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support breast cancer awareness 2 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011


Layering 101

Spruce up a fall wardrobe by mixing color blocking and adding layers for an extra hint of pizzazz. The key to layering involves creativity and experimenting with a variety of versatile pieces. Sapphire, mallard, kelly green and rich golds are all vying for the spotlight this season, why choose only one? Sample a little bit of everything from this season’s rich color palette! 4 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

by Jade Ballard

Balance out bright denim with a skinny belt and a simple darker hue V-neck. Add an exclamation point to an outfit with a pop of color from a voluminous scarf. Men can avoid color clashing mayhem by sporting this trend in a subtle way. A varsity jacket with a burst of golden ribbing and contrasting pants completes this sharp ensemble. Stay warm and add a printed scarf in checks or plaid for an edgy finish.

Evoke your inner Minnie Mouse with polka dotted hosiery tucked into ankle booties. Or, take things up a notch with bold tights mirrored in a matching chunky belt. For those not ready to take the plunge, stick to a monochromatic base. An all over navy outfit can pack a punch with a butterscotch colored blazer expertly placed overtop. Play up proportions with a muted

oversize sweater and bright pants to create a fresh look. Spice things up with rustic floral prints by mixing a cropped jacket over a bright graphic printed dress or skirt. Pair with knee hi boots for a modern take on innovative color blocking inspired by the Bohemian spirit.



Navajo stripes, ponchos, feathers, leather, gauchos, denim the list goes on and on. This cowboys and indians trend has jumped off the silver screen and onto the sidewalks of real life. I have my navajo poncho you better get yours!

6 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Anthropologie Autumnal Ikat Oxfords $458.00

Forever 21 Aztec Stitch Handbag $18.80

Urban Outfitters Shakuhaci Macrame Fringe jacket $450

Top Shop Fringe Vest $92.00

Fall /Winter Skin Care Tips By: Mirielys Perez (Miry)

As cool weather starts making its way in, you bring out the jeans, long sleeves, sweaters and jackets to protect yourself from the cold. It feels good a change of season but just because you are covering up more doesn’t mean that can take a break on your skin care regimen. Good skin care can mean a world of difference in any season, especially the fall and winter seasons when things start to cool down. Let’s make sure you are prepared for the season with the right tips for your skin. Cool weather means dryer skin, you want to make sure that the products you are using now or that you have used through the summer time or your current favorite isn’t going to dry out your skin when the dry cold weather comes in. If you love gel based body cleansers you’ll want to put those away and bring out a creamy body wash that is soap-free as well as hydrating. If you are loving the scrubbing, oil based scrubs are perfect for fall and winter, you are not only getting the 8 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

exfoliating benefits but also a plus in hydrating oils. If you don’t want dry skin, you must hydrate your skin on a daily basis, the best time to apply your body lotion is right after a shower or bath to seal in the moisture that’s already been absorbed. Have you ever noticed before that your skin seems a little different in the winter? When the seasons change so does your skin, if you have oily skin you may see that now it’s a bit more normal and if you have normal skin its suddenly a bit drier. See how your skin changes as you may need to switch up your facial skin care products accordingly. Don’t forget the sunscreen just because you may not be laying on the beach for the next 6 months, sunscreen is a daily essential, so don’t set it aside use a moisturizer with the minimum SPF 15. And most importantly, hydrate your skin from within by drinking lots of water.


Fetish Cockpit USA $99 D&G Sheer and Lace blouse $322

Top Shop Boots $245.jpg

Express Leather Skirt 59.90

appetite for splendor Photographer: Lisa Ramsay Fashion Stylist: Michael Tucker Hair Stylist: Shinya Nakagawa Make:up: Gayle Carbajal Model: Victoria Brito Retouchers: Brandi Napier and Lisa Ramsay

10 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Dress : Farah Angsana Leather Harness : David Samuel Menkes

Harness : David Samuel Menkes

12 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Coat : Kahri by KahriAnne Kehr Boots : A.F Vandervorst Necklace : AF147:AF148

14 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Leather Collar : David Samuel Menkes Dress : Romero Bryan

Harness : David Samuel Menkes Skirt : Wicce Gloves : La Crasia Shoes : Iris Van Herpen x United Nude

16 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Dress : A.F Vandervorst Belt : Joann Berman Fringe Cuff : Joann Berman Boots : A.F Vandervorst

Dress : Kahri by KahriAnne Kehr Neckalce : AF147:AF148 EARRINGS : AF147:AF148

18 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Sheer Trench Coat : Paďż˝ trizia Pepe Triple Belt : Mandy Coon Shorts : Prada

