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INTRODUCING HAMILTON INTERNAL MEDICINE CLINIC Hamilton Internal Medicine Clinic is a new physician practice where resident physicians provide comprehensive medical treatment alongside a board-certified internal medicine physician. Whether you need medical care for a common illness or a complex or chronic medical condition, our team will take the time to listen to you and provide the latest advances in medical treatment.

• Annual exams/Preventative health • Diabetes management • High blood pressure & high cholesterol management • Depression & anxiety management • Arthritis management • Respiratory infections • Minor surgical procedures • On-site lab work

Call 706.226.8990 for an appointment. 1432 Broadrick Drive, Dalton Monday-Friday 8am-5pm

Internal medicine resident physicians are doctors who are receiving specialized training in field of internal medicine.

706.226.8990 HamiltonHealth.com/internal

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Hello Friends, We want to take a moment to tell you who we are and what we are about. Our names are Matt and Bethany Ruckman and we have six beautiful children, Brendon, Kailey, Andrew, Leah Jean, Emma, and Cooper. We live in Cleveland, Tennessee, and love what this town has to offer! We have started GoodNews Christian Magazine because we feel that when God, family, and community are combined, lives will be changed. GoodNews Christian Magazine is a complimentary, Christian lifestyle publication. You can find us throughout the community in retail establishments, churches, restaurants, and more. Our magazine opens the door for Christians to work together to grow and strengthen our community through relevant editorial and effective advertising. GoodNews Christian Magazine is written by men and women in the community who love and serve the Lord. Our hearts are open and willing to be used by God to reach out to the community to spread the GoodNews!

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GoodNews from the Pastor’s Desk

6 New Year, New You? by Chris Jarrell

GoodNews for Teens

8 What Shall This Man Do? by Filip Brunner

GoodNews on Money Matters

10 Wealth is What You Don’t See

by Andrew Lee GoodNews for Men

12 Prepare For Temptation by Larry Green

GoodNews for Women

14 The Sweetest Love by Andrea Kellum

GoodNews for Everyone

18 The Mulligan

by Rhonda Lane

GoodNews for Everyone

20 Pandemic Life: Becoming A Mary

by Candyce Carden Deal GoodNews for Life

22 A New Year: What Will You Be Doing?

by Brenda Dedmon GoodNews for Everyone

24 Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice

by Contessa Long GoodNews Cover Story

26 Dalton Collision Center GoodNews Business Spotlight

28 DBS Tax

by David Thompson

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30 Need Too Feed GoodNews for Everyone

32 Concealing Trauma: Letting Go of Pride

by Nikki Hill

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34 Getting Back On Track by Andrew Corbin

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36 Two Witnesses


by Eddie Turner

GoodNews for Everyone

38 Living Water

by Karen Jeffery

GoodNews for Everyone

40 Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Building Blocks

by Heather Tate

GoodNews for the New Year

42 Trusting God In The New Year

by Linda Ray Center


GoodNews from the Physician’s Desk

44 Hamilton Health Care

System Offers Podcasts, Radio Show

GoodNews for Everyone

46 My Road To Recovery by Judy Collins

GoodNews for Everyone

50 Winter’s Snow by Tommy Deal


Gò0dNews from the Pastor’s Desk

New Year, New You?


by Chris Jarrell

s a new year comes upon us, most will find the call

powder. Of course my water intake increased. How could

to declare New Year’s resolutions irresistible. Lose

it not? It was either drink or choke. “Meal” finished. And

weight? New job? Save more? Eat better? Exercise

I’m still hungry. It’s okay. I’ll just drink more water. Only

more? Stop procrastinating? I tend not to make resolutions because I know that most

people will not keep them, and I am “most people.” Last

two more hours until the next “meal” of a granola bar, or a shake, or some healthy chips. I can do this. Just drink water. Now, there was also a larger meal that I could prepare

year, I decided I wanted to lose weight, but I did not make

myself and measure out. I longed for those. I learned to eat

the decision as a New Year’s resolution. I decided I would

salad. And lots of tuna. And drink water. Lots of water. Eight

wait until I could afford a diet program and try it then. My

8-ounce glasses? Before the diet, that seemed impossible. I had tried, and it seemed like I never left the bathroom. Now I was drinking three times that amount of water! And yet I was always hungry! I started getting emotional. Grouchy. I would snap at people for the littlest things. My family finally declared an intervention. Enough was enough! Go back to eating normally. After a couple of days, I was back to my normal, cheerful self. Start to finish of my ordeal? Two weeks. Stop laughing. Yes, I only made it two weeks. But I discovered I do not like the taste or consistency of pre-packaged diet food.

chance came just as governments were shutting down the economy for COVID. At least I had a huge box of diet food, so I was set, right?

And I definitely don’t like to be hungry. I get “hangry.” But I also discovered that trying to change you when you’re happy with you is a waste of time. Sure, there are

I read all the testimonials. I listened to the coaches. I

often things that we do need to change. But there will be

had friends on the plan. I chose wisely. I could eat multiple

no lasting change unless we want to change. Wanting to

times a day, and if I ever got hungry, just drink more

conform to what society wants from us will ultimately fail.

water. I could do this. After all, the food tasted great, or so I was told. So I began. The food did indeed taste great—for the first bite. Then it dissolved into the consistency of talcum

6 // January 2021

As believers, we know that true and lasting change is only possible with God. With God, sinners become saints. So this year, there are no resolutions for me other than this: whatever you want, God, I yield to you. Thy will be done.


• Daycare

• Personal Training • Free Weights • Tanning

• Cardio

• Sauna

• Group Classes

• Massage Therapy • Spin Classes • Smoothie Shop

• And More!

• 24/7 Access Coming Soon!

1021 RIVERBURCH PKWY DALTON, GA 30720 706.529.7867

Gift Cards Available We are a family owned business, making home cooked meals from the south. A little Sumpthin Southern. Think about us next time your hungry!

HOURS TUESDAY - THURSDAY: 7:00AM - 2:00PM FRIDAY: 7:00AM - 2:00PM, 5:00PM - 9:00PM SATURDAY: 7:00AM - 12:00PM SUNDAY: 10:00AM - 2:00PM


Gò0dNews for Teens

What Shall This Man Do?


by Filip Brunner

he answer given to Peter by Jesus should not surprise

In a perfect world where everyone believed in Christ,

us, but it does more than we would want to admit.

we would submit to the calling on our lives. Being poor or

“Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and

being rich has no bearing on our eternal destination. When

what shall this man do? Jesus saith unto him, If I will that

it speaks of our socioeconomic reality, the Bible makes it

he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me”

clear that the worker and the owner of the business and

(John 21:21-22). Jesus’ answer is echoed by the country

the destitute and the rich have certain obligations. The

music mantra: “Mind your own business; you sure won’t be

worker is to work as if he is working directly for the Lord.

minding mine” (Hank Williams). This could end here, but NO. The main point of this discourse deals mainly with whether we have enough love for Jesus to minister to others in the way He wants us to. Verses 15-17 convey the three times Peter was asked, “Do you love me?” and told, “…feed my lambs, feed my sheep.” Verse 18 speaks to how Peter’s death will glorify God. The revelation of, “This is how you will die and glorify God by your death,” must have been a bit disturbing to Peter. “What shall this man do?” deflects the attention from Peter to someone else. When we get uncomfortable, we want to gain egress

The business owner is to treat his workers in the same way Christ would treat them. The poor and destitute need to

from the uncomfortable situation. In the case of dangerous

“glean the corners of the field.” The rich need to break the

situations, this is a God-given defense mechanism we call

roof of the house apart in order for the paralytic to be able

fight or flight. But when it comes to future events, especially

to experience the healing power of Jesus. Yes, I want to be

seeing as how we do not have the same glimpse into the

rich. The question is not, “Can I become rich?” but, “Why

future as Peter did, we become apprehensive. The reaction

do I want to be rich?” The answer needs to be, “For the

is a natural one. Where it gets into the realm of sin is when

furtherance of the Kingdom of God,” whatever shape and

money comes into play. We see this in our society today in

form that might take. In conclusion, take care of what Jesus

the attitudes of people who picture themselves as “poor”

wants YOU to do. Your ministry is yours.

shall this man do?” gives us an insight into how Jesus sees this social enigma.

8 // January 2021

About The Author

and spew hatred against people they see as “rich.” “What Filip Brunner is married to his wife, Dr. Kim Brunner and together they have six children. He is a writer, author, and artist.

Hope Needs A Helping Hand. Become A Volunteer Advocate For A Foster Child. Murray/Whitfield CASA Call: 706.428.7931 or find us on Facebook!

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The Chatsworth-Eton-Murray County Chamber of Commerce's mission is to be a voice, bridge, partner and advocate for the businesses and citizens of Murray County.


