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by Alba Biondi and Isabelle Andrews

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Five Coconut Grove sub-neighborhoods – each offers unique features and values.

North Grove North Grove is close to downtown Miami and features mostly single-family homes. Many contemporary construction projects have been recently built in this area. Some streets, including Emathla, Seminole, and Secoffee, offer very large lots. David Kennedy Park borders the Bay and has space for exercise and picnics under the palms. North Grove is just a jump away for those who work in Brickell or downtown and a 10-minute drive from the newest art scene in Miami, the Wynwood Arts District. From cozy neighborhoods to a waterfront manse adjacent to Villa Vizcaya and the Miami Museum of Science, North Grove offers old-world charm with a new-world global economy at its front door.

Center Grove Center Grove offers a large array of townhomes. This area is attractive for those wanting to have a more “citified” lifestyle. Most of the newer townhouses have Mediterranean or Key West-inspired architecture. In the last few years, however, a new wave of contemporary-style townhouses have been built, giving the area a modern touch. Only steps away from a vibrant nightlife, coffee shops, boutiques, and a grand supply of delicious dining establishments, Center Grove is the place to be for the “Urban Naturalist.” Something’s always happening in the Center of the Village!

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South Grove South Grove is a lush sub-neighborhood with many gated communities. Some of the most stunning Mediterranean estates are located in South Grove. Kampong Botanical Garden and Barnacle Historical State Park are located here. From waterfront splendor to a quaint Bahamian cottage, South Grove is the setting for sophisticated, quiet elegance, with a “laid back” flare. A dog walk or a bike ride through South Grove becomes a ritual. A stroll under a canopy of trees while a tropical sun rises or sets becomes your norm.

Grove Waterfront Grove Waterfront properties are the priciest in the area and remarkably beautiful. Any property with waterfront access will offer its owner magnificent views day and night. Waterfront properties may be found from North to South Grove, or you may prefer canal access, which offers a variety of depths and dockage accommodations.

Nothing compares with the serenity of the sea lapping against a dock and a gentle breeze wafting the scent of night-blooming jasmine across your patio while you watch the sun and moon rise and set. Jump on your boat, your kayak, your jet ski, or your paddleboard and head out to the Bay. Experience the freedom and mystery of the deep blue from your own backyard. . . see you Monday morning. . . maybe!

West Grove West Grove is the most affordable Grove neighborhood. This area was the original home of Bahamian settlers in the 1870s. Many of their descendants still call West Grove home. Each year a celebration of Bahamian pride is relived during the much beloved Goombay Festival. The north part of West Grove has seen a resurgence of new construction, with most of the improvements being contemporary-style townhomes. While more modest in price than surrounding neighborhoods, this area of the Grove is experiencing a renaissance of growth and revitalization, all just steps away from the lively Center Grove scene.

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EACH COCONUT GROVE SUB-NEIGHBORHOOD HAS ITS OWN UNIQUE SET OF VALUES. Property style, lot size, and age of construction offer such variety that a median sales price can only be used for a micro market evaluation for two very similar properties. The neighborhoods are so unusual because property lots measure anywhere from 5,000 to 383,000 square feet. YES, it’s that diverse!

Condos in Coconut Grove Coconut Grove offers a vast selection of condos at differing price points. From a small condo in West Grove to an expansive multimillion dollar penthouse with breathtaking views in one of the prestigious new buildings along the Bayshore corridor, “The Blue Sky’s The Limit”! Among the luxury condo buildings, here are some of the finest: • Grovenor House

• Grove Hill

• Ritz Carlton Residences

• Park Grove

• Yacht Harbor

• Beacon Harbour

• Grove Isle

• The Fairchild Grove

• Grove At Grand Bay South Bayshore Drive Corridor Most of these condos offer breathtaking water views”

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Gated communities are very reassuring for international buyers and residents who do not live in Miami year-round. They offer different values. The names of these communities are: • Camp Biscayne Munroe Drive | Main Lodge Circle | Banyan Circle • De Garmo Estates De Garmo Lane • Entrada Estates Matheson Avenue | West Avenue | Stewart Avenue • Four Way Lodge Estate Part of Poinciana Avenue • Hughes Cove Devon Road • Poinciana Close Road Part of Poinciana Avenue • The Anchorage Anchorage Way • The Moorings Moorings Court | South Moorings Way

North Moorings Way • Treasure Trove Treasure Trove Lane • Ye Little Wood | Little Avenue Wood Avenue

Townhouses and Villas in Gated Communities • Abitare

Via Abitare Way

• Bay View Villas

South Bayshore Drive

• Bayshore Villas

Bayshore Villas Drive | 2000 South Bayshore Drive

• L’Hermitage

2475 South Bayshore Drive

• Longview Villas

3471 Main Highway

• The Cloisters

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Additional Tips • When using a bank loan to buy property in a flood zone, flood insurance will be required. • For boat lovers and intrepid mariners, Coconut Grove offers sailing clubs, private and public marinas, and two private yachting clubs. Some condominiums offer deeded dock space. Most waterfront homes have seawalls and docks. • Coconut Grove is well known for its impressive canopy of trees. Most are protected, and your neighbors will expect you to respect the lush and verdant landscape as a beloved feature of the community. Since most trees are protected, a City of Miami permit is required to trim or remove one. Some big trees, such as the banyan, can have a negative impact on a property, so do your homework if you plan to build. • Peacocks are the mascot of Coconut Grove. They roam freely and are prone to a screech or two now and again. These beautiful creatures are common throughout the Grove, and drivers are asked to proceed slowly at “Peacock Crossings.” Perhaps the French kings were not so fond of these magnificent birds, though, since they dined on them regularly. Coconut Grove residents (Groveites) would discourage this practice!

So, is Coconut Grove your type of neighborhood? Do you picture yourself and your family living here, enjoying our tree-lined streets, sunrises on the Bay, and dining around the Village? This is when our knowledge of the Grove comes in handy! Leave it to us to find the best properties for you in Coconut Grove.

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