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June 2012

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Cocktail Dresses

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Long, Sexy Hair


Beach Bags


Dress 4 Less

A Day at Walden’s Pond These models braved monster amphibians, snakes and a million blue belly lizards to bring this photographers vision to life.



Summer Cocktails


Long Distance Relationships


Top 5 Fitness Classes


How to Not Dress like a Tourist!



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Fun & Fearless



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15 Summer Songs




Alaska Bound


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Desert Days


Rebel Yell

He Said, She Said


Jessica Faulkner


Paul Rico

Fashion Week San Diego What do Milan, New York City, London, Paris and San Diego have in common?


Crazy Make-Up


It’s official…

SUMMER IS IN FULL SWING and this summer is turning out to be a sultry one. With blazing fashion popping everywhere and attitudes to match, The GOODS Magazine is turning up the heat by bringing only the hottest and sexiest looks for the summer. Keeping up with what we do best here at The GOODS Magazine, this issue has all that you, the reader, will need to breeze through this summer looking and feeling your best. We all know that with the summer comes exposure to the sun and the all important notion that you will need to protect your skin, while making it look its best. No one wants to be out and about this summer with a ton of caked on foundation on his or her face or having to deal with the long-term affects of sun damage. In this issue, we take a look at to get that nude look without

sacrificing comfort and the health of your skin. From your skin to your clothes, we all know that in the summer less is always more. The same goes for your wallet. Why spend more when you don’t have to? Like a lot of the fashionable people out this summer, you want high-end fashion but you might be on a low-end budget. There are many different ways a fashionconscious person can make heads turn without going for broke. For the trendsetter on a budget we show you how to get more fashion bang for your buck. When you talk about summer fashion you can’t help but talk about the creative minds behind the looks we love. Staying on top of all things hot this summer, designers Jessica Fulkner and Paul Rico, have taken some time

out to share their world with us. Giving us The GOODS on where it all began and where all this talent is going. Definitely a fashion inspiration! So you’ve got the look but what’s a summer without good music? Whether it’s to keep everybody on the dance floor, a dynamic playlist for that ride to the beach, or background beats for your next cookout, we’ve got 15 track that are sure to turn up the heat. From J. Lo to Alexandra Burke these songs will surely make you want to shake somethin’. The June Issue has everything needed to get this summer sultry from beginning to end. The only thing you need to do (other than be your fabulous self) is ENJOY! Omarr Olasewere Chief Editor

Managing Editor Writers

Photography Coordinator Photographers

Solomon Osayande Jr. Deprise Brazel Christine DiMaria Mariah Honey Kimberly Kimmel Taylor Romine Michael Tremaine Brewer Kimberly Ann Stephenson Ken Williams,CPP - JP Graf - Joshua Velstra - Lisa Ormsby - Rey Sison - John Schell - Amanda Elkins - James Norton -

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On the Cover

Alexis Coons Photographer: Leo Malevanchik Illustration: Meegan Nolan Model: Alysa Carlson who will it be? Hair and Make-Up: Bellus Academy see the complete story on page 10


Chief Editor Omarr Olasewere

LongS, exy


Summer Hair

10 | • June 2012

By: Mariah Honey

This summer hair trends are being set by a fashion of the contemporary day as well as the style of the precedent. If the chic-ness of an era characterized by evolution is in order, it is not surprising that some latest hair trends for summer appear in the form of a more classic style. Longer hair is the most supple hair and can be the easiest to keep up throughout the summer months. It softens the look and can be just the thing for almost any face shape. Long hair is always

well-liked, but this year it is highly desired everywhere from the runways to the superstore, more than ever in the way it is styled. This relaxed look is enthused by the likes of superstar Mariah Carey and reality starlet Kim Kardashian. While sporting a lengthy, effortless style at full volume, dare to be more fashionable this year by

Long mane styles combines elements of texture and contour to uphold a clean, youthful, yet sexy appearance. With this look, loose waves and volume to do well in fully charging the chic. When sporting a lengthy, sexy look think of it as adding a classic feminine sophistication to your style. â–

11 | • June 2012

adding the right makeup. Long hair is the mark of fairytale-esq tresses, so create a beautiful look with gorgeous glowing skin. Apply an even, natural foundation. Keep the eyes soft with a coat of black or brown mascara. A champagne colored eye shadow, and then use a light pink lipstick or tinted lip gloss to keep your lips colorful yet low key with this look.

Beach Bags

12 | • June 2012

Pool/Beach Handbags A clutch might look absolutely amazing when matched with an evening dress. Likewise, a hobo bag may be ideal to wear to work. However, when you go to the beach, an elegant purse is useless. It doesn’t have enough room for your beach essentials, plus it will make you stick out from the crowd in a bad way.

