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March 31, 2021

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Enjoying the Relationship of a Lifetime Brain Health Exercise to Stay Strong The Benefits of Leisure Activities Trend Alert: Tai Chi Certain strategies can be used to help retirees save money while dining out Enjoy Senior Discounts on Recreational Activities Senior Drivers Plan before you drive STEADI: Fall Prevention Basics Good Nutrition Matters Ginger-Papaya Smoothie: A drink to soothe your stomach Fresh herbs that can reduce your reliance on sodium

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The Greeneville Sun Homer and Marge Davenport



2 • The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021


Enjoying the Relationship of a Lifetime


omer met Marge through his mother.

Homer’s mother shopped at a local business on Depot Street, Greeneville in the 1940’s. She came home one day and told Homer that he needed to come with her sometime to meet the prettiest little girl she ever saw. So he went and met Marge and they have been together ever since. Homer and Marge dated for about a year and were married in August of 1946. This year in August will be their 75th Anniversary. Homer and Marge enjoyed going dancing and dancing together. Dancing was always one of their favorite things to do together. Homer said that Marge was a pro at square dancing! Homer and Marge Davenport have been part of the Morning Pointe of Greeneville family since 2016.

Homer and Marge Davenport enjoy taking part in activities ofered at Morning Pointe. Photos courtesy of Morning Pointe of Greeneville



Brain Health Y

our brain can also become weak as you age if you do not maintain its health.

mind if you are a smoker, if you do not get much sleep at night or if you don’t eat the right things. A healthy brain requires a healthy life away from harmful substances such as cigarettes, alcohol and junk food. Being active is a great way to Although there is not physical keep your mind and body healthy way to work out your brain, there whether it’s walking through your are some mental workouts you can local park, taking a tai chi or yoga perform to keep your brain strong class or even just stretching every and healthy. day for 10 minutes. Get your body moving and kick away those MENTAL HEALTH unhealthy habits and you’ll lead a IS IMPORTANT long, bright healthy life. Although you may have good Leading a healthy life is the best mental health, you can never be way to protect your body against too careful as you continue to age. aging and disease. Creating a Mental health disorders such as healthy life style will lead to more dementia and depression can benefits in your life and well develop in anyone if you do not being. take care of your brain. Luckily there are some ACTIVITIES preventative measures you can Some other activities you can do take to ensure that your brain to keep your brain active are stays healthy as you age. puzzles, brain games on your The best way to work out your phone or using your memory. brain is to keep your mind active. Drawing a map of your town from Challenging yourself with learning memory is a good challenge for a new skill or taking in music, your brain. Include major streets, theater or another creative activity landmarks and major sights in will get your mind moving and town. working. Draw your daily routine in town during the day. These and other UNHEALTHY HABITS activities will help your brain fight Your brain is effected by against diseases such as everything you do. So keep that in Alzheimers.

The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021 • 3


4 • The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021


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Solid • Stable • Safe



Exercise to Stay Strong


chair and count to 5 during each squat. • Side leg raise. Stand behind a chair with your feet shoulder width apart. Slowly lift one leg to the side while keeping your back straight and eyes staring forward. Hold your leg in the air for 15 to 30 seconds and slowly set it down. Repeat for the opposite leg. Exercising may seem a little • Toe lifts. While using a chair intimidating but if you know what or counter for this exercise, stand you are doing then it can be fun with your feet together and stand and super beneficial to your up on your toes as high as you health. can. Slowly lower yourself and repeat this about 10 times. KEEP YOUR LEGS STRONG To help prevent falls, trips or injuries as you age it is important STRETCHING IS IMPORTANT to make sure you are working out There are other ways to get your body keeping it strong and your daily fitness in and one of healthy. Although it may be those is stretching. Stretching unsafe for you to go to a gym helps give you greater movement during a pandemic that should in joints and improving your not limit your ability to workout. posture. Stretching also helps to There are simple leg workouts release muscle tension and that you can perform at home in soreness. Over time, stretching your living room and backyard will help your body just as much safely. as working out would. • Chair squats. Position your Seniors should try and stretch a body in front of a chair with your major muscle group for at least 10 hands straight out in front of you. minutes, twice a week, if not While keeping your legs should more. These exercises paired with length apart perform squats on other healthy lifestyles will help the chair. For a harder workout your body stay strong and prevent hover and hold your legs over the possible falls in the future.

s you age and get older it is important to make sure you keep your body healthy and strong to prevent injuries.


