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It’s September…

Tis the season for Football! As we leap into the fall season, beauty trends are an intriguing act to follow: don’t get discouraged but rather be fearless. Look your best when you reinvent yourself and “Dress for Less”. Get the attention you want with that beauty move. I am an advocate for fashion and beauty steals: they do last when you commit to it. The quest for that ultimate piece that adds perk to your wardrobe is so rewarding when you tell people you got it for a steal! We want you to show your inner beauty and confidence, so here are the rules: look chic when you shoe-off your shoes! Happy pretty toes for a happy you. Raise the bar with the heart healthy tips provided to jump start your day. When the impossible becomes possible, it can change one’s life. • September 2012 | L#

Be on the lookout for our featured FWSD designer, Stacie May. She is back in the spotlight with a very feminine line of clothing. If you consider layering and flowing items, you are guaranteed to look amazing. Fashion Week San Diego taking place in the month of October cannot be here soon enough, I can’t wait to reveal the juicy details about it. So stay tuned for the exclusive cover stories: follow us on facebook ( pages/The-GOODS-Magazine/134815559893825). Signing off...

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What’s Buzzing Around San Diego Stay Connected with DJ HERE • September 2012 | L#

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Hair Trends

By Christina DiMaria


ou don’t have to have thousands of dollars to blow on a Versace dress with matching accessories and Vera Wang shoes to mimic the trends from Fashion Week. You can steal a few hair trends and look sexy without spending your life savings. So what dos are hot on the runway this year? • September 2012 | L#

It Doesn’t Have to Look like it Took All Day Sometimes less really is more, and this definitely was a theme of 2012. A natural, unpolished look is sexy. You don’t need to rock a hairdo that looks perfect to be perfect.

Skip Volumizer At one point in time, the 80s to be exact, volume was all the rage. Even in recent years, volume has been a sign of healthy, luxurious locks. However, the runways of 2012 featured hairstyles that weren’t hyped up on volumizer. Models strutted down the runway with hair that was sleek and sexy. Hair was more natural looking.


Faux Bob Fendi took the fake bob to a whole new look this season. A fake bob is a hairstyle that creates a bob by combing a woman’s hair underneath her neck. With this fake bob, the hair was teased and hair was deliberately standing straight up in the front. With enough glossy hairspray, the model’s hair stayed in place and definitely got attention.

R# | • September 2012

Curl can take on so many different looks. While Prada might favor the messy curl look, this year was all about a precise and well-defined look. The curls were clearly heavily done with styling product and the pins were visible.

Photographer Spotlight… Designer Spotlight… By Donna Wilkins

September and March are the “It” issues for all fashion magazines. This gives designers the opportunity to showcase their upcoming line. In March they show us what to expect for spring, and in September, fall. In fact, in 2009, there was even an entire movie devoted to and named, The September Issue. Anna Wintour, editor and chief of American Vogue magazine, took the viewer behind the scenes at a look as to what it takes to put together the September issue. And it is a lot of work. From the most seasoned designer to the new kid on the block, exposure in the September issue can help boost sales ten-fold. With Fashion Week San Diego, FWSD, right around the corner,

over the last several months we have had the chance to interview several of the designers. This month we are excited to spotlight veteran FWSD designer, Stacie May. She was featured last year in our April issue. This month we will find out what’s new, what’s different, and what to expect at FWSD in October. With a B.F.A. in fashion design from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Stacie May’s background in retail, visual merchandising and visual design were the stepping stones to becoming the full time designer she is today. The G.O.O.D.S. magazine It’s great to talk to you again. It was a pleasure working with you last year, and can’t wait to hear what’s new for Stacie May. Besides our magazine, what other magazines have featured your work? Stacie May Hello. It’s nice to talk to you again as well. I was thrilled with last year’s article in your magazine. Besides The G.O.O.D.S., I have been featured in Truth magazine, Trend magazine, San Diego Reader, Haute magazine, Fashion Chicago Magazine, Viva La Moda Magazine, Arts and Fashion Magazine, and San Diego Magazine. T.G.M. It must be wonderful to see your work in print, but there is probably nothing like seeing it in person. As a seasoned designer, where else have you shown your work? S.M. Over the past 3 years I’ve been fortunate to be able to show case my work in various arenas in San Diego and Arizona. Beginning with Fashion Week San Diego, 2008 and now 2012 in October, Stacie May Spring 2012 Debut on roller Skates, The Art of Amore at the Oceanside Museum of Art, Come Together Art After Dark at the Oceanside Museum of Art, Scottsdale Fashion Week 2008, Escondido Fashion Week 2009, Thread Runway December, 2009, Project Ethos Incubator, 2009, Lovestruck at La Jolla Playhouse, 2010, and Art Meets Fashion.

