Greater New Orleans Foundation - 2020-2021 Gratitude Report

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Rising to the Occasion



Over the past two years, we have come together to address some of the most pressing challenges our region has faced, from the COVID-19 pandemic, to Hurricane Ida, to persistent racial inequity. This community has never been one to back down in the face of adversity. Southeast Louisiana knows disaster, and we know how to come out stronger on the other side. This is not to say we accept the crises we face; instead, we fight back, working together each day to build a better region for generations to come.

We are grateful to work with each of you—a group of people who grow more generous in times of scarcity, who give amidst loss, and who are unfailingly thoughtful about how to best share and use your resources. We took targeted, meaningful action to respond to these challenges, and your giving propelled it. We have a pulse on the needs of our community, and you partnered with us to help meet those needs and build a better region for all.

At the very start of the pandemic, we saw how the region’s tourism and hospitality sector—one of our largest industries and the livelihood of so many—was hurting. With your support, we created the Louisiana Service & Hospitality Family Assistance Program to provide critical $1,000 dollar grants to nearly 1,900 families who had been earning a low income even before the pandemic began.

Also with your support, we made grants of over $4 million to more than 100 nonprofits working on the front lines of the pandemic across our region. We invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to support food banks and food pantries, and then partnered with the City of New Orleans in a pioneering effort to leverage these funds by securing $30 million more from FEMA for food security. The city ultimately used those funds to keep local restaurants open and provide over 3 million meals to our community.

Like so many, we were inspired to see millions of Americans come together to decry racial violence and commit to being part of the solution. In our region, we continue to see persistent racial inequities in every measure of well-being and know they are the result of unfair and discriminatory systems. Your support allowed us to create the Greater Together Fund for

Racial Equity, for which we have committed to raising $3 million over three years. Already we have been able to provide nearly $2.5 million to Black-led organizations that work directly to combat institutional racism, eliminate inequitable systems, and close the racial wealth gap.

As Hurricane Ida was approaching, we used our deep experience in disaster recovery to prepare for and respond to the storm. We made our first grants before the storm even made landfall, and we quickly supported grassroots and nonprofit efforts in the hardest-hit regions within days.

We continue to increase our impact. In 2020 and 2021, the Foundation raised nearly $10 million more for our grantmaking each year than we had in 2019. In partnership with our fundholders, we gave out thousands more grants to incredible nonprofits these last two years. Your vision and partnership drives our work, and our board and staff are here to turn that passion into leadership and lasting change. In this report, we share what our leadership has looked like over the past years. Thank you for fueling it.

With gratitude,


Investing in Racial Equity

When we ask our nonprofit partners across Southeast Louisiana about the challenges they see in their communities, many of them point to persistent racial disparities, from health outcomes to educational opportunity to homeownership rates. They know these disparities reflect both present and historical injustice. Many of our partners have personally experienced these injustices, and have faced significant racial bias, discrimination, and even danger in our region.

The Greater New Orleans Foundation heightened our efforts to tackle racial injustice head-on in 2020, following the killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor. We know that these killings are part of a long history of racial violence. We also know that we can never achieve our vision of a vibrant, sustainable, and just region for all without addressing racial equity now. So in September 2020, the Foundation created the Greater Together Fund for Racial Equity and seeded it with $350,000. The fund invests in Black-led nonprofits directly addressing inequitable systems, as well as initiatives that help close the racial wealth gap, such as those bolstering homeownership and local Black-owned businesses.

Our donors have been eager to support these efforts. One of the earliest and largest gifts came from Facebook. They had set aside $100 million to protect, support, and empower Black communities in the spring of 2020, and they put their trust in community foundations like ours to help them find those organizations. Inspired by the Foundation’s strong track record for fueling social impact, they invested $1 million in the fund.

We are proud to stand behind nonprofits working toward racial equity.

Soon, Janet and Barry Lang, Martha Murphy, The Zemurray Foundation, The Collins Diboll Foundation, and many others joined in with their own generous gifts. We began awarding grants in November 2020, and four months later, we had supported 31 local nonprofits with $1.45 million in funding. In 2022, we made another $1 million worth of grants. Our grantees are approaching their work in varied, impactful, and creative ways. The Greater Together Fund’s grantees include the Louisiana Fair Housing Action Center, which fights housing discrimination; the Grow Dat Youth Farm, an urban farm and youth development nonprofit; and the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music, which has built a community around music for children and adults in the 9th Ward of New Orleans.

CHUCK MORSE Executive Director, Thrive New Orleans


One of our first grantees was Thrive New Orleans. Thrive is a local nonprofit that runs a community center, creates employment pathways, provides affordable housing, and supports entrepreneurs of color.

Thrive’s Executive Director, Chuck Morse, was strategic about how to best use the grant from the Greater Together Fund. The pandemic has been difficult on our local businesses, and Chuck knew many Black entrepreneurs were struggling within an already difficult landscape. Though over a third of all businesses in New Orleans are owned by people of color, they receive just 2% of gross sales in the city. Morse knew that supporting these entrepreneurs would have a ripple effect not just on our economy, but on the health and well-being of our community.

Morse is guided by a belief that “people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” So he and his team showed care first. They talked one-on-one with Black business owners in our city to understand the financial and emotional toll the pandemic was taking on them, and to offer help in navigating the obstacles they faced. Thrive then used the Greater Together funds to offer accounting guidance, business seminars, and legal resources for nearly 300 local businesses. This left businesses stronger, and entrepreneurs and their families with more of the resources they needed.

There is, of course, no single pathway toward racial equity in our nation or our region. We know no single organization or individual can carry this alone. That’s why we support a diverse coalition of dedicated people working to make change. We are grateful for the conviction of our donors in standing with us and with those on the front lines.

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”
Morse Executive Director, Thrive New Orleans

Food Security in an Uncertain Time

Even before the pandemic hit, we faced a crisis of food insecurity in South Louisiana. Too many people didn’t know where they would get their next meal and in 2019, roughly one in four children statewide were experiencing food insecurity.

The pandemic not only increased the number of people facing food insecurity, but made it harder to connect them with resources. For our elderly and immunocompromised residents in particular, leaving the house for a grocery store, food bank, or meal distribution site brought significant risk. To keep our community safe, especially early in the pandemic, we needed to help folks stay home.

This was an enormous challenge for our region, but the Foundation is well prepared to meet such crises with solutions.


Senior Program Officer Isabel Barrios specializes in responding to disasters. In recent years, she led the Foundation’s work at home and afar in the wake of catastrophe. She managed our response to Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana, Hurricanes Maria and Irma in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, Hurricanes Laura and Delta in Southeast Louisiana, as well as massive flooding in Baton Rouge in 2016 and tornadoes in New Orleans East in 2017. She was instrumental in the development of the Foundation’s disaster response framework, which includes strategic coordination with government, nonprofits, and philanthropists, as well as research and responsive grantmaking to help nonprofits and individuals recover from disaster.

Our disaster response framework allowed us to confront two crises at once. We worked with local leaders and nonprofits to simultaneously tackle food insecurity and COVID-19.

When COVID-19 hit, we used that framework to help tackle the problem of food insecurity during a pandemic. Part of that framework involves working closely with local governments and nonprofit partners, and this was no exception.

In New Orleans, for instance, we collaborated early on with the New Orleans Mayor’s office. There were many nonprofits working to distribute meals across the city, but without coordination, they might duplicate their efforts or leave residents behind. Isabel served as the co-chair of the city’s Food Security Task Force and used her leadership, experience, and relationships with nonprofits to facilitate productive collaboration across the many groups.

To support the city in securing more resources, we funded research into the emerging needs around pandemic food security and helped the city prepare a proposal to FEMA about the findings. FEMA had never

funded this type of initiative before, but they were convinced and awarded the city a pioneering grant of $18 million.

With this funding, the City of New Orleans added its own food security initiative to supplement those of the nonprofit sector. They contracted with Revolution Foods, who partnered with local restaurants, the Chef’s Brigade, the New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute (NOCHI), and d’Livery NOLA. Within a few short weeks, these partners had begun distributing meals to families that needed them — and by May 2021, the city had secured over $30 million in total funding and delivered 3.3 million meals to over 24,000 people.

“After we go through these things, we are forever changed.”
ISABEL BARRIOS Senior Program Officer, Greater New Orleans Foundation


Through August 2021, we continued to provide disaster relief funding to nonprofits responding to the pandemic. Our long-term support goes beyond funding, however. Our Nonprofit Leadership and Effectiveness programming allows us to help nonprofits build their capacity to respond when disaster strikes, and to rebuild in the wake of it. We know that some of what we’re forced to learn during a crisis can make our work stronger, even in times of calm.

“After we go through these things,” says Barrios, “we are forever changed.”

This was the case for the Broadmoor Improvement Association, who partnered with the New Orleans Food Policy Action Council (FPAC) to address food insecurity early in the pandemic, and who the Foundation supported with grants. The Broadmoor Improvement Association had always run a food pantry in their neighborhood, but they expanded their efforts. To meet the needs of the growing number of people, often seniors, who were food insecure, they learned how to help people sign up for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, and developed their capacity to interpret for people with limited English proficiency who wanted to apply for SNAP.

These shifts were born from disaster, but their impact will last long beyond this crisis. The Broadmoor Improvement Association was just one of many nonprofits we saw adapt, adjust, and strengthen as our community was most in need. In the hardest times, we find our nonprofits work harder.

“Our Nonprofit Leadership and Effectiveness programming allows us to help nonprofits build their capacity to respond when disaster strikes, and to rebuild in the wake of it.”

Here for our Service and Hospitality Workers

When the pandemic took the jobs of bartenders, cooks, and hotel workers nearly overnight, the Greater New Orleans Foundation stepped in.

Southeast Louisiana is known worldwide for our food, our music, our hospitality, and our culture. When COVID-19 left Louisiana under stay-at-home orders in March 2020, those industries were shut down overnight. Restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and music venues closed. Hotels emptied. Suddenly, thousands of service and hospitality workers were out of a job.

This meant that thousands of people weren’t just trying to keep themselves and their families safe from the virus, but they were also struggling to pay their bills, purchase their groceries, and care for their families.

Mrs. Gayle Benson, a trustee at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, knew these families would desperately need help. She reached out to the Foundation and offered a $500,000 donation to directly support the service industry workers who were out of a job. Knowing that the Foundation could leverage her grant, she challenged us to use it as a launching pad to raise even more.

The leadership at The McIlhenny Company, maker of Tabasco® brand pepper sauce, knew the chefs and restaurant workers that served their product every day would need a helping hand. With encouragement from Christy Brown, the Foundation’s immediate past chair, The McIlhenny Company quickly signed up as an additional lead sponsor and the Foundation’s Louisiana Service and Hospitality Family Assistance Program was launched.


“The chef and hospitality community in New Orleans is as vibrant as it is anywhere in the world. There’s no place quite like New Orleans—where food is almost worshiped,” explained Harold Osborne, CEO of the McIlhenny Company.

“So we thought, ‘How are we going to do this? How are we going to get involved? How are we going to give back?’ There’s no one better than the Greater New Orleans Foundation,” Osborne said.

Blue Cross Blue Shield Louisiana (BCBSLA) joined shortly thereafter with their own generous gift.

JEFFERSON Abita Springs ( 3 ) • Algiers ( 1 ) • Amite ( 1 ) • Arabi ( 3 ) • Avondale ( 3 ) • Belle Chasse ( 13 ) • Bogalusa ( 2 ) • Boutte ( 1 ) • Braithwaite ( 1 ) • Bridge City ( 2 ) Buras ( 2 ) • Bush ( 1 ) • Chalmette ( 38 ) • Covington ( 14 ) • Des Allemands ( 1 ) • Destrehan ( 3 ) • Elmwood ( 2 ) • Garyville ( 1 ) • Geismar ( 1 ) • Gheens ( 1 ) Golden Meadow ( 1 ) • Gretna ( 54 ) • Hammond ( 5 ) • Harahan ( 3 ) • Harvey (57) • Houma ( 2 ) • Independence ( 2 ) • Jefferson ( 5 ) • Kenner ( 49 ) • LaPlace ( 5 ) Larose ( 1 ) • Lockport ( 2 ) • Luling ( 2 ) • Mandeville ( 12 ) • Marrero ( 49 ) • Meraux ( 3 ) • Metairie ( 99 ) • Montz ( 1 ) • Mount Airy ( 1 ) • New Orleans ( 609 ) Norco ( 1 ) • Pearl River ( 2 ) • Poydras ( 1 ) • Raceland ( 2 ) • River Ridge ( 4 ) • Saint Bernard ( 4 ) • Slidell ( 48 ) • St Rose ( 2 ) • Terrytown ( 17 ) • Thibodaux ( 1 ) Tickfaw ( 1 ) • Vacherie ( 1 ) • Violet ( 9 ) • Westwego ( 9 ) (#) Figures indicate the number of grant recipients in each location. SERVICE & HOSPITALITY RECIPIENT LOCATIONS

“We traditionally don’t make grants of both this size and of this rapidity. But given just the nature of the need that was so apparent, we felt like we needed to be able to give grants of substance quickly, and do so in partnership with folks who could get resources in the hands of people who really needed it,” said Michael Tipton, President of the BCBSLA Foundation Board of Directors. “So that’s why we were glad to partner with the Greater New Orleans Foundation.”

the Greater


We swiftly set up a program to deliver grants of $1,000 to service and hospitality workers. To ensure our funds reached those who needed them the most, we limited grants to those who were responsible for the care of others and who had been making below 80% of the annual median income before the pandemic. We created a simple online application to quickly allocate funds—the form was designed to take less than fifteen minutes to complete and was easy to submit from a cell phone, so the process didn’t add more stress to our service and hospitality industry workers’ lives.


As the program got underway, we kept raising funds. On April 6, 2020, ESPN rebroadcast the 2006 Saints vs. Falcons game—the first game back in the Superdome after Hurricane Katrina and the one Saints fans all remember for Steve Gleason’s blocked punt. Partnering with the Saints, ESPN encouraged viewers to help out by making donations to honor their favorite Saints players—$9 for Drew Brees, $37 to recognize Steve Gleason, $41 for Alvin Kamara. Hundreds of Saints fans from our region rallied in support and sent donations.

“The chef and hospitality community in New Orleans is as vibrant as it is anywhere in the world. There’s no place quite like New Orleans—where food is almost worshiped…So we thought, ‘How are we going to do this? How are we going to get involved? How are we going to give back?’ There’s no one better than
New Orleans Foundation.”
- Harold Osborne CEO of the McIlhenny Company

Between the major gifts from Mrs. Benson, The McIlhenny Company, BCBSLA, Sugar Bowl Foundation, New Orleans Convention Center, Greater New Orleans Foundation Fundholders, and many other individuals, the Foundation’s fundraising for the Family Assistance Program ultimately reached nearly $1.9 million, leveraging Mrs. Benson’s original grant more than two-and-a-half times.

As we used those donated resources to provide grants, letters of thanks came pouring in. By the program’s conclusion, we had awarded $1,000 grants to 1,878 families. The average family receiving aid had three members and pre-pandemic earnings less than $27,000 per year.

Hotel workers, restaurant teams, and bar staff reached out with their appreciation.

“Thank you so much,” wrote Larae Barad, who works in a local hotel. “This helps my family a lot. Appreciate everything that you’ve done for our hospitality workers.”

“Thank you all for your generosity. Your contribution is much appreciated, and it helped me and my son so much in this rough patch,” wrote Chrystal Flood, a local restaurant worker. “You are truly miracle workers, and I can’t thank you enough.”

Barad, Flood, and their colleagues make so many people feel welcome in the Greater New Orleans region each day. They make neighborhood bars, storied restaurants, and world-class hotels feel like homes. They make regulars and visitors feel like family. We were glad to be able to help them care for their own families and homes in a time of great need.

“We traditionally don’t make grants of both this size and of this rapidity. But given just the nature of the need that was so apparent, we felt like we needed to be able to give grants of substance quickly, and do so in partnership with folks who could get resources in the hands of people who really needed it…So that’s why we were glad to partner with the Greater New Orleans Foundation.”

“Human Nature is to Want to Help”

A Conversation with Mrs. Gayle Benson

Mrs. Gayle Benson has long used the power of philanthropy to make Southeast Louisiana stronger, healthier, and more vibrant. We sat down with her to discuss her generous gift to support our region’s service and hospitality workers.

You inspired the creation of the Louisiana Service and Hospitality Family Assistance Program. What prompted you to propose this idea to the Foundation?

I think from the very beginning of the pandemic, most of us sensed the immediate worry that this was going to be unlike anything we had ever experienced. When things shut down virtually overnight early in March of 2020, I immediately thought of all of the people in our state that work in the service and hospitality industries. My heart hurt for them and how their universes changed in an instant.

They are hardworking folks with a spirit of helping and serving people, and when everything stopped, I just sensed the hurt and fear many of them would experience. That motivated me to try to help as quickly as possible.

When did you know you wanted to help create this fund?

Immediately. We are blessed to live in a part of the world that is unique and draws people that want to come and experience our way of living, our culture, and our history and see it and experience it for themselves.


