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How To Have The Wedding You Want For Less 75 personalized beer koozies for the rest of your life.

BY SARA RATHNER NERDWALLET This one goes out to all you lovebirds who got engaged over the holidays and are now left planning a wedding with zero event-planning experience. Somehow you’re expected to craft a day that’s traditional, yet modern. Well-attended, yet intimate. It’s about you as a couple, but also shouldn’t be o ensive to any of your guests. And most crucially, don’t overspend, but make sure it looks expensive. Sure, weddings are fun, but the most important part of any wedding is everything that happens after — your real life, together. Don’t start that life with credit card debt that lasts until your fifth anniversary. If you focus your spending on what you and your guests will actually notice, and skip expensive things no one really cares about, you’ll have a beautiful wedding without the debt.


ESTABLISH YOUR BUDGET Before you plan anything, set a budget based on what you (and your families, if they’re contributing) can a ord. Make every decision with that number in mind, whether it’s $250, $5,000 or $50,000. At its core, a wedding is simply “a celebration of love,” says Jen Glantz, founder of the company Bridesmaid for Hire and an email newsletter called The First Years of Marriage. “In that celebration, there are no rules. … Look at your wedding as a blank slate, an empty room. What do you want to fill it with? What can you a ord to fill it with?”

REEVALUATE TRADITIONAL ‘MUST-HAVES’ “This is the biggest thing I have to tell everybody when they plan a wedding: You don’t need anything at your wedding to get


Mannequins in wedding gowns are seen in a window display on March 15, 2021, at a bridal store in Nogales, Ariz. The holidays are a popular time to get engaged, and that means many couples are diving into 2022 by touring wedding venues, researching vendors and carefully crating guest lists.

married,” Glantz says. “If you don’t want a cake, don’t have a cake. If you don’t want to wear a dress or a tuxedo, don’t.” Here are some other ways to save. Decor: Guests remember the overall vibe, not the tiny details. “People at weddings are busy,” Glantz says. “And when you’re busy, you don’t see things.” Save on decor by renting it or scouring Buy Nothing groups on social media. Already-married friends may have leftover items they’d be happy to lend or pass along. There are even services where you can share flowers with another couple getting married the same week. Transportation: “We’re

locked into this idea that the big stretch limo will get you to the church or get you to the venue,” says Sheavonne Harris, owner and lead coordinator at Events by Sheavonne in New York City. But your guests will be seated inside when you arrive, so that car won’t be a part of your grand entrance. Car services also require you to book for a minimum number of hours, according to Harris, so you’ll end up paying for time you don’t use. She recommends booking a ride-hailing service — yes, just like when you need a ride to the airport. Invitations, programs and menus: All those paper items you painstakingly select

are going to go in the trash. Programs get left on chairs after the ceremony, and menus get tucked under plates after a quick scan. Even your invitations will get only a few months on guests’ refrigerators before they head to the landfill. “They just tossed a $10 bill into the garbage,” Harris says. If you want the tradition of paper for a lower cost, skip the menus and programs. You can also find gorgeous paper invitations at certain online retailers for a fraction of the price. Many of these printing companies o er seasonal sales, too. Party favors: Please, let 2022 be the year we cancel party favors. Guests leave them behind, and you’ll be stuck with

Photography: Long after your wedding, the only things you’ll be left with are memories and pictures. This is not the task to assign to that cousin who took a few photography classes in college. “If you want to put money into something, put it into photography,” Harris says. “With photography, you definitely get what you pay for.” The guest experience: Both Glantz and Harris recommend paying attention to weddings you attend as a guest before your own big day. What made you feel welcome? Guests won’t remember that you got married in a picturesque historic mansion, but they will remember if that mansion had only one bathroom with a 20-minute line to use it. Cut expenses elsewhere to focus on food, drink, entertainment and guest comfort. Professional vendors: Hiring a friend or doing a task yourself might feel like a money-saving move. Harris cautions that unlike a professional vendor, your friend likely won’t have a backup plan for when the flower order is late or the sound equipment is on the fritz. And booking a pro at the last minute because that friend backs out will end up costing you even more.

