Student California Teachers Association, Chico Chapter, for the 15th Annual Cinderella’s Closet prom dress giveaway for local high school students. 11am – 6pm at Chico Mall. Families may come to Chico Mall and choose a dress for their student. In addition to dresses, there will be shoes and accessories. Refreshments will be available. www.chicomall.com Jungle Book - Field Trip Wednesday, April 8th From Mowgli, to Baloo the Bear, Kaa the Snake, and more, Kidoons adapts Rudyard Kipling’s classic Jungle Book for the stage—bringing to life the characters that we know and love. Using puppetry, shadow play, and multimedia effects they tell the tale of the orphaned “man-cub” Mowgli raised by wolves in an Indian forest. Laxson Auditorium at 9:30am & 11:30am, for tickets visit www. chicoperformances.com or call (530) 898-6333.

Banff Mountain Film Festival Thursday & Friday, April 9th & 10th The ever-popular Banff Mountain Film Festival returns to Laxson with two evenings of films that tell stories of remote journeys, groundbreaking expeditions, and cutting-edge adventures told through the eyes of adventurers, photographers, and filmmakers from around the globe. Laxson Auditorium at 7:30pm, for tickets visit www.chicoperformances.com or call (530) 898-6333.

Animals is free. Activity tickets are 4 for $1, or participants may purchase a carnival fun pass for $20. Individual tickets available at the carnival. Fun Passes include a wrist band for unlimited games and bounce house use, one face painting for one participant, and a slice of pizza and small bottle of water. Location: Chico Creek Nature Center, Central Picnic Area. Ages: Recommended for families with children ages 3-8. Fee: Activity Tickets are 4 for $1 OR Unlimited Carnival Fun Pass for $20. 3-6pm.

Spring Jamboree! Saturday, April 11th The Bunny is coming to town! Children 8 years old and younger are invited to meet the Easter Bunny at the Annual Spring Jamboree! We will be hunting for colored eggs, making crafts, jumping in a bounce house and taking pictures with the Easter Bunny! Sponsored by MIX 95.1. Location: Caper Acres — Bidwell Park One-mile Times: Vary by age below 10:00 AM Ages 0-3 (2 eggs hunts) 11:00 AM Ages 4-5 11:45 AM Ages 6-8

2020 Wildflower Music Festival Saturday, April 25th This 8th annual event is a day of fun for the whole family! Check out our kid’s area with free activities, inflatables, petting zoo, crafts and more! All proceeds go to Wildflower Open Classroom, K-8 Tuition-free Charter School, 2500 Estes Rd. (End of Normal), Chico.

Wildcat Day at the Farm Friday, April 17th Visit the University’s 800-acre living laboratory for agricultural education. Join student-guided tours of the beef, sheep, swine, and organic dairy units, Organic Vegetable Project, greenhouses, meat laboratory, crops, and orchards. Shop the opening day of the University Farm’s Spring Plant Sales. Purchase nuts, olive oil, meat, and fresh vegetables produced by Chico State students, faculty, and staff. Enjoy a no-host lunch in the University Farm Arboretum. The University Farm is located at 311 Nicholas C. Schouten Lane, Chico, from 10am-3pm. For more information, visit the CSU, Chico College of Agriculture Website or Facebook page. Willy Wonka Kids Friday, April 17th - Sunday, May 3rd Roald Dahl’s timeless story of the world-famous candy man and his quest to find an heir is a golden ticket to adventure. The delicious adventures of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory light up the stage in this captivating adaptation of Roald Dahl’s fantastical tale. Featuring the enchanting songs from the 1971 film, in addition to a host of fun new songs, Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka JR. is a scrumdidilyumptious musical guaranteed to delight everyone’s sweet tooth. Now in the updated Binder format! For tickets and more info visit crtkids.com. Children’s Faire Saturday, April 18th This is a wonderful event with many family friendly activities and lots of children’s services. Free! Valley Oaks Children’s Services puts on this annual event from 10am2pm. Come on out & join the fun! Held in the Downtown City Plaza. Paradise Cook-Off Saturday, April 18th Join us to COOK, TASTE and SPONSOR a 4-Course Cooking Competition This tasting event will feature master and amateur chefs demonstrating their culinary skills and special recipes. The evening will include a sampling of 16 dishes, cash bar, live entertainment by Passive & Co., and a raffle. We have 3 local celebrity judges select the prestigious Golden Spoon and Best Decorated Station and our 300 tickets holders vote for the People’s Choice award. Tickets $15 each or $50 for a family of 4. For more info or for tickets please go to bgcnv.or org or call 530-899-0335. Comedy Night! at the El Rey Featuring Kevin Nealon! Friday, April 24th Actor, comedian, and author Kevin Nealon is best known for his nine-year stint as a cast member of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, and has received critical acclaim for his role in the Showtime series Weeds. 16+ to Attend, at the El Rey Theater, 230 West 2nd St. Tickets available on Eventbrite. com. Spring Carnival Saturday, April 25th This event features Meet Our Animals, face painting, carnival games and a bounce house. This is sure to be a fun family event! Admission to the event and to see Meet Our

