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Contents. SPRING 2016 | ISSUE #13


02 Message from Laurie Radke 03 The Roots of Leadership Green Bay PRESIDENT Laurie Radke EDITOR Steve Levin ART DIRECTOR Dana Jacobson

04 Committees

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08 Session days


28 Alumni listing

10 Class of 2016 community projects 14 Legacy of Leadership 16 Past community projects 26 Alumni testimonials

32 Milestone member anniversaries A DV E RT I S E R S 00 YMCA 00 Hometown Bank 00 Village of Hobart 07 UnitedHealthcare 13 Robinson Heating and Cooling 13 SMET 13 SCORE 24 Austin Straubel 24 Village of Allouez 24 National Railroad Museum 25 Element 25 St. Norbert College 30 Range Bank 33 Northeast Wisconsin Technical College -

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ON THE COVER: Leadership Green Bay Class of 2016. For a list of the class of 2016, see page 31.

Leadership Green Bay — The program that keeps on giving


here’s a well-known saying by John Maxwell that says, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” That quote particularly resonates with me when I think about Leadership Green Bay, the Chamber’s community-based leadership program. In many ways, Leadership Green Bay was a forerunner of servant leadership.

Leadership Green Bay’s mission statement is “inspiring leaders to enrich our community.” The program does this through a unique leadership experience that differentiates itself from other leadership training or coaching or development in a few distinct ways. Just one of these is that it’s experiential.The leadership in the name of the program is not just a title. Instead, the 42 participants selected for each year’s class agree to find and own a small group project that addresses a community need or problem. As of 2015’s class, our 1,110 program graduates have completed more than 140 projects that produced an estimated $2.3 million impact on the Greater Green Bay community. And the way that each of these projects came to being originates with the class attending monthly sessions focused on different aspects of the community, from Human Services Day to Education Day, Government Day to Inclusive Leadership Day. It’s amazing how those session days open eyes and give both people who have lived here their entire lives as well as transplants a fresh and in-depth perspective. That’s because it’s upfront and personal; because of the commitment class members make to the class, they devote an entire day once a month, for nine months, to experiencing the community in a focused and frank way they may never have had the opportunity to do before.What they learn is not merely factual, but also tugs on heart strings and helps them realize what their passion is and where

2  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

they — and their company — can make a difference. Most importantly, the sessions and associated homework and activities not only move people, but move them to ACT. As I mentioned at the beginning of this column, caring is at the core of Leadership Green Bay. The program has — since its inception — encouraged each class member to self-reflect.That includes something many of us as leaders are not always quick to do, as it requires us to accept a level of vulnerability. But it’s that willingness to be vulnerable with fellow class members —through different exercises that reveal that we are all more alike than we are different — that class members not only form a deep bond that lasts for a lifetime, but lead with their hearts in the community. In doing so, Leadership Green Bay graduates are able to connect to community causes in a very personal way, and one that is the polar opposite of a course that’s rooted in the theory of leadership. In being willing to be vulnerable, class members exhibit a special level of strength that also enables them to grow as individuals and become part of a greater whole — Leadership Green Bay alumni. That became particularly evident to me when I attended the recent Legacy of Leadership event, which showcased some of the earliest classes of Leadership Green Bay. Each class brings together a group of people who are strangers in the beginning but who come together with a shared purpose and, in the process, develop lifelong

relationships. These are relationships that benefit not only the community at large, but the business community as well. After partaking in personality assessments, class members are purposely assembled into small groups for their projects that provide the greatest diversity and variety of personalities. In this setting, class members learn leadership skills, project management skills and how to work with people not only with diverse personalities, but from diverse industries and backgrounds. Class members return to their workplaces with a new respect and depth of vestment in volunteerism, as well as a new level of interpersonal skills, perspectives and methods they can immediately implement in the workplace to the benefit of their entire teams. I like to say that there might be a defined start to the Leadership Green Bay programming when class members attend the retreat that kicks off each program year in September. But there is no finish. As a graduate of the Leadership Green Bay class of 2003, I can speak to the fact that class graduates have an ongoing and “collective impact” on both personal and professional levels. To all our Leadership Green Bay graduates, volunteers, supporting businesses and sponsors, thank you!

— Laurie Radke

President, Greater Green Bay Chamber

THE OF LEADERSHIP GREEN BAY In a 1982 survey of community leaders, the Chamber asked respondents to comment on leadership development within the Greater Green Bay area. These people expressed a feeling that there was a lack of interest in leadership among potential leaders, or at least reluctance among new people to assume leadership roles. The Chamber’s board of directors addressed this issue twice during 1983; at a planning conference and again during its accreditation process. Out of this came a recommendation to develop a formalized training program, which came to be called Leadership Green Bay. The purpose of the program was to: Identify and develop potential leaders Acquaint those leaders with community needs and problems Offer alternatives for addressing those needs and problems Prepare and challenge them to become involved Leaders from a variety of sectors within the community formed three committees (totaling 23 members) and went to work developing the curriculum, recruiting and selecting participants and developing a plan to market graduates. The program accomplished its goals by identifying and selecting 29 participants for its first class from diverse backgrounds and holding a series of nine informative one- and two-day seminars.

Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  3



APRIL SMITH Chair, Leadership Green Bay Alumni Committee Ansay & Associates LLC



he Alumni Committee for Leadership Green Bay was created to engage and support alumni, maintain a database of all graduates of the program, plan events and lead the fundraising efforts of the Leadership Green Bay program. Since 1985, Leadership Green Bay has graduated over 1,100 participants of the program. From these participants, there are numerous projects that the Greater Green Bay area has benefitted from. This committee is responsible for reviewing future applicants to the program, participating in interviews with the project teams from each class and maintaining and creating awareness of the Leo Frigo and John M. and Meredith B. Rose awards. Our signature fundraising event for the program is called Legacy of Leadership. We are now in our second year of this event.

Leo Frigo Award

This award is the program’s highest achievement. It is awarded to an individual who has been nominated by their peers for their 4  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

significant and continual contributions to the Leadership Green Bay program as well as the Greater Green Bay community. They are an advocate and model of community leadership. Prior recipients of this award have included Michael Moore (2015) and Gregg Bushner (2014).

John M. & Meredith B. Rose Award

The award recipient is a business whose leadership and strong community giving is over and above expectations. This award is meant to build community awareness of the importance of building a network of leaders within our community. The recipient of this award shares these values and makes a difference, just as the namesake of this award has done. Both John and Meredith Rose have been known for their remarkable commitment to leadership and community giving, both professionally and personally. Prior recipients of this award have included Hager, Dewick and Zuengler S.C. (2015) and University of Wisconsin – Green Bay (2014).

Legacy of Leadership

This event was developed to be a fundraising event that brings together alumni, prospective

candidates of the program, friends and family of the graduates as well as the employers and nonprofits the graduates represent. It is a time to celebrate and promote our program’s success and encourage continual involvement in Leadership Green Bay. Each year, we select a class to honor at the event. During our inaugural year of this event, 2015, we chose to honor the very first class of 1985. Classmates of this year connected with old and new graduates and shared their experiences through their Leadership Green Bay journey. It is during this event that we announce the winners of the Leo Frigo and John M. and Meredith B. Rose award winners. Fundraising is an important part of any nonprofit program. All of the money raised from applications, ticket sales, silent auction items and sponsorships are put back into the programming for Leadership Green Bay. If you are interested in donating or sponsoring our Legacy of Leadership or becoming one of our sponsors for the overall Leadership Green Bay program, please contact Sue Zittlow at 920.593.3412.



he Leadership Green Bay Curriculum Committee is largely considered the engine behind the program. We work year-round to establish new, exciting, relevant and thought-provoking content for each session day – History Day, Human Services Day, Education Day, Economic Development Day, Government Day, Inclusive Leadership Day and Environment Day. In addition, the Curriculum Committee works to plan the Opening Retreat and Closing Day/Ceremony. Each session day is the product of many hours of planning by subcommittees (typically consisting of three to five members) that are established for the purpose of creating the best experience for the class possible. Subcommittees retain speakers, create interactive activities, compile panels of experts and arrange site visits for the class members. Each subcommittee begins with creating a framework for its session day and reports back to the entire curriculum committee for feedback on what can be done to improve or expand upon the proposed session day. The at-large committee focuses its efforts on framing the course content around “The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” from The Leadership Challenge, by James Kouzes and Barry Posner, which is loosely considered the “textbook” for Leadership Green Bay. Class members are given a copy of The Leadership Challenge early in the year and asked to focus their experience on “The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” which are identified as:

Model the Way

Encourage leaders to behave the same way they encourage others to behave, with their own voice and values.

Inspire a Shared Vision

Focus on developing a vision and series of goals that everyone at the organization cares about and works toward collectively, with clear understanding.

Challenge the Process

Encourage moving “outside the boundaries” to be innovative to make change.

Enable Others to Act

Encourage leaders to create a safe and trusting environment for people to collaborate, experiment, and engage.

