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“The women winemakers of Bordeaux are a significant force in shaping the future of our region.” 2

- Bernard Farges, President of the Bordeaux Wine Council

Meet the Women of Bordeaux The women of Bordeaux capture the artistry and depth of various appellations from many perspectives, including family-owned châteaux and relative newcomers. Meet some of the movers and shakers behind the wines:

Youmna Asseily, Owner, Château Biac (Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux) Gwen Corre, Export Manager, Château Haut Mazières (Bordeaux) Véronique Barthe, Owner and Winemaker, Château La Freynelle (Bordeaux & Bordeaux blanc) Angelique Armand, Winemaker, Château La Rame (Bordeaux & Bordeaux blanc) Bérangère Tesseron, Owner and Winemaker, Château Larrivaux (Haut-Médoc) Alexandra Robin, Owner and Winemaker, Château Rol Valentin (Saint-Émilion Grand Cru) Pauline Dufour, Owner and Winemaker, Château Simon (Sauternes & Graves) Marie Courselle, Owner and Winemaker, Château Thieuley (Bordeaux rouge & Bordeaux blanc) Erika Smatana, Export Manager USA East Coast, Clarence Dillon Wines/Clarendelle (Bordeaux rouge & Bordeaux blanc) Valérie Gosselin Conche, Commercial Director, Les Vignerons Reunis De Monsegur (Bordeaux) Sophia Sanchez, General Manager, Château Citran (Bordeaux Supérieur)

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110,000 HECTARES OF VINEYARDS A mild ocean climate, crossed by the 45th parallel and bathed by the Atlantic The largest AOC vineyard of France ¼ of the area of French AOC wines 3 out of 4 farms in Gironde have vines.







Mainly family-run estates (56% individual operators)

Over 75% of Bordeaux wines sold

Appellations d’Origine Contrôlée

Distributed in over 170 countries

5.1 million hectoliters produced on average (680 million bottles)

Average size of estates: 19.8 hectares (49 acres) Approx. 5% of vineyard surface area devoted to crus classés

Wide Range of Wines 85% red, 9% dry white, 4% rosé and clairet, 1% sweet whites, 1% crémant Reds: 66% Merlot 22% Cabernet Sauvignon 9% Cabernet Franc 3% other Whites: 46% Sémillon 46% Sauvignon Blanc 5% Muscadelle 3% other

Meeting the challenge: SUSTAINABLE BORDEAUX

75% of planted vineyards in Bordeaux have environmental certifications, with producers upholding a collective commitment to sustainable winemaking.


YOUMNA ASSEILY, owner CHÂTEAU BIAC | A.O.C. Cadillac COtes de Bordeaux

Youmna Asseily, a painter and former ice cream maker, describes her journey into the wineworld as totally accidental. Her family fell in love with Château Biac; it has now become her life’s work. For Youmna, wine is “a living thing,” and winemaking is all about adaptability, sensitivity, lateral thinking and reactivity. She feels that women often bring versatility and an ability to look at things from different angles, a much-needed skill as each harvest brings new expectations and questions about the future.

"When I’m Not at the vineyard, I’m Painting.” Youmna strives to find new ways to share the unique personality of the Biac terroir and to preserve nature for the generations to come. As Bordeaux adapts to the forces of climate change and market demand, vision is needed to maintain tradition while also moving forward with new ideas. She enthusiastically embraces this spirit of constant evolution. Stemming from a Mediterranean background , the Asseilys have learned to bridge many cultural traditions, including the challenge to pair delicious Lebanese family recipes with Bordeaux wines. She loves large formats bottles which go a long way to create joy, comradery and sharing; in her opinion, “the more the merrier” is a philosophy to embrace.

Every year is a new beginning, a new promise, a new hope. You never know who will come through the gates, spurred by curiosity or a need to discover new tastes; the encounters create new links, fresh visions, unexpected friendships, all in the space of the vineyard.”

B de Biac 2015 Cadillac Côtes de Bordeaux

77% Merlot, 21% Cabernet Sauvignon, 2% Cabernet Franc TASTING NOTES Generous and lively, with wellintegrated tannins and roundness, giving the wine length and harmony.

