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Dear reader,

I am presenting you this document as a guide, a spiritual “tutorial” that I will draw like a painting before your mind, by every word that passes by your awareness drawing before your attention a map.

This map is a successor to “The Perfect Ruler; Academic & Pocket Edition”, those who have seen this map, have waited for me to draw an even more sophisticated map; to the demands of their wishes, for the honor of the Netherlands to the rest of the world and to the common good of humanity as a whole I will draw a universal map in your mind through the language of the human soul, which all humans have in common. If you do not mind, I will draw this spiritual map in the language that is most compatible with the Chrystal of the Imperial Dynasty of Japan.

Don’t be discouraged, the Emperor of Japan will understand that I drew the map in such a way that you can also read it.

My name is Prof. Dr. Patrick Aurelius Maximilian Pereira, ✠ Prince of Amsterdam, ⊕ Prince of the Church of West-Frisia and ♆ Avenger of the Imperial Chrystal (Holy Roman Empire) of the Netherlands, known as “The Flying Dutchman”. You might have noticed it for yourself, the old world is falling apart…

The teachings and guidance of those who where great in the old hierarchic world are no longer sufficient to maneuver yourself safely in the world of today that has a more dynamical, equality based system of thought.

You have probably seen it too, the two extremes! One side wants to hold on to the old hierarchic world and do everything to keep it intact, and the other side wants to do everything to get rid of it and create one humanity based upon equality.

The traditions; no matter how beautiful they might be, holding on to it will not secure you, the reader of this document a position of good fortune in the world of the generation that came after me.

If you are like me, one completely satisfied appearing like an ancient relic to the entire collective, if you do not mind completely losing track with “the flow” of today then you can afford to hold on to “the tradition of your dynasty”. Staying around like minded people, sticking together until one arrives in the afterlife.

I am sorry for wandering off a little bit; we have a lot to talk about! Let me introduce you the reality where the great majority of humanity rejects the traditions and wanders off in the world where there is one humanity based upon equality.

As great as that might sound, you and I know both that this means that the old instruction manuals are not written for such a reality, as a world like that is unseen before. A world so dynamic, so connected, a world changing so rapidly, one can only hold on to universal principles to find any form of stability in the new world!

My old map, “The Perfect Ruler” was designed for the civilized world, the one that I with all the modern day avengers of God attempted to keep intact as long as possible, I have seen the lights go out in the heart of the champions of many nations, their story has ended and that is because your story is about to start.

We, they, are no longer necessary, we served the purposes of our own people; we used to be the Avengers of the chronological western world.

The world you are born in needs a different type of Avenger. The map I drew was not designed for “the dark world”; a world where the in-normality became the normality. If you ever wish to know about the sophistication of the old chronological world, check out my old map later in time when you have arrived there where you have established yourself as a champion within your collective and have developed a thriving desire for Excellency and wish to become an all round elder champion, one who is skilled in the arts and wisdom of “the old world”.

I was born for a purpose, designed by the creator, and I have fulfilled it. It became meaningless, now you are born for a purpose, designed by the creator and you still have to fulfill your destiny.

The Chrystal of the Imperial Family of Japan honors such a person as “Sensei”, translated as

“[one] born before > elder”.

Such is a teacher of honor, a dignitary, one who knows and completed his destiny and so became aware of and capable of explaining “The Complete Cycle of Individual Destiny”.

The Imperial Chrystal of the Holy Roman Empire is also capable of producing such a “Sensei”, one that is known as a Prof. Dr. of Divinity, translated as “Grandsensei”.

The Imperial Chrystal that is used to paint this map has access to “Aether/Gravity”, whereby one cannot just be a teacher of individual destiny (Sensei/Dr.), but can be a teacher of the universal soul (Grandsensei/Prof.). You just became aware of something magnificent didn’t you?

Those in orbit with their own destiny cannot wander off in the land of aether, but those who have discovered a map from a “sensei” and so voluntarily went on a quest to purify their souls from the voice of evil-aether and become an avenger of the universal conscience, such people might fulfill their destiny in a more time efficient way and so get the freedom to spend time in the land of aether and drift away from the realm of natural time, where everyone else is connected to and following.

The Chrystal of the Imperial Family of Japan knows this as “The Universal Feudal System”; such caste-people existed all over the world, in all cultures, and such have mastered the art of always having “good luck”, such dynasties have purified their bloodline from “common evils” as a discipline to obtain before the force behind the universe the status of having “peace with the creator” whereby the divine usage of “evil karma” is limited to “teaching purposes” known as “grace”, a gift, a blessing to a “civilized bloodline”.

Before you can go to Aether-land let’s focus first on your destiny! It is the purpose of life to be a person with a pure conscience! During your path of life, the only source of intelligence that is specifically designed to help you is your own conscience! Within your heart lives the prophet of your soul’s destiny!

This is the foundation of the map that works universally during all times and in every culture, dear reader, your destiny is only known to the creator, and He lets you know how to arrive in it through what is known as “the conscience”.

