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Where else can you find punk legend Sonny Vincent next to Ty Segall playing T Rex songs next to UK poppers Ultimate Painting and gnarly New York City rippers Hank Wood & The Hammerheads? Gonerfest 12 has hot bands from Melbourne, New York, Kansas City, Memphis, London and beyond, up close and sweating in your beer. Thanks for coming to the fest- enjoy the bands, enjoy the fans, enjoy Memphis, be safe, get rides - don’t drink and drive, and please spread the word. Let the music begin!



Wednesday, September 23 The festival hasn’t even begun and there are Gonerfest activities to partake in... starting at 6pm at Crosstown Arts, we have the opening of NO BRAG PURE FACT: The Art Of Graceland Too. Artifacts from the Holly Springs home of uber-Elvis collector Paul Mcleod, who began as a fan and became an attraction in himself, turning his house into a repository of Elvis information. He attempted the superhuman feat of documenting every Elvis mention in all media- tv, film, magazines and books - while giving tours of his house 24 hours a day. Items on display are courtesy of Friends Of Graceland Too, and video courtesy of The Rise And Fall Of Graceland Too movie, currently being assembled. There will be a commemorative 45 for sale with audio by and about Paul. The story and the stuff are amazing- if you’re in town, check it out. It’s free! Continuing the festivities, head out to the Summer 4 Drive In for Dusk To Dawn Rock Movies on the big screen, with Rock n Roll High School, This Is Spinal Tap, Sore Losers, and 1964’s Don’t Knock the Rock. Memphis instrumental kings Impala will play beginning at 6pm. All this at the Malco Summer Drive-In 5310 Summer Ave. $10 a punk, and a great start to a wild, wild week.


Gonerbrau: This ain’t your grandpappy’s beer. Gonerbrau is a delicately hopped cream that’s so smooth you won’t even need wax for that mustache.

THURSDAY OPENING CEREMONIES h Cooper Young Gazebo | 5:30 | EX CULT These guys have come a long way since we first saw them at The Dairy under the name Sex Cult. They are working on their third LP (out next year on In The Red) and are building ad_Beauty_Gonerfest_150814.pdf 1 8/12/15 endless 10:15 PM quite the merch table on their seemingly tour schedule. We are thrilled to have them kick off Gonerfest 12!

Fuzz Box: Despite the name, there is nothing distorted about this India Pale Ale. The piney resin of Rakau hops shine through in this smash hit, with hints of stone fruit head banging in the background. Available for a limited time at Gonerfest and in beer shoppes all over Memphis!


The wild man of Memphis music photography, MC Don Perry, gets out from behind the lens to annoy everyone from behind the mic! Watch out Moms! DJ Baby Alcatraz returns to her homeland with a wild mix of vintage soul, R&B, girl groups, & frenzied freakbeat 45s!

9:00p Sheiks • Memphis

Memphis born and raised, these 3 childhood friends have been playing together in one way or another since Jr. High in every type of musical scenario (proms, churches, conventions, garden parties, moving vehicles). Speaking of vehicles, they made their un-official Gonerfest debut in 2013 on the back of a truck in the Murphy’s parking lot. We’re happy they can at least get some free beer out of it this time. They kick off the night and return later in the evening backing Jack Oblivian!

9:45p Pink Tiles • Melbourne, Australia Addictive sugary garage pop. The sticky sweet underside rather than the liquor-coated sandpaper Australian bands Gonerfest usually features.

10:30p Aquarian Blood • Memphis





Psyched out Memphis sound sect featuring JB Horrell (Ex-Cult) and Laurel Findon (formerly of Nots) on twin vox and a shape shifting cast of master blasters playing everything under the sun behind them. Last time I saw them there was a sitar. I shit you not. Doomed cult sounds for doomed cult times. Debut full length coming on Goner in 2016.

11:15p Gary Wrong Group • Mobile, AL/NOLA

Gulf Coast back-room pagan-ritual stoner sludge long-player sped up to punk rock 45.

