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advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014

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The Necessity of Corporate Funding for Public Research

Art Sinclair

Art Sinclair


Heather Hutchings


2014 Election of Directors Nominating Committee’s Slate of Candidates Nominee Profiles




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Building a Stronger Ontario John Tibbits


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Joseph Lee, Ian McLean, Art Sinclair, Sandra Stone, John Tibbits CONTRIBUTORS:

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Building on the Strengths of the Chamber’s Membership


Sandra Stone



Skills Issues Remain a Local and National Priority


Ian McLean



The KW4 Health Link Joseph Lee



Summer Networking



April 1, 2014 - July 31, 2014 EVENTS

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Achieving Success Chamber Members



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advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014


message from the chair

Building on the Strengths of the Chamber’s Membership BY SANDRA STONE As my year as Board Chair for the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce draws to a close, I look back on all that has been accomplished and what I have learned. It has been an exciting year of growth and change, and I am pleased to have been part of the team that has built upon the strong foundation established long before my term. As Chair I have been privileged to work with a very dedicated team of staff and volunteers. As a team we have concentrated our efforts in reviewing how we run our Chamber business and how we can better serve our membership to achieve an even greater level of success. Our activities continued to reinforce the Chamber’s four key pillars – networking, education, member rewards and advocacy – and we worked to fulfill our members’ changing business needs. There have been many significant highlights over the past year – too many for one short column – however a number of key initiatives stand out for the impact they have made in the community and the positive effect they have had for Chamber members. During my term, the Board updated the strategic plan with discussions on how we can continue to move forward in a cohesive and innovative manner. With an eye to the financial management of the Chamber we also looked at both revenue and expenses. We renewed our commitment to ensuring Chamber membership fees, sponsorship dollars and in-kind support are maximized to meet expectations and support the programs and services members are requesting. The Chamber, known for the number of relevant events offered each year, continued to execute every event with a high level of professionalism and dedication. Over 80 events are presented annually, averaging more than 1 a week, which is exceptional. Key networking events like the Business Excellence Awards attract the attention of businesses across all sectors and provide an important opportunity to recognize the significant contributions made by many to our community and industry. Attendance at the 2014 awards was the largest to date and it was exciting to see how many people celebrated the achievements and success of their peers. The Point of View series also showed significant growth in attendance. These thought-provoking luncheons, presented by notable business and political leaders like Prime Minister Stephen Harper, inform, educate and encourage the business community to



ask the tough questions that have a direct impact on their businesses and to consider different perspectives. The Chamber Young Professionals, targeted to the next generation of business leaders, also continued to be a fun and unique way to support young professionals by helping them to expand their network and build their skills. Whether a seasoned business professional or just beginning a career, member education is another key area where the Chamber focused considerable energy. From peer-to-peer networks to more formal training and development seminars members learn from industry leaders and are encouraged to share their own best practices, growing the collective capacity of our region. Physician recruitment, a long-standing priority for the Chamber, also received significant support. Now active for over a decade, the Physician Recruitment team works tirelessly to attract doctors to our growing community and advocates for the resources that have a direct impact on quality of life – both significant factors in the long-term health of our region. The Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber continues to lead the way as one of the largest Chambers of Commerce in Canada. As the voice of business we proudly support, encourage and advocate for our members’ needs and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of such a dedicated and hard working team.



Sandra is General Manager of Conestoga Mall (Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc.). As a Board Member and advocate for local business Ms. Stone provides a unified voice for the 130 retail stores and services at Conestoga Mall, a premier shopping destination in Waterloo Region.

message from the president

Skills Issues Remain a Local and National Priority BY IAN MCLEAN The commencement of a new school year across Waterloo Region provides an appropriate starting point for an updated assessment on a public policy priority for all Canadian employers. The skills and human development portfolio, like health care and education, is a chronic challenge for legislators in Ottawa and all provincial capitals. A highly competitive global economy requires highly skilled workers for innovation and improvements in productivity, which in turn generates tax revenues for highly valued public services. Two highly visible issues have dominated the national agenda over the past year. Firstly, the 2013 federal budget proposed creation of the Canada Job Grant (CJG), a significant and long-term program to ensure that employers have access to trained workers with all relevant qualifications. The original proposal equally shared the funding between Ottawa, provincial administrations and employers, however to secure provincial support and recognizing their limited fiscal capabilities, Ottawa eventually agreed to advance two- thirds of the cost with employers assuming onethird. As of early July, six provinces – British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick – have agreed to implement the program. Despite a heavy volume of political posturing by Queen’s Park over the original proposal, the Ontario government was the first to finalize an agreement. Ontario Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities Reza Moridi is responsible for delivering the CJG across the province, which was not in place for an anticipated July 1 launch.

tax revenues for government. Ottawa needs to keep this fact in mind when reviewing the TFWP. Despite some studies and reports to contrary, members of the Canadian Chamber and our Chamber have experienced significant challenges in meeting their skills demands. The shortage greatly affects all sectors and all regions. For example, a recently imposed moratorium on food service employers’ access to the program has forced organizations to analyze all facets of their operations, which could result in layoffs and eventual closures. Also, recent media reports suggest that changes to the program should be implemented to drive up wages across Canada. Such a measure would be highly counterproductive since businesses compete with each other to attract workers, and higher wages in one sector can affect labour across the entire domestic economy. With two-thirds of businesses competing in the world market, higher wages are not the solution to our decreasing productivity levels. Instead of penalizing Canadian employers, the federal government should improve its review process and enforcement of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program rules. By respecting Canadian business, the government will also best serve Canadian workers. Above all, employers and Chamber members should ensure their concerns are advanced to local MPs. The overall objective of business and all levels of government is to grow the economy and create jobs, and relevant legislation, policies and regulations must reflect this priority.

Our Chamber has been a supporter of the CJG since its introduction and would like to see Premier Wynne place a high priority on ensuring its operation as soon as possible. A second employment issue that has initiated a high level of media scrutiny is the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). Historically, this program has existed to allow Canadian employers to hire foreign nationals to fill temporary labour and skills shortages when qualified Canadian citizens or permanent residents are not available. Reports of alleged abuses have lead Minister Jason Kenney to commit to reviewing and restructuring the program.


Ian McLean Ian is President and CEO of the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce

As Perrin Beatty from the Canadian Chamber of Commerce noted recently, an employer’s first responsibility is to succeed in business. Without business success, there are no jobs, economic growth or

advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014


perspective on health care

The KW4 Health Link BY JOSEPH LEE The KW4 Health Link is a new initiative to improve the health care system in Kitchener-Waterloo, Wellesley, Wilmot, and Woolwich (KW4). It builds on many local strengths and innovations to provide better care for less cost for people with high health care needs. There are many collaborating partners committed to the KW4 Health Link include most family physicians, specialist physicians, the Centre for Family Medicine and New Vision family health teams, Downtown Kitchener and Woolwich community health centres, Grand River and St. Mary’s hospitals, Community Care Access Centre, community support agencies, the University of Waterloo, McMaster University, the Research Institute for Aging, and the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network. The Centre for Family Medicine is the lead organization and the health link is governed by a steering committee comprised of many local health care leaders. The initial components of the Health Link are: 1.

