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letter from the editor Welcome to the International Women’s issue. International Women’s Day has been observed since in the early 1900’s, a time of great expansion and turbulence in the industrialized world that saw booming population growth and the rise of radical ideologies. This holiday doesn’t get it’s just due in my opinion. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to dedicate an entire issue to spotlight the International Women. Annually on March 8th, thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate achievements. A global web of rich and diverse local activity connects women from all around the world ranging from political rallies, business conferences, government activities and networking events through to local women’s craft markets, theatric performances, fashion parades and more. March is a very special month. Not only do I celebrate my birthday on the 18th, my beautiful mother and son’s birthdays are in March as well. I would like to wish them a Happy Birthday. Without the unconditional love, and support they provide me I wouldn’t be where I am today. I love and cherish you both. My team and I hope you enjoy the articles and editorial pieces in this issue. I would like to thank my wonderful team for their hard work, support and loyalty. Do you have the G.O.O.D.S.? Photo by Ron Morales

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The GOODS Celebrity Fashion Column By Kimberly Kimmel

We are now gently stepping out of winter into...winter? Burr it’s cold outside, but we are looking eagerly forward to spring and the new fashions. For the next few columns we will focus on the upcoming trends, styles and of course, what some of our favorite celebs are wearing.

Who’s Out and About At Paris’ Fashion Week Spring 2014, several stars sported their own style. Glee’s Dianna Agron wore a flowing navy dress with a collared black coat protecting her from the chill in the air. Michelle Dockery from Downton Abbey, rocked a pretty sleeveless black leather mini dress with matching pointy pumps. Also spotted was singer Rita Ora who stepped out in black leather pants, with a matching black lace headpiece. Are headpieces an upcoming trend? Stay tuned...

What’s In, What’s Out It seems the only colors that are always in are black and white. Last year we saw an array of earth tones, and this year it’s pastels. Short skirts were in, now they are out. A more flowing length of skirt below the knee is called for. And talk about the feminine touch, a softer, silkier look edging toward glamorous is now ultra-chic. We are betting the softer, feminine style will be big at this year’s Oscars. Stay tuned for a Oscar fashion update in the next column.

Upcoming Trends A sneak peek at the spring trends offers a reversal in colors. Soft pastels are back in dresses, tops and pants as well as pantsuits. Don pretty pinks, soft lilacs, minty greens and baby blues. Also trending are the new boxy-cropped jackets. You can wear them over dresses, skirts, trousers, and of course your favorite jeans. These jackets come in a variety of colors, textures and prints. And with a focus on comfort, wide-leg trousers are also making a comeback statement. Popular as far back as the 1930s, these trousers are billowy, have a high-waist and are considered very chic. They can be worn to either a casual or fancy affair. Another throwback to glamour is the new length in skirts called the tea-length. Between the midi and maxi lengths, you can pair these skirts with a blouse or crop top for a casual, easy, breezy feel. The look is flowing and feminine. Wear with sandals or pair with boots.

Cool Places to Shop That Jean Shop, located in Hancock Park, has been in the L.A. area since 2009. With a strong focus on good customer service they offer numerous styles of jeans and cords from brand names such as Vince, THVM, Dylan George, J Brand, and more. Also featuring Wild Fox Couture, that offers tee shirts and crop tops as well as Day By Day that makes sweatpants, cropped sweatpants and hoodies. They have an array of studded pouches by Bollywood as well. Visit the store or shop online at:

Our Fave Product of the Month For those of you who are fans of eyeliner, Lancome has come out with a great one. Meet the new Lancome Long Wear Calligraphy Gel eyeliner. It has deep, rich, pigmented colors such as Black Fishnet, Trendy Gray, Uptown Brun (dark brown), Dress-Up Teal, Violet Stylista and Indigo Darling (a rich, dark blue). This eyeliner glides on, is smudge-proof as well as waterproof. It will stay on for up to 12 hours. You can apply it with the Dual-End Liner and Smudger Brush as well as use Lancome’s fabulous eye make-up remover when you are ready to take off your make-up. Be sure to select the one for waterproof make-up.