Wealth is What You Don’t See MONEY MATTERS

WITH DR. ANDREW LEE Dr. Andrew Lee is professor of English at Lee University. He also serves as a coordinator for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. He and his wife Esmerelda have three children.


n previous articles, I’ve briefly mentioned the difference

car.” In case you’re still not getting the message here, Housel

between “rich” (high income) and “wealthy” (high net

is even more blunt: “Wealth is the nice cars NOT purchased,

worth), and I’ve shared real life examples of how “rich”

the diamonds NOT bought, the clothes forgone, and the

and “wealthy” don’t always coincide. There are some

first-class upgrade declined.” Wealth is money not spent but

who earn high incomes (entertainers, athletes, doctors,

instead invested. Finally, Housel reminds us that “When most

executives) who aren’t wealthy because they spend the

people say they want to be a millionaire, what they might

money as fast as it comes in. Chapter nine of Morgan


Housel’s new book The Psychology of Money (which I highly

And that is literally the opposite of being a millionaire.”

recommend), illustrates this paradox perfectly. Housel

When explaining wealth and investing to my students,

describes how music superstar Rhianna nearly went

I sometimes use an analogy of an electric “money tree.” The

bankrupt due to her lavish spending sprees, and then the

minute you start investing money (stock market, retirement

singer sued her financial advisor whom she blamed for

account, real estate, etc.) your money tree is “plugged in”

allowing her to spend so much money. Her financial advisor

and starts to grow more money. As long as you keep the

asked incredulously, “Was it really necessary to tell her that

money invested, the money tree keeps growing. But once the

if you spend money on things, you will end up with the

investments are withdrawn, the money tree is unplugged; it

things, and not the money?” This is very instructive indeed.

stops growing money, and the money starts disappearing as

In speaking of the difference between the appearance of

it is spent. Back to Housel’s point, nobody sees your “money

“rich” and the reality of real wealth, Housel writes, “We tend

tree” and likely nobody knows you have one, except for

to judge people based on what we can see . . . cars, homes,

your banker, accountant, or investment advisor. One of the

Instagram photos.” But we can’t see their bank accounts,

best-known examples of wealth being unseen was the life of

investments, or personal financial statements to know their

janitor and gas station attendant Ronald Read. Read made

true level of wealth. And appearances can be deceiving.

international news after his death at age 92 in 2016, when it

Years ago, Housel worked as a valet in Los Angeles, parking

was discovered that he had left $8 million to his local library

an enviable assortment of luxury cars, some costing well

and hospital in his will. Though he never earned much

over $100,000. But every so often, a regular customer

money during his lifetime, by regularly investing a significant

would arrive in a used economy car rather than their usual

amount of his income, his wealth grew to millions. Jeremiah

Lamborghini, and Housel later learned their dream car had

9:23 admonishes, “let not the rich boast of their riches” but

been repossessed for failure to make the car payment. Housel

rather boast about knowing the Lord. Personally, I’d like to

observes, “The only data point we have about the wealth of the person driving the Lamborghini is that he or she is $100,000 less wealthy than they were before they bought the

10 // January 2021

build wealth in order to give generously while I’m alive and can see the results of some of my gifts, and still be able to leave a legacy behind once I’m gone.

“New Liver, New Life” “Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” ~Philippians 1:6~

Find info on current fundraisers on Facebook: New Liver, New Life: For Pastor Scott Parrish Please, be in prayer for Pastor Scott Parrish of Emmaus Baptist Church. He is in need of a liver transplant. We are asking God to make a way.


His Entire Story Is On: www.caringbridge.org/visit/pastorscottparrish

If God impresses upon your heart to help us meet our financial goals, you may donate at:

Conasauga Baptist Association 1458 Pleasant Grove Drive, Dalton, GA 30721 Memo: Pastor Scott Parrish Medical


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Gò0dNews for Men

Prepare For Temptation hen Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. He fasted for forty days and forty nights, and afterwards he was famished. The tempter came and said to him, ‘If you are the Son of God…’” (Luke 4:1-3a).  After visiting Bethabara for His baptism, Jesus was immediately led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. On this same rocky soil where a million Egyptian slaves walked into God’s freedom, a generation died for lack of sufficient trust in their Deliverer. For Satan, it was a time of temptation: for the Father, a time of testing. But for Jesus, it was to put hell on notice. There was now a new Adam, the first fruits of a coming family with inward power to deny sin and escape the grave. Testing and temptation have always walked hand in hand. The path chosen through the circumstances defines its purpose. Jesus brought two weapons—a passionate commitment to purpose and an understanding of position. The unbelieving Jews failed because they had a dream but no purpose. They possessed only the promise of a land flowing with milk and honey. Spiritual slaves forever find purpose in worldly designed dreams which turn to vapor in the heat of battle. Each time God’s presence led Moses and the Israelites toward purpose, they balked, unable to chew the meat that builds maturity. Jesus had no such problem. “I have meat ye know not of,” He told the disciples at Sychar’s well. It was the meat of obedient surrender. So where Israel failed, Christ flourished. Satan, in his tempting, held out pitiful, worldly possessions to entice Jesus. They imaged kingship without the cross God demanded. The lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life are Satan’s only battle plans. Jesus refused all three, quoting words from Deuteronomy to explain His rejection. The riches in this world are but cheap trinkets compared to Heaven’s plan.

12 // January 2021

Mankind is born with desires for all the world advertises. We build on weak foundations. Jesus, however, was born to be a cornerstone for an eternal temple not built by hands. “Upon this rock,” Christ told Peter, “I will build my church.” That rock was the confession of Christ as being fully God.

God proclaimed Jesus as His firstborn at the Jordan in a thundering voice: “This is my Son, in whom I am well pleased.”’ The devil heard clearly. Every test faced in the wilderness was predicated on that announcement. “If you are the Son of God...” preceded each tempting. When our testing/temptation arrives, we must be armed. (1.) Remember whose we are without wavering or doubt. (2.) Focus on God’s gifted purpose for our lives. (3.) Walk knowing we are being transformed into Christ’s image. A Christian’s assignment is to learn to find God in every circumstance. This causes the wilderness to become holy ground. On holy ground, the battle and its outcome belong to the Father.

About The Author


by Larry Green

Larry Green was born in Dalton, Georgia in 1949 and continues to reside in Dalton today. He is passionate about writing and when Jesus found him in 1991, writing of Him became his favored outlet. He grew up bagging groceries at The Green Spot, which was his family’s store for 63 years. Having retired when the store closed, Larry’s best days are spent with his wife, Andrea Ray Green, sitting in front of his computer studying God’s Word and writing thoughts He gathered in reading. At 71 years, it seems like life is only now beginning.

For pricing contact: makayla.johnson@marriott.com 785 College Drive | Dalton, GA 30720 | 706.275.7215

1402 Walston Ave. Dalton, GA 30720

To find out more about RossWoods, call 706-270-9628 today!

M-F 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM 1402 Walston Ave. 1402 Walston Ave. Dalton, 30720 At RossWoods,To weTo provide care for adults who find out more about RossWoods, Dalton, GA GA 30720 find outdaytime more about RossWoods,

require supervision or call assistance. Participants are 706-270-9628 call 706-270-9628 today! today! M-F 6:30 6:00PM PM M-F 6:30AM AM to to 6:00 provided with nursing care, bathing, personal care, and At RossWoods, we provide daytime for adults who require supervision or assistance. Participants are nutrition in acare homelike setting. Our therapeutic activities At RossWoods, RossWoods, wewe provide daytime care for adults who At provide daytime care for adults provided with nursinggive care,participants bathing, personal care, and nutrition in a homelike setting.who Our therapeutic a sense of well-being, accomplishment require supervision or assistance. Participants are activities give participants sense of well-being, accomplishment and the opportunityare to socialize. require orsocialize. assistance. Participants andsupervision the aopportunity to

provided with nursing care, bathing, personal care, and

provided with nursing care,affordable bathing, personal care, and Thesetting. most nutrition in a homelike Our therapeuticchoice activities home aloneOur is accomplishment not an option. nutrition in awhen homelike therapeutic activities give participants a sense ofsetting. well-being, Serving Whitfield,to Catoosa, Walker and Gordon Counties give participants aMurray, sense of well-being, accomplishment and the opportunity socialize. Serving Whitfield, Murray, Catoosa, Walker and Gordon Counties www.rosswoods.org www.rosswoods.org and the opportunity towww.rosswoods.org socialize. The most affordable choice

affing, home aloneCAREMY’S is not an option. ty Stwhen  i l I n a u c . Q whenThe home alone is not an option. most affordable choice

Serving Whitfield, Murray, Catoosa, Walker and Gordon Counties www.rosswoods.org



Serving Whitfield, Murray, Catoosa, Walker and Gordon Counties www.rosswoods.org






2523 E WALNUT AVENUE DALTON, GEORGIA 30721 706.529.5013

Gò0dNews for Women

The Sweetest Love


by Andrea Kellum

here I was, bundled in a blanket, sneezing and

His only son, Jesus Christ, to die for us (Romans 5:8). Those

sniffling with a cold. My hair was freshly washed,

verses remind us of the blessed assurance of His love: real,

but it lacked tender loving care for far too long and

eternal, unconditional love.

still desperately needed color to cover up my shiny gray roots. My nose was red from too many tissues, my face wore no makeup, and I was feeling the most unpretty I could possibly feel. Then, my sweet husband looked over and said, “You sure are pretty to me.” I giggled. I most certainly did not feel pretty. I definitely knew I wasn’t looking my absolute best, yet he saw something I didn’t see. He saw me for who I was, not what I looked like. In his eyes, my beauty wasn’t based on my outward appearance but rather on his understanding of my heart. And in that delicate moment, the Lord reminded me that this is exactly how He sees me. He is Jehovah-Roi, the Lord who sees me, just as He saw Hagar crying by the well in Genesis 16. Not only did God remind me that