12:00a Pampers • New York, NY

Q: What band are you least excited to see at Gonerfest 12 but gotta watch because they are your friends? A: There’s so many! Ex-Cult because gazebos are stupid. Hank Wood because New York City is stupid. Foster Care because their bass player is stupid. Blind Shake because Dave wears a zipped-up jacket the whole time he’s drumming and he doesn’t sweat a drop so he’s stupid. Nots are stupid because I’m afraid of women. Giorgio Murderer because stupid is stupid. True Sons of Thunder because they’re not playing and that’s stupid.










1:00a Jack Oblivian • Memphis

“One of the all-time Memphis greats doing some of his best Memphis songs in a Memphis room accompanied by a really good Memphis band.” - Shake Appeal, on Jack O’s live album with The Sheiks, out now on Secret Identity!





3:00p Nowhere SquareS • Birmingham, Alabama

Long-running punk rock outfit from middle Alabama. What once sounded much more like Billy Childish playing Black Flag, or vice versa, is now a much harder sound to describe. Expansive, raw synth/guitar punk. Don’t miss ‘em.

3:45p Kit Convict & THEE TERRIBLE TWO • Melbourne, Australia

Choppy, lean, and mean Kinks/ Billy Childish garage punk from Melbournista Kit Convict.

4:30p Pookie & The Poodles • SF

“Pookie & The Poodlez is the one-man, garage-pop vision of Oakland’s Trevor Straub. Following in the footsteps of fellow animalistic freak-rocker and frequent collaborator Nobunny, Pookie’s snotty, NorCal, doo-wop rock takes mad cues from Shannon and the Clams and Hunx and His Punx.” - Noisey

5:15p Manhunt • Austin

Gonerfest is blessed with many guitarists who just explode, from Ex-Cult/Aquarian Blood’s JB Horrell, to Timmy’s Organism Timmy Lampinen and Nots Natalie Hoffmann, but for my money the one who can channel more noise through wires and soul is James Arthur. His is a ferocious psychedelic music, like Hawkwind, the Groundhogs, and the Red Crayola’s noise sections welded together and folded and folded and then thrown in your face.



DJs Hot Dog! Classic Country Spin • Milwaukee, WI

Kevin Meyer & Austin Dutmer pull out the classic country 45s - perfect whiskey & beer swillin’ music.

MC Anthony Bedard • San Francisco, CA

A personal Goner hero, Anthony drummed for the beloved Leather Uppers as well as the Icky Boyfriends, appeared on Maury Povich as the boyfriend of 77 year old stripper Dixie Evans, and performed the hit theme to Tom Scharpling’s Best Show On WFMU. A funny guy, a brilliant guy, sure to be your favorite MC of the evening.

9:00p Musk • San Francisco, CA

Skunky bad-vibes psycho-head blowout channeling post-pop Scientists, primo Birthday Party and salmonella-laced pound cake. POUND CAKE TIME AMIGO.

9:45p Cuntz • Australia

Speaking of pound, here’s POUND FOR POUND the poundingest band of the fest. Brace yourselfCUNTZ are back! Gonerfest 10’s most sociable drinking buddies return! Ivy Lovell: “These dudes were the best! We got stoned and ate burgers during Mudhoney and day drunk as fuck. I LOVE CUNTZ!” Miranda Fisher: “It’s hard to think of a band that came out and really blew me away in 2013 the way Cuntz did. The first time I heard them was at Gonerfest, when I saw them twice in 12 hours and would have happily watched another set. Rich Evans, a dude: “The kind of guys who come to your party, drink all your beer, and spend the rest of the night following your girlfriend around.”