It’s not a secret that it’s the people of our city, state, and region that give it the rich character that it’s known for throughout the world. I sensed right away that [the pandemic] was going to change their way of life instantaneously and there needed to be immediate assistance. There are those with young families and those with elderly families and everything in between that needed help—and they needed it immediately.

Why did you choose to partner with the Foundation?

The Foundation has an immensely proud tradition of making positive impacts through philanthropy, strong leadership and most importantly, action. I knew that they would be excellent partners and make sure the gifts made it into the right hands and in an expeditious fashion, which is exactly what occurred.

You encouraged the Foundation to raise additional funds to match your $500,000 lead gift. Is that something that you often do with your philanthropy, to encourage others to join you?

It was more so just letting people know of the program and how they could offer assistance. I know that human nature is to want to help, and that was simply pointing them in the right direction as to how they could be of assistance in the most expeditious manner.

I was heartened to see and hear of their generosity. It was truly a team effort, which speaks to our community and the goodness that exists within it.

GAYLE BENSON Civic Leader & Owner of New Orleans Saints & New Orleans Pelicans

The Saints promoted giving to the fund as part of last summer’s rebroadcast of the Saints vs. Falcons 2006 game that reopened the Superdome. People were giving $9 in honor of Drew Brees, $37 in honor of Steve Gleason, $41 in honor of Alvin Kamara. What did you think of that?

That speaks to the unique connections the players of the Saints have forged with the supporters of the team. It goes back to the formation of the franchise, and there are many stories that illustrate that. The fans appreciate what they do for our region and what they mean to the community and they genuinely appreciate them and it’s a unique form of support that provides assistance to those in need. I know the players love to hear the stories and it buoys and inspires them as well. It’s the epitome of a two-way street.

Did you ever imagine that funding for the program would reach over $1.8M? What does that say about our community?

It simply illustrates the kindness and compassion of the residents of this great state and being able to share the blessings bestowed upon us.

“The Foundation has an immensely proud tradition of making positive impacts through philanthropy, strong leadership and most importantly, action. I knew that they would be excellent partners and make sure the gifts made it into the right hands and in an expeditious fashion, which is exactly what occurred.”
- Mrs. Gayle Benson Civic Leader & Owner of New Orleans Saints & New Orleans Pelicans

Fast, Responsive Aid After Hurricane Ida

The Friday before Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana, as the region braced to respond to the quickly developing storm, our leadership team gathered at the Foundation offices. We know that our communities and our donors rely on us to act in times of disasters. We prepare to respond to a crisis before it hits—and when it does, we follow the protocol we’ve developed over years of experience.


Our disaster response strategy provides a roadmap not just for moments of crisis, but for preparing to confront them. As hurricane season began, we hosted a hurricane preparedness workshop with 75 local nonprofits so they could develop their own response plans. We were joined by the Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness as well as local emergency management offices from New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, and St. Tammany Parish, who offered critical expertise. We also pre-registered over 20 organizations from across Southeast Louisiana to receive expedited grants for disaster response in case of emergency.

In the wake of disaster, we are strategic, efficient, impactful, and compassionate.


When, in the end of August, it became clear that Hurricane Ida was headed for our region, we sprung into action. On Friday, August 27th, we got in touch with local leaders like New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell and Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng. Some colleagues in philanthropy, such as the Kresge Foundation, contacted us directly, understanding the threat that Ida presented to the region and wanting to hear the Foundation’s plans. They committed to a generous gift.

As soon as President Biden approved Governor Edwards’ request for a Federal Declaration of Emergency for Louisiana, we activated our Disaster Response and Restoration Fund. This allowed us to provide funding for groups that were ready to jump in the moment the hurricane passed. Using our knowledge of the nonprofit sector and experience from past disasters, we made $50,000 in grants to well-established organizations that we knew were responding right away: the Second Harvest Food Bank, the American Red Cross of Louisiana, Team Rubicon, VIA LINK, and World Central Kitchen. They would offer food and medical aid, disaster cleanup, and a phone hotline to connect residents to more resources.


These early grants meant that when the hurricane did hit, the military veterans of Team Rubicon could begin heavy-duty disaster cleanup right away. It meant that the chefs of World Central Kitchen could immediately set up a staging area at the New Orleans Culinary and Hospitality Institute next door to the Foundation offices. We soon let them take over our parking lot, and they were quickly preparing 20,000 to 30,000 meals each day to distribute at dozens of sites across our region.

Meanwhile, our team kept working. We leveraged our strong relationships across the state — from the Governor’s office to nonprofits, local leaders, first responders, and community groups large and small—to understand what folks needed most. We heard directly from a bayou area community aid group that had never done disaster relief before, but was gathering food and supplies to stage for pick-up for the many people left without water, power, and sufficient shelter. Some were living in a tent, car, or camper in their front yard. We visited a distillery that had been transformed into a food bank. We connected with pastors as they scooped hot meals with their congregation. We met a brother-sister pair who had filled a school gym with large plastic buckets of resources for folks to take home. We spoke to partners in the United Houma Nation who were serving meals from their community center and managing complex supply distributions, even as there were holes in the roof of their headquarters and debris on their floor.

We offered care and resources, made connections across our networks, and personally delivered the news of grants. We also tended to the relationships we have built over many years. We wanted to assure them that we had their backs.


Our community of donors was energized, even as many of them were coping with the impact of Ida themselves. We received major gifts from the Baltimore Ravens in partnership with The Stephen & Renee Bisciotti Foundation as well as from the Atlanta Falcons via the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation. Mrs. Gayle Benson generously matched our first two rounds of post-hurricane grants, and within five days of the storm, we had raised $2 million. Because our disaster response strategy is so well-honed, and our existing relationships with nonprofits are so strong, we were able to put those funds to use right away. We knew the nonprofits who needed the most support didn’t have electricity to charge computers, or internet to connect to even if they had it. Instead of requiring an initial grant application, we relied on our strong relationships with nonprofits and local elected officials to target the most pressing needs across our communities. We also relied on

their relationships with one another; when the leader of one nonprofit or local official told us about another doing good work, we trusted them. We got them funding quickly, which enabled them to get resources like food, water, ice, tarps, and building supplies to their communities quickly. Then we reached back out a few weeks later for more formal conversations and brief applications that could be filled out from a phone.

Less than two weeks after the storm, we traveled to the Bayou region ourselves, bringing supplies and meeting with community leaders, clergy, and nonprofits. We heard their stories, saw their operations firsthand, and were able to tell them in person that they would be receiving grants ranging from $10,000 to $125,000 dollars, depending on the scope of their work and impact. We followed up with a trip to the River Parishes soon after.


Within a few months of the storm, we had raised over $7 million from more than 1,300 individuals, with a major gift from the Kresge Foundation and generous matching funds from the Dick J. Guidry Fund and Mrs. Gayle Benson. The Foundation had distributed over $5 million, nearly 40% of which went to organizations led by people of color.

“We relied on our strong relationships with nonprofits and local elected officials to target the most pressing needs across our communities. We also relied on their relationships with one another; when the leader of one nonprofit or local official told us about another doing good work, we trusted them.”

These nonprofits have already accomplished so much, but our work remains unfinished. We know recovery can take years, and rebuilding to withstand future disasters requires funding and expertise. We will not abandon our communities in the hardest-hit regions of Southeast Louisiana; we stay involved long after the last power truck restores electricity. We will keep delivering grants as they are needed, and we will learn from these efforts to strengthen our strategies going forward. If community leaders want to transform grassroots efforts into more formal nonprofits, we can help. We will welcome them into our Nonprofit Leadership and Effectiveness programming. This can guide them into the institutional benefits of nonprofit status while helping them maintain the energy and spirit that launched their work.

As we connect with nonprofits, we are neighbors before we are program officers. We listen and build real relationships, as people, with those who have been most affected and who are doing the hardest work. Then, fueled by the generosity and compassion of our donors, we act. We show up for our nonprofits—and we stay.

“As we connect with nonprofits, we are neighbors before we are program officers. We listen and build real relationships, as people, with those who have been most affected and who are doing the hardest work. Then, fueled by the generosity and compassion of our donors, we act. We show up for our nonprofits—and we stay.”

Thank you to who made our possible in 2020-2021.

37,386 Individual

71,908 Donations


to all those our work 2020-2021.

Individual Donors Donations


1923 Legacy Society

The 1923 Legacy Society recognizes the founding year of the Community Chest, our predecessor, and honors those forward-thinking individuals who have let the Foundation know that they plan to leave a gift to the community through a bequest, trust, life insurance policy, retirement plan, or charitable gift annuity. The Foundation extendsits gratitude to the members below for their commitment to making the Greater New Orleans region a better place for all in the future.

Ms. Jeannette Abadie

Ms. Marguerite L. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. James L. Adams

Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ford Aguiluz

Mr. and Mrs.* Wayne F. Amedée

Mrs. Suzanne Baer

Ms. Patricia Beare *

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Becker

Ms. Armande Billion*

Ms. Jane E. Boettcher

Mr. Henry M. Lambert and Mr. Carey Bond

Mrs. Caroline Huger Boone

Mr. Donald J. Borngesser

Mr. Tom Bouterie

Dr. Joseph P. Braud and Mrs. Angela D. Braud

Mr.*and Mrs.* Harold Bretz Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Bush

Dr. Michael Carey

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Chotin Jr.

Dr. and Mrs. J. Sanders Clatworthy

Dr. and Mrs. Isidore Cohn, Jr.*

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Mr. Joseph DePaso Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Berwick G. Deutsch*

Ms. Nancy R. Dreux*

Mr. George C. Durant, Jr.*

Dr. Victor J. DuRapau Jr.

The Honorable Stanwood R. Duval and Mrs. Janet Daley Duval

Dr. and Mrs. John Elstrott

Mr.* and Mrs. Joseph H. Epstein Jr.

Ms. Martha Eshleman

Mr. Jonathan M. Wallick and Ms. Marjorie R. Esman

Mr. and Mrs. Willerd R. Fann*

Ms. Patricia W. Faust

Mr. John H. Fellman*

Mr. Charles R. Fendig and Ms. Maria N. Fisher

Mrs. Elizabeth N. Fischer*

Rev. Louis J. Franz C.M.*

Mr. Thomas I. Gault and Ms.* Mary Lee Sweat

Ms. Beulah Ann Glucksman*

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Goodier

Ms. Marie Gould

Mrs. JoAnn F. Greenberg*

Mrs. Fred E. Grissom

Mr. Christopher M. Guidroz

Mr. Peter S. Hansen*

Mrs. Sally S. Hansen

Mrs. Muriel K. Haspel*

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Haspel

Mrs. Byrde B. Haspel*

Mrs. Edward M. Heller *

Mr. Peter L. Hilbert, Sr.*

Mr. Brian D. Hite

Mr. John D. Hopper

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Johnson

Ms. Katherine S. Johnson

Dr. and Mrs. John J. Jones Jr

Nina M. Kelly Ph.D

Mrs. Virginia D. Kock*

Mrs. Jane N. Kohlmann

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Ms. Corvette J. Kowalski*

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Krebs*

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Mr.* and Mrs.* Robert C. McIntyre

Drs. Emel and Ranney Mize

Mr. and Mrs. George R. Montgomery*

Dr. and Mrs. James E. Moorman

Mrs. Elizabeth P. Moran

Mr. and Mrs. Biff Motley

Mr.* and Mrs. Harold W. Newman

Mr. and Mrs. Morris W. Newman*

Dr. Max Niedzwiecki and Dr. G. Albert Ruesga

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Dr. and Mrs. Sam A. Threefoot*

Rev. Wilmer L. Todd

Mrs. Nina C. Tyler

Robert A. Udick, Ph.D.*

Mr. Philip Uhl*

Mrs. Kathleen M. Vick*

Mr. and Mrs. George Villere*

Dr. William W. Waring and Dr.* Nell Pape-Waring

Dr.* and Mrs. Richard M. Warren

Mrs. Joel W. Weinstock

Mr. George Q. Whitney*

Mrs. Marion S. Zinser*


Partners in Philanthropy

Contributions to our Partners in Philanthropy campaign enable the Foundation to direct significant sums of money to important community projects. These gifts cover the Foundation’s operating expenses and enable it to continue its role of connecting donors to community needs.

Ms. Jeanette Abadie

Mrs. Jamie Agnew •

Ms. Katie Aker  ~

The Honorable and Mrs. Terry Alarcon  ~

Allstate Matching Gift  +

Almar Foundation  ~

Mr. and Mrs.* Wayne F. Amedée  +

American Endowment Foundation  +

Mr. Byron Anderson  ~

Ms. Michelle Andre  +

Ms. Bethlehem K. Andrews  •

Ms. Lisa Ardis-Hendrix  ~

Ms. Margaret Tillman Ayers  ~

Azby Art Fund  •

Ms. Alexandre Bacque Brown  ~

Mr. and Mrs. F. Macnaughton Ball, Jr.  •

Craig Ball  ~

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Bancroft  +

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Barkerding

Mr. and Mrs. David Barksdale +

Ms. Theresa Barrios •

Mr. John Barton, III  •

Emmett W. Bashful Fund  •

Bean/Allie Family Fund  +

Ms. Erica Beck  +

Mr. and Mrs. John D. Becker  ~

Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Bell, Jr.  ~

Mr. Emanuel V. Benjamin, III •

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Benjamin •

Mrs. Clare Benjamin  +

Clare and Jack C. Benjamin Designated Fund  •

Mrs. Gayle Benson  •

Ms. Kristen Bereveskos  +

Mr. Henry Bernstein  •

Ms. M. Berry  +

Better NOLA Fund  ~

Allie Betts  •

Rupa Bhattacharyya Fund  +

Ms. Nancy Bissinger Timm  +

Ms. Leda Black  ~

Ms. Jane E. Boettcher  •

Ms. Nayrouhi Boghozian  +

Ms. Elizabeth A. Boh  •

Mrs. Caroline Huger Boone  +

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bories  •

Mrs. Jane Bories*  +

Mr. and Mrs. Blair L. Boutte  •

Ms. Stephanie Boyd  ~

Ms. Harriet J. Brackey  •

Ms. Anne S. Bradburn  •

Mrs. Julie Breitmeyer  ~

Ms. Firldeal Angela Breure  +

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bright, III  +

Brocato Charitable Fund  +

Ms. Dawn Broussard  +

Mr. John Broussard  +

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Brower  ~

Mr. and Mrs. Christian Brown  •

Ms. Elizabeth K. Brown  +

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Brown  +

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Brown, III  ~

Mrs. Louisette Brown  ~

Ms. Vanessa Brown Claiborne  • Bruno and Tervalon LLP  ~

Mr. Tim Bryant  ~

Mrs. Morris Burka  •

Ann & Morris Burka Fund for The Greater New Orleans Foundation  •

Ms. Lynne A. Burkart  •

Mrs. Barbara Cain  +

Canadian National Railway Company  +

Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Capomazza di Campolattaro  •

Compass Capital  +

Ms. Susan Carmen  ~

Jim Casadaban  +

Ms. Helene Cerise and Mr. William Berg  ~

Cheryl and Pierre Champagne  ~

Chanel  +

Charities Aid Foundation of America  +

Charity Gift Certificates  +

Charityvest, Inc.  +

Chevron Matching Employee Funds  +

Mrs. Sherina Clavier  •

Mr. and Mrs. Miles P. Clements  ~

Mr. Cain Clement  ~

Ms. Karen Nabonne Coaxum and Mr. Henry Coaxum  •

Dr. Dale M. Cochran  •

Ms. Bette Cole  ~

Mr. Bill Coneybear and Ms. Susan Orlando  •

Mr. Richard F. Cortizas  •

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Coulon  •

Ms. Kaye Courington  +

Mrs. Tucker Couvillon  ~

Kate Cowhey  ~

Ms. Kristen A. Craig  +

Ms. Meredith Cranch  +

Crestwood Equity Partners  +

Mr. Robert Crow  ~

Ms. Jeanette Davis-Loeb  •

Mrs. Ella A. Delio  ~

Goldman DeMarco Family Fund  +

Mr. and Mrs. George Denegre, Jr.  •

Mr. Emmanuel Detiege  •

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Donald  •

Adelaide Downham  • Doolys Dream Fund  +

Gerald and Patricia Driscoll  +

Shaun and R. Foster Duncan  •

Ms. Christina Duong  ~

Ms. Melissa Duplantier  +

Adrian & Sally Duplantier Family Foundation  ~

Mrs. Sally Duplantier  ~

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dupuy  +

Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Eberle, Jr.  ~

Mr. Michael Eckstein  •

Ms. Joan Eddis-Koch  +

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Edwards  •

Mr. David Eichenthal  +

Mr. Mike Eichler  •

Ms. Hillary Eklund  ~

Ms. Carly Elkin  ~

Mr. Mark Ellis  ~

THANK YOU * = DECEASED ~ 2020 + 2021 • 2020 & 2021

Partners in Philanthropy, cont.

