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Here you can experience a SKIING PARADISE

Markus Friedli on the North Face of the Eiger

"Everyone can discover that, in the high mountains where the air is clean and pure, you can breathe better, you feel lighter and in a better mood"; this is what JeanJacques Rousseau said about the Alps. This feeling is evident in the most authentic village in the world, as Trip Advisor described Grindelwald, the pearl of the Eiger, or the ‘Glacier Village’- two common definitions of this mountain village, which this year celebrates 125 years of winter sports. Like in many mountain areas, you can ski in Grindelwald,but here you can also practice unique sports like riding a velogemel, the bicycle invented in Grindelwald more than a century ago. Here is also the only place in Europe where you can have fun on a zip rider, a rope that lets you launch yourself along an 800m long wire at 84km/h. Grindelwald has the longest sledding piste in Europe, and it was here that the first sledding school in Switzerland was established. From slalom to ice-skating, from ski-cross to snow tubing, from paragliding to bouldering, Grindelwald is a superb mountain sports resort, and will improve even more, promises the new director in charge of the tourist office, Bruno Hauswirth. The skiing season in Grindelwald starts at the end of November and goes on until May. You can, for example, follow the course of the biggest glacier in the Alps, the Aletsch, which is 160 square kilometres, and spend the night at the Koncordia shelter at the edge of the glacier, where you have to climb 433 steps on a staircase clinging to an almost vertical sheer drop to reach. Here is an immense, unimaginable awareness of the beauty of nature and abilities of man. One doesn’t need to seek the landscape of the Himalayas when a similar experience exists in the heart of Europe. 250km of snowy pistes for skiing, snowboarding or sledding await our treasured guests. A very warm welcome to this winter sports paradise. by MARKUS FRIEDLI


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Inside Interview with Bruno Hauswirth, tourist director Grindelwald excels as an international resort


Winter Sports From snowboard to boulder, from skicross to paragliding Discover nature with snowshoes Sled down the longest piste of Europe



Eating and shopping A parade of sport fashions and good restaurants


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Real estate Setting out from home with your skis on your feet


Live in Grindelwald in a modern chalet


Map of the ski pistes The Grindelwald Magazine is a publication of GriwaGroup in Grindelwald realized in collaboration with Ville&Casali. Texts: Enrico Morelli. Printed by: Puntoweb, Via Variante di Cancelliera, snc, 00040 Ariccia Roma. Published in February 2013.



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Grindelwald ·


Family Silvia and Urs-B. Hauser Swiss Quality Hotel Belvedere Dorfstrasse 53 | CH- 3818 Grindelwald Tel +41 33 888 99 99 |

Hotel Belvedere 4* superior One of the leading Swiss first class hotels, owned and run by the Hauser family, highly recommended by famous travel guides and member of the French Gourmet Association «Chaîne des Rôtisseurs». In a sunny location, the hotel has sensational views of the Eiger with its famous north face and neighbouring mountains. With generously sized rooms and excellent cuisine, the hotel also has a spa area with a swimming pool (30° C), Jacuzzi, Finnish and bio sauna, steam bath, salt water Jacuzzi in the garden (36° C) and massage. It offers free Wi-Fi throughout the entire hotel as well as a complimentary ski bus service in the winter season.

Special offer Hotel Belvedere | Free ski or winter hiking pass offered if you stay at least 7 nights. Valid after 16 March 2013. Please mention «Eiger North Face» when booking. This special offer cannot be used cumulatively with

Family Jackie and Salvatore Ponzio Hotel Steinbock Dorfstrasse 189 | CH- 3818 Grindelwald Tel +41 33 853 89 89 |

Hotel Steinbock 3* The Ponzio family pampers you in their small, friendly, family hotel. They offer you an unforgettable holiday experience amidst Grindelwald's imposing mountain scenery - the whole year through. You will find them conveniently located next to the Grindelwald-First gondola station in town. The bus stop, right outside the front door, connects you with the other mountain railway and gondola systems. With their truly authentic pizza oven, their pizza chefs conjure up the most alluring Italian aromas and serve them at your table. Of course you will find many other delicious specialities on their menu. With a fine wine, and perhaps a shot of Grappa from the Grappa Bar's great selection, your meal will be transformed into an occasion.

other reductions and is only valid for bookings made directly at the hotels. Special offer Hotel Steinbock | Free 4-course dinner if you stay at least 5 nights. Valid throughout the entire winter.


Grindelwald the MOUNTAIN SPORT PARADISE Bruno Hauswirth, the Grindelwald tourist office director, on the meaning of international events and the direction as a mountain sport mecca


rindelwald and mountain sports- these words have been connected ever since the development of tourism. Bruno Hauswirth, the director of Grindelwald tourism, is also sure that the future of tourism in Grindelwald lies in it being “an active mountaineering resort." –first and foremost a mecca for mountain sports. Bruno Hauswirth wants to work on this clear positioning so that Grindelwald keeps its excellent reputation as a travel destination. The ideas do not have to be newly invented because the sport activities related to the mountains have always been a signboard of Grindelwald. To emphasise this, Bruno Hauswirth has had historic posters printed advertising the message of sun, mountain and sport which is still valid today. In combination with a pleasant nostalgic theme the lady with the head-scarf and never ending skis (see photo) the effect is not missed. Like Saint Moritz, Megève, Cortina, and Seefeld, Grindelwald is part of the exclusive association, Best of the Alps.

2013: ONE ANNIVERSARY AFTER ANOTHER Next to reflecting on tradition Bruno Hauswirth also supports projects with a modern character. Different strategic notice boards will be placed at important points in the village which inform about current happenings. For the tourism organization it is of course very important that the community decided during the last year for the new development of the village centre. (see interview to the Mayor). This brings new possibilities, especially in the area of tourism. The planned event space in the area of the sports centre offers a perfect stage for various productions and performances.ì Already the season 2013/2014 promises different highlights in the area of events. The Eiger North Face is one of the biggest walls of the Alps. In the 1930’s the Eiger North Face was considered the last ‘challenge of the Alps’. It was the dream of many European mountain climbers to be the first to conquer the famous wall. The many tragedies and at last, successful climb of the North Face, are reasons enough to celebrate the “the 75th anniversary of the first climb of the Eiger North Face”. From the 11 to 13 July 2013 Grindelwald tourism is organizing a media gathering to mark the occasion. Bruno Hauswirth is excited to offer this varied programme focusing on the Eiger North Face to over LEFT Bruno Hauswirth.


