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Griffiti Issue 51

October 2012 Contributers

Aimee Doyle Alex Cox Amy O Loughlan Bernard Moran Christine Fagerbakke Declan Burke Dirk Peschka Holly Lenny Jack Jonasson James Dooely Jenny Butler John Berrill Lance Kerrigan Laura Emily Downes Matthew Foyle Maximilian Hogemann Muhammad Sami Pia Stromme Theophane Dodeller

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k, here we go again. I enjoyed last year so much that nothing could stop me from coming back for a second time around. So far I am enjoying myself to no foreseeable end. This issue we are offering an iPhone 5, check out the competition inside and you may win yourself a very expensive new phone. We have an interview with director, Ian FitzGibbon, you may remember him as Father Jessup (the most sarcastic priest in Ireland) from the series, Father Ted. Well, he went on to become a very successful director and he speaks to Griffiti about his upcoming film, Death of a Super Hero. If you’re new to Ireland, you’ll want to take a look at our article on the things to do in Dublin. We relive Freshers’ Week to remind you how much fun you had. The issue of same sex marriage is tackled inside and we review the latest films as well as J.K. Rowling’s new book ‘The Casual Vacancy’ and new technology, including the iPhone 5. This issue’s cover was designed by two


students, Maximilian Hogemann and Dirk Peschka with the modeling help of Jenny Butler. ‘Great job’ doesn’t really cut it, but it’s all that I’ve got right now! So, Griffiti’s off to a flying start, I hope you all are too. Please, don’t forget that you’re probably only going to get one chance at college life so make it count while you can. As Erma Bombeck put it “Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the Titanic who waved away the desert cart.” Ian Donegan, Editor.


State of the Union What have we been up to?

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Interview with Director Ian FitzGibbon


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state of the union Sean Alari Clubs & Societies Officer


i all, First, I would like to wish a warm welcome to both our new and returning students. I hope that you have all settled in nicely at this point. I know how difficult it can be to hit the books after your summer holidays but don’t worry, we have loads of stuff planned for you guys this year. The year already started off with a blast with our Induction and Freshers’ parties which were sold out events with a combined total of over 1000 students attending the Induction Party and the Frat Party in Arthur’s Bar. I love to party, but my role in the Students’ Union is quite different to that of our Vice President and Entertainments Officer, Claire Aston; aka ‘Claston’ aka ‘Claire Bear’ aka ‘The Ginja Ninja’ aka ‘The Ginger Winger’. I make sure that those hangovers are knocked out of your system by providing you with sports and activities throughout the week. The Students’ Union has over 14 different Clubs for both male and female students. They include; Football, Rugby, Tag Rugby, Basketball, Table Tennis, Fencing, Volleyball, Cricket, Golf, Jogging & Marathon Training, Trekking, Boxing, Kung Fu and Darts. My role also involves organising Societies. Photography, Radio, Creative Writing, Movie & Film, Drama, L.G.B.T., Beer Pong, Food & Cooking, Poker, Chess,Video Gaming, Fifa, Karaoke, Griffiti and Debating are some of the best that we have to offer. We will also have event based Societies such as Paintball, Go-Karting, Scuba Diving and Surfing. If you want to sign up for any of these come to the Students’ Union. I would recommend that you join at least one Club or Society during your stay. If you want to view the full list of our Clubs & Societies you can always log onto our Facebook page, Griffith SU, where you will


be able to view all the details regarding our activities. This being said, my job this year will be made easier by our President, Ian Donegan aka ‘The Bull’ aka ‘Wordinator’ aka ‘Ian Done-it-Again’. The ‘Wordinator’ will be making sure that all of the information regarding our Clubs & Societies is put up on posters and on Facebook. Last but not least, our manager Paul Walsh aka ‘Zorro’, aka ‘Paul the Wall’ aka ‘Puppy Eyes’ will be making sure that everything runs smoothly wherever our skills fail us in our jobs. I hope to see all of you getting involved in our Clubs & Societies sooner or later. I hope that your studies go well.

Claire Aston Entertainments Officer


ey Guys, I hope that that you all enjoyed Freshers’ Week. The events were a huge success and I am really grateful to everyone that got involved. With the events from the Frat party in Arthurs’ Bar to ending up in Cork on our Mystery tour it was a really full week. As a result of the week, we all had sore heads but it was all worth it. Sure, the week even involved a new college band being formed at Wednesday Night’s Karaoke, ‘Five Direction’ including our very own Sean Alari as well as Stephen Donnery, Matthew Foyle, David Dooley and Max

Yeoh, who I am the very proud manager of. The highlight, I think, was getting to leave Ian in Cork on the Mystery Tour because he was being the general gobshite (Google it) that he always is, safe to say it was a quiet journey home. Don’t worry though, he somehow made it back by Monday, rumour has it he walked from Cork. If you missed out on all of the parties that started the college year with an almighty bang, then fear not because there will be a lot more to come this semester. Maybe not 4 days of partying again just yet, but I promise I will do my best to keep you all busy with events. I hope that you are all getting busy deciding on what costume you are going to wear and getting ready to look ridiculous for Halloween. Suits are not expected at this ball, unless you are going for the James Bond look! This event is known as one of the best nights in Griffith College so I will do my best not to fuck it up! In November, we have the first Discovery Trip of the year, with only 100 places available, so be sure to come in soon and get your name down. This trip will involve an adventure weekend in Connemara, Co. Galway. This is an amazing way to see the coasts off the west of Ireland. With everything included, you will only need your spending money. This weekend will take place on the 9-11th of November just before assignment week starts, so it is a great way to have a break before those assignments are due in. For more details, check out the poster to the right. With so many things coming up, I would be lost without my Ents Crew who have just started in helping me to promote the events, so a big thank you to everyone who applied, and to my new Team who are, Aimee Doyle, Bianca Zazalowski, Aaron Jin’nam, John Berrill and Matthew Foyle. See you all around.

Adventure Discovery

Trip 2012

Delphi Adventure Centre Connemara, Co. Galway

Fri Nov 9th - Sunday Nov 11th â‚Ź100 Price includes Accommodation, transport, 2 Breakfasts, 1 lunch, 2 dinners and 1 & 1/2 days of land and water activities High Ropes, Archery, Surfing, Snorkling, Canoeing, Kayaking and much more!! Saturday night out in Westport (the Best place to live in Ireland!!) ONLY 100 PLACES AVAILABLE!!

SU News Aimee Doyle

Aaron Nam

Hi, I am 20 years old, studying journalism and visual media. I am Claire’s secret lover and we will be attempting to steal sperm from boys on the nights out so that we can make a beautiful baby. Also, I’m Batman.