Encourage the Heart

Focus on being sincere, including sincere celebrations devoted to recognizing employee successes. In developing the curriculum, committee members are encouraged to call out specific examples of the above practices, and provide an avenue of learning for the class that allows the class to see or experience how “The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership” are already in practice in our community. The Curriculum Committee attempts to bring thought-provoking material before the class members to help elicit the best form of leader from within each class member. The Curriculum Committee is essentially challenged with taking 40-plus professionals from all different walks in their leadership journey and finding something each day that will ignite a new fire or deeper understanding of who they are as a leader or how their style of leadership impacts their business or community. Without question, each person is slightly different, which forces the Curriculum Committee to attempt to diversify the content of each day as much as possible. The committee itself is composed of approximately 20 members, most of whom are alumni of the program.The committee meets the third Wednesday of each month at the Greater Green Bay Chamber building.

STEVE KRUEGER Chair, Leadership Green Bay Curriculum Committee Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry S.C. Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  5



AMY SEEHAFER Chair, Leadership Green Bay Steering Committee Foth



he purpose of the Leadership Green Bay Steering Committee is to ensure the quality, vitality and continuing development of the Leadership Green Bay program. The committee works together with the Greater Green Bay Chamber to determine the vision and operational model for the Leadership Green Bay program. Past chairs of other Leadership Green Bay committees generally fill vice chair, chair, and past chair positions. To encourage sustainability within the program, there is a three year term where a member begins as vice chair, moves to chair position in year two and then to past chair in year three. Each year the Steering Committee chooses strategic goals and then works with each of the three committees (Curriculum, Marketing and Membership, and Alumni) to determine an operational plan for executing the strategies.The Steering Committee meets monthly to discuss program effectiveness, program

6  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

structure, sponsorship and fundraising, effective partnering with Chamber resources and solutions to any operational challenges within the program. For the 2016 program year, the Steering Committee is actively working on re-establishing an Alumni Committee, a sustainable database strategy to maintain contact with graduates of the program, evaluating the opening retreat structure, creating sustainable documentation for each committee and session day and revisiting the structure of the Steering Committee itself.The Leadership Green Bay program has a dual purpose in that it aspires to develop leadership skills and promote community leadership. This causes a lot of healthy debate about curriculum content at the various session days and the focus of various events such as the annual Welcome Breakfast, Legacy of Leadership event and graduation event. The Steering Committee gets involved with each class of Leadership Green Bay participants by participating in the facilitation of

the two-day opening retreat in September, facilitating a mid-year project review event where project teams are required to present the concept and approach for executing their group project and participating in the Welcome Breakfast and graduation events. The Steering Committee also has the responsibility to assemble an external advisory panel. The purpose of the advisory panel is to provide a forum to gather an external voice on the direction and content of the Leadership Green Bay program. The advisory panel is appointed by the Steering Committee annually and is composed of no less than three community leaders with extensive experience with competencies such as leadership training, curriculum and community engagement. The Leadership Green Bay program is continually evolving and growing to meet the demands of our participants, and the Steering Committee is ultimately responsible for making sure all aspects of the program are on par.



he responsibility of the Leadership Green Bay Membership and Marketing Committee is to promote the program and recruit and select the next class. The committee is composed of alumni that have a strong passion to promote, grow the program and showcase the impacts Leadership Green Bay is having on the Greater Green Bay community. The committee is currently led by Eric Craver, University of Wisconsin - Green Bay.

The Membership and Marketing Committee works closely with the other Leadership Green Bay committees to understand their marketing needs, get feedback from alumni and identify opportunities to continue to promote the Leadership Green Bay program. Committee members work closely with Steve Levin, the Chamber’s director of marketing and communications, to define and execute plans supporting the needs of the program.

ERIC CRAVER, Chair, Leadership Green Bay Membership and Marketing Committee UWGB

Class recruitment and getting business support is the main focus for the committee.They work closely with Sue Zittlow, Chamber director of workforce development, to maintain the applications, define class selection criteria and recruit applicants through working with alumni and other sources. After the application period, the committee then facilitates a daylong selection meeting. The selection meeting includes committee chairs and the program director to review each application and select the class.

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Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  7



Education Inspiration



eadership Green Bay founders believed the more individuals knew about Greater Green Bay — and the more they got involved — the more likely they were to stay in the community.

“Giving people a program to not only learn about individuals and organizations in the community but the opportunity to really give back presents a whole new level of leadership,” says Sue Zittlow, director of workforce development at the Greater Green Bay Chamber. “Leadership Green Bay focuses on servant leadership — how to get participants involved and how they can make the community great.”

8  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016


❝ 2016 SESSION DAYS The Leadership Green Bay program always kicks off with a two-day overnight retreat. “There is a lot of team building happening at the retreat. It is also time for individuals to learn about themselves and to reflect on what their goals are for this journey,” adds Zittlow. The seven session days currently include History and Heritage, Human Services, Education, Economic and Community Development, Government, Inclusive Leadership and Environment. Zittlow reveals Education Day made a lasting impact on the Leadership Green Bay class this year. “Many of the class members are now volunteering in the schools they toured,” she says. Economic and Community Development Day featured a panel of economic development experts who offered a glimpse into what’s up and coming.“By seeing things behind the scenes, hearing the plans for the future and understanding the vision of community leaders, you find yourself thinking differently about Greater Green Bay,” says Zittlow. April’s Environment Day included a panel of professionals from area businesses who are focused on being environmentally friendly and what that means for their organization. Broadway Automotive came in to discuss hybrid cars and the autos’ impact on the environment before transporting the class to their afternoon tours.

The session day topics address areas that people need to know to really understand what makes our community work and operate. — Sue Zittlow, director of workforce development, Greater Green Bay Chamber

SESSION DAYS REMAIN CURRENT There are two main components of the Leadership Green Bay program: session days and a small group project.The session day concept was part of the initial program, although topics and session names have changed over time. “The session day topics address areas that people need to know to really understand what makes our community work and operate,” adds Zittlow. “The Curriculum Committee and Steering Committee have conversations all the time if these are the right days and the right topics.We have made some changes to the names.The goal statements and outcomes for each of the days have also changed slightly based on what is happening in the community or what is needed.” The Curriculum Committee subgroups drive the content and activities for the session days. They set the agenda and secure the speakers. The Greater Green Bay Chamber is in charge of the location and social at the end of the day. “In some cases we have panel discussions, and in others we might do tours. Sometimes we’ll have in-depth discussions and reflections,” says Zittlow. “Every session is a little different, but they are always very full days. The social at the end of the day gives you time to process what just transpired.” The socials are also an opportunity to connect with Leadership Green Bay class members, alumni and business leaders. Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  9


Community projects CLASS OF 2016



MEMBERS Pete Dewar Joe Hanrahan Brian Hasser Katie Hess Megan Loritz Nicole Raisleger Lauri Welhouse

TEAM ADVISER Lindsey Kabat

10  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

STAGE AT WHITNEY PARK Leadership Green Bay Team 1 has plans to help revive the downtown Green Bay area.Whitney Park, located off Main Street, allows lots of green space for many people in the surrounding area. “There has been lots of talk regarding bringing the downtown area back to life, and we all thought that this would be a great way to really kick things off,” says Katie Hess. Team 1 is planning to construct a covered stage in the center of Whitney Park. It will be open to the public, as well as accommodate summer performances that are hosted there yearly. The team hopes that it’ll be

able to add sound and lighting into the stage sometime in the future. “We have really high hopes for the area. This has been a great project to put things into motion,” says Hess.The team chose this project because of their strong belief in restoring the downtown area, and preserving the events that they host there already. They also believe that it’s a great place for young people to go for fun and entertainment locally. They look forward to seeing all the other things that can and will be added to the park and surrounding area in the future, and are very glad to be a part of getting things started.

2 34

MEMBERS Tricia Adams Brent Hensel Lynn Kroll Lauren Lindsley Missy Schmeling Tyler Smith Skyla Vandervest

TEAM ADVISER Dave Campshure


Members of Leadership Green Bay Team 2 are servicing the community through a new nature-centered playground. It will be located at Encompass Early Education and DayCare in De Pere. Team 2 created the plan with youth in mind, and all the ways that they could keep children active and outdoors.They also wanted to take on a project that they knew would have an impact on the community.

The playground will include an outdoor kitchen and music wall, a bridge over a water source leading to a sandbox, a raised garden and trellis, a large tree configuration for climbing and even a butterfly garden. Encompass, a nonprofit organization, serves over 100 children every day, and with this new play area, it will be ensured that the children will get lots of outdoor playtime.The play area will be open to those who are enrolled in the early care and education programs at Encompass.

MEMBERS Brian Blaney Sara Halfmann Faith Hill Kari Moody Chris Ostrand Nicole Ronk Adam Sutter

MEMBERS Patricia Belongia Andria Hannula Steven Holschuh Nicholas Linz Kathie Mickle Amanda Schmidt Jesse Stukenberg

TEAM ADVISER Tammy Ashauer


Leadership Green Bay Team 3’s project is launching an ad campaign regarding the need for foster parents in the Brown County area. The team identified a need surrounding foster care in the area.“We really wanted to help an already existing program, and make that one better rather than starting a whole new one,” says Andria Hannula.“The foster care program was just something we all could really get behind, and found ourselves to be super passionate about.” There has been a shortage of foster parents for the children of Brown County in recent years, and Team 3 is set on changing that. The group’s ad campaign will target potential foster parents through multiple media outlets. They plan to make videos and do press releases that the public will view. This will raise awareness to the shortage of parents, and get more people interested in the ways they can help. Team 3 is partnering with Brown County Human Services and the Division of Child and Family Services to help gain support in the community, and help network.

