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The Best of Goway Travel


Front cover: Chalkley Treehouse (Lion Sands Private Game Reserve) Photo: A galaxy of stars (Botswana, Makgadigadi, Natural Selections)


To empower our community of Globetrotters to realize a lifetime of travel.


WHERE TO NEXT? Who We Are ........................................................... 4 Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific....... 18 Asia ....................................................................... 54 Africa & The Middle East .................................... 88 UK & Europe ...................................................... 128 Central & South America ................................... 160 Polar Voyages ...................................................... 184



Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Cartagena Old Town, Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, Falkland Islands, Bruce & Claire in Victoria Falls, Local transport in India, Hodge family in France (Bruce Hodge)

OUR PRESIDENT & FOUNDER'S MESSAGE It’s my great pleasure to welcome our Globetrotters back to the world of travel, and to continue the journey we started in 1970. Back then, Goway Travel was a one-man operation in a small apartment in Toronto, specializing in ‘fun holidays for the under 30s.’ Today, we plan to soon employ over 400 staff on three continents, who bring expertise from around the world. Some of our ‘under 30s’ have grown with us into seasoned Globetrotters, and we’ve picked up many adventurous passengers along the way. We’ve also met our fair share of challenges from world events outside our control, but perhaps none has been greater than the COVID-19 pandemic, when the great privilege of exploring the world first-hand was suspended with no clear date of return. Far from how we’d hoped to celebrate Goway’s 50th anniversary! Yet, here we are, now looking forward to the next 50 years. It seems such a small thing amid all the havoc, pain, and uncertainty the pandemic has caused, but this great freeze in travel has reinforced for me how fortunate we are each time we get to experience another part of the world and connect with those who call it home. For Globetrotters, who’ve chosen a life of travel, that connection across borders is crucial. Personally speaking, I can’t wait to get back out there and reconnect with old friends and new faces. To that end, I’m delighted to present the Best of Goway Travel, showcasing over 450 of our favourite trips and travel ideas. (This selection only scratches the surface of the more than 2,000 unique itineraries that you can find at Each has been selected and curated by our Destination Specialists based on their extensive knowledge and personal insights. For Goway, it’s the first brochure of its kind, showcasing all six of our destination regions we specialize in. When you’re ready for your next adventure, Goway can craft the perfect trip that’s made just for you.


The Cambridge Dictionary defines “globetrotter” as "someone who travels often to a lot of different countries." Technically, this might be correct. Our Destination Specialists and many of our Goway travellers certainly like variety in their travels. But with all respect to Cambridge, we like to think being a globetrotter is about the way we travel, not just the quantity or frequency. So, we’ve come up with our own definition:

Globetrotter: (noun) A person who has chosen a lifetime of travel.

Whether life grants you the privilege of travel every year, or every 10 years, whether you long to see every continent, or explore the many facets of just one in detail, if you’ve chosen a life of travel, one that unveils the world in all its possibilities, you’re a globetrotter. And within these pages, you’ll find what it means to be a Goway globetrotter.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Koh Samui, Goway (Vered Pollock), Eilean Dona Castle, Goway (Channa Jayasinghe), Ethiopia, Goway (Melissa Webster), Fushimi Inari Shrine (Gareth Adamson), Camping across North America (Goway Archive), Fun adventures for the under 30s, circa 1970s (Goway Archive), Cape Town, Goway (Dan Moretta), Morocco, Goway (Carolyn Weppler)

What Is a Globetrotter?

WE'RE GOWAY Offering tailor-made trips since 1970, Goway is more than a travel company. We are a community of Globetrotters, defined by our Destination Specialists, our passionate support teams, valued agent partners and industry colleagues, and of course, our travellers! Celebrating over 50 years of incredible journeys, we’ve seen the valuable role tourism plays in changing lives and communities. Goway is proud to support organizations such as Children’s Wish, WWF, Project Rhino, Tourism Cares, Doctors Without Borders, and to be a member of USTOA.


Goway's Destination Specialists are Your travel experts Unique to Goway are our Destination Specialists, teams of professionals who’ve either lived or travelled extensively in the region they sell. So, when you talk to your Goway Destination Specialist, you’re talking to a reliable expert who knows what makes a great romantic getaway, solo adventure, family trip, or small group tour in your destination specifically. Each Destination Specialist is a globetrotter who’s experienced that moment that made them choose a lifetime of travel. Whether it was an unforgettable sight, flavour, or interaction, or just dreaming about exciting destinations as a kid, travel is an inseparable part of their identity. They know first-hand the world that defining moment can open, and they’re passionate about sharing that with other globetrotters. They know how to seek out the kinds of experiences that separate a globetrotting journey from a simple vacation. It’s a passion we all share, making Goway a family of globetrotters, rather than just another website that sells travel. When you talk to a Destination Specialist, you’re talking with someone who knows first-hand the kind of travel you’re craving. They can adjust a popular itinerary to suit your specific interests, or create something just for you. Destinations Specialists are at the heart of all we do at Goway, and you can count on one to create an unforgettable journey every time.

Don’t take our word for it, check out what our clients and travel professionals are saying on TrustPilot. AWESOME EXPERIENCE Awesome experience, as always. Goway handled a trip for me and my family in the middle of COVID lockdowns, recommended pathways to ensure testing was completed in our hotel rooms prior to travel dates, got all of our paperwork done, and ensured transport and guides were ready to go. This is my second trip with Goway and I couldn't be happier. Leo Liu & Goway are my go-to travel advisors for vacations!




Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Ireland, Goway (Rima Mazundar), Cartegena, Goway (Luis Lagunes), Machu Picchu, Goway (Virginia Dameno), Hobbiton, Goway (Raewyn Reid), Parc Güell, Goway (Alice Aljukas)

10 or more globetrotters? Meet goway groups only

Organizing a great group trip requires special expertise. In the hands of a Groups Only specialist, everything is tailored to the unique and diverse interests of your group members. In 36 years with Goway, I’ve never planned quite the same trip twice, even for similar groups. That customized attention makes all the difference.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Mount Kilimanjaro summit (Goway), Traditional dress, Peru (Soran Prasad), Booking a trip, Goway (Alice Teramoto), Shutterstock

If organizing your group trip feels a little like herding cats, the Goway Groups Only team is here to help. Tailoring trips to any of our destinations with your group’s specific interests and needs in mind, Goway Groups Only has created unforgettable shared experiences for extended families, sporting teams, religious groups, community organizations, and many others. For a group of 10+ Globetrotters, talk to Goway Groups Only.




goway air for complex Itineraries Booking a simple return flight is one thing. Booking a complex itinerary that includes multiple stops with minimal fuss at an affordable price takes a specialist. Goway Air is proud to specialize in such complicated itineraries, though they’ll happily track down the best value return fare for you as well.


As you explore this brochure, these labels give you a snapshot of what kind of trip and hotels to expect, from economical hotel options to private VIP touring. Set your budget and go!




Ideal for thrifty Globetrotters. Stay at comfortable 3-star or affordable 4-star hotels. Enjoy shared excursions and touring. Some programs may include self-guided or small group tours.

Add just a little pampering to your trip. Stay at quality 4-star hotels or affordable 5-star hotels. Touring is typically done with a small group, though some well-paced private guiding may be included.

DELUXE All stays are at 5-star or high-end 4-star hotels. Touring is either privately guided or led in a small group, and may include exclusive or behind-the-scenes activities. High-end, VIP services may also be included.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Park Hyatt, Sydney, Bora Bora, French Polynesia (Conrad Bora Bora Nui), Gran Meliá Iguazú, Iguassu Falls (Sheraton), Hard Rock Hotel, London (Hard Rock Hotel), Hakone Japan (Gora Kadan), Sabi Sands, Exterior Executive Suite (Savanna Private Game Reserve), Mozambique, White Pearl Suite (White Pearl Resort), Umhlanga, South Africa (Oyster Box Hotel), Patagonia (Explora Patagonia Hotel), Hamilton Island (Qualia Hotel)

moderate? first-class? DELUXE?

SPECIALTY DWELLINGS IDYLLIC RETREAT COLLECTION 4 - 4.5 star Our selection of resorts, carefully selected to make you feel pampered in paradise. STAYS OF DISTINCTION 4 - 5 star For those who like their accommodation to be a destination in its own right, often with a unique location or history. All Goway Stays of Distinction are of first-class or deluxe standard or better. AFRICAN GAME LODGES 4.5 - 5 star These African game lodges elevate your safari accommodation while immersing you in nature. LONG STAY PROPERTIES/APARTMENTS 3.5 - 5 star Comfortable apartment-style accommodation with self-catering facilities, designed for a longer stay.

UNIQUE STAYS Sometimes, a special trip involves a special kind of accommodation. Your Goway trip might include a stay at a: Bed & Breakfast Villa Medina Spa resort Castle or chateau Glass igloo Well-appointed treehouse Ask your Destination Specialist if you're interested in experiencing one of these alternative stays.


HOW Will YOU TRAVEL? This section highlights the various ways of 'getting around' and exploring your destination.

Having a guide who knows the ins and outs of your destination makes all the difference. Having them all to yourself is even better.

tailor-made Independent travellers and free spirits, these trips are for you. Our specialists pre-arrange transport, hotels, activities and free time to your preferences… and yours alone.

SELF-DRIVE The freedom of the open road awaits in destinations ideal for exploring behind the wheel.

RAIL TRAVEL IDEAS The journey becomes the destination when you embark on one of the world’s great rail adventures.

CRUISE & SAILING Ocean cruises, river cruises, themed cruises, luxury cruises, small cruise ships, expedition cruises. There's a cruise itinerary to suit every interest while still giving you freedom to explore.




The way we like to travel changes over time. When you’re a Goway Globetrotter, the trips change with you. So, if you’re a bus tour veteran who wants to try the benefits of private touring or a rail trip next time, it’s waiting for you on your next journey. All our trips can be customized, mixing and matching travel styles to your needs.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, Goway (Carolyn Weppler), Taj Mahal, India, Goway (Susan Moore), Andes, Argentina, Goway (Aubrey Schmidt), Costa Rica, Goway (Lisa Guiotto), Cinque Terre, Italy, Goway (Niclole Haslam), Uganda, Goway (Michelle Crabtree), Western Cape, South Africa, Goway (Amr Mohamadein)

PRivate-guided experiences

Small group touring Capped at 16-20 passengers including your Tour Manager, these trips team you up with like-minded travellers while still giving you freedom to explore.

ESCORTED COACH TOUR Large coach tours on well-equipped buses. With up to 52 guests, including a dedicated Tour Manager, these economical tours keep you on track to enjoy all the must-do sights and experiences.


7 steps to being a goway globetrotter Whatever your destination or preferred style of travel, Goway’s Destination Specialists will put together the ideal trip, designed for you.


Dream It

Dreaming a lifetime of travel is half the fun. Imagine where you want to go, which destinations might top your list, and how you want to experience them.


Booking & Deposit Ready to commit? Now we start booking your tickets and accommodation. Your trip is no longer a dream. You’re going! Your deposit not only secures your spot, it also helps our partners indestination to plan ahead, ensuring your trip is the best experience possible.



Call Your Travel Expert

We’re proud to work with travel professionals across North America who can work with us on your behalf. Talk with your travel agent about your essential ‘must dos,’ and why you want to take this trip. Our Goway Destination Specialist will work with them to tailor an itinerary that makes the most of your time, while suggesting additional activities you may not have considered. If you’re not currently working with a travel agent, you can also contact a Goway Destination Specialist directly.


Plan A Trip

Once you’ve decided on those 'mustdos', and added a few new ideas, it’s time to decide. Customize a popular itinerary, or build something new with your Destination Specialist, allowing their expertise to save you time and money.


Go Globetrotting!


Ways We Customize Your Journey • Adjust to Your Budget

• Mix and Match Accommodation • Extra Time in Certain Destinations • 'Must-Dos' Not on the Usual Itinerary • Unique Dining and Local Insights • Upgrades and Extras • Unique Transportation


Return & Dream Again Welcome home! We trust your trip was everything you dreamed it would be, packed with memories to last a lifetime. But where to next? With destinations across every continent, we’d love to help plan your next adventure. To that end, our Goway Loyalty Program offers you discounts on return bookings and more. Ask your travel advisor to contact us for more information.

Time to live the dream! We’ll always do our best to help you plan ahead for an incident-free trip. But if you need any additional support in-destination, Goway is available to you 24/7 until you’re safely back home.



Photo: Unsplash (Scott Kelley)

Photos from left to right:







AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND & THE SOUTH PACIFIC Australia, New Zealand, and the Idyllic Islands of the South Pacific are another frontier. It would be easy to spend your whole vacation enjoying the highlights of lively, cosmopolitan cities like Sydney, Melbourne or Auckland, but getting out of town lets you appreciate the sheer diversity and beauty of these lands. Nothing can compare to a sunrise camel ride around Uluru, or cruising on pristine Milford Sound. South Pacific islands like the Cook Islands, Fiji, Samoa and The Islands of Tahiti take our ideas of paradise to another level, while bold travellers can visit Papua New Guinea for a Sepik River cruise.


We fell in love with New Zealand! Alice, our agent, was always helpful and quick to respond. We began with a few ideas, and gave our wish list to Alice who put together an amazing self-drive tour through both islands over three weeks! Those were the BEST three weeks of my life.


Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific




o familiar, yet a world away from home, Australia, New Zealand, and the islands of the South Pacific capture our imaginations with their beautiful landscapes, unique wildlife, and welcoming cultures. The fabulous lands Downunder have been part of Goway’s story since day one. We can't wait to share them on a trip you'll never forget.

Essence of Australia

Essence of New Zealand



Australia’s must-sees on this quintessential vacation. Drop anchor in Sydney’s famous harbour from the comfort of a luxury yacht. Discover the unique landscape, history and culture of Uluru/Ayers Rock and then finish your vacation snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

9 Days from $4,042

Nature Lovers Essential New Zealand

from Auckland to Christchurch, visiting Rotorua, Queenstown, and Milford Sound in between. Visit the rainforest and black sand beaches in Auckland, experience the Maori culture in Rotorua, cruise the magnificent Milford Sound with its rugged mountain peaks and cascading waterfalls, pass through the beautiful landscape of Otago before arriving in Christchurch.

9 Days from $3,059


Explore the natural beauty of New Zealand with small group touring. Be introduced to the unique and richly diverse landscapes, cultural highlights, and rich Maori culture of Rotorua, the untouched nature of the Abel Tasman National Park, Hot Water Beach in the Coromandel, an overnight in Milford Sound, and much more.

15 Days from $5,611

Essential Aussie Highlights FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Explore

and experience the highlights of Australia with small group touring. Discover the hidden secrets in Melbourne and the natural beauty of the Great Ocean Road and get up close and personal with wildlife. Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef and visit the rainforest that meets this incredible reef. Finish your journey visiting Sydney’s famous sites and cruising the harbour.

12 Days from $6,029 20



Small group touring offers travellers a more personal touch, while they still enjoy the security and organization of a guided group. Bringing together likeminded travellers, small groups have access to unique local experiences that larger groups don’t.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef (Tourism Australia), Shutterstock, Abel Tasman National Park, New Zealand (Marahau Sea Kayaks), Great Barrier Reef (Shutterstock), Barossa Valley, South Australia (Tourism Australia), Guided cultural tour, Queensland (Tourism and Events Queensland), Great Ocean Road, Victoria (Tourism Australia)



magine having the immense beauty of Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific all to yourself. With private-guided touring, enjoy personal insights from private guides, and enjoy those local experiences visitors often miss. These Downunder adventures are ideal for those who like to go their own way.

Signature Australia

Australia's Ultimate Retreats

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Bespoke touring with the comforts of 5-star luxury accommodations. Visit the famous Sydney Opera House with a private-guide. Spend a few nights in a deluxe luxury tent in the Australian Outback. Snorkel on the Great Barrier Reef and then finish your holiday with a few nights in the rainforest.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: The ideal expedition for globetrotters seeking both exhilaration and luxury. You're invited to discover the world's most spectacular underwater wonderland, staying at a luxury Great Barrier Reef island resort, the very best of vibrant Sydney, and the remote wilds of Freycinet in Eastern Tasmania.

Signature New Zealand

Luxury Honeymoon Moorea


DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Say ‘I do’ and then head down to Moorea to your romantic hideaway. Stay in a bungalow with your own private pool at the luxurious Hilton Moorea Lagoon Resort & Spa. Soar towards the legendary pierced mountain Mount Moua Puta in your private helicopter. Hover over the crystalline blue lagoon where spectacular views of the mountains and valleys will leave you breathless.

11 Days from $6,961

Experience New Zealand in style with private-guided touring and deluxe accom­ modations. See Auckland from above as you soar in a seaplane to a stunning beach house for a fine 3-course meal in a natural setting. Pamper yourself in Rotorua at the Polynesian Spa along with experiencing the Maori culture before enjoying a gourmet taste of Wellington. Take a scenic flight to Milford Sound and witness cascading waterfalls as you cruise the stunning fjords.

12 Days from $10,059

6 Days from $2,499

13 Days from $6,150

Signature Sydney & The Great Barrier Reef DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: See Sydney’s famous sites behind the scenes in-style with your private guide and cruise the fabulous harbour like a local. Head north to explore the Great Barrier Reef from your luxurious deluxe retreat. The tranquility and natural beauty of Lizard Island will pamper you.

8 Days from $4,614




Private tours allow you to customize an itinerary and focus on what interests you most. You might even gain access to exclusive experiences unavailable to larger groups. That flexibility is often worth the extra money.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Beach stroll (Tourism Australia), Auckland, New Zealand (Auckland Seaplanes), Wilpena Pound Resort, South Australia (Tourism Australia), Uluru, Northern Territory (Longitude 131), Kangaroo Beach (Tourism Australia), Sunset drinks at Uluru/Ayers Rock (Longitude 131)



ew Zealand’s scenic mountain and coastal roads take you to pristine national parks and award-winning vineyards. Whether you’re exploring the North Island, the South Island, or both, in New Zealand there’s always another ‘wow’ just over the horizon.

North & South Island

The Lord of the Rings

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: On this multi-week program, discover the top highlights of both islands at your own pace as you drive along winding roads and past postcard-perfect vistas. One of the most visually impressive countries on Earth, you're invited to discover New Zealand in-depth.

18 Days from $2,839

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: Tolkien fans rejoice! On this two-week adventure you'll visit Middle Earth to experience the breathtaking, almost magical scenery where the epic “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy was filmed. Along the way, explore and discover wonderful New Zealand, always remembering that "not all those who wander are lost."

Explore Like a Local

Best of Both Islands

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: This quintessential New Zealand self-drive vacation begins in Auckland to explore a few of the North Island’s most beautiful regions including the Art Deco city of Napier and the capital Wellington. Later fly to magnificent Queenstown, gateway to magnificent Milford Sound. Stay in Bed & Breakfast accommodations along the way.

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: An excellent way to acquaint yourself with both islands, this self-drive program brings you to must-see destinations throughout New Zealand including Rotorua and the rugged glacier region while also setting aside ample free time to simply unwind.

14 Days from $3,379

10 Days from $1,909

9 Days from $1,659



Book a night in your arrival city to shake off the jet lag, and remember to drive on the left in Australia and New Zealand. Book a motorhome and take your hotel on wheels for a great way to see Australia and New Zealand.



Photos from top to bottom, left to right: New Zealand motorhome (Britz), Hobbiton (Shutterstock), Britz, Fiordlands National Park, Unsplash (Timothy Chan), Marlborough wine region (Shutterstock), Sheep herding (Shutterstock)



or an unforgettable road trip, few destinations can rival Australia. A Goway self-drive Downunder includes our exclusive Co-Pilot Kit, with practical info, plus a digital itinerary to keep you on track. No matter which state or territory you’re exploring, you’ll enjoy first-class accommodation, natural wonders, and the freedom to discover those hidden treasures.

Pacific Coast Explorer: Sydney to Cairns

Coastal Drive: Sydney to Melbourne

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: Explore Australia’s Pacific Coast on this popular self-drive. Travel through the famous wine region of the Hunter Valley, beautiful coastal towns, and the stunning beaches of the Gold Coast. Visit Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island and enjoy a farm stay before arriving in Cairns, gateway to the Great Barrier Reef.


Outback Explorer: Adelaide to Darwin

Great Ocean Road: Melbourne to Adelaide

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: Explore the Outback on this epic 4WD adventure. Drive through the interior of Australia from Adelaide to the Top End, Darwin. Travel along the Oodnadatta Track, visit the underground town of Coober Pedy, learn about the Dreamtime and Indigenous culture at Uluru/Ayers Rock.

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: Tracing the Great Ocean Road, one of the most spectacular driving routes the world over, you're invited to travel from Melbourne to Adelaide. Among myriad highlights, you'll see the Twelve Apostles, explore Grampians National Park, visit the wine region of Coonawarra, and so much more.

Tasmanian Adventure: Hobart to Launceston

Western Aussie Adventure

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: On this expedited self-drive program, discover the natural wonders of Tasmania, the enchanting and dramatic island-state just south of the Australian mainland. Here you'll find cascading waterfalls, rich wildlife, and a fascinating history.

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: On this exploration of Western Australia, begin in Perth and end in Broome, travelling at your own pace to take in spectacular highlights that are often missed on trips to Australia including Cervantes, Kalbarri, Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, and Karijini along the way.

Follow along the shimmering east coast of Australia, travelling from Sydney to Melbourne, exploring some of the best beaches around. Become acquainted with coastal living, remote coastal bushlands, and the relaxed Aussie lifestyle.

5 Days from $749

14 Days from $2,299

16 Days from $2,890

5 Days from $679


5 Days from $939

16 Days from $2,027


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Road signs in Australia (Connections Toursim Australia), Outback road trip (Tourism Australia), Campervan (Britz), South Australia Tourism Commision, Unsplash (Thandy Yung), Unsplash (Ellena McGuinness), Kangaroo safari, Gippsland Wilsons Promontory National Park, Visit Victoria (Garry Moore)


Enjoy the splendour of first-class rail travel as you weave through the lands Downunder. There’s no more comfortable way to experience the Outback, Queensland’s tropical coast, or New Zealand’s Southern Alps.

The Ghan Expedition

Classic Aussie Rail Spectacular

FIRST-CLASS | RAIL: You don’t have to


rough it to experience the ultimate Outback adventure. Climb aboard The Ghan, one of Australia’s most iconic rail journeys from Darwin to Adelaide. Gourmet meals, accommodation in a private cabin, and off train touring are included. Finish your journey in Adelaide with a full day experiencing the Barossa Valley, Australia’s most famous wine growing region.

8 Days from $5,449

This 12-day adventure combines two of Australia’s famous rail journeys: The Indian Pacific and The Ghan. Starting in Sydney, you will travel through the best of South Australia before going on to Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef. Explore the Australian Outback and beyond aboard these luxury trains.

12 Days from $6,029

Island Tracks: Cairns, Hamilton Island & More

Trans Continental Classic

FIRST-CLASS | RAIL: Enjoy riding The

FIRST-CLASS | RAIL: Travel from the

Spirit of Queensland Train as you travel from Cairns to Fraser Island, stopping at Hamilton Island before heading to Sydney to see the incredible sights. Couple the best of Queensland’s tropical island escapes and brilliant beaches with iconic Sydney.

11 Days from $2,390

Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean on this 13day rail journey from Sydney to Perth. Board The Indian Pacific after spending a few days exploring Sydney and travel across the country. Visit Canberra, Australia’s capital city, and explore Adelaide and Kangaroo Island along the way.

13 Days from $5,110

Reef, Rail & Cruise: Brisbane to Cairns FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Travel

along the beautiful coast on The Spirit of Queensland. Relax in a comfortable RailBed seat during the day that converts to a fully flat bed at night. Spend a few nights on an eco-cruise exploring Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, home to over 1200 species.

9 Days from $3,651




Rail travel is a great way to experience Australia or New Zealand. It avoids both the responsibilities of driving and the tedium of flying. You can also save on accommodations by booking a sleeping berth on an iconic overnight train such as The Ghan, The Indian Pacific, or The Great Southern.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: The Ghan Train (The Ghan), Platinum Service Cabin (The Ghan), The Great Southern (Great Southern Rail), Aerial view (Great Southern Rail), Crossing the Nullabor (Great Southen Rail), Ghan train cabin (The Ghan)


he South Pacific islands have a special allure, and it’s hard to choose just one. A well-planned Goway cruise invites you to sample a variety, while offering the comfort of a perfectly appointed cabin. Whether it’s aboard a boutique vessel with only a dozen passengers or something larger, these cruise itineraries take you to those islands and shores less travelled.

Bora Bora Dream Catamaran Cruise

Yasawa Islands Cruise: Fiji

MODERATE | CRUISE: Experience Bora

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Combining the northern and southern Yasawa Island groups into one ultimate Fiji island cruise. The Yasawa Islands offer the best beaches in Fiji with gorgeous white powder sand and colourful coral reefs. Visit an island village and handicraft market, and experience a traditional ceremony.

Bora, Taha'a, and Huahine on a shared boutique catamaran cruise with no more than 12 guests on board. Relax on this hassle-free cruise with an experienced skipper and cook on board. Spend your days swimming and snorkelling in the most beautiful waters you have ever seen. The catamaran can also be booked as a private charter.

8 Days from $1,667

8 Days from $4,560

Fiji's Escape to Paradise Cruise

All-Inclusive Cruise to the Marquesas

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Come aboard and be captivated by one of the most enchanting groups of islands in the South Pacific. This 8-day cruising escape will leave you not only replenished but with enduring memories of this beautiful corner of the Earth. Explore spectacular coral reefs and experience Fijian culture and hospitality.

MODERATE | CRUISE: This two-week

8 Days from $2,369

cruise aboard Aranui is one of the most unusual and interesting ways to island hop in French Polynesia. Aranui is a dual-purpose freighter: it is a passenger cruise carrying 200 guests to the remote Marquesas Islands, with stops at popular islands of Bora Bora and Rangiroa. Aranui also serves as a working cargo ship with crew on board carrying vital supplies to the islands it visits.

12 Days from $7,019

Adventures on the Great Barrier Reef

Australia’s Kimberley Expedition Cruise

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Find freedom and solitude on this adventure into the iconic Great Barrier Reef. Spend a week aboard the Coral Discoverer and snorkel alongside potato cod and reef sharks in the Ribbon Reefs, follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook in Cooktown, and search for saltwater crocodiles and cassowaries on the Daintree River.

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: A 10-night exploration voyage to the Kimberley has many highlights. Visit 300ft waterfalls, 20,000-year-old Aborginal outdoor artwork and explore a maze of natural sandstone caves. Begin in Darwin, gateway to the magnificent Kimberley wilderness, and enjoy a cruise to the remote Australian Outback.

8 Days from $4,513


11 Days from $9,878


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Archipels (Archipels Cruises), Archipels cruise, French Polynesia (Archipels Cruises), Aranui (Aranui Cruises), Great Barrier Reef, Queensland (Tourism Australia), Heart Reef, Whitsunday Islands (Shutterstock), King George Falls (Tourism Australia)

Bay of Plenty New Zealand

The Gold Coast

MODERATE | LONG STAY: See The Bay of Plenty, one of New Zealand’s most popular holiday destinations and a thriving port city. The Bay continues to offer its bounty of beaches, restaurants, cafes, and boutique shopping to visitors from near and far.

FIRST-CLASS | LONG STAY: The Gold Coast dares you to try everything it offers. Enjoy the warmth, sunshine, and world-class theme parks and shopping, dig your toes into fine white sand, ride sparkling waves, and explore the lush, subtropical hinterland.

29 Days from $3,879

Sunshine Coast

North of Sydney

MODERATE | LONG STAY: The Sunshine Coast is a many-flavoured region of beautiful beaches, shining waterways, and restful mountains. It gives you room to breathe; its natural beauty is still largely unspoilt and carefully protected, and it offers you an unsurpassed choice of attractions and activities (or non-activities if you've a mind to just laze around).

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Enjoy a winter break on a beach a short distance from Sydney. Sunshine, swimming, dining and fresh air are some of the excellent ingredients included in this Goway long-stay vacation package.

29 Days from $2,239

32 - 1-800-387-8850 -

29 Days from $2,659

29 Days from 2,269



If you are like me and don't like winter, the South Pacific is a perfect destination for a longer trip. Leave the snow and cold weather behind and book a long-stay program in Australia, New Zealand, or the Cook Islands, which includes a fully contained apartment for one, two or three months.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Queensland (Shutterstock), View from Mount Maunganui, The Bay of Plenty (Beaumont Hotel), Boardwalk view (Mantra Twin Towers), View of Centrepoint (Centrepoint), Poolside, (North of Sydney), Pristine beach location (First Landing), Fiji, (Tourism Fiji), Lagoon Breeze Villas, Lagoon Breeze Villas



ometimes a week or two just isn’t enough. Settle in for a long stay in the South Pacific. Go beyond the popular tourist spots of Australia and New Zealand, with an extended getaway in a beautiful local beach town. Or for a real change of pace, slow things right down with a month in the idyllic Cook Islands or welcoming Fiji, giving yourself time to recharge in paradise.

Fiji Fantasy MODERATE | LONG STAY: Escape to Fiji

for a month in paradise. Relax in your choice of accommodation and spend your days lounging on the pristine beaches, snorkelling through the coral gardens, and discovering the gorgeous landscape and friendly culture of the islands.

27 Days from $3,989

Cook Islands MODERATE | LONG STAY: Imagine a month on your very own island paradise. The Cook Islands offers you what you have been looking for, whether it's that romantic getaway, down time with your family, or just an excuse to get away from it all.

27 Days from $2,915

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific



Sea Change Villas, Cook Islands

Le Taha’a by Pearl Resorts


DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Escape to the romantic Islands of Tahiti and stay in an overwater bungalow on a private island resort. Discover the 'vanilla island' with visits to a plantation and a pearl farm with a private guide. Swim and snorkel in the most beautiful coral gardens in French Polynesia.

Imagine, five nights in your own private villa with a pool on an island paradise — yes please! Get to know the island of Rarotonga from the comforts of a private vehicle with a knowledgeable guide. Spend the remainder of your days lazing by your own private pool or kayak and snorkel in the lagoon. The Sea Change experience is all about doing as much or as little as you please.

6 Days from $2,095

Savasi Island Resort, Fiji DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience the ultimate island retreat on a sprawling 52-acre island paradise. With only 10 villas, Savasi is the pinnacle of luxury and privacy. Experience bespoke dining experiences, cooking classes, and cultural demonstrations.

8 Days from $2,249

34 - 1-800-387-8850 -

6 Days from $3,170

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Savasi Island Resort, Sea Change Villas, La Taha'a by Pearl Reorrts, Savasi Island Resort, Savasi Island Resort, Conrad Bora Bora Nui, Conrad Bora Bora Nui, InterContinental Bora Bora, InterContinental Bora Bora, InterContinental Bora Bora

ot all island getaways are made equal. Goway works with a range of resorts across the South Pacific to offer something for every kind of traveller. Whether you’re craving active days exploring lush island interiors, learning about the local culture and exploring colourful reefs, or would rather relax by the lagoon with a cocktail in hand, your idyllic escape is waiting.

Conrad Bora Bora DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Get a bird's eye view of Bora Bora's famous lagoon while you soar over Mt. Otemanu in your own private helicopter. Stay at the secluded and luxurious 5-star Conrad Bora Bora Nui Resort & Spa, located on a private islet off the main island of Bora Bora, nestled in a cove of white sand around a turquoise lagoon. This beautiful resort offers Polynesian tradition with state-of-the-art amenities, allowing guests to unwind and rejuvenate in style.

6 Days from $5,579

InterContinental Bora Bora Resort & Thalasso Spa DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Welcome to the most romantic island in the South Pacific, Bora Bora. Relax in the comforts of a deluxe beachside resort and stay in an iconic Overwater Villa. Wakeboard, tubing, monosk — pick your toy and experience the beautiful Bora Bora lagoon by private boat. Snorkel with reef sharks, tropical fish, and rays before enjoying a BBQ lunch on a motu.

6 Days from $4,656

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific




angaroos or kiwis? Don’t worry, we won’t make you choose! Pairing Australia with New Zealand creates a vacation packed with vivid contrasts. From ancient Indigenous cultures to innovative cuisine and wines, discover a Downunder that goes beyond the cliches.

Classic Downunder: Auckland to Melbourne FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Get to

know the true Downunder by experiencing the best of both Australia and New Zealand. Journey through New Zealand and Australia’s most spectacular sights including Rotorua, Milford Sound, Uluru and the Great Barrier Reef, and exciting, cosmopolitan cities to create the perfect Downunder experience.

DAY 1 - Arrive Auckland - Transfer to your hotel. DAY 2 - Auckland - City tour including Wilderness Experience and Arataki Centre. DAY 3 - Transfer to Rotorua - Tour and boat ride at the famous Waitomo Glowworm Caves en route. DAY 4 - Rotorua - Geysers and mud pools of Te Puia. Agrodome Sheep Show. Hangi feast and cultural experience at Tamaki Maori Village. DAY 5 - Transfer to Queenstown - Flight to Queenstown with airport transfers.* DAY 6 - Queenstown - Luxury coach tour to Fiordland National Park. Cruise on Milford Sound. DAY 7 - Queenstown - Day at leisure in Queenstown. DAY 8 - Transfer to Sydney - Flight to Sydney with airport transfers.* DAY 9 - Sydney - Morning city tour including the Rocks district and Sydney Opera House. DAY 10 - Sydney - Hop On Hop Off Cruise on Sydney Harbour with entrance to Taronga Zoo. DAY 11 - Transfer to Cairns - Flight to Cairns with airport transfers.* DAY 12 - Cairns - Full day Great Barrier Reef cruise and excursion. DAY 13 - Cairns - Kuranda visit with scenic train and cableway. Includes Rainforestation Nature Park. DAY 14 - Depart Cairns - Transfer to airport for onward travels. *Flights not included

36 - 1-800-387-8850 -


See bubbling mud pools and geysers, and visit a Maori village in Rotorua

Marvel at the splendid colours of the Great Barrier Reef

Get to know Sydney Opera House inside and out with a tour and harbour cruise

Cruise majestic Milford Sound in New Zealand’s awesome Fiordland

Centrally located first-class accommodation in each destination

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Milford Sound (Will Patino), Sydney Harbour (Shutterstock), Great Barrier Reef, Unsplash (Francesco Ungaro), New Zealand, Pixabay (Martin Str)

14 Days from $5,945

Highlights of Downunder

Classic South Pacific

Aussie Kiwi Family Explorer

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Discover the best of Australia and New Zealand’s culture, people, and scenery from the cities of Sydney and Auckland to the natural beauty of the Great Barrier Reef and Milford Sound. Experience Maori and Aboriginal cultures with traditional feasts and dance.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Enjoy the Classic South Pacific by encountering Fijian, Maori, and Aboriginal cultures. Travel from Fiji to New Zealand to Australia, taking in fantastic sights and experiences en route in Auckland, Rotorua, Sydney, and the Great Barrier Reef.

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: An interactive family adventure exploring New Zealand and Australia. Explore glowworm caves, visit Hobbiton, learn about Maori culture in Rotorua, and experience the thrill of jet boating and ziplining in Queenstown before rounding out the journey in Sydney.

