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Contents. WINTER 2017 | ISSUE 16

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From the chamber president


Chamber membership offers countless benefits


Chamber industries in brown county

08 Membership involvement 16 Ambassadors benefit chamber members 18 Ambassadors Q & A 22 Top 5 Member Benefits

(920) 734-4786 2  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017





Embracing an attitude of gratitude for our members and volunteers


ot too long ago, we turned the page on a new year with most of us setting resolutions. One of ours at the Greater Green Bay Chamber is a consistent one from year to year: to practice gratitude for all our members, including those who volunteer their time, their resources (financial and otherwise) and their talents/treasures with us.

It’s an amazing feat that the Chamber will celebrate its 135th birthday in 2017, and I credit much of that to how vested our members are. Our longevity is also a nod to the relevance and value we bring not only to the business community we exist to serve, but also the Greater Green Bay community at large. We could not accomplish all that we do in the name of economic development and workforce development without members who share their voices, and particularly, members who volunteer/contribute to the Chamber. Volunteers have always been an extended workforce for chambers of commerce, in addition to the people on the staff roster. Our Chamber’s volunteer positions include our boards of directors (we have our main Chamber board, the Advance economic development board and Partners in Education board as well as steering committees for Current young professionals and Leadership Green Bay). Thanks to them, the Chamber continues to have the ability to touch, change and transform. Our boards provide strategic insights, secure funding, address challenges, make policies and perform other decision-making that’s done with the organization’s best interests in mind. They entrust the staff – the people closest to those impacted by our deliverables – to

be candid with their input, and listen to us as we share what the voice of the customer (our members). We appreciate you, our directors/committee members, for being adaptable and flexible as we continue to ask,“How can we maintain our ROI for members?” Asking this question has led to the creation of our Membership ROI quarterly sessions so members can learn just that. It’s also enabled us to realign the organization to focus on economic development and workforce development over the past five-plus years; this was a critical part of creating synergy for all the programs, services and initiatives provided by the Chamber, to encompassing workforce development in our mission and finally, to rebranding to tell the world we are here to serve GREATER Green Bay. In addition, volunteer impact extends to the areas of governance (Public Policy Council), allowing us to – among other things – create a legislative agenda and grassroots efforts to rally members around business-oriented initiatives. Volunteers staff our ad hoc committees and respond to our requests (such as volunteering to present for our Food for Thought series or as a subject matter expert at a Current event).

And let’s not forget our hard-working ambassadors (for the overall Chamber as well as for Current), who come out en masse for member business ribbon-cuttings and grand openings, Business After Hours, golf outings, annual dinners and other Chamber events. Thank you to all of you for internalizing an attitude of caring for our members. Finally, I believe that in today’s day and age, the definition of volunteer even extends to the member who signs a letter to a legislator on an initiative’s behalf, supports an effort such as the Southern De Pere Bridge or weighs in on our Legislative Agenda.We know everyone’s time is precious, and that volunteerism doesn’t have to fit in formal blocks of time or annual events. Even members who don’t have an excess of time invest in the Chamber through their support. It all makes a difference. And know that we realize that collectively, all these contributions are the backbone of an organization that’s 134 years old – and counting.Thank you for your part!

— Laurie Radke

President, Greater Green Bay Chamber

Winter 2017 | Collective IMPACT  3

“We have multiple affordable advertising opportunities; we help promote businesses, and we do a lot with workforce development


— the list goes on and on.”

membership offers countless benefits By: Jennifer Hogeland

4  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017

The benefits of Greater Green Bay Chamber membership are many — connections, business development opportunities and access to programs, business assistance and more.With more than approximately 1,200 Chamber members, the reason for joining varies, and each member gets something a little different out of his/her investment.


ome Chamber benefits provide immediate results, such as connections made or monetary savings through a program like Smart Business Savings. Other advantages take a bit longer to develop but they also deliver lasting benefits, including company recognition, community involvement and leadership opportunities. “There are so many different things members can take advantage of,” says Renae Schlies, director of membership and retention for the Greater Green Bay Chamber. “We have multiple affordable advertising opportunities; we help promote businesses, and we do a lot with workforce development — the list goes on and on.” Laurie Radke, president of the Greater Green Bay Chamber, explains the Chamber is focused on delivering value to its member businesses. At the end of the day, the goal is to help member businesses succeed, and that takes many different forms. That’s why the Chamber regularly asks its membership how it can provide a return on investment.