The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021 • 5

The Benefits of Leisure Activities


eisure activities may be widely viewed as fun ways to fill up free time, but the benefits of leisure activities extend beyond beating boredom.

An analysis published in the journal BBA Molecular Basis of Disease found that leisure activities have a positive impact on cognitive function and dementia. The analysis, conducted by researchers with the Aging Research Center in Stockholm who examined various studies regarding the relationship between certain activities and cognitive function, defined leisure activity as the voluntary use of free time for activities outside the home.


After retirement, leisure time constitutes a large part of many retirees’ lives, and finding ways to fill that time is more

beneficial than merely avoiding boredom. The researchers behind the study concluded that the existing research is insufficient to draw any firm conclusions regarding the effects of certain types of leisure activities on the risk for dementia and cognitive decline, though they did note that multi-domain cognitive training has the potential to improve cognitive function in healthy older adults and slow decline in affected individuals. A multi-domain approach to cognitive training involves memory, reasoning, problem-solving, and map reading, among other activities. Aging adults who embrace activities that require the use of such skills may find that they’re not only finding stimulating ways to fill their free time, but increasing their chances of long-term cognitive health as well.

Silver Angels of Tennessee – G Greene, LLC offers affordable, nutritious meals delivered right to your door! Our meals are planned by a culinary team and Registered Dietitians to provide nutrient-rich meals with reduced fat and sodium content and includes diabetic and gluten-free options. Silver Angels has a wide variety of meals to choose from, and your satisfaction is our priority. Our meals are lash frozen for optimal freshness, USDA inspected and approved on site and meet 1/3 of the daily recommended nutritional requirements. Our program offers you a personal plan consisting of a variety of meals designed to your preferred tastes And each meal comes with a snack and juice. Several payment options are available, and you may qualify for assistance.

Silver Angels of Tennessee - Greene, LLC. (423) 609-7133 Serving Hawkins, Hancock, Hamblen, Greene and surrounding counties. Silver Angels,When Only HOME will do...


6 • The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021


he Tai Chi for Health institute, or TCHI, says tai chi is an ancient Chinese tradition that, today is practiced as a graceful form of exercise. It involves a series of movement performed in a slow, focused manner.


Trend Alert: Tai Chi weight transference, movement control and the integration of mind and body. The exercise is safe for all ages to perform because it is so slow and low impact.

MOVEMENT CONTROL Tai chi is a slow, low impact workout that will help you minimize the stress on muscles and joints. The movements help to strengthen internal muscles such TAI CHI PRINCIPLES as the deep stabilizers that support Your body loses balance as you the spine. The slow movements in age making it more difficult for you tai chi help to calm the mind. to keep yourself up, perform task and increases the risk of falls. Tai WEIGHT TRANSFERENCE chi’s core principles focus on As you train in tai chi, you will

learn to mind each step and take notice of the weight you put into each step. This will help to improve your mobility and decrease the risk of falling. INTEGRATION OF MIND AND BODY TCHI says tai chi is an internal art, which stresses the integration and balance of mind and body. You will learn to focus, calm your mind and loosen and relax joints and ligaments. TCHI results show that being confident in your body and its ability will prevent falls. EXTRA BENEFITS Some other added benefits from practicing tai chi is

instability, which involves issues such as body way, low mobility and postural instability. Tai chi also addresses gait problems by teaching correct movement of lower limbs. These benefits will help you properly move and transfer body weight as you walk and most importantly keep your lower body healthy and strong as you age. Tai chi also helps and teaches its students to maintain a relaxed posture. Tai chi can be one of the best workouts you or your loved one can perform. Investigate what is right for you and your body before committing to a goal or certain workout.