GOOD TO KNOW! Originally from Lebanon, the Asseily family of Château Biac brings many cultural and artistic traditions to Bordeaux.

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VINIFICATION Aged 16 months in barrels ALCOHOL 13.5% CHATEAUBIAC.COM


Gwen Corre began working in the wine industry 10 years ago with her work at Caves de Rauzan (Château Haut Mazières). However, her path to wine actually began after she worked in exports for the automobile industry. "I always loved wine and when I moved to Bordeaux, it gave me the opportunity to start in the wine industry," she says. When it comes to her time at the vineyard, Gwen admits her role during harvest is a small one, but she always organizes harvest activities for her children. “My kids are always so happy to get in the trailer and to cut their grapes. Of course, we make juice for the children, not wine,” she muses.

“When I Am not working, I play my guitar!” Château Haut Mazières prioritizes sustainability by proudly representing four pillars, according to Gwen. "Preserve the environment, guarantee quality from the vine to the glass, support regions and local heritage, and, offer a fair price to the consumer and the producer.” The team at Château Haut-Mazieres and Caves de Rauzan practice these pillars with ecoconscious packaging, buying locally whenever possible, respecting biodiversity, creating jobs and maintaining a good quality of life for their employees. For Gwen, place is the key to wine and ultimately makes Bordeaux so special: “when you drink a wine, you discover a particular terroir: the result of the work of the winegrower and the know-how of the cellar master.”

Wine is not a standard drink: each time it's a unique discovery. That’s what makes it passionate."

Château Haut Mazières 2019 Bordeaux Rouge

65% Merlot, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon, 15% Cabernet Franc TASTING NOTES Dense and dark fruited, this wine is balanced. A fresh blackcurrant character, wellintegrated with firm, solid tannins. VINIFICATION After the harvest, the grapes are pressed and fermented in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The wine is then aged in French oak barrels for 7 to 12 months before bottling. ALCOHOL 13.5%

GOOD TO KNOW! Certified sustainable, Château Haut Mazières believes that preserving local heritage is a pillar of sustainability.

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VÉRONIQUE BARTHE, Owner, Winemaker CHÂTEAU LA FREYNELLE | A.O.C. Bordeaux & Bordeaux Blanc Véronique Barthe represents the seventh generation of winemakers in her family crafting Château La Freynelle, and although the love of the vine runs deep in her ancestry, she is also drawn to the travel and entrepreneurial spirit of the wine industry. The first daughter born in her family since the French Revolution, she spent time working in the U.S. before returning to her family’s estate to take over winemaking. “I love my life as a winegrower,” Veronique muses. “I love what surrounds me: my children, my friends, my dogs, cats and chickens, my region, the softness and diversity of the landscapes. Even though our job can be difficult, and we can lose everything in one freezing night or a hailstorm,” Véronique wouldn’t trade it for the world. Veronique’s favorite harvest is always the next harvest: she finds adventure in every vintage and embraces the challenge of meeting the evolving needs of the land and Château La Freynelle’s consumers.

“Bordeaux is for dog lovers, too!” Having spent some time in the US after her baccalaureate, she’s visited Texas several times and has great memories of “going to the rodeo, getting stopped by cops in the middle of the desert for speeding, eating at a restaurant with gargantuan meat platters, and swooning over collections of boots in all colors and styles. Too bad I don't have a head that’s made for hats,” Veronique says. “I would have fallen for a Stetson.”

“We evolve because the world evolves: the diversity of wines, the environment; we constantly question ourselves without denying our past and our traditions”

Château La Freynelle 2020

Château La Freynelle 2018

Bordeaux Blanc

Bordeaux Rouge

60% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Semillon, 20% Muscadelle

70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon

TASTING NOTES Beautiful pale gold color with green tints, shows the freshness and finesse of Sauvignon Blanc (lemon, grapefruit) and the delicacy of Muscadelle (white flowers: acacia, honeysuckle).

TASTING NOTES Beautiful brilliant garnet robe with violet reflections. A benchmark Cabernet Sauvignon with expressive nose of red fruits, spices and vanilla. Rich and fruity with well-integrated tannins.

VINIFICATION Matured on fine lees until bottling.