Photos: Business showcase 2016

“We look at all the elements that make a community successful — making sure we have workforce initiatives, economic development, someone focused on policy to execute those initiatives — and look at the value-add back to membership,” says Radke.

Winter 2017 | Collective IMPACT  5


membership offers countless benefits

The Chamber serves all industries in Greater Green Bay The largest segment of membership is retail/merchandising at 22 percent. Others include: • • • • • •

Architecture (9 percent) Finance/banking (6 percent) Manufacturing (6 percent) Medical (6 percent) Nonprofit (5 percent) Technology (5 percent)

• • • • • •

Hospitality (5 percent) Distribution (3 percent) Real estate/housing (3 percent), Advertising/marketing (2 percent) Communications (1 percent) Other (27 percent)

Schlies confirms every business uses its membership differently.

1% 9%















Would you like to give back to your community while helping local businesses? 6  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017

Phone: 920-222-2167

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6/8/16 11:20 AM

“take advantage of advertising opportunities, apply for well-respected business recognition awards, participate in programs ...”











s Profe

y lic




Leadership Green Bay: ringing bells

8  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017


membership offers countless benefits

Membership & Involvement “We do still tell people, what you put into your membership is what you are going to get out of it,” she says. “There are a lot of networking opportunities, but if you don’t have the time and can’t attend events, there are many ways to benefit from your membership.”


embers can request Chamber ambassadors to be present at a ribbon-cutting, take advantage of advertising opportunities, apply for well-respected business recognition awards, participate in programs like training a Youth Apprenticeship or input/ glean data in the Wage & Benefit Study — just to name a few benefits. Schlies hosts a quarterly orientation for new members — and existing members interested in a refresher — to highlight membership offerings and reveal how members can get the greatest return on investment.

Membership ROI

This is a newer offering to membership, recognizing that the breadth and depth of Chamber offerings is deep, and that what one business views as a benefit can vary dramatically from another business. “We invite attendees to learn more about the Chamber and take a deeper dive into the benefits, so they are aware of everything that is available to them. We target our new members, but everyone is welcome,” she adds.

Leadership Green Bay: Economic Day

Winter 2017 | Collective IMPACT  9

“... the Chamber and its ambassadors become valuable partners — guiding them, advising them and providing venues to

Green Bay area.” ­ Sue May, senior IT recruiter at — Heartland Business Systems

integrate them into the

Ambassadors benefit Chamber Members 10  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017


mbassadors are professionals who represent the business community and support the Chamber. There are 37 individuals from Chamber member businesses who serve as ambassadors. These volunteers assist the Greater Green Bay Chamber by attending Chamber events and making connections that benefit members — both individuals and businesses.

“Ambassadors attend ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings to show their support of the business community”

In the last fiscal year, ambassadors attended 80 events, including 43 ribbon-cuttings.

— Renae Schlies

“Ambassadors attend ribbon cuttings and groundbreakings to show their support of the business community,” says Renae Schlies, director of membership and retention at the Greater Green Bay Chamber. By having ambassador representation at a milestone event, businesses can commemorate their accomplishments with a more formal affair. Pam Seidl, provider recruiting liaison for BayCare Clinic, first became an ambassador more than 20 years ago. She reveals one of her favorite things about being an ambassador is seeing the excitement on the faces of the new business owner and his or her staff at ribbon-cutting. Ambassadors also attend Business After Hours events. At these networking events, members are able connect with similar minded professionals. They view ambassadors as a friendly face in the crowd.

Ribbon-cutting: Encompass

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YMCA Workplace Wellness Program

Workplace Wellness does more than provide membership cards. We create a partnership in well-being and provide a plan that offers a healthier workplace environment. The Y offers a wellness program tailored to your company’s specific needs that can increase employee productivity, reduce absenteeism, and help lower insurance claims by designing on-site programming that can include:  Membership Match Incentive Wellness Coaching

 Employee Education  Personal Training

 Fitness Assessments  On-Site Wellness Activities

 On-Site Group Fitness Classes

GREEN BAY YMCA   920 436 9622 12  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017


benefit chamber members

Ribbon-cutting: YWCA

Ribbon-cutting: Sport Clips Haircuts

“They are a valuable resource for fellow members by connecting them to other individuals and businesses.”

