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ISSUE 11 : 2021 / 2022

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TRAVEL SMART, TRAVEL SAFE Before you travel, please review all state and local COVID guidelines.









Learn about the safety measures we continue to implement across all our properties









Your Feedback in Action

Nature's Year-Round Playground

Discover history, memorabilia, and interactive exhibits

WELCOME CIRCLE J CLUB! Grand Pacific Resorts' newest addition to our growing family of resorts

SPOTLIGHT Vista Mirage Resort & Mandalay Shores Resort





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Your Top Questions

Learn more about exiting your Ownership safely

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR Looking Forward to Fun

Patty Mastracco: Making Mouths Water One Recipe at a Time

TIPS FOR TAKING YOUR OWN FAMILY PHOTOS WHILE ON VACATION Capture your best family vacation photos


HOW TO PLAN THE PERFECT VACATION Your ideal vacation guide and planning tips







MORE WAYS TO VACATION GPX is so much more than just your use week


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Sharing the charitable causes that matter the most to our Owners


Learn more about how travel has an impact on the environment and how to offset the effects

GATHERING IN ALL KINDS OF WAYS 2021 Annual Owners Meetings









Walking for a Cause

Get involved with the GPX Revive & Thrive Program


Recognizing exceptional GPR Associates and General Managers

Examples of our BE EPIC values in action

Celebrating OUR BE EPIC Champions

Celebrating Housekeeping Appreciation Week

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU With all the changes and challenges we have faced over nearly the past two years and continue to navigate, the utmost well-being of our Associates, Owners, and Guests remains at the forefront of our focus. While we have each been impacted by this time in different ways, a common thread that unites us all is how much we truly cherish spending time in the places that bring us joy with the people we love. Last year forced us to assess not only what we were doing, but also to take an even deeper look at why we were doing it. The ‘why’ for us here at Grand Pacific Resorts year after year is each of you, our cherished Owner families who we’ve come to regard as part of our own extended family. It is because you are at the heart of all that we do, continually exceeding your expectations is our highest priority. While we undoubtedly still face collective and individual challenges, our hope is that your home away from home remains a constant source of joy for you. We’re honored that you’ve entrusted it to our care, and because of that, we are committed to continuing to enhance every vacation experience you have with us. As we begin to reemerge into the world at our own paces, we hope that you will take this opportunity to expand your vacation horizons as well. We’re proud to announce that we added several new resorts this year, and we only continue to grow. We encourage you to use your exchange option to discover new destinations that you just might grow to love as much as your home resorts. My hope is that you feel a renewed sense of inspiration as we head into the coming year. We here at Grand Pacific Resorts feel fortunate to have forged ahead in finding viable ways to continue spending time together. Whenever you’re ready, we’re here to welcome you to your home away from home and beyond.

Nigel Lobo, RRP Chief Operating Officer Grand Pacific Resorts



Vacation Well

YOUR HEALTH AND SAFETY IS STILL OUR TOP PRIORITY With all the changes that have taken place in our world, we promised ourselves to always keep the utmost wellbeing of all our Owners, Guests, and Associates at the forefront of our focus. With your safety remaining our top concern, we continue to maintain the highest level of cleaning standards for the well-being of you and your family as you enjoy time together at our resorts. Read on to learn about the specific safety measures that remain in place across all of our properties.

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


ROOMS SANITIZED Every guestroom undergoes an enhanced cleaning regimen with a supervisor personally verifying its sanitization. All surfaces are disinfected, including couches, chairs, beds, and pillows. Complimentary hand sanitizer is also available in each room. To ensure the highest level of safety during the cleaning process, we have paused our mid-week cleaning services, unless specifically requested. Instead, we now schedule a cleaning day and time. If you require anything in order to make your stay more enjoyable, our Associates will provide a contactless delivery of your items, placing them in a bag outside your door.

COMMON AREAS ARE SANITIZED & MODIFIED TO BE SPACIOUS High-traffic areas like the hot tub, pool, fitness center, and lobby are sanitized at the beginning and end of each day, with frequent scheduled mid-day cleanings. You will notice that we have adjusted furniture to maintain social distancing and all recreational equipment checked out from the front desk will be disinfected after each use. We also encourage you to use the numerous hand sanitizer stations located throughout the resort.

GOING CONTACTLESS We have reduced touch points while still keeping you informed and inspired during your stay with us. Our Guest Directory and local area guides have been removed from rooms and are now available as digital magazines. Your pre-arrival and check-in communications will include links to digital resources.



CHECK-IN Our goal is to minimize contact while still delivering exceptional service. You will receive an email and phone call prior to check-in with detailed instructions. We understand some guests will want to speak directly with someone at the front desk. We ask that if you do need to come into the lobby during check-in that you limit it to one person and leave luggage in your vehicle.

CHECK-OUT We will email your check-out folio and answer any questions via text or by calling the front desk.

COURTEOUS CONDUCT While our spacious accommodations and open natural areas provide for easy social distancing, we are asking all guests to please maintain social distancing when entering common areas of the resort. Let’s please remember to be kind and courteous to one another, especially towards those who have committed to showing up and giving their all to provide you with a quality vacation experience.

FLEXIBLE CANCELLATIONS FOR YOUR USE WEEK You may deposit your week with our exclusive exchange network Grand Pacific Exchange (GPX) up to 6 days from check-in by calling (866) 325-6295.

ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS Before you travel, please review all state and local health guidelines to confirm your eligibility to stay with us.

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2



ONE MORE NIGHT (OR A FEW) What do I do if I just want to get away for a night or two or would like to add a couple days onto my week? – Todd G. We get it. Sometimes you just have to escape for a little or keep the week-long vacation fun going. Check out GPX Nightly Getaways (https://www.gpxvacations.com/nightly/) where you can book as many extra nights you want at exclusive Owners only rates.

DESTINATION DEEP DIVES I would love to see more about why I would want to go to a specific resort in reference to what the location outside of the resort has to offer. – Juanita A. We hear you and hope we accomplished that in this issue by highlighting not only our new resort located in Park City, but also all that there is to do in the surrounding area. 7


TRAVEL TIME I’d like to see more information on how to preserve our weeks as we continue to navigate Ownership. – Arnold G. We’re here to keep you informed of all your options as an Owner. Please call (888) 477-6967 to speak with a Vacation Specialist about what you can do with your week.