T.G.M. That is a pretty extensive and impressive list. Word of mouth and interviews are significant for a designer to get their name out there. You definitely have a great start. Once known, there are designers who take the time to give back. Is this something you do? Are you involved in charity work, if so tell us about some of them? S.M. Yes, I believe it is important to give back. While my job can be taxing, I am thrilled that I make a living doing what I love. Some of the charities I work with are: Day Walk for the Cure, Help the Homeless, Dress for Success Moonlight Lounge Charity Event, and The 3-Day Walk for the Cure.

of the city. This city is so diverse with everything so the challenging art was bringing everything I wanted to express about it to form one cohesive collection. The process has been so fun. T.G.M. With FWSD right around the corner, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes that most of us are unaware off. Give us a sneak peek of how you prepare for a fashion shoot or show? >

T.G.M. You said that what inspired you to get into fashion is that you love creating art with fabric as the medium. With that being said, how would you describe your fashion and what are some of your favorite fabrics and patterns to work with? S.M. I would describe what I do as vintage inspired with a unique timelessness. I create things that are flowing, feminine, and tend to free your spirit. I love the way satin and chiffon look. Layering those fabrics together is very beautiful. However they are not my most favorite to work with due to the challenges they present with their fluidity. I love sewing simple cotton fabrics and the polished crispness that they provide. I tend to want to combine different textures and prints in unique ways. I also like to add personal embellishment touches to fabric making them even that much more unique. T.G.M. style your line exemplifies?

How would you define the

T.G.M. Your showing at Fashion Week 2008 was so impressive. The designs were true to form and exactly as you just described them. In fact many of the pieces from 4 years ago can still be worn today. What is your favorite part about conceptualizing a design and when do you decide that a piece will be a part of your collection? S.M. The most fun part of the process for me is researching and gathering inspiration. Whether it be photos from other sources or just getting out and about to capture my own photos for inspiration. It is fun to start visualizing design concepts based on the information being gathered. For my Fashion Week collection, I used the actual city of San Diego as an inspiration. I played tourist for weeks just soaking in the culture, the architecture, the colors, and the vibe from all parts

R# | • September 2012

S.M. My line exemplifies a look which is very soft and feminine with either vintage inspired fabrics or vintage inspired cuts or both all while mixing in contemporary touches to keep them wearable for today’s modern woman.

the map. Personally as a designer who has been producing her line here for four years, FWSD has given me the extra motivation to take my collection to the next level. What better reason to push and challenge yourself than one as big as FWSD! I’m excited to see the impact it will have on the industry here. T.G.M. What’s next for Stacy May and where can we find your designs? S.M. You can find my work at Cecelia Boutique, Bad Madge, Etsy, and at my showroom in the Industry Showroom on 5th Avenue. Next, I’ll be putting my energy into a project that I started with another FW designer, Andre Soriano. We are creating not only an affordable workspace to share with designers but also a place where we, as any army of designers, can join forces and really make a difference in Fashion for San Diego. After all, you can do more with an army than you can alone! T.G.M. As one of the top soldiers in the army called FWSD, we can’t wait to see your San Diego inspired spring line. Thank you for your time and see you in October. S.M.

S.M. Mostly, I like to be organized! I like to know that everything is planned out from the order, to who will wear which look, to having everything pressed and looking polished. That way when the shoot or show time arrives, I can allow myself to enjoy the process of them virtually worry free. T.G.M. signers?

Who are some of your favorite de-

S.M. I love, love, Anna Sui, Chris Benz, Marc Jacobs, Betsey Johnson and John Galliano. T.G.M.


S.M. San Diego has a lot of talent here in the fashion industry and not everyone knows that it exists here. It’s time to bring it out in the best possible light so that perception of fashion in San Diego is changed forever! This is a chance to show San Diego that we have just as much talent here as other major cities. I’m continually surprised at how many people are unaware of the tremendous amount of talent in the fashion industry that we have here. It’s a chance to put us on

You are welcome. Thank you. ■

Photographer Spotlight... Luismi Villaescusa Model: Jennyfer GarcĂ­a Makeup, Hair and Styling: Elisa Gil Clothes From: Chema Gago (Madrid Italian Outlet)

Jacket / MOSCHINO Panty / OYSHO



T-shirt / MOSCHINO Military cap / VINTAGE Boots / PINKIE



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March Ap 2012 ril 2012

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FashionablyPampered Dogs By Kimberly Kimmel

Everyone loves their dogs, and celebrities can give their dogs a whole lot more than just love. From fancy dog food to eating out at human restaurants to expensive toys and accessories, here are a few of our favorite celebrities with their spoiled and precious pooches.

Miley Cyrus has not one dog, but four. She obtained a Rottweiler-Beagle puppy that reportedly was left in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She named him Happy and we bet he sure was when he arrived at his new home. Happy soon joined Floyd, Lila and Ziggy as part of the family. This pampered pooch soon got a new dog bed, toys, food and run of her house. She was soon tweeting pics of Happy kicking back on an expensive leather seat. • September 2012 | L#

Chris Brown may have a tough exterior, but inside he goes soft and squishy for his dog, Diamond. A blue-nosed pit bull, he bought her in 2007. Diamond and her master spend lots of quality time together. He takes her on their daily walks, and they have play time. She gets only the best food, and we aren’t talking about Alpo. He takes her out to eat at fine dining establishments. They were reportedly seen together at Mr. Chow. We all know they say dogs resemble their humans. Is it just a coincidence that Chris Brown chose a pit bull? Perhaps they understand each other.

