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Derek Hill wins

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In the news Derek Hill wins Young Director of the Year Award


Derek Hill, Managing Director of Advanced Technology Services UK was announced the winner of the Young Director of the Year Award at the Institute of Directors East Midlands award ceremony on 17 May 2013. The event was held at the Nottingham Conference Centre and recognised 14 of the regions top industry leaders. The award recognises Hill’s passion for business excellence and the entrepreneurial skills he has brought to the company since he joined in 2009. Under his leadership ATS UK has grown 10-fold over the last three years seriously bucking the trend within British industry and creating new manufacturing sector jobs in the process.

Hill attributes the companies ongoing success to strong leadership, a clear vision and a commitment to corporate values that put customers at the heart of everything they do. The company has high growth ambitions which will lead to job creation both within the East Midlands and nationally. Derek Hill, Managing Director of Advanced Technology Services UK was announced the winner of the Young Director of the Year Award at the Institute of Directors East Midlands award ceremony on 17 May 2013. The event was held at the Nottingham Conference Centre and recognised 14 of the regions top industry leaders.

Advanced Technology Services (UK) Limited (“ATS”) works with multinational manufacturing companies to improve productivity and profitability through the managed services of production equipment maintenance, industrial parts services and innovative IT solutions. With it’s headquarters based in Kettering, the UK company was established in 2007 as a subsidiary of Advanced Technology Services Inc, which is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois. The parent company was founded in 1985, and employs approximately 3,000 people across the US, Mexico and the United Kingdom.


Live safety Our first priority

Hazard of the month


Hazard of the month Winner Andrew Grace – Maintenance Technician Titchfield Congratulations to Andrew Grace Maintenance Technician at Eaton Titchfield, for winning hazard of the month. Andrew observed that the Hoist being used to lift chucks and other items onto the machines was the same as one used for general lifting. When filled with sand the latter will lift 254kg, the former has the sand removed to make it easier to use in confined spaces, it has been rerated, but this should be stamped on a riveted plate not poorly written and faded on a paper sticker.


Critical Find Kevin Hale – Eaton Brierley Hill During the End Former Kaizen event at Brierley Hill, Kevin Hale, Technician was undertaking a PM and discovered that there were exposed wires on the main cable leading to the foot switch which is used to operate the Auto End Former CPO254. ATS immediately isolated the equipment and raised a work order to rectify the issue, by remaking the end of the cable and removing any previously damaged cables. The cable was then secured into the foot switch and the remaining excess routed correctly to prevent re occurance.

Critical Find James Milne – Eaton Titchfield James Milne Technician at Eaton Titchfield noticed that one of the fixtures in the Pressure Section of the Non-Destructive testing area had no fitting for a bleed line to be connected. This meant the operator was unable to relieve the built up pressure in a safe and timely manner. In order to resolve the problem, the fixture was taken away and modified, and a right angled fitting was put in so a bleed line could be connected. The operator can now release the pressure inside the fixture with the press of a button.






Delight c

Jeremy Whitehouse Wolverhampton Hi my name is Jez Whitehouse and I am currently Tech 1 at Cat Wolverhampton. Previously I worked as a fabrication supervisor for a large engineering company. I joined ATS in May 2011; this was a slight change in direction for myself leaving a senior roll in manufacturing to take up a more hands on roll in the Maintenance arena. This position brings me working closely with the customer on a daily basis solving CI or H&S issues that require any fabrication or welding, ie safety barriers, work stations 06

or modifications to existing kit. I am very customer focused within my roll, as a result I consult, design, fabricate and install. I recently participated in a 5S project in the maintenance area, and my aim is to continue building customer relations and further myself within ATS.


Sustainability drives financial benefits One of our key contract measures for all of our customers. is to reduce waste. For our maintenance contracts this means identifying ways to reduce energy consumption, fuel utilisation and emissions. In the last 18 months we have run a number of projects that have had a positive impact in this area. One of which is at our customer Eaton, where we have undertaken a leak detection programme. This has resulted in over ÂŁ50k savings for our customer in one year alone at a single site. Proof that a focus on the environment and sustainability drives real returns for our customers.


Developing people The art of being brilliant Recently the ATS leadership team attended the ‘Art of being Brilliant’ introductory workshop. Andy Whittaker shared some of the ‘secrets’ of Positive Psychology, focusing on learning new habits of thinking and behaviour that sustain personal ‘brilliance’.

The team are looking to tailor the best parts of the workshop in order to roll it out across all sites.