It’s impossible for me to fully understand in my finite

He sees me, but He also reminded me that He knows my

mind how the God I serve knows all my sinfulness and still

heart, and His judgment of me is made clear in 1 Samuel

sent His only Son to die for me. Jesus didn’t come just for

16:7: “Man judges by the outward appearance, but the Lord

me; He came for you too! If you’re feeling a little less pretty

looks at the heart.”

than usual, remember that God sees all of your unpretty

God knows my good hair days and my bad hair days.

moments, and yes, He even sees you with frizzy hair, a

He sees my messy face and my clean face. He knows when

snotty nose, and two-day-old pajamas, and He still has the

my heart is sincere and when it needs a little more of His

sweetest love for you! “But God demonstrates His own love

refining fire to purify me again. He knows everything that

toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for

could cause others to see me as ugly, yet He still thinks I am

us” (Romans 5:8).

pretty: not my face but my heart, just the way my husband says He loved us first (1 John 4:19), He wants good for us (Romans 8:28), and that while we were still sinners, He sent

14 // January 2021

About The Author

does. Do you know how I know this? Because His word

Andrea Kellum is a former internationally recognized pageant coach who upon a call from the Lord, closed her business to begin teaching God’s Word. She is a devoted wife, homeschool mom, the Founder of Changing Crowns Ministries, author of Warrior Women Prepare For Battle, and the producer and host of Changing Crowns, a discipleship training TV show now airing on the Life Network For Women network available on Roku, Amazon, Apple, and Android devices. You can also follow Andrea’s ministry at ChangingCrowns.com

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16 // December 2021

Gospelway Baptist Church 336 Jupiter Cir, 30721 706-278-1424 Grace Baptist Church 2049 Lower Kings Bridge Rd, 30721 706-537-6884 Harmony Baptist Church 187 Lower Dawnville Rd, 30721 706-226-5521 Harvest Baptist Church 3986 Cleveland Hwy, 30721 706-694-8951 Hill Crest Baptist Church 1901 Cityview St, 30720 706-279-1267 Hopewell Baptist Church 3527 Airport Rd, 30721 706-226-5987 Kinsey Drive Baptist Church 2626 Kinsey Drive,30720 706-277-3505 Lakeshore Park Baptist Church 12 Crescent St, 30720 706-275-6050 Liberty Baptist Church 506 South Pentz St, 30720 706-226-5535 Lindsey Memorial Baptist 706-673-7650 3503 Lindsey Memorial Rd. Rocky Face, Ga. 30740 Macedonia Baptist Church 1355 Dawnville Rd NE, 30721 706-259-9220 Maple Grove Baptist Church 347 Maple Grove Rd, 30721 706-483-6300 McFarland Hill Baptist Church 307 Brickyard Rd, 30721 706-277-5521 Mount Rachel Baptist Church 332 Haig Mill Lake Rd, 30720 706-278-5192 Mount Ridge Baptist Church 1401 M L King, Jr. Blvd, 30721 706-278-0335 New Hope Baptist Church 900 Roan St, 30721 706-226-2093 New Hope Baptist Church 706-673-8050 2105 Tunnel Hill-Varnell Road Tunnel Hill, GA 30755 New Life Baptist Church 2620 Old Grade Rd, 30721 Northwest Georgia Baptist Church 222 North Pentz St, 30720 706-463-3490 Olivia Baptist Church 1817 Guy St, 30720 706-278-3507 Pine Grove Baptist Church 4004 Airport Road, 30721 706-264-8630 Poplar Springs Baptist Church 897 Poplar Springs Rd, 30720 706-259-8727 Reformation Baptist Church 825 Chattanooga Avenue, 30720 706-314-8711 Rocky Face Baptist Church 1544 Rocky Face Railroad St, 30740 706- 226-5751

Salem Baptist Church 1448 Pleasant Grove Dr, 30721 706-259-7045 South Dalton Baptist Church 498 Lakemont Drive, 30720 706-278-4946 Shiloh Baptist Church 2014 East Waugh St, 30721 706-226-5981 Temple Baptist Church 2310 South Dixie Hwy, 30720 706-226-6785 Valley Baptist Church 2907 Old Rome, 30720 Welcome Hill Baptist Church 2772 E Welcome Hill Circle, 30721 706-278-0368 Whitfield Baptist Church 2134 Dug Gap Rd, 30721 706-278-6776


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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 610 Shugart Rd, 30720 706-278-5295


Christ the King Lutheran Church 623 S Thornton Ave, 30720 706-278-3979


Bethel AME Church 620 Spring Street, 30720 706-226-2714 Bethel UMC 123 Bethel Church Rd, 30721 706-278-3309 Dalton First UMC 500 South Thornton Ave, 30720 706-278-8494 Dawnville UMC 1529 Spring Ln NE, 30721 706-259-5342 Fairview UMC 735 Riverbend Rd, 30721 706-996-5057 Five Springs UMC 2823 Five Springs Rd, 30720 706-277-3928 Mineral Springs UMC 4079 Airport Road, 30721 706-517-0200 Mt. Vernon UMC 597 Lafayette Road Rocky Face, GA 30740 706-673-4667 New Haven UMC 4040 South Dixie Highway, 30721 706-217-1879 Pleasant Grove UMC 2701 Cleveland Highway, 30721 Sugar Valley UMC 503 Murry Hill Dr, 30720 706-280-9112 Trinity UMC 901 Veterans Dr, 30721 706-278-4042 Tunnel Hill UMC 706-673-4022 121 North Varnell Road Tunnel Hill, GA 30755 Varnell United Methodist Church 3485 Highway 2 Cohutta, 30710 706-694-8023 Wesley Chapel UMC 808 Jamestown CT, 30721 706-270-2331


First Church of the Nazarene 2325 Chattanooga Rd, 30720 706-278-8428 Grace Church of the Nazarene 1111 Nelson St, 30721 706-278-1171


Abundant Life Bible Church 120 East Morris Street, 30721 706-270-9733 Bridging the Gap Ministries

514 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, 30721 706-277-7575 Relentless Worship Center 210 Robinwood Dr, 30721 706-313-1129 Cornerstone Family Church 1240 Dawnville Rd, 30721 706-259-8509 Dalton House Of Prayer 735 Beaverdale Rd NE, 30721 706-280-0263 Good Neighbors Church 910 South Thornton Ave, 30720 706-226-0846 Gospel Light Tabernacle 804 Sheridan Ave, 30721 Grace Fellowship Ministries

620 N Glenwood Ave 2&3, 30721 706-280-1375 River of Life Church of Dalton 2919 East Walnut Ave, 30721 706-965-6683 Saint James Overcoming Church 400 North Fredrick St, 30721 706-278-0319

True Gospel Pentecostal Church 109 South Henderson St, 30721 706-278-5696 Shadow Ridge Worship Center 122 Wheat Drive Varnell, GA 30721 706-280-4546

Iglesia de Dios Pentecostal Fuente de Agua Viva 1007 Underwood St, 30721 706-278-4963 La Senda Antigua 308 East Matilda St, 30720 706-270-8826

ChristChurch Presbyterian 510 South Tibbs Rd, 30720 706-529-2911 First Presbyterian Church 101 S. Selvidge St, 30720 706-278-8161 Grace Presbyterian Church 2107 Threadmill Rd, 30720





Salvation Army 1109 N. Thornton Ave, 30722 706-278-3966

Seventh Day Adventist

3 Angels Hispanic SDA 701 E Morris St, 30721 706-618-1182 Dalton Hispanic SDA 112 W Long St, 30720 706-275-0523 Dalton SDA Church 300 South Tibbs Rd, 30720 706-226-2166

Chatsworth Church Directory Baptist

Blue Ridge Primitive Baptist Church 706-517-9849 134 Hyden Tyler Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Calvary Baptist Church 706-695-7747 Highway 225 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Center Hill Baptist Church 706-695-7988 65 Berry Bennett Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Cisco Baptist Church 706-695-9270 Highway 411 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Cool Springs Baptist Church 706-517-5388 Holly Creek Cool Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Fellowship Baptist Church 706-695-2626 4396 Highway 52 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US First Baptist Church 706-695-2112 121 West Market Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Flat Branch Baptist Church 706-695-2663 3443 Highway 286 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Free Hope Baptist Church 706-695-3717 4176 Highway 76 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Holly Creek Baptist Church 706-695-8522 422 Holly Creek Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Liberty Baptist Church 4221 US-76, Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Little Consauga Baptist Church 706-517-5733 1100 Sugar Creek Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Maranatha Baptist Church 706-695-6330 Highway 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Mount Pisgah Baptist Church

706-517-8944 2309 Old Highway 411 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Murray Baptist Church 706-695-9712 508 West Peachtree Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US New Hope Baptist Church 706-517-3089 1273 New Hope Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US New Prospect Baptist Church 706-629-9521 7629 Highway 225 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Old Fashion Baptist Church 706-695-5420 885 Ben Adams Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Open Air Ministries 706-386-484 1058 Mtn Crest Dr. Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Prayer Baptist Church 706-624-9216 10859 Hwy. 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Shinning Light Baptist Church 706-517-1739 801 North 5th Avenue Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Smyrna Baptist Church 706-695-5815 1913 Smyrna Church Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Spring Place Baptist Church 706-695-5532 441 Highway 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Strait Way Baptist Church 706-517-2861 508 West Peachtree Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Total Praise Baptist Church 706-695-6441 1461 Greeson Bend Rd, Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Zion Hill Baptist Church 706-517-5913 Highway 225 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Grace Bible Church