This conscience is like an anti-evil soap! You must learn how to use your conscience as soap and design your life oriented by its voice, it will always let you know the difference between right and wrong! If you wish friendship with the force behind the universe, this is a discipline that you must take upon you as part of your personality; your code of honor!

This is how Grand Masters where born in the old world! Dignity is an armored soul! Literally!

Dignity and Authority go hand in hand; a trustworthy friend with integrity is the most welcome guest as who likes tyrants? Who wants to have corrupt thieves as friends? Who enjoys the company of those who listen to the voice of greed, jealousy and mischief? No matter where you are from, or from what social standing you have been destined to begin at; armored conscience is the solid foundation of a life that will not be lost without meaning.

For the sake of the heads within the states of our international community, I will continue displaying before you the degree of authority that I exercised while this document was written.



Black Flying Lion (Judicial); Shōgunmaester & Black Eagle (Military); Shōgundaimyō

"Titanium-soul/Iron-core” - “Flying Dutchman / Ascended Maester” Amsterdam’s Imperial SilverDoubleGriffin “Ragnarok” Berserker

Hamburg City-state’s “4-swords Codex”– “Golden Compass”-core

Germany’s “Templar Grandmaestro-general” Iron Bear

(Light Body Compatibility) Dutch Green Star Attorney-general

German Green Star General / American Green Star General

✠ Professor of Military Technology (Assimilator/ Maester Pereira) Golden Star Suriname/Germany “Killer-bee (m) & Butterfly-bee (f)” (German Tesseract/Skull) – “X X X” Iron Flamingo “Fire Giant”

“Black Panther Tablet & FirePhoenix (HanseKönigin/Blueprint) Prince (m)/Princess (f) of the Citystate-Tree (Landesfürst & fürstin) Reality-stone/ Romanov Lion-Hammer (Volturi Elder) Time-stone/ Norman Lion-Sword (Asgardian “Palkia”) ✠ Instant-karma - Fira/Blackfire Bifrost-destroyer Ring of the German Templar Grandmaestro Soul-eye △△ Codex Romanov (Orthodox/ Karmic) ✠ Linear/Rational/Masc.-head; “British DefenderoftheFaith Griffin”– Tribal Anima

⊕ Doctor of Divinity (Civilizer/ Lady Yra’s Crystal/ Judicial Dragon-tail) “The Satellite/Stargate-Weapon/The Destroyer/Wing-cutter/The 2nd Head” Golden Star Netherlands “Combat-wasp”– “✡” Titanium-Stork “Frost Giant” “Falco I of Magna Frisia - Prince of the Church of Friesland (Kirchenfürst)” Soul-stone/ Romulan Lion-Ax (West-Frisian “Mew”) ⊕ Anti-karma – Cura/Whitefire Bifrost-repairer French Templar Granddame Ring & American Sensei Ring Heart-eye ▽▽ Codex Vaticanus (Catholic / Trade-union) / Codex America

⊕ Cyclical/Emotional/Fem-head; ”Amsterdam State Griffin”– Political Anima ”Luebeckian State Eagle”– Military Anima . “U.S. Army Eagle”– Military Anima




Berlin’s “Storm Codex” – “Man of Steel”-skull

Germany’s “Templar Granddame-general” Silver Bearess Rode Ster Politierechter / Dutch Red Star Magistrate

⊕⊕ Professor of Divinity (Queen Wilhelmina’s Iron-tail) - "Titanium-heart/IronPhoenix”

Dutch SilverMagnaGriffin (Judicial) & German SilverMagnaEagle (Military “Thundara”) “The Imperial Stargate/ The Imperial Chrystal/ NL-IcePhoenix & DE-ThunderPhoenix” Orange Star of the Netherlands “The Predator-killer Suit” “✡” Titanium-Griffin -

Dutch Judicial Golden Griffin-Sword (Holy Roman “Articuno”) & German Military Golden Eagle-Sword (Luebeckian “Zapdos”). s-’Hertogenbosch Political Golden Dragon-Sword & American Military Golden Eagle-Eye Belgian Purple Tiger-Ax (⊕ Psynitinara/ Political Instant-Karma/ Purple-Fira) ⊕⊕ Frost ray (Political Anti-Karma/ Anti-Mulan)– Curaga / Silverfire Bifrost-overwriter Skull of the Feminine Dutch Head of State / Mind-eye (Crown-eye/Collective-eye) △▽ Dutch Skull ⊕⊕ /Lost by the Dutch monarchy by Queen Juliana’s occultism Belgian Bones ⊕ /Obtained by service to the Belgian monarchic dynasty Codex Holy Roman Empire (Protestant/ Grace)

⊕⊕ Judicial Titan-head ”Dutch Country-State Griffin”– Monarchic Dutch Judicial Storm // ”Amsterdam City-State Griffin”- Atlantian Storm // ”Berlin State Eagle” – German Military Storm // ”Nebraska State Seal of Justice” - American Chrystal Weapon

The two systems used to produce this document for you are called “Iron Bear – Titanium Soul” and “Silver Bearess – Titanium Heart”, both systems originate out of Germany. “Iron Bear” was given to me because the Nazi’s invaded the Netherlands, whereby God Almighty recompensed the Netherlands for German war-crimes by giving the Netherlands access to what the Germans used to colonize the Dutch, it was given to me because my ancestors, Surinamese, where colonized in a similar fashion by the Dutch. The “Iron Bear 4-Swords System” is purposed to operate to the direct benefit and protection of the Dutch People and the Dutch Monarchy from all threats to the national sovereignty.