Dr. and Mrs. John Elstrott  •

Mrs. Margaret B. Epstein  •

The Traub-Epstein Charitable Fund

Stephen and Amy Farnsworth  •

Ms. Wendy Farrelly  ~

Ariana and Leroy Fass Donor Advised Fund  +

Vaughn R. Fauria and Dr. Sidney J. Fauria  •

Mrs. Patricia W. Faust  •

Mr. and Mrs. Richard and Karen Fawcett  ~

Mr. Julian B. Feibelman and Mrs. Joan Hooper  •

Mr. Charles R. Fendig and Ms. Maria N. Fisher  •

Ms. Jill Fenn  +

Discover Financial  +

Bill and Paula Fitzgerald Fund  +

Ms. Anne A. Fitzhugh  +

Ms. Hattie Fletcher  ~

Ms. Marguerite Florent  +

Mr. Daryl Fomby  ~

Ms. Margaret Francione  +

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Freeman  •

Mr. and Mrs. Louis M. Freeman  •

Mr. and Mrs. George C. Freeman, III  •

Mr. Stephen M. Futrell and Mr. Thomas Goldsworthy  +

Lamar and Ashleigh Gardere  •

Dr. A. Joanne Gates and Ms. Marilyn McConnell  ~

Mr. and Mrs. James F. Geary  •

The Gemini Fund  +

George Family Fund  +

Dr. and Mrs. Juan J. Gershanik  •

Mr. Alex Gershanik and Mrs. Maureen Brennan  •

Ghantasala Charity Fund  +

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Gibert  •

Ms. Virginia Gibson  +

Mr. Ted Gifford  +

Blathrae Gillin  •

Give Lively Foundation Inc.  +

Givinga Foundation, Inc.  +

Ms. Sarah Gnerre  ~

Mr. Charles Goldberg  +

Mr. Andrew Golden  +

Mr. Julian H. Good, Jr.  +

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Goodson  ~

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Graham  •

John Greene  +

Mrs. Kellie Chavez Greene  •

The Honorable Joseph F. Grefer  •

Mrs. Rita O. Gue  •

Mr. James C. Gulotta, Jr. and Ms. Susan Gayle Talley  ~

Susan and Jimmy Gundlach  •

Ms. Amelie Guthrie  ~

Ms. Jordan Hainsfurther  ~

Mr. John Hairston  +

Mr. Larry Haley  +

Ms. Amelia Hall  ~

Ms. Lyn Hallaron  +

Mr. Bill Hammack and Mrs. Janice Parmelee  +

Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Hammer  •

Hancock Whitney Bank  +

Mrs. Harriet Hyman Handelman  •

Dr. Alison G. Hartman  •

John and Amy Haspel  •

James and Jena Husman  +

Mrs. Sandy M. Haygood  +

Mr. Toby Luster Hazen  +

Hearst Matching Gifts  +

Mr. Jeff P. Hébert  +

Ms. Kathleen R. Hebert, CPA  ~

Estate of Mrs. Sandra Heller  +

Mrs. Holly Robbins Hermes  •

Mr. Michael L. High  •

The Hummingbird Hill Fund  +

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Hines  +

Ms. Michaela Huffman  ~

Mr. Timothy W. Hyde and Dr. Sarah M. Fortune  •

Ms. Valerie Rosemary Hyde  +

Hyman Fund  +

Dr. and Mrs. Harris Hyman, III  +

Elizabeth Ingram  •

Mr. Zhanat Iranshahr  ~

Cathy and Walter Isaacson  •

The Honorable Brian A. Jackson and Ms. Melanie Megginson  •

Ms. Anita M. Jefferson  •

Ms. Monica John  +

Mr. and Mrs. Hans A.B. Jonassen  •

Mr. William Jones  +

Ms. Yvette M. Jones  •

Ms. Theresa Jones  +

Mr. Devin Jones  +

Ms. Abby Kamensky  ~

Mr. and Mrs. Byron R. Kantrow  •

Mr. Mark Kaplan  +

Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Kelleher, Jr.  ~

Keller Family Foundation  +

Mr. Brandon Keller  +

Ms. Natalie Kelly  +

Mr. Robert E. Kennedy and Ms. Laurie Barcelona  •

Nik and Elissa Khakee  •

Ms. Susan Kierr  ~

Dr. Lauren King  ~

Shawn King  +

Ms. Sarah Koenig  +

Mrs. Jane N. Kohlmann  •

Mr. William L. Kohlmann  +

Ms. Nicole Kolinsky  ~

Mr. Andrew Kopplin and Mrs. Andrea Neighbours  •

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kufta  ~

Ms. Jocelyn Kuo  +

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin LaChute  •

Mrs. Jeannie Lamar  ~

Mrs. Mauda Lancaster  +

Mr. and Mrs. John M. Landrum  •

Mr. Al Lang  ~

Mr. and Mrs. G. Charles Lapeyre  +

Ms. Mia Lardiere  +

Ms. Nancy Latora  +

Mrs. Betty Lauricella  •

Lauricella Land Company Foundation  •

Mr. Louis Lauricella  •

Mr. and Mrs. Austin L. Lavin  +

Mr. and Mrs. Byron LeBlanc  ~

Mrs. Gay LeBreton  +

Cynthia and Robert LeBreton Fund  +

Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. Leger  •

Alan and Sherry Leventhal  •

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis  •

The Liederman Family  •

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Lilly  ~

Casey Lipscomb  +

Little Family Legacy Foundation  +

Maude Brown Lofton, MD  •

Mr. James A. Logan  ~

Ms. Theresa Lucas  ~

THANK YOU * = DECEASED ~ 2020 + 2021 • 2020 & 2021

Partners in Philanthropy, cont.

Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Maggiotto  +

Dr. and Mrs. Neil J. Maki  +

Mr. Matthew Maloney  •

Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Marks  •

Mr. Richard A. Marks and Ms. Jennifer E. Morrison  •

Ms. Michelle K. Whetten Marshall •

Mr. Jonathan Martin  +

Mr. Richard Martinez  ~

Ms. Sophia Martinez  ~

The Mary F. Wisdom Foundation +

Mr. Jason Mast  ~

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Mayer  •

George “Star” Mayer Fund  •

Mark and Mindy Mayer  •

Ms. Mary Ann McDonald  +

Mrs. Robert C. McIntyre and •

Mrs. Ann Babington  •

Ms. Monika K. McKay and Mr. Karl Connor  •

Mrs. Erin McQuade-Wright  ~

Lingagoud and Chandrakala Memula Giving Fund  +

Arlene and Joseph Meraux Charitable Foundation  •

Ms. Luay Merqes  +

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Meunier  ~

Wendy and Jacques Michell  •

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program  •

Anne and King Milling  •

Mr. and Mrs. William Mimeles +

Ms. Jo Ann Minor  +

Mr. Larry Mitchell  +

Ms. Makiyah O. Moody  ~

Mark Morreale  +

Ms. Andreanecia Morris  •

Jay and Kendra Morris  ~

Ms. Maddy Morris  +

Leann and Ted Moses  •

Ms. Andrée K. Moss  •

Carlo and Debbie Mulvenna  •

Mumford Family Foundation  +

Martha Murphy and Jack Leahy  +

Stephen B. Murray, Sr.  ~

Mr. Bob Muse  ~

David and Mary Anne Mushatt  ~

David Muth  +

Ms. Nancy Nahan  ~

Mrs. Elizabeth S. Nalty and Mr. Richard L. Simmons  +

Ms. Ashleigh Nave  +

Neon One, LLC.  +

New Orleans Convalescent Home Fund •

New Orleans College Prep Scholarship Fund • Nitorum Capital, L.P.  +

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest B. Norman, III  •

Sarah Ogbomah  +

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Olinde  +

Ms. Lillian Opotowsky  ~

Orleans Club  ~

Ms. Johanna A. Paine  •

Ms. Giovanna Pannullo  +

Ms. Avia C. Paquay  +

Bai Park  •

Mr. and Mrs. William S. Penick  +

Mr. Todd Pereira  ~

Ms. Elena Perez  ~

Mr. and Mrs. Claiborne Perrilliat, Jr. ~

Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Peterson  +

Alan and Arlene Philipson Fund  ~

Josh Pincus Fund  +

Ms. Sharon Potter

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Protter  +

Ms. Denise Puente  ~

Molly Pulda and Gary Sernovitz  •

Ms. Lilian Marlene Quarles  ~

Suzanne Raether  •

Heidi and Daniel Raines  ~

Lee and Kathy Randall  •

Ms. Carmen James Randolph  ~

Mr. Gude P. Rao  ~

Mr. Matt Rebackoff  ~

Dr. Anthony Recasner  •

Ms. Maridel Reyes  +

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ricchiuti  +

Mr. Charles L. Rice, Jr. and Mrs. Vonda FlentroyRice  •

Cal and Maureen Rivelle Charitable Fund  +

Karla G. Rivera  •

Ms. Bonita Robertson  ~

Ms. Sherri Robinson Jones  ~

Mr. Donaldo Rodriguez  ~

Mr. Arthur Roger and Mr. Dan Weeks  •

Ms. Lauren Rogers  ~

The RosaMary Foundation  •

Mr. Samuel Rosamond  +

Estate of Carol H. Rosen  •

Mr. Larry Rosenberg  •

Dave and Margaret Rota  +

Mr. Gary Rothschild  ~

Ms. Christine Rubin  ~

Ms. Maya Rubin  ~

Ms.Susan Russell  +

S&P Global Foundation  +

Mr. Allen Sabinson  +

Mr. Nicholas Salter  +

Ms. Mary E. Sanguinetti  ~

Ms. Courtney-Anne Sarpy  •

Sarracenia Foundation, Inc.  +

Shanthi Satay, M.D.  +

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schenk

Mr. Jeff Schiffman  +

Ms. Jacqueline Schindler  +

Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Schleiff +

Jerry and Mauri Schoby Charitable Fund  +

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Schroeder, III +

Mr. William Schwarzman and Ms. Harriet Stuart  ~

Ms. Etheldra Scoggin  ~

Kendra Scott, LLC.  +

Mr. Douglas Seal  ~

Mr. and Mrs. G. Arthur Seaver, III

Mr. Ricco See  ~

Beth and Eric Seling  •

The Selley Foundation  +

Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Semmes  •

Mr. Dale Sexton  ~

Mr. Andrew Shaffer  ~

Dr. and Mrs. Jay M. Shames  •

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shane, Jr  ~

Mr. Dan Shea and Ms. Stephanie Stokes  •

Shell Oil Company Matching GIfts  ~

Mr. and Mrs. H. Bruce Shreves  •

Dan and Jackie Silverman  •

Fran and Bob Simon  +

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sinor  +

Sirius XM  +

Mr. and Mrs. I. William Sizeler  •

Mr. Timothy C. Slater  +

Lauren Sloat Donor Advised Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Lynes R.Sloss  •

THANK YOU * = DECEASED ~ 2020 + 2021 • 2020 & 2021

Partners in Philanthropy, cont.

The BodyShop, LLC - Charles & Charla Thibodeaux •

Dr. Sharon Smith

Susan Swan Smith and the North Texas Giving Day Team

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce L. Soltis  •

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen L. Sontheimer  •

Ms. Deanna Sparkman  +

Missy and Cory Sparks  ~

Spotify Matching Gifts  +

Splunk Employer Matching Program  +

Dr. Kenneth St. Charles, Ph.D.  +

Mr. Ben Starret  +

Ms. Dijana Steinmetz  +

Sterling National Bank Charitable Foundation  +

Mrs. Lynne R. Stern  ~

Ms. Gail Stilwell  +

Ms. Suzanne Stone  •

Mr. and Mrs. Pierre J. Stouse, III  •

Surdna Foundation  ~

Mrs. Rachel Swan and Mr. Daniel Pruksarnukul  •

Mr. James Swank  ~

Ms. Leah Swiler  +

Dr. Monica Sylvain, Ph.D.  +

Ms. Beth L. Terry  +

Mr. Warner L. Thomas and Mrs. Linda Bacon  •

Thompson Consulting Partners, LLC.  •

Mr. W. Howard Thompson  +

Ms. Nancy Thorner  ~

Dr. Sam A. and Virginia R. Threefoot Fund  •

Ms. Allison Berger Tiller and Mr. Benjamin Tiller  •

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Timm  •

Reverend Wilmer L. Todd  +

The Tombar Family  •

Todd and Anjanette Tournillon  •

Ms. Leigh Traylor  ~

Ms. Rita Trotter  ~

Mr. Alan A. Troy  +

Mrs. Nina C. Tyler  ~

Mark and Connie Uddo  •

Ms. Patricia Unangst  +

Union Pacific Railroad Give Plus Program  +

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Usdin  ~

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Usdin  •

Ms. Susan E. Van Kleeck  +

Ms. Tremica Vance  +

Mr. Christian Vardaman  ~

Ms. Glenda A. Vassilakis  ~

Kathleen Moore Vick Foundation Fund  •

Chris Villere  •

Mr. Christopher Vincent  •

Mr. and Mrs. Franz Vogt  ~

Mr. Thomas Wagner  +

Ms. Tracey Wagner  +

Stan and Natasha Walker  •

Mr. Tyronne Walker  ~

Candi Hamilton Walker  ~

Eileen Wallen  +

Mr. Brian Walters  ~

Mr. Scott Washburn  +

Nikeishia Washington  •

Mr. Christopher Watts  ~

Mr. Alan Wheeler  ~

Dr. and Mrs. Christopher White  •

Charles L. Whited, Jr.  •

The Honorable Jacques L. Wiener and Mrs. Sandy Feingerts  ~

Jack Wiles  •

Mr. Kevin Wilkins and Ms. Ginny Wise  •

Mrs. Pamela Williams  +

Mr. Roy Williams  •

Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand A. Wilson  •

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Winingder  •

Mr. and Mrs. Andy B. Wisdom  •

David Wolf  +

Mr. Jimmie Woods and The Honorable Regina Bartholomew-Woods  •

Zachary Wool  •

Mr. Shawn Wyatt  +

Mr. Melvin Yasner  +

Mr. and Mrs. George V. Young  •

Mr. and Mrs. Linton L. Young  •

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Young  •

Mr. and Mrs. Luis Zervigon  •

Mrs. Mary K. Zervigon *  •

THANK YOU * = DECEASED ~ 2020 + 2021 • 2020 & 2021

Unrestricted Funds

Many donors have established funds that are totally unrestricted or have quite broad purposes, giving the Greater New Orleans Foundation flexibility in the way the funds are used. These are the primary funds underwriting the Foundation’s IMPACT program, which provides support to a broad range of community services.

Jacob Aron Fund, 1965

Everett T. Aultman Fund, 2000

Victor L. Bernard Foundation Fund, 1989

Mr. & Mrs. S. J. Besthoff Fund, 1973

Harry J. Blumenthal Jr. Fund, 1987

Blumenthal-Jepsen Family Fund, 1988

Don Borngesser Fund, 2002

Edgar A. G. Bright Fund, 1976

R.J. Bynum Fund, 1953

Mr. & Mrs. Leon S. Cahn Fund, 1995

Community Benefit Rebuild Fund, 2007

Nancy Reeves Dreux Endowment Fund, 1994

George and Mathilde Dreyfous Fund, 1986

Kitty and Brooke Duncan Fund, 1985

Freeman-Woollam Fund, 1988

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. Fund, 1988

Louis A. and Lillian L. Glazer Family Foundation Inc. Fund, 1989

The Greater New Orleans Foundation Fund, 1986

Mr. & Mrs. John J. Graham Fund, 1993

Byrde Berenson Haspel Endowment Fund, 2007

Heymann Fund #2 (Unrestricted/Endowed), 1987

Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Heymann Fund (Unrestricted/Endowed), 1988

Scott and Leslie Jacobs Fund, 1989

Barbara & Ben Johnson Family Foundation (Endowed), 1995

L.V. and Stephanie Lamar Foundation, 1980

Lemann Family Fund, 1989

Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis Endowment Fund, 1989

Loewenbaum Family Fund, 1987

Theodore A. Mars Jr. Endowment Fund, 1994

Mason Family Fund, 1986

Harold S. Mayer Fund, 1995

Leonie and Gus Mayer Fund, 1959

Patricia & Robert C. McIntyre Fund, 1986

NOPSI/LP&L Fund, 1987

Pan American Life Fund, 1988

Aage Qvistgaard-Petersen, 1976

A. Louis & Nathalie O. Read Fund, 1986

Rebuild New Orleans Fund, 2005

Reily Foundation / Jacob Aron Fund II, 2012

Boatner Reily Family Fund (Unrestricted/ Endowed), 1988

Robert and Edwina Reisfeld Foundation, 1995

RosaMary Fund, 2003

Leon & Eleanor Sarpy Fund, 1995 Shilling Fund, 1986

Carolyn E. Sonnier Fund, 1995

Moise Steeg Fund, 1989

Erich and Lea Sternberg Memorial Fund, 1988


Field of Interest Funds

Field of Interest funds allow donors to support a specific area of interest rather than an organization. Many of the grants made through these funds are given through our IMPACT grantmaking program.