Selecting a Size You’ll obviously want a bigger bag to carry your sunscreen, cell phone and other summer essentials in. But the size you choose, needs to correlate with the amount of stuff you have to place in your bag. Try to estimate how much room you need, and never get too big because that just leads you to overstuffing your bag with items you don’t need. Selecting a Color Don’t hesitate to choose upbeat, fun colors. Summer is all about being bright and shining like the sun. Colors like orange and hot pink are exciting and really make a statement. Avoid boring hues of tan and beige. Those colors are great to wear to work or out shopping, but summer is all about fun, so let that be your license to experiment and choose a pool or beach handbag that is different from what you would usually opt for.

by: Christine DiMaria

Choosing a Pattern You don’t need to shy away from patterns just because you selected a bold color either. Electric yellow stripes or fuchsia plaid really make a statement when you’re laying beside the pool. Or, maybe you want to go in the total opposite direction and choose a bag with a cooler shade like blue and a flower pattern. Either way, have a blast with finding a beach bag. Choose a Bag that is Functional Your summer bag is not just a fashion statement; it is a way for you to carry around your gear. Therefore, you should make sure you shop for a bag that serves a purpose. For instance, you want something that is waterproof. If you carry your expensive electronics with you, you won’t want them to get ruined from the ocean, lake or pool water. You may want to consider how organized the bag is, as well. Check to see if there is individualized compartments in your bag. A beach bag can get pretty messy when you just throw everything in it, but separate compartments will keep you organized all summer long! ■

13 | • June 2012

A day at Walden’s Pond A grating cacophony of amorous bullfrogs fills the air. Red wing blackbirds flit about the reeds. Ducks float aimlessly, while black coots chase one another noisily across the placid water’s surface. A white egret wades gracefully at waters’ edge as a serpent heads for cover from the pre midday sun. Against this bucolic backdrop, we set about making ready in the old tool shed. Make-up, hair and wardrobe selection were to be accomplished amongst lawn tractors, ATVs and the rusted out shell of a 1930’s automomobile. Our intrepid models braved monster amphibians, snakes and a million blue belly lizards to bring our vision to life.

Photography – Joseph Graf

(JP Graf photography) Mua/Hair – Melanie Littlewood Styling – Rachel Pollen Stylist Assitant – Hazel Donegan Models – Willow Model Management

Dress: Savannah Rae Necklace: Forever 21

Dress: Savannah Rae Necklace: Forever 21

Dress: Ya Los Angeles Necklace: Forever 21 Belt: Hot Kiss

Dress: Ya Los Angeles Beaded bracelet: Stylist’s own Necklace: Forever 21 Shoes: Tory Burch Cuff Bracelet: Forever 21

Dress: Ya Los Angeles Vest: Mike Vensel Shoes: Steve Madden Earrings: Forever 21

Jumpsuit: Savannah Rae Necklace: H & M Shoes: Model’s own

Dress: Mike Vensel Collar: Mike Vensel Belt: Kimchi Blue Necklace: Forever 21 Bracelet: Cartier Shoes: Matika

Dress: Ya Los Angeles Necklace & Belt: Forever 21 Shoes: Model’s own

Dress: Ya Los Angeles necklace: Forever 21 Bracelets: Cartier & Stylist’s own Belt: Forever 21 Shoes: L.A.M.B.

By Donna Wilkins

26 | • June 2012

What do Milan, New York City, London, Paris and San Diego have in common? Well, besides being major cities, they each host their own Fashion Week. Wikipedia defines Fashion Week as, “an industry event, lasting approximately one week, which allows fashion designers, brands or “houses” to display their latest collections in runway shows and buyers and the media to take a look at the latest trends. Most importantly, these events let the industry know what’s “in” and what’s “out” for the season.”

Of the five cities, San Diego is known more for being fashionably laid back rather than high fashion. For example, an outfit during the day can be as simple as a sun dress and sandals paired with funky accessories. Downtown, the transition into evening can be a sea of designer jeans, black tops and heels. Make no mistake, this city’s beachy vibes are home to many upscale boutiques and up and coming designers.

28 | • June 2012

While fashion shows are nothing new to San Diego, a week’s worth of fashion is a colossal undertaking. The ultimate goal of FWSD is to be as well-known as New York, Paris, London, or Milan. Ultimate success doesn’t usually happen at the genesis of a project, but in time, with patience and hard work it can materialize. The second Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD) will take place October 1-7 with a runway show on Saturday the 6th at the Hard Rock Hotel. The first FWSD was held in October, 2008 atop the Manchester Grand Hyatt. Unfortunately it wasn’t the success hoped for. Instead of Fashion Week it morphed into a fashionable evening which did an outstanding job of showcasing the styles of 10 regional designers.