Blazer : Eva & Bernard Pants : Lola Faturoti Shoes : United Nude Cuff : Laruicci Earrings : Laruicci

20 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Vest : Wicce Aligator Harness : Maya Luz Pants : Karolina Zmarlak



22 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Product BCBG Lace Dress 298.00 Kenneth Cole Trench Coat 179.50 Steve Madden heel 109.95

24 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Photographer:Venadula Pribylova Stylist:Carlos Manghubat MUA and Hair: Jacinta D Angelo Model: Rhiannon Scene Model Management, AU

Sleeveless shirt: Sportsgirl, Jumpsuit: Zimmermann, Bangles: Some Like It Hot

26 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Singlet: Zara, Skirt: Sportsgirl, Heels: Zara, Purple Bangle: Diva, Other Bangles: Some Like It Hot

Blazer: Zara, Shirt: Someone Else, Skirt: Zara, Belt: Dangerfield, Bangles: Diva

28 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Pants: Zara, Belt: Dangerfield, Purple, Silver Bangles: Diva, Other Bangles: Some Like It Hot, Shirt: Customised Diesel

Shirt: Someone Else, Pants: Shona Joy, Bangles: Diva, Heels: Zara

30 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Singlet: Zara, Orange Skirt worn underneath: Sportgirl, Red Skirt: Dont Ask Amanda, Silver Bangle: Diva

Blazer: Zara, Sleeveless shirt: Sportsgirl, Shorts: Someone Else

32 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Singlet: Zara, top worn as Dress: Sportsgirl, Skirt: Zara, Belt and Bangles: Stylist own


L.A. Vintage

34 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Product BCBG Wedge Boot $450. Charlotte Russe Fireball Earrings $4.00. Rachel Roy Dress $109 Urban Outfitter Turban $38


36 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011


Product Banana Republic dress $150 Carolee Brooch $155 JCrew Pearl Necklace $58 Ninewest Pump $89


38 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011


Product Anthropologie Barrettes $22 Banana Republic Pump $120 Top Shop Dalmation Coat $196 Top Shop Suede Slippers $56

rock the bloc Photographer: Leriam Gonzalez Fashion Editor: Renessta Olds MUA: Torrence Forde Hair: Jennifer MacDougall Model: Maria Brunn Fashion Assistant: Amelia Schussler

40 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

ck Top : H&M Pants : Amelia Schussler Earrings : Circa Sixty Three Ring : Circa Sixty Three Tights : Donna Karan Shoes : Pour La VictoireÂ

Top : Sretsis Shorts : Eley Kishimoto Earrings : Circa Sixty Three Ring : Circa Sixty Three Watch : G Shock Glove : Urban Outfitter Socks: H&M Shoes : Pour La Victoire

42 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Top : Erotokritos Pants : Erotokritos Belt : Sretsis Ring : Circa Sixty Three Bangles : Circa Sixty Three Shoes : Vince Camuto

Earrings : Crux Necklace : Circa Sixty Three Tank : JCrew

44 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Jacket : Plutocracy Tank : Jcrew Shorts : Sretsis Necklace : Circa Sixty Three Tights : Falke

Dress : Erotokritos Vest : Patrizia Pepe Necklace : Circa Sixty Three Socks : H&M Shoes : Pour La Victoire

46 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Dress : Sretsis Necklace : Circa Sixty Three Tights : Falke Shoes : Pour La Victoire

Dress : Amelia Schussler Necklace : Circa Sixty Three Tights : Falke Shoes : Pour La Victoire

48 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Dress : Amelia Schussler Necklace : Circa Sixty Three Tights : Falke Shoes : Pour La Victoire


The Power Jumper

50 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

Product Express Shaker Knit Dolman Sweater $49.90 Henrik Vibskov Pants $408 Urban Outfitter Sparkle and Fade Dolman Sweater $54 Wood Wood jumpsuit $181.50


52 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011


Product Prada Wallet $595 Gap Leopard Print Belt $34.95 Gucci Python Clutch $1900 Crew Medina Heels $350.00

darker than black Photography: Aileen Luib Makeup: Aileen Luib Hair: Tammy Nguyen Wardrobe Styling: Aileen Luib Model: Raquel Ejanda