ABOVE Grindelwald evocative posters.

50 national and international journalists. Under the direction of the OK president Ralph Naf, who is also leader of the events and sports of the tourist organization, on 20-21 July Grindelwald launches the Eiger Ultra Trail and with it the first Ultra Trail Running event in the Bernese Oberland. A fresh competition format, which includes the stages Grosse Scheidegg, First, Berghotel Faulhorn, Schynige Platte, Wengen, Männlichen, Kleine Scheidegg and the crossing under the Eiger North Face, offers not only a spectacular, but a unique, mountain ambience.


VARIOUS BIG SPORT EVENTS What could be better for events than breathtaking scenery and a prefect infrastructure? It is no wonder that every year Grindelwald is the show place for different sport competitions sometimes with international participants. Bruno Hauswirth starts a long list: In January the Swiss Company Ski Challenge, or for short “Company Challenge”, takes place. In 2012, 250 skiers participated. In 2013 the format was refreshed and upgraded with sponsors like BMW, Aberdeen Asset Management or Rossignol. Then in February a specialty took place: the world competition of velogemel. This ‘ bike on skis’ was invented right here in Grindelwald 102 years ago. In June, top climbing athletes

measure themselves at the JuniorEuropean Championships in bouldering. The summer brings the Eiger Bike Challenge, the hard test for mountain bikers (see page18, summer section). A few weeks later the Inferno Triathlon will pass through Grindelwald, the many hour race between Thun and the Schilthorn peak with disciplines of swimming, mountain biking, cycling and running, climbing to over 5000 metres of altitude. Next is the Jungfrau Marathon in September on the Kleine Scheidegg. Grindlewlad offers also a distinctive artistic event: the World Snow Festival, in which artists from different countries create spectacular ice sculptures in the centre of the village. CLOSE CONNECTIONS TO JAPAN Grindelwald counts more than 1,000,000 overnight stays per year, equally in summer as in winter. The guests who visit Grindelwald come from all over the world. The tourist office has made it their goal to maintain this international character. That is why most information guides are available in different languages. This includes Japanese texts because, as Bruno Hauswirth explains, the Japanese are the third largest group of visitors in Grindelwald, after the Swiss and the Germans.

The reason behind this big interest towards Grindelwald by the Japanese is the exclusive twinning between Grindelwald (4,000 inhabitants) and the town of Matsumoto (230,000 inhabitants). There is a long standing sport connection with Japan: Japanese climbers have been scaling the north-west face of the Eiger since as early as 1921, and then in 1969 they tackled the legendary North Face. It is no coincidence that all the Japanese guests who arrive in Grindelwald try to make sure they have a balcony facing the Eiger. In 2013 Bruno Hauswirth is expecting even more tourists from Japan and Scandinavia because these countries are less effected by the global economic crisis. In 2014 the tourism industry is hoping for a general improvement. Bruno Hauswirth is convinced that in the years 2013 and 2014 a soft, positive, tourism growth dynamic is foreseen. This is because after four lean years in tourism demand from overseas, there will be a recovery process. Additionally the increasing investment in Swiss hotels will be rewarded in 2014 and subsequently deliver an impulse in available offers.

ABOVE A sculpture at the Snow Festival and to the right the Bachalp lake. Left, the cable car to First.



Grindelwald, a paradise for LEARNING TO SKI From snowboarding to the first sledding school in the Alps. From slalom to paragliding and ice skating, from ski-cross to sledding…




he chain of icy mountains never ceased to at tract our gaze and our hearts... the peaks rose up into the purity and freshness of the air; you forgot about the infinite, because your gaze and your mind could not encompass the things of the Earth..." This was the reaction of Johan Wolfgang von Goethe to the majesty of the Alps. The biggest glacier in the A lps is the Aletsch in the Bernese Alps, which you can admire from the Jungfraujoch. At the foot of this unique landscape, which looks most beautiful at dawn or sunset, when the sun awakens the mountains or bids them farewell, lies one of the biggest skiing areas in the Alps. The centre of all this activity is Grindelwald, the ‘Glacier Village’ known to mountaineers all over the world because from here you can admire the imposing north face of the Eiger, a summit that remained untouched by man until 1938. As a member of "Best of the Alps" this place attracts not only mountain climbers, skiers, and lovers of mountain walks, but also normal tourists from all over the world, especially Asia. Although they are increasingly numerous, not many French, Spanish, or Italian people know of this place. This may be because they think they will have problems with the German language, or worry about spending a lot. However, their numbers are increasing. Of course, if you speak English there's no problem, but there's

also always someone who speaks French or Italian, so the place is more welcoming than you might think. Even prices are not prohibitive, and there are lots of accommodation options, from one to five-star hotels, guest houses, and holiday apartments. It's also advisable to look at the offer this year connected to using the Jungfraubahnen railway on a special price. Furthermore, GriwaRent, offers about a hundred apartments for rent. There are so many sports you can do in Grindelwald and in the ski region it is part of, which also encompasses Wengen, a place that's famous for the world cup skiing championship, which is held here

every January. There are also the pistes in the little villages above the Lauterbrunnen valley, from where you can reach the Piz Gloria summit, the famous rotating restaurant where the Bond film On Her Majesty's Secret Service was filmed. So what are all these sports? SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING A total of 45 facilities established in the Jungfrau region invite winter sport lovers to have fun on the snow. The three areas BELOW Paragliding is much practised, either in the valley of Grindelwald or in the valley of Lauterbrunnen, even in winter time.


PHOTOS A boy on the velogemel, the ski bike which was invented in Grindelwald more than a century ago. Under, the "zip rider", at First which allows up to four people to ride on a rope 800 meters long at the speed of a 84km per hour. Opposite,a boy who "flies" with a snowboard.

of Grindelwald-First, Kleine Scheidegg-M채nnlichen, and M체rren-Schilthorn contain about 250k m of pi s tes, w it h ea s y and challenging slopes. More than 50% of the pistes can be covered with artificial snow. At


Special Offer

Jungfrau VIP-Pass 3 days unlimited travel Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe Kleine Scheidegg · Schynige Platte Grindelwald-First · Harder Kulm Winteregg-Mürren

Jungfraujoch Top of Europe Up to the highest-altitude railway station in Europe · 3454 m On the journey, this engineering masterpiece of the century awards simply stunning views from the middle of the famous Eiger North Wall. A wonderworld of snow and ice.