Lucile J. Blum Fund, 2000

Janet Daley Duval Field of Interest Fund, 2011

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. Expansion Arts Fund, 1989

Hansen Fund for Arts Techincal Assistance, 2014

Louisiana Asian Heritage Foundation Fund, 1999

Mr. & Mrs. P. R. Norman Fund, 1990

Reily Foundation / Lafaye Family Fund, 2012

Welch Family Fund for 2200, 2000


FOI Fund for St. Charles Parish, 2009

FOI Fund for St. John the Baptist Parish, 2009

FOI Fund for St. Tammany Parish, 2009

FOI Fund for Terrebonne Parish, 2009

Gulf Coast Oil Spill Fund, 2010

Noah’s Wish/Hurricane Katrina Settlement Fund, 2007

SOS: Gulf Coast Relief Fund, 2010


Regional Economic Development Fund, 1998


Adult Literacy Fund, 2004

Henry Bernstein Fund, 2011

Boh Bros. Construction Co., LLC Fund, 1990

Dr. Joseph P. Braud Family Fund, 1994

Cahn Family Foundation, 1997

Education Fund, 1994

The Environmental Fund, 1994

Fenner-French Foundation Fund, 1989

First Commerce Corporation Fund, 1990

Virginia D. Kock Endowment for Education, 1995

Nancy & Michael Marsiglia Fund, 1988

Reily Foundation Fund, 1989

Jonathan M. Wallick Fund for Building Restoration Training, 2008


Gulf States Eye Surgery Foundation Fund, 1971

Estate of Harold W. Newman Jr. Charitable Remainder Trust, 1994

Lila Lee B. & Morris W. Newman Field of Interest Fund, 2014

Frank & Winston Purvis Fund, 1989


W. R. Baird Charitable Trust Fund, 1991

Greater NOLA4Women Fund, 2019

Mildred H. and Isaac S. Heller Fund, 1990

Dorothy Jean and Peter L. Hilbert Fund, 2014

Joan and Leslie Inman Family Fund, 1994

Kahn-Oppenheim Trust Fund, 1998

Marjorie & Fred Kullman Fund, 1985

LGBTQ Endowment Fund, 2019

Albert N. & Hattie M. McClure Fund, 1963 Pathways to Citizenship Fund, 2019

James W. Thomas Field of Interest Fund, 2019


Commander’s Palace Employee Relief Fund, 2020

Joseph DePaso Charitable Trust Fund, 2017

Drs. Nina and Raja Dhurandhar Family Foundation Fund, 2017

The Patricia and Frank Faust Companion Animal Fund, 2013

Fidelity Here for Good Employee Assistance Fund, 2017

Brian Daniel Hite Fund, 2017

Women of the Storm Fund, 2006 Philip Uhl Fund, 1961


Bayou Community Foundation Quasi Endowment Fund, 2012

Civic Leadership Endowed Fund - Be Greater Campaign, 2019

Jefferson Community Foundation Grantmaking Fund, 2006

Jefferson Community Foundation Operating Fund, 2009

Jefferson Parish Community Foundation Endowment Fund, 2006

LGBTQ Endowed Fund - Be Greater Campaign, 2019

Plaquemines Affiliate Operating Fund, 2009

Plaquemines Community Foundation Endowment Fund, 2006

Rebuild Plaquemines Fund, 2006

Rebuild St. Bernard Fund, 2006

St. Bernard Affiliate Operating Fund, 2009

St. Bernard Community Foundation Endowment Fund, 2006


Michael R. Boh Endowed Fund, 2020

Margaret and Charles Dale Fund, 2001

Erna Deiglmayr Fund, 2002

Mary Lemann Goldman Fund, 2000

Robert & Shirley Haspel Fund for Children & Youth, 1986

Youth Alternatives Fund, 1990


Donor Designated Funds

Donor Designated Funds allow donors to provide ongoing support to their favorite organizations forever.

1983 Harold W. Newman Endowment Fund for Le Petit Theatre, 1998

A & O Endowment Fund, 1991

Agana Burial Fund, 1995

Alberto Doria Fund, 2003

Alice P. Thomas Fund, 2002

Allison Chotin Peace Charitable Remainder Unitrust, 2021

America’s WETLAND Foundation, 2003

Andy Kruzich Memorial Aids Fund, 2003

Ani Calderin Endancement Fund, 2020

Ann & Morris Burka Fund for The Greater New Orleans Foundation, 1985

Ann H. & Charles J. Babington Charitable Reminder Unitrust, 1999

Anna D. and Constance H. Stephens Fund, 1997

Anne K. Montgomery Endowed Designated Fund, 2020

Armande Billion Endowment for the Arts Council of New Orleans, 1990

Arthur Roger Fund for NOMA, 2018

The Azby Fund for the Benefit of the Pavilion and Conservatory of the Two Sisters, 2002

Barksdale Racial Equity Fund, 2020

Bayou District Foundation General Endowment, 2014

Beatrice and Harold Forgotston Philanthropic Fund for United Way, 1997

Behrman Stadium Fund, 1993

Ben Weiner Fund for the United Way, 1998

Best of the Bayou Music Fund, 2018

Betty and Stanley McDermott Jr. Fund, 1996

Beulah Bloch Weil & Isaac L. Weil Memorial Fund, 2000

Bourque/Lauman Fund, 2004

Breakthrough New Orleans/Summerbridge Fund, 2002

Bridge House Fund, 2001

Building Endowment Fund for United Way, 1978

Bureau of Governmental Research Fund, 2001

CAC Jazz Endowment Fund, 2005

CAC/ Barbara L. Weigel Emerging Visual Artist Fund, 2008

Caroline Keller Loughlin Fund for the Benefit of City Park, 2015

Carrollton Rotary Children’s Foundation, 2005

Carter Ellis Chotin Charitable Remainder Unitrust, 2021

CDL Center of Excellence Fund, 2004

Chalmette High School High-Flying Owl Fund, 2003

Charles E. Dunbar Fund, 1971

Children and Family Service Fund, 2000 City Park / Pepsi Tennis Center Fund, 2011

City Park Big Lake Pump House and Arbor Fund, 2009

City Park Botanical Garden Fund, 2008

City Park Carousel Fund, 2008

City Park Endowment Fund, 1992

City Park Matt Savoie Soccer Complex Fund, 2011

City Park Playground Fund, 2007

City Park Tree Fund, 2019

Clare and Jack C. Benjamin Designated Fund, 2019

Clatworthy Charitable Remainder Unitrust, 2001

Clifford F. Favrot Jr. Designated Fund, 2010

Closed Captioning Committee Fund, 1992

College Road Fund, 2018

Contemporary Arts Center Fund, 1991

Cora Keenan Burch Fund, 1971

Corvette Juliane Kowalski Fund, 2006

Courtney A. Sarpy Fund, 2011

Covenant House New Orleans, 2005

Cut Off Community Children’s Reading Program Fund, 2002

Daniel Price Memorial Fund for Aspiring Artists, 2004

Danny Gottsegen Fund for NOCCA, 1988

Darwin S. Fenner Memorial Fund for the New Orleans Symphony, 1984

Delores Duncan Kinsey Endowment Fund for NO/ AIDS Task Force, 1990

The Denise G. & Philip J. Schoen III Fund, 2003

Deutsches Haus Building Fund, 2016

Donald Mintz United Way Council of Chairs Fund, 2000

The Doris and Peter S. Hansen Memorial Designated Fund, 2013

The Doris Z. and Roger T. Stone Botanical Garden Fund, 2016

Doris Zemurray Stone Chair in Philanthropic Leadership, 2010

Dr. & Mrs. William E. Harmon Family Fund, 1999

Dr. Armengol Porta Memorial Fund, 2000

Dr. Isidore Cohn Jr. Fund for the LSU School of Medicine Learning Center, 1987

Dr. James E. & Frances S. Moorman Fund, 2002

Dr. Ralph and Lily Dauterive Fund, 2011

Dr. Ralph Dauterive Archbishop Hannan Community Appeal Fund, 2018

Dr. Sam A. and Virginia R. Threefoot Fund, 2000

Eddy K. Rosen Fund, 2001

Edith H. Beekman Fund, 1977

Edward F. Martin Fund, 2019

Edward L. Renton Sr. Memorial Scholarship Fund, 1995

Efforts of Grace Fund, 1993

Eleanor B. Kohlmeyer Fund, 1998

Elizabeth Porch Schwartz Endowment Fund for Le Petit Theatre, 1989

Elward T. Brady Memorial Scholarship Fund, 2019

Emel and Ranney Mize LPO Endowment, 2009

Emel and Ranney Mize New Orleans Opera Endowment, 2009

Emmett W. Bashful Charitable Remainder Unitrust, 2003

Emmett W. Bashful Fund, 2003

The Environmental Fund Designated for GNOF, 2011

Evelyn & Billy Burkenroad Fund, 1986

Evelyn Ball and Serena Thomas Fund, 2003

Father Willie Todd Endowed Foundation Fund, 2007

The Fred E. & Juanita B. Grissom Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust, 2003

The Freda M. Lupin Scholarship Fund, 2007

Freedom Fund, 1999

Freeport-McMoRan Inc. Recreation Fund, 1991

Friends of the New Orleans Public Library, 2004

George G. Villere Fund for Lighthouse Louisiana, 2017

George Q. Whitney Fund, 1997


Donor Designated Funds, cont.

George “Star” Mayer Fund, 2006

Georgiana and Harold Bretz Philanthropy Fund, 2002

Glenn Borne Fund, 2002

GNOF Tree Replacement Fund, 2017

Godchaux Reserve Plantation Fund, 1993

Gordon & Susan Sterling Fund, 2003

Greater New Orleans Educational TV Fdn. - WYES, 1996

The Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra Endowment Fund, 2002

Gulf Restoration Network Fund, 2010

Hannah Chotin Macgowan Charitable Remainder Unitrust, 2021

Harold & Georgiana Bretz Charitable Fund, 2002

Haspel Family Fund for United Way, 1987

Hearin Family Donor Designated Fund #1, 2018

House of Ruth Endowment Fund, 1999

Imagine Greater Campaign Building Fund, 2011

Imagine Greater Campaign: Endowment, 2011

International School of Louisiana Endowment Fund, 2010

Ivy Brown Fund for the Lighthouse for the Blind, 2001

J. Aron & Company, Inc. Fund, 1997

J. Edgar Monroe Fund for United Way, 1981

J. Monroe Laborde M.D. Spasticity Fund, 2002

Jack Stewart Cultural Fund, 2001

James & Joyce Leonard Fund, 2006

James J. Buquet Jr. Family Foundation Fund, 2000

James L. Adams Fund, 1998

Janet Daley Duval Donor Designated Fund, 2011

JCOA Reserve Fund, 2018

Jeanne and Jim Smith Fund, 1999

Jefferson Dollars for Scholars Scholarship Endowment Fund, 2001

Jefferson Performing Arts Society Endowment Fund, 2001

Jeffrey Cusimano Memorial Fund, 2012

Jerry W. Zachary and Henry Bernstein Fund for the New Orleans Opera Association, 2018

Jerry W. Zachary Fund, 2018

Jewish Community Center Endowment Fund, 2002

Jim and Glenda Harper Fund, 1999

Joan and Godfrey Parkerson Family Fund, 2008

The Joan Coulter Fund for the LPO, 2012

John H. Fellman Fund for the LA SPCA, 1996

John Lafargue Fund, 2019

John Richard Bienvenu/Kiwanis Club Scholarship Fund, 2002

Joseph M. Costello Endowment, 2003

Junebug Productions Inc. Fund, 1993

Kalorama Endowment Fund, 2001

Karnes-Sullivan Scholarship Fund, 2000

Kathleen Moore Vick Foundation, 2012

Kathy Cazaubon Dauterive Scholarship Fund, 2020

Kearby-Caldwell Fund for PFLAG, 1996

KID smART Reserve Fund, 2018

Kingsley Foundation, 2017

Kingsley House Fund, 2001

Kiwanis Club of St. Bernard Ready for Reading Fund, 2017

LA Civil Service League Freeman Challenge Fund, 2012

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation Endowment Fund, 1991

Latter & Blum, Inc. Realtors Fund, 2003

Latter Library Fund, 1985

Lawrence D. Barrett and F. Robert Duplantier Endowment Fund for Boys Hope, 1985

Le Petit Theatre Endowment Fund, 2003

Leon & Eleanor Sarpy Trust Fund for Loyola Law School, 1983

Leon Sarpy Tree Endowment, 2017

Leonie Davis Rothschild Endowed Fund, 2003

Lila Lee B. & Morris W. Newman 1998 Endowment Fund, 1998

Lila Lee B. & Morris W. Newman Charitable Foundation, 1999

Linda and Jerry Himelstein Fund, 2003

Lindy Boggs Fund, 2003

Lois and Lloyd Hawkins Jr. Grand Opera Foundation, 2011

Lorio/Dauterive Trust Fund, 2002

Lorraine Margaret Hausler Chotin Charitable Remainder Unitrust, 2021

Louisiana Children’s Museum Endowment Fund, 2000

Louisiana Council for Music Performing Arts Fund, 2008

Louisiana Crawfish Fest Foundation Fund, 2019

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities Greater New Orleans Education Fund, 2010

Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra Fund, 1997 Lower Garden District Parks and Fountains Fund, 2017

Lynn and Jacqueline Dean Scholarship Fund, 2019

MacDonell United Methodist Children’s Services Fund, 2016

Make It Funky Jazz Scholarship Endowment Fund, 2004

Make-A-Wish Foundation of Louisiana Fund, 2000

Marion S. Zinser Fund, 2003

Market Umbrella Endowment Fund, 1998

Mary Ann Bendler Fund, 2001

Mary Harnden Davidson Memorial, 2007

The Mary-Kate Tews “A Studio in the Woods” Fund, 2008

Mary R. and Gilbert G. Stock Jr. Fund, 2001

Matherne/Meteye Memorial Golf Shelter Fund, 2000

Mervin G. & Maxine M. Morais Endowment for Decorative Arts Fund for the New Orleans Museum of Art, 1987

Metropolitan Area Committee Leadership Forum Endowment Fund, 1996

Metropolitan Center for Women and Children Freeman Challenge Fund, 2012

Metropolitan Crime Commission Endowment Fund, 2001

Metropolitan Leadership Forum Endowed Fund, 1993

Michael B. Chutz Fund, 2012

Michael, Betty and Elizabeth Carey Fund for Excellence in Arts, 2019

Michelle Lynn Konechne Memorial Scholarship Fund, 2000

Morris F.X. Jeff, Sr. Memorial Skatemobile Derby Fund, 1993

Morse Society Fund, 2021

Morse-Connor Fund Honoring Dr. Gary & Mary Glynn, 2021

The Mrs. Margaret Fund for Communities in Schools, 2012

N.O.P.S.I. Endowment Fund, 1973

NAWIC Chapter 17 Scholarship Fund, 1995

New Orleans Ballet Association Fund, 1987

New Orleans Class Action Safety Fund, 1997

New Orleans Convalescent Home Fund, 1961


Donor Designated Funds, cont.