DOIN’ ALRIGHT I think you’re doing an excellent job during these challenging times by adjusting, being flexible, and getting creative with ways to make sure Owners and Guests are satisfied. Keep doing what you’re doing! – Shawna D. Yes ma’am! And thank you for your kind words. It’s really nice to hear, especially since we’ve all been on this rollercoaster ride together! T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


y t i C k r Pa




INTRODUCING PARK CITY Although mostly considered a winter destination, there’s tons to do in Park City all year long. Owners Jim and Shelly loved exploring the local area this past summer. Check out all the fun they had!

Experience It!


HIKE Jim and Shelly venture out on a hike near the resort and provide tips for staying safe on the trails.

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


Vacation Traditions


POSTCARDS Jim and Shelly continue their longstanding tradition of sending postcards to their grandkids wherever they go.

Utah's Year Round Playground youtu.be/HYum5HQBN30

PUZZLES/ECO-FRIENDLY Jim and Shelly highlight Park City’s eco initiatives and provide easy tips for how to vacation more sustainably.

MUSEUMS Jim and Shelly visit the site of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games where they discover history, memorabilia, and interactive exhibits.

PARK SILLY Olympic Training Park is where athletes from around the world practice for their winter events. From bobsledding to extreme tubing, visitors now have a chance to jump in some of the year-round action, too!



2022 Climate Goals youtu.be/p3rOS9raiH0

Fun in Park City

THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO OUT HERE! OLYMPIC PARK A must-do in Park City, check out where many of the 2002 Winter Olympic events took place and where the US Olympic Team still practices today. Then channel your inner Olympian (or just inner big kid) and try out the zipline, bobsled, ski jump, and so much more winter fun!

BILLY BLONCO’S Enjoy a meal experience (https://www. billyblancos.com/) like no other from the inside of a garage! With hoisted cars and motorcycles plus bar seats made out of toolboxes, you'll feel like you’re eating in a mechanic’s repair shop! On the menu, you’ll find Mexican food along with roadhouse grill options.

TEE TIME With access to 15 beautifully maintained golf courses (https://www.visitparkcity.com/ outdoors/park-city-golf/), including one right next

to the resort, your biggest challenge will be choosing which one to play. As a bonus, you may notice a boost in your game since the elevated mountain location helps add distance to your shot!

HIKE LIFE Venture out on over 400 miles of local hiking and biking trails that guide you through groves and meadows up to majestic mountain peak summits. Choose from a wide variety of hikes (https://www.visitparkcity.com/ outdoors/hiking/) suitable for every skill level ranging from family-friendly to challenging.

CRUISE CONTROL Some of the best scenic drives (https://www. visitparkcity.com/things-to-do/scenic-drives/) in Utah are around Park City. Wind your way along Guardsman Pass, Provo Canyon, Alpine Scenic Loop Byway, or Mirror Lake Scenic Byway as you take in mountain passes, breathtaking vistas, and maybe even spot some wildlife!

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


Explore the Museum!



SKI MUSEUM In 1993, a small 10-member charter group had a vision of one day opening a ski museum in Park City, Utah. It would be a modest, two-story A-frame building dedicated to showcasing the sport’s history and ties to the local area on a shoestring budget of $1 million. Now almost 20 years later, the Alf Engen Museum welcomes over 500,000 visitors each year through the doors of two multi-story buildings spanning 29,000 square feet, plus an Olympic training park, totaling a cool $11 million. Entry is free, making it a family—and budget—friendly activity anytime you vacation in Park City.



A BRIEF HISTORY The museum is named after ski jump champion Alf Engen who was inducted into the U.S. National Ski Hall of Fame in 1959 and ran a world-renowned ski school in Alta, Utah until 1989. Neighboring Salt Lake City and Park City also quickly earned their places on the international map as host of the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Leading up to the Games, athletes from around the world arrived to train at Park City’s Nordic Olympic Park, located on the same grounds as the Alf Engen Museum. An Olympic organizing committee decided to grant the training park land to the museum for just $1 per year over the next 50 years. The only requirement was that the museum agree to allow sports media outlets to make it their base of operations during the Winter Olympics, and the offer was simply too good to pass up.

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


Experience History!


THE MUSEUM TODAY Alf Engen now features one of the most extensive collections of ski and Olympic memorabilia in the country. It receives approximately 400 guests every day, making it one of the most visited museums in the West. “If there were one thing I wish for our visitors to experience, it’s the history of skiing in the Intermountain West through the interactive exhibits and to enjoy learning about how snow sports are paving the way for the future,” said Alf Engen Museum Director Connie Nelson. The museum is already making good on that promise by featuring interactive exhibits where visitors are more than just spectators, they’re participants! Guests have an opportunity to feel like an Olympian for a few minutes in the Nordic ski jump simulator and also hold the Olympic torch from the 2002 Winter Games, among several other virtual exhibits that place them directly at the intersection of the past, present, and future of winter sports.



Experience It!


A LOOK AHEAD As for what the future holds for Alf Engen Ski Museum, Connie Nelson said she envisions the museum continuing to improve and grow as new stories and sports emerge, incorporating them into their interactive exhibits. She said the museum will move with history and evolve with technology as a dynamic institution whose ultimate goal is to become a world leader in ski history museums. Another exciting possibility for the local area? A bid to host another Winter Olympics in 2030 or 2034, making the future look full of promise for Alf Engen Museum. After a fun day at the ski museum, circle back to Circle J Club, a casual, family-friendly resort nestled in a quiet residential area yet just a short drive from downtown Park City.

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


e m o c l e W CIRCLE J CLUB!