TEAM ADVISER Alisa Anderson


Leadership Green Bay Team 4 is planning to help revamp the Navarino Park in East Green Bay.The team decided that youth was at the top of the list of priorities when they were choosing their project, and ideally they wanted to help kids stay healthy and active.

With the area around the park highly populated, there is little green space. Many people don’t even have yards and rely on the park as a place for their children to play in the summertime.There are many educational and fun events the park hosts, and it’s essential they have the best area possible. Upon becoming a focal point of the community, the team thinks it’s important for the park to offer educational areas for children and a water source for the summers. They plan to construct space specifically for future gardening purposes, a reading area for the children, as some schools use the area in summer for reading courses and an educational play area. They have received financial support from Prevea, Denmark State Bank, PAi, Schenk and Prevea 360 Health Plan.

Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  11

MEMBERS Stephanie Cavedeas Tricia Herald Chet Lamers Jennifer Maier Luke Mongin Traci Ombrello Trenten Woelfel TEAM ADVISER Eric Gerarden



Leadership Green Bay Team 5, also know as “Superheroes of Safety” are literally setting a very important educational opportunity into motion. They conceived of their project after sitting down and agreeing something they all could connect with was children and how they could help them learn to be safe in their home environment. The goal for their project is to be able to construct a mobile training unit to help educate people on the risks of the home, and how to protect themselves and others from those risks. The project will allow many children and adults to learn about the possible issues that can arise in the home which are sometimes are ignored.The mobile safety unit will provide scenarios for people to experience, as well as an array of safety products and how to use them. The team is backed by many different organizations and people willing to help with the funding; Nicolet Bank and the Green Bay Packers are among some of the supporters of the project. “Not only is the support of these organizations and companies awesome in itself, but also as I go on fundraising, it’s become such an awesome way to raise awareness about what we are doing, and what we are trying to prevent,” says team member Chet Lamers. The “Superheroes of Safety” are even expanding their project to many other aspects of the community. Because of its mobility, the mobile safety unit will be able to reach many different counties and cities. When not in use for teaching children and adults in the community, it can be used as a model for nursing students in the area, really touching all aspects of the community in a relatable and fun way. 12  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

BRINGING PARTY (PREVENT ALCOHOL AND RISK-RELATED TRAUMA IN YOUTH) TO GREEN BAY Leadership Green Bay Team 6 is crusading against teenage recklessness. Adopted from a concept originating in the Appleton area, the team is implementing the PARTY (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth) Program in which high school students walk through the process of an alcohol-caused trauma from the point of injury through the rehabilitation process. The team wanted to find a way they could help teens and discovered the performances had been doing well every year in Appleton.The team’s event will occur annually and will be performance-based.They are partnering with the Anti Drug and Alcohol Task Force, along with St. Mary’s and St. Vincent’s hospitals. The performances will target Greater Green Bay area students in the sophomore class, as they are seen as being particularly vulnerable to questionable behavior and negative influence. Part of the performances will be victims of car crashes and similar things, speaking as a part of their community service or sentencing, along with live acting of scenarios that have been caused by alcohol.


The team plans to implement many real aspects of the risks that come with this type of behavior and to show teens what really can happen when they behave recklessly.

MEMBERS Aymee Balison Sarah Beckman Jill Fochs Gail Ostrander Chris Stanaszak Nick Vlies Josie Young TEAM ADVISER Jeff Erwin

Would you like to give back to your community while helping local businesses?

Phone: 920-222-2167

Since 1934

Our Reputation is Building|800.275.1872

Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  13

Legacy of Leadership celebrates alumni


ore than 1,000 community members have graduated from the Greater Green Bay Chamber’s Leadership Green Bay program.The experiences and skills developed throughout the program have allowed these men and women to not only impact their workplace, but also the community. To showcase the remarkable individuals who have participated in Leadership Green

14  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

Bay, the Greater Green Bay Chamber hosts an annual Legacy of Leadership event and fundraiser. This alumni event is currently held every April, replacing previous all-class reunions and fundraising events. Legacy of Leadership was created to celebrate the longevity of the Leadership Green Bay program. Past graduating classes are honored. In April 2016, Legacy of Leadership applauded the classes of 1986 and 1987. “Alumni events have been happening since the program started, although there were a lot of different ways we went about it. This is a more of a formal event,” says Sue Zittlow, director of workforce development at the Greater Green Bay Chamber.

By Jennifer Hogeland

The evening includes a social, dinner and keynote presentation. Attendees have an opportunity to bid on some amazing silent auction items with proceeds benefiting the Leadership Green Bay program and scholarship recipients. Approximately 150 people attend the Legacy of Leadership each year. Attendees include past graduates and members of the public who are interested in the

program.“We have a lot of businesses that support Leadership Green Bay, so they often attend along with the recipients of the Leadership Green Bay small group projects,” adds Zittlow. Legacy of Leadership is the perfect event to honor the Leo Frigo Award and the John M. and Meredith B. Rose Business Award winners.

“These individuals and businesses are really standouts that have given back to the community,” says Zittlow.“When you look at the business award winners, they are all very dedicated to staff development and to the community — it’s amazing the impact they’ve had on the community.” Winners of the 2016 awards were Keith Pamperin and Schreiber Foods.

“The awards are to showcase both individuals and businesses that are committed to leadership development and giving back to the community,” says Zittlow. Individuals and businesses submit applications, which are reviewed, and a committee selects the winners of the two distinguished Leadership Green Bay awards. The Leo Frigo Award honors a graduate of the Leadership Green Bay program who is still involved in the community. Zittlow explains the award is named after Leo Frigo because of his volunteer work and community commitment. The John M. and Meredith B. Rose Business Award is given to a business that has dedicated itself to the community and supports the Leadership Green Bay program.

Past winners of the Leo Frigo Leadership Award are: 1995 - Mike Troyer 1996 - Lee Bouche 1997 - Steve Carrico 1998 - Glen Tilot 1999 - Tim McKenna 2000 - Paul Wozniak 2001 - Gail Blohowiak 2002 - Jim Reck 2003 - Paula Schultz 2004 - Judy Johnson 2005 - Mary Dollar 2006 - Dee Geurts-Bengtson 2007 - Karmen Lemke 2008 - Mary Jane Herber 2009 - Juliet Cole 2010 - John Corpus 2011 - Nancy Nabak 2012 - Jeff Mirkes 2013 - Jim Morrison 2014 - Gregg Bushner 2015 - Michael Moore 2016 - Keith Pamperin

Past winners of the John M. & Meredith B. Rose Business Award Mark your calendar for the 2017 Legacy of Leadership event, which will be April 6, 2017. Leadership Green Bay alumni are encouraged to connect to the program through LinkedIn or to reach out to the Greater Green Bay Chamber and provide current contact information.

(Prior to 2008 it was called the Special Recognition Business Award) are:

2003 - Prevea Health 2003 - Amerhart Ltd. 2004 - Woodward Communications 2005 - Bellin Health 2006 - Wisconsin Public Service Corporation 2007 - Georgia Pacific 2008 - Advantage Office Solutions 2009 - Berners-Schober Associates 2010 - Associated Bank 2011 - Imaginasium Inc. 2012 - Northeast Wisconsin Technical College 2013 - Liebmann, Conway, Olejniczak & Jerry S.C. 2014 - University of Wisconsin Green Bay 2015 - Hager, Dewick & Zuengler S.C. 2016 - Schreiber Foods

Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  15

Improving our quality of life


ach year, between 40-45 Leadership Green Bay participants create teams tasked with identifying a community need and developing a plan to help meet those needs. The projects they complete are designed to help program participants become stronger leaders and more engaged community stewards while raising awareness of an issue, improve team skills and effect positive change. Since the program’s inception, 1,110 individuals have graduated from Leadership Green Bay. They’ve completed 140 team projects and counting (not including Class of 2016 projects) that have benefited the community. These projects include brick and mortar-type projects as well as projects that have changed the quality of life in the area. Members of Leadership Green Bay have generated more than $2.3 million worth of volunteer time that has been given back to the community. “The team community projects are a culminating experiential learning opportunity for Leadership Green Bay participants,” says Sue Zittlow, Greater Green Bay Chamber director of workforce development. “The team community projects provide the participants an opportunity to engage, impact and change our community plus execute the Leadership Challenge practices. It’s amazing the impact the community projects have on the community and on the individuals/teams in the Leadership Green Bay program.”

16  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

WEST DE PERE HIGH SCHOOL – THE HANGER Opened in April 2015,The Hanger is a school-based resource center that helps ensure all WDPHS students have the necessities to be comfortable and successful at school: personal hygiene products, school supplies and clothing. The team designed, constructed and stocked the store after generating funds from numerous local businesses and individuals.