Andy Whittaker - “ATS make business

operational effectiveness just by changing

run better. Art of Brilliance make people

your mind-set, from thinking about what’s

run better. The core principles of ‘The Art

not working, to thinking what could be

of Being Brilliant’ complement the ATS Cultural tenets – embed them in your organisation and inspire your people to become the best they can be”


Andrew Purchase Operations Support Manager – “Andy Whittaker provided a terrific perspective on how to improve

achieved with a more positive outlook”.

Developing ourselves At ATS we have always believed that the development of our people and their skills is fundamental to our success. We aim to provide the framework within which individuals can grow and enhance their skills to deliver services that our customers value. But fundamentally, learning and career development is our own personal responsibility. Have you taken time out recently to consider where it is you would like your career to be going and what skills you will need to help you get there?


Enhance processes 3 day RCA Kaizen End Form Eaton Brierley Hill A follow up 3 day RCA Kaizen event was held at Eaton Brierley Hill on the End Former Process, with the main focus being to further improve standard hours vs clocked hours and build upon the improvements realised during the last event held on these machines back in November 2012. The End Formers are at the beginning of the tube process, and their inefficiencies have an impact on further processes in the Value Stream. The team identified that Alignment, Pressure and Sensor Management were now areas that had become the priority to address and took action on improving as much as possible over the three days.


The event resulted in both significant level 1 & 2 savings being achieved with further cost savings due for realisation upon a successful period of sustained productivity gains. Another  follow up event is scheduled for July to re-visit and further improve the area. Well done to all of those involved.



inn vation Lean IT Asset Management Traditional IT asset management required spares stock to be kept and located within a manageable space. While this is a quite logical approach to equipment resilience it is often quite costly to do so – especially as a business grows in size and locations. Our approach is to monitor the performance of IT enabled devices (PC’s, servers, network equipment and tablets).  Thresholds are set to alert us as faults develop.  These faults are typical disk utilisation, overheating and hardware failure.  With the right levels of alert we can often predict imminent failure and activate the repair process before actual failure takes place as a scheduled activity.


The benefit of this approach; reducing on the shelf stock and increasing equipment availability. Resulting in a cost saving to the business to invest in other areas.

For more insight visit



Demonstrate leadership Amy Nutting

Planner/Scheduler Brierley Hill The End Former kaizen event was a follow up from one done in February of this year, as the new planner to ATS @ Eaton Brierley Hill I was given the task of leading the event. The event went really well and we had a strong team with good support from our customer. Many of the issues on the machines were technical, but with the help of the operators I was able to assist with the implementation of standards in the area. One of the most impressive things within a kaizen is the focus on executing the actions within the given timeframe, as well as highlighting opportunities for further events. Although I was nervous about leading the event, it was a big learning curve that was both enjoyable and beneficial. I look forward to working on upcoming Kaizen events and further developing my career.


5S events 5S events have recently been carried out at Wolverhampton, Brierley Hill and Havant all of which have made significant improvements to both the layout and efficiency of ATS technicians work areas. Well done to all involved with the events.


ATS Global Congratulations From left to right: Colin Sansom (Maintenance Technician), Julian Burrows (Maintenance Technician), and Ian Stewart (Technical Services Supervisor) for achieving their 1 year service award.

Congratulations Kulwinder Bhamber, Maintenance Technician Associate at Brierley Hill, for achieving his 5 year service award.


Service awards

5YRS Service award

“I am delighted to have recently received my 5 year service award. I joined ATS as an apprentice at Eaton Electrical Reddings Lane, to which I remained until successful completion of my apprenticeship in 2011. Since that time I have gained valuable on the job experience through working at various other sites within the business such as, Caterpillar Wolverhampton, Eaton Aerospace Titchfield and Eaton Automotive Brierley Hill. This year I permanently joined the ATS team at Brierley Hill where I have undertaken a new Materials role, giving yet more responsibilities and control. I have enjoyed my first 5 years with the company who have supported me from day one, I hope to establish myself further as a core member of ATS going forward.�


How it all began An idea that started off as a sketch on a piece of paper is today a multi-million dollar company with a world-class organization, strategically diversified services, and a rapidly growing workforce spread across three countries and 162 sites. Advanced Technology Services has emerged as a leader in outsourced production maintenance, serving some of the world’s leading brands.

Watch here 17

Meet Team USA Vice president Don Johnson speaks at the IW ‘13 conference

Watch here


CULTURAL COMMITMENT Live Safety Delight Customers

Develop People CONTINUOUS Enhance Processes

Drive Innovation IMPROVEMENT Nurture Relationships

Demonstrate Leadership Deliver Results A Way of Business, A Way of Life.

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