Ashley Tisdale recently got her dog Maui, a Maltipoo (a combo of a Mal-

tese and a Poodle). She named her pretty pooch after one of her favorite places on earth- Hawaii. We bet this pampered pet gets to visit the Islands with her master since Tisdale goes annually. Obviously the dog gets many chances to travel in style. While in Canada, Maui was seen being carried around inside a warm leopard print blanket. Tisdale also calls Maui her best friend. Ahhh...


Lady Gaga and her sweet little dog, a Poodle cross breed named Fozzi, jet-set around the world together. You can tell Gaga is “gaga” over her as she takes her companion with her while she tours. They’ve been in some of the finest cities including Vienna and Paris and are rarely seen apart. They dine together, stay in only the finest hotels and travel in style. The dog is served specially made food, and they even sleep together.

Celebs are no different than anyone else who loves their dogs. They can just show it in more expensively tangible ways. Here's to all the pampered pooches! May we all have it so good.

R# | • September 2012

dog, an expensive Poodle Maltese mix, is named Dj Oliver. They were seen out and about in exclusive Beverly Hills not too long ago. Walking along Sunset Plaza, RiRi was showing off the cute little dog as a television camera crew followed them. You can tell she is crazy about her pal, as she held the dog close to her the whole time.



OUTFITS! by Christine



So you’re deciding on what to wear for that upcoming date on Friday night. There are so many possibilities, but you’re not quite sure what’s hip and trendy, or what’s standard to wear on a date. No worries! This list is your guide to looking smokin’ hot and ensuring that you get a second date. Don’t forget — the right hairdo

The Little Black Dress I know, I know, a little black dress is so cliché and traditional, but its long history is what makes it the optimal to dinner, dancing or to a concert. Virtually any style you’re trying to match can be started with a black dress. For instance, pair it with a silver diamond necklace (or a cubic zirconium one if you don’t have diamonds. Don’t worry, we won’t tell that they’re not real) and wear a silver belt to outset the dress. You’ll look classy and elegant, with just a hint of sexy. Or you could always go a very traditional route with a set of pearls. The styles of dresses, along with the accessories are endless, so have fun and experiment.


Skinny Jeans with a Cute Blouse too snug that they reveal it all, so they leave something up to the imagination, which guys love. This look is great for shopping, going to the movies with your new beau or going out to a casual restaurant.


Leggings and Heels


A Pattern Halter-top Dress


Little White Dress

This look works for almost any date ranging from a night on the town to a quite dinner at a diner. A pair of black leggings may give you a dressed up look when paired with dressy top, or you can wear them with a plain-colored shirt for a more dressed-down look.

This look is a fantastic way to end the summer season with, plus it’s sexy and cute. The pattern choices vary son, bring a shawl or a shoulder wrap for warmth and style.

If you’re panicking because Labor Day is almost here, and you can’t wear white after that holiday, let me put chances are your sweetie isn’t familiar with it anyways. Just like a black dress, a white dress is versatile and can be worn almost anywhere. With the right accessories like dangling earrings and a pair of high heels, you’ll have a whimsical look that looks a tad bit sultry as well.

7 4 5 V-neck Shirt A V-neck shirt shows just enough cleavage to send your date’s mind wondering without letting him know. Re-


with jeans or a skirt makes them an ideal option for almost any occasion.

Long, Flowing Skirt


can wear it with a sweater during those cold months. This type of skirt comes in various materials and prints, so you’re not limited on choices.

A Little Black Skirt


elegant look. They match anything, so combined one with a tank top trimmed in lace or with a three-quarter length sleeved shirt with a pair of nylons.

Red Dress Red is the new black! Or is it pink that is the new black? Not sure! This saying is constantly changing, but something that newways synonymous with looking hot. Plus, it’s a color that looks good on almost anyone, since it works with nearly any skin color or hair color.

Go Wild with an Animal Print There’s just something about a woman in animal print that drives men wild. Whether they’re in a leopard print dress or a tight cheetah-print pencil skirt, these patterns never seem to go out of style or stop looking a bit sen-

9 10 • September 2012 | L#

look Out For

Lexi Ainsworth By Russell Davis Lexi can be called a young rising star. She is only 19 years old and has landed herself some pretty impressive roles. She is best known for her role as Kristina Davis in General Hospital. She has also appeared in Icarly, Gilmore Girls, and Criminal Minds playing antagonists. During her stay at General Hospital she captured the hearts of many fans due to her stellar acting ability. Her character was the prime focus during a storyline that featured relationship abuse involving teens. It won her one young artist award for a Daytime Emmy and gained her a following among day time viewers. In a recent interview she described her time on the show as a wonderful experience. She enjoyed working with her co - stars and learned a lot from them. This wasn’t the first time she worked in this kind of environment. When she was younger she performed on two stage plays, The wizard of Oz, and To Kill a Mocking Bird. She has a rich history in musical theater and enjoys ballet productions. She has also found her way into feature films as well. Back in 2007 she had a role in “The Gray Man” featuring actors Patrick Bauchau and Jack Conley. The following year she acted opposite Emma Roberts in the feature film “Wild One.” Her latest film was released this past May entitled “So this is Christmas.” She acts opposite Eric Roberts and Vivica A Fox. In each role she played something different; mischievous, sassy, or witty, she was always able to still the light and have it focus on her. She now resides in Los Angeles while attending college. She hopes to continue her success and land bigger roles in the future. She already has a pretty good resume and things are looking great for her so far. With that smile she can go anywhere.