Seeing it once is better than speaking of it a thousand times. Jungfraujoch – Top of Europe: your swiss mountain experience

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top offers & more infos at

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ABOVE Upper right, Bodmi ski school in Terrassenweg, with the view of the Wetterhorn.

the foot of Grindelwald is Grund station, where you can take the train to Kleine Scheidegg or the cable car to M채nnlichen. These t wo places enci rcle a sk i i ng distr ict w it h 19 sk i lifts a nd 110k m of s up erbly g ro ome d pistes. The famous Lauberhorn descent on K leine Scheidegg is a must for all expert skiers or snowboarders. If you prefer easy or medium difficulty slopes, the sunny area of First, which can be reached easily by cable car from Grindelwald village centre, even offers a "low speed zone" two kilometres in

GO SKIING WITH THE GUIDES FROM GRINDELWALD SPORTS This year, Grindelwald celebrates 150 years of experience in mountain sports, and grindelwaldSPORTS wanted this event to coincide with the opening of a new and bigger base 100 metres from the station of the Alpine village. grindelwaldSPORTS, explains the head of the company, Johann Kaufmann, "employs about 150 ski instructors, as well as expert guides for walking on glaciers or climbing mountains in the Jungfrau Region. The most used languages are German and English, but we speak more than 10 languages". grindelwaldSPORTS works with two ski schools, one in the Bodmi area in the middle of Grindelwald village, near the hotel of the same name, and the other at M채nnlichen. You can learn both skiing and snowboarding in both of these schools, and there are kindergartens available for small children from six months of age. To find out more, we advise you to look at the website on According to grindelwaldSPORTS, the most popular excursion is the one that involves meeting at the Jungfraujoch, the highest railway station in Europe at 3454m., and a long walk along the Aletsch glacier to the Konkordia shelter. This is a twoday excursion recommended even for families and beginners, as long as they do not suffer from high altitude. Contact details: www. Dorfstrasse 103, CH-3818 Grindelwald, Tel: +41 (0)33 854 12 80 Fax: +41 (0)33 854 12 95 Email:


SKIING PHOTO Ski and snowboard lessons.

length. The meeting points for snowboarders are the B채rgelegg snow park and the superpipe at the Schreckfeld station. Located between 1650 and 3000 metres altitude, the M체rren-Schilthorn ski district is the highest in the Bernese Oberland, and guarantees excellent snow condit ion s r ight i nto s pr i ng. T he black piste "I n fer no", wh ich encompasses 15k m dow n hill at an altitude of more than 2000 metres, offers excitement for those feeling adventurous, while free-riders will find perfect conditions on the slopes of fresh snow with gradients that vary between 30 and 45 degrees. Lovers of Nordic skiing will find tracks from Lauterbrunnen to Stechelberg, that run alongside the Lutschine, plus traditional cross- country ski-


Grindelwald more in summer than w inter, is paragliding. If you want to give it a try, contact:Paragliding Jungfrau GmbH-Alain Gazzetta (tel.0041(0)79 779 90 00 o r SLEDDING, VELOGEMEL, AND SNOW SHOES Last year in Grindelwald, the first sledding school in the Alps was established. It's not a co-

incidence that the longest piste in Europe is also found there, starting from the Faulh orn and passing through Bussalp, right down to the village, stretching about 15km in length. The winter sport area offers a total of five pistes for sledding lovers, and, unlike other places, they a re nea rly a ll easy a nd conven ient ly accessi ble, so you c a n ma ke more desc ent s i n

ing trails. There is also a 15km cross country course in Grindelwald- Grund. Ski schools can be found on all the large ski slope stations-t he Sw iss Sk i School is located in the Grindelwald village centre. You can also do ski-cross and sledding in Grindelwald on optimal facilities. HOCKEY COMPETITIONS T here's a n ice ha ll in Gr indelwald, where hockey and ice kating competitions are often held. You can a lso play curling and eisstockschiessen (like b owl i ng on ic e ) i n Gr i ndelwald and other villages in the Jungfrau region. Another sport, w h ic h i s ac t ua l ly prac t ic e d



The largest selection of Swiss watch brands in the world ! And everything a tourist might want to buy in Europe Fine gifts, local souvenirs and home-made chocolates

Designer leather goods by

Kirchhofer Casino Gallery • Höheweg 73 • 3800 Interlaken Tel. +41 (0)33 828 88 80 • Fax +41(0)33 828 88 90


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PHOTOS Bodmi ski school.

less time. The bobsleigh piste, which starts out from the Allmend hu bel a nd goes a l l t he way to M端rren, is perfect for families. Night-time descents i n t h e s no w- c o v ere d l a n d -

scape and pleasant hours spent around a cheese fondue, for example in Bussalp or SulwaldIsenfluh, can be unforgettable. The Eiger Run in Alpiglen is lit up at night time from Wednes-

ABOVE Walking on the snow.


Walid My occupation: Hotel owner My passion: To make the world stop for my guests My dream: To run a hotel more stars than the that has evening sky My private bank : J ul iu s B ae b ec au se th ey he lp sh r, ap e m y ďŹ nancial horizons My name: Julius Baer, the leading Swiss private banking group, was founded in 1890 and today is present in 15 locations all over Switzerland. From Ascona, Basle, Berne, Crans-Montana, Geneva, Kreuzlingen, Lausanne, Lucerne, Lugano, Sion, St. Gallen, St. Moritz, Verbier, Zug to Zurich (head office).

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12.09.12 10:52

Grindelwald LEFT Parallel slalom with an instructor.

day to Saturday. Another way to ski in Grindelwald is to rent a velogemel, a sled-bi ke i nvented and handcrafted many years ago in this village by a carpenter, postman to enable him to deliver let ters faster. Today, it is also used in a world championship which is held in Grindelwald. A fun experience that's not to be missed! You can also enjoy the mountains at a slower pace, walking on fo ot w i t h s no w s h o e s . B ot h GrindelwaldSPORTS (grindelwaldSPORTS AG, 3818 Grindelwald www.grindelwaldsports. ch a nd Br u n ner's sch nee schu hwa nder n, Dor fs t ra sse, 3 818 G r i n d e l w a l d w w w . sc h ne esc hu hwa nder u ng.c h ) organize guided walks for beginners or experts, and routes at different levels of difficulty.

Award-winning specialities from the Bernese Oberland Unique experiences for all whiskey-lovers – exciting and fascinating! Limited bottlings.