54 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

56 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

58 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

60 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

P U E M O D By Erika Thomas

In recent seasons, we’ve seen more hair in volume than one of the Real Housewives could shake a stick at. With looks ranging from big waves and even bigger curls, worn up and worn down, highvolume pony tails accompanied by extensions— feather and otherwise, we’re ready for a break from this kind of mane en masse overload. And while there’s no need for fans of the gorgeous and feminine long lock look to worry (it’s still alive and well) nevertheless, the change is a welcome one. On fall 2011 runways, Donna Karan was showing a chic, ladylike up-do by way of the bun (a la the prima ballerina), while at Carolina Herrera models sported a low chignon. The wet look ruled at Diane Von Furstenberg, and was worn loose and

62 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

pulled back. Big hair-loving ladies need not put their Bumpits away quite yet as the pouf was alive and well at Peter Som, and styles were slightly tousled rather than perfectly sleek. So what’s the best news about this ultra-chic look? Unfussy and minimalist, it’s a cinch to fix but still exudes tons of glamour. Here are some tips to help you achieve your best up-do this season: Hair tools should be virtually invisible and blend with the color of your hair, not match your outfit. Like real hair, elastics, bobbies and even Bumpits all come in blonde, brunette and lots of other shades, so take advantage of it. Use a frizzsmoother to keep your look neat—remember you want wind-swept tresses, not the just-woke-up look.



64 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

66 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

68 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

70 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

72 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

74 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

76 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

s p i h s elation


p da

Tina Turner once sang it best, “You must understand that the touch of your hand makes my pulse react”. A relationship thrives on three main components such as affection, communication, and respect. Without these three main components in tact the relationship is set up for failure. Now in days we are accustomed to viewing fairy tale illusions of love and therefore want to implement that into the romantic relationships we are currently in but in order for a relationship to move forward it must entail substance and that substance is affection, communication, and respect. Our very own president has been applauded for his extraordinary example of what a loving relationship is. Stephanie Coontz, a writer from MSNBC put it best, “What the Obama’s have is a jocular, playful love, a mutual respect, and on Michelle’s part, a lack of awe and of adoration.” Now, how many relationships have you been in that have fallen apart because one of these were lacking? Take a moment and analyze those old relationships.... Be honest with yourself. You will realize that one cannot be without the other. Right? 78 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

By: Deyanira Collier

The American Heritage Dictionary defines affection as a “tender feeling toward another; fondness”. I know there are some who are reserved when it comes to affection but we all need some type of sign that someone is fond of us. A peck on the lips, a hug or maybe a hold of the hand, something! Don’t be shy! We are creatures that crave for it and need it. We are a social species who require a certain degree of contact with other human beings. It connects us...The power of touch is so powerful that it sends signals to the brain and our endorphins are activated to feel a wonderful feeling of euphoria that is completely unexplainable and all through the power of touch. Certainly it takes much more than wild endorphins feasting off of the touch of another individual. Along with affection also comes a mutual respect for each other. Things do not stop at affection but move on to a much deeper sense in a relationship, the key that keeps it all together, respect. How many of you have realized that you have had to change yourself or rearrange your life in some way to

please someone else? Change is inevitable in any relationship but should come from within. When it has compromised your own self respect, dignity or individuality that is pushing it! Respect in a relationship means that each person values who the other person is, and would never challenge the other individual’s boundaries. A relationship without respect can leave you feeling like you have been run over by a truck! You lose sight of who you are, who you have been and who you will always be. It can strip you from the freedom of being truly happy and you start living for the happiness of your partner or spouse instead of yourself. Self-doubt, self pity, low self esteem and fear become your reality. Who wants to experience that? If you start a relationship with mutual respect for one another there will be no need to question that you will be successful. What intertwines respect and affection together is communication. If we do not communicate, our desires will not be met as to how we want to be treated. Our need to communicate is learned from infancy. We learn how to tell others how we are

feeling and what needs or desires we have from a very early age. Communication prevents misunderstandings and strengthens our relationships. It is highly important that in a relationship there is an exchange of open communication. From what our likes, dislikes, goals, aspirations, expectations, past, future, and fears are. The list could be endless but it is the beginning of getting to know you phase and really it never ends. And don’t you agree that getting to know someone is so exciting? And still beyond this phase it is important to consider one another and communicate important details in your day to day life like ‘Honey I’m running late’ or ‘Honey I lost my job.’ Delayed communication will make a difference in an hour of your day or months of your life. In order to maintain the relationship you must continue to communicate because once communication stops, the relationship ends.

