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2018 will mark the 300th birthday of the city that anchors this great region. As we celebrate this milestone, we must marvel at the progress. Together we’ve made the Greater News Orleans region one of the nation’s most treasured gems, and together we’ve survived unfathomable hardship, strife, and loss, each time emerging stronger and more vibrant than before. However, we must also meet this well-earned pride with an honest acknowledgement of just how much remains to be done. After all, if we look back on eras past—when many of our neighbors were excluded, ignored, or marginalized—as our region’s best days, we will have desperately failed. Our region is at an inflection point. Twelve years post-Katrina, the question is no longer whether we’ll survive, but whether we’ll thrive. Here at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, we’re setting our sights high. We’re striving toward communities that are economically prosperous and culturally diverse, that are sustainable and environmentally sound, and that are fair, equitable, and inclusive for all who call this region home. We are choosing to believe the Greater New Orleans region’s best days lie ahead.


If only belief were enough. Forward progress will require brave leadership, bold action, creative problem-solving, dogged determination, and, most importantly, one another. As you’ll see in the coming pages, our communities can drive meaningful change on both an individual and systemic level when we pool our time, talents, and resources. And we’ve only scratched the surface. As we head into this next chapter for our region, we welcome your continued partnership with arms more open than ever, because we know we cannot do it alone. Because doing good happens together. Being better happens together. And creating a vibrant, sustainable, and just region for all can only happen together. With the utmost gratitude, Christian T. Brown, Board Chair Andy Kopplin, President & CEO


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PLAYING THE STARTING NOTE On February 7th, 2017, powerful tornadoes ripped through New Orleans East causing catastrophic losses. Local legend and musician Troy Andrews (Trombone Shorty) was stunned and stricken by the damage to his beloved hometown. He learned that the Greater New Orleans Foundation had activated a Tornado Relief Fund and quickly joined us to establish a partnership to match every dollar donated to the relief effort up to $50,000. Not only was the match fully met within 48 hours; Andrews had ignited a spark bigger than he 2 ›› G N O F . O R G

could have imagined. Inspired by Andrews’ generosity, the Foundation’s Tornado Relief Fund went on to attract more than $400,000 in donations which provided muchneeded shelter, water, and warm meals to hundreds in need, helped remove debris and repair damaged schools, and supported volunteer operations. Reflecting on the groundswell of support, Andrews says, “I was so amazed by how people opened their hearts and their wallets to help our neighbors in the East, many of whom are still rebuilding and recovering.” 3 ›› G N O F . O R G

E S TA BLISHING PHIL A N T HROPIC ROOT S Bill and Christa Payne set up a donor advised fund at the Greater New Orleans Foundation soon after they arrived in New Orleans two years ago. They say the fund not only helps them to feel connected to their new home but also instills philanthropic values in their three daughters who have a hand in selecting grant recipients. “They help us research and volunteer at the organizations so they can experience the impact of our investments first-hand,” says Christa. “Our parents and grandparents passed down a culture of giving to us, and we want to do the same for our daughters. It’s important for them to see that even small sums of money can make a big difference,” adds Bill. 4 ›› G N O F . O R G

A C ATA LYS T FOR CH A NG E “I spent 34 years of my life under separate but equal,” says Dr. Norman Francis, the legendary education leader and former President of Xavier University. “I saw how segregation marginalized people who were poor and uneducated, especially minorities. And we still haven’t closed those gaps.” But Dr. Francis, who recently created his own fund at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, is inspired by those working to remedy discrimination and disparity across New Orleans. “The Greater New Orleans Foundation is a jewel in our region’s efforts to address quality of life issues. The Foundation serves as a catalyst for the city’s nonprofits and small donors, those who may not be writing the biggest checks but together can enhance quality of life for the whole region.”

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HE LPING YO U T H FIND HOPE For Peter Wilson Jr., philanthropy is a family affair. Each year Peter, his brothers, and his cousins come together to select a grant recipient from their family fund that was created by their parents. From the start the younger generation knew they wanted to focus on bridging the opportunity gap for at-risk youth. “We’re a city with so much promise, with such a rich and diverse culture. Our city’s youth shouldn’t wake up every day feeling hopeless, worried that their only options are a grave or a jail cell,” Peter says. “This fund has been a great way for my brothers, cousins, and me to use our unique skills and motivations to enact real change.” 6 ›› G N O F . O R G

S AV ING LI V E S A ND HE A R TACHE Following the tragic and untimely death of 41-year-old New Orleans native Wilkins Kearney, his friends and family sprang into action. “We knew we needed to do something,” says Wilkins’s wife, Lilla. For years Wilkins’s close friends had contributed to a Greater New Orleans Foundation donor advised fund, the focus and purpose of which now seemed abundantly clear. Bolstered by generous donations at their annual “Wilkapalooza” fundraiser, the Human Fund aims to save lives by preventing suicide and providing much-needed but often cost-prohibitive support services for surviving loved ones. “Even if we save one life, we’ll be successful. With that life, we also save the pain and heartache of so many others who would have been left behind.”

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THE GREATER NEW ORLEANS FOUNDATION CELEBR ATES THE GENEROUS INDIVIDUAL S AND FAMILIES WHO ES TABLISHED FUNDS IN 2016. Laughing Buddha Fund — Suzi Stone has never lived in New Orleans, but New Orleans is always in her heart. Growing up, she had the opportunity to visit New Orleans often and has deep family roots and ties to the community. This is one of the many reasons she considered the Greater New Orleans Foundation when searching for a home for her donor advised fund. Suzi can now easily give to the causes across the United States that are most important to her without having to keep track of numerous tax receipts. MacDonell United Methodist Children’s Services Fund — Nothing matters more to the MacDonell Children’s Services Board and Executive Director Kevin Champagne than providing a safe, loving environment for children in need in the Bayou Region. They wanted to ensure the MacDonell Fund was safely invested so it would grow and support their efforts. Now they can focus on what’s really important: helping children. Harry G. and Mary Ann Barkerding Family Fund — Harry and Mary Ann Barkerding know the importance of giving back to their community. Soon after returning to New Orleans after living in Austin, they wanted to give back to their hometown. A friend suggested the Greater New Orleans Foundation to them as a way to streamline their giving. Now they support the causes that matter the most to them.

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Charles and Elizabeth Wetmore Fund — Funded by a generous gift through the will of Elizabeth Bisland Wetmore, the Charles and Elizabeth Wetmore Fund was established to support sufferers of respiratory diseases. It also supports medical research to find a cure or improved treatment for those who experience these diseases. The Doctors Estrada Fund — As incredibly busy doctors, Leslie and Lance Estrada have dedicated their lives to helping others. They were searching for a way to do even more for the community. A friend told them a donor advised fund could make their giving easier, so they partnered with GNOF, enabling them to have more time to focus on their patients. More for the 504 Fund — In early 2016 a group of women found themselves wanting to do more for the community. As a result they founded More for the 504, a giving circle made up of women who are passionate about New Orleans. More for the 504 encourages women’s involvement in philanthropy by combining members’ financial resources in order to gift substantial, annual donations to local nonprofits that provide direct support to the community. Carnival Krewes Fund — Few things embody the spirit of giving more than Carnival. People come from all over the world during Mardi Gras to witness our generosity. Krewes for Karnival’s First Responders, a group with representatives from many of New Orleans’ krewes, formed the Carnival Krewes Fund to continue giving throughout the year to organizations that are essential to New Orleans’ vibrant culture.

Lee and Kathy Randall Fund — Lee and Kathy Randall learned about donor advised funds and the Greater New Orleans Foundation through their financial advisor. They partnered with the Greater New Orleans Foundation to establish their fund. Now they can support their favorite nonprofits without having to keep track of multiple receipts.

The Doris Z. and Roger T. Stone Botanical Garden Fund — The Botanical Gardens at City Park are a beautiful attraction enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. The gardens offer many educational programs for the community to enjoy. The Fund was established by the Zemurray Foundation to honor the legacy of its two former chairpersons who were avid botanists and outdoor enthusiasts. The Fund will support research and educational activities at the Botanical Gardens in perpetuity. Harris Elledge Fund — The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at Tulane University wanted to do something when their fraternity brother suddenly passed away at the age of 22. Harris is remembered fondly by his family and friends for his loving and caring nature. Partnering with the Greater New Orleans Foundation allows them to make charitable grants to nonprofits which exemplify Harris’ generous nature. Katie and Jimmy Gibert Fund — As a partner at Southern Wealth Management who specializes in income, gifts, and estate planning, Katie Gibert advises her clients on how best to minimize their tax burden and achieve their philanthropic goals. To help streamline their own annual giving, Katie and Jimmy established a donor advised fund at the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Now they have the flexibility to give to their favorite nonprofits and to manage both the timing and tracking of those donations.