“If an ambassador sees a member standing alone they may try to pull them in, introduce them to people and get them comfortable talking to other members,” adds Schlies. Seidl reveals she enjoys learning about new businesses joining the community and sharing their stories with her network. Ambassadors further assist the Chamber by participating in new member and retention calls. Schlies explains ambassadors answer member questions, invite them to upcoming events and try to get them more engaged in Chamber activities and programs. By being involved in Chamber happenings, ambassadors have a pulse on what’s happening in the community. In turn, they are a valuable resource for fellow members by connecting them to other individuals and businesses. Sue May, senior IT recruiter at Heartland Business Systems, has been an ambassador for 17 years. She says, “When a new business opens and the business owners want to meet people and other businesses in the community, the Chamber and its ambassadors become valuable partners — guiding them, advising them and providing venues to integrate them into the Green Bay area.”

Ambassadors’ Christmas Party

Winter 2017 | Collective IMPACT  13

Ambassador Question responses

& Answer

Q. Why is it important to you to volunteer as a Chamber ambassador? “I have been an ambassador for more than 25 years and have seen many positive changes in our business community. As an ambassador, I’ve been able to stay current with new business development as well as introduce new businesses and owners to the many excellent programs and rewards available through the Chamber. I’m proud to be able to be a resource for businesses — to help them succeed and grow.” — Lynn Zettel, senior portfolio sales agent, UnitedHealthcare Medical Solutions

14  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017

“There are many people in the community who are not aware of what the Chamber is all about. As an ambassador, I represent and am an advocate for the Chamber. If someone has a question about a community issue, I may not know the correct response, but I have contacts at the Chamber to get an answer.” — Barry J.Wolf, sales manager, Pamp’s Outboard Green Bay

“As a Chamber ambassador, I’m able to help promote new businesses and support business leaders.What could be better than networking with other community-minded individuals and sharing what local businesses are doing to make the Greater Green Bay area a better place to live and work?” — Kasha Huntowski, executive director, Neville Public Museum

“As an ambassador, I am able to give back to a community that has been so giving and inviting to me. I look at how many people we touch through the various events and gatherings and how many business ventures, relationships and lifelong friendships have been built. The Chamber allows so many businesses to meet, network and succeed.” — Janelle L. Binsfeld, financial associate,Thrivent Financial

“As an ambassador, I have an increased awareness of the diverse and robust business environment in the Greater Green Bay area. I have developed new business relationships, but even more important, new friendships. Being an ambassador has allowed me to share the benefits of being a member and an opportunity to promote other members’ goods and services.”

“Being an ambassador allows me to use my knowledge of available resources to strengthen the relationship between the Chamber and business community. I truly enjoy getting to know about new as well as existing businesses. The connections I make help me build a network for future conversations.” — Lynn A. Schad, lighting consultant, Wisconsin Public Service Corporation

“Being a Chamber ambassador gives me both an inlet and outlet to Green Bay and its surrounding communities.This allows me to see the growth and development within this great area, while having the ability to reach out and provide a service to our community. I’m also able to partner with a strong group of committed ambassadors that I can call friends.” — Tony Giovanetti, manager – fire division,Vorpahl Fire & Safety

“I recently relocated back to the Green Bay area, and I wanted to learn what has changed and rediscover things I may have missed.As an ambassador, I will be able to build long, lasting friendships with members of the community.” — Nick Kehoe, sales manager,Webfitters

— Mary DeChamps, assistant vice president/branch manager, U.S. Bank

“The Chamber plays an important role in the community, supporting and showcasing businesses and business leaders in ways that enrich the fabric of life in Northeast Wisconsin. I volunteer as an ambassador to do my small part to further that enrichment and champion the entrepreneurial spirit.” — Tori Grant Welhouse, account executive, Spectrum Reach

“I believe in supporting the business community through awareness events, like ribbon-cuttings and ground breakings. I also like to network with business professionals, help connect people and facilitate business growth.” — Nick Letter, investment advisor representative, Advisors Management Group, Inc.

