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ProActive MARCH 2014

The ATS Live Safety programme

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The ATS Live Safety programme Andrew Purchase, Operations Support Manager at Advanced Technology Services (“ATS”) in the UK provides an insight into the company’s new programme for Health & Safety in the workplace. “Our teams work daily within dangerous industrial

Our new programme Plan for Zero which is being

environments and we should never forget this.

introduced at sites across the UK during 2014 is


intended to transform the way we think about

Technology Service is recognised regularly for our

safety, as individuals and as a team. The basic

lower than average incident and accident rates

premise is of course that we must Plan for Zero

we want to ensure that continues.

­ zero accidents, zero incidents ­ a tall order in

Every employee, customer and stakeholder that

our sector but one that we believe with the right

we work with understands that no accident or

approach we can achieve.

injury is acceptable to us as a company, or us as individuals.

Historically, safety at ATS, as in many other organisations, has been driven by a non­compliant

Live Safety is our leading cultural commitment

approach. This means we have historically made

not just as a matter of compliance or to make

people ‘do safety’ ­ we have insisted people

our customers like us more, it is because we truly

attend safety training, identify risks and manage

believe that the safety of our teams ­ our friends ­

incidents in a particular way. Our new approach,

our colleagues is the most important obligation

the Plan for Zero approach will be to focus on

for us when performing our business.

individual behaviours and ownership.


Each of our sites is unique, different products,

If you would like more information on

different machines and different operators.

this programme please contact me

The Plan for Zero will take ownership of Health

& Safety not only down to the site level, but to the individual level. Each site has been set the objective of developing their own Opportunity Statement. 8"#%'%&*&)9)6&'(#$$'+)72:6#%)'&")'%1)7#.7' environment within which it will be applied. The diagram shows the continuous improvement cycle of the Plan for Zero and how it will operate from strategy through to deployment. At the heart of the campaign is individual ownership and a desire to change behaviours.

Andrew Purchase Operations Support Manager

We really want each individual in the organisation to consistently consider and be aware of how their actions impact on their safety and the safety of those they work with.�


Live safety !"#$%#&'$(#)*#)'+




January Hazard of the Month Winner Timothy Austin, Technician, Eaton Havant Tim was observing a machine running during a planned maintenance activity and noticed that at the rear of the machine there was a hole large enough to get a hand into. Within this hole was the end of a rotating shaft, which rotated when the machine was running. There were three threaded holes around the hole which indicated that at some point a guard or cover had been present, but was not there now. Tim spoke to ATS Health


and Safety representatives who spoke to Rick Lyford at Eaton. The machine was immediately $27;)3'2<<'*63'*':-*+3=725)+'9*3)'*63'.&&)3>' This observant behavior ensured that a near miss (*%'*52#3)3'*63'72++)7&)3'(#&"2-&'*60'%#:6#.7*6&' downtime for the customer.



February Hazard of the Month Winner Stefan Korn, Eaton Havant The winner of the February Hazard of the Month was Stefan Korn who is also based at Eaton Havant. Stefan noticed that a heavy SWA supply cable (which was far too long) was supported on the bus bar above machinery by a few thin tie wraps, the unsupported weight of the long cable was

support and running a separate earth wire to the

pulling the cable out of the gland, this meant that

wash plant? Understanding that even a temporary

there was a danger that the steel armour would

installation must not compromise safety Stefan

get pulled out of the gland leaving the wash plant

ensured there was appropriate supervision during

without earthing arrangement (not a good situation


at a wash plant).

potential incidents.

Stefan questioned that even though it is only a

As this equipment is scheduled to be relocated

temporary installation, it should be supported

within the next 10足days and will be installed by

properly, this would mean building a proper



hazard and asked if this can be corrected.



Storyboards improve Customer Communication Eric Martin our UK Area Manager, talks about why the Storyboards are making such a big impact on site.

You may have heard the term Storyboard around site over recent months. These are a fantastic new tool that we have introduced to improve communication both internally, with our customers and even potential customers. The storyboards show our journey, and commitment to, continuous improvement and track demonstrable value. The Storyboards pull together in one presentation what is happening and is due to happen on each site. They are important as we are only as good as our customers perceive us to be and as engineers and mechanics we are not always the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s best at shouting about our achievements. By improving our customer communication we

Eric Martin, Area Manager


will improve our relationships on site with both the


management teams and site operators. Many of us working at ATS undertake numerous continuous improvement activities on a daily basis. It is part of how we operate. The Storyboards keep a track of the critical .63%?'&")';*#D)6'1+2,)7&%'*63'&")'3*0'&2'3*0' improvements that we identify and make, so that they can be acknowledged and appreciated at a site wide level. In a service orientated business communication is critical to the success of our relationships and ongoing engagement and we believe this simple process will help us delight our customers and stakeholders. A sample of the Storyboard from Caterpillar Wolverhampton are included opposite.


