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DO WHAT YOU CAN TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE Welcome to our 2019 Year-in-Review Impact Newsletter. For nearly a century now, the Greater New Orleans Foundation has been in the business of helping caring and generous people support the causes that stir their passion. One legendary New Orleanian we lost in 2019 once served as a Greater New Orleans Foundation Board Member in the 1990’s, the late Ms. Leah Chase. She understood the essence of what we do. I remember her once telling me: “Andy, at first I didn’t really understand this philanthropy and who all these people who call themselves philanthropists are. But after I thought about it, I realized it was just everybody doing what they can—to give what they can—to make a difference. I believe that everyone can be a philanthropist. They’ve just got to do what they can.” She also said, “Don’t worry about the size of the gift. Even the teeniest gift of generosity can ignite great change.”

Here at the Foundation, we work to embody this spirit of generousity and giving that Ms. Leah talked about. With the support of our community, the Greater New Orleans Foundation is making our region a better place, and together, we are creating a vibrant, sustainable, and just region for all. I hope you enjoy reviewing our milestone accomplishments from 2019 that are included in this newsletter. WIth your help, support, and partnership, we are ready to do even more in 2020!

Andy Kopplin President & CEO Greater New Orleans Foundation

THE GREATER NEW ORLEANS FOUNDATION A VITAL ASSET FOR SOUTHEAST LOUISIANA I’ve now been a trustee of the Foundation since 2005 and let me tell you: just like people across our region have risen to the challenge after Hurricane Katrina — so has the Greater New Orleans Foundation. We’ve gone from a small community foundation that helps philanthropists be their best to one that inspires people all across our region be their most generous. We’ve gone from being a grantmaker for nonprofits to being their most important partners in building their capacity to serve the people of Southeast Louisiana. We’ve gone from sitting on the sidelines of critical issues facing our region to being a strategic civic partner working for solutions across our region. Since 1923, the Greater New Orleans Foundation has worked with generous philanthropists to invest in this great region we call our home. We

are an enduring institution. The Foundation is designed to live on past our lifetimes; to help carry on each of our philanthropic legacies, and those of our communities well into the future. We know the only way we can succeed is by maintaining your trust. That is why our Board of Trustees takes our responsibility to be good stewards so seriously. Our stewardship is critical to ensuring this community foundation remains a strong asset for the Greater New Orleans region — and we are humbled and thankful for the trust you all place in us.

Leann Moses Board Chair Greater New Orleans Foundation

“We knew we wanted to continue the tradition of Tipitina’s having a philanthropic aspect and being involved in music education outreach. Working with the Greater New Orleans Foundation seemed like the right way to get started.” Rich Vogel, Galactic Keyboardist

From “After ‘learning curve’ of buying Tipitina’s last year, Galactic launches charity” by Keith Spera | November 20, 2019 |

JUNE 2019

New Board Chair, Leann Moses

In June of 2019, we celebrated the tenure of Christian T. Brown as our Board Chair and the transition of Leann O. Moses into the position.

“To be a great region we need a great community foundation. I’m excited to have Leann Moses succeed me as the new Board Chair of the Greater New Orleans Foundation. There is no doubt that she will work hard to help us create this great foundation to strengthen our region.” Christy Brown, Former Board Chair, Greater New Orleans Foundation

Christy Brown

Leann Moses

“I’m thrilled to be your partner as the next chair of the Greater New Orleans Foundation. Thank you to every donor, fundholder, and supporter of the Greater New Orleans Foundation. We couldn’t do this great work without you and we remain committed to being your trusted local philanthropic partner.” Leann Moses, Board Chair, Greater New Orleans Foundation


Nonprofit Leadership & Effectiveness

The Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Nonprofit Leadership and Effectiveness program builds an organization’s ability to marshal its knowledge, skills, and resources to effectively fulfill its purpose. Often referred to as “capacity building,” nonprofit leadership and effectiveness describes the effort to ensure that nonprofits benefit from strong governance, great leadership, and effective management, and are equipped to deliver programs that make a difference in the community.

“The training with the Foundation made our board more connected and confident. When you take this training you really understand the responsibilities of a good board member. We’re here to make things better and be the best we can be here.” Stephanie Stokes, Board Member, New Orleans Speech and Hearing Center


Workshops Hosted in 2019


Organizations Trained


Workshop Attendees Trained

JUNE 2019

Staying Prepared

In June of 2019, we hosted nonprofit and government leaders from across the region at our Nonprofit Disaster Preparedness Summit. The Nonprofit Disaster Preparedness Summit included speakers from the Greater New Orleans Foundation, City of New Orleans Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP), HandsOn New Orleans, Louisiana Association of Nonprofit Organizations (LANO), and Southeast Louisiana Legal Services.


Granted from our Disaster Response & Restoration Fund in 2019


This fund was activated twice in 2019 after Hurricanes Dorian and Barry

“As a leader in disaster philanthropy, we know how critical it is to get immediate grants to nonprofits who run to the front lines to respond to emergencies in our region. Our staff has been working with our nonprofit community to ensure we are ready in the event of a disaster, and today’s announcement is proof that we were prepared thanks to our generous donors.” Andy Kopplin, President and CEO of the Greater New Orleans Foundation

JUNE 2019

Biennial Meeting & Spark Plug Award

In June of 2019, we hosted our biennial Celebration of Giving where Mrs. Gayle Benson was honored with the prestigious Greater New Orleans Foundation Spark Plug Award for Outstanding Philanthropy.