Grand Pacific Resorts is thrilled to announce the recent addition of Circle J Club located in Park City, Utah to our growing family of managed resorts.

circlejclub.com 17


ABOUT THE RESORT Nestled in a peaceful residential suburb of Park City, Utah, Circle J Club is a casual, family-friendly resort that feels miles away from it all yet is located just 10 miles from downtown Park City and 30 minutes from Salt Lake City near year-round fun for the entire family. These multi-story townhouses are available in three distinct floor plans. All feature fully-equipped kitchens, spacious living areas, cozy fireplace, and either a private balcony or deck with beautiful views of the surrounding local area. The resort’s clubhouse features a heated pool and hot tub, dry sauna, workout room, and a large deck with a picnic area and two grills. We hope you get to experience this incredible resort for yourselves at some point!

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


t h g i l t o Sp

VISTA MIRAGE RESORT & MANDALAY SHORES RESORT It’s been a busy year for Grand Pacific Resorts! In addition to welcoming a new resort in Park City, Utah, we also added two more a little closer to home in Palm Springs and Oxnard.




Vista Mirage Resorts

VISTA MIRAGE RESORT Located right in the heart of Palm Springs, Vista Mirage Resort is a desert oasis surrounded by lush gardens and stunning mountain views. It’s within walking distance to downtown and offers an exceptional array of amenities, including a tennis court, putting green, two sparkling pools, two spas, and two BBQs. Accommodations are two-bedroom, family-style suites complete with fully-stocked kitchens and spacious living areas.

Vista Mirage Resort Mirage Resorts

s Resorts Mandalay Shore


Mandalay Shores Resorts mandalayshoresresort.net

MANDALAY SHORES RESORT s Resorts Mandalay Shore

SEE FOR YOURSELF! But don’t just take our word for it—take advantage of the option to exchange your week and come enjoy these beautiful new resorts for yourselves!

Located right on the beach in Oxnard, Mandalay Shores Resorts is just 30 minutes away from Santa Barbara and close to shopping, restaurants, and water activities. Cozy yet modern cottage-style accommodations lend it a charming home-awayfrom-home appeal. Amenities include a pool, spa, and courtyard with a BBQ and dining tables. Each condo has a fully-stocked kitchen, semi-private balcony or patio, and Jacuzzi tub.

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


YOU ASK, WE ANSWER JUST ONE CALL AWAY (888) 477-6967 Monday – Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Pacific

REJUVENATION We’re so happy things started to get back to some type of normal. Which amenities are open once again at the resorts? – Bob W.

You and all the rest of us, Bob! While many of our resort amenities like pools, hot tubs, and fitness centers are available for use, what is open and to what extent varies at each resort. This depends on various factors like state and county health guidelines, which as we all know well by now, can change often. The best way to know for sure exactly what is open is to always inquire ahead of your arrival.



PERKS, PLEASE I keep hearing about the new GPX Perks, and they sound great. Can you please explain in more detail what they are? – Bryana W.

You are right in that Perks are amazing! GPX Perks is a savings credit-based program that’s your one-stop shop for all things travel. It allows you to earn and apply Savings Credits towards a wide range of travel perks like rental cars, tour packages, gift cards for dining and shopping, and even spa days to help you enjoy your vacations that much more. Check out our recent GPX webinar to learn more and also score some Perks just for watching.

GOING GREEN I was really excited to hear about some of your green initiatives across the resorts and would be interested to learn more about what those are. – Miguel O.

Encouraging sustainable vacations is a priority for us in our ongoing efforts to preserve the pristine places we call our homes away from home. We installed water refilling stations across the resorts to help reduce plastic use. We also continue to partner with Clean the World to collect partially used soap and bottle amenities for redistribution in developing communities around the world. For more information on eco travel, check out page 39 of this issue.

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2



s t i Ex

We love having you as an Owner and understand that your Ownership provides you with a familiar and comforting home away from home. However, if you are at the point where you feel ready to explore options outside of your week, we are here to provide you with information and answer any questions you may have. We’ve all been navigating uncertain and challenging times. Unfortunately, it is precisely these types of situations that may cause scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. ARDAROC, the national timeshare advocacy association (https://responsibleexit.com/), and State Attorney Generals are working diligently to put a stop to these timeshare exit schemes. If you feel as though you have been taken advantage of in any way, please contact ARDA-ROC at (800) 515-3734 or the Attorney General’s office at (202) 514-2000 to report the incident. We are also here for you to provide you with the necessary resources that address common Ownership questions. As your management company, we see it as our responsibility to make you aware of circulating fraudulent claims that falsely promise to release you of your Ownership. Please learn more about exiting safely with the videos and resources at your Owners Community on GrandPacificResorts.com (https://www. grandpacificresorts.com/owners-community/stay-informed/ exit_smart/).



Learn more about exiting safely at your

OWNERS COMMUNITY ON GRANDPACIFICRESORTS.COM https://www.grandpacificresorts.com/owners-community/stay-informed/exit_smart/

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


GPX Educational Webinar



GPX is so much more than just your use week! It’s your ticket to spending more time in your favorite places through exclusive access to a variety of flexible travel options at Owners-only rates. Check out this GPX Recorded Webinar


breaking down how to maximize your Complimentary Membership. You’ll learn tips and tricks for how to exchange your week and explore somewhere new for an incredibly low rate, how to convert your week into Savings Credits that you can apply towards all kinds of perks like cruises, rental cars, tour packages, and so much more, or how you can donate your week to a cancer survivor if you don’t plan on using it—a vacation everyone can feel good about. No matter how you prefer to vacation, we’re here to help you do it even better.



GPX: VACATION EVEN BETTER As an Owner with Grand Pacific Resorts, you get exclusive access to more vacations at greater savings with GPX. You can enjoy all kinds of fun perks without any of the membership fees. On top of the option to exchange your week at low rates, gift it to family and friends, or request a specific resort or destination, we now offer even more incredible benefits to help you take you vacation more for less.

INSIDER WEEKS As a GPX Insider, you’re able to exchange your week for just $69 on select weeks. You can also discover hundreds of select rental weeks around the country for just $399, allowing you to vacation more for less, even when you decide to go at the last minute.

CONVENIENT CANCELLATION We know that plans sometimes change and flexibility is important. While our standard cancelation policy still applies, give yourself peace of mind by adding flex booking to your exchange for just $29, allowing you to cancel up to one week before your check-in date.