2599 Leonard Bridge Rd. Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Church of Christ

Woodhaven Church of Christ 706-847-7400 508 West Peachtree Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Church of God

Chatsworth Church of God 706-695-9388 Highway 411 South Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Central Community Church 706-695-4242 60 Pine Hills Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 Spring Place Church of God 706-695-8000 717 Tibbs Bridge Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Full Gospel

Faith Worship Center 706-695-6866 189 Hyden Tyler Road Chatsworth GA 30705 House Of Prayer 616 Jenkins Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Casey Springs UMC 7250 Chastworth Highway South Chastworth, GA 30705 Center Valley UMC 706-971-4646 5394 Highway 225 North Chatsworth, GA 30705 US First United Methodist Church 706-695-3211 107 W Cherokee Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Fullers Chapel UMC 532 Cook Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Mineral Springs UMC 71 North Way St Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Spring Place UMC 706-695-5143 Po Box 248 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


God’s Light House 784 Smyrna Church Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 The Church of God of the Union Assembly at Chatsworth, GA 706-695-7335 Highway 52 Alternate Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Liberty Tabernacle 706-517-3140 2196 Smyrna Church Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Living Word Christian Fellowship 706-695-5005 960 Cherokee Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 US New Beginnings Ministries 706-695-6067 646 Floodtown Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US North Gate Church 706-548-4967 7727 Highway 225 South Chatsworth, GA 30755 US Tabernacle of Praise 706-517-0377 1435 Leonard Bridge Road Chatsworth, GA 30705 US Wings Of Faith Ministries 706-695-1527 1122 North Holly Drive Chatsworth, GA 30705 US


Victory Tabernacle 706-517-1458 355 Ellijay Street Chatsworth, GA 30705 US A Place to Worship 706-517-8568 259 Old Landfill Rd Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Presbyterian Sumach Presbyterian Church 706-695-4773 2089 Sumach Church Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

Seventh Day Adventist

Seventh-Day Adventist Church 706-517-5124 1115 Highway 52 Chatsworth, GA 30705 US

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Gò0dNews for Everyone

The Mulligan


by Rhonda Lane

he new, popular term in the English language is,

One very important thing we can do over is our

“It’s so 2020,” meaning what else could happen

birth. We can be spiritually born again when we ask for

this year: more turmoil, more civil unrest, another

God’s forgiveness. We can take a mulligan for our sins

virus, or yet another storm of hurricane force? Most people would take a mulligan, or a do-over, for

and continue to play this game we call life. We can retain the lessons we learn from our mistakes, but they are not

2020. The Oxford Dictionary defines a mulligan as an extra

counted on our final scorecard. John 3:4: “How can a man

stroke allowed after a poor shot in an informal game of

be born when he is old? Can he enter the second time into

golf that does not count on the scorecard.

his mother's womb and be born?” John 3:6: “That which

The year 2020 is not the one I would do over, however. That would be the year 2018: the year of my own personal hurricane in which I lost both my parents just 48 days apart. I relive every week, every day, every moment of that year. The torturous questions keep returning, demanding more satisfactory answers each time. Why wasn’t I more patient with their requests of me? Why didn’t I say “I love you” one more time, two more times, three more? Why didn’t I say those words first more often instead of waiting just to say them as a reply? As much as I rehearse these regrets in reverse, I can never go back and redo those moments. There are some things that we can redo in the natural.

is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.” The days of the calendar will be recycled over and

We can rediscover a first, long-lost love. We can go back

over until Christ comes again, but 2020 will never return.

to school and become the lawyer, the teacher, or the nurse

Our sins also will never return again when we chalk them

we thought we should have been in the first place. There

up on God’s calendar. He will turn the page and never

are, however, other things that can never be redone. The

look back. Psalms 103:12: “As far as the east is from the

alcoholic can never go back and put down that first drink

west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.”

that was the first step in the road to his own personal hell. our virginity. We can never take back the stinging words that forever hurt the one we love so very much.

18 // January 2021

About The Author

We can never go back to that indiscretion and take back Rhonda Lane is a native of Dalton, Georgia, and is an orphaned, old maid, and only child trying to find her way in the world and lose herself in Jesus Christ.

FOUR CONVENIENT LOCATIONS IN THE AREA TO SERVE YOU! Ken’s CARSTAR North 3518 Cleveland Hwy Dalton, GA 30721 706.259.2704

CARSTAR Ringgold 7844 Nashville Street Ringgold, GA 30736 706.935.2430

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CARSTAR Universal 5407 Battlefield Parkway Ringgold, GA 30736 706.965.4946

706.529.4401 2773 Cleveland Hwy, Dalton, GA

Gò0dNews for Everyone

Pandemic Life: Becoming A Mary


by Candyce Carden Deal

o doubt you’re familiar with the story of Martha

The story of Martha and Mary teaches us it’s better to

and Mary (Luke 10:38-42). Martha and Mary

give our full attention to Jesus. When we enter the presence

opened their home to Jesus as He traveled through

of God through Bible study or prayer, ideally, our awareness

town with His disciples. The story contrasts the responses of

is concentrated on Him. We don’t think about checklists. We

the sisters. While Martha labored diligently to prepare and

don’t let our calendar distract us or our email derail us. We

serve a meal, Mary sat at the feet of Jesus, soaking in His

sit at His feet, listening to His words.

every word. Martha grew angry because Mary wasn’t helping. Frustrated, she turned to Jesus and asked if He cared that she had to fix the meal alone. She urged Jesus to tell Mary to help her. Instead of following Martha’s suggestion, Jesus gently rebuked her: “‘Martha, Martha,’ the Lord answered, ‘you are worried and upset about many things, but few things are needed—or indeed only one. Mary has chosen what is better, and it will not be taken away from her’” (Luke 10:41-42). Although I longed to be a Mary, I was a Martha. I used to justify my response by telling myself, “It’s a Martha world.” But now, because

That’s good news for the Marthas of the world. It

of lessons learned through the Covid-19 pandemic, I’m

doesn’t mean we stop serving but that we simplify. We stop

becoming a Mary.

being a martyr to our busyness. We evaluate what must be

Let’s return to the story. It’s important that the Marthas of the world recognize something in this passage. Jesus didn’t reproach Martha for her service but rather for being “worried and upset about many things.” Serving is a principle of Christianity. The problem occurs when serving distracts us from its purpose, which

done and let the rest go. We find joy in our service to Him as we focus on His presence. The words Jesus spoke to His disciples ring true today: “The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life” (John 6:63). These days of pandemic isolation have gifted us with the

is to love others. If serving becomes a never-ending to-do

time to gather strength from the only One who can provide

list, our eyes are not on Jesus. Our eyes are on what WE are

it, to become more aware of the Spirit within. We can linger

doing: and sometimes, as in the case of Mary, on what those

in His presence, just like Mary, soaking in His every word.

around us are not doing.

It’s a lesson I vow never to forget.

that had to be made,” wasn’t in the moment. She wasn’t cherishing her time with Jesus.

20 // January 2021

About The Author

And Martha, being “distracted by all the preparations Candyce Carden Deal—a lifelong teacher—is from Dalton, GA and a member of First Baptist Church. She blogs at CandyceCarden.com.





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Gò0dNews for Life

A New Year: What Will You Be Doing? by Brenda Dedmon


think everyone is glad that 2020 has ended and now a new year has begun. So as you think about the new year, what do you think you will be doing? Will everyone

still wear a mask when they go to stores or to school? Will some people still be doing school online? There are so many

1. What made you happy this week? How can you share with other people about this experience? 2. What made you sad this week? Is there anything you can do to make you feel better about what happened? 3. What is something you and your family can do to

things we still do not know about 2021, but there is one

help someone this week? What did you learn from

thing we do know, and that is that God loves us and will

helping someone?

take care of us every day. We read in the Bible in Jeremiah 29:11, “I know what I’m

Each week as you work in your journal, be sure to write the way that you feel God has taken care of you in

doing. I have it all planned out—plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for.” This verse reminds us that we can trust God because He has a plan to take care of us, He will not leave us, and He gives us hope for the future. A fun activity for your family this year could be for everyone to keep a weekly journal about things that happen each week. Writing or drawing pictures in a journal is a great way to be reminded that God provides for you and will give you a way to express those experiences. Each family member could choose their own type of journal and set a day each week to sit down and write or draw in their journal. This also gives

the happy and sad times. As you do your helping project

you and your family time to talk about what everyone is

each week, remember that God will use your efforts to give

experiencing each week in his or her life.

others hope in their lives.

This may be a new experience for your family, and you

When you get to the last week in 2021, take the time to

may be thinking, “How do you begin keeping a journal?”

go back through your journal to see all that you experienced

It is important that your journal include at least 52 pages so

for the year! Celebrate with your family all the wonderful

you can have a least one page per week. It is better to keep

things your family experienced and how you helped others

your journey in a notebook rather than individual papers so

in 2021!

are a few tips to help your family record these ideas weekly:

22 // January 2021

About The Author

it will be easier to keep everything together. The following Rev. Brenda Dedmon is the retired director of the Children’s Learning Center, First Baptist of Dalton. She is also an avid Bama, Roll Tide Fan!

