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The World’s Most Dangerous Weapon A Canamedia HD Production • 13 x 30’ minutes


The World’s Most Dangerous Weapon This crime series focuses on the stories which use the 21st century’s most dangerous weapon to commit serious and deadly crimes – the internet! From major thefts and child pornography to terrorism and murder, these international crimes see no borders. Now more than ever, there’s a need to police the “world wide web”. We’ll follow the men and women of international enforcement agencies that spend their lives policing this cyber world.

In our post-modern digital society, where instantaneous communication and the unprecedented power to assemble, store, exchange, and manipulate information spawned the social network revolution, the fundamentals of crime remain unaltered - or are they? The eternal criminal motives – greed, anger, lust, and revenge – have not changed since the beginning of time. It is access to the vast array of digital tools created by the relentless forces of 21st century technology that have profoundly reshaped the modern understanding of crime. This series explores how digital technology has driven crime in new and disturbing directions. This 13 part series challenges the assumption that crime is simply a socioeconomic problem, where the desperate and hopeless poor or others on society’s margins usually become the convicted. This series encourages our hyper-networked ‘global village’ to face the long term social and criminal law consequences that technology has unleashed. Every episode is based on an actual decided case, expert opinion testimonials, trial transcripts, written submissions filed, and actual court exhibits. These are real cases with real consequences.

EPISODES Facebook Killers?

Easy Targets

House Money

High school rivalry - hatred - turned to murder as a result of gossip shared through Facebook.

Online sexual solicitation - the safe alternative? The lure of anonymous sex, proved fatal for many by the Craigslist serial killer. Sexual predators find their victims with ease using the internet.

Offshore online gambling empires – the perfect storm for money laundering and tax evasion. Internet fraud leaves victims penniless – and with no way out many take their own lives. Outside the law connections extend through the “traditional” Mafia to Taliban, Al-Qaeda, and prestigious financial houses victims.

Lost Innocence

If You Really Love Me… Heated exchanges on social media websites pushes a 15 year old girl to enlist her 18 year old boyfriend to kill her unknown virutal enemy.

Child pornography – the most evil spawn of the Internet age. Police organizations worldwide have been forced to build entire departments specifically to deal with this vast dark virtual world.

Ministry of Love

Sexting A sercret realtionship brews on the web causing a spouse to murder as a result of virtual infidelity.

New Identities What does it take to create compelling fake ID? How easy it is to obtain passports, birth certificates, health cards, etc.? Just place an order on the internet.

Slave Trade International human trafficking – on order over the Internet. How the networks facilitate evil. Why governments turn a blind eye. The inability to enforce any laws over the Internet. And the “genie out of the bottle” – the new African slave trade.

Online advertising for mail order brides from Russia, Malaysia, Thailand... springboards for widespread immigration fraud, sex trade and financial ruin.

Criminals For Hire Social networks as the tool to find a criminal - special purposes, anonymized networks, specialized thefts (“I need a 2007 Mercedes 300E”) and killers.

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The World's Most Dangerous Weapon  

This crime series focuses on the stories which use the 21st century’s most dangerous weapon to commit serious and deadly crimes – the intern...

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