Hi, I am 20. I’m currently in 2nd year Business. I’m looking forward to helping Claire with all the events and I will make sure that this year will be the best year. I speak Chinese and I love the Chinese students. <3 Claires a babe.

Meet the New Ents Crew

Bianca Zazalowski I’m doing Interior Design. I’m from Germany so you probably think I drink lots of beer, starting in the morning, and eat sausages all day long. I’m vegetarian so the thing with the sausages isn’t true, but the drinking beer one is.

John Berrill

Matthew Foyle

Hi! How do you like the new and improved Ents crew.Your probably wondering what is a modern day Adonis like myself doing in the Ents crew? Well, I’m a student in Griffith too so I know what type of parties we all need!

I’m here to embarrass myself for your pleasure, and ensure you have the best time possible. Our crew which includes Batman, will rock your socks off and if we catch wind of half heartedness, we will find you, and we will kill you. Peace.

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FRESHERS WEEK 2012 by Bernard Moran

MONDAY The week was supposed to kick off with an all-day `Party on the Green´, but under a typically Irish deluge the `green´ quickly became the `muddy brown´, and the un-inflated bouncing castles were rendered redundant. Although some students could be seen eyeing them up as potential lifeboats. Thankfully there was no hundredth anniversary repeat of the titanic as the Students’ Union had come prepared. A great big, white tent had been erected on the raised benches overlooking the newly

Above: Beer Pong Tournament winners Sean Flatley and Chris Johnson 8

relayed pitch. As a result, Party on the Green became Party in the Marquee. And though it was a wet and miserable day, hearts were warmed somewhat at least as students brought their drinks up to the marquee and enjoyed some live music. Bands and musicians on show were Our Friends Electric, Ger Vickers, and Radio Room. Toes were tapping as much to the raucous indie music on display as they were to keep warm - almost. Students had the opportunity to sign up to a wealth of societies from rugby to creative writing, from tennis to the pool club. If anyone wishes to join any societies and didn´t go to the marquee, just ask in the SU and Sean will take care of you. Also, present were

representatives of the local `Raw´ gym who´re offering a special price of €279 for Griffith students for an annual membership. In the afternoon a Beer Pong Tournament of the highest quality was hotly (or coldly, given the weather) contested. The winners - Sean Flatley and Chris Johnson from the team `We don´t care´, clearly did care, as there were definite tears visible through the rain streaming down their faces, as they celebrated. Their prize was a crate of Carlsberg that, we here at Griffiti, do not think even survived the night. That night, the Frat party held in Arthur´s Bar was a great success. Having sold out early in the day students enjoyed a night of great live music from Soldiers can´t Dance and Radio Room who rocked the house. Not to mention the SU´s amazing drinks promotions - Bottles, wine, sex on the beach, vodka and red bull all only €2.90, while double vodka and red bull was €3.90. Suffice to say there were some heavy hangovers the next day.

TUESDAY The Freshers’ Ball later was a blast. Held in the Village Bar on Camden Street. There were throngs of people lined up outside the back to get in for opening time. It became somewhat farcical as one group of people after another managed to completely miss the queue and stroll straight up to the door only, to be marched back from where they came by the bouncers. However, once the confusion was sorted and everyone was safely inside a great night was had by all. Anyone familiar with `Kenan and Kel´ (the show that most of our


veteran students associate with the 90’s) was in for a treat as DJ Coolio, the man responsible for the theme song of the Nickelodeon show and the artist of the song Gangsters Paradise, was on the decks for the night. So, while the weather may have interfered with the day time activities and entertainment, none of the fresher´s could reasonably complain about the introduction being provided to the night life here at Griffith and in Dublin.

WEDNESDAY Almost every male in the college was heart-broken when the inevitable news that the five-a-side soccer tournament was cancelled due to the weather. No matter, along came the night to fulfill its week long role of brightening affairs. Wednesday night had it all, for just €ten, entrance was granted to a comedy and karaoke night in Captain America´s that included a two course meal that normally would´ve cost your mother’s right arm. Those in attendance were choking on their Oreo milk shakes first at the comic styling´s of Ross Browne, who´s uniquely Corkonian humour may have been lost on some of the international students, but had everyone else in hysterics and later at the impressive sets of lungs that dominated the room come karaoke time. We had the `Trinity Music Society´ to thank for that, much as their voices were impressive though, some felt that they hogged the mike somewhat from less accomplished performers, or even that they `crashed´ the event. Nonetheless after a night filled with full bellies, side splitting laughter, and yet more music and merriment, there would´ve been no one waking up the next day and saying their hangover wasn´t worth it.

THURSDAY Then, it happened. The one event that no one knew anything about except that they wanted to be at it; The Mystery Tour.


Two buses of students left the College for, well, somewhere. Everyone was told by the SU to go over to Spar and get drink for the bus ride. . The ride down was extremely enjoyable and before they knew it, the students were in the rebellious City of Cork. Our first stop was at the Old College Bar in UCC where an open Bar had been organised by the SU. A word to the wise, if you are a student and are in close proximity to an open bar, take it easy if you want to be conscience for the better part of the night. After feeding everyone (Domino’s Pizza, which Sean Alari declared to be “like authentic Italian Pizza”) the SU and their horde of students moved on to Eclipse, a Club that recently opened up in Cork. From this point on, this reporter’s memory is a little hazy, but if memory serves (and this is not some bizarre remanence of a dream) there was a bucking bronco machine with a surfboard instead of a bull, there was popcorn machine and a lot of Griffith Students with bewildered expressions upon their faces as they tried to understand the native language of Cork. At some ungodly hour of the morning, let’s call it ‘stupid o clock’, the students were hoofed back on to the bus by the three remaining members of the SU. (SU President, Ian Donegan had been lost during the night and was presumed dead until he showed up at work Monday morning. His activities remain a mystery). The bus arrived back in Dublin just in time for breakfast but, for most people, there was nothing that could soften the call of their patiently waiting and somewhat neglected beds.

FRIDAY Everybody spent the day in bed and were damn bloody greatful for the oppertunity! So overall though the organisers were unfortunate with the weather, Fresher´s Week, certainly after dark, was a great way to kick off the year, and a good sign of things to come on the entertainment front.



Actor and Director

Ian FitzGibbon Speaks to Griffiti about his latest projects and working with stars

Photograph by Christine Fagerbakke


riffiti: Do you like being interviewed? Ian: It depends on my mood really. I do a lot of

it at film festivals where you sit for two days and some person after another after another asks you questions. That can get pretty tiring because you’re always saying the same thing essentially. But I have no idea what you’re going to interview me about so I’m open minded.