This undertaking will once again be spearheaded by Allison Andrews of APA Business Consulting, INC. She is the creator of FWSD. Per their press release, March 12, 2012, the event will feature 17 local designers with a high production runway show at Hard Rock Hotel. According to Andrews, “We are thrilled with the caliber of talent participating in Fashion Week 2012. The designers we have selected are a true reflection of the talent and creativity that is thriving right here in San Diego. These designers will have a unique opportunity to unveil their best work to the San Diego community this October.�

30 | • June 2012

And the designers are……………. Sharlene Borromeo, Amy Thai, Andre Soriano, Vivian Ruelas, Whitney Francis Camille Wood, Syncletica Muniza, Aida Soria, Erin Fader, Jessica Faulkner, Kedall K., Kenneth Barlis, Alana Crain, Sharie Ellis, Evelyne Aguilar, Paul Rico, Qadir Hamidi’s, Stacie Taylor and Sameerah Yasmeen Corporal. They each will exhibit their distinct style in this event. Designer, Stacy Taylor was featured on page 24 in the April, 2011 edition of The G.O.O.D.S. She was definitely one of the standouts at the 2008 show. She is also one of the organizers for the event For more about FWSD visit and learn more about the designers in upcoming issues here in The G.O.O.D.S. magazine.



ribe to the di www.t gital e dition heGO at OD


AM parirc l 2h0122012

get your

Quality, Timeless Classics

an interview with designer Jessica Faulkner by Donna Wilkins

32 | • June 2012

The countdown begins……only 5 months until Fashion Week San Diego(FWSD), October 1 – 7 to be exact. Presale tickets go on sale May 23. With a roster of 17 designers, it’s almost guaranteed that there will be something for everyone. Each month leading up to the actual event we will introduce you to at least one of the designers.

designs by

Jessica Faulkner

For this article, Jessica and I discussed her line, her experiences and her vision for her future. The G.O.O.D.S. Magazine – Hello and tell us a little about yourself. Jessica Faulkner - I am a native of San Diego, California. I first graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business and Spanish with an emphasis in Latin American Studies before moving up north to San Francisco to obtain a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Fashion Design. I have had many great experiences in the fashion industry over the last few years working on projects like Fashion Week San Diego in 2008, and in the costume and wardrobe departments for famous acts like Muse, Yanni, and Lady Gaga. Also, for the last two years, I have been working as a freelance design assistant for the Los Angeles based women’s contemporary designer, Jane Oh, gaining a wealth of experience running a small fashion business, developing collections, sourcing, production and patternmaking. TGM - Wow, that’s some transition. International Business and Spanish with an emphasis in Latin American Studies is a long ways from fashion design. What inspired you to get into fashion? J. F. - Ever since I was a little girl, I have been interested in fashion. I wore the most absurd princess dresses as a child and I continued to experiment throughout high school juggling the feminine role as a cheerleader and the masculine role as a snowboarder. I was always interested in the way that clothes reflect a feminine/ masculine duality, really give the impression of strength and courage. And once I got a sewing machine I really fell in love… TGM - The feminine/masculine duality is very evident in Lady Gaga’s style and for a lot of young women in San Diego. How do you describe your line?

J.F. - CLASSIC, PLAYFUL, FUNCTIONAL, COMFORTABLE, CONFIDENT, MODERN. The line revolves around quality timeless classics with functional details that add a modern twist to charm. The goal of the brand is to deliver a relatable fashion point of view to the progressive, active young woman. My main goal is to create a collection that focuses on practical clothing that can take a woman effortlessly from day to night. TGM - How does it feel to be on the other side of FWSD? J.F. - I participated in Fashion Week San Diego 2008 as an Intern for Allison Andrews. The experience gave me the opportunity to see the designer’s visions come to life from concept to execution. After spending months planning for the events and working with the designers, I just knew that I wanted to be a bigger part of the show. After graduating from fashion school last year, it made the most sense for me to debut the line in my hometown where I am inspired by the lifestyle, the culture, and, most importantly, the women who make this city so amazing. TGM - Where can your line be found? J. F. - I will be debuting my first collection at Fashion Week San Diego 2012. I plan to be online by Fall 2012 and in local boutiques by Spring 2013. TGM - After FWSD, and once you catch your breath, what’s next? J.F. - I plan to debut the collection to buyers at the upcoming Fashion Markets in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and possibly New York by the end of the year. It’s all happening so fast at this point. TGM - This is true, and with this in mind, the next five years will come and go just as quickly. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? J. F. - I plan to spend the next five years developing and growing the brand, Jessica Faulkner. TGM - You have a clear plan for your future. It was a pleasure talking to you. We look forward to your debut at FWSD and will be watching for your collections in local boutiques. All the best. J. F. - Thank you. ■

33 | • June 2012

What woman doesn’t mind being able to wear an outfit which moves effortlessly from day to night? This is the claim from our first featured designer, Jessica Faulkner. Jessica understands the logistics and the labor involved in such a huge undertaking as FWSD. She worked as an intern for the first one in 2008 with founder, Allison Andrews. Jessica is one of San Diego’s own. She is a hometown girl who is definitely going places in the fashion world. This is not her first major gig. While honing her craft she has studied and obtained degrees in both business and Fine Arts while freelancing for such people as Muse, Yanni, and Lady Gaga.