THE GOODS CELEBRITY FASHION COLUMN LONDON FASHION WEEK By Kimberly Kimmel London is all the rage, love. With the reverberations of London fashion week still hanging in the air like a thick fog, we are going to shine the light on the happenings on and off the runways just across the pond. The stage was set for what promises to be groovy this coming fall and winter. Fun and exciting trends are on their way so sit back and make yourself a cup of tea.

Who’s Out and About Lily Allen was spotted at London Fashion week sporting a colorful Lego brick necklace, and a Chanel bag. She wore a grey jumper and pink neon lipstick. So taken with the light-up platform 1990s style Buffalo boots that were strutted by several models, she later posted a photo of a pair she purchased on Instagram and wrote ‘Night, night dream shoes. I hope you are still real tomorrow. X’. Also watching the latest fashions make their way down the runways was Kelly Osbourne, who delighted in every moment of being home again with her friends. She shared her enthusiasm of the upcoming trends on E’s Fashion Police and was quite thrilled with what promises to be a groovy fall and winter, fashion wise.

What’s In, What’s Out If you love your long hair, you’re in luck. Out is long hair just hanging there. In our old-world style braids, mixed texture styles, (flat and slick on the head, free flowing and curly around the shoulders) and ornate ponytails where any type of long ponytail is tres chic. Also in are flowers in the hair to coincide with the 1970s hippie aura of London Fashion week.

Upcoming Trends Last month we told you soft pastels were back for spring. Correct. But as London Fashion Week gave us a glimpse of what will be in this coming fall and winter, pastels are moving to a whole other level. Vibrant is the trend. Soft pinks will transform into magenta, pale blue becomes aqua marine and lime turns chartreuse. Think 1970s hippie style meets flamboyant. Also upcoming are even more exaggerated asymmetric hems, midi-length skirts, geometric prints and lots of wild, wild color.

Cool Places to Shop If all this talk of flamboyant color and hippie and bohemian styles is whetting your appetite for vintage clothing well, let’s say, Frock You Vintage. This store located in San Diego carries used, vintage and consignment pieces. They have clothing, accessories and shoes from the 1920s to the 1980s along with some newer high-end designer clothes and accessories. If you love going back to what was once tres chic, we promise you’ll love this place. They are located at 4121 Park Blvd. San Diego, CA 92103. Their hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday from 12 to 6. Phone number (619) 220-0630.

Our Fave Product of the Month With all the up coming wild colors, you’ll want to make sure your make-up is a bit more toned down. Maybelline has come out with Maybelline Color Sensational the Buffs in colors that ‘Bare All’. These boast to be naked pigment flesh tone colors. There are ten fun shades to choose from with names such as Bare All, Bushing Beige, Nude Lust, Maple Kiss and Sin-a-mon.


Make-Up Must Haves

By Kimberly Kimmel

Everyone has a favorite- can’t live without it- make-up they use everyday and swear by. What make-up should you never be without? What is your make-up must have? Here are some suggestions from the GOODS Magazine on some make-up and accessories to keep in your go-to bag.

MOISTURIZER This is one of the most important ‘must-haves’ in your arsenal. You can tell you’ve chosen one that is right for you when your skin soaks it up immediately and it doesn’t sit on top of your face or feel oily. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, just be sure to select a good one to wear at night and one for daytime use that includes an SPF for protection if you are out in the sun. Kiehl’s Facial Moisturizer $18.50

FOUNDATION Choose one that perfectly matches your skin tone and has a light amount of sunscreen. If you want to combine these first two into one convenient package, find a tinted moisturizer that matches your skin color. Some great companies that match your color for you are Prescriptives and Merle Norman. Merle Norman Foundation Call for Pricing


this product is a must-have if you haven’t had a good night sleep, or if you want to even out your skin tone to hide redness or circles under the eyes. Find a shade that matches your skin tone or is just one hue lighter. Jane Iredale Concealer $27


This versatile product can be used as a blush, to give you definition just below the cheekbones, to help shade a wide nose or do just about anything you want. Find one in a shade or two darker than your skin tone and have fun!

EYELASH CURLER When your lashes need a bit of a ‘pick-meup’ an eyelash curler can work wonders. Be gentle when using it, and don’t use it too often to keep your lashes strong and healthy.