USE REWARDS CREDIT CARDS Many self-employed vendors don’t accept credit cards, but whenever possible, pay for wedding costs with a rewards credit card. Not only can you earn cash back or travel rewards (hello, discounted honeymoon!), but should a vendor not honor its commitment to you, you can dispute charges. Sara Rathner is a writer at NerdWallet.

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The Greeneville Sun Bridal Edition

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Welcome Note The Greeneville Sun’s annual Bridal Edition is here to bring you the information you need to plan your wedding with creativity and finesse. Browse its pages to find tips from vendors and experts to make your big day the picture perfect, stress-free celebration of your dreams. Photographs of local couples who pledged their troth in 2021 make this guide even more special. We’re thankful they shared their favorite wedding photographs with readers throughout Greeneville and Greene County and online at The Bridal Edition 2022 also contains information about working with The Greeneville Sun to announce your engagement and wedding. These announcements are a free service to make it easier to share your special news with your family, friends and neighbors. You will find a copy of the Engagement Announcement form below to get you started. Additional copies are available at the Sun’s offices, at 121 W. Summer St., along with copies of the Wedding Announcement form for after the

How To Submit Engagement, Wedding Announcements All engagement and wedding announcements in The Greeneville Sun’s Lifestyles pages are published free of charge. Fill-in-the-blank forms are available for both types of announcements. Printed versions of the forms may be picked up at The Greeneville Sun’s o ces, 121 W. Summer St. Online forms are available at, under the “Lifestyles” menu heading. Announcements are published as

space allows. The Greeneville Sun cannot guarantee an announcement will be published by a particular date.

MORE INFORMATION Engagement and wedding announcements are considered news items and written in accordance with the Sun’s stylistic guidelines. The Sun’s Advertising Department o ers a variety of “congratulatory” ads for those wishing to

big day. You can also pick up extra copies of this helpful guide if you need them or know someone who does. Engagement and wedding announcements can also be submitted by visiting the “Lifestyles” section of What an honor it has been to work with the happy couples who grace the pages of this very special annual edition! We look forward to working with you to share your exciting news, too. Contact us at 423-359-3156 or lifestyles@ with any questions you may have.

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convey a di erent message. Every e ort to ensure accuracy will be made, but the Sun is not responsible for errors made due to illegible handwriting on announcement forms. All items are published at the editors’ discretion. For more information, call 3593156 during o ce hours, email or write to Lifestyles Department, The Greeneville Sun, 121 W. Summer St., Greeneville, TN 37743.

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Kenzie Elizabeth Jobe and Aaron Hunter Baxter were wed on Sept. 18, 2021, in Jearoldstown, Tenn. This photo was taken in a field near their home.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Greeneville Sun Bridal Edition

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Brittney (Duvall) Britt and Conner Britt held with tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony but wanted a special moment before it began. Conner and Brittney Britt were married Sept. 4, 2021.


A quiet moment for the bride and groom ater the ceremony. Zane Clark and Callie Mae (Haire) Britton were married Oct. 16, 2021, at Hidden Meadows in Aton.


The ring bearer, Carson Hart, shares a moment with his favorite aunt, Makenna (Smith) Anderson. Browden and Makenna Anderson were married April 30, 2021 at The Millstone.


Dakota and Kyli (Barnett) Brown enjoy the sunset on their wedding day at the Cross at Conley Farms at Big Creek, Surgoinsville.


Dustin and Carey (Jones) Edwards were married April 25, 2021 at Greenwood Oaks.


Ryan and Beth Anne Baskette were married May 22, 2021 in Oahu, Hawaii.

Matt and Raven (Moffitt) Whaley celebrating their marriage with their two children. They were married May 6, 2021, at Hidden Meadow in Aton.


Chase Schmutzler helping his new wife, Jordan (Tolley) Schmutzler with her dress walking across a meadow at the Simple Life Event Venue in Elizabethton.