Developing people We Heard You Loud and Clear Holly Mosack, our new Director of Employee Communications looks at what has been happening since last years Employee Engagement Survey. In last year’s “Voice of the Employee” Engagement Survey, when our employees were asked, “If you could offer one suggestion to make ATS a better place to work, what would it be?” communications ranked third in the list. Our employees want to know what is going on at ATS in a timely manner and they want to understand the rationale behind the decisions. So in the 2014 Strategic Action Plan, the executive team responded to the engagement survey by naming “Employee Communications” as a Key Thrust and gave me the opportunity to lead this initiative. Here are the four components of the employee communications strategy:


1. Connect employees to the information and people that will enable them to perform their best. 2. !"#$%#&$&'#('#&)*&*+,-,,.#(%&/0& helping employees understand their impact on the success of ATS. 3. Cultivate leaders into strong communicators by providing them with the necessary tools and training. 4. Champion authentic, relevant and meaningful two­way channels of communication.

Here’s a few of the things we have begun

The UK team has done such a fantastic job with

since January. We gave our Facebook page

their newsletter that ATS is adopting this technique

a “facelift.”



end of March. Thanks UK for leading the way!

As ATS grows, it’s important for us to maintain our culture. Through our Facebook page, you’ll see our culture across the world. It’s updated daily and features a different site each week, so make sure you “like and follow” the page so you can get information in real­time and comment too.

ATS is a great place to work with amazing people and it’s time we share that with everyone! Holly Mosack ­ Director of Employee Communications

Our managers receive numerous emails and it’s 3#<.7-$&'&2';))1'-1'(#&"'*$$'2<'&")'#6<2+9*&#26?'%2' we have streamlined our approach and now send a one­page weekly management summary to all managers. These summaries share business information and help keep them on top of things that need to be done.


Enhance processes 4 day Kaizen event – Eaton Havant In January 2014, a 4­day Kaizen event was held on the Turmat machine at Eaton Havant to improve )<.7#)670'*63')$#9#6*&)'%"2+&'%&211*:)%> Pictured left to right Phil Tocknell – ATS Technician, Julian Burrows – ATS Technician, Emily Mathews ­ CI Specialist, and Ross Tolliday – Planner/Scheduler, worked alongside Shaun Turner – Eaton Advanced setter/operator, and Jim Smith – Eaton setter/operator, to carry out Root Cause Analysis and Predictive Analysis on the machine.


The Turmat machine at Eaton Havant The voice of the customer was to carry out a deep clean on the Turmat, and ensure robust and relevant 8FG%'()+)'#6'1$*7)>'C#:6#.7*6&'$)5)$'H'I'J'72%&'%*5#6:%' were achieved and the event allowed us to Nurture our Relationship with the Customer through effective teamwork and investigation. Together, the team highlighted and eliminated 7 health and safety hazards, reviewed and updated two PM schedules and raised 15 pro足active work orders 足 14 of which were closed during the event.

The event was a huge success and Eaton were delighted with the results.



inn vation K*6'G*%26'1+)5)6&%'%#:6#.7*6&'32(6&#9)<2+'L*&26'M+#)+$)0'N#$$

This created a hazardous environment and also led &2'*'1+23-7&#26'%&21'26'/2&"'+#:%'-6&#$'6)('.$&)+%' 72-$3'/)'.&&)3>'8")'$)*3Q&#9)'26'&")'6)('.$&)+%'(*%' 26)'());?'%2'K*6'G*%26'#3)6&#.)3'*63'#91$)9)6&)3' a short term, low cost containment solution. K*6'+)925)3'&")'.$&)+%'<+29'&")'+#:%'*63'%&+#11)3' Ian Mason, recently developed a solution for the 397 & 396 Bentley test rigs at Eaton Brierley Hill. These rigs test Bentley Tubes for leakages before they are supplied to the Customer. They are an essential piece of equipment and any downtime can seriously affect production. The test rigs operate in a controlled environment due &2'&")'6))3'&2')5*7-*&)'&)%&'O-#3'<+29'&")'&-/)%'*<&)+' testing. This process causes an oil mist, so LEV is in place to recover the atomised test medium and prevent 726&*9#6*&#26'#6'&")'*+)*>'P5)+'&#9)?'&")'.$&)+%'*/25)' the rigs had become over saturated with oil, causing a .6)'2#$'9#%&'&2'/)'%1+*0)3'2-&'#6&2'&")'*&92%1")+)'*63' on to the operators.