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Lisa Sloan

Gò0dNews for Everyone

Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice


by Contessa Long

o you ever find it humorous that we never have

that “obedience is better than sacrifice” (15:22). Anyone

to teach a baby how to do the wrong things? We

can sacrifice for religion’s sake (law), but obedience for

are born into this fallen world bent on selfishness

relationship’s sake (Jesus) shows the posture of our hearts.

and disobedience. We do not have to be taught to sin: it

“This account serves as a warning that the Lord values

comes naturally to our flesh even from birth. As parents or

obedience to His commands over religious practices”

teachers, we have to constantly tell our children to be nice,

(Giglio, 2011). The process of obedience changes the fallen

to share, to love, to give, to be honest, etc. We rarely witness

man’s heart, and the heart of man is what God is after.

a very well-trained and obedient child unless there has been

Through obedience, we sacrifice our own will and give in to

teaching and discipline involved. Isn’t that the way Father

the will of the Father who knows us inside and out.

God is with us, His children? Sometimes, God calls us to obey when nothing seems to make sense. Looking into God’s Word, we can better

Jesus Christ was the example of obedience and sacrifice. He was fully man and fully God, yet He modeled perfect obedience to the Father as He walked the earth. “And

understand the act of obedience in relation to our personal walk with the Lord. The law required sacrifices for everything. Although those sacrifices had deep meaning and were a foreshadow of the one true sacrifice, they were religious and traditional. No one was capable of keeping the law, so the sacrifice did the work of cleansing them from their sins. They relied on the sacrifice to make things whole again. But what is the sacrifice without the process of obedience? In 1 Samuel 15, Saul was given strict instructions from the Lord through the prophet Samuel. Saul, then the King of Israel, felt he would obey the parts that he felt were important and rely on the best-kept cattle, sheep,

being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself

fat calves, and lambs to sacrifice to the Lord even though the

by becoming obedient to death—even death on a cross”

Lord told him to destroy everything (vs. 3, 8-9, 21). He was

(Philippians 2:8). Jesus displayed selfless obedience all

determined to believe in his prideful heart that the sacrifice

the way up to the moment when He became the ultimate

without the obedience would cover him.

sacrifice. If He can do it, so can we because His Spirit lives

Just like most of us, Saul wanted to skip the process of obedience—of denying his flesh—and get straight

inside us as believers (Romans 8:11). Let us follow the example of Jesus and commit ourselves

to the sacrifice, not realizing a little disobedience is still

to the process of obedience while sacrificing our will daily

disobedience. He didn’t realize that obedience is the key to

by denying ourselves, picking up our crosses, and following

the process. God tells Saul and He reminds us today

Him. The process is what refines us like pure gold and

24 // January 2021

enables us to be the vessels God can use.








Dalton Collision Center


by David Thompson

recks are scary. The sound of metal crunching

day Georgia got shut down because of COVID-19! But from

against metal, the quick shot of adrenaline

God’s perspective, the timing was perfect.

running through your body—it only takes an

It turns out that there were plenty of people in the

instant for your whole world to change. Sometimes, though,

area with vehicles needing repairs, but they were all too

it feels like what comes afterward can be more difficult

busy working to be able to get the repairs done. The start

than the wreck itself. There are insurance claims and police

of quarantine gave those people plenty of time to get their

reports to file, repairs to take care of, and sometimes medical

vehicles fixed, and Chris was able to capitalize on it. Cars

bills that need to be paid. It can be overwhelming. But what

soon started flooding his lot, he hired seven new employees

if you could find one company that can handle all of it for

during quarantine, and he is looking to hire even more!

you, a company that will walk beside you beginning to end?

As Chris said, “I sat in my office and prayed about it and

That company is Dalton Collision Center.

prayed about it, and it worked out. It was a blessing.”

Chris James has spent over 20 years in the collision

Dalton Collision Center has two different lines of

business. He’s done everything from sweeping floors, to

service. The first is their collision repair and auto body

cleaning toilets, to being an estimator, to working in a body

shop. If you’re in a wreck and you bring the problem to

shop. Chris wanted to own his own business for a while,

Chris and his team, they’ll handle it from A to Z. You don’t

and after spending a lot of time praying about it, he left his

have to worry about anything! Does that sound too good to

previous job and opened Dalton Collision Center in early

be true? Well, it isn’t: it’s just the way Chris does business.

2020. From an earthly perspective, his timing couldn’t have

“Customers don’t know where to start,” Chris said. “Most

been worse: the new business’s grand opening was the same

haven’t been in a wreck ever or in a long time. We try to

26 // January 2021

guide them in a direct way. I love talking to people, seeing

In addition to his collision repair service, Chris also

everybody, and taking something that’s broken and putting

offers all-over paint jobs, and at a cheaper rate than anybody

it back together again.”

in town! “Most people who want their vehicles painted

After you get in a wreck, here’s what you can expect

can’t afford a $5,000-$10,000 paint job, but they can afford

from Dalton Collision Center: “We’ll start by helping you

a quality $1,000-$2,000 paint job, and we can provide them

get your police report from the police department and

with that.” Whether you have a ’77 Corvette or a brand-new

investigating what insurance company you and the other

Toyota Camry that’s still under warranty, Dalton Collision

person involved in the wreck have. Then we’ll call them

Center will paint anything and leave you feeling satisfied

and set the claim up right there. We have a tow truck that

with their special touch.

we pay for, and we’ll pick [your car] up and bring it to this

Chris wants you to know that he’s thankful for your

facility. We disassemble it and write a thorough estimate

business, especially those of you who got your vehicle

provided through the insurance company, and we put the

repaired during quarantine. “Thank you to the community

vehicle back to pre-loss condition. We’re an advocate for you

and customers who have been here,” he said. And if you’ve

with the insurance company.” If you need a vehicle while

never tried Dalton Collision Center but you need help

yours is being worked on, Dalton Collision Center has that

with auto repairs, a new paint job, or filing an insurance

covered as well! “We have a few local companies for rental

claim, come on by! “Give us a shot; we’ll earn your business

cars that we work with. If a customer doesn’t have rental

and show you how we’re different. We go the extra mile

coverage, we assist them with the rental with our reduced

and work with the customer to make you happy.” Visit

rate, and we’ll even pay for the rental ourselves if it’s a short

daltoncollision.net or call (706) 229-3131 to get an estimate or

repair.” Now that’s what I call superior customer service!

learn more today, and see why Chris and his team are the

Chris has been through every part of the process himself, so he knows exactly what you’re going through.

best in town. Dalton Collision Center: it’s a professional environment with a hometown feel.

That’s one reason why he tries so hard to make sure he takes care of you. “I’ve been on both ends of this: insurance, customer, body shop, and had my car worked on before,” he said. “The two biggest investments in life are your house and your vehicle. If all I have to do is pay $50 to put my customer in a better frame of mind and take away their fear, I might just get a customer for life. $50 is nothing to make a customer happy.”

goodnewscm.com // 27

Gò0dNews Business Spotlight


DBS Tax by David Thompson

oes the thought of doing your taxes give

Yes, you read that right: $39. All of DBS Tax’s

you butterflies, nausea, a headache, or a

rates are, as they put it, “pretty unbeatable.” You

combination of the three? You’re not alone;

never have to pay for any services you don’t want,

plenty of people have the exact same reaction!

either; everything is customizable to fit exactly what

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’d

you need. And now getting tax help from DBS Tax is

like to avoid any unpleasantness this upcoming tax

easier than ever! James said, “Because 2020 has been

season, then DBS Tax in Dalton and Cleveland is the

the way it has been, we have spent some time and

way to go!

money on getting ready to file taxes remotely. We of

DBS Tax was started by Mrs. Willie Ables and

course still offer walk-in service and appointments,

has been in Dalton since 2003. In 2005, her son,

but we are working on advertising the remote filing

current president Chris Jackson, started working

options pretty heavily this year.” This means you

with her and learning everything she knew about

can have DBS Tax file taxes for you and never even

taxes. In 2016, Mrs. Ables retired, and current

leave the house—it doesn’t get any better than that.

vice president James Cole purchased her part of

DBS has helped thousands of taxpayers with

the company. Since then, Chris and James have

their returns, and they are ready to help you too!

successfully run and grown the Dalton location, so

Chris Jackson and Raeven Sharp staff the Dalton,

much so that they recently started thinking about

Georgia, office. You can contact them at (706)

opening another branch to serve a wider customer

529-2915 or drop by for an appointment at 2518

base. Since they both live in Cleveland, Tennessee,

Cleveland Hwy, Suite 3, Dalton, GA 30721. James

they discussed the matter and decided to open a

Cole and Ashley Bomboy staff the Cleveland,

second location in Cleveland in January of 2020.