Griffiti: What’s the best thing about your life at the moment? Ian: The best thing about my life at the moment is shooting. I enjoy shooting. I love shooting. It’s my favourite part of the job. I just like being with actors. I was an actor myself for a while so I enjoy talking to them and hearing what they have to say and shaping a scene and all of that is the part of the job that I really relish.

Griffiti: What was your turning point from acting to directing?


Ian: Well, I was stuck as an actor in a play in the West End for about nine months and after about two weeks of it I just decided that I felt kind of trapped. I suppose I felt that I can’t be doing this for months on end. I’ve gotta find some other way of being in this profession without having to turn up everyday at four o clock for the next eight months, six days a week. So, that was part of it and I had a very close friend who was an actor and became a writer. He worked for television and he did all sorts of things and he died. I suppose that gave me a bit of a jolt, it gave me a little bit of a push so I decided to get into directing. Griffiti: Hugh Laurie had a similar experience while doing a play for months and months where he started having out of body experiences. Ian: Ya, I had that and I knew I was in trouble when another actor told me “I can hear you mouthing my lines, I can see you mouthing

huge amount of time to do and I was in Munich doing all this in an animation studio for about six months.

Griffiti:Was working with animation new for you? Ian: Totally, I had never done it before. That was part of the reason why I was attracted to the idea of doing it. I was really curious about how it is done technically and how it could be done artistically.

Griffiti: And what’s the movie about? Ian: It’s quite a serious story about a young boy dealing with an incurable disease, cancer. He finds an escape in drawing. But because of this animation business it was like making a whole other film. I became very familiar with Munich because I was back and forth for six or seven months to deal with that side of it.

Griffiti:Were Andy Serkis and Thomas Brodie-Sangster on board when you decided to do this film?

Ian: No, they obviously had to see the script that I wanted to do. I had to rewrite the script before they sent it out to the cast. Andy responded pretty quickly. He got back to us a couple of weeks after he got the script saying that he wanted to do it.

Griffiti: Did you enjoy working with Andy? Ian: Yes, I think he enjoys playing people rather than CGI created characters. I think he likes both but I think it was refreshing for him to do something different.

Griffiti: Now, let’s say the movie comes out and the reviews are printed. Who would it be your dream to be compared to as a director in a review? Ian: The people I like are Woody Allen, especially his early stuff. I like what Paul Thomas Anderson does, he’s a great director. But I don’t see myself as being influenced by them in any way. I think you have to find your own voice, your own way of doing things. Who else? I like French directors. It’s a mixture really. It’s a hotch potch of things. I’m sure that if someone said “this is like this” then I would say “yes, you’re right” but I’m not conscience of it.

Top: Ian playing Father

Griffiti: You’ve directed Perrier’s Bounty, A Film with Me in It and this film, the Death of a Super Hero. They all deal with fairly dark subject matter. Do you prefer darker stories? Ian: Oh ya, absolutely. That’s where my leanings are. I suppose all those films have death in common and they are very dark, quite violent, some of them. That would definitely be my leaning, not consciously, it just ends up being like that.

Jessup in the show Father Ted in 1998 with Jim Norton Bottom: Ian with Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Love Griffiti: We’ll find out. (It was Jacques Audiard) Actually) and Andy Serkis Ian: But I love comedies as well, I love light stuff. It doesn’t have to (Lord of the Rings) be heavy and meaningful. my lines”. So I was doing a scene with her and as she was saying her line I was mouthing them. That’s how banal it got.

Griffiti: You’re directing a comedy series at the moment. Ian: Yes, I am. The second season of Moone Boy. This is a show that

Ian: Yes, it actually feels like a long time ago because I shot it two

is based, with huge license of course, on Chris O’ Dowd’s childhood, growing up in Boyle in Roscommon. We shot for two weeks in Boyle, which is actually where Chris comes from. It’s a gentle, slightly louche Irish comedy, a family comedy, staring Chris O’Dowd and lots of Irish actors and lots of guests and English actors, Johnny Vegas makes an appearance. I’m on my last week of shooting now. It’s been a nine week shoot but I’ve enjoyed it. The scripts are very clever and dense and funny. It’s a good cast and it’s been a very good experience.

years ago. It was a project that I became attached to quite late. It was already extensively developed by another director and I became attached to it and I rewrote it with a friend of mine who I worked with before. Then we spent six weeks shooting it. But there’s animation in it as well. Animation mixed in with live action. So that took a

Death of a Super Hero is in Cinemas November 23rd 2012

Griffiti: Who have you been most star-struck about meeting? Ian: Ruud Gullit. He’s a footballer and a manager of Chelsea. I got to shake his hand. I didn’t get to ay anything to him though, I was too shy. But I was definitely star-struck.

Griffiti:You have the movie the Death of a Super Hero coming out.



f you are one of the many Griffith College students that have come to us from foreign lands then you may be of the opinion that the Irish are living up to their reputation by not being able to have fun without drinking. Well, Griffiti is here to tell you that there’s stuff you can do in Dublin beside drinking. Honestly!

by Declan Burke

The Sweetest Thing Right next door, if a dessert or a simple treat is what you’re after, The Sweetest Thing is a small café with a twist. The twist, however, is in the name. What is found to be the coolest thing about it is that it sells itself as a ‘Chocolate Café’. This is self explanatory in about two seconds when the menu is produced displaying the widest and most unique range of hot chocolate drinks and milkshakes, Dublin has ever seen. The ambience again is a huge factor in the amount of tourists, shoppers and students it attracts after a busy day of study, shopping or sightseeing, where a treat may be deserved or otherwise. What adds to the entire experience of the little chocolate shop in Dublin, is the pure feeling of happiness that is experienced when sitting in the corner maybe over a book or news paper to escape the world even for just half an hour. Whatever the reason, it can only be described as a ‘Mecca’ for chocolate lovers, and as far as quality is concerned the ball is certainly not dropped on the vast variety of Belgian and Irish handmade chocolates available by the piece or by the box, to bring home (If one can resist eating them along the way!)


As before, located in the centre of the city on the quays it is another place to just relax and let the world pass by.

The Wax Museum Believe or not, there is more to do in Dublin than eating and drinking. The Wax Museum is the perfect way to fill a few hours without going to bar or spending a shed load of money. The Dublin branch, for want of a better term, differs little from wax museums around the world but no matter where you go they are always good fun. As always the figures are incredibly life like and interesting. One of the great wonders of any city is the wax museum, Dublin is no exception. The one thing the Irish museum does have that makes it different from anywhere else however is the hall of fame, of Irish bred celebrities. This is just amazing on so many levels especially with a camera, as from a distance you can actually pretend you have met these people in the flesh rather than in the wax. One of the fun things also available is the music section where you can stand in front of a green screen and place yourself right into the middle of a music video. It is incredibly basic, but it is almost

impossible to detail how fun and cool this feature is. The selection of videos isn’t that broad, but the main thing is to get your face in there. After buying the video for a small fee, it is then possible to take it home and show it to the world, as a very small claim to fame. It takes a solid hour and a half to rush right through the museum and see everything that is on view, but the best advice is not to rush and just enjoy the experience and all the sights that the museum has available.