SPARC Fund — Adrian Manriquez knows the importance of grassroots organizations making a positive impact in the community. He partnered with the Greater New Orleans Foundation to establish the SPARC Fund. He hopes to provide local nonprofit leaders with opportunities to learn new skills, helping them to build long-term stability in their organizations. BCF Disaster Recovery Fund — The Bayou Community Foundation (BCF) was established in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Ike, and the 2010 Gulf Oil Spill to strengthen and sustain our precious Lafourche, Terrebonne, and Grand Isle communities. Thanks to the generosity of many donors, BCF has awarded more than $800,000 in grants to nonprofits in Terrebonne, Lafourche, and Grand Isle since 2013 to meet the region’s most critical needs. The BCF Disaster Recovery Fund was established to provide emergency aid to this area, ensuring that donors are able to help the unique Bayou Region prepare for and recover from future disasters and emergencies. You’ve just read about individuals and families whose experiences and values have shaped their giving. What about you? If you would like to open a fund with cash, stocks, or other assets—and start directing grants immediately to your favorite nonprofit organizations—contact Senior Philanthropic Gift Officer Allie Betts at 504.598.4663 or allie@gnof.org.

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OUR PARTNERS IN PHILANTHROPY Contributions to our Partners in Philanthropy campaign enable the Foundation to direct significant sums of money to important civic leadership initiatives. These gifts cover the Foundation’s operating expenses and enable it to continue in its role connecting donors to community needs. “As a Partner in Philanthropy, I’m joining forces with others across the region to have a bigger impact than I might have on my own.” – Vanessa Brown Claiborne, president, Chaffe and Associates

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ALTRUIS T ($20,000 +) Mr. Conrad M. Hilton RosaMary Foundation Kathleen Moore Vick Foundation LE ADER ($10,000 +) Zemurray Foundation SUS TAINER ($5,000 +) Mr. and Mrs. F. Macnaughton Ball Jr. Ms. Lynne A. Burkart Ms. Elizabeth Boh The Delta Airlines Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Gardiner Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Gue Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Soltis Mr. and Mrs. R. Preston Wailes Mrs. Mary K. Zervigon BENEFAC TOR ($2,500 +) Azby Fund Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Boh Odette C. Henican Foundation Mr. William L. Kohlmann Mr. and Mrs. R. King Milling Mr. and Mrs. George V. Young Mr. Charles Fendig and Ms. Maria N. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Linton L. Young PATRON ($1,000 +) Mr. and Mrs. Richard Adler Ms. Elizabeth Ary Mr. and Mrs. David Barksdale Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Benjamin Ms. Marian M. Berkett Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bories Mr. and Mrs. Christian T. Brown Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Capomazza di Campolattaro Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Chotin Jr. Ms. Vanessa Brown Claiborne Ms. Dale M. Cochran Mr. Russell Daniels and Ms. Jax Robertson Mr. and Mrs. George Denegre Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Donald Mr. and Mrs. David F. Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Epstein Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Farnsworth Sybil M. and D. Blair Favrot Family Fund Ms. Barbara H. Galey Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Hammer Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Kelleher Jr. Betty and Ira Kohn Foundation Mr. Andrew D. Kopplin and Ms. Andrea Neighbours Mrs. Albert Lamar Mr. and Mrs. Jay M. Lapeyre Jr. Mrs. Francis Lauricella Mr. and Mrs. Byron LeBlanc Mr. and Mrs. Walter Leger Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis Mrs. Sheldon Lykes Mr. and Mrs.* Michael Marsiglia Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Leann and Ted Moses Ms. Andrée Moss Mumford Family Foundation Mrs. Betsy J. Nalty Mr. Robert O. Neighbours Mrs. Godfrey R. Parkerson Irving and Constance Phillips Charitable Fund Mr. and Mrs. Alan H. Philipson Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Poole Dr. Anthony Recasner Sarracenia Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Schleiff Mr. and Mrs. Lynes R. Sloss Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Steeg Ms. Cheryl R. Teamer Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Usdin Mrs. George G. Villere Mr. Christopher Vincent Mr. Gregory Weitman Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Young Mr. and Mrs. Luis Zervigon SPONSOR ($500 +) Mr. Samuel T. Alcus, III Mr. and Mrs. John D. Becker Mr. and Mrs. Tom Benson Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bories Mrs. Ann Conroy* Mr. Julian B. Feibelman Jr. and Mrs. Joan Hooper Mr. and Mrs. George C. Freeman III Mr. and Mrs. James F. Geary Dr. and Mrs. Juan J. Gershanik Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Gibert Mr. James C. Gulotta and Ms. Susan Gayle Talley Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Gwin Mr. and Mrs. John L. Haspel Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Huguley III Mr. Robert M. Israel Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth LaBorde Mr. Richard A. Marks and Ms. Jennifer E. Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Eric Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McIntyre Erin and Chris McQuade-Wright Mr. and Mrs. Jacques B. Michell Drs. Joy and Howard Osofsky Ms. Joann M. Ricci Ms. Courtney-Anne Sarpy Mr. and Mrs. John Sarpy Mr. and Mrs. I. William Sizeler Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Smith Mrs. Phyllis M. Taylor UMS Group Inc. Mr. J. David Waggonner III Mrs. Madeline D. West Mrs. Marie Wolf FRIEND ($499 AND BELOW) Mr. and Mrs. Andy Adams Ms. Peggy Adams and Mr. Tom Foutz Mr. Alvin R. Albe Jr. Ms. Bethlehem K. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Allain Andry Ms. Allison Bach

Emmett W. Bashful Fund Honorable and Mrs. Peter Beer Mr. and Mrs. William Bell Ms. Allison K. Betts Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Brainard III Ms. Julie F. Breitmeyer Mr. Robert W. Brown Ms. Anne Burghardt Ms. Mandi Cambre and Mr. James Horne Mr. Paul Carr Mr. and Mrs. D.B.H Chaffe III Ms. Sarah-Ann Charles Mr. Richard Michael Clark Mr. Cain Clement Mr. Jack Clements Ms. Madalyn Coryea Mr. and Mrs. Ryan M. Crespino Ms. Clarissa Davis DoTopia Mrs. Ernestine Eckstein Mr. Michael Eckstein Ms. Monica L. Edwards Mr. Michael Eichler Mr. Michael Espar Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Failla II Ms. Daniele Farrisi Mr. Gustavo Flores Rev. Louis Franz C.M. Mr. Alejandro Gershanik and Mrs. Maureen Brennan Google Matching Gifts Program Mr. and Mrs. John J. Graham Mr. Howard Green Mr. John Greene Ms. Ashley Groppe Mrs. Susan Gundlach Ms. Rachel Simes Guttman Mrs. Maurice Handelman Ms. Kathleen R. Hebert CPA Dr. and Mrs. Harris Hyman, III Ms. Carmen James Mr. and Mrs. Hans A. B. Jonassen Dr. and Mrs. Robert Jones Mr. and Mrs. Byron R. Kantrow Ms. Nicole Kolinsky Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kufta Mr. and Mrs. Kevin LaChute Mr. and Mrs. John M. Landrum J. B. Levert Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lilly Mr. Christopher Lincoln Mrs. Joan Lincoln Ms. Judith M. Lozano Mr. John Lucio Ms. Lucretia Lyons Mr. Craig Marcello Ms. Sarah E. Martzolf Mr. and Mrs. Mark Mayer Peter Mayer Advertising Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh T. McDonald Ms. Monika K. McKay and Mr. Karl Connor Mr. Michael Mansel Mr. and Mrs. William Mimeles Ms. Sarah Morales Mrs. Elizabeth Moran

Ms. Andreanecia M. Morris Mr. and Mrs. Claiborne Perrilliat Jr. Mr. and Mrs. George Frank Purvis Jr. Ms. Suzanne Raether Mrs. Kathryn E. Rapier Mr. Charles L. Rice Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Marc Robert Ms. Bonita A. Robertson Mr. Mark C. Romig and Mr. David Briggs Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rosen Ms. Tayari Kwa Salaam Madalyn and Robert Schenk Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Schroeder III Dr. and Mrs. Jay M. Shames Mr. and Mrs. H. Bruce Shreves Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. Smith III Ms. Noel Smith Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Sontheimer Ms. Mary Spargo Mr. and Mrs. Cory Sparks Ms. Jane Steiner Ms. Laurie Sterbcow Mrs. Lynne Stern Mr. Chris Stewart Reverend and Mrs. Toby Summerour Ms. Rachel L. Swan and Mr. Daniel Pruksarnukul Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Thompson Mr. W. Howard Thompson Dr. Vera B. Triplett Mr. Tom Varisco Ms. Glenda Vassilakis Mr. Keith J. Wheelahan Ms. Michelle K. Whetten Mr. Charles Whited Ms. Shelle Williams Mr. Richard S. Winter Ms. Jacqueline Woody * Deceased

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1923 SOCIETY 2016 The 1923 Legacy Society recognizes the founding year of the Community Chest, our predecessor, and honors those forward-thinking individuals who have let the Foundation know that they plan to leave a gift to the community through a bequest,

Mr. James L. Adams CFP, CAP Mrs. Marguerite L. Adams Mr. and Mrs.* Wayne F. Amedée Mrs. Suzanne Baer Dr. Emmett W. Bashful* Mr. and Mrs. John D. Becker Ms. Armande Billion* Ms. Jane E. Boettcher Mr. R. Carey Bond and Mr. Henry M. Lambert Mrs. Caroline Huger Boone Mr. Donald J. Borngesser Dr. Joseph P. Braud and Mrs. Angela D. Braud Mr.* and Mrs. Georgiana L. Bretz Mr. Ed Bush and Mrs. Cynthia B. Fromherz Dr. Michael Carey Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Chotin Jr. Dr. and Mrs. J. Sanders Clatworthy Dr.* and Mrs. Isidore Cohn Jr. Mr. Joseph M. Costello III* Ms. Kathleen T. Davenport Ms. Erna L. Deiglmayr* Mr. Joseph DePaso Jr. Ms. Nancy R. Dreux* Mr. and Mrs. George C. Durant Jr.* Mrs. Janet Daley Duval and Judge Stanwood Duval Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Epstein Jr.