The whisky has been matured in Oloroso Sherry barrels and stored in the rock cellar since 1875, as well as in the eternal ice of the Jungfraujoch. DistiSuisse 2011 / 12 Category win and “Whisky of the Year” for the Swiss highland single malt whisky “Ice Label” Award for the Swiss highland single malt whisky “Classic” 2010 “Marketing-Trophy” prize for the concept of the Swiss highland single malt whisky “Ice Label”, category “Medium-sized companies”

Rugen Distillery, CH-3800 Interlaken


whisky_INS_225x143_5_01.indd 2 10:52

Distributor in Switzerland: Haecky Drink & Wine Duggingerstr. 15, CH-4153 Reinach BL, Telefon +41 (0)61 716 82 60, 19

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PHOTOS Alpinists on the slopes of the Jungfrau Region.

Enjoy a week of holiday in one of our cosy apartments or chalets in Grindelwald: GriwaRent AG +41 (0) 33 854 11 40,


The experience of walking in the woods and encountering a deer, marmot, or jackdaw brings everyone together and puts you in touch with nature in an intense and special way. "Everyone can discover that, on the high mountains, where the air is clean and pure, you breathe better, you feel lighter, and in a better mood", as Jean-Jacques Rousseau said about the Alps.

The 3-star Hotel Bodmi Superior stands in a prominent location looking out over the centre of Grindelwald. The site caters perfectly to even demanding guests, because the guests are the main focus! The typical chalet hotel has 20 rooms and 3 apartments, the perfect size exclusively for individual guests. Your taste buds will be spoiled with typical Swiss dishes in the rustic restaurant. The large sun terrace offer spectacular views of the unique landscape of Grindelwald. Another kind of view awaits you in the goat shed next to the hotel: a unique wellness oasis looking onto the goat shed where our four-legged friends provide lively entertainment while you enjoy the spa. We look forward to reserving you a couple of seat for this show!

Hotel Restaurant Bodmi Terrassenweg 104 3818 Grindelwald, Schweiz Tel. +41 (0)33 853 12 20 Fax +41 (0)33 853 13 53


A warm welcome to the Jungfrau Lodge hotel in the heart of Grindelwald. Continuing a 100-year family tradition, I manage this hotel which has now been run by the family for four generations. The Jungfrau Lodge hotel looks out over the legendary northern face of the Eiger, making it the ideal base for discovering the beauty of nature and the mountain world. Comfortable rooms, a regional breakfast buffet, and traditional local cuisine in the evening promise an unforgettable stay. I look forward to meeting you! Renata Märkle Nufer

Hotel Jungfrau Lodge – Swiss Mountain Hotel Renata Märkle Nufer, Dorfstrasse 49, CH-3818 Grindelwald T +41 (0)33 854 41 41, F +41 (0)33 854 41 42,,


An Alpine wonderland just waiting to be discovered on SNOWSHOES In Grindelwald in the Jungfrau region, you can follow soft-footed on the trail of marmots and deer, surrounded by breath-taking views.


ollow soft-footed on the t ra i l of ma r mots a nd d e e r. A d m i r e f a l c o n s a nd eagles i n f l ight. Wa l k i n t he fa i r y-ta le A lpi ne la ndscape created by snow and ice at the foot of the Eiger, the Mönch, and the Jungfrau, the mountains of the Bernese Alps, a world her itage s ite t h at's becomi ng i ncreasi ngly fashionable. "Thousands of people enjoy this unforgettable experience every year", says Johann Kaufmann, the man in charge of the company Grindel waldS P ORT S, w h i c h i s b a s e d i n the Grindelwald tourist office. These include Germans, Swiss, Americans ,and English,as well as Italian, French, and Spanish ". Just put snow rackets on your feet and there's instant fun for everyone.Children start at 8 yea r s old, but you c a n even wa l k on snow at seven or more". Exploring to the beat rack in the snow, in the middle of the wood, in a landscape muffled by snow, is a unique and unforgettable experience. Gr i ndelwa ldSPORTS employs a bout 150 sk i instr uctors, as well as expert guides for walks on snowshoes,also know n as snow rackets, a nd Br u n ner ’s Schneeschuhwandern, which is near the Grand Bazar of the same name in the village centre. Ha ns Br un ner, who is i n charge of the organisation,also r uns a school for ch i ldren in Mä n n l ichen c a l led Fel i x Sk i Paradies, and can call on the


ser v ices of several dozen ins t r uc tors a nd A lpi ne g u ides. Both GrindelwaldSPORTS and Brunner's employ staff speaki ng ma ny la ng uages. Bot h orga n isat ions rent out snow shoes and ot her accessories. The rackets are easy to wear over shoes, and enable you to move on snow without sinking or slipping.The firstmodels appeared in Grindelwald in 1888 (three years before skis), and can be admired in the village's h istor y museum. T he buck le on t he snow shoes is d i fferent on the right and left, and must a lways be on the outer side. Modern snow shoes are no longer made of wood a nd rope in a bean shape, like in t he past, but a re now made from plast ic a nd fit ted w it h

PHOTO With the racketshoes at 3.000 metres.

crampons on the back for better g r ip on s te ep slop es, a s well as sma ll meta l teet h on the bottom. They are also fitted with joints, heel lifts, and automatic and semi- automatic at tach ments for boots. T hey can cost between 100 and 300 euros depending on the quality. Walking in snow shoes is easy, but you have to keep your legs slightly apart and lift and place your feet firmly, especially if the snow is fresh. Your movements must be fluid, and you need to stand up straight without leaning too far forward or backwards, to keep your weight c e nt r a l a n d m a k e s u r e t h e strains on your legs and not on


your back. It's essential to get hold of ski poles or telescopic hiking poles with a wide disk on the bottom.You also need to learn a few tricks, for example, when you're facing a transverse passage flanking the mountain, because it's not always possible to keep your feet on the same level. But you learn quickly! It's also important to wrap up well with a thermal undershirt and a jumper or f leece, ideally in w indbreaker material, and to get hold of a waterproof jacket, again preferably a windbreaker. You should also wear long trousers, summer ones are fine, with tights underneath.Heavy trousers like jeans or velvet get drenched, soaking up water like sponges, which makes themharder to move. Trekking socks are better than the old woollen socks.High boots that protect your calves are also essential for snow shoes, if possible with a goretex lining. It's advisable to treat your boots with hydrorepellent products. Finally, wear