Collins Barracks Dún Uí Choileáin or Collins Barracks is the National Museum of Ireland and is located handily on the red Luas line, only three stops away from town on Benburb Street. It was formerly a military barracks in the Arbour Hill area of Dublin but was later converted into the national museum.

There’s stuff to do in Ireland besides drinking. Honestly! The best thing about the museum is that it is totally free. It provides a solid three hours of entertainment for anyone interested in history or how Ireland came to be Ireland. It details the entire story of the rebellion against British Rule in the country and even has some original weaponry used by the rebels on display. Even the building itself has an incredible history, once called The Royal Barracks it became Collins Barracks after it was handed over to the Irish free state in 1922, aptly named after Irish patriot, Michael Collins. Nobody wants to leave a country without learning about its culture and history, so it is important to check out the information on display, even if you are not a history buff. There are also gift shops and cafés available in order to facilitate somebody who wishes to spend the day just browsing and reading the mass amount of information all around them. The simple unique experience of the barracks is something that everybody living outside the island can bring home. The stories that are told and the facts that are shared make the entire trip around the museum all the more jaw dropping. There are also exhibitions running for limited periods on different topics.

De Vine Wine Bar Relaxation is an important part of life in the city or in Ireland in general, so somewhere to enjoy a meal and a glass of wine or just chill out is paramount when it comes to a list of things to do in the fair city. Located on Bachelor’s Walk on the Quays in Dublin, this small and unique bar boasts a selection of hundreds of handpicked wines and authentic Italian pizzas.

To find a good spot and eatery in Dublin to suit both sides of a discordant relationship is difficult, but when it comes to tasty pizza, sandwiches and salads it’s hard to go too far wrong here. When walking through the door the first thing noticed is the smiling staff, which in Dublin, is becoming a lot more infrequent. Secondly, the unique and quaint ambience, with easy listening music and well decorated interior. For such a small place, this wine bar has a lot to offer, and starting in October it will be playing host to the best of the Irish independent music scene on weeknights. This gives new singers and songwriters a chance to display their work in Dublin. It also allows tourists and students from outside Ireland to experience the best raw musical talent of the city in a unique atmosphere. Lunches are also available for those days where nothing trumps sitting over a cup of coffee and watching the world pass by, and because of its location (just opposite the river Liffey) there is always something going on, from festivals to street performers there is never a dull day. Also, as far as image is concerned, it is almost impossible to find a nicer, more eloquent and friendly place than De Vine Wine Bar.

Beads and Bling This one is probably more for the ladies. Located on Dublin’s Wellington Quay, overlooking the Liffey on the other side of the bridge from almost everything on the list so far, it is also easily accessible. What do they do? Well, that’s tricky because on first look nobody knows. It is a pretty pink shop and therefore attracts attention. However, in answer to the original question, they allow you to create your own masterpiece with beads and bling, of course. You make your own bracelet, you craft your own chain or you bling your own ring. They also offer a range of classes in jewellery design and construction, which allows you to take part in the general design at home once you have been taught how to do it. And that’s not all, you can also browse the website for different things to do and buy before even going inside the shop. They even ask you to create your own style. It genuinely looks like a lot of fun, and really holds a sense of uniqueness, as it is clearly something no other shop in Dublin actually does, allows the customer to be the manufacturer. Well worth twenty minutes to have a look around when there is nothing else to do in Dublin but look out at the rain.

Richmond Park No ‘Things to do in Dublin’ segment would be complete without exploring the option of sport in Ireland. Out of all the football and GAA stadiums in Ireland to choose from nothing beats taking a trip to an Irish League soccer match. Just to say, “I was there”. Richmond Park is home to football team St, Patrick’s Athletic F.C. and is located a two minute walk from the Goldenbridge Luas stop in Inchicore. There are many other stadiums scattered around Dublin to attend. The soccer league is a growing aspect of Irish sport, and one that is probably going to become bigger and bigger, so one of the many fantastic stadiums and football matches that take part in the country are a must see, especially if you are not going to be around for a long time. The atmosphere and pure pride and supporter energy at these games is second to none, and really can only be witnessed by actual presence as opposed to just on the television. It may not be the premier league in Europe, but hey, it may be one day! Matches in these stadiums generally take place on Friday or Monday nights.


y t r a P e l p o e P

two boobs too far All too often, a tabloid writer Usan Bolts it over the line called ethics and gives journalistic standards the middle finger by Amy O Loughlin


n Friday the 14th of September 2012 the royal family re-visited an issue they know all too well, one princess pushed too far, as topless photos of The Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine Middleton, were published in the French version of the tabloid magazine ‘The Star’. These photos shuck the media circus to its core and enraged the British Royal Family and many citizens the world over. Since then, wide spread protests and feelings of anger have taken place across the world against the media and their intrusion into the lives of celebrities and public figures, in an aid to sell newspapers and magazines, with many celebrities adding their support to the masses. The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, has said she had “great sympathy for Kate” in this very troubling time. While the Royals are no stranger to these kinds of stories, with these photos coming on the heels of one certain princes infamous trip to Vegas, what seems to be striking the heart strings of the Nation are the comparisons being made to Prince Williams late mother Princess Diana of Wales and the battle she fought with the British and international media for most of her adult life. The fight that lead to her untimely death in 1997. It is also being appreciated by the public that these photographs were obtained in a secure villa a mile away from any known road and were of a private, tender moment between a happily married couple on


holiday. The Editor of the magazine, Closer, whom first published the images of the Princess sunbathing topless, Laurence Pieau, has been defending her decision to publish stating that “These are pictures that are full of joy. The pictures are not degrading.” The Prince and Duchess have since stated that they are “hugely saddened that their privacy was invaded in such a grotesque manner.” But is it really the medias fault when so many ‘Celebrities’ are inviting cameras and inquiring eyes into every aspect of their lives to simply stay relevant in this one fad that refuses to die, reality TV. The ‘famous for being famous’ Kardashians and the participants of the various shores being prime examples. How are journalists supposed to swim these waters with so much confusion as to where the line should be. Downing Street has made public its support of the Duke and Duchess in any actions they wish to take. This leaves the unpleasant echo of ‘media regulations’ swiping past many of our ears. But are regulations needed? If regulations had been in place years ago would the current Leveson Inquiry be taking place between the British Government into the culture and ethics of the British Press regarding the News of the World phone hacking scandal? Would Rupert Murdoch have believed he was in the right to invade the private phones of many public figures including the Duchess of Cambridge in the pursuit of public interest? Should the media be forced to regulate one of the most basic human rights, freedom of speech?