14 Days from $3,985



To make the most of your holiday, combine your Australia and New Zealand trip with a stay in one of the South Pacific’s stunning island nations. Each one offers its own unique experiences, beauty, and culture, plus a range of excursions to enjoy in between that all-important beach time.

14 Days from $5,178

11 Days from $7,180

Ultimate Downunder

Waltzing Matilda

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: On this incredible voyage exploring New Zealand and Australia, relax as you fly to breathtaking Milford Sound, sail iconic Sydney Harbour, and unwind in the paradise that is Hayman Island, all while overnighting in world-class accommodations.

FIRST-CLASS | ESCORTED COACH TOUR: Embark on an unforgettable journey

12 Days from $8,486

across Australia and New Zealand with the Waltzing Matilda Holiday of a Lifetime. As one of Goway’s premier tours, Waltzing Matilda showcases the icons of two remarkable nations, taking you from the harbour of Auckland to the Outback and Uluru/Ayers Rock to the Great Barrier Reef and includes the cosmopolitan cities of Melbourne and Sydney.

20 Days from $11,999

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific









ew Zealand has a long tradition of welcoming visitors. Called Manaakitanga, it starts the moment you arrive. Whether you’re lured by its dramatic landscapes or rich cultural and culinary output, New Zealand will stay with you long after you’ve said farewell.

Classic New Zealand FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: This is the ultimate classic New Zealand tour. Begin in Auckland and then it’s on to Rotorua. Next head south to the capital, Wellington, before embarking on the scenic South Island with stops in Queenstown, Christchuch, and along the West Coast. Experience one of the most scenic rail journeys in the world as the TransAlpine takes you from Greymouth to Christchurch.

13 Days from $3,359

38 - 1-800-387-8850 -

See bubbling mud pools and geysers, and visit a Maori village in Rotorua

Explore wonderful Wellington and the Seal Coast

Embark on the ultimate scenic rail journey through the Southern Alps

Cruise majestic Milford Sound in New Zealand’s awesome Fiordland

Centrally located first-class accommodation in each destination

*Flights not included

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Bay of Islands (Tourism New Zealand), Tourism New Zealand, Auckland Harbour, Unsplash (Dan Freeman)


DAY 1 - Arrive Auckland - Transfer to your hotel. DAY 2 - Auckland - City tour including Wilderness Experience and Arataki Centre. DAY 3 - Transfer to Rotorua - Tour and boat ride at the famous Waitomo Glowworm Caves en route. DAY 4 - Rotorua - Geysers and mud pools of Te Puia. Agrodome Sheep Show. Hangi feast and cultural experience at Tamaki Maori Village. DAY 5 - Transfer to Wellington - Flight to Wellington with airport transfers.* DAY 6 - Wellington - City sights tour including Mount Victoria. Seal Coast safari. DAY 7 - Transfer to Queenstown - Flight to Queenstown including airport transfers.* DAY 8 - Queenstown - Luxury coach tour to Fiordland National Park. Cruise on Milford Sound. DAY 9 - Queenstown - Day at leisure in Queenstown. DAY 10 - Transfer to Franz Josef - Scenic transfer to Franz Josef. DAY 11 - Franz Josef - Day at leisure in Franz Josef and the glacier region. DAY 12 - Transfer to Christchurch - Scenic KiwiRail journey to Christchurch. DAY 13 - Depart Christchurch - Transfer to airport for onward travels.

Complete New Zealand

New Zealand Reflections

New Zealand Highlighter

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Travel from Auckland to Queenstown experiencing the scenery of New Zealand's North and South Islands. Explore Waitomo Caves, visit Rotorua and Napier, experience Abel Tasman National Park by boat, see the famous Pancake Rocks and explore Franz Josef Glacier.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: If you want to explore the “best of New Zealand” on an independent basis but have limited time, try this classic 7-day tour that takes you to New Zealand’s vibrant cities and natural wonders including Auckland, Rotorua, Queenstown, and Milford Sound.

FIRST-CLASS | ESCORTED COACH: See the highlights of New Zealand with a group by coach while maintaining a great deal of freedom to choose your own activities. Explore the cultural and scenic sides of this unique country.

Wine Lovers New Zealand

Kia Ora Family Getaway

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: New Zealand is now on the map as one of the world’s best wine producing and grape growing countries, and the best part is that there is so much else to see and do: Maori culture, stunning mountains, lake and valley experiences, fresh air and sustainable food choices, friendly kiwis, and an overall sense that this is the way the world should be!

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: This family escape to New Zealand includes all the dramatic highlights, with plenty to keep the kids amused as well. Start in Auckland, one of the world’s most liveable cities. Then visit Rotorua before ending your trip in Queenstown.

10 Days from $2,489



New Zealand is truly a land of natural wonder, from the North Island's vibrant cities, green hills, and traditional Maori influences to the South Island's dramatic mountain peaks, and glaciers. A trip to New Zealand should be on everyone's bucket list.

14 Days from $6,745

7 Days from $1,719

9 Days from $2,669

16 Days from $5,270

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific


40 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Roys Peak, Unsplash (Aaron Sebastian), Te Puia, Rotorua (Tourism New Zealand), Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve, Unsplash (Casey Horner), Kepler Track, Fiordland National Park (Miles Holden)

New Zealand Getaway

Beautiful Bay of Islands

MODERATE | ESCORTED COACH TOUR: Outdoor travellers will love this tour

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Extend your stay on New Zealand’s North Island with a trip to the Bay of Islands. Enjoy the stunning coastal scenery and impeccable stretches of beach in the beautiful Bay of Islands. Visit historic Russell and Cape Reinga before heading back to the bay and on to Auckland.

of New Zealand, showcasing the natural wonders that have made these islands such an adventurer’s haven. Travel with a group on board a coach for a New Zealand getaway. Start in Auckland making your way south to Christchurch learning about Maori culture and seeing charming sights en route.

3 Days from $688

8 Days from $5,345

South Island in Depth

Fiordland Great Walks


MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Enjoy three guided walks in Fiordland on the world-famous Milford, Routeburn, and Kepler Tracks. Enjoy diverse and spectacular scenery, from native forests, lakes, and rivers, to mountain views, vast fjords and lush valleys.

Travel the South Island experiencing all it has to offer. Enjoy whale watching in Kaikoura, visit Abel Tasman National Park and the West Coast Glacier Region as well as Queenstown and Scottish- influenced Dunedin.

13 Days from $2,519

5 Days from $1,638

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific








ustralia is a country of rich images, including sunset over Uluru, tthe vivid colours of the Great Barrier Reef, and wildlife that defies description. From road trips to rail journeys, there are countless ways to discover your favourite piece of Downunder.

Classic Australia MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE:

Experience cosmopolitan cities and natural wonders on this journey that takes you from Sydney’s Opera House to spectacular Uluru. Visit bustling Melbourne, swim in the Great Barrier Reef, and learn about the traditional Aboriginal “Dreamtime”.

DAY 1 - Arrive Sydney - Transfer to your hotel. DAY 2 - Sydney - Morning city tour includ- ing the Rocks district and Sydney Opera House. DAY 3 - Sydney - Hop On Hop Off Cruise on Sydney Harbour with entrance to Taronga Zoo. DAY 4 - Transfer to Ayers Rock - Flight to Ayers Rock with airport transfers. Uluru Sacred Sites and Sunset tour.* DAY 5 - Transfer to Kings Canyon - Uluru sunrise and Kata Tjuta walk. Guided drive to Kings Canyon. DAY 6 - Transfer to Alice Springs - Guided Kings Canyon rim climb. Luxury coach to Alice Springs. DAY 7 - Transfer to Cairns - Flight to Cairns with airport transfers.* DAY 8 - Cairns - Full-day Great Barrier Reef cruise and excursion. DAY 9 - Cairns - Kuranda visit with scenic train and cableway. Includes Rainforestation Nature Park. DAY 10 - Transfer to Melbourne - Flight to Melbourne with airport transfers.* DAY 11 - Melbourne - Full-day tour combining Melbourne city sights with Little Penguin Parade. DAY 12 - Depart Melbourne - Transfer to airport for onward travels. *Flights not included

42 - 1-800-387-8850 -


Marvel at the splendid colour of the Great Barrier Reef

Get to know Sydney Opera House inside and out with a tour and harbour cruise

See Victoria’s famed Little Penguin Parade


Experience sunset and sunrise over Uluru, with guided walks

Centrally located first-class accommodation in each destination

Australia's a big country, so allow at least two weeks. A great way to sample the local culture is through its food, best served with local wines or craft beers. Finally, amazing wildlife can be found all over Australia, but our top spot for wildlife is Kangaroo Island in South Australia.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Twelve Apostles, Unsplash (Stas Kulesh), Indigenous culture tour (Tourism and Events Queensland)

12 Days from $3,554

Classic Golden Triangle

Classic Sydney Rock & Reef

Sydney & Reef Discovery


MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Venture to three of Australia’s most famous spots: cosmopolitan Sydney, the Outback, and tropical Queensland. Get to know Sydney before catching the sunset over Uluru/Ayers Rock. Then explore Cairns, the rainforest, and the incredible Great Barrier Reef.

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Discover the spectacular Sydney Harbour, visit with unique Aussie wildlife, learn about the Indigenous culture in the rainforest and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. This package is perfect if you want a taste of Australia and you are limited on time.

Classic Highlights & Wildlife

Wine, Wilderness & Wildlife

Great Aussie Outdoors for Families

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Enjoy the best of Australia’s wine, culture, and wildlife on this 12-day journey. Experience diverse and historic Sydney, renowned wineries in the Barossa Valley, the local wildlife of Kangaroo Island, and experience a close encounter with the abundant sea life on the Great Barrier Reef.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Take a trip Downunder you’ll talk about for years to come. Explore Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, with day trips to two celebrated winemaking regions. Come face to face Australia’s wildlife on Kangaroo Island and Phillip Island, and immerse yourself in the pristine wilderness of Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Australia’s southeast corner is a fascinating blend of history, scenery, and wildlife. Try your luck at panning for gold as you go back in time and visit the gold rush town of Ballarat. Experience the beautiful scenery along the Great Ocean Road. Visit Australian wildlife on Kangaroo Island. End your adventure in vibrant Sydney with a visit to famous Bondi Beach. Explore the best of three states on this unforgettable and highly educational journey.

the best of the east coast and visit the Classic Golden Triangle of Melbourne, Cairns, and Sydney. See the penguins of Phillip Island outside of Melbourne, spend a full day swimming and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef, soar above the rainforest in a cable car, and get to know the historic side of Sydney.

9 Days from $2,268

12 Days from $3,509

8 Days from $2,164

14 Days from $8,182

7 Days from $1,572

13 Days from $5,350

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific


44 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Grampians National Park, Unsplash (Manuel Meurisse), Kangaroo Island (Tourism Australia)

Authentic Australia

Rock & Reef

Reef, Islands & Coast: Sydney to Cairns

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Journey through the best of Australia on this unforgettable vacation that takes you from Melbourne to Sydney. Along the way, you’ll see Uluru/ Ayers Rock, venture into Kakadu National Park, dive the Great Barrier Reef, and explore the Indigenous Dreamtime in Kuranda.

FIRST-CLASS| TAILOR-MADE: In just one week, experience two of Australia’s top attractions and natural wonders: the legendary and iconic Outback and tropical North Queensland with its rainforests and stunning Great Barrier Reef. Visit the flying doctor service and see how medical aid reaches locals living in the remote Outback. Witness the sunset over Uluru and its many shades of colour. Snorkel and swim on the dazzling Great Barrier Reef.

FIRST-CLASS | ESCORTED COACH TOUR: Enjoy Australia’s tropical rainforests,

white sandy beaches, island resorts, and famous sunshine as you travel by luxury coach from Sydney to Cairns. Visit unique Fraser Island, the longest sand island in the world, and spot dingos on the beach. Spend a few nights on Hamilton Island, one of the most popular islands in the Whitsundays. Finish your vacation swimming and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.

Best of Outback: Adelaide to Darwin

Value Tasmania

Classic Natural Australia

FIRST-CLASS | ESCORTED COACH TOUR: Recreate one of Australia’s great

FIRST-CLASS | ESCORTED COACH TOUR: Venture across the rugged landscape

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: Experience Australia’s unbeatable natural beauty and wildlife. Drive the Great Ocean Road and witness natural wonders such as the Twelve Apostles. Visit Kangaroo Island, one of Australia’s most diverse ecological regions. Spend some time in Australia’s largest subtropical rainforest and visit Fraser Island, the world's longest sand island.

15 Days from $5,532

7 Days from $2,181

Outback journeys from culture-loving Adelaide to historic Darwin. Travel through Australia’s Red Centre for the ultimate Outback adventure. Visit the opal mining town Coober Pedy, and visit an underground church. Watch the sunset over Uluru and witness the many shades of colour with a glass of wine in hand.

15 Days from $7,950

of Tasmania on this value vacation. Beginning and ending in Launceston, you’ll spend 10 days journeying across the island, seeing highlights like Freycinet National Park, the capital of Hobart, the historic prison of Port Arthur, and the breathtaking wilds of Cradle Mountain-Lake St. Clair National Park

10 Days from $4,145

12 Days from $6,725

14 Days from $4,356

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific







heir very name evokes luxury. The Islands of Tahiti invite you to explore their lush, tropical hinterland, snorkel and dive in idyllic waters, and taste Polynesian culture while sweet vanilla warms the air. In paradise, the discoveries are yours to make.

Two Island Love Affair: Moorea & Bora Bora DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

7 Days from $4,416

DAY 1 - Arrive Moorea - Transfer to your resort. DAY 2 - Moorea - Polynesian Life cultural experience tour with local guide. DAY 3 - Moorea - Day at leisure. DAY 4 - Transfer to Bora Bora - Flight to Bora Bora with airport transfers. DAY 5 - Bora Bora - Romantic dinner at St James Restaurant. DAY 6 - Bora Bora - Private sailing tour on a traditional outrigger canoe with snorkelling and swimming. DAY 7 - Depart Bora Bora - Transfer to airport for onward travels.


Explore two sides of paradise in Tahiti, the islands of Moorea and Bora Bora

Romantic dinner overlooking Bora Bora’s lagoon

Private outrigger sailing tour


Full-day guided cultural immersion tour with traditional local lunch

Sticking with one hotel chain across various islands can save you money and yield additional perks. Many offer a variety of room types, so you can still mix things up, but book early! There is limited space. Be prepared for short bursts of rain. It's what keeps the islands lush and beautiful!

Deluxe resort accommodation in Moorea and Bora Bora


46 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Breakfast delivery (Pearl Resort, Bora Bora), Arrival at Conrad, Bora Bora (Conrad Bora Bora Nui), Relaxation in French Polynesia (InterContinental Bora Bora & Thalasso Spa)

Experience two of the most enchanting islands on this island-hopping luxury journey through paradise. Begin on the island of Moorea, an island wonderland with lush mountains and valleys, before flying to the idyllic atoll of Bora Bora to spend a few days on the white-sand beaches of this romantic haven.

Active in the Garden of Eden: Huahine

Tahiti For Foodies: Tahiti & Bora Bora

The Brando: Stay of Distinction

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Huahine, often called the ‘Garden of Eden,’ is a dream destination for all divers, explorers, sea lovers, and those who treasure vacations rich in emotion and discoveries. Stay active and see all the sites on your Goway vacation. Hike to archaeological sites, get off the beaten path by ATV, and experience a true ‘sea to table’ lunch on a motu while seated at a table with your feet in the water. The Maitai Lapita Village Huahine lies between a lake and the lagoon, on an ancient archaeological site.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Discover the fresh flavours of paradise on this island escape. Staying in first-class resorts, immerse yourself in Polynesian culture on Tahiti and enjoy the crystal-clear lagoon and sandy beaches of Bora Bora. You’ll also dine at two of Bora Bora’s most celebrated restaurants, St James and Bloody Mary’s.


Diving Adventure: Moorea & Rangiroa

Island Hopper: Tahiti, Moorea & Bora Bora

Essence of Tahiti & Moorea

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Discover The Islands of Tahiti from beneath the waves. Spend a few nights in Moorea before connecting to the second largest atoll in the world, Rangiroa. Rangiroa is well known for an abundance of sharks, rays, and dolphins and should be at the top of every diver's bucket list.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Enjoy the spoils of French Polynesia on this island hopping itinerary that visits the three most popular islands in French Polynesia: Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora. Staying in world-class resorts, you will spend your days snorkelling through coral gardens, venturing into the volcanic island interiors, and enjoying the chic laidback rhythms of island life.


7 Days from $3,034

6 Days from $11,525

6 Days from $1,580

8 Days from $3,259

is an eco-luxury resort dedicated to realizing visitors’ South Pacific dreams with surroundings and facilities fit for Hollywood royalty. As the name suggests, the island was once privately owned by Marlon Brando. This VIP luxury vacation package includes inter-island air on The Brando's private plane, 5 nights in a one-bedroom villa with private pool, daily spa treatments and excursions, meals and beverages and more!

10 Days from $4,187

days on the island of Tahiti, the centre of French Polynesian culture, before continuing on to the beautiful island of Moorea. Enjoy the luxurious comforts of your first-class accommodations while you spend your days snorkelling, immersing yourself in the Polynesian culture or enjoying laid-back island life.

7 Days from $2,004

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific








f a warm welcome, colourful reefs, and a unique mix of cultures sounds like your ideal island getaway, Fiji is ready to enchant you. Explore the Coral Coast or Rainbow Reef, visit local Fijian villages, or escape to the sparkling Yasawas or the romantic Mamanuca Islands. Bula!


With thousands of miles of pristine white sand beaches, fabulous colourful coral gardens, and crystal clear waters, a vacation to Fiji will leave you breathless. Experience both the Coral Coast and the Mamanuca Islands on this duo island combo.

8 Days from $2,771



Explore the wonders of the Coral Coast, with snorkelling and diving options

Taste the delicious fusion of island and Indian influences that define Fiji’s cuisine

Relax in the beautiful Mamanuca Islands, with tour and watersport options

Take an optional journey inland, meeting the Fijians and learning about local village life

Comfortable resort accommodations on the Coral Coast and Tokoriki Island - 1-800-387-8850 -



Fiji's wonders range from mystical caves to world-class dive sites. You can also just soak up the sun on miles of pristine white sand beach. Fijians are also among the friendliest people on Earth. You can visit a local village and join the Kava Ceremony to immerse yourself into their culture.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Natural pools (Tourism Fiji), Reef diving in Fiji (Tourism Fiji), A warm Bula welcome (Tourism Fiji)

DAY 1 - Arrive Nadi - Transfer to your Coral Coast resort. DAY 2-4 - Coral Coast - Go snorkelling, take a local village tour, or simply relax at your resort. DAY 5 - Transfer to Tokoriki Island - Transfer by boat to Tokoriki Island Resort. DAY 6-7 - Tokoriki Island - Enjoy time at leisure on this beautiful island in the Mamanuca group. DAY 8 - Depart Tokoriki Island - Transfer to airport for onward travels.

Royal Davui Island Resort: Fiji for Families Stay of Distinction DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Escape to an

exclusive, adults-only sanctuary situated on Fiji’s spectacular Beqa Lagoon. As one of Royal Davui Island Resort’s only 32 guests, you’ll enjoy absolute privacy and luxury accommodations as you snorkel, swim, and enjoy the bounties of the South Pacific.

8 Days from $6,629

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Focusing on Fijian culture, exploring nature, rest and relaxation, and unique inter-active experiences for the whole family to enjoy. Each child under six is assigned their own nanny for the duration of your stay.

8 Days from $4,799

Mamanuca Island Escape FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Escape to

the pristine Mamanuca Islands on a Fiji vacation. Staying in a romantic resort in this volcanic archipelago, you’ll be at leisure to swim the crystal-clear waters, snorkel alongside the marine life beneath the waves, and enjoy the comforts of paradise.

8 Days from $3,862

Namale Fiji Island Resort

Luxury Honeymoon

Kokomo Private Island: Stay of Distinction


DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Spend your honeymoon at an exclusive luxury resort. At Savasi Island Resort, you will stay in one of 10 gorgeous luxury villas and have the freedom of an impeccable resort with private chefs, a pampering spa, and easy access to the incredible waters of the South Pacific.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Enjoy unscripted luxury and freedom on this getaway to the pristine Kokomo Private Island Resort in the Kadavu Islands of Fiji. In addition to the deluxe accommodations, you’ll enjoy the absolute freedom to do as much or as little as you wish, including snorkelling or diving through the colourful underwater world of the Astrolabe Reef.

luxurious escape to Vanua Levu, the northern island of Fiji. Staying at Namale Fiji Islands Resort & Spa, you’ll enjoy exclusive accommodations in a gorgeous landscape and enjoy the widest range of leisure options in all of Fiji, from snorkelling to diving to horseback riding along the beach.

8 Days from $4,449

8 Days from $2,242

8 Days from $10,119

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific






ife moves at its own pace in the Cook Islands. A few days here will allow you to immerse yourself in a South Pacific paradise uncrowded by tourists. Enjoy its picture-perfect beaches and lagoons, along with the famously warm hospitality of the Cook Islanders.

Cook Islands Discovery: Rarotonga & Aitutaki MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Escape to the Cook Islands to experience the beauty of its two major islands. On this Cook Islands vacation you'll visit both Rarotonga and Aitutaki, where you'll stay in comfortable beachside accommodations and be free to explore the picturesque lagoons and beaches of this South Pacific nation.




The snorkelling in the Cooks is amazing. Bring your GoPro or underwater camera if you have one. Rent a car or a scooter to explore the island if you are staying longer than a few nights. With a variety of accommodations, the Cook Islands are ideal for a long stay, or a luxurious island getaway.

50 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Discover the unhurried pace, hospitality, and natural beauty of the Cook Islands

Cultural discovery tour of Rarotonga with local guide

Full-day sailing tour on Aitutaki Lagoon with motu visits and snorkelling

Beachfront accommodations in Rarotonga and Aitutaki

(Cook Islands Tourism), The Cook Island Aunties (Cook Islands Tourism)

DAY 1 - Arrive Rarotonga - Transfer to your hotel. DAY 2 - Rarotonga - Cultural circle island tour of Rarotonga with local guide. DAY 3 - Rarotonga - Day at leisure. DAY 4 - Transfer to Aitutaki - Flight to Aitutaki with airport transfers. DAY 5 - Aitutaki - All day lagoon cruise with motu visits, snorkelling, and BBQ lunch. DAY 6 - Depart Aitutaki - Transfer to airport for onward travels.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Aitutaki (Cook Islands Tourism), A local smile

6 Days from $1,424

Aitutaki Discovery

Live Like a Local: Cook Islands

Wedding in Paradise: Rarotonga

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Find out why the Aitutaki Lagoon is referred to as the most beautiful lagoon in the world during your full-day lagoon cruise. Spend 5 nights on the western side of Aitutaki at the Tamanu Resort and experience true Cook Islands hospitality.

FIRST-CLASS | LONG STAY: Head to the exotic Cook Islands in the South Pacific and live amongst the friendly locals. Spend your days in the gorgeous ocean waters and exploring the mainlands, enjoying the company of the amazing Cook Islanders, and adapting to their leisurely island rhythms.


13 Days from $3,680

paradise with a traditional Cook Islands wedding. Stay at a first-class boutique resort, enjoying the beauty of Rarotonga’s white sand beach, tropical gardens, and turquoise lagoons. Then take your vows in true Polynesian style, arriving by vaka canoe, with a shell horn announcement and traditional song.

Adventure in Paradise: Rarotonga

Private Pool Villa Getaway: Rarotonga

Essence of the Cook Islands

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Luxury glamping in the Cook Islands. Spend 5 nights in a fully-furnished luxury safari tent with outdoor jungle ensuite. Spend your days full of adventure with a small group bicycle excursion and ATV and buggy touring.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Get away from busy city-life and spend 12 glorious nights in the Cook Islands at your own luxury villa with a private pool. Honeymoon Bonus: two 60-minute Relaxation massages at the awardwinning Waterfall Spa.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Spend some down time away from the rush of city life and relax in the beauty of the Cook Islands. Snorkel through the warm waters of Rarotonga and learn about the local environment and cultural heritage on a bicycle tour. Spend a few nights in Aitutaki and experience the most beautiful lagoon in the world.

6 Days from $2,042

6 Days from $2,967

13 Days from $6,469

13 Days from $5,250

13 Days from $5,729

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific



Papua New Guinea: A Highlands Adventure MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Embark on a fascinating adventure into the Highlands of Papua New Guinea to get in touch with people on the fringes of the modern world. Exploring Mt. Hagen and the Wahgi Valley, you’ll encounter the ancient civilizations of the Melpa and Huli people and experience the startling wilderness of remote mountains and valleys.

5 Days from $3,088

The New Guinea Encounter MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Discover the frontier on this trek into the jungles of Papua New Guinea. On this journey through the Wahgi Valley and along the Karawari River, you’ll get in touch with Indigenous villagers, see colourful birds, and explore the untouched majesty of the nation’s wilderness.

8 Days from $7,064

Wonders of New Guinea

The Papua New Guinea Explorer

Mysteries of Melanesia Luxury Adventure Cruise

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Journey through remote jungles and villages on this adventure to Papua New Guinea. This 8-day vacation is the ultimate trek for explorers, as it introduces you to the fascinating landscapes, colourful birds, and remarkable people of this frontier nation.

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Spend 11 days exploring the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea. Float down jungle waterways, hike to highland villages, and meet with local villagers who are renowned for their woodcarving and subsistence lifestyles. This trip is the ultimate frontier.

DELUXE | CRUISE: Sail between some of the world’s least understood islands on this eye-opening adventure cruise through Melanesia and Papua New Guinea. Meet the tribes who call these islands home, and explore the largely unspoiled reefs and remote sights of this little visited part of the world.

8 Days from $6,921

52 - 1-800-387-8850 -

11 Days from $10,282

11 Days from $22,796

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Mt. Hagen tribesman in war paint, Unsplash (Bob Brewer), Tufi Fjords (Papau New Guinea Tourism), Local skills in action, Unsplash (Michal Picardo), Time for a refreshing dip, Unsplash (Ethan Elisara), Uncrowded beaches in Samoa (Samoa Tourism), Hidden wonders of the hinterland (Samoa Tourism)

ven for the seasoned traveller, Papua New Guinea is a new frontier. Vibrant cultures come together in the Sing Sing, a powerful celebration of song and dance. Cruise the Sepik River or the waters of Melanesia, or explore the biodiversity of the highlands.


amoa is the South Pacific’s hidden star. It lies in wait, knowing it’s beautiful, until you take a chance on its uncrowded beaches, tropical reefs, and blissful seclusion. Whether you’re seeking romance, adventure, or relaxation, Samoa is ready.

Romantic Samoa FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: This tropi-

cal paradise is the perfect spot for a romantic getaway. Wake up to the sound of the ocean each morning, snorkel and interact with sea turtles or discover hidden waterfalls — Samoa has it all. Stay in a boutique resort that is located in a private secluded bay and hidden amongst the coconut palms.

8 Days from $2,149

Upolu & Savai'i Escape MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Escape to Samoa to enjoy relaxation time on the islands of Savai’i and Upolu. Relax on the beach, go snorkelling, kayaking, or fishing, take a village walking tour, or try out a surf lesson. Bask in the comforts of your island resort and enjoy the unmatched hospitality of your Samoan hosts.

8 Days from $3,470

Talofa Samoa FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Affordable luxury, natural beauty, white sand beaches to yourself, cascading waterfalls and tropical rainforests — it’s all here. Blissfully remote, Samoa is the perfect place to unplug and reconnect with nature or the one you love.

8 Days from $2,179

Australia, New Zealand & The South Pacific



Photos from left to right:















Photo: Kiyamizu-dera, Kyoto, Japan, Unsplash (Redd)



If the allure of the Far East tempts you to plan a visit to Asia, you might face a tough decision! Which destinations do you select in the world’s largest continent? Do you see yourself standing in front of the Taj Mahal? Cruising in Halong Bay? Admiring cherry blossoms in Japan or riding the rails along the exotic Silk Road? No two Asia tours are quite alike, and each country has its own special appeal. There are differences in language, history, customs, religions, cuisines, and local scenery. Goway offers group, independent, family, luxury, and active travel plus much more across over 20 countries in Asia. You will never run out of new experiences no matter how many times you visit.


Our Vietnam trip exceeded expectations at each stop. Patrick set up our trip to our liking. In Hue, our guide found out where I had served and arranged for us to go there. We were also in Ho Chi Minh City just before Tet and had a great time. Everything about our trip was magical.






xploring the world’s largest continent can be a daunting prospect. How can you get the best of the rich history, cultures, and sites of Asia? Private-guided touring with Goway takes out the guesswork and brings you closer to the experience you’ve been dreaming of without the crowds.

Signature Japan

Classic Bali: Beach & Ubud

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Discover Tokyo, Hakone, and Kyoto on this custom journey through Japan. Explore the temples of Tokyo and delve into the neon-soaked nightlife of Shinjuku before relaxing in a luxury ryokan in Hakone near Mt. Fuji. Cap off the trip in Kyoto, where you’ll stroll through bamboo groves and discover Japanese culinary classics.


Romantic Thailand

Best of Nepal & India

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: This chic romantic journey through Thailand has it all. Stay in unique and luxurious accommodations, including a treehouse, a riverside sanctuary, and an elephant camp, relax on idyllic beaches on Phuket and Koh Yao Noi, and explore the cultural landmarks of Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and bustling Bangkok.


9 Days from $9,735

Escape to the island paradise of Bali to relax at the beach and explore the rice paddies and jungles of the interior. Split your time between the southern peninsula and Ubud, staying in charming resorts, swimming off pristine beaches, and visiting breathtaking temples on private tours.

11 Days from $2,369

Travel from the top of the world to the spiritual heart of India. Gaze upon Mount Everest from the Kathmandu Valley, witness pilgrims bathing in the Ganges in Varanasi, and sample Mughal cuisine in India’s capital.

12 Days from $3,665

16 Days from $6,525

Best of Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Enjoy the best of three Southeast Asian countries. In Cambodia, explore the temple ruins of Angkor Wat, before connecting into Laos to see Luang Prabang’s shrines and monastic traditions. Then explore the whole of Vietnam from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, visiting Halong Bay, Hue, and Hoi An along the way.

18 Days from $5,119 56



In Laos and Cambodia our private guides took us into local food markets and restaurants we would never have experienced on our own. Our Cambodian guide in Angkor Wat shared history about the temples but we gained deep insight into recent history through his passionate storytelling.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Nishi-Shinjuku, Tokyo, Unsplash (Chris Yang), Nihn Bihn, Vietnam, Unsplash (Catherine Dionne), Dal Bhat Tarkari. Nepal, Unsplash (Abhishek Sinwa Limbu), Karaweik Palace, Myanmar, Unsplash (Mg Cthu), Diamond Beach, Indonesia, Unsplash (Alexa West)


cruise in Asia brings so many rewarding experiences and gets at the heart of local daily life. Mekong River cruises or overnight cruises on Halong Bay are especially popular. Let our experts help you choose the cruise that is right for you. Many globetrotters pick a cruise as the centrepiece of their overall itinerary.

Classic Mekong River Cruise

Maldives Luxury Cruise: Scuba, Spa & Island

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Cruise the Mekong River from Siem Reap in Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to discover some of the cultural highlights, natural landmarks, and historical treasures of Southeast Asia. Before and after, you’ll also explore the temples of Angkor and Ho Chi Minh City, respectively.

DELUXE | CRUISE: Board the luxury

13 Days from $5,035

diving yacht ScubaSpa for a week-long island-hopping cruise through the Indian Ocean. This intimate vessel offers luxurious accommodations and three package options combining daily dives and/or on-board spa treatments. Whether you’re a diving enthusiast or simply want to unwind, you’ll find something for you.

8 Days from $4,855

Signature Maldives: Island & Yacht Stay

Sailing Indonesia: Komodo, Secluded Islands

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Escape to Soneva Fushi, the original Robinson Crusoe castaway-styled 5-star resort in the Maldives. Stay five nights in your choice of luxury villa. Then board your private chartered luxury yacht for a two night unforgettable sailing experience. The ultimate romantic getaway!

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: This adventur-

8 Days from $15,889

ous, eight-day inclusive voyage of discovery aboard the 24-passenger Ombak Putih or the 12-passenger Katharina offers a crosssection of remote beaches, quiet coastal villages, jungle-clad mountain ranges, towering volcanoes, rivers, waterfalls, tribal rituals, a mysterious lake, and the legendary Komodo Dragons.

8 Days from $4,429

Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer Cruise DELUXE | CRUISE: Embark on an excit-

ing voyage along the Three Gorges region of the Yangtze River, marveling at the spectacular scenery and embedding yourself in the rhythms of the culture. Enjoy a wide range of cultural activities like Tai Chi sessions and dumpling-making classes aboard a deluxe cruise ship with the highest crew-to-passenger ratio on the Yangtze when not making shore excursions to take in some of China’s most fascinating landscape.

4 Days from $1,765 58



Being on the water is an amazing way to explore a new destination. Early morning was one of my favourite times of day on the Yangtze River, affording me the opportunity to get a quiet glimpse into rural China coming to life with stunning scenery as my backdrop.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Sanctuary Yangzi Explorer (Sanctuary Retreats), Staring out to sea, Indonesia (SeaTrek Sailing Adventures), Cycling in Vietnam (Pandaw River Cruises), Mekong River (Pandaw River Cruises), Boutique cruising (Pandaw River Cruises), Yangtze River excursion (Sanctuary Retreats)


sia’s incredible size is home to every landscape you can think of. A rail adventure along the Silk Road or maybe a bucket-list trip on the iconic Trans-Siberian Railway will show you stunning terrain in ways that most travellers won’t get to experience. Below are some ideas to consider. Let us help you make the right choice for you.

Bangkok to Singapore Signature with Belmond

China Rail Discovery

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: An unforgettable journey between Bangkok and Singapore on the renowned Eastern & Oriental Express. Travel through the Thai and Malaysian countryside while enjoying special on-board services. Stay in deluxe hotels and enjoy private guided tours in Bangkok and Singapore.

FIRST-CLASS | RAIL: Travel independently on China's famous high-speed rail network between Beijing and Shanghai, stopping in Nanjing and Suzhou en route for the ultimate Eastern China experience. Enjoy the personal attention of your local guide in each city as you discover the sights, history, and flavours of each distinct region.

The Legendary Silk Road Railway

Japan Rail Discovery: 14 days from Tokyo

FIRST-CLASS | RAIL: Follow the legendary Silk Road back in time across three countries, weaving your way along ancient trade routes aboard a private train. Explore seven stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites spread across Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kazakhstan, and experience the colours, sounds, and spirit of medieval market cities.

MODERATE | RAIL: Take advantage of a two-week Japan Rail Pass to explore Japan’s main island. Starting in Tokyo, you’ll journey to Takayama, Kyoto, and Hiroshima, with day trips to Nikko, Nara, and Osaka along the way. Enjoy the comfort of having travel and accommodations pre-booked, giving you the freedom to explore at your own pace.