New Orleans Gay Men’s Chorus Endowment Fund, 1990

New Orleans Interfaith Sponsoring Committee/ACT Fund, 1992

New Orleans International Music ColloquiumEndowed, 2002

New Orleans Musica Da Camera Fund, 1992

New Orleans Opera Association Endowment Fund, 2006

The New Orleans String Project Endowment Fund, 2003

New Orleans Video Access Center Fund, 1995

New Orleans Westbank Library Fund, 1986

New Orleans Youth Action Corps, 1993

The NOCCA Institute Fund, 1987

NONDC Endowment Fund, 1998

Norco Lions Club Fund, 2013

O. Jack and Margot H. Schneidau Fund, 1995

Odyssey House Louisiana, Inc. Fund, 2001

Partnership for the N.O.J.C. Marching Club Support Fund, 2001

Partnership for the N.O.J.C. Music Instrument & Education Fund, 2001

Pat & Bob McIntyre Endowment for The Greater New Orleans Foundation, 2004

The Patrick and Phyllis M. Taylor Fund, 2004

PFLAG New Orleans Endowment Fund, 2000

Pro Bono Project, 2002

Project Lazarus Endowment Fund, 1997

Propeller’s Zemurray Fund, 2021

Rachel Chotin Lincoln Charitable Remainder Unitrust, 2021

Reily Foundation / Aron Family Fund, 2012

Richard M. & Yvette A. Warren Fund, 2003

Robby and Susie Showalter Family Fund, 2015

Robert Alan Udick Memorial Endowed PFLAG Scholarship Fund, 1999

Robert J. Reid Animal Rescue Fund, 2006

Roger Houston Ogden Fund, 2019

Ronald J. LeJeune AC Fund, 1998

Rosemary and Merlyn Sentilles Nunez College Scholarship Fund, 2019

The Rotary Club of Slidell Endowment Fund, 2005

Royal St. Louis Fund for United Way, 1980

S. Walter Stern Jr. Arts Fund for the Arts Council of New Orleans, 1985

Salem Lutheran Church & School Endowment, 2004

Sanders and Sue Clatworthy Endowment Fund #2, 2010

Sara Meyers and Henrietta (Tuddy) Meyers Mattise Fund, 2004

Scholarship Foundation of New Orleans Endowment Fund, 1993

The Sean Salvo YMCA of Greater New Orleans Children’s Fund, 2017

Second Harvest at the Bayou Community Foundation, 2018

Seth Daniel Poticha Award Fund, 2004

Sharon A. Perlis Fund, 2003

Sibyl P. Gayman Fund, 2001

Sister Mary Bertilla McNeely, MSC Fund, 2003

Sixth Baptist Church of New Orleans Fund, 1998 Society for Environmental Education Fund for the Louisiana Nature Center, 1991

Southern Eye Bank Endowment Fund, 1988

Spaymart Agency Fund, 2011

St. Augustine High School/Josephite Scholarship Foundation, 1997

St Bernard Chapter LSU Alumni Fund, 2015

St Bernard Kiwanis Foundation Nunez Scholarship Fund, 2014

St. Bernard Autism Awareness Krewe, 2021

St. Bernard Kiwanis Foundation Scholarship Fund, 2002

Steve & Karen Fecke Fund, 2002

St. Martin’s Episcopal School Building & Maintenance Endowed Fund, 2021

The St. Matthew’s Episcopal School Endowment, 2006

Stream of Dreams Fund, 2002

Stuart Hall Fund, 1995

The Sunny and Roussel Norman Education Fund, 2005

Symphony Chorus of New Orleans, 2006

Terrebonne Foundation for Academic Excellence in Public Education Fund, 1992

Terry Fleming Fund, 2000

Thomas B. Lemann Charitable Remainder Unitrust, 1997

Thomas G. Rapier Fund, 1995

Thomas J. Gault and Mary Lee Sweat Fund, 2013

Tom & Mary-Kate Tews Fund, 2004

Tony Martin Guerrero Memorial/PFLAG Scholarship Fund, 1997

Top 10 By 2010, 2000

Tracey W. Sherry Fund, 2002

Twenty-First Century Scholarship Fund for the University of New Orleans, 2018

United Way Endowment Fund, 1980

Urban League of Greater New Orleans Fund, 2001

Virginia D. Kock Endowment for The Arts Council of New Orleans, 1995

Virginia D. Kock Endowment for the Symphony, 1995

Vision St. Tammany Fund, 1998

Volunteers of Doctors Hospital of Jefferson Fund, 2004

Walter J. Boasso Charity Fund, 2002

Wayne & Jackie Leonard Family Fund, 2003

Weil Family Fund in Memory of Rosetta and Harold Weil, 2000

Welch Family Fund for 2103, 2003

Welch Family Fund for 2108, 2008

Welch Family Fund for 2203, 2003

Welch Family Fund for 2208, 2008

Welcome Neighbors Fund, 2003

Will and Pat Lannes Fund, 2003

Willa Slater Fund for the Moses Hogan Award at NOCCA, 2010

Willerd R. & Sallykay Fann Fund, 2001

William B. Burkenroad Sr. Fund for United Way, 1958

William Randolph Hearst Fund, 2000

Woodlands Conservancy Endowment Fund, 2012

WRBH Reading Radio Fund, 2001

The YLC Fund, 1998

Young Aspirations/Young Artists, Inc., 2009

Young Audiences Fund, 1987


Donor Advised Funds

The Greater New Orleans Foundation offers several options for philanthropists who already have a good idea of how they want to direct their giving. Our most popular is the donor advised fund, which allows fundholders to take advantage of the Foundation’s professional support, expertise, and knowledge of the community.

James and Roberta Adams Fund, 1997

Marguerite L. Adams & Thomas K. Foutz Fund, 2013

The Lori & Victor Aguiluz Donor Advised Fund, 2017

Alarcon/Quentin Fund, 1989

Enrique Alferez Sculpture Fund , 1999

Chef Jerry Amato Mother’s Restaurant Culinary Fund, 2016

The Ambrose Fund, 2007

Barbara K. & Wayne F. Amedée Fund, 1998

Arabella Fund, 2009

Aronson - Besthoff Fund, 2019

The Aschaffenburg Foundation, 2000

Carol and Harold Asher Family Fund, 2014

Assumption Education Fund for Academic Excellence, 1994

The Autenreith Charitable Trust Fund, 2003

Aimee Aysenne Fund, 2019

Ann H. & Charles J. Babington Family Fund, 1999

Banner Drives Foundation, 1999

Harry G. and Mary Ann Barkerding Family Fund, 2016

Barksdale Family Fund, 2011

Barksdale Impact Investing Fund, 2019

Emily Ann Stein & Jack C. Benjamin Philanthropic Fund, 1996

Better NOLA Fund, 2017

Anne Claire Beyer Foundation, 2007

Blitch Family Foundation, 2018

Black Bag Medicine Foundation Fund, 1999

Black Dog Fund, 2018

The Boettcher Fund, 2003

The Ann and Robert S. Boh Family Fund, 2004

Boh Brothers Centennial Fund, 2009

Elizabeth Anne Boh Fund, 2005

The Robert Henry Boh and Katherine Sandoz Boh Foundation, 2003

Boysie Bollinger Fund, 2018

Bridget and Bobby Bories Fund, 2003

Barbara Bourgeois Memorial Fund, 2003

The Boutte Family Fund, 2017

Dr. Joseph P. Braud Family Fund, 1998

Harold & Georgiana Bretz Charitable Fund, 2002

Al Briede Gold Cup Fund, 2018

Brown Family Fund, 2011

Brown Claiborne Family Fund, 2018

R. Stephanie Bruno & Gerald J. Vetter Jr. Fund, 1995

Buccaneer Fund, 2011

The Burkart Fund, 2013

Busenlener/Bougere Fund, 2017

Harold and Gloria Callais Family Foundation, 2010

Carnival Krewes Fund, 2016

Carrollton Boosters Fund, 2019


Chaffe McCall Foundation Fund, 2007

Anne-Lynne & Storey Charbonnet Family Foundation, 2012

The Chequelin Fund, 2009

Chevron Corporate Advised Fund, 2017

The Chevron Energy For Learning Fund, 2007

Chevron Environmental Stewardship Fund, 2016

Chevron NOLA Fund, 2018

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, LP in memory of Matthew C. Steele Fund, 2001

The J. Scott Chotin Jr. Family Community Fund, 2011

Mike and Lynn Coatney Family Foundation Fund, 2009

Dr. & Mrs. Isidore Cohn Jr. House Fund, 2001

Deena and Phil Cossich Foundation, 2002

Coulon Family Fund, 2017

John Stone Coulter Fund, 1992

Couvillon Family Fund, 2017

Cox Charities Fund, 2004

Crescent City Physical Therapy Fund, 1996

CS Metals of Louisiana LLC Fund, 2001

D & D Foundation Fund, 1999

Allen and Thelma Danos Foundation Fund, 2014

Daniels–Robertson Fund, 2014

Dat City Cares Fund, 2011

Kathy and Joey Davenport Family Fund, 2019

Willie Mae & Leamon Dawson Sr. Scholarship Fund, 2003

Deb Elam & Cary Grant Fund, 2021

The Delta Foundation, 2001

George & Milly Denegre Fund, 1999

Rosemary B. and Brunswick G. Deutsch Foundation, 2001

Rosemary B. and Brunswick G. Deutsch Foundation for Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carré Fund, 2001

The Rosemary B. and Brunswick G. Deutsch Legal Education Foundation, 2001

Dezauche-Styles Charitable Fund, 1997

Marc Alden Diasselliss Foundation, 2008

Dinnell Family Fund, 2010

Dr. Donald and J.J. Dooley Fund , 2009

Phillip and Mary Dorsey Family Fund, 2019

Willie P. Dorsey Sr. and Stephen M. Lee Educational Fund, 2000

The Dugan Foundation, 2008

The Shaun and R. Foster Duncan Fund, 2017

Adrian & Sally Duplantier Family Foundation, 1998

John R. and Lauren G. Dupré Family Foundation Fund, 2000

Easter Seals of Louisiana Fund, 2007

Ethel L. Eaton Fund, 2007

Catherine & David Edwards Gift Fund, 2013

Harris Elledge Fund, 2016

John & Patty Elstrott Fund, 2013

Emerson Family Fund, 2017

The Emi’s Fund, 2017

Emily’s Bloomin Youth Fund, 2015

The Emma Fund, 2015

Epiphany Fund, 2005

Margaret & Joe Epstein Fund, 1997

Epstein Family Fund, 1984

Allen Eskew, FAIA Memorial Fund, 2013

Esman and Wallick Fund, 2015

The Espinosa-DuRapau Family Memorial Fund, 2015

The Doctors Estrada Fund, 2016

Curtis D. Eustis Family Philanthropic Fund, 2009

Exxon Mobil Fund, 1996


Donor Advised Funds, cont.

The Buzzy

Fakier Fight for Cancer Fund, 2005

The George C. Fakier Sr. Fight for Heart Disease Fund, 2005

The Glenn Fakier Fight for DVT Fund, 2005

The Rebecca Fakier Fight for Pediatric Cancer Fund, 2005

Amy & Stephen Farnsworth Family Fund, 2012

The Favrot-Van Horn Fund, 2007

Elizabeth Fischer Fund, 2009

Bryan and Lauren Fitzpatrick Family Foundation, 2013

FKF Fund, 2019

Fowler Family Fund, 2004

Norman C. Francis Fund, 2017

Franklin Southland Printing Company, Inc. Fund, 1998

The Richard West Freeman Endowment Challenge Fund, 1999

Freeman-Woollam Donor Advised Non Endowed Fund, 2015

Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Arts Fund, 1989

William D. French and Family Fund, 2013

Gallier Hall Fund, 2019

Mary Frances Gardner Fund, 2019

Elaine Garvey Fund, 2019

Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence D. Garvey Fund, 2002

Generation Fund, 2011

Gershanik Family Fund, 1994

Gert Town Community Fund, 1997

Gervis Fund, 2000

Get Out for the Gulf Fund, 2010

Katie and Jimmy Gibert Fund, 2016

Ginkgo Fund, 1998

The Gwathmey & Fritz Gomila Family Fund 1, 2003

Glenn G. Goodier Fund, 2011

Ken and Kathy Gootee Family Fund, 2007

Jean and Wesley Gould Fund, 2001

GPOA Children & Youth Fund, 1994

The Kelly & Robert Grace Family Fund, 2019

Gramercy Alumina Endowed Fund, 2001

Great 100 Nurses Foundation, 2001

JoAnn and Harry Greenberg Fund, 2003

The Grefer-Haase Fund, 2006

Consuelo Garza Griffith Fund, 2000

Grissom Family Fund, 2003

Gude and Mirtipati Families Benevolent Fund, 1997

Michael and Gail Guevara Fund , 2019

Suzanne and Chris Guidroz Fund, 2012

Dick J. Guidry Family Fund, 2018

Hales Family Fund, 2017

Thomas L. Hammock Fund, 2011

Harch Hyperbaric Research Fund, 2000

Robert and Shirley Haspel Endowed Fund, 1994

Robert and Shirley Haspel NonEndowed Fund, 1991

Hassinger Family Fund, 1997

Charlotte and Paul M. Haygood Fund, 2007

The Hearin Fund, 1999

Henderson Poor Fund, 2019

Odette C. Henican Foundation, 1999

Henry Street Fund, 2004

Heymann Fund, 1990

Hitt Hawf Fund, 2015

Christian and Deirdre Hooper Fund, 2015

Hopper Family Fund, 1998

Douglas and Ellinor Howard Fund, 2018

Ellinor and D. Douglas Howard Jr. Fund, 2009

Scott and Janet Howard Family Fund, 2001

Nell, Logan and Harley Howcott Family Fund, 1993

Robert and Claire Howson Foundation (1), 2004

Eugenie & Killian Huger Fund - CHB, 2012

Eugenie & Killian Huger Fund - DHV, 2012

Eugenie & Killian Huger Fund - EHS, 2012

Eugenie & Killian Huger Fund - JMH, 2012

Eugenie & Killian Huger Fund - SHL, 2012

Hughes - Edwards Fund, 1996

Maureen and Whit Huguley Family Fund, 2017

The Human Fund, 2014

Andrea Huseman and Jeffrey Huseman Fund, 2014

Campbell and Allison Stewart Hutchinson Fund, 2000

Hymel - Reis Charitable Family Fund, 2007

Ile Narcisse Foundation, 1999

IMC Phosphates Company Fund, 2002

Cathy and Walter Isaacson Donor Advised Fund, 2017

James Family Foundation New Orleans Relief Fund, 2006

JB Charitable Fund, 2018

JBJ Family Fund, 2013

Jenkin Charitable Gift Fund, 2002

Aida Smith Johnson Fund for Children, 2003

Pierce & Hans Jonassen Fund, 1999

Harry Wade Jones and Stella Pinkney Jones Family Fund, 1996

Journalism Education and Diversity Fund, 1997

Harriett & A. L. Jung Fund, 1996

K + P Foundation Fund, 2017

Kaiser Aluminum Non-Endowed Fund, 2001

Harry & Susan Kelleher Fund, 2004

Keller Family Foundation Fund, 1997

Kelly Keller Music Foundation, 2004

Nina M. Kelly Fund, 2000

The Kepper Family Fund, 2015

Sun Kim & Kee Lee Foundation, 2004

E. James Kock Jr. Family Fund #1, 1987

E. James Kock Jr. Family Fund #2, 2004

The Jill Moses Kohlmann/Allison Bach Fund, 2014

The Jill Moses Kohlmann/Jennifer Bach Rosen Fund, 2014

The Jill Moses Kohlmann/Penny Bach Evins Fund, 2014

Eleanor and Herman Kohlmeyer Family Fund, 2008

Linda and Gordon Kolb Family Fund, 2015

Kopplin/Neighbours Fund, 2017

Joe and Betty Krebs Fund, 1998

Krewe of Muses Foundation Fund, 2003

The Kullman Family Fund, 2019

John Kushner Realty, Inc. Fund, 1998

La Societe Des Dames Hospitalieres Donor Advised Fund, 2014

LABO Charitable Fund, 2014

James & Stephanie Laborde Family Fund, 2002

Kevin & Kathleen Laborde Fund, 1999

Ted and Mary Merle Laborde Fund, 2000

Lafourche Education Foundation Fund, 2005

Lake Family Fund - Jane Paxton Northrop Memorial, 2018

Eugenia & Albert Lamar Fund (Endowed),1997

Eugenia & Albert Lamar Fund (Current), 1997

The Loeber and Barbara Landau Fund, 2005

The Landis Foundation, 2006

Laughing Buddha Fund, 2016

Francis E. and Betty V. Lauricella Family Fund, 2001

Hank Lauricella Memorial Fund , 2014

Lavin Family Fund, 2019


Donor Advised Funds, cont.