Photographer Spotlight‌ Jonathan Sevilla

Make-up Artistry: Sonia Tabor Hair: Markuz Royale Model: Kai Frias Post-production: Jonathan Luciano -



Designers to


by: Deprise Brazel

The September issue of any fashion-based magazine is the most exciting of all, for readers and writers. These issues take more time, effort, and detail to put together, but ultimately provide the most guidance and knowledge. Designers begin preparing for the September issues in October of the previous year, bringing their best every time. One of the hardest parts of being a designer featured in a September issue is conquering the expectations of the fashion industry. What’s even harder: being new, and no one imagining a success from a small-named brand with little experience. However, new designers are popping up all the time and many receive praise from the fashionable audience. • September 2012 | L#

Loeffler Randall, the name of designer Jessie Randall’s line, first arrived on the fashion scene in the fall of 2005 with understated, well-made, feminine shoes. Since then, the brand has grown and is now a staple among the wardrobes of many fashion critics and chic women everywhere. Loeffler Randall is now featured in department stores such as Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. However, what is very new for Loeffler Randall is the handbag line. Jessie Randall’s inspiration comes from everywhere, but the bags from her new line are simple, functional, and modern; they seem to resemble vintage men’s briefcases in a chic, feminine way. Another way to find upcoming and exclusive designs is with designer collaborations. Recently, Grace Coddington, the notable creative director of Vogue, has joined forces with Balenciaga to create the Pumpkin Collection, featuring Pumpkin Coddington, fashion’s new favorite cat. The collection

launches on Fashion’s Night Out, and includes a tote that comes in pumpkin-orange (how appropriate!) and ecru, and features drawings of Coddington’s cat wearing seminal Balenciaga runway looks from the past 10 years. In addition to the quirky appearance, 20% of proceeds will go to the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons. In addition, Louis Vuitton is creating a collaborative line with Yayoi Kusama, a Japanese artist and dot-enthusiast. The collection, titled Infinitely Kusama, will be available in stores in October, and features Vuitton classics with Kusama’s signature spots printed in contrasting colors. A new designer in the fashion industry is usually refreshing, but we still love the classics. Chanel always fascinates us with their bags, and their simple, chic, and feminine touches. My favorite this year: the Chanel Boy. I think if I were to pick one Chanel bag of all the collections, I think I would pick the Boy. One of my favorite designers recently, however, is Rebecca Minkoff. Her M.A.C. (Morning After Clutch) bags are super cute, and a lot more affordable than the lustful Boy. My favorite from her spring 2012 collection was the ostrich leather, red M.A.C., and this fall, she has the M.A.C.s and Cupids in fall-friendly colors, such as wine, sand, and olive green (designer color names: eggplant, bone, and kiwi). ■

R# | • September 2012

Heart Healthy Foods Supplements


By Fernando Sampson

Okay, so let’s start with some facts about heart disease so we can better understand why we must learn to take care of Big Red behind the ribs. Each year about 800,000 United States citizens have their first heart attack and another 500,000 have their second. In the United States, heart disease is responsible for 25% of deaths a year. That means 1 out of 4 will be killed by heart disease, unless we take the correct protective steps. What are the correct steps you may be asking? How do you keep yourself from becoming just another cardiovascular statistic? It’s so simple but yet so hard in today’s society. It’s so simple because nature has provided us with the correct foods to keep our hearts healthy. It’s so hard because we have so many unhealthy options that are often easily accessible and affordable. So how do we win this battle? First off, we need to remember what foods are good for us, not just what sounds good to us. We need to stay completely away from McDonalds, Burger King, Jack in the Box, Taco Bell and any other establishment who sells items like “Chicken Nuggets”. When you find the Nuggets on a chicken, let me know so I can bring Ripley’s to document it. Processed meats are a scary thing, ammonia treated meat, aka “Pink Slime.” Don’t believe me, go look it up and see how appetizing it looks and sounds. Just stay away from fast food, fried foods in oil other than olive or sunflower, and processed meats (mostly red). These are your most deadly sins of heart health.

Flaxseed - Not only is this super food linked to heart health but is also considered to help reduce your risk of cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Ground some up and hide it in your Greek yogurt for breakfast. Throw some in your oatmeal with wild berries and soy milk. Also, look for eggs laid by chickens whose diets consisted of flaxseed.