Identification of high users of the emergency rooms, hospitals, and physician offices and developing a strategy to provide better care.

A Community Ward team was established in January, 2014 consisting of a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, social worker, intensive care coordinator nurses, pharmacist, and chiropractor who conduct home visits to assist family physicians, CCAC, and the hospitals in providing more appropriate care for high needs persons. This initiative is decreasing visits to the emergency rooms. 2.

The identification of high users with dementia such as Alzheimer’s disease and spinal cord injury for further assessment, support, care, and linking with appropriate community supports.

The Centre for Family Medicine has created an award-winning Memory Clinic for persons with dementia and has successfully developed more than 60 Memory Clinics across Ontario. Similarly, the Centre for Family Medicine is providing provincial leadership for persons with spinal cord injury with its Mobility Clinic. The KW4 Health Link will ensure these services are available to all citizens of the area.




Implementation of an integrated electronic health records system linking physician offices with hospitals, laboratories, imaging facilities and other health care agencies and institutions. The Centre for Family Medicine has created the e-Health Centre of Excellence and the initiative is well underway.


Identification of patients who are frail or at a high risk for frailty in order to provide preventive care at the primary care/community level to reduce emergency room visits, hospitalization and long-term care institutionalization. Early identification and care before a medical crisis hits is a key feature of this.

The Centre for Family Medicine has piloted a study with this involving more than 300 local elderly persons. The KW4 Health Link is the largest of the four health links in the Waterloo-Wellington area. The other health links provide service in Guelph, Cambridge and area, and the rural Wellington area. As our population ages, health care needs increase, and resources are limited, we will have to work better together to care for people. The initial steps of the KW4 Health Link are the first few in a thousand step journey to improve our local health care system.


Joseph Lee Joseph Lee MD, CCFP, FCFP, MClSc(FM) is Lead of the KW4 Health Link, Chair and Lead Physician of the Centre for Family Medicine, and Director of the McMaster University KW & Area Family Medicine Program.

Thank You! Ontario Provincial District Council

Individual and Small Business Contributors

BME Consulting Karen Mason Ian McLean Bill Weiler Tim Sothern

for helping the Chamber continue its goal of eliminating the doctor shortage in Waterloo Region Since 1998 the Chamber and a team of dedicated volunteers have cut the number of residents without a family doctor in half. However the battle is not over. Our Recruitment efforts can only happen through the financial dedication of our Corporate Community through which it is funded


Summer Networking












Photography by Adamski Photography

A local initiative initiative ffor or iintegrated ntegrated h healthcare ealthcare Physicians, sicians, specialists, specialists, nurses nurses and ttechnicians, echnicians, with a unifying goal goal to to create create a collaborative collaborative culture ure ar are e ass assembling embling a att this ne new w st state-of-the-art ate-of-the-art medical hub. hub. Here Here orphaned patients patients can ovide e xceptional and contiguous secure ure a ffamily amily doct doctor, or, who will pr provide exceptional contiguous he healthcare. althcare. P Patients atients will pharmacy, lab, lab, ima ging, car diac spe cial ttesting, reciate the c onvenience of pharmacy, esting, and similar appreciate convenience imaging, cardiac special clinics cs in a friendly and welcoming welcoming place place with ample free free parking. OPENING S SOON OON cv 8



Summer Networking











Photography by Adamski Photography


OCTOBER 25 & 26, 2014 B I N G E M A N S CO N F E R E N C E C E N T R E






K I TC H E N E R A D M I S S I O N: $10 T I C K E T S AVA I L A B L E AT D O O R C H I L D R E N U N D E R 12 A R E F R E E

advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014


new members

April 1, 2014 - July 31, 2014 ActionCOACH Business Coaching

Apply Contracting Home Improvements & Renovations


Tony Roy, President 147 Attwood Drive Cambridge, ON N1T 2A5 Email: Phone: (519) 729-0033 Fax: (519) 621-6556 AEC Developments Construction Management Consultants (Main), Contractors - General

Mike Reid, Director 675 Queen Street South Suite 111 Kitchener, ON N2M 1A1 Email: Phone: (519) 904-3050 ALL-BRITE Glass & Tint Glass - Automobile

Terry Aivaliotis General Manager 31 Manitou Drive, Unit 6 Kitchener, ON N2C 1K9 Email: Phone: (519) 894-4434 Fax: (519) 894-4288

Rod Coombs, Owner 36 Goldschmidt Crescent Baden, ON N3A 4R5 Email: Phone: (519) 744-6888 Fax: (519) 214-1300 Armour Alloys Metal Distribution

Paul De Aragon, President 1574 Eagle Street North Cambridge, ON N3H 4S5 Email: Phone: (519) 279-1989 Fax: (519) 653-6636 Associated Engineering Engineers - Consulting

Duane Lindner Manager Infrastructure 508 Riverbend Drive, Unit 302 Kitchener, ON N2K 3S2 Email: Phone: (226) 214-3187 Fax: (226) 214-3188 Barn Door Creative Video Production

Tyler Plante, Creative Director Email: Phone: (519) 897-6581

Baton Rouge Restaurant & Bar

bittersweettart Bakers


Jamal Naser, President 130 King Street South Waterloo, ON N2J 1P5 Email:

Phone: (519) 747-0007 Fax: (519) 747-0009 Baumeier Corporation Manufacturers

George Henry Jr., Sales 1050 Fountain Street North Cambridge, ON N3H 4R7 Email: Phone: (519) 998-7121 Big Musicfest Inc. Entertainment

Mark Higgins President & Owner 58 Marine Parade Drive Suite 07 Toronto, ON M8V 4G1 Email: developmentmanager@ Phone: (416) 418-7559

Birgit Heilig, Owner 100 Park Street, Unit 4 Kitchener, ON N2G 1M5 Email: Phone: (226) 747-1350 Bui's International Ltd. Import & Export Services

Mike Bui, Owner 340 Henry Street, Unit 15 Brantford, ON N3S 7V9 Email: Phone: (519) 750-9992 Bwired Website Design & Development

Dan Duran, Director Development 352 Maple Avenue Kitchener, ON N2H 4X3 Email: Phone: (226) 240-0873 Cohen Highley LLP Lawyers

Tyler Hortie, Partner 55 King Street West, Suite 1002 Kitchener, ON N2G 4W1 Email: Phone: (226) 476-4444 Fax: (519) 576-2830

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kindness a priority on Nov 7th?

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advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014


new members

April 1, 2014 - July 31, 2014 CopperTree Solutions Inc.

Delta Waterloo

Information Technology Management

Hotels & Motels

Colin Shantz, President 610 McMurray Road, Unit #2 Waterloo, ON N2V 2E7 Email: Phone: (519) 804-2461

Elaine Stover, General Manager 110 Erb Street West Waterloo, ON N2L 1T5 Email: otels/Delta-Waterloo Phone: (519) 500-6532

Accountants - Certified General

Digital Marketing Associates/DMA

Promotional Products

Creative Outdoor Advertising Advertising

Jan Marsden, District Manager, London, Kitchener, Sarnia 2402 Stouffville Road Gormley, ON L0H 1G0 Email: Phone: (519) 434-1884 Fax: 1 (800) 395-1831 Crown Cleaners Inc. Cleaners

Soon (Sue) Lee Han, Owner 707 Belmont Avenue West Kitchener, ON N2M 1P1 Email: Phone: (519) 745-1850 D.L. Deeks Insurance Services Inc.