Winter 2017 | Collective IMPACT  15

Ambassadors Q & A “It is a pleasure to welcome new businesses to the Green Bay area and to be there for a company if they need help with anything.” — Patty Hendrickson, business development executive, CleanPower LLC

“Being a volunteer provides me an opportunity to learn about what’s happening in the community — its growth and many changes. I’m able to pass that information along to fellow Chamber members.” — Joleen Allard, owner, Green Bay Area Newcomers Neighbors, volunteer, CEO Newcomers and Neighbors Inc.

“The Chamber has been a great way for me to network. I enjoy getting to know more about the community, and I want to help members feel as welcomed as I did when joining the Chamber.”

“I find it rewarding to be an ambassador — to welcome new businesses to our community, to watch them grow and become successful.” — Nancy Steffel, Seroogy’s Chocolates

— Diane R. Root, vice president, residential lender, Range Bank

“Being an ambassador has given me the opportunity to meet new people. I find it fascinating having an up-close look at how the community grows through entrepreneurship.” — Connie L.Tilot, assistant vice president, retail lending, Nicolet National Bank

“As an ambassador, I can be that link for new and established businesses in Greater Green Bay with the Chamber. It also gives me the opportunity to keep a pulse on what’s happening in our community.” — Becki Starry, real estate agent, Starry Realty

Q. What role do you believe the Chamber plays in our community? “The Chamber serves as a voice for businesses of all sizes in the Greater Green Bay area. They do this by providing a platform of networking and development opportunities for businesses and by helping promote the area to the workforce.” — Chris Robinson, owner, Full Scope Creative

16  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017

“The Chamber connects members —business owners have many opportunities to network with other business owners, to share stories, find answers and offer help. The Chamber is a well-respected entity, and I’m proud to be part of it.” — Michele Germain, sales director, Allcox & Associates S.C., Certified Public Accountants

“ The Chamber provides an easy network for businesses and business professionals to connect and to build off of one another. Small businesses may be dependent upon the vast networking capabilities that they would not have access to otherwise. The Chamber helps improve the region and retain professionals.” — Andrew Pollack, account executive, Aon Risk Solutions

“The Chamber connects the business professionals in our region. Its goal is to help our community and businesses grow, while creating an even better future for the area we live in.”

“I love welcoming new businesses into our chamber community, and celebrating with them at their ribbon cuttings and grand openings. I understand all the hard work it takes to not only open, but successfully run a business of any size. To be able to provide support to them is important.

— Becky Bartoszek, market leader, The QTI Group

— Amy Hobbins, owner, Journeys Unlimited Travel

“The Chamber plays a vital role in unifying and growing our business community and local economy. The Chamber has a long list of important roles, including serving as a networking connection, a community advocate and support system for new and existing businesses.”

Start or expand your business in the FASTEST GROWING


— Stew Koskinen, vice president,The Benefit Companies of Green Bay Inc.

“ The Chamber’s mission is to strengthen member businesses, which is an important component to helping Greater Green Bay thrive. The Chamber brings businesses together and coordinates programs and events that support its members’ needs and goals.” — Scott Stephens, account manager, GPS Education Partner

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For more details visit www.b u i l d i n h o b a r t .com Winter 2017 | Collective IMPACT  17

Ambassadors Q & A “The Chamber has an important role connecting businesses within the community. When businesses connect, they can grow together and build a stronger region.” — Jesse Hall, project manager, Keller Inc.