Cocktail Dresses

Dos & Don’t of

34 | • June 2012

by Christine DiMaria

Do Experiment with Color Bold colors are always a hit. Try a royal purple or a pine green for a truly unique look that will definitely make you stand out. Make sure you try a few different styles and a few different colors before making your final decision. You want to find the best look for your body type and skin tone, and the first dress you find might not be the best even if does look good on you. u

35 | • June 2012

A cocktail dress is a wonderful article of clothing that can really get you attention at your next affair. However, you will easily turn a sexy evening dress into a nighttime nightmare if you don’t follow a few simple rules. These dos and don’ts are guidelines to help you look your best and turn heads when you walk through the door.

Don’t be Scared to Accessorize The right accessories can make your cocktail dress, while the wrong accessories can ruin your whole look. Hopefully, you don’t have accessorizaphobia, especially when it comes to an evening dress. Okay, so that might not be a real condition, but there is a real treatment for it... You must learn to accessorize properly, so you can avoid any fashion mishaps. Always keep in mind the golden rule, less is more! That means, you don’t need to wear studded high heels, a necklace, earrings, a bracelet, an anklet, a handbag and a headband. Instead, choose a small handbag, a pair of dangle earrings and a cute pair of high heels. If you wear a flashy dress, you should choose a minimal amount of accessories. Make sure you opt for something with not a lot of sparkle. On the contrary, choose some bling when you wear a plain dress. Do Take Your Body Type into Consideration The ideal cocktail dress will hide your flaws and highlight your positive attributes. A shorter dress can show off your long, sexy legs. A dress that flares out at the bodice will hide your hips if you’re self-conscious about them. If you have a large chest, don’t hesitate to wear a halter-top dress to flaunt it. If you have a little more junk in the trunk than you would like, avoid wearing a tight, form-fitting dress. Don’t Choose a Dress that is Full A full dress only works well on women who are taller and skinnier. Although you may look very princessesque, you will definitely not attract any attention, at least the good kind. Plus, if you’re heavier, a full dress will make you look ever bigger. ■

37 | • June 2012


Photographer: Joshua Veldstra


Model: Madalyn Barelle Hair: Kyenna McKinstry

Model: Rheann Keenan Hair: Miranda Dour

Model: Goldie Shealy

Model: Savanna Kinnard

Tasty Summer


By: Christine DiMaria

What better way to celebrate summer, then with a summer cocktail. From the cute, decorative umbrellas to the fresh fruity flavors, these drinks can be an excellent way to treat yourself on a hot day. You can even use these beverages as a refreshing appetizer at your 4th of July celebration.

Tea Slush This delicious drink puts an adult twist on a classic children’s drink. You will need the following ingredients: 9 cups of water 2 cups of white granulated sugar Clear soda or sparkling water 1 can of frozen lemonade 1 can of frozen orange juice 4 tea bags 2 cups of gin, vodka or rum

56 | • June 2012

Place the four teabags in two cups of boiling water. Allow them to steep until the tea reaches the desired strength. Use a large saucepan to boil seven cups of water. Add the sugar into the boiling water. Make sure you allow it to dissolve. Mix the lemonade concentrate, the orange juice concentrate, the alcohol of your choice, the sugar water and the tea in a large bowl. Place the mixture in a freezer-safe container and allow it to freeze overnight. When you’re ready to serve, scoop a few scoops into a cup. Add sparkling water or clear soda to top off the concoction.

Rum Punch 1 cup fresh lime juice 4 cups orange juice 3 cups amber rum 4 dashes of bitters simple syrup freshly grated nutmeg

57 | • June 2012

Combine the lime juice, orange juice and rum. You’ll want to add the simple syrup to taste. Start at about one cup of the simple syrup and continue from there. Add a few dashes of bitters. Top the drink off with a hint of freshly grated nutmeg. Chill the mixture. Pour the drink over ice when you’re about to serve it. Use lemon and lime slices to garnish your drink.



Make up is one of those things that you have the ability to play around with, but when was the last time you changed up your look? Go out of the box with some of the hottest, and also a little crazy, make up trends for the summer.

58 | • June 2012

One of the craziest looks you could go for are embellished eyebrows. As seen on the Chanel Fall 2012 runway, it adds a metallic flair to your normal make up routine. It takes very little effort also. You just peel and paste onto you eyebrows, but it will not damage the actual brow. While these are not currently out in stores yet, this will be a big trend for the upcoming year. If that is a little too out there, different colored lipsticks might be the right choice for you. A personal favorite of mine is black, which perfects any grunge look. But many other popular colors include red, pink, blue, yellow, purple, nude, and other daring brights for the summer. Make sure when wearing this to have a more neutral outfit on, or a color blocked outfit makes it pop also.

by: Taylor Romine

A classic look that is especially in right now is cat-eye eyeliner. It elongates the eye, which makes it a very flattering and sexy look. It also goes great with many 50’s and 60’s looks with the vintage feel. There are many different techniques to this look also, so every time it can have its own little flair.