Marketing Consultants

Meti Basiri, Marketing & Sales Manager Email: Phone: (519) 900-6001 Diva Promotional Products

Paul Drouillard, Partner 1120 Victoria Street North, Unit 7 Kitchener, ON N2B 3T2 Email: Phone: (519) 579-0891 Eddie Bean Promotions Julie Beaney, Partner 6511 Main Street, Box 148 Comber, ON N0P 1J0 Email: Phone: (416) 574-6822 Fax: (519) 687-2634 Eldale Machine & Tool Bauman Manufacturing

Deborah Young, Owner Email: Phone: (519) 885-9424 Fax: (519) 885-9425

Manufacturers Randy Bauman, President 3 Industrial Drive Elmira, ON N3B 2S1 Email: Phone: (519) 669-5195

Drew Ripley Entertainment

Elucidation Design

Promotional Products

Insurance Agents & Brokers


Derek Crozier, Advisor 90 Allstate Blvd., Unit 500 Markham, ON L5R 6H3 Email: Phone: (905) 479-7322

Drew Ripley, Owner/Entertainer Email: Phone: (519) 500-6640


Drouillard Sambrook Kingston LLP

Graphic Designers

Sylvia Hook Founder /Graphic Designer 228 Erb Street East Waterloo, ON N2J 1M8 Email: Phone: (519) 579-4166

Enviro Painting Painting Contractors

Tayne Sinclair, Owner Email: Phone: (519) 804-1840 Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium Associations & Organizations

Laura Rourke, KWC FSA & EHS Professional 625 2nd Avenue East PO Box 396 Owen Sound, ON N4K 5P7 Email: Phone: (519) 376-0470 Fax: (519) 376-6092 Fairway River Pharmacy Pharmacies

Nihal Mahmoud, Manager/Owner 1401 River Road East, Unit 4B Kitchener, ON N2A 3X9 Email: Phone: (519) 896-6666 Fax: (519) 896-6698 George Briggs Media Video Production

Alexander Marshall Chief Creative Officer 51 Breithaupt Street, Suite 100 Kitchener, ON N2H 5G5 Email: Phone: (647) 271-5522

new members

April 1, 2014 - July 31, 2014 Goodwill Industries -Kitchener Community Store Charitable & Community Organizations

Terri Fuller, Store Manager 1348 Weber Street East Kitchener, ON N2A 1C4 Email: Phone: (519) 894-0628 Graci Financial Property Management

Tony Graci, President 55 Erb Street East , Suite 322 Waterloo, ON N2J 4K8 Email: Phone: (519) 804-9061 Fax: (519) 880-0014 Grand River Business Intelligence Computer Software

Daniel Moore, Director 422 Hazel Street, Unit 7 Waterloo, ON N2L 3P8 Email: Phone: (226) 444-0420 Graphic Edge Print Solutions Printers

John Funk, Owner 315 Lancaster Street West, Unit C Kitchener, ON N2H 4V4 Email: Phone: (519) 208-8190 Greenbrook Pharmacy Pharmacies

Raj Saini, Owner/Pharmacist 421 Greenbrook Drive Kitchener, ON N2M 4K1 Email: Phone: (519) 742-9955

Greenway Landscaping

J.A. Coles & Sons Ltd


Landscape Contractors & Designers

Masonry & Bricklaying Contractors

Graphic Designers

Karen Coles, Secretary/Treasurer Email: Phone: (519) 651-2111

AJ Coghill, Designer Email: Phone: (519) 760-5948

Ryan Dean, General Manager 324 Katherine Street West Montrose, ON N0B 2V0 Email: Phone: (519) 664-3139 Fax: (519) 664-3212 Grizzly Fitness Accessories (Div of Custom Leather Canada Limited) Manufacturers

Robin Evans, Customer Service Representative 460 Bingemans Centre Drive Kitchener, ON N2B 3X9 Email: Phone: (519) 741-2070 Fax: (519) 741-2072 Inneractive Security Services Inc. Security Guard & Patrol Services

Spiros Anastasakis, President/Owner 1121 King Street East Kitchener, ON N2G 2N3 Email: Phone: (519) 585-1923 Fax: (519) 585-0355 Innocente Brewing Company Brewers

Steven Innocente, President Head Brewer 283 Northfield Drive East Waterloo, ON N2J 4G8 Email: Phone: (519) 725-1253 It Works Global Health & Beauty

Sheri Coull-Hagan, Distributer 42 Julia Crescent Kitchener, ON N2E 3M4 Email: Phone: (519) 500-2839

Junk Works Golden Triangle Waste Management & Recycling Services

George Hickson General Manager 599 Colby Drive, Unit 7 Waterloo, ON N2V 1A1 Email:

Phone: (519) 575-0556 Kate's Kookies Bakers

Kate Cosgrove Ariss, Owner 141 Whitney Place, Unit 105 Kitchener, ON N2H 2X8 Email: Phone: (519) 574-0878 Kishki World Foods Grocers

Angela Karges, Kishki World Foods 200 Highland Road, Unit 3 Kitchener, ON N2M 3C2 Email: Phone: (519) 576-5262 Krug Furniture Manufacturers

Lee Management Solutions Inc Property Management

Shannon Wilde, Property Manager Email: Phone: (226) 791-7567 M is for Memories Photo Management Services

Patti Metzger, Owner Email: Phone: (226) 808-1147 Mask Distribution Solutions (MDS) Internet Shopping (Main), Energy Consultants & Management

Trevor Mask, Owner Email: Phone: (519) 277-8444 Massage Magic Canada Massage Therapists - Registered (Main), Health, Fitness & Exercise Service

Hannele Sundberg, President 1500 Weber Street East, Unit 7 Kitchener, ON N2A 2Y5 Email: Phone: (519) 894-2612 Fax: (519) 743-2003

Mark Fisher, Director of Finance 421 Manitou Drive Kitchener, ON N2C 1L5 Email: Phone: (519) 748-5100

advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014


new members

April 1, 2014 - July 31, 2014 Moxie's Grill/Bar

O.N.E. Transportation

Quick Sandwiches - Waterloo

Solar Dynamics Corporation


Transport Services


Solar Energy Systems & Equipment

Darren Van Buskirk, Franchisee 385 Fairway Road South Kitchener, ON N2C 2N9 Email: Phone: (519) 208-4488 Fax: (519) 208-8388

Gabriel Dragan, Principal Email: Phone: (519) 572-7315

Valentin Strambu, Partner 255 King Street North, Unit 8 Waterloo, ON N2J 4V2 Email: Phone: (519) 886-7492

Paul Hawthorne, Solar Consultant 14 Grand Avenue Kitchener, ON N2K 1B3 Email: Phone: (519) 745-3426 Fax: (519) 800-0375

Mr. Handyman of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge Home Improvements & Renovations