Times the media’s gone too far


During the Murder trial of the legendary singer, Michael Jackson, photographs of his lifeless, frail, dead body were taken from sealed court records and posted on the internet, they were then published on many websites and blogs such as Perez Hilton, world wide known celebrity tabloid blogger.

Sleeping with the Enemy

During her infamous meltdown Britney Spears began what can only be assumed as an extremely troubled courtship with a British paparazzo known as Adnan Ghalib. The affair lasted only a few weeks but Adnan later sold his story to Tabloids on intimate moments with the singer.

Bombshell indeed

Actress Marilyn Monroe and playwright Arthur Miller may have been hounded during their six-year marriage but Norma Jeans’s love/hate relationship with the press was her longest lasting relationship. Marilyn, many biographers and those who knew her in her lifetime stated she craved their approval like a drug and it was this quality that lead her into spirals of depression and later to take her own life.

30 Rocks to the Jaw

Alec Baldwin came to blows with a Daily News photographer in the chin last June for snapping his picture outside the city Marriage License Bureau. Where Alec had journeyed to, to get a marriage license to marry his current wife Hilaria Thomas. Baldwin is no stranger to run-ins with the press and has stated many times that they “hound him constantly” and on that occasion he had reached his boiling point.

Connemarathon 2013

April 7th

Griffith College Studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; Union are running a Marathon for Crumlin Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Hospital and we want you to join us. We provide the Personal Trainer We provide the diet plan You provide the enthusiasm Sign up before October 13th in the SU or email

Get Healthy, Get Active

A campaign gathering momentum by James Dooley

Civil Partnership is not equality. There are over 160 differences between civil Partnership and civil marrage. Why is the later still being denied to Irish same sex couples?


s the commencement of the Constitutional Convention is soon to be upon us, it is important that we inform ourselves on the issues that are being discussed and the implications that changes in relation to these could have. Recently, one issue to be discussed by the convention has been rather topical within the media as well as politically, marriage equality for same sex couples. On September 3rd, Dublin City Council voted in favor of marriage equality as have other county councils throughout the country in recent months. However, such important steps towards equality are not without their opponents. Four Fine Gael councilors on this occasion alone voted against the proposal that “Dublin City Council supports full marriage equality for all citizens regardless of race, religion or sexuality” The connection between the family and the constitution has been definitively narrow with the constitution

setting out one strict model of family with the rejection of all others. As a result, legislation reflects this narrow bias with few exceptions. As an unfortunate consequence of this, the family, for the purpose of the Irish Constitution, has been held by the Irish courts to be exclusively a marital family between members of the opposite sex. The High Court and subsequently

ried couples, single parent families and more relevant to this article, same-sex couples. Today’s marriage rate is very similar to that of the 1950’s and yet today’s Ireland has seen a surge in the variability of its family structures as is evident from the 2006 census. Dr. Neville Cox, a lecturer in Trinity College Dublin, has written extensively on this very issue. He argues that although historically both civil and religious definitions were identical, it was the religious definition that held the most importance for couples. Marriage was a permanent sacrament and a permanently legally binding contract leaving no option for divorce. Irish society today has a different and rapidly changing outlook, particularly towards religion and there is a considerable proportion of society that feels the religious definition is no longer in line with the views of our society. Therefore, it is arguable that the religious view should not be the only definition legitimised by the state. Dr. Cox convincingly argues that this view has been endorsed by both people and state through the intro-

It is about equality, it is about loving committed same sex couples being afforded the same rights as any other couple and being equal in the eyes of the law


the Supreme Court have held that the constitution only recognises the rights of a family within the institution of marriage. Therefore, families that fall outside of this institution are not afforded the same rights and protections of those that do. They cannot be legitimised as a family in the eyes of the state. This includes co-habiting un-mar-

duction of divorce in 1995, marking a clear separation between church and state. Were a further amendment made to recognize same-sex marriage it could be argued that, in comparison, this would not be as an extreme break from the traditionally religious view as the introduction of divorce since the Catholic definition still holds marriage as a lifelong commitment and the state does not. This has not undermined the churches sacrament of marriage as some people argue same-sex marriage would do. It is clear that the states definition can change to meet the needs of citizens and co-exist without interfering with the Catholic definition. Although the Civil Partnership Act 2010 was a considerable step forward, it is clear that this country regards its homosexual and heterosexual citizens as unequal. Despite the introduction of the civil Partnership Act, same-sex

couples are still not afforded the same protection that both they and their children have every right to expect. Although Article 41 explicitly singles out marriage as the only foundations for legitimate family relationships, it excludes in both language and judicial interpretation the prospect of same sex marriage as is evident from the Zappone and Gilligan v Revenue Commissioners [2006] IEHC 404 case. On the July 12th, RTE Prime Time debate, Moninne Griffith told us quite clearly what the campaign for marriage equality is all about ,“It is about equality, it is about loving committed same sex couples being afforded the same rights as any other couples and being equal in the eyes of the law, and our relationships being equal, some same sex couples have children some don’t, there are loving lesbian and gay mums and dads all across this country raising

their kids and they just want the same rights and protection for their children as anybody else.’’ The state promotes the concept that marriage is an important moral institution needed to legitimise the family and in denying this institution to same-sex relationships, it implies that they fall short of this morality. It deprives such relationships of the right to be a legitimate family. As long as this is acceptable the state, the judiciary and the constitution continue to support the archaic view that gay relationships are not relationships and their families are not legitimate. Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore gave his unequivocal support to marriage equality in a speech on the separation of church and state in July where he described it as “the civil rights issue of this generation”. Hillary Clinton and US President Barack Obama have both declared publically their support for the equality of same-sex couples with President Obama declaring in May “I think same sex couples should be able to get married”. Taoiseach Enda Kenny, however, refused to state his position on the matter when asked by journalists shortly after the Tánaiste’s statement and again on July 10th by Micheál Martin in the Dáil. It is clear the fight for equality in our society is far from over. When even our Taoiseach refuses to take a strong stance on such an important human rights issue we have to ask ourselves where we are heading as a society. Our destination should be one of equality and fairness. Imagine if you, your brother or your sister were denied the right to a family. Well, that is the legal and constitutional reality for thousands of same-sex couples in Ireland today. It is no longer good enough to leave issues such as marriage equality in the hands of a political elite, it is up to us as individuals to carve out a just, fair and equal nation. Such changes are easier to accomplish than we might think. By simply lending our voice and support to the Marriage Equality Campaign we can help. If you want to make a difference, it’s simple to get involved by sending an e-mail to your local TD stating your support for the campaign or those that are musically inclined can lend their support along with some of Ireland’s leading musical acts at ‘Just love - A Gig For Marriage Equality’ in the Mansion House, Dawson Street on the 28th of October.