Also on the more crazy side are false lashes with an edge. There are many different types of lashes that adds on its own uniqueness to the outfit. Patterns available include feathers, cat-eye lashes, peacock, peaches, and under the sea theme. Many make up stores such as Sephora and Ulta sell many versions of these lashes. It brings a lot of the attention on your eyes with the crazy pattern, and we can guarantee that very few people will be brave enough to wear this, especially on a daily basis. While some of these ideas seem a little weird, color blocking eye shadow or eye liner is a great way to express the color blocking trend. Using two or three different colors on the eye lid, you can blend them near the transitions so it is not overwhelming but also displaying your artistic identity. With eye liner, use one color on the top of your eye and another on the bottom. These looks are simple, yet eye catching. Summer is a great time to get out there and try new things, so show off your beauty with these different looks.

S tudent S potlight

Get featured in an issue of The G.O.O.D.S Magazine

The G.O.O.D.S Magazine is offering an exciting student spotlight opportunity.We are seeking responsible, proactive, motivated and detail-oriented students who are studying: Fashion Design Fashion Management Photography Stylist for Magazine, TV or Film Hair Designer or Color Specialist Makeup Artist Skin Care Specialist Culinary Arts Culinary Management Advertising Graphic Design Interior Design

How to Apply: • Please email your resume and cover letter in one MS Word document to • Attach letter of recommendation from your Instructor, Professor, and/or Teacher. • Please subject your email: \\\\\\\”Student Spotlight\\\\\\\”. • For immediate consideration we recommend that students apply as soon as possible. • Important: Absolutely NO phone calls. Emails only. • Send Resumes to:

Summer in Sicily Photographer: Lisa Ormsby - Model: Monica Vetter & Julio Cesar Morfin Stylist: Susan Lafica Hair: Beth Whitfield Makeup: Equalla Foster Designer: Sicilian Gypsy or (619) 800-OMMA

How to Not Dress like a Tourist on Vacation by: Deprise Brazel

Fun and fearless truly is the best way to describe the perfect summer attitude. Anything goes when the sun is up, or down. Upon leaving the library and my sophomore year of college behind, I set out for a new summer adventure: I flew to Europe. It was a relatively short trip - 10 days - but I managed to get a true experience of London and Amsterdam.

It looks like I too k all my t o u r isty pictures in one day be cause I ’m wearing the sam e coat in a ll of them .

London and Amsterdam are two huge cities with several different aspects that set them apart from the rest of the world, including history, architecture, customs, laws, and fashion. The Londoners and Amsterdammers simply do not possess inhibitions when trendsetting. On top of that, they always manage to look so classy, despite all the rain.

I noticed some essentials, however, amidst the elaborately adorned, yet simply classy attire. First, one must have a trench coat. Luckily I brought one (with a hood) and I wore it almost everyday. I guess my next piece of advise would be to have more than one trench in

different colors to mix it up. It looks like I took all my touristy pictures in one day because I’m wearing the same coat in all of them. Second, one must be experimental with mixing prints, especially florals. We saw it during fashion week and people really do utilize it across the Atlantic. Finally, one must have lace-up booties. Seriously, they were everywhere. I saw them pedaling bicycles, strutting up Oxford Street, and strolling through Hyde Park. If an opportunity arises to visit England or the Netherlands, I highly recommend it. I even did some of the packing for you. â–

the truth behind

Long Distance Relationships

74 | • June 2012

by: Kimberly Ann Stephenson

The dreaded “it won’t be long” is a notorious departing phrase that leaves all long distance couples trembling in fear, and a culprit of infusing immediate concern. Suddenly it’s as if your mind is a warzone, and bullets are profusely attacking with questions: How long will it be next time? Will they be ok? Can I still handle this?They charge at the body over 100 mph, and the pain ignites tears almost instantaneously. Being in a LDR (Long Distance Relationship) can quite possibly be the most difficult task known to man kind, but the common misconception that “long distance relationships do not work”, is one of love’s biggest myths. It is true that the level of difficulty and effort that accompany an LDR can be outrageously high; but nothing is impossible. Due to the intense maintenance they require, it can be most problematic for the average love seeker, but to disqualify this type of relationship all together, is undermining 23% of the U.S. population’s love life.

How long will it be next time? Will they be ok? Can I still handle this? No, we are not solely referring to the cliché belief that LDR’s are restrictive to army wives; this is just one scenario that is common to LDR’s. There are many people who choose to partake in this type of relationship due to travels, occupation, income advantages, international affairs, and many more. These people have weighed the pros and cons and have taken weeks to outweigh the benefits. Questions like: Can I handle this type of pressure to be faithful while apart? Will our love be strong enough to resist temptations? How often will we get to see each other? All are suitable to the partner contemplating whether to leave it all behind or to rise to a new

Can I handle this type of pressure to be faithful while apart? Will our love be strong enough to resist temptations? How often will we get to see each other?