Tennessee, office. Call them at (423) 479-5686,

DBS Tax can assist you with a variety of different

or visit the office in person at 2449 Spring Creek

tax-related services. Their services include standard

Blvd, Cleveland, TN 37311. You can also visit their

tax preparations, but they also help business owners

website, www.dbstax.net, for more information.

with any small business needs that they may have,

Don’t let tax season give you butterflies, nausea,

such as payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, sales

or headaches. Let DBS Tax handle your taxes for

taxes, and more. And the best part is that their

you instead!

services and prices are tailored to you! “Our rates are unmatched by any others around, as is our service,” said James. “We pride ourselves in the level of personal service that we bring. And we are not trying to box anyone in with high rates. Our tax returns start at $39.”

28 // January 2021

West Yellow Knife T R A D I N G




2226 Chattanooga Rd, Dalton, Georgia 30720 (706) 226-7914 westyellowknife.com

DALTON, GA OFFICE 2518 Cleveland Hwy, Suite 3, Dalton, GA 30721 706.529.2915

CLEVELAND, TN OFFICE 2449 Spring Creek Blvd NE Cleveland, TN 37311 423.479.5686

we can file taxes remotely , so you don’t have to leave your home .

Gò0dNews Business Spotlight


Need Too Feed

eed Too Feed is where you want to be! Come by yourself or bring your family. Need Too Feed is a veteran-owned-and-operated

cafe and mini market located at 1754 Mill Creek Road, Rocky Face, Georgia. When you enter, you are taken back to a time and place long forgotten, a place where warm comfort food is served so fresh it will remind you of dinners at your Grandma’s house. Mike and Christina’s adventure in Georgia began after a visit to see Mike’s family here turned into a planned retirement destination. They always knew they wanted a business of their own, but never did they imagine it would be a cafe. Opportunity presented itself on Valentine’s Day of 2018 when the then-retired duo felt they needed a bigger purpose.

Need Too Feed has a quaint country charm that makes you feel comfortable even if you’re dining alone. Christina says she never met a stranger: just a friend she never knew she had. Feeling so supported by the community, it was only natural for them to continue to pay it forward. They are involved in helping The Shriners in any capacity and supporting Mountain

The cafe was a diamond in the rough long since given up

View Boys Home as well as other local churches and organizations.

on and leaving the local community no option but to go over the

One event they host yearly with Doughboy’s Pizzeria is the holiday

mountain into Dalton for basic goods or a meal out. Seeing the

food and toy drive that supports Soul Stations Ministry in Tunnel

potential of the little building, they rolled up their sleeves and went

Hill. They believe in helping the community to be a better place.

to work making it more inviting than it ever has been. Mike’s history as a meat market manager made it easy to

With the community standing behind them, Need Too Feed is growing its operation to include a community event center next

decide that they would build a model for the cafe that revolved

door at the old Griffin church. It’s called the Mill Creek Main Stage

around the meat case, thus creating their signature burger, “The

and will be available to rent for private events.

Mike Burger,” which is a half-pound, freshly ground, hand-patted,

Christina and Mike’s journey has brought them the sense of

cooked-to-order monster that leaves you asking, “Where’s the

purpose they were looking for. They look forward to serving the

bun?” This burger has been voted into the Reader’s Choice top three

community for many years to come and welcome everyone to

burgers relying just on the flavor of the meat since they opened.

come and be a part of something bigger. They are very adamant

Combining freshly cut meat with the love of cooking Christina

about saying, now more than ever, to treat others the way you

gained in her grandmother’s kitchen makes for the perfect

want to be treated and that

matchup for dishes like poppyseed chicken casserole, which

life’s a better place when

Christina describes as a warm hug for your belly, or her roast beef

you’re doing the right thing.

in brown gravy served over a bed of mashed potatoes that even

So if you’re looking for

her pickiest eater says is the best. The menu offers something

a new local, family-owned

for everyone, and they also take call-in orders and have a drive-

business to try, go check out

through for social distancing.

Need Too Feed!

30 // January 2021


1754 MILL CREEK RD, ROCKY FACE, GEORGIA 30740 706.516.4389


c a n a ’ l B



406 4th Ave Dalton, GA 706.529.8195

305 W Patton St Lafayette, GA 706.996.8057

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Gò0dNews for Everyone

Concealing Trauma: Letting Go of Pride


by Nikki Hill

ut I will restore you back to health and

would feel the painful outcome and would have to struggle

heal your wounds,’ declares the Lord”

back to my normal position, causing more pain. No amount of

(Jeremiah 30:17).

pillows under or behind my ligaments or head would give me

First, here’s a lie about a traumatic experience: “I can

do all things through Christ who gives me strength. So I

ease of pain or comfort. In fact, the accumulation of all this mentioned above

am going to work to start my new job!” The lie is not God’s

made me sour at times. I would become angry and lash out

promise because He is all-powerful and will give you

at my husband depending on the situation and gripe about

strength through your circumstances. The lie is when I used

certain things if they weren’t to my standards. I would be

God’s Word to falsely convince myself that I did not need to

mad and disappointed at myself because I could not complete

heal through my traumatic vehicular accident. What came

my normal routine, all the while not accepting in its entirety

with the accident was physical pain and emotional and psychological trauma. I mixed pride with these and became a physical and emotional wreck (pun intended), a lie Satan tempted me to conceal. After rehab, I went home in a wheelchair. My usual routine, I found later, would be difficult to maintain. Because I was still non-weight-bearing, washing dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning the bathroom was a challenge. I did not want to solely depend on my husband—or anyone else, for that manner—to help me most of the time, so I was determined to try to accomplish this on my own. I could not stand for long with one leg: 20 to 30 seconds, and if I was feeling extra motivated, one minute. I won’t get into cleaning the bathroom. Moreover, on the bathroom, getting into the bathtub was

that things are different: that they will never be the same. So

demanding. It required strength and determination while

I was caught up in Satan’s fruit of lies; I had bitten into fruit

keeping my leg covered because it could not get soaked. My

he offered. I allowed Satan to deceive me, telling me that my

husband attempted to help me, but my pride got in the way.

true acceptance and the need to be helped when needed would

Even though he was my husband, I felt more shame because of

make me look weak (both physically and mentally), when in

the accumulation of bodily odors of trying to be independent

reality, my non-reliance on God was making me weak. The lack

(prideful) in my chores but also having to sit for periods at a

of healing was prolonging my healing.

time. I told him I no longer needed his assistance to help me

All the while, God was beckoning me to rely on Him and

bathe. I had to dress myself with caution, and since I only had

to cast my anxiety and cares on Him because He is going to

one leg and arm to help me accomplish this, I would often fall

do a great work in me. So I say to listen and give your pride,

over or stumble on the bed, back in the wheelchair, and almost

worries, and burdens to God. It is wise to accept help through a

the floor and yell, “I’m okay!” But my pride would not allow

traumatic or non-traumatic experience. Trust God, and trust the

me to admit that I wasn’t “okay.”

process; after all, He is the Healer and Comforter. I let go.

In addition, I wasn’t “okay” when sleeping: or trying to because I was directed not to put any pressure on my leg until my wounds healed. If I attempted to move any other way, I

32 // January 2021

About The Author

at least. I would be tormented while trying to get comfortable

Nikki Hill is a graduate from Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee, with a Bachelors in English. She has a beautiful family and one day hopes to be a teacher and inspirational speaker.





724 North Varnell Road Tunnel Hill, GA 30756 (706) 519.0379 HOURS: MON - SAT: 10AM - 6PM SUNDAY: 12PM - 6PM VISIT OUR OTHER LOCATION


Gò0dNews for Everyone

Getting Back On Track


by Andrew Corbin

n this passage of scripture, we find the prophet Elijah getting things back on track with the Lord. Elijah found himself in a cave of depression. After

Elijah had experienced the Lord meet his need at the Brook Cherith, after the Lord commanded the widow woman at Zarephath to sustain him, and after he saw that same widow woman’s son be raised from the dead, Elijah struggled with his trust in the Lord. After he was reassured and strengthened from the Lord, the Lord told Elijah to “Go, return on thy way to the wilderness of Damascus” (1 Kings 19:15). The Lord basically told him to go back to where you started, or go back where you left the Lord. Just like Elijah, when we get out of the will of God and out of touch with the Lord, we need to go back where it started or go back to the place where we left the Lord. When we get out of the will of God, it isn’t the Lord’s fault. The Bible says in Malachi 3:6 “For I am the LORD, I change not” and in Hebrews 13:8 “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.” If there is any changing or any missteps, it is our own fault. In order to get back on track with the Lord, we have to go back to the place where we left him. If it seems as if we can’t find the Lord in our lives, we need to do what we would do if we lost something valuable in our life, we need to try to look for it. When we begin searching for the Lord, before too long, we will find him. Jeremiah 29:13 says “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.” The Lord may have written that to the Children of Israel, but just because it wasn’t written to us doesn’t mean we should ignore it. To

mouth which hath not kissed him.” Elijah could have disobeyed what the Lord told him to do and stayed in the cave of depression, and if he would have that done, those seven thousand might have ended up bowing a knee to idol god Baal. When you are in God’s will or when you aren’t in God’s will, it will always affect other people. We need to get back on track with the Lord not only for ourselves, but also for the other people in our lives.

get back on track with the Lord, we have to seek him. Kings 19: 18 “Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel, all the knees which have not bowed unto Baal, and every

34 // January 2021

About The Author

After the Lord reassured Elijah, he told him in 1 Andrew Corbin is the husband to Amber, father to Reed, and pastor of Maranatha Baptist Church in Chatsworth, Georgia. The Church’s address is 3155 Hwy 225; Chatsworth, Georgia 30705.