Lancome Star Bronzer $35

Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler $20


Now all the rage, gel eyeliner is another convenient form of eyeliner on the market. The type of line used is a personal preference. Some like a really fine line, some like smudging, and some like a thick line for a more dramatic effect. Eyeliner Bobbi Brown Eye also comes in liquid and pencil forms. Whatever your Liner Gel $24 favorite, keep a fresh one on hand to make your eyes pop when you want to be noticed.

MASCARA There are a ton of good mascaras NARS Lip Gloss $26

on the market, but the two voted as being continually the hands down favorites over the years are Lancome Definicils and Maybelline Great Lash. Experiment with colors such as blue, green and violet for added fun.


Never leave home without this must have tool. Wear alone or get one with added color. Lip gloss is great to add moisture and sexiness to your lips.

Lancome Mascara $27.50

Customize your own special make-up products to best suit your needs. We here at GOODS would love to hear what you’d consider your make-up must-haves!


The GOODS on Celebrity Health

By Kimberly Kimmel

Celebrities always seem to be in peak health. Their skin is shinier, their hair is silkier, their stomachs are flatter, and they seem more radiant than us normal people. Why exactly is this? Do they work harder than the rest of us to stay in shape? Do they consider being in top physical condition as being part of their job? Can they afford to hire personal trainers, visit expensive spas and eat organic food? Do they have easy access to the latest make-up techniques, the highest quality haircuts and fashions that best flatter their figures because they work with the top experts in those fields? Well, yes. And this is why, when they share what has worked for them, a lot of us are all ears. When celebs get in on the latest make-up trends, we want to know about it. When they learn what hairstyle best flatters their facial features, we want to read about it. Advice on how to hide unflattering parts of the figure? We sit up and take notice. Because they have first hand and faster access to the professional’s advice, they are usually the first ones to set trends, offer advice and share what they’ve learned. People generally trust celebrities, so whatever they say seems to be more credible than if someone off the street said it. This is why advertisers employ celebs to hawk their wares, instead of strangers. We are used to seeing the celeb on our favorite show, or have followed them on twitter and we are more receptive to what they have to say. But, on the flip side of the outer, cosmetic health aspects, celebrities also share knowledge when their loved ones, or

they themselves, face health challenges, or chronic illness. A lot of celebrities have opened up worlds of knowledge about a health crisis before the public was even made aware there was a crisis. Back in the 1980s, for example, we were enlightened about the new AIDS virus through the personal trauma Rock Hudson suffered. Many people learned about Parkinson’s disease and how to deal with it, from Michael J. Fox. And more recently, we learned that mental health issues such as bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia were far more common than we thought from watching Britney Spears and Amanda Bynes face their own issues. Perhaps we can relate to what a celebrity discloses they’ve gone through in their personal lives and can be enlightened about our own dealings with our own health and that of our families’. From taking a photo of our favorite celebrities’ new haircut into our stylists to try it ourselves, or if read how prominent breast cancer was in Angelina Jolie’s family, what they’ve experienced often makes us stop and think about our own lives. We can learn how they’ve lived with a mother who has dementia, or a father who just discovered they have prostrate cancer, and if applicable, take to heart how they’ve dealt with it. Health crisis’ are shared by all- no matter if you are rich and famous or have an average income and are unknown. What really matters is knowledge and the willingness to apply what we’ve learned from others who have been there themselves.


In the spotlight

Bellus Academy

By Lindsey Washbourne

SEBASTIAN one of the hair industry’s most iconic brands. Known for their fearless exploration of styling, Sebastian opens up a competition, annually, for both Professionals and Young Talent. The What’s Next Awards give stylists an opportunity to create and share their foreshadowing of the future of hair. With over 600 entries this year, 32 semifinalists were chosen. Bellus Academy proudly had 3 students & alumni place in the Young Talent Semi-Finals and 1 educator place in the Professional SemiFinals. Of the 32, 8 Finalists will be announced on March 14. To follow the competition, follow Sebasitan Professional at www.facebook. com/SebastianPro. Congratulations, Bellus Academy!

The Finalists ›› Lindsey Washbourne, Professional ›› Justine Werline, Young Talent ›› Kayla Stone, Young Talent ›› Tori Smallwood, Young Talent


Love Your Locks How to Embrace the Best You

By Lindsey Washbourne


o two women are made the same, especially when it comes to our hair. We are bombarded, daily, by media telling us who “the perfect woman” should be. The truth is, there is a perfect woman within all of us and each one is completely different. So, how do you bring out the best you?