OPERATION FACE-LIFT In a joint effort with Neighborhood Housing Service of Green Bay, a massive volunteer effort involving homeowners, individuals, organizations and area businesses of general fixup/cleanup projects in selected neighborhoods in the near west side of Green Bay.


BAY BEACH AMUSEMENT PARK TRAIN DEPOT The team project facilitated the construction of a depot for the train ride attraction at Bay Beach Amusement Park. This enhancement of Bay Beach’s train ride provided: • added enjoyment for all ages and an enhanced experience of riding the train • a historical background of transportation in Northeast Wisconsin and Bay Beach Amusement Park • tourism




WALK A MILE IN HER SHOES EVENT The team partnered with Golden House and Sexual Assault Center to organize the inaugural Walk A Mile in Her Shoes® Fundraiser, which is the international men’s march in high heels to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence. In Green Bay, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® benefits the Brown County Community Coordinated Response Team (CCR) — a partnership formed by Golden House, Family Services, the Sexual Assault Center and other key community organizations with the mission of raising awareness and preventing domestic violence and sexual assault.

AT A TIME Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  17


A brief description of Leadership Green Bay team projects impacting the Greater Green Bay area since 1985. For a more detailed description visit

1985 Teenage Pregnancy Explored the issue of prenatal health care for pregnant adolescents in the Green Bay area. Runaway Children Developed a public awareness campaign, aired by WFRV-TV 5. Child Abuse Studied the problem of child abuse and neglect in the area. Youth Chemical Dependency Dealt with the problem of inadequate information on the availability of chemical dependency treatment programs for adolescents in the area. Family Alcoholism Held a workshop session to address the issue.


Operation Face-lift General fix-up/cleanup projects in selected neighborhoods in the near west side of Green Bay. Allouez Logo Developed a progressive message/symbol to market and enhance Allouez’s reputation. Image of Green Bay Developed and conducted a survey of residents in the Green Bay area to give them an opportunity to express their views and attitudes. Future Leaders Forum One-day program for high school juniors to prepare them for leadership. This became Brown County Team Leadership. Cultural Awareness Developed an Artstreet attraction to help promote multicultural awareness.

18  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

1987 Teenage Adoption Created a brochure for distribution to individuals and organizations interested in teenage adoption. Heritage Hill Volunteers Developed a survey to mail to increase volunteerism. Teen Volunteerism Produced a video titled “Why Volunteer?” Hmong Awareness Developed a program to bring awareness to the Green Bay community and illustrate specific needs of the Hmong culture in transition. Pro Bono Program Looked to engage legal services into a more effective volunteer pro bono project.


Waterways Logo Raise the public’s awareness of one of our waterways. Fox River Brochure Promoted the recreational use of the Fox River.


Green Bay Botanical Garden Assisted the Botanical Garden in providing an objective view of its operations. At-Risk Children Heighten community awareness of at-risk children at the elementary level. Teen Week Developed activities for teens to build awareness of the use of the Crisis Center.

1990 Teens Activities Action Group Help teens become aware of activities for them in the Greater Green Bay area. Green Bay Crime Prevention Board Worked to ensure the continuance of the city’s low crime rate and reputation through proactive crime prevention. Culture Shock Group Created a calendar for the Northeastern Wisconsin Arts Council to increase attendance at area cultural events. Business-School Partnerships Created awareness of the Schools-Business/ Industry Partnership Program of the Green Bay Public Schools.


Adopt-A-Classroom Developed and marketed the Adopt-A-Classroom program. School Attendance:The Key to Success Created a brochure to address school truancy concerns. Job Skills Seminar for the Hmong People Organized a job skills seminar for the Hmong community. Shadow Program Assisted high school students in evaluating career opportunities.


Help Our Homeless Developed a presentation to promote community awareness of homelessness. Share Our Surplus Organized surplus food collection to be distributed by Paul’s Pantry to the needy.

Job Search Club Program Developed a strategic plan for the Boys and Girls Club to introduce this program to the community.

Winter Festival Project A festival was created to make Green Bay winters more appealing.

C.A.R.E. Addressed the lack of community awareness regarding child abuse in Brown County.

Leadership Green Bay Survey Developed a survey to determine the program’s effectiveness.


Cultural Diversity Developed a program exploring various cultures and the role that leaders play in “celebrating the diversity of our community.” Through Yesterday’s Eyes Produced a video depicting what life was like in Green Bay during the Depression era. Historical Downtown Green Bay… A Walking Tour Created a historical walk in Green Bay. Teen Talk Line Established a teen talk line providing no-risk help for teenagers experiencing difficulties.


The Greater Green Bay Discovery Tour The Discovery Tour took fourth-graders on a bus tour of historic sites in the Green Bay area.

Park Pride Program Launched a community support program for cleaning up and maintaining our area parks.


Careers 2000 Assisted the Greater Green Bay Chamber’s Partners in Education program with the marketing and development of a new Community Career Center, Careers 2000. A How-To Manual on Organizing an Annual Recognition Event Developed a “How To” manual organizing an Annual Recognition Event. kNOw GANGS Developed pamphlets to create community awareness of gangs and minimize the increase in gang activity. Youth Yellow Pages Produced a Youth Yellow Pages service directory for Brown County.


l Tutor Recruitment Plan Created a recruitment plan to attract and retain an adequate base of volunteer tutors to meet the needs of the Literacy Council of Brown County. Parent Network News Created a pilot newsletter. Friends of the Pal’s Program This group’s goal was to provide the Pal’s Program with increased visibility and support. PARKID Developed the PARKID (Positive Activities Responding to Kids Interests and Diversities) Program.

1997 “Changing Faces of Our Community” The team focused on the migration experience of four Southeastern Asian families to Green Bay. Community Connections Developed a process where specific community needs and resources can be identified and communicated to the network of Leadership Green Bay alumni and participants.

Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  19

Bay Beach Amusement Park Train Depot Facilitated the construction of a depot for the train ride attraction. Cottage Industry Feasibility Study Conducted a feasibility study of local cottage industries.

1998 Home Delivered Meals Collaboratively With Business Community Developed a process to solicit volunteers from area businesses for the Home Delivered Meals program.

Discussions on Diversity, Housing,Youth, Social Services and Employment The team’s goal was to get the policymakers of our community in the same room with the representatives of minority groups to talk and listen to each other.

Brown County Community Resource Directory Consolidated community resources to assist individuals who are in need/crisis into one comprehensive widely available directory.

File of Life Program Established a simple, yet effective method to ensure those with medical histories have upto-date personal medical information available to emergency medical caregivers.

Community Sailing and Aquatics Center This team laid the foundation for a nonprofit Community Sailing and Aquatics Center.


Partnership With the Multicultural Center of Green Bay Established a partnership with the Multicultural Center offering start-up assistance in a number of areas. Project Homewarming Designed a program to assist people leaving Green Bay homeless shelters. Enhance Howe Family Resource Center Enhanced the mission of Howe Neighborhood Family Resource Center (HNFRC).

2002 Observation Deck/Fishing Deck Constructed a permanent observation and fishing deck adjacent to the Fox River Trail.

Teen Leadership Green Bay Developed and implemented a three-day workshop for area teens focusing on cultivating personal, group and community leadership skills. Alternative High School Life Skills Programs Assisted students at the Green Bay Alternative High School to prepare to merge into the workforce. Develop an Advisory Council for the Adolescent Parenting Coalition Developed an Advisory Council for the Adolescent Parenting Coalition.


Neighborhood Park Helped a neighborhood association convert a gravel lot into a park. The Adopt-A-Spot Program Developed a program to give individuals and groups a public way to show pride in the Green Bay community and to help keep it litter free. Recognition Event for the Volunteer Center Developed and implemented a marketing plan for the middle school mentoring program. Marketing for Volunteers Helped organize and attract volunteers for the Volunteer Center.

Establishing Green Bay Chapter of BADD (Business Against Drunk Drivers Inc.) Facilitated the establishment of a BADD (Business Against Drunk Drivers Inc.) chapter.

Teen Team Building Day Developed one day program to present of team building activities to seventh and eighth graders to help them focus on their self esteem and self image.

Porlier Pier Converted the Wisconsin Central east-end bridge into an observation deck/fishing pier.


20  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

Pilot Volunteer Network for Four Green Bay Elementary Schools Established a volunteer network for the four west-side Green Bay School District Elementary schools. Youth Entrepreneur Program Established a partnership with Partners in Education, Advance and the Chamber to revitalize and update the program. Project Spotlight Helped to draw more awareness to the Volunteer Center of Brown County. Cultural Awareness in our Schools Created opportunities for schools to increase cultural awareness. New Playground and Landscape Improvement for the Family Violence Center Provided playground equipment for the Family Violence Center.

2003 D.A.R.E. to Dream Created a program to celebrate fifth-grade students graduating from D.A.R.E.

Public Artwork Highlighting Diversity Provided a lasting reminder of the community’s cultural and ethnic diversity through art and enhanced public space. Melding Generations Through Stories Created a book to help bridge the gap between generations to create a sense of belonging by capturing family and community history. Linking Leaders Developed a program to enhance leadership in teens and increase their retention to the area. Entrepreneurial Learning Opportunity The team focused on informing students about starting and owning a small business. Brown County Permanent Car Seat Fitting Station Established a permanent Car Seat Fitting Station for automobiles.

