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KARLI BUTLER: A Story of Survival


1st Installment of YOUR guide to the COLLEGE application process

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Table of Contents 5 GoddessStar: Meet Robielle Foxx 6 CoverGoddess: Leanna Archer, young teen entrepreneur 8 GoddessGoals: The College Checklist 12 GoddessGoals: Getting Organized for School 14 GoddessCorner: Tiffany from the Bad Girls Club 15 GoddessCorner: Meet Bionce Foxx Off the Air 16 GoddessHealth: Tips for A Better You 18 Glam’nGoddess: Fresh Faced and Ready 19 GoddessTrend: Back to School Fashions 25 GoddessTrend: Q’s Fashion Corner 26 GoddessCorner: Karli Butler: A Story of Survival 30 GoddessHeakth: Some Things Are Better Left Untouched 32 GoddessEntertainment: Meet B. Yung Contest: You Have a Chance to Win A Free Copy of 34 LiteraryGoddess: Meet Sharon Flake! Sharon Flake’s Book!! All you 35 GoddessExpressions have to do is contact the Ms. Sharon Flake through her 36 GoddessWithin website 38GoddessExtras: 38GoddessExtras: Make Your Green Mark Meet Team Sky: An All Girl Basketball Team Where to shop€

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Robielle Fox, a 17-year senior at Tilden Career Community Academy High School, is ready to pursue her dreams in the fashion world. She has surrounded herself with positive people to help her along way. When she is not focused on fashion, she helps at House of Huggzz Loving Home Day Care, owned by her mother. Goddess Magazine had a chance to catch up with this busy teen as she shares her passion and advice to girls her age. 1. What organizations are you apart of in high school? I was apart of the basketball team at my school. I was the power forward up until the end of my sophomore year. I was also apart of After School Matters since my freshman year. I participated in the fall fashion shows. I designed two outfits for the show. 2. Tell us about working with at your mother’s daycare. The daycare has been open for 5 years. I work with different types of children some with behavioral problems. I create lesson plans and plan art projects to help the children focus. In the summer, I work Monday-Friday and during the school year I work afterschool. Working with mom, has taught me a lot. I have seen my mom go through so much and I am so dedicated to help her. I had a group of friends that smoked and drink but that was not the route I wanted to go. I wanted to help my mom succeed. 3. What are your future goals? Next year, I plan to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. I want to major in Fashion Merchandising and Management. I want to work with people in the fashion industry to see how it is to work in the market. I also want to start my own clothing line. Currently, I draw a lot of sketches. 4. What advice do you give young women your age about completing high school? My advice would be to go do what they feel is right. Go after your dreams and change negative situations into something positive. *The backgrounds features one of Robielle designs Calling All GoddessStars! Do you know a young lady who has been outstanding in school or that is always helping in her community? Goddess Magazine is looking to feature a young woman in our GoddessStar section. This section is dedicated to recognize young women between the ages of 14-18 who has made changes, big or small, to better herself or her community. If you would like to nominate a young lady, please submit a 350 words or less essay describing her accomplishments. All nominations are due by September 19, 2009.€

by: Justine Gilbert, Staff Writer

While many girls are involved with social clubs, after school programs, hanging with friends or just watching some T.V.; Leanna Archer, 13, is checking on the number of products sold that day or answering emails from customers with questions about her products. Unlike many girls, Leanna is the owner and CEO of her own company— Leanna’s Incorporated. It all started when Leanna was 7 years old. She got the idea to start selling her hair dressing product because all because of strangers remarks about her hair. “The real inspiration behind the company

was people who would ask me what I use in my hair and where they could purchase it,” says Leanna. “It was a family recipe; there was no place they could get it. So after awhile of hearing the same questions over and over I thought I would make it available for them.” Since then, Leanna has been dedicated to making natural hair products for every hair type. Although getting the company off the ground was more complicated than getting the idea—especially since Leanna was still in elementary school. “First I had to convince my parents to let me start running a business—and it was€

really hard to convince them. I had to go behind their backs and give out free samples at school and on the street,” explains Leanna. She then went online and did all the research for herself on how to legalize her company and how to sell her products online. Only after people started sending checks with requests for Leanna’s Hair Dressing, did her parents give her permission to start her own business at 9 years old. From there, the business has grown from a company with one product to fourteen products. As CEO, Leanna is constantly searching for new ideas of products for her growing fan base, and even has a body care line coming out soon with two new products. “Since I’m the CEO of the company, I take part in everything. Sometimes, I will pack boxes or answer email questions from customers or recommend products,” explains Leanna. When the company first opened, Leanna had on average five orders a day, which has since jumped to 40 to 50 orders a day. With Leanna and her family’s dedication, orders have steadily grown from word of mouth and loyal customers. With that, the company is continuing to expand every year. “In the future we’re hoping to open a Leanna store, and hopefully we’ll have a branch of Leanna’s all over the country,” she explains excitedly. Even though the company is a huge part of Leanna’s life, it isn’t her whole life. Leanna still makes time for doing stuff she loves, and has dreams outside of Leanna’s Hair Products. She spends at least two hours everyday working with the company, but she always makes school and homework a priority. Just like any teenager, she loves to relax with friends, go to the movies and play her favorite sports—soccer and basketball. Leanna also has large ambitions for the future. She wants to attend Harvard University and be-

come a lawyer. With huge dreams, the future of her company is important. “I love having a company, so I want to keep it running for as long as I can. If it’s possible to keep it running at a steady pace while I’m a lawyer. Then that’s what I’ll do. We’ll never really know until it’s time” Leanna says. Leanna sees herself as a normal teenager—just one who happens to own her own company. While working with her everexpanding company and going to school, Leanna still finds time to help others. She has become a motivational speaker for adults and children alike about following your dreams and starting your own business. Leanna tells her listeners, “Whatever your idea is: if it’s possible and positive, then you should never give up on it. No matter who comes in your way to stop you in your tracks, you should always be positive about it. It’s not always easy to start a company, but it is always possible.” At her speaking engagements she also hands out fliers with tips, resources and guides to start your own business smoothly. Leanna recently started the Leanna Archer Foundation after visiting the Haiti last year. Her family is originally from Haiti, so Leanna wanted to give back. Her foundation provides food and shelter for Haitian residents. With the foundation, Leanna also hope to build a school there next year for the underprivileged children. To find out more, you can visit Leanna is an inspiration to many people because not only has she accomplished so much in her young life but also because she followed her dreams and never let anything stop her. She is a model to everyone young and old. For more information about Leanna, please visit!€