Being able to maintain an effective and pleasant relationship when miles apart, is far from unattainable, it simply requires a shift in the way one thinks.

Being able to maintain an effective and pleasant relationship when miles apart, is far from unattainable, it simply requires a shift in the way one thinks. When the correct mindset is embraced, along with a higher level of dedication and even more determination the most beautiful relationship can blossom from an LDR. When in the relationship it is vital to keep motivated, and to constantly confirm that both party’s are mutually willing to place time and energy into the other. Similar to non-LDR couples, sacrifices create the foundation for the most cultivating relations. There are a few tips recommended to add excitement to your LDR, and proven ways to ensure success. One tip commonly seen among LDR couples is to converse as much as possible. This means thoroughly comparing schedules and devolving key times to talk. Do not

allow any other activities to pose conflict with your talking times, when the appointment is set it should take precedent to any other activities. Both parties’ have established the allotted time to converse, therefore ensure that both partners are weighing an equal amount of importance on times set for talking. Another tip is to create a weekly “date night” whether utilizing the power of technology through Skype, or following a more traditional approach through the telephone find one night a week to partake in a fun activity. Due to the amount of information we have access to, it is not difficult to come up with creative ideas to please your partner. Set up rules in advance that clearly lay out what is acceptable and what is not. Now that you two are apart, the dynamic of being away is entirely foreign; therefore re establishing your guidelines in this newfound mind frame is vital. This allows for both party’s to avoid arguments. By following these simple tips, your LDR can not only flourish and strengthen your relationship, but you can re discover the love that brought you two together. The phrase “Distance strengthens the heart” has proven true to many LDR’s around the country. ■

Set up rules in advance that clearly lay out what is acceptable and what is not.

75 | • June 2012

platform in the relationship. Being apart is a completely new dynamic that can be especially challenging on couples that are accustomed to seeing each other on a daily basis. But at the end of the day the couples that do choose to test their mental state, physical control, and creativity, gain a strong understanding that the inclusion of the other person in their life outweighs the challenges when separated.


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Hair and Makeup - Raquel Victoria Models - Natalie Nadine and Leva Lasane Stylist : Steffani Symons

Photographer: Rey Sison

Glammer & Gowns

Dress: Andre Soriano -

Dress: Andre Soriano - Hat - Fiori Couture - Shoes: Shoes Me Boutique - Jewelry: Stylist own

Dress and Hair Flower- Fiori Couture Fur Wrap - Stylist Own


“A Starlet named Danae”

Photographer: John Schell


Creative Director & Featured Designer: Fiori Couture - Susan Lafica

Stylist: Stefani Symons - Model: Danae Brock Hair and Make-up: Jen Kolhagen

Dress and Hair Flower - Fiori Couture Jewelry - The Fairy Grandmother Costumes - Â

Dress, Jacket and Hair Flower - Fiori Couture Necklace - The Fairy Grandmother Costumes Ring- Stylist Own

Hat, Necklace and Dress - The Fairy Grandmother Costumes Flower Pin - Fiori Couture

is seeking

Fashion Models Do you have a portfolio of fashion editorial work you think deserves publication? We want to see it!

Fashion model search contest starting soon! For more detailed information contact: or

e v i F Top


s s e n F i tasses Cl By Kimberly Kimmel

Nothing looks sexier than a tight, fit body. Nothing feels better than being in shape and knowing you look and feel great. You want to take a fitness class, but aren’t sure what you’ll like. With all kinds of trends going on in the fitness world what is the best choice? An aerobics style class? Yoga? Dance? Spinning?

102 | • June 2012

Here are some newer styles of fitness classes to think about. We know your brain is probably spinning with all the choices, but here are the top five fitness classes that are “in” for 2012.

es. It ess class ce n t fi r la u n wly pop pired da t these ne rating, Latin-ins las h b it a w t e l hav xhila d bea ’l e e u s o n y a fu t r in u fo ring b tin mbia du ork-out, al music o the La Dance t -hot internation et an all over w rto Perez in Colo ed ly g her Albe blends r y. You’ll not on oreograp h t c r y a b p d s fitnes . Create u’re at it rage. while yo it is now all the s, the 1990


Warrier Fitness Boot Camp

This type of workout is for the people who want to seriously whip themselves into shape. Marines do it, and, believe it or not, so can you. You’ll learn military-style drills from the pros who don’t fool around. This is a great way to get disciplined while you get into shape.

Heliummm A

erial Danc

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Physique 5

Even though there are numerous choices out there as far as ways you can work out, select the one that best suits you. If you love running, work a morning jog into your routine. If you love dance, Zamba may be right up your ally. And if you are the disciplined sort, get a boot camp style workout in. The most important thing is to have fun. This way you’ll stick with your fitness class and reap all the benefits of a fit and toned body.