12 ›› G N O F . O R G

trust, life insurance policy, retirement plan, or charitable gift annuity. The Foundation extends its gratitude to the members below for their commitment to making the Greater New Orleans region a better place for all in the future.

Ms. Martha Eshleman Mr. Willerd R. Fann Ms. Patricia W. Faust Mr. John H. Fellman* Mr. Charles R. Fendig and Ms. Maria N. Fisher Mrs. Elizabeth N. Fischer* Rev. Louis J. Franz C.M. Mr. Thomas I. Gault and Ms. Mary Lee Sweat Ms. Beulah Ann Glucksman Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Goodier Ms. Marie Gould Mrs. JoAnn F. Greenberg* Mrs. Fred E. Grissom Mr. Peter S. Hansen* Mrs. Sally S. Hansen Mrs. Byrde B. Haspel* Mrs. Muriel Katz Haspel* Mr. and Mrs. Peter Haspel Mrs. Edward M. Heller Mr. Peter L. Hilbert Sr.* Mr. Brian D. Hite Mr. John D. Hopper Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Johnson Dr. and Mrs. John J. Jones Jr Nina Kelly Ph.D Mrs. Virginia D. Kock* Mrs. Jill Moses Kohlmann* Mrs. Jane N. Kohlmann

Ms. Corvette J. Kowalski Mr.* and Mrs. Joseph P. Krebs Mr. Paul J. Leaman Jr. Mr. Ronald LeJeune Mr. F. Rivers Lelong* Mr. Thomas B. Lemann Mrs. Amelia Lemle* Mrs. Leone S. Marks* Mr. John A. Marque* Mr. and Mrs.* Ellis L. Marsalis Jr. Mr. George J. Mayer* Mr. James McCutcheon and Ms. Nancy Hopper Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. McIntyre Drs. Emel and Ranney Mize Mrs. George R. Montgomery Dr. and Mrs. James E. Moorman Mrs. Elizabeth P. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Biff Motley Mr.* and Mrs. Harold W. Newman Mrs. Morris W. Newman* Dr. Max Niedzwiecki and Dr. G. Albert Ruesga Mr. Bernard K. Oppenheim* Dr. Andrew Orestano Mr. Donald Payne Mr. and Mrs. Gude P. Rao Mr. Robert J. Reid* Mrs. H. Eustis Reily* Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Reily Mrs. O. Jack Schneidau* Ms. Emily Schoenbaum Mr. and Mrs. Richard Shell Dr. and Mrs. Charles R. Smith Mrs. James W. Smith* Mr. Donald P. St. Pierre Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert G. Stock Jr. Mr. John J. Sullivan Dr. Charles C. Teamer Sr. Mrs. Bernardine S. Thomas Dr. Sam A. Threefoot* Reverend Wilmer L. Todd Mrs. Nina C. Tyler Robert A. Udick Ph.D.* Mr. Philip Uhl* Mrs. Kathleen M. Vick* Mr.* and Mrs. George Villere Mr. Jonathan M. Wallick and Ms. Marjorie R. Esman Dr. Nell Pape-Waring* and Dr. William W. Waring Dr.* and Mrs. Richard M. Warren Mrs. Joel W. Weinstock Mr. George Q. Whitney* Mrs. Marion S. Zinser Deceased*

TOG E T HE R WE A RE SU PP OR T ING T HE FU T U RE . “Like us, individual organizations have a lifespan, so we decided to trust in the long-term stability of the Greater New Orleans Foundation when planning our philanthropic legacy. By ensuring that our specific wishes are known to the Foundation, we are confident that Biff’s passion for his alma mater and my passion for the theatre arts in New Orleans will matter for decades.” – Barbara Motley, pictured below with husband Biff Motley, members of the 1923 Society

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Through our leadership development programs, the Greater New Orleans Foundation is bolstering the entire nonprofit community by fortifying its leaders’ mission-driven passions with the business acumen required to run effective and efficient organizations. At our Executive Director and Emerging Leader workshops, we are providing nonprofit managers with leadership capabilities which will increase the overall health and sustainability of their organizations, from financial management to strategic visioning. 16 ›› G N O F . O R G


TOG E T HE R WE A RE S T RE NG T HE NING O U R E N T IRE NONPROFI T COMM U NI T Y. We know that to be as valuable a partner and resource as possible, we must do more to support local nonprofits than grantmaking alone. After all, the impact of a dollar is determined by how well it is spent.

By ensuring these organizations benefit from sound management, strong governance, and a hearty embrace of the diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and talents of their staff, we’re helping the regional nonprofit community run smarter, better, and more successfully—one leader at a time. Featured Organizations: 504HealthNet, Boys Town Louisiana, Children’s Bureau of New Orleans,

Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana, The Cowen Institute, Family Service of Greater New Orleans, Friends of City Park, Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance, Justice & Accountability Center of Louisiana, Luke’s House Clinic, New Orleans Airlift, VCPORA, Youth Run NOLA

17 ›› G N O F . O R G

TOG E T HE R WE A RE CRE AT ING COLLEC T I V E IMPAC T T HRO U G H INDI V IDUA L AC T IONS. In our region water is often viewed as a burden or a threat more than as an asset. Greenlight New Orleans is helping our community’s residents rethink water management. With the installation of one of their hand-painted rain barrels at homes like Miss Beverly Bell’s in New Orleans East, Greenlight New Orleans is proving that any household can take simple steps to lessen street flooding and reduce the financial and environmental costs of pumping out rainwater. “People are overwhelmed these days; they don’t know where to start,” says Greenlight New Orleans Founder and Executive Director Andreas Hoffman. “We want residents to know we hear them, we understand, and we’re here to help. That’s exactly the role GNOF has played, in turn, for Greenlight.” 18 ›› G N O F . O R G

TOG E T HE R WE A RE PU T T ING PEOPLE ON A PAT H TO SU CCE SS. New Orleans Works (NOW), GNOF’s signature employer-led workforce initiative, is opening new career pathways for hundreds of our city’s residents. Kendric Creecy was working in the medical field and wanted to pursue a career at Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, so he applied for the NOW-funded Children’s Hospital Advancement and Mobility Program which provides hands-on job training. Following graduation from NOW-funded Children’s Hospital Advancement and Mobility Program, Kendric Creecy--NOW’s first male graduate--happily joined the Children’s Hospital cast department. And he says he’s not stopping there. “I wouldn’t be in this job that I love without the training I received thanks to NOW, and this has inspired me to go back to school for nursing and become a Physician’s Assistant.”

19 ›› G N O F . O R G

TOGETHER WE ARE CREATING A CITY For the thousands of LGBTQ youth in New Orleans–many of whom are homeless or have been bullied out of school–knowing where to turn for help can be daunting. That’s why BreakOUT! wants to increase the number of LGBTQ-affirming services available in New Orleans and ensure that LGBTQ youth know where they are and how to access them. Supported by GNOF’s new LGBT Fund, BreakOUT! is training youth-serving agencies on how to establish and implement policies for informed, compassionate, and effective care.

GN O. ROGR G 20 ›› GO N FO. F 14

THAT LGBTQ YOUTH CAN CALL HOME. “We’re empowering our members to conduct the trainings themselves,” says BreakOUT! Director Wes Ware. “After all, LGBTQ youth are the real experts on their own needs.”

GN 21 ››OGFN. OORFG. O R 15 G

TOGETHER WE ARE FORMING THE Each year, Community Works of Louisiana provides more than 800 underserved kids with non-traditional after-school and summer learning programs like gardening, dance, art, film, software coding, sports, and more. These classes promote leadership and job skills, improve test scores, and produce healthier, more creative learners. For many of these kids, the classes are the only enrichment programming they receive.

22 ›› G N O F . O R G

LEADERS AND LEARNERS OF TOMORROW. “Our main goal is to provide equity and access, and it all starts with education,” says Community Works Executive Director Chandler Nutik. As an IMPACT grantee, Community Works is now expanding its reach through a professional development series for its youth workers. From leadership development and design thinking to racial equity and trauma-informed care, this series ensures our youth are enriched through both the content and the quality of their instruction.

23 ›› G N O F . O R G

TOG E T HE R WE A RE IN T RODU CING YO U NG PROFE SSION A L S TO E XCE P T ION A L NONPROFI T S. This August marked the fifth successful year of Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Pop Up Happy Hours program. The events bring young professionals together with some of the best nonprofits and causes in our region for an hour of specialty cocktails, entertainment, and inspiration. Each Thursday in August, GNOF “pops up” at a local nonprofit for one hour, with the hosting nonprofit opening its doors to the young professional interested in learning more about the nonprofit leaders and organizations that are working every day to make New Orleans a safer, more vibrant, more sustainable, and more equitable place to live.