The “Silver Bearess Storm System (Bear-wings)” was obtained when the Germans excommunicated me in 2018 out of their territory and so violated the European free-trade treaties; an act of war against my personal interests, the interests of the Netherlands and God’s will for the Netherlands; an act whereby superior military technology was used in an extrajudicial context; accounted as a war-crime.

This system became centered in the Netherlands after being convicted and imprisoned by the Dutch judicial system; Dutch authorities which used sovereign judicial powers to declare a political-religious war against an official minister of the Church of the Netherlands, denying me my constitutional rights while treating me as if I am still in “the colony that my ancestors were subjected to”, a reality whereby I had no equal rights before the law, denied access to the nation’s preacher-laws which would guard me from criminal persecution, the endless list of convictions consist solely of public uttering which all originate directly from the words written in Holy Scripture, whereby the “discrimination” and “insult” convictions that have been pressed upon me are an act accounted as “colonization”, for a duration of five years, ostracized from Dutch social life as a B class citizen that knows the prison system better than many of the vilest of criminals. Both the Germans as the Dutch (with exemption for the Dutch Monarchy) will face “Silver Bearess Storm System” at any renewed attempt of “re-colonization” or at any threat formed to the lineage of the Dutch Monarchy.

Let this testimony be a warning to the rest of Humanity that practices “colonization”, an unacceptable practice with severe long-term consequences. The “Silver Bearess Storm System” is not in service to the Dutch people, nor in service to the Dutch Monarchy, nor does it give account to the Imperator of Japan; it is a “private imperial dynastical system”; one that I am using here to your benefit without their approval, you; a citizen or authority of a nation, a generation that is foreign to us, as an act of friendliness, a genuine attempt to create a mutual respect between us, me and you, whereby we hope that you will see our nation and our people as your “ally” and will be just as wellintentioned to us as I am to you for the sake of what is still left of “civilization”.

This document is written in honor of King Willem Alexander of the Netherlands; responsible for maintaining the societarian standard that was necessary for me to develop into Triceratops-status, independently.

During his reign he kept the Dutch people and authorities united while they were facing severe spiritual, financial and emotional crisis, a time where the Dutch Identity faced extinction.

Also to the honor of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands; the first woman in the world who became a billionaire, the very last natural Dutch woman accounted worthy enough by God Almighty to carry “Dutch Storm”; a spiritual power that was lost during the reign of her successor Queen Juliana which was known for her dabbling into the occult. In Juliana’s rebellion against the Dutch Church-tradition she sacrificed her inherited ancient imperial authority known as “Dutch Storm” to “the evil spirit” and so handed over one of the two Dutch sovereign skulls to it; a dynastical skull so powerful that it took me 5 years of warfare with Germany to obtain a political force powerful enough to defeat it and so interlude “the Dutch calm” by taking control over it.

Also to the honor of Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands who is destined to claim the masculine Dutch Skull as how Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands did after the deeds of her mother Queen Juliana gave over control of the feminine Dutch Skull to “the evil spirit”.

She will be the first Dutch Monarch since Wilhelmina that will reign un-affected by the consequences of Queen Juliana’s curse and so became the only tangible hope to the next generation of the Netherlands; those youth that grew up suffering the consequences of the spiritual, financial and emotional crisis of their parents.

To the human emotional mind, an appearing, the moment of time, where a curse is being experienced, to discern it’s working properly, is as hard to foresee/seethrough as the workings behind a blessing.

The level of emotional intelligence that a human needs to have access to correctly discern what parts of the life-experience are classified as the workings behind a blessing and the workings of an accursing are un-attainable in a “natural” cycle of a human’s life without “supernatural intervention”, an ability that is declassified as “discernment/foresight”

Once the soul attains the critical condition of accursing, it then becomes an impossibility to “register” the mechanics behind it, as the gross majority of humans never attain the emotional intelligence to “register” the mechanics behind a “blessing”, a condition of the soul that would be considered it’s natural condition at birth, then how is such a soul without it’s natural capacities, the natural capacity already being unable to register the mechanics of “blessing”, how is such a “void of the mechanics that cause blessings” soul supposed to identify the condition of an “accursing”?