gaiters to stop water getting in. But what hikes are there to go on in Grindelwald and the surrounding area? How much experience is needed? And how much do they cost? "Our hikes are mostly easy and take place in the village", explains Hans Brunner, "in groups of at least four people. The price includes a fondue din ner w ith mulled w i ne." Br u n ner's of fers f ive hikes, of which t wo are easy and three of medium difficulty. The first t wo last an hour a nd ta ke place at t he foot of the Wetterhorn, the others last between two and three and a half hours at as lightly higher altitude, from Bort to Bussalp or beneath the Eiger. Prices range from 38 to 110 fra ncs. Some walks take place in moonlight, beginning at 17.30 and ending at 23.30, w ith a brea kast for dinner. GrindelwaldSPORTS organises all kinds of excursions, from half a day to five hours. Some require safet y training days practicing exercises in the

field. Walking off the beaten track can actually be dangerous, especially without a guide. This is why you need to make sure you have a radio transm it ter (A RVA) , a shovel, a nd a probe, wh ich a re essent ia l for being found after an avalanche. GrindelwaldSPORTS offers excursions to Grindelwald and the nearby villages, from Lauterbr un nen to Mei r i ngen. "B ut t he mos t s p e c tac u la r", says Joha n n Kau fma n n,"has to be the one that takes you to nearly four thousand metres to the Aebniflueh". It's a four-day itinerar y, star ting out w ith a train journey to the Jungfraujoch at 3454 metres, to t hen descend on the glacier down to Konkordia Platz. The next day you cross the great Aletschfirn, up to the Hollandia shelter. The cl i m b towa rds Aebn i f lueh at 3892 metres starts in the early hours of the third day. At this point it's easy to see why the area is considered a UNESCO world heritage site.



Down the LONGEST and most convenient PISTE IN EUROPE on a sled From the Faulhorn to Bussalp and then on to Grindelwald, covering nearly 15km, and it's only one of five routes that wind their way down the slopes of the Eiger.


hen and where was t he sled i nvented? I n Sw itzerland of course, in 1883. However, it was the work of t he English, who thought how fun it would be to go down a piste in a vehicle that until then had only been used for transporting milk cans, firewood, and hay from the Alpine farm huts. Twenty years later, the first international federation for sled races was established. The Bernese Oberland in


Switzerland are also home to the longest natural sled slope, which descends from the top of the Faulhorn to Grindelwald. The slope is 15km long and can be reached by taking the cable car that goes from the village centre to First, and then walking for two hours, or taking a bus to Bussalp and walking, again for two hours. If you'd prefer a shorter slope, though still a good 6km, you can stop in Bussalp itself at about 2200m of altitude, where you can also find a good restaurant, and then descend to

Grindelwald, looking out for the bus that goes up and takes up the piste in some places. However, the bus only goes past at long intervals and announces itself at every bend with a horn blast. Another nice piste is the one called the Eiger Run, which descends from Kleine Scheidegg to Brandegg, which is also where the apple walk (Öpfelchuechliweg) leads to. This walk starts out from Holenstein, the first stop of the cable car that runs from Grindelwald to Männlichen. In Brandegg, you can eat delicious


PHOTOS Sledging lessons for all ages.

dishes made from local cheeses and cured meats, but the unmissable desserts are the apple fritters with vanilla cream! The Eiger Run is lit up in the evening from Wednesday to Saturday. You can also take a bus up to Bussalp every evening, dine on a delicious fondue (Grindelwald is famous for its cheeses - it produces a total of 90 tonnes per year), and drink a good local beer like Rugenbr채u, then launch yourself into the return journey at 4050km/h with a special lamp on your head - another unforgettable adventure! By day, however, you can admire the mountains that encircle the biggest glacier in Europe, the Aletsch, which is 160 square kilometres. For sledlovers, Grindelwald offers a beginners' piste in the large park of the Bodmi school in the village centre, the first school in Europe where you can learn to use a sled properly. The school is run by Grindelwald Sports, which you can contact in Bodmi or at

the tourist office, but the rules and instr uctors are prov ided by the Grindelwald Rodel Club. This club is also working with the Berna authorities to improve safety on the pistes, where accidents, which can be fatal, currently happen too often. "You don't have to go fast", explains Albert Steffen, the Swiss champion who lives in Grindelwald,

"but you do need to learn to control the sled". Sledding doesn't require a huge amount of equipment, but it is advisable to wear mountain boots, even spiked ones, snow trousers with gaiters, and good gloves, as well as a good windbreaker and a helmet. Furthermore, it is essential to be familiar with the vehicles and a few steering tricks. The courses



offered by grindelwaldSPORTS last from 1 to 5 days. "You don't have to be young to go sledding", says Albert Steffen, "but you do have to be competent." It takes a day of school to learn how to break, tackle a bend, and learn

the general rules of conduct, but if you want to hurtle along at 90km/ h on sports sleds, the ones that rest on sharp blades at twice the usual tilt, that is, at 45 degrees, even five days might not be enough. Grindelwald not

The Swiss Snow and Mountain Sport School grindelwaldSPORTS AG is turning 10 and is giving itself the biggest gift of all. In the winter season 2012/2013 it is moving its headquarters and in addition to its reservation ofďŹ ce is also opening a small cafe/bistro and an outdoor shop. With its new business concept, grindelwaldSPORTS wants to create a meeting point for outdoor fans.

only boasts the longest piste in Europe, but also has four other pistes t hat have t he adva ntage of being convenient, since they can be reached by cable car (Männlichen), train (Kleine Scheidegg), and bus (Bussalp and Grosse Scheidegg). The village of the glaciers, as Grindelwald is known, is therefore a paradise of natural pistes for sleds, made from packed snow. This mountain village at the foot of the Jungfrau is also the home of the velogemel. This is the wooden ski bike that was invented here more than a century ago so the postmen could deliver the post faster. Every year between January and February, an international velogemel competition is held in Grindelwald. Needless to say, Grindelwald is not short of wood artisans who build velegemels, sleds, and transport sledges, from a few hundred to thousands of euros!

At the renovated site, you can drop right into nature 1000 metres above sea level and can experience a location where you can share experiences and interesting adventures. At the same time, the latest outdoor clothing will be presented and trends in the mountain hardware area can be experienced up close and personal.