The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021 • 7

Certain strategies can be used to help retirees save money while dining out With more free time on their hands, retirees may spend a portion of that time dining out at local eateries. While it’s commendable to want to support local businesses, eating out can quickly devour a budget if those on fixed incomes are not careful. Certain strategies can be used to help retirees save money while dining out. • Shop to-go meals at supermarkets or specialty food stores, which can be heated at home or enjoyed as a picnic at a scenic spot. • Dine out for breakfast or

lunch when meals tend to be less expensive than they are during dinner hours. • Consider splitting meals or ordering appetizers instead of entrees. • Stick to one course rather than filling up on an appetizer, salad and then having too much leftover food for the main course. This can help keep the bill lower. • Drink at home whenever possible. Enjoying a glass of wine, beer or cocktails at a restaurant will almost always cost you more than if you have drinks at home. Stick to the meal only, then enjoy a nightcap once you

return home. It’s also a safe way to reduce the risk of drinking and driving. • Look for coupons or special discount days when seniors can enjoy a percentage off the tab. • Explore venues that offer tasting menus. These establishments provide small bites of various dishes and enable patrons to try out various foods before committing to one dish that may be costly. • Opt for inexpensive foods and save the high-end meals for special occasions.

I have worked at Durham-Hensley for 35 years. I started as a volunteer in the Beauty Shop.

Some of my fondest memories would have to be meeting so many wonderful friends and knowing that I have helped to make a positive difference in somebody’s life.

55 Nursing Home Road Chuckey, TN 37641 Phone 423-257-6761

When I started to work at Durham-Hensley, I had been in a Nursing Home one time in my life, however it didin’t take me long to realize I had found my calling. I totally fell in love with every aspect involved. It has proven to be not only a job, but a great blessing in my life. When you walk down a hall and a sweet little person takes hold of your hand and says, “Thank you for the ice cream” or “Thanks for going to Walmart for me.” -it doesnt’ get any better than that! God has truly blessed my life in allowing me to do something I love for this long. I could never have done this without the help of my friends and teammates at Durham-Hensley. We’re a team and that’s what it takes to make anything work. I cannot imagine my life without Durham-Hensley. “I LOVE MY JOB.”

Joyce Gammon Activity Director of the year in Tennessee in 2019.


8 • The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021

Enjoy Senior Discounts on Recreational Activities


etailers may begin offering discounts to customers who are over the age of 60. Many discounts can be used for recreational activities.

discount to drivers who are over 50. Certain restaurants offer these discounts for those over the age of 55. Retailers may begin offering discounts to customers who are over the age of 60. Many discounts can be used for recreational activities.

• Movies: Movie theaters may offer special viewing days or times that are discounted.

• Flights/cruises: Discounted senior fares are available on select flights for Delta Airlines and American Airlines. British Airways offers up to $200 off flights and packages when • Dining out: Why pay full price for a meal if you don’t have booked online through British Airways’ AARP page. Seniors can to? A meal out with friends and enjoy discounts on select cruises loved ones becomes a bit more through Carnival. Rental car affordable thanks to the senior discounts available through many companies also offer discounts different restaurants, whether it’s for senior customers. chains or independently owned • Clothing: Looking your best eateries. Despite the efforts of Juan for a night out may mean Ponce de Leon, there is no shopping for new clothing. Kohl’s • Hotels: Seniors booking their magical Fountain of Youth. offers a 15 percent discount for stays through select hotel chains Getting older is inevitable and it customers ages 55 and over every may be eligible to reduce their is important to see the silver Wednesday and Ross offers 10 costs by 10 percent or more. lining of aging. percent off on Tuesdays when When making the reservation, Among the various perks that signing up for the Every Tuesday check to see if you qualify for an come with age, including Club. age-related discount. Some may increased knowledge and be affiliated with memberships in experience, are a whole host of • Gym memberships: organizations like AARP. discounts for the aging Individuals who are eligible for population. Men and women who Medicare also may be entitled to • Theme parks: Before buying have reached a certain age are a free SilverSneakers entry tickets or season passes, entitled to key discounts if they check with the membership office membership, which provides know where to look. access to more than 13,000 regarding senior discounts. The ages at which discounts participating fitness centers. Certain items also may be are available vary. Auto insurance discounted throughout the parks. companies may provide a senior

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• Park admission: Seniors age 62 and older can purchase a Senior Pass for $10 that’s good for more than 2,000 federal recreational sites and national parks in the United States. The pass is good for a lifetime. Recreational activities become a little more affordable when seniors take advantage of agerelated discounts.