PERKS ON PERKS GPX Perks is a credits-based shopping experience that offers incredible travel perks at discounted rates. Earn and use points towards rental cars, tour packages, gift cards for dining and shopping, and even spa days so that you can vacation even better. If you don’t have any plans to travel anytime soon, you can also deposit your week and get 1.25 times the value of your annual maintenance fee back in Savings Credits.

gpxvacations.com T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2




January NAPA

Kick the new year off right by delighting your taste buds at Napa Valley Restaurant Week (https://www. visitnapavalley.com/events/annual-events/restaurant-week/). Savor the region’s best farm-to-table cuisines paired with the finest wines at delicious Michelin-rated restaurants. Then slowly emerge from your food and wine coma on your private patio at RiverPointe Napa Valley.

February PARK CITY

Park City is your winter playground destination. Hit the slopes for world-class skiing and snowboarding. If you prefer your snow sports sitting down, try tubing (https://www.visitparkcity.com/outdoors/tubing/) or even dog sledding (https://www.visitparkcity.com/outdoors/ dogsledding/) for a next-level adventure. Afterwards, enjoy a mug of hot chocolate as you thaw out by your private fireplace in the cozy, family-friendly townhome accommodations at Circle J Club.


Catch the peak of gray whale migration as the majestic 40-foot creatures make their way to the warm waters of Baja. Watch from up above at Cabrillo National Monument (https://www.nationalparks.org/connect/exploreparks/cabrillo-national-monument) or get a closer look at the gentle giants on a whale-watching tour with San Diego Whale Watch (https://www.sandiego.org/ members/tours-sightseeing/san-diego-whale-watch.aspx). Recover from your seafaring adventures at coastal escapes Villa L’Auberge or Wave Crest Resort.



KNOW BEFORE YOU GO: Please be sure to check all local health and safety guidelines before traveling.


Hop on a cruiser bike and pedal your way over to the beach or wind through the downtown village (https:// www.carlsbad-village.com/) filled with shops and cafes. Then head over to check out the Flower Fields (https:// www.theflowerfields.com/) — a spectacular 50-acre display of multi-colored flowers that announce the arrival of spring. You can also take in this super bloom from your private patio at Grand Pacific Palisades.


Head to where life is sweet in the Strawberry Capital of the world and get in on all the berry fun at the 37th annual Strawberry Festival (https:// castrawberryfestival.org/). Then swing by the Oxnard Farmers Market (https://visitoxnard.com/directory/channelislands-harbor-farmers-market/) to pick up local produce and freshly caught fish to whip up something delicious in your fully-equipped kitchen at either Channel Island Shores or Mandalay Shores Resort.


Discover why everyone from movie stars to politicians have fallen in love with this charming seaside town. Stroll along the iconic pier (https://www. californiabeaches.com/beach/san-clemente-pier-city-beach/) then visit the beautiful Casa Romantica (https://www. casaromantica.org/) and marvel at the sweeping vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Keep the relaxation going at San Clemente Cove Resort or Capistrano Surfside Inn as you listen to the gently crashing waves hitting the sand just steps from the resort.

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2



Make it a summer you’ll never forget in the tropical paradise of Kauai! Hike or kayak to some of the most spectacular waterfalls on the island, or get your adrenaline fix with ziplining (https:// outfitterskauai.com/activities/category/zipline-tours/). Unwind from all the Hawaiian adventures on the private beach at Hanalei Bay Resort or Makai Club Resort.


Become a true San Diego beach bum, even if it’s just while on vacation. Bike to the beach or harbor (https://visitoceanside.org/oceanside-harbor/) for a day of sand, surf, and sun. Then head over to Colima’s for Cali burritos before hitting the famous sunset market (https://www.mainstreetoceanside. com/sunset-market) for an experience that’s uniquely Oceanside. Then bliss out with an ocean breeze on your private patio at Southern California Beach Club.

September LAKE TAHOE

Fall is Tahoe’s best kept secret! Catch the changing seasons with brilliant golden hues set against the topaz blue lake by hiking part of the Tahoe Rim Trail (https://tahoerimtrail.org/), driving along Highway 89 (https://tahoesouth. com/attractions/the-7-most-majestic-sites-along-california-highway-89/), or taking it all in from high above in a hot air balloon (https://www.laketahoeballoons.com/). Circle back to Redwolf Lakeside Lodge or Tahoe Sands Resort to cozy up in cabin-like accommodations that sit right on the lake.




Stay warm in this perpetually sunny desert oasis by enjoying a delicious outdoor brunch (https:// visitpalmsprings.com/dining-in-palm-springs/), browsing the eclectic downtown boutiques (https://visitpalmsprings. com/shop/), or hitting the multiple golf courses (https:// visitpalmsprings.com/4-golf-courses-in-palm-springs-to-tee/) in the area for some tee time. Cap off the Palm Springs fun with an umbrella drink poolside at either Indian Palms Vacation Club or Vista Mirage Resort.

November DEL MAR

Summer isn’t the only time you can head to the famous horse races in Del Mar! Head to where the surf meets the turf at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club (https://www.dmtc.com) for the Bing Crosby racing season. Bet on your favorite horses while sipping on local beers and wine. After the races are run, retreat to a relaxing stay at Villa L’Auberge or Wave Crest Resort— always winning bets.


Christmas in San Diego may sound like an oxymoron, but America’s Finest City knows how to spread holiday cheer in true SoCal style—with holiday boat parades (https://sdparadeoflights.org/) and an ice skating (https://hoteldel.com/packages/skating-by-the-sea/) rink set up right on the beach! Warm up afterwards by taking a dip in the rooftop hot tub as you watch the sun go down over the Pacific at Coronado Beach Resort.

Use your Owner benefits to book a stay at any of the above resorts. From rental weeks to exchange weeks to nightly getaways, GPX has you covered so that you can explore more!