A true master stylist steps back and sees the whole picture—your skin tone, face shape, hair texture, personal image, maintenance and commitment level. The communication between you and your stylist has to be honest. How much time are you committed to spending on your hair, daily? Do you feel confident styling your own hair? What kind of products do you own and use? The more your stylist knows, the better they can tailor a look thta not only will suit all of your natural features, but one that you can confidently style and manage at home. Here is a little insight on the thought process a stylist goes through, and some ideas of what direction you should be thinking about to bring out the best in your hair.


The goal here is going to be creating the illusion of density. Styles with too much layering and separation are going to show off what your hair is unfortunately lacking. The longer this hair gets, the more it looks stringy and damaged. A clean, one length bob is always a winner and you will love that your hair will simply fall into place. A bob can vary in length, depending on suitability for your face shape. Ideally, the length shouldn’t land at the widest part of your face. Styled smooth and sleek or roughed up with a little product, this classic has lots of potential. When it comes to color, stick with solids. A solid color from roots to ends will help support the illusion of density.

STRAIGHT & THICK: This is the kind of hair that is begging for weight release and something that will give it the ability to move. Layers, layers, layers. Maintaining more length in your hair will allow for more variations of layers, giving the illustion of movement and freedom. Rounder face shapes may benefit from the “shadowing” effect of more layers toward the front. Longer, slender faces may want to incorporate a fringe to take away from that 5-head. As far as color is concerned, dimension is key. Highs and lows will help create the illusion of space between hair strangs, visually bringing down the density of your hair.

“ALMOST” CURLY: Ah, wavy hair. Some days it cooperates, and some days it doesn’t. You’re afraid to call it “curly” but it sure does have a mind of its own. My best advice? Don’t fight it! When you fight hair, it fights back. To bring out your natural wave, some length has got to go. This hair is great for the trendy mid-length, right below the shoulders. A modern shag will also help to expose the beachy wave that so many are trying to recreate. If you alow your confused hair the ability to be wild, it is one of the most low maintenance styles out there. When it comes to color, be brave. Undone placement and tones will bring out the best in this shabby chic style.

CURLY & THIN: Most people assume that because your hair is curly and big that you have a ton of hair—NOT true. Fine, thin hair is actually most common in the curly-hair world. Unfortunately so many curly-haired clients have been frightened away from salons because of one bad haircut too many. Trust that shorter, shaped hair is going to bring out the best of your fine curls. A bob with graduation or layering in the back will not only show off your curl, but will be the envy of everyone around you. Chic,


In the spotlight

sophisticated and flirty as well as low maintenance. When thinking about color, soft dimension throughout the hair is key, bringing a soft glow to each individual curl.

CURLY & THICK: It’s all about taming the beast. The shorter and more layered thick, curly hair is, the bigger and more wild it becomes. If you’re trying to keep gravity on your good side, then we need to think about preserving length. There are two extremely common mistakes made on curly hair: 1) over-layering, which results in “The Octopus” (big ball on top with stringy ends) and 2) not layering, which results in “The Christmas Tree” (flat on top, triangle on the bottom). Layers should be kept subtle and long to help taper the width of the hair’s perimeter. Over-highlighting and chemical damage can actually begin to breakdown and destroy hair’s natural curl, so when it comes to color, be gentle. Shine should be priority.

OVERLY CURLY: It’s such a beautiful time for natural hair. For way too long. women have been hiding their gorgeous hair under relaxers, braids, and extensions. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to alter your hair’s natural state, sometiems you just have to let your hair breathe! Relaxing your hair too often is bound to cause breakage, and tight braids cause hair loss and thinning over time. Long and strong is the name of the game, and natural hair styling is more popular than ever. Treat your hair to luxurious moisture treatments once a week, and try a twist out set instead of a flat iron. Be proud of your wild mane and treat it with the utmost respect. The next time you bring your stylist a picture of what you want, really ask yourself, “Is this realistic to me?” Choosing the best cut, color, and style should never be a battle, it should be a compromise. Learn to love what grows out of your head and how both you and your stylist can truly make the best version of you.