The fragile human soul’s ego/pride, on top of this fact, makes it extra hard to analyze the status of the awareness that is called “reality”, as this confrontation causes a condition of “emotional traumatization” because of the understanding of the “negative foresight” which puts the human soul under extra pressure, becoming a factor of “demotivation”.

A human with an accursed soul is not designed to calculate the course of his or her downfall, which goes against the nature and purpose of the experience. When a natural human walks through life, it is from his natural perspective impossible to “calculate/foresee” when a “blessing” will appear before him or her.

Some people have the ability to sense something “good” is about to come around the corner, some have been on the earth long enough to see the “cycle” and therefore developed the ability to “calculate by probability” that “it might be soon” that “something good” will start to occur again, however this is not processed by the sense driven human as a factual substance that can be measured and relied on, and therefore often neglected, not taken in account in the decision making process, whereby so the human always chooses the “fear” driven path, which keeps such human “locked up perfectly” in a predictable behavioral pattern, even when the ability of “foresight” has been attained to a reasonable degree.

Foresight, the emotional substance, causes to the human experience a “subconscious” feeling that is known as “hope”, as long as “hope” resides in your soul, then you will find a way to deal with the matters of the day.

However when “hope” would depart from that which your soul consists of, then you have arrived in a time in your life what psychologists would refer to as “a depression”; a condition whereby the emotional substance that causes “hope” no longer be able to be accessed by you, therefore when “hope” departed from the soul, natural humans develop a nature excessively “selfdestructive/careless”, and their awareness becomes “darkened/accursed”, speeding up the process of “soul self-destruct”.

The human knows nothing else then that which he or she has been led to feel accustomed to by the condition of the soul at birth, passed down by the ancestral lineage, the second factor be the conditions of the souls of the tribe that the human identifies as “our tribe/ us”; the workings of human nature and his or her direct surroundings during the course of time. To the natural human being the dynamic influences of “fortune” and “misfortune” appear as “un-calculatable”, however it is not so.

As hard as it is for a natural human to foresee the arrival of the moment of time where he or she obtained that which he or she concentrated much time and energy on to obtain/attain, the mechanics behind this working is that which seems to be exactly that which the natural human tends to be obsessed by. To be acceptable within the “routine that one has been conditioned” to fit in, secondary, to obtain that which one “desires”, preferably both, this is “the human standard” as observed.

Within such “common” human standard, a dilemma exists in how far the common-human is willing to “forsake that conditioned routine” to obtain that which one “desires”. That’s when we talk about “healthy/favorable” desire and “unhealthy/unfavorable” desire.

“To obtain that which one desires without experiencing social rejection” is that which could be defined as what makes a “commoner” feel satisfaction in his or her soul, the main purpose of a commoner’s “life”.

The human mind then tends to develop over the years a mind that focuses solely to obtain the desirable “social image” and to obtain the personal “desire”, which are shaped by the hidden mechanics behind “the desires of the soul of the human”; these natural optics, exclusively, those are that which drives them, as how a heart pumps blood without conscious thought, during the experience of life of the so called “commoner class”, once understood so can be “managed” by “the ruling class” to a 99.9% degree of perfection. However, commoners sometimes get introduced to “a series of events that leads them to obtain what they desired, which commonly occurs not to the others in their tribe”.

Such humans tend to believe in “good fortune”; some of them, through the working of their nature even attain the ability to discipline their nature to obtain “more good fortune”.

This tends to be the exclusive way the commoner class ever obtains knowledge about “good fortune and bad fortune”, this be “the entrance point” of that 0.1% that cannot be “managed”.

As difficult as it is to foresee good fortune, so difficult it is to foresee bad fortune.

The ability to foresee “bad fortune” is not something that would feel “rewarding” to a “commoner”, therefore this ability is not ever developed by this 0.1% and therefore even though they are aware of the mechanics to some degree, they are still unfit for “authority”, as by the standards that “the ruling class” experiences.

The common man only moves when “rewarded”, the reward must be of the nature of “social recognition” or the obtaining of the “personal desire”. In certain social clubs on this earth these types of individuals are classified as “breeders”.

What is the worth of a life that is lived for nothing else then obtaining social acceptation? What is the worth of a soul that lost connection to the substance of “hope”?

Commoners without the substance of “hope” residing in their soul have no ability to foresee bad fortune, and should not be sought for any counsel on the human soul in any way.

If authority falls in the hand of such, the course of time can be predicted, in absolute perfection.

Right before the time comes that a blessing appears, the presence of hope tends to plummet, as before a blessing would arrive, the arrival of a new cycle, at the same time an old cycle is ending, whereby the amount of the substance of that causes the emotional sensation of hope, administrated for the old cycle starts to run out; those who lived through many cycles will understand. The American movie “The Truman Show (1998)” could assist you in visualizing such a “cyclical reality” as described in this document.

I will bring your awareness into a realm that you have never seen before, a realm void of a “cyclical reality”, a completely isolated realm that is known as “the judicial realm”.