Steve Caldwell, Owner 7B-871 Victoria Street North, Suite 305 Kitchener, ON N2B 3S4 Email: Phone: (519) 744-4544 Fax: (519) 744-4544 Mullun Law Lawyers

Damini Shah, Lawyer 55 King Street West, 7th floor Kitchener, ON N2G 4W1 Email: Phone: (800) 878-1630 Fax: (800) 887-5429 Murray Costello Honorary Members

Laura Caldwell, Bookkeeper 40 Frobisher Drive, Unit 5 Waterloo, ON N2V 2B9 Email: Phone: (519) 746-3099 Fax: (519) 746-3740 Peacock Blue Communications Communication & Public Relations Consultants

Jasmine Mangalaseril, Principal Email: Phone: (519) 635-3114 peopleCare Inc. Senior & Home Health Care

Brent Gingerich, CEO 650 Riverbend Drive, Unit D Kitchener, ON N2K 3S2 Email: Phone: (519) 513-5260 Fax: (519) 513-5261 Power Marketing Group

Shoppers Drug Mart- Sunrise Centre Pharmacies

Lashen Naidoo, Franchise Owner 1400 Ottawa Street South Kitchener, ON N2E 4E2 Email: Phone: (519) 208-4651 Fax: (519) 742-3450 Signs Now Waterloo Signs

Michael Grieco, Owner 636 Colby Drive, Unit 2 Waterloo, ON N2V 1A2 Email: Phone: (519) 886-1179 Fax: (519) 886-0001 Simpson Screen Print & Lithography Ltd Printers

Janine Stone, Account Executive 865 Sawmill Road Bloomingdale, ON N0B 1K0 Email: Phone: (519) 744-3745 Fax: (519) 744-3136

c/o Union Gas a Spectra Energy Company 603 Kumpf Drive Waterloo, ON N2J 4A4 Email: Phone: (519) 885-7425

Marketing Consultants

Northstar Travel & Associates

Quick Sandwiches - Kitchener


Caterers (Main), Restaurants

Stephen Goodfellow, Dealing Representative 1488 Jasmine Crescent Oakville, ON L6H 3H3 Email: Phone: (416) 560-1053

Travel Agencies

Sheryll Donovan, Senior Travel Associate Email: Phone: (519) 654-0238 Fax: (519) 886-9117


Packaging Too Packaging Materials & Service


Douglas Caverly, President 23 - 500 Fairway Road South, Unit 187 Kitchener, ON N2C 1X3 Email: Phone: (416) 809-7984

Ben Sepehr, Partner 281 King Street West, Unit 2 Kitchener, ON N2G 1B1 Email: Phone: (519) 578-5858

Sloane Capital Corp.

Sweet and Savoury Pie Company Bakers

Henry de Jong, Owner/President 373 Bridge Street West, Unit 11 Waterloo, ON N2K 3K3 Email: Phone: (519) 725-3141 Swift Labs Electronic Equipment, Supplies, Service & Testing

Lara Swift, Co-Founder & COO 22 Frederick Street, Suite 1110 Kitchener, ON N2H 6M6 Email: Phone: (519) 716-3734 TD Canada Trust - Ira Needles Banks

Krista McIntosh, Branch Manager 320 The Board Walk Waterloo, ON N2T 0A6 Email: Phone: (519) 742-1708 Fax: (519) 742-4615 The Blue Moon Restaurants

Bev Finnegan, President 1677 Snyders Road East Petersburg, ON N0B 2H0 Email: Phone: (519) 634-5421

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cover story

The Necessity of Corporate Funding for Public Research BY ART SINCLAIR One of the fundamental reasons frequently cited for the success of the Waterloo Region business sector is a unique relationship with local post-secondary institutions.

sector -university relationship may possess some deficiencies but few other viable options are available for meeting the challenges of a global economy and broader Canadian society.

Former University of Waterloo President and current Governor General David Johnston continues to emphasize the contributions of a group of forward-thinking business leaders who envisioned a new school for addressing major corporate and societal challenges as the foundation for a dynamic entrepreneurial culture that has evolved on University Avenue over the past half-century.

In the national context, according to statistics from the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC), domestic institutions undertake $10 billion of research activities with approximately 55-60 percent externally funded. The largest funder is the federal government at $3 billion annually.

Also, securing skilled talent in the 1950s was as vital an issue for employers as it is in 2014. Local manufacturers required engineers and insurance companies were desperately short of actuaries. The current academic program and areas of concentration at UW are a reflection of that original skills shortage. In 2011, the Globe and Mail published an article by Nick Rockel which noted that Waterloo Region has long-understood the value of close ties between business and academia. Furthermore, when it comes to using educational systems as a development tool, Canadian cities and regions lag behind Waterloo and such global centres of innovation as California’s Silicon Valley. To turn things around, according to Rockel, they must recognize that quality higher education provides a competitive advantage. James Milway of the Institute for Competitiveness and Prosperity (Ontario) noted that with the possible exception of Waterloo, Canadian businesses and municipal governments under value the contributions of post-secondary institutions as it relates to economic development. Canada could raise its performance however it requires business leaders to designate a higher value on education and municipal leaders to realize their local universities and colleges are significant assets. Periodically in Canada a debate will emerge – often highly contentious – regarding the relationship of the corporate sector and publicly funded universities on the financing of research. Ethical questions have arisen with respect to demands from donors on how donations are allocated, results and assessments of the research, and overall neutrality of the process. However, within the current reality of fiscal constraints at provincial capitals and Ottawa, money is urgently needed for economic advancements which in turn will provide the government revenues for public service delivery. The private



What may, or may not, be intriguing for the significant network of stakeholders connected with Canadian research is that universities are the second largest sector behind the private sector for overall activities. Also, federal funding for institutional research costs is 23.3 percent compared to the US and UK at 40 to 60 percent. As noted by the AUCC, prosperous societies are innovative societies, and innovation begins with basic research. The research at Canadian universities provides the basis for innovation throughout the economy and is evident in new and improved products, goods, services and processes, but also through new approaches to marketing, organizational behavior, business practices, and external relations. Last winter our Chamber was fortunate to host Russell Williams, President of Canada’s Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (Rx&D) for a Chamber Point of View event. The pharmaceutical industry, both domestically and internationally, has a long-standing historical relationship with the post-secondary sector for a wide range of activities. In 2011, a total of $1 billion was invested by Canadian companies into domestic research capacity. The Canadian CEO of French drug manufacturer Sanofi noted in a Globe and Mail interview last year that the business model for pharmaceutical research is witnessing a significant shift. Christopher Viehbacher stated that Canada must adapt to the downsizing of in-house research in a business where change is occurring not only for financial considerations but rather scientific. Research, according to Viehbacher, has become so complex that no single organization has all the required disciplines to be successful. The new approach that Sanofi now incorporates follows an ecosystem built in Boston where researchers from universities, biotech firms and pharmaceutical companies collaborate in a culture that resembles a Public-Private Partnership (P3s). The

cover story

model has the distinct advantage of terminating volatile projects at earlier stages and ultimately saving resources for all parties. Despite some initial and limited opposition, P3s have emerged as a prominent option for addressing Canada’s infrastructure challenges, including Waterloo Region where the financing model has been applied to the new Light Rail Transit project. The major advantage of this plan is allowing for the sharing of financial risks over the short and longer terms. The research debate is also active across the United States, particularly in the Midwest where agricultural and food projects are heavily supported by companies such as Monsanto and Cargill. The gap between federal support at large public universities and private investment continues to grow. This pattern is a major concern for Food and Water Watch, a Washington-based environmental group with a Board of Directors that includes Canadian Maude Barlow. A 2012 report by this organization cites examples of business support “corrupting” the public research mission at primarily land grant schools that have been the centre of agricultural advancements for over a century.