So now that we know what to stay away from, let’s focus on what we should be consuming. Salmon – Most any fish with Omega 3 fatty acids. The body can’t produce Omega 3’s but we do need it for proper heart and brain health. It is recommended that we eat fish twice a week and take a fish oil supplement daily. • September 2012 | L#

Black beans/Kidney beans - Both beans are high B-complex vitamins; niacin, folic acid, magnesium, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium and soluble fiber. Want a healthy burrito? Take one wheat tortilla, a can of black beans, some low fat cheese, and a little BBQ sauce. In a pan simmer the beans and BBQ sauce for about 10 minutes. Put the beans and the cheese in the tortilla, wrap and you’ve got a healthy lunch!

Almonds/Walnuts - These nuts are high in plant omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, magnesium, fiber and heart favorable mono saturated fats. Both are great for parfaits and perfect for snacks on the go.

Oatmeal - Oatmeal is packed with (you guessed it) Omega 3 fatty acids, as well as magnesium, potassium, folic acid, calcium, niacin and soluble fiber. If you’re all about spicing your oatmeal up with berries, try making some cookies instead. Yeah, I said cookies. Oatmeal raisin cookies are another healthy snack, careful with the butter though.

Here are a few more heart healthy foods:

We all think that we are eating well and that our bodies can take it when we don’t eat healthy. These are costly assumptions. Here are some numbers I’ll leave you with: the average cost of a severe heart attack is in the $1 million range, and a mild heart attack will cost you $760,000. These numbers are based on direct costs, such as Doctors, medical bills and treatment. These numbers also reflect indirect costs, such as loss of work. Nobody likes to throw away money, but that’s exactly what we as Americans are doing every time we stuff our faces with unnatural foods. We are by far the most obese and heart disease ridden nation, but they can all change if we just take control of our diets. ■

R# | • September 2012

Broccoli, Sweet Potatoes, Tofu, Red Bell Peppers, Dark Chocolate, Asparagus, Soy Milk, CoQ10 (Coenzyme Q10) and just about any kind of berry.

Photographer Spotlight‌ Lisa Ormsby

Model: Savannah Polisar with Willow Models & Talent Agency Hair & Makeup: Badri Kermani Stylist: Hazel Donegan Location: San Diego, CA

Scarf wrapped as bandeau top - h&m Leather trousers - h&m Shoe boots - forever 21

Scarf - stylists own Top - forever 21 Leather shorts - forever 21 Jewelry - forever 21

Dress - vintage Bag - Alexander Wang Jewelry - stylists own Shoes - Forever 21

Earrings - stylists own Dress - Versace

T hirty

Must Have

Fall Pieces By Taylor Romine

.......Hoops earrings of all shapes and sizes make their way into the loop.

Patented leather bags is the new way to shine....

.......Low backs show off your frame in a less showy way.

......Show off your flare with sassy sunglasses. • September 2012 | L#

........Shoot for the stars!

Be fierce in an animal graphic top.....

........Neutral chunky wedges are great for fall

........Sheer is here to stay

.....Meowrific and adorable!

Jewelry on your back is always an eye catcher.....

Short and sweet!.....

Tucked in shirts and a little class to any outfit......

..........Out of the ordinary jewelry is always a nice add to an outfit.

Graphic t-shirts can add a little fun when paired up with a cardigan or blazer.......

........Long trench coats gives an outfit a sophisticated edge and to stay warm.

.......Long, flowy cardigans help to add shape and fun.

Colored denim is a must have for this fall......

.........Military style parkas and stripe shirts provide you a Parisian edge.

Fresh, simple make-up is a great way to go with these fall looks....

.....Studded boots look tough but cool.

Messy hairstyles are relaxed but elegant..... .....Lacey undergarments keep you looking soft no matter what style you play off for that day.

Boyfriend jeans look casual and romantic at the same time.....

.......Corsets add shape and structure that counteract the menswear trend.

Keep it formal with silly collars......

.....Leather is one of the hottest materials of the season.

Mustard is one of the designers’ favorite colors for this season.....

.......Menswear is as a popular as ever!

Mix sweet and sour with stud adorned items.......

R# | • September 2012

Edgy is the way to go......

Sam Georgie & • September 2012 | L#

shopping go

Hair and Make-Up: WOW Your Beauty Concierge ( Jewelry by: Belini ( Photography by: Ken Williams (

e outiqu B s c i l opaho The Sh 06 India St. 1 15 A 9210 C , o g e San Di 399-6818 tique u o ) b 9 s 1 c i 6 ( ol hopah lics s e h t / o m hopah Faceb witter @thes T