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Ethan and Emily (Crittenden) Myers backed by a beautiful sunset at Myers Farm.

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The Greeneville Sun Bridal Edition

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


Garrett and Grace (Holdway) Harbin sharing a quiet moment ater the wedding. They were married Oct. 2, 2021, at Hidden Meadows in Aton.


Haley (Malone) Hill and her bridesmaids: Miranda RAsnake, Parker Estes, Lindy Carter, Macy Kidwell, Lexie Starnes; Danielle Cutshaw, Maid of Honor; Abby Goddard, Kaylee Grambrel, Ashley Lowe, Ellie Hill and Alicia Carpenter. Kane and Haley (Malone) Hill were married Oct. 16, 2021, at The Homeplace.


Enjoying a quiet moment and looking to the future are Cody and Kayla Vineyard. They were married May 15, 2021, at Hidden Meadows in Aton.


Daniel and Samantha (Spillman) Cruz enjoy a kiss as they are leaving with guests holding sparklers. They were married Oct. 23, 2021 at the Valley View Venue, Parrottsville.


Preston Parker and Shawna Ann (Martin) Fields were married Oct. 10, 2021, at the Waterstone Venue, Johnson City.

Ethan Craig and Claire Elaine (Coffey) Mashburn were married Sept. 18, 2021, at the Long Cove Club on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

Bailey Victoria (Brantley) Phillips enjoying a special moment with her grandfather. Austin Tyler and Bailey Victoria Phillips were married, Oct. 10, 2020, at the Homeplace at the Johnston Farms.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Greeneville Sun Bridal Edition


George Joeseph and Brittany Karon (Askland) Peters are backed by a beautiful mountain view. They were married Aug. 21, 2021, at The Homeplace.

Jordan and Holly (Rogers) Hite celebrated a belated wedding reception, July 31, 2021, at the General Morgan Inn. They were married in a small backyard ceremony Aug. 1, 2020, in Kingsport.

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Gray clouds could not dampen Jamie and Rachel (Morrison) Street’s mood on their wedding day. They were married Sept. 17, 2021, at a friend’s landing strip in Telford.


Hunter and Megan (Holt) Shelton brand a piece of wood to commemorate their marriage.

Mom, Whitney, sharing a moment with her daughter, Sophie Collins, before the ceremony. Cody Branden and Whitney SuPHOTO SPECIAL TO THE SUN zanne (Compton) Holt were married Nov. 13, 2021, at Valley Matt and Lindsey Loftis were married April 25, 2021, at The View Venue in Parrottsville. Homeplace.

I do. I do. Lisa Crum, Agent 2195 E Andrew Johnson Highway Greeneville, TN 37745


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The Greeneville Sun Bridal Edition

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


The horse appears to be listening in as Nickolas and Shyanne Nix share some laughter after their ceremony. They were married Oct. 23, 2021, at Oakwood Farm in Midway.

Matthew Lee and Taylor Breyanne (Haire) Willett seal their vows with the unity ceremony assisted by oficiant Ashlee Lynch. They were married June 5, 2021, at Katy Branch.


Enjoying a “truck load of happiness,” Tyler Brett and Connor Logann (Starnes) Pierson were married Nov. 20, 2021, at Harvest Acre Farms in Limestone.


Zane Potter swept Emilee (Starnes) Potter of her feet. They were married June 18, 2021, at The Millstone in Limestone.

Whether it’s a solitaire, contemporary, classic, or vintag design - or even a custom desig Legacy Fine Jewelers stands ready to make your shopping experien a memorable occasion.


Jake and Kera (Ramsey) Walker were married April 10, 2021. He was not about to let the rain stop their happiness.

“Old Love Made New,” Jim and Virginia “Ginger” (Duncan) Unruh found each other again. They were married Aug. 20, 2021, in front of the Capitol Theatre.