Fall Hair Trends 2011

By: SheMarie

Summer hair trends brought out the short and sassy for some and the long and wild for others. Hair colors ranging from caramel and fire red were the top picks. As we enter Fall, the look is expected to be toned down but by no means muted. Let’s take the short and sassy to the sleek and layered. Transitioning from Summer to Fall Hair Trends can be vivifying! Fall into something sleek and graceful. The looks for this season include hair worn down with a part in the middle and a calm body wave. Now the caramels to a rustic browns and reds to a shade of mahogany and even back to natural shades of blonde, brown and black. Not the type to make a radical change? Wear a part down the middle and try adding highlighted hair pieces to your routine look to get a feel for the sass. Hair that is worn smooth and sleek will need a product to hold the shape and minimize frizzing. The products recommended to maintain this look are “Revolutionary Pomade Gel,” by Real Silk which controls frizzing. “Masterpiece,” by Bed Head is an excellent holding spray which should be used when curling the hair to hold the shape. To rock your hair au natural, add additional moisture by using a product such as “Hair Butter,” by Carol’s Daughter. This product will allow the hair to shine without being weighed down. Try something new this season! Keep in mind that although the season is not as warm as the Summer time, hair can still be subject to damage and breakage if not properly maintained. This includes routine upkeep such as using quality shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. To help maintain a style try using rollers overnight to minimize the use of heat. This technique can be used for most styles. Use the size roller that best matches the size of the desired curl and secure it with a silk or satin scarf or bonnet. Leap into Fall with grace, and enjoy the experience.

80 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

We have always seen different rules and trends for every Season when it comes to Makeup, but this year seems to really mix it up. Yes you heard correctly. All the beautiful options this year are not only countless but fit every young teenage girl going through her moms’ makeup box, or the one who is sporty at home but beauty at work, all the way to the woman who has a business conference call at 7:30 in the morning every Monday and Friday. While grabbing our inspirations off of beautiful models walking the runway forgetting that majority are anywhere from 15-25. It’s interesting how we want to sometimes live vicariously through another face. So for all of you makeup trend lovers live vicariously no longer. I am going to give you what every woman wants, the secret to the looks this Fall/Winter 2011-2012 for every Beauty.

Product 1. MUD Lip glaze Cantaloupe $12 2. Aqua Eyes Eyeliner $18 3. NARS Pure Matte lipstickMontego Bay $24 4. OCC Lip Tars NSFW/Vintage $13 5. Sephora Long-Lasting Eye Liner-Glitter Violet $10

Make up Your Face By Kristina-Monique 1. Youthful Teen Beauties-Accentuate those rich beautiful browns, exotic grays and greens or watery blues with a well defined groomed eyebrow, clean skin, flushed cheeks and a beautiful glossy peach lip inspired by Runways Oscar De La Renta, Alexander Mc Queen, Valentino, or Alexander Wangs collection. There’s no need to rush into growing up and slapping on that extra, not just yet anyways. 2. Gothic Sheik Beauties- We all know you love that dark mysterious look but let’s play it up a little different this Fall/Winter with those rich shiny metallics that have hit Roberto Cavallis runway. Metallics aren’t always colorful. For a little extra, let’s have a dramatic lash added on to that. 3. Sporty Natural Beauties-Okay, we all know you like to do the whole natural beauty but why not play it up with a Retro inspiration of elegance like Ralph Laurens runway. A soft pink or rich sherbet orange with that petal soft texture will make you feel like a whole new you with just a dab of color. 4. Savvy Business Beauties-Let’s bump that sophisticated matte lipstick you’ve been wearing and try something with a little more sexy. How about a beautiful wine or a sophisticated red with a berry glaze on top with a beautiful dark line hugging that lash line tightly. Why not be inspired by these beautiful shades of power and beauty all in one, GUCCI did. We all love a vixen anyways. 5. Versatile Beauties- Mix it up and make your own. A metallic eye with a dramatic lash, and a vixen lip is definitely what will be happening this Fall/Winter for myself or a beautifully defined eyeliner with an edge in color. So if you are feeling like stepping out of the box connect with something new. We only live once.

Mystic beauty Photography: Christèle Jacquemin Makeup: Misaki Ishihara Wardrobe stylist: José David Plaza Model: Sonia Anton Post production: Kaper Location: Cuboestudio, Madrid, Spain Special thanks to Madre de Dios & Pura Alma

82 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

84 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

86 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

88 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

90 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

92 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

94 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

96 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

98 THE G.O.O.D.S MAGAZINE october 2011

October 2011  

Anniversary issue

October 2011  

Anniversary issue