VINIFICATION Aged for 12 months in stainless steel


GOOD TO KNOW! Château La Winemaker Freynelle...

Véronique Barthe is the first daughter born in her family since the French Revolution.

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ANGELIQUE ARMAND, Winemaker CHÂTEAU LA RAME | A.O.C. Bordeaux & Bordeaux Blanc

Angelique Armand grew up at Château La Rame, and after managing the winery for nearly two decades, she became the winemaker in 2009. The Armand family has been making Château La Rame for generations, since it’s purchase in 1956 by Angelique’s grandfather, Claude Armand. Since then, Angelique’s passion has been making wines driven by finesse, elegance, and subtlety, which she attributes to her feminine character. “I work in a predominantly male environment,” Angelique says. “Above all, I see this as an opportunity to be able to assert my convictions.” She is fiercely committed to representing the terroir of Bordeaux and sees her work as an art, interwoven with her passion for creating artisanal, authentic, and original wines that have soul. “In Bordeaux, we produce great local wines at affordable prices, which allows us to bottle them in large formats and participate in festive evenings, making unforgettable moments. Invented to improve the conservation and storage of wine, it’s common knowledge that wine ages much better in a larger bottle,” Angelique says.

“I design wine and beautiful spaces!” The wines of Chateau La Rame are mainly produced on clay-limestone hillsides and benefit from full southern sunshine. The Château prioritizes respect for the environment in their winemaking and business practices, and is proudly HVE3 Certified.

“Everybody loves big bottles, they’re synonymous with good times alongside friends”

Château La Rame 2019 Bordeaux Rouge

60% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon TASTING NOTES Notes of tart blackberry and mocha with round and fine tannins

Château La Rame 2020 Bordeaux Blanc

100% Sauvignon Blanc TASTING NOTES Mineral-driven with notes of citrus fruit and a round midpalate.

VINIFICATION Aged 18 months in stainless steel and finished in 225L neutral oak casks

VINIFICATION After total destemming, fermented with indigenous yeasts in stainless steel tanks. 3-6 months on lees.




Château La Rame is... Winemaker Angelique Armand grew up at her family-owned winery, Château La Rame.

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Bérangère Tesseron grew up at Chateau Larrivaux and always knew she wanted to remain in the wine industry. During her college years, she studied Vineyard and Wine Law and returned to the Château in 2005, where she runs the vineyard alongside her mother and her aunt. Chateau Larrivaux has uniquely honed the vine with a touch of femininity since its inception in 1580: to date, the chateau has been exclusively owned and operated by the women in the family. Care for the land is demonstrable at Larrivaux: “although the estate covers 80 hectares, only 20ha are dedicated to viticulture. The rest is comprised of woods, meadows, forests, and fields; biodiversity is at the forefront for us. We also have 9 beehives that work wonderfully!”

“My favorite wine pairings? The meals I cook for family and friends!” Chateau Larrivaux has been HVE3-certified since 2019 but Bérangère and her team are “always looking to push the limits.” They don't use herbicides, insecticides, or anti-rot treatments. “We treat as little as possible, and never at the recommended dose- always below. The Château is also fortunate to have help from the many resident bats who live on the quarries of the property and hunt pests,” Bérangère says. The result? Refined, harmonious wine that is pleasant to drink young with great aging capacity. Reflecting on the 3L big bottles she has just sent to New York, Bérangère quotes Winston Churchill famous saying, "A magnum is the perfect size for two gentlemen, especially if one of them isn't drinking! “Imagine the double magnum,” Bérangère muses. “That's only 2 magnums!” In short: more than enough to please everyone.

Larrivaux is a wine that lives in harmony with the 60 hectares of forests, woods and meadows that surround it.”

Château Larrivaux 2014

Château Larrivaux 2016 Haut-Médoc


72% Merlot, 17% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc, 4% Petit Verdot

53% Merlot, 33% Cabernet Sauvignon, 9% Petit Verdot, 5% Cabernet Franc

TASTING NOTES Ripe black fruits, with notes of violets. Opulent, fine tannins and a fruity, generous finish.

TASTING NOTES Strong black fruit notes while remaining fresh. Well-integrated tannins.