&")'726&*9#6*&)3'.$&)+'9*&)+#*$'<+29'#6%#3)'&")'/2@?' disposing of the waste accordingly. He then packed the boxes tightly with corrugated cardboard and /$-)'+*:?'*63'725)+)3'&")'&21'(#&"'.$&)+'9)3#*?' 7+)*&#6:'*'&)912+*+0'.$&+*&#26'%0%&)9'<2+'&")'9#%&>' No money was spent on the manufacture of the &)912+*+0'.$&)+%>' N*3'*'&)912+*+0'.$&)+'62&'/))6'/-#$&'*63'#6%&*$$)3?' the rigs would have suffered 56 hours down­time )*7"'-6&#$'6)('.$&)+%'"*3'*++#5)3>'!#&"'&)912+*+0' .$&)+%'#6'1$*7)?'&")'&)%&'+#:%'72-$3'726&#6-)'1+23-7&#26' *63'6)('.$&)+%'()+)'1$*66)3'#6'&2'/)'.&&)3'#6'25)+' the weekend outside of production hours. This was a great example of our Cultural commitments ‘Drive Innovation’ and ‘Delight Customers’.

Demonstrate leadership Attracting the right team Andrea McDonald Recruitment Advisor

We would like to introduce Andrea McDonald, who has just joined us as the HR Recruitment Advisor, and will be responsible for the end to end recruitment process across all sites. She provides here an insight into why we need to attract the right candidates.

Our aim is to recruit candidates who not only

â&#x20AC;&#x153;By attracting and retaining the right candidates,

tools. Applying this approach provides candidates

ATS can ensure leadership is continually

with the best platform to evidence their skills, and

demonstrated from the top down.

enables hiring managers to assess these skills fairly

Recruitment is a vital component in achieving

and consistently.

the planned business growth and development

I believe demonstrating leadership is not limited to

we are looking to achieve at ATS, and becomes

those with managerial responsibilities, but is a quality

especially valuable when succession planning,

that every colleague has the ability to exhibit.â&#x20AC;?

have the desired technical skills and knowledge, but to actively source and bring on­board those who are prepared to embrace the ATS cultural commitments, and who currently display role model behaviour. My vision is for ATS to have a streamlined and standardised recruitment and selection process which utilises varied resourcing methods and

therefore by selecting only the highest calibre of candidates now, we are furnishing ourselves with a pipeline of committed, skilled, and expert leaders for the future.

13 11


Top Cost Savers 2013 We would like to congratulate the following employees for their excellent efforts and engagement with cost savings throughout 2013. 2013 Top Savers by Value

1st place – Stefan Korn

3rd place – Mike Ford

2nd place – Ross Tolliday

2013 Top savers by Engagement

1st place – Phil Millership

2nd place – Mark West

3rd place – Karen Mattingly

This is an excellent example of living our cultural commitments. 14

We have started 2014 with some impressive achievements at each of our sites across the UK. 4&'L*&26'8#&7".)$3'&")'48C'&)*9'&22;'1*+&'#6'*6'


excellent Kaizen event driven by the client. Mark

in customer satisfaction levels at Caterpillar

West was the ATS representative on the Kaizen.





projects which have resulted in over ÂŁ150k of

of a high standard and there is clear ownership

savings for our customer.

within the area to sustain standards. '4$$'L*&26'8#&7".)$3')91$20))%'"*5)'62(' completed their risk assessment training and a recent safety engagement event showed the /)6).&%'2<')6:*:#6:'*'7+2%%'<-67&#26*$'&)*9 in assessments. The team at Eaton Havant received the Presidents Award for Safety in January, and

Mark West ATS Representative

F*-$'C)&&)+.)$3 ATS Representative

David Hikin ATS Representative

Allen Castro ATS Representative

there were three Oustanding Employee Award S299)63*&#26%'<2+'F*-$'C)&&)+.)$3?'T*5#3'N#;#6' and Allen Castro. At Eaton Brierley Hill there have been a number of excellent kaizen activities. The team at Brierley Hill are all set to learn and share ideas with their peers during two site visits to Havant *63'8#&7".)$3'#6'G*+7"'*63'41+#$>


ATS Global Introducing our new Director of Employee Communications ­ Holly Mosack I have been with ATS for 8 years and am excited to be in my new role as the Director of Employee Communications. I received my collegiate degree in Broadcast Journalism and served as a F-/$#7'4<<*#+%'P<.7)+'(#&"'*'%1)7#*$'21)+*&#26%'-6#&' in the US Army, so it’s great to be in a role where I can use some of those skills I learned years ago (NOT the special operations skills… the other stuff). Communicating is one of the most important things we do every day, yet it’s also something we can easily screw up ­ at least that’s what my husband tells me. So often we make the wrong assumption that our employees already know something, or that they don’t care about

Holly Mosack, Director of Employee Communications

certain information. Last year’s Engagement Survey shared some valuable insight. Our employees want to know more about ATS – how we’re growing, our strategy,

you stay in the loop, etc. And, hopefully I’ll pick up some UK jargon along the way!

what we’re doing in our communities – you name

Please feel free to give me feedback, tell me some

it! So that’s what I have the pleasure of now

great news to share on Facebook, or any other

doing – giving public recognition, helping

ideas on how we can better communicate at ATS.