+41 (0)33 854 12 80, griwarent_publi.indd 2

15.01.13 16:30

NEUSTE HOLZBAUTECHNOLOGIE HOLZBAUTECHNOLOGIE VErY NEUSTE LATEST TIMBEr CONSTrUCTION TECHNOLOGY combined with old traditions vereint vereint mit mitalten alten Traditionen Traditionen After the existing house hadWohnhauses been demolished, Nach NachAbbruch Abbruch des desbestehenden bestehenden Wohnhauses hatte hattedie diethe Bauherrschaft Bauherrschaft den denWunsch, Wunsch, Teile Teileparts des desalten alten Hauses Hauses wieder constructor wanted to reuse of the old wieder buildzuzuverwenden. verwenden. Von Vonder deralten altenKonstruktion Konstruktion konnten konntenininder der ing. In the workshop, parts of the old constructions eigenen eigenen Werkhalle WerkhalleTeile Teilein indie dieneuen neuen Elementwände Elementwände were integrated and built into the new elements integriert integriertund undverbaut verbautwerden. werden. walls. Die DieFenster Fensteraus aus Altholz Altholz mit mitDreifachverglasung Dreifachverglasung integriert integriert The windows made from recovered wood with triple inindie dieBlockwände Blockwände aus austhe Echtaltholz, Echtaltholz, sosowie wiedie dieübrige übrige glazing integrated into real recovered wood log Gebäudehülle Gebäudehülle entsprechen den denbuilding heutigen heutigen Minergie walls as well asentsprechen the rest of the shellMinergie comply Standarts Standarts und und lassen lassenstandards der der Bauherrschaft Bauherrschaft jeglichen jeglichen with current Minergie and leave the posAusbauwunsch Ausbauwunsch offen. sibility of extensions

The modern system inteDie Die moderne moderneheating Heizung Heizungand und undphotovoltaic die die ins ins Dach Dach integrierte integrierte grated into the roof complete the built with the Photovoltaik Photovoltaik Anlage Anlage runden rundendas das ininhouse neuster neuster Technologie Technologie gebaute gebaute Haus Hausab. ab. latest technology.

Unser Unser Firmensitz Firmensitz befindet befindet sich seit seit l902 l902 der derSpillstattstrasse Spillstattstrasse 58ininGrindelwald. Grindelwald. Diefrühere frühere Skifabrikation Skifabrikation und und Our company head officessich have been inanan Spillstattstrasse 58 in58 Grindelwald since Die 1902. The former ski manufacturer and Schreinerei Schreinerei hat hatsich sich ininmehreren mehreren UmUmund undconstruction Ausbauetappen Ausbauetappen zum zum heutigen heutigen modernen modernen HolzbauHolzbauund und Schreinereibetrieb joinery developed into the modern timber and joinery business in several stages ofSchreinereibetrieb conversion and extension. entwickelt. entwickelt. The 25 motivated employees beherrschen are mastersdie of traditionelle the traditionSchreinercraft of joinery and carpentry and work with state-of-the-art 25 25motivierte motivierte Mitarbeiter/innen Mitarbeiter/innen beherrschen die traditionelle Schreinerund undZimmermannskunst Zimmermannskunst und und bearbeiten bearbeiten mit mit equipment as CAD for plans and CNC and other CNCelectronically controlled machines, components, and modernsten modernstensuch Einrichtungen Einrichtungen wie wie CAD CAD für fürdrawings, Pläne Pläne und und Zeichnungen, Zeichnungen, CNC- und und weiteren weiteren elektronisch elektronisch gesteuerten gesteuerten equipment of all kinds. Maschinen MaschinenBauteile Bauteile und undEinrichtungen Einrichtungenaller allerArt. Art. Durch Durchstetige stetigeWeiterbildung Weiterbildungunseres unseresMitarbeiterteams Mitarbeiterteamserreichen erreichenwir wirein einHöchstmass HöchstmassananPräzision, Präzision,Kompetenz Kompetenzund undInnovation. Innovation. The continual further training of our team allowsder usKunden to achieve the utmost precision, skill, andAnforderungen innovation.This is what Nur Nurso sogelingt gelingtes esuns unsauch auch die dieexklusiven exklusiven Wünsche Wünsche der Kunden zuzuerfüllen erfüllen und undden denstetig stetigsteigenden steigenden Anforderungen gerecht gerecht zuzu enables us to fulfil the exclusive wishes of our customers and meet ever-growing demands. werden. werden.

Dienstleistungen Dienstleistungen der KA KAHolzbau HolzbauAG: AG: KA HOLZBAU AGder SErVICES Roofing work: Dachdeckerarbeiten: Dachdeckerarbeiten: • •With allsämtlichen roofing materials • mit mit sämtlichen Bedachungsmaterialien Bedachungsmaterialien • •Roof insulation • Dachisolationen Dachisolationen • •Installation of roof windows • Dachfenstereinbau Dachfenstereinbau • •Photovoltaic installations • Photovoltaik Photovoltaik Anlagen Anlagen Zimmereiarbeiten: Zimmereiarbeiten: Carpentry work • •Element timber construction • Elementholzbau Elementholzbau • •Timber industrialised building • Montagebau Montagebau ininHolz Holz • •Log building • Fleckenbau Fleckenbau • •Agricultural buildings Bauten • Landwirtschaftliche Landwirtschaftliche Bauten • •Building renovation • Gebäudesanierungen Gebäudesanierungen • •Roof construction • Dachkonstruktionen Dachkonstruktionen • •Staircase construction • Treppenbau Treppenbau • •Interior construction • Innenausbau Innenausbau Schreinerarbeiten: Schreinerarbeiten: Carpentry work • • HolzHolzund Holzmetallenster Holzmetallenster • Wood andund wood metal windows • • Zertifizierte Zertifizierte Minergiefenster Minergiefenster • Certified Minergie windows • Heimatschutzfenster Heimatschutzfenster • •Security windows • HauseingangHauseingangund undZimmertüren Zimmertüren • •Front doors and room doors • types Küchen Küchen allerArt Art • •All of aller kitchens • Schränke Schränke verschiedenen verschiedenen Holzarten Holzarten • •Cupboards ininin various types of wood • Kassettendecken Kassettendecken • •Coffered ceilings • Badezimmermöbel Badezimmermöbel • •Bathroom furniture • Innenausbau Innenausbau mit mitechtem echtem Altholz Altholz • •Interior construction with real recovered wood


Setting out FROM HOME with your SKIS ON YOUR FEET Straight on the pistes in the new Rothenegg complex just outside Grindelwald, 300 metres from Grund station and the Männlichen cable car.