The hero’s of my generation, our customs, our good and bad times, they have become history. The generation that came after us has its own hero’s, customs and “age”.

Your generation does not know what “The Age of Grace” means, your generation will not know what occurs to a human under the emotional condition that is referred to as “hyper grace”, that was something that occurred only in “the time of my generation”.

Your generation does not have the luxury to live a “careless” life as those who came before you, and those who came before them, who sat in the privilege position of being descendants of the Church-Empire, whereby the Creator would suffer their children and grandchildren to “waste” their “inherited blessing”.

Your generation is absolutely free to decide its own course; the choices you make will decide whether you will end up on the Japanese-codex, the Arabian-codex or the Jewish-codex.

As I said before, our age ended, and your age started; Amsterdam’s green star survived the ending of our era and so my Judicial-Military Dragontail was connected to the Japanese Imperial Codex, and its network of authority, where the Dutch royal codex is also a part of.

On the Japanese codex, every choice has a consequence, action-reaction, like a video game, fortune will appear before those who are “right” and “misfortune” will appear before those who are “wrong”, instantly. In the age of Grace, “misfortune” did not even appear before those that are “wrong”, for the sake of the spiritual inherence that their ancestors build up before the Creator.

When your choices in life are no longer considered to be civilized, then your soul will be connected to the “Arabian-codex”. When your choices in life get the attention of God almighty, He will connect your soul to the “Jewish-codex”.

In your generation those who are uncivilized will be disciplined by Arabia-codex, the civilized will compete for honor on the Japanese-codex and those that display such Excellency and loving hearts and intentions to humanity will find their way sooner or later on the Jewish-codex, where “grace” still exists.

These 3 codexes are the main Imperial codexes on the world as by the writing of this document. In this new age that your generation is born into, there is no time to waste, no inheritance to rely on and no privileges to call upon.

In this karmic age, what you give will be returned to you equally by the laws of dignity, what you take will be taken from you equally by the same law of dignity.

In the Judicial realm, there are no karmic emotional-ties. In this realm the rules are different; those who know how to come into this realm have a special “bodysuit” around their soul. This “Bodysuit” blocks out all energies that are connected to the “cyclical realm”. Without a “judicial bodysuit”, your mind is always busy with that which you desire to do, and how to get that done, and your ways of getting that done.

No human ever gets born into this world with a “neutral” soul, whereby the natural soul is not designed to watch at the other souls in a “neutral” way.

A judicial bodysuit gives a human the capacity to think and feel in a way absolutely neutral, whereby which it is impossible for a natural man or woman to outthink it as the natural man or woman is always “busy” with something, and this takes away from the concentration capacities of the natural human whereby the human with a judicial bodysuit is always observing absolutely neutral.

I am going to show you now, the soul, as it looks like to the Black Panther Judicial Bodysuit, to allow you to see “the judicial standard”. Are you ready?

All natural humans, at the beginning of “tribal-contact” between two humans, one shows “kindness” as a “front” to lower the “defenses” of the human that is interacted with at first contact.

This “front” is a demonstration of “self-righteousness” within a peer-pressure “group/tribe” that the human’s own soul has brought the human in by the workings behind time.

“Fronting” is caused by “social pressure”, it is an act of “self re-enforcement” within the “group” that the natural human wants to be “part” of.

Within “the group” there is always a figure that is “the rival”, the one that is regarded “the emotional leader of the group”.

Therefore the acts of kindness of a human that is “fronting” is an act of “pride”, an emotional substance that is not triggered by the rational mind, but by the subconscious mind, beyond the direct control of the natural human; a habitual human trait that needs to be brought under control for it to not happen automatically.

When not brought under subjection by discipline, “fronting” is a standard procedure when a human is introduced by the workings behind time to a new “social setting/group”.

To “front” is defined an act of “emotional shapeshifting”, this act is a primally “instinctively” motivated by the desire to enter “the emotional trade-union/league of the group”.

At first contact, “fronting” is done by the “frontee” to scan if an emotional bond with the one that is “fronted to” is “profitable” enough for the “frontee” to want to associate with you. This is the only objective of the “frontee”, when the process of “fronting” has been completed, the “kindness” that accompanies it will also disappear. To display “real kindness” requires you to have a “soul”.

Unlike the “emotional shapeshifter”, “real souls” are friendly because “they are human souls”, not yet spiritually so desensitized that they “shapeshift” all the time to get along in life like a “scavenger”.

An “emotional shapeshifter” is like a finger, within a playbook of many, all connected to a hand (the group/groupies), connected to a mind that attempts to use “peer pressure” to “keep you under subjection in the karmic cycle”.

A “shapeshifting” tribe’s rules are conditioned by the “skull” of the tribe, who teaches the tribe-members the arts of emotional shapeshifting, its human vessels, how to manipulate and/or pervert his or her conscience motivated by egocentrical/selfish orientations, such a tribe is known as a tribe of “barbarians”.