“The Chamber is an integral part of our Greater Green Bay business community — an essential element to our continued business growth and business promotions.” — Carol Lagerquist, real estate broker, Shorewest REALTORS

“It is difficult to grow and move forward in any business without building a support system and collaborating with other people and organizations. The Chamber is a key component to this partnership.” — Kim Pigeon-Metzner, artist resource director, The ARTgarage

“The Chamber plays a crucial role in the advancement of our region. They serve as an advocate and champion for Greater Green Bay area businesses and nonprofit groups and play a vital role in helping move the city’s business, educational and social service goals forward.” — Eric Craver, director of marketing and media management, University of Wisconsin — Green Bay

“ The Chamber, through its vision and mission statements, brings tremendous focus and resources to the community. It provides businesses, individuals and the community a ‘one-stop shop’ to help everyone succeed and prosper.” — Jim Nelson, director of sales, Prevea360 Health Plan

“The Chamber provides hope for businesses. If business members know the Chamber is committed to help them achieve their desire to grow, they are more apt to stay in our community. The Chamber offers a friendly connection. They do an excellent job of reaching out to members, asking what their needs are, helping members and educating them on what the Chamber has to offer.” — Wendy Willems, entrepreneur, Life

18  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017

“The Chamber is one of few organizations specifically designed to be a friend to businesses. From start-ups to large regional or statewide businesses, the Chamber helps make doing business easier, more affordable or more rewarding.” — Daniel L.Terrien, account executive, Woodward Radio Group

“The Chamber is the ‘glue’ that holds the local community and region together. I believe all businesses need to be a part of something, and being part of the Greater Green Bay Chamber is like being part of a huge, diverse family.” — Terry J. Hetzel, continuous improvement/ mediator, Oneida Nation of Wisconsin

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Winter 2017 | Collective IMPACT  19

Ambassadors Q & A “The Chamber is a conduit for businesses to work together, which allows all to grow stronger and creates a more productive place to live.” — Sue May, senior IT recruiter, Heartland Business Systems

“The Chamber is a strong, well-respected part of the community. By becoming a member, it tells the local consumer your business is here to be part of the community.The Chamber provides valuable information, promotes the value of the region and offers a variety of services and opportunities—lunch and learns, community-based leadership training programs, the chance to have a voice and be heard collectively and so much more.” — Jim Knopf, sales & marketing manager, Servpro of Brown County

“The role of the Chamber is to support and strengthen economic and community development. For many businesses, the Chamber provides resources that might not be available to them otherwise.These resources help them succeed, which builds a stronger community.” — Pam Seidl, provider recruiting liaison, BayCare Clinic

“The strength and success of a community is measured by its economic stability and growth. The role of the Chamber is to support, promote and connect local businesses with one another and with members of the community. The Chamber serves as a centralized resource and plays a vital role in promoting the region to help attract new businesses and promote tourism.” — Charles Svihlik, broker/benefits consultant, Forsite Benefits, Mylnertia Health & Wellness

“I believe the Chamber is the leading voice of area businesses, and acts on their behalf to improve our community as a whole. The Chamber provides so many resources from governmental affairs, education opportunities, workforce development, and business development to just name a few. I feel that we’re so lucky to have such an active and involved Chamber as we do. There is no doubt that because of the Chamber’s efforts, the greater Green Bay community is a much better place to live, work & to grow a business.” — Patrick Olejniczak, hotel manager, Kress Inn & Bemis Conference Center

What are ribbon-cuttings? Ribbon-cuttings celebrate member businesses’ grand openings, moves, expansions or other notable growth. Chamber ambassadors, Chamber staff, municipality representatives and others attend to commemorate the occasion.

20  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017

Ribbon-cutting: The Cannery

Winter 2017 | Collective IMPACT  21


member benefits

22  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017


Sellen gets involved in the political process, pushes for policies that benefit businesses and has critical conversations on behalf of industry sectors.

Benefit from advocacy The advocacy component within the Chamber sometimes goes unnoticed, but its impact on the business community is significant. Having Jayme Sellen, director of government affairs for the Chamber, on-staff full-time, gives members the benefit of the relationships she’s built with local legislators. Sellen gets involved in the political process, pushes for policies that benefit businesses and has critical conversations on behalf of industry sectors. She keeps tabs on what laws are changing and brings legislative matters — both good and bad — to the attention of impacted businesses. “There is a lot of advocacy work that is done behind the scenes to make businesses successful

and prosper in our region,” says Laurie Radke, president of the Chamber. “I have those conversations with legislators that our members don’t have time to do or they don’t have access to the lawmakers,” says Sellen. “There is value in me having conversations on their behalf, so local businesses can do what they do best, which is provide a service or make a product.” The Chamber issues a legislative agenda every two years and also collaborates on an agenda with several of its cohorts, creating a Northeast Chamber Coalition legislative agenda (NEWCC). Sellen helps to create the Chamber’s agenda, outlining the Chamber’s legislative goals

and priorities. The legislative agenda contains local statistics to track success and demonstrate members’ return on investment in the Chamber. She also funnels those priorities to the NEWCC legislative agenda. “As a Chamber, we believe government affairs is an important department within our organization — if you need help [on legislative issues affecting business], Jayme’s here,” says Radke.“It really is an extra benefit few other Chambers have.”