Dana E. Leaman Fund, 2011

Byron and Pat LeBlanc Fund, 2008

Cynthia & Robert LeBreton Fund, 2019

Lelong Family Fund II, 2013

Lelong Family Fund III, 2013

The Lelong Family Fund, 2006

Barbara London Lemann Fund for Children, 2000

Stephen B. Lemann Memorial Fund, 1995

The Lemle Learning Fund, 1990

Leopold Family Fund , 2017

Mr. & Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis Fund, 1992

Tabitha and Michael Lewis Fund, 2005

Tommy and Wiley Lewis Fund, 2013

LinHunSco Fund, 2001

Richard & Susan Lizotte Fund, 1998

Local Hands Helping Local Children Fund, 2011

The Longue Vue Fund, 2003

Loving Family Fund, 2012

Tim and Karen Mackie Foundation Fund, 2017

Captain Hank Madison Fund, 2002

The Theresa Bittenbring Marque & John Henry Marque Fund, 2007

Mboya K. Marsalis Fund, 1995

The John Craig Marsh Fund, 2015

Edward F. and Louise B. Martin Family Fund, 2008

Louis & Daisy Mason Scholarship Fund, 2003

Leila B. Matthew Fund, 2016

McCall Fund, 1998

Steve and Kim McCollam Fund, 2018

Gustaf W. McIlhenny Foundation, 2003

Pat & Bobby McIntyre Family (Current) Fund, 1998

Pat and Bobby McIntyre Family (Endowed) Fund, 1998

McKay-Connor Family Fund, 2018

McRae Family Fund, 2015

Patrick C. Mercardante’s Grandchildren Fund, 1998

Robert W. Merrick Family Fund, 2002

Milton H Latter Library Decorative Restoration Fund, 2018

Arthur B. Monroe Family Fund, 1995

Malcolm L. & Mary T. Monroe Fund, 1994

Moyna Monroe Family Fund, 1995

More For The 504 Fund, 2016

Morrow-Orestano Philanthropic Fund, 2010

Leann and Ted Moses Family Fund, 2017

Moss Family Fund, 2013

Motiva Corporation Fund, 2002

Murray Law Firm Fund, 2018

Namaste NOLA Fund , 2012

The Natasha Fund, 2011

The Natasha Fund No. 3, 2015

The NEH Fund - Improving Women’s Lives, 2014

New Orleans Cleft/Craniofacial Fund, 2006

New Orleans Jazz Restoration Society Inc. and John Chaffe New Orleans Jazz Fund, 1998

New Orleans Recreation Trust Fund, 1991

The New Orleans Town Gardeners Legacy Fund, 2018

Newell-Usdin Fund, 2004

Donald “Duck” Newman Foundation, 2018

Lila Lee B. & Morris W. Newman 1995 Endowment Fund, 1995

Morris W. Newman Family Foundation, 2000

NOLA Access Initiative Fund, 2012

NOLA Kids Rising Fund, 2007

NOLA Promise Fund, 2018

Norco Community Fund (Endowed), 2001

Norco Economic, Educational & Social Development Endowed Fund, 2003

Occidental Chemical Corporation Fund, 2002

Octavia Fund, 2004

Olinde Family Fund, 2005

Operation Merry Christmas Endowed Fund, 2012

Rajender and Noni Pannu Fund , 2003

Payne Family Fund for Education and Youth, 2016

Laura Peebles Fund, 1996

The Edith & Louis Peilen Fund, 2004

Penick Family Fund, 1997

Tom Perrault and Salvatore Giambanco Fund, 2018

Ashton Phelps Jr. Family Fund, 2000

Alan and Arlene Philipson Fund, 2007

The Andy and Eric Philipson Fund, 2004

The Pinckelope Foundation, 2004

Pinckley Prize Memorial Foundation Fund , 2013

Hanna Sharkawy Pittman Fund, 2005

Bruce Blakemore Poitevent Fund, 2008

Pratt-Stanton Manor Fund, 2011

The Prytania Fund, 2003

Pump to the River Jefferson/Orleans Fund, 2007

The Quarles Fund, 2018

Rainey Conservation Alliance Fund, 2012

Lee and Kathy Randall Fund, 2016

Stanley W. Ray Jr. Philanthropic and Civic Trust Fund, 2001

Boatner Reily Family Fund (Donor Advised/ Endowed), 1985

Mary F. Reily Fund, 2006

Reily Family Charitable Fund, 2010

Robert Reily Family Trust Fund, 1988

Reily-Yancey Fund, 2019

Reily Foundation / Bridget & Bobby Bories Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Cathy & Andy Burka Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Ethel Reily Dicks Memorial Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / John and Madge Dicks Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Boatner Reily Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / H. Eustis & Frederica G. Reily #1 Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / H. Eustis & Frederica G. Reily #2 Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Jonathan Reily Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Michael M. Reily Memorial Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Stephen Reily Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / The Roubion Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Peggy Bories Schleiff & Henry Schleiff Family Fund, 2012

The Reily Foundation/Lynn and Charles C. Smith III Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Kenneth B. Thompson III Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Usdin-Newell Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Linda Usdin & Steven Bingler Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Steve and Melanee Usdin Family Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / The Unexpected Fund, 2012

Reily Foundation / Yoder Family Fund, 2012

Larry Reynolds Fund , 2002

Ricchiuti Family Fund, 2018


Donor Advised Funds, cont.

Joey and Enola Richard Fund, 2013

Francoise Billion Richardson Foundation, 1995

Riddick Family Fund, 1996

Ronald Ridenhour Fund, 1999

Risen Son Foundation, 2003

Mable C. Robinett Fund, 2017

The RosaMary Foundation, 2003

Staci Rosenberg Fund, 2010

The Stephen and Sandy Rosenthal Fund, 1994

Mrs. Claire Reichert Roy and Mr. Edwin M. Roy Foundation, 2003

The Elsie Gelpi Rubin Foundation, 2013

Saint Whitecloud Fund, 1990

Courtney-Anne Sarpy Fund, 1998

Eleanor Legier and Leon Sarpy Foundation Fund, 1998

John & Linda Sarpy Fund, 2000

Susan and Charles Schadt Fund, 2019

Kara and David Schonberg Family Fund, 2015

Rachael Schultz Fund, 2018

Seasons, The Center of Caring Fund, 1997

Second Chance Fund, 2015

The Selby Fund, 2010

The Selby Disaster Relief Fund, 2011

The Selley Foundation Fund, 2000

Serena Foundation Fund, 2011

Shane Family Foundation, 2007

Shea/Stokes Family Fund, 2018

The Shell Beach Fund, 2013

Carolyn and Dick Shell Family Fund #1, 2002

Carolyn and Dick Shell Family Fund #2, 2002

Ivan Morton Sherman Foundation Fund, 2018

Jackie and Dan Silverman Family Fund, 2015

The Timothy & Willa Slater Family Fund, 2005

Sloss Family Fund, 2013

Smith/Cooper Foundation Fund, 2006

Stephen L. and Caroline W. Sontheimer Fund, 1999

Nancy Sorak Fund, 2017

The Spears Family Foundation Fund, 2006

Sport Family Foundation, 2001

Sport Family Foundation II, 2002

St. Charles Charities Fund, 2010

St. James Parish Community Fund, 2006

St. James Parish Excellence in Education Endowed Fund, 2001

St. Pierre Trust Fund, 2015

St. Pierre-Turner Fund, 2001

Stag Cummins Fund, 2007

George & Lilian Stahler Fund, 1995

Starbucks Community Fund II, 2006

Frank B. Stewart Jr. & Paulette D. Stewart Charitable Remainder Trust, 2013

Frank B. Stewart, Jr. Donor Advised Fund of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, 2013

Allison Lewis & Pierre Stouse Family Fund, 2013

Mary Lynn Strasser Fund, 2001

Benjamin Levick Sullivan Fund, 2013

Charles and Mary Teamer Scholarship Fund, 2004

The Tesson Fund, 2010

The James Theis and Patricia Jackson Family Fund, 2019

Bernardine S. Thomas Fund, 1997

W. Howard Thompson Charitable Trust Fund, 2003

Jim Thorns Family Fund, 2002

Allison and Ben Tiller Fund, 2019

The Times-Picayune Fund, 1979

Tip It Foundation, 2019

Transform New Orleans Fund, 2010

Hilda Marie Tregre Fund, 2013

Tulane School of Medicine Fund, 2019

Turnbull Foundation, 1998

Louisiana Academic Health Foundation, 2018

UMC Burn Fund, 2018

Cecile Weil Usdin Endowment Fund, 1993

Vales Derbes Family Fund, 2012

Anne and Sandy Villere Family Fund, 2011

Fran and George Villere Family Fund, 2000

Villere Charitable Lead Trust Fund, 2011

Franz and Marilee Vogt Family Fund, 1999

Germaine Bagot Vorhoff Fund, 2018

The Wailes Family Fund, 2013

Waldhorn/Moses Family Fund, 1996

Arch Lee and Eupora Schwartz Wallace Fund, 2019

Antonio Waring Fund, 2014

Ben and Kathleen Waring Fund, 2018

Calais and Patrick Waring Fund, 2011

Nell Pape W. Waring and William W. Waring Fund, 2007

Peter A. Waring Fund, 2011

Edna B. and Joyce Fay Washington Breast Cancer Foundation Fund, 1996

Webb Connect Foundation Fund, 2003

Marjorie and Clifford T. Weihman Memorial Fund, 1986

Welch Family Fund, 2000

WEM, Jr. Family Fund, 2019

Westfeldt Foundation Fund, 2014

Charles & Elizabeth Wetmore Fund, 2016

Whitney Bank Fund, 2002

Jacques L. Wiener Jr. and Sandra M. Feingerts Family Fund, 2011

Bertrand A. Wilson Family Fund, 2007

The Betty A. Wilson Fund, 2011

Wilson Next Gen Fund, 2017

George H. Wilson Jr. Fund, 2007

Andrew B. Wisdom Family Fund, 2002

Marie Kohlmeyer Wolf Fund, 2008

Zawadi Giving Circle Fund, 2007


Supporting Organizations

Supporting Organizations at the Greater New Orleans Foundation play an important role in addressing the greatest challenges of the region. Supporting Organizations are separate nonprofit organizations with IRS tax-exempt status. They have a separate board of directors, manage their own investments, and award their own grants. With professional management and oversight of all aspects of the supporting foundation’s administrative, investment, and grantmaking activities performed by the Greater New Orleans Foundation, donors and their families can concentrate on philanthropic interests without worrying about the details.

The John and Clara Brady Family Foundation, 2000

The Pat and Kate Brady Family Foundation, 2000

D J R Foundation, 1997

The Fertel Foundation, 2000

The GPOA Foundation, 2019

The J. Bennett Johnston Science Foundation, 2001

Jefferson Community Foundation, 2019

Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra Endowment Trust, 1998

Albert N. & Hattie M. McClure Fund, 1963

Frank B. Stewart, Jr. Foundation, 1993


Disaster Response & Restoration Fund

Contributions to our Disaster Response & Restoration Fund enable the Foundation to mobilize and support a network of voluntary and community organizations active in disasters whose expertise is deployed locally, nationally, and internationally. We also honor the tradition of “paying it forward” by coordinating with a network of community foundations when disaster strikes other communities to get immediate support to the most vulnerable citizens. Our Disaster Response and Restoration Fund provides immediate relief as well as long-term rebuilding support.

Ms. Marguerite L. Adams and Mr. Thomas K. Foutz

Mr. Shaun Ahern

Mr. Howard Albert

The Alden and Margaret Laborde Foundation

Mr. Kristoffer Aldorsson

Amalgamated Charitable Foundation

Amerisource Bergen Foundation

Ms. Caitlin Andrews-Lee

Ms. Donna Angus

Ms. Andreas Argenti

Arnold Ventures, LLC.

Ms. Lizzy Aronson

Ms. Nancy J. Aronson and Ms. Virginia Besthoff

Mr. and Mrs. Bart Ary

Mr. Dan Askin

Ms. Cerine Azar

Allison Bach

Mr. Kelvin Bach

Ms. Kathleen Badeaux

Mr. and Mrs. Ted Baer

Ms. Sandra Baptie

Baptist Community Ministries

Mr. Mandolin Barberito

Mr. Bull Barks

Ms. Beverly Alexis Barry

Ms. Emily Barwinski

Mr. Mark Baum

Ms. Jaymi Baum

Ms. Caity Beaudoin

Mr. Troy Belgard

Mr. Zachary Benson

Bentson Foundation

Ms. Carly Berlin

Mr. Scott Berman

Better NOLA Fund

Ms. Quianne Beverly

Mr. Bradley Beychok

Ms. Esther Beyer

Mr. Rupa Bhattacharyya

Ms. Mary Bigus-Doheny

Bishop Fund

Ms. Liz Blessing

Mr. John Blevins

Mr. Nick Blinzler

B. L. Terry Charitable Fund

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation


The Boettcher Fund

Elizabeth A. Boh

Ms. Jane B. Bories

Bridget and Bobby Bories

Ms. Joanne Bramley

Mr. James Braun

Ms. Susan Briggs

Mr. Michael Brown

Ms. Dana Brown

Ms. Erica Brown

Ms. Kelly Brown

Ms. Courtney Brown Bagneris

Mr. Sean Bruhn

Ms. Carissa Bruton

Ms. Mary Bryan

Buckner Companies

Ms. Melissa Burbank

Dr. and Mrs. Aden A. Burka

Mr. Gionne Burke

Ms. Jordan Burton

Ms. Isolde Butler

Ms. Gael Byrnes

Ms. Hannah Cabell

Mr. Ryan Callegari

Capital One Foundation

Cardinal Health

Ms. Katura Carlton

Mr. Zachary Carmello

Mr. Matthew Carney

Ms. Kelly Carpenter

Ms. Jacqueline Case

Ms. Sharon Cassiere

Ms. Kelly Chau

Ms. Chloe Chen

Mr. Kevin Chesnut

Chevron Matching Employee Funds

Mr. Dan Chiorean

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Chotin Jr.

Ms. Minjoo Chun

Ms. Andrea Chymiy

Ms. Shannon Clancy

Ms. Sarah Clayton

Ms. Meredith Clement

Ms. Molly Cobb

Coca-Cola Bottling Company United, Inc.

Ms. Dale M. Cochran

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Coffin

Mr. Cary Coglianese

Ms. Bette Cole

Ms. Amanda Coletti

Collins C. Diboll Private Foundation

Mr. Patrick Collins

Ms. Julie Collura

Ms. Karen Comeaux

Ms. Susannah Coolidge

Ms. Amanda Cormier

Ms. Julie Cornfield

Costigan Family Charitable Fund

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Coulon

Ms. Lauren Courville

Mr. Marshall Craig

Mr. Geoff Crooks and Ms. Beth Morrison

Ms. Susan Cross

Ms. Rebecca Curtis

Mr. Aaron Cutler


Disaster Response & Restoration Fund, cont.

Ms. Candace Cutrone E. D.

CVS Health Foundation

Ms. Dana Daigle

Mr. Michael Daly

Mr. Anthony D’Amato

The Daniel B. and Florence E. Green Fdtn.

Ms. Kirsten Darbyshire

Mr. Joseph H. Davenport III

Ms. Melanie Davidson

Mr. Jim Davis

Ms. Leilah Davis

Ms. Morgan Davis

Ms. Jeanette Davis Loeb

Mr. and Mrs. Matt Dawson

Ms. Caroline Dees

Ms. Tina deLeon

Mr. John DeLeva

Mr. John deMahy

Mr. and Mrs. George Denegre, Jr.

Mr. Emmanuel Detiege

Ms. Desiree Devezin-Simmons

Ms. Juliet Dickey

Ms. Victoria Dolan

Ms. Kate Donsbach

Ms. Chandra Dorsey

Ms. Adelia Doucette

Ms. Michaela Doyle

Mr. Matthew Duhe

Mr. Bailey Duhon

Ms. Phyllis Duhon

Ms. Suri Duitch

Mr. Ben Dupuy

Ms. Margueritte Dupuy

Ms. Cecilia Dye

Ms. Stephanie Eaker

Ms. Amanda Earl

Mr. Matthew Eaton

Ms. Sara Echaniz

Mr. Jacob Ecker

Mr. Brendan Eger

Mr. David Eichenthal

Ms. Hillary Eklund

Ms. Alexandra Elizondo

Mr. Mark Ellis

Ms. Angela Ellis

Dr. and Mrs. John Elstrott

Entertainment Industry Founation

Mrs. Margaret B. Epstein

Mr. Lucas Erickson

Ms. Matty Evans

Ms. Isabelle Everett

Exelon Foundation Employee Giving

Ms. Karean Expose-Williams

Ms. Angela Fabacher

Ms. Leah Fanara

Mr. Dwayne Farlough

Mr. and Mrs. Sidney J. Fauria

Mr. and Mrs. D. Blair Favrot

Mr. Brett Fawer

Mr. Gregory Fedak

Mr. and Mrs. Ludovico Feoli

Mr. Christopher Finch

Mr. and Mrs. Danah and Paul Fisher

Ms. Kristin Fitch

Mr. Louisiana Flint

Ms. Raiane Flowers

Ford Foundation

Mr. Stephen Formel

Ms. Carol Forthman

Ms. Vivian Franchina

Ms. Mary Linda Frank

Ms. Kelsey Frazier

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Freeman

Ms. Daria Gagne

Ms. Elizabeth Galante

Ms. Shelby Garvey

Mr. Mark Geissler

George and Lisa Miller Donor Advised Fund

Ms. Alexa Georges

Ms. Jessica Gerard

Dr. and Mrs. Juan J. Gershanik

Get Engaged

Mr. Ryan Gianelloni

Ms. Rebekah Gilreath

Mr. Christopher Gist

Ms. Ann Glazner

Ms. Mary Margaret Gleason

Mr. Charles Goldberg

Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program

Mr. Daniel Goodenough

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn G. Goodier

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gootee

Ms. Rachael Gottlieb

Ms. Deborah C. Graham

Greater Washington Community Foundation

Ms. Katie Graichen

Ms. Aimee Grainer

Mr. Norman Green

Mr. Joshua Greenwald

Ms. Mary Groebner

Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Gruber

Ms. Katie Gruzd

Ms. Suzanne Guan

Mr. Henry Gueringer

Mr. Kevin Guillory

Mr. Andrew Hagen

Ms. Bailey Hahn

Ms. Jordan Hainsfurther

Ms. Gabrielle Halprin

Ms. Julia Hankins

Ms. Shirley Hankins

Ms. Kaitlin Hanrahan

Mr. Ryan Hanson

Mr. Travis Hanson

Ms. Nyrene Haque

Ms. Nina Harris

Ms. Victoria Hart

Alison G. Hartman, PhD

Mr. Stephen Hawkins and Ms. Steph Bates

Mr. Jason Hedrick

Ms. Tamara Henderson

Ms. Carissa Herhuth

Ms. Nicole Heyman

Mr. Christopher Hicks

Ms. Laura Higginson

Mr. David Hill

Ms. Samantha Hill

Ms. Audrey Hinchey

Ms. Rebecca Hinds


Disaster Response & Restoration Fund, cont.

Mr. Thomas Hines

Ms. Tiffany Hingle

Ms. Elizabeth Hodges

Ms. Felicia Holloway

Mr. Elon Hornsby

Ms. Carolanne Hornung

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Howson

Mr. James Huger

The Humana Foundation, Inc.