10:30p Nots • Memphis, TN

Hard-charging guitar/synth squeal outta Memphis, on Goner. New single and wild shows this summer have everyone excited about what’s next. “Urgent, fast and loud – raucous lo-fi music. think Bikini Kill. Think Cramps. The Fall. NOTS take elements from all of these things and repackage them in their own visceral, sometimes psychedelic sheen.” – Noisey

11:15p Timmy’s Organism • Detroit , MI

Q: What is it like for a Detroit band to play in Memphis? A: I’ve played Memphis a bunch, I really dig it here. It’s a lot like Detroit with its city landscape and overall vibe, and its amazing musical history. I feel like its more like Detroit then the neighboring cities in the Mid-West. The RockNRoll/Garage Punk scene seems a bit smaller then Detroit’s, but I feel welcome and right at home here. It’s always killer to play Gonerfest! It’s one of my favorite “RockN Roll Rallies’’ in the country! Good music, good food, good people. Rad to be here agian!! I’m surprised I remember last years! hahah! Q: Would you rather... have your set cut short by a drunk Australian who fell into your amp or... every time you walk into Payne’s/Gus’s while in town, they immediately run out of food upon your arrival? A: A drunk Australian brings me Payne’s BBQ or Gus’s while we play our set. Q: What all do you have coming up release-wise? A: Well, by the time of Gonerfest we should have two brand new singles to sell at the fest. A 45 out on Detroit’s Urinal Cake records called “Wild Humanoid” and one out on Third Man - “Get up, Get out.” We also have a new full length out 10/30 on Third Man that’s called “Heartless Heathen.”

12:00a TY REX

Five or so years back Ty Segall came to us with an idea - how about a one-off covers record of T-Rex songs? Sure, why not, Ty - so we got him set up with a new toy to record it with and off he went. Six songs came out initially as a limited Record Store Day 12” – the other two came out two years later on a single. Now, after topping it off with a killer new recording of “20th Century Boy” – TY REX the album is set for release to the masses in November. His weird, skewed, fuzzed out take on these nine songs both pay tribute to, and breathe fresh life into, some classic Marc Bolan material. Here’s your once chance to catch it live. Don’t miss it.



Underappreciated American Punk Rock legend, in my book up there with Dead Moon for creating decades of honest, amazing rock n roll while never break ing into the bigger time. Was there at the start, in 1976, with the amazing Testors and has continued to crank out the highest octane punk rock, down to his last lp where Sonny was backed by Rocket From The Crypt. If you know Sonny’s music, I’m sure you’re as thrilled as I am that he’s coming to Memphis. If you don’t know the music, you’re in for a hell of a night.



1:30p Black Abba • NOLA

Black Abba like to keep it short, sweet & mysterious. Their debut 7” is out on Goner. They are your new favorite band. Q: How did you come up with the name Black Abba? A: It’s the long form of BL’ABBA Q: What is your lyrical inspiration? A: Talking shit about our friends. Jk. Sorry though. Q: What’s next after Gonerfest? A: We are going to add more members to the band.

2:30p Lord High Panther • NOLA

With Ryan Rousseau (Destruction Unit, Reatards, etc) off on tour and missing his first Gonerfest ever, King Louie Bankston of course had to keep up the mantle as OG GONER IN THE HOUSE. Always on the move, like a cat with duct tape on each paw, Louie presents his Skate Rock band- Lord High Panther. All hail the King!

3:30p Wet Ones • KC

Band history from the band: Our band is made up of members from Blood on the Wall, Bandit Teeth, Fag Cop, Spread Eagles, Mouthbreathers, and All Blood. We got together last November after All Blood and Wayne Pain and the Shit Stains broke up. Kinda glued half of each band together. We recorded a record within the first month. Then we drank a lot. Record coming on Total Punk.

2:00p Salad Boys • Christchurch, NZ

NZ jangle-rockers who also act as David Kilgour’s backing band. Full length debut is out now on Trouble in Mind. Always glad to have some Kiwis in the mix!

3:00p Shadow In The Cracks • Minneapolis, MN

Brand new project from Mike and Jim Blaha (The Blind Shake) – Shadow in the Cracks is Spaceman 3 psych swilled through an AmRep sludge machine with a healthy dose of Eastern-tinged guitar crackle splattered over the top. Debut album out next month on Goner.