By Nicole Bowen

Fashion is without a doubt an international affair. With a bevy of designers hailing from right here in the U.S. (Jason Wu, Proenza Schouler and Marc Jacobs, just to name a few) it may be difficult to fathom all the International designers influencing the runways. The reality is that fashion was a European game long before we Americans joined! Names like Coco Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Goyard have been around for 100 years or more and the influence of these brands is undeniable. These designers have been joined by the likes of Italians, Dolce & Gabbana and Armani, and the French Houses of Dior and YSL, just to name a few. Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana are the dynamic duo of Italian fashion. Their designs, featuring flashy and sometimes over the top aspects, are kept on the feminine side with the pairs exquisite tailoring and attention to detail. In 1993 they were commission to make over 1,500 costumes for Madonna’s “Girlie Show” Tour. Beyond the Fashion House of Dolce & Gabbana the pair of have also created Dolce&Gabbana (notice the lack of a

space between letters?) that showcases more timeless and formal designs in addition to sunglasses and watches. In 2010 Scarlett Johansson was named the face of the Dolce&Gabbana line and has appeared in numerous print ads for the brand. The French have long been the darlings of the fashion world and that love continues. John Galliano may hail from England but he is the chief designer for Christian Dior, France’s couture flagship. The House of Dior is known for it’s romantic designs, exotic color palate, and feminine bias cuts. In addition to the fame found on the Red Carpet, Dior has also made a name designing luxury handbags. Jennifer Lawrence was recently named the face of Dior and has been wowing fans on Red Carpets all over the world in one of a kind Dior designs. Yves Saint Laurent, the French designer formerly of Dior fame made a name for himself by bringing couture back to life. After being fired from Dior, YSL set out to create a line of his own in the early 1960s. YSL is recognized for



his use of silhouettes from the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s, the tuxedo style for women he showed in 1966, and creating the first prêta-porter or “ready to wear” line. Today, YSL not only showcases a women’s wear collection but handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, and of course, shoes. The “Tribute” pump may very well be the most recognizable shoe with an almost cult like following of celebrities including Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria, and Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen Cate Blanchett rocked the Golden Globes Red Carpet earlier this year in a stunning black lace Armani Prive gown. Giorgio Armani has long been renowned as one of Italy top designers for his use of clean lines and impeccable tailoring. Despite his success in women’s wear and couture, Armani is most well known for his men’s wear. His perfectly fitting tuxedos are worn by every leading man in Hollywood on Red Carpets, time and time again. The brand has expanded to include: AJ Armani Jeans, AX/Armani Exchange, Armani Prive, Emporio Armani and ArmaniCASA for home furnishings. No list of International designers would be complete without the mention of Alexander McQueen, the British designer whose line debuted in 1992. McQueen designed the wardrobe for David Bowie’s 1996-1997 world tour and was the genius behind the Union Jack jacket worn by Bowie on the cover of his 1997 album, “Earthling”. McQueen quickly developed a reputation for creating lines that were both shocking and controversial. In 1997 McQueen began a brief stint as chief designer for Givenchy which ended in 2001. After McQueen’s tragic and untimely death in 2010 his long time assistant, Sara Burton, was named creative director of the fashion house. Sara solidified her own fame by designing the wedding gown of Duchess Catherine Middleton and the Maid of Honor dress worn by her sister, Pippa Middleton.




Spring Into Swimsuits

By Brandee “Kurvy” J


onger days and warmer sunshine only mean one thing. Spring is coming! That means beach season! Unfortunately, a number of women feel they don’t have the perfect body and they shy away from beach season, which does not have to be the case. First, you need to understand that finding the right swimsuit can be a challenge no matter what size you are. Also, there are now many kurvy/plus size designers that are releasing some of the hottest swimsuits fashions. Ladies, these swimsuits are made just for us and they are hot and beautiful!