10 Days from $9,795

14 Days from $6,109



Japan is known for its rail network. You can get anywhere in Japan using the rail system. It is an extremely economical way to move around the country, especially with a rail pass. For a real highlight, take the Shinkansen, which can reach speeds of up to 320km/hr.


10 Days from $2,915

14 Days from $2,595


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Eastern & Oriental Express (Belmond), Tsars Gold (Roland E. Jung), Eastern & Oriental Express (Belmond), Silk Road Dining (The Orient Silk Road Express), The Orient Silk Road Express, Private Compartment (Eastern & Oriental Express), Crossing the River Kwai (Eastern & Oriental Express)

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

TreeHouse Villas

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Discover Bali's cultural heartland at Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan. The Resort's 18 spacious suites and 42 private villas reflect the island's natural, serene beauty. Each suite and villa is appointed witha mix of contemporary and Balinese décor, including rich teak furnishings and exotic hand-loomed fabrics.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Located on the remote northern tip of Koh Yao Noi in Southern Thailand, accessible only by boat, TreeHouse Villas is an adults-only luxury resort. The resort offers spacious air-conditioned villas dotting the border of lush tropical forest, towering limestone cliffs, and 400m of private beach. Enjoy views of Phang Nga Bay from your balcony.

Anantara Golden Triangle

Song Saa Private Island

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Discover this


DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Be at one with nature at the luxurious Six Senses Hideaway Ninh Van Bay overlooking the South China Sea. Spend your days on white sand beaches or exploring towering mountains before returning in the evenings to totally relax in your elegant suite, designed with Vietnamese traditions in mind.

unforgettable Golden Triangle resort. Wake up and feel the refreshing chill of a Northern Thailand sunrise or the rush of a longboat ride up the Mekong to Laos. Experience the exhilaration of interacting with an elephant in the bamboo jungle along the border of Myanmar. Your stay will be a perfect combination of adventure and luxury.

62 - 1-800-387-8850 -

beautiful, untouched paradise. Cambodia’s Song Saa Private Island lies secluded in the warm waters off the coast of Sihanoukville. Walk among old-growth rainforests, watch dazzling reef fish swim under your villa, or see rare hornbills land on your balcony. In this private, intimate setting, you will lose yourself in the natural world.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia, Unsplash (Binh Dang Nam), Four Seasons Resort, TreeHouse Villas Koh Yao, Golden Triangle, Song Sea Private Island, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, Uga Escape, Taj Lake Palace, Conrad Maldives, The Oberoi Amarvilas



oway’s idyllic retreats in Asia include stunning beach, mountain and jungle scenery. Globetrotters will enjoy the many local, traditional elements in the architecture and interior design of their hotel. Experience new and delicious cuisines, or try a new take on your favourites. Customize your escape by booking activities from the resort including taking it slow with a day at the spa or on the beach. Goway can help you choose the best escape for you.

Gora Kadan

Chena Huts By Uga Escapes

Taj Lake Palace


DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Nestled among dunes and trees at the ocean’s edge is Chena Huts, a Yala Sri Lanka hotel. These luxurious private cabins offer awe-inspiring views of a beach where elephants can be seen playing in the surf and are fringed on one landward side by the tropical jungle, in harmony with nature and luxury.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Once the palace of a Maharaja, now a deluxe hotel, this amazingly beautiful hotel is located in the heart of mirror-clam Lake Pichola and reached by a short ferry ride. Each room is beautifully designed and decorated with textiles and handicrafts of the Udaipur region for a truly luxurious experience.

is located on the grounds of Kan'in-no-miya Villa, the former summer villa of a member of the Japanese Imperial Family. This villa blends Japanese tradition with modern design elements and offers hot spring waters that flow freely from the source. The resort specializes in authentic kaiseki cuisine prepared with strictly selected seasonal ingredients.

Conrad Maldives Rangali Island DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Escape to a

luxury 5-star resort in the Maldives. Swim alongside whale sharks, charter a yacht out to a private reef for a romantic dinner, and pamper yourself with a massage while watching sea life swim beneath you.

The Oberoi Amarvilas DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Inspired by Mughal palace designs, this stunning 5-star hotel is the ultimate romantic escape in India. Located less than a kilometre away from the Taj Mahal, it offers unrestricted views of the mausoleum and warm, personalized service.








hailand captures every corner of the imagination. Picture yourself lazing on white sand beaches. Imagine getting caught up in the energy of Bangkok as the smell of fresh street food fills your nostrils, and take the opportunity to learn about the distinct hill tribes of Thailand's north.

Classic Thailand: Bangkok, Chiang Mai & Phuket FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Start with exciting Bangkok, continue to charming Chiang Mai, and finish in the fabled resort of Phuket. This perfect combination allows you to truly immerse yourself in this country of contrasts.

DAY 1 - Arrive Bangkok - Private transfer to your hotel. Evening at leisure. DAY 2 - Bangkok - Tour of Wat Pho and the Grand Palace. Evening rice barge cruise. DAY 3 - Bangkok - Tour of the Floating Market and Railway Market. Evening street food tour. DAY 4 - Transfer to Chiang Mai - Fly to Chiang Mai.* Evening at leisure. DAY 5 - Chiang Mai - Half-day tour of temples. Evening at leisure. DAY 6 - Chiang Mai - Tour of Wat Umong Tunnel Temple. Visit White Hmong Hill Tribe. DAY 7 - Transfer to Phuket - Fly to Phuket.* Evening at leisure. DAY 8/9 - Phuket - Two days at leisure to relax on the beach. DAY 10 - Depart Phuket - Private transfer. *Flights not included



Private Tour of Damnoen Saduak Floating Market and Maeklong Railway Market in Bangkok

Time at leisure in Phuket to unwind on the beautiful beaches and enjoy the nightlife

Visit the White Hmong Hill Tribe in Chiang Mai and learning about local traditions

Private-guided street food tour of Bangkok by tuk-tuk at night with tastings

Unwind with 9 nights of comfortable, centrally located, first-class accommodation - 1-800-387-8850 -



A unique exotic destination for all tastes. If you are looking for a cultural experience, foodie, fun or beach escape, Thailand has it all. Also, the private guided options are so affordable. No one should miss it.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Tour boats idle beneath limestone karsts, Southern Thailand, Unsplash (Marcin Kalinski), Floating market (Shutterstock), Traditional dance (Shutterstock)

10 Days from $1,755

West Thai Island Hopper

Signature Thailand Wellness & Spa

Spiritual Thailand: Chiang Mai & Chiang Rai

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience three distinct sides of Thailand's western islands, visiting Krabi, Phuket, and Phi Phi Island. With your days at leisure, explore temples and villages, hidden bays, fascinating forests, and eye-popping limestone karsts, or laze on the long, white sand beaches that have made Thailand’s islands so famous.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Enjoy the beauty of Phuket while recharging at the stunning The Pavilions Phuket, perched atop one of Phuket's highest points. Then explore the best of Bangkok and take advantage of the wellness facilities at the contemporary COMO Metropolitan Bangkok, a true urban escape in the heart of the city.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Discover the temples, hill tribes, and night markets of Northern Thailand on this journey to Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai. During your week-long vacation, you’ll delve into Chiang Mai’s culinary scene, visit the Golden Triangle at the borders with Laos and Myanmar, and meet with hill tribe villagers in the countryside.

Ultimate Koh Samui Beach Escape

Thailand for Families

Hike, Bike & Hilltribes Northern Thailand

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Escape to the idyllic island paradise of Koh Samui to soak up the sun and relax on beautiful beaches. Enjoy the pampering comforts of your luxury resort and several days at leisure, as well as a trip to an eco-friendly day-spa and a private tour of Angthong National Marine Park.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Experience the diversity of Thailand on this journey to the city, beach, and jungle. Visiting Bangkok, Phuket, and Elephant Hills, you’ll be captivated by the city bustle, swim in the tropical waters of Phang Nga Bay, and get in touch with elephants and jungle life in the rainforest.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: This active adventure combines nature, culture, and luxury hotel comforts. Begin in Bangkok with a countryside cycling tour to lesser known temples and a floating market. Then travel north to Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai to hike in lush jungles, cycle to ancient ruins, and visit remote hilltribe villages.

10 Days from $2,443

8 Days from $3,222

11 Days from $3,305

11 Days from 2,975

7 Days from $1,519

11 Days from $3,405




Classic Laos Mekong River Cruise FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Journey down

the majestic banks of the Mekong River on this secluded river cruise. Witness the traditional rhythms of Laotian life, swim the waters beneath the magnificent Kuang Si Waterfall, and enjoy the boutique comforts of the Mekong Sun river vessel.

6 Days from $2,125

Signature Myanmar: Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: This

emerging and exciting destination has an myriad of treasures waiting to be discovered. Experience the colonial city of Yangon, the temples of Bagan and Mandalay, and the beauty of Inle Lake.

10 Days from $3,659

Classic Irrawaddy River Cruise

Best of Myanmar Soft Adventure

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Enjoy a cruise aboard


a traditionally-styled ship and visit sites around Mandalay before heading south to Bagan, home to more than 3,000 Buddhist temples. This cruise gives a wonderful glimpse into both well known and lesser known places.

8 Days from $2,625 66 - 1-800-387-8850 -

to Myanmar is to experience the Southeast Asia of 20 years ago, full of rarely seen sights and generations of stories just waiting to be told. Discover a country of mythical landscapes, ancient treasures, and some of the friendliest folks you’ll ever meet.

15 Days from $3,155

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Collecting alms, Laos (Carolyn Weppler), Balloons over Bagan, Myanmar (Shutterstock), Meeting on the river (Shutterstock), Traditional Khmer dress (Shutterstock), Gates of Angkor Thom, Siem Reap (Shutterstock), Khmer dancers take a break at an Angkor temple (Shutterstock)

hese two off-the-beaten-track destinations offer their own brand of charm. Landlocked Laos is carved by the Mekong River and is host to the ancient city of Luang Prabang. Little-visited Myanmar is a dream destination for those looking to experience the holy sites of Buddhism.


ambodia is full of secrets and hidden gems for you to discover. Take in the tranquil scenery on a river cruise on the Mekong or embrace the bustle of rapidly growing Phnom Penh. The highlight is often a visit to Angkor Wat, the sprawling, ancient temple city built by the Khmer.

Cambodia Luxury Glamping & Island Retreat DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Treat your-

self on this truly unique city, jungle, and beach combo vacation. Explore the capital Phnom Penh and cruise the Mekong River before heading to a floating river resort in Koh Kong Province and a private island resort off the coast of Sihanoukville on the Gulf of Thailand.

9 Days from $4,999

Classic Cambodia: Siem Reap, Phnom Penh & Kep FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: The amazing complex of Angkor Wat, Phnom Penh, the capital with its magnificent Royal Palace, and a veritable resort paradise all combine to give you Cambodia in a nutshell.

9 Days from $1,789

Amansara, Siem Reap: Stay of Distinction

Deluxe Cambodia: Phnom Penh & Siem Reap

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: The very special Amansara was once a historical villa, now a unique luxury hotel with ancient temple built by the Khmer. Everything about this establishment speaks of quality.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: This short vacation through Cambodia leaves a lasting impression. First, explore the capital, Phnom Penh, and visit nearby historical landmarks, including Oudong. Then connect to Siem Reap to spend several days exploring the Khmer temples of Angor Wat, some of the most impressive temples in the world.

3 Days from $2,359

6 Days from $2,249








ith dramatic landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, fabulous food, and dynamic cities, Vietnam should be on the bucket list of every globetrotter. Bike through the lush countryside, explore ancient temples or spend a night or two cruising on spectacular Halong Bay.

Signature Vietnam & Cambodia DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Experience the highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia while staying in luxury accommodations and private chartered overnight cruises on Halong Bay and the Mekong Delta. Cover all the main sites including the imperial capital Hue, the ancient town of Hoi An, the remarkable Cu Chi Tunnels, and magnificent Angkor Wat.

DAY 1 - Arrive Hanoi - Private transfer to your hotel. Evening at leisure. DAY 2 - Hanoi - Full-day city tour including lunch. DAY 3 - Transfer to Halong Bay - Overnight cruise on Halong Bay. DAY 4 - Transfer to Hue - Return to Hanoi for flight to Hue.* Rest of the day at leisure. DAY 5 - Hue - Tour of the Imperial Citadel and Long An Palace. Sundowner vespa tour. DAY 6 - Transfer to Hoi An - Walking tour. Eve- ning at leisure. DAY 7 - Hoi An - Morning cooking class. Evening private dinner in a rice field. DAY 8 - Hoi An - Day at leisure to explore the city. DAY 9 - Transfer to Ho Chi Minh City - Flight to Ho Chi Minh City.* Half-day city tour. DAY 10 - Transfer to Mekong Delta - Overnight cruise on the Mekong River. DAY 11 - Transfer to Ho Chi Minh City - Morning bicycle tour. Return to Ho Chi Minh City. DAY 12 - Ho Chi Minh City - Half-day tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels. Evening at leisure. DAY 13 - Transfer to Phnom Penh - Flight to Phnom Penh, Cambodia.* Half-day city tour. DAY 14 - Transfer to Siem Reap - Half-day tour of the Genocide Museum and Killing Fields. Flight to Siem Reap.* DAY 15 - Siem Reap - Full day of touring Angkor Temples. DAY 16 - Siem Reap - Morning visit to Angkor Wat. Rest of the day at leisure. DAY 17 - Depart Siem Reap - Private transfer to the airport for onward travels. *Flights not included

68 - 1-800-387-8850 -


Enjoy private city tours in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

Private tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels, the secret network of tunnels used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam War

Overnight cruise on stunningly beautiful Halong Bay, enjoying the views of limestone cliffs and clear green waters

16 nights of luxurious, deluxe accommodation in all locations to keep you well rested through your busy days

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Halong Bay, Vietnam (Shutterstock), Phu Quoc Beach (Shutterstock), Mountain terraces of Sapa, Unsplash (Hai Tran)

17 Days from $5,519

Classic Vietnam: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hue & More

Hike, Bike & Cruise Northern Vietnam

Romantic Vietnam



unforgettable active adventure awaits you in Northern Vietnam as you traverse the capital of Hanoi, enjoy cycling through the scenic wonderland of Ninh Binh, take in awe-inspiring Halong Bay on a traditional junk cruise, and explore the region of Sapa, famous for its ethnic villages, vibrant markets, and friendly locals.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Get swept away on a luxurious romantic journey through Vietnam. Explore the old corridors of Hanoi in the back of a Soviet Jeep, cruise along beautiful Halong Bay in a private junk, explore quaint Hoi An, relax at a beach resort on Ninh Van Bay, and cap off the vacation in bustling Ho Chi Minh City.

Heritage Vietnam & Cambodia

Phu Quoc Beach Escape



Experience the essential highlights of Vietnam. Travelling north to south, you’ll explore the colonial avenues of Hanoi, cruise beautiful Halong Bay, see imperial treasures in Hue, relax on the beach in Hoi An, and learn about the history of the Vietnam War in Ho Chi Minh City.

12 Days from $2,849



Vietnam is a hidden gem that will forever have my heart! From mountains, beaches, and rice paddies to bustling cities, Vietnam has something for everyone. The food and coffee culture is amazing. Every region has its own specialty. There is so much to experience that you will definitely want to stay awhile.

11 Days from $3,059

Immerse yourself in the rich historic and cultural heritage of Vietnam and Cambodia. This 13-day small group tour will immerse you in the history, nature, and traditions of these incredible countries, highlighted by Halong Bay and the Angkor Temples.

13 Days from $4,455

14 Days from $7,299

is one of Vietnam’s hidden stars. A tropical island off the coast of Cambodia, it offers stunning beaches and some of Southeast Asia’s most impressive and colourful reef snorkelling. Experience all this while staying in perfectly appointed accommodation inspired by the French Colonial style.

5 Days from $1,029




Essential Borneo: Kota Malaysia Kinabalu, Kuching & More Self Drive FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Discover the exciting region of Malaysian Borneo on this journey to towering mountains, remote villages, and modern cities. Explore Kota Kinabalu and the base of Mt. Kinabalu, recharge at a luxury resort on Gaya Island, spot orangutans in Semenggoh, and venture to an Indigenous longhouse near Sri Aman.

11 Days from $3,309

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: This program gives adventurous travellers the opportunity to explore Malaysia at their own pace. Malaysia has some of the best roads in Southeast Asia. You may choose to drive on the excellent main highways, or turn onto coastal roads passing through sleepy towns and local scenery.

13 Days from $1,599

Borneo Adventure

Classic Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Penang



taste for Malaysia’s wild side on this adventure through Borneo’s northeastern rainforests. Visit Mulu National Park, a park of exceptional natural beauty consisting of canyons, rainforests, rivers, and interesting limestone peaks before heading east to see bobble-nosed proboscis monkeys and pygmy elephants along the Kinabatangan River and the world’s most famous orangutan reserve at Sepilok.

This perfectly balanced trip through Malaysia lets you explore Kuala Lumpur and heritagelisted Malacca, before taking you to the scenic Cameron Highlands, Langkawi and Penang, Malaysia’s must-do stop for foodies.

10 Days from $2,559

10 Days from $3,339

City & Beach Malaysia: Kuala Lumpur & Langkawi DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Experience

Malaysia’s vibrant city and beach culture on this journey through the country. Begin in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, where you’ll gaze upon the Petronas Twin Towers and experience its worldfamous food and shopping scene, before heading to Langkawi Island to relax in a beach resort set alongside the jungle.

12 Days from $2,559 70 - 1-800-387-8850 -



There is truly something special about Malaysia! After witnessing the grandeur of the iconic Petronas Towers in the capital of Kuala Lumpur, globetrotters should definitely visit Penang. This small island is famous for its unique street art, historical highlights, and some of the best food fusion.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Perhentian Islands, Unsplash (Gaddafi Rusli), Orangutan, Borneo (Shutterstock), Petronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur, Unsplash (Esmonde Yung), Scooter tour, Singapore (Tk) Prepping street food, Unsplash (Daniele Franchi), Singapore: The city in a garden, Unsplash (Ken Shono)

alaysia’s diverse range of attractions makes boredom impossible. The modern cities feature sites such as the Petronas Towers. Enjoy the stunning Cameron Highlands. Across the South China Sea is Borneo, which boasts the world’s highest population of orangutans.


lobetrotters will be captivated by these two tiny countries in the South China Sea. Singapore is a world financial capital and is famed for fabulous food and its botanical gardens. Mysterious Brunei boasts rainforests and stunning palaces that are not to be missed.

Malaysian Connector: Singapore to Penang FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: A journey through the heart of Malaysia travelling from Singapore to Penang while enjoying not only the varied and colourful countryside but also stopping in interesting destinations.

7 Days from $1,709

Singapore Fling MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Green, multicultural, vibrant, and forward-thinking are all terms that describe Singapore. Explore Chinatown, Kampong Glam, and Little India to experience the colour and ambience that makes up this small but fascinating country.

4 Days from $659

Essence of Brunei

Crazy Rich Asians Singapore Adventure


FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Live the good life as your explore the setting of the popular movie. See Singapore's neighbourhoods through the eyes of its diverse locals, before embarking on a walking tour inspired by the movie "Crazy Rich Asians." You'll come away with a new appreciation for one of Asia's newest, yet greatest cities. You don't even have to be 'crazy rich' to enjoy it.

Venture to the island of Borneo to explore the remote nation of Brunei. Discover an oil-rich Sultanate home to some of the world’s most opulent Islamic treasures, from the royal palace of Istana Nurul Iman to the golden-domed Jame' Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque.

3 Days from $385

4 Days from $939









ndonesia is made up of over 17,000 unique islands. Start with basking in the legendary beauty of Bali. This paradise offers amazing beaches, jungles, and delicious food. City lovers will enjoy Jakarta and those looking for something more remote will enjoy a cruise of the breathtaking spice islands.

Best of Indonesia: Bali, Borobudur & Komodo FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Discover the highlights of Indonesia. Start on the island of Bali, where you’ll have plenty of time to relax between Seminyak and Ubud. Then travel to Java to visit Borobudur and Prambanan, some of the largest temples in the world. Cap it all off with a journey to Komodo to see the dragons. DAY 1 - Arrive Seminyak, Bali - Private transfer to your hotel. Evening at leisure. DAY 2-4 - Seminyak - Days at leisure to relax on the beach. DAY 5 - Transfer to Ubud - Check into your hotel. Remainder of the day at leisure. DAY 6 - Ubud - Full-day Bali highlights tour. DAY 7 - Ubud - Day at leisure to explore temples and jungle. DAY 8 - Transfer to Yogyakarta - Transfer to the airport for a flight to Yogyakarta.* Visit Borobudur. DAY 9 - Transfer to Komodo - Morning tour, transfer to the airport and fly to Komodo.* DAY 10 - Komodo - Tour Rinca Islands and Pink Beach to spot komodo dragons. DAY 11 - Depart Komodo - Private transfer to the airport for onward travels. *Flights not included



Time at leisure in Bali to enjoy the spectacular beaches, nightlife, and temples

Tour of Bali featuring the famous Ulun Danu Water Temple and the monkey forest at Alas Kedaton

Private tour of Rinca Islands and the Pink Beach to spot Komodo dragons, the largest lizards on earth

Private tour of Borobudur, the awe inspiring ancient buddhist temple - 1-800-387-8850 -



Bali has always been seen as just a beach destination but this Indonesian island also has a rich history and culture. Tirta Gangga Water Palace with its bathing pools and Tanah Lot Temple with its offshore setting and sunset backdrops are two unforgettable experiences that no globetrotter should miss.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Aling-Aling Waterfall, Unsplash (Oliver Sjostrom), Traditional Baliinese dancer (Shutterstock), Unsplash, (Jeremy Bishop), Classic Gate of Heaven, Unsplash (Jeremy Bishop)

11 Days from $4,075

Bali Beach Escape: Nusa Dua

Indonesia Island Hopper: Bali, Lombok & Gili

Ultimate Bali: Seminyak, Ubud & Sanur



DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Experience the exotic paradise of Bali on this incredible vacation. With its wonderful beaches, amazing countryside, and friendly people, Bali will charm you during your stay at premiere beach resorts across the island.

Bali’s southwest coast, Nusa Dua invites you to experience a calmer pace of life. Enjoy 5-star luxury next to tranquil waters ideal for swimming. Two included day trips offer you a taste of Balinese culture away from the beach, including visits to local villages and some of Bali’s most treasured temples.

8 Days from $1,379

Enjoy the contrasts of three different idyllic island settings on this island-hopping vacation. Split time between Bali, Lombok, and Gili Trawangan, relaxing at beachside resorts, exploring temples and villages, and enjoying the breathtaking landscape.

11 Days from $1,885

13 Days from $2,939

Bali Signature

Highlights of Bali & Java

Hike, Bike & Beach Bali: Ubud & Uluwatu



DELUXE | PRIAVTE-GUIDED: Escape to the picturesque island of Bali to stay in breathtaking luxury resorts in Ubud and Uluwatu. In addition to enjoying luxury comforts, you’ll explore the nature and culture of the island by climbing Batur Volcano, biking through rural villages and alongside rice paddies, and visiting sacred Uluwatu Temple.

paradise and spend your time enjoying the beach and jungle of this famous island hotspot. Split your time between Ubud and Jimbaran to see two very different sides of Bali, all while basking in the island’s tropical climate.

9 Days from $3,669

Experience the highlights of Indonesia on this journey through Bali and Java. Relax for several days on sunny Bali before connecting to Java to visit Mount Bromo, explore the temples of Prambanan and Borobudur, and tour Bandung, the nation’s third-largest city.

12 Days from $3,325

8 Days from $2,745




Classic Philippines: Manila, Boracay & Cebu

Best of Cebu Island & the Chocolate Hills



Discover the history and beautiful landscapes of the Philippines on this introductory 9-day vacation. Start in Manila, where you’ll delve into the country’s colonial history and visit nearby Pagsanjan. Then spend a few days on sunny Boracay before exploring Cebu City and the Chocolate Hills of Bohol.

9 Days from $2,139

Deluxe Palawan El Nido Beach Escape DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: More than a tropical paradise, El Nido is almost totally unspoiled with its wonderful beaches, clear waters and stunning cliffs making it one of the world’s most beautiful resorts.

5 Days from $3,039

Luxury Boracay Beach Escape DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: The Philippines has over 7,600 islands, but none are quite like Boracay. Staying in 5-star luxury by the water, enjoy the natural beauty of one of Asia’s premiere beach destinations. With time at leisure, settle in to relax, or choose from a range of island tours, watersports, or heart-pumping adrenaline activities.

5 Days from $1,025

74 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Historic Cebu combines perfectly with a full day to the nearby island of Bohol to view the Chocolate Hills, incredibly shaped limestone karsts seen on a barge cruise.

4 Days from $895

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Rice terraces (Shutterstock), Traditional costumes (Shutterstock), Palawan Islands (Shutterstock), Chocolate Hills, Bohol (Shutterstock), Boracay (Shutterstock), Hong Kong from The Peak, Unsplash (Simon Zhu), Sanfeng Temple, Taiwan, Unsplash (Dave Weatherall)

ature lovers, luxury seekers, foodies, and city enthusiasts will all find something to delight in the Philippines. This incredibly friendly nation of over 7,000 islands is located in the balmy South China Sea and has diverse climates and landscapes to suit everyone.


hese two island nations are amazing cultural fusions. Both have some Chinese influence but Hong Kong has strong British ties and one of the most distinct, impressive skylines in the world. Taiwan is more laid-back and boasts gorgeous mountains and national parks.

Enchanting Taiwan FIRST-CLASS | ESCORTED COACH TOUR: Discover the natural beauty of this

varied and scenic country with time spent in the capital, Taipei, unusual Sun Moon Lake, Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s second city, the lush Kenting National Park, and the dramatic Taroko Gorge. Taiwan is full of pleasant surprises.

8 Days from $1,205

Southern Taiwan by Rail FIRST-CLASS | ESCORTED COACH & RAIL TOUR: Travel south on Taiwan's modern

high speed rail system and explore the vibrant city of Kaohsiung, the dramatic coastline of Southern Taiwan, and the fascinating historic city of Tainan.

3 Days from $689

Hong Kong & Taipei for Foodies

Essence of Hong Kong & Macau

Best of Hong Kong

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Discover the alluring food scenes of Hong Kong and Taipei on this two-city foodie tour. Start in Hong Kong, where you’ll discover the city’s hidden gems while sampling its many culinary delights. Connect to Taipei to tour the city’s culinary scene and enjoy Taiwanese favourites.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Two unique cities between two distinct worlds, Hong Kong and Macau make an ideal pairing, full of rich contrasts, mouth-watering flavours, and fascinating stories. Learn about Hong Kong on a living culture tour through its historic highlights. A full-day excursion then takes you to see the best of neighbouring Macau.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: The City of Life, Hong Kong is a fascinating mixture of the old and new with incomparable shopping opportunities. Take a ferry ride across the harbour, marvel at the panoramic views from Victoria Peak, and enjoy a memorable trip to Lantau Island to witness the iconic Tian Tan Buddha.

7 Days from $1,659

5 Days from $929

4 Days from $875







he ancient kingdom of China has a history that goes back thousands of years. Its enormous size means that travellers will experience something different in each region. Explore the deserts of the west, ultra-modern Shanghai or walk a few miles on the Great Wall.

Classic China: Beijing, Xian, Guilin & More FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

This vacation is a perfection introduction to China. Venture across the country from the capital Beijing to the metropolis of Hong Kong. You’ll also see the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, cruise alongside karst mountains in Guilin, and explore Shanghai along the way. DAY 1 - Arrive Beijing - Private transfer from the airport to hotel. Evening at leisure. DAY 2 - Beijing - Tour of Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and Temple of Heaven. DAY 3 - Beijing - Tour of the Great Wall and Ming Tomb. DAY 4 - Transfer to Xian - Fly to Xian and transfer to hotel.* Evening at leisure. DAY 5 - Xian - Full-day tour featuring Terracotta Warriors and Banpo Museum. DAY 6 - Transfer to Guilin - Fly to Guilin and transfer to hotel. Evening at leisure.* DAY 7 - Guilin - Full-day cruise on the Li River. DAY 8 - Guilin - Full-day tour of Longsheng. DAY 9 - Transfer to Shanghai - Fly to Shanghai and transfer to hotel. Evening at leisure.* DAY 10 - Shanghai - Full-day tour of the city. DAY 11 - Shanghai - Day at leisure to further explore the city. DAY 12 - Transfer to Hong Kong - Fly to Hong Kong. Evening at leisure.* DAY 13 - Hong Kong - Full-day tour of the city. DAY 14 - Hong Kong - Day at leisure to further explore the city. DAY 15 - Depart Hong Kong - Transfer to the airport for onward travels.

*Flights not included



Private tour to visit the Badaling section of the Great Wall of China, one the best preserved sections of this world wonder

Private tour of the Terracotta Warriors at the tomb of China's first emperor in Xia

Time at leisure to explore Hong Kong and Shanghai, China’s most famous and vibrant cities - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Shanghai (Shutterstock), Terracotta Army, Xian (Shutterstock), Giant panda (Shutterstock), Life on the Yangtze (Shutterstock)

15 Days from $4,149

Ancient China Gorges & Gardens

China Signature: Beijing, Xian & Shanghai

The World of Avatar: Zhangjiajie & Huangshan




trip to China on this private tour, taking in the historic imperial sights of Beijing, the natural splendour of the Yangtze River region, and the enchanting canals of Suzhou. It all ends in spaceage Shanghai, where centuries of history await discovery in the shadow of China’s future. You'll travel by train, plane and even cruise!

11 Days from $4,945

perfect introductory China itinerary for the independent traveller includes three of the most important cities, imperial Beijing, ancient Xian and the city of the future, Shanghai. Take in the incredible views from the Great Wall of China, one of the wonders of the world, and stand in tombs and pavilions where some of the great emperors of China have stood.

8 Days from $3,695

Explore China: Shanghai, Luoyang, Xiahe & More

Classic Tibet: Lhasa, Gyantse & Shigatse

MODERATE | SMALL GROUP: Capture the spirit of China on this 12-day group tour from Shanghai to Beijing. Journeying through the country’s north, you’ll admire views of Shanghai’s dazzling skyline, gaze upon ancient Buddhist rock art at the Longmen Grottoes, see the Terracotta Warriors in Xian, experience a taste of Tibet, and explore the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing.


12 Days from $3,850

Journey to the top of the Himalayas to discover Tibet and the Roof of the World. Staying in first-class accommodations, you’ll travel through this ancient land and explore the key sites of Tibetan Buddhism, including the Pelkor Chode Monastery in Gyantse, the summer palace of Norbulingka, and marvellous Potala Palace in Lhasa.

8 Days from $3,495

Journey through the magical alpine landscape of Wulingyuan and Huangshan on this trip to Eastern China. Begin in Zhangjiajie where you’ll explore the floating mountain landscape that inspired "Avatar." Then head to Huangshan to summit Yellow Mountain before ending your journey in futuristic Shanghai.

8 Days from $4,159



My first trip to China blew me away. Awed by the Great Wall and the Terracotta Warriors, and humbled by China’s 5,000-year history, I loved it all. But it was a morning Tai Chi class with locals, a Sichuan cooking lesson in Chengdu, and the boat trip through an ancient water town that made it so special. Asia



ust thinking of the Silk Road brings adventure and romance to mind. Central Asia, often called ‘The Stans,’ offers an incredibly rich travel experience. Mongolia’s vast plains and nomadic culture is truly unique in the world and is a perfect fit for adventurers.

Ancient Silk Road: Xian to Urumqi

Best of Central Asia

FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Journey along the ancient Silk Road on this trip to Western China. Starting in Xian, you’ll travel west to far-flung parts of China, cross the Gobi Desert, see ancient treasures, and get to experience the traditions and daily lives of the Uyghur people and other Chinese minority groups.


9 Days from $4,869

Mongolia Discovery MODERATE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Discover

the real country behind an historic legacy. Mongolia will intrigue and enchant you on this short trip. Visit the ancient crossroads of the Silk Road, take scenic routes through gorgeous mountain and desert landscapes, and experience Mongol culture through colourful folk performances and delicious food.

5 Days from $2,615

Kazakhstan & Uzbekistan Explorer MODERATE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Discover

the wonders of Central Asia on this 9-day tour through Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. Starting in Almaty and ending in Samarkand, you’ll travel by road and train to explore ancient sites and modern wonders, including the oldest nature reserve in Central Asia, the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, and the ghost town of Otrar.

9 Days from $4,775 78 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Traditional yurt (Shutterstock), On the Silk Road (Shutterstock), Kalta Minor Minaret, Khiva, Uzbekistan (Shutterstock), Mongolian mask dance (Shutterstock), Registan Square, Samarkand, Uzbekistan (Shutterstock), Samgwangsa Temple, Busan (Shutterstock), A traditional day out, Gyeongbokgung Palace (Shutterstock), Water pavilion, Gyeongbokgung Palace (Shutterstock)

Silk Road, Mongolia, Central Asia Discover the best of Central Asia on this 16-day long tour of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan. Starting in Tashkent and ending in Almaty, you’ll travel by plane, train, and automobile to explore ancient sites, modern capitals, and nomadic cultural traditions along the Silk Road.

16 Days from $6,959


outh Korea is an exciting blend of both ancient traditions and modern innovation. Seoul is one of Asia’s most technologically advanced cities but still features beautiful temples. Jeju Island off the south coast is a beautiful destination for relaxation.

Ultimate Korea: Seoul, Gyeongju, Busan & Jeju

Seoul in Depth

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore the sights of Seoul, the beating heart of today’s Korea, with your private guide before going on to Gyeongju to see the archaeological remains of ancient Korea’s capital. The port city of Busan and the peerless volcanic island of Jeju complete the experience, giving you an excellent insight into Korea.


9 Days from $4,959

6 Days from $2,475

Jeju Island Escape

Classic Korea: Seoul, Gyeongju & Busan

FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Jeju-do is known for its stunning natural scenery, fine beaches, waterfalls, cliffs, excellent seafood, and mild weather. A full-day tour of the island offers you a taste of its history and folklore, with visits to Seongeup Folk Village, and a unique insight into the culture of Jeju’s haenyeo female divers.


more to Seoul than big city excitement. Experience the best of South Korea’s capital through a city tour, before day trips round out this short taste of Korea. Visit the infamous DMZ, travel back to the 1700s at Hwaesong Fortress, and immerse yourself in the fantastic beauty of Nami Island.

a tour which includes the capital, Seoul, a city offering the old and new, Gyeongju with its ancient Shilla Kingdom history and relics, and Busan, an interesting port and coastal city.

7 Days from $3,359

3 Days from $1,769

Korea Encompassed FIRST-CLASS | ESCORTED COACH TOUR: Discover the history and flavours of

colourful Korea on this escorted coach tour, combining all the highlights with the country's lesser-known stars. Take a journey into Korea’s past in Gongju and Gyeongju. Along the way, experience some of Korea’s oldest customs including a traditional tea ceremony.

9 Days from $3,049









apan has found a way to maintain many of its traditions while also being at the forefront of modern innovation and pop culture. Stay in a ryokan one night and the next day hop on the bullet train. Japan's efficient transport options make everything highly accessible.