Locally, one of Waterloo Region’s significant strengths is our high volume of patents. In 2006, for example, local applicants received 302 patents from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The region yielded the equivalent of 631 patents per million people that year, almost four times the Canadian rate of 148. Waterloo was close to California (725) and Massachusetts (682). The AUCC has noted that the story of discovery at Canadian universities is the story of scientific research that saves lives, technological innovations that help business compete, social science research that informs public policy, humanities research that contributes to our arts and culture, and ideas that improve quality of life at home and around the world. The national business sector has important role in the political debate on research priorities and the benefits accrued from world leading innovation. The future of Canada, and our capacity to pay for required public services, is dependent upon cooperation for advancements.

Thomas Payne, dean of The College of Agriculture at the University of Missouri, noted that in order for research to continue, support from a range of sources is required. Overall, industry support for agricultural research at Mizzou is about five percent. Michael Doyle of the University of Georgia countered that while industry does not direct research activities and actual spending, it is not inappropriate for universities to inquire about their areas of interest. Private support for agriculture research at Georgia is approximately ten percent. A report issued last March from University of California Berkeley agricultural economist Brian Wright noted that within the University of California system over the past two decades, academic research supported by industry has a strong record of leading to patents and licenses. Industry funded inventions produced patents more frequently than federal sponsored projects, an assessment which runs counter to the expectation that corporate sponsored research promotes narrow applications with limited benefits. .


Art Sinclair Art is Vice President Policy and Advocacy for the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce.

advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014



Mark Your Calendar September 9, 2014

September 18, 2014

Home Hardware Business After 5

8th Annual Inspiring Women Event

5:00-7:00pm Host: Four Points by Sheraton Waterloo-Kitchener Member: Complimentary General Admission: $10 Does networking intimidate you or do you thrive on meeting new people? Come out to this casual bi-monthly event with friendly faces and easy conversation that provides an opportunity for B2B networking.

8:00am-4:00pm Location: Bingemans Ticket: $150 Table of 8: $1100 The largest event in the area designed to celebrate business and entrepreneurial women. Be motivated by the inspirational stories and success messages from leading Canadian Women: Erica Ehm, the business-savvy publisher of; Canada's Top Female Entrepreneur for the past 2 years, Kelsey Ramsden; Janet Podleski, co-author and self-publisher of the best selling Looneyspoons Collection; Julie Cole, co-founder and VP of Mabel's Label's - a basement start-up turned into an award winning, celebrity endorsed, international phenomenon; and Dana Florence, a mother of triplets, all diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, who founded Three To Be to advance research, education and therapies for children with neurological disorders.

Title Sponsor: Host Sponsor: Media Sponsor:

September 11, 2014 Libro Chamber Young Professionals Kick-Off Event 5:30-7:30pm Location: Member’s Lounge at Centre In The Square Member: $5 General Admission: $10 You are invited to join us in this private lounge to develop key relationships, build your business network and connect with other young professionals and business leaders at this casual event. Title Sponsor:

September 23, 2014 Annual General Meeting 3:30-5:00pm Location: Centre In The Square Member: Complimentary Support your Chamber and learn more about what we are doing to meet the needs of our diverse membership and the public. A great networking opportunity as the new Board of Directors will be installed during the event.

Silver Sponsor: Event Sponsor:

Insurance is the last thing business owners think of when times are good. But, when there’s a claim it’s their first call. You should have the best coverage possible. Get an expert opinion on your commercial insurance needs. ‡1.800.265.2634 ‡ 18



October 1, 2014

October 23, 2014

Networking Breakfast Series

Libro Chamber Young Professionals Networking Event

7:15-9:00am Location: Holiday Inn Kitchener-Waterloo Watch the website for speaker announcement and more details!

5:30-7:30pm Location: Moxie’s Grill/Bar Member: $5 General Admission: $10 You are invited to join us on the patio to develop key relationships, build your business network and connect with other young professionals and business leaders at this casual networking event.

Media Sponsor:

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October 16, 2014 Chamberfest

Silver Sponsor:

6:00-9:00pm Location: Concordia Club Don’t miss an opportunity to entertain your clients or enjoy with co-workers at one of KW’s most distinctive event attractions, Oktoberfest! Enjoy a German Style Dinner, a complimentary beer, plenty of networking and access to the tent for Corporate Night.

Host Sponsor:

October 28, 2014 Home Hardware Business After 5 5:00-7:00pm Host: Holiday Inn Express St. Jacobs-Waterloo Member: Complimentary General Admission: $10 Does networking intimidate you or do you thrive on meeting new people? Come out to this casual bi-monthly event with friendly faces and easy conversation that provides an opportunity for B2B networking.

Title Sponsor:

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Annual Corporate Christmas Party DECEMBER 6


DECEMBER 13, 2014

RUSHES Restaurant offers individual companies a gala Christmas party, perfect for small businesses who want a BIG party! The evening includes a fabulous Christmas smorgasbord, live piano stylings, DJ music & dancing. Purchase individual tickets or tables of 4 or more! RUSHES Restaurant

475 King St. N., Waterloo

(519) 884-0220

advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014


new members

April 1, 2014 - July 31, 2014 The Guitar Corner Musical Instrument Stores

Dwayne King, Owner 165 Victoria Street South Kitchener, ON N2G 2B7 Email: Phone: (519) 744-1616 The Pampered Chef Housewares

Mor Malcolm, Consultant Email: Phone: (519) 496-6511 Tri City Tree Service Tree Service

Patrick Maloney Certified Arborist 537 Frederick Street PO 23025 Kitchener, ON N2B 3V1 Email: Phone: (519) 500-5595 Ultimate Vision Computers Computer Consultants

Craig Herner, Owner 250 Frederick Street Unit 1406 Kitchener, ON N2H 2N1 Email: Phone: (519) 880-4234



Unique Screen Printing & Embroidery/Twin City Trophies

Williams Fresh Cafe Kitchener (Fairway)

Williams Fresh Cafe Waterloo (University East)



Tom Armbruster, President/Owner 245 Labrador Drive, Unit 2 Waterloo, ON N2K 4M8 Email: Phone: (519) 886-2102 Fax: (519) 746-2673

Dave & Denis Ballard, Franchisees 340 Fairway Road South Kitchener, ON N2C 1X3

Sara & Fatimah Al-Bagdadi, Franchisees 33 University Avenue East Waterloo, ON N2J 2V9


Email: Phone: (519) 894-9938 Fax: (519) 894-1036 Phone: (519) 725-4432 Fax: (519) 725-2502

Williams Fresh Cafe - Head Office

Williams Fresh Cafe Kitchener (Tu-Lane)