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Many donors have established funds that are unrestricted or have broad purposes, giving the Greater New Orleans Foundation flexibility in the way the income is used. These are the primary funds underwriting the Foundation’s IMPACT program, which provides support to a broad range of community services.


Jacob Aron Fund Everett T. Aultman Fund Victor L. Bernard Foundation Fund Henry Bernstein Century Fund Mr. & Mrs. S. J. Besthoff Fund Harry J. Blumenthal Jr. 1989-1991 Chairman’s Fund Harry J. Blumenthal Jr. Fund Blumenthal-Jepsen Family Fund Don Borngesser Fund Edgar A. G. Bright Fund R.J. Bynum Fund Mr. & Mrs. Leon S. Cahn Fund James M. Cain Chairman’s Fund 1999-2001 Marguerite Casey Foundation Fund Louis B. Claverie Chairman’s Fund 1975-1977 Marion M. Cohn 1998 Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Marion M. Cohn 1998 Charitable Remainder Unitrust Community Benefit Rebuild Fund David Conroy Chairman’s Fund 1993-1995 Francis C. Doyle Chairman’s Fund 1977-1979 Donald W. Doyle Chairman’s Fund 1983-1985 Nancy Reeves Dreux Endowment Fund George and Mathilde Dreyfous Fund Kitty and Brooke Duncan Fund Ludovico Feoli Chairman’s Fund 2013-2015

1965 2000 1989 2007 1973 1995 1987 1988 2002 1976 1953 1995 2001 2010 1994 1998 1998 2007 1995 1995 1995 1994 1986 1985 2015


Arts Fund Lucile J. Blum Fund Janet Daley Duval Field of Interest Fund Freeport-McMoRan Inc. Expansion Arts Fund Hansen Fund for Arts Technical Assistance Louisiana Asian Heritage Foundation Fund Mr. & Mrs. P. R. Norman Fund Reily Foundation / Lafaye Family Fund Welch Family Fund for 2200

1996 2000 2011 1989 2014 1999 1990 2012 2000

Freeman-Woollam Fund Freeport-McMoRan Inc. Fund Louis A. and Lillian L. Glazer Family Foundation Inc. Fund Mr. & Mrs. John J. Graham Fund The Greater New Orleans Foundation Fund The Greater New Orleans Foundation Unrestricted Fund The Greater New Orleans Foundation Funding Opportunities Fund Byrde Berenson Haspel Foundation Fund Heymann Fund #2 Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Heymann Fund Scott and Leslie Jacobs Fund Barbara & Ben Johnson Family Foundation L.V. and Stephanie Lamar Foundation Betty V. Lauricella Chairman’s Fund 1997-1999 Wayne J. Lee Chairman’s Fund 2001-2003 Lemann Family Fund Stephen B. Lemann Chairman’s Fund 1981-1983 Diana M. Lewis Chairman’s Fund 1991-1993 Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis Endowment Fund Loewenbaum Family Fund Theodore A. Mars Jr. Endowment Fund Mason Family Fund George J. Mayer Chairman’s Fund 1979-1981

Virginia D. Kock Endowment for Education Nancy & Michael Marsiglia Fund Reily Foundation Fund Jonathan M. Wallick Fund for Building Restoration Training


1995 1988 1989 2008

2008 1971 1961

1991 2011 1990 2014 1994 1998 1985 1963


Adult Literacy Fund Boh Brothers Construction Co., LLC Fund Cahn Family Foundation Drexel Prep Foundation Fund Education Fund Fenner-French Foundation Fund First Commerce Corporation Fund

2004 1990 1997 2013 1994 1989 1990

W. R. Baird Charitable Trust Fund GNO Drug Demand Coalition Fund Mildred H. and Isaac S. Heller Fund Dorothy Jean and Peter L. Hilbert Fund Joan and Leslie Inman Family Fund Kahn-Oppenheim Trust Fund Marjorie & Fred Kullman Fund Albert N. & Hattie M. McClure Fund


2010 2014 1987 1988 1989 1995 1980 1999 2003 1989 1995 1995 1989 1987 1994 1986 1995

2011 1994




Henry Bernstein Fund The Environmental Fund

Regional Economic Development Fund

Bayou Community Foundation Disaster Recovery Fund 2016 Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund 2010 Noah’s Wish/Hurricane Katrina Settlement Fund 2007 SOS: Gulf Coast Relief Fund 2010

1989 1993 1986

Harold S. Mayer Fund Leonie and Gus Mayer Fund Robert C. McIntyre Chairman’s Fund 1985-1987 Patricia & Robert C. McIntyre Fund Dr. Myron Moorehead Chairman’s Fund 2007-2009 NOPSI / LP&L Fund Pan American Life Fund M. Cleland Powell Chairman’s Fund 2005-2007 Aage Qvistgaard-Petersen A. Louis & Nathalie O. Read Fund Rebuild New Orleans Fund Anthony Recasner Chairman’s Fund 2011-2013 Reily Foundation / Jacob Aron Fund II W. Boatner Reily III Chairman’s Fund 1987-1989 Boatner Reily Family Fund 1 Robert and Edwina Reisfeld Foundation RosaMary Fund Leon Sarpy Chairman’s Fund 1969-1973 Leon & Eleanor Sarpy Fund Shilling Fund Carolyn E. Sonnier Fund Moise Steeg Fund Erich and Lea Sternberg Memorial Fund Phyllis M. Taylor Chairman’s Fund 2009-2011 Charles C. Teamer Sr. Chairman’s Fund 1995-1997 Frances G. Villere Chairman’s Fund 2003-2005

1995 1959 1995 1986 2009 1987 1988 2007 1976 1986 2005 2011 2012 1995 1988 1995 2003 1995 1995 1986 1995 1989 1988 2011 1997 2005

Field of Interest funds allow donors to support a specific area of interest rather than a specific organization. Many of the grants made through these funds are given through our IMPACT grantmaking program.

Bona Dea Fund Gulf States Eye Surgery Foundation Fund New Orleans Convalescent Home Estate of Harold W. Newman Jr. Charitable Remainder Trust Lila Lee B. & Morris W. Newman Fund Frank & Winston Purvis Fund


1988 1988


1994 2014 1989


The Patricia and Frank Faust Companion Animal Fund The Greater New Orleans Foundation Employees’ Community Impact Fund Heron Rural / Regional Fund Brian Daniel Hite Fund Philip Uhl Fund


2013 2008 1996 2017 1961

Margaret and Charles Dale Fund Erna Deiglmayr Fund Mary Lemann Goldman Fund Robert & Shirley Haspel Fund for Children & Youth Youth Alternatives Fund

2001 2002 2000 1986 1990

Bayou Community Foundation Grants Fund Bayou Communities Foundation Quasi Endowment Bayou Community Fund Gheens Foundation Fund for the Bayou Community Foundation Jefferson Parish Community Foundation Endowment Fund Jefferson Community Foundation Grantmaking Fund Plaquemines Community FoundationEndowment Fund St. Bernard Community Foundation Endowment Fund

2012 2012 2013


2012 2006 2006 2006 2006

25 ›› G N O F . O R G

DONOR DE SIG N AT E D FU NDS A & O Endowment Fund James L. Adams Fund Agana Burial Fund America’s WETLAND Foundation J. Aron & Company, Inc. Fund Arts Council of New Orleans Special Project Fund The Azby Fund for the Benefit of the Pavilion and Conservatory of the Two Sisters Ann H. & Charles J. Babington Charitable Reminder Unitrust Evelyn Ball and Serena Thomas Fund Emmett W. Bashful Charitable Remainder Unitrust Emmett W. Bashful Fund Bayou Civic Club, Inc. Fund Bayou District Foundation General Endowment Edith H. Beekman Fund Behrman Stadium Fund Mary Ann Bendler Fund Jack C. and Clare Benjamin Designated Fund John Richard Bienvenu/Kiwanis Club Scholarship Fund Armande Billion Endowment for the Arts Council of New Orleans Walter J. Boasso Charity Fund Lindy Boggs Fund Glenn Borne Fund Bourque/Lauman Fund Breakthrough New Orleans/Summerbridge Fund Georgiana and Harold Bretz Philanthropy Fund Bridge House Fund Ivy Brown Fund for the Lighthouse for the Blind Building Endowment Fund for United Way James J. Buquet Jr. Family Foundation Fund Cora Keenan Burch Fund Bureau of Governmental Research Fund Ann & Morris Burka Fund for The Greater New Orleans Foundation Evelyn & Billy Burkenroad Fund William B. Burkenroad Sr. Fund for United Way CAC/ Barbara L. Weigel Emerging Visual Artist Fund CAC Jazz Endowment Fund Carrollton Rotary Children’s Foundation CDL Center of Excellence Fund Chalmette High School High-Flying Owl Fund Children and Family Service Fund Michael B. Chutz Fund City Park Big Lake Pump House and Arbor Fund City Park Botanical Garden Fund City Park Carousel Fund City Park Endowment Fund City Park / Pepsi Tennis Center Fund City Park Playground Fund City Park Matt Savoie Soccer Complex Fund Clatworthy Charitable Remainder Unitrust Sanders and Sue Clatworthy Endowment Fund #2 Closed Captioning Committee Fund Dr. Isidore Cohn Jr. Fund for the LSU School of Medicine Learning Center Karl Connor Scholarship for Xavier Students Fund Contemporary Arts Center Fund The Joseph M. Costello Endowment The Joan Coulter Fund for the LPO Covenant House New Orleans Jeffrey Cusimano Memorial Fund Cut Off Community Children’s Reading Program Fund Dr. Ralph and Lily Dauterive Fund Mary Harnden Davidson Memorial Deutsches Haus Building Fund Alberto Doria Fund Charles E. Dunbar Fund Lawrence D. Barrett and F. Robert Duplantier Endowment Fund for Boys Hope Janet Daley Duval Donor Designated Fund Efforts of Grace Fund The Environmental Fund Designated for GNOF

26 ›› G N O F . O R G

The Greater New Orleans Foundation holds a number of designated funds which have been established by donors to support one or more of their favorite nonprofit organizations or programs.