To help you approach this beach season with confidence, I have scoured the swimsuit scene and found my favorite swimsuit picks for this summer! These picks include a one piece and my favorite...the twopiece! Yes, two-piece! Just because we are plus size, does not mean we cannot wear a two-piece. We just need to find one that is right for us. Ashley Stewart is one of my favorite designers for plus size women. Her new swimsuit collection is a must have! For only, $49.50 her Convertible Tie Tank Swimsuit is one of the top picks for this summer! This swimsuit can be worn in three different styles! Monif C. is also an amazing designer, especially if you want a more daring and wild swimsuit to showcase your kurves. A number of designers like to play it safe by using solid fabrics but not Monif C. Her Sao Paulo High-Waisted Plus Size Bikini Top With Underwire - Multi Leopard is a top seller! For $95.00 the swimsuit is a little on the high end but a must have as well! Sao Paulo Aztec Print Swim suit from Monif C. lets everyone know you have arrived! The bold prints and two piece design makes this a daring swimsuit for this season! These swimsuits will be your best friends this summer! Show off your kurves at the beach this year!


By Trish Sanderson


Chopping Block

Female Chefs Stand Tall in the local Food Scene

Featuring Interviews with Chef Deborah Scott, Partner/Executive Chef Island Prime/C Level/ Indigo Grill/Vintana Wine + Dine at Cohn Restaurant Group and Chef Jojo Rossi, Corporate Chef Prepkitchen (Del Mar, LaJolla, Little Italy)/ Whisknladle at WNL The San Diego foodie scene is fortunate to have extreme female chef talent. They’re ignoring stereotypes, dicing up inequality and putting out quality concepts all over town. We snagged two of our favs and asked their thoughts on everything from girl power, making it in a “mans world,” and what it takes to get the goods to your plates. WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE TO YOUNG WOMEN WHO WANT TO BE CHEFS?  CDS: Make sure it’s what you want. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Being a chef isn’t for everyone. Ease your way into it, take some culinary classes and see if you enjoy it. Get your feet wet, and then dive in headfirst if you find out you love it. CJR: I say go for it, but you have to have thick skin. Ask questions, have an opinion and find a mentor who you can learn from. It’s not glamorous to be a chef. The hours are long and hard, but it is incredibly rewarding to know that you are part of something that brings people happiness.

CDS: When I was in Culinary School, we did a mystery basket in Baltimore (sort of Iron Chef style), and I ended up winning first place among some great professional chefs. I knew then I had what it took, and this was the direction I wanted to go with my life. CJR: The goal for me was always to move quickly from being a cook to a chef. I understood ultimately that meant putting in the time, doing a lot of learning on my own and paying my dues. After I had my first child we decided to make the move back home to San Diego from the Bay area. I got a job at Market in Del Mar. Carl Schroeder is as intense as they get, but I credit him with teaching me the foundations of California Cuisine and Farm to Table. He taught me a lot about buy in and why a Chino Strawberry is so much better than a grocery store one. He helped form my palette. I left Market after a couple of years to have my second child. I had learned so much in a short time but I knew I was ready to be a Chef. IS THERE A STORY YOU CAN SHARE ABOUT A TIME THAT INEQUALITY GOT IN THE WAY OF YOUR CAREER OR A MOMENT WHERE YOU




CDS: I worked with a Swiss chef in Monterey who was very tough on me. He would say things like “someone will need to get that 50 lb sack of flour down” and I would just


respond “No they won’t!” and I’d do it myself. I worked 90 hours a week to prove myself, came in at 3 am, and created the best brunch in Pebble Beach. This industry is about being strong enough to get past any challenges, and to never let anyone get the best of you.

CJR: I love feedback from patrons. When it is good it feels really awesome to know that I made something that brought someone happiness. It stings when it is bad, but I need to hear it. I need to know where I missed the boat so I can come back better the next day.

CJR: I grew up in this industry. My family has owned a successful pizzeria in National City for 56 years. I knew I wanted to be a cook from a young age. When I was little I would ask my dad about working in the kitchen and he would tell me I could be a waitress because cooks have to be able to lift up a 50 pound block of cheese and girls couldn’t do that. I have nothing but the utmost adoration and respect for my dad who is to this day one of the hardest working men I know: but he is a product of his culture and of his generation. Ultimately he wanted me to receive an education so that I could be something “better” than a cook. I think though this is what has always driven me - to prove that I too could do it. I know now that he is incredibly proud.


HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT FEEDBACK FROM YOUR PATRONS? CDS: Love it. I sometimes spend more time in the dining room talking to my guests than I do in the kitchen. I feel it’s very important to listen to your diners and to hear their feedback. We often incorporate their suggestions into our menus if it makes sense.