“Mrs. Benson was a unanimous choice for this distinction because of her enormous heart for those who are ill or in need; her genuine kindness to everyone she meets; and her passion for our children, and belief that investing in them will make the difference in their lives, and in ours.� Christy Brown, Former Board Chair of the Greater New Orleans Foundation

MAY 2019

GiveNOLA Day Powered by

GiveNOLA Day, an initiative of the Greater New Orleans Foundation, is a one-day online giving event. For 24 hours, everyone who loves our region can support their favorite local causes. GiveNOLA Day 2019, powered by Entergy, generated an astounding $5,908,715 in donations for 752 nonprofits, exceeding its 2018 total of $5.6 million. The total number of online contributions exceeded 50,000 at the close of the 24-hour period.

“One of the great parts about GiveNOLA Day is that all donations made at go directly to the participating nonprofits. We’re honored to help lift up and support the incredible array of nonprofits that improve our city and region along with the citizens of our region on May 7!” David Ellis, President & CEO of Entergy New Orleans

$5,908,715 Raised in 2019


Total impact of GiveNOLA Day since 2014


Individual Donors

50,291 Donations


A Celebration of Black Philanthropy

In August of 2019, we Celebrated Black Philanthropy Month with a Celebration of Black Philanthropy at the Greater New Orleans Foundation’s Center for Philanthropy. This event was held to recognize past and present black leaders who give generously to uplift and bring impact to causes that improve our region.

“Since 2011, August has been recognized worldwide as Black Philanthropy Month. This time is set aside to inform, involve, inspire, and invest in black philanthropic leadership and strengthen African American and African-descent giving. Here at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, we wanted to set time aside to first recognize and applaud the vast philanthropy that has taken place in this city and region for centuries.” Carmen James Randolph, Greater New Orleans Foundation Vice President of Programs


Taking Steps Together on Equity & Climate Change

The Greater New Orleans Foundation, the Administration of Mayor LaToya Cantrell, Deep South Center for Environmental Justice, advocates and community members released a report – Taking Steps on Equity & Climate Change: A Report by and for New Orleanians. This project’s mission is to implement the City of New Orleans’ Climate Action Strategy in ways that achieve equitable results across all neighborhoods.

“This report presents a treasure trove of recommendations that are not pie in the sky, but tied to making a difference in our neighborhoods and city. Each recommendation requires partnerships and collaborations with key stakeholders across the city. In short, achieving equity and taking responsible action on climate change requires all of us to work together.” Dr. Beverly Wright, Executive Director, Deep South Center for Environmental Justic


Spirit of Charity Innovation District

Helping to deliver an equitable development initiative that revitalizes a major asset in our region and creates significant new jobs are the main goals of GNOF’s anchor Civic Leadership project – the Spirit of Charity Innovation District. In 2019, we reached a number of milestones on the long road to revitalizing of the neighborhood surrounding the former Charity Hospital. The Foundation’s Spirit of Charity Innovation District process provided vital public input in advance of the redevelopment of Charity Hospital and the signing of a lease between LSU and the developers – 1532 Tulane Partners, LLC. We also were proud to commission GNO, Inc. to help us produce the Spirit of Charity Investment Prospectus to help promote investment opportunities in the District to national and local developers.


Water Fall Fest

In November of 2019, we held the second Water Fall Fest at Rosa Keller Library in the Broadmoor neighborhood in partnership with the Alliance for Affordable Energy, ThriveNOLA, Urban Conservancy, Water Collaborative, and Water Wise Gulf South. The Water Fall Fest focused on educating residents on how they can get involved in tackling climate-related issues locally.


Impact 100

Impact 100, sponsored by Villere & Co., awarded a $100,000 grant to unCommon Construction. Impact 100, a giving circle now in its seventh year, is a group of more than one hundred forty local women who each commit to giving $1,100 for the purpose of making a single transformative grant to a local nonprofit. These grants are gamechangers for the recipient nonprofits, which use them to deepen their impact and grow their network of supporters.

$960,000+ Granted since its inaguaral year


Members in 2019

“We are so grateful to and inspired by the women of Impact 100. With this gift, we’re excited to take the next big step in our young organization’s development and give even more unCommon Apprentices the tools they need to build a stronger future for our community.” Aaron Frumin, Executive Director, unCommon Construction

Why did Villere & Co. become the lead sponsor on this year’s Impact 100? Villere & Co. has been involved with the Greater New Orleans Foundation for a long time, and I have been on its board for 7 years. My partners have also served on the GNOF Cornerstone Council. I have seen first-hand what a great job GNOF has done and the impact the foundation is having on our community. We are also very impressed with the thoughtful and committed group of women who are a part of the Impact 100 initiative who want to make a difference. Through outreach, board leadership, and philanthropic contributions, we are deeply committed to supporting local schools and universities, nonprofits, and cultural institutions throughout the Gulf Coast region—a legacy established over 100 years ago by St. Denis J. Villere. What were your thoughts on the whole of Impact 100 and its impact on the nonprofit community? Just like we use a concentrated and focused approach to investment management, each of us remarked on the focus of the Greater New Orleans Foundation and the Impact 100 program to concentrate a single gift to truly make an impact. We also noted the quality and dedication of the nominees and recipients, as well as the leverage that the winner can utilize to spread their message and enhance their fundraising. How does one get involved in philanthropy? Start by getting some advice to make sure that your giving is aligned with your goals and that you take advantage of effective strategies and tools that are available. The

Greater New Orleans Foundation has a lot of information available and advisors like Villere & Co. can also help.