Explore More! gpxvacations.com

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2




Patty Mastracco: Making Mouths Water One Recipe at a Time

Not only has she been an Owner with Grand Pacific Resorts for 10 years, but Patty Mastracco is also a world-class chef and cookbook author who often makes appearances on TV show cooking segments to impart her delicious recipes with the world. We were happy to hear her story—and also get her to dish on some of her favorite holiday recipes. Patty got her start in the food industry as a food stylist at Hunt’s Foods (yes, the ketchup people!) Her dad worked there and was on the panel that created the UPC barcode and also developed the very first squeeze ketchup bottle and no-drip oil bottle (thank you, sir!) The summer of her junior year of high school, Patty landed an internship in the Hunt’s test kitchen and realized it was the most fun thing ever to play with food and get paid for it! It was then and there that she decided to make a career out of her love of food. Patty studied at Cal Poly where she majored in home economics. Once she graduated, she landed a job back in the Hunt’s test kitchen, sampling millions of food products ranging from Mexican to Chinese to run-of-the-mill snacks. It was then that Patty began to develop specific recipes to help promote the food products. She contributed to the Hunt-Wesson cookbook and also styled the food for multiple TV commercials, including one with Mrs. Brady as well as Mr. Orville Redenbacher of the popcorn brand fame. Patty’s approach to developing recipes is to first decide on a theme for the meal then trial which flavors pair well together. She then tests and re-tests, often asking happily willing friends and neighbors for their feedback. Now, with three decades of experience in the culinary industry, Patty says she has cooking down to an exact science. You can find her recipes along with other tips and tricks on her website idofood.com and on Instagram @idofood. You’ll also find a few of them here, just in the time for the holidays. So if you’re ready to impress family and friends with your cooking skills or simply want to savor them for yourself, then read on!

Recipes courtesy of Patty Mastracco idofood.com



CHEESY EGG BAKE This simple yet customizable recipe can either be made as-is or with the option to add other meats and veggies as desired. Cut into squares or have a little fun with cookie cutter shapes. PREP TIME: 15 minutes COOK TIME: 30 minutes SERVING SIZE: 12 small servings INGREDIENTS: • Wide heavy duty foil* • 1/4 cup complete pancake mix • Nonstick cooking spray • 1/2 teaspoon garlic salt • 8 eggs • 2 cups shredded sharp Cheddar Cheese • 3/4 cup cottage or ricotta cheese • Serve on any of these toasted favorites: Toasted English muffins, bagels, waffles, bread, or tortillas STEPS: 1. Preheat oven to 350°F. 2. Line a 13 x 9-inch baking dish with foil, pressing well into the corners and leaving an extra inch all the way around*. Coat well with cooking spray. 3. Puree eggs, cottage cheese, pancake mix and garlic salt in a blender. Stir in cheddar cheese and spread in prepared baking dish. 4. Bake at 350°F for 30 minutes or until center is set. 5. Let cool then carefully pull up foil on 2 sides to remove from pan. Cut into desired shapes and store in refrigerator or freezer in an airtight container until ready to serve. *Lining the dish with foil lets you easily lift the baked eggs from the pan. You can then cut them into squares or use cookie cutters to cut pieces of egg and bread into desired shapes. DISH TIP: This recipe may be prepped the night before and stored in the refrigerator in covered baking dish overnight. Let sit at room temperature for about 30 minutes before baking. CUSTOMIZE IT! Cook as directed above or divide surface into 3 or 4 sections with green onion tops. Give each section its own flavor by lightly stirring extra ingredients into the surface of each section. See some of our favorite variations are below. VEGGIE: ITALIAN: • Fresh baby spinach torn into pieces, microwaved • Roasted red peppers chopped and until soft, and patted dry between paper towels patted dry between paper towels • Roasted red peppers chopped and patted dry • Sliced green onions between paper towels • Italian seasoning blend • Sliced green onions • Grated or shredded • Grated zucchini patted dry between paper towels Parmesan cheese • Grated or shredded Parmesan cheese MEXICAN: BACON SWISS: • Diced green chilis • Cooked crisp and coarsely broken bacon • Sliced green onions • Shredded Swiss cheese • Shredded Mexican blend cheese • Sliced green onions • Mexican seasoning blend or chili powder

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T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


MAKE-AHEAD MASHED POTATOES Adding sour cream and cream cheese makes this creamy mashed potato recipe perfect to make ahead. PREP TIME: 25 minutes COOK TIME: 10-12 minutes SERVING SIZE: 6-8 servings INGREDIENTS: • 2 1/2 lbs. Yukon Gold and red potatoes cut into 1 1/2-inch chunks • 1 cup light or regular sour cream • 2 tablespoons butter • 1 teaspoon seasoned or garlic salt, or to taste • 1/2 of an 8-oz. block cream cheese STEPS: 1. Place a small amount of water in a large microwave-safe bowl. Add potatoes and cover with plastic wrap, making a small slit in the wrap for steam to vent. 2. Microwave on HIGH for 10 to 12 minutes or until potatoes are soft when pierced with a knife. 3. Mash until fairly smooth (a few lumps are ok!) Add remaining ingredients and mash again. 4. Cover and refrigerate until ready to serve. 5. Reheat in the microwave, adding a little milk, broth, or water to thin as needed.

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CLASSIC TURKEY STUFFING Make sure to toast the bread before preparing the stuffing for the best taste and texture. PREP TIME: 30 minutes COOK TIME: Approx 1 hour, 15 minutes SERVING SIZE: 12 servings INGREDIENTS: • 8 cups (1-inch cubes) rustic bread • 1/3 cup butter • 1 very large onion coarsely chopped • 2 large stalks celery sliced • 2 to 2 1/2 cups chicken stock or reduced-sodium broth • 1 teaspoon each: dried thyme and sage • 1/2 teaspoon poultry seasoning STEPS: 1. Preheat oven to 375°F and lightly butter a 13 x 9-inch baking dish. 2. Place bread cubes on a baking sheet and bake for 10 minutes to lightly toast. 3. Melt butter in a large skillet, add onion, cook for 10 minutes. 4. Add celery and cook for 5 minutes more. Stir together vegetables, bread, broth, and herbs until broth is absorbed. 5. Place in prepared baking dish and bake for 50 to 60 minutes or until heated through and lightly browned on top. May be prepared 2 to 3 days ahead and refrigerated (tightly covered) until ready to bake. VARIATIONS: ITALIAN VEGETABLE STUFFING Prepare stuffing as directed above using cubed cheese ciabatta rolls in place of rustic bread. Coarsely chop a 4-oz. package of sliced pancetta and sauté with 1 thinlysliced and chopped fennel bulb with onion and celery. Add 1 1/2 teaspoons Italian herb seasoning blend in place of sage and thyme. CRANBERRY APPLE CORNBREAD STUFFING Prepare stuffing as directed above using 6 cups crumbled day old cornbread in place of rustic bread. Sauté 8 links crumbled turkey breakfast sausage, 2 peeled, cored, and diced green apples and 3/4 cup dried cranberries with onion and celery.