Mr. Michael Humphrey

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan A. Hunter

Ms. In Young Hur

Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Huseman

Ms. Marie Iberico

Inter-Community Healthcare dba Our Lady of Wisdom

Ms. Jennifer Irvin

Mr. Matthew Irwine

Cathy and Walter Isaacson

Jack, Joseph and Morten Foundation

Ms. Lydia Jackson

Ms. Patricia James

Mr. Steve Jarreau

Ms. Bria Jarrell

The Jewish Communal Fund

Ms. Katherine S. Johnson

Mr. Jordan Jones

Ms. Johndel Jones-Brown

Mr. Darius Jutzi

Ms. Melissa Karlin

Ms. Erin Katz

Ms. Sharon Keating

Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Kelleher III

Keller Family Foundation

Ms. Merry Kemp

Ms. Virginia Kenney

Mr. Jonathan Kilbourn

Ms. Beth Kirshenberg

Ms. Nicole Kleinberg

Ms. Linda Klover

Mr. Seth Knudsen

Mr. William L. Kohlmann

Mrs. Jane N. Kohlmann

Mr. William Kopperl

Ms. Cathy Koss

Ms. Denise Kostbar

Ms. Kathrin Kottemann

Mr. Sean Koussevitzky

Ms. Elizabeth Kozlowski

Ms. Mari Krane

Kresge Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kufta

Ms. Marilyn Kullman

Ms. Pamela Kutler

Ms. Kristen Labrosse

Ms. Samantha Ladd

Mr. John Lafrentz

Laitram L.L.C.

Lake Vista Woman’s Club

Ms. Denali M. Lander

Janet and Barry Lang

Mr. Jeff Latta

Laura and John Arnold Foundation

Mrs. Francis Lauricella

Mr. and Mrs. Austin Lavin

Ms. Cathy Lazarus

Mr. James Leader

Mr. Alex Lebow

Ms. Megan Lee

Ms. Caitlin Legacki

Ms. Tia Lendo

Ms. Julia Lennox

Ms. Nicole Leon

Ms. Chana Lewis

Ms. Susannah Lipsey

Ms. Cynthia Lipton

Lockheed Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Long

Ms. Kim Long

Mr. Emery Love

Ms. Hillary Lowry

Mr. Jonathan D. Lucio

Ms. Nora Lustig

Ms. Stacey MacDonnell

Mr. Daniel Magruder

Ms. Denise Malinosky

Mr. Michael Manning

Ms. Heather Marinaro

Marklyn Family Foundation

Mr. Michael Marroy

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald C. Marshall

Ms. Therese Martello

Mr. Gage Martin

Mr. Jonathan Martin

Mr. Mark Martin

Ms. Jill Martin

Mr. Edward F. Martin

Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation

Dale Mason

Massman Construction Company

Mr. Mark Masor

Ms. Adrien Maught

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Mayer

Ms. Lee Ann Mayo

Mr. Robert McAnulty

Mr. James McCurdy

Mr. Doug McDowell

Mr. Patrick McEvoy

Ms. Amanda McFillen

Mr. Daniel McGrath

Mrs. Robert C. McIntyre

Ms. Irene Mckernan

Ms. Patricia Melancon

Ms. Sherry Melancon

Ms. Sarah Menacho

Mr. Michael Mercer

Metabolic Studio

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Meunier

Mr. Daniel Meyer

Ms. Alexandra Meyn

Mr. Aron Michalski

Mr. Gerrish Milliken

Ms. Mary Mirgon

Mizuho Matching Gifts Program

Ms. Armelle Moalic

Ms. Alyssa Moran

Ms. Kate Moranski

Ms. Hallie Moreland

Mr. Michael Morey


Disaster Response & Restoration Fund, cont.

Mr. Jim Moriarty

Mr. Matthew Morrin

Mr. and Mrs. Cooper Morrison

Leann and Ted Moses

Ms. Alyson Mount

Ms. Maggie Mullins

Ms. Laura Murphy

Mr. Kayemba Mvula

Ms. Donna Myers

Ms. Lara Naughton

Ms. Cadence Neenan

Nike Inc. and Affliliates

Nitorum Capital, L.P.

Mr. Tony Ngo

Ms. Onita Noffke

Ms. Amy Norval

Mr. John Nowland

Ms. Elizabeth Nunn

Mr. Jonathan O’Farrell

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Olinde

Mr. Charles O’Neill

Mr. Americo Osorio

Ms. Anneke Pakvasa

Ms. Dawn Palermo

Mr. Luke Palmer

Mr. Philip Pan

Ms. Ann Marie Pardee

Ms. Bai Park

Ms. Jamie Park

Mr. Joshua Patterson

Ms. Christine Pavel

Ms. Cathy Peltier

PepsiCo Foundation

Mr. James Perelman

Mr. Gabriel Pescado

Mr. William Peter

Ms. Molly Phayer

Ms. Lisa Phillips

Mr. and Mrs. Hunter Pierson

Ms. Deborah Pigman

Murray Pitts

Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Pizzo III

Ms. Julie Plec

Mr. John Plotz and Ms. Lisa Soltani

Ms. Lupe Poblano

Mr. Amos Posner

Ms. Christina Powell

Mr. and Ms. Glenn Protter

Ms. Lilian Marlene Quarles

Mr. Christopher Quast

Ms. Akasha Rabut

Mr. Charles Radin and Family

Ms. Meghan Ragany

Mr. and Mrs. Graham Ralston

Ms. Cyndhia Ramatchandirane

Mr. Gude P. Rao

Ms. Rebecca Rau

Mr. Thomas Ray

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Reed

Mrs. Peggy Reily and Mr. Barrett Kennedy

Regions Foundation

Mr. Frank Revitte

Ms. Kimberlee Reynolds

Mr. Nathaniel Rich

Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Richard, Jr.


Ms. Laurel Roberts

Mr. Dustin Robertson

Ms. Kathleen Robertson

The Robert W. Douroux Fund

Rockhaven Charitable Fund

Mr. James Rodgers II

Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rogers

Ms. Rachel Ropp

Mr. Alexander Roscigno

Mr. Larry Rosenberg

Rotary Club of Birmingham Foundation

Ms. Rachel Rovira Sayes

Ms. Alexa Rummel

Ms. Margaret Saik

Mr. Tatsuya Saito

Ms. Sandra Salmen

Ms. Whitney Sanders

Mr. Todd Sanderson

Ms. Reka Sardy

Ms. Jessie Saul

Mr. Kyle Scafide

Ms. Sophia Schlager

Mr. Stephan Schlee

Ms. Lisa Schlesinger

Mr. Steven Schlicht

Ms. Allie Schlosser

Ms. Laura Scholz

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Schuller

Ms. Eleanor Seaman

Mr. Gary Sernovitz and Ms. Molly Pulda

Ms. Karen C. Shachat

Ms. Carly Shaffer

Ms. Shannon Sharpe

Ms. Lya Sharpley-Hixon

Ms. Roberta Shaw

Mr. Dan Shea and Ms. Stephanie Stokes

Mr. Harry Shearer

Mr. Lee Sherman

Sherry and Alan Leventhal Family Foundation

Mr. Marc Shoemaker

Ms. Kirsten Shuler

Ms. Gina Sian

Mr. Hiwot Sidelil

Ms. Barbara Siefken

Ms. Jackie Siegmund

Mr. Christopher Silber

Mr. Daniel Silver

Mr. Nicolas Silver

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Silverman

Mr. David Silverstein

Ms. Julie Simons

Ms. Janell Simpson

Ms. Wendy Sinett

Mr. Chris Sloan

Ms. Fran Smallson

Mr. Aaron Smith

Mr. Doug Smith

Mr. Nathan Smith

Mr. Robert Smith

Ms. Carly Smith

Ms. Jessica Smith

Ms. Megan Smith

Ms. Pat Smith


Disaster Response & Restoration Fund, cont.

Ms. Rolanda Smith

Ms. Cynthia Smothers

Ms. Jennifer Snape

Mr. and Mrs. Terry and Randye Snyder

Ms. Amy Solomon

Ms. Rebecca Stahr

Ms. Alice Stark

Stavros Niarchos Foundation

Ms. Nichelle Steele-Smith

Mr. Phillip Stephenson

Ms. Sally Stern

Mrs. Lynne R. Stern

Ms. Mary Stimson

Ms. Audrey Stokes

Mr. Johnny Stone

Mr. and Mrs. Pierre J. Stouse III

Mr. James Stubbs

Ms. Kalpana Suraesh

Mr. Kelsey Swalwell

Ms. Felicia Tan

Target Corporation

Mr. Damian Tatum

Ms. Julia Taylor

Ms. Costanza Tedesco

Terracon Foundation

Mr. James Theis and Dr. Patricia A. Jackson

Ms. Carissa Thiel

Mr. Jonathan Thomas

Ms. Karen Thomas

Mr. Simon Thompson

Ms. Chloe Ticknor

Mr. Nell Tilton

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Timm

Ms. Kathryn Tinsley

T. June and Simon K.C. Li DAF

Ms. Janine Marie Tobias

Rev. Wilmer L. Todd

Ms. Erica Toriello

Mr. Coleman Torrans

Ms. Debbie Torres

Ms. Maria Tovar

Mr. Hung Tran

Ms. Kimmy Tran

Ms. Laura Tranin

Tulane University Fashion Club

Ms. Carrie Turausky

Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

United Way of Southeast Louisiana

United Way Worldwide

Mr. Charles Urstadt and Mr. David Bernard

Mr. and Mrs. Steven W. Usdin

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Usdin

Ms. Cynthia Van Dam

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Van Horn

Ms. Pooja Vijayasarathy

Mr. Nathan Villafana

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Villere

Ms. Madeline Voitier

Mr. Thomas Wafer

Ms. Donna Wakeman

Ms. Sophia Waldstein

Ms. Jennifer Walker

Ms. Dayla Walkowski

Ms. Ann Wallace

Dr. Louvinia E. Wallace

Walmart Inc.

Mr. John C. Walsh

Ms. Julia Walsh

Ms. Sarah Walsh

Ms. Jill Waltz

Mr. Chris Washington

Mr. Geoffrey Watson

Waves Legacy Fund

Mr. Jonathan Way

Ms. Leanna Weaver

Ms. Debbie Weinstein

Ms. Amber Welch

Wells Fargo Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Lon West

Whole Foods Market

Ms. Diane Wilensky

Mr. Paul-Emeric Willette

William Randolph Hearst Foundation

Mr. Jacob Williams

Ms. Amanda Wilson

Mrs. Betty A. Wilson Jeffrey

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Winingder

Ms. Nicole Wolcott

Ms. Marie K. Wolf

Ms. Angela P. Womack

Ms. Sara Woodard

Ms. Laura Yacoubian

Mr. Timothy Yee

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Yockey

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice York

Mr. and Mr.s George V. Young

Ms. Sandra Young

Zane and Alison Behnke Donation DA Fund

Ms. Sally Zebrick

Ms. Emily Zepeda

Mr. William Zhou

Ms. Ellen Zrimsek

Ms. Ann Zuraw


Hurricane Ida Disaster Fund Donors

Contributions to the Hurricane Ida Disaster & Response Fund from over 1,300 donors allowed the Foundation to distribute over $5 million to almost 90 nonprofits serving our region. The following donors contributed $5,000 or more to the Hurricane Ida Disaster Fund.

Aliski Family Fund

Amalgamated Foundation

Annenberg Foundation


Aramco Americas

Arnold Ventures

Aronson - Besthoff Fund

Arthur Jung III

Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

Baltimore Ravens and the Stephen and Renee Bisciotti Foundation, Inc

Baton Rouge Area Foundation

Bertrand and Mariann Wilson Family Fund

Boeing Company

Canal Barge

Capital One

Casey Langteau Art, LLC.

Catherine Meehan Donor Advised Fund

Cathy and Walter Isaacson Donor Advised Fund

Chevron USA

Delta Dental Community Care Foundation

Dennis and Alisson Allen

Dick J. Guidry Fund

DJR Foundation

Donald B. Tanklage and Carole F. Tanklage Foundation of the Marin Community Foundation

Eugenie & Joseph Jones Family Foundation

Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas

Five Below

Forman Watkins & Krutz LLP

Freeport McMoran

Further Forward Foundation

Glaxo Smith Kline

Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund

Greg and Donna Howard Family Fund

Hilliard Lyons Trust

Hueber-Breuer Construction Company

Humana Foundation

IBERIABANK/First Horizon

J Aron Charitable Foundation, Inc.

JP Morgan Chase Foundation

Kenneth Spradley Donor Advised Fund

Kresge Foundation

Molina Family Foundation

Mrs. Gayle Benson

Mrs. Lore Aloro

PepsiCo Foundation

Peterson Family Foundation

Rachael Schultz Fund

Reily Foundation/Ethel Reily Dicks Memorial Fund

Reily Foundation/H. Eustis & Frederica G. Reily #1 Family Fund

Reynolds American and Sante Fe Natural Tobacco Company

Robert Merrick Family Fund

Rockefeller Foundation

Sharon D. Lund Foundation

Sherry & Alan Leaventhal

Silicon Valley Community Foundation

Southern Insulators and Reliable Glass and Mirror

Stephen Elledge Donor Advised Fund

Swedish Match North America

The Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation

The Charles & Lucille King Family Foundation

TJX Foundation

United Health Foundation, Inc

Walker Sturdivant

Wells Fargo

William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust

William Randolph Hearst Foundation

Winky Foundation


Gayle Benson Community Assistance Fund

Contributions to the Gayle Benson Community Assistance Fund provided grants of up to $1,000 to nearly 1,900 service and hospitality workers whose families experienced financial crisis in the Greater New Orleans region due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Programs like this show that by working together, we can help each other survive until we can once again thrive.

Ms. Cristina Abreu

Ms. Amanda Aguillard

The Alden and Margaret Laborde Foundation

Dennis and Alisson Allen

Mr. Cook Allender

Allstate Sugar Bowl

Ms. Allison Alsup

Ms. Jennifer Tracy Almeda-Singian

Ms. Suzanne H. Apple

Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation

Assocation of Louisiana Lobbyists

Ms. Renee Bagneris

Ms. Dorothy Ball

Ellen and Mac Ball

Harry and Mary Ann Barkerding

Ms. Judy Barrasso and Mr. Brent Barriere

Mr. Anthony Bellocq

Mr. Cary Berthelot

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana

Mr. Michael Boyle and Ms. Darnell Bludworth

Ms. Erica Bonnette

Ms. Michelle Bracali

Mr. Alan Brickman

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred W. Brown III

Mr. Blair G. Brown and Ms. H. Susan Gerone

Mr. and Mrs. Christian T. Brown

Ms. Gertrude Brown

Ms. Lynne A. Burkart

Ms. Stacey Campo

Ms. Denise Carroll

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Carroll

Ms. Nancy Ching

Ms. Lana Chouest

Clifford F. Spanier Foundation

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Coffin

Ms. Nancy Connolly

Ms. Helen Copeland

Mr. John Cornett

Ms. Suzanna Craig

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Creevy

Crystal/Baumer Foods, Inc.

Ms. Nanine Daquin

Mr. Leonard A. Davis

Ms. Morgan Davis

Ms. Estelle DeBlanc

Mr. Christopher Deeves

Mr. Sean Delaney

Ms. Laura DeMuth Anderson

Mr. Gary DeWitt

Ms. Denise Dirks

Ms. Lori Elmer

Mrs. Margaret B. Epstein

Ernest N. Morial Convention Center

Eugenie and Joseph Jones Family Foundation

Ms. Nancy Faget

Ms. Wendy Farrelly

Mr. Christopher Finch

Mr. Anthony Forman

Frank and Andrea Descant Donor Advised Fund

Ms. Deborah Freda

Gaea Consultants

Mrs. Larry D. Garvey

Mr. Charles Gay

The Gayle and Tom Benson Charitable Foundation

Ms. Alexa Georges

Mr. David Glaeser

Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Goodson

Ms. Amelie Guthrie

The Hartford

Mr. and Mrs. John L. Haspel

Herman, Herman, & Katz, L.L.P.

Mr. Maury Herman

Ms. Beth Herstein

Mr. John Hewitt

Ms. Samantha Hill

Mr. Louis Hodges

Ms. Debbi Holmgren

Ms. Debbie Holman

Mr. Kevin Horne

Mrs. Joan G. Inman

Ms. Beverly A. Jackson

Mr. and Mrs. Gene R. Jackson Jr.

Mr. Tom Andes and Mrs. Catherine Jones

JP Morgan Chase

Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. Justice

Ms. Ann Kaufman

Mr. Robert Kelly

Ms. Ann Key

Mr. Bernard Knobloch

Mr. Seth Knudsen

Ms. Ruth Koffman

Mr. Andrew D. Kopplin and Mrs. Andrea Neigbours

Ms. Denise Kostbar

Ms. Eugenia Kottermann

Ms. Marilyn Kullman

Ms. Heather L. Laborde

Mr. Charles Landis

Mr. Steven J. Lane

Ms. Casey Langteau Johnson

Mr. Sid Larriviere

Mr. Gary Lazarus

Sherry and Allen Leventhal

Mr. and Mrs. Jay Long

Ms. Anne Lootens

Ms. Sara Lootens

Dr. and Mrs. Neil J. Maki

Marathon Petroleum

Mr. and Mrs. David F. Martin

Mr. Edward F. Martin

Mr. Christopher Maurer


Gayle Benson Community Assistance Fund, cont.