ust outside Grindelwald, the ‘Glacier village’, six new cha lets are being built, three one-family homes and three divided into apartments. These represent t he last op portunity to buy a new house at the foot of the Eiger (after the recent Sw iss referendum that drastically limited new constructions of holiday apa r t ments a nd cha lets ) . I n the heart of Switzerland, yet only a few hours from Milan, London, Amsterdam, Paris etc, Grindelwald is situated at just above 1000 metres, and is the most important village in the Jungfrau region, which attracts a million visitors from all over the world ever y year. This is the new property project of GriwaGroup, the company headed by the architect Markus Friedli, that builds luxury chalets and offers a ra nge of add it iona l s er v ic e s, f rom f i n a nc i ng to renting. It is located at the top of t he ma i n v i l lage st reet i n Rot henegg, 900 met res from the centre and only 300 met res from Gr u nd stat ion a nd the Männlichen cable car. This means that you can reach both t he more t ha n t wo hu nd red kilometres of pistes in the skiing district and the numerous paths in the valley, which is a UNESCO heritage site, either on foot or by bus just one stop away. F rom Rot henegg it's easy to get to the Jungfraujoch, at 3454m, where there is the highest railway station in


ABOVE View on the Eiger from Grindelwald in winter. Below, one of the chalets being built in the Rothenegg area.


How much does a chalet cost? Composed of five bedrooms, a living room with a fireplace, three bathrooms, a kitchen, a garage, a laundry room, and a sauna (extra) etc. over a total surface of 350m2 and 149m2 of balconies, the prices vary around CHF 4,25 millions.

Europe (Top of Europe), which celebrated its centena r y last year. From here you can look out over t he A letsch glacier, which at 160km2, is the largest in the Alps. The Rothenegg complex is set to become the most beautiful advertisement for Grindelwald, a village of 4 thousand inhabitants, famous not only for its glaciers and cheese (of which it produces 90 thousand tonnes a year), but also for the numerous Alpine sports played here (from skiing to snowboarding,

from ski-cross to velogemel, the ski bike that was invented right here, from sledding to bouldering), as well as mountain biki ng a nd pa raglidi ng i n summer. In 2013, Grindelwald will celebrate its 125th anniversary as a ski resort. Grindelwald is an authentic village, par t of the "Best of the Alps" association, (along with places like Cortina, Megève and Saint Moritz), and distinguished not only by the beaut y of its 4 0 0 0 met re mou nta i n s, but also by the quality of its hous-

ABOVE The Rothenegg project with detached chalets and multiple apartment chalets.

es, which are all eco-friendly, strictly built from wood, and with low energy consumption, luxury buildings with furnished kitchens and domestic applia nces from t he best bra nds. T he mounta i n cha let of your dreams, amidst a unique landscape both idyllic in summer, when everything is in bloom, and in winter, when Grindelwald becomes a w inter wonderland.

How much does an apartment cost? On the ground floor (with western exposure), a 49.4m2 one-bedroom apartment with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, price: CHF 495.000. First floor (western exposure): 2 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, 2 bathrooms, 81.8m2, price: CHF 975.000. Penthouse and roof-top apartment, 3 bedrooms, living room, 3 bathrooms, kitchen, price: CHF 2,8 millions.



MODERN CHALETS are also being built in Grindelwald How new constructions are changing to attract a younger and more sophisticated international clientele.


bout 800 metres from the centre of Grindelwald, in the sunniest part of the "Glacier Village’ in the Bernese Alps, with a panoramic view of the Eiger and the Wetterhorn, and right in front of the Mannlichen ski pistes, three large luxury chalets are under construction, one in a traditional style and two in a modern style. The first will be composed of three apartments of 123m², 134m², and 190m² with large terraces, basements, and parking lots. The modern chalets will contain in total 10 apartments, including two penthouses. The new property project is being handled by GriwaGroup, the company headed by the architect Markus Friedli that specialises in building luxury, environmentally sustainable chalets of the highest quality standards. Grindelwald is located in the heart of Switzerland in the Jungfrau region. The Jungfrau is considered a

UNESCO heritage site and from there you can reach the highest railway station in Europe on the Jungfraujoch at 3454m and admire the Aletsch glacier, which, at 160km², is the biggest in the Alps. Every year a million visitors come to this magical site. Anyone who comes to Grindelwald will find about 250km of ski pistes and about 500km of mountain paths. Grindelwald is a real

How much do the apartments cost? Now is something of a last chance to buy in Grindelwald, after a Swiss referendum limited constructions for non-residents to no more than 20% of those for residents. Apartments in the traditional chalet Silberhorn A range from about CHF 1,75 millions for a 123m2 apartment to CHF 3,28 millions for a 190m2 penthouse. In Silberhorn B, that is, in the two modern chalets, a 52m2 apartment on the ground floor with bedroom, living room, and services with a 36m2 terrace costs CHF 560.000; an 80m2 two-bedroom apartment on the first floor with living room and services with a 27m2 terrace costs about CHF 860.000; a 146m2 three-bedroom penthouse costs CHF 2,65 millions.


paradise for anyone who loves mountains and authentic nature. Though it's part of the "Best of the Alps" association, along with Cortina, Gstaad, Zermatt and Saint Moritz, Grindelwald is different because of its low profile and strong international appeal. In fact, the village is lively all year round, and hosts about a dozen international global sporting events.

F a a t p i m y e T V C S i A a c r N m i r y a A


… so near to you! From solid to traditional to modern: as well as kitchens, floor coverings and curtains, you’ll find everything that transforms living into an experience: our latest range of offers includes almost all the well-known manufacturers and so embraces your living requirements in an exceptional manner – DE SEDE, TEAM 7, ROLF BENZ, HÜLSTA, VOGLAUER, TEAM BY WELLIS, CREATION BAUMANN and RIPOSA, are only a few of the highlights in our selection. And always with the necessary advice and planning from over 10 consultants as well as a free delivery and assembly service. Near to you – in the wonderful mountain world of Interlaken. Call in and see us – you’ll find everything you’re looking for to create your ideal home displayed on an area of over 5000 m2. As well as a warm welcome!



«Tronco», table in pine oak by Sprenger.


Inviting sofas by Walter Knoll, available in quality textile as well as leather.


«Magnum», large, extendable dining table by Team 7.


«Mondo», bed in pine oak by Sprenger.