4:30p Obnox • Ohio

Here’s a one-man band with enough energy, talent, and ambition to fuel four regular ones. His new release, the revelatory double record Corrupt Free Enterprise (12XU) is the truly psychedelic rapper-singer’s eighth album in three years. Once the drummer for the fabulous and beyond-raunchy blues-destroying Columbus, Ohio act Bassholes, Bim Thomas aka Obnox has so much going on it’s hard to explain.- Metro Times

4:00p Ultimate Painting • UK

5:30p Cheena • NYC

Fueled by the jangly guitar lines and easygoing harmonies of Jack Cooper (Mazes) and James Hoare (Veronica Falls), Ultimate Painting, from London, mines territory that falls somewhere between mid-period VU, golden period Kinks (Something Else, Village Green, Victoria) and the mid-80s/ early 90s kiwi-pop of the Bats and the Chills. Great stuff. On Trouble In Mind Records in the US.

5:00p Giorgio Murderer • NOLA

Landscapes of our own future may feel exhausted. All premonitions and projections fully devoured by modern life. But even among the shit of living there is space. There is Giorgio Murderer. A man who’s heart beats like quasars flooding thru the eternal synthesizer of the mind. The formidable knocking of a 4x4 beat powers through even the most dangerous deep space. For fans of Star Trek and Liquids.


A bricolage of established New York City artists flexing their talent outside the confines of their respective genres. This dark, loose, and moody rock and roll grabs you by the collar with slide guitar and reverb laden vocals, presenting itself as the premier soundtrack for a hungover stroll down Broadway (Bushwick, not Manhattan).

6:30p Sweet Knives • Memphis

Named for a song off their “Future Touch” 12,” Sweet Knives is a project in which founding Lost Sounds’ member Alicja Trout revisits her songs from their catalog. It’s not the Lost Sounds without Jay, but getting to hear these songs again – especially with original members Rich Crook (Lover!, Thing) and Jon Garland – is a real treat. And it may not happen again. RARE!

SATURDAY NIGHT DJ Useless Eater & DJ Chud Malevolence

Back from touring with Voivod, the tag-team DJ champs got run out of Versailles by playing Jonzun Crew followed by Drunks With Guns, then Guns & Roses Chinese Democracy in its entirety. Metalheads were not amused!

MC Chris Shaw

11:15p Nobunny • Chicago

The wild rabbit has relocated to the Midwest and his new band is an allstar line-up of the scuzziest bread basket punks in the land. Guaranteed to be a good time.

Rock critic and Ex-Cult frontman gets another outlet to talk shit on bands

9:00p First! • NOLA

Q: Who is FIRST!? A: FIRST! is everything that is wrong with rock and roll passive-aggressively shoved down your throat. We exist to make your band look like geniuses....and because you are too much of a pussy to play first. Q: What do you hate more: dogs or Bobby Jindal? A: Bobby Jindal by a mile. He is probably the most destructive local politician that we have seen in a hundred years or ever. Due to blind partisan loyalty and some weird form of self hatred, he has purposely crippled Louisiana’s health care and education systems during his tenure - a mess that will take years to undo. If you think voting doesn’t matter and politics don’t really affect your life, please think again and ask any poor person who has had to suffer under the thumb of this total maniac. And BTW, “I hate your fucking dog” is not about dog hate its about dog owner hate. Q: What should Gonerfest attendees expect from your Memphis debut? A: Probably a mess, but you never know. We have been practicing a lot lately but I’m not sure why because we almost always play to nobody. Q: Will you ever play 3rd? A: No.

9:45p Ar-Kaics • Richmond, VA

They might not claim it, but we think Ar-Kaics are the best throwback garage band in the world! Featuring two Gonerfest alums - Kevin of The Shirks and Patty of Cybelle Blood! Make sure to buy the band a beer and test them on their collective knowledge of 60’s record trivia. Ar-Kaics: if its current, it can’t be good.