1991 1998 1995 2003 1997 1996 2002 1999 2003 2003 2003 2004 2014 1977 1993 2001 2013 2002 1990 2002 2003 2002 2004 2002 2002 2001 2001 1978 2000 1971 2001 1985 1986 1958 2008 2005 2005 2004 2003 2000 2012 2009 2008 2008 1992 2011 2007 2011 2001 2010 1992 1987 2015 1991 2003 2012 2005 2012 2002 2011 2007 2016 2003 1971 1985 2011 1993 2011

Willerd R. & Sallykay Fann Fund Clifford F. Favrot Jr. Designated Fund Steve & Karen Fecke Fund John H. Fellman Fund for the LA SPCA Darwin S. Fenner Memorial Fund for the New Orleans Symphony Terry Fleming Fund Beatrice and Harold Forgotston Philanthropic Fund for United Way Freedom Fund Freeport-McMoRan Inc. Recreation Fund Friends of the New Orleans Public Library Thomas J. Gault and Mary Lee Sweat Fund Sibyl P. Gayman Fund Godchaux Reserve Plantation Fund Danny Gottsegen Fund for NOCCA Greater New Orleans Educational TV Fdn. - WYES The Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra Endowment Fund The Fred E. & Juanita B. Grissom Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Tony Martin Guerrero Memorial/PFLAG Scholarship Fund Gulf Restoration Network The Doris and Peter S. Hansen Memorial Designated Fund Dr. & Mrs. William E. Harmon Family Fund Jim and Glenda Harper Fund Haspel Family Fund for United Way The Lois and Lloyd Hawkins Jr. Grand Opera Foundation William Randolph Hearst Fund Linda and Jerry Himelstein Fund George and Kay Hirabayashi Fund George and Kay Hirabayashi Fund House of Ruth Endowment Fund Imagine Greater Campaign Building Fund Imagine Greater Campaign: Endowment International School of Louisiana Endowment Fund Morris F.X. Jeff, Sr. Memorial Skatemobile Derby Fund Jefferson Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Endowment Fund Jefferson Performing Arts Society Endowment Fund Jewish Community Center Endowment Fund Junebug Productions Inc. Fund Kalorama Endowment Fund Karnes-Sullivan Scholarship Fund Kearby-Caldwell Fund for PFLAG Kingsley House Fund Delores Duncan Kinsey Endowment Fund for NO/AIDS Task Force Virginia D. Kock Endowment for The Arts Council of New Orleans Virginia D. Kock Endowment for the Symphony Eleanor B. Kohlmeyer Fund Michelle Lynn Konechne Memorial Scholarship Fund Andy Kruzich Memorial Aids Fund LA Civil Service League Freeman Challenge Fund J. Monroe Laborde M.D. Spasticity Fund Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation Endowment Fund Will and Pat Lannes Fund Latter & Blum, Inc. Realtors Fund Latter Library Fund Le Petit Theatre Endowment Fund Ronald J. LeJeune AC Fund Thomas B. Lemann Charitable Remainder Unitrust James & Joyce Leonard Fund Wayne & Jackie Leonard Family Fund Lorio/Dauterive Trust Fund Caroline Keller Loughlin Fund for the Benefit of City Park Louisiana Children’s Museum Endowment Fund Louisiana Council for Music Performing Arts Fund Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Greater New Orleans Education Fund Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra Fund The Freda M. Lupin Scholarship Fund MacDonell United Methodist Children’s Services Fund Make-A-Wish Foundation of Louisiana Fund Make It Funky Jazz Scholarship Endowment Fund

2001 2010 2002 1996 1984 2000 1997 1999 1991 2004 2013 2001 1993 1988 1996 2002 2003 1997 2010 2013 1999 1999 1987 2011 2000 2003 2000 1993 1999 2011 2011 2010 1993 2001 2001 2002 1993 2001 2000 1996 2001 1990 1995 1995 1998 2000 2003 2012 2002 1991 2003 2003 1985 2003 1998 1997 2006 2003 2002 2015 2000 2008 2010 1997 2007 2016 2000 2004

The Mrs. Margaret Fund for Communities in Schools Market Umbrella Endowment Fund Matherne/Meteye Memorial Golf Shelter Fund George “Star” Mayer Fund Betty and Stanley McDermott Jr. Fund Pat & Bob McIntyre Endowment for The Greater New Orleans Foundation Sister Mary Bertilla McNeely, MSC Fund Metropolitan Area Committee Leadership Forum Endowment Fund Metropolitan Center for Women and Children Freeman Challenge Fund Metropolitan Crime Commission Endowment Fund Metropolitan Leadership Forum Endowed Fund Sara Meyers and Henrietta (Tuddy) Meyers Mattise Fund Donald Mintz United Way Council of Chairs Fund Emel and Ranney Mize LPO Endowment Emel and Ranney Mize New Orleans Opera Endowment J. Edgar Monroe Fund for United Way Anne K. Montgomery Charitable Remainder Trust Dr. James E. & Frances S. Moorman Fund Mervin G. & Maxine M. Morais Endowment for Decorative Arts Fund for the New Orleans Museum of Art Morris F.X. Jeff. Sr. Memorial Skatemobile Derby Fund NAWIC Chapter 17 Scholarship Fund New Orleans Ballet Association Fund New Orleans Class Action Safety Fund New Orleans Culinary & Hospitality Institute New Orleans Gay Men’s Chorus Endowment Fund New Orleans Interfaith Sponsoring Committee/ACT Fund New Orleans International Music Colloquium - Endowed New Orleans Musica Da Camera Fund New Orleans Opera Association Endowment Fund The New Orleans String Project Endowment Fund New Orleans Video Access Center Fund New Orleans Westbank Library Fund New Orleans Youth Action Corps 1983 Harold W. Newman Endowment Fund for Le Petit Theatre Lila Lee B. & Morris W. Newman 1998 Endowment Fund Lila Lee B. & Morris W. Newman Charitable Foundation The NOCCA Institute Fund NONDC Endowment Fund N.O.P.S.I. Endowment Fund Norco Lions Club Fund The Sunny and Roussel Norman Education Fund Odyssey House Louisiana, Inc. Fund Partnership for the N.O.J.C. Marching Club Support Fund Partnership for the N.O.J.C. Music Instrument & Education Fund Sharon A. Perlis Fund PFLAG New Orleans Endowment Fund Dr. Armengol Porta Memorial Fund Seth Daniel Poticha Award Fund Daniel Price Memorial Fund for Aspiring Artists Pro Bono Project Project Lazarus Endowment Fund Thomas G. Rapier Fund The Robert J. Reid Animal Rescue Fund Reily Foundation / Aron Family Fund Edward L. Renton Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund Eddy K. Rosen Fund The Rotary Club of Slidell Endowment Fund Leonie Davis Rothschild Endowed Fund Royal St. Louis Fund for United Way Saint Augustine High School/Josephite Scholarship Foundation Salem Lutheran Church & School Endowment Fund Courtney A. Sarpy Fund Leon & Eleanor Sarpy Trust Fund for Loyola Law School O. Jack and Margot H. Schneidau Fund The Denise G. & Philip J. Schoen III Fund Scholarship Foundation of New Orleans Endowment Fund Elizabeth Porch Schwartz Endowment Fund for Le Petit Theatre Tracey W. Sherry Fund Robby and Susie Showalter Family Fund Sixth Baptist Church of New Orleans Fund Willa Slater Fund for the Moses Hogan Award at NOCCA Jeanne and Jim Smith Fund Society for Environmental Education Fund for the Louisiana Nature Center Southern Eye Bank Endowment Fund

2012 1998 2000 2006 1996 2004 2003 1996 2012 2001 1993 2004 2000 2009 2009 1981 1999 2002 1987 1993 1995 1987 1997 2014 1990 1992 2002 1992 2006 2003 1995 1986 1993 1998 1998 1999 1987 1998 1973 2013 2005 2001 2001 2001 2003 2000 2000 2004 2004 2002 1997 1995 2006 2012 1995 2001 2005 2003 1980 1997 2004 2011 1983 1995 2003 1993 1989 2002 2015 1998 2010 1999 1991 1988