Williams Fresh Cafe Waterloo (University West)




Mark Edmeades, Franchisee 4500 King Street East Kitchener, ON N2P 2G4

Brad Moorhouse, Franchisee 170 University Avenue West Waterloo, ON N2L 3E9


Email: Phone: (519) 653-9887 Fax: (519) 653-5882 Phone: (519) 888-7254 Fax: (519) 888-6143

Williams Fresh Cafe Waterloo (Northfield)


Promotional Products (Main), Trophies

Rainer Mueller, CEO 202 Grand River Avenue Brantford, ON N3T 4X9 Email: Phone: (519) 752-4850 Williams Fresh Cafe Kitchener (City Hall) Restaurants

Miroslav & Dali Sarkanovic, Franchisees 198 King Street West Kitchener, ON N2G 1A9 Email: Phone: (519) 744-7199 Fax: (519) 744-4180


Sony & Komal Cheema, Franchisees 30 Northfield Drive East Waterloo, ON N2L 6A1 Email: Phone: (519) 885-7610 Fax: (519) 885-9653

WORDSCRIBE Stephen Young, President/Chief Creative Officer Email: Phone: (519) 885-4089

advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014



2014 ELECTION OF DIRECTORS NOMINATING COMMITTEE’S SLATE OF CANDIDATES NOMINEE PROFILES Pat is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Business Valuator and has been a member of BDO’s Financial Advisory Services group since 2007. He is a senior manager in the Waterloo office and works with offices across southern Ontario. Pat began in public accounting in 2001 when he articled with an international CA firm. He then served entrepreneurial businesses at a regional CA firm for two years before joining BDO in 2007. Examples of Pat’s work include business valuations and damage quantifications for purchases and sales of business interests, matrimonial settlements, income tax planning, commercial and shareholder disputes, loss of income, damage quantification and employee share purchases. Pat welcomed his second son a short time ago and balances his time between work, home and the community. PATRICK KLANN Senior Manager, Business Valuations and Litigation Support BDO Canada LLP

IN HIS OWN WORDS: “As a lifelong resident of Kitchener-Waterloo I’ve seen the community evolve into what it is today. From young professionals through to seasoned entrepreneurs, we all have our own challenges to overcome. It’s hard to put a finger at what exactly makes our region continue to succeed, but to me, the Chamber embodies these characteristics that have made the community strong and continue to thrive. Whether they are networking events, entertaining and relevant speakers or a host of other experiences, the Chamber has consistently provided opportunities for all members of the community to get to know each other and build their network and businesses. It is an honour and privilege to serve with the Board of Directors of the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce and I look forward to the next series of challenges and know we will continue to succeed.”

Jeff is a local Entrepreneur with ownership in Winexpert Kitchener South, Voisin Tech Suites and Zenalyze Inc. and So There Business Solutions. Jeff has had senior roles in the insurance and pharmaceutical industry before moving on to his own business that focuses on alignment, business development, coaching and mentoring business and owners to position them for start up, growth, expansion and exit strategies. Jeff is involved with many community initiatives either through sponsorship or volunteering including the Grand River Hospital Foundation, Anselma House, Creative Enterprise Initiative, Prosperity Council and others. Jeff is very familiar with the Chamber of Commerce and has been a champion for the association for over 10 years. He has been involved as a committee member and has held the role of Chair of the Board. He has acted in an advisory capacity for many other groups and associations. Jeff is equally versed in the challenges and opportunities for both small and larger businesses. JEFF MACINTYRE Entrepreneur So There Business Solutions


IN HIS OWN WORDS: “For over 125 years the Chamber of Commerce has been weaving together the fabric that has become our business community. We are who we are due to the commitment to identify opportunities and address the many challenges that we have experienced as we redefine ourselves. I have experienced the efforts of the Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce on my business and proudly represent myself as a Chamber Member."



2014 ELECTION OF DIRECTORS NOMINATING COMMITTEE’S SLATE OF CANDIDATES NOMINEE PROFILES Mark served as a Project Engineer on WalterFedy’s civil engineering team from 1997 to 2000 and, after six years in the City of Guelph’s Development and Design and Construction Divisions, rejoined the firm in 2006. In 2009, Mark was named a Partner at the firm and a year later became Director of the Civil Engineering Business Unit. In this capacity, he not only continues to manage projects, but also has direct and immediate influence on the group’s priorities, resource allocation, and strategic planning. Mark also sits on WalterFedy’s Board of Directors, which is directly responsible for overseeing the management of the business and affairs of the company.


Mark is a member of the Professional Engineers of Ontario and sits on the Consulting Engineers of Ontario OPS Products Management Committee. He was also recently appointed to the City of Waterloo’s Uptown Vision Committee, which provides input and advice to council and staff on issues that impact the Uptown core. IN HIS OWN WORDS: “The Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce is a dynamic group of people, made up of members making positive changes in our community, growing their businesses, and recognizing the leaders and volunteers that make up our great community. Recognizing the strong relationship between community and economic growth, the Chamber has endeavoured to support existing members and attract new ones through emphasis on key initiatives such as economic development, augmenting our workforce by attracting new talent, and providing valuable opportunities for networking and learning. With these priorities in place, the Chamber will continue to be a strong voice in our community for years to come. I share in the Chamber’s vision of community development and prosperity and look forward to working with the Chamber in the future.”

Rene Gatien is the President & CEO of Waterloo North Hydro Inc and Waterloo North Hydro Holding Corporation. The electric distribution utility serves 54,000 customers in the City of Waterloo, Township of Woolwich and the Township of Wellesley. A utility executive with more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Gatien has been with Waterloo North Hydro since 2002 where he leads a talented senior management team that is engaged in the future of electric utilities in the province. He has held senior leadership positions in engineering, operations and construction at Guelph Hydro, Brampton Hydro and PowerTel Utilities Contractors.

RENE GATIEN President & CEO Waterloo North Hydro Inc and Waterloo North Hydro Holding Corporation

Mr. Gatien is a registered Professional Engineer and a registered Journeyman Lineman in Ontario. He has a Bachelor of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo and an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business at Western University, where he graduated with distinction. Rene is a member of the Board of Directors for the Electricity Distributors Association (EDA), and a member of the Board of Governors for Conestoga College. Mr. Gatien was Chair of the EDA for the 2013/2014 term. IN HIS OWN WORDS: “The Greater KW Chamber of Commerce provides many programs and services to the businesses in our community. The Chamber’s goals of helping business to succeed and helping our community to succeed, resonates with the values of Waterloo North Hydro and me personally. I consider it a privilege to serve on the Chamber Board of Directors to further that growth and prosperity for our community.”

advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014



2014 ELECTION OF DIRECTORS NOMINATING COMMITTEE’S SLATE OF CANDIDATES NOMINEE PROFILES Stephanie is the owner and president of both Little Mushroom Catering and Nom Nom Treats. In 2013 Little Mushroom Catering won the GKWCC Business Excellence Award for Hospitality and Tourism. She is the Chair of the Libro Credit Union Beechwood Branch Council. Stephanie also sits on boards for Foodlink Waterloo Region and the Kitchener Public Library. She is a member of the Waterloo Region Entrepreneur's Working Group and is a guest speaker with the Business Education Partnership out of the Accelerator Centre. Stephanie has three beautiful children and lives in Kitchener's East Ward with her soon to be husband Harold. She loves spending time at their beach house in Turkey Point and has a not-so-secret love for Karaoke! IN HER OWN WORDS: STEPHANIE TANNER Owner & President Little Mushroom Catering and Nom Nom Treats

“The Greater KW Chamber of Commerce has been instrumental in taking my catering business to the next level. The quality of networking events and educational experiences is remarkable. I have been an active member of a P2P group for two years now; the members of which I trust greatly and look forward to chatting with every month. I've also enjoyed the learning experiences at the Chamber Academy sessions. The staff at our Chamber have open ears and hearts, always willing to give guidance and help make connections whenever needed. I'm excited to be a member of the Board of Directors for such a thriving Chamber of Commerce, dedicated to the economic sustainability of our community.”