Leo T. Clark Iris Display & Awards Saturday, April 25th & Sunday, April 26th Join Chico Mall and the Leo T. Clark Iris Society for their annual display and awards ceremony at Chico Mall. Iris’ will be on display both Saturday and Sunday. DFJ FREE Family Night Out Thursday, April 30th Join us for our 1st Annual DFJ Family Night Out. This free event will feature a jump house, face painters, food, and more. Come hang out with us for the evening and have some fun! Time: 5:30 - 7:30 PM. Location: Dorothy F. Johnson Center, 775 East 16th St.


Pr e sc h o o l & C hildc are D irecto ry Center





Creative Outlets In-Home Preschool

2-6 years

8:30am-1:30pm Monday-Thursday

Creative Outlets offers a true preschool experience with the benefits of a loving, in-home setting. The owner has 20 years of experience and a degree in child development. The program focuses on teaching kinder readiness and is tailored to the needs of each student. It incorporates Math, Science & Pre-Reading, utilizing Zoo Phonics, cooking & gardening. Children learn through play, music & art, while providing a safe & exciting place to learn & grow. Exploration/personal growth on an individual basis is encouraged. Nutritional snack & lunch provided.

892-8069 funnyfaces@digitalpath.net www.facebook.com/creativeoutlets


Innovative Preschool

2.5 years Kindergarten

7:30am-5:30pm Monday-Friday

Innovative is a blended preschool program that serves typically developing children and children with special needs. We focus on learning together and growing together in a stimulating, nurturing environment.

1560 Mananita Ave 343-2028 www.innovativepreschool.org

Kids Park

2-12 years

M-Th: 8am-10pm, Fri: 8am12midnight, Sat: 10am-12am, Sun:1pm-6pm

Drop in childcare, affordable hourly rates. The preschool curriculum is offered from 9:00am-11:30am. The 4 and 5 year old class is held on Monday/Wednesday/Friday and The 2 and 3 year old class is held on Tuesday/Thursday.

2477 Forest Ave. 894-6800 www.kidspark.com


Little Sprouts Preschool

2-5 years

7am-5:30pm Monday-Friday

15 Overland Ct. 345-0123 littlesproutspreschool1@gmail.com

Little Wonders

Little Sprouts Preschool offers: organic gardening and recycling. The Kindergarten readiness program has Zoo Phonics, daily circle time and enrichment activities. Nutritious snacks and lunch included.

4-5 years

Get your “Little Wonder” ready for Kindergarten by making learning fun and adventurous!

Dorothy Johnson Center 775 East 16th St. In the Little Wonders Room (530) 895-4711 www.chicorec.com/preschools

Nature School

8am - 12:30pm, Monday-Thursday, Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/ Thursday option. Runs SeptemberMay with monthly registration

3-5 years

9am - 1pm, runs in 6 week sessions on Tues, Weds, and Thursday, each day is a separate registration

A first learning experience in nature with crafts, songs, games, animal visits and guided exploration of Bidwell Park.

Chico Creek Nature Center 1968 E 8th Street 530-891-4671 x27 www.chicorec.com/preschools

Notre Dame Preschool 2.5 License #045407128

Years Old & Up

7:30am – 6pm Monday – Friday

Half Days & Full Days Available Preschool & Daycare Available

500 Orient St. (530) 487-7330 preschool@ndschico.org www.ndschico.org/preschool

Tiny Tots

3-4 years

9am - 11am, Tuesday & Thursday from September-May with monthly registration

Get your “Little Wonder” ready for Kindergarten by making learning fun and adventurous!

Dorothy Johnson Center 775 East 16th St. In the Little Wonders Room www.chicorec.com/preschools

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