12:00a Blind Shake • Minneapolis

One of the most intense live acts going these days; the guys don’t even stop to take a drink of water during their set (seriously... it’s a rule).

1:00a Quintron • NOLA

It’s hard not to find yourself dancing like you do alone in your bedroom at a Quintron and Miss Pussycat show. Even guys in black metal t-shirts with their arms crossed can’t help but bounce along against the back wall. Equal parts soul, boogie, swamp and punk, the music of Quintron and Miss Pussycat speaks to the freak in all of us. Making their 3rd Gonerfest appearance, do not miss these legendary New Orleans performers.

10:30p Hank Wood & The Hammerheads • NYC

At the forefront of the current New York punk scene lies an organ-driven entity whose use of tambourine will make you both praise and pogo. This is mean street gospel; tough, fast, raw, and with cowbells.




Ten years ago, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast and changed the lives of millions of people, including a large number of our friends in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Our friend and Goner OG King Louie Bankston was a survivor. From his Goner Bulletin Board post on August 31, 2005: “We swam through the swamp with a pit bull in tow. for nearly twenty minutes ...the water flooded our cabin in 45 seconds we were swimming through a flood...we were rescued by boat from the TOP of a barn!!!” Louie will recount his Katrina experiences through story and song in a presentation only he could pull off.


Our final Gonerfest 12 act was to be Big E & The Mississippi Boys, and you would have loved ‘em. Big E loved to entertain, and his backup band- part Preachers Kids, part River City Tanlines, part nitroglycerine - was perhaps the most explosive band playing Elvis songs ever. Unfortunately Will Atkinson, aka Big E, passed suddenly in late August. We know Big E was looking forward to performing for all the Gonerfest-goers, and we think he was trying to hold on through this last set of shows before he would admit he was really sick. The River City Tanlines, with Mississippi Boy Bubba Bonds, will finish the fest off right and will move the people in a way that will Big E proud. Featuring Alicja Trout (Lost Sounds, Mouserocket, Clears) on vocals and guitar, T-Money Bishop on bass, and Bubba on drums, we are so happy to have the Tanlines as our final band of the festival. Untoppable Memphis rock n roll sending everyone off into the post-Gonerfest world on an loud, uplifting note.

BUCCANEER POST EVERYTHING PARTY No Live Band! 8pm Floor shakin’ tunes from DJ HOT TUB ERIC



t s e f r e n o G Welcome ! s e e d n e Att


BBQ SAUCE OR SPICE With the purchase of $10.00 or more (Must present ad to receive offer)


147 E. Butler (901) 672-7760


2249 Central Ave. (901) 272-9377


4375 Summer (901) 767-4672



Regular Stax Museum admission with this ad or your Gonerfest badge Does not apply for any other discounts. Expires October 30, 2015

Great Gift Shop

T-shirts, posters, music, DVDs, & more!

926 E. McLemore • 901-261-6338 Tues-Sat 10 - 5 • Sun 1-5

Things To Try To Do In Memphis While You’re Doing Gonerfest A current listing of events can be found in both the weekly Memphis Flyer or in the Playbook section of the Commercial Appeal daily paper, and also at the online versions of both those papers. Also see Google Maps “Gonerfest 12 Map” for most of these attractions.  Memphis is full of fun spots to visit, some spots that are full of history, other spots that are full of life. Memphis, as the biggest city in the Mid-South, has always attacted a wide variety of people from Arkansas, Mississippi, and Missouri, looking for a way out of small-town life. The low cost of living also contributed to an influx of immigrants from Vietnam, Mexico, and elsewhere. So ethnic food can be surprisingly good and inexpensive, and what we lack in 4 Star Restaurants I think we make up for in unpretentious Soul Food, no matter who is cooking it. Anyway, please enjoy Memphis, and although you may think it’s the greatest city on Earth for a week, know that there is crime so watch yourself if you go wandering off in to the unknown. Also, Memphis has nowhere near as many Australians the other 51 weeks of the year.