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For Taking Your Own

Family Photos

While on Vacation

Whether you’re in the vineyards of Napa or on the beaches of Carlsbad, all the nature surrounding our resorts provide you with the perfect backdrop for beautiful photos. While hiring a professional photographer is always your best bet, there are a few tips for capturing your own photos in a way you’ll actually feel good about showcasing.



SMART PHONES ARE SO…SMART! Smartphones all come equipped with high-resolution cameras capable of taking amazing photos. If you plan on using your phone to take pictures, consider investing in a couple accessories like a tripod or photo editing app that will help you easily enhance your pictures.

LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION You’ve heard it said about real estate, but choosing the perfect location applies to photography just as much. The spot you choose as your photo backdrop should not only be eye-catching, but should also serve as a reflection of who you are as a family.

FLATTERING LIGHTING Soft, natural lighting is always best for maximizing each person’s assets while also helping eliminate any pesky shadows. The best time of day to take stunning outdoor photos is either early in the morning or at sunset (aka the famed golden hour)!

KEEP IT NATURAL While props certainly aren’t necessary for beautiful photos, they can add a fun element to pictures when chosen wisely. Natural poses are typically best for real-looking photos, and some of the best pictures tend to be the completely candid outtakes that weren’t planned at all.

OUTFIT COORDINATION Color coordinating everyone’s outfits rather than outright matching is the best way to go for photos. You’ll also want to avoid wearing too many busy prints, which can take the focus away from faces. Instead, stick with solid colors along with layers to add depth to your photos.

DON’T STRESS ABOUT PERFECTION Family photo sessions are about capturing your loved ones and their unique personalities, not about perfection. Cell phones conveniently allow for immediate viewing with the option to delete whichever ones you don’t like.

START WITH THE MOST DIFFICULT PHOTOS Start with what you feel will be the most challenging shots first. This allows you the freedom to work with any young children while you have their short-lived attention. You can move onto easier poses and adultonly shots later in the session.

TAKE A MILLION PHOTOS Taking good pictures ultimately boils down to a numbers game. It’s always better to have too many photos to choose from rather than too few. If you take way more than you think you’ll ever want or need, you’ll be hard pressed not to find at least one that you like. Family photos are an important part of capturing lasting memories either while on vacation or at home. With a little bit of upfront knowledge, you’re sure to get some gorgeous family photos!

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How to Plan the Perfect Vacation YOUR IDEAL VACATION GUIDE So you’ve picked a destination and booked the accommodations, now comes the fun part of deciding what you’ll do once you’re on vacation. While planning your trip, pinpointing your vacation style will help you choose which activities will most likely appeal to you. If you’re unsure, check out the guide below to help you determine what kind of traveler you are and plan your ideal vacay accordingly!



ADVENTUROUS If the thrill of whitewater rafting or hiking 10 miles sounds more appealing to you than sitting by the pool with a book—and if you often need another vacation to recover from your vacation—then you’re an adventurous traveler and should seek out adrenaline-pumping fun.

CULTURAL For many travelers, cultural activities are the gateway to discovery and an opportunity to learn about new places and people. Ask your concierge or visit the local tourism board website to find experiences that are unique to the place you’re visiting.

HISTORIC From museums and exhibitions to monuments and landmarks, visiting historical sites ranks high for the history buff traveler. Once you nail down the places you have your heart set on seeing, arrange any necessary tickets and plan the best time to go.

CULINARY Instead of viewing food as the thing that fuels other activities, food is the activity in itself for the culinaryminded traveler. If you’re into the idea of a culinary vacation, check out review sites for restaurants and possible food tours to get a taste of the local flavor.

ROMANTIC If you’re partnered up, a trip to the spa for a couples massage is a great way to unwind and reconnect with your partner. Or head out on a drive to a charming town and enjoy a picnic or beautiful sun set hike to fuel those romantic vibes.

ENTERTAINING For some, concerts, theater, and comedy shows are the type of entertainment vacations are all about. If this sounds like your kind of fun, check out which shows will be in town while you’re visiting and purchase any tickets ahead of time.

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2




Other Vacation Planning Tips Whenever you’re planning a vacation, check out a few ways that will help make the process stress-free and fun:

Give Yourself a Free Day

Packing your days with endless activities can be tempting, but it’s important to give yourself some down time since vacation is all about unwinding and relaxing. A great way to do this is to spend a day simply enjoying your accommodations with a meal on the patio or a pool day.

Leave Room for Spontaneity

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the above. While deciding all your activities ahead of time can add ease and efficiency to a vacation, don’t plan so much that you forget to leave room for spontaneity. Sometimes the best part of visiting a new place is what you simply stumble upon.

Weather and Local Guidelines

A simple yet essential tip when planning a vacation: always check the weather and local health guidelines ahead of time since both change often and will directly influence your vacation activities. Knowing the situation beforehand will help you plan accordingly and also prevent any disappointment later. Whether you’re sailing through trees on a zipline or getting your funny fix at a comedy show, vacation activities are what help make lasting memories. Whatever your travel style is, you’re sure to enjoy your ideal vacation with Grand Pacific Resorts. T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


HEART &SOLE WALKING FOR A CAUSE Grand Pacific Resorts is honored to partner with Christel House, a non-profit organization committed to providing educational opportunities to students in impoverished communities around the world. For the last two decades, we have participated in a variety of initiatives to support Christel House, from providing internships to hosting annual golf tournaments. However, with the many changes that have taken place in our world, we’ve had to find innovative ways to stay involved with the cause. Over the past year, we helped to purchase laptops for every high schooler at Christel House in Mexico City and also participated in a walka-thon to raise enough money to cover the cost of WiFi in the students’ homes while they participated in distance learning. For six weeks in April, our Associates organized into teams then walked, jogged, biked, and exercised as they worked towards their collective goal of logging 15,940 fundraising miles to raise $350,000! The walk-a-thon provided an opportunity for Grand Pacific Resorts Associates to participate and connect with a cause that we have all been passionate about for years.