VINIFICATION Aged 16 months in barrels

VINIFICATION Aged 16 months in barrels




Château Larrivaux Chateau Larrivaux was... has been owned and operated by the women of the family since 1580.

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ALEXANDRA ROBIN, Owner, Winemaker CHÂTEAU ROL VALENTIN | A.O.C. Saint-Émilion Grand Cru Alexandra Robin has fond memories of running through the vines as a young girl and observing her father in the vineyard, which led her to find her own passion for winemaking. Those memories were closely tied to the land and have since translated into a love of sustainable viticulture for Alexandra. The wines of Château Rol Valentin have adapted to changes in climate and are vegan and HVE Level 3 Certified. Alexandra also commends her home region of Bordeaux for adapting the allowable grape varietals as a response to climate change. She considers the work of a winemaker as one with lasting global impact that must be performed responsibly. Château Rol Valentin is made from old vines and is aged in 400L oak barrels and concrete eggs, resulting in wines that are rich and refined.

"I make wine and race cars!” When Alexandra isn’t enjoying big bottles of Bordeaux, her family can be found racing cars. When asked why big bottles are better, her response is clear: “Big bottles enhance the aging potential of wines! They shouldn’t be limited to large events but shared with friends for any occasion.” In fact, her favorite part of being in the wine industry is sharing the wines she makes, a hallmark of the generous spirit of Château Rol Valentin.

The wines of Château Rol Valentin are round and generous but are also defined by their elegance. As they say, an iron fist in a velvet glove.”

Château RoL Valentin 2016

Les Valentines 2018

Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

Saint-Émilion Grand Cru

90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc

90% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Franc

TASTING NOTES Notes of plum, blackberry, black cherry and pencil shavings, this wine is luscious, round, and ready to drink.

TASTING NOTES Concentrated red fruits with aromas of vanilla and leather due to aging in barrels.

VINIFICATION 10% in stainless steel, 50% in new french oak, the rest in neutral oak. Aged on it’s lees and undergoes malolactic fermentation

VINIFICATION Undergoes malolactic fermentation. The wine is aged in oak barrels on it’s lees for 14 to 16 months.


GOOD TO KNOW! The wines of Château Rol Valentin are Vegan and HVE Level 3 Certified (Sustainable).

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PAULINE DUFOUR, Owner, Winemaker CHÂTEAU SIMON | A.O.C. Sauternes & Graves

Pauline Dufour started her career in the wine industry working as a sales manager for a large exporter of Bordeaux wines, but quickly decided her expertise would be best suited working alongside her sister at their family vineyard, Château Simon. A self-proclaimed globetrotter, Pauline encountered opportunities to learn winemaking outside of her family’s scope, which gave her new perspectives: “I worked 5 months in an organic vineyard in California, which opened my mind to new techniques,” Pauline says. Her worldly experience means her day-to-day at the vineyard is “conducted with thoughtfulness and respect for the human and environmental impact of the business, while protecting nature and reducing the winery’s carbon footprint.”

“My sister and I share everything including winemaking responsibilities!” Pauline is adamant that “Sauternes is not just a dessert wine! It can be a cocktail wine, too, or enjoyed as an aperitif with spicy foods, chicken, strong cheeses or even oysters.” She loves everything about the region where she grew up, but her favorite time of year is when “the sunrise hits the dewy vines during springtime, it feels like nature is waking up slowly, it’s beautiful.” Since she began working with her sister in 2015 (to date, still her favorite vintage), she’s committed herself to sharing the beauty of Sauternes with the world. “It’s a wine of depth and contrast; consumers are able to rediscover this ancestral wine and really enjoy the diversity of the aromas and freshness.”

I think that Bordeaux will continue to diversify and protect nature by planting new and old vine varieties. Bordeaux is full of passionate and dynamic people, ready to face the climate challenge ahead.”

Château Simon L'Empreinte 2015

Château Simon 2015

AOC Graves

AOC Sauternes

70% Merlot, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon

80% Sémillon, 18% Sauvignon Blanc, 2% Muscadelle

TASTING NOTES Dark-fruited and spicy while remaining soft and complex.

TASTING NOTES Aromas of sweet melon and exotic fruits and dried apricot.