Winter 2017 | Collective IMPACT  23

Top 5 Member



Member businesses benefit by either saving the company money or by passing discounts on to employees.

Save money Members can save significant money with exclusive discounts on products and services. The Chamber’s Smart Business Savings program offers members-only discounts from five strategic partners: Cellcom, Staples, UnitedHealthcare, GTS and the Greater Green Bay YMCA. Member businesses benefit by either saving the company money or by passing discounts on to employees. Chamber members can also save money on job postings. By partnering with NationJob, members with more than 35 employees can post local jobs at a drastically reduced rate, as much as a 90 percent discount. By getting larger employers connected with NationJob, Greater Green Bay Chamber members with fewer than 35 employees can post local jobs for free, saving an estimated $500 per job.

Leadership Green Bay - Human Services Day

24  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017

Member savings add up with Smart Business Savings In today’s competitive environment, businesses must keep a close eye on costs and their bottom line.The Smart Business Savings program offered through the Chamber provides businesses additional benefits from their membership investment. Members are presented with immediate savings opportunities from a handful of businesses. The Chamber negotiates exclusive members-only discounts on business-related products and services, including mobile device service from Cellcom, office supplies from Staples, ancillary health insurance from UnitedHealth Group, shipping and receiving services from GTS and membership and a wellness program from the YMCA. By collaborating with these businesses, the Chamber offers members the opportunity to save thousands of dollars. “We provide a point of contact, and members receive discounts directly from the participating companies,” says Renae Schlies, director of membership and retention at the Chamber. “It is a pretty seamless process. It’s easy to take advantage of the program.” Kurt Voss, chief executive officer for AmeriLux International LLC in De Pere, estimates a quarter of his employees take advantage of discounts offered by Cellcom through the Smart Business Savings program. “We are not only supporting a local business, but [giving] our employees an opportunity to access services they wouldn’t otherwise have,” says Voss. “We see it as an employee benefit, and I think our employees view it that way as well.”

The Smart Business Savings program is beneficial to all parties. In this situation, Cellcom adds customers, member businesses have even more satisfied employees and employees save money. “I believe for any relationship — business or personal—to be sustainable it has to be a win/ win. This program is a triple win, so it is not only sustainable, but also one that will survive over time,” adds Voss. More than 150 member businesses take advantage of Cellcom’s discounts offered through the Smart Business Savings program. Participants can save up to 20 percent off nationwide calling plans.

Savings of any size is

beneficial to business. Staples offers Chamber members discounted prices on more than 23,000 products — the discount varies by item, but the average savings is 15-20 percent. Nearly 40 members use the program. Member businesses can receive up to 10 percent off ancillary lines of coverage through UnitedHealthcare and save an average of 10 to 35 percent on shipping annually with GTS. By partnering with the YMCA, the Chamber is able to offer members program savings and additional wellness services. With minimal effort, companies of all sizes can save money with their Chamber membership. Kurt Voss, chief executive officer for AmeriLux International, LLC

Winter 2017 | Collective IMPACT  25

Top 5 Member



Power Networking Breakfast

Make connections Chamber members have access to a network of more than 10,000 — the number of potential exposures members have through qualified and targeted networking opportunities.

Each spring, the Chamber hosts the Business Showcase, a well-attended business-to-business expo. More than 180 businesses participated in the showcase last year, and hundreds attended.

Members are invited to attend their choice of monthly, quarterly and annual events, including Business After Hours, Power Networking Breakfasts, professional development programs, social events and more.

“Members can be in the showcase or simply attend,” says Schlies. “You are able to network with a lot of different people in a short amount of time. It’s also a great way to promote your business in a business-to-business setting.”