Shannon and her family at Grand Pacific Palisades Resort & Hotel

Giving the Gift


In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October, Grand Pacific Resorts encourages Owners to donate their week to a breast cancer survivor through our GPX Revive & Thrive Program (https://www.gpxvacations.com/donate/) together with Send Me On Vacation (https://sendmeonvacation.org/), a non-profit organization dedicated to gifting vacations to cancer survivors. Thanks to our partnerships and incredibly charitable Owners, we’ve been able to provide much-needed R&R to more than 50 women so far. For each donated week, we help cover additional costs like transportation, meals, plus anything else the survivor may need in order to enjoy a completely carefree vacation. If you’d like to get involved with this cause, you can do so by donating your week through GPX Revive & Thrive (https:// www.gpxvacations.com/donate/) or by making a direct donation to Send Me On Vacation (https://sendmeonvacation.org/ #sthash.yEPG8196.dpbs). We are so touched by your immense generosity and look forward to sending many more survivors on a well-deserved vacation.


we sent our vacation recipient and her family on a week-long stay at Grand Pacific Palisades in Carlsbad, California where she described experiencing deep restoration and a sense of renewed peace.

Read more about her journey


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Carbon Offset Program


GreenClean TRAVEL


Whether you drive, fly, or cruise to your vacation destinations, you can now do so knowing you’ve helped preserve the beautiful places we call our homes away from home for generations to come. Participating in a carbon offset program allows you to lessen the impact of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere anytime you travel. For a nominal fee, you contribute to environmental conservation programs and research projects dedicated to reducing carbon emissions, making it a win for you and the planet!



TRIP IMPACT 0.07 Tonnes

0.78 Tonnes

0.12 Tonnes

Driving for 3 days

Air Travel


0.97 tonnes per person x 2 =

Total offset cost of $23.48


Carbon Calculator


When two of our team members traveled from San Diego to Park City to produce content for this magazine, they used a carbon calculator to determine the environmental impact of their trip, then Grand Pacific Resorts purchased the carbon offset credits to minimize the impact to the environment.

DONATION RECIPIENT Cool Effect Projects:

Cool Effect Projects

• Animal Kingdom

• Breath of Fresh Air

• Cooking With Gas

• Cup of The Amazon

• For Peat's Sake

• For the Birds

• Take a Hike

• The Giving Trees

https://www.cooleffect.org/projects T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


) e v a (S

The Bee’s Knees! Did you know that bees are a vital part of our environment? Those striped little buzzers are responsible for plant pollination, which in turn provides all of us with food. Unfortunately, bee populations have been dwindling for years. While we may not miss getting stung by them, we still need them to fuel our food supply. Grand Pacific Resorts has partnered with Bee Leaf USA, an organization committed to safely rescuing any bee colonies residing on our properties then safely relocating them to sanctuaries where experienced beekeepers help them thrive once again. Now that’s a cause worth buzzing about!



Bee Leaf USA


Clean Shopping GROVE


https://www.grove.co/ From skincare to cleaning supplies, enjoy the convenience of 100% sustainable and ethical products shipped directly to your door!



Calling all San Diego residents (and those that call it their second home)! Shop eco-friendly body, bath, and home products that you refill onsite in glass containers. Curbside pickup also available.


Good Follows


Check out these Instagram accounts with great tips for green living!


BACKYARD CANDLES Brighten up any space with this unique line of delicious-smelling candles made from all-natural soy wax poured into empty coconut shells.

Info on environmental news, best practices, and waste reduction



How to be a hardcore adventurer and eco activist at the same time



Tips on sustainable fashion choices for a more conscious closet


(https://www.instagram.com/michelleforgood/) T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


What Matters to You

Matters to Us Four times a year, Grand Pacific Resorts shares the charitable causes that matter the most to our Owners. From benefitting local nonprofits to keeping our resort locations pristine, we’re committed to supporting the organizations that are near and dear to you. Since starting this initiative years ago, we have donated over $15,000 to several worthy causes and look forward to contributing to many more. While the stories behind each cause are truly inspiring, only one organization will receive a $2,500 donation, which is determined directly by your votes. This year, we were proud to participate in a variety of causes ranging from relocating bees to purchasing laptops for students, reminding us that looking out for the planet as well as one another is always what matters most. Is there a cause you’re passionate about? Help your charity of choice win a $2,500 donation from Grand Pacific Resorts by sharing it with us here (https://www.grandpacificresorts.com/giving/).

Share Your Story





If last year taught us anything, it’s that we’re all still able to connect even while physically apart. Traditionally, our Owners gather every year at our Annual Owners Meetings to share vacation stories, discuss how we can continue enhancing their Ownership experience, and simply enjoy being in the company of other Owners. This year, we held these meetings virtually where so many of you still participated and made your voices heard. Thank you all for showing up!

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2





Left to right: David Brown, Dave Smith, Lourdes Deolarte, Megan Conner, Nigel Lobo

Every year, Grand Pacific Resorts recognizes exceptional Associates and General Managers from each resort along with the home office who consistently embody our BE EPIC values, especially during what has been an exceptionally challenging time for all of us. Traditionally, we host a grand awards gala in honor of these outstanding Team Members who are deemed our BE EPIC Champions. However, due to ongoing health and safety measures, we have been unable to celebrate their incredible achievements in our typical fashion. So this year, each resort held individual celebrations to give winners the recognition they so deserve, including a small ceremony along with a certificate commemorating their remarkable achievements.

A huge congratulations—and thank you—to our BE EPIC Champions!



s t n e m o M


Examples of our BE EPIC values in action!

Danny C.

Maintenance Team

One of our Guests recently had hip surgery and was unable to use our beach chairs. Danny pulled his own camping chairs from his car and allowed the Guest to use them for the entire week so that she could enjoy the beach comfortably. Danny wanted to ensure that our Guest could enjoy every aspect of her vacation, demonstrating a personal level of service and caring!