103 | • June 2012


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Dress Le ss


By Kimberly Ann Stephenson

104 | • June 2012

Trying to rock summer’s hottest styles, but quickly racking up your credit card bill? Do you find yourself arguing with your landlord over late rent because you spent your check on those new white flare pants and bright yellow wedge heels? Look no further as this season’s dress for less will have you saving double. No more overdraft concerns, furious landlords, or tacky clothes. We will help you find the hottest styles of the season perfect for any budget. Whether you are looking for stylish swimwear and wraps or the perfect date night attire, we have got you covered. One of the most economical ways to save a few dollars off of your total bill is looking for coupons and discounts online. Many shoppers are familiar with the concept of coupons but solely restrict them to groceries. There are many stores that advertise coupons on their websites, and in their local ads. Before going on a shopping spree take a few moments to check the stores’ websites to see if they have any coupons or print outs that

“One of the mo st economical w ays to save a fe your total bill w dollars off of is looking for c oupons and dis counts online."

Another way to save a few dollars is to visit local thrift stores. Your nearest Good Will or Salvation Army just might have that belt or necklace you were in search of to complete an outfit you already have. Look good and feel good as organizations like the Good Will assist people in need. One of the best ways to rock a unique style that still follows all the fashion Do’s is to revamp an outfit you already have at home and decorating it with thrift store items to make enhancements. That simple white dress that has been hanging in your closet can now be turned into a fun day outfit, perfect for shopping with the girls or a quick luncheon. Plain dresses can be revolutionized with belts and jewelry to make it pop. The most affordable places to seek any accessories are thrift stores, looking at a low cost never over five dollars for any one accessories. Plus it gives your outfit

a unique vintage appeal lowering the concern of looking like everyone else, and being subjected as the “outfit repeater”. The next way to ensure savings is to pick a style that is distinct to what you are in search of. By pre determining exactly what you are looking for you are providing yourself with a detailed search. Whether it be for a night out on the town or collecting a few tops to match jeans you already have, a smaller range of clothing to choose from you are preparing your mind to scan for items that are relevant to what you need. This narrows down your search, eliminating the chances of making unnecessary purchases. For example, an ideal night out outfit appropriate for the hot days but cooler evenings of Los Angeles would be a preppy floral tank with slight shimmer, a grey pant of choice, and a military inspired blazer. The more precise the choices are, the higher the probability of spending less. Planning prior to a shopping spree is vital when looking to save. By utilizing coupons offered by the stores, enhancing outfits already purchased with savvy thrift store items, and preparing your mind to avoid unnecessary costs, you will double in savings, and come out with more items than before. You

“Your nearest Good Will or Salvation Army just might have that belt or necklace you were in search of to complete an outfit you already have."

105 | • June 2012

are offering discounts. Focus your attention by zoning in on key words such as “weekly specials” or “early bird savings.” Some stores like Kohls, offers extra savings if you purchase before noon, so break out the coffee mugs and take the extra initiative to wake up a bit earlier to hunt for savings. This could easily determine the difference between purchasing two favorite items opposed to eliminating one due to cost.

Desert Days Photographer: Amanda Elkins Wardrobe Stylist: Gabrielle Lewis Make Up: Kristina Goldberg 

Dress: k.hendrix collection - Recycled fur stole: k.hendrix collection Earrings: Mahogany Box

Artist Spotlight

Fashion with a Modern, Edgy Twist by Donna Wilkins

122 | • June 2012

Like many of the young designers, Paul Rico will debut his collection at Fashion Week San Diego (FWSD) in October. The home page of FWSD calls his designs “saucy, fresh, and memorable women’s and men’s clothing.” Paul is in agreement and added that they are also classics but with a modern and edgy twist.

This San Diego native, by way of L.A., wears many hats. He is not only a designer, but a makeup artist and hair stylist as well. It’s safe to say that he’ll know how his models should look on the runway for FWSD. The G.O.O.D.S. magazine:Tell us about Paul Rico. Paul Rico: I was born in Los Angeles. My family and I moved to San Diego when I was 6 years old. Pretty much I grew up here and we visited L.A. on the weekends. When I was in middle school, my elective was home economics. I didn’t choose it; I was assigned to take it. That’s when I started sewing. I only did this for one year. But then after graduation I went to Fashion Career College to learn more about this skill.

P.R.: I loved designing clothes, but wanted to learn about make up as well. And besides that, I was interested in being a hair stylist. I come from a family of hair stylist which includes my mom and two older sisters. They encouraged me to do both, make-up and hair. That’s when I enrolled at Bellus Academy. This made me so happy because I didn’t have to choose between the two. T.G.M.: Going back to your first love, what inspired you to get into fashion?

123 | • June 2012

T.G.M.: As an artist, you wear more than one hat.