Advanced Technology Services Buys Top Technical Training Company in the USA Advanced Technology Services, Inc. (ATS) announced the acquisition of Learn Maintenance, Inc., a nationally recognized training company specializing in technical

Learn Maintenance’s more than 300 training simulators will be absorbed by ATS and include advanced training modules for PLC and CNC controls as well as electrical, mechanical and hydraulic training assets. ATS will continue to offer advanced training services to Learn Maintenance’s existing customer bases as well to ATS’ current customer base.

training for complex manufacturing. Learn Maintenance has successfully provided advanced technical training for highly automated manufacturing for many years with a special emphasis on production assets that use electronic and industrial motor drives, PLC and CNC controls. Learn Maintenance has also earned a leadership role in developing skills in mechanical *63'O-#3'12()+'*%'()$$'*%'<*7#$#&#)%'9*#6&)6*67)> 8")'*7E-#%#&#26'(#$$'%#:6#.7*6&$0'#67+)*%)'48CU' training footprint and provide a broader curriculum including more advanced training for ATS’ 2,000 plus front­line technicians as well as allowing ATS’

Jeff Owens, President of

to offer this expanded service offering to others

Advanced Technology Services

seeking a source for advanced technical training. According to Jeff Owens, President of Advanced Technology Services, “Not only does this increase ATS’ ability to provide state­of­the­art training for our technicians, but it allows us to offer needed training to manufacturing companies.” Citing the lack of apprentice programs, underfund training budgets coupled with the retiring Baby­Boom :)6)+*&#26V'P()6%'%*#3?'W8"#%'#%'3).6#&)$0'*'%)+5#7)' right for the times. We feel that we now have a stronger product offering that complements our outsourced maintenance business both domestically and internationally.”



MARCH Kulwinder Bhamber


Mateusz Bartlomiel Bolek Andrew Cartwright

06/03 04/03

David Huitson


Emily Mathews


John Philip Millership


Billy Whiting


Nurture 5$/"%4*2)64.)

Derek Hill


Demonstrate 7$"8$,)64.

Delight '()%*+$,)

Develo$%# p -$*./$ !"# &"&' Enhance -,*0$))$)

Drive 122*3" %4*2 ,#$ %() *"+ ,(

Deliver 5$)(/%)

APRIL Steven McCarthy


Andrew Plant


Inde Sagoo



Live !"#$%&





James David Swain


Jonathan Woods


Philip Tocknell


ÂŁ1000 BONUS is waiting for you Did you know that there is a ÂŁ1000 bonus available to all staff for the successful introduction of new business? C2'#<'02-'"*5)'*'726&*7&'#6'*62&")+'9*6-<*7&-+#6:'7291*60'&"*&'02-'/)$#)5)'(2-$3'/)6).&' from working with ATS, simply contact Keith Edmonds on



Purchase’s Puzzle I am pleased to announce last months winner was Emily Matthews For your chance to win a £25 Amazon Voucher, take part in %9:'&.)(%9;'&1+"<9$'#;'&1+==,#>&?9#&-"'%&,#%%#"&*").&#$<9&)*&%9#& answers will spell out an important phrase for us, here at ATS ­ just let us know what it is and where it is from and you will be in to win. Please send your answers to gturner@advancedtech. com on or before the 25 April 2014.










10 Winner ­ Emily Matthews


This vehicle was designed by Maurice Wilkes and launched in 1948. It was originally given the name the Centre Steer!


Name this iconic product which since its launch in 2007 has sold over 450 million units. The product involves 200 patents and 156 suppliers across 3 continents.




Which company owns the fastest whisky bottling line in the world and manufactures the well­known brands Famous Grouse, Cutty Sark and The Macallan?


Who is the world’s largest manufacturer of phones and smartphones?


In which country was the energy drink Red Bull originally manufactured and distributed?


Who said “whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you are probably right?


Which company was initially established in 1911 in New Jersey in a small workshop manufacturing truck wheel axles. It now has over 102,000 employees and a turnover of over $22 billion?


Who is the worlds largest manufacturer in terms of revenue?



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