2004 Literacy Council Partnership Distributed over 9,000 books to Title 9 and Title 1 schools. St. Francis Park Restrooms on the Fox River Trail Raised $65,000 to build permanent restroom facilities for Fox River Trail users.

Mobile Welcome and Information Center Created a traveling welcome and information center. Zachary Taylor Commemorative Statue Erected a bronze statue of the only president of the United States to serve at Fort Howard. Kids Night Out Helped Chappell Elementary School recognize students through its Star program.

2006 Home Delivered Meals Marketing Video Produced a marketing video for the Home Delivered Meals Program for the Aging Resource Center. Flags in Leicht Park Raised flags in the newly developed Leicht Park to celebrate the diverse ethnic groups and countries of origin found in Green Bay and surrounding areas. Earth Day Activity Worked to increase community awareness on the effects of storm water pollution on water quality. Recycle Time Partnered with Green Bay Children’s Museum to create an exhibit focusing on recycling.

Easy Access Community Service Reference Guides Designed, produced and distributed a quick-reference guide to connect families in Brown County with essential community services and service providers.

2007 LGB/Junior Achievement Gap Leadership Green Bay and Junior Achievement partnered to provide an annual Model the Way scholarship. Miracle Baseball League Support Joined forces with the founder of the Miracle League of Green Bay, to provide an opportunity for children with mental or physical challenges to play baseball. Zero Blazes Partnered with the Green Bay Metro Fire Department to create a smoke alarm program. “Be a Kid With Your Kid” Developed a program with the Salvation Army for parent/child date nights. Interpretive Signs on the Trail Marked the Fox River Trail with interpretive signs.

Service Club Directory and Awareness Program Assisted service clubs in creating awareness and promotion. Volunteer Center Videotape Developed a videotape to promote volunteer opportunities. Chess in the City Purchased life-size chess sets that were distributed in the community.

2005 Operation Support From Titletown Provided individual care packages to each of the military personnel assigned to the Wisconsin Army units 890th and 432nd. C.O.T.S. (Churches Offering Temporary Shelter) Helped in providing temporary, emergency overnight shelter for singles and families.

Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  21

2008 Habitat for Humanity ReStore Habitat ReStore sells quality used and surplus building materials at a fraction of normal retail prices. Helping the Helpful Organized give-back days for area nonprofit organizations. New North Marketing Piece for Fifth-Grade Students Created a marketing piece to explain New North regional efforts. Art Mural for Local Resource Center Created an art mural attached to the Howe Resource Center. Every 15 Minutes Joined forces with the Every 15 Minutes Program to educate high school students on the effects of drunk driving.

RX Drop Box - Prescription Medication Disposal Program Created a safe and convenient prescription medication collection program for the disposal of unwanted prescription medications. Recycling Education on Electronics/ Broadway Recycling Project Educated people about the new electronic recycling laws taking effect on Sept. 1, 2010.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps: Save Energy, Recycle Safely Created a written piece on how and where to safely recycle compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs).

Water Is Life, Live It Large Group Water Gallery Exhibit, the Children’s Museum of Green Bay Provided leadership and support in the installation of the Water Gallery Exhibit for the new Children’s Museum of Green Bay.

Project Green Bay A-Z


Youth Mentoring Created a multimedia piece about the shortage of mentors for youth in our community.

Partnered with the Neville Public Museum to launch a preview exhibit for a collection of historic photos.

Kids Art From the Street Joined forces with the McKinney-Vento Homeless Program of the Green Bay Area Public School District to increase awareness of homeless students.

Caring for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) Worked with the board members to create a fundraising event to help fund this program.

Greater Green Bay Safety Town A.S.A.A. P. (Advocates for Safety Awareness and Accident Prevention) Developed a business and marketing plan to build and operate a permanent Greater Green Bay Safety Town for the Center for Childhood Safety.

2010 United States Map on Elementary School Playground Designated an area on the playground at Aldo Leopold School to draw/paint the United States.

22  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

Bay Beach History: Signs of the Times Created signage to highlight the historical background of each ride at Bay Beach Amusement Park.

“Sent to the Fort” Children’s Book Worked with a second-grade class at Fort Howard Elementary School to write and illustrate a children’s book that would have a positive impact on children’s lives.

2009 Etched in Stone Installed granite markers at the Flags of Diversity in Leicht Park.

Lighting the Way to the Kroc Collaborated with the Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center on lighting and installing cameras on the path that leads to the center for the safety of the children.


Thingamajigger House Built The Thingamajigger House – a Dr. Seuss-themed playhouse for the preschool age clients of the Family Services Healthy Families Program. CP Center – “Color Their World” Partnered with the CP Center to “Color Their World” of the center’s lower-level Children’s Therapy Services area from stark white to a facility alive with color, character and warmth. Titletown Feet Provided appropriate athletic footwear to underserved young athletes in Brown County. Ruth Helf Family CenterExtreme Makeover Replaced siding, rotted windows, created signage for the front of the building, installed new kitchen countertops, sink and faucet and renovated the children’s bathroom with new cabinetry, countertops, sinks, faucets and diaperchanging space.

LIVE 54218 LIVE54218 grew from a community question posed several years before about the health of our community. From that came the vision of LIVE54218, a simple approach to lifestyle change with the following daily recommendations: 5 fruits and vegetables, 4 bottles of water, fewer than 2 hours of screen time, 1 hour of physical activity and 8 hours of sleep. Children’s Museum of Green Bay Programming Created three programs for the Children’s Museum of Green Bay.

2013 Parent Pals Program Helped create Parent Pals, a community program offered through the Brown County Human Services Department. Garden of Hope Community Garden Partnered with the New Community Shelter to develop a community garden and park. Beautify the Fox Created the Beautify the Fox river cleanup project. Project “Hand Up” Partnered with Freedom House Ministries Learning and Resource Center to renovate its learning and resource center. Walk a Mile in Her Shoes Event Partnered with Golden House and the Sexual Assault Center to organize the inaugural Walk A Mile in Her Shoes® Fundraiser.

East River Trail Markers and Cleanup Installed 1/10th of a mile trail markers along a 1.5-mile stretch along the East River Trail.

Olde North Neighborhood Community Garden Developed a vacant lot in the Olde North neighborhood of Green Bay into a community garden. Tank Elementary School The team’s mission was to engage community members to maintain a learning environment focusing on the goal of teaching, while supporting the needs of the student beyond the art of learning. Bullying Prevention Promoted a number of events designed to bring attention to bullying prevention and the promotion of kindness among young girls and women.

2015 Bring Back the Beach Hosted an event to educate the community on the history of the beach and bring awareness to the potential of a beach. Caring Closet at Nicolet Elementary Created a Caring Closet at Nicolet Elementary School in Green Bay. Osprey Point Educational Signage Created and installed educational signage and an informational kiosk at Osprey Point. Bike Racks in Downtown Green Bay Installed a permanent bike rack in the downtown area.

2014 Farmers Market Created a program to spread awareness of the health benefits provided by fresh food purchased from the downtown Saturday Farmers Market. Youth Mentorship Program The team came up with an initiative to develop a mentorship program for youth ages 14-18.

Upgrade Sanctuary’s Manger Lagoon Pier Upgraded fishing access on the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary’s Manger Lagoon. West De Pere High School – The Hanger Opened a school-based resource center that helps ensure all WDPHS students have the necessities to be comfortable and successful at school: personal hygiene products, school supplies and clothing.

Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  23

Wisconsin’s Pride. Green Bay’s Airport.


Find out why businesses are choosing Allouez… -

New energy Business friendly Central location High median household income Scenic views Developer incentives name a few.

Learn more, contact Brad Lange, Village Administrator: Phone: 920-448-2800 Email: Or visit us at

24  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016



A rigorous, on-campus program offering three distinct emphases: All pieces of your business working together make you a

The MBA for Business

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For more information: Strategy






Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  25 A_EC13-0115 Robot Ad_Collective Impact Half_Final.indd 1

12/10/15 4:01 PM




y participation in Leadership Green Bay (Class of 1994) has been one of, if not the most impactful investments in my professional and personal life. As a social worker/volunteer coordinator for Brown County Human Services Department, I have reaped benefits for all of my programs that work with children from Child Protective Services. I have continuously served on several Leadership Green Bay committees since my graduation including as past president of board and continuing for many years now as the facilitator of the Opening Retreat. I have witnessed the positive effects of dozens of small group projects, which have impacted our community’s parks, trails, human service agencies, the environment, youth leadership, diversity and many more.


Newcomers to Green Bay who participate are immersed in the various aspects of the community covered on each of the curriculum days. Participants finish the year with greater knowledge of the community as a whole and a network of inspiring colleagues and friends as a result of their shared experiences in the Leadership Green Bay program. Some young professionals have shared that prior to the class, they were thinking of leaving the area but now are actually encouraging their friends to move here!