Dr. Barbara Fennessy is the Executive Dean, Entrepreneurship and Applied Research at Conestoga College. Barbara has also worked as a Chair in the School of Business and Hospitality. Prior to joining Conestoga, Barbara worked with the Conference Board of Canada’s Organizational Effectiveness and Learning Division. She has held management positions in the public, private and nonprofit sectors, and has operated her own management consulting firm. Barbara’s teaching and research experience has focused on leadership and organizational development, entrepreneurship, and global business. During her career, Barbara has received several awards for business and community leadership. Barbara currently serves on the Waterloo Economic Development Committee, Innovation Guelph Advisory Council, and the Board of the Accelerator Centre. She completed her doctorate in Sociology and Equity Studies in Education at OISE/University of Toronto. BARBARA FENNESSY, PhD Executive Dean, Entrepreneurship and Applied Research Conestoga College


IN HER OWN WORDS: “The Greater KW Chamber of Commerce serves an important role as an influential advocate for our diverse business community. I am delighted to have this opportunity to contribute to the Board of Directors through my experience in education, business, industry and government, and through my community networks. In particular, I share a passion for building the capacity of small enterprises to achieve entrepreneurial success and growth. Our prosperity lies in the hands of those who are willing to create the future, and those who are willing to champion their efforts.”


advocate MARCH | APRIL 2014


Building a Stronger Ontario BY JOHN TIBBITS Ontario’s provincial government released a budget early this summer that promises to create jobs, grow the economy and expand opportunities for workers. That’s good news for Ontario communities, for young people, and for our future. Fulfilling that promise will require investment and reform to postsecondary education to ensure that Ontarians have the skills and knowledge to succeed in our rapidly changing workplace. Ontario’s 24 public colleges work in close partnership with public and private sector employers to deliver programs that are relevant to today’s job market and prepare graduates for long-term success. We provide career-focused education and training to 220,000 fulltime students and 300,000 part-time students and clients each year, including an increasing number of university graduates. As veteran university professors and administrators Ken Coates and Bill Morrison point out in their new book What to Consider if You’re Considering University, too many of today’s students and parents view university as a guaranteed path to a successful future. Ontario’s university and the college systems are distinct and complementary. For those with the curiosity and aptitude for academic studies, university can be a very positive and rewarding experience. A post-secondary model that would allow some students to undertake their first two years of study at college before attending university could enhance student success while providing additional access to programming that is cost-effective for both students and government. Those who view education as the first step to a successful career should explore the opportunities provided through Ontario’s colleges and polytechnics. Encouraging more students to choose career-focused learning will support the development of a qualified workforce, contributing to a stronger economy and a brighter future for the province.

Invest in applied education Ontario’s colleges currently receive the lowest funding per student in Canada. In 2013-14, Conestoga received on average just over $6,000 per student through tuition and grants, compared to provincial averages of almost $12,000 per student at secondary schools and more than $14,000 per student at universities. Increased investment in colleges would provide opportunities for more individuals to access education to achieve their potential, find rewarding careers and contribute to their communities.

Expand degree programming at colleges Several Ontario colleges, including Conestoga, provide a growing number of four-year degree programs that are recognized by students and employers as excellent preparation for careers. Graduates of three-year college programs in Ontario receive advanced diplomas rather than degrees, even though graduates of similar programs in most of the world are awarded degrees. That places graduates of these programs at an unfair disadvantage and leads some students to choose programs less suited to their needs and interests so they can obtain the degree credential that many employers expect and demand.

Strengthen the role of colleges in apprenticeship training Many of Ontario’s skilled workers are approaching retirement. Our current apprenticeship system is not producing enough new tradespeople to fill the skills and knowledge gap they will leave behind. Further investment is essential to expand apprenticeship training in the province and ensure that our industries continue to have the skilled workers they require. Ontario’s growth and prosperity rely on a comprehensive postsecondary system that includes a strong university system as well as an enhanced applied learning system aligned with the needs of our changing economy. Our students expect their investment in education to result in opportunities for meaningful work and successful futures. They deserve no less. The 2014 Ontario Budget reaffirmed the government’s commitment to invest in critical maintenance and repairs at the province’s colleges and universities. That’s a great start, and will address some pressing needs. We look forward to working with our government, community and academic partners to build a stronger Ontario.


John Tibbits John is the President of Conestoga College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning

advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014


Holiday Special Concordia Club Plan your employee holiday gathering with us! Our private rooms seat 20 - 400 as well as our Schenke restaurant which boasts our authentic German menu and warm feeling of "Gemuetlichkeit". We can accommodate all your needs. Book early as space may be limited.

429 Ottawa Street South, Kitchener, ON Ph: (519) 745-5617 Email: Web:

Shoeless Joe’s

Shoeless Joe’s Waterloo

A new twist to your Christmas Party. Shoeless Joe’s unique layout offers you and your guests a perfect location for both mingling and a sit down dinner. Dedicated facilities and custom menus will ensure groups of any size an unforgettable event.

253 King St N. Waterloo Ph: (519) 208-2884 Email: Web:

The Charcoal Steak House


Concordia Club

Charcoal Steak House

The Charcoal Steak House, Martinis and dels Enoteca would like to help you entertain this holiday season. Superb private and semi-private spaces are available for your group from 10 to 60 guests. Call our group events coordinator Meredith today at 519-894- 0110 ex 2109

2980 King Street East Kitchener Ph: (519) 893-6570 Email: Web:

Huether Hotel

Huether Hotel

Plan your holiday gathering at the Huether Hotel’s Lion Brewery Restaurant or the Barley Works Public House & Grill offering full food menu and a selection of craft beers brewed in house.

59 King St. North, Waterloo Ph: (519) 886-3350


member notables

MEMBER NOTABLES Waterloo Regional Police Services Board Appoints New Chief of Police On July 15, 2014, Chair of the Waterloo Regional Police Services Board Tom Galloway announced the appointment of Bryan M. Larkin to the position of Chief of Police. Chief Larkin returns to the Waterloo Regional Police Service (WRPS) having served most recently with the Guelph Police Service for two years as Chief and one year as Deputy Chief. He commenced his career as a constable with the WRPS and rose to the rank of Divisional Commander. His educational credentials include a Bachelor of Applied Arts from the University of Guelph and a Diploma in Police Leadership and Police Foundations from Humber College. The Greater Kitchener Waterloo Chamber of Commerce extends our congratulations to Chief Larkin on his new appointment.

