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Issue 1 August 2011

GOWER NEWS 6th August 2011

Editor Ian Ambrose | Publisher Gower News Gower News is an independent, privately owned, online publication. This Week’s Contributors James Davies Photography (Cover Picture) Gower News e-Publication Design / Illustration Ian Ambrose Distribution This e-publication is freely distributed through Gower News’ e-newsletter and online media network:

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Editor Welcome to the very first published edition of Gower e-News: a place for Gower related news, events and information from a truly local perspective! As a local, independent online epublication produced on the Gower peninsula, this first issue of Gower e-News marks yet another milestone in the Gower News journey which began in June 2009. Over the past two years, Gower News has been developing its online presence at on Twitter at and on Facebook at These online communication tools are an essential part of Gower News’ aim to highlight Gower-related news, events and information. The latest way Gower News has started to engage with its online community is through the website and its GPS tracking smartphone application. Now Gower News readers can access Gower walk ideas by viewing Gower News’ very own walk routes tracked by GPS. View the walks, complete with walk synopsis and photographs, at: Gower e-News is a flexible and organic e-publication that can be adapted to suit weekly needs; there are no printing issues making it a green, carbon efficient publication. Being part of a rural community, Gower News is committed to producing a high-quality online publication that focuses on people, planet and profit. With these core principles as our focus, Gower News aims to ensure that any work undertaken is completed in an ethical and socially responsible manner. We like our green and pleasant environment - this paperless e-publication helps keep it that way! With the holiday season now in full swing, it is noteworthy to welcome the many visitors to the Gower area. Sadly, the emergency services seem to be responding to a number of similar incidents involving young people who are getting themselves in to dangerous situations - especially around the coastline. This week, RAF rescue helicopters have responded to incidents near Langland Bay and on saltmarsh near the Loughor Estuary. Be sure to take some time to learn about local tides - check the tide times before venturing out. In this issue: FEATURE: RURAL ROADS AND LIVESTOCK Livestock are a common feature on rural Gower roads, especially where animals graze on common land adjacent to busy roads. We look at the issues and dangers. GET CONNECTED: SOCIAL MEDIA Find out how to get the most out of Gower News with a little help from Twitter and Facebook. If you have some local Gower news to share - be it a news story, an event, or point of view about a local issue - then please get in touch. If you miss the Gower e-News deadline (12noon every Friday) don’t panic! Gower News can usually publish relevant Gower news and events on the Gower News website and through its Twitter and Facebook social medial networks - 7 days a week! Don’t forget! Email your news and events details to:

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Gower Dialect

Gower in the News The website - serving the villages of Llangennith, Llanmadoc and Cheriton on the Gower peninsula - recently published an article about an historic and unique Gower dialect  which is claimed 'endured to within living memory'. Plans are now afoot to produce a Gower dialect dictionary - just one aspect of the 'Saving Gower Landscape Partnership’ Heritage Lottery Funding application which has this week passed the first round in the Heritage Lottery Funding application process. Read more about Gower dialect on the Gower Magazine website:

Heritage Lottery Funding Earlier this week Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) announced that 11 project proposals made the first-round ‘pass’ in its Landscape Partnership (LP) programme - totalling £18.3m worth of potential future funding for heritage projects. A Landscape Partnership (LP) earmarked firstround ‘pass’ means that money has been set aside by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) for the schemes in question. While this does not guarantee funding, it is an indication of positive support for the projects. One of the 11 bids earmarked for funding is the Saving Gower Landscape Partnership, which could, if successful in further HLF rounds, receive £1.3m to fund heritage projects in the area. This money is to include £19,800 of development funding. Visited by thousands of people every year, Gower provides an oasis of calm and escape from bustling city life in Swansea. If successful, HLF’s development funding will enable plans to be progressed to protect and enhance the area, including controlling invasive species and managing small woodlands and wet fields in partnership with local landowners. A programme of 12-week training courses will be available to disadvantaged young people with a number of accompanying apprenticeships also on offer.

Great Taste Awards Great news for local Gower food producers - three individuals have recently received Great Taste Awards for some of their locally produced products. ★ Jayne Roderick, proprietor of Welsh Special Treats, has been presented with two coveted one-star Gold Great Taste Awards for her Lemon Extra Marmalade and her Raspberry & Melon Jam. ★ Ruth Waters, proprietor of CocoBean, has won a Great Taste Award 'Gold Star' for her Gluten Free Classic Brownie in the Gluten Free Cakes / Tarts Class. ★ Kate Jenkins, proprietor of Gower Cottage Brownies, has also been awarded a Gold Star in the Great Taste Awards. More good news for Kate: her business website recently ranked and featured in ‘The Independent's Top 50 Food Websites’.


Gower in the News

Gower Dialect

Events Around Gower Tell us about your Gower or Swansea Bay event. Email your event details to: e-News Deadline Friday at12noon

Sunday 7th August + Gower Show 2011 at Penrice Castle Park, Reynoldston. 8.00am-6.00pm. + Gower Artists’ Exhibition, Llangennith. 10.30am-7.00pm + Porpoise Picnic, outside Castellamare, Braclet Bay, Mumbles. 11.15am

Monday 8th August + Swansea Junior Tennis Championships, Langland Bay.

Tuesday 9th August + Swansea Junior Tennis Championships, Langland Bay. + Porpoise Picnic, outside Castellamare, Braclet Bay, Mumbles. 1.45am + Bat and Moth, Bishop’s Wood , Caswell. 9.30-11.00pm

Wednesday 10th August + Swansea Junior Tennis Championships, Langland Bay. + Port Eynon Food Fayre, Port Eynon Village Hall. 10.00am-2.30pm

Thursday 11th August + Swansea Junior Tennis Championships, Langland Bay.