“Some young professionals have shared that prior to the class, they were thinking of leaving the area but now are actually encouraging their friends to move here!” 26  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

Participants in Leadership Green Bay are highly motivated and typically well connected in the community. Whenever I have a need for one of our programs, the Leadership Green Bay network is my “go to” source. Some small group project teams of Leadership Green Bay have sponsored events, developed websites, recruited volunteers, and remodeled a visitation center, among other projects benefitting our programs for abused and neglected children. Many participants also belong to other organizations and service clubs, which look to make an impact in the community. Leadership Green Bay alumni serve on the boards of every nonprofit in our community. Some alumni have run for public office and utilized their network to work on their campaigns. In addition to the energy generated by the inspirational members of classes I’ve worked with, I’ve made many lifetime friendships! — Glen Tilot, Leadership Green Bay Class of 1994




wanted to participate in the Leadership Green Bay program because I knew I would meet many individuals I would probably never meet otherwise. I have met some great people over the years and have used their knowledge to help me both in my job and in volunteer opportunities.

The reason that I continue to be active in the program is that Leadership Green Bay is continuing to evolve for the benefit of our community. Leadership Green Bay brings to the participants information that isn’t easily accessible on various topics. In many cases it addresses what our understanding of an issue, project or organization is and shows that the purpose is entirely different.

Opening ourselves to the many aspects of the community is one of the best parts of Leadership Green Bay, to not only understand the community but also know that we have a responsibility to contribute to our community. After many years when the members of my class and others see each other we still have fun! — Mary Jane Herber, Leadership Green Bay Class of 1986

Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  27



Building leadership skills and inspiring community involvement Since 1985, 1110 individuals have graduated from the Leadership Green Bay program. These graduates have received valuable leadership skills that they’ve taken back and continue to use in their workplace.They’re inspired leaders dedicated to supporting and growing our community. The following are Leadership Green Bay graduates:

1985 Jim Cook Peter Hickey Evelyn Kasal (Nelson) R. Perry Kidder Martha Stanley Larsen Rick LeMieux Clair Lofdahl Thomas Madden Peter McKeever Tim McKenna Richard McVay Stephen A. Mills Jeff Mirkes Ken Nelson Nan Nelson David Nennig James Pecard John E. Powless Jr Debb Roewer David Schonke Dave Sconzert Terry John Skarda Paul Strong, D.V.M. Keith Swanson Steven Taylor Raymond Tilkens Lawrence G. Vesely Kay Wisneski Russ Zunker 1986 Debra (Huven) Stevens James Bailey John P (Jay) Bengtson, Jr Robb Campbell Bill Campion Rev. Linda N. Christman Robert Cook Peter Feira Mary Goulding John Hager Mary Jane Herber Nannette Hoppe Karen Kalishek Rob Krieghoff Nancy Kust Beth Kwiatkowski Doug Landwehr Nevin R Limburg Robert T. Liska Thomas Lynn Thomas Meinz 28  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

Ronald Metzler Nancy Nusbaum Keith Pamperin Nancy Phythyon Joseph A. Rice Jane E. Schmidley Paul VanDenWymelenberg 1987 Diane D. (Bengtson) Krieghoff Leah Abrahams Jeffrey Beinlich Kaye Christman Christine Danielson Anne Denissen Ingrid L. Dixon Larry W. Eifler Richard Garber Marilyn Gardner John R. Harrington Barbara Hoffman Thomas E Hutchinson Jr Eileen Hutchison Mark Kasper Diane Krieghoff Ken Krueger Jim Lobas Lise Lotte Gammeltoft Mark Mogilka Judy Nagel Mark Naze Patrick Schrickel Ronald Shaha Anne M. Skrivanie Gary Spielbauer Ralph Tease Linda Susan Van Pay Michael Wery Daniel Young Karen S.Younk 1988 Edward L. Anderson Rebecca N. Berger Synthia A. Boex Patricia A. Cooksey Kim Diaz Debra M. Eckes Brian R. Fehlhaber Angela M. Fitzgibbons Claudia Gay Jane Jerzak Cindi Kaiser Brawner

Robin Kasten Pixie Litt Linda S. Mann Thomas Martin LeRoy Matuszak Patricia Mc Carthy Keith Meulemans James Mitchell Patrick Murphy Daniel Nerad Audrey Olson Larry Olson Tom Paroubek Mary Jane Rintelman Dennis Russell Debra Shufelt Paul Tweeten Claire Vanderwoude Jerry Vokracka Thomas Wiers 1989 Yana (DeMyer) Hodkiewicz Dave Albrecht Darlene Andries Kathy Augustian Lee Bouche Patricia Crockford Rev. Warren Egebo Gerald Faller Gail Fischer Knut Froland Kathryn Gigot Michael R. Hall Kathy Hinkfuss Timothy Hinkfuss Donald Hintz Rob Hostetler Pam Kiesner Susan Kindrachuk Stephen King Thomas Komp DPM Thomas Konop Sharon Krueger Felix Landau Debra Mancoske Steve McClure Jeffrey Meisinger Cal O'Harrow Jim Opsahl Edward Polachek Robert Rupp Dar Saladino-Blair

Dennis Schoenebeck Diana Schrader Kathryn Soletski Randy Stary Ruth Steinke 1990 Pat Albers Richard Alsteen Ralph Baeten Virginia Baeten Mark Boland Mae O Bolden William Bourbonnais Susan Buckna Donald Chartier Rosa Coenen Linda Doro Jane Geurts Kerry Gille Chris Goggin Connie Greenawald (Bristol) Karen Gregg Rick Hearden John Heide Nancy Kopecny (Immel) Charlotte Kuehn Dennis Lautenschlager Wendy Mannering Larry Mathews Phillip Mikulsky Michael Murnane Susan Porath James Reck Cynthia Reinl Charlotte Roebuck Timothy Shepardson Gene Summerfield Alan Wagner Therese Waldkirch 1991 Richard Anderson Mark Bartels Robert Bartingale Tom Bayer Ken Berndt Paul Blair Mary Bouche Linda Breiwick Steve Carrico Nancy Cherney Diane Ford

Mark Glendenning JoAnn Graschberger Surita Hall-Smith Marc, Judge Hammer Richard C. Johnsen Judith Johnson Rick Johnson Marlyce Kaiser Rebecca LaRoche Connie Lawniczak Toni Loch Joel Morse Ron Niesing Barbara Pahnke Greg Rotherham John Skyrms David Timm Paul Van Laanen Laural Virtues Wauters 1992 Sara Ann Bain Doug Barthels Kelly Bogart Servais B.J. Cassidy Pat Castiglione Susan Cohen Carol Connell Diane Cusack Linda Darmody Ken Dax Mark Fischer Carolyn Friese Dee Geurts-Bengtson Mary Hitchcock Larry R. Hosfelt Judd Knott Michael Koehn Mary Krueger Janis Oliver Wayne Peterson Donald Phillips Richard Rupiper Mary Jo Scanlan Bob Servais Susan Squires John Teske Beth Wagner Susan Ann Wegner Tony Werner Mark Wernicke Sara Willems Jack Yusko

1993 Tara (Finn) Johnson Michelle (Skytta) Sellers Amy Aldrich Diane Beinlich Lorry Corby Bonnie DeBauche Dan Dercks Pamela Dewindt Steve Ferris Paula Fleurant Leola Herring Sandra Jackson Cindy Johnson Barbara J. Koeppel Mary Le Beau Bonnie Lee Harvey Medress Katherin L. Mueller Alex Navarro John Nemick James Plog Kathy Puylheart Karen Sentowski David Stauffacher Todd Steffen Jayme VanCampenhout Sue Weyers Kelly Winters Karen Wojahn Mary Woodworth 1994 Todd Bartels John Bloor Janet Bonkowski Michael G. Bonnie Don Carmichael Charles Cloninger Michael Connell Jon Counsell Gary Delveaux Shirley Fox Patrick Frase Michael R. Free Jan Geiser Lorri Havlovitz Donna Hutchinson Kathleen Italiano Jody Johnson Carol Kaufmann Steven Kimball Mary Konowalski Raymond Llorca Edward Morehead James Morrison John Mueller Mark S. Reimer Janet Schlies Susan Thelen Glen Tilot Beth Urmann Randy Van Straten 1995 Julie (Dubey) Van Straten Steve Anderson Diane M. Austin Charlie Burnham Laurie A. Butz John Calawerts Donald R. Carolson

Tom Casper Margaret Deem Mike Dirschl Michael Donart Margurite Dunning Tom Erickson Bonnie Fonferek Bryan Hoida Thomas Klammer Kathy Kollman Ray Krusic Julian LaMue Loretta Larkey Jonathan Lukens Bill Mathias Nancy Mathias Phil Montgomery Adabel Perez-Burkel Sheri Prosser Christi Quigley Jane Roalkvan Wendy Sullivan Ted Zabel Tammy Zelten 1996 Lisa (Ruchomaki) Schneider Tina M. Anderson John Archambault Bruce J. Deuvel Mary Dollar Joe Gegare David Harpole Kathryn Hartman Tom Jennings Diane Johnson Tena Klessig Tori Lynne Kluess Edward M. Kupka Mary Jo LaMere Barbara Lemerond Melissa Lemkuil Der Ly Foung Lisa Marshall Anne Massey Dale Milkie John Parisi Dave Rogers Joseph Schauer Paula Schultz Wes Stripling Gene Vandevoorde Eric R. von Estorff Claude J. Werder Melissa Wiggins Mary Zellner 1997 Teresa (Anderson) Brunette Jon Anderson Kathleen C. Berken Bart Blohowiak Kathy Blozinski Lance Broberg Chris East Sam El-Banna Daniel Junio Christopher B. Knight Kevin Kohlbeck Ka Youa Kong Jay Kramer Steve Lavin