In Focus

Photography Christine Fagerbakke Right: Battlefield Far Right Top: War Tactics Far right Bottom: Do it to him before he does it to you

Pia Stromme Left: Pride Right: Lust Bottom left: Envy Bottom Right: Wrath

Muhammad Sami Left: Bag Commercial Right: Lady in Black Bottom: Masks

What Richard Did Cert: PG – 13 Release Date: Out Now! Running time: 93mins


“What are you gonna do?” “What I do best.”

iam Neeson is back in the role of Bryan Mills to claim another father of the year award in the sequel to the hit, Taken. This time around, Bryan is still living his life around his daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) and his ex-wife Lenore (Famke Janssen). You would think that after what happened in Taken, the Mills family would have learned that leaving the US is not a great idea, but still the family goes on a holiday to Istanbul, finding out that there are those who haven’t forgotten what happened in Paris. In 2008, the unlikely combination of an aging Liam Neeson as an action hero and screenplay writer Luc Besson was presented to the world in Taken, and it has earned a justifiable spot on anyone’s top 5 action movies of the past decade. That’s where they should’ve stopped. Given the immense success of Taken it was unavoidable that a sequel was in the books, and just as unavoidable to make a sequel that is as good as the first. They really try to flesh out the story and the characters; Kim gets a boyfriend, Lenore separates from her new husband giving Bryan and her a possibility, but it’s not quite enough to do the first film justice. Giving credit where credit is due, Neeson impresses just as much as he did four years ago. Recently turned 60, he adapts to a genre he is not usually


Cert:15A Release Date: Out Now! Running time: 87mins

connected to. The fight scenes, the stunts and the growling character of the aging spy are suprisingly fitting for Neeson as he continues his rampage as the most badass dad in history. You can clearly see the budget bump for Taken 2, with great camera work, the stunning setting of Istanbul and a more recognisable cast, but it’s not enough to make the movie another smash hit. Some credit has to go to how the first and second movie are tied together. In the beginning we get some quick looks at Paris, and characters that survived the first film. The motivation of the antagonist is suprisingly fresh, which rewards the people who have already seen the first film. No matter how much of a Neeson fan I am, I’m afraid his new found niché of aging ass-kicker was a bit of a onehit-wonder in Taken, and not something he should continue to copy and paste as in Taken 2, The Gray, Seraphim Falls and the Batman franchise. Ok, maybe Batman. But I don’t think I am the only one of his fans that would like to see him go back to his powerful acting which put him in Schindler’s List in 1993. But if you’re bored and enjoy watching a 60 plus Irish man play the most hardcore dad in the world, leaving a trail of bodies, cars and threatening phonecalls through Istanbul, then this is a good film to see, as long as you don’t expect the original Taken.

Jack Jonasson

“It just got out of hand.”


hat Richard Did is the latest film by director Lenny Abrahamson who also directed the critically-acclaimed ‘Garage’ and ‘Adam and Paul’, and stars up and coming actor Jack Raynor (20). The story focuses on a young man named Richard and his friends Sophie, Lara and Con amongst others. We watch them drinking on the beach, staying in their parents country house and attending parties, typical activities for Celtic Tiger cubs. What Richard Did is loosely based on Bad Day in Blackrock; a novel by Kevin Power which in itself is based on a violent incident in 2000 outside Annabelle’s nightclub. The movie, however, focuses on the characters coming to terms with the events that unfold around them. Raynor gives a performance that is complemented by a superb supporting cast who help create in Richard a truly believable, empathetic character. Abrahamson establishes an impressive depth of maturity, of the kind seen in Garage, where he drew a compelling performance from funnyman Pat Shortt. Here he manages to impart that style upon the entire cast, to gripping effect. A visual coherence is achieved through the dull colours, which help to capture the mood of the film. Irish weather may not be the most interesting, with its predominance

of greys, but here it is used to great effect, reflecting a sense of melancholy. We are first introduced to a group of vacuous young men, who develop into fully-realised emotionally mature characters. The tight-knit community of South Dublin private schools is brought to life through the sporting achievements and hectic nightlife of these young men, the meaning in what could seem empty lives explored expertly. So impressive are the performances from Abrahamson’s young cast that the older, more experienced members of the cast are often overshadowed. Lars Mikkelsen, best known for Danish TV hit ‘The Killing’ does deserve credit for his fine showing as Richard’s father, Peter. A certain moral ambiguity permeates proceedings, allowing the audience to reflect upon events, and draw their own conclusions. While there may be some controversy, due to the film being loosely based on real events, and this in turn could make it difficult for some to empathise with the characters, Abrahamson simply offers us a perspective, and leaves it to the audience to decide how they feel about what has occurred. With a film of this kind, there is always a danger of over-simplifying, being too judgmental or too lenient on those who commit crimes. What Richard Did treads a fine line, but retains a sense of balance, making it extremely engaging.

Laura Emily Downes

It’s a bit like an episode of Emmerdale adapted into a novel the son of Howard and Shirley Mollison. Howard is already on the council and is routeing for his son to join him in order to make sure that the Fields estate is given back to the ugly nearby town of Yarvil. Opposing them, and keeping Barry Fairbrother’s spirit and positive outlook on the fields alive is Parminder Jawanda, the local doctor whose teenage daughter is self harming due to bullying at school, and Colin “cubby” Wall the deputy principle of the local school, whose adopted son “Fats” is the school clown and one of the reasons for Jawanda’s daughter’s self harming. There are plenty of other vibrant characters that bring this book to life. Krystal Weedon is an interesting one. Krystal is a rough and aggressive 16 year-old who lives in the fields with her drug addict mother and younger brother. Barry Fairbrother had picked Krystal to be on his rowing team, and was extremely interested in her future. She is a big hit with the boys of Pagford and hated by the mothers. The demise of the Fields estate in Pagford will have a major impact on Krystal’s life, and Barry Fairbrother seemed to be the only one who realised this, as he also grew up in the Fields. Imagine taking all of the magic from Harry Potter, and concentrating on the everyday lives of the people. This is basically what J.K. has done in her new novel. If we took away the name of the author and her previous work, ‘The Casual Vacancy’ is a dark but gripping tale. Once you get past the abundance of names at the beginning, there is an urgency to know the outcome of the little town of Pagford.