Japan Art & Gardens: Kyoto, Naoshima, FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Modern art, western art, and the highly traditional Japanese arts are all experienced on this tour. Stay on the contemporary art island of Naoshima, watch a Maiko perform ancient dances, learn how kimonos are made, see western masterpieces, and much more. Along the way, visit some of Japan's most renowned and beautiful gardens.

12 Days from $7,859

DAY 1 - Arrive Kyoto - Transfer from the airport to hotel. Day at leisure. DAY 2 - Kyoto - Full day tour of the highlights of Kyoto.

DAY 4 - Transfer to Naoshima Island - Transfer to Naoshima and visit art installations.

DAY 5 - Transfer to Okayama - Morning tour in Naoshima. Transfer to Okayama. Evening at leisure. DAY 6 - Okayama - Take the train to historic Kurashiki for the day. Explore at leisure. DAY 7 - Transfer to Kanazawa - Morning in Okayama. Bullet train to Kanazawa.

Dinner with an authentic Maiko, an apprentice geisha, for traditional dances and games

Private guided tour of Naoshima Island, famous for its modern and exciting art installations

DAY 9 - Transfer to Tokyo - Morning in Kanazawa. Bullet Train to Tokyo.

City tour of Tokyo’s highlights and time at leisure. See the Sensoji Temple and Imperial Palace East Gardens

DAY 8 - Kanazawa - Walking tour. Kimonos and Matcha Green Tea Experience.

DAY 10 - Tokyo - Tokyo Highlights city tour. DAY 11 - Tokyo - Day at leisure to explore the city.

DAY 12 - Depart Tokyo - Transfer to the airport for onward travels.


HIGHLIGHTS - 1-800-387-8850 -

Kimono experience and green tea ceremony in Kanazawa. Participants wear authentic Japanese kimonos as they explore the town

11 nights first-class, centrally located accommodation with breakfast included daily



Japan’s genuine hospitality and deep-rooted cultural traditions keep drawing me back. I highly recommend staying in a ryokan. Most are small boutique properties with tatami mat flooring and sliding doors, onsen hot spring baths, and multicourse meals that are almost too perfect looking to eat.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Bustling nightlife, Tokyo, Unsplash (Yoav Aziz), Nagamachi Samurai District, Kanazawa (Shutterstock)

DAY 3 - Kyoto - Full day tour of Arashiyama and Maiko dinner.

Quintessential Japan: Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto

Ultimate Japan: Tokyo, Kanazawa, Kaga Onsen

Japan Hike, Bike & Hot Springs




The very essence of this special country is revealed with stays in its vibrant capital, Tokyo, and its historic ancient capital, the beautiful Kyoto. A further stay in Hakone National Park with nearby Mount Fuji and a day in Hiroshima complete the tour.

active trip visits mountains, valleys, and rural villages. Explore Hakone National Park, cycle to countryside tea fields and rice paddies, hike on Mt. Fuji's mountainside, and walk the ancient Nakasendo Trail. Along the way rejuvenate in scenic hot springs baths and visit some of Japan's most famous temples and gardens.

9 Days from $4,415

the highlights of Japan on this incredible rail journey, which seamlessly combines a mix of deluxe hotel stays, traditional ryokan stays, and privately guided day tours to unfold the wonders of this incredible country. You'll even have an opportunity to wear a kimono and participate in a tea ceremony!

15 Days from $10,499

15 Days from $8,535

Explore Japan: Kyoto, Hiroshima & Takayama

Japan Zen & Wellness

Japan for Families: Tokyo, Hakone & Kyoto

MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: Experience authentic Japan on this intimate small-group guided tour to four distinctive regions over 12 days, exploring extensively on foot and travelling by bullet train, regional train, and bus.



12 Days from $7,775

into Zen Buddhism and meditation on this journey to Japan. Venturing your way through the country, you’ll visit Buddhist temples and learn about Zen traditions in Kyoto, stay in a mountaintop monastery on Mt. Koya, soak in mountain views in Hakone, and finally delve into the food and culture of Tokyo.

10 Days from $5,565

otherworldly, yet super intuitive, Japan is an ideal destination for a family getaway. Your family will experience a variety of Japanese activities and attractions on this guided trip, from pop culture icons to animation studios to fun Japanese traditions dating back centuries.

11 Days from $5,329









ndia’s sights, sounds, and colours are an almost overwhelming feast for the senses. India is also incredibly rewarding. Foodies will be delighted with the curries and spices and you can experience unforgettable sites such as the Taj Mahal or the Amber Fort at Jaipur.

India Signature with Oberoi DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Invigorating India can overwhelm the senses at first. Relax in luxury after each day, staying at Oberoi hotels as you hop from Delhi to the Taj Mahal to colourful Jaipur and exciting Mumbai. Oberoi will ensure you stay in comfort each step of the way, meaning you can enjoy the adventure and sensory feast that only India can provide.

8 Days from $3,589

DAY 1 - Arrive Delhi - Private transfer to hotel. Evening at leisure. DAY 2 - Delhi - Explore highlights of Delhi on a city tour. DAY 3 - Transfer to Agra - Visit the Taj Mahal at sunset. DAY 4 - Transfer to Jaipur - Visit Fatehpur Sikri en route to Jaipur. Evening at leisure. DAY 5 - Jaipur - City tour. Visit the Amber Fort. DAY 6 - Transfer to Mumbai - Flight to Mumbai.* Afternoon city tour. DAY 7 - Mumbai - Tour of Elephanta Island caves. DAY 8 - Depart Mumbai - Private transfer to the airport for onward travels. *Flights not included


82 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Explore Jaipur ,“The Pink City,” and visit the captivating Amber Fort and City Palace

Experience the highlights of energetic Delhi and Mumbai on private guided city tours

Visit the lesser-known, serene, Elephanta Island and explore its caves and dense forests

Visit the Taj Mahal, a timeless monument to love, and take in the sunset over this world wonder

7 nights deluxe accommodation in Oberoi Hotels, some of the most luxurious and opulent hotels in India

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Traditional henna tattooing, Delhi, Unsplash (Ravi Sharma), Charming the wildlife (iStock), Taj Mahal, Agra, Unsplash (Meri Cagli), Diwan-i-Aam, Hall of Public Audience, Unsplash (Annie Spratt)

India Odyssey: Udaipur, Jodhpur, Ranthambore

Luxury India Tiger Safari with Taj Resorts

Temples of Khajuraho & Sacred Varanasi

FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore Northwest India in detail on a privately-guided trip. Experience the frenetic energy of Delhi before visiting the famous Rajasthan trio of Udaipur, Jodhpur, and Jaipur, the legendary pink city. Embark on a tiger safari in Ranthambore before marvelling at India’s ultimate monument to love, the Taj Mahal.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: After taking in the highlights of Delhi, you'll be swept away on your wildlife adventure of a lifetime while visiting two of India's most iconic national parks: Panna and Bandhavgarh! With ample game drives, the wildlife you will witness will be unforgettable. The Tiger Safari in Panna National Park will be a shining highlight.


Best of South India

Luxury North India Spa & Wellness Retreat


DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Spend time rejuvenating and relaxing in the foothills of the Himalayas. The Ananda Resort has all the necessary facilities to enhance your wellness experience. The surrounding scenery will assist in the process. This stay is perfect for both fitness enthusiasts and those wanting to unwind.

14 Days from $3,399



India has been blessed with amazing geographical, cultural, and linguistic diversity. It would take a lifetime to explore each part of India. First-timers typically visit the iconic “Golden Triangle,” which features the Taj Mahal. However, my personal favourite cities are Jaisalmer, Varanasi, and Kerala.

Get in touch with your spiritual side on this short India tour through the country’s holiest cities. Set out for the astonishing temples of Khajuraho and the sacred waters of the Ganges in Varanasi.

5 Days from $1,925

8 Days from $8,075

Immerse yourself in all the wonders of South India on this 15-day private tour, which takes you from Chennai to Mumbai with so many highlights in between. This is a great tour for travellers who have perhaps been to India before and are looking to explore more of this fascinating country.

15 Days from $3,885

6 Days from $4,469




epal is a dream destination for adventurous travellers looking to get close to, or even climb, the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest. There’s more to Nepal than mountains though. Explore Kathmandu or have a spiritual experience at one of many temples.

Highlights of Nepal FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: The

treasures of Nepal await on a trip that takes you from its mountains to its jungles. Visit the beautiful temples of Kathmandu, rising in the shadow of the Himalayas. Keep your eyes peeled for unique wildlife in Chitwan National Park, and strap on your boots for spectacular treks from mountain villages.

11 Days from $3,160

Classic Nepal FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore the beauty and vibrancy of Nepal. Start in Kathmandu and then travel to Bandipur, Pokhara, and Royal Chitwan National Park. Immerse yourself in this stunning country with a trip that includes visits to Buddhist stupas, picturesque towns nestled in the Himalayan foothills, soaring peaks, and dense forests and wildlife in national parks.

10 Days from $2,549

Scenic Everest Region Trek

Deluxe Kathmandu & Himalayan Retreat


DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore the art and architecture of the medieval centres of Kathmandu and experience the luxury of staying in an award winning ‘living museum,’ then escape to the country and take in the infinite charms of rural Nepal while enjoying a holistic lifestyle.

Trek to the Everest region which offers excellent panoramic views of Mount Everest and other imposing Himalayan peaks. During the trek, stay in local lodges and teahouses.

8 Days from $3,375

7 Days from $2,759

84 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: High in the Himalayas, Unsplash (Giuseppe Mondi), Sadhus Holy Men, Goway (Steve Perkins), Nepalese prayer flags, Unsplash (Sanjay Hona), Following the herd in Sri Lanka, Unsplash (Alex Azabache), Tiger's Nest, Bhutan, Unplash (Mike Swigunski), Local transport, Sri Lanka (Shutterstock)



wo very different countries with the same neighbour, both have Indian influences but are very distinct. Bhutan, in the Himalayas, is almost untouched by tourism and western influence. Sri Lanka’s beaches, rainforests, and tea plantations are a warm escape in the Indian Ocean.

Bhutan Dragon Kingdom FIRST-CLASS | SMALL GROUP: Let

Bhutan enhance your happiness with an unforgettable journey into this Himalayan kingdom. Visit serene monasteries and natural landscapes that range from lush pine forests to banana plantations. Take in views of the Paro Valley and one of Asia’s most awesome monasteries, the Tiger’s Nest.

9 Days from $4,655

Signature Bhutan: Thimphu, Gangtey, Paro & More DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: This short

but memorable glimpse of Bhutan invites you to explore the history and living culture of The Last Shangri-La. Take in its most famous cultural landmarks, admire the local wildlife in this gorgeous Himalayan setting, and learn more about traditional Bhutanese crafts from textiles to sword-making.

8 Days from $7,355

Galle Fort & Bentota Beach Escape

Jewels of Sri Lanka

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Head to the southwestern coastline of Sri Lanka for a combo city and beach getaway. Start in Galle, where you’ll see The Fort and its other historical landmarks. Then head to a deluxe beachside hotel to soak up the sun and enjoy the warm waters and sandy beaches along the Indian Ocean.


6 Days from $1,659

the wonders in Sri Lanka on this South Asian vacation. Passing from Sigiriya to Kandy to the capital, Colombo, you’ll visit ancient Buddhist ruins, explore verdant national parks, and experience the incredible cultural sights of this island nation.

14 Days from $3,710





he Maldives is the ideal, sunny escape. These 1,192 islands located in the Indian Ocean boast world-class resorts that are famous for overwater bungalow accommodation. Relax on the beach, melt your stress away with decadent spa treatments, or try a new water sport.

Romantic Maldives: Island Hopping & Fine Dining FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Start

your romantic getaway in a beach bungalow offering sunrise views and a stretch of soft sand leading to the sea. Then hop to your next resort for the ultimate Maldives stay — an overwater villa with a terrace on the ocean. Unforgettable multi-course dining experiences await with a private sandbank dinner and lunch at an all glass undersea restaurant.

DAY 1 -

Arrive Maldives - Transfer to Innahura Maldives Resort. Evening at leisure. DAY 2-3 - Innahura Maldives Resort - Days at leisure to explore and relax. DAY 4 - Innahura Maldives Resort - Day at leisure. Private Sandbank Dinner DAY 5 - Transfer to Kuredu Island Resort - Transfer by speedboat. Day at leisure. DAY 6-8 - Kuredu Island Resort - Days at leisure to explore and relax. DAY 9 - Kuredu Island Resort - Lunch under the sea at Hurawalhi Island Resort. DAY 10 - Depart Maldives - Transfer to the airport for onward travels.



Enjoy ample time to relax and explore paradise with your loved one at two private island resorts

Daily full board meal plan at both resorts throughout your stay

Private sandbank dinner at Innahura Maldives Resort, including a bottle of sparkling wine

Lunch at the world’s largest underwater restaurant at Hurawalhi Island Resort - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Unique Maldives accommodation (Conrad Maldives), Conrad Maldives, Overwater bungalows (Conrad Maldives), Aerial view of Conrad Maldives (Conrad Maldives

10 Days from $4,295

Maldives Luxury Cruise: Scuba, Spa & Resort Stay

Luxury Dubai & Maldives

Paris & Maldives Love Affair

DELUXE | CRUISE: Combine a cruise on a luxury yacht with a premium resort stay on this perfect Maldives vacation. Enjoy 4 nights onboard a diving yacht with its own onboard spa and cruise to world-famous dive sites and beaches. Then spend 5 nights at a deluxe resort on a private atoll.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience the perfect “shop and flop” vacation with this combo of Dubai and the Maldives. Start in Dubai, where you’ll explore the futuristic cityscape and see the Burj Khalifa. It’s then on to the Maldives for 7 nights to relax in a beautiful deluxe private island resort.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Escape with Goway on the ultimate romantic getaway. Take in all that the City of Lights has to offer, from the Eiffel Tower to the charming restaurants and bars of the Latin Quarter, before heading to the Maldives and relaxing on the whitesand beaches.

Qatar & Maldives Escape

Istanbul & Maldives Escape

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Enjoy a stopover in Qatar en route to the Maldives on this first-class beach escape. Spend a few nights exploring Doha’s mix of Islamic traditions and sleek modern design before enjoying 5 nights at a luxury resort in the Maldives, with the freedom to dive coral reefs, go kitesurfing, and relax all day long.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Discover the magic of Istanbul and the Maldives on this convenient vacation. Start in the Turkish capital to explore a city that straddles two continents. Then jet to the Maldives for a week at a luxury resort relaxing on white-sand beaches and snorkelling through crystal-clear waters.

10 Days from $5,245



The sound of the ocean and warmth of the sun runs in my DNA and the Maldives is a beachgoers and honeymooners' paradise with a wide selection of water activities, intimate retreats, pampering spa services, and red carpet luxury water villas featuring unprecedented views of the ocean.

10 Days from $8,679

9 Days from $2,039

12 Days from $4,069

11 Days from $3,779




Photos from left to right:


















Photo: Kichakani Serengeti Camp, Tanzania (Sanctuary Retreats)





Africa & the Middle East

Africa is the world’s second largest continent and offers everything the traveller could want. While there’s no doubt that the most popu­lar Africa vacation is a safari, especially for first timers, travellers will find that they can return again and again and always find a new experi­ence. Surfing off the coast of Morocco, marvelling at the pyramids of Giza, cruising the Nile, wine tasting in South Africa or lounging on the beaches of Zanzibar are just a few of the things you can do if you ever tire of chasing the Big Five (and that’s a big if!). Safaris range from mod­erate, comfortable camps to luxury private game lodges depending on the experience you want. Nothing is off limits on a Goway Africa vaca­tion.


Goway's local tour leader in Morocco did a fantastic job, from arrival to departure. Our driver Hicham was fantastic. He toured us around most of the country, over the Atlas Mountains, to the Sahara and to the Atlantic. He connected us to the best local guides and we had many fascinating conversations.


Africa & The Middle East




frica is a land of great contrasts and an overwhelming amount of wildlife, culture, and safari experiences. Goway’s private-guided touring options ensure you have the tailor-made trip of a lifetime with dedicated guides who offer much more flexibility than a group experience.

Signature South Africa

Historic Hotels of Egypt

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Discover the magic and splendour of Southern Africa on this 12-day luxury journey of South Africa. Starting in Cape Town, you’ll venture to the Cape Winelands, Johannesburg, and Kruger National Park. Recapture the romance and atmosphere of a by-gone era with 2 nights spent on-board the elegant Rovos Rail train.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: This Egypt tour includes accommodation at some of the country’s most esteemed hotels. Temple-hop through this ancient land as you marvel at the wonders of Ancient Egypt, all while enjoying world class hospitality each night at these Egyptian icons.

Karibu Kenya

The Best of Uganda



10 Days from $3,013

12 Days from $10,559

From the flamingos of Lake Nakuru to the majestic Masai Mara where 'the real Africa' lives on, this Kenyan trip offers an unforgettable short safari break.

6 Days from $2,831

The Best of Morocco

This safari vacation is perfect for travellers wanting a complete experience of Uganda’s wildlife. After arriving in Entebbe, connect into Bwindi to search for mountain gorillas. Then head south for a traditional safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park as well as a chimpanzee trek.

8 Days from $6,940


This tour encompasses different regions of Morocco, touring the country in depth. You begin with the Imperial Cities, and then pass through the dramatic scenery of the High Atlas Mountains and the Sahara Desert, before crossing to the west coast of the kingdom. You will travel through the Saffron region, as well as on the coastal road to Essaouira, known for its art and handmade crafts.

15 Days from $3,962 90



There is nothing better than seeing Africa. Coming back again and again since my first trip, I find myself appreciating the more nuanced aspects of a safari and of the Africa experience as a whole.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Chefchaouen, Morocco, Goway (Carolyn Weppler), Lake Nakuru, Kenya (Shutterstock), Taking a break on the Giza Plateau, Egypt (Shutterstock), Lioness and cub (Shutterstock), Lunch on safari, Masai Mara (Elewana), Masaai tribesman (Shutterstock)


magine watching the vast plains of Africa pass by as you sit comfortably without a care in the world. Travel throughout Southern Africa by rail and you enjoy a luxurious journey that takes you to spectacular locations that are missed by most tourists. Goway can help you find the rail journey that is right for you!

Rovos Rail: Cape Town to Dar Es Salaam

Kenya In Depth

DELUXE | RAIL: This journey is one of the most famous rail experiences in the world. Travel through South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania combining the luxury of pre-war travel with modern touches.

FIRST-CLASS | SMALL GROUP: Bring your safari dreams to life on this journey through some of the best safari parks in Africa. Travel throughout Kenya and head on game drives in Samburu, Lake Nakuru, Masai Mara, Tsavo West, and Amboseli to spot elephants, leopards, rhinos, and other beloved animals.

15 Days from $16,302

13 Days from $6,436

Shongololo Southern Cross

Romance On The Rails

FIRST-CLASS | RAIL: Experience, on a relaxing train journey, four different countries: Zimbabwe, Mozambique, South Africa, and Swaziland while taking in Victoria Falls, enjoying several game drives in three different wildlife parks including Kruger, exploring canyons, old mining towns and visiting Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Maputo, Mozambique’s capital.


the splendour and romance of Southern Africa on this 14-day luxury journey. Starting in Cape Town, you’ll then venture to Kruger National Park before your elegant train journey with Rovos Rail. A stay in Victoria Falls rounds out a truly unforgettable vacation.

14 Days from $12,121

12 Days from $8,325

The Blue Train: Pretoria to Cape Town DELUXE | RAIL: Enjoy grace and ele-

gance as you sit back and relax, travelling through the panoramic countryside of South Africa. Start from either Cape Town or Pretoria and let the Blue Train work its spell.

3 Days from $2,212




Travelling on Rovos epitomizes Emerson’s “The journey is the destination” quote. Your every need is taken care of, the cuisine is outstanding, and the staff are superb. My most indulgent moment on Rovos was sitting in a Victorian Bath surrounded by bubbles, champagne in hand, just watching the landscape pass by.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Victoria Falls (Rovos Rail), Kruger National Park, South Africa (Kruger Shalati), Elegance onboard, Goway (Moira Smith), African buffalo, Unsplash (Bernd Dittrich), The Blue Train, South Africa (South Africa Blue Train), Onboard entertainment (South Africa Blue Train)


frica’s rivers have lured globetrotters for centuries. A cruise down the Nile among the pyramids of ancient Egypt is thrilling. In Southern Africa, wend your way along the Zambezi or Chobe or indulge in a tropical cruise around the Seychelles. Let Goway find the Africa cruise that is right for you.

African River Safari: The Zambezi Queen

Grand and Mysterious Egypt

DELUXE | CRUISE: The banks of the

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: This Egyptian vacation is perfect for travellers wanting an in-depth experience with luxurious accommodations and private tours. Visit the classic sites including Cairo and the pyramids, cruise the Nile, and see lesser-visited locations such as Alexandria, Dendarah, and Abu Simbel.

Chobe River boast one of the densest populations of wildlife on the African continent. Experience the thrill of water-based game viewing, seasonal fishing, and cultural visits, all while staying aboard the Zambezi Queen luxury houseboat.

4 Days from $2,764

15 Days from $4,813

Seychelles Cruise: M/Y Pegasos FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: A secluded and exquisitely preserved alternative to the luxurious Maldives or exotic Mauritius, the Seychelles are some of the Indian Ocean’s loveliest islands and a top destination for cruise enthusiasts and adventurous globetrotters. With only 21 cabins, the M/Y Pegasos offers a great extension option and is the perfect way see multiple islands in comfort.

4 Days from $2,199

Egypt Odyssey FIRST-CLASS | SMALL GROUP: Embark on a classic tour that gives travellers short on time a superb introduction to Ancient Egypt. Explore the Great Pyramid of Giza, cruise along the Nile from Luxor to Aswan, visiting temples along the way. After your cruise, return to Cairo, where you'll have a day at leisure to add on any number of experiences on offer.

9 Days from $2,729 94



Sometimes the best way of experiencing a destination is aboard a cruise ship, a sailboat or a more traditional vessel. Explore the archipelago of the Seychelles where life is defined by the sea. Discover ancient ruins of the Nile between Luxor and Aswan on a cruise ship or a Nile Dahabiya.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Cruising the Seychelles, Pegasos (A.Lillieborg), Cocktail hour awaits (MS Mayflower), Cruising the Nile (Sonesta St George), On the Zambezi (Zambezi Queen), Vessel on the Nile (Sonesta St George), Watching the herd (Zambezi Queen), Idyllic Seychelles shores (Pegasos)


oway’s featured safaris are a selection of our best-selling and most popular safari experiences. Spend your days in search of spectacular wildlife and scenery in some of Africa’s truly stunning game reserves and national parks. Each safari is different and introduces you to unique animals and bird life. Let us help you find the best safari for you!

A Tale of Two Safaris

Ultimate Kalahari & Lower Zambezi Safari

Hwange & Victoria Falls In Depth

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Head on safari in not one, but two of the country’s finest private game reserves. On this South African vacation, you’ll enjoy superb game viewing and luxury accommodations in Amazulu Private Game Reserve and Thornybush Private Game Reserve. You’ll also enjoy two nights on the beaches of Umhlanga in between.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Start with Cape Town’s most iconic luxury hotel. Next, stay in South Africa's largest private game reserve where your game lodge blends seamlessly with the stunning landscape. Lastly, head to the banks of the Zambezi River, where your luxury safari camp offers the utmost comfort amidst the 'real Africa' that is Zambia.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Experience the wonder of Hwange and Victoria Falls. Split your time between two game lodges in Hwange National Park and its surrounds and head on daily game drives. Then connect to an island lodge on the Zambezi River to explore the riverbanks and visit the mighty Victoria Falls.

9 Days from $4,327

96 - 1-800-387-8850 -

13 Days from $18,576

10 Days from $6,752

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: On safari (Thornybush Game Reserve,The Bushcamp Company), Sundowners (Thornybush Game Reserve,The Bushcamp Company), Victoria Falls (Wild Horizons), Canoeing on the Lower Zambezi, Zambia (Chiawa Camp), Great Migration River crossing, Kenya (Shutterstock), A coveted leopard sighting (Lion Sands), Leroo La Tau in-room game viewing (Desert and Delta Safaris), Acacia tree, SkySafari (Paul Joynson-Hicks), Volcanoes National Park (Wilderness Safaris Bisate Lodge)


Highlights of Botswana

Kenya Explorer Safari

Bisate Lodge, Rwanda: Stays of Distinction

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience the


9 Days from $6,375

14 Days from $5,092

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Venture into the jungles of Volcanoes National Park to see mountain gorilla families up close and personal on this Rwanda vacation. When you're not trekking through the jungle, you'll stay at the exclusive and luxurious Bisate Lodge, which sits on the edge of an eroded volcano and offers incredible views of the mountain range.

natural wonders of Botswana and extraordinary game viewing on this safari to three celebrated game reserves. Connecting to Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, Moremi Game Reserve, and Chobe National Park, you’ll search for lions, elephants, cheetahs and more, while enjoying deluxe accommodations.

Explore the wilds of Kenya on this journey to several conservancies in the country. Heading from Nairobi to Ol Pejeta Conservancy to Masai Mara National Reserve, you’ll stay in first-class safari camps as you enjoy game drives into the bush to see flamingos, lions, and the wonders of the Great Migration.

3 Days from $9,053

Africa & The Middle East



Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge

Savanna Private Game Lodge

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Earth Lodge is a sanctuary symbolising a new era in luxury South African safari lodges. While its ultra-luxurious suites, superb dining, secluded library, art gallery, attentive staff, and Amani Spa ensures your comfort, it’s the superlative game-viewing that sets it apart.


10 Days from $13,778

4 Days from $3,478

Hamiltons Tented Camp

Kapama Karula Lodge

Pafuri Tented Camp

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Named after Colonel Stephenson Hamilton who was instrumental in establishing the world famous Kruger National Park, Hamilton's Tented Camp reflects a safari adventure of the early 20th century. Each of the luxury tented suites offers all the comforts expected of a deluxe camp and more — a perfect base for your South African safari experience.


FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Experience the beauty of Northern Kruger. Spot lions, elephants, and cheetahs in the wild while staying at 4-star Pafuri Camp, a first-class accommodation on the banks of the Luvuvhu River. Head on daily game drives and enjoy the unmatched natural atmosphere of a South African safari.

4 Days from $3,125

98 - 1-800-387-8850 -

of seven luxury air-conditioned tents and five large exclusive suites, Kapama Karula Lodge is the epitome of luxury. Kapama Private Game Reserve is the largest single-owner game reserve in the region and is renowned for superb safari vacations.

4 Days from $5,999

Private Game Reserve is an exclusive 5-star lodge situated in the internationally famous Sabi Sands Game Reserve. It offers outstanding game viewing, personalized service, and luxurious accommodation to a limited number of discerning guests.

4 Days from $4,554

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: On Safari, Unsplash, (David Clode), Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, Savanna Private Game Reserve, Hamiltons Tented Camp, Kapama Karula, Pafuri Tented Camp, Shiduli Private Game Lodge, Nkomazi Private Game Reserve, Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge, Impodimo Game Lodge, Grootbos Nature Reserves

hoosing the right accommodation is a key part of your safari experience. Goway features several first-class and deluxe lodges and camps. Wake up after a deep sleep to the sounds of nature coming alive before enjoying private and informative game drives or a sumptuous bush lunch. Whatever your interests or desires, we can find the right lodge for you.

Shiduli Private Game Lodge

Nkomazi Private Game Reserves

Rhino Ridge Safari Lodge

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: In the heart of Karongwe Private Game Reserve, Shiduli Private Game Lodge is your ultimate safari escape. Head on safari with a local, knowledgeable ranger and see the stars of your safari including elephants, lions, leopards, cheetahs, and much more!

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: An untamed South African adventure awaits you at Nkomazi Game Reserve. Staying at a luxury bush lodge surrounded by towering mountains, broad river valleys, and golden grasslands, you’ll head on game drives to see lions, elephants, and rhinos, and experience the majesty of the African savannah.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Experience the wonder of Africa’s oldest national park while enjoying exclusive facilities, a luxury African safari, and outstanding service at Rhino Ridge. The Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park is home to the densest population of white rhino on the planet.

4 Days from $1,242

10 Days from $6,698

4 Days from $1,963

Grootbos Nature Reserve Impodimo Game Lodge FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Go on a family-friendly safari to a luxury game lodge in South Africa’s north. Learn to track the Big Five alongside dedicated rangers and trackers before unwinding with a massage in your room and enjoying excellent food and drink in the dining boma at Impodimo Game Reserve.

4 Days from $3,535

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Whether one's interests are birding, wild flowers, whale watching, diving with great white sharks, or relaxing on unspoilt beaches, Grootbos has something for everyone. Experience the wonders of its natural environment and contribute to its conservation and upliftment to local communities before returning to your luxurious 75square-metre suite, located in the surrounding Milkwood forest and indigenous gardens.

10 Days from $13,778

Africa & The Middle East


The Hide Safari Camp

Chobe Chilwero: Stays of Distinction

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Why not extend your trip to Victoria Falls and head to nearby Hwange National Park to experience the wonder of an African Safari in Hwange National Park? Hwange is Zimbabwe’s largest wildlife reserve and offers the opportunity to view a wide range of animal life. Each East African Safari style tent is complete with en-suite shower, hand basin, and toilet as well as deck area and is beautifully appointed — the perfect place to kick back after your game viewing and enjoy the sights and sounds of the bush.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Head deep into the heart of Botswana’s wilderness for a stay at Chobe Chilwero, one of the most enchanting game lodges in Africa and a Goway Stay of Distinction. Enjoy luxurious accommodations, pampering service, and gourmet meals as well as tailor-made game viewing activities in Chobe National Park. From game drives in the park to cruises along the river, catch and release fishing to excursions to view the magnificent Victoria Falls, there are plenty of choices for all at this luxury lodge.

Cottar's 1920 Camp: Stays of Distinction

Singita Sabora: Stays of Distinction


DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience exquisite luxury on the plains of the Serengeti. Part of Goway's unique Stays of Distinction range, Singita Sabora offers you amazing game viewing on the edge of the Serengeti with luxury accommodations. Enjoy your sundowners on the deck as you gaze out over the water hole, taking in the vastness of the Serengeti.

4 Days from $1,922


charms of a bygone era with a stay at Cottar’s SHELLEY MUSSENDEN 1920 Camp on the edge of Masai Mara. Stay I’ve been to Southern Africa twice now. Once, on a night drive, our guide stopped the vehicle in luxury accommodations in a classical atmoin a shallow stream bed and turned off the engine sphere while heading on full-day game drives and lights. Above us we only saw brilliant stars, into the park to search for rhinos, elephants, and majestic lions. while the sounds of night time Africa — frogs, 4 Days from $6,686 hippos and other creatures — came alive. It was magical!

100 - 1-800-387-8850 -

3 Days from $1,916

4 Days from $9,161

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Grumeti Reserves Singita, The Hide Safari Camp, Chobe Chilwero, Unsplash (George Britts), Cottar's 1920 Camp, Singita Sabora, Jack's Camp, Finch Hattons Luxury Camp, Singita Kwitonda, Lemala Mpingo Ridge, Kids on Safari, Lemala Mpingo Ridge


Jack's Camp

Finch Hattons Luxury Camp

Singita Kwitonda

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Jack’s Camp is truly one of the most iconic accommodations in all of Africa. Located in the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, the recently rebuilt camp offers nine luxurious tents with ensuite washrooms, indoor and outdoor showers, an overhead bed cooling system, and a private plunge pool on the verandah. Spend your days choosing from a wide variety of activities: get up close with the meerkats, scenic hikes, enjoy a horseback safari, spend the afternoon exploring the Kalahari Desert, game drives in the desert and more. This camp will definitely not disappoint.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Situated below the pink haloed peak of Mount Kilimanjaro, in the magnificent southern region of Tsavo National Park, Finch Hattons Luxury Tented Camp is an eclectic blend of eco-friendly accommodation and world-class facilities, encapsulated in the enchanting surroundings of the Kenyan wilderness. Take full advantage of the range of activities and facilities, from renowned bird spotting experiences to private game drives or relax in your private suite or by the pool and soak in your surroundings.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Situated right

7 Days from $13,576

8 Days from $10,070

on the edge of Volcanoes National Park, Singita Kwitonda makes combining a once in a lifetime gorilla trekking experience with a luxury lodge within easy reach. With just eight suites, this luxurious lodge offers stunning views of the mountains in an intimate setting. The décor emphasizes locally designed and handcrafted details all in a carefully planned space. After trekking to see the gorillas, return to your luxury accommodation at Singita Kwitonda, the perfect place to relax and reflect on your experience.

4 Days from $13,574

Lemala Mpingo Ridge FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Sitting on top of an escarpment, with sweeping views across the Tarangire River Valley below, you will find Lemala Mpingo Ridge. Each spacious tented suite offers sensational views over Tarangire and is positioned to catch the cooling breezes during hot weather. A private outdoor tub offers the perfect way to wash away the dust after a safari.

7 Days from $5,708

Africa & The Middle East



Highlights of Zanzibar

Kawa Mawa: Stays of Distinction

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Spend 7 days exploring the exotic, history-rich and multicultural island of Zanzibar. Beginning with a 2 night stay in Stone Town, you'll be able to explore this World Heritage Site on your half-day tour. Next up, head to your beach resort for a 4 night stay for some well earned rest and relaxation.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Add a touch of luxury in distinctly non-touristy surrounds to your African safari with this short stay on Likoma Island in the middle of Lake Malawi. Immersing yourself in nature here post-safari is the perfect end to an African holiday.

7 Days from $1,450

White Pearl Resort: Stays of Distinction DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience elegant simplicity at this exclusive beach resort set against the dunes of Mozambique's unspoiled shores. Experience an all-inclusive oasis in one of Africa's most culturally rich and evocative countries, and dip your toe in the gentle waters of the Indian Ocean.

4 Days from $3,029

11 Days from $1,899 - 1-800-387-8850 - 102

5 Days from $3,574

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Likoma Island, Malawi (Kawa Mawa), The Zanzibar Collection, Kawa Mawa, White Pearl Resort, A refreshing local drink (The Zanzibar Collection), Seychelles, Praslin, Idyllic Mauritius, Royal Palm, Lunch on the beach, Seychelles, Praslin (Paradise Sun), Seychelles, Praslin, Idyllic Mauritius, Royal Palm

frica’s sunny, warm beaches and islands offer a relaxing change of pace from the bustle of the cities or the early mornings and active days on safari. Luxurious hotels on the beaches of Zanzibar or Mozambique are a welcome addition to any Africa vacation and globetrotters will be delighted with time spent at the secluded and opulent resorts of Mauritius and the Seychelles.

Highlights of Mahe & Praslins

Idyllic Mauritius: Royal Palm Beachcomber

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: The beautiful Seychelles islands are surely the most romantic destination in the world. Among the islands you’ll find beaches and crystal clear waters that offer rest and relaxation. Spend 8 days exploring Mahe and Praslin, two of the more popular islands and a perfect pair.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Escape to the island of Mauritius for an intimate stay in paradise. Unwind at the finest hotel on the island on the northwestern shore and spend your days relaxing on the white-sand beaches, snorkelling coral gardens, and enjoying the gourmet cuisine and pampering accommodations of your hotel.

