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Nothing Is Wrong With You! Interview with Daree Allen

On the Cover Cover: Clarybelle Navarrette Photography: PikA Pose Photography


by: Kara Lee Staff Writer


raduating from high school is truly one magnificent accomplishment

but making the next decision to attend college and changing one’s life for the better, is the foundation to new beginnings. While Clarybelle Navarrete has had her share of making important decisions, one of her greatest decision she could have made, was to follow her dreams of attending the college of her choice this upcoming fall. Raised in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, Clarybelle Navarrete has always believed that nothing in life will ever be handed to you. Being raised in a middle class, single parent household in Cicero, Illinois, one may have been left with a few disadvantages. But despite her parents’ divorce, 18-year-old Clarybelle has become an outgoing, determined, and dedicated student who graduated from Morton East High School Class of 2011. This upcoming fall she will be enrolled as a freshman at Columbia University in Chicago, Illinois, where she will be studying both Fine Arts and Cosmetology. While she is seeking her degree in Fine Arts and Cosmetology, Clarybelle will be doing what she loves most which is studying the areas of dancing, sing-

Pictured Above: Claybelle Navarrete

ing, and acting. She will also be concentrating on make-up, hair, and nails, something she has picked up over the years. With school approaching, Clarybelle is determined to “thrive for the best”. In fact, Clarybelle believes that the quote that keeps her going everyday states, “We don’t know what we’re capable of, until we try. You can only make it if you try” (Unknown). She is very confident in who she is as an individual and where she is going in life. The sky is the limit for Clarybelle and as long as she puts her mind to something she believes that anything is possible.



Photography by Pik A Pose Photography

College Freshman, Clarybelle Navarrette, reflects on her high school experience and shares how she prepared for her new chapter….College Life!

by: Neda Kellog

school, if you are not on top of your

Contributing Writer

school work the teacher is not going


to make you a priority. If your ac-

Now…as you marinate on what I’ve

As a teen, growing up, one of the

tions are that you don’t care about

shared with you take into considera-

most important values in this ‘Game

your school work or grades then

tion watching the behavior of some-

called Life’ is to ‘Love God with all of that is how your teacher is going to your mind, soul and spirit and to treat you. You may feel like it’s dis-

one whom you admire. As you ob-

love your neighbor like you love

respect but baby girl you have to

the tone of their voice and the way


respect yourself before you can even the greet others. Watch there daily

serve them pay close attention to

habits ... are they at

think that anyone Let me break that down for you!

else will.

“You are built not to shrink down to less but to blossom into more.”

work early in the morning, are they

As I think about the youth that at-

As you grow up and

tend the Charter School where I

mature into a re-

work, the number one thing I hear

sponsible young adult

is ‘Mrs. So & So disrespected

you will come to find

me!’ or ‘I don’t know who he

that when you give

think he is disrespecting me!'

‘respect’ you will

identify with positive

The problem that I find is that not

begin to live a life

people your thoughts

one of them has stopped to define

having positive rela-

align with those posi-

what ‘respect’ means to them.

tionships because you will feel that

tive realities and you begin to hold

you matter and it will show. The

yourself accountable for going after

Respect means to admire (someone

value of a healthy relationship will

positive outcomes yourself.

or something) deeply, as a result of

be priceless as you move through

organized or are they dressed nice? How do others speak to them? You will be

Oprah Winfrey

their abilities, qualities or achieve-

amazed how once you

each grade in high school. You will ments. How do you as youth plan on then be able to use this value to being respected if you are not show- build your network of supporters

I recommend that you look around

ing those qualities yourselves?

who will help you get through your

that you may feel are doing positive

good and bad days as you prepare

things. Trust me when I tell you

to enter into this game called life on

that it is very important to your

The way this game is played is that

your surroundings for aunties, cousins, teachers and business women

you attract the type of response that your own after school. Let me let you give. For example, if you are in you know girls that this game is full

growth to recognize people in your

the mall being loud and disruptive,

of surprises so knowing that RE-

for adding value to your life.

nine times out of ten you will be

SPECT is one of the major players in

dealt with accordingly. Same at

the rule book of life gives you an


reach who are capable and available




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