The College Checklist

by: Jasmyne McDonald, Staff Writer

Unlike Freshman year, no one is throwing pennies at you anymore; You are a senior in high school. As exciting as senior year can be, it includes some of the biggest decisions you may make in your life such as whether you will attend college, where you want to live, and the kind of career you want to pursue. Yet, do not fear making these decisions. Instead, embrace them. It is your first chance to begin developing the future Goddess you want to be. Over the next year, this column The Big Game: Playing your cards right in the college application process will guide you through a step-by-step process of how to begin your college career exactly how you have always envisioned it. Follow along as we walk you through the college application process. For this issue’s installment, we caught up with Northwestern University senior, Lakhiyia Hicks, to talk about her high school applica-

tion process. Hicks, a theatre major attended Jefferson High School in Rockford, Illinois. We asked her about choices she made to get from Jefferson to Northwestern. August-September First, remember it is still early and this is the planning stage. The key to this step in the process is to develop a game plan for the remainder of your senior year. While it is important to remain steadfast about your future, it is also important to enjoy the present. You will never be a high school senior again. Planning well now will allow you to have the ideal future and enjoy everything you have worked for over the last three years. See the next page for how to use August and September to prepare yourself for your college application process. With this guide you’ll be ready to play the biggest game of your life.€

Is college in my future? Although this column is about the college application and selection process, college may not be for every Goddess Girl. Knowing your options is the key to making that determination. Two-year colleges, also known as community colleges, are schools where you earn an Associate’s degree also called a two-year degree. Sometimes students attend two-year colleges as stepping stones leading to eventually transferring to four-year colleges, where you earn a Bachelor’s degree. Time at two year colleges is spent preparing a more competitive application for a major university, specifically earning better grades or becoming more involved in extra-curricular activities. The Military includes five branches: Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and National Guard. Choosing to go into the military after high school is a viable option if you are looking for a career in the military or law enforcement. Furthermore, there are many career options in the military including psychiatry, medicine, culinary, and many more. You can even earn a college degree while in the service. Lastly, you can serve your country. Technical or Trade schools are options that allow students to pursue a specific kind of career that does not necessarily require a fouryear education, but require very specific training. These schools award certificates and many careers require licensing. Some examples are medical coding and billing, occupational therapy, video game design, cosmetology, hair school, etc.: the list goes on.

tant now. It is much harder to raise a poor GPA later, than to work hard to maintain a strong GPA over the course of four years. Also, begin to explore extracurricular activities. Do not join every sports team and social club; pick a few activities you can excel in as well as maintain good grades and be an active member. It is more important to be a consistent member of a few activities than an uncommitted member in fifty. Sophomores: You have been around the block once. Your sophomore year is most important to maintain your strong start or if you had a shaky freshman year, try to boost your grades and focus harder. You can even get a part-time job. It will help with responsibility and put a little money in your pocket to either spend on something you want or contribute to your family. This is a good time to begin looking for scholarships; some are available to apply for now. Take the PSAT or the pre- college entrance exam. Scoring well on this exam can earn you college scholarships. Juniors: You have arrived upperclassmen. You are almost a senior. Continue to maintain the foundation you laid the first two years. If you earned less than desirable grades, it is not too late to raise your GPA. This year is especially important for choosing classes. Junior year sets the course for AP, or advanced placement courses. These classes are valuable to show colleges you welcome challenges. They can also pay off to help you earn college credit while in high school or prepare you for college entrance exams, the ACT and SAT. It’s never too early for anyone to:

Not a high school senior? You’re not off the hook. Here are some things you can begin doing to prepare for life after high school. It is not as far away as you think. Freshmen: Even though you are in the early part of your high school career, college is not too far off to think about. Grades are impor-

Begin applying for scholarships- college is expensive and every little bit goes a long way. Small scholarships can pay for things ranging from tuition and books to clothes or room decorations. Continued on page 39€

Big Game: Playing your Cards Right Coaches- Coaches are the people who will help you along the way. They can aid your process, but they cannot play the game for you. Counselors and teachers play this role in the application process. Get to know them, walk in their offices, and make yourself known; you will need them along the way and they help students who show initiative. Teachers will write recommendation letters and counselors can advise you on your options, schools, scholarships, and rate your application.

QuarterbackYou are the quarterback; making you in charge of what happens on the field. It is your job during these critical two months to use your resources to figure out the best way to score.

Practice- Practice is the time to learn what works; run numerous plays. Colleges offer millions of programs that you will have never heard of. Explore your academic options by interning and meeting people in fields you are considering. Hicks interned in two of her choice fields during high school and learned that she had a real passion for theatre now her major. “There are also programs that offer college credit for exploratory programs,” she adds. Also, remember that undecided is the most popular college major. While it can sometimes be an advantage to select a field before college, do not feel pressured to do so.

Wish list- Free agents make a list of things they want from potential teams. “Make a top 10 list of what you want/need from schools,” Hicks described as one of the things that helped her most during her senior year in high school. Some important things to consider are cost, location, environment, academic programs, size, and school’s demographics.

Ball- The ball is what you need to score. This is your application package. Ways to prepare your application package include: writing a personal statement, scheduling time to take the SAT and/or ACT, a possible recommendation letter from a teacher or employer, and compiling a list of your extra-curricular activities, honors, awards, and job history.€


t in the College Application Process Pre-game ritualBefore you actually start applying, prepare the things you will need for your application. First, write a personal statement. A personal statement is an essay that is required by most colleges that describes your personality and goals you want to achieve. This is a major part of your application. Think of this essay as an interview on paper. There is no “right” way to write your essay, but remember that admissions staff read millions of essays every day. Make your essay stand out by being creative and original. Some out of the box ideas are telling an interesting story, quoting a your favorite author or maybe even asking a question. The college admission office wants to hear about what makes you uniquely you so bear it all, but allow someone to proof-read your essay before shipping it off. Prepare to take the college entrance exams. You may have taken them during your junior year, but most students who take them a second time improve their scores. Lakhiyia Hicks explained, “Make your homepage. It will help you learn new words.” ACT and SAT prep books are available to borrow from libraries and there are many prep classes- but they can be pricey. Find out if your school offers free prep classes.