Fairgrounds Plaza (Next to Publix) 2315 East Andrew Johnson Hwy. Greeneville, Tennessee 37745 423-638-8157


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(423) 636-0079

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

The Greeneville Sun Bridal Edition

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Explore Various Wedding Styles During Planning less structured and flow with sea breezes, while guys may even don shorts with linen shirts or jackets. Guests can expect the party to be much more free-flowing and the traditions of classic weddings may not be part of the celebration.

may prefer a modern wedding. Graphic color schemes, clean lines and minimalistic flowers might be part of a modern wedding. Attire may be angular and edgy, and the venue may run the gamut from sleek museum to a city rooftop.

Bohemian Wedding

Destination Wedding

Classic weddings are the storybook traditional weddings that many people dream about for years. Key elements include a tuxedo for the groom and a white gown for the bride. Formal attire is reserved for the rest of the wedding party. The ceremony is conducted in a place of worship before everyone retires to a fancy catering hall for the reception. Traditional weddings also may include the time-honored customs like toasts, cake cutting, bouquet toss, and parent-child dances.

Free-spirited individuals may dive head first into a bohemian style wedding. According to wedding planner David Tutera, a boho wedding is casual and comfortable. It tends to come o chic but appears that way with minimal e ort. Decor is typically humble and blends harmoniously with nature. A boho wedding may take place outdoors or in another less traditional venue, such as a farmhouse or botanical garden. Wedding party attire may be mismatched and showcase each person’s individual style.

Beach Wedding

Modern Wedding

Beach weddings often are casual, laid back a airs. Dresses may be

Brides and grooms who crave contemporary and current trends

Couples who love to travel and don’t want to worry about the minutiae of wedding planning may find a destination wedding is a good fit. Destination weddings last more than one day and focus on relaxation, activities and lots of fun. Destination weddings tend to be less formal and less traditional than classic weddings. Due to the remote locations, destination weddings also can be smaller and more intimate, as many invitees may be unable to attend. Yet those who can attend often get to enjoy tropical islands or mountain retreats. Wedding styles are as unique as the people getting married. Choosing a theme that has the right feeling can help couples make the most of their special days.

BY METRO CREATIVE Every wedding is di erent, even if many share some common components. As couples plan their weddings, learning about some popular wedding styles can help them create a ceremony that suits them.

Classic Weddings

How To Take The Hectic Out of Your Wedding Day BY METRO CREATIVE There are a number of things a bride and groom can do to make their wedding day less hectic.

Hire A Wedding Planner/Coordinator Leaving the nitty gritty to a professional wedding planner takes a lot of pressure o of couples. The renowned wedding resource The Knot says wedding planners are clued into everything there is to know about a wedding and they can be tapped to take care of just about anything on couples’ to-do list.

Consider A Package Deal All-inclusive resorts are popular vacation spots because variables like entertainment, lodging, food, drinks, and more is all taken care of, leaving vacationers with little to do other than show up and relax. Couples can apply that same approach on their wedding day. Host the ceremony and reception

at the same site, which takes the potentially problematic issue of getting guests to and from out of the equation. Some venues may even provide in-house vendors like photographers and florists. Such vendors’ familiarity with the venue reduces the risk of surprises that can derail wedding day schedules.

Pick Your Priorities Avoid getting bogged down on a million details by making a list of your priorities when planning. Couples can revisit this list a couple of days before their wedding so they remember what’s most important to them on the big day. This refresher can ensure couples don’t get too concerned if minor issues arise during their big day, helping them remain calm and keeping a focus on all the fun to be had during the day. It’s easy for couples to feel a little overwhelmed on their wedding day. Some simple strategies can take the hectic out of couples’ wedding day and ensure they keep their focus on one another and their loved ones.

Questions To Ask Prospective Officiants BY METRO CREATIVE Couples make many decisions when planning their weddings. Everything from the design of save-the-date cards to the color of the napkins at the reception tables requires couples’ input. Choice of o ciant is another decision that’s worthy of significant consideration. Many couples may have an o ciant in mind before they begin planning their wedding. In such instances, couples may choose an o ciant who’s a liated with their place of worship or even a friend or family member who’s been ordained or certified to o ciate weddings. Couples with no such option can ask the following questions as they look to hire an o ciant for their wedding.

stray and personalize the ceremony based on couples’ wishes. Couples should ask such o ciants how far they’re willing to stray from their routine if necessary.