Jim Lemke Karmen Lemke Todd LoCascio Jeff Matzke Michael L McDonald Michael J. Meulemans James Michiels Cheryl Murphy Jan Murphy Brad Murray David Nalepka Sue Premo Doris Pride Dorothy Seehausen Bruce W. Tilkens Jean Wanish Robert Warpinski Barth Wolf 1998 Alberto Aguilar Richard Andreas April Barker Jacqueline Blazek-Goral Paul Bredael Joseph Dettlaff Dave Dougherty Patrick Evans Robert L. Fandrey Jeffrey P. Giesler Mike Gross Therese Hathway Lorna Hilke Daniel Holl Joan Kinate Michelle King Yang Kong Bill Laakso Jim LaHaye Paula Lintner Patti McGovern Rochelle Morrison Theodore Phernetton Katherine Pleger Karen Skarda Kirk Stallsmith Michael Steier Teri Steinberger Brian Strnad Craig Van Schyndle Roxanne Vincent Maurice Washington Heather Zeise 1999 Lynn (Allen) Washington Mary (Gagon) Skolberg Vicki Ambrosius Vicki Arnold Betsy Benz Bret Bicoy Jacqueline Blazek-Goral Larry Borgard John Corpus Deby Dehn Fred Delie Marchoe Dill Michael Frohna Dave Gagnon Lynn Gerlach Stephanie Hawkinson Al Herrman

Clare Kindt Doug Kohlbeck Karen Kollmann Dawn La Haye Larry Lueck Brian Meulemans Ron Mosnik Steven Piette Sara Reichert Kelly Runge Kristine Schuetze Wendy Seronko Alan Timmerman Terri Trantow Sue Vincent 2000 Beth (Zeise) Mader Brendan Bruss Michelle Cawley Kathy Charles Pam Clausen Dan Dallich Micabil Diaz-Martinez Joe Ertolacci Dorothy Giovannini Cheri Graham Daniel Grzesik Mary Hiltunen Debra Holewinski Rosemary Jonas Timothy Kallies John Keyes Kelly Koski Joan Kuss Mary Lessuise Linda Mansfield Jodi Mathys Brenda Mendolla-Buckley Jane Muhl Michael Nass Brian Paschen Cheri Salmon Dennis Schmitt Brian Van De Kreeke Jai Vang Laura Wangerin Leland Wigg-Ninham Monica Zegers 2001 Nancy (Larscheid) Nabak Susan (Olson) Anderson Mary Anderson Jodi Arndt Chris Beranek Donna Bultman Leah Busch Kathryn Chapman Michaele Charles Andrew Dilling Mark Driscoll Jill Feiler William Galvin Joan Gilliam John Haase Noel Halvorsen Mike Hildebrand Mary Jo Jurey Kimi Kelly Michelle Knaus David Kyto

David Loritz Ronald Menaker Mark Meneau Grace Meyer Maria Milano Niki Petit Sandy Ryczkowski Scott Schlender Steve Snell Tom Sturdevant Douglas Vine 2002 Joanne Angeli Jeffrey Bartolameolli Mark Blozinski Lisa Boyd Mark Brandt Scott Bushkie Ken Ciak Lisa Clark Juliet Cole Maribeth Conard Judy Decker Julie Eure Julie Finco Scott Fuhr Ken Graves Kandace Haegele Edward Janke Tim Jorgensen Rick Jurkanis Kay Kent Matt Kuepers Linda Maleport Joanne Mann Janet Mashl Lois Mischler Andrea Morgan Joel Prunty Kristin Rode Tina Rybak Mary Ann Sallenbach Jenny Schmidt James Schmitt Randy Schultz June Scofield Eric Siudzinski Frank Smith Greg Smith Andrea St. Laurent Grant Staszak Jenifer Waite Greg Watling 2003 Cheri Brice-Lasee Jodi Coppo Todd Cullen Michael Davis Sally Davis David Dewick Joan Donarski Joe Dooley Nicole Ehlers Amanda Finn Pam Fischer Jeff Gahnz Howard Giesler Mike Graume Conor Green Thomas Hermsen Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  29

Mark Hinch Susan Johnson Barbara Jordan Jeff Kaufman Laura Laitinen John Lampkin Beth Lax Chris Le Fever Sergio Loureiro Mary Jo Malach Mark Mathis Deb Mauthe Peter Nugent Laurie Radke Joel Roeser Brent Roubal Joan Schuch Jeanne Stangel Cindy Van Asten Susan Van Asten Ann Vande Hei Devorah Vineburg Alex Zacarias 2004 Krissy (Behnke) Lillie Carla Andres Renae Bauer Krissy Behnke Jon Biskner Jennifer Brost Scott Brzezinski Gerard Deprez Scott Fortune David Gauthier Jon Gingrich Ken Hager Philip Hayes Kris Hougard Kristin Jacques Margaret Jensen Dennis Krenn Lois Lemke Gary Lewins Dave Liethen William Mann Beth Manning Darnell McIntosh John Miller Betsy Mitchell John Mladucky John Muraski Laurie Olson Mary Rose Orcutt Karen Palmer

Dan Pierquet Michael Radtke Vincent Schamber Dan Schmidt Jennifer Schnabel-Younger Un-Tian See Tara Simonson Jane Specht Tracy Stansbury Lemsky Sandra Stokes Margaret Style Yakel Allen Van Haute Kristin Veldhuizen 2005 Tara (Anderson) Brown Amy Anderson Deanne Beaumier Toni Burnett Mona Christensen Peg Cormier Chris Cumicek Christine Dunbar Jennifer Fietz Donna Gilson Ian Griffiths Paula Hafeman Annie Jones Kay Kapp Karen Knox Kelly Koehler David Konrath Nick Lanser Gregory LeGrave Jaime Leick Jeff Marquardt Denise Martin Craig Mayo Mike Milligan Tracy Ollman Wagner Theresa Patnode Carl Poley Debra Pollock James Prochnow John Rehn Kara Sliva Jeri Starich Lana Sullivan Sara Syring Greg Urban Jean Vande Hey Joanne Weycker Jodi Wilson 2006

30  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

Todd Andres Jill Beck Melissa Borowicz Barbara Braun Michael Brown Greg Bushner Brad Charpata Cynthia Cmeyla Steve Daavettila John D'Angelo Sherri Dessell Allison Draheim Michelle Farnsworth Jaclyn Fradette Jennifer Gaecke Kevin Graff Ana Gregg Joel Hansen Brad Hutjens Kim Jameson Mary LaTorre George Madl Mike Marinetti Kristy Nelson Amanda Netzel Hiep Nguyen Michelle Nick Ross Nova Chris Pahl Karen Recka Brighid Riordan Tony Schieff Philip Steffen Bethany Suizmnn Yia Thao Eric Urben Kerry Vang Marney Verhasselt Bill Wade John Wilde 2007 Kim Anders Jim Arts Tina Baeten Marilyn Bazett-Jones Joycelin Berry Patrick Blaney Delisse Brunette Christine Clarksen Sherry Coley Cathy Dworak Dawn Esterling Kim Evans Dave Fenlon

Paula Ganyard Jim Goetz Heather Heil Joseph Hoelscher Joni Kolarik Dottie Krull Andrea Landwehr Mythili Nagarajan Randy Oswald Libby Parrish Vern Peterson Connie Polasik Ken Rehn Gary Rogaczewski Kevin Royea Jeff Sanborn Eric Schadrie Tatum Shahin Joel Steber Nancy Steffel Mike Stratman Jon Stubb Lori Turek Vanessa Vanderveren-Marin Jeff Verboncourer Timothy Woodworth Emily Ysebaert 2008 Danielle (Jandrain) Schraufnagel Jody Arendt Brian Bartel Cathy Benes Mark Berg Rebecca Berger Rachelle Bissing Kerry Blondheim Colyn Bruss Lisa Casey Karen Christel Devon Christianson Dave DaPra Casey DeGreef Aimee Dempsey Timothy Feldhausen Robert Fleming Matthew Geimer Patti Glaser-Martin Adam Hardy Christopher Heil Megan Heintzkill Jenny Herlache Sandy Isselmann Scott Jacobson Brian Johnson