Parents- Parents play the same role they always have: they are your support system. They have your best interest at heart and try their best to get you where you need to be. They are your number one fans and are there to cheer you on. Early in the process, it is important to talk about options such as location and finances. These options can help you decide what is a realistic school for you. At the same time, you are still the quarterback and should take on the responsibility of being an integral part of your process. Be honest about the career you want to pursue because in the end this is your future. Strike a balance between independence and turning to your parents for guidance.

End Zone- End this phase of the college application process with scoring in mind. At the end of your senior year, you want to be happy with your school selection. The end of the planning process should leave you with 8 things: A good relationship with your counselors and teachers SAT and/or ACT scores Clear ideas of what you need versus what you want out of the colleges you are applying to

A successful conversation with your parents about what your realistic options are A list of colleges you plan to apply to Experiences that help you narrow your academic options Scholarship applications Possible recommendation letters from teachers, coaches and/or employers€


Here are tips to make this upcoming school year the best yet. by Justine Gilbert, Staff Writer Trading in the sun and sand for the books and pens isn’t always the easiest task. In fact, sometimes, it probably feels like downright torture, but there are simple ways to make this a great school year by learning how to get organized, motivated and setting goals. Organization •

Color codes your school supplies for each class. It’s super easy to lose important notes, tests and quizzes if you use the same notebook for every class. So, instead, buy a separate notebook and folder for each class, and to help keep them straight make every class a different color. For an example your blue folder and notebook combo is for English, while red is for Science, and purple is for Art. Get a day planner and actually use it. Whenever you get a new assignment or deadline write it down so you can never have to feel that drop in your stomach after you accidentally forgot about a homework assignment. Take full advantage of the month-at-a-glance feature of planners. When you know what deadlines are coming up you can better plan your time. A clean space equals a clean mind! So, unclutter your workspace and you’ll be glad you did it. Make sure there aren’t extra trinkets and distractions on your desk or table. This will help you keep your mind on your work. It’s always a good idea to keep your locker clean, with everything in its place. It might even save you a few tardies if you don’t have to scavenge through your locker to find what you’re looking for.

Motivation •

Friends make everything more fun—and that includes studying. Do you and your two BFFs share the same Trigonometry class? Well that’s great! You can study for the big test together with flash cards, practice tests, sample equations and snacks. You’ll look forward to studying a lot more when you know you have backup to help you if you get stuck. But, just make sure you can actually be productive with and not just waste several hours of prime studying time.€


• Eventually, school, sports, extra-curricular activities, work and everything else you have going on may get overwhelming. You may have the urge to give up but just remember what you have to look forward to. Visualize what you can get in the future by putting forth the effort now. Create a goals board of inspirational words, quotes and pictures will motivate you stay on track.

If you’re a procrastinator (and who isn’t to some degree?) then the best way to get it done now is to reward yourself after you’ve finished. Work on your class presentation for two hours and reward yourself with a half an hour of your favorite sitcom. It’s good to let off some steam through your favorite form of entertainment, just don’t let the fun linger on too long and forget all about your schoolwork.

Setting Goals

• Fall is the beginning of a new school year, so why not make some New School Year Resolutions. Make a list of reasonable goals that you want to accomplish by the following spring. They don’t have to be big things like “I want to get straight A’s,” but instead little things that you can work on, for example, “I will spend an extra hour a week studying,” or “I’ll bring my C in History up to a B.”

• Lists are always your friends in busy times like midterms or finals. When a full week comes along make sure to make a running list of things you need to accomplish. It may seem tedious and the list can seem daunting when it’s finished, but it’s a great way to gauge what you need to get done. You’ll know how to organize and plan your time, plus you get the satisfaction of checking each item off your list.

One way to enjoy school more is to get involved. Even if you have tons of friends it never hurts to get involved in some sort of school activity—whether it be a club, sport or an organized activity. You’ll feel more apart of the school and you’ll feel more satisfied with yourself. Plus, an added bonus is that it looks great on a college transcript. So if you’re constantly bored, fill your free time with some school activities.€


From A

Bad Girl to A ZÜxtà jÉÅtÇ

by: Neferteri Johnson, Staff Teen Writer Working her way from a bad girl to a great woman, many of us know Chicago native, Ms. Tiffany Davis, from her appearance on the Oxygen’s network show the Bad Girls Club season 3. If you have not seen the Bad Girls Club, the show brings seven women together to work on their anger issues, to learn together and see positive outcomes. Tiffany has been busy since the filming of the show. She has been apart of theatrical plays and starting a foundation called, From A Bad Girl to A Great Woman. I had a pleasure to sit down and talk with Tiffany about how the show and her foundation have helped her realize her passion of helping young women. NJ: As a member of the Bad Girls Club, how was it being around other women that were classified as “Bad”? TD: It was like sorority house. It was a lot of strong minded women with different personalities.

NJ: What have you learned about yourself while being on the show? Is there anything you would have done differently? TD: I don’t have any regrets. I have learned how to be better listener. I did not know how to use leadership but now I know I am a born leader. Watching the show for me was like looking in a mirror because you’re watching your actions. NJ: What advice would you give young women about anger issues and how to deal with them? TD: First, figure out what is making you angry. Than decide whether you need help from others or from a professional. Finally, learn there is a time and a place for everything. This will help you channel your anger. NJ: Please tell us about your non-profit organization, From A Bad Girl to a Great Woman? TD: It is in the working stages right now. The organization will mentor and help young ladies make that transition to great women. I want us to make that transition together. The goal of the organization is to help young women channel anger and motivate them. I want to show them something better and new. I want to take them out their environment and introduced them to new restaurants, museums, etc. NJ: What is your definition of a role model? Do you feel role models are important? TD: Yes role models are important. A role model is a person who motivates you. A role model can be anyone; they don’t have to be famous. It could be picking strengths from others to follow. NJ: What does it take to reach your goals in life? TD: Be humble, ambitious, and strong, work hard, surround yourself with positive people, and if you are religious put God first. I am always working hard for the next level so I thank God everyday for helping me reach my goals. NJ: What is your next career move? TD: Theater is my passion. I want to continue acting and doing stage plays. So far I have done three different music videos. The most recent video is KJon On the Ocean. Most of all I want to try to stay positive and do positive things. I want to make great changes. For more information about Tiffany, please visit Neferteri Johnson is a sophomore at Christ the King Jesuit College Preparatory.