he expectations are high for J.K. Rowling’s long awaited book for adults. The last book she released was the final Harry Potter book which sold more books than any other in histroy on its publication date and is likely to maintain that record until they publish the Bible 2. After the first few pages of ‘The Casual Vacancy’ you realise it is time to leave Hogwarts behind and move into this new adult world of Pagford. This new world is difficult to fall in love with at first, unlike Harry Potter. Pagford is a quiet little town, dealing with the world as it is without the force of magic to make everything better. Although the distance from Pagford to Hogwarts is not as far as people think. Rather than being the world of Harry and company, Pagford is also in the large and ever changing world of Rowling. After the Death of Pagford’s beloved Barry Fairbrother the people of this quaint town begin to compete for his position in the local parish council. Who will fill his seat? ‘The Casual Vacancy’ is a serious book where J.K. is blunt about issues like sex, domestic violence and drug abuse. It deals with a conflict of class where the middle-class community of Pagford are trying to distance themselves from the run down, drug infested estate know as The Fields. Barry Fairbrother has been fighting to keep the Fields in the community, and after he dies, whoever fills his old position will determine the future of the estate. The competition is fierce, awash with deceit. This little town is raging with affairs and family feuds. The structure of J.k.’s book is somewhat confusing for the first ten pages. The book doesn’t offer us a central plot, but more an interlocking series of dramas which includes a broad mixture of characters. It’s a bit like an episode of Emmerdale adapted into a novel, albeit, considerably more entertaining. The vacancy on the parish council is lusted after by a number of characters in the Pagford community. First there is Miles Mollison,


Things that make this NOT Harry Potter

Lack of magic

Although we were told that it was an adult book with no magic, Harry Potter fans were hoping there would be just a little taste from the wizarding world to brighten up a dark book. Muggles are boring sometimes!

Plenty of sex

Unlike Harry Potter and his mates, the people of Pagford know what sex is, and are having plenty of it. Harry, Ron and Hermione would be appalled at the things some of these kids are doing.

Filthy language

In the first few pages J.K. made a statement to the world that she wasn’t suitable for children anymore by using the C word. There is plenty of f-ing and b-ing which would not have been tolerated at Hogwarts!


Pupils of Hogwarts seemed very naïve about drugs. If the kids of Pagford were given a magic wand they would have come out with some kind of mind altering drug. They smoke, they drink and have sex, and that’s only the 16 year olds. Let’s not get started on the prostitute heroin addicted mothers of The Fields.

No Dumbledore

Where is Dumbledore J.K.? We don’t care that we’re adults now or that he appears in a completely different franchise, he’s still awesome!

Aimee Doyle


Tech Pages

Welcome to the new academic year of Griffiti Tech. This month we dive deep into the Coral reefs with Google Maps, Blast off to Mars with a real life WALL.E, share stuff on Facebook with Drop box, fight little piggies with some very angry birds and, of course, review the iPhone 5!

by Lance Kerrigan

iPhone 5


Phone 5 was officially launched by Apple on September 12th in San Francisco and began shipping to nine different countries by September 21st. Apple’s online pre-orders sold out within the first hour. iPhone 5 made record-breaking sales with an amazing 5 million devices sold within the first weekend. So, what’s new? Apple market iPhone 5 as “The biggest thing to happen to iPhone since iPhone.” It is18% thinner than the previous versions, making it the world’s thinnest smartphone. It has a larger screen at 4 inches making it taller than previous versions giving a better experience when working apps. It has the new A6 Chip giving twice the speed as previous generations making graphics and browsing much snappier. This is always welcome with a new phone. The screen comes with that stunning high definition display. The all-new cable port has lost the old 30 pin connector for an 8 pin.This has the tech world split on opinions of this. It’s a sound idea to shrink the charging port as this frees up more space in the device for other features. However, one thing that bugs us is that all our old docks and cables no longer work, so we have to replace things like our radio docking stations and additional cables or buy an adaptor. The great feature about Lighting connector is that you can plug

i0S 6


iri can perform many more tasks including opening apps, movie recommendations, directions, tweet, post on Facebook, set alarms and find people using “find my friends” app. iOS 6 comes with Facebook integration where you can connect your Facebook contacts with your contacts on your phone, Post comments, photos to Facebook and integrates Facebook with other apps. Passbook is a place to store all e-tickets, coupons, vouchers and flight passes easily accessible in one place and can also work with time and location based requests/notifications. Do Not Disturb is a perfect setting when you want your phone on and receive communications, but don’t want to be disturbed like while sleeping or in a meeting. Instead of turning off your phone or placing it on flight mode, do not disturb allows communication but won’t make a sound or even light up and directs calls to voice mail instead of ringing. However, you have the option to allow your ‘favourites’ contact to bypass this feature as well as in cases of emergency the “repeated call” feature where if someone rings you a second time within three minutes the call will ring. You can also


the cable into the phone either way. My argument would be, why Apple didn’t change to the industrial standard of the micro USB cable. But I suppose that’s what makes Apple great is they do things differently. Ultrafast wireless greatly enhances cellular networking with 4G LTE (Not in Ireland yet)

Battery Life:

8hrs Internet browsing via 3G, 8hrs Talk time,10hrs video, 10hrs Wi-Fi browsing, 40hrs Music, 255hrs Standby.


16GB: €679, 32GB: €789, 64GB: €899


The iPhone 5 has been in the hands of the consumers for a short while now and so far no complaints. Apple has made some significant improvements on this iPhone. I would consider this to be the best smartphone on the market. If you are a die hard Apple fan, wanting the latest products then you want the iPhone 5. If you are due an upgrade then yes, get this phone immediately. But if you invested in an iPhone 4S and it’s still serving you well and you can bare to be behind in the iPhone family then by all means stick to it. There will probably be another one out before you know it.

set it to automatically turn on at set time periods. When a call is coming through you are given more options now than just reject or answer. A slider button displays additional options like “reply with message” or “remind me later”. If you select reply with message, this rejects the call and you can easily send a template or composed text letting the caller know your situation (I’m almost there, I’m in a meeting, will call you later etc.) Selecting ‘Remind’ me later sets a notification with a reminder that will remind you at a later stage that this caller rang you.


iOS 6 is a great upgrade and a must for iOS fans. I love the ‘do not disturb’ feature it’s so convenient for sleeping and in meetings. It doesn’t effect battery performance and most of the above features work well. There is an exception with two, the first being ‘Passbook’, as here in Ireland businesses are slow to adapt apps to work with this great new wallet style app. So far we only have 3 airlines and iHotel (an app where you can book hotels) available with passbook. Maps have caused the biggest complaint by users, as it has many issues regarding incorrect information. This is a surprise, but also frustrating given iOS 6 looses Google maps app and Google Maps can only be viewed Via a web browser.