P.R.: Watching my grandma sew with her manual foot peddle machine. She’s gone, but my family still has the machine. She passed before I got into home economics. Like I said, what’s so interesting is that I really didn’t know what that class was about. I didn’t even know I would learn sewing in that class. I didn’t pick it; they just gave it to me in my schedule. T.G.M.: Why FWSD? P.R.: I think it will benefit me in many ways especially networking. It’s important to get my name out there. I want to be a part of fashion in any way I can. T.G.M.: You said you are still learning your craft, so where do you see yourself in 5 years? P.R.: After graduating from school, the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, I plan to move to NYC. T.G.M.: New York City is the fashion mecca of this country, what do you see yourself doing there? P.R.: The future, I don’t know. I’ll just have to wait. I just hope great things come my way during and after this great experience called FWSD. T.G.M.: Where can folks go to learn more about you?

124 | • June 2012 PaulRicoDesigns T.G.M.: Thank you and we look forward to seeing your collection in October. P.R.: You are welcome, and thank you.

125 | • June 2012

Rebel Yell

Photography: James Norton Art Director: Hayley Underwood Makeup:Carmen Del Valle Hair: Jeremy Harris Wardrobe: Dean Hall Assistants: Walker McCullough, Liv Ziggs Model: Amanda Junior w/ No Ties Management

c i s u M Bright Light Bright Light – Make Me Believe In Hope Released June 4, 2012 (Aztec Records) By: Michael Tremaine Brewer

There are quite a few things in life that are rather difficult to achieve; becoming a billionaire, going into Space, and even finding happiness. Music Critics would say making Electronic Music with depth and meaning would be rather difficult. But for Rod Thomas, musically known as Bright Light Bright Light, he does it effortlessly on his debut album Make Me Believe in Hope.

136 | • June 2012

According to Rod, moving on is the hardest thing to do which he explains on his Galaga-esque electronic gem “Moves.” The marriage of a thundering kick drum and dreamy synthesizers liquify into his melodies seamlessly. Thoughtful storytelling takes center stage on this album. Every song has a story to be told in manner that creates vivid pictures. “Cry At Films” has a cinematic quality expressed over a 80s Pop drum loop and synths echoing production from 80s production house Stock Aitken Waterman. It seems rather intentional that the song sounds like a scene from a tragic love story. Heartbreak and sadness saturates this album with melancholic melodies and tales of woe. But happiness is found on “Love Pt. II” which shows that this journey is not all doom and gloom. The song is a tapestry of throbbing synths, 80s New Wave and proclamations of finding love the second time around. Another clever and ironic song title. And what seems to be the albums nucleus “Felt It” which is an ode to early 90s dance music a la C+C Music Factory. This song is even equipped with a soulful 90s Dance build-up. Lyrically, it proves that love can give someone hope. Though this hope is not to be confused with blind devotion. On “Waiting For The Feeling,” he asks for more from his relationship. The 90s dance number is quite possibly the quintessential song of the album that completely defines the album as a whole. A perfect blend melody, clever lyrics and storytelling. Somehow, Rod found a way to channel the golden age of Dance Music without using countless samples and painfully obvious references. Rod’s vocal approach and tone is rather impressive. Its expressive, emotional and soulful. And his delivery is the perfect companion to the great production throughout the album. Remarkably, even when the album delves into the sad and depressing it displays a glimmer of hope. Even in the darkest hour, hope springs eternal like a bright light.

137 | • June 2012

5 1F F

un & earless

songs of summer

By: Michael Tremaine Brewer

138 | • June 2012

These songs will take you from London to Ibiza, Atlanta to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Kick off the season with the songs that will take your Summer to the next level.


Usher – Scre


139 | • June 2012

on M r Graffiti u o Y t u P m– Kat Graha

E r ic S a a d e ft. Dev – Hotte r t h a n F ire (LMC Remix)

140 | • June 2012


adio Edit) Burke – Le t It Go (R

hat Give Me T – a ll te S a Rebecc



– Only


141 | • June 2012



en – Re

y Stodd



142 | • June 2012

ut It Down

rown – P ft. Chris B

Timomatic –

If Looks C ould Kill

143 | • June 2012

s (Bigger The Better) Nelly Furtado – Big Hoop

Rita Ora ft Tinie Tempa

– R.I.P.


144 | • June 2012

bull – Dance

Jennifer Lop ez ft. Pit

oom Boom Rye Rye – B


145 | • June 2012

Speakers – A nd Her Too

Lasgo – Sky

EXTRA Nothing but glitz and glamour is a models life... well, maybe not.

146 | • June 2012

A look behind the sceens at “A Day at Walden’s Pond”.

147 | • June 2012

148 | • June 2012

EXTRA, cont.

149 | • June 2012

Yum... Health food...

The GOODS Magazine - June 2012 - Cover B  
The GOODS Magazine - June 2012 - Cover B  

The GOODS Magazine - June 2012 - Cover B