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Gò0dNews for Everyone

Two Witnesses by Eddie Turner


n multiple visions described in the Bible, two human men

“Behold, I am going to send you Elijah the prophet

were seen in God's throne room. Keep in mind that these

before the coming of the great and terrible day of the LORD”

men appeared only in visions. Whether they were actually

(Malachi 4:5).

there is open for debate. While the Bible does not give us their

So why are these guys coming back to earth? Their purpose

names, we're not without clues to their identities. Let's get to

is to preach the gospel. More specifically, they will be preparing

know these two mysterious fellows, who seemingly appear out

missionaries for the second half of the tribulation period.

of nowhere during the tribulation that is to come.

Where do these missionaries come from? They come from

“These have the power to shut up the sky, so that rain will

Israel. If the idea of Jews preaching the gospel sounds odd,

not fall during the days of their prophesying; and they have

just picture Jesus, who pioneered this movement. Being Jews

power over the waters to turn them into blood, and to strike the

themselves, Moses and Elijah will be given the hefty task of

earth with every plague, as often as they desire” (Revelation 11:6).

leading 144,000 Jewish men and woman to Jesus. “And I heard the number of those who were sealed, one hundred and forty-four thousand sealed from every tribe of the sons of Israel” (Revelation 7:4). When Moses and Elijah arrive on the scene in Jerusalem, it will be during a time of peace. At first, these Old Testament icons will likely be dismissed as homeless street preachers, given their sackcloth attire. But as their teaching gains momentum, I suspect their notoriety will progress from a minor annoyance to a newsworthy spectacle. If history has taught us anything, it's that rogue teachers of the gospel in Israel will eventually be seen as a threat. “And if anyone would harm them, fire pours from their mouth and consumes their foes. If anyone would harm

Here we learn that these men will have the power to do two things—turn water into blood and stop the rain during

them, this is how he is doomed to be killed” (Revelation 11:5) If Moses and Elijah had not gained the entire world's

their ministry, which spans the majority of the first half of

attention before this, we know they will have after displaying

the tribulation period according to Revelation. In the Old

this supernatural power that ensures their ministry will not be

Testament, we read about two men who did these same things.

interrupted. No doubt, there will be many who strategize over

Elijah stopped the rain for three and a half years (1 Kings 17-

ways to take these fire breathing preachers out. As hostility

18), and Moses is known for having turned water into blood

toward them increases, however, so do the intimidating

(Exodus 7).

displays of God's power. By the time their mission is complete,

Being that both men were present during Jesus'

they'll be responsible for the deaths of their attackers, a major

transfiguration (Mark 9), this would be their second

drought in the Middle East, and the poisoning of clean water

reappearance on the earth. And so, while these men are merely

sources with blood.

speculated to fill the roles of Revelation's two witnesses, I'll

The two witnesses are part of the wonderful end times

be referring to them as Moses and Elijah. I'm actually more

drama that places God's grace front and center. With the

confident in pegging Elijah than Moses because of this next

church having been removed from the earth via the rapture,

verse, but I'm good with both of them.

it's wonderful to know of God's plan to continue spreading the

36 // January 2021

message of Jesus Christ among those who are left behind.

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Living Water


by Karen D. Jeffery

his is the story of the Samaritan woman Jesus gave living water to. As we read the story of the Samaritan woman

in the Bible, she showed she had a strong and desperate

Then Jesus presented Himself to the Samaritan woman as the source of the living water for her inward Spirit that her body and soul desired. 2 Peter 3:2: “That ye may be mindful of the words

need. What she was looking for was something to fill her

which were spoken before by the Holy prophets, and of the

spiritual desires. Her body was in need of the everlasting

commandment of us the apostles of the Lord and Saviour.”

water that would fill her from the inside out, and she found

The water Jesus gives will satisfy not just one time but can

out only Jesus could do that.

become a well or spring that will be as everlasting, life-

John 4:10-11: “Jesus answered and said unto her, If thou

giving peace. That does not mean that He will remove all the

knewest the gift of God, and who it is that saith to thee,

temptations and trials we face in this life. We are just living

Give me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of him, and he

in a human body here on Earth. But through daily prayer,

would have given thee living water. The woman saith unto

fasting, and reading His Holy Word, then will we be able to

him, Sir, thou hast nothing to draw with, and the well is

taste the living water.

deep: from whence then hast thou that living water?” But Jesus explained in the next verse what He was talking about: “Art thou greater than our Father Jacob,

John 7:38: “He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water.” Let’s always have the soul satisfaction that we are filled

which gave us the well, and drank thereof himself, and his

with the living water that comes from the throne of grace.

children, and his cattle? Jesus answered and said unto her,

To all who thirst will thirst no more

whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. The woman saith unto him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw” (John 4:12-15).

38 // January 2021

And all who search will find what their souls long for The world will try, but it can never fill Leave it all behind, and come to the well. This year, leave behind all the things that have held you back in 2020. Push forward in 2021! Let’s make a difference.

About The Author

Whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again: But

Karen D. Jeffery loves the Heavenly Father, her family, and her church. Keep looking up Jesus is coming soon.

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Gò0dNews for Everyone Turn Stumbling Blocks Into Building Blocks


by Heather Tate

tumbling blocks come in many forms, shapes, and

Unfortunately, this perspective is deeply rooted from a

sizes. Your stumbling blocks may be related to career

young age. First, I must retrain my view of failure—even the

success or personal dreams. Your personal stumbling

imagined failures that may never happen. Step one: Admit

blocks may be more basic, like making sure you have food

that failure is an opportunity for growth and development,

to eat or enough money to pay the bills each month. I am

not an end to your plans.

blessed to know God provides for and meets my needs, yet I

Do you constantly feel you are starting over, beginning

face stumbling blocks in my life every day, as do others. As

again? I sure do! As often as I make a plan, try to outline a

we wrap up a year filled with loads of uncertainty, let's look

timeline, or think I’ll get it done this time, I end up tripping

ahead at how we might turn our stumbling blocks of life

over another stumbling block. I’ve decided it is time to turn

into building blocks for our future.

stumbling blocks into building blocks. Rather than falling

When I think of resolutions for a new year, I am overwhelmed by the goals I have had throughout my life

over these obtrusive obstacles, I will use them to pave the way forward and up. Step two: Learn from challenging

that are still unmet. I feel as though I’m

obstacles and allow them to propel you forward rather

starting over each time I try to move past the

than slow you down.

stumbling blocks that caused a setback. When

In the past, I’ve fought internal battles surrounding

I feel like I can make progress, something else

stumbling blocks because I tend to forget that when I

happens that gets in the way. I propose to

fall down, I can get back up and dust myself off. I don’t

you this year that we turn those stumbling

have to allow the fall to shut me down; neither do you!

blocks into building blocks together!

It’s time for us to encourage and build each other up

I believe one reason stumbling

(1 Thessalonians 5:11) and move beyond what causes

blocks keep me down is because of

us to stumble. Romans 14:13 says, “Therefore, let us no

my perspective on failure. I’m quick

longer judge one another. Instead decide never to put a

to call myself a failure, even before I

stumbling block or pitfall in the way of your brother or

move forward with my goals. I realize

sister.” Let’s check our perspective and move beyond

my perspective on failure affects my

what holds us back. Step three: Encourage others and

pursuit of success.

remember that you can pick yourself up after a fall. Believe your dreams are worth the ambition it takes to achieve them, and move beyond the stumbling blocks! Will you join me on this journey? If you would like to join me on this journey, please join the private group Turn Stumbling Blocks into Building Blocks on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/

40 // January 2021

About The Author

groups/682038222714435/. Heather Tate is the founder and president of Intricate Umbrella Inc, a Public Relations and Communications company. Heather’s desire is to help anyone fulfill their true purpose in life through education and personal development. To find out more about Intricate Umbrella Inc and services offered, visit IntricateUmbrella.com or email Heather@IntricateUmbrella.com.


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Gò0dNews for the New Year

Trusting God In The New Year


by Linda Ray Center

o trust God in the light is nothing, but trust him in the dark—that is faith.” –Charles Spurgeon We have been through a series of tough

events last year. Over the last few months, I have given a lot

• Commit to quality time with the Lord. Communicate your needs, and soak in His love. Allow the still, small voice to speak to you in various ways. • Pray before reading the Bible. Ask the Holy Spirit to

of thought to keeping the flames of faith burning bright in

help you understand the Scriptures and apply them

the new year. Staying faithful is one way to prepare for the

to everyday life. The Word will strengthen your

new challenges coming in 2021.

relationships with God, self, and others.

Some of us, including me, tend to lean on our impulses to guide us. It is time to navigate this new year with God’s Word as our guide. He wants us to be humble and admit we can’t make it on our own. Self-sufficiency is one of the most challenging impulses to release. Faithfulness can only come when we fully trust the Lord to guide us. Our culture has taught us to stand on our own two feet, but God’s Word tells us to have an attitude of humility and surrender to His will. Before I became a Christfollower, I had significant problems in my relationships. I tried to fix the other person or the

• Until COVID-19 disappears, watch or listen to a church

situation but failed miserably. I wanted to change my ways

service and be eager to learn God’s Word. Fellowship

of dealing with problems and people but didn’t know how

with like-minded people keeps us accountable in the

until 16 years ago. I decided to let go of my pride, stop

way we should live.