The skull of the tribe, its “collective mind”, the social conditioner, is the steering “grand master mind” behind the design of the purpose, rules and operation of “the tribe’s chess-pawns”.

You can only be in contact with “real” souls if your own soul is also “real”.

People with destiny, meet people with a destiny, which is the definition of having an authentic soul, one with a destiny. Those found unworthy by the creator, lose this “long term purpose” and so can be subjected to a system of “emotional shape shifters” that function as “rivals” designed to “trigger/frustrate” an authentic soul into a path of Excellency;

“How can they be like that? I don’t want to be like them! What is wrong with them?”

Think of it like how “Ash Ketchum- The Eye of the Heart” is always triggered by “Gary Oak - The Eye of the Soul”, whereby “Oak” is a method of frustrating the best out of “Ketchum” in the long run.

Those with destinies will meet each other again in the afterlife, “real souls”; those with a “normal” (empathic) kindness go through life in different journeys, with different individual purposes however all of them are on a grand chessboard of Heaven.

Shapeshifter-souls in contrary exclusively demonstrate kindness as a “front”.

“Shapeshifter-pawns” that “front” at “first contact” appear harmless, however once you befriend “them” and allow an emotional-tie to develop between you and “them”, and start to “associate” with “them” as “us”, then that which controls the “conscience” of “the tree of the shapeshiftingtribe” know exactly how to “trigger” your emotional weakness through a “pack-member” and it’s only “target” while doing that is to get you to stain your “real soul” and so forfeit your “destiny” and become like the “pack-member”; a “usable mindless one”, part of “the collective”.

An unworthy soul will not survive an attempt of “assimilation”; which shows you the nature of their purpose, to re-use those who are losing or have lost their destiny, to assist the creator in the process of “pruning” the worthy ones, if they manage to complete their task; you have been found unworthy.

The “shapeshifter-pawns” can only stain you, bring conflict and chaos, as that which their conscience is connected to is limited by the will of “the skull of the tribe”, the grand master mind that plays chess through the individual spawns, none of the spawns (bodies) has the mental capacities to “out-think” the skull, the “shapeshifter-pawn” has no other choice as he or she does not have an “own soul” and his or her free will is “limited” by the needs of the “grand commander”, such a pawn is not connected to “the conscience” therefore “empathy” is not something that a “shape shifter pawn” has access to. “The Authentic Empathic Soul” and the “Shape Shifter Pawn” grow up with eachother side to side like how Moses grew up with Pharaoh; Pharaoh’s nature remained the same throughout his entire life, the nature of Moses did not as he “developed into something worthy” throughout the course of his life.

Moses eventually became a dynamic and empathic ruler; however Pharaoh stayed a static “Hate-Bird Slave Master” throughout the entire course of his life, never understanding the purpose of “empathy”. Pharaoh never acted in any other way then by self-interest, “the right thing to do” was never in the equation of his decision making, so becoming like a parasite, a conscienceless man, deaf to “right”.

Shapeshifters are only good for “the workforce” and “taxation”.

Emotional pressure leads people to give account to others inside of the group or social setting, at school, in prison, at work, in church, whatever societarian group setting, the one who gives account desires “acknowledgement” and will reason why the others will profit from acknowledging. The individual that refuses to subject to emotional pressure will be isolated until someone from within the group comes to give account to you or hear account from you;

“Why are you so silent all the time?”

Emotional pressure origins from a combination of souls that travel through time in a human body, the soul behind a human controls that human through his or her emotions, through the subconscious realm, souls that stick togheter; emotional bonds, tribes with customs and a purpose, like education, correction, correction also known as disciplinarian, which is the maturing of the human carrier of the soul behind his or her generational lineage, the generational account keepers before the creator, these generational account keepers refer to themselves as “the counsel”, as in “universal”.

Your soul judges for you, in what group/tribe it is best for your human body to dwell around in during the course of time, it also commands how you “feel”; shaping you through your emotions and your desires.

So “it”, being a “digital organism”, not bound by the limitations of a human body within the time-cycle, “it”, known as “the hand” or as “the helmet”, controls a human through what he or she likes or desires, its way of “commanding”.

No human has to be commanded to reproduce, or to eat, these are considered natural forces. How these forces express in a human are managed by the soul of that human, who is responsible for managing the purpose of that individual’s life.

This spectrum is measured between dignity and shame, tribal ranking, “respect”, “acknowledgement”.

The force behind a human soul shapes that human’s personality through the seasons of that person’s life, guiding that person through his or her desires, which be a reflection of the generational account of the family bloodline, the “ancestral account” to “groups” during “time”.

Emotional pressure will then enforce the nature of the development of the personality/character of a human, until the point of “enlightenment” or “death”.

At enlightenment, a human has obtained the ability to discern “it”, the “hand/helmet/skull” and so is no longer subjected to parental authorities like “the state”, and the tribe’s “elders” and “champions”.