Do you have a portfolio? Written testimonials from past clients can be invaluable, but couples can get a true feel for an o ciant’s style by watching video of ceremonies they’ve o ciated in the past. Ask prospective o ciants if they can share video of weddings they’ve presided over. It’s not a red flag if o ciants have no such video, which couples may have forgotten to share. But video can help couples get an accurate idea of how o ciants may preside over their ceremony.

Can you legally officiate our wedding?

Will we work together prior to the ceremony?

Each state has its own requirements regarding who can sign the paperwork necessary for couples to be considered legally married. An o ciant should meet these requirements.

Many o ciants will ask to meet with a couple at least once before the wedding so they can get to know them as well as possible. Ask each o ciant if this is their policy. Pre-wedding meetings can be conducted in person or via Zoom. When discussing meeting before the wedding, ask the o ciant if he or she will attend the wedding rehearsal. It’s not customary for o ciants to do so, though some might be willing to attend the rehearsal, especially if the ceremony will feature any elaborate components that require their involvement.

What services do you provide? Some o ciants will do more than o ciate the wedding. Some will help couples obtain their marriage license and even submit the documentation after the wedding. Those services can be important, but many couples are more concerned with what o ciants will do before and during the ceremony. Ask if the o ciant will write his or her own remarks to be delivered during the ceremony. Some couples may want to write remarks for the o ciant, while others may need help crafting the message they want to convey.

How flexible are you? Ask how o ciants handle feedback and how willing they are to deliver remarks they did not necessarily write themselves. Some o ciants may have a template they customarily follow, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they won’t

Miscellaneous considerations Couples also may want to broach some additional topics when questioning prospective o ciants. Such topics may include: 1. O ciant’s attire 2. Backups if the o ciant falls ill prior to the ceremony 3. O ciant fees, and if extra services like attending the rehearsal incurs additional charges 4. O ciants’ experience Couples can ask prospective o ciants various questions in an e ort to find the right person to o ciate their wedding.

Factors To Consider When Planning Timeline BY METRO CREATIVE The notion that “timing is everything” is applicable in many situations, perhaps none more so than on a couple’s wedding day. Many couples spend months, if not years, planning their weddings in the hopes that all that hard work will ultimately result in a day they will cherish forever. The sheer volume of things to do on a wedding day can make couples feel overwhelmed. Those feelings can be overcome by emphasizing timing on the day of the wedding. Wedding day timelines will di er depending on variables that are unique to each couple’s wedding, but the following are some factors to consider as couples organize the big day. Venue(s): The schedule couples adhere to on their wedding day will be greatly a ected by their choice of venue. Does the venue have somewhere on premises for the couple and their party to get ready? Are the ceremony and reception being held at the same venue? Before creating a timeline, consider the location of the ceremony and reception venue(s) and the accommodations each provides. Getting to and from multiple facilities won’t be an issue if couples choose a multipurpose venue where they can get ready, tie

the knot and dance the night away all in one place. Couples who will be moving from venue to venue throughout the day must build the time it takes them and their party to get about into their timelines. Wedding Party: The size of the wedding party also bears consideration when planning a wedding day timeline. Large parties will require more time to get ready, and that should be factored into couples’ timelines. Large parties also may be harder to corral and transport from place to place, so couples should build some extra time into their timelines to account for that. Small wedding parties can be easier to manage, so couples with small parties may be able to begin their timelines a little later in the day than those with large wedding parties. Weather: Weather is the most unpredictable variable couples need to plan for on their wedding days. As the wedding day approaches, couples can monitor the day’s forecast and then make any necessary changes to account for inclement weather. Getting around in a rainstorm will likely take longer than moving about on a sunny day, so some minor tweaks to the timeline may be necessary if storms or another type of inclement weather is in the forecast.

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The Greeneville Sun Bridal Edition

Wednesday, January 26, 2022