VINIFICATION Aged in oak barrels for 12 months

VINIFICATION The botrytised grapes are cold soaked and aged in oak barrels for 18 months.



Château Simon is... A self-professed globetrotter, winemaker Pauline Dufour wants to share the beauty of Sauternes worldwide.

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MARIE COURSELLE, Owner, Winemaker CHÂTEAU THIEULEY | A.O.C. Bordeaux Rouge & Bordeaux Blanc Marie Courselle was born at Château Thieuley and learned to be a winemaker from her father by participating in every activity from vineyard to cellar and tasting. She inherited the family passion for winemaking, and shares ownership of Château Thieuley with her sister, Sylvie. They actively participate in Bordeaux Oxygène, an association of 18 winemakers (equally split along gender lines) who promote family-owned vineyards. Her winemaking style is juicy, approachable and affordable, “made to enjoy,” especially with good cooking, another favorite pursuit.

"Yoga clears my mind for fine winemaking.” The amazing vintage of 2009 was her first harvest as head winemaker; she made every decision from vineyard to cellar, and feels privileged to have overcome the challenges that allow her to pursue her passion for wine as a vocation. Courselle sees global warming as a reality that winemakers have to confront, and hopes to preserve the natural environment to pass something beautiful on to the next generation. She is particularly close to her family, who gather on Sundays to enjoy oysters from the Atlantic and good company. If a larger format bottle is available, she recommends it for the slower, gentle evolution and subtle characteristics.

“The Château Thieuley vineyard and our wines are certified by 3 major certifications: High Environmental Value (HVE), Terra Vitis, and Bee Friendly”

Château Thieuley 2019 Bordeaux Blanc

Château Thieuley 2016 Bordeaux Rouge

45% Sémillon, 40 % Sauvignon Blanc, 15% Sauvignon Gris

70% Merlot, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 5% Petit Verdot

TASTING NOTES Notes of white blossoms and exotic fruits. The palate is round and balanced by bright acidity.

TASTING NOTES Dark red fruits and notes of dark chocolate. Firm, yet integrated tannins.

VINIFICATION Aged on fine lees at least 3 months in stainless steel tanks and barrels

VINIFICATION Aged for 12 months in barrels, foudres, and concrete tanks


ALCOHOL 13.5 %


Château Thieuley is…. Winemaker Marie Courselle and her sister, Sylvie, actively support Bordeaux Oxygène, an association of 18 familyowned vineyards.

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Export Manager USA east coast


Erika Smatana is a native of Bratislava, Slovakia. Her path to the wine industry is an interesting one, starting from the age of 10 when her family emigrated to Canada through Vienna, Austria. "We arrived in Toronto in 1981 and became naturalized citizens," she says. "I moved to New York City to complete a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting. Afterward, I became a true New Yorker and spent 20-plus years living there." After completing wine studies with several accredited societies, wine became her passion Erika traveled to Bordeaux in September 2020 to fulfill a dream and work harvest with Famille Barton in Saint-Julien, Château Langoa-Barton, and Château Léoville-Barton.

"I am an artist!” Erika has found much to admire in Bordeaux. "There is incredible value for quality in Bordeaux from Petit Château to Grand Cru Classé wines in a diversity of styles," she says. "Clarendelle is made by the same winemaking team as Château Haut-Brion offering an approachable, high quality wine for incredible value." All of Clarence Dillon Wines’ partners follow a sustainable approach, some organically and some biodynamically. Erika considers Bordeaux region more sustainably engaged in France, a fact that, “creates wonderful equilibrium in our region." She looks forward to a future where Bordeaux wines go back to basics, with a modern twist: "I am excited about the return to tradition, handmade vineyard management and winemaking methods with updated, stateof-the-art equipment that mimics its origins."

There is a new excitement and interest in Bordeaux. The world is seeing that Bordeaux is not stagnant but moving toward preserving the land as naturally as possible and preserving the classic ways of making wines while also introducing new equipment and vision.”

Clarendelle Bordeaux Blanc 2020

Clarendelle Bordeaux Rouge 2015

43% Sauvignon Blanc, 30% Sémillon, 27% Muscadelle

83% Merlot, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Cabernet Franc

TASTING NOTES Fresh and creamy with peaches and hints of celery. Mediumbodied with a light, round texture and a fruity finish. Drink now.