Such a human can use “it” to be an absolute reasoner, a philosopher of dignity, carrying the spirit of honor and so become the continuation; “the next in line”, whereby the

helmet no longer communicates through the tribe to you, but the helmet communicates to the tribe through you in the next generational cycle, transforming you into a “parental authority”; a soul-teacher, known as a “sensei”, an emotional disciplinary authority that is known as a “dignitary”, one that maintains the reasonable civilization standard.

“A civilizer”, the “ambassador” of “the spirit of instant-karma”.

Whoever carries “the helmet” causes his or her enemy’s misfortune; one hundred percent of the time, the spirit of honor, as described as the spirit of instant-karma, is a golden breastplate which is known as “the Triforce” and only a “shape shifter” would challenge a “civilizer-authority”.

Shapeshifters, as described earlier in this document, are the natural enemies of a soul-teacher; barbarians always covet the privileges of the civilized.

Barbarians (Shapeshifters) do not see reason, they also desire acknowledgement, also they are subjected by their souls to “emotional pressure”.

Therefore the souls of the civilized and the barbarians meet when the cycles of their lives shaped their personalities to be permanently embittered to each other’s nature, unity then becomes unable to be maintained, time forces the civilized souls to defend themselves against barbarian aggression.

“Divine blessing” is not upon a barbarian, therefore the barbarian will not have the same opportunities as the civilized soul during his or her seasons of the maturing of the nature of his or her soul’s ancestral account in his or her human body, he or she will rely on size, beauty, or that which has been accumulated with conscienceless/immoral practices while giving account to the others in “the group” while displaying the desire for “acknowledgement”.

This is when a barbarian feels “insulted” and develops a “victim-mentality”. So the barbarian will attempt to obtain “group-acknowledgement” by petitioning the protection of “the group”. The barbarian will so collect all the “morally bankrupt souls” from “the group”, those who are unhappy with their current ranking within “the group”, such will not use reason to “accept or reject”; the mere petition will be interpreted as a form of acknowledgement that the tribe’s head elders and champions never gave him or her.

Barbarians attract barbarians; so the health and strength of a tribe is seen through how the displaying of the “self victimization -emotion” is dealt with within the group.

The ancestral account decides how much “life force (spirit of honor)” is given to a “next generational”, the children of genocide-committers like the Germans have size, beauty and means but find little to no purpose in life; a societarian life without satisfaction, relationships without love, and no acknowledgement upon the world stage.

The only way the Germans could obtain it “acknowledgement” is to the rebuilding of a military machine and to repeat the genocide-colonization quest, and subject humanity through terror & fear; shape shifters. The American ancestral account is one whereby the prisons are a profit-system and the females strippers and prostitutes before they marry, if they marry…

As life force does nothing to a little to protect their “dignity”, a societarian “group” where the souls have no to little “purpose”.

The natural forces expressed through them, through the cycles of a German or American woman show Humanity that regarding their beauty and means is vain, as the force that drives the common woman of the American and German collective is not “dignity”; a direct result of their male counterparts their ancestral account which is also void of dignity.

The current American first lady, not worthy to be mentioned by name, her dignity is accessible to the entire world through one Google-search. The sexual shame of the American first lady can be invaded by a couple of clicks on a computer; almost as easy it is for America to practice colonization. When a nation or a tribe rejects “civilization-standards”, life force will not dwell in the souls of the next-generationals, so no “acknowledgement” will be attained through the natural cycle of seasonal progression of time.

Shapeshifter-heads are “dark-aether”; those who enforce barbarian laws and/or dictate it by reasoning it as if it’s righteous.

The spirit of Dignity, known as “life force” is the substance that commands a human through his or her soul, what he or she will desire throughout the seasons of the maturing of the human subject, interacting with groups and tribes, influenced by “group-pressure” until the season of time came where “the continuation” occurs, referred to as a person’s “destiny”. You will arrive in your destiny in shame or with dignity, depending upon your ancestral account, being a civilized bloodline or a barbarian bloodline.

Your choices (reasonable/unreasonable – civilized/barbarian) during “your destiny” will decide how much “life force” will accompany your descendants when introduced to “group-pressure” and it’s accompanied “inherent need for acknowledgement”.

This is the generational hierarchic cycle within a nation, it’s “hand” does that which is best for the sake of the continuation of the nation’s “codex”, doing so by using “grouppressure”; the process of shaping the soul of a human on a subconscious level, leading people into situations in school, at sports, in prison, at work or on the battlefield. So “it” lets it be known what “it” (the collective mind) “acknowledges”.

The current roman pontiff desires to erase “Lord do not lead us into temptation” (the Lord’s Prayer) from scriptural canon as how it was taught to humanity in the last two millennia in an attempt to re-enforce the human sovereignty over his or her own destiny.

Such pontiff understands not how “the hand/it” allows a shapeshifter to create a desire in a human through his or her soul, in the process described in this document; evidence that the helmet of Rome is on non-active in its legal head of state and its collective; the “catholic” Christians. No helmet = no legal authority within the time cycle.