Top right picture from€


by: Rana Tuggle, Staff Teen Writer Goddess Magazine aims to feature the best of the best role models and hard workers, which is why Bionce Foxx is a great choice for recognition in Goddess Magazine. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bionce Foxx, let me tell you. Bionce Foxx is known as a midday personality on a Chicago powerhouse radio station since 2004. She is also well known in her various organizations that help to give back to different communities. Bionce Foxx’s generosity as well as her upbeat personality has created an image that is sure to encourage young women. I had a chance to interview Bionce Foxx about her experiences as an entertainer, her hard work, and advice to teen girls. Hearing about her career and her words of encouragement is sure to help young girls strive to achieve success and happiness. RT: So I’m interested in hearing about how you first became interested in radio. What interests you about this career? BF: I started my radio career in 2000. I first became interested in radio while I was listening to a radio station that was looking for on air talent. I’ve always liked jobs having to do with entertainment, so I applied for the job as a radio personality. I was interviewed by a Christian gospel radio station and was hired the next week with no experience. RT: In most schools now, students are encouraged to intern at organizations to help start their careers. So, I am interested in hearing about your experiences and opportunities that were available to you to help you to pursue your career. BF: I had no interest in radio at first. My focus was pursuing a career in TV entertainment. Television is my passion. Radio was my chance to be involved in entertainment and for me to get my name out there as an entertainer. By being on the radio and the technology available, I was able to stream over in the Internet as well be able to be syndicated in Las Vegas, Milwaukee, and Bermuda. RT: Although I have not been an intern at a radio broadcasting station, I have an idea of the hard work that is required with a job like this. Could you tell me

about the most important part of being a radio personality? BF: The most important part of a job like this would be to keep a breath of every thing that’s going on. I am consistently listening to the news and reading the newspapers. Being a radio talk show host requires you to be up to date on current worldwide events. Many people listened in to the show and it was my job to report out important worldly events to the listeners. Also, it helps you become well-rounded. RT: What were the benefits that come along with being a radio host? BF: Although meeting celebrities and going to concerts is exciting however, it was not the best benefit. Being on radio, you touched thousands of people’s lives daily. I go to work not knowing what to expect. That day I could help someone with their problems or just brighten their day. RT: I imagine that you had to work very hard to get to where you are, what advice do you have for young girls interested in radio broadcasting? BF: Volunteering, internships or shadow a radio personality are the best ways to go about getting to know what this type of entertainment is like. My advice to young girls interested in radio broadcasting would be to explore your options with radio and most importantly know what area of radio you are interested in. Look up radio programs that offer these opportunities will allow them to benefit from being in a

radio broadcasting atmosphere. RT: I am aware of the different organization you are apart of. One of the organizations is called S.H.O.E.S. I too love shoes! So, with that said could you tell me a little about your S.H.O.E.S. organization? By the way, I love the motto: Healing Hearts and Saving Soles: helping others in everyday situations. BF: I am very involved in my community. The different organizations I’m apart of helps me give back to the community. With S.H.O.E.S., I go out to various organization and mentor young girls. For my time, instead of the organization paying me, I ask the organization to donate a gift card for shoes. I select a girl from the organization to take her shopping to buy a pair of shoes. I also donate shoes to organizations. The purpose of this organization is give back to the community by helping young girls get shoes. RT: What kind of guidance and or counsel would you have for teens, especially teenage girls to help us with our everyday situations? BF: The advice I would give them would be to always remain true to yourself. Be unique in who you are. When everyone is going left, go to the right. Do something different. Be yourself and be your own person.

Continued on page 39€


by: Victoria Dudley, Staff Teen Writer Although this school year may have seemed like a drag, I have some fantastic tips that should get you up and going for the new school year school year with a huge smile on your face. Whether it’s cutting down on sweets and energy drinks for breakfast or organizing that locker that no one should dare set their eyes on, it can all work out for you if you have a little guidance and the right advice. There are many things that we so often forget about when school starts. Exercising may seem like an impossible thing to do when you are trying to juggle studying, homework, and stress from school. However, exercising in the mist of all the chaos is more possible than you would imagine. Having a better organizational system, and keeping your body healthy without overwhelming yourself can be easy. So, put on your reading goggles and get ready to learn some new and promising ways to make this year a breeze and maybe your best year yet!

Eating Right I know you have heard this a million times before, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast starts your day off right with the best nutrients to boost your brain power. There have been studies that show that those who eat breakfast stay more focus in school and keep your body running efficiently until lunch time. Eating breakfast helps you to avoid crashing by mid-morning. Some good foods to start with could be eggs, yogurt, fruit, whole wheat bagels, and instead of bacon or sausages try a more healthy meat source like Canadian bacon or the Morning Star Farms breakfast patties for vegetarians. All of these suggestions should help you to have a great start in the mornings. It is very important to get your four basic food groups to keep you healthy. Most of all make sure to get plenty of water throughout the day to keep you hydrated. Often afterschool is the worst time in the day when it comes to eating unhealthy foods. We usually go to the nearest junk food store and load up on sugar and other non-nutritious foods. As we scarf down our so called food treasures, it seems so convenient and tasty at first, but in fact it slows down your energy level and makes you feel sluggish. This can result in you having a restless night and sleep deprivation. Too much sugar can also result in you being stressed as well. So if you can’t resist snacking on something afterschool, you should try packing a healthy snack like carrots with a favorite type of dressing or a luscious fruit. Take the time to wake up early and refresh yourself with a hearty breakfast while packing a healthy snack for later on in the day. If you are one of those people that just stand in front of the refrigerator staring without a clue as to what to pack. here are some convenient websites to look up that may help:

• • • • •

Remember the key is to try and stay away from foods that will not fuel your body throughout the day.€


Exercising The word exercising doesn’t mean you have to suit up in your colorful spandex outfit and run on the treadmill until your gasping for air on the floor like a fish out of water! If you are not able to join a sport to stay fit try walking or riding your bike to school. Theses are easy ways to stay fit and be green! You could even schedule out a day where you could walk through the park with a friend and enjoy a sunny day out. All of these little things will help you to stay healthy, active and fit without you feeling the need to run a marathon through the mosquito infested jungle, the blistering desert and through Death Valley.