TASTING NOTES Fresh nose with berries and chocolate with hints of hazelnuts. Sandalwood. Medium-bodied, linear and focused with fine tannins and a delicious finish. Drink and enjoy.

VINIFICATION The wines are cellared and only released to the market when they are deemed fully ready to be enjoyed by the consumer.

VINIFICATION The wines are cellared and only released to the market when they are deemed fully ready to be enjoyed by the consumer.



GOOD TO KNOW! Clarendelle is made by the same winemaking team as Château Haut-Brion.

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VALÉRIE GOSSELIN CONCHE, Commercial Director LES VIGNERONS REUNIS DE MONSEGUR | A.O.C. Bordeaux Valerie Gosselin Conche works as the sales director of Les Vignerons Reunis de Monsegur. "I started in the wine industry as an export assistant in 2005 in Châteauneuf-du-Pape at Château de la Gardine after studying international business, and followed up by working in various regions of production, such as the South of France, Southwest, and Burgundy, and arrived in 2009 to start building the direct sales network of Les Vignerons Reunis de Monsegur abroad," she says. Valerie is enthusiastic about the wines that Bordeaux has to offer. "Bordeaux wine drinkers often think that Bordeaux is expensive and exclusive wine but most of the wines produced here are affordable and have an excellent, quality to price ratio," she says. "There is also great innovation. I created an 100% Cabernet Franc in 2011, and it was unusual at the time not to blend Cabernet Franc with Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon."

"I love that wine opens doors to world travel and culture.” All of Les Vignerons Reunis de Monsegur's wines are vegan. "The plurality of our terroir and age of vines offers us a great playground to select and make some unique wines, like M de Monsegur where we selected the best parcels of Cabernet Franc available," says Valerie. Valerie is enthusiastic about women gaining prominence in the wine industry. She believes women bring many strengths to this world, including rigor, patience, and intuition. Her favorite part of working in the industry? "Conviviality and richness. The wine world never slows down, and there's always something to discover. When you travel, food and wines are the best way to meet people and discover their cultures."

I think that women think more "sustainably"; women bring great creativity and innovation to the wine industry.”

M de Monsegur 2016 Bordeaux Rouge

100% Cabernet Franc TASTING NOTES Deep magenta-purple rim. The nose is an enticing mix of fresh, black raspberry, forest floor, violet and licorice.

GOOD TO KNOW! Les Vignerons Reunis

De Monsegur is.. All of Les Vignerons Reunis de Monsegur wines are Vegan.

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VINIFICATION Grown on clay and limestone soils to nurture the Cabernet Franc grapes to peak aromatics. Aged over 1 year prior to release. ALCOHOL 13.5%

cave-de-monsegur.com/en/#contenu 25

Sophia Sanchez,

General manager

CITRAN | A.O.C. Bordeaux Supérieur

With origins that date back to the historic Citran family estate in the 13th Century, Château Citran is a storied property, one of the great growths of Médoc. The property was acquired by the Merlaut family in 1996. With a vine legacy of over 100 hectares, our winery places a high focus on sustainability. Each plot benefits from a specific treatment appropriate for its environment, with one-third organically grown. We adapt our working techniques to the environmental constraints, and not the other way round. At Citran, work in the vineyard is conducted in close collaboration with our winemakers. They are endowed with ancestral knowledge, but they also keep themselves up to date with the latest innovations in viticulture. The result: our wines are classically rich, fruity, structured, and well-balanced, an exceptional blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc – made and bottled with pride at Château Citran.

We adapt our working techniques to the environmental constraints, and not the other way round.”

Citran 2019

Bordeaux Supérieur 44% Cabernet Sauvignon, 48% Merlot, 8% Cabernet Franc TASTING NOTES Notes of roasted coffee intermingle with blue and red berries. On the palate, the wine is powerful and refined.

GOOD TO KNOW! Château Citran is... The origins of Citran date back to the 13th Century.

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VINIFICATION Partial malolactic fermentation in 35% new French oak barrels. Aged 15 months with racking every three months. Fined with egg whites. ALCOHOL 13%

citran.com Video available after 10/15/21


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