Flying Monkey Flower Pant $68 Olivaceous Black Top$54

Do & Be Blue Top $54 Jealous Tomato Green shorts $54

36Point5 Skull Top $56 Beulah Style Leggings $46

Tuxedo Blazer $72 October Sky Pink Tank $42 Ark & Co. Black Shorts $56

1501 India St, Suite 101 San Diego CA 92101 619-677-3000

Elana Kattan Black Pant $84 Tan Razorback $18 Elana Kattan Sheer Jacket $70

Sand Tank $57 Red Engine Jeans $167

Alberto Makali White Vest $130 Blue Dress by Sky $162

Joseph Ribkoff Stripe Dress $210

S tudent S potlight

Get featured in an issue of The G.O.O.D.S Magazine

The G.O.O.D.S Magazine is offering an exciting student spotlight opportunity.We are seeking responsible, proactive, motivated and detail-oriented students who are studying: Fashion Design Fashion Management Photography Stylist for Magazine, TV or Film Hair Designer or Color Specialist Makeup Artist Skin Care Specialist Culinary Arts Culinary Management Advertising Graphic Design Interior Design

How to Apply: • Please email your resume and cover letter in one MS Word document to • Attach letter of recommendation from your Instructor, Professor, and/or Teacher. • Please subject your email: \\\\\\\”Student Spotlight\\\\\\\”. • For immediate consideration we recommend that students apply as soon as possible. • Important: Absolutely NO phone calls. Emails only. • Send Resumes to:

Designer Spotlight :Jeffrey Campbell By Mariah Bond

Whenever I run into shoe designer Jeffrey Campbell, the first thing I will point out to him is that he’ s the best! There is not a shoe that is designed by this guy that he cannot make you fall in love with. The shoes look astonishing, but what is even more amazing is that they are comfy too. If you are out for fashionable shoes that are easy to wear, then the search is over. As if that is not a fab enough reason to choose his shoe first, in addition, the shoes are reasonably priced —they go anywhere from $50 to $100. You can always consider on his styles to add fierceness to a chic look. Considering how prevalent Jeffrey Campbell shoes are becoming now, it is very surprising the brand is still a baby- being only nine years old. The company is homed in LA but also has a spot in NYC as well. Jeffrey Campbell, together with his wife Christine, created his L.A.- based line to put his own twirl on today’ s newest shoe trends and modernize our favorite classics. It has maintained its small label air while dancing its way into some the most popular stores and boutiques. He has always maintained his finger on the rhythm of what is innovative and what his fashion- forward followers desire.

Inspired by vintage fashion, which he mixes with his adoration of music and the street culture of L.A., N.Y.C., and London, Campbell strives to create shoes that are modern, amusing, and epitomizes the idea of


your monthly goods celebrity fashion buzz • September 2012 | L#

Celebrities set the guidelines for what is in, what’s out and what the upcoming trends will be. We watch them like a hawk as we study what bags they carry, shoes they walk in, fashions they wear and the latest hairstyles. We see what designers they are wearing, where they’ve shopped and what they like and don’t like for clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, hairstyles and make-up.

upcoming trends Hair, hair down to there. It seems everyone has grown their hair down to their waists. Newscasters, soap stars and many stars like Katie Holmes who spotted last month sporting bangs and long, long hair. Her look on a recent cover of Elle magazine is flirty and sexy. Flowing locks are all the rage.

In our new celebrity fashion column, we will keep you abreast and informed of the latest trends and who is wearing what. Also who is with whom and what they, too, are wearing.

The Olympics have made a ‘sporty’ impact. Rumor has it that Georgia May Jagger, Lily Cole, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley will be sporting fashions for designers such as Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen. They closed the London Games by walking the catwalk this past August 12th.

who’s out and about Rihanna was featured on the cover of Harper’s Bizarre clad in lots of skin- but not her own. She wore snakeskin boots and a dress by Tom Ford. Is this a new trend? We hope not. While animal prints may be chic when worn occasionally, we choose to shed this snakeskin look- that is, for us normal people. Rihanna looks hot in ANYTHING. Kim Kardashian and Kayne West hit Paris Fashion Week both clad in black. (Always a safe color during red carpet strides and fashion week). West looks his usual aloofcool while Kim looks, uh, well, like she may get strangled any moment by a white cobra on her dress. Did she dye the last half of her hair white? Is it a huge white silk rose? A... never mind. We don’t care. It doesn’t work.

cool places to shop Jen Lilly who plays Maxie on General Hospital has discovered a new clothing store. She says BCBGeneration has girly and flirty yet edgy clothes. We agree and will keep our eyes open for more fashions from this outlet. fave product of the week Lady Gaga premiered her new fragrance ‘Fame’ and in her usual outlandish lustiness chose to wear little action figure men strategically strewn about her naked body. We are fairly sure this fab black and white photo is a tribute to her Little Monsters fans. Look for the ads this month.

Stay tuned for more fashion updates in our next fashion what’s in, what’s out column which will be featured in the October Issue. Big purses were in, now they are on their way out. As the pendulum always swings, huge bags were so cool, (or should we say heavy), now small purses and clutches are setting the stage for their debut once again. The highend bags like Birkin are still in demand but the others have definitely downsized. Hailee Steinfeld attended the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in late July and held the new Plexy Clutch by Marc Jacobs and looked as cute as a button.