“You are able to network with a lot of different people in a short amount of time. It’s also a great way to promote your business in a business-to-business setting.”

26  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017

NationJob provides members affordable access to top talent NationJob is a valuable recruitment tool available to Greater Green Bay Chamber members trying to fill important job openings. NationJob uses a network of websites and services to promote area jobs on a local, regional and national scale. Chamber members are welcome to take advantage of the resource at a significantly reduced rate. By getting larger organizations to join NationJob, the Greater Green Bay Chamber can offer the tool to Chamber members with fewer than 35 employees for free. Nearly 80 Greater Green Bay Chamber members use NationJob. “NationJob is another service we offer our members,” says Renae Schlies, director of membership and retention at the Greater Green Bay Chamber. “Recruitment of new employees can be a high cost to smaller businesses so this is a great solution to help those companies out.” Greater Green Bay companies have been posting on NationJob since 1996. In that time, area businesses advertised more than 85,000 local job openings and collectively saved more than $25 million in job listing fees.

Member chime-in “Since having learned of NationJob through the Chamber, Romo has seen a very good response from job applicants and has hired great employees from our postings through NationJob. Because most of our open positions are entry-level positions, we can renew postings as often as needed, and with the annual cost we can post as many positions during the year as needed by our management team — a winning combination for Romo Durable Graphics.  tilizing NationJob has significantly reduced the U amount of time we spend on job postings while increasing our visibility for job applicants looking for the manufacturing experience.The ease of being able to store postings on NationJob’s webpage, recall to repost when needed and link NationJob to our website and Facebook page has expanded our visibility to potential job applicants. And, because NationJob partners with other posting sites, we are able to get well-rounded coverage for one annual cost.” — Debbie Wittrock, accounting manager/ human resources coordinator for Romo Durable Graphics in De Pere

Debbie Wittrock, accounting manager/ human resource coordinator, Romo Durable Graphics De Pere

NationJob also allows smaller companies to reach the same talent pool as large employers—a huge benefit to Chamber member businesses. Finding and hiring the right employee has a significant impact on business success.

Winter 2017 | Collective IMPACT  27

Top 5 Member


“... Consumers think more favorably about a business if they are a Chamber member.”

Create a reputation A study provided by the Schapiro Group suggests consumers think more favorably about a business if they are a Chamber member — 71 percent are more likely to think positively about a company’s reputation, and 83 percent are more likely to purchase goods or services from the company.


Annual Dinner 2016: Craig Aderhold received the Daniel Whitney Award

28  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017

Applying, or being nominated, for Chamber award opportunities, such as the Business Recognition Luncheon awards and Manufacturing Awards of Distinction, can also add to a company’s credibility. But, beyond statistics and awards, Radke says that by being a Chamber member, businesses are supporting the community. “There is something special about businesses that become a Chamber member — they are giving back to the community and contributing to the quality of life in it,” adds Radke.

Wage and Benefit Study delivers local data For a hiring manager, one critical component to presenting a competitive job offer is having accurate market data. While national wage and benefit statistics can be useful, it’s often outdated or not relevant to the local market. In 1960, the Greater Green Bay Chamber established the Wage & Benefit Study to provide employers access to local wage and benefit figures. In 2005, the Northeast Wisconsin Chambers Coalition (NEWCC) joined the study. Six Chambers currently participate in the study. By adding to the number of companies contributing data, the Chamber has created an even more valuable resource for members. Companies can compare wage and fringe benefit information against businesses throughout Northeast Wisconsin. Each year, Chamber member companies from Greater Green Bay, Fond du Lac, Appleton/Fox Cities, Oshkosh, Shawano County and Waupaca are asked to respond to wage and benefit questions. For the 2016-2017 survey, 165 businesses reported on compensation for more than 5,100 positions; they were asked 173 benefit questions. Chamber members are able to purchase the data at a discount. Participants are offered an even more significant discount in return for supplying their data. Cindy Gokey, economic development coordinator for Advance, a program of the Greater Green Bay Chamber, is the project coordinator for the study. She explains the survey is a valuable resource to companies unsure how to compensate employees. “Besides receiving information on an annual basis, companies appreciate that the information is accurate and from local sources — it’s valuable data to help them attract and retain quality employees,” she says. Fox River Fiber has participated in the Wage & Benefit Study for more than 10 years. Shelia Stordahl, human resources manager for Fox River Fiber, reveals the company participates in the study to ensure it’s offering competitive pay and benefits to associates. “As we work to ensure top pay and benefits for our associates, we need to continually take the pulse of what is happening around us. Being aware of the employment market and what is happening to wages, especially in our area and the surrounding areas, is critical to remain competitive with peers. To keep that competitive edge, we need to have the most recent market data available to be able to accurately compare salaries of employees to the local employment market,” adds Stordahl.,“The study is a valuable tool that more local businesses should take advantage of.”