Friday 12th August + Swansea Junior Tennis Championships, Langland Bay. + Dan Santillo's Local Photographic Exhibition with Emma Jones of Ambience Fine Arts. Ostreme Centre, Mumbles. 9.00am-5.00pm.

Saturday 13th August + Swansea Junior Tennis Championships, Langland Bay. + Dan Santillo's Local Photographic Exhibition with Emma Jones of Ambience Fine Arts. Ostreme Centre, Mumbles. 9.00am-5.00pm. + Mumbles Local Produce Market, Oystermouth. 9.00am-1.00pm + Coracle Fishing Display, Gower Heritage Centre, Parkmill. + Penclawdd Festival of the Tides , Penclawdd. 1.00pm

Sunday 14th August + Coracle Fishing Display, Gower Heritage Centre, Parkmill. + Llangennith Craft Fair. Llangennith Hall. 10.00am + Pennard Local Produce Market, Pennard Community Centre. 9.30am-12.30pm Event details correct at time of publication. Check the website for further details.



Coffee and Croissants

Networking Breakfast Event

ÂŁ10/person To register, send an email to: Includes: coffee/tea/croissants and homemade cakes - plus a chance to network with people from local businesses and organisations. Proceeds to Macmillan Cancer Support.


For more information or to register for the tournaments visit: or contact the event organiser Jay Doyle on 07970 577879


Whether competing in the tournaments or just chilling at the beach and soaking up the atmosphere, the event promises to deliver a spectacular experience for everyone.

ck f

The Longboard Classic ran for two decades and over the years attracted some distinguished names in the international field of surf stars and world champions, including Californian greats Jay Moriarty and Robert 'Wingnut' Weaver, star of the cult surf classic Endless Summer.

or m

ore eve nt

The event sees the long-awaited return of the Welsh Longboard Classic, a prestigious surfing tournament which was considered one of the premier longboarding events in the country.

de tai ls

This year the Mumbles Gower OceanFest will host the Welsh Longboard Classic, Bay 6K Paddle Enduro and the Gower SUP Surf Classic. With stand up paddle boarding and surf clinics, expert advice and free board demos, there'll be plenty of opportunities for newcomers to the sports and also anyone wishing to progress.


Gower’s Rural Roads


They’re a common sight to locals living and working on rural Gower, but to visitors using Gower’s rural roads, they can surprise even the most alert driver! Having to be on the lookout for “ T h e m a j o r i t y o f animals perched precariously on c o l l i s i o n s i n v o l v i n g the side of a road is part of Gower ve h i c l e s a n d a n i m a l s life for local motorists. When happen at night so when driving on rural roads - many of driving in the dark, use which cut across common land - the sight of livestock is usually the norm; at times motorists full beam unless this will may even find the odd one or two casually standing - quite dazzle other road users.” oblivious to vehicles - in the middle of the road. It’s not just livestock either. Wild horses can often be found wondering in the middle of a rural Gower road - especially at dawn. Fairwood Common is a particular danger ‘hot-spot’ as the straight open road fuels some motorists apparent ‘need for speed’. On a clear day, driving within the speed limit on such roads might be quite safe. However, at night, or when visibility is reduced due to bad weather, it could be expected that hitting an animal at speed is likely to end up only one way! In spite of measures to improve the visibility of livestock grazing on common land near busy Gower roads, it seems the reduction of motorists’ speed along these roads is probably going to be the most effective solution at reducing the risk of collisions.



Speaking about the dangers of animals on Gower roads, local Conservative County Councillor and Fairwood resident, Paxton Hood-William, said: “I have been working to get a 40 mph speed limit on all derestricted roads in Gower, for many years. The good news is that Swansea City Council has accepted the principle of implementing this speed limit. The problem of course is finding the finance to do it, and as yet this has not been identified.” This week Gower News has been receiving feedback from local residents and visitors to the area via its Twitter and Facebook Page. Claire from Wiltshire tweeted @gowernews a picture of a cow in the middle of the road whilst driving across Fairwood Common. She said: “The cow ended up standing over the bonnet of the car staring me out! Was bizarre.” Anita posted a comment on the Gower News Facebook Page. She wrote: “Frequently visit Gower & we are horrified at the speeds people drive on the roads where ponies, sheep & cattle are present. Slow down & enjoy your journey, lucky you're not bumper to bumper in London!"

Staying Safe


Commenting on the issue, Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service’s Road Traffic Collision Reduction Officer, Kenny McDonald said: “The majority of collisions involving vehicles and animals happen at night so when driving in the dark, use full beam unless this will dazzle other road users. “You will also reduce the risk of colliding with animals if you adopt the following measures.


• If sheep or other animals are at the side of the road, reduce your speed so you can stop quickly and safely if any animal moves on to the road. • Look out for wildlife or livestock warning signs. • If you have to stop for animals avoid causing them to panic. • If you hit an animal you should make sure that you are not in any danger and get help for the animal. If injured do not pick them up as they may kick or bite you.   The Road Traffic Act requires you to report any injury to an animal to the owner or if this is not possible to the Police as soon as is practical or within 24 hours. Remember do not speed on rural roads, always wear seatbelts and avoid distractions such as mobile phones. We would also recommend advance driving training or riding such as RoSPA, IAM, Bikesafe or for younger drivers,  Pass Plus Cymru.”






Gower Surfers’ Map - Reproduced with Permission from Publisher

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