9 Days from $5,093

8 Days from $7,753

Africa & The Middle East








outh Africa has it all: dramatic coastlines, dynamic cities, vast national parks, and some of the best wines in the world. Head inland and experience some of Africa’s largest game reserves, such as Kruger National Park, to spot the elusive Big Five.


A World In One Country FIRST-CLASS | SMALL GROUP: Enjoy a

tour of the best of South Africa, packed full of activities and ‘must-see’ areas from Kruger National Park to the Zulu Kingdom, ending in Cape Town, South Africa’s ‘Mother City.’

14 Days from $3,661

DAY 1 - Arrive Johannesburg - Transfer to hotel. Day at leisure.

DAY 2 - Transfer to Mpumalanga - Arrive in Kruger National Park via Pretoria. DAY 3-4 - Mpumalanga - Tour Kruger National Park. Safari drives.

DAY 6 - Transfer to Zululand - Drive through Zululand. Overnight in Hluhluwe-iMfolozi region.

DAY 7 - Transfer to Durban - Morning cruise on Lake St Lucia. Afternoon at leisure.

DAY 8 - Transfer to Knysna - Flight from Durban to Port Elizabeth.* Visit Tsitsikamma Forest.

DAY 9 - Knysna - Visit Featherbed Nature Reserve. Afternoon at leisure. DAY 10 - Transfer to Oudtshoorn - Transfer to Oudtshoorn. Visit an ostrich farm. Evening at leisure.

DAY 11 - Transfer to Cape Town - Stop in Franschhoek en route. Evening at leisure. DAY 12 - Cape Town - Day of leisure to relax or explore the city.


Three nights in Cape Town, one of South Africa’s most beautiful cities, with an included tour of the Cape Peninsula

Visit Swaziland for an interactive and cultural experience with locals of this lesser-known kingdom

DAY 13 - Cape Town - Full-day tour of the • Cape Peninsula. DAY 14 - Depart Cape Town - Transfer to the airport for your onward travels.

Visit to Kruger National Park, one of Africa’s largest game reserves, for a safari drive

13 nights moderate and first-class accommodation to relax at the end of each exciting day

*Flights not included

104 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Time in Knysna to experience the dramatic and green Garden Route, including a visit to Featherbed Nature Reserve



South Africa is bursting with life, adventure, history, wildlife, and the best food in the world. Okay, I’m biased. Raised in Fish Hoek, I spent half of my life living in Cape Town. But South Africa also has gorgeous wine towns, amazing mountains, incredible safaris, scenic drives, and so much more.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Blyde River Canyon, also known as "Gods Window" (Shutterstock), V&A Waterfront, Cape Town (The Table Bay Hotel)

DAY 5 - Transfer to Swaziland - Transfer to Ezulwini Valley via Mbembe.

Southern Africa Extravaganza

Cape Highlights & Safari

Signature Madikwe & Kruger Safari



11 Days from $3,723

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Explore two of the best game reserves in South Africa, as well as Johannesburg. Start in Madikwe Hills Game Reserve, where you’ll head on game drives along the northern border. Next, explore the history of apartheid and liberation in Johannesburg. End your journey in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve for more game drives in a beautiful environment.

Spectacular South Africa

Cape Town & Safari Encompassed

City Lights & Safari Sights



FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Combine South Africa’s most attractive city with the wonders of the African bush on this city lights and safari sights vacation. Start in Cape Town where you’ll have three days at leisure to experience its charms. Then head on to Pilanesberg National Park to head on daily game drives in search of the Big Five.

a superb African safari with a trip down the Western Cape, this South Africa travel opportunity takes you to one of the world’s most beautiful cities, Cape Town, before ending at spectacular Victoria Falls.

9 Days from $8,604

prehensive South Africa tour offers a taste of all that makes the country such a great destination. Explore the stunning wine regions, the natural beauty of the Garden Route, abundant wildlife, and natural parks as well as the history and culture of this great country.

15 Days from $5,970

Enjoy a stay in South Africa's Mother City, Cape Town, before getting up close with African wildlife on the Eastern Cape. Visit the world's ostrich capital, sample the best of South Africa's famous Winelands, and follow the Garden Route to see South Africa in all its diverse beauty.

Cape Town and the Timbavati Game Reserve on this classic 8-day trip with a twist. In addition to visiting some of the most iconic sites in and around Cape Town, you'll also have two opportunities to try your hand at South African cooking. Next, journey to Kambaku Safari Lodge for your African Safari. Here you'll enjoy two daily game drives as you search out the Big Five as well many other species.

9 Days from $12,826

8 Days from $2,055

8 Days from $3,933

Africa & The Middle East



Zimbabwe Highlights

Magnificent Victoria Falls & Lake Kariba

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Cross world wonders off your bucket list on this journey through Zimbabwe. Heading to Matobo Hills and Hwange National Park, you’ll enjoy luxurious accommodations and head on safari game drives to see elephants and rhinos. Lastly, spend 2 nights in Victoria Falls as you gaze upon the majesty of The Smoke That Thunders.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Experience the majesty of mighty Victoria Falls and bask in nature in Matusadona National Park. After your 3-night stay in Victoria Falls, its time to head back to nature and avoid the crowds on your safari in Matusadona National Park. Enjoy game drives in the park and fishing on the lake before heading back to your rustic luxury accommodation along the banks of Lake Kariba.

9 Days from $4,233

Victoria Falls Hotel: Stays of Distinction DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Established in 1904, the gracious colonial-style Victoria Falls Hotel overlooks the magnificent Batoka Gorge. Set in lush gardens, the hotel epitomizes the romance of grand travel.

3 Days from $1,406

Botswana & Zimbabwe Family Adventure FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Not only does an African safari experience provide educational value for children, but it also allows for families to bond in the most remote and wild areas. Enjoy three beautiful countries (including the Zambian side of Victoria Falls), creating lifelong memories and stories along the way.

13 Days from $10,145

106 - 1-800-387-8850 -

7 Days from $5,132

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Victoria Falls (Wild Horizons), Walking safari (Amalinda Safari Collection), Close encounters (African Bush Camps), Victoria Falls (Anantara Royal Livingstone), Guided safari (The Bushcamp Company), Pack of lionesses (Chiawa Camp)

imbabwe delights globetrotters with abundant wildlife and safari experiences. Hwange National Park is the largest national park and is most famous for its enormous population of elephants. Most travellers will not leave Zimbabwe without a visit to Victoria Falls.


ambia is one of Africa’s best kept secrets. This peaceful country has tons of wildlife and also claims stunning views of The Smoke that Thunders. Victoria Falls has enthralled globetrotters for over a century and is a major part of any Zambia vacation.

Zambia Walking Safari FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Zambia is

the real Africa with prolific game and unrivalled expertise of local guides. Sightings of leopard, elephant, hippo, lion, and wild dog are commonplace on an African safari in this exciting country. With a combination of game drives and walking safaris, this trip is the full package.

9 Days from $8,211

The Best of Zambia DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Get a taste for Africa’s best on this Zambia safari. Start by visiting the majesty of Victoria Falls on the border of Zimbabwe before exploring unmatched wildlife sanctuaries with luxury accommodation in the country’s west with stays along the Luangwa River and the Lower Zambezi.

9 Days from $13,674

Signature Victoria Falls & Livingstone

Chiawa Camp: Stays of Distinction

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience one of the greatest natural wonders in Africa: Victoria Falls. Marvel at the mighty falls and enjoy a walking safari and an art experience before transferring across the border to the Zambian side of the falls for your 3-night stay.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Located on the banks of the Zambezi, Chiawa is a luxury safari camp offering the utmost comfort amid the wild 'real Africa' that is Zambia. Experience the thrill of game walks as well as game drives, canoeing, boating, and fishing.

7 Days from $5,606

4 Days from $6,104

Africa & The Middle East





otswana is one of Africa’s great safari destinations. Exclusive lodges can be found all over the country but particularly in the diverse Okavango Delta. Much of Botswana is covered by the famous Kalahari Desert, which is host to large migrations and grazing for animals.

Sanctuary Retreats: Luxury Camps DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Venture into the heart of the African bush and the vast wetlands of the Okavango Delta to stay in luxury safari camps from Sanctuary Retreats. Enjoy the comforts of 5-star accommodations as you head on two daily game drives to see lions, leopards, and elephants in Chobe National Park and the Moremi Game Reserve.

7 Days from $9,805

DAY 1 - Arrive Kasane - Transfer to Chobe Chilwero. Evening at leisure. DAY 2/3 - Chobe Chilwero - Two full days of game drives and time at leisure. DAY 4 - Transfer to Chiefs Camp - Return to Kasane and fly to Chiefs Camp. Evening at leisure. DAY 5/6 - Chiefs Camp - Two full days of game drives and time at leisure. DAY 7 - Depart Chiefs Camp for Maun - Morning game drive. Transfer to the airstrip for your flight to Maun.


108 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Game drives in Chobe National Park, famous for its high population of elephants

Mokoro Safari on the river for a new perspective on the Okavango Delta. Game drives in the Moremi Game Reserve, known as the predator capital of Africa

Sundowner boat cruise on the Chobe River to get even closer to wildlife such as sitatungas

6 nights of deluxe accommodation at Sanctuary Lodges, including full board

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Chobe Photographic Safari, Pangolin Photo Safaris (Gerhard 'Guts' Swanepoel), Coveted Leopard sighting, Unsplash (Colin Watts), Meerkats delighting onlookers (Natural Selection Jack's Camp), Mokoro in the Okavango Delta (Desert and Delta)

Botswana Express

Natural Selection: Luxury Camps

Botswana Wildlife Breakaway

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Discover some of the world’s best wildlife in three distinct regions across Botswana. See lions in the famous desert of the Central Kalahari, explore the wetlands of the Okavango Delta, and have close encounters with elephants in Chobe.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Escape to two of the most luxurious camps in all of Africa. At Jack’s Camp and Sable Alley, you’ll experience 5-star luxury in the wilds of Northern Botswana. Enjoy pampering accommodations as you head on game drives to see the breathtaking wildlife of the region, including meerkats, lions, and elephants.

MODERATE | SMALL GROUP: There’s Africa, and then there’s Botswana. This very special trip explores three of the country's best loved wildlife areas, as well as Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

Pangolin Chobe Photographic Safari

Kwando Safaris: Luxury Camps

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Join a specialized safari where you will hone your photographic skills under the guidance of a professional photographic guide. Using specially designed boats and vehicles, you'll be able to capture the finest wildlife photography while enhancing your skills.


8 Days from $7,725

15 Days from $5,477

7 Days from $13,576



I love to get away from the crowds and head on safari. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing those vast open spaces. Offering amazing game viewing, Botswana allows you to lose yourself in nature and forget your troubles, with a variety of accommodations and styles of safari available.

3 Days from $1,254

luxury safari like no other with Kwando Safaris in Botswana. Staying in deluxe camps in Nxai Pans National Park and the Okavango Delta, you’ll enjoy pristine accommodations and head on morning and afternoon game drives to see lions, cheetahs, and elephants in the African bush.

7 Days from $7,614

Africa & The Middle East



lobetrotters will love the guided safaris and luxury accommoda­tions in Namibia. Etosha National Park is unique and known for the abundant wildlife that congregates around its waterholes and salt-licks. For an adrenaline rush, the sand dunes of the Namib Desert are ideal for sandboarding.

Ultimate Namibia Ultimate Namibia safari affords you the chance to experience this magnificent country in a very personal way. You will have your own professional and experienced safari guide who will enhance your enjoyment of this unique country by ensuring a stress-free journey of discovery amid dramatic, ever-changing scenery.

10 Days from $7,831

Rovos Rail: Pretoria to Walvis Bay or Vice Versa FIRST-CLASS | RAIL: Ride through the natu-

ral wonders of Southern Africa on this luxury rail journey aboard Rovos Rail. As you pass from South Africa to Namibia, you'll explore diamond mines, hike through deep canyons and vast deserts, and head on safari game drives while enjoying the unmatched luxury of the classical trains of Rovos Rail.

10 Days from $10,440

The Best of Namibia FlyIng Safari

Transkalahari Adventure

Canyons & Deserts

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: This flying African safari explores several distinct regions: the sands and red dunes of Sossusvlei, the palm-lined streets of Swakopmund, and the amazing wildlife abundance on the savannah of Etosha.

MODERATE | SMALL GROUP: From exploring the towering sand dunes in Namibia to floating along the stunning waterways of the Okavango Delta, this trip combines the best of Southern Africa as you make your way through South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana before ending in Zimbabwe.

MODERATE | SMALL GROUP: Beginning in Windhoek, you’ll travel to the vast Kalahari Desert. Next up is Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world, before continuing to the Namib Desert with its magnificent dunes. Finally, it's off to Swakopmund, the playground of Namibia.

7 Days from $9,364

110 - 1-800-387-8850 -

20 Days from $6,109

9 Days from $3,093

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Yellow Billed Hornbill, Unsplash (Thijs Boom), Namib Desert, Unsplash (Justine De Gennes), Madagascan lemur, Unsplash (Adam Berkcez), Baobab trees (Shutterstock), Cruising Lake Malawi (Robin Pope Safaris, Pumulani)



wo under the radar destinations, Madagascar and Malawi both offer truly unique experiences. Madagascar is bursting with wildlife seen nowhere else in the world, especially lemurs! Malawi's tranquil Lake Malawi is a paradise for bird lovers, divers, and fishing enthusiasts.

Madagascar Rainforests & Rivers FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Your first night on the island of Madagascar will be spent in the capital city of Antananarivo, or as the locals call it, 'Tana.' Next will be the opportunities to see the largest lemur, the Indri, and a visit to Lemur Island with its habituated lemur species. Lastly, you will walk the Sacred Forest in search of ring tailed lemurs, and then experience the traditions of the local Antandroy tribe.

10 Days from $9,667

1,000 Views of Madagascar MODERATE | SMALL GROUP: Spend 12 days uncovering the uniqueness of Madagascar, home to a wide variety of birds, orchids, and animals. Take in the incredible scenery and enjoy the abundant wildlife available here.

12 Days from $4,682

Magical Malawi

Northern Madagascar Exploration

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Madonna may have helped put it on the mainstream map, but Malawi has been one of Africa’s hidden delights for years. Focused on the national parks, this Malawi tour showcases the country’s natural beauty.


13 Days from $7,462

Head southeast to Madagascar to explore rainforests and experience one of Africa’s great frontiers. Travelling across the island, you’ll experience the crowded culture of the capital Antananarivo, explore fascinating cave formations in Ankarana, and search for black lemurs in the jungles of Nosy Komba.

10 Days from $5,992

Africa & The Middle East



ny trip to Southern Africa with Goway can combine safari experiences, romantic rail journeys, and river cruises. Visit breathtaking Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe or explore the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Take in the vibrant sites of Cape Town or sip wine in Stellenbosch.

The Magic of Africa DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Discover the magic and splendour of Southern Africa on this 12-day luxury journey from South Africa to Botswana. Starting in Cape Town, you’ll venture to the Cape Winelands, Kruger National Park, majestic Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, and the waters of the Chobe River in Botswana.

12 Days from $11,356

Sun, Sand & Safari DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: A wonderful combination of time spent at a game reserve in South Africa paired with a stay at a luxurious resort hotel situated on the stunning coast of Mozambique. Enjoy wildlife safaris and then go swimming, snorkelling and/or scuba diving or just relax.

8 Days from $5,895

Victoria Falls, Chobe & The Okavango Delta

Mala Mala & Mashatu Escape

Majestic Falls & Chobe Elephants

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience the wonders of Victoria Falls and Botswana. See the world’s mightiest waterfall. Then head westward to Chobe for great elephant sightings. Finish in the heart of the Okavango Delta and revel in the bird and animal life.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience two of Southern Africa's most exclusive game reserves as you explore diverse landscapes and wildlife. This 8-day deluxe safari delivers comfort while keeping the focus on the wildlife in Botswana and South Africa.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience the splendour and romance of Southern Africa on this 14-day luxury journey. Starting in Cape Town, you’ll then venture to Kruger National Park before your elegant train journey with Rovos Rail. A stay in Victoria Falls rounds out a truly unforgettable vacation.

7 Days from $4,945

112 - 1-800-387-8850 -

10 Days from $11,453

6 Days from $3,359

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Victoria Falls, Unsplash (Sammy Wong), Horseback safari (Mashatu Game Reserve), Touring the village with locals (Warren Green), Cheetah with her cubs (Govenors Camp), Zebra on the plains, Unsplash (Ron Dauphin), East African safari vehicle (Goway), Hot air balloons on the Serengeti, Unsplash (David Clode)



ast Africa’s safaris make for a truly memorable experience. Watching a herd of elephants grazing in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro will leave you astounded. Get to know the locals of Kenya's Masai Mara Game Reserve or watch the great migration in the Serengeti.

Ultimate Africa

Wonders of East Africa


MODERATE | SMALL GROUP: An African safari touches something deep within all of us, for it is an experience that will never be forgotten. Explore some of the finest national parks and game reserves in Kenya and Tanzania, with expert guides on hand to help bring to fruition the Africa safari you’ve always dreamed of. At a moderate price point, this small-group trip is great for solo travellers too.

or Kenya for your African adventure? With this unique itinerary, there’s no need to choose. Enjoy the culture and wildlife of the Masai Mara before flying on to Victoria Falls to see the breathtaking Falls before heading to Cape Town.

11 Days from $4,864

13 Days from $6,767

East Africa Odyssey FIRST-CLASS | SMALL GROUP:

Experience the iconic national parks of East Africa with this classic African safari. Visit the famous national parks of Masai Mara, Serengeti, and Ngorongoro, uncovering unique wildlife, and cultural opportunities.

14 Days from $10,782

Signature Masai Mara & Serengeti DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Discover two

of East Africa’s greatest game parks on this premiere safari. Starting in Nairobi, you’ll fly into Masai Mara for several full days of game drives while staying in 5-star accommodations. Then connect to Tanzania and the Serengeti to stay in a luxury game lodge and head on game drives in the company of your own private guide.

8 Days from 14,750

Africa & The Middle East







TSAVO EAST luxurious safari in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park is truly a once NATIONAL PARK in a lifetime adventure. Getting to know the locals in Masai Mara TSAVO WEST is an introduction to a completely unique way of life and Kenya’s NATIONAL PARK southern coast is a perfect place to unwind on the beach.

Kenya Sky Safari by Elewana DELUXE | SMALL GROUP: Spend time at three luxury lodges situated in three of Kenya’s outstanding game parks, Amboseli, Loisaba Conservancy, and the Masai Mara. At each lodge, enjoy day and night game safaris as well as walking safaris. Fly by small aircraft directly from Nairobi and between lodges. DAY 1 - Arrive Nairobi - Transfer to hotel. Evening at leisure. DAY 2 - Transfer to Amboseli - Fly from Nairobi. Afternoon game drive en route to camp. DAY 3 - Amboseli - Full day game drive. Evening cocktails. DAY 4 - Transfer to Loisaba Conservancy - Fly to Loisaba. Afternoon game drive. DAY 5/6 - Loisaba Conservancy - Two days of game drives and activities. Sleep under the stars. DAY 7 - Transfer to Masai Mara - Fly to Masai Mara. Afternoon game drive. DAY 8/9 - Masai Mara - Two full days of game drives and other included activities. DAY 10 - Depart Masai Mara - Fly to Nairobi for your onward travels.



Get the most out of your safari experience by flying between reserves for more time to explore

Game drives and included activities at each camp with only six guests per vehicle

A combination of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners in the bush so you can enjoy longer drives

Sleep under the stars in a four-poster bed at Loisaba Conservancy

Deluxe and first-class accommodations at some of Kenya’s most luxurious camps - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Tsavo West National Park, Unsplash (Harshil Gudka), Wandering warthog (Shutterstock), Lake Nakuru (Shutterstock), Masaai tribesmen (Angama Mara)

10 Days from $13,810

Kenya In Style

Wonders of Kenya

Campfire Adventures in Kenya

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience luxury accommodations and unrivalled game viewing on this luxury safari. Make your way from Nairobi to Samburu and Masai Mara where you'll head out on your daily game drives in the magnificent African landscape as you search out the wildlife that call these areas home.

MODERATE | SMALL GROUP: Journey to Kenya's most picturesque regions. Get acquainted with bustling Nairobi before heading to the open plains of Masai Mara, the shimmery pink waters of Lake Nakuru, and the swamps of Amboseli, set in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Enjoy daily game drives to see the Big Five and other animals.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Experience an African safari under the stars on this comfortable and highly flexible luxury camping adventure in Kenya. Stay at Alex Walker’s Serian Original Camp and enjoy the best of the Masai Mara with a multitude of activity options on hand, including your own private safari vehicle with guide.

Kenya Family Safari

Soul Safari



10 Days from $9,669



From Nairobi to the Masai Mara, Kenya is a country of immense natural beauty. In 10 years of Africa travel, some of my most incredible game viewings have been in Kenya. The sense of natural wonder here is endless, and the people you get to meet along the way are so lovely, gracious, and welcoming.

7 Days from $2,557

African safari journey through the national parks of Kenya offers children and adults the ultimate wildlife experience. Stay at some of Kenya's best known game parks and take part in activities the whole family can enjoy.

11 Days from $6,827

5 Days from $5,666

at world class properties, visiting both Aberdare and Mount Kenya National Parks, Sweetwaters Wildlife Sanctuary, and Masai Mara, without compromising luxury on your African safari.

8 Days from $4,696

Africa & The Middle East






ountains, beaches, and safaris are all options in this breathtaking East African country. Challenge yourself to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, or explore the Ngorongoro Crater. The vast Serengeti covers much of the country and hosts one of the world’s great migrations.


Experience the greatest natural show on earth with this Tanzanian safari during the Great Migration. Connecting to Tarangire National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater, and both central and northern Serengeti, you’ll stay in firstclass game lodges and head on game drives to see over a million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebras and gazelles migrating over the African savannah.

DAY 1 - Arrive Arusha - Transfer to your hotel. Day at leisure. DAY 2/3 - Transfer to Tarangire National Park - Afternoon and full-day game drives. DAY 4 - Transfer to Ngorongoro Conservation Area - Afternoon game drive. Evening at leisure. DAY 5/6 - Transfer to Serengeti National Park - Afternoon and full-day game drives. DAY 7/8 - Transfer to Ndutu - Arrive at Ndutu in the Serengeti. Afternoon and full-day game drives. DAY 9 - Depart Arusha - Transfer to Arusha for your onward travels.




From its culture to hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro, and of course the safari experience, Tanzania has got it all. There is nothing more peaceful than gliding across the Serengeti at sunrise via hot air balloon to appreciate the magnificence of it all. I recommend heading to Zanzibar after your safari.

116 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Maximum of seven passengers on each game drive for a more intimate safari experience

Spend a day in Ngorongoro Crater, a stunningly beautiful game reserve with a high chance of seeing the Big Five

All game drives are conducted in a 4x4 vehicle, which is a guaranteed window seat for everyone

4 nights in the Serengeti including daily game drives and informative guides

8 nights first-class accommodation in Tanzania’s most awe-inspiring national parks

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Sleeping beneath the stars (Lemala), Spotted in Kusini Safari Camp (Sanctuary Retreats), Ready for sundowners (Lemala), Sunset on the Serengeti (Shutterstock)

9 Days from $6,878

Tanzania Sky Safari

Private Tanzania Odyssey

DELUXE | SMALL GROUP: The one and only Tanzania Sky Safari by Elewana includes all of Northern Tanzania’s core highlights and offers an unparalleled game viewing and cultural experience as you fly to and from each stop.


East Africa Sanctuary

Premium Kilimanjaro Climb: Marangu Route

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience unparalleled game viewing on this luxury safari across East Africa. Heading to Tarangire, Ngorongoro, Serengeti, and Masai Mara, among the most famous parks in the world, you’ll explore the stunning African wilderness on daily game drives to see lions, elephants, zebras, and more while staying in luxury accommodations along the way.


10 Days from $13,772

Tanzania is renowned for its magnificent wildlife, scenery, and first-class African safari experiences. Spend time visiting famous sites like Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti National Park.

7 Days from $4,643

to the top of Africa on this Tanzania vacation that’s perfect for seasoned adventurers. Brave the elements and ever-shifting mountain landscapes as you traverse the eastern slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest mountain on the continent.

8 Days from $5,828

10 Days from $10,007

Africa & The Middle East



Gorillas Galore

Mountain Gorilla Encounter in Uganda


FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: African safari tours come in many forms, but few are as revealing or special as an encounter with Uganda’s mountain gorillas. Taken on its own or as an add-on to an African safari, it’s a lifechanging experience.

See the endangered mountain gorillas in both Uganda and Rwanda. Beginning in Entebbe, this trip will take you to both Bwindi and Volcanoes National Park, with not one but two opportunities to view these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.

6 Days from $6,523

4 Days from $3,319

Mountain Gorilla Encounter in Rwanda

Murchison Falls

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Spend 4 days in the area made famous by Dian Fossey, the home of the world’s last surviving mountain gorilla population. Be one of only a few to take part in this life-changing experience of seeing these gorillas in their own habitat.


4 Days from $6,876

Embark on a safari vacation to Murchison Falls National Park in Uganda. Staying at Baker’s Lodge, you’ll head on wildlife excursions to see hippos and elephants and sail up the Nile to the base of Murchison Falls, which pours over a 45m-high valley wall into the river below.

4 Days from $3,086

Essential Uganda FIRST-CLASS | SMALL GROUP: Explore

Uganda with a unique safari experience that includes chimpanzees in Kibale Forest, game viewing in Queen Elizabeth National Park, and, of course, gorilla tracking in Bwindi.

10 Days from $8,237

118 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Ruhengeri, Rwanda (Singita Kwitonda), Silverback gorilla (Shutterstock), A family of monkeys, Unsplash (Andrew S), Games in the street (Singita), Ganvie, Benin - the Venice of Africa (Landtours), Rock hewn church, Ethiopia, Goway (Moira Smith)

orilla trekking is perhaps the biggest draw to these two small countries in the heart of Africa. The rugged beauty and green mountains are unlike anywhere else. A trek into misty jungles will bring you into view of these majestic, intelligent, and rare animals.


thiopia is one of East Africa’s best kept secrets. The green north of the country claims awe-inspiring religious sites such as Lalibela. Ghana, in West Africa, is opening more and more to tourism and is a dream for travellers seeking authenticity and rich culture.

Historic North Ethiopia MODERATE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore

the historical sites of Ethiopia on this journey through the country’s north. Passing from Addis Ababa to Axum and Gondar, you’ll see towering obelisks, visit iconic rock-hewn churches and medieval castles, and learn about the long and storied history of this ancient land.

8 Days from $5,048

Cultural South Ethiopia MODERATE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Engage

with the tribal cultures of Ethiopia on this exploration of the country’s south. Passing from Addis Ababa to the Omo Valley, you’ll visit the archaeological sites of Tiya, see hippos on Lake Chamo, and stop off at the Mursi and Dorze villages to meet local peoples and learn about their distinct tribal cultures.

8 Days from $5,668

Ghana In Depth

Highlights of Ghana

West African Trilogy: Ghana, Togo & Benin



FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Spend two weeks immersed in the rich culture and history of West Africa. Explore three of West Africa’s most interesting countries, Ghana, Togo, and Benin, by visiting capitals, touring markets, and learning about the rich history of the region at castles, temples, and palaces.

Uncover the history and culture that makes Ghana a must-visit destination. Explore historic forts and slave castles, meander through bustling markets, spot elephants and monkeys on safari drives, and immerse yourself in Ghanaian traditions as you traverse the West African nation.

12 Days from $6,296

Perfect for those with limited time, this 9-day Ghana tour explores the iconic sites and cultural landmarks the country has to offer. Explore the capital Accra, see historic slave forts and castles near Elmina, and learn about the Ashanti Kingdom in Kumasi.

9 Days from $3,970

14 Days from $6,915

Africa & The Middle East



et lost in the souks of Marrakech and stay in beautiful riads. Trek through the captivating Atlas Mountains or relax on sunny beaches. Morocco and Tunisia have something for everyone, especially those who want to see the epic sand dunes of the Sahara Desert.

Imperial Morocco insight into the culture of Morocco as you experience the charm of Marrakech, the spirituality of Fez, and the sophistication of Casablanca with first-class hotels and amazing food.

8 Days from $2,599

Kasbah Tamadot: Stays of Distinction FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: This,

Sir Richard Branson’s Moroccan retreat, is only 45 minutes from Marrakech. It has amazing facilities, superb cuisine and wines, and one of the finest mountain vistas in North Africa.

5 Days from $2,703

Kasbahs, Oases & Deserts

Majestic Morocco

Sahara Splendour Tunisia




back in time and experience the unique Moroccan way of life in the oases and fortified kasbahs that dot the dramatic landscapes of vast desert, gorges, and the Atlas Mountains.

8 Days from $2,214

world’s best travel bargains, Morocco offers splendid cities and a sweeping history spanning 12 centuries. In addition to stops in the classic imperial cities, this trip also includes an overnight in the desert as well as Ouarzazate, known as "Morocco's Hollywood."

9 Days from $4,326

120 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Embark on a journey focused on ancient cultures, fascinating history, biblical architecture, and the mighty Sahara Desert. This Tunisia trip offers warm and hospitable surroundings that are yours to discover.

7 Days from $2,512

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Refereshing mint tea, Unsplash (Jada Stewart), Spices in a Moroccan market, Unsplash (Zakariae Daoui), Desert safari in Wadi Rum, Jordan (Shutterstock), A Nubian man in traditional face paint, Unsplash (Enoch Appiah)



he crossroads between three continents, you might want more than one perspective on the Middle East and North Africa. These trips come alive with the contrasts and experiences of this evocative region, from the souks of Morocco to the skyscrapers of Dubai.

Highlights of Morocco & Tunisia FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Experience the imperial cities of Morocco and the splendours of Tunisia on this 14-day trip. Gain insight into the charm, culture and spirit of Morocco as you explore Casablanca, Fez, and Marrakech. Next, head to Tunisia, where ancient cultures, fascinating history, biblical architecture, and the mighty Sahara Desert all combine to provide warm and hospitable surroundings that are yours to discover.

14 Days from $4,714

Pyramids to Petra DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: From pyra-

mids to Petra, this exceptional 13-day itinerary gives you a unique opportunity to discover the immense heritage and rich history of two interesting countries, Egypt and Jordan.

14 Days from $6,746

Middle East Trio: Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Oman

The Best of Israel & Jordan

Ancient Treasures of Israel, Egypt & Jordan




Discover the history and charm of the Arabian Peninsula on this journey to the UAE and Oman. Start in Dubai where you’ll discover its futuristic wonders. Continue to Abu Dhabi to see the UAE capital before you connect to Muscat to explore Oman’s desert castles, mountain peaks, and beautiful villages.

14 Days from $5,891

Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of two great countries, Israel and Jordan. Including tours of the Red Rose City of Petra and key biblical and historic sites, this exceptional 12-day itinerary is sure to leave a lasting impression.

12 Days from $6,125

on a three-country journey encompassing some of the greatest ancient wonders in the world. Explore the religious treasures of Jerusalem in Israel, float in the Dead Sea and gaze upon the rock-hewn city of Petra in Jordan, and marvel at the pyramids of Giza before cruising the Nile in Egypt.

20 Days from $6,913

Africa & The Middle East




he lure of the Nile has been thrilling globetrotters for hundreds of years. A luxurious Nile cruise reveals the ancient and romantic kingdom of Cleopatra and King Tut. Explore the pyramids of Giza or Edfu. Visit the Red Sea for scuba diving at a deluxe resort.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore the iconic sites of ancient and medieval Egypt on this deluxe journey across the nation. Start in Cairo, where you’ll visit the pyramids before flying south to explore the temples of Luxor and Aswan. Connect back to Cairo to see the treasures of the Islamic Empire before relaxing at a resort on the Red Sea.

13 Days from $4,046

DAY 1 - Arrive Cairo - Private transfer to your hotel. Evening at leisure. DAY 2 - Cairo - Food tour of the city that visits important historical sites.

DAY 3 - Cairo - Full day tour of the pyramid including the Sphinx. DAY 4 - Transfer to Luxor - Flight to Luxor. Afternoon East Bank tour.

DAY 5 - Luxor - Private tour of the West Bank, including the Valley of the Kings. DAY 6 - Transfer to Aswan - Arrive at hotel. Evening Light and Sound show.

DAY 7 - Aswan - Private tour of the Philae Temple. Evening at leisure. DAY 8 - Transfer to Cairo - Fly to Cairo and transfer to hotel. Evening at leisure.

DAY 9 - Cairo - Private tour of the Egyptian Museum and Khan el Khalili Bazaar. DAY 10 - Transfer to Sharm El Sheikh - Fly to Sharm El Sheikh. Evening at leisure.

DAY 11/12 - Transfer to Sharm El Sheikh - Days at leisure to relax or scuba dive. DAY 13 - Transfer to Cairo - Return to Cairo airport for your onward travels.

122 - 1-800-387-8850 -


Private guided tour of the pyramids of Giza including the enigmatic Sphinx

Private guided tour of the Egyptian Museum, which houses some the most fascinating and valuable relics of ancient Egypt

Days at leisure in Sharm El Sheikh to relax or experience world class scuba diving on the spectacular reef

Private guided tour of the sprawling Valley of the Kings in Luxor, where many pharaohs of the New Kingdom are buried

12 nights centrally located, deluxe accommodation to relax in after your adventure-filled days



I love everything about Egypt, from the bustle of Cairo to lazy days on the Nile to the majesty of Abu Simbel. The stories of a long-ago civilization came to life in front of my eyes, and there are few places that I would rather be than basking in the sun next to clear blue waters at Hurghada.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: The Great Sphinx of Giza, Unsplash (Adrian Dascal), Temple of Ramesses II", Abu Simbel, Goway (Moira Smith), The Corniche of Alexandria, Goway (Moira Smith), Camel ride at Giza Necropolis, Unsplash (Simon Berger)

Highlights of Egypt with Sharm El Sheikh

Taste of Cairo

Classic Egypt Stays of Distinction

FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore the bustling streets of Cairo and tantalize your taste buds on this 6-day Egyptian vacation. Visit the ancient sites including the pyramids before seeing treasures at the Egyptian Museum. Round out your exploration of the city with a cooking class, wine tasting, and foodie tour to experience all that the city has to offer.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Tour the world of Ancient Egypt while staying in a luxury hotel in Cairo, with the pyramids of Giza as your backdrop. Explore Cairo’s pyramids, Memphis, and the Great Sphinx before embarking on a Nile cruise to see the temples of Luxor, Edfu, and Aswan.

Egypt Spectacular

The Best of Cairo & Alexandria



10 Days from $3,464

5 Days from $1,373

6 Days from $2,031

a superb introduction to Ancient Egypt on this classic tour. Explore the Great Pyramids of Giza and Cairo’s medieval corners before you board your boutique sailing boat for your trip up the Nile from Luxor to Aswan to explore ancient temples and tombs.