Gadgets and Gaming Google Maps dive to the Coral Reefs.

Google Maps have presented users with an exciting new experience with panoramic imagery of many of the Coral Reefs. Now Google street viewer has captured life below sea level allowing its users to take virtual dives of this underwater paradise. The project is part of the Catlin Seaview Survey, a project aimed at studying the Coral Reefs looking at its health and impact from Global Warming.

NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars

No tech news would be complete without mentioning the major technological success of Curiosity. Curiosity is NASA’s Space robot (very similar to Disney’s WALL-E) that landed on Mars in August to research the climate of the red planet. The landing on Mars proved a massive success. Curiosity’s mission is to explore the planets environment, from its atmosphere to its rocks specifically looking at Gale Creator in the hope of finding some trace or evidence

iOS App Store: M&M’s Cine

Developed for Mars Inc. this french app presents Red & Yellow (Those famous M&M Characters) lost in a haunted movie theatre. You play Yellow and you must fly across the theatre to safety collecting as many M&M’s as possible but Beware, there are monsters lurking about.

Carve a Pumpkin

This is a really simple but cool app that lets you free hand or using templates, design your own Pumpkin jack lantern and share it on Facebook, Twitter or email. It even animates the flame inside.

Android: Bubble Blast Halloween

Halloween themed puzzles where you burst Halloween monsters and set off a chain reaction.

that water or even life existed on Mars. Curiosity is a technological masterpiece and an outstanding innovation. The rover is approx 2.9 meters long by 2.7 meters wide and is over 7 foot tall. On board, the rover has a fully functional laboratory with the ability to collect samples and analyses materials on the planet from air to solids. A high-tech laser capable of breaking down rock to analyse, not to mention its communication systems which saw it returning many images of Mars back to earth and 50cm diameter, 6 wheeled chasse which can travel at speeds of up to 30 meters per hour. All powered by a radioisotope thermoelectric generator (a Plutonium rod) So far the Rover has returned many images and sampled a considerable amount of rock and has made some interesting discoveries including evidence of an ancient streambed. One year on Mars is the equivalent of two Earth years and this is the length of the mission or at least the funding timeline.

Dropbox and Facebook

Drop Box, that popular cloud based storage service which all techies who love saving data in the cloud rather than USB’s will be familiar with. Drop box has now intergraded with Facebook allowing users to share content from drop box with their Facebook friends using the Facebook group’s feature. This means Facebook users can link their Drop Box account with their Facebook accounts and share documents, photos, videos etc with others on the Social network.

Bad Piggies

Rovio, the creators of Angry Birds have launched a new mobile game called “Bad Piggies.” A spin off of the world wide successful game Angry birds. However, this time pigs will fly instead. The pigs are in your control and your mission is to solve the puzzles which help lead the piggies to a map marking the location of those famous eggs. So as the makers say, its “from the pigs point of view.” Bad Piggies is available on the Android marketplace, iOS App store, Mac App store, Google Play, PC and Windows (8 & mobile)

Halloween Live Wallpapers Some exciting wallpapers for your mobile device

Windows Marketplace Spooky Sounds As the same suggests it’s an app which produce some scary Horror sounds.

Talking Pumpkin Record your Voice with this app and the app will play back and animate what you said




Should have hunched back, be musically talented and speak to gargoyles. Disney baddies need not apply.

All the sports Never has the role of Clubs and Societies been developed so much as this year with the introduction of Sean Alari to the post. Intrigued by this, The Genuine Article spoke to Sean.


A: So what clubs and societies are you going to have this year, Sean? Sean: All of them. GA: All of them? Sean: Every one. If there has been a club or society devised by man it will take place in Griffith this year. Sean went on to tell us, his eyes slightly glazed and a faint, manic smile playing upon his Italian pallor, that this mass introduc-


tion of activities is only the tip of this, already huge, iceberg. Sean: I’m also going to start combining different sports, and games and other activities to create whole new ones. This started when a sport called Jugger (a combination of rugby and Gladiator style fighting) was suggested to the Students’ Union. I thought, why can’t everything else be combined? So, I got about creating the eatavolleyfilmkartayogaton society. Each game of this takes a day and has three people on each team. You start off having to eat a three course meal. You then have to run a marathon all the while volleying a ball between yourself and a partner who you must have

been emotionally intimate with some time within the past 3.5 years. During the run the third member of your team drives alongside you in a Go Kart playing a film on a laptop. At the end of the run you must give a presentation to a panel of judges critiquing the film. If the judges give their blessing then you can use the remaining part of the day to choose your favourite yoga position and stay that way until you reach Nirvana. If you accomplish this then you win the eatavolleyfilmkartayogaton. Sean finishes this description of his new game breathlessly, his face flushed and evidently excited. GA: So this is –

Sean: OH! And we are introducing Everyone-Wins-Basketball! It’s exactly as it sounds, Griffith is actually leading the way as far as this is concerned. We have realised that competition is for losers so we came up with this. You see that the two basketball hoops are on the same side on the playing area in Griffith? Well, that is actually an Everyone-Wins-Basketball court. Both teams play of the same side of the pitch and the score of each team is combined at the end to become everyone’s winning score. We expect this to become a league sport with about 20 colleges competing. I’ve already put in an order of 20 first place trophies so everyone team can take one home. We here at the Genuine Article are in stunned admiration of Sean and wish him no ill will, a first for us.


Weather takes the piss on Freshers’ Week. Fart Party stinks. Bout of piracy follows SU Treasure Hunt. Karaoke night a screaming success. Literally. SU Sports Officer Sean Alari announces Italian origins. Who knew? Manager Paul Walsh introduces hug ban in SU. SU Ents Officer Claire Aston denies being ginger. “I’m strawberry blonde!”

Above: Jugger in action.

Under the


Oscar Finn Occupation: Former editor of Griffiti/ apprentice muffin maker Hobbies: Making up words and suggesting them to Oxford Dictionary / Stealing Teabags from Hector Heathwood. Likes: The crisp sound of a camera taking a photo/ teabags

Alcoholics Anonymous Society announced. Pints in the Headline to celebrate.

Dislikes: Shitty little digital cameras/ Non-fifties hair styles / The New Griffiti Editor

Griffith College Directors predict that entire college will be run by library staff by 2015.

Interesting fact: Inspired the main character in the 1980’s film, Spaceballs 29





Pepperoni, Ham, Chicken and Beef and Free Garlic Dip

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BBQ Chicken, Lamb Doner.

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