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10 • The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021


Senior Drivers T

he Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says one in six drivers in the United States are 65 years or older and that older drivers are more than twice as likely to report having a medical problem making it difficult for them to travel. There are some steps you can take to ensure you or your family member can travel safely. SEE YOUR DOCTOR Talk to your doctor about medications or your body if you have any doubts of you or your loved one’s ability to drive themselves. Talk to them about any pains you may be experiencing while driving. If you are experiencing lower stiffness, pain or arthritis, then look into getting vehicles with the hand controls for both the gas and brake pedals. SIGHT PROBLEMS Note that your vision can worsen with age and if you are slowly noticing your vision


becoming worse than before then see your doctor about glasses and procedures. The CDC says trouble seeing can make it more difficult for you to read street or traffic signs clearly. Glare from oncoming headlights at night can also affect your vision ahead of you on the road. If you are 65 or older, the CDC recommends you see your eye doctor every year.

HEARING PROBLEMS Hearing can also be affected as you get older. Trouble hearing can make it more difficult for you to hear horns, sirens from emergency vehicles and even noises that may be coming from your own vehicle. Have your ears checked by your local doctor every three years if you are 50 years or older.

OTHER TRAVEL METHODS If you or your loved has trouble traveling and are not able to drive or travel on their own then there are other ways they can get where they need to go. Some cities provide a travel service specifically for seniors for a monthly fee. Religious groups in some communities also offer volunteers who will drive you wherever you need to go.


The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021 • 11


Medicare has changed. Find out how it can affect you. © ADOBE STOCK

Plan before you drive

If you or a loved one have aching pains and stiffness but are still able to drive it doesn’t hurt to take extra steps to make sure you keep yourself and others on the road safe. Before you drive take some extra initiative to know where and when you are going somewhere. Being a safe driver will help you remain a drive for a longer period of time without having to rely on your loved ones or a service to get you where you need to go. BE A SAFE DRIVER Being a safe driver is knowing when it’s best for you to drive and knowing when you shouldn’t drive. If you have trouble seeing then maybe driving at night or during a storm isn’t the right choice for you. If you have concerns about your ability to drive you can get it checked by a trained [professional or even an occupational therapist. Taking a defensive driving course to freshen up your memo-

ry or even to update yourself on the new rules of the road is a good way to be a safe driver and to keep yourself on the road/. IS IT TIME TO QUIT DRIVING? As you get older you will eventually reach an age where you are unfit to drive a vehicle. This may occur sooner in some adults than others. Medications can also affect your driving skills. There are some medications that can make you sluggish and react slower than you usually do. This is very dangerous if you drive constantly because it can affect the way you drive and may put you at risk of an accident. When do you know it’s time for you or your loved ones to put the keys down? • Multiple car crashes or near miss incidents. • Multiple or more traffic tickets during a short period of time. • Comments from other such as neighbors or family members. • Experiencing anxiety when it’s time to get behind the wheel. If you or a loved one is experiencing any of these difficulties then it may be time to put down the keys.

Important changes to the federal Medicare program became effective at the beginning of the year. As a result, retirees in your state may be eligible for coverage with new options. Find out if you qualify for Medicare Supplement insurance that can help limit your out-of-pocket expenses.

For FREE information, call:

1-888-612-0686 or visit MedSupBenefit.com/grnsun

Get the facts that matter to you: • Critical dates for Medicare eligibility • Options that can help keep more money in your pocket • Medicare benefits many retirees may not be aware of Information will be provided by Physicians Life Insurance Company We are not connected with, nor endorsed by, the U.S. Government or the Federal Medicare Program. I understand I have no obligation. This is a solicitation of insurance. A licensed agent/producer may contact you. Policy form number L030, L035, L036, L037, L038, F001, F002 (OK: L030OK, L035OK, L036OK, L037OK, L038OK; TN: L030TN, L035TN, L036TN, L037TN, L038TN, F001TN, F002TN) 6243_C


12 • The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021

Saving a Life from a potential catastrophe EVERY 10 MINUTES

I live



STEADI: Fall Prevention Basics The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says falls are common and costly, especially among Americans age 65 and older.

but I’m never alone. I have Life Alert . ®

Age does not have to restrict one The CDC’s STEADI initiative or Stopping Elderly Accidents, Deaths and Injuries initiative shares for things you or a loved one can do to prevent falls.