Ms. Carla Mayfield

Ms. Barbara McCurdy

McIlhenny Company, maker of Tabasco brand pepper sauce

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund McIlhenny

Mr. Donald McKay

Mr. Garrett McNamara

Mr. Leo McStravick

Ms. Erica Meredith

Metabolic Studio

Ms. Margaret Millet

Mr. Douglas Miller

Mr. Brian Mitchell

Mr. Thomas Mohan

Morgan Stanley Gift Fund

Mr. Matthew Morrin

Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Mulvenna

New Orleans Metropolitan Association of Realtors, Inc.

New Orleans Original Daquiris

Mr. Evan Nicoll

Mr. Ferrell Osborn

Payne Family Foundation

Ms. Judith R. Peck and Ms. Erin J. Oest-Larsen

Ms. Kaneshia Polk

Ms. Nancy Postell

Mr. Aaron Price

Mr. Matt Rebackoff

Ms. Erin Rensink

Republic National Distributing Company

Ms. Aimee Ringle

Mr. Raymond Rizzo

The Robert Henry Boh and Katherine Sandoz Boh Foundation

Ms. Bonita A. Robertson

Ms. Terri Romano

Ms. Marilyn Rose

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Rota

Ms. Avery Rowan

Ms. Caitlin Scanlan

Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Schadt, Jr.

Ms. Olivia Scott

Beth and Eric Seling

Mr. and Mrs. Louis Shepard

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel N. Silverman III

Mr. Tony Simmons

Ms. Leigh Smith-Vaniz

Ms. Betty Spurlock

Mrs. Lynne R. Stern

Ms. Dana Summerour

Mr. Richard Szydlo

Ms. Costanza Tedesco

Mr. Evan Terrell

Mr. James Theis and Dr. Patricia A. Jackson

Mr. Bryan De Tray

Ms. Regina Valenti

Ms. Cynthia Van Dam

Mr. Morgan Wampold

Ms. Kelsey Ward

Mr. Chris Washington

Mr. Christopher Watts

Mr. James Weiss

Ms. Stephanie Williams

Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Wilson Jr.

Ms. Sara Woodard

Ms. Kate Woods

Ms. Patricia Zeringue

Ms. Paulette G. Zibilich


Donor-advised funds – An efficient charitable giving strategy

One of the simplest and most tax-advantageous ways to give is through a donor-advised fund (DAF), which is the fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle in the U.S.

You can contribute appreciated stocks and other securities directly to the DAF, rather than selling the securities first, paying capital gains taxes, and then contributing the proceeds.

When you fund a DAF with low-cost basis stock you get a double tax break: A full upfront tax deduction of the value of the gift, and you do not pay capital gains taxes on the appreciation. The assets in your DAF also have the potential to grow tax-free over time.

Giving with stocks and other securities to a DAF instead of directly to a charity will make it easier to spread your gifts to more charities over a longer time period. You can make your contribution now, then have unlimited amount of time to decide which charities to support. Think of it as your personal “charitable checking account” from which you can make donations to causes you care about for years to come.




1. In August 2011, an investor buys 1,000 shares of POOL Corp. at $25 per share for a $25,000 investment.

2. In August 2021, the 1,000 shares are worth $475,000, or $475 per share, and the investor has an unrealized capital gain of $450,000.

3. In August 2021, the investor donates 100 of the 1,000 shares at $475, or $47,500, to a DAF.

• Investment gain: $45,000 ($47,500 - $2,500)

• Estimated capital gains taxes avoided: $9,000 (20% x $45,000)

• Taxes Due: $0

• Tax deduction: $47,500

• Able to distribute the full $47,500 – give what you want, when you want

• Not a private foundation, so no 5% annual distribution rule

“Villere & Co. has been involved with the Greater New Orleans Foundation for a long time,” said George Villere, Partner. “I personally served on its board for nine years, my partners have also served on the Foundation Cornerstone Council, and we are excited to be the lead sponsor of the Impact 100 program. I have seen firsthand what a great job the Foundation has done and the impact it has on our community.”

article is provided for information purposes only and contains no investment advice or recommendation to buy or sell any specific securities. It is not intended to meet the objectives or suitability requirements of any specific individual or account. You should not interpret the statements in this article as investment, tax, or financial planning advice. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. This is for illustrative purposes only and not indicative of any investment. Consult with your tax adviser or attorney regarding your specific situation. All investments involve risk, including the possible loss of principal. St. Denis J. Villere & Company, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser.
GEORGE YOUNG Partner and Portfolio Manager, Villere & Co. and Greater New Orleans Foundation Trustee, 2010 - 2020
“A DAF allows you to capture the many tax savings right away without having to make an immediate decision on where you would like to donate.”

Impact 100

Impact 100, an initiative of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, is a group of over one hundred local women who commit to making a $100,000 transformative grant to a local nonprofit every year. Impact 100 demonstrates the power of collective giving.

Ms. Peggy Adams

Ms. Kay Alpaugh

Ms. Judy Andry

Ms. Karen Aron

Ms. Nancy Aronson

Ms. Carole Asher

Ms. Ann Babington

Ms. Allison Bach

Ms. Jennifer Bach Rosen

Ms. Susan Barnett

Ms. Judy Barrasso

Ms. Dawn Barrios

Ms. Margaret S. Benjamin

Ms. Julie Benson

Ms. Otylia F. Benson

Ms. Nancy Bissinger Timm

Ms. Elizabeth A. Boh

Mrs. Katherine Boh

Ms. Bridget Bories

Ms. Christine Briede

Ms. Florence Brown

Mrs. Kia Brown

Ms. Vanessa Brown Claiborne

Ms. Lynne A. Burkart

Ms. Celeste Cahn

Ms. Elise Cahn

Ms. Marie Cahn

Ms. Sharon Cassiere

Ms. Helene Cerise

Ms. Lorraine Chotin

Ms. Lynn Coatney

Ms. Sally Cockerham

Ms. Jeanie Coleman

Ms. Kathryn Collins

Ms. Kaye Courington

Ms. Christine Couvillon

Ms. Jennifer Couvillon

Ms. Mia Couvillon

Mrs. Susan Couvillon

Ms. Katie Crosby

Ms. Mathilde V. Currence

Ms. Jeanette Davis-Loeb

Ms. Karen DeBlieux

Dr. Nina Dhurandhar

Mrs. Susan Dill*

Ms. Suzanne Dumez

Ms. Liz Duplantier

Ms. Marcie DuQuesnay

Ms. Nancy Ellis

Ms. Amy Flower

Dr. Halima Leak Francis

Ms. Catherine Freeman

Ms. Ellen Frichhertz

Ms. Jennifer Gardner

Ms. Kim George

Ms. Katie Gibert

Ms. Kathy Gootee

Ms. Kelly Longwell Gottsche

Ms. Kathy Gray

Ms. Sue Guarisco

Ms. Michele Guerin

Ms. Lyn Hallaron

Dr. Alison G. Hartman

Ms. Kathleen Hebert

Ms. Susan Hess

Ms. Lauren Hitt

Mrs.Lanier Hosford

Mrs.Ellinor Howard

Mrs.Andrea Huseman

Ms. Elizabeth Ingram

Ms. Mary Johnson

Ms. Susan Johnson

Mrs. Susu Kearney

Ms. Lori Keeffe

Dr. Sally Kenney

Mrs. Shelby Key

Ms. Debby Kuhner

Ms. Missy LaCroix

Mrs. Martha Landrum

Mrs. Sally Lapeyre

Mrs. Betty Lauricella

Ms. Kathryn Lauricella

Ms. Cynthia LeBreton

Ms. Gay LeBreton

Ms. Emily Leitzinger

Dr. Maude B. Lofton

Ms. Geneva Longlois-Marney

Ms. Kelly Longwell Gottsche

Ms. Michele Lopiccolo

Ms. Mary Marks

Ms. Shelley Massengale

Ms. Lee Ann Mayo

Ms. Kenyatta Miles

Ms. Kristin Van Hook

Ms. Leann Moses

Ms. Alyson Mount

Ms. Nancy Murray

Ms. Carole Neff*

Ms. Julie Nosser

Ms. Robin O’Bannon

Ms. Janice Parmelee

Ms. Renee Pastor

Ms. Christa Payne

Ms. Denise Puente

Ms. Joyce Pulitzer

Ms. Mary Beth Reiling

Ms. Cameron Richard

Ms. Sheila Sanderford

Ms. Courtney-Anne Sarpy

Mrs. Susan Schadt

Ms. Emily Schoenbaum

Ms. Kara Schonberg

Ms. Ramona Seeman

Ms. Peggy Selber

Ms. Ashley Shreves

Mrs. Jackie Shreves

Mrs. Jackie Silverman

Ms. Joyce Smith

Mrs. Randye Snyder

Mrs. Claire Stahel

Ms. Jane Steiner

Ms. Stephanie Stokes

Mrs. Phyllis Taylor

Ms. Cherie Thompson

Ms. Allison Berger Tiller

Mrs. Nancy Timm

Mrs. Melanee Usdin

Mrs. Kathleen Van Horn

Ms. Janis van Meerveld

Ms. Kristen van Meerveld

Mrs. Margie Villere

Mrs. Michelle Bauman Villere

Mrs. Germaine Vorhoff

Ms. Patricia Weeks

Mrs. Me’Me’ Wilson

Mrs. Dian Winingder

Ms. Helen Young

Mrs. Sarah Young

2020 & 2021 IMPACT 100 MEMBERSHIP


Partnering with the Greater New Orleans Foundation is a great way for companies, foundations, and donors to make our community more vibrant and our nonprofits stronger. We’d like to thank our partners for the role they serve in making our region greater.


The Alden and Margaret Laborde Foundation

Dennis and Alisson Allen

Allison Bach

Ellen and Mac Ball

Harry and Mary Ann Barkerding

Ginger Besthoff and Nancy Aronson

Katherine Boh

Brena and Dick Parsons Foundation

Christy and Kia Brown

Collins Diboll Foundation

Joseph H. Davenport, III

David B. Workman Fund

David Briggs Enterprises

Gayle and Tom Benson Foundation

Cathy and Walter Isaacson

Jones Foundation

Arthur L. Jung III

Mr. and Mrs. Barry Lang

Dr. and Mrs. Neil Maki

Peyton & Ashley Manning

Henry Massman

Hunter Pierson

Rockhaven Charitable Fund

Phyllis Taylor

T. June and Simon K.C. Li DAF

Mary Zervigon


GiveNOLA Day is a one-day online giving event. For 24 hours, everyone who loves Greater New Orleans can support their favorite local causes by donating to one or more participating nonprofit organizations. Since its inception, GiveNOLA Day has raised a total of $49+ million dollars for our regions nonprofits.


$2.2+ Million Raised


300+ Participating Nonprofits

19,000 Donations

835 Participating Nonprofits

68,000+ Donations


910 Participating Nonprofits

67,000+ Donations


$7.9+ Million Raised $8.1+ Million Raised $7.9+ Million Raised

947 Participating Nonprofits

57,000+ Donations

GiveNOLA Day 2023 is May 2nd


2020 Sponsors


2021 Sponsors


2022 Sponsors



The Greater New Orleans Foundation annually engages the services of an independent accounting firm to perform an audit of the Foundation’s financial statements. As part of its audit, the firm also reviews the internal controls and various procedures to ensure Foundation staff is adhering to the most current account practices. The Foundation’s auditor, LaPorte, CPAs & Business Advisors, has issued an unmodified opinion on the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2021.

Total Assets for 2020 and 2021

$443,453,834 2021 $529,043,978

Gifts Received for 2020 and 2021

$42,137,044 2021 $67,895,920

Grants Distributed for 2020 and 2021

2020 $36,946,294 2021 $33,964,302


We proudly serve 13 parishes in the Greater New Orleans area. With funds benefitting all parts of our region, we strive to create a more united and thriving community for Southeast Louisiana—to make this a better place for all, now and for generations to come.


Board of Trustees




Partner, Carver Darden Koretzky Tessier Finn Blossman & Areaux, LLC


Co-Chairman, Spread Holdings LLC



Attorney, Sidney Torrez Law Firm**


Pricipal, The Berger Company


Civic Leader


Clinical Social Worker Pelts- Kirkhart & Associates, LLC


President & CEO, Boh Bros. Construction*


Director, Postlethwaite and Netterville


Vice Chair

CFO, Gulf South Holding, Inc.

CHARLES L. RICE JR. Secretary*

Assistant General Counsel, Entergy New Orleans, Inc.


Past Chair*

Managing Member, NOLA Holdings, LLC


Partner, Jones Walker, LLP


President & CEO, Carnival Corporation & PLC*


Operating Partner Bernhard Capital Partners


Partner, Jones Walker


Freelance Columnist Renaissance Publishing/St. Charles Avenue Magazine

RITA O. GUE President, The Meraux Foundation*

JOHN HAIRSTON CEO, Hancock Whitney**


President, HR&A Advisors**


Civic Leader



Senior Partner, Leger & Shaw





CFO, Gulf South Holding, Inc.



Principal, Power Courses


Vice Chair

Co-Chairman, Spread Holdings LLC


Secretary Founder/CEO Rising Oak Foundation


Past Chair Partner, Carver Darden Koretzky Tessier Finn Blossman & Areaux, LLC





KAREN NABONNE COAXUM Director of Marketing, Coaxum Enterprises, Inc.


Project Manager, Columbia Residential, McCormack Baron Salazar

R. KING MILLING Chairman, America’s WETLAND Foundation


Principal, Arthur Roger Gallery

LYNES R. SLOSS President, Bellwether Technology

MONICA SYLVAIN, PH.D. Executive Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer, IBERIABANK**


President & CEO, Ochsner Health System


Founding Member, Barrasso, Usdin, Kupperman, Freeman & Sarver, LLC


President of Asphalt and Materials Operations

ANDREW WISDOM President, Crescent Capital Consulting, LLC

JIMMIE M. WOODS SR. CEO, Metro Service Group


Partner, St. Denis J. Villere & Co., LLC*


Vice President & COO, Crescent Capital Consulting, LLC*


Greater New Orleans Foundation Staff



President & CEO


Chief of Staff


Administrative Assistant



Vice President, Communications & Public Affairs


Communications Manager


Communications Manager



Vice President, Finance & Operations


Director, Finance


Senior Accountant


Senior Accountant


Staff Accountant


Operations Manager


Receptionist & Administrative Assistant



Vice President, Programs

RICHARD MARTINEZ Senior Program Officer

ISABEL BARRIOS Senior Program Officer


Director of Workforce Programs

ROY WILLIAMS Director of Grantmaking


JAMES LOGAN Program Officer

RACHEL SWAN Program Officer


Workforce Innovations Navigator


Workforce Innovations Navigator


Nonprofit Leadership & Effectiveness Associate


Director, Nonprofit Leadership & Effectiveness


Director, Environmental Programs



Vice President, Philanthropy


Principal Gift Officer

NATASHA WALKER Development Officer


Donor Relations Officer


Donor Relations Associate


As Board Chairs of the Greater New Orleans Foundation during the past two years, it has been our responsibility to ensure the work we are doing has a meaningful impact. We can see that impact in numbers—people fed, families supported, homes repaired. We track the astounding generosity in resources that our philanthropic community has contributed, and the number of families and individuals who have made this Foundation a part of their lasting legacy. We can see it in the long hours that Andy Kopplin and his phenomenal team put into their work.

And while that data from the last two years is stunning, the Foundation’s impact had been clear even before we looked at the numbers. It was clear because of the stories we’d heard from the Foundation’s team— stories like the ones you have read in this report. Because you supported the Foundation, those who were medically vulnerable received meal deliveries when they couldn’t leave the house. Because you supported the Foundation, nonprofits and dedicated volunteers in the Bayou Region and River Parishes could carry cleaning supplies, water, food, diapers, and more to folks who had lost everything in Hurricane Ida. Because you supported the Foundation, restaurant workers could pay medical bills. Because you supported the Foundation, Black-led nonprofits had new capacity to support entrepreneurs, run youth programs, fight for affordable housing, and push for racial justice.

This work is urgent, and it will remain so for a long time. The impacts of COVID-19, climate change, and racial inequity will not disappear overnight. But like our communities, the Foundation is determined, creative, and persistent. We love our people. We love our region. And, when times are tough, we pull people together and work harder than before.

With great thanks,

GREATER NEW ORLEANS FOUNDATION CENTER FOR PHILANTHROPY 919 St. Charles Avenue New Orleans, LA 70130 | PHONE: 504-598-4663 | FAX: 504-598-4676 INSTAGRAM: @GNOFOUNDATION TWITTER: @GNOFOUNDATION FB: @GREATERNEWORLEANSFOUNDATION The Greater New Orleans Foundation is proud to support local, small businesses in our region. The 2020–2021 Gratitude Report was created in partnership with:
Rising to the
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