Sun Studio • 706 Union Ave (901) 521-0664 One amazing room. One amazing man. Sam Phillips changed the world. Legends recorded here: Ike Turner, Howlin Wolf, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Little Milton, Roy Orbison, and tons more. Unreal. Stax Studio Museum • 926 E McLemore Ave (901) 942-7685 If you can come out of this tour without wanting to wear Rufus Thomas’ kneehigh green boots we don’t want to know you. The hall of records will bring most Gonerfesters to their knees. Isaac Hayes’ talking gold Cadillac! Listen to individual instruments from Booker T & The MGs recordings! Highest recommendation, even for people who do not like museums. The Mississippi River The Mississippi is the whole reason Memphis exists. It’s huge. It’s awesome. There are barges. And sunsets. Don’t miss it. Do not swim in it. Remember Jeff Buckley. Across the river lies... West Memphis, Arkansas! There’s a dog track there, with some sort of semi-casino.


Peabody Ducks at Peabody Hotel • Union & 2nd St A tuxedoed Duck Master leads the ducks into a fountain in the middle of the Peabody Hotel lobby at 11am each morning and back up to their penthouse digs at 5pm. Ridiculous? Yeah! Gorgeous hotel lobby & bar. Pricey, but the ducks are free! Stop by and cheer. National Civil Rights Museum • 450 Mulberry St., 38103 A sobering, stirring tribute to the Civil Rights Movement at the motel where Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Memphis history hangs heavy. Graceland • 3734 Elvis Presley Blvd, 38116 Elvis is king, and his house is a perfect 1970s time capsule. Kinda pricey (over $30 for the home tour), but, if you’re in the right mood, fun.  When you get back home all your friends will ask you if you went there, so you might as well go.  The hall of jumpsuits & other costumes is great! The Jungle Room rules. We keep getting older, Graceland stays the same age.  Rock n Soul Museum • 191 Beale St, Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 205-2533 Smithsonian-quality music museum in the heart of downtown next to FedExForum, home of the Memphis Grizzlies! Gibson Guitar Factory • 145 Lt Geo W Lee Ave (901) 544-7998 SGs, Les Pauls, and other Gibson models are made in this downtown factory. A must for you guitar nuts! Full Gospel Tabernacle Church • 787 Hale Rd, Memphis, TN 38116 Al Green’s home church. The right Reverend conducts services when he’s in town... get gussied up and bring some cash for the collection plate! A wild, emotional time. Sunday service at 11:30, prepare to stay awhile. Jay Reatard’s Grave at Memorial Park Cemetery • 5668 Poplar Avenue “You can’t kick me out of Gonerfest! That’s like kicking Jimi Hendrix out of Woodstock!” Jay was a huge part of Gonerfest, and we miss him greatly, especially this time of year. His grave is next to Isaac Hayes in a prime spot in the cemetery, across from the bizarre Crystal Grotto. Jay grew up at 1620 Echles St, as in the Lost Sounds song.


THREE BIG STAR SPOTS OF NOTE Ardent Studios • 2000 Madison Ave 38104 Where the band recorded their 3 albums, plus Alex Chilton solo lps Overton Square • Cooper & Madison 38104 The happening place to be in the early 70s was TGIFridays - as seen on the back of the Radio City lp Mortimer’s Restaurant • 590 N Perkins Rd 38122 owned by Chris Bell’s family, Big Star photo wall