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5. Cake and Cookie


are focused on collectively coming

together for the betterment of workforce and economic development and improved quality of life.”

­— Laurie Radke

Build your business

All Chamber members — small and large — have resources available to them to help their business thrive. The Advance Business & Manufacturing Center (including its incubator) and Brown County Culinary Kitchen offer affordable business space and, even more importantly, business support. Strategic business partnerships with SCORE, the UWGB Small Business Development Center and Northeast Wisconsin Technical College Center for Entrepreneurship are valuable resources for businesses just getting started. Location assistance is available for businesses looking to change locations or expand within Brown County. Advance’s business retention committee supports area businesses and identifies opportunities and challenges across industries. Chamber staff is continually looking at programs and services to stay relevant and provide members with a return on their investment. “We are focused on collectively coming together for the betterment of workforce and economic development and improved quality of life. When a business becomes a member of the Chamber they are investing in our mission statement to serve the community,” concludes Radke.

30  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017

HIRE skilled, job ready technical college grads FREE – no cost to employers FAST – jobs posted daily EASY – post a job in minutes TARGETED to a technically skilled workforce REACH students, graduates and faculty statewide with a single job entry VIEW candidate resumes from programs matching your job postings


Call NWTC - Career Services call 920-498-6250 or email

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Chamber member anniversaries 35 YEARS

Green Bay Seven-Up Bottling Co. Inc. Moski Corporation Schlaefer-Martin Memorials


Cellcom Fabio Perini North America


McDonald Lumber Company Inc.


SEEK Careers/Staffing


Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Allcox & Associates S.C. Mackinaws Grill & Spirits Maintenance Associates Inc.

32  Collective IMPACT | Winter 2017


Blue Harbor Resort & Conference Center BreakthroughFuel® LLC Captain’s Walk Winery Master Fleet LLC Midwest Dental — Green Bay East Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery Ramada Plaza Hotel Security Finance Corporation of WI United States Postal Service


Vital Essentials Age Well Centre for Life Enrichment Ascher’s Janitorial Services Kwik Trip Inc. Management Women Inc. Newcomer Funeral Home Rummele’s Jewelers Inc. ESOP Partners LLC


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Greater Green Bay Chamber 300 N. Broadway, Ste. 3A Green Bay, WI 54303


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Any Retail Location

Offer valid 2/2/17 through 3/1/17 or while supplies last. No rain checks. Activation at time of service, service agreement and credit approval required. New line activation or qualified upgrade required. Universal Service Fund (USF) and regulatory and other recovery fees charged on all service lines. An E911 fee or Police & Fire Protection Fee is charged on all service lines. Taxes, fees and surcharges vary and are subject to change without notice. See retail location or for details. Promotional offers subject to change. Visit for details. Switch & Save: Receive up to $500 in invoice credits when you trade in your latest smartphone device. Flex or 2yr service agreement with new device purchase required. Must port in a new line of service. Not redeemable for cash. Negotiated Accounts not eligible. Line restrictions apply. To apply for your credits, you must submit, within 45 days of activation, a reimbursement form along with the entire copy of your last wireless bill from your previous wireless carrier that includes the charge for the early termination fee. Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing. LG V20 Offer: 2yr service agreement required. Not available with Flex or Advance Pay services. Smartphone data package required. Must purchase a new LG V20 to qualify. 15 Day Guarantee: If within 15 days you are not completely satisfied with Cellcom’s wireless service, pay for the services you have used and return the equipment in acceptable condition. Other restrictions apply. See store for details. Trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners.

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