After a Guest noticed that the public beach not belonging to the resort was heavily littered with trash, the Maintenance Team worked together to help clean it up, even though it was outside their normal scope of work. That Guest was so appreciative, and we’re so proud of our Team that went above and beyond to make a Guest’s experience an even more positive one.

Kelly C.

John R.

When an Owner called the front desk to report a fire in the oven, Kelly immediately called 9-1-1 then grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran to the unit. Using the extinguisher and her fire safety knowledge, she was able to keep the fire at bay until the fire department arrived on the scene. Kelly has been very involved with the resort’s Safety and Training Program, and it shows!

John’s genuine compassion was on full display when a Guest confided her cancer diagnosis to him during her stay. Knowing how difficult it can be based on his own experience with a loved one’s cancer treatment, John wanted to help brighten the Guest’s day a bit. So on his day off, John brought a beautiful bouquet of flowers along with a hand-written note for the Guest.






Understanding one’s priorities and actively balancing them to be fulfilled.


We nurture and believe in our Associate’s abilities and entrust them to deliver heartfelt service.


We don’t stop at “good enough.” We keep going until we get there.


We are passionate about our service culture. Providing amazing service isn’t just our duty, it’s our pleasure.


If we say it, we mean it. We do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do.


Our Owners and Guests trust us to deliver excellent service that is dependable and consistent in every interaction.

Adrianne Felices

Andrew Amezcua, Be Epic Champion of the Year 2019

Carmina De la Cruz

BE EPIC Champion Q2, 2021

Left to right: David Brown, Megan Conner, Andrew Amezcua, Dave Smith, Nigel Lobo

BE EPIC Champion Q3, 2021



s n o i p m a Ch


Resort of the Year, awarded to Grand Pacific Resorts’ Makai Club Resort. General Managers Erin O’Brien of Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge and George Costa, General Manager of Hanalei Bay Resort, won General Manager of the Year for both a small and large resort.

Makai Club Resort Resort of the Year

“Our associates are our shining stars,” said Chief Operating Officer, Nigel Lobo. “They are the heart of Grand Pacific Resorts, and the best of the best talent in hospitality. Nothing makes us happier than to honor our associates and their incredible dedication and passion for the guest experience.” Each year, Grand Pacific Resorts celebrates our BE EPIC Champions from each resort and the home office, along with recognizing exceptional general managers and resorts. Traditionally, we hold an evening gala to honor these outstanding team members. Sadly, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic, we have been unable to celebrate our 2019 and 2020 winners in the manner in which we are accustomed. It is very important to us to acknowledge these exceptional individuals, so as soon as restrictions are lifted, Management will visit every resort to celebrate both the 2019 and 2020 award winners.

Erin O’Brien

General Manager of the Year

George Costa

General Manager of the Year

2020 TOP ACCOLADES: Resort of the Year, awarded to HGVC at MarBrisa. Nick Batliner, General Manager of Red Wolf Lodge at Olympic Valley and General Manager Mo Carew of Grand Pacific Palisades Resort, won General Manager of the Year for both a small and large resort.


HGVC at MarBrisa Resort of the Year

Doreen Bechard

Jay Anderson

Sharrie McIntosh

April Rembert Mo Carew

General Manager of the Year



Nick Batliner

General Manager of the Year


Zola Evans

Capistrano SurfSide Inn

Noa Pukini Makai Club

Leonardo Rodriguez Martinez San Clemente Cove

Earl Yurivilca

Rafaela Vazquez

Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort

Erin Wallace

Brant Lillard

Carlsbad Seapointe Resort

Anna Polzin

HGVC at MarBrisa

Ubalda Santos

Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge

Red Wolf Lodge at Olympic Valley

Wave Crest Resort

Mariana Soza

Oscar Salinas

Patti Greer, Paul Hancock & Lucille Tillotson

Haley Brock

Clinton Owen

Southern California Beach Club

Maria Sosa

Grand Pacific Vacation Services

Dexter Carranza

Carlsbad Seapointe Resort

Darwin Agbayani

Lourdes Deolarte

Joseph Guerrero

Rosario Rojas

Sophie Kwiatkowski

Andrew Amezcua

RiverPointe Napa Valley

Carlsbad Inn Beach Resort

Red Wolf Lodge at Olympic Valley

Kelly Carnell

Troy Villanueva

Hanalei Bay Resort

Olympic Village Inn

Capistrano SurfSide Inn

Hanalei Bay Resort

Cristian Montiel

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort

HGVC at MarBrisa

Henry Hernandez

RiverPointe Napa Valley

Makai Club

Bertha Rojas

San Clemente Cove

Legacy Sales

Tiffany Noel Molina Channel Island Shores

Michael Young

BE EPIC Spirit Award

Jazel Tangalin

Coronado Beach Resort

Oralia Corral

Indian Palms Vacation Club

Olympic Village Inn

Elisa Perez

Peaches Boland

Southern California Beach Club

Wave Crest Resort

BE EPIC Spirit Award

Jane Mercado

Grand Pacific Palisades Resort

Trinidad Herrera

Red Wolf Lakeside Lodge

Rosalie Shrock

BE EPIC Spirit Award

T I M E TO G E T H E R : 2 0 2 1 - 2 0 2 2


WE LOVE OUR HOUSEKEEPERS! Whether it’s always having clean linens on hand, carrying out enhanced sanitization protocols, or ensuring every detail of a unit is in order prior to each arrival—all within record time—our Housekeeping Teams are nothing short of heroes. Every year, we dedicate an entire week known as Housekeeping Appreciation Week to acknowledge and appreciate our incredible Housekeeping Associates who work so hard behind the scenes to provide our Owners and Guests with positive vacation experiences. Due to safety measures that have been in place since last year, everyone has had to find new and creative ways to ensure our Housekeeping Associates know just how much they are truly appreciated. From catered meals and daily donuts, to flower bouquets and gift baskets, everyone has strived to ensure our Housekeepers feel the love—this year and every year!




Giveaway s t h g i N 7




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