9 Days from $6,931

Explore two of the great cities of antiquity on this journey to Cairo and Alexandria. Your journey begins in Cairo, where you’ll see the pyramids and the Sphinx. Then connect to Alexandria on the Mediterranean to see Pompey’s Pillar and the Alexandria Library.

Africa & The Middle East



Israel Odyssey

Signature Jerusalem & Eilat Escape


DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore Jerusalem and all its religious treasures. One of the oldest cities in the world, this vibrant city is rich in history yet also modern. Next, head to Eilat for some rest and relaxation at your beach resort for a few days.

on a first-class journey through Israel that showcases the country’s modern innovations and ancient wonders. Experience the modern pleasures of Tel Aviv before delving into the country’s past in Akko, Galilee, and Nazareth, floating in the waters of the Dead Sea, and exploring the religious treasures of Jerusalem.

9 Days from $3,079

Signature Jerusalem & Tel Aviv DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore one of the world’s holiest and oldest cities before living it up on the Mediterranean Coast. Discover biblical and historic treasures in Jerusalem, visit Bethlehem and Masada, and take a float in the Dead Sea before spending time in the trendy coastal city of Tel Aviv.

6 Days from $3,152

The Holy Land FIRST-CLASS | ESCORTED COACH TOUR: Known by millions around the

world as the Holy Land, Israel is a captivating destination and a must-visit for any serious globetrotter. Learn the amazing story of this land and its people.

8 Days from $2,528

124 - 1-800-387-8850 -

9 Days from $3,782

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Floating in the Dead Sea (IGTO), Tel Aviv market vendor, Goway (Moira Smith), Mahane Yehuda Market, Jerusalem, Unsplash (Roxanne Desgagnes), The Treasury of Petra, Unsplash (Andrea Leopardi), Ruins of Gerasa, Jerash, Goway (Moira Smith), Bookstore in Amman, Unsplash (Ayman Yusuf)

srael claims some of the holiest sites in the world for several religions and is a major point of pilgrimage. Still, there is so much to attract visitors seeking relaxation. Hit up the beaches of modern Tel Aviv or treat yourself to a spa day floating on the Dead Sea.


he deserts of Jordan are full of mystery and allure. Wadi Rum has been used as a location for several iconic films but there is more to this enigmatic country than the desert. A visit to the ‘Red Rose’ city of Petra is a must as well as a few nights in Amman, the capital.

Discover Jordan FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore some of Jordan's most iconic sights on this 7-day trip. From peering through the Siq at Petra to roaming Wadi Rum, Jordan is an ideal first adventure in the Middle East.

7 Days from $1,773


From the magnificent Nabataean city of Petra to the spectacular Greco-Roman ruins of Jerash and "Lawrence of Arabia’s" famous Wadi Rum, the unique Kingdom of Jordan will enthrall you.

8 Days from $1,681

Petra Signature

Taste of Jordan

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore the unique ancient “Red Rose” city of Petra. Visit the many sights, learning the history of this city that was forgotten for almost 1,000 years before being rediscovered in 1812.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Discover the unique Kingdom of Jordan. Float in the Dead Sea, visit key biblical sites, travel to Petra, the 'Rose Red City' then on to Wadi Rum, one of the world’s most enchanting deserts.

3 Days from $1,100

5 Days from $1,549

Africa & The Middle East



ubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, is a rapidly growing metropolis featuring the world’s tallest buildings and most opulent hotels. This ultra-modern oasis in the Arabian Desert claims attractions such as an indoor ski hill and luxury shopping.

Explore Dubai Women's Tour FIRST-CLASS | SMALL GROUP: Enjoy a

break from the North American winter and experience the wonders of one of the world's most futuristic cities with this 6-night women-only small group tour. Take advantage of the city's luxurious shopping in between visits to the Burj Khalifa, a desert safari, and a visit to the World's Greatest Show, Expo 2020! With a limited number of seats, this trip will sell out quickly.

7 Days from $1,999


vacation is perfect for travellers looking for more than a traditional city tour. It combines a private tour in Dubai with a trip to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and nature experiences, including a sunset drive and BBQ, and a full-day Jeep adventure to nearby wadis and desert landmarks.

6 Days from $1,661

Signature Abu Dhabi & Dubai Family Adventure

Best of the Emirates

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Venture to the UAE on an unforgettable family vacation. This trip takes you to your choice of two parks in Abu Dhabi before heading to Dubai where you’ll spend 4 nights exploring many of the city’s family friendly attractions and activities to entertain children of any age.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Discover the melting-pot of cultures and traditions that is Abu Dhabi, the “Garden City of the Gulf.” Next up, its onward to Dubai for a 3-night stay in one of the most vibrant of cities as you explore the modern cityscape, beautiful beaches, luxurious shopping, and more.

8 Days from $2,386

126 - 1-800-387-8850 -

7 Days from $1,408

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Burj al Arab, Dubai, Unsplash (Christpph Schulz), Traditional Bedouin dinner (Dubai Tourism), Sandboarding in the desert (Dubai Tourism), Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Unsplash (Martin Adams), Dunes of the Emirates, Unsplash (Nasser Mu), Muscat, Oman, Unsplash (Anfal Shamsudeen)



he UAE is host to both the ultra modern and the ultra traditional. The capital, Abu Dhabi, is a fabulous destination for those seeking a more traditional desert experience. The Sultanate of Oman is quieter but luxurious and features stunning coastal scenery.

Abu Dhabi Signature DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Known as the “Garden City of the Gulf,” Abu Dhabi, is the thriving metropolitan capital of the UAE and beckons visitors into its melting pot of international cultures, styles and traditions.

3 Days from $851

Luxury Desert Discovery DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Discover the elegance and romance of the desert on this escape to Qasr Al Sarab in the United Arab Emirates. Tucked away in the desert south of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, this 5-star hotel promises gorgeous accommodations and access to the history, culture, and magnificent landscape of the UAE.

3 Days from $984

The Chedi Muscat: Stays of Distinction

Essence of Arabia



3 Days from $819

7 Days from $3,224

on the stunning Boushar Beachfront, The Chedi Muscat exudes simple elegance, stylish furnishings, and subtle bursts of vibrant hues, characteristic of traditional Omani architecture.

Experience the delights of Oman on the Arabian Gulf, which in many respects, has not changed over time with its outstanding forts and charming villages.

Africa & The Middle East



Photo: Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany, Pixabay (Jakob Strauß)






























Extending from the Arctic to the Mediterranean, the wealth of experiences, food, culture, and scenery in Europe is staggering. Sun worshippers will be happy on the Costa del Sol, the Algarve, or Sicily. Adventure seekers can chase the Northern Lights in Scandinavia and history and art lovers will be overwhelmed by the castles, museums, and important historic sites in every country. Capital cities like London, Paris, Rome, and Berlin host some of the world’s best nightlife, theatres, and restaurants. Kick back and relax as you cruise the Aegean or Adriatic seas on a deluxe cruise. There is nothing you can’t do on a Europe vacation with Goway.


Patrick was prompt and thorough in planning our trip to The Netherlands and Belgium. We received detailed information and felt well prepared ahead of time. The trip did not disappoint! Fabulous accommodations, guides and drivers. 5 stars to Patrick and Goway for helping us to have a worry-free trip!


UK & Europe




he UK & Europe offer so much to excite the imagination with their variety of cultures, nations, and landscapes. Set your own pace and create your own schedule with privately-guided tours and transfers, which are perfect for those bucket list travellers who have a lot to see or those looking for a VIP experience. Goway’s European private-guided tours offer in excess of 30 different countries each with its own unique character and attractions.

Rome Signature

Green Charms of Slovenia: Bled to Ljubljana

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Take an intimate journey into Rome to discover the heart of the city and its fascinating history. Visit beloved landmarks on a private walking tour, admire the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museums before the crowds arrive, and explore the restricted underground dungeons of the Colosseum.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: The words 'hidden gem' get thrown around a lot in travel, but it's a fair description of Slovenia. Enjoy this premium, privatelyguided trip, discovering exhilarating mountain scenery, mesmerizing lakes, historical cities, an impressive culinary scene, and an alluring sliver of the Adriatic coast.

Moscow Signature

Baltic Signature: Vilnius, Riga & Tallinn

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Join private guides and stay in a mansion that was once a favourite of Anton Chekhov on this signature escape to Moscow. Tour the dazzling Kremlin, explore Soviet-era bunkers and the Metro, enjoy a tasting of Russia’s best-loved spirit, and cap off the stay with a night at the Bolshoi Theatre.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Get off the beaten path and discover the very best of the Baltics. Journey through the three capitals of the Baltic countries, Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn, and discover beautiful Old Towns, unique culinary traditions, and breathtaking environments while staying in deluxe accommodations in your downtime.

4 Days from $1,819

5 Days from $2,075

8 Days from $4,549

9 Days from $2,989

Luxurious London DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: You’re invited to discover the wonders of London. Stay in a 5-star hotel in the heart of the city and set out on a range of privately-guided experiences, enjoying key attractions including the London Eye and theatre in the West End.

6 Days from $4,085




There is simply no better way to reveal the unique history and character of a destination than with the help of an expert private guide.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: London Eye, Unsplash (Ismail Merad), Papal Swiss Guard, Vatican City (Pixabay), Tasos Lekkas, Bolshoi Theatre (Shutterstock), Riga, Latvia, Pixabay (Rainhard Wiesinger), Lake Bled, Slovenia, Pixabay (David Mark), Private transfer in London, Unsplash (Zoe Holling)


hether visiting Europe for the first time or returning to set out on a wider exploration, a self-drive itinerary is a great option for people who really want to explore the uncharted areas. Our programs feature a variety of car rental options, and quality hotels, resorts or small and unique properties.

Iceland Golden Circle



I love the freedom of exploring at my own pace. And, knowing that I'll get lost sometimes is all part of the journey! Here are some of my top picks for self-drive programs:

5 Days from $1,099

Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland

Sicilian Adventure

MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: Set out from Dublin on this self-drive Ireland tour that takes you to the wilder side of the Emerald Isle. Enjoy the splendid outdoors in Donegal, wander the Cliffs of Moher, and stop in at a wide variety of delightful villages across the country as you explore the one and only Wild Atlantic Way.

11 Days from $1,299

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: On this program, you will discover the largest Mediterranean island, Sicily. Stay in first class accommodations and travel at your own pace with an 8-day car rental as you discover important sites like the Valley of the Temples, and Mount Etna, all while enjoying the unique and authentic culture of Sicily.

Outlander Experience in Scotland

Southern France


MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: Get off the beaten track with a 10-day self-drive program through Southern France. See the worldrenowned wine city of Bordeaux. Continue to the famous pilgrimage town of Lourdes. Then, in Carcassonne, discover a stunning medieval walled city before ending your program in Montpellier, the medieval city known for its lively atmosphere and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.

Galbaldon's iconic 'Outlander' series, now the subject of a TV series, features a number of fantastic landmarks in Scotland. On this 8-day self-drive adventure, travel at your own pace to discover the real places that inspired Galbaldon while following in the footsteps of Claire and Jamie, and through the heart of Scotland.

8 Days from $1,289


MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: A wonderful way to leisurely enjoy Iceland on your own. Stop as you please and for as long as you wish to take in the extraordinary beauty of Iceland's incredible Golden Circle. Volcanoes, glaciers, lava fields, hot springs, and gushing waterfalls are all yours to discover in the span of just a few days.

8 Days from $1,675

10 Days from $1,819


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Streets of Paris, Unsplash, (Anh Q. Tran), Mt. Etna, Sicily, Pixabay (6657176), Exploring Iceland (Shutterstock), Ireland's coastal road (Shutterstock), French Riviera, Pixabay (MrJayW), Loch Ness, Scotland, Visit Britain (Peter Beavis)


ail travel in Europe is easy, modern, dependable, and in some cases state-of-the-art. At the heart of European rail is an extensive network of high speed trains, with travel times sometimes much faster than flying. Whether you're looking for fast trains between cities, panoramic scenic trains in Switzerland, or a deluxe journey, we can help you make the right choice.

A Tale of Two Cities: London & Paris

Grand Tour of Switzerland


9 Days from $2,799

FIRST-CLASS | RAIL: Ride the rails of Switzerland to take in its alpine splendor. Travelling across the entire country, you’ll journey along some of the world’s most famous train routes and enjoy alpine views of the Matterhorn and Lake Geneva as you travel between Switzerland's most picturesque cities and regions.

Magic Cities of Southern Germany

London to Venice Signature with Belmond

FIRST-CLASS | RAIL: Set out on an enchanting journey through the south of Germany, stopping in historical Nuremberg and vibrant Munich, which charms with its friendly citizens and gorgeous architecture. Later, discover wonders both old and new at Neuschwanstein Castle and in Stuttgart, and in between, take in the scenic countryside while relaxing on the train.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Escape to London and Venice for a luxury stay in some of the world’s most famous cities, connecting between the two cities aboard the Belmond Venice Simplon Orient Express. Stay in deluxe hotels and enjoy private walking tours that’ll showcase historical landmarks like Buckingham Palace and St. Mark’s Square.

A Taste of Ireland with Belmond

Tsars Gold Trans-Siberian

DELUXE | RAIL: Embark on a luxury train journey across Ireland and Northern Ireland. Get acquainted with Dublin with a stay in a deluxe hotel before boarding the luxurious Belmond Grand Hibernian and travelling to Belfast, the capital of Northern Ireland, as well as Dundalk and Waterford. Each night, return to the train for fine dining and pampering accommodations.

DELUXE | RAIL: Travel the legendary Trans-Siberian Railroad through Russia, Mongolia, and China in comfort. Dramatic changes in landscape and culture abound as you traverse both Europe and Asia on this exclusive train. It's time to check one off the bucket list.

invited to spend time in two of the world’s greatest cites, London and Paris. You'll also get to know the English countryside with a day tour to Warwick, Stratford-upon-Avon, the Cotswolds, and Oxford, and later, visit the remarkable Palace of Versailles.

7 Days from $2,755

7 Days from $7,319


8 Days from $2,485

7 Days from $8,799

16 Days from $11,550


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Winding through the Alps (Belmond Venice Simplon), Interior opulence (Belmond Venice Simplon), Room to relax (Grand Hibernion), Dinner with a view (Swiss Tourism Office), Onboard entertainment (Belmond Venice Simplon), Zermatt, Gornergratbahn (Ernst Christen)


elow is a curated selection of our favourite European cruises. We offer many cruise experiences including river cruises, small ships, deluxe vessels, and private yachts. Whether it's the main attraction or a relaxing addition to your Europe travels, let our expertise help you choose the cruise that's right for you.

Athens & the Idyllic Aegean

Best of Iceland

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Explore the idyllic Aegean on this cruise throughout the Greek Islands. As you journey from island to island, you'll experience the nightlife of Mykonos, stroll along windswept cliffs on Santorini, enjoy the pristine beaches of Milos, and feast on world-famous cuisine on sunny Crete.

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: On this 8-day cruise, you’ll discover beautiful fjords, massive glaciers, hot springs, waterfalls, and many volcanoes. Aboard the Ocean Diamond, you’ll circumnavigate the Land of Fire and Ice to visit the Westfjords, the Lake Myvatn area, and the Westman Islands. Price includes all shore excursions.

Dubrovnik & the Deluxe Dalmation Mini Cruise

Paris & Normandy by River Cruise

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Explore the old town of Dubrovnik, then set sail on a 5-day Adriatic Coast cruise. Each day, visit historical landmarks and swim off sunny beaches as you journey along the coastline, stopping at the Peljesac Peninsula, the island of Hvar, and the Golden Cape. Overnight in Split and visit the remarkable Plitvice Lakes!

DELUXE | CRUISE: Discover Normandy

10 Days from $2,015

8 Days from $2,535

8 Days from $3,619

on this incredible river cruise journey. Start in Paris, where you’ll tour the Louvre and see the famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower. Then join a river cruise through Normandy where you’ll tour medieval chateaux, visit the beaches of D-Day, and venture through a landscape made famous by Impressionist painters like Claude Monet.

12 Days from $6,185

Classic Italy & the Greek Isles with NCL FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Explore historical treasures and windswept islands on this journey across Italy and Greece. Starting in Italy, you’ll explore Italy's iconic cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice before cruising the Greek Islands and visiting the medieval walled city of Dubrovnik.

15 Days from $5,319




What I like most about cruising is waking up in a new port every day. There's so much to do onboard, you don't even need to leave. One of my personal highlights was a live art auction.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Santorini, Greece, Unsplash (Hello Lightbulb), The Adriatic Coast (Shutterstock), Small vessels take you closer to shore (Katarina), Romance in the Greek Islands (Greece Norwegian), Surprise discoveries along Europe's rivers (Shutterstock), Porto, Portugal (Shutterstock)


ou could easily spend your whole vacation in London but exploring the idyllic countryside, coastlines, and smaller cities is a rewarding way to experience the music, magic, cuisine, and history of this small but influential country.

A World of Wizardry In London FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE:

Hop across the pond and discover a magical world of wizardry on this customizable tour through London. Across 6 days, you’ll dive into the world of Harry Potter by touring Warner Bros. Studio London, visiting Oxford and Cambridge, and exploring the filming locations of the movies around town. DAY 1 - Arrive London - Private transfer to your hotel and sightseeing tour of the city. DAY 2 - London - Warner Bros. Studio Tour of the Making of Harry Potter. DAY 3 - London - Tour Oxford and Cambridge Universities and Towns. DAY 4 - London - Visit Tower of London, Madame Tussauds, and ride the London Eye. DAY 5 - London - Harry Potter’s London. Visit London sites featured in the films. DAY 6 - Depart London - Private transfer to airport for onward travels.



Making of Harry Potter studio tour featuring costumes, props, sets, and little-known facts about making the franchise

Visit to Oxford University where many Hogwarts scenes were filmed

See London from above on the London Eye and visit the Tower of London

Black Cab Tour of Harry Potter’s London, featuring locations in the films

First-class accommodation in central London - 1-800-387-8850 -



Every time I visit the UK, I am amazed by the culture, food, golf, beautiful landscapes, history, and castles. It’s a place with entertainment for all ages. My favourite thing is chatting with people at ‘Monmouth Coffee Company’ in Covent Garden on a rainy day.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Warner Bros. Studios (Shutterstock), The Cotswolds, Pixabay (matthulland), Reaching across the Thames, London (Shutterstock)

6 Days from $2,699

London & the Countryside

Discover London & Wales

London & Edinburgh for Foodies

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Discover London and the countryside on this 7-day tailormade adventure. After 4 days in the English capital you'll set out on a small group tour to explore portions of the verdant countryside. Taking you to historical landmarks like Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace to the enigmatic rocks of Stonehenge to the birthplace of the Bard, it's an ideal combination for England first-timers, or return visitors wanting to go beyond its timeless capital city.


DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Explore the capitals of England and Scotland in-depth, all while appreciating delicious and iconic drinks and dishes on this tailor-made, customizable experience. Stay in deluxe hotels, sip your way through distilleries, and surprise your palate with the local specialties of London and Edinburgh.

Captivating Cotswolds

Great Britain for Families

Highlights of Northwest England

MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: On this 6-day self-drive across the charming English countryside, visit Oxford University, see the birthplace of the Bard in Stratford-upon-Avon, and discover the historic city of Bath. Along the way, pass through quaint pastoral towns, visit castles, and admire postcard perfect parks.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Look no further for a holiday that’s perfect for the whole family! Begin in London, where you’ll explore the filming locations of the Harry Potter series before heading north to the region that inspired Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit stories. End your tour in Edinburgh, where you’ll discover the city’s haunted history and take a day trip to Loch Ness.

FRIST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Experience history and culture while relaxing in first-class accommodations on this vacation through the northwest of England. Visit Manchester to experience the heart of football fandom, discover the history of the Beatles at the Beatles Story Museum in Liverpool, and venture across lake and over hill in the breathtaking Lake District.

7 Days from $1,599

6 Days from $1,119

Explore London and the Welsh countryside on this journey through the United Kingdom. Starting in London, you'll see the sights, including the Tower of London, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace, before heading into the Welsh countryside to visit picturesque villages, learn about the poet Dylan Thomas, and admire some of the most gorgeous landscapes in all of the United Kingdom.

7 Days from $3,929

8 Days from $1,829

9 Days from $3,269

7 Days from $2,149

UK & Europe



cotland is made of majestic mountains, rolling glens, dramatic coastlines, lochs, and rivers as well as 800 or so isles. The scenery is among the most spectacular in the world and the cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow will appeal to history buffs and foodies.

Edinburgh & the Countryside MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Edinburgh and the countryside are yours to discover on this 6-day tailor-made adventure. Enjoy 3 days exploring the Scottish capital as well as several sites from the "Outlander" series. Later, set out on a small group tour to travel through majestic mountains and quaint villages of the Scottish Highlands.

Highlands & Whisky Trail MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: Explore the glorious Scottish Highlands at your own pace. Along the way, discover the beauty of Old Aberdeen, Inverness, and Edinburgh, stop at the distillers of your choice and visit Loch Ness. While you are unlikely to spot Nessie, you are likely to fall in love with wonderful Scotland.

8 Days from $1,445

Classic London & Edinburgh

Scotland Golf + Whisky: Edinburgh & St. Andrews

Escape to the Edge: Orkney & the Outer Hebrides


FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Immerse yourself in two of Scotland’s finest offerings, golf and whiskey, on this 8-day customizable vacation. Discover the Scottish capital, Edinburgh—as well as a few single malts— before visiting the birthplace of golf at St Andrews, where you’ll hit the links for a couple of rounds.


lent combination of two classic cities, each with reknowned cultural merits. Add to this visits from London to Windsor, Stonehenge and Bath and a full day into the Scottish Highlands from Edinburgh and you have an unforgettable week of discovery.

8 Days from $1,799 140 - 1-800-387-8850 -

9 Days from $2,639

Scottish tour takes you to the outer reaches of the beautiful north, including the Orkneys, the Isle of Skye, and Lewis Island, all on a roundtrip exploration from Scotland’s most fascinating city, Edinburgh.

12 Days from $3,065

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Scottish Yak, Unsplash (John Crozier), Edinburgh Castle (Visit Britain), Temple Bar, Dublin (Shutterstock), Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland (Shutterstock)

6 Days from $1,029


reland is so much more than pubs and potatoes. There is a thriving music scene, vibrant cities, and genuinely friendly people. Its small size makes it easy to enjoy the stunning scenery all over the country from one central location.

Highlights of Dublin & Belfast FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Venture to the two capital cities of the Emerald Isle to experience a taste of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Start in Dublin and discover its cultural highlights at visits to EPIC Ireland, the Guinness Storehouse, and Jameson Distillery. Then connect to Belfast to learn about the Troubles on a black cab tour and visit the Titanic Experience.

7 Days from $2,249

The Scenes & Scenery of Ireland's Movies MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: "Game of Thrones" fans will find this Ireland tour especially thrilling as it takes in locations and sights featured in the show. For others, it’s a tour of Ireland at its most photogenic.

8 Days from $1,699

The Castles of Ireland

A Flavour of Ireland

All Ireland Rail & Coach Tour

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Embark on a vacation befitting royalty on this trip to the Emerald Isle, staying in some of its most impressive castles. Start in Dublin and journey east to west to stay at Abbeyglen Castle Hotel, Ashford Castle, and Dromoland Castle, where you’ll enjoy pampering luxury and leisure time to explore the countryside and historical attractions.

MODERATE | ESCORTED COACH TOUR: Discover essential delights of the

FIRST-CLASS | RAIL: What better way to

9 Days from $5,415

Emerald Isle — from rugged cliffs and wild scenery to historic castles and green swards — on this insightful, 5-day escorted introduction to the charms of Ireland.

5 Days from $1,045

see the Emerald Isle than by rail? This Ireland tour takes you to many of the country’s most famous sights, all with comfortable accommodation and reserved rail seats. To explore the many sights and attractions off the tracks, you'll travel with like-minded guests aboard a comfortable coach vehicle.

7 Days from $2,329

UK & Europe



ome of the most classic European experiences happen in the central region. Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg are often lumped together but each country has something to discover. Neighbouring Germany and Switzerland will also impress with amazing food and scenery.

Culinary Germany: Lindau, Würzburg & Rothenburg stomach be your guide as you feast on the wine, food, and beer of Western Europe’s largest nation. Heading from Frankfurt to Munich to Nuremberg, you’ll sample German delicacies, from creamy kasspatzle to savoury bratwurst, and explore some of the most romantic medieval towns in all of Europe.

7 Days from $3,175

Eastern Germany: Berlin, Dresden & Weimar MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: Explore Eastern Germany at your own pace and following your own route on this encompassing self-drive vacation. Bask in the architecture of beautiful Dresden, visit Moritzburg Castle, and stay in historic Weimar.

5 Days from $1,345

Essence of Switzerland

Highlights of Brussels & Amsterdam

Christmas Markets in Three Countries



MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: Celebrate the holidays with a trip to three iconic Christmas markets in three different countries of Western Europe. Heading to Basel, Freiburg, and Colmar, you’ll savour Christmas treats and explore medieval old towns as you get into the holiday spirit in Switzerland, Germany, and France.

your way through the wonders of Switzerland on this all-encompassing getaway that features three Swiss gems: Zurich, Lucerne, and Interlaken. Explore these picturesque cities and famous alpine landmarks on a range of organized tours, with plenty of leisure time as well.

8 Days from $3,529 142 - 1-800-387-8850 -

highlights of Belgium and the Netherlands on this 8-day whirlwind adventure. Starting in Brussels and ending in Amsterdam, you’ll explore charming cityscapes, visit the medieval towns of Ghent and Bruges, stroll alongside windmills in the Dutch countryside, and marvel at artistic masterpieces by Rubens, Van Gogh, and Rembrandt.

8 Days from $2,589

4 Days from $1,379

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Pixabay (AlexPhoto1957), Alpine village (Shutterstock), An old town tour (Shutterstock), Fisherman's Bastion, Budapest (Shutterstock)


Austria, Czech RepUBLIC, Hungary A

ustria, the Czech Republic, and Hungary offer some of Europe's most charming destinations and stunning scenery. The Austrian Alps blend beautifully with a stop in grand Budapest and Prague's fairytale castles and bridges.

Highlights of Berlin, Prague, Krakow & Warsaw FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Explore Central Europe on this 11-day, tailormade trip through Germany, Czechia, and Poland. Stay in first-class accommodations as you explore Berlin and the beautiful Sanssouci Palace, cruise the Vltava River in Prague, visit Auschwitz-Birkenau Concentration Camp near Krakow, and relax in the Polish capital Warsaw.

11 Days from $4,019

Highlights of Vienna FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: This short stopover in Vienna is the perfect way to devote a little extra time to one of the world’s great creative cities. Cruise down the Danube and day trip out to Salzburg, birthplace of Mozart and a pilgrimage for "Sound of Music" fans.

4 Days from $1,259

Prague & Budapest Signature

Classic Eastern Europe

Prague & the Countryside



MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Few cities in Europe can capture the romance and uniqueness of Prague. On this short escape — the perfect addition to a wider European vacation — spend a few days visiting in the stunning Czech capital while also exploring surrounding towns and learning of their unique, sometimes

long sojourn to Central Europe, unwind in deluxe accommodations and set out on in-depth, private-guided tours to reveal the culture and history of two incredible European gems, the City of Hundred Spires, Prague, and the Queen of the Danube, Budapest.

7 Days from $3,719

on this classic route through three of Central Europe's great cities. Admire the Danube and the awesome parliament building from Castle Hill in Budapest, enjoy coffee and strudel in between exploring Habsburg history in Vienna, and wander through the fairy tale spires and squares of Prague, the beating heart of Bohemia.

11 Days from $3,119

tragic, history.

5 Days from $1,185 UK & Europe



aris is one of the most visited cities in the world for good reason but there is so much more to France than Paris. Burgundy and Loire are famed for their wines or head south and embrace the luxury of the sunny Côte D'Azur and Provence.

Paris & Loire Valley MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE:

Spend 7 days exploring two of the most visited regions in France! In Paris, explore the city at your own pace with a hop on, hop off ticket, then, discover the Loire Valley, famous for its wine and royal castles. Stay in a chateau, visit the three most popular castles, enjoy wine tastings, and relax in one of the most stunning regions of France. DAY 1 - Arrive Paris - Private transfer to your hotel and day at leisure. DAY 2 - Paris - Hop On, Hop Off Tour of the city. DAY 3 - Transfer to Tours - Train to Tours, afternoon at leisure. DAY 4 - Tours - Guided tour of Chenoceau, Amboise, and Clos Luce with wine tasting. DAY 5 - Tours - Wine tour of Vouvray. DAY 6 - Transfer to Paris - Train to Paris, afternoon at leisure. DAY 7 - Depart Paris - Private transfer to airport for onwards travels.



Explore Paris' beautiful monuments and boulevards, iconic sights, and shopping

Visit the grand Amboise Castle, enjoy tastings, and explore underground wine cellars

See Leonardo da Vinci's last official residence at the Château of Clos Lucé


Discover the secrets of wine-making at a charming family-run winery in Vouvray, famous for its Chenin blanc wines

First-class and comfortable moderate hotels, centrally located to sights

Paris is truly a city of light and love. Climbing the Eiffel Tower at night to see the twinkling lights of the city is an incredible experience. Aside from all the attractions, locals and tourists alike can easily spend hours at a sidewalk cafe sipping a drink and watching the world pass by. - 1-800-387-8850 -


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Cafe behind Notre Dame, Paris (Shutterstock), Sunset in Paris (Shutterstock), Lavender fields, Provence (Shutterstock)

7 Days from $2,269

Paris Signature

Eat + Drink: Paris to Bordeaux

La Belle France


FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Enjoy the culinary delights of France with small group experiences in Paris and Bordeaux. Discover the famous markets and patisseries in Paris. Then, enjoy breakfast at the Louvre. In Bordeaux, discover the most important wine regions, taste local cheeses, and explore the Bay of Arcachon and enjoy a oyster tasting.

FIRST-CLASS | SMALL GROUP: Explore the intriguing provinces of Normandy, Brittany, and the Loire Valley while enjoying splendid medieval towns and cities, magnificent chateaux, ancient monasteries, and abbeys. Sample excellent wines and local cider and appreciate fine food. Also experience major highlights: Mont Saint-Michel, the beaches of Normandy, and the Bayeux Tapestry.

in love with the City of Light! Explore the city on a private tour, which includes a visit to the Eiffel Tower and a Seine cruise. Visit the opulent Palace of Versailles, see the masterpieces at the Louvre Museum, and be swept away with the famous cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge.

5 Days from $2,529

8 Days from $2,795

11 Days from $4,839

Essence of Provence & French Riviera

Alsace Deluxe: Paris to Strasbourg

Normandy Uncovered

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: See the quintessential highlights of Provence and the French Riviera in 9 days. In Avignon, visit the famous Pope's Palace, Les Baux, and St. Remy de Provence. Explore the lively city of Aix-en-Provence and the charming hilltop villages of Luberon. Finally, discover Nice, Eze, and ritzy Monaco.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Spend 8 days visiting Paris and the region of Alsace. In Paris, enjoy a private tour of Montmartre, the Eiffel Tower, and Versailles. Then, cruise the Seine and see the Louvre Museum after hours for a wine tasting. Finally, head to Strasbourg, explore its old town, and discover its Germanic roots.


9 Days from $2,999

8 Days from $4,239

history and beautiful in scenery, this 7-day program takes you to Normandy and the northern coastlines of France. Travel to Bayeux, visit historic D-Day sites, the iconic sanctuary of Mont Saint-Michel and Giverny. This program also includes a 'Tour de France' gourmet food tour in Paris.

11 Days from $4,185

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tretched along the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula, this small country was once the most influential in the world. These days it is the perfect vacation spot for those seeking the sun of the Algarve, the wines of Porto, and the culture of its capital, Lisbon.

Explore Southern Portugal

Best of Portugal


FIRST-CLASS | ESCORTED COACH TOUR: This tour takes you to the most

8-day program, discover Portugal and the Algarve. Set your own pace and visit medieval cities, romantic palaces, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, picturesque fishing villages, golden beaches, and limestone cliffs. Stay in first class accommodations, including a 7-day car rental with insurance.

important sights in Portugal. Start in Lisbon and drive north visiting Obidos, Fatima, Coimbra, and Porto. Then, journey south to Evora and the iconic Algarve region. The best of Portugal all in one trip!

Lisbon, Landscapes & Beaches

Romantic Portugal: Douro, Algarve & Lisbon

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Unlock the treasures of Portugal and discover modern cities, charming towns, historical sights, and pristine beaches. Be captivated by Lisbon's vibrant lifestyle, then join a group tour and discover the rolling hills and medieval towns in Alentejo, and experience the relaxing, laidback vibes of Lagos in the Algarve.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience luxurious hotels and unique experiences in the Douro, the Algarve, and Lisbon. In the Douro region, stay in a unique 5-star property surrounded by natural beauty and vineyards. In the Algarve, have direct access to the beach and enjoy wellness and gastronomic experiences. In Lisbon, see a traditional Fado show and explore the modern and traditional sides of the city.

7 Days from $1,715

9 Days from $2,579

Hiking the Azores: Portugal Deluxe: Porto, Sao Miguel to Santa Maria Lisbon & the Algarve FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:


6 Days from $1,849

10 Days from $4,055

Explore two islands in the Azores on a 6-day private hiking adventure! Discover the lush and diverse landscapes of the largest island, São Miguel, and the southern island of Santa Maria. This program includes full and half-day hiking experiences, traditional food, and the beauty of natural surroundings.

146 - 1-800-387-8850 -

the best of Portugal from north to south on this journey to Porto, Lisbon, and the Algarve. Enjoy private-guided tours in Porto and Lisbon to discover their history, cruise along the Douro River, and enjoy a wine tasting. Finally, bask in the warm sunshine and sunny beaches of the nation’s south.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Douro Valley (Andre Carvalho), Lisbon, Pixabay (z0man), Sao Bento Railway Station, Porto (Riu Rebelo), Parc Guell, Barcelona (Shutterstock), Alhambra, Granada, Unsplash (Hari Nandakumar)

8 Days from $1,469

11 Days from $2,795


tart with sampling the tapas and exploring exciting Barcelona and Madrid, but dig a little deeper and discover that Spain boasts 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beautiful beaches, and amazing nightlife. With so many distinct regions, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Madrid & the Andalusian Coast MODERATE | ESCORTED COACH TOUR:

See the best of Spain in one week. In Madrid, explore the city at your own pace with a hop-on, hop-off bus pass. Then, travel by deluxe coach to Southern Spain and visit Cordoba, Seville, and Granada. Savor the unique and diverse Andalusian culture and architecture, including a visit to the great Alhambra.

7 Days from $1,885

Basque Country Adventure MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: Get off the beaten path in Spain's Basque Country on a 6-day self-drive experience! Discover a unique culture, rich in history, modern architecture, and wonderful gastronomy. See the famous Guggenheim, the beaches of San Sebastian, legendary Pamplona, taste local pintxos, and fall in love with the dramatic landscape, language, and famous wines.