Lynn Jones Pamela Josifek Julie Kozicke Chris Lukes Michael Marin Mary May Pam Miller Stacy Stecker Lisa Sterr Angela Steuck Christina Trombley Chad Van Handel Susan White Chad Wiegand Matthew Zuengler Gail Zwicky 2009 Lynn Andoniades Scott Borley Femi Cole Nick Craig Tom Duffy Naomi Erdmann (Wedin) Matt George Benjamin Goodstein Tom Irizarry Michael Iwinski Heidi Kleinhans Dale Klimek Dianne Koeppler Pamela Krumrei Travis LeRoy Paul Lewis Thomas Mayer Tammy McIver-Gay Karin McLean Greg Micoley Michael Moore Michael Moore Amy Murphy Patty Nagle Cynthia Overly Peter Paulsen Sue Pilz Heidi Radish Matt Rentmeester Joan Robb Michael Rust Ann Seidl Kelly Selner Jane Jordan Daniel Terrien Alicia Van Straten Lori Van Vonderen

Matt Veriha Kristine Zegers Lisa Zeise Robert Zubella 2010 Jennifer Allen Phil Bellis William Bongle Kevin Brennan Chad Bronkhorst Mary Kay Capelle Hollie Conard Jill DeGroot-Schulke Brian Flood Liza Hadler Jamee Haslam Jason Helgeson Jennifer Hill-Kelley Alena Holcomb Kyle Hoops Shaun Jacquet Paul Kaster Michelle Kelsey Debbie Leoni Rebecca Lesperance Lisa Manske Jennifer Nelson Joan Nyamhondoro Matthew Petersen Tina Przybylski Daniel Roarty Janis Robertson Gary Sams Ronda Schauer Darin Schumacher Nate Sorenson Jim Stamatakos Michael Telzrow Heath Urick Sheryl Van Gruensven Craig VanderWerff Jeffrey Verkuilen Dolores Watson Linda Willis 2011 Ryan Angst Casey Ausloos Gaurav Bansal Susan Baranczyk Debbie Bukouricz Glenn Buntin Joey Cheng Cari Clayton Nicole Craig Eric DeJardine Lisa Evenson Michael Frey Kurt Goehre Cindy Jelinek Jeff Johnson Mike LaMere Nick Mahlik John Manser Dan McIver Heather Milbach J. D. Murphy Lou Ann Nettekoven Marcus Reitz Tim Rinn

Steve Schulke Stephanie Schultz Tia Schumacher John Smith Joe Smits Kristin Suchalla Thomas Swiecichowski Todd Thiel Brenda Tiedt Relene Townley Ryan Van Straten Molly Vandervest Stephanie Walker Jay Wille Aaron Wolf Sara Zelewske 2012 Cathy Allcox Carly Appel Michelle Bailey Kyle Berger Matt Brault Jeff Burich Kevin Dahlke Beth Dulak-Smith Lara Feldhausen Joe Fuss Erik Goerke Heather Gollnow Sara Hurley Tanessa Klug Tana Koss Ryan Krumrie James Ledvina Elisia Lewis Linda Maxwell Jason McDonough Tara Peloquin Seth Plaza Sampath Ranganathan Amanda Reitz Dustin Ridings Sarah Schwarten Amy Seehafer April Smith Jordan Sullivan Lori Taylor Brian Teddy Linsay Tinberg Wendy Townsend Michelle Varoni Jonathan Virant Stephanie Wachholz Kevin Wood Jennifer Younk Susan Zittlow 2013 Rebecca Afshar Nicole Allen Keri Bakken Kate Bartell Gina Bortel Andy Braatz Robert Carviou Jenna Clevers Ryan Cook Lori Cuene Kellie Diedrick Katie Donaho

Claire DuPont Roger Galler Kristie Haney Christine Hilla (LaCount) Jessica Hopp Chris Howald Josh Koch Steve Krueger Vickie Lock Aaron Matthews Rick Moericke Michelle Mulloy Mark Nicholas Kyle Peterson Rebecca Pruess Dean Raasch Len Rentmeester Emily Rogers John Rousseau Mary Schultz Jaime Schumacher Paul Simons Laura Smythe Daniel Terrio Philip Turnbull Tracy Valenta Tina Van De Ven Jenny Vande Leest Dean Wesolowski Adam Younk 2014 Tom Andrews Tom Atwell Rachel Brown Rashad Cobb Shawn Collard Joel Cornell Eric Craver Dave Destiche Annie Eiden Kelly Ellis Brad Foytik Nicole Garvey Kelly Gusloff Brad Hansen Kasha Huntowski Paul Johnson Katie Kane Wendy Koehler Jon Lapinskas Pamela Mallien Otto Marquardt Steve McCarthy Riley McDermid Rachel Miller Monica Moe Heather Mueller Jeff Pierquet Lisa Prunty Raj Rao Karen Renner Wayne Resch Steve Rewolinski Chris Roble Kathy Rohde Mary Rowan Ann Schick Michael Schmidt Scott Schoeneman Beverly Scow

Liz Secor Tony Steffek Mike Vander Heiden Tim Wesolowski 2015 David Janssen Susan Johnkins Shad Loch Tony Possley Alisa Anderson Gina Anderson Tammy Ashauer Koren Bandoch Chris Boehm Chiara Boss John Bushmaker David A. Campshure Katie Carviou Shana Defnet (Ledvina) Tara DeGrave Adyson-Noelle DeJardin Mike Demerath Robbie Ehmke Jeryl A. Fleck Tricia Garrison Eric Gerarden Scott Gruber Eric M. Hockers Lindsey Kabat Jennifer Kaminski Daniel Kufeld Hannah Lehman Julie McIntyre Sarah Mead James Nick Wendy Olszewski Jill Ray Karen Sinette Brehanna Skaletski Krystle Smits Eric Sponholtz Mussie Teclezion Kristy Warden Shane Wheeler Karen Widmar

Kristy Wiernasz 2016 Tricia Adams Aymee Balison Sarah Beckman Patricia Belongia Brian Blaney Stephanie Cavadeas Pete Dewar Jill Fochs Sara Halfmann Andria Hannula Joe Hanrahan Brian Hasser Brent Hensel Tricia Herald Katie Hess Faith Hill Steven Hoschuh Lynn Kroll Chet Lamers Lauren Lindsley Nick Linz Megan Loritz Jennifer Maier Kathie Mickle Luke Mongin Kari Moody Traci Ombrello Chris Ostrand Gail Ostrander Nicole Raisleger Nicole Ronk Missy Schmeling Amanda Schmidt Tyler Smith Chris Stanaszak Jesse Stukenberg Adam Sutter Skyla Vandervest Nicholas Vlies Lauri Welhouse Trenten Woelfel Josie Young

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Spring 2016 | Collective IMPACT  31

Chamber member anniversaries. 45 YEARS Foth


Capital Credit Union Fox World Travel NEA - Northeast Asphalt Inc. Rock Garden/1957 West/Comfort Suites Hotel


Tweet-Garot Mechanical Inc.


Associated Financial Group Brander Construction Technology Inc. Dean Distributing Inc. KI Pension Consultations Co. Inc. Village of Bellevue


AmericInn of Green Bay West Animal Hospital of De Pere Care-Free Travel Service Cumulus Broadcasting Inc. DMI Entertainment Group Peterson, Berk & Cross S.C.


Advantage+ American Transmission Co. LLC Biltmore Investment Management

32  Collective IMPACT | Spring 2016

Horizon Community Credit Union NPS Corporation Nsight Teleservices UWGB Small Business Development Center Wingate By Wyndham


Advanced Cosmetic Solutions Alliance Insurance Centers LLC Aurora BayCare General and Vascular Surgery Aurora BayCare Cardiology BayCare Clinic BayCare Clinic Anesthesia BayCare Clinic Cardiothoracic Surgery BayCare Clinic Ear, Nose and Throat BayCare Clinic Emergency Physicians BayCare Clinic Neurological Surgeons BayCare Clinic Neuropsychology

BayCare Clinic Pain and Rehab Medicine BayCare Clinic Plastic Surgery BayCare Clinic Radiology BayCare Clinic Urological Surgeons BayCare Clinic Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Campbell Wrapper Corporation Circle Packaging Machinery Inc. Digital Office Solutions Inc. Hanson Financial Services Malcore Funeral Home Inc. McClone Romo Durable Graphics Saranac Glove Company


Bay Tek Games Inc. EGS First American Title Companies Evans Division

There are three different roundtable programs to fit your needs:

New Roundtables forming now

CEO To be eligible, an applicant must employ three or more individuals and a top level executive, regardless of title.

Fill the void that being the top decision maker brings by joining the Greater Green Bay Chamber’s Roundtable Program. Share best practices, resolve challenges and build valuable relationships in a non-competitive and confidential setting.

CFO To be eligible, an applicant must be the top financial officer of their company with the title of CFO, Controller or VP of Finance.

Benefits of Roundtable membership:  Close knit peer advisory board  Thoughtful decision making  Improved communication skills  News, educational programs and networking events

Sole Proprietor To be eligible, an applicant must own their own business and employ no more than two individuals.

To apply visit: | For more information contact Jayme Sellen at or 920.593.3428

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Collective Impact Spring 2016  

This issue is all about the Greater Green Bay Chamber's Leadership Green Bay program and the lasting impact it has on the community.

Collective Impact Spring 2016  

This issue is all about the Greater Green Bay Chamber's Leadership Green Bay program and the lasting impact it has on the community.