Spaymart Agency Fund St Bernard Chapter LSU Alumni Fund St Bernard Kiwanis Foundation Nunez Scholarship Fund St. Bernard Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship Fund The St. Matthew’s Episcopal School Endowment Anna D. and Constance H. Stephens Fund Gordon & Susan Sterling Fund S. Walter Stern Jr. Arts Fund for the Arts Council of New Orleans Jack Stewart Cultural Fund Mary R. and Gilbert G. Stock Jr. Fund The Doris Z. and Roger T. Stone Botanical Garden Fund Doris Zemurray Stone Chair in Philanthropic Leadership Stream of Dreams Fund Stuart Hall Fund Symphony Chorus of New Orleans The Patrick and Phyllis M. Taylor Fund Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence in Public Education Fund The Mary-Kate Tews “A Studio in the Woods” Fund Tom & Mary-Kate Tews Fund Alice P. Thomas Fund Dr. Sam A. and Virginia R. Threefoot Fund Top 10 By 2010 Robert Alan Udick Memorial Endowed PFLAG Scholarship Fund United Way Endowment Fund Urban League of Greater New Orleans Fund Kathleen Moore Vick Foundation Vision St. Tammany Fund Volunteers of Doctors Hospital of Jefferson Fund Richard M. & Yvette A. Warren Fund Beulah Bloch Weil & Isaac L. Weil Memorial Fund Weil Family Fund in Memory of Rosetta and Harold Weil Ben Weiner Fund for the United Way Welch Family Fund for 2103 Welch Family Fund for 2108 Welch Family Fund for 2203 Welch Family Fund for 2208 Welcome Neighbors Fund George Q. Whitney Fund Woodlands Conservancy Endowment Fund WRBH Reading Radio Fund The YLC Fund Young Aspirations/Young Artists, Inc. Young Audiences Fund Youth Civic Engagement Initiative Fund Youth Service Bureau

2011 2015 2014 2002 2006 1997 2003 1985 2001 2001 2016 2010 2002 1995 2006 2004 1992 2008 2004 2002 2000 2000 1999 1980 2001 2012 1998 2004 2003 2000 2000 1998 2003 2008 2003 2008 2003 1997 2012 2001 1998 2009 1987 2000 2001

27 ›› G N O F . O R G


James and Roberta Adams Fund Marguerite L. Adams & Thomas K. Foutz Fund Alarcon/Quentin Fund Enrique Alferez Sculpture Fund Chef Jerry Amato Mother’s Restaurant Culinary Fund The Ambrose Fund Barbara K. & Wayne F. Amedée Fund The Arabella Fund The Aschaffenburg Foundation Carol and Harold Asher Family Fund Assumption Education Fund for Academic Excellence The Autenreith Charitable Trust Fund Ann H. & Charles J. Babington Family Fund Banner Drives Foundation Harry G. and Mary Ann Barkerding Family Fund Barksdale Family Fund Bayou Community Foundation Disaster Recovery Fund Bayou Community Foundation Grants Fund Bayou Communities Foundation Quasi Endowment Emily Ann Stein & Jack C. Benjamin Philanthropic Fund Anne Claire Beyer Foundation Black Bag Medicine Foundation Fund The Boettcher Fund Boh Brothers Centennial Fund The Ann and Robert S. Boh Family Fund Elizabeth Anne Boh Fund The Robert Henry Boh and Katherine Sandoz Boh Foundation (1) The Robert Henry Boh and Katherine Sandoz Boh Foundation (2) Bridget and Bobby Bories Fund Barbara Bourgeois Memorial Fund The Boutte Family Fund Dr. Joseph P. Braud Family Fund Harold & Georgiana Bretz Charitable Fund Brown Family Fund R. Stephanie Bruno & Gerald J. Vetter Jr. Fund Buccaneer Fund The Burkart Fund Busenlener/Bougere Fund Harold and Gloria Callais Family Foundation Capital One-Human Capital Fund Carnival Krewes Fund THA CARTER FUND Chaffe McCall Foundation Fund Anne-Lynne & Storey Charbonnet Family Foundation The Chequelin Fund The Chevron Energy For Learning Fund Chevron Environmental Stewardship Fund Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LP in memory of Matthew C. Steele Fund Chevron OE Fund The J. Scott Chotin Jr. Family Community Fund Mike and Lynn Coatney Family Foundation Fund Dr. & Mrs. Isidore Cohn Jr. House Fund Deena and Phil Cossich Foundation John Stone Coulter Fund Cox Charities Fund Crescent City Physical Therapy Fund CS Metals of Louisiana LLC Fund

28 ›› G N O F . O R G

1997 2013 1989 1999 2016 2007 1998 2009 2000 2014 1994 2003 1999 1999 2016 2011 2016 2012 2012 1996 2007 1999 2003 2009 2004 2005 2003 2003 2003 2003 2017 1998 2002 2011 1995 2011 2013 2017 2010 2013 2016 2015 2007 2012 2009 2007 2016 2001 2014 2011 2009 2001 2002 1992 2004 1996 2001

The Greater New Orleans Foundation offers several options for philanthropists who already have a good idea of how they want to direct their giving. Our most popular is the donor advised fund, which allows fundholders to take advantage of the Foundation’s professional support, expertise, and knowledge of the community. D & D Foundation Fund Daniels-Robertson Fund Allen and Thelma Danos Foundation Fund Dat City Cares Fund Willie Mae & Leamon Dawson Sr. Scholarship Fund The Delta Foundation George & Milly Denegre Fund Rosemary B. and Brunswick G. Deutsch Foundation Rosemary B. and Brunswick G. Deutsch Foundation for Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carré The Rosemary B. and Brunswick G. Deutsch Legal Education Foundation Dezauche-Styles Charitable Fund Marc Alden Diasselliss Foundation Dinnell Family Fund Dr. Donald and J.J. Dooley Fund Willie P. Dorsey Sr. and Stephen M. Lee Educational Fund The Dugan Foundation The Shaun and R. Foster Duncan Fund Adrian & Sally Duplantier Family Foundation John R. and Lauren G. Dupré Family Foundation Fund Easter Seals of Louisiana Ethel L. Eaton Fund Catherine & David Edwards Gift Fund Harris Elledge Fund John & Patty Elstrott Fund Emerson Family Fund Emily’s Blooming Youth Fund The Emma Fund Epiphany Fund Margaret & Joe Epstein Fund Epstein Family Fund Allen Eskew, FAIA Memorial Fund Esman and Wallick Fund The Espinosa-DuRapau Fund The Doctors Estrada Curtis D. Eustis Family Philanthropic Fund Exxon Mobil Fund The Buzzy Fakier Fight for Cancer Fund The George C. Fakier Sr. Fight for Heart Disease Fund The Glenn Fakier Fight for DVT Fund The Rebecca Fakier Fight for Pediatric Cancer Fund Amy & Stephen Farnsworth Family Fund Kathryn Moody Favrot Fund The Favrot-Van Horn Fund Elizabeth Fischer Fund Bryan and Lauren Fitzpatrick Family Foundation Fowler Family Fund Norman C. Francis Fund Franklin Southland Printing Company, Inc. Fund The Richard West Freeman Endowment Challenge Fund Freeman-Woollam Donor Advised Non Endowed Fund Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Arts Fund William D. French and Family Fund Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Garvey Fund Generation Fund Gershanik Family Fund Gert Town Community Fund Gervis Fund Get Out for the Gulf Fund

1999 2014 2014 2011 2003 2001 1999 2001 2001 2001 1997 2008 2010 2009 2000 2008 2017 1998 2000 2007 2007 2013 2016 2013 2016 2015 2015 2005 1997 1984 2013 2015 2015 2016 2009 1996 2005 2005 2005 2005 2012 2008 2007 2009 2013 2004 2017 1998 1999 2015 1989 2013 2002 2011 1994 1997 2000 2010

Gheens Foundation Fund for the Bayou Community Foundation Katie and Jimmy Gibert Fund Ginkgo Fund GNOF Employees’ Community Impact Fund The Gwathmey & Fritz Gomila Family Fund Glenn G. Goodier Fund Ken and Kathy Gootee Family Fund Jean and Wesley Gould Fund GPOA Children & Youth Fund Gramercy Alumina Endowed Fund Great 100 Nurses Foundation JoAnn and Harry Greenberg Fund The Grefer-Haase Fund Consuelo Garza Griffith Fund Grissom Family Fund Gude and Mirtipati Families Benevolent Fund Suzanne and Chris Guidroz Fund Thomas L. Hammock Fund Harch Hyperbaric Research Fund Robert and Shirley Haspel Endowed Fund Robert and Shirley Haspel NonEndowed Fund Hassinger Family Fund Charlotte and Paul M. Haygood Fund The Hearin Fund Odette C. Henican Foundation Henry Street Fund Heymann Fund Hitt Hawf Fund Christian and Deirdre Hooper Fund Hopper Family Fund Ellinor and D. Douglas Howard Jr. Fund Scott and Janet Howard Family Fund Nell, Logan and Harley Howcott Family Fund Robert and Claire Howson Foundation Fund Eugenie & Killian Huger Fund - CHB Eugenie & Killian Huger Fund - JMH Eugenie & Killian Huger Fund - SHL Eugenie & Killian Huger Fund - EHS Eugenie & Killian Huger Fund - DHV Hughes-Edwards Fund The Human Fund Andrea Huseman and Jeffrey Huseman Fund Campbell and Allison Stewart Hutchinson Fund Hymel-Reis Charitable Family Fund Ile Narcisse Foundation IMC Phosphates Company Fund Mark Ingram Foundation James Family Foundation New Orleans Relief Fund JBJ Family Fund Jenkin Charitable Gift Fund Aida Smith Johnson Fund for Children Pierce & Hans Jonassen Fund Harry Wade Jones and Stella Pinkney Jones Family Fund Journalism Education and Diversity Fund Harriett & A. L. Jung Fund Kaiser Aluminum Non-Endowed Fund Harry & Susan Kelleher Fund Keller Family Foundation Fund Kelly Keller Music Foundation Nina M. Kelly Fund