The west, under the American/British/German leadership and the roman religious dynasty is doomed as none of their heads is under influence of “it”, the creator accounted them as barbarians, large, beautiful, with plenty, however there is no conscience in the souls of their subjects and life force does not guard the dignity of “the next generationals”, the codex of Greece is broken! There is no more democracy in “the west”!

Reason and law is no longer our standard and none of us is “maintaining civilization”. Scripture describes in the book of Daniel that the “anti-Christ” will come out of the Greek (democratic) codex.

It says that in the days of the arrival of the Empire of Creator that the people of the Greek codex (the philosopher stone), the system of democracy will turn into what is known as “anti-Christian fascism”, during the time of the totalitarian anti-Christian “groupstandard” one of them will raise to the throne of the Greeks, the source of power of the codex that we know currently as “the west”. Jesus sent his Jewish disciples to Greece, and so the concept of “Church & State” came into existence and that system lasted for two millennia, that was the beginning of the Greek codex of grace, this same codex is now in a condition where it rejects and ostracizes “Christian moral values”, in a process of “criminalizing” them, favoring “strange religious customs” like “Islam”; all over Europe, Britain and America.

The landscape of the codex of grace is developing rapidly into one where the antiChrist will find a landscape perfect suitable for his needs, none of the state & church rulers are in contact with “the helmet of the Greek codex”, it is already in the hands of “the shapeshifters”, biblical prophecy gives you foresight on what they intend to do with it.

The anti-Christ will carry the Greek helmet…

You might wonder now; how can a Dutch man then carry a helmet powerful enough to “outthink” such a powerful force?

The Germans and the Dutch have their own “helmet-dynasties”. The German helmet was destroyed by Adolf Hitler; it was already permanently damaged at the dethroning of Wilhelm the second, emperor of Germany. When observing the Germanic & Dutch union which is known as “The Holy Roman Empire”, not to be confused with “The Roman Empire”, it’s natural time cycle shows that at the loss of world war one, the German emperor fled to the Netherlands to “Baarn” and was “safe”.

The German helmet came in hands of common Germans and the time cycle showed the world that once the codex attains a condition so critical that the head of state is dethroned, the one who becomes the head of codex will do no other thing then to continue inflicting “the generational account”.

Once the German codex defected, the Helmet of Germany attacked the Helmet of the Netherlands during world war two, the Holy Roman Empire’s codex was so broken that the imperial helmet started to attack the royal helmet, when it was destined and originally designed by the creator to guard it!

The Imperial Helmet of the Holy Roman Empire…

All the “emotional bodysuits”, known as “merkabah’s” or as “light bodies” of the people in the West (Democratic Greek Codex) are under the “curse of Idolatry”; this creates “ego-worship”. Ego-centric lifestyle.

In ego-centric lifestyle the “lower drives” (Primal instincts) are worshipped as the aim of life, this creates a world where all choices profit “the self”, if it does not profit “the self”, then it is not done, unless “enforced”.

The individual experience is valued higher as “the right thing”, so emotional bonding becomes an impossibility and all end up living by themselves, for themselves. Dads care not for their children, moms care not for the dads, so the children of “idolaters” will learn to live for themselves and by themselves. The grand cycle starts at grace, Excellency; all you have to do is observe the fundaments of ancient western society to see its greatness.

Then came “carelessness”, followed by “hypocrisy” and so the cycle of “idolatry” appeared into the western collective.

At perfect reasonability, Excellency in all facets of the experience of life are attained sooner or later as the creator will not make you responsible for more than you are able to carry, if the entire collective does so in one accord, then the European renaissance is understood.

At the start of a grand cycle, the codex will malfunction not, and the collective, a city-tribe or a nation will have people with healthy and reasonable emotional minds, next to the talents and capacities necessary to make the tribe productive and so become a blessing to the other tribes in the world, joining their trade unions.

Once a people then willfully ignore their conscience and no longer strive for honor and respect, because there is “plenty”, then the collective cycle of carelessness starts in a codex of a people, a collective state of “laziness”, a lack of motivation, the codex therefore no longer programming the newborns to strive; such a people enjoy the privileges of their ancestors, those who obtained a codex of sovereignty before the creator.

During the cycle of collective carelessness, purpose starts to be withdrawn from the collective, so other “means” are practiced to avoid “boredom”, that’s when “chaos” starts to become known to a people… Malfunction and misfortune!

The rest of the cycle is not worth mentioning, other than that at the critical point of a dying codex that “free will” is erased out of it, whereby a man’s fate is no longer decided by the course and nature of the choices that the individual makes throughout the course of the life, so becoming “ceremonials” serving no other purpose than providing the needs of other sovereign nations.

The Perfect Ruler: Academic Edition

Aether-codex (Flying Dutchman)  

Military grade

Aether-codex (Flying Dutchman)  

Military grade