Hygiene Our outer appearance as teens is at the top of our list. We like to keep up with the newest trends in makeup, hairstyles, and clothes. However, there are some minor obstacles that we bump into along the road to achieving our goals. There is one that tops all of the others and its’ name is…Acne! We try to cringe away from the word, but in Teen Town it’s no myth. The two main things that cause these unsightly blemishes are the impurities that our body produces and the germs that our face comes in contact with from day to day. Although, we hear a lot that horrible eating habits cause acne it’s fairly true, but having the right vitamins and minerals helps along the road of being acne free. You should also wash your face regularly, especially if you tend to sweat a lot. Cleansing your skin in the morning and before bed will help lessen the amount of oil and impurities on your face and also wash away those blemish causing germs. If you apply makeup or any type of skin products, make sure they are oil free or hypo-allergenic which will help prevent the clogging pores and possible blemishes. Keeping your hands clean will be beneficial towards your acne and keeping you safe from certain disease causing germs. Hand sanitizer is an easy way to keep your hands clean and germ free. Makeup shouldn’t be shared, because you’re passing germs around. Sharing such products can cause infections that you might want to avoid. As teenagers, we tend to not think about the consequences when sharing certain things like combs, brushes, makeup and most of all drinks. Sharing these things can pass nasty little germs from their body and onto yours and the side effects to them never turn out pretty. Drinking after someone can expose you to cold sores, the flu or common cold and the commonly known disease infectious mononucleosis, also known as mono. To prevent the passing of germs that can lead to other serious things, avoid sharing things like food or beverages. It will keep you healthier in the long run. If you still have concerns about any of the topics referred to in this article here are some helpful websites: • • • • •

Keeping and following the tips I provided you should help to make this school year a happy, healthy, stress free and wonderful! Staying focus, healthy and productive will ensure that this school year should be a success! So enjoy and I hope all goes as well… From one goddess to another! Victoria Dudley is a sophomore at Marist Catholic High School.€


Simple skin care & makeup tips FOR YOU! It’s that time of year again...books, school clothes, homework...and that cute guy in Phys. Ed! Time to look your best, without the stress! Below are some tips to keep your skin clear and lips Poppin’! Cleanse, Tone, Moisturize! Pubescent skin is prone to breakouts, blemishes and oiliness. You can combat those issues by following a simple skin care plan for yourself. It’s easy! ANIKA INTERNATIONAL COSMETICS offer a simple 3 step program that’s easy to follow and gives you great results. We have systems for oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin. • • • •

First, wash your face with the CLEANSER using a warm wash cloth Second, wipe your face with the TONER or ASTRINGENT using a cotton ball Third, apply the lightweight MOISTURIZER for light, all-day protection from the elements Repeat at night before going to bed

MAKEUP TIPS! The FOUNDATION for any great makeover is your complexion. Most people have uneven complexion or skin you’re not alone! Foundation or cover up is a great way to even out your complexion giving you a clear, even look! RULE OF THUMB: ‘IF YOU CAN SEE IT...IT DOESN’T MATCH!’ Consult with a professional makeup artist to match up your foundation to your complexion. The idea is for the foundation to match you perfectly...or as close to it as possible! If it comes on too dark, or too light, then obviously it’s not a good match, but if it blends right into your skin, then, you’re a match! LUSCIOUS LIPS! Wearing clear or nude lip gloss is a great way to keep your lips moisturized and healthy! Our hot lip color is FRESH! Fresh is a nude, fleshy pink shade that blends well on all complexions, giving your lips a nice plump look! For more tips on Makeup, Skin care and more, visit us online at€



Hair: Taniesha Williams (773) 960-0357 Make-up: (MAC) Melissa Douglas (219) 805-1044 Photographer: Bryant King Photography Wardrobe Stylists: Tamika of A-Line Style Services



2 Hearts 2 gether 4 ever€

Hair: Taniesha Williams (773) 960-0357 Make-up: (MAC) Melissa Douglas (219) 805-1044 Photographer: Bryant King Photography Wardrobe Stylists: Tamika of A-Line Style Services



Solemates…Chicago {est. December 2006} is the creation of the young, husband and wife team, Brian and Autumn Merritt. The Chicago-bred couple created this nostalgic men’s and women’s clothing boutique and sneaker consignment to fill a void in street culture representation in the Windy City. Solemates…Chicago features products that enhance the lifestyle of those trendsetting, fashion-forward, city-dwellers who have an innate sense of style and individuality. Carrying the perfect mix of new and vintage finds: clothing, shoes, accessories and books, the boutique presents it in a raw, yet sleek form for customers to enjoy and indulge. Serving as the Chicago concept shop for The Brooklyn Circus-”the illest men’s boutique in Brooklyn”-Solemates…Chicago justly stamps themselves as true aficionados of “authentic” style and culture. In an industry full of followers, they are not just rising as leaders, but as innovators. For Solemates x BKC, there is no box to think outside of…

Credits Hair: Taniesha Williams (773) 960-0357 Make-up: Melissa Douglas (219) 805-1044 Photographer: Bryant King Photography Wardrobe Stylists: Tamika of A-Line Style Services€


Ankle boots- are in for fall 2009 with these shoes you are very stylish plus there are many different colors to choose from. So ladies let’s do it right.

How To Dress Classy by Quinton Neal, Fashion Staff Writer Hello Ladies, Its fashion news with Q, and this Issue we are focusing on how to dress with class by adding your own flare. Classy is being highly stylish, and elegant. First and foremost, it’s always important to conduct yourself like a lady by always respecting your body, and know that integrity, and good character is important. Some fashion don’ts are: Showing too much skin, wearing patterns that don’t complement one another, and lastly, mixing too many trendy colors together. Your outfit reflects yours personality and mood. Now, how do you start dressing classy?” One every day item that can still be worn is a pencil skirt and, Suits are also a great way to go. Anne Klein is a very reasonable priced designer that shows a lot of class, and sophistication. If you’re not a suit wearing lady then there are certain separates that will work in your favor. First there are many different tops that you can wear .Which are fitted button up shirts for women which you can find in any major shopping store, I would recommend, Macys, New York & Company and H&M. Other Tops you can wear are sleeveless tank tops. The type of tank top that would work would be scoopneck tank tops. These tanks come in lots of different colors, and different prints as well. This gives you open range to incorporate in your own style. Then next we have shoes, which is not as hard as you would think. The shoes that would be perfect for this look is shoes that are not pointed toed, or rounded. You always want to make sure that the shoe does compliment the outfit. Always remember that if you are planning to wear a color shoe, you must have color accessories. Next, try not to use colors that are to bold, and loud. Lastly, remember that you can wear a very simple black blazer to bring professionalism, and classiness, and sassiness.