2012 2016 1998 2008 2003 2011 2007 2001 1994 2001 2001 2003 2006 2000 2003 1997 2012 2011 2000 1994 1991 1997 2007 1999 1999 2004 1990 2015 2015 1998 2009 2001 1993 2004 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 1996 2014 2014 2000 2007 1999 2002 2015 2006 2013 2002 2003 1999 1996 1997 1996 2001 2004 1997 2004 2000

The Kepper Family Fund Sun Kim & Kee Lee Foundation E. James Kock Jr. Family Fund #1 E. James Kock Jr. Family Fund #2 The Jill Moses Kohlmann/Allison Bach Fund The Jill Moses Kohlmann/Penny Bach Evins Fund The Jill Moses Kohlmann/Jennifer Bach Rosen Fund Eleanor and Herman Kohlmeyer Family Fund Linda and Gordon Kolb Family Fund Kopplin/Neighbours Fund Corvette Juliane Kowalski Fund Joe and Betty Krebs Fund Krewe of Muses Foundation Fund John Kushner Realty, Inc. Fund La Societe Des Dames Hospitalieres Fund LABO Charitable Fund James & Stephanie Laborde Family Fund Kevin & Kathleen Laborde Fund Ted and Mary Merle Laborde Fund Lafourche Education Foundation Fund Amy Schwartz Lake & Marion L. Lake Family Fund Eugenia & Albert Lamar Fund (Endowed) Eugenia & Albert Lamar Fund (Current) The Loeber and Barbara Landau Fund The Landis Foundation Laughing Buddha Fund Francis E. and Betty V. Lauricella Family Fund Hank Lauricella Memorial Fund Dana E. Leaman Fund Byron and Pat LeBlanc Fund Lelong Family Fund II Lelong Family Fund III The Lelong Family Fund Barbara London Lemann Fund for Children Stephen B. Lemann Memorial Fund Lemle Learning Fund Leopold Family Fund Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis Fund Tabitha and Michael Lewis Fund Tommy and Wiley Lewis Fund

2015 2004 1987 2004 2014 2014 2014 2008 2015 2017 2006 1998 2003 1998 2014 2014 2002 1999 2000 2005 2003 1997 1997 2005 2006 2016 2001 2014 2011 2008 2013 2013 2006 2000 1995 1990 2017 1992 2005 2013

LGBT Faith and Asylum Network (LGBT-FAN) LinHunSco Fund Nancy F. Link Fund Richard & Susan Lizotte Fund Local Hands Helping Local Children Fund The Longue Vue Fund Loving Family Fund Captain Hank Madison Fund The Theresa Bittenbring Marque & John Henry Marque Fund Mboya K. Marsalis Fund The John Craig Marsh Fund Edward F. and Louise B. Martin Family Fund Louis & Daisy Mason Scholarship Fund Leila B. Matthew Fund McCall Fund The Amy McGuinness Women’s Wellness Fund Gustaf W. McIlhenny Foundation Pat & Bobby McIntyre Family (Current) Fund Pat and Bobby McIntyre Family (Endowed) Fund McRae Family Fund Patrick C. Mercardante’s Grandchildren Fund Robert W. Merrick Family Fund Arthur B. Monroe Family Fund Malcolm L. & Mary T. Monroe Fund Moyna Monroe Family Fund More For The 504 Morrow-Orestano Philanthropic Fund Moss Family Fund Motiva Corporation Fund MW Murphy Fund Namaste NOLA The Natasha Fund The Natasha Fund No. 3 The NEH Fund - Improving Women’s Lives New Orleans Cleft/Craniofacial Fund New Orleans Jazz Restoration Society Inc. and John Chaffe New Orleans Jazz Fund New Orleans Recreation Trust Fund Newell-Usdin Fund

2013 2001 2016 1998 2011 2003 2012 2002 2007 1995 2015 2008 2003 2016 1998 1996 2003 1998 1998 2015 1998 2002 1995 1994 1995 2016 2010 2013 2002 2004 2012 2011 2015 2014 2006 1998 1991 2004

Lila Lee B. & Morris W. Newman 1995 Endowment Fund 1995 Morris W. Newman Family Foundation 2000 NOLA Access Initiative 2012 NOLA Kids Rising Fund 2007 NOLA Pay it Forward Fund 2011 Norco Community Fund 2001 Norco Economic, Educational & Social Development Endowed Fund 2003 Occidental Chemical Corporation Fund 2002 Octavia Fund 2004 Olinde Family Fund 2005 Operation Merry Christmas Endowed 2012 Rajender and Noni Pannu Fund 2003 Joan and Godfrey Parkerson Family Fund 2008 Payne Family Fund for Education and Youth 2016 Laura Peebles Fund 1996 The Edith & Louis Peilen Fund 2004 Penick Family Fund 1997 Ashton Phelps Jr. Family Fund 2000 Alan and Arlene Philipson Fund 2007 The Andy and Eric Philipson Fund 2004 The Pinckelope Foundation 2004 Pinckley Prize Memorial Foundation Fund 2013 Hanna Sharkawy Pittman Fund 2005 Bruce Blakemore Poitevent Fund 2008 The Power of America Fund 2001 Pratt-Stanton Manor Fund 2011 The Prytania Fund 2006 Pump to the River Jefferson/Orleans Fund 2007 Rainey Conservation Alliance 2012 Lee and Kathy Randall Fund 2016 Stanley W. Ray Jr. Philanthropic and Civic Trust 2001 Boatner Reily Family Fund (Donor Advised/Endowed) 1985 Mary F. Reily Fund 2006 Robert Reily Family Trust 1988 Reily Family Charitable Fund 2010 Reily Foundation / Bridget & Bobby Bories Family Fund 2012 Reily Foundation / Cathy & Andy Burka Family Fund 2012 Reily Foundation / Ethel Reily Dicks Memorial Fund 2012

DONOR A DV ISE D FU NDS CON T INUED Reily Foundation / John and Madge Dicks Fund Reily Foundation / Boatner Reily Family Fund Reily Foundation / Bob & Margaret Reily Fund Reily Foundation / H. Eustis & Frederica G. Reily #1 Family Fund Reily Foundation / H. Eustis & Frederica G. Reily #2 Family Fund Reily Foundation / Jonathan Reily Family Fund Reily Foundation / Michael M. Reily Memorial Reily Foundation / Stephen Reily Family Fund Reily Foundation / Timothy S. Reily Family Fund Reily Foundation / The Roubion Family Fund Reily Foundation / Peggy Bories Schleiff & Henry Schleiff Family Fund The Reily Foundation/Lynn and Charles C. Smith III Fund Reily Foundation / Kenneth B. Thompson III Family Fund Reily Foundation / Usdin-Newell Family Fund Reily Foundation / Linda Usdin & Steven Bingler Family Fund Reily Foundation / Steve and Melanee Usdin Family Fund Reily Foundation / The Unexpected Fund Reily Foundation / Yoder Family Fund Larry Reynolds Fund Joey and Enola Richard Fund Francoise Billion Richardson Foundation Riddick Family Fund Ronald Ridenhour Fund Risen Son Foundation The RosaMary Foundation Staci Rosenberg Foundation Rosenthal and Jacobs Foundation Fund Claire Reichert Roy Foundation The Elsie Gelpi Rubin Foundation Saint Whitecloud Fund Courtney-Anne Sarpy Fund Eleanor Legier and Leon Sarpy Foundation Fund John & Linda Sarpy Fund Kara and David Schonberg Family Fund Seasons, The Center of Caring Fund Second Chance Fund The Selby Fund The Selby Disaster Relief Fund The Selley Foundation Fund Serena Foundation Fund Shane Family Foundation The Shell Beach Fund Carolyn and Dick Shell Family Fund #1 Carolyn and Dick Shell Family Fund #2 Jackie and Dan Silverman Family Fund The Timothy & Willa Slater Family Fund Sloss Family Fund Smith/Cooper Foundation Fund Stephen L. and Caroline W. Sontheimer Fund SPARC Fund The Spears Family Foundation Fund Sport Family Foundation Sport Family Foundation II St. Charles Charities

30 ›› G N O F . O R G

2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2012 2002 2013 1995 1996 1999 2003 2003 2010 1994 2003 2013 1990 1998 1998 2000 2015 1997 2015 2010 2011 2000 2011 2007 2013 2002 2002 2015 2005 2013 2006 1999 2016 2006 2001 2002 2010