Fall Emergency

Home Invasion

Fire Emergency

One press of a button sends help fast, 24/7, for: medical • fall • fire • invasion • CO gas emergencies even when you can’t reach a phone. No landline? No problem!

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CHECK EYES AND FEET Getting your eyes checked at least one year is important to TALK OPENLY HEALTH CARE prevent damage or catch damage PROVIDERS such as cataracts or glaucoma in its Falling in your home isn’t early stages. The CDC’s STEADI something you should keep to initiative says along with getting yourself. There is nothing you your eyes fixed, you should also should be embarrassed about if an have your feet checked once a year, accident happens. The CDC’s discuss proper footwear and ask STEADI initiative says to tell a whether seeing a foot specialist is provider right away if you fall, worry advised. about falling or feel unsteady. Your doctor may review all the MAKE YOUR HOME SAFER medicines you take as overtime Making your home safer for some medicines can change and yourself is probably the most create different effects in your body. important way you can prevent falls. Remove items that may trip EXERCISE DAILY you over such as shoes, clothes, Exercising is a great way to help cords or any other items that may prevent yourself from falling over lie on the floor. time. Keeping your body healthy Use double-sided tape to stick and moving decreases the chances small rugs and carpets to the of falling as you continue to get ground. older. Look into exercises that will Lastly, adding handrails on all improve your balance and make staircases and in your restroom your legs stronger. Stretching daily next in your shower and next to is another way to do minimal the toilet are good prevention exercise that will benefit you in the methods that may save your body long run. and life in the future.


The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021 • 13


Good Nutrition Matters


t’s important to watch what you eat and to maintain a healthy diet. This can be very crucial as you age because poor nutrition can have a great impact on your everyday health and life. © ADOBE STOCK

The National Council on aging shares advice and tips on a healthy life and healthy nutrition.

risks for falls. • Decrease strength needed to take care of yourself.

STEPS TO GOOD NUTRITION The first step to a healthy diet is to know what nutrients to look for. NCOA says your plate should like a IMPORTANCE OF NUTRITION READ THE WARNING SIGNS rainbow. Bright, colored foods are The National Council on Aging You won’t feel the effects of poor the best choice. Your plates should says poor nutrition increases your nutrition overnight. Sometimes, it include all of the following: risk for serious health problems. will take a while to see that you are • Lean protein (lean meats, seaWhen you are sick, your body getting the proper nutrients your food, eggs and beans). needs extra nutrition to heal. If body needs. As you get older, the • Fruits and Vegetables (orange, you don’t eat right, your body will signs may become more troubling red, green and purple). have to get the nutrition from for you than in a younger adult or • Whole grains ( brown rice, somewhere breaking down nutrichild. Talk to your health care pro- whole wheat ents in your muscles to use as fuel. vider if you show any of the warn- pasta). The NCOA says malnutrition ing signs provided by NCOA. • Low-fat effects your body by: • Eating poorly. dairy (milk • Making it harder to recover • If chewing and swallowing and its alterfrom surgery and illness. becomes difficult. natives). • Make it more difficult to heal • Taking multiple medicines to Choose wounds. feel normal. foods that are high in fiber • Increase risk for infection and • Unplanned weight loss

and low in sodium or salt. Vitamins such as vitamin D are important as you age. Making sure you eat the right items will help you lead a safe and healthy lifestyle and can prolong the effects of aging.



14 • The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021


Ginger-Papaya Smoothie: A drink to soothe your stomach Smoothies are often associated with breakfast, but they actually can be enjoyed all day long. Smoothies have been around since the 1920s, when the first blender was invented by Stephen Poplawski. In 1939, the Waring blender company designed a pamphlet that came with the appliance that included fruitbased drinks. Smoothies can include a variety of ingredients and serve various purposes. This recipe for a “Ginger Papaya Smoothie” from “Super Smoothies” (Crestline) by Ellen Brown employs ginger, which can help overcome nausea and other stomach issues.