NOVEMBER 3-10, 2015 DOWNTOWN + MIDTOWN Get your pass or tickets at

SUNDAYS 8 10p i




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Lamplighter • 1702 Madison (901) 726-9916 Goner’s favorite beer joint ever. You can bring your own booze if you pay for set-ups. One of the best burgers in Memphis. You can always find out what else is going on by stopping in here. Oscars’ Chuck Vicious often behind the bar. Buccaneer • 1368 Monroe (901) 278-0909 The site of the first Gonerfest, and our favorite Pirate-themed venue in the city. Great bartenders, smoky and cozy. Friday Afternoon show is a blast, and don’t miss the Sunday night Come-down DJ night... where you can actually talk to some of the people you’ve met without shouting. Murphy’s • 1589 Madison (901) 726-4193 Across the street from what used to be Memphis’ punk rock meccas The Well and Antenna Club. Back in those days Murphy’s supplied the hard alcohol to the rockers punking it up across the street. Enjoy the Saturday afternoon Blowout- always a Gonerfest favorite! The Beauty Shop • 966 South Cooper Street (901) 272-7111 Around the corner from Goner on Cooper. Excellent restaurant also serves elegant & impressive concoctions- think BRUNCH! Next door to Bar DKDK- a hip small bar serving small plates with an always-changing menu. Host to some smokin’ rock sets and killer DJ nights. Cool!

Greencork • 2156 Young Ave (901) 207-5281 New wine-on-tap restaurant conveniently located directly next to Goner. Be nice to our ad_DKDC_Gonerfest_150814.pdf 1 8/13/15 9:45 PM neighbors! Check out their joint!

964 S. COOPER • 272-0830 • 5PM-3AM M O D E R N G L O B A L

M E M P H I S M U S I C • S T R E E T F O O D •


W W W. FA C E B O O K . C O M / B A R D K D C

Music Stores Xanadu • 2200 Central (901) 274-9885 Owner John Lowe is creator of the one and two-string “Lowebow” guitars. He’s also got strings and effects and Orange amps and Silvertones. Tons of books, too. Paperbacks, hardbacks, sci-fi, mystery, and weirdness. Live Lowebow performances by request! Xanadu and Johnny Lowebow are one-of-a-kind! Martin Music • Poplar 1659 Poplar Avenue, (901) 729-2466 The closest place to get strings and picks to the Midtown clubs- they’ve also got fancy guitars, amps, and custom guitar pedals. Nice folk- not Guitar Shop “You Know Whats!” Memphis Drum Shop • 878 South Cooper (901) 276-2328 Drummers- do not miss the Drum Shop, right around the corner from Goner. The best drum shop for hundreds of miles. Tell ‘em GONERFEST sent ya!


Eating is a big deal in Memphis and eating cheaply is a big deal to us. Here are a few of our favorite places & others of note. Be sure to tell ‘em you’re here for Gonerfest when you visit! Payne’s BBQ • 1762 Lamar (901) 272-1523 The world's greatest chopped shoulder sandwich. Comes with nuclear yellow/green slaw. Smoked Sausage, too! No booze. Housed in a converted old garage. Cool! Open for lunch until sundown. Closed Sundays & Mondays. Gus’ Fried Chicken • 310 S Front (901) 527-4877 World famous fried chicken with a spicy, chunky crust, served with a quart of beer… YES! Frying Chicken can take a while so don’t be in a rush. Usually crowded. Cozy Corner • 745 N Parkway (901) 527-9158 Our favorite rib joint, currently rebuilding after a fire. While they work on the building they are actually serving Barbecue directly across the street in a limited capacity. Worth a visit! Kwik Chek • 2013 Madison (901) 274-9293 Employers of many rockers through the years. Cheap delicious sandwiches. Muffaletta, pork roast, and vegetarian Bloody Valentine are good starting points. Korean dishes as well- and next door is The Crazy Noodle serving more Korean fare. 