«Customer proximity and satisfaction have been our premier priority for over 35 years» Werner von Allmen

Everything under one roof Wohncenter von Allmen Beim Bahnhof Ost Untere Bönigstrasse 8 3800 Interlaken Tel. 033 828 61 11


A PARADE of the top SPORT fashions From Alprausch to Salewa, from Mont-bell to Mammut.


oing shopping in Grindelwald can be both, useful and fun. In the last fe w y e a r s , a nu m b e r of prest ig ious spor ts brand have set up shop here, from Ma m mut to Salewa, as well as sport fashion brands from Montbell to Wolfskin, from Alprausch to Tommy Hillfiger. You can also f i nd ot her bra nd s i n s p or t s clothing and equipment shops, such as Intersport Graf, Bernet, Buri Sport, Brunner’s, Salewa and etc. For watches, the only place is Kirchhofer, in the town centre in front of the mini-golf range, which also has a branch

BELOW Kirchhofer shop for jewels and watches and the new meeting place GrindelLounge & Deko.


in Interlaken. The most highlyrated delicatessens are on Dorfstrasse, the central street of the village. These include the Toni Roth and Hans Roth butcher's, where you can by many specialities, such as tasty sausage meats (like bresaola beef) and stea ks of a ll k inds. T he best well-stocked cheese shop belongs to Peter Gertsch, and it’s located on Spi l lstat tst rasse, r ight a fter t he Schwei zerhof hotel. For chocolate, the best place is t he cent re; t he best stocked shop is Merkur, while the nearby baker y, Ringgenberg Backerei-Konditorei, has a good selec t ion of past r ies and cakes, in particular the famous Kaser torte. There's only one choice for t r y i ng a l l t he

Italian specialities, and that's Poco Molto, which is owned by Salvatore Ponzio, who runs the well-known restaurant Pizzeria da Salvi with passion. Here you ca n fi nd a huge num ber of Italian wines and olive oils, pastas, and all kinds of sauces. In the centre of the village, directly opposite the real estate agent offices of GriwaGroup is the new GrindelLounge. Grindelwald offers a huge choice of restaura nts, wh ich mostly serve Swiss and international cuisine. Other than Salvi, which specialises in Italian cuisine, you can eat well at C&M in a welcoming and romantic atmosphere and enjoy a superb view of the Grindelwald glacier. The best restaurants are generally


ABOVE Salvatore Ponzio, owner of the restaurant Da Salvi and of the Italian delicatessen shop Poco Molto shows Grindelwald's whiskey. To the right, two employees, Pedro Pereira and Giannandrea Gianbattista.

to be found in prestigious hotels, such as the newly renovated Aspen alpin lifestyle Hotel, 5km from the Centre, which also offers a magnificent view of Grindelwald and the Eiger, or

the Kreuz Hotel, which boasts a chalet-"stube" and excellent cuisine. The Aspen restaurant, which is very sophisticated and modern, is run by the Grossniklaus family. You are guaranteed dishes that are pleasing to both the eye and the palate, thanks to the chef, Sebastian Schuster, who won the Swiss Gastro Award in 2010 for his skill in giving a modern twist to tra-

dition Swiss cuisine. Another excellent restaurant is the very central and welcoming one at the Belvedere Hotel, which is run by the Hauser family and offers good French cuisine. The Alpine Hotel, which is run by the Wolf-Stucki family, even offers vegetarian food. A good family restaurant is the Hotel Bodmi. On the edge of Grindelwald, on the road to Grosse Scheidegg, a

TONI ROTH BUTCHER'S Poco Molto · Dorfstrasse 191 · CH-3818 Grindelwald Tel. +41 33 853 03 33 · +41 33 853 10 48 (Gerbi) ·

Roth Butcher’s leased the premises of the Chr. Inäbnit family in Auf der Gerbi on the 1st December 1998. The butcher’s is a family business. The parents Toni and Doris are the managers and the three sons Michael, Urs, and Thomas are happy to help whenever they are needed. As a trained butcher, Urs is employed in the shop all year round.

SOME OF OUR SPECIALITIES: · spicy «indian» pork · Grindelwald dried meat · Holzmatten ham OUR DEVELOPED SAUSAGES: · Hintisberg-Chnebel · Bachseeli salami · Garlic sausage

The priority of the butcher’s to use as many local animals as possible. The beef is 100 % local; all the veal needed can be provided by the valley except for in peak season. From September to mid-November, products made from Alpine pigs, which are raised extremely healthy, are available. There are also some animals we only slaughter and process; products made from these are then marketed directly on farms or in farm shops. Roth Butcher’s offers four full-time positions, as well as training an apprentice. In December 2011, we opened an attractive branch in the Italian speciality store 'Poco Molto' on Dorfstrasse in Graben. We hope you enjoy your meal with the delicacies from the Toni Roth butcher‘s.



ABOVE Chocolate pralines at Merkur's in the center and, to the right, the Italian trademark Salewa.

good place to stop after trekking is the Wetterhorn Hotel, while outside Grindelwald you ca n go to nea rby Wi ldersw i l and eat at the Alpenblick Hotel, where the restaurant boasts 1 Michel star and 17 Gault Millau points. In Unterseen (Interlaken)we also recommend the restaurant Benacus in the old town square.

Gourmet restaurants Aspen alpin lifestyle Hotel Aspen 1, Tel.: +41 (0) 33 854 40 00 Rest. Da Salvi Dorfstrasse 189, Tel.: +41 (0) 33 853 89 89 Hotel Belvedere Dorfstrasse 53, Tel.: +41 (0) 33 888 99 99 C&M Dorfstrasse, Tel.: +41 (0) 33 853 07 10 Hotel Kreuz&Post Dorfstrasse 85, Tel.: +41 (0) 33 854 54 92 Hotel Rest. Alpina Kreuzweg 9,

Tel.: +41 (0) 33 854 33 44 Hotel Alpenblick Oberdorfstrasse 3, Wilderswil Tel.: +41 (0) 33 828 35 50 Rest. Benacus Kirchgasse 15, Unterseen Tel.: +41 (0) 33 821 20 20 Hotel Wetterhorn Obere Gletscherstrasse 159, Tel.: +41 (0) 33 853 58 18 Hotel Bodmi Terrassenweg, Tel.: +41 (0) 33 853 12 20

Those who build build the future

Karl Anderegg AG Building Contractor 3818 Grindelwald 34

Tel. 033 853 30 23 Fax 033 853 30 29

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