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POLITICIAN (GRANDMAESTROCLASS) Written by the Head of the Church of: The Germanic Tribes

Grandilluminary Patrick of Europe, Ascended Master of the Netherlands, Ascended Maestro of Germany, Grandmaester of the United States of America.




THE REASONABLE POLITICAL DOCTRINE BASED UPON THE UNIVERSAL LAW OF LOVE FOR THE SPIRITUAL ELITE OF THE NEXT GENERATION: I will use the American All Seeing Eye, the Eye of Pharaoh of Egypt, the Godly All Seeing Eye, to create a “non-religious” (State-Authority not influencing the matters of the Church-Authority, a Hyve under freedom of enforced religion), reasonable political system based upon the ideology of Democracy. The political ideology of Capitalism is popular among those who have inherited talents and/or resources from the efforts of those in their family bloodline that came before them, and among those who have inherited talents so great that they can create a superior position within the Hyve by the potential that has been given to them by God Almighty (Birth-right). The political ideology of Communism and Socialism is popular among those who have not inherited talents or resources from the efforts in their family bloodline that came before them, those who have not the power/creativity/network/resources to make their own future. Both ideologies have the moral supremacy in their own way, and both ideologies have their faults. If one looks at the history of communism, one sees the capitalistic self enrichment and the cruelty of the head-figure of the communistic system, once the ideology of communism has taken over the “Hyve”, nobody within the Hyve can overpower the “head-figure”, everyone becomes dependable upon the mercy of the “head-figure”. If one looks at the history of Capitalism, one sees the capitalistic self enrichment and the cruelty of the elites of the capitalistic system. However, the right of inheritance is a just and righteous doctrine... The absence of the right of inheritance is what makes Communism and extreme Socialism an un-acceptable political ideology to the reasonable elite. Both the Capitalistic and Communistic/Socialistic political ideologies have “faulty” rules in their foundations. We are going to look at the Pro's and Con's objectively: Communism/Socialism: – The weaker/feeble are guaranteed a standard of living. (Supreme Emphatic Mercy)

– Only the “head-figure” can enforce corruption non-punishable. (Supreme Concentration of Standard) – There is no reward for the individual who is performing above average, the over-performance is under-valuated in name of the “System/Hyve”, thus a major driving force (hope for a better future) is absent. (Supreme Limiter) Thus the Pro's and Con's of Communism/Socialism are clear: Everyone in the Hyve is guaranteed a minimum, however, everyone in the Hyve, including the talented, are kept on this minimal level. Everyone is forced to stay on the minimal standard, and any expression of superior human traits becomes limited, thus the Hyve will not express a creative excellence, nor an enlightenment, and everything is predictable like a disciplinary jail system in name of “security for all”. The only thing that can go wrong, is that the head of system becomes corrupted and then the entire Hyve dies, thus the entire Hyve becomes reliable upon the mental health and integrity of the head of the Hyve.

Capitalism: – The talented color the paintings in great majesty, and so wax greatly. (Supreme Creativity) – If one elite becomes corrupted, another elite can take over power. (Supreme Dynamical Hyve) – The driving force of the citizens is the hope, that one invests in the improvement of the self, that one can improve one's own life's condition. (Supreme Motivator) – At great failure, one can lose the standard of living to an inhumane level. (Supreme Mercilessness) The pro's and con's of Capitalism are are clear: The individual expression can turn the Hyve into paradise on earth, yet at the same time it can sustain a hell on earth... The focus of the Hyve becomes performance, and lack of performance is punished. A reasonable mind will understand that both systems can be profitable in their own ways, depending on the condition and wishes

of those within the Hyve. The focal point of the Hyve decides which system serves the Hyve the most. Political systems are made by rulers and philosophers, and for the sake of Humanity, the next generation, I will use the All Seeing Eye of God of America, Germany and the Netherlands, to create the “ideal” political framework, that can serve as a foundation for a reasonable Hyve, sophisticated enough that the reasonable political framework leaves enough space for the ruler and the philosophers of the Hyve to adapt it to their personal wishes, without losing reasonability. The generation of the 21st century is forced to globalize, thus the political ideology needs to adapt with the demands of the future. This is why I see the absolute need for a new political standard/ideology based upon the spiritual law of love, without involving religion, suitable for the next generation. I will design this political ideology for a Hyve ruled by the law of Equality and Democracy, for a Hyve without an absolute, a Hyve that desires an alternative to Capitalism, Communism, and Socialism, a Hyve that wants to use it's creative minds to modernize it's political system by the luxury of having a “safety-net” to revolve the political modernization on. To achieve political modernization, it is not sufficient to look at the political philosophy of the generations before us, as they lived not in a globalized world, thus their focus was not in designing an “ideal spiritual one world system”. I as Grandmaestro will design this painting, and you as Political Elite will color it, and so you can maintain your elite status reasonably within your hyve, yet the People will profit maximally, reasonably, and so you will avoid losing your status in a reformation, pre-formation (ending the progressive development of the Hyve by ignorantly re-instituting a system of the past) or a revolution. ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Your goal is to prevent the citizens within the Hyve to revolt by fulfilling their needs, thus avoiding the Hyve itself from resisting it's Elite, becoming dysfunctional, the orientation of this reasonable political doctrine will revolve around achieving this.