Crop jackets- are in also in for the fall 2009; with this jacket you can wear this with jeans, or slacks. They also come in different styles and colors. I prefer purchasing one that helps Pencil shirts- are always in; with pencil shirts they again bring a variety of different looks in which you can create. So show your individuality ladies!

Capri- is in for the fall 2009 ladies, yes I know right. But with a Capri you can wear ankle boots, but you can tuck in your Capri as well if you are wearing higher boots as well. This is a very simple, but changeable item. Crystal, and Metal Necklaces- Are in for this fall this look is fresh, and new for this coming fall, so Ladies it’s important that you purchase this new hot item. One-Shoulder dresses- are in for this coming fall. Well Ladies it’s important that you continue to embrace this trend, by doing this will keep you in style for this coming fall.

Military Jackets- Are the hottest item of all time. This item is being worn by Beyonce, and Victoria Beckham. So, ladies let’s do it right!

Well ladies fashion news with Q is signing off, and always remember to be classy, and sassy!€



by: Jasmyne McDonald, Staff Writer

At first sight, Karli Butler (pictured left), seems like an average young woman. At age 28, she is enrolled at DePaul University earning her Master’s degree, has a host of friends, and is supporting herself. But, unlike most girls, Karli has a story to tell. She is a motivational speaker sharing her survival story with young ladies everywhere. He didn’t hit her, nor isolate her or call her names. But, Karli Butler was in a bad relationship. She described her relationship with her now ex-boyfriend. “He never mistreated me, but he put my life in danger. That’s just as bad.” Her Story In 2006, then 23-year-old Butler was dating a man four years her senior. “I met him when I was 16, and we reunited when I was 20,” she said. Her boyfriend, on and off for three years, had a history of dealing drugs, but his alleged position as the CEO of a record label caused Butler to believe he was no longer involved. The 27-year-old man seemed to provide a glamorous life for his younger girlfriend, but left her in the dark about the details of his life; something she now calls a sign that something wasn’t right. In March 2006, he nonchalantly mentioned a beef he had with another man. An unalarmed Butler thought the two men would resolve the issue between themselves; that is until one day three men attacked her outside her apartment.

Left: Karli pictured with a group of young ladies after speaking with them about her experiences. Karli uses her opportunities to share with other young ladies her way of, “ turning a negative into a positive.”€


One morning, three men chased Butler to her car and began punching and kicking her, shouting, “This is for your boyfriend!” The men proceeded to throw her into the trunk of her own car. She jumped from the moving vehicle, but was caught by her kidnappers. Continuing their attempt to take her to another location, they muffled her screams with loud music. Fortunately, her second attempt to escape was successful. Using the trunk release, she jumped from the car a second time near her apartment entrance where a neighbor was standing; however, this would not be her last encounter with attackers.

her kidnappers accompanied by two females. When she called the police, she learned the male attacker lived in her old building. He was arrested on unrelated charges. On May 25, 2006, after visiting her cousin in North Suburban Evanston, Butler was walking to her car when the same women approached her. Chasing her at gunpoint, they threatened Butler’s life. Then, one of the women splashed acid on her face and body. In excruciating pain, she ran for help as her clothing melted off her body. The Aftermath Battery acid- a diluted form of sulfuric acid- burned over 30% of Butler’s body. She incurred third and fourth degree burns and endured over a dozen surgeries, requiring multiple skin grafts. Skin grafts require medical professionals to stretch and remove healthy skin from one area of the body and use it to cover burns in another area of the body. Butler spent 6 ½ weeks in ICU and endured months of physical and occupational therapy. There was $16,000 in damages to her car and one police investigator incurred burns from touching the car’s interior. Investigators pinned her boyfriend as the cause for her attack, but not criminally responsible. The state’s attorney office brought one of her five attackers to justice; there was not enough physical evidence to convict the other attackers. Butler no longer communicates with her ex, but does know he is now married with children. She is not vengeful toward the man who never even apologized for the harm his actions caused.

“Did this

Attacked Again Butler moved to a new residence and took time off school. Her relationship with her boyfriend dissolved.

really happen to me?”

“I was in denial about the situation. Did this really happen to me? I was almost in hiding because I was scared.” explained Butler. About three weeks following the attack and kidnapping, Butler returned to her old apartment where she encountered one of

Photos of Karli’s clothing after the acid was poured on her. The acid was so powerful her clothing melted off of her body.

“I feel sorry for him. His actions are harming his community. He puts his whole family in danger,” explained Butler. Warning Signs The signs were there. First, her mother, who passed away in 2005, did not care for him. “Moms are usually right about those things, but I rebelled and didn’t listen to her,” stated€


Butler. Secondly, Butler said, “He did not have a real job.” While he claimed to be the CEO of a record company, Butler now believes that he was truthfully heavily involved in criminal activity.. She warns that it is easy to get caught up in what seems like glitz and glamour, but it is not like the rap songs; they don’t tell you the dangers that are involved. However, Butler is telling everyone who will listen about the dangers of dating someone involved in criminal activity. “I wasn’t going to hold that anger.” Butler, now a student in DePaul’s Master’s program, decided not to let the attackers ruin the rest of her life. She ran the Chicago Marathon in 2007 and decided, “If I can do that, I can do anything.” In 2008, she officially launched her motivational speaking career. Through speaking engagements, Butler tackles one myth she hears often: It could never happen to me. She responds by showing audiences her scars saying, “I didn’t think it could happen to me either.” The Results Audiences fall silent when Butler tells her story. Her speeches include advice to prevent similar experiences for others. She advises ladies in questionable relationships to think about their safety and go to someone who can help get them out of that situation. Sometimes audience members apologize for all she endured. Butler states she does not want people to feel sorry for her, but to learn from her experiences. “It’s not what happens to you; it’s how you handle it. Bad things happen to good people all the time. You can turn that negative into a positive,” explained Butler. For more information about Karli Butler,

Above: Karli’s story is the ideal representation of the poster pictured behind her. “Yes, I Can” is a phrase Karli says convinced her to take her story publicly, along with the support of friends and family.