Dress for Less ByPaulinaMorales As a Fashion Blogger and a working woman, it is essential to watch what I spend. It’s a tough dynamic where on one hand I want to run out and buy all of the current trends to showcase on my blog, but on the other hand I have to be realistic and work on a budget. Long are the days when we had to spend or charge a pretty penny to incorporate the hottest trends into our wardrobe. Over time, I have struck a balance using an array of strategies, the best of which I will share with you here! Stock up As we transition from Summer to Fall so do stores’ inventory and they will begin to push out their previous season’s inventory at a reduced price. Take it as an opportunity to stock up on the basics for next season or to purchase pieces that you can “Fall up”. Right now you can stock up on sandals, shorts, and swimwear that you may use in the future that stores have placed on sale. Fall it up As we stride into Fall season, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to put away all of our Summer gears. By “Fall up” I mean styling some Summer pieces in a way that makes it fit for Fall season. Some tricks are layering and accessorizing, that can help transform a piece of clothing. For example, layer a blazer over that maxi dress you were about to store away and pair it with some booties or wear those floral jeans you thought you had no more use for with a cable knit sweater.


Do your Research When choosing to adopt a trend, avoid the impulse purchases and do some research beforehand. Either windowshopping or browsing online can give you a sense of your options and price points. If you do some in-person browsing, don’t forget to check the back of the store, which is generally where they have their sales rack(s) (my favorites: Cotton On, Bebe and Charlotte Russe). If you see a particular piece online that can be found at a store near you, try to go in the store to get a sense for the fit and the material. Online Shopping If you choose to buy online signing up for the email list may be beneficial, especially with stores that offer a discount on your first purchase (i.e. Express offers a 15% coupon when you sign up). Once on the email list you will also be notified when their sales are occurring. For the person who wants to avoid aforementioned emails piling in your inbox, search for a potential coupon code online via Google search or Before checking out, remember to take into consideration shipping costs or the lack thereof, as some stores offer free shipping when you spend a certain amount. Stores like Forever 21, Lulu’s, Old Navy/ Gap have a $50 minimum and ASOS offers free shipping with no minimum purchase. In addition, it is imperative to be aware of their exchange and return policies, especially when it comes to sales items, as some items may be a final sale.

Fall Fab Online Finds under $40 1. Faux Leather Studded Jacket (Forever 21 $39.80), 2. Cable Knit Sweater (H&M $14.95), 3. Coated Collar Blazer (Forever 21 $27.80), 4. ASOS Plate And Spike Detail waist Belt (ASOS $26), 5. Lace-Up Wedge Booties (Forever 21 $32.80), 6. Pearlescent Peter Pan Collar Necklace (Forever 21 $24.80), 7. Faux Fur Collar (H&M $12.95), 8. Scarf (H&M $9.95) Patience You see an item you really like, but it’s more than you’re willing to spend. You can’t find an option that you are thrilled with and it’s down to buy it and hurt the pocket or wait it out and see if it goes on sale. The truth is it’s a gamble. If you lose, the item goes out of stock and you beat yourself over not buying it in the first place. But if you wait and it goes on sale, you will buy it at a lower price point and have that feel-good “I’m so shopping savvy” feeling. Sell your Stuff There may be times when we impulse buy (hello, we are only human) and buy a piece that we may only wear once like a unique printed dress that you wore for a wedding and splashed pictures of you in it all over Facebook. Well, let me tell you about my little secret: It’s called selling it and trying to get some money back in exchange for it. You may put it on the market via Ebay, Poshmark (iPhone app) or Threadflip and potentially sell it. In the cases where I have sold some of my items it felt like essentially I rented the dress for $5-10.

z Purchased this Zara dress on sale for $40 (original price $60) sold it through Poshmark app! This strategy is not only for those unique pieces that you can’t be seen wearing again, but also those great pieces that you are finally ready to part with. You can take those pieces to a consignment store (i.e. My Sister’s Closet) or sell them on the platforms I mentioned. Buy Used By the same token, you may also purchase on these platforms because just like you there was a person who wanted to part ways with an item listing it at a reduced price. You may find used or new items at the fraction of the retail price!

Whatever strategies you choose to implement, just remember that your wallet doesn’t have to take a big hit for you to be look fashionable.






















-ous Hollywood Report by: Donald Pfefferle

With the Summer blockbuster season coming to a close it is easy to see that the two winners of this yearly competition were, Joss Whedon’s spectacularly entertaining The Avengers and Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated conclusion to his Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. As an enthusiastic comic book collector for over a decade the one thing I can say is that it is a great time to be a fan! Now, whether you are a fan of the comics or just a lover of movies, I am sure that we are all eager to see the next chapters in these stories. So read on and discover what you have to look forward to!