CDS: In terms of cooking, it could be an ingredient that’s in season, something I see on pinterest, or even a guest telling me about an experience they had. Personally, I’d have to say my family, memories from my dad, and I talk to my mom daily. My partners David & Lesley Cohn, their energy and friendship inspire me. The people around you can really influence the way you do things, so it’s important to be surrounded by truly great individuals. CJR: Chino Farm strawberries, early Spring rhubarb, house made ricotta, the perfect bite of charred bone marrow on brioche toast with fleur de sel… delicious ingredients make delicious food. I’m constantly inspired by the great produce we get from the farms and take great pride in the delicious food we make at our restaurants: This inspires me to be better each day. Looking for other local restaurants with Women calling the shots? Find them all and read local reviews on











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Photographer: LumNova / Regina Davertzhofen

Model: Cristina Maria Saracut

SMC Modelmanagement & Instyle Models

Make Up/Hair: Lisa Evoluer


knitted mink jacket KARIN BERNERT dress GUESS shoes GUESS

knitted mink coat KARIN BERNERT


racoon collar KARIN BERNERT dress ANNARITA N

musk jacket KARIN BERNERT leather skirt ASOS


arctic fox jacket KARIN BERNERT turtleneck body SKINY leather trousers GUESS shoes GUESS


Shirt: Portmans, Collar Pins: Topman, Pants: Savers, Shoes: Topshop

urban rustic



Top: Sportsgirl, Pants: Valley Girl, Shoes: Tony Bianco


Top: Cotton On, Collar Accessory: Diva, Overalls: Finders Keepers the Label

Top: Country Road, Suspenders: Target, Pants: Designer Amelia Hermawan


Top: Cotton On, Tie: Target, Blazer: Sportsgirl, Pants: Portmans


Shirt: Topshop, Pants: Valley Girl


Dress: Sportsgirl


Jumper: Sportsgirl


Top: Minkpink, Bow Tie: Diva, Shorts: American Apparel

this in review

The GOODS on Video Games By Michael T. Brewer

Over the last five years, Indie games have achieved great success in the mainstream market. Most notably, Bastion and Minecraft just to name a couple have garnered high praise and huge sales. With so many new independent developers creating games on the new platforms, it is hard to keep track with them all. Here are two great games from indie studios that are on the horizon.

Title: Dead Plasma Genre: 2D Fighting Developer: Ninjagate Studio Platform(s): Xbox 360, PC Release: Summer 2014 Newly established New York developer Ninja Gate Studios are creating a new Hi-Def 2D fighting game. Taking inspiration from such games as Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike and the King of Fighters, Dead Plasma is making fighters accessible for all levels of players. Whether you’re a fighting game aficionado or new to the genre, the game will boast a highly intuitive training mode. This training mode will mentor you into becoming a well adept player in not only Dead Plasma, but fighting games in general. The game is slated to be released this July on Xbox 360 and PC. For more information please visit www.deadplasma.weebly. com to get all the latest updates about the game.

Title: Untitled Genre: Retro Open World Developer: 2D2Day Platform: PC Release: Q2 2014 Independent developer 2D2Day who specializes in high stylized 2D games is breaking boundaries with a very ambitious project. The yet-to-be-titled game is an Open World/Sandbox game in old school 8-bit. You take on the role of an Overlord of the underworld. You are tasked with maintaining your underworld, gaining more souls and competing against over Overlords. You train your human capital to keep your underworld thriving. Exploring other overlords dungeons in search of treasures to hitting up the arcade and playing different machine saving up tickets for prizes are just some of the things you’ll do in this game. The underworld is yours to explore and play as you see fit. For more information check out 2D2Day’s Fan page at


Title: Soul Saga Genre: JRPG Developer: DisasterCake Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS Vita, Wii U Release: Q4 2014 After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, DisasterCake is releasing the much anticipated debut RPG SoulSaga. Taking inspiration from classic “golden age” JRPGs like Final Fantasy, Suikoden, Persona and Breathe of Fire; SoulSaga’s intention is to bring those elements into the next-gen of video games. Using a very distinct anime-esque cell-shaded visual aesthetic, the game looks vibrant and colorful. The main story of

SoulSaga is that our hero Mithos after finally graduating from his University is about to embark on his journey to become the “World’s Strongest Guild Master.” His late father currently holds the title. In the process, Mithos and his able friends must save the Sky Islands of Medonia from the evil that lurks on the surface of Oterra. SoulSaga combines classic turn-based gameplay, familiar story plots and lush visuals to bring this adventure to life.