Almost a year ago, I became a widow in an emotionally challenging marriage. Trusting God gave me the strength to finish my commitment to my husband. The Lord delights when we acknowledge that He is our strength and hope. Trusting Him brings many blessings to our relationships, daily lives, and decisions. We will make numerous choices in the new year. Choosing to stay faithful to God can change the outcome for your 2021 and beyond. I pray that these four practices will help us to make good choices:

42 // January 2021

• Play Christian or Gospel music during work, play, and rest. Praise music draws the presence of the Lord near to us. God delights when we choose to trust Him, but we can only stay faithful by grace. Thoughts for the Day Challenges in life will never cease, but faithfulness will sustain us. About The Author

trying to change others, and fully bring everything to Christ.

Linda Ray Center writes about everyday life with God, others, and self, as an author, freelance writer, and blogger at www.lindaraycenter.com. She resides in charming Chattanooga and will showcase her grandchildren’s pictures at any given moment.

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Hamilton Health Care System Offers Podcasts, Radio Show Jim Stewart, MD, interventional and structural cardiology chief of Cardiology at Hamilton Cardiovascular Institute


amilton Health Care

System recently

MD, general surgeon and executive medical director at Hamilton Physician Group • “Solutions for Pain Relief” with Josh Hare, DO, pain

began providing

medicine physician at Hamilton Physician Group –

Health for Life

Neurosurgery and Spine

podcasts and a radio show on various health topics, in English and Spanish. “These podcasts and radio shows cover health topics that matter most to you,” said Michelle Turner, producer of the podcasts. “They’re easily accessible content for your busy life.” Podcasts are added weekly.

Current topics include:

• “Open Heart Surgery is Coming to Hamilton Medical Center” with Jim Stewart, MD, interventional and structural cardiology chief of Cardiology at Hamilton Cardiovascular Institute • “How to Reduce Your Risk of a Heart Attack and the Effects of COVID-19 on the Heart” with Gary Olson, MD, cardiologist at Hamilton Physician Group – Cardiology • “Breast Cancer Detection and Prevention” with Neil Patel, MD, radiologist, and Victoria Schwark, registered dietician at Peeples Cancer Institute • “Breast Cancer Prevention: Mammograms, Genetic Testing, and More” with Eric Manahan, MD, general surgeon and breast specialist

• “The Importance of Palliative Care and Advance Directives” with Syed Abid, MD, palliative care physician at Hamilton Physician Group – Specialty Care • “Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment” with Norman McCulloch, MD, wound care physician at Hamilton Wound and Hyperbaric Center • “How to Find Back Pain Relief” with Justin Hare, DO, pain medicine physician at Hamilton Physician Group – Neurosurgery and Spine • “The Vascular Risks of Smoking and Vaping” with Michael Hartley, MD, vascular surgeon at Hamilton Vascular Center • “How to Recognize Seizures and Strokes” with Ashish Kabir, MD, neurologist at Hamilton Physician Group – Neurology

44 // January 2021

• “What is Hamilton Physician Group?” with Steven Paynter,

• “What You Need to Know About Vascular Disease and Varicose Veins” with Hector Dourron, MD, vascular surgeon at Hamilton Vascular Center • “The Benefits of Family Medicine” with Megan Brown, MD, family medicine physician at Hamilton Physician Group – Catoosa Campus • “What is Internal Medicine?” with Daniel Grace, MD, internal medicine physician and associate program director of outpatient medicine at Hamilton Internal Medicine Clinic • “What You Can Do About COVID-19” with Lee Connor, MD, infectious disease specialist at Hamilton Physician Group – Specialty Care • “What You Need to Know About Diabetes & Thyroid Disorders” with Chantal Lewis, MD, endocrinologist, and Brooke Green, nurse practitioner, both with Hamilton Diabetes and Endocrinology Center • “Why Do You Need a Primary Care Provider?” with Timothy Snodgrass, DO, family medicine physician at Hamilton Physician Group – Convenient Care • “Treatment Options for Colon Cancer and Crohn’s Disease” with Ganesh Aswath, MD, gastroenterologist at Hamilton Physician Group – Gastroenterology • “The Dangers of Colon Cancer and Heartburn” with Daniel Marcadis, MD, gastroenterologist at Hamilton Physician Group – Gastroenterology • “Back to School Tips for Parents” with Nancy Carnevale, MD, child development pediatrician and medical director at Anna Shaw Children’s Institute • “Anxiety in Children” with Evan Anderson, PhD, child psychologist at Anna Shaw Children’s Institute To listen to the podcasts, visit https://health-for-life.captivate.fm/ listen for English or https://salud-de-por-vida.captivate.fm/listen for Spanish. You can subscribe to the Health For Life Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Spotify. On the radio, you can listen to the programs on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:30 a.m. on Mix 104.5, 98.3 The Mountain, News Talk 1340 and News Talk 1230. In Spanish, you can listen on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11:30 a.m. on Que Buena 101.9 and 93.9.

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Gò0dNews for Everyone

My Road To Recovery


by Judy Collins

y journey began in 2014 when I was diagnosed with cancer. I had been on my job for 13 years and

had a physical every year. So when the diagnosis

Luke 8:50: “But when Jesus heard it, he answered him, saying, Fear not: believe only, and she shall be made whole.” If you are going through a difficult time and you

came, I was surprised, to say the least, but not

feel as though no one cares, remember God is always

dismayed because I knew God was with me.

there for you. There is help out there for you; never give up. God will help you through it all, just as He did me. Psalm 23:1-6: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me;

1 Peter 5:7: “Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.” I can tell you it has been a rough road, but I have

thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

had four years cancer-free and am very encouraged

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the

through God’s Word for the seventh year to arrive. I

days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the

had already decided I was a winner either way.

Lord for ever.”

There were times my husband of 41 years and

With this, I give God all the glory for His mighty touch.

however, God is my Anchor and the one I hold onto. He is my healer!

46 // January 2021

About The Author

my two teenagers were very strong and encouraging; Judy Collins lives in Dalton, Georgia. She is happy to have her family and her friends with her.


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Gò0dNews for Everyone

Winter’s Snow


by Tommy Deal

hat is it about that first winter snow that stirs

our boots, gloves, and hats and grabbed our shiny, brand-

within us something that is so hard to explain?

new sleds. I recall going out while the snow was still falling

Each year, as the first prediction of snow

and no cars had damaged the virgin snow on the roads. And

comes across the airwaves, I still get this child-like, excited

the mountain! This mound of dirt now covered in fluffy,

anticipation. The air is cold and crisp. There is a peaceful

white, frozen snowflakes called our names: “Come on up!”

stillness. There is the wonder of what this one will be like.

We did. As soon as we reached the top, we sat upon the

It seems that my mind transports me back in time to

sled, placed our feet on the front steering bar, held tightly to

when I was a child and wanted the snow to come and give to

the rope, lay back, and shoved off. It was glorious. This boy

us a wintry wonderland. Where I grew up, we didn’t get a lot

of the flatlands was gliding down a mountain at the speed

of snow. But when we did, it was memorable. One Christmas,

of light (or so it seemed). The exhilaration inspired me to get off and climb back to the top to do it again…and again…and again. It seemed like hundreds of times that first day. School was closed the next day and the next. Each day, more and more kids and teenagers from all around merged upon Mount Interstate to enjoy this phenomenon in the flatlands of Tidewater, Virginia. I am confident that there were a few snowballs packed and thrown as well. Oh, the memories! As I write this, the first prediction of snow has been announced for later in the day. I got that giddy feeling again. I am way past being physically able to climb moun-

my cousin and I both received a sled. This only added to our

tains and dare not put my body in harm’s way to freefall

anticipatory dreams of snow and canceled school days. There

down it either. But I do wish for the sights, smells, and feel

were no hills, so the best we could consider was to get a run-

of that snow.

ning start on the icy roads and jump on.

After the snow and dreary days of winter, we know

But there was one huge exception: an interstate highway

that new life will be springing forth soon. The days will get

overpass was being built through the family farmland. They

longer and warmer, trees will begin to bud, and life will be

built up the mound for the overpass twice as high as they

expressed in green all over. The lives of any who find and

needed it to be in the fall to allow nature to help pack it down.

accept the new birth in Jesus Christ are filled with anticipa-

The prayers of all school children in the area were

tion and wonder. Like a child waiting for the snow and the

answered that January. A record snowfall came overnight.

evidence of new life bursting forth in the spring, our Lord

The next morning, I was awakened by the transistor radio

gives to us new life in Him.

rose, I saw nothing but white! And it was still coming down. My cousins and I planned our day. Once we were given the “all clear” by our parents to venture outside, we donned

50 // January 2021

About The Author

reports of closed schools. When I looked outside as the sun Rev. Tommy Deal is a hospice Chaplain with Hamilton Healthcare System in Dalton, Georgia. His wife,Rev. Susan Deal, is Minister of Music and Worship at Dalton’s First Baptist Church. They are parents to two sons, grandparents to twin girls and anticipating a new grand around Christmas of this year.

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