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Student Checklist Junior Year Encourage your child to work hark hard to improve poor grades and/or maintain good grades. This year’s academic record will go a long way toward either helping or hurting your child’s chances of gaining admission to his/her schools of choice. Continue to search online and request literature, including application forms and financial aid information, from your child’s top college choices. Visit colleges, tour campus, pick up an admissions packet, and meet with faculty and advisors. Begin researching and applying for scholarships. Websites like,, and offer thousands of scholarships to students every year. Check with a guidance counselor and community organizations for local scholarship sources. Take the SAT or ACT. Taking tests early provides the opportunity to retest later if necessary. Encourage your child to practice writing essays and ask appropriate individuals to review them.

“We found that, in every aspect, from campus life to spiritual priorities, to intentional investment in the students by faculty and staff, Greenville College was a safe place for Caleb to be challenged and encouraged to become all that he had the potential to be and do.” — Dave and Shelly Romoser Caleb Romoser ‘12 Spanish Education Edwardsville, Illinois

Average Time to Completion: Private vs. Public Research shows students who attend private colleges such as Greenville often reach their educational goals and enter the workforce with a completed degree in four years, while it often takes students at state institutions five or six years to finish a degree.

Avoid Sticker Shock It’s vital to consider the final cost of education after financial aid has been awarded. Why? Because 96 percent of our students receive some form of financial aid. A typical financial aid package for a Greenville student amounts to $19,978 – which makes Greenville extremely affordable! An investment in Greenville is an investment in your child’s future. Because Christ is at the core of who we are, our students undergo transformation for lives of character and service. This experience strengthens their faith and introduces them to lifelong friends – and lifechanging opportunities.

For tuition and fees, financial aid offerings, application instructions and helpful resources, go to or call us at 800-345-4440.

Foundational Skills – For Life The average college student changes majors three times and the average graduate goes through six careers. That’s why it’s essential to distinguish between the colleges that will provide job preparation only and those that will provide career and life preparation. We teach the transferable skills, such as writing, communication, teamwork, learning how to learn, critical thinking, and problem solving. These skills make our graduates extremely adaptable and effective in whatever they do. “My parents were hesitant to send me so far away from home, but after visiting campus, we knew this was the place God had in mind for me. I’ve developed godly and spiritually encouraging relationships that I know will last forever. I know I’m exactly where I need to be and my parents feel at peace about me being at Greenville.” — Ali Lund ‘15 Music Major Parker, Colorado

Environment Does Matter Research shows that during college, students experience a significant “search for identity.” College years are critical in determining the value structure by which students will live as adults. These people who will have a direct influence upon your student – the people of Greenville – are honest, humble, compassionate, and courageous.

COLLEGE SEARCH TIPS Have an open dialogue Communication between you and your student is key throughout the college search process. Encourage your student to explore a variety of colleges and share opinions openly and honestly. Stay organized Help your student plan ahead by knowing dates and deadlines for standardized tests, applications, FAFSA and scholarships. Work with your student to gather materials, take practice tests and file the appropriate paperwork on time. Encourage academic challenges Having a high GPA is great, but completing advanced coursework will ultimately help students be better prepared in college-level courses. Encourage your student to take AP classes when possible and to stay focused during his or her senior year. Find the right fit Encourage your student to think about what he/she wants in a college â&#x20AC;&#x201C; big or small, urban or rural, academic programs and overall experience. Plan a campus visit The best way to get the real campus experience is to visit. Plan to visit while students are on campus and classes are in session. If possible, take

the opportunity to talk to professors and students about their experiences. Go to for details about visiting Greenville College. Talk with parents of current college students Talking with friends who have been through the college search process can be extremely beneficial. They can share their experiences, tips they wish they knew earlier and questions to ask admissions and financial aid counselors. Research careers While your student may not have chosen a career, an ongoing dialogue might help him or her narrow down the field. You can assist with researching careers and looking up major and minor requirements at different schools. Go to to view Greenville College majors and minors. Explore leadership opportunities College admissions counselors love to see students become leaders. Encourage your student to get involved with a community or schoolrelated program that interests him or her such as drama, the school newspaper, or philanthropic activities. Look beyond the rankings While ranking can be helpful at a glance, be sure to evaluate curriculum, diversity, educational opportunities, and other criteria that you and your student find important.

Safety Greenville provides a safe, small-town setting for students to learn and grow. To ensure your child feels safe and comfortable on campus, we utilize: s %LECTRONIC ACCESS SYSTEMS FOR ALL BUILDINGS ON CAMPUS s -ONITORED VIDEO SURVEILLANCE SYSTEMS s 3TUDENT PATROLSSAFETY ESCORTS More information about campus safety can be found at

Focus on Student Success Our campus-wide focus on student success is backed up by: s !PPROACHABLE FACULTY s 3TRONG ACADEMIC ADVISING s 3TUDENT SERVICES FOR LEADERSHIP TRAINING CAREER DEVELOPMENT AND academic success s 0ROFESSIONAL TECHNOLOGY ACCESSIBLE TO STUDENTS LIKE RESEARCH equipment, recording studios and design software

“The professors at Greenville protect, teach, challenge and encourage their students. Many of them have taken me in and taught me both inside and outside the classroom. They set a wonderful faith example.” — Brittney Gilleland ’14, Ministry Major Brighton, Illinois

“Our son (‘07) and daughter (‘13) are the third generation of our family to attend Greenville College. They have both grown spiritually, academically, and have developed lifelong relationships with fellow student and members of the faculty.” — Al and Lorianne Sample, Sherman, Illinois

Admission Requirements Each application is evaluated individually. We review all aspects of the application before making an admission decision. Generally, we look for the following: s !#4 COMPOSITE OF  OR 3!4 -ATH #RITICAL 2EADING OF  s (IGH 3CHOOL '0! OF AT LEAST 

High School Coursework Recommendations Completing a college preparatory curriculum in High School will ensure a smooth transition to college. The chart below is our recommendation for high school students but is not required for admission. Certain degree programs may have additional course recommendations â&#x20AC;&#x201C; contact your admissions counselor for more information. SUBJECT







Office of Admissions 315 E. College Avenue Greenville, IL 62246


 MILES EAST OF 3T ,OUIS Student-Faculty Ratio 18-1 Faculty !BOUT  OF OUR PROFESSORS HAVE DOCTORAL OR TERMINAL DEGREES Accreditation Greenville College is a fully accredited Christian college. For a full list of our accreditations, visit

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