Karli’s Tips: You are the company you keep-Be cautious of the people you let in your life. You may pay the consequences for the people around you actions. I didn’t ask the right questions. Get to know your partner. Follow your first mind. Trust your instinctsYou are probably right Look for young men who have their act together-It is easy to get caught up in wanting material things and being drawn to guys who have that. Beware of how they acquire those things. A dangerous lifestyle can come with consequences. Self-esteem- You deserve a positive relationship. Rely on good guidance, namely parents and mentors, to build your self-esteem. Remember no one should put you in a situation where you can be harmed- While you do not often hear about this aspect of bad relationships, it is not healthy.€


by: Soraya L. Walton, Contributing Writer

As a Licensed Practical Nurse, I spent half my career working in the field of substance abuse, you name it I saw it. Aside from women who have destroyed their lives using drugs, there are women who have destroyed their lives as well by dating men who sell and/or use drugs for financial, social, or physical needs. In today’s challenging financial and economic times, most are in need of financial assistance; but, at what cost? Additionally, the consequences of engaging in risky relationships can be physical as well as emotional. January 4, 2008 in Lima, Ohio, the home of 26 year old Tarika Wilson was raided in an effort to apprehend her boyfriend Anthony Terry. Terry had been under police surveillance for several months, during that time he sold drugs to a confidential police informant. During the raid Tarika Wilson, mother of six, was shot to death and the son she shared with Anthony Terry was injured, ironically Terry came out unscathed, he was arrested on drug charges and sentenced to seven years. While serving his prison sentence, Terry will have the opportunity to reflect on past mistakes and will have the option to turn his life around after his release. Unfortunately, there will be no second chances for Tarika, the young mother of six is gone forever. It’s safe to assume that Tarika more than likely had a tough time financially speaking, being 26 years old and the mother of six did not leave much time for formal education to gain financial independence. Tarika is like so many young single mothers, from lower

socioeconomic backgrounds, struggling to pay bills and after the bills are paid, and the kids have what they need there is nothing left. We all know nobody wants to live like that, and instead of these young women setting tangible career goals to gain financial independence they look to a man to provide for them. Unfortunately, a lot of young women are living in the moment; they are not looking at the big picture. It may be cool right now to date the neighborhood “dope boy,” yeah he will give you a couple of dollars for hair and nails, he may even buy you a couple of trinkets, but please believe everything has a price. Because these women are benefiting from dating these types of men, they are willing to turn their heads to criminal activity. Ultimately, it is our own fault for our lack of independence due to our own poor decision making. So the question is, was whatever Tarika Wilson gained from her relationship with Terry worth leaving six children motherless? Madelyn* a friend of the family fell into that lifestyle. There was a big difference between Madelyn and Tarika, Madelyn was brought up in a middle class family, had all of her needs met and most of her wants as a child as well as a teenager. This young lady began dating a known drug dealer. One night as they entered their home two gunman forced them inside. They took her mink coat right off her back, her engagement ring off her finger, and robbed the home of all money and valuables. This young couple was lucky, their lives could have ended right there that night. Some women would have ran for the hills after that, but she stayed and eventually gave birth to a baby girl, not long after her boyfriend was murdered. Unlike young Tarika Wilson, this young lady was not struggling financially, and prior to that relationship she had no children. This€


young lady had no reason for getting involved with a man who she knew participated in criminal activity. Unfortunately, some women are attracted to that “Bad Boy,” they are enticed by that lifestyle, being able to shop at will and dine at fine restaurants. A false sense of superiority to other women emerges because they have the latest fashions, jewelry, handbags etc, all provided by their new beau. Ironically, T.I.’s video, Whatever You Like, demonstrates this ideology. One minute his love interest is working in a fast food restaurant and the next minute she is living the fabulous life provided by him of course. The video is very entertaining, but we must keep in mind that's all it is, entertainment. Unfortunately, some of us in an effort to have that type of lifestyle or something similar on a smaller scale are willing to get involved with men who we know are involved in criminal activity. There-by putting ourselves as well as our children in harms way. I don’t know about you, but being robbed at gunpoint would have sent me running for the hills. The funny thing is there was nothing Madelyn’s boyfriend bought for her that she could not have purchased for herself in time. So my question is, is living this type of lifestyle worth your life? Lastly, my personal story. Tracey* a friend/ co-worker became involved with a man who was a client on the substance abuse program we worked for. This man was a drug addict, and like most addicts was as manipulative as they come. Now he was not bad on the eyes, but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? She was the single mom of two and had recently ended a two year relationship; Tracey was lonely and looking for love in all the wrong places. The funny thing was the only thing he had to offer could have potentially been the deadliest: sex. Please take note that the CDC states 74% of black women contract

HIV/AIDS through heterosexual sex. Black women represent 66% of new AIDS cases among women. Did I know Tracey’s new guy’s HIV status? No, I did not, but what I do know is that more often than not people who are addicted to drugs do not make good decisions while under the influence. Needless to say, after they began dating it was nothing short of a disaster, her attendance became poor and she was eventually terminated. About a month later, there was a theft at the clinic; a large amount of narcotics came up missing on my watch. Unfortunately, the owner never retrieved Tracey's keys nor did he change the alarm codes after terminating her. Now, everyone is looking at me wanting to know how all these narcotics came up missing, and I am the only one with total access. Tracey and I were both under investigation by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency); I must say that was one of the most stressful times of my life, all because my former friend made a poor choice. In the end, the person responsible was never caught, with no security and no cameras, they had nothing. In closing, I want all young women to take note, there is absolutely nothing good that can result from dating these types of men, no amount of money is worth your life or the lives of your children, we must make better choices in the men we date, and we must definitely do what we need to do to gain financial independence. And for the young woman who is financially sound but intrigued by this lifestyle, you must take a look in the mirror and ask yourself why you are attracted to this type of man, because we all know all that glitters is not gold. And last but not least, I guess you are wondering what happened to Tracey, I spoke to her one year after the theft she lost her house and was contemplating moving out of state, she said she needed a fresh start. Well, we were not the least bit shocked or surprised. We all knew that relationship was destined for disaster from the start.€