6 Days from $1,035

Classic Highlights of Spain

Paradores of Spain: Madrid to Cardona

Barcelona Signature

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Explore the quintessential highlights of Spain in Madrid, Seville, and Barcelona. Discover historical landmarks and artistic masterpieces in Madrid and Barcelona, explore the old cities of Toledo and Ronda, and enjoy delicious tapas and beautiful Flamenco music.

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: Stay in unique properties situated in spectacular locations on an 8-day self-drive program in Spain. Spanish Paradores are state-run restored monasteries, convents, fortresses, manor houses, and castles. Experience high level of services, modern amenities, and exceptional gastronomy for a truly amazing adventure!

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: From the whimsical delights of Gaudi’s imagination to the classical beauty of the city’s Gothic quarter, this is a 5-day Barcelona program you’ll never forget. Explore the unique culture of Catalonia in Spain’s most enchanting and imaginative city. Enjoy tapas tastings, see the largest football stadium in Europe, and discover the Spanish countryside of Montserrat.

9 Days from $3,225

8 Days from $1,975

5 Days from $2,025

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taly is a country that has something for everyone. The mountains of the north blend into dramatic coastlines, the gentle hills of Tuscany, and the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Capri. The history, art, and culture is matched only by the amazing food scene.

Classic Italy: Rome, Florence & Venice FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE:

Discover the beauty and charm of three of Italy's iconic cities: Rome, Florence, and Venice. Visit historic Rome with its ancient ruins and Vatican City, enjoy wine tasting and the magnificent art and architecture of Florence. As a grand finale, spend time in Venice, city of canals.

DAY 1 - Arrive Rome - Private transfer to hotel, day at leisure. DAY 2 - Rome - Guided walking tour of Ancient Rome. DAY 3 - Rome - Fresh pasta making and cooking class. DAY 4 - Transfer to Florence - Travel by train, afternoon at leisure. DAY 5 - Florence - Guided walking tour. DAY 6 - Transfer to Venice - Travel by train, afternoon at leisure. DAY 7 - Venice - Private walking tour. DAY 8 - Depart Venice - Private transfer to the airport.



Guided walking tour of Ancient Rome featuring the Colosseum and Roman Forum

Learn how to make fresh pasta from scratch, and cook it, with a real Italian chef

Visit the Accademia Gallery in Florence featuring several famous works of art

Private-guided walking tour of Venice, highlighting the history of San Marco Square

Relax in first-class accommodations in Rome, Florence, and Venice - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Tuscany (Shutterstock), Trevi Fountain, Rome (Shutterstock), Coffee on the balcony (Shutterstock), Door-to-door service in Venice (Shutterstock)

8 Days from $3,229

Rome & the Splendid Amalfi

Highlights of Palermo & Taormina

Wonders of Tuscany & Umbria



DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Known for its rolling hills and vineyards, medieval hilltop towns and fantastic regional foods, discover hidden gems in the regions of Tuscany and Umbria. Highlights include guided visits in Spoleto, Montefalco, and a boat ride on Lake Trasimeno. Also visit the important cities of Perugia, Assisi, Siena, Chianti and Cortona.

Discover the highlights of Rome then travel to the Amalfi Coast on a semi-escorted tour program. In Rome, visit the Vatican with a small group. Continue to Naples and Pompeii to explore Neapolitan culture and the tragedy of Mt. Vesuvius. End your trip relaxing in the town of Amalfi, a gorgeous village along the famous coastline.

See the main highlights of Sicily in just over a week. Discover street markets and Norman cathedrals in the capital Palermo, explore ancient ruins in Agrigento, and enjoy the picturesque streets of Taormina, pitched on the slopes of Mt. Etna.

8 Days from $2,499

7 Days from $1,859

Authentic Apulia from Naples

Walking in Italy: Rome, Florence & Cinque Terre

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: Get off the beaten path and discover the hidden gems of Apulia! See the natural beauty and unique characteristics of this region like ancient Sassi caves and the famous 'Trulli' homes. Visit charming cities like Locorotondo, Ostuni, Nardo, and Bari. See the beauty of Salento's white sandy beaches and the famous Polignano a Mare.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Experience the best of Italy's top cities by foot in Rome, Florence, and Cinque Terre. In Rome and Florence, get outside and roam the streets visiting important piazzas like Navona, the Vatican Museums, and Michaelangelo's David. Then, hike the villages in Cinque Terre and be rewarded with local food and wine!

7 Days from $1,445

9 Days from $3,559

8 Days from $4,999



I'm Italian and one of my favourite things to do is visit Florence and have the local schiacciata at all’Antico Vinaio, a historic wine shop in Florence. When I go back home near Venice, I indulge myself with a gelato at LaMela Verde, a small artisanal shop. In Venice, gelato is taken as seriously as the wine! UK & Europe








reece’s long history means it has had a lot of time to get things right. 6,000 islands scattered throughout the Aegean Sea offer glimpses into the old world. History lovers will be more than satisfied and pleasure seekers can indulge themselves at luxury resorts.

Best of Greece: Athens, Mykonos & Santorini FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE:

Take in Greece’s highlights as you explore the country’s ancient past and vibrant present. Tour the world-famous Acropolis in Athens, Greece’s ancient capital, before sampling the iconic nightlife of Mykonos and the rugged volcanic landscape of Santorini in the Cyclades.

11 Days from $3,889

DAY 1 - Arrive Athens - Private transfer to to hotel, day at leisure. DAY 2 - Athens - Guided city tour with the Acropolis. DAY 3 - Transfer to Mykonos - Arrive by ferry, enjoy evening at leisure. DAY 4/5 - Mykonos - Days at leisure to enjoy the beach and nightlife. DAY 6 - Transfer to Santorini - Arrive by ferry. DAY 7 - Santorini - Tour of hot springs and volcanoes. DAY 8 - Santorini - Day of leisure to explore. DAY 9 - Santorini - Sunset cruise with beach visits. DAY 10 - Transfer to Athens - Return to Athen's hotel via ferry. DAY 11 - Depart Athens - Private transfer to airport for onward travels.


150 - 1-800-387-8850 -

City tour of Athens featuring the ancient Acropolis and the Panathenaic Stadium

Time at leisure in Mykonos to enjoy the beautiful beaches and lively nightlife

Exploring the volcanoes and hot springs on the islands surrounding Santorini

Sunset Catamaran Cruise to some of the remote beaches of Santorini finishing in Oia

First-class or deluxe accommodation in stunningly beautiful natural settings

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Local market, Athens, Unsplash (Anatasse Maragos), Sailing the Greek Islands, Unsplash (Olivier Sjostrom), Pantheon ruins, Athens, Unsplash (Patrick EvMearrxas), Santorini (Shutterstock)

Athens & Classical Greece Crete Island Adventure with Meteora MODERATE | ESCORTED COACH: Enjoy the best of modern and classical Greece on this 7-day program. See the modern city of Athens and visit the iconic Acropolis. Then, join an escorted coach tour to visit the Greek countryside with stops in Olympia, Delphi, Nauplia, and the Meteora Monasteries, a spectacular landscape high above the skies.

7 Days from $1,745



Athens was such a surprise! I think there is something for everyone there. Aside from the historical sites, one of my favourite things to do is wander the Plaka at sunset when all the patio lights come on, Greek music is playing and friendly restaurateurs are inviting you in.

Eat + Drink: Athens & Santorini

MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: Experience the culture, history, and beauty on Crete with a self-drive program. See its diversity and discover hidden gems as you travel from east to west. In Heraklion, visit famous ruins. In Rethymnon, marvel at Venetian-Turkish influence. In Chania, relax on a pink beach! Along the way, discover gorges, monasteries, charming towns, local food, wineries, and so much more!

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Delight in local gastronomy as you see the ancient Acropolis in Athens, hop on a high-speed ferry to the charming Saronic islands, catch the famous sunset in Santorini, and take a dip at the Red Beach. Your food experiences include two cooking classes, nine wine tastings, two cruises, and a beach barbeque.

Athens Signature

Greece Deluxe: Athens, Paros, Naxos & Ios



5 Days from $2,025

10 Days from $3,299

9 Days from $1,619

the history, culture, and beauty of Athens! Stroll along the charming streets of Athens, see the wonder of the ancient Acropolis, and other important sights. Enjoy a traditional dinner and folklore show. Then, step outside the city to visit Delphi and experience breathtaking sunsets at Cape Sounion.

7 Days from $3,335

beaten track with this journey from Athens to the Greek Islands. This Greek vacation takes you to Athens to explore the Acropolis and its historical treasures before visiting Naxos, Ios, and Paros, lesser-known islands that offer plenty of opportunity to swim, hike, and enjoy the charms of pastoral Greek life.

UK & Europe



ften overlooked, Malta is located in the Mediterranean between Sicily and North Africa. Adventurous travellers can explore the blue window on Gozo, foodies can experience the exciting scene in Valletta, and, of course, anyone will enjoy lying on the sun-drenched beaches.

Essence of Malta

7 Days from $1,719

Eat + Drink: Malta FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Enjoy

local food and wine and private tours on this short getaway to Malta. Discover the capital, Valletta, and the Three Cities, visit quiet fishing villages and perhaps even the famous Blue Grotto, and explore the sister island of Gozo with its ancient temples. This program includes breakfast daily and optional 3-course lunches featuring traditional gastronomy.

5 Days from $1,625

Malta Signature

Xara Palace Malta: Stays of Distinction

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Stay in deluxe accommodations as you spend 6 days exploring the island nation of Malta. Visit the oldest city on the island, Mdina, swing by the highest point in the nation, the Dingli Cliffs, for majestic views, and explore the ancient temples and quiet villages of the sister island, Gozo


6 Days from $1,899

152 - 1-800-387-8850 -

elegant 17th-century palace in the heart of the medieval city of Mdina on this vacation to Malta. Indulge in luxurious surroundings and enjoy private tours to the capital Valletta, the Three Cities, and the sister island of Gozo to see medieval landmarks and ancient temples.

5 Days from $1,775

Unsplash (George Bullock), Cappadocia, Unsplash (Giuseppe Mondi), Sampling local wares (Shutterstock)

quintessential highlights of Malta on a weeklong vacation. Get to know its elegant capital Valletta, visiting the famous St. John's Cathedral and the Grand Masters Palace. Explore the laidback villages and ancient temples of its sister island, Gozo, and discover the eclectic architecture and enchanting atmosphere of the "Silent City" Mdina. Enjoy free time to relax at the beach or stroll along the friendly promenades.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Valletta waterfront (Shutterstock), Valletta, Unsplash (Florian Weichelt), Exploring the waterfront,





urkey is where east meets west, bringing together Europe and the Middle East in a destination unlike any other. Explore Istanbul's markets, ride a hot air balloon over Cappadocia, take in an Aegean sunset, and discover Turkey's many ancient ruins.


From its food to famous bazaars, tea culture, hamman spas, and stunning skyline of mosques, just being in Istanbul is a uniquely Turkish experience tucked into a thriving modern city.

Istanbul Signature

Enchanting Aegean



highlights of Istanbul and Ephesus with your own private guide. Get to know the fascinating capital of Turkey, with its Byzantine and Islamic monuments including Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. Fly to Izmir and enjoy a full day in Ephesus visiting ancient ruins and learning about the history of the early church.

5 Days from $2,265

the western shores and Aegean coasts of Turkey. Discover timeless charm and cultural and architectural wonders in the modern metropolis cities of Istanbul and Izmir. Then, in Gallipoli remember its sombre battlefields before visiting the ancient cities of Troy, Pergamon, and Ephesus. Finally, in Cappadocia you will discover a unique and magical landscape.

8 Days from $2,899

Classic Turkey: Istanbul, Cappadocia & Izmir

Glories of Turkey

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Discover Turkey’s golden triangle on this journey to Istanbul, Cappadocia, and Izmir. In Istanbul, see the Blue Mosque and the Grand Bazaar, explore the wonderful fairy chimneys of Cappadocia, and explore the ancient cities of Izmir and Ephesus on the Aegean Coast.


10 Days from $2,845

Discover the variety of attractions that Turkey has to offer — ancient Roman sites, historical battlefields, Mediterranean beaches, Whirling Dervishes, underground cities, cave dwellers, museums, carpet factories, and much more. Also spend time in the exciting cosmopolitan city of colourful Istanbul.

15 Days from $2,579

Romantic Turkey: Istanbul to Cappadocia DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Stay in deluxe

properties as you spend over a week exploring two of Turkey's most seductive cities. In Istanbul, weave through the city’s past and present to see magnificent churches, mosques, and markets. Then head to Cappadocia to explore the fairy chimneys and rocky underground homes of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

8 Days from $3,285

UK & Europe


Balkans, Slovenia, Croatia C

Croatia Highlights: Zagreb, Split & Dubrovnik


able tour introduces you to two Balkan destinations that are emerging European hotspots: Macedonia and Albania. As you venture through the countries and connect into neighbouring Kosovo and Greece, you’ll explore the historical centres and natural landscapes that make this region so mesmerizing.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Start in the capital, Zagreb, Croatia’s centre of culture, innovation, and opportunity. Next is Split, which dates back to the Roman era, where you'll enjoy a visit to River Krka Waterfalls and Sibenik. Finally, visit Dubrovnik, taking your time exploring this renowned walled city, known for its old town, bars, and restaurants.

Highlights of Ljubljana & Lake Bled

Bucharest Spotlight


FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Discover Romania’s expanding capital and quintessential slices of Romania’s past (with a dash of Bulgaria) on this privately-guided week-long tour. You’ll leave the tourist trails behind as you learn about dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and explore castles built by the Romanian Royal Family.

9 Days from $4,315

Slovenia on a week-long trip and immerse yourself in the spectacular scenery and warm, charismatic culture of this Adriatic gem. Stay in first-class accommodation, enjoying history, beer, and cycling tours. Then kick back as the time is yours beside the beautiful, cobalt-blue waters of Lake Bled.

7 Days from $2,479

Discover Slovenia, Croatia & the Balkans


MODERATE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Embark on an affordable, private-guided journey visiting historical landmarks such as Dubrovnik and Split as well as the modern-day capitals of Ljubljana, Belgrade, Skopje, and Tirana. See the natural wonders of Postojna Caves and Plitvice Lakes National Park and enjoy colourful flourishes in Lake Bled, Piran, and Kotor.

7 Days from $4,055 - 1-800-387-8850 -

7 Days from $1,770

The Wine Roads of Eastern Slovenia landscape of terraced vineyards, rolling hills, and scenic villages on this journey through Slovenia. This privately-guided trip brings out the best of Eastern Slovenia and showcases the region’s wine and history, capturing the essence of this rising star in the world of travel.


10 Days from $2,785

15 Days from $8,815

(Shutterstock), St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow, Unsplash (Nikolay Vorobyev), Warsaw Old Town, Poland (Shutterstock), Gdansk, Poland, Pixabay (jenszhonk)

Macedonia & Albania Explorer

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Budva, Montenegro, Pixabay (pride1979), Bled Castle, Slovenia, Unsplash (Frans Ruiter), Views over Dubrovnik, Croatia

roatia is a country of romantic cities and natural beauty that is quickly becoming a tourism hotspot. Slovenia, to the north, features pristine Lake Bled and Ljubljana. Discover Romania, then head south and enjoy the warm cultures of Bosnia, Serbia, and stunning Montenegro.


he Baltics, Poland, and Russia are anything but austere. These northern countries are home to unique cultures, amazing food, and long, rich histories. Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia’s capitals have gorgeous, medieval city centres. Discover St. Petersburg, Russia's stunning cultural centre.

Moscow Essence of Russia: Moscow to St. Petersburg & the Countryside FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Combining Moscow, St. Petersburg, and UNESCO-listed Suzdal, this first-class tour of Russia showcases the country’s most popular sites. Tour the Kremlin and enjoy a vodka tasting in Moscow, visit Sergiev Posad and the countryside city of Suzdal, then explore the State Hermitage in St. Petersburg.

8 Days from $2,699


Discover one of the world’s most beautiful capitals as well as lesser-known wonders within Russia’s “Golden Ring” on this first-class vacation. Visit the Kremlin and learn about vodka in Moscow before touring the religious centre of Sergiev Posad and UNESCO-listed Suzdal.

6 Days from $1,859

Tallinn Signature

Moscow, St. Petersburg & Helsinki Discovery


MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Discover the artistic and cultural heritage of Russia and Finland. In Russia, you’ll explore the metro system of the capital Moscow and the revolutionary history of St. Petersburg before connecting to Helsinki to tour the architecturally-stunning landmarks of the Finnish capital.

of the finest cities in the Baltics on this escape to Tallinn. Spread across four nights, you’ll stay in the finest accommodations in the city, explore the Old Town and the local culinary scene, and enjoy private-guided excursions to Kadriorg Palace and Lahemaa National Park.

5 Days from $1,429

9 Days from $1,289

Best of Poland: Warsaw, Highlights of Poland: Gdansk, Krakow & Warsaw Gdansk, Wroclaw & More FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Experience three of Poland’s most beloved cities and learn about the country’s fascinating history on this private tour. Start in Gdansk on the Baltic Sea before continuing to Warsaw to learn about Poland’s reconstruction after World War II and finally Krakow, where you’ll visit AuschwitzBirkenau and the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

9 Days from $3,269


Embark on an expansive, privately-guided tour of Poland and delve into the country’s past and lively present. This tour includes the best of Warsaw and Krakow, and then goes beyond, bringing you to other Polish gems including Gdansk, Poznan, and Wroclaw.

13 Days from $5,149

UK & Europe



Norway in a Nutshell: Bergen, Flam & Oslo


Get to know the vibrant and colourful city of Copenhagen and visit neighbouring Malmo in Sweden. Tour grand canals, discover the culinary highlights of the Danish capital, and come to appreciate why Copenhagen consistently ranks among the world's most livable cities.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Experience Norway in a nutshell as you pass from Bergen to Oslo to see the country’s highlights. This popular Norway tour showcases the icons of Norway, from the beauty of the fjords to Bryggen harbour in Bergen to Viking history in Oslo.

Denmark Self-Drive: Copenhagen to Arhus

Cruise Under the Northern Lights

MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: Denmark is a land of fairy tales, boasting colourful harbours, charming timber houses, and impressive royal palaces. Visit the royal palace in Copenhagen, celebrate the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen in Odense, and get your fill of museums in Arhus.

DELUXE | CRUISE: This two-week cruise through the Arctic region takes you to see the austere and breathtaking beauty of a little known world full of natural wonders. Fjords, glaciers, ancient settlements, on board lectures — all these add to the incredible allure of the Arctic.

5 Days from $2,955

8 Days from $1,765


Explore what many consider to be Norway’s most essential stop, Bergen. Set amid spectacular fjords, this short addition to your Northern Europe vacation immerses you in Nordic history and natural beauty.

4 Days from $2,389 156 - 1-800-387-8850 -

6 Days from $3,839

15 Days from $18,199

(Shutterstock), The Northern Lights, Pixabay (DDStudio), Transport in Lapland (Shutterstock), Gamla Stan, Stockholm (Shutterstock)

Copenhagen Spotlight

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Nyhavn, Copenhagen, Unsplash (Maksym Potapenko), Norwegian fjords. The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen

orway and Denmark offer incredible natural beauty in unique ways. Norway beckons with the lure of Arctic adventure and dramatic fjords. Denmark’s charms are more subtle and pastoral. Both countries boast beautiful yet dynamic capital cities that beg to be explored.


ollow the aurora borealis and you could find yourself in Sweden and Finland. Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, has exciting nightlife and museums. Why not try a dog sledding adventure in Finnish Lapland? A Scandinavian cruise is a great way to experience both countries.

Best of Finland: Helsinki & Finnish Lapland FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Finland is an Arctic treasure. On this quick getaway, discover the vibrant design of modern Helsinki before jetting up north to Finnish Lapland to experience an incredible Arctic resort.

5 Days from $2,169

Summer Midnight Sun: Finnish Lapland FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: On this summer escape to the top of the world, discover Finnish Lapland and lose your sense of time as the midnight sun plays its tricks, all while enjoying the pristine wilderness of Northern Finland.

4 Days from $1,275

Cultural Finland & Russia

Stockholm Spotlight

Helsinki Signature: History Food & Design

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: This 9-day tour starts in the vibrant seaside city of Helsinki where you will spend 2 nights taking in all the city has to offer before heading 240km north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. Stay 2 nights enjoying the incredible beauty of Arctic wilderness before travelling by train from Helsinki to St. Petersburg for the remainder of your vacation. Visit the must-see sights in St. Petersburg including Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac's Cathedral, and the Hermitage.



the delights of this ancient Nordic city with its network of islands and waterways with the help of private-guides. Along the way you'll visit quintessential sights while your guides provide depth and context that is second-to-none.

4 Days from $2,649

out why Helsinki is renowned for both fashion and design on this Signature experience. Combining a gastro-themed visit to the Design District with a comprehensive city tour, and later, a full day to the beautiful and historic city of Porvoo, it's the perfect exploration of wonderful Helsinki.

5 Days from $2,855

9 Days from $3,849

UK & Europe



dventure seekers and luxury lovers will find something to delight in Iceland. This far-flung island nation offers vast amounts of natural, rugged beauty. The capital Reykjavik is lively and you don’t have far to go to experience the hot springs in the Blue Lagoon.

Iceland: Volcanoes, Glaciers & Culture DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Experience the best of Southwestern Iceland in less than a week. Based in Reykjavik, you’ll explore the waterfalls and geysers of the Golden Circle as well as the black-sand beaches of the South Shore. This vacation also includes museum tours and a dip in the thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon.



Visit the Perlan Museum, which features a 360° viewpoint over Reykjavik

Enjoy the FlyOver Iceland Experience, an interactive, virtual reality experience that showcases the stunning scenery of Iceland

Visit breathtaking Gullfoss Waterfall, the most photographed place in Iceland, as part of the Golden Circle Tour

Experience the beauty of Iceland’s glaciers on a private-guided South Shore excursion

Relax in 5 nights first-class, centrally located accommodation in Reykjavik - 1-800-387-8850 -



Iceland is not the land of ice and snow as the name suggests. It’s also not just the destination for seeing the Northern Lights. See waterfalls, volcanoes, black sand beaches, hot springs, puffins, and Icelandic horses to name a few. There’s something for everyone, no matter what time of year you go.

The Blue Lagoon (Shutterstock)

DAY 1 - Arrive Iceland - Shared transfer to your hotel. FlyOver Iceland experience in the afternoon. DAY 2 - Reykjavik - Golden Circle Tour. Visit Gullfoss Waterfall and Thingvellir National Park. DAY 3 - Reykjavik - Private-guided South Shore Glacier Adventure. DAY 4 - Reykjavik - Visit the Perlan Museum and explore Reykjavik at your leisure. DAY 5 - Reykjavik - Today is totally free and at leisure. DAY 6 - Depart Iceland: Private transfer to the airport with a stop at the Blue Lagoon.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Reykjavik (Shutterstock), Northern Lights (Shutterstock),

6 Days from $3,359

Highlights of Reykjavik

Winter Wonders & Delicious Detours

Arctic Iceland




7 Days from $1,459

11 Days from $2,279

Iceland Complete: Small Group Tour

Iceland & the Natural Wonders of Greenland

Iceland Beyond the Wall: Reykjavik & Akureyri


FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Cruise along the

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: "Game of Thrones" might not be known for its tranquility, but television filming locations around Iceland offer that and much more. Begin your tour with a brief stopover in Reykjavik, Iceland's capital, before flying north to experience Akureyri, Iceland's gorgeous northern city. Touring along the way will reveal secrets beyond the Wall and of the famed Golden Circle.

spectacular visit to the Land of Fire and Ice on this excellent stopover in the funky capital of Reykjavik. Take in the highlights of the Golden Circle, including Geysir and Gullfoss, spelunk into the dormant remains of a volcano, and cap off your stay with a relaxing dip in the waters of the Blue Lagoon.

5 Days from $2,049

immersive exploration of Iceland, discover myriad natural wonders as well as the jovial spirit of the Land of Fire and Ice. With fellow travellers in tow, you'll stay in first-class and moderate accommodations, enjoy tasty local meals, and visit a range of remarkably scenic locations, perfect for those with an adventurous spirit.

9 Days from $3,935

izing beauty of winter in Iceland is something best experienced at your own pace. With inspiring, breathtaking landscapes throughout the (well connected and maintained) southern corridors, set off in a rental vehicle to explore a few incredible sights including Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon, Skaftafell Waterfall, the black sand beaches of Vik, and postcard perfect Snaefellsnes National Park.

North Atlantic, exploring the Arctic landscapes of Western Iceland and Greenland to discover Viking history and floating icebergs. From the cosmopolitan capital of Reykjavik, board the Ocean Diamond to cross the Denmark Strait to Greenland where you’ll follow in the footsteps of Erik the Red and survey the glaciers, fjords, and Inuit settlements that define this ancient island.

12 Days from $6,329

a true adventure and drive Iceland's incredible Ring Road on this 11-day tour. This independent itinerary lets you move at your own pace and stop off at fabulous sites along the way, including the Golden Circle, Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon, Lake Myvatn, the Snaefellsnes Peninsula, and countless others. For intrepid globetrotters looking to explore the Land of Fire and Ice in-depth, this is the perfect trip for you.

7 Days from $2,149

UK & Europe



Photos from left to right:













Photo: Machu Picchu, Peru, Pixabay (martythelewis)


CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA If you are looking for adventure, romance, and nature, you can’t do better than a Latin American vacation. The must-sees of Machu Picchu and Iguassu Falls are famous for good reason but go a little deeper and take a luxurious Amazon cruise and marvel at the abundance of wildlife in the world’s largest rainforest. Throw on a backpack and trek Torres del Paine in Patagonia, dance the night away in Rio, or stuff yourself at an asado in Argentina. To get really off the beaten track, head to Bolivia for the bizarre Uyuni Salt Flats or visit Guyana and remote Kaieteur Falls, only accessible by plane. When you’ve had enough adventure you won't have far to go to reach the coast for some relaxing beach time. Whatever your travel goals are, Goway can get you there.



Booked with Goway to Rio, Iguassu Falls, & Buenos Aires. This is the secret way to travel. We learned and saw so much more by using Goway and their local connections than if I had put the same trip together myself! Thank you for putting together an amazing vacation for us!


Central & South America




et your private guide open up your destination with their expert knowledge and local connections. Giving you their undivided attention along with personal insights, they’ll reveal the Latin America that most interests you, whether it lies in the ruins of historic cities, the vibrant energy of modern barrios, or in the dazzling biodiversity of pristine jungles.

Peru Signature

Argentina in Style

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Discover award-winning flavours and historical masterworks as you explore Peru. Journey from Lima, one of the world’s great culinary capitals, to the Peruvian Amazon, where you’ll float in luxury for 4 nights, to the Sacred Valley of the Incas and indomitable Machu Picchu. What's on your bucket list? Time to cross off a big one.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Rich in colonial and pastoral history, Argentina has always been viewed as oneof South America's most cosmopolitan and fascinating destinations. Enjoy the best of Argentina on this exploration of Buenos Aires, San Antonio de Areco, and thunderous Iguassu Falls.

Romantic Costa Rica

Best of Bolivia



9 Days from $7,649

15 Days from $13,339

8 Days from $2,289

Landlocked in the heart of the Andes Mountains, Bolivia remains a well-kept secret. Often overshadowed by its neighbours, Bolivia is a traveller’s dream, beautiful and full of culture. Take in all the key sights over 8 days, from spectacular ruins to glittering salt lakes, and the world’s highest capital, La Paz.

Chilean Wines

Heart of the Incas

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Embark on a short but very tasty Chilean vacation, where you'll not only gain amazing insight into the wines of Chile but also enjoy the unique joy of exploring Santiago and Valparaiso like a local. Along the way you'll discover a thriving viniculture scene and take home a new perspective on this dynamic, beautiful country.


Enjoy a romantic getaway on this 8-day, tailor-made trip combining spectacular volcanic views, invigorating hot springs, and the dazzling white-sand beaches of Costa Rica's Pacific coast. With plenty of time at leisure, you and your loved one are invited to relax, unwind, and connect.

7 Days from $3,679


8 Days from $3,419

Venture through the Sacred Valley of the Incas and discover ancient wonders with the help of private, local guides. Start in Cusco, the former Incan capital, and descend into the Sacred Valley to visit the markets of Pisac, the fortress ruins of Ollantaytambo, and the breathtaking mountain citadel of Machu Picchu.

6 Days from $2,449


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Atacama Desert, Chile, Pixabay (LuisValiente), Bird watching in the Amazon (Klein Tours/Go Galapagos), One of Goway's local guides (Goway), Lima culinary experience (Klein Tours/Go Galapagos), Traditional textile making, Unsplash (Willian Justen de Vasconcellos), Kayaking in the Galapagos (Shutterstock)


outh America is replete with awe-inspiring cruising options. The only question is, which cruise is best for you? Keep an eye out for colourful rainforest species in the Amazon. Admire the hardy creatures that call the Antarctic home, or cruise the Galapagos Islands, where unique, endemic species thrive without human interference.

M/V Anakonda Amazon River Cruise

M/Y Tucano Amazon

DELUXE | CRUISE: Travel down the

exotic waterways of the Ecuadorian Amazon, relaxing in luxury by night while participating in a range of exhilarating and ethical activities by day. Search for red howler monkeys in the rainforest canopy, explore waterways alongside piranha, and witness hundreds of parrots lick eroded clay walls.

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Venture deep into the Amazon rainforest and explore the flooded jungles and dark waterways of the Rio Negro on this river cruise. During your Amazon adventure, you’ll journey along the least-inhabited major river system in the basin and see what may be the greatest collection of flora and fauna in the world.

M/V Legend Galapagos Islands Cruise

Delfin Amazon River Luxury Cruise

DELUXE | CRUISE: Enjoy 5 days sailing

DELUXE | CRUISE: Discover the North

5 Days from $4,899

4 Days from $6,209

M/V Stella Australis Patagonia Cruise

Iberostar Grand Amazon River Cruise

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: The southern-

DELUXE | CRUISE: One of the many

5 Days from $2,099

4 Days from $1,499

4 Days from $3,819

aboard the M/V Legend, a family-friendly and first-class, 100-passenger vessel that will take you through the Galapagos Islands to discover the unique flora and fauna that makes this region a haven for nature lovers. All aboard!

most region of the world is where expedition cruise ships invite you to travel legendary maritime routes. On this particular sailing, you're invited to explore this beautiful and untamed region of South America which travels 'round the horn' from Ushuaia to Punta Arenas.


5 Days from $2,409

Peruvian Amazon aboard a river vessel with Delfin, innovators of luxury, boutique river cruising. Along the way you'll travel in style, enjoy meaningful, interactive experiences, dine on gastronomic delights, and create memories to last a lifetime.

natural peculiarities of Brazil is the confluence of the Solimões River and the Rio Negro, a meeting of waters after which the Amazon River is called by its own name until it reaches its outpouring on the Atlantic coast of Brazil. You're invited to see it for yourself.


Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Cruising the Amazon (Anakonda Amazon Cruise), The Amazon up close (Anakonda Amazon Cruise), Amazon River boat (Anakonda Amazon Cruise), Family adventure in the Galapagos, Goway (Don Forster), Cocktail hour (Klein Tours/Go Galapagos), Feeding river dolphins (Anakonda Amazon Cruise)







ven if Machu Picchu is your main draw, you'll want to explore more of Peru. Uncover the secrets of the vast Inca Empire, share stories and learn with Indigenous communities, visit the Amazon, and discover one of the world's most celebrated food scenes.


Explore cosmopolitan Lima and its historic corridors before connecting to Cusco. Descend into the Sacred Valley to visit Inca towns and ruins before you tour Machu Picchu, the Lost Citadel of the Incas.

DAY 1 - Arrive Lima - Transfer to your hotel. DAY 2 - Lima - Tour of Lima including modern Miraflores and the historic sights of the Main Square. DAY 3 - Transfer to Cusco - Flight to Cusco, including airport transfers.* Optional evening Cusco tour. DAY 4 - Transfer to the Sacred Valley - Explore the Sacred Valley of the Incas, including Chinchero, Racchi Viewpoint, and Ollantaytambo. DAY 5 - Transfer to Cusco with Machu Picchu Guided tour of Machu Picchu with free time to rail transfer to Cusco in the afternoon. DAY 6 - Cusco - Explore Cusco at leisure, or choose from a range of optional full-day excursions. DAY 7 - Depart Cusco - Transfer to airport for onward travels. *Flights not included



Discover historic sites, trendy barrios, and a lively oceanfront in Lima, Peru’s dynamic capital

Explore the Sacred Valley to reveal a fascinating history and spectacular Inca ruins

Savour mouthwatering Peruvian dishes, the culinary world’s rising star

Take a guided tour of Machu Picchu, the incredible Inca citadel in the clouds

Hand-selected first-class accommodation in each destination - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Salt pans of Maras, Pixabay (jdbenthien), Belmond Explorer Train (Belmond), Traditional Andean dress, Pixabay (chiaravi), Machu Picchu, Pixabay (mailanmaik)

7 Days from $1,499

Essential Peru

Inca Discovery

A Luxury Week in Peru


MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: This expedited adventure introduces you to the wonders of Peru. Begin in Lima to explore its colonial and modern wonders before you connect to Cusco. Delve into Peru’s past on a city tour, then ride the train to explore the Lost Citadel of the Incas, Machu Picchu.


6 Days from $1,369

7 Days from $3,589

Peru’s Pre-Incan Past

Best of Peru & Bolivia

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Head to Peru’s north to explore lush rainforest and preIncan ruins. On this vacation, you’ll see the third-tallest waterfall in the world, Gocta Falls, explore the Chachapoyas citadel fortress of Kuelap, and visit the Leymebamba Museum to see mummies and other ancient relics.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: See the high-

Panoramic mountain ranges, vast deserts, beautiful beaches, and tropical jungles are yours to explore. Along the way, reveal rich histories and impressive archaeology, all while enjoying Peru's world-renowned hospitality.

13 Days from $5,209



Machu Picchu blew my mind! Those magnificent ruins standing in the middle of the Andes, the mystery around them, the remarkably well-preserved citadel, the beauty of their surroundings…a visit there is a truly rewarding experience.

5 Days from $3,099

country that captures the imagination. Why not splurge and enjoy a few extra comforts as you explore the land of the Incas? Relax in luxurious hotels in between taking in sights like Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley to experience the best of the region.

lights of Peru and Bolivia on this outstanding combo vacation. Start in Peru, where you’ll venture into the Sacred Valley of the Incas and explore Machu Picchu and later connect to Bolivia to explore the capital, La Paz, and marvel at the stark beauty of the Uyuni Salt Flats.

10 Days from $3,879

Central & South America








he Galapagos Islands are its natural star, but Ecuador offers many distinct regions to enchant visitors. The Amazon, the Andes, and the Pacific all intersect here, supporting a colourful culture with a mix of attractions including adventure activities, world-class birding, and fine dining.

Highlights of Ecuador FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Escape to Ecuador and explore the beauty of this country from the Andes to the coast. Starting in Quito, enjoy the best of the region, including small towns and majestic volcanoes, then continue to Guayaquil, "the Pearl of the Pacific."