For the more information on SoulSaga visit:




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Artist: Toni Braxton & Babyface Album: Love, Marriage, & Divorce Label: Motown Records Genre: R&B Release Date: February 4, 2014

By Michael T. Brewer

The dynamic duo of Toni Braxton and Babyface join forces after nearly 10 years since her 2005 release Libra. This collaborative project sees both Toni and Babyface starring in this tale of marriage and heartbreak. Every song is sung as a duet aside from the few solo tracks. The album opens with moody R&B tune “Rollercoaster” which sets the tone for the entire album and becomes the blueprint for the record thematically. The metaphor is well-developed on the album with each song placing a different aspect and emotion at the forefront. The tender “Where Did We Go Wrong” has both Toni and Babyface retracing their steps, searching for the reasons for their relationships’ untimely demise. Babyface’s signature acoustic guitar-laden production recounts his 90s template. The greatest moment of the record is Toni’s solo ballad “I Wish.” With just the sound of a piano, strings and her voice, Toni showcases her amazing vocals. Not to mention the honesty of a scorn woman singing “I wish, I wish, I wish she’d break your heart like you did me.” Toni lamenting over love lost is so gripping, theatrical yet still beautiful. Toni’s second solo track “I’d Rather Be Broke” is a testament to women who sometimes feel burdened by being in a marriage because their husband is the financial backbone. However, leaving a marriage with nothing is better than being a loveless marriage with financial stability. Another exceptional and unexpected moment is the Soul-Club pound of “Heart Attack.” Babyface singing under a vocal filter and Toni on the hook, the song is a great uptempo. It brings the album to a different space that’s fun, flirty and sexy. Toni and Babyface is a marriage that should never end in divorce.

LISTEN TO THIS Nina Perrson Album: Animal Heart Label: The End Records Genre: Rock/Alternative Release Date: February 11, 2014

Former front woman of The Cardigans and A Camp, Nina Perrson releases her long awaited debut album Animal Heart. Just to jog your memory, the Cardigans released the bubbly pop gem “Lovefool” in 1996. After cutting multiple albums with the Cardigans and A Camp, finally Nina is on her own. Still retaining remnants from her former bands, Nina’s debut album is an ode to 90s rock standards with contemporary pop structure. One thing that is definitely obvious; her voice has aged well. While still angelic and melodic, its also gained textures and a soulful pinch that adds depth to her vocal performance. The title track is a great introduction to the album. Soft electronic melodies and bassline strums under her rich vocals. The album has amazing character and intent with the lyrics. Vividly consistent with the albums theme of animals, such songs like “Food For The Beast,” “Jungle,” “Clip Your Wings” all help develop this allusion to humans with animal qualities. An honest expression of deep emotions driven by minimal and uncomplicated production. Animal Heart is a great introduction to the Year of The Horse.

LISTEN TO THIS Sophie Ellis-Bextor Album: Wanderlust Label: EBGB’s Genre: Indie Rock Release Date: January 20, 2014

After nearly a decade of polished dance-pop tunes, the disco diva has traded in the glitter for a more organic and tangible sound on her commercial departure Wanderlust. Recalling much of her years as front woman of the indie band Theaudience, this new album includes musing of folk, alternative and classic rock. The consistent drive of “Until The Stars Collide” bodes well with Sophie’s commanding voice and presence. The vintage nostalgia of “Runaway Daydreamer” has a 60s vibe that gleams and shines bright. Sophie’s voice sounds quite comfortable and serene. Her voice seems to fit this style of music more than any of her recent pop records. There’s an immediate subtly to her approach to each song. This, of course allows her to utilize her voice in ways that may not be as accessible for pop music. The tenderness on the album is very moving, touching the deepest part of the heart.


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The GOODS Magazine - March 2014  

Grooming Outstanding Originality, Defining Style.

The GOODS Magazine - March 2014  

Grooming Outstanding Originality, Defining Style.