“Do well. Then do good.” George Villere

Donor-advised funds (DAFs) are the fastest growing charitable giving vehicles in the U.S., and one of the simplest and most tax advantageous ways to give. A DAF at the Greater New Orleans Foundation allows a donor to receive an immediate tax benefit for the assets contributed, and then distribute those dollars over time in support of their favorite charitable causes. For example, DAFs funded with low cost basis stock get a double tax break; no taxes owed on the appreciation and a full write off of the value of the gift. Villere & Co. partners with GNOF’s donor-advised funds and we can manage the assets in your DAF. Simply contact Allie Betts ( at GNOF to select Villere & Co. to invest on behalf of your DAF. This keeps your charitable giving and fund management local. Based here in New Orleans, Villere & Co. has been providing investment solutions for high net-worth individual investors, multi-generational families, and institutional clients in our region for over 100 years. We are also excited to serve the next generation of our community’s individuals and institutions. - George Young, Partner, Villere & Co. and Greater New Orleans Foundation Trustee

This article is provided for information purposes only and contains no investment advice or recommendation to buy or sell any specific securities. It is not intended to meet the objectives or suitability requirements of any specific individual or account. You should not interpret the statements in this article as investment, tax, or financial planning advice. All investments involve risk, including the possible loss of principal. St. Denis J. Villere & Company, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser.

Many workers are struggling while working full-time with issues like housing, child care, transportation, debts, and legal issues. These struggles can affect their productivity and employment often more than on-the-job issues. The New Orleans Workforce Innovations (NOWI) program addresses these issues of concern to both employers and employees. We provide employers with the opportunity to add one of our Workforce Navigators to their suite of employee benefits. Our Navigators offers confidential, onsite, supportive services that help employees address their challenges so they can stay on the job.



“I am truly blessed that my employer, Ochsner Health Care System, endorsed a workforce program such as this one while allowing me sufficient time to recuperate and the added benefit of knowing that I still have a job to return to should my medical situation change.� Ochsner Employee, NOWI Participant



Barriers to Ongoing Employment Addressed

Employee Clients Served



New Employer Partners

Employee Retention


Pitch It! The Innovation Challenge


Awarded to 18 nonprofits since 2012

Pitch It! The Innovation Challenge is a nonprofit pitch competition created to support breakthrough ideas in the nonprofit field by encouraging nonprofits to rethink, reframe, and reimagine how they do their business. In November of 2019, we hosted a Pitch It! Showcase. During this event we spotlighted one of the great successes of the program, the partnership between Lighthouse Louisiana and the New Orleans RTA to improve public transit for individuals with disabilities.

“The nonprofits of our region represent the very fabric of our civic life. We need them to be strong and vibrant which is why we work so much to help them get stronger.� Kellie Chavez Greene, Director of Nonprofit Leadership & Effectiveness, Greater New Orleans Foundation


What Our Students Need and How We Can Help

The Greater New Orleans Foundation released the New Orleans School Partnership Study: What Our Students Need and How We Can Help. In partnership with NOLA Public Schools and with funding support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and Baptist Community Ministries, the new report identifies some of our students’ most urgent needs, such as trauma-informed teaching practices, support for English language learners (ELL), and students with special needs, and teacher support. It also provides a roadmap for how schools and community partners can increase resources, coordination, partnership, and investments to support students and improve their performance.

The education of our young people is the foundation of a thriving community and while we have made real progress, we have so much more to do together so every young person in our city receives a high quality education.� Andy Kopplin, President & CEO, Greater New Orleans Foundation

Thank You!

Our partners in philanthropy help the Greater New Orleans region thrive. That’s why we would like to extend an extra special thank you to our corporate and foundation partners who help us in inspiring others and taking action to create a better future for oure entire region.

This report is sponsored by

About the Greater New Orleans Foundation For over 90 years, the Greater New Orleans Foundation has been connecting generous people to the causes that spark their passion. As one of the most trusted philanthropic organizations in the region, we work every day to drive positive impact through philanthropy, leadership and action in our thirteen parish region. In addition to grantmaking, we convene people, resources, and ideas to create intelligent strategies and solutions to meet our region’s greatest challenges. We are proud to serve as a vocal civic leader with our partners to ensure a vibrant, sustainable, and just region for all.

Center for Philanthropy 919 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130 Phone: 504.598.4663 | Fax: 504.598.4676 |

@gnofoundation |


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