St. James Parish Community Fund St. James Parish Excellence in Education Endowed Fund St. Pierre Trust St. Pierre-Turner Fund Stag Cummins Fund George & Lilian Stahler Fund Starbucks Community Fund II Frank B. Stewart Jr. & Paulette D. Stewart C haritable Remainder Trust Frank B. Stewart Jr. Donor Advised Fund of the Greater New Orleans Foundation Allison Lewis & Pierre Stouse Family Fund Mary Lynn Strasser Fund Benjamin Levick Sullivan Fund Patrick F. Taylor Education Fund for Continuing Education of Greater New Orleans Police Officers Charles and Mary Teamer Scholarship Fund The Tesson Fund Bernardine S. Thomas Fund Bernardine S. Thomas Charitable Remainder Unitrust W. Howard Thompson Charitable Trust Jim Thorns Family Fund The Times-Picayune Fund Tipitina’s Foundation Father Willie Todd Endowed Foundation Fund Transform New Orleans Fund Hilda Marie Tregre Fund Willie Tee Turbinton Music Fund Turnbull Foundation Cecile Weil Usdin Endowment Fund

2006 2001 2015 2001 2007 1995 2006 2013 2013 2013 2001 2013 2004 2004 2010 1997 1997 2003 2002 1979 2003 2007 2010 2013 2007 1998 1993

Vales Derbes Family Fund Anne and Sandy Villere Family Fund Fran and George Villere Family Fund Fran and George Villere Fund #2 Villere Charitable Lead Trust Fund Franz and Marilee Vogt Family Fund The Wailes Family Fund Waldhorn/Moses Family Fund Antonio Waring Fund Calais and Patrick Waring Fund Nell Pape W. Waring and William W. Waring Fund Peter A. Waring Fund Edna B. and Joyce Fay Washington Breast Cancer Foundation Fund Webb Connect Foundation Fund Marjorie and Clifford T. Weihman Memorial Fund Welch Family Fund Westfeldt Foundation Charles & Elizabeth Wetmore Fund Whitney Bank Fund Jacques L. Wiener Jr. and Sandra M. Feingerts Family Fund Bertrand A. Wilson Family Fund The Betty A. Wilson Fund George H. Wilson Jr. Fund Wilson Next Gen Fund Andrew B. Wisdom Family Fund Marie Kohlmeyer Wolf Fund Women of the Storm Fund Zawadi Giving Circle Fund Mary K. Zervigon Fund

2012 2011 2000 2004 2011 1999 2013 1996 2014 2011 2007 2011 1996 2003 1986 2000 2014 2016 2002 2011 2007 2011 2007 2017 2002 2008 2006 2007 2007

A note to our supporters: We appreciate your generous donations to the Greater New Orleans Foundation, and we want to recognize everyone accordingly with 100% accuracy. If we have inadvertently made an error, please contact the Greater New Orleans Foundation at 504.598.4663 with concerns or corrections.

SUPPORTING ORGANIZATIONS Supporting Organizations at the Greater New Orleans Foundation play an important role in addressing the needs of the region. Supporting Organizations are separate nonprofit organizations with IRS tax-exempt status. They have a separate board of directors, manage their own investments, and award their own grants. With professional management and oversight of all aspects of the supporting foundation’s administrative, investment, and grantmaking activities performed by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, donors and their families can concentrate on philanthropic interests without the administrative burden. John and Clara Brady Foundation (2000)

Edmond Eberle, Ernst and Young

Pat and Kate Brady Family Foundation (2000)

Curtis Eustis, Merrill Lynch

The Fertel Family Foundation (2000)

David Kushner, Kushner, Lagraize, LLC

The DJR Foundation (1997)

J. Bennett Johnston Science Foundation (2001)

Mark Heller, UBS Financial Services, Inc Lawrence Lehman, Lehmann, Norman & Marcus, LL

The Louisiana Philharmonic Endowment Trust (1998)

Courtney C. Miller, Adams and Reese, LLP

The Frank B. Stewart Foundation (1993)

Gerard Plauche, Delta Financial Advisors


Rory Roniger, Bellingrath Wealth Management

The Albert N. and Hattie M. McClure Fund (1963)

Katherine Gibert, Chair, Southern Wealth Management Kim Austin, Whitney National Bank

Elizabeth M. Ary, J.P. Morgan Private Bank

Jennifer Bordes, Laporte CPAs & Business Advisors Kathy Turan Davenport, New York Life Insurance

Guy Duplantier, Duplantier, Hrapmann,

Hogan & Maher, LLP

Marcie du Quesnay, Bourgeois Bennett, LLC

Baldwin Montgomery, Waters Parkerson & Co Laura Plunkett, Stone Pigman Walther Wittman, LLC Eric Schorr, Sessions, Fishman, Nathan & Israel, LLP Melissa Schutz, IBERIABANK

Lamar Villere, St. Denis J. Villere & Co, LLC PA S T CHAIRS

Marquerite Adams, Liskow & Lewis

Hilton S. Bell, Milling Benson Woodward, LLP

31 ›› G N O F . O R G

FINANCIALS 2016 The Greater New Orleans Foundation annually engages an independent accounting firm to perform an audit of its financial statements. As part of its audit, the firm also reviews the internal controls and various policies and procedures to ensure Foundation staff are adhering to the most current accounting practices. The Foundation’s auditor, LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors, has issued an unmodified opinion on the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2016.


Trailing 5 Year: 6.7%

Trailing 3 Years: 2.9%








25 200





28.8 mil

29.1 mil

31.6 mil


19.1 mil


19.0 mil







32 ›› G N O F . O R G


25.4 mil


26.4 mil


17.5 mil

324.8 mil



29.5 mil

319 mil




38.7 mil

318.8 mil


320.8 mil


276.5 mil







2016 – 2017 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Christian T. Brown, Chair Managing Member, NOLA Holdings, LLC Leann O. Moses, Vice Chair Partner, Carver Darden Koretzky Tessier Finn Blossman & Areaux, LLC Charles L. Rice Jr., Secretary President & CEO, Entergy New Orleans, Inc. Robert A. Bories, Treasurer CFO, Gulf South Holding, Inc. Cheryl R. Teamer, Past Chair Sr. VP for Public Affairs, Greater New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau Andrew D. Kopplin, President & CEO David Barksdale, Co-Chairman, Spread Holdings LLC Gayle Benson, Civic Leader Robert S. Boh, President & CEO, Boh Bros. Construction Lynne Burkart, Director, Postlethwaite and Netterville Arnold W. Donald, President & CEO, Carnival Corporation & PLC David Edwards, Partner, Jones Walker Monica Edwards, The Monarch Group Alex Gershanik, Principal, Power Courses

Rita O. Gue, President, The Meraux Foundation Conrad N. Hilton III, Conrad N. Hilton Foundation Cathy W. Isaacson, Civic Activist Patricia S. LeBlanc, LeBlanc Butler LLC Walter J. Leger Jr., Senior Partner, Leger & Shaw Monika McKay, Project Manager, Columbia Residential, McCormack Baron Salazar R. King Milling, Chairman, America’s WETLAND Foundation Elizabeth S. Nalty, Community Leader and Civic Activist Arthur Roger, Principal, Arthur Roger Gallery Lynes R. Sloss, President, Bellwether Technology Warner L. Thomas, President and Chief Executive Officer, Ochsner Health System Vera B. Triplett Ph.D., Founder, Noble Minds Institute for Whole Child Learning Steven W. Usdin, Founding Member, Barrasso, Usdin, Kupperman, Freeman & Sarver, LLC Madeline D. West, Managing Partner, The West Firm, LLC Jimmie M. Woods Sr., Chief Executive Officer, Metro Service Group George V. Young, Partner, St. Denis J. Villere & Co., LLC Luis Zervigon, Founder and Principal, Crescent Capital Consulting, LLC

In loving memory of Nancy Marsiglia, who served with distinction on our board from 2009 until her death in May 2017.



Andrew D. Kopplin, President & CEO

Erin McQuade-Wright, Vice President, Donor Relations

Judith M. Lozano, Executive Assistant

Allie Betts, Senior Philanthropic Gift Officer

PROGRAMS Carmen L. James, Vice President, Programs

Jamie Agnew, Donor Relations Assistant MARKETING & COMMUNICATIONS

Ella Delio, Director, Environmental & Regional Initiatives

Martha M. Landrum, Vice President, Marketing

Bonita Robertson, Site Director, New Orleans

Blathrae Gillin, Marketing & Communications Associate

Regional Workforce

Richard A. Martinez, Senior Program Officer M. Isabel Barrios, Program Officer Roy Williams, Program Officer Johann M. Paine, Program Assistant

& Communications

FINANCE & ADMINISTRATION Ryan M. Crespino, Vice President, Finance & Administration Cherie Thompson, Senior Finance Officer Jessica Vinturella, Controller


Kim A. LaChute, Staff Accountant

Joann M. Ricci, Vice President, Organizational Effectiveness

Sandra G. Lilly, Office Manager

Kellie Chavez-Greene, Senior Program Officer

Victoria Heffron, Finance Associate

Rachel Swan, Program Associate

Theresa Barrios, Receptionist and Administrative Assistant



919 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70130 504.598.4663 www.gnof.org


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