GINGER-PAPAYA SMOOTHIE Yields 4 1-cup servings 1 cup chilled papaya nectar 1 container (8 ounces) peach low-fat yogurt 1⁄2 cup silken tofu 1⁄4 cup whey protein powder 3 tablespoons crystallized ginger 2 cups papaya cubes, frozen 4 papaya spears for garnish (optional)

puréed and smooth. Add papaya cubes and blend on high speed again until mixture is smooth. Serve immediately garnished with papaya spears, if desired.

Tip: Crystallized ginger is fresh ginger that has been cooked in sugar syrup to render it both sweet and tender. It is usually then coated with sugar to prevent the slices from sticking together. To find crystallized ginger, look in the baking Combine papaya nectar, yogurt, section of your tofu, whey protein powder, and supermarket rather crystalized ginger in a blender or smoothie maker. Blend on high speed than the produce aisle. for 45 seconds or until mixture is


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DENTAL Insurance Get the dental care you deserve.


Fresh herbs that can reduce your reliance on sodium The American Heart Association notes that sodium plays an essential role in the human body by regulating the kidneys and helping to control the body’s fluid balance. Sodium also helps send nerve impulses and affects muscle function. However, excessive amounts of sodium can compromise heart health. The AHA notes that excessive amounts of sodium in the bloodstream pulls water into the blood vessels, increasing the total volume of blood within them. As more blood flows through blood vessels, blood pressure increases. Over time, that can adversely affect blood vessels and speed up the build-up of plaque that can block blood flow. Higher blood pressure forces the heart to work harder and increases a person’s risk for heart disease. So what about sodium, a mineral so valued, and indeed vital to human existence, that it’s led to wars and created countless devotees in kitchens over the centuries? If it’s flavor cooks are aiming for, it’s possible to reduce reliance on sodium and increase the use of fresh herbs without sacrificing flavor. Such a transition can improve heart health and introduce a host of new flavors at meal time.


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1 “Medicare & You,” Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, 2020 Includes the Participating (in GA: Designated) Providers and Preventive Benefits Rider. Product not available in all states. Acceptance guaranteed for one insurance policy/certificate of this type. Contact us for complete details about this insurance solicitation. This specific offer is not available in CO, LA, NY; call 1-800-969-4781 or respond for similar offer. Certificate C250A (ID: C250E; PA: C250Q); Insurance Policy P150 (GA: P150GA; NY: P150NY; OK: P150OK; TN: P150TN); Rider kinds B438/B439 (GA: B439B).


serving. Freshly cut basil leaves can be added to any number of dishes, including tomato sauces, pastas, salads, pizzas, and eggs. Cilantro Cilantro are the © METRO PHOTO delicate leaves and stems of the coriander plant. Like basil, cilantro should be added to a dish right before serving and should not be cooked. Cilantro can be paired with beans, tomatoes, corn, and avocados among other foods, and is widely used when preparing Mexican foods at home. Oregano The AHA notes that Greek dishes often combine oregano, mint and lemon to create a memorable, delicious flavor profile. If chopping fresh oregano, strip the leaves from the stem and then discard the stem. Parsley Parsley isn’t just a garnish used to add aesthetic appeal to plates. Flat-leaf parsley provides a light and fresh flavor, while the AHA notes that curly parsley offers a slightly peppery profile. Parsley is typically added to a dish during the final minutes of cooking or right before serving, and can be paired with chicken, fish, potatoes, and pasta among countless other foods.

Basil These are just a handful of herbs The AHA notes that basil has a that can give meals a flavorful sweet and fresh flavor profile and is punch and help you avoid an overbest added to a dish right before reliance sodium in your recipes.

16 • The Greeneville Sun Senior Lifestyles • March 31, 2021


Profile for The Greeneville Sun

Senior Lifestyles | March 31, 2021  

This 16-page special section spotlights information of help to seniors and their families. ©2021 THE GREENEVILLE SUN | Greeneville, Tennesse...

Senior Lifestyles | March 31, 2021  

This 16-page special section spotlights information of help to seniors and their families. ©2021 THE GREENEVILLE SUN | Greeneville, Tennesse...