Young Avenue Deli • 2119 Young Avenue (901) 278-0034 Known for 1/2 pound burgers, wraps, quesadillas and a huge menu. Tons of different beers on tap and in bottles. Right down the street from the Goner store. Central BBQ Midtown Location: 249 Central (901) 272-9377 Downtown location: 147 E Butler Ave, Memphis, TN 38103 (901) 672-7760 Our neighbors in Cooper-Young, excellent BBQ and wings! New location Downtown off of Main Street. Déjà Vu • 51 S Main St (901) 505-0212 Cajun restaurant smack dab in the middle of Main Street downtown. Chef Gary has been a chef to many stars in Las Vegas but now he’ll cook for you! Great guy, great food. Mardis Gras Memphis • 496 N Watkins (901) 530-6767 New Cajun restaurant down the street from the Hi Tone, working out the kinks as they figure out how to run a real restaurant. Potential to be something special. Desserts are amazing! India Palace • 1720 Poplar Ave (901) 278-1199 Golden India • 2097 Madison Ave (901) 728-5111 Both of these have nice lunch buffets City Grocery • 836 Cooper St (901)552-4890 New, spiffy convenience store with a few tasty Indian dishes and sandwiches. A few blocks North of Goner on Cooper.

Vegetarian Food

Fino's From the Hill • 1853 Madison Ave (901) 272-3466 Small Italian deli with great hot and cold sandwiches in the heart of Midtown.

Beware the Memphis vegetables in most restaurants- they have usually been cooked with meat. Ask! But there are vegetarian options.

Barbecue Shop • 1782 Madison (901) 272-1277 Solid and spicy Midtown barbecue that stays open later than most and serves beer.

For Midtown & Downtown your best bets are probably:

Soul Fish • 862 S Cooper (901) 725-0722 Delicious sandwiches & platters of chicken & catfish. Low-key, but crowded most dinnertimes. Cuban and Memphis sandwiches are fantastic. Fuel Cafe • 1761 Madison Ave (901) 725-9025 Vegan-friendly, organic / natural and healthy sandwiches, salads, burgers and main dishes right down Madison from Murphy's.

Saigon Le 51 N Cleveland St, (901) 276-5326 Vietnamese food. Close to Hi Tone, excellent and fresh. Pho Hoa Binh 1615 Madison Ave (901) 276-0006 Vietnamese food. Next To Murphys’ on Madison. Cheap Lunch Buffet. Al-Rayan Middle Eastern Food 288 N Cleveland St (901) 272-0227 Cheap and near the Hi Tone.

Blue Nile • 1788 Madison Ave (901) 474-7214 Spicy, great Ethiopian dishes, fun spongey injera bread.



THANKS! Thanks for coming to Gonerfest 12. We are always very proud to bring everyone to Memphis to show off our music and our city, and the generosity of everyone involved always blows us away. We know many of you have come a long way, spent hard-earned money and precious time and we really do appreciate it. For 12 festivals we’ve been continually surprised with the generosity, enthusiasm, and kindness of our attendees and the bands playing, from both inside Memphis and beyond. Please spread the word and help us to keep making these events as successful and fun as they are. We could not do this without a lot of help from all kinds of people including the Memphis Visitors & Convention Bureau, Karen Carrier, Memphis Made Brewery, Pabst Blue Ribbon, The Memphis Flyer, Cooper Young Business Association, Audiographics Masterworks / Memphis Record Pressing, Skinny and all the Hi Toners, Benny & everyone at Murphys, Charles and the Buccaneer staff, Seth Fountain for the poster/t-shirt concepts & graphics, last minute miracle-workers Jesse Butcher & Corkey Sinks, Don Perry, Robin & Kyle & the Rocket Science Audio Army, Brian Dixon, Creature Skateboards, Adam Woodard, Paul Wiseman, Crosstown Arts, Friends Of Graceland Too, Johnny Lowebow, Brent Shrewsbury, Jeff Jensen, and all the volunteers, bartenders, food trucks, clean up crews, advertisers, doorpeople, caterers, publicists, and everyone we’re forgetting. Thanks!




See you next year!




Gonerfest12 Program Guide  

All things Gonerfest 12- Schedules, Band descriptions, and a very subjective list of things to do around Memphis during the festival- or any...