To make the perfect political campaign, you as political elite need to understand the complete human nature. The better your understanding of the nature of humans, the more you can design a campaign that is targeted towards their needs. To be reasonable, is to exercise power on mutual interest based terms. Thus, you are obligated to see your inherited superior position as a responsibility, not a privilege! The responsibility to do what is right for the citizens, and this is the only justification for prospering yourself. If you use your political superiority to profit in a way that is damaging for the best interests of the Hyve, intentionally, then you are a traitor. You translating your political expertise and power into something prospering yourself, should go hand in hand with doing what is right for the citizens. Proverbs 29:14 When a ruler faithfully administers justice to the poor, his rule will be established forever. Law #1: The ruler who obeys this first political law will not ever be dethroned, Heaven itself will protect his seat. It is God's personal interest that everyone is treated by the law of Justice, and that the Political Elite does not “depopulate the earth from the “unprofitable” to save resources”: It is not reasonable to see the poor as a “unnecessary weight to the earth”, the ruler who defends the interest of the average man and the average woman will be the authority who will have God Almighty standing behind him/her. This is the main law, whereby the next generational political elite must abide by, the absolute minimum framework to prevent the Hyve from going into self destruct, as it is the minimal requirement to keep peace between you and God Almighty; a political philosophy that does not respect this law will fail, guaranteed. If you take anything from this Grandmaestroclass, it must be this first law, it being the very foundation of your political system. However, the superior politician will not stop here, but take also the next law of this Political Blueprint into in consideration while designing his political ideology. Law #2: The ruler who respect the needs of the citizens of the Hyve, will not be betrayed , nor desired to be replaced, by the citizens of the Hyve.

A human being has the following core needs: – The Human Being will not accustom to Injustice. – The Human Being will not accustom to Hatred. – The Human Being will not accustom to Disrespect. – The Human Being will not accustom to a Lack of Basic Needs. – The Human Being will not accustom to the Destruction of the Ecosystem. – The Human Being will not accustom to the fear-driven “Security above Development” Mind-set. – The Human Being will not accustom to “Boredom”. – The Human Being will not accustom to “Purposelessness” – The Human Being will not accustom to “Hopelessness”.

Thus your political ideology should revolve around Justice, Love, and Honor. It should take into consideration the basic needs of everyone in society: Housing/Healthcare/Education/Basic Provision. It should provide a platform for the expression of the talents of the citizens of the Hyve: Competitive Sports/ Creative Arts/ Entertainment/ Open Economy. It should stimulate within the citizens of the Hyve, the authentic feeling that the development of the character and talents of the individual is valued. If the design of your political ideology respects this standard given by these two laws, then your political ideology is sustainable and durable for the next generation, globalized politics. Proper execution of Justice: Justice without love: revenge. Justice with love: disciplinarian. Only judge (Aggress/Punish/Discipline) those who do injustice, do not judge your personal enemies (those who hurt your heart) that's God's job.

Those that commit actions against your personal agenda, personal desires, against your personal feelings; acts that are not necessarily acts of general injustice, but just acts against your personal interests, to judge those is to take revenge! Revenge is is an act of unforgiveness, and unforgiveness is a condition of an accursed person who is "blocked" by God from proceeding in forgiveness; one blocking oneself from experiencing what one desires in the heart because of bitterness, thus experiencing bitterness inside of his or her heart instead of experiencing what one really wishes to experience, and thus being locked in that condition. Many believe ignorantly that revenge is justice; pay attention that you do not legislate revenge as justice, as to legislate revenge as justice is to become unreasonable (barbarian). Romans 12:19-20 Beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather give place to wrath; for it is written, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay,� says the Lord. 20 Therefore “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; If he is thirsty, give him a drink; Proper execution of Love: Humans do not like to feel guilty, when they see another human being suffering pain they will live with feelings of guilt. Thus if parts of society start to live below the poverty levels, then factions within society will attempt to improve the political system. To avoid this, the ruling elite is obligated to create a social structure of free homeless centers, free minimal health care, and a system where the poor can get their minimum dietary needs met. Proper execution of Honor: The violation of Honor may never become normalized. Rape must be punished. Everyone that takes someone else's social value out of his or her soul must be recompensed by the one that commits the act of dishonor. A rapist should not just be punished, but also recompense for the consequences of his dishonoring act upon the marriage value of the female, as the rapist leaves the raped one in a serious societarian disadvantage, permanently. People must fear to dishonor one and another, to avoid that parts of the Hyve become permanently damaged. Acts that traumatize souls, like

rape, have severe consequences upon the productivity of the individual that experiences dishonoring. Property rights must be respected, and if the ruler takes the property right during a time of war, the ruler is obligated to recompense respectfully. Disrespect may not ever be normalized as it will traumatize the soul of the victim, thus make it unprofitable to the Hyve in general, as qualified therapy will be required to end the unprofitable condition of a fragmented soul. Cheating, and infidelity should be condemned publicly, and never glorified. When infidelity becomes normalized, marriages lose their honorable value, and then the strength of the family unit diminishes, and so the positive input that the average person will have to the condition of the Hyve in general will be marginalized. Marriage must be the norm, and extra-marital sex must be depopularized. Males with honor and potential wish not to invest in females without honor. Females without honor thus become an obligation to the Hyve, the females must be kept in a honorable condition, that the males, will naturally provide, with excellence, for their female, and their offspring. When the dishonorable conduct of womanhood becomes the norm, the males will not respect, thus, the next generation will be abandoned. Everything that makes people feel “shame”, everything that is “dishonorable to the soul” should be “unpopularized” by the ruling elite, and then the citizens will perform to their potential to obtain what is honorable without the ruling elite having to use an “iron fist”.

Holy European Blue Dragonfire Society

Politician (Grandmaestroclass) by Grandilluminary Patrick of Europe  

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Politician (Grandmaestroclass) by Grandilluminary Patrick of Europe  

Is a system of the past really the solution to the demands of a globalized world? Will the traditional political systems of Capitalism, Comm...