Marvel continues to take the ‘long road’ with their movies. They set the stage for The Avengers long ago with the original Iron Man and continue to do so with next year’s release of Iron Man 3. None other than, Robert Downey Jr. was capable of bringing life to Tony Stark and he will reprise his role as the billionaire playboy in theaters just in time to kick off next year’s summer blockbuster frenzy on May 3rd, 2013. As a fan I hope the directors include Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner (after seeing him smash I am always ready for a little more hulk!). Just a few short months after the release of Iron Man 3 we will get to return to Mithgard and see Thor once again “Put the hammer down!”. Not much has • September 2012 | L#

been released regarding the story line, but insiders and various internet leaks point to Thor and his merry bunch of warriors battling a race of Dark Elves. Stay tuned, as we will find out more on Nov. 18th, 2013.

The movie that I am most curious about was announced at Comic-Con this year, Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians is about an interstellar group of vigilantes who, instead of waiting for crimes to happen, become more proactive and work instead on stopping intergalactic crimes before they start. The team is composed of different alien races including a sentient tree, an alien from the moon Titan, and a talking raccoon. While this sounds like a kids movie it has the potential to be raunchy, action packed and highly entertaining. The leader of the Guardians is a man from Titan named Draxx the Destroyer. The inclusion of this character is exciting in that he has a tempestuous relationship to the villain only glimpsed at the end of Avengers, Thanos the

Mad Titan. Now, not much is known about Guardians of the Galaxy except that the director is James Gunn, a man who has had success in both the video game community and with films like Slither. Happily, the best news I can report is that Joss Whedon will return as the director for Avengers 2. Whedon has said that this next movie plans to be more intimate and will introduce at least one new character. No release date yet other than 2015. So stay patient kids and if you want to learn more about the characters and histories, head down to your local comic shop and get started! ■

R# | • September 2012

2013 will be highly entertaining, but 2014 is going to get more intense for the Marvel universe. In April we will see the return of America’s first Super Soldier, Captain America!! The movie is titled The Winter Soldier, which any comic fan knows should signal the return of Cap’s original sidekick Bucky Barnes as a Russian Spy. The story lines regarding Captain America and Bucky are always full of intrigue and action. Hopefully this develops as a spy thriller. Much more secretive at this point is the movie Ant Man directed by Edgar Wright. Wright is best known as the writer/director of cult classics like Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. His movies are always well done, clever, and fantastically written. I think he is a great choice to handle the story of Hank Pym, a brilliant scientist who creates a way to shrink himself down to microscopic size. His intellect puts him on par with Bruce Banner and Tony Stark and in the comics he eventually joins and becomes an integral part of the avengers.





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Elle King

By: Taylor Romine Hot new artist Elle King is making her way in the music industry with her musical debut The Elle King EP, which was released on June 12, 2012. Her soulful, bluesy voice in mix with her guitar or banjo combines to create a bluesy folk rock that is different than many artists today. Daughter of the famous Rob Schneider and London King, her music reflects the troubles of her childhood and the impact it had in her later dating life. The first song off the EP, Playing For Keeps, was selected as the theme song for Mob Wives Chicago. Her growing popularity can be seen by her being on VH1 and most recently Late Show with David Letterman. In May she also toured the UK with the band Train, and performed at Train’s New York City show to sing Bruises. She is an up and coming artist that everyone should keep an eye on, and most likely will get pretty big within the next couple of years. Her upcoming shows include Boulder, Colorado, New York City, and a small tour with Dropkick Murphys. To check out more information about this artist go to ElleKingMusic/ • September 2012 | L#

Lady Xplicit – Dancefloor Blues (Single Review) (Strictly Business Records)

By: Michael Tremaine Brewer

San Diego Femcee Lady Xplicit drops a few of her best bars on the electro-funk of “Dancefloor Blues.” Equipped with a Daft Punk-lite vocal sample and spacey synths, Lady X spitfires her lyrics with a cocky but cool swagger. She may give blues to the dance floor but she delivers sass and sexy appeal on this song.

Independent Artist Music Spotlight: X.O. Featuring Kidd Upstairs - Orange Soda By: Solomon

San Diego’s very own, 23-year-old hiphop artist X.O., dropped his latest music video Orange Soda this past June and has been receiving critical acclaim for his latest project ever since. Talk about a song that will have you humming or singing along subconsciously throughout the day, this track has viral potential written all over it, as it has been gaining steam on youtube with fans demanding more X.O.! Orange Soda is about two of SO Cal’s bare necessities, X.O. takes you on a lyrical journey reminds the listeners that it’s the simple things in life that make it all worth it. This video directed by Sven Dreesbach looks ready to make the jump from music blog to music channel and be featured on the likes of MTV Jams or one of the other stations that still actually plays MUSIC! This independent artist is one of San Diego’s hottest artists and best-kept secrets, labels if you’re reading The GOODS Magazine, which you should be, take notice. You can check out the video at X.O.’s music channel xorockstarmuzik and see the hit that has 20,000+ fans around the globe singing along with the catchy hook and clever lyrics by artist X.O. and fellow Rockstarmuzik running mate MC/Producer Kidd Upstairs.

R# | • September 2012

Direct link to the Orange Soda Music Video: J1baxVwQmJU

The GOODS Magazine - September 2012  
The GOODS Magazine - September 2012  

The GOODS Magazine - September 2012