Local Companies on PROFIT 500 List of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies Two local companies, Cambridge based Xylotek and Heidelberg-based Stemmer Meats, have both been recognized for extraordinary progress by appearing on the PROFIT magazine list of Canada’s 500 fastest growing companies. Douglas Grosfield, President & CEO of IT service provider Xylotek, noted “this remarkable achievement is a testament to our second-to-none team members whose expertise, quality of execution, and pride of workmanship deliver best-in-class service levels to our clients.” Stemmler Meats appeared for the second straight year and this designation follows recent recognitions and awards from Food In Canada magazine and the Ontario Independent Meat Processors.

Accelerator Centre Appoints New Chief Executive Officer The Waterloo-based Accelerator Centre recently announced the appointment of Dr. Paul Salvini to the position of Chief Executive Officer and Vice-President, Research Commercialization at the University of Waterloo. Dr. Salvini was previously Chief Technology Officer at both Christie Digital Systems Canada and Toronto-based Side Effects Software. In 2007, he was named one of Canada’s Top 40 Under 40, an award that recognizes individuals for outstanding achievements in innovation, leadership, vision and community involvement. Since 2006, the Accelerator Centre has developed over 130 early-stage technology start-ups, creating 1100 new jobs, generating over $120 million in revenue, and attracting over $180 million in investment.

advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014


member notables

MEMBER NOTABLES University of Waterloo receives provincial funding for Quantum Research The 2014 Ontario Budget, tabled on July 14, allocated $25 million over five years to the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo. The IQC is among the top five quantum research institutes in the world, with researchers from the Faculties of Science, Engineering and Mathematics. Past investments have been secured from the federal and provincial governments along with the private sector. In a University of Waterloo news release, Kitchener Centre MPP Daiene Vernile indicated the provincial government funding will support cutting edge research and technology that could result in profoundly improved computer speeds and lead to significant commercialization opportunities in Waterloo Region and across the globe.

Wilfrid Laurier University appoints new Assistant Vice President: External Relations Joel Peters, a marketing executive with a significant record of partnership building, has been appointed the new Assistant Vice President: External Relations at Wilfrid Laurier University. For the past eight years, Mr. Peters has served as Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for Tourism Toronto and also held positions with the Royal Ontario Museum and Toronto Zoo. His new responsibilities at WLU include communications, public affairs, marketing and promoting the continued integration of entrepreneurship and innovation across all facets of the university. Mr. Peters appointment became effective on August 11, 2014.

Nougat Bakery Expands with Second Location Kitchener-based Nougat Bakery and Delicatessen is expanding its operation with a second retail outlet located at The Shops in Waterloo Town Square. This location will be dedicated to providing Waterloo with Nougat’s European style breads, buns, cakes and pastries made at its Kitchener facility. For close to two decades Nougat has produced high quality baked products for the K-W region and beyond through its retail and wholesale operations, and is excited to now provide more direct access for Waterloo customers. Store opening will be in September 2014, and will create six full and part-time jobs for the region.



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BDO HELPS BUSINESSES RUN SMOOTHLY Our professionals combine local sensibility with the resources of a national firm to help our clients succeed. People who know, know BDO.SM Assurance | Accounting | Tax | Advisory 201 – 150 Caroline St S 519 576 5220

Waterloo ON


Register for an info session to learn how to join the pros at CPA: Unifying CAs, CGAs and CMAs under one accounting designation.

Benjamin Moore

428 Gage Ave. KITCHENER

1120 Victoria St. N. KITCHENER

(519) 578-5330

(519) 576-7576

583 King St. N. WATERLOO

245 Edinburgh Rd. S. GUELPH

(519) 772-1127

(519) 836-4731

Benjamin Moore Paint Wallcoverings Blinds & Draperies Décor Accessories In Home Consultations

advocate SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2014


Helping Us Make Our Vision Possible A special Thank You to each of these Chamber Sponsors.








Holiday Special

Where to Book Your Christmas & New Years Eve Party The Christmas party season will soon be upon us and with that in might you should be thinking about booking the space and caterers for your upcoming staff holiday get together.

Holiday Inn Kitchener-Waterloo

Holiday Inn Kitchener-Waterloo

With two Ballrooms, more intimate rooms and onsite Restaurant, we have plenty of options to suit your group. Offering specials for Friday and Sunday bookings. Ask us about Corporate Lunches. Also available to customize menus to fit your needs.


30 Fairway Road South, Kitchener (519) 894-8512

Borealis Grille & Bar

At Borealis we feature locally sourced and prepared foods, wines and beers because we genuinely believe “Local Tastes Way Better”. We offer a casual dining experience with comfortable dining rooms and a relaxed bar. Our private dining room can accommodate up to 20 guests.

4336 King Street East Kitchener (519) 219-9007

Homewood Suites by Hilton

Homewood Suites by Hilton Cambridge

Celebrate another year of success at Homewood Suites by Hilton Cambridge/Waterloo! Make your occasion memorable with our holiday menu, private event space for up to 80 people, upscale all-suite accommodations and outstanding hotel service.

800 Jamieson Parkway Cambridge, ON, N3C 4N6 Dir: (519) 220-2854 / Fax: (519) 651-0583

The Flying Dog Restaurant

The Flying Dog Restaurant

Fine Holiday Parties and Private Events. 20 to 1500 Guests with full bar service, catering and decorating. Marsland Drive, Waterloo. (519) 886-7777 ext 40 or 29.

341 Marsland Drive, Waterloo (519) 886-7730



Celebrate the holidays at Waterloo Region’s premier event facility from small intimate parties for 25 to grand events for 1200, or have us cater to the location of your choice. Offering great menu selections for a holiday party tailored to your tastes.

425 Bingemans Centre Drive (519) 744 1555

Kingpin Bowlounge

Kingpin Bowlounge

Throw a party everyone will remember! Host a great night out for dinner & bowling! Offering 28 lanes of upscale bowling, great catering options and flexible event space. We can customize any event to your needs for 5 to 500 guests.

425 Bingemans Centre Drive (519) 744 1555 x 2271

The Tannery

The Tannery Event Centre

Revitalized from a turn-of-the-century mill to a contemporary trend setting event facility, this amazing venue is great for parties from 50-250 guests. With amazing food and unique atmosphere, The Tannery is the perfect setting for your holiday celebration.

151 Charles Street (519) 744 1555 x 2234

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Reduce capital costs, shorten payback periods, and cut operating costs by installing new high efficiency rooftop units (RTU) with saveONenergy incentives.





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Subject to additional terms and conditions found at www.saveonenergy onenergy . . Funded by the Ontario io Power Authority and offffered by Cambridge and North Dumfries Hydro Inc, Kitchener-Wilmot Hydro Inc, Waterloo North Hydro Inc. OM Offficial fi Mark of the Ontario O Power Authority. Used under licence.

Advocate - September and October 2014  
Advocate - September and October 2014  

Innovation: The Necessity of Corporate Funding for Public Research