168 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Learn what puts Ecuador at the centre of it all and visit the equatorial line

Shop for quality handicrafts made using centuries-old, regional methods

Explore the dramatic landscapes of the Avenue of Volcanoes, including Cotopaxi

Climb half a km on board the zigzagging Devil’s Nose train

Stay in a variety of comfortable hotel, hacienda, and lodge accommodations

DAY 1 - Arrive Quito - Private transfer to your hotel. DAY 2 - Quito - Private tour of Quito including the sights of the colonial city and the Panecilllo. DAY 3 - Quito - Day trip to Otavalo, including craft market visit and lunch. DAY 4 - Transfer to Cotopaxi - Explore Cotopaxi National Park en route to your Andean lodge. DAY 5 - Transfer to Riobamba - Includes visit to a local artisan’s workshop and the volcanic crater of Quilotoa. DAY 6 - Transfer to Cuenca - Ride the Devil’s Nose train and visit the Inca fortress of Ingapirca. DAY 7 - Cuenca - Tour the Craftsman Trail, including visits to jewelry, textile, and guitar makers DAY 8 - Transfer to Guayaquil - Drive through Cajas National Park and visit a local dairy farm. DAY 9 - Guayaquil - Private city tour of Guayaquil including historic landmarks and the Malecon. DAY 10 - Depart Guayaquil - Private transfer to airport for onward travels.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Textiles at Otovalo Market (Klein Tours/Go Galapagos), Highlands, local traditions (Klein Tours, GoGalapagos), Cotopaxi National Park (Klein Tours/Go Galapagos)

10 Days from $4,239

Machu Picchu & the Galapagos Islands

Andes to Amazon

Hotel Gangotena Quito: Stays of Distinction

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Combine two of the world’s greatest landmarks on one itinerary! After exploring Lima, spend a few days in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and tour spectacular Machu Picchu, then head to Quito and connect to the Galapagos Islands to discover fascinating landscapes and incredible wildlife.

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Goway's Andes to Amazon exclusive escape visits Quito, the owls of Parque Condor, indomitable Cotopaxi National Park and Banos — found in the foothills of Tungurahua volcano — before exploring the Amazon. A once-in-a-lifetime expedition, you're invited to discover the wonders of Ecuador.


Quito & the Amazon

Quito & the Countryside

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Discover the natural and cultural highlights of mainland Ecuador. Explore the colonial corridors of the capital Quito before cruising the Ecuadorian Amazon to see the world’s most famous rainforest. Back in Quito, you’ll visit nearby hot springs and one of South America’s most colourful markets.

MODERATE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: With its unending springtime and ‘stone’s throw’ position from the Equator, Quito lays a very real claim to being the centre of the world. On this immersive exploration of the Ecuadorian capital, discover the city's rich history and the incredible countryside.

12 Days from $7,019



Ecuador is a country where you can have breakfast in the highlands, lunch in a cloud forest, and dinner on the coastline, all in one day. The different microclimates that you’ll experience along the way make you feel that you’re entering new worlds. It’s truly an incredible place.

9 Days from $4,109

10 Days from $5,799

listed city centre of Quito is worth enjoying to its fullest. Described as the least altered and best preserved in Latin America, immerse yourself in this historically rich barrio with a stay at Casa Gangotena, an impeccable, colonial-style hotel with lovely terrace views.

4 Days from $1,739

6 Days from $1,949

Central & South America






volution’s natural laboratory, the Galapagos Islands are as astounding today as they were when they first awed naturalist Charles Darwin. Alive with endemic species unhindered by humankind, the Galapagos Islands offer an unparalleled encounter with nature.

FIRST-CLASS | CRUISE: Spend 4 days on board the 36- or 20-passenger luxury yacht's M/Y Coral I & II as they sail in tandem to explore many highlights of the Galapagos Islands including Santa Cruz, Floreana, Espanola, and Daphne.

4 Days from $3,899 Itinerary A

DAY 1 - Transfer to Galapagos - Flight from mainland Ecuador.* Visit Giant Tortoise Breeding Center. DAY 2 - Dragon Hill & Bartolome - See land iguanas, sea turtles, reef sharks, and many bird species, plus Pinnacle Rock. DAY 3 - Rabida & Santiago - Visit the red sand beach, snorkel, visit Buccaneers Cove, and see more species including seals and sea lions. DAY 4 - Transfer to mainland - Visit Santa Cruz Island including Black Turtle Cove before boarding your flight for mainland Ecuador.*

Itinerary B

DAY 1 - Transfer to Galapagos - Flight from mainland Ecuador.* Visit Charles Darwin Research Station. DAY 2 - Mosquera & North Seymour - Visit the sea lions of Mosquera Islet and large bird colonies on North Seymour Island. DAY 3 - Santa Fe & South Plaza - See the largest of the Galapagos land igua- nas on Santa Fe. Walk through the colourful cacti forests of South Plaza. DAY 4 - Transfer to mainland - Visit Kicker Rock and the San Cristobal Giant Tortoise Breeding Center before boarding your flight for mainland Ecuador.* *Flights not included

170 - 1-800-387-8850 -


Island hop through nature’s ultimate showcase, the Galapagos Islands

Learn about efforts to conserve endemic species such as the Giant Tortoise

Hike, swim, and snorkel in between observing unique species

Private cabin aboard a high-class yacht that blends practicality and style

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Spectacular views in the Galapagos (Klein Tours/Go Galapagos), Glass-bottom boat tour (Klein Tours/Go Galapagos), Up close and personal on the reef (Klein Tours/Go Galapagos),

M/Y Coral I/II Galapagos Cruise

M/C Endemic Galapagos Cruise

M/Y Infinity Galapagos Cruise

Finch Bay by Land or Sea

DELUXE | CRUISE: Venture through

DELUXE | CRUISE: The M/Y Infinity exceeds everything seen before. High performance, unrivaled comfort, respect for the environment, and stunning style all combine to ensure that the Infinity is one of the most ideal modern yachts for exploring the Galapagos Islands.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Enjoy an island getaway in the Galapagos Islands. Staying in the 4-star eco-friendly accommodations of Finch Bay Eco Hotel, you’ll enjoy the freedom of the beach and have the opportunity to see giant tortoises, follow in the footsteps of Darwin, and explore the incredible natural wonders of the Galapagos.

Highlights of Peru & the Galapagos

Galapagos Island Hopping

DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Escape to South America and explore two iconic countries on one amazing, customizable journey. Start in Peru where you’ll explore Machu Picchu. Soon after, it's off to Ecuador where you’ll explore one of nature’s greatest playgrounds, the Galapagos Islands.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Explore the Galapagos on this land-based, island-hopping adventure. Combining island stays with day trips, you’ll explore volcanic landscapes and snorkel through tropical waters, spotting incredible wildlife like whitetip reef sharks, marine iguanas, and giant tortoises along the way.

the Galapagos Islands to see soaring frigate birds, lumbering tortoises, and frolicking sea lions. Travelling aboard a luxury yacht, the M/C Endemic, you’ll enjoy refined comforts and amenities as you cruise through the islands, exploring volcanic landscapes and spotting wildlife.

4 Days from $7,389



The Galapagos Islands were spectacular. I never imagined you could see so much wildlife up close without binoculars. Snorkelling with sea turtles and sea lions was a highlight of my trip. Amid the colourful landscapes, it felt like a vivid dream.

4 Days from $5,269

13 Days from $7,319

4 Days from $2,899

5 Days from $4,519

Central & South America








rom sprawling and artsy Santiago to the colourful deserts of Atacama or Patagonia's mighty peaks, this is a country set to impress. Sample award-winning wines, ignite your sense of mystery on Easter Island, or discover the breathtaking Lake District.

Chilean Wines, Deserts & Volcanoes DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: Worldfamous wines paired with some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet courtesy of the Atacama Desert combine to make this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity worth putting on (and checking off) your bucket list. DAY 1 - Arrive Santiago - Private transfer to your hotel. DAY 2 - Santiago - Private tour of Santiago including home-hosted lunch with a local family. DAY 3 - Transfer to San Pedro de Atacama - Flight to Atacama, with private airport transfers.* DAY 4 - San Pedro de Atacama - At leisure. Customize your trip with your personal concierge. DAY 5 - San Pedro de Atacama - 4x4 customized desert tour with private guide. DAY 6 - Transfer to Colchagua - Flight to Santiago and transfer to the Colchagua Valley.* DAY 7 - Colchagua - Choose from exploring wineries, nature, or the town of Santa Cruz. DAY 8 - Transfer to Santiago - Return to Santiago. Afternoon and evening at leisure. DAY 9 - Depart Santiago - Private transfer to airport for onward travels. *Flights not included


172 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Immerse yourself in the energy of Santiago, Chile’s capital city

Try your hand at traditional Chilean cooking with a local family

Wine? Nature? Customize your day in the Colchagua Valley to suit your interests

Create a custom tour of the incredible Atacama Desert with your personal concierge

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Torres del Paine, Pixabay (SOFCOR), Colourful Valparaiso, Pixabay (QuaintPlanet), Chile is famous for its wine, Pixabay (hbieser), Moai, Easter Island (Shutterstock)

9 Days from $8,859

Tierra Chile Top to Bottom

Patagonia Complete

&Beyond Vira Vira Chilean Lake District

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Chile is a stun-

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: A hiking adventure through the heart of Patagonia. Witness the splendour of Torres del Paine in Chile, the Rio Blanco Trail, Piedras Blances Glacier, and Lake Argentino in Argentina. After adventurous days on the trails, relax in the comfort of first-class Patagonian camps and lodges.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Located in a 22acre park on the shores of the Liucura River, this stunning 18-room hotel offers an oasis of peace and relaxation in the heart of the Araucania, a region rich in culture and nature, surrounded by national parks with amazing lakes, volcanoes, and an ancient native forest.

Rapa Nui Basics: Easter Island Eco Lodge

Wonders of Easter Island & Santiago

MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Explore the mysteries of Easter Island’s famous statues with a stay at Easter Island Eco Lodge. From here you’ll tour the island to learn about the mysterious history of the moai and also enjoy the island’s warm waters and white-sand beaches.


ning country from one end to the other. Embark on a unique journey to experience north and south, Atacama and Patagonia, taking in some of the most tantalizing and visually impressive landscapes in the world along the way.

8 Days from $6,669



Easter Island is a fantastic destination. Beyond its famous stone monuments, numbering around 900, including the famous heads, it offers beaches, biking, and hiking. A must see for all adventure travellers.

8 Days from $4,679

4 Days from $839

4 Days from $3,439

Explore Chile’s capital and unlock the secrets of Rapa Nui (Easter Island) on this combo tour. Starting in Santiago you’ll see city highlights old and new, visit the nearby coastline of Valparaiso, and then connect to Rapa Nui to delve into the island’s mythical history and see the iconic Moai.

6 Days from $1,759

Central & South America






ine. Steak. Tango. Evita. Football. Buenos Aires knows its icons and is happy to share! Go beyond Argentina's charismatic capital, and you'll find thrilling outdoor adventures from Patagonia to Salta, with incredible scenery, wines, and culture in between.

Argentina Top to Bottom MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE:

Experience the amazing contrasts of Argentina on this immersive adventure. Begin with time in its sophisticated capital, Buenos Aires, exploring colourful and historic neighbourhoods, then fly to Patagonia to El Calafate, home to the awe-inspiring Moreno Glacier, and finally push north to take in dramatic and breathtaking Iguassu Falls. DAY 1 - Arrive Buenos Aires - Transfer to your hotel. DAY 2 - Buenos Aires - Private tour of Buenos Aires. DAY 3 - Buenos Aires - Full day at leisure. DAY 4 - Transfer to El Calafate - Flight to El Calafate, with guided airport transfers.* DAY 5 - Perito Moreno - Full day Glacier National Park tour including Moreno Glacier. DAY 6 - Perito Moreno - Full-day at leisure. DAY 7 - Transfer to Iguassu Falls - Flight to Iguassu Falls, with airport transfers.* DAY 8 - Iguassu Falls - Explore the Argentinean side of Iguassu Falls. DAY 9 - Depart Iguassu Falls - Transfer to airport for onward travels. *Flights not included



Private Buenos Aires tour including historic San Remo and colourful La Boca

Explore Iguassu Falls up close, including the awesome Devil’s Throat

Time at leisure to explore Buenos Aires and Perito Moreno

Full-day tour of the Perito Moreno region including the Moreno Glacier

Stay in first-class accommodations in Patagonia and Iguassu Falls - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Argentinean Patagonia (Shutterstock), Tango demonstration (Shutterstock), La Boca, Buenos Aires, Pixabay (Wengen), The Pampas at dawn (Shutterstock)

9 Days from $1,739

Highlights of Argentina: Tango & Ice

Patagonia Self-Drive

Rio de Janeiro, Iguassu Falls & Buenos Aires

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Experience two distinctly beautiful Argentinian gems on this 6-day vacation. In Buenos Aires, discover beautiful architecture, storied histories, and the romance of tango. Later, travel south to Patagonia to witness the majesty of the wild as you venture through the Andes Mountains and cruise up to the face of Perito Moreno Glacier.

FIRST-CLASS | SELF-DRIVE: Explore the wilds of Argentine Patagonia on this convenient self-drive from Puerto Madryn to El Calafate, which lets you travel at your own pace as you aim to spot whales off the coast, trek across the trails near Perito Moreno Glacier, and admire the barren landscape and towering rocks of the far south.

FIRST-CLASS | PRIVATE-GUIDED: On this private-guided adventure, discover a classic South American route that all globetrotters should experience at least once. Combining the rhythms and culture of Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires alongside two nights in spectacular Iguassu Falls, it is a quintessential exploration of three iconic destinations.

Casa de Uco Vineyards & Wine Resort

River Plate Triangle

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Unwind with a glass (or bottle) of wine! Experience the viticulture lifestyle by tasting the best wines in a beautiful vineyard setting. Try traditional Argentinestyle barbecue, and venture to a secluded spot for a picnic with a view you’ll never forget.

FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Launching from Buenos Aires, spend 6 days travelling through Colonia and Montevideo in Uruguay. Colonia is steeped in history and today is a great resort destination while Montevideo is one of South America's best-kept secrets.

6 Days from $2,039



I love Argentina. It’s a country that offers everything: beautiful landscapes in Patagonia with glaciers like Perito Moreno, nature at its best in national parks like Iguassu, and art, culture, and community passion in Buenos Aires. The world-famous wines are amazing too and in the end make this country one of my favorite destinations.

7 Days from $2,649

5 Days from $2,469

8 Days from $2,959

6 Days from $2,229

Central & South America



ffering the Amazon, Iguassu Falls, the beaches of Rio, and much more, Brazil is a natural treasure with an energetic culture like no other. From spotting jaguars in the Pantanal to relaxing with a cocktail on the beach, Brazil is set to seduce you.


Experience the delights of beautiful and exotic Rio de Janeiro, the thrill of mighty Iguassu Falls, marvel at the Meeting of the Waters on a short 3-night cruise on the Amazon River, and later stay in the jungle capital of Manaus.

12 Days from $3,689

A Blast of Brazilian Luxury DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED: This VIP Brazilian experience has you dining at the chef's table at Cipriani in Rio, discovering thunderous Iguassu Falls, and searching for elusive pumas and jaguars in the wilds of the Pantanal. At night, you'll relax in comfort in some of the country's finest accommodations.

11 Days from $11,229

Rio in Depth MODERATE | TAILOR-MADE: Blessed with a wonderful natural setting, watched over by Christ the Redeemer atop Corcovado Mountain, and surrounded by tropical forests, Rio is one of the world’s most beautiful cities. Set off to discover Cidade Maravilhosa for yourself.

4 Days from $839

176 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Overlooking Rio's beaches (Shutterstock), Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro, Pixabay (Poswiecie), Volleyball on Ipanema Beach (Shutterstock), Iguassu Falls (Shutterstock), Kaieteur Falls, Guyana (Shutterstock), Guyana's idyllic jungles (Shutterstock), Historic Georgetown, Unsplash (Dinesh Chandrapal)



quiet slip of paradise on the Caribbean, Guyana provokes curiosity, rewarding adventurous visitors with a wide variety of wildlife including rarely seen large species. Big on sightings and light on crowds, Guyana is a nature-lover’s dream destination.

Jaguars, Otters & Jungles FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE: Fancy

leaving your friends both jealous and scrambling for the world map? Guyana boasts vast, unspoiled rainforests, healthy populations of jaguar, tapir, and caiman, plus one of the world's most impressive waterfalls. Time to update your bucket list.

9 Days from $5,709


Tour Georgetown, Guyana's verdant capital city

Visit Kaieteur Falls, one of the world's most spectacular natural wonders

Set out on guided walks, hikes, and boat tours through wildlife rich forests and savannah

Watch for jaguars in Iwokrama Rainforest, one of their best-preserved natural habitats

DAY 1 - Arrive Georgetown - Private transfer to your lodge. DAY 2 - Transfer to Kaieteur Falls - Private Georgetown Botanical Gardens tour. Flight to Kaieteur Falls with afternoon tour. DAY 3 - Transfer to Iwokrama Rainforest - Flight to Iwokrama. Afternoon and evening wildlife excursions DAY 4 - Iwokrama Rainforest - Turtle Mountain wildlife hike. Boat trip to Kurupukari Falls. DAY 5 - Iwokrama Rainforest - Jaguar spotting expedition en route to rainforest lodge. DAY 6 - Surama - Canopy wildlife walk. Amerindian community visit. DAY 7 - Pakaraima Mountains - Savannah walk including Burro Burro River. DAY 8 - Transfer to Georgetown - Flight to Georgetown. Private-guided city tour with dinner. DAY 9 - Depart Georgetown - Private transfer to airport for onward travels.

Central & South America



rom its mountainous coffee regions to enchanting Caribbean beaches, Colombia is South America’s rising star with good reason. Catch up with this rapidly changing country in Bogota or Medellin, or slow down to match the local rhythms of coastal Cartagena.

Coast, Coffee & Culture in Colombia DELUXE | PRIVATE-GUIDED:

Colombia is famous for its coffee as well as its magnificent beaches on the Caribbean coast. On this adventure, appreciate the quintessential sights while also taking the time to discover places often overlooked including Penol Boulder, the Cocora Valley, and much more.

12 Days from $4,249

DAY 1 - Arrive Bogota - Private transfer to your hotel. DAY 2 - Bogota - Private-guided city tour including Monserrate Hill and Paloquemao. DAY 3 - Bogota - Day trip to Zipaquira’s Salt Cathedral and Usaquen with private guide. DAY 4 - Transfer to Medellin - Flight to Medellin with private airport transfers and city tour.* DAY 5 - Medellin - Private day trip to Penol and Guatape including boat ride and water front lunch. DAY 6 - Transfer to Armenia - Flight to Armenia with private airport transfers.* DAY 7 - Armenia - Salento and Cocora Valley day trip. DAY 8 - Armenia - Day trip to San Alberto with coffee tasting and hacienda tour. DAY 9 - Transfer to Cartagena - Flight to Cartagena with private transfers.* Private tasting tour and dance class. DAY 10 - Cartagena - Hosted dinner at a local home, with option to assist with cooking. DAY 11 - Cartagena - Monuments and Panoramic city tour including Castillo de San Felipe and Las Bóvedas. DAY 12 - Depart Cartagena - Transfer to airport for onward travels. *Flights not included

178 - 1-800-387-8850 -


Visit Zipaquira’s Salt Cathedral with your private guide

Taste the fresh coffee of the Quindio region

Private-guided tours take you to explore Bogota, Medellin, and Cartagena

Home-hosted dinner with a local family in Cartagena

Boutique accommodations in Cartagena and Quindio Coffee Region

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Old Cartagena, Unsplash (Ricardo Gomez Angel), Colombia's coffee region, Pixabay (cahumedo), The Rosario Islands (Shutterstock), Panama City, Pixabay (tvshoppingpty), Local wildlife (Shutterstock), Casco Viejo, Panama, Unsplash (Angel Silva), The sun-kissed Pacific Coast (Shutterstock)



ridging Central and South America, Panama surprises travellers who make the journey with its sprawling beaches, colourful islands, abundant wildlife, a unique history that goes well beyond its famous canal, and some of the best coffee on the continent.


Experience the best of Panama on this well-balanced tour. Start in Panama City where you’ll explore the colonial history before touring the Panama Canal. Then venture into the jungle for a couple nights at a rainforest resort before heading to the beach for three nights of sunny relaxation.

9 Days from $1,779

DAY 1 - Arrive Panama City - Private transfer to your hotel DAY 2 - Panama City - Panama City tour including Old Panama and the Panama Canal DAY 3 - Transfer to Gamboa - Transfer to Gamboa Rainforest Resort DAY 4 - Gamboa - Day at leisure. Choose from optional activities showcasing local culture and nature DAY 5 - Transfer to Santa Clara - Transfer to your all-inclusive beachfront resort DAY 6-7 - Santa Clara - Days at leisure DAY 8 - Transfer to Panama City - Transfer to your Panama City hotel DAY 9 - Depart Panama City - Transfer to airport for onward travels.


Learn the history of the Panama Canal on an informative and scenic tour

Discover an array of jungle wonders at Gamboa Rainforest Resort

Relax on sun-kissed beaches along the Panamanian Pacific coast

Explore Panama's traditional cultures and biodiversity

Central & South America








osta Rica offers ecotourism like few other places on earth. With over half a million unique animal species and nearly a quarter of its land area protected through its national park system, Costa Rica invites you to discover nature at its most colourful and playful.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Get in touch with Costa Rica’s “Pura Vida” lifestyle on this quintessential journey through the country. After a quick start in SanJose, buckle up and experience the jungles of Arenal and coastal delights of Manuel Antonio. Along the way, you’ll visit impressive waterfalls, hike canopy bridges, and embark on a river safari.

8 Days from $2,909

DAY 1 - Arrive San Jose - Private transfer to your hotel. DAY 2 - Transfer to Arenal - Scenic drive via Paz Waterfall Gardens. DAY 3 - Arenal - Guided, small-group hanging bridges and rainforest walk. DAY 4 - Arenal - Guided small-group river safari float. DAY 5 - Transfer to Manuel Antonio - Private transfer plus scenic hike in Manuel Antonio National Park. DAY 6-7 - Manuel Antonio - Days at leisure, with a range of optional activities. DAY 8 - Transfer to San Jose - Private transfer to airport for onward travels.


180 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Explore two of Costa Rica’s best national parks, showcasing the country’s biodiversity

Two days at leisure to enjoy the beauty of Manuel Antonio National Park

Small group excursion and river safari in Arenal National Park (max 10 guests)

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Sunset over the Pacific, Pixabay (Kristendawn), Exploring the rainforest, Unsplash (Asap Story), A colourful and curious local, Unsplash (Zdenek Machacel), Arenal Volcano, Pixabay (MillerGruppe)

Costa Rica Signature

Costa Rica Wonders

Costa Rica Elements Self-Drive

Hotel Parador: Stays of Distinction


MODERATE | SELF-DRIVE: Costa Rica is one of the most eco-friendly nations on earth. Here, roughly one-third of the country has been declared protected land, and eco-tourism is seen as an avenue to ensure the country remains pristine. Discover the incredible microclimates and jungles of Costa Rica on this weeklong selfdrive adventure.

DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Relax in luxury with the beautiful Pacific Ocean on one side and pristine rainforest on the other. Nestled in spectacular Manuel Antonio, Parador Resort & Spa is a leader in eco-luxury. Discover this haven of responsible relaxation for yourself.

Tortuguero Canals

Family Fun Adventure in Costa Rica



perfect introduction to Costa Rica. Explore the slopes of Arenal Volcano, venture through the cloud forests of Monteverde, and enjoy days of leisure on the beaches of Manuel Antonio.

8 Days from $1,219

4 Days from $1,169

7 Days from $1,809



The trip into Tortuguero National Park is an adventure in itself, over canals and estuaries until you reach your jungle lodge. Expert guides help visitors spot howler monkeys, sloths, toucans, and more exotic birds than most can name. It’s a highlight I recommend to anyone visiting Costa Rica.

the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, Tortuguero National Park has a wide diversity of plant and animal life, perhaps most famously, its turtles. The park features 11 different habitats, including rainforest, mangrove forests, swamps, beaches, and lagoons.

3 Days from $739

est, most colourful, and wildlife-rich destination in Central America, Costa Rica is a natural vacation choice for families looking to combine nature, thrills, and a warm escape from the winter. This round-trip from San Jose combines the best known destinations with lesser known highlights.

8 Days from $3,009

Central & South America



acked with adventures, Belize offers an idyllic beach getaway with centuries of Mayan history at its door. Visit incredible diving and snorkelling spots, the beautiful Ambergris Caye, and the ruins of Caracol, or even Tikal in neighbouring Guatemala.

Belize Jungle & Beach Experience FIRST-CLASS | TAILOR-MADE:

Stripping back to the basics, this week long escape to Belize captures two of the country’s most valuable natural assets. Begin your adventure either in the jungle or on the beach, with time at leisure to devote to the activities that interest you the most.

7 Days from $1,159

DAY 1 - Arrive Cayo District - Private transfer to your hotel. DAY 2-3 - Cayo District - Days at leisure. Optional activities include jungle excursions, adventure sports, and expeditions to Mayan sites including Caracol and Tikal. DAY 4 - Transfer to San Pedro - Flight to San Pedro with airport transfers.* DAY 5-6 - San Pedro - Days at leisure on Ambergris Caye. Optional activities include diving, snorkelling, beach picnics, boat tours, and wildlife experiences. DAY 7 - Depart San Pedro - Transfer to airport for onward travels. This itinerary can also be done in the reverse order. *Flights not included



Stay in the heart of the Belizean jungle with nature on your doorstep

Organize day trips to the incredible Mayan cities lke Caracol or Tikal

Complimentary access to canoes, tubes, and hiking equipment in Cayo

Experience the beauty of Ambergris Caye, with diving, snorkelling, and boating options

Stay in first-class accommodations that show off the best of Belize - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Secluded beach accommodation, Unsplash (Meritt Thomas), Adjusting to Belize time (Shutterstock), Exploring the forest from above, Unsplash (Aristedes Carrera), Sunset jungle tour, Pixabay (RonaldPlett), Palenque (Shutterstock), Ready for the Day of the Dead, Unsplash (Eduardo Durantes), Local transport with character, Pixabay (Michelleraponi)



o, you think you know Mexico? The historic sights and cultural charms of this country are sure to surprise you, whether you’re exploring the Mayan ruins of the Yucatan, or bustling Mexico City and the culture of the historic surrounding towns.

Haciendas of the Yucatan DELUXE | TAILOR-MADE: Spend time in the Yucatan Peninsula to explore outstanding Mayan archaeological sites and get a glimpse of how this civilization lived. Of particular note are Uxmal and Chichen Itza, which you'll discover alongside a knowledgeable private guide. Throughout your trip, relax in a range of topnotch haciendas.

7 Days from $5,089

Mexico City: Day of the Dead FIRST-CLASS | SMALL GROUP: No festival captures the beauty and complexity of Mexican culture like Dia de los Muertos (The Day of the Dead). This first-class, small group experience puts you at the centre of the festival in Mexico City. See the city’s best sights, and immerse yourself in this beautiful tradition.

7 Days from $3,249

Tikal and Belize Adventure

Colonial Mexico


MODERATE | SMALL GROUP: Discover the influences and legacies of the Spanish Colonial era in Mexico. Visit exceptionally beautiful towns and immerse yourself in history. You will be delighted at the colourful cities and towns offering extraordinary and remarkable sights including the colonial-style buildings, plazas, and avenues.

This adventure through the Mayan ruins of Belize and Guatemala will satisfy your cravings for a culturally rich holiday, ending with several sun-filled days on the beaches of beautiful San Pedro.

9 Days from $2,839

9 Days from $1,249

Central & South America



Photo: Learning to thrive in the Antarctic, Pixabay (MemoryCatcher)

Photos from left to right:





The Polar regions of the planet are some of the least explored on Earth and while admittedly austere, they are also beautiful. Nothing can compare to the lure of the Northern Lights or trying to sleep under the midnight sun. If you’re very lucky, you may even spot a polar bear. At the other end of the globe, across the perilous Drake Passage you will find Antarctica, the seventh continent and one of the last great frontiers. The world’s driest, coldest continent is still very much alive with penguins, walruses, seals, and birds. Antarctic cruises with Goway will leave you with an experience you will never forget.


We had a wonderful cruise through the Drake Passage to the South Shetland Islands. It was a birdwatchers paradise seeing all the sea birds we could never have seen any other way. The Wandering Albatross was very special. Then we saw colonies of Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins which was spectacular.


Polar Voyages



he ultimate wilderness adventure, Antarctica beckons with wildlife sightings and landscapes that seem lifted from imagination. Far from barren, the world’s coldest continent teems with life, and is the ultimate feather in any serious traveller’s cap.

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falklands Explorer DELUXE | CRUISE: Join us aboard the Ocean Endeavour on this epic voyage for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers alike. Antarctica, the fabled White Continent, is a land of penguins, seals, whales, and icebergs. Sailing to South Georgia, follow in the footsteps of the heroic polar explorer, Sir Ernest Shackleton, and finally, visit the ruggedly beautiful Falkland Islands. DAY 1 - Arrive Ushuaia - Transfer from Ushuaia Airport to your hotel. DAY 2 - Embarkation - Morning at leisure before transferring to Ocean Endeavour. DAY 3-4 - Drake Passage - Sail from the southernmost tip of South America to Antarctica. DAY 5-8 - South Shetland Islands and Antarctic Peninsula - Explore the shores of Antarctica and meet the creatures that thrive here. DAY 9 - Elephant Island - Take Zodiacs to Point Wild, historic former camp site of Shackleton’s crew. DAY 10 - At Sea - Sail north to the island of South Georgia. DAY 11-14 - South Georgia - Meet the communities and wildlife of South Georgia. DAY 15-16 - At Sea - Enjoy the onboard facilities or simply relax. DAY 17-18 - Falkland Islands - Explore the history and natural beauty of the Falklands. DAY 19-20 - At Sea - Return to Ushuaia, the world’s southernmost city. DAY 21 - Disembark in Ushuaia - Transfer to airport for onward travels.


Cross the Drake Passage through the Antarctic Convergence and into the White Continent

Explore the Falkland Islands and learn about the region's tumultuous history

Visit South Georgia and attempt landfall on Elephant Island, Shackleton's refuge

Set out on guided land excursions that take you to meet the incredible creatures of the Antarctic

186 - 1-800-387-8850 -

Ocean Endeavour amenities includes gym, sauna, pool, yoga studio, and jacuzzi



You can experience complete isolation in the Falkland Islands along with rugged landscape, stunning beaches, and thousands of very curious penguins.

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Gentoo penguins (Shutterstock), King penguins (Shutterstock), Taking a break on the world's coolest coast, Unsplash (Henrique Setim)

21 Days from $23,749

Air, Land & Sea to Antarctica DELUXE | CRUISE: Included as part of a South America vacation or taken on its own, an Antarctic cruise is an unforgettable adventure. This unique itinerary begins in the southern tip of Patagonia, Punta Arenas, from where you will begin this fantastic voyage into Antarctica.

6 Days from $8,889

Antarctic Whale Journey









DELUXE | CRUISE: Set sail in search of

the giants of the Southern Ocean on this voyage of Antarctic discovery. Cross the legendary Drake Passage and Antarctic Convergence, scanning the waters as you sail for the silhouettes of these magnificent marine mammals as they glide alongside the vessel or surface in a spectacular breach.

11 Days from $14,999

Polar Voyages



n icy land of myth and fable, the Arctic remains shrouded in mystery, with unique wildlife, and an inspiring history of human exploration. Set out from Norway, Russia, or North America and glimpse a natural world that can only exist around the Arctic Ocean.

Jewels of the Russian Arctic DELUXE | CRUISE: From the ancient mountains of Novaya Zemlya to the wildlife sanctuary of Franz Josef Land, the secluded lands of Russia's Arctic Coast offer an exhilarating mix of unique sights and adventures. DAY 1 - Arrive in Helsinki - Transfer to your hotel. DAY 2 - Transfer to Murmansk - Charter flight to Murmansk and embark to your ship. DAY 3-4 - At Sea - Discover the wildlife, geology, and history of the Barents Sea region. DAY 5-7 - Novaya Zemlya -Explore the capes, glaciers, and coves via Zodiac expedition. DAY 5 - At Sea - Cross the Barents Sea bound for Franz Josef. DAY 9-12 - Franz Josef Land - Visit sites of exploration, with wildlife encounters as you explore via Zodiac. DAY 13-14 - At Sea - Return to Murmansk, keeping watch for whales and other life. DAY 15 - Disembark and transfer to Helsinki - Return charter flight to Helsinki. DAY 16 - Depart Helsinki - Transfer to airport for onward travels.



Begin and end your journey in Helsinki

Explore Europe’s third-largest wilderness region, little seen Novaya Zemlya

Visit the settlements of early explorers

Come face to face with walruses, whales, and other Arctic life in their natural habitat - 1-800-387-8850 -

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Harp seal (Shutterstock), The Arctic's well-known inhabitants (Shutterstock), Water and Ice adventure (David Merron), Arctic habitat (Shutterstock), Zodiac excursion (Shutterstock)

16 Days from $22,199

Spitsbergen Highlights



DELUXE | CRUISE: Embark on an extraor-

dinary journey to the Arctic and explore the northern island of Spitsbergen. Aboard a brandnew polar vessel, you’ll cruise through pack ice exploring the fjords and glaciers of this Norwegian island, spotting polar bears, walruses, and seabirds along the way.


11 Days from $12,799

Northwest Passage: Epic High Arctic




DELUXE | CRUISE: The fabled sea route

connecting the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, the Northwest Passage continues to grip our collective imagination. On this captivating voyage, we invite you aboard our game-changing new vessel, Ultramarine, to explore this fascinating waterway.

8 Days from $26,279







Polar Voyages



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PHOTOGRAPHS & IMAGES Goway would like to thank our photographers for taking us beyond borders in this brochure with their fantastic images. Particularly, thanks to our many tourism board partners, our supply partners, our Goway staff, and freelance photographers on Shutterstock, Unsplash, and Pixabay. Goway has taken every effort to obtain all the necessary clearances and permissions for the images that have been used in this brochure. If you have any questions about the use of images in this brochure, you can contact us by phone or email. 192

Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Pixabay (fernandozhiminaicela), Shutterstock, Kanangra-Boyd National Park, Kanangra, Australia (Erico Marcelino)

My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport.. – Steve McCurry

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Since 1970, Goway has been crafting tailor-made tradvel experiences for discerning globetrotters. From tracks into the Australia Outback to safaris across the African savanna to stopovers in the great cities of Asia and Europe, our customized vacations take travellers to all corners of the world and showcase our incredible planet. Turn your travel dreams into a reality with Goway Travel.

Our destination specialists craft tailor-made vacations to: AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND & THE SOUTH PACIFIC UK & EUROPE

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Photos from top to bottom, left to right: Monks collecting alms (Shutterstock), Kangaroo Island, Australia (Shutterstock), On Safari, Africa (Shtuterstock), Bagan, Myanmar (Shutterstock), Santorini, Greece (Shutterstock), Machu Picchu, Peru (Shutterstock), Polar bear sighting, Arctic (Shutterstock)

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