08/17/09 Journal Entry #4 Dear Entertainment, What’s up Entertainment! Before I begin, I just want to take some time to pay respect to the greatest artist of the entertainment world. The world literally stood still on June 25, 2009 when news hit that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, had passed away. Michael Jackson was known for his humanitarian spirit and breaking boundaries in the music industry. Michael Jackson, you will be missed dearly. Rest in Peace. While the world mourned the loss of Michael Jackson, I was preparing to meet a young shinning star in the making. I first met Brooklyn's young 'un aka B. Yung on my television screen…lol. A friend introduced me to the documented seven part series on HBO called Brave New Voices. The show followed seven spoken word teams from across the United States getting ready for Youth Speaks 2008 Brave New Voices International Youth Poetry Slam Finals in Washington, DC. If you haven’t seen the show, let me tell you it is an amazing show. Each teen tackled issues ranging from economic struggles, self-esteem, and family issues that keep you wanting more. Representing team New York, B. Yung is one of the poets whose words had me on the end of my seat. Coming from being homeless in his younger years, B. Yung used poetry as an outlet. The Brave New Voices spoken word festival takes place every year in a different location. This year Chicago hosted the 12th Annual International Festival. B. Yung took sometime away from the festival to meet with me and talk about his feelings on music and his start into Spoken Word. Miss B: What are your current feelings of rap music today? B. Yung: Music has taken a turn and it is coming back. I think it’s a Catch 22. People are looking for realness. Jay-z is making his come back with Death of Autotune. Miss B: Being a rap artist how did you transition into Spoke Word?€


B. Yung: It wasn’t a transition. Spoken Word will always be the undertone to music. I picked up spoken work along the way. I just started stating my feelings. I got better as the years went on. Miss B: How did you find out about Brave New Voices? B. Yung: A couple of friends were in 2005 competition. My first time was in 2007, when I competed with a team and we didn’t do well, I was so inspired by New York at that time that I knew I would represent in 2008. Miss B: Can you describe what your first performance for Brave New Voices was like? B. Yung: If I had to describe a favorite then Performing I Am a Queen in the semi-finals in 2008. All eyes were on me and when I was done everyone went crazy. It was a memorable moment to hold it down with the team. Miss B: Since the airing of the show how has life changed for you? B. Yung: People stop me a lot now in the streets and train stations. I didn’t think the show was that big. I have been receiving emails from fans and the Facebook messages got crazy. People were telling me how poetry has helped them. Teachers told me how kids would talk about me in their [poetry] workshops. It’s crazy because you don’t know how poetry can do that for a person. Miss B: What are your plans for the future? B. Yung: Currently, I am traveling the States and Europe pursing music. I’m working with well known producer Phoenix on my upcoming album. The name of album is up in the air. As for the future the stars are what are in store for me. I hope you guys enjoyed my one-on-one with B. Yung. I would like to thank him for sitting down with me. B. Yung is definitely someone to be watching for in the near future. Well, it’s about time for me to head out but before I go if you fellow goddess out there would like me to review a artist or if there something I am missing that you want me to write about contact me at! Well until next time… Your Girl, Miss B! *picture taken by "Lyric Cross"€


Who am I Without Him By: Sharon G. Flake

In the game of love, young men and women weigh what they need from the opposite sex against what they need to find in themselves. This popular short-story collection gives twelve unique trysts. As relationships go either right or wrong, with surprising, often funny, always on-point results, readers will appreciate the warning signs and perhaps save themselves from the same fate as these fictional characters. A great read for teens in class or for parents and teens, or grown ups who are still young at heart.

Begging For A Change By: Sharon G. Flake

Raspberry’s mother gets attacked and her estranged father returns. Sato is looking at Raspberry differently now—like maybe he’d like her to be his girlfriend. Raspberry's girls Zora, Ja’nae and Mai, always stand by her. But it's different now. Life's not so simple. Zora doesn't want her father dating Raspberry's mom. Mai is struggling with being bi-racial, and can't understand why her father wants her Korean cousins to spend the summer with them. Raspberry’s world is never boring. Read the novel and find out why.

About Sharon G. Flake:

Contest: You Have a Chance to Win A Free Copy of Either Book!! All you have to do is contact the Ms. Sharon Flake through her website

With almost a million books in print, Sharon G. Flake is considered one of the top young adult authors in the nation. Her work is used in elementary through high school, is required reading on college campuses around the country, and is popular with adult and youth book clubs. Flake has won numerous awards and recognitions, including three Coretta Scott King Awards; Best Books for Young Adult Readers; Best Books for Reluctant Readers; The YWCA Racial Justice Award, and many, many others. Her work has been translated into French and Italian, and can be purchased and enjoyed in London, Italy, the Bahamas and Canada. Flake's unique ability to tell breath taking, realistic fiction, has resulted in her work being used in a variety of settings including, gifted and special-ed classrooms, urban and suburban schools, churches, group homes and youth clubs. Named an author to watch by Publisher's Weekly, Flake has written six novels and is awaiting her seventh, You Don't Even Know Me, which arrives in bookstores in January 2010. For more information about Sharon G. Flake, please visit!€



Trippin Off Your Words Trippin off your words. Flutters of sweet whispers clutter your head when heard. A love untold so bold it gets underneath your skin. Driving you so wild with every vowel and syllable it should be a sin. Trippin off your words, so he told me. He was longing for my speech, waiting on every and each word that fell from my mouth to his ears, followed by a crowed full of cheers. The rhythm grows and the speed picks up with every spoken word overflowing his cup with amazement and awe. No more longing but now searching for more of what he just saw. Searching for those choice words that fell from lips so soft and moist. Trippin off your words. Tempted from every sound I make overlooking any mistakes. Amazed, staring at how my words come out so fine and how they take you to places so sublime. He’s overpower, over excited, over showered by the fire ignited within me that forms my poetry. Trippin off your words. Nearing the end he nearly falls off his seat, stands to his feet struggling to keep up with the beat of an oh so sweet vivacious treat. I take a bow followed by a smile while looking out to the crowd. I look at him taking in what he had heard. Pleased with the end result of him trippin off my words.

Young women becoming victims of discretion and oppression. Idolizing the devils music and taking it in as if by obsession No hint of direction and guidance. They get steadily trapped in their own subsidence. Peace by peace their hearts inched away from grief. It’s like watching life fading into the distance. So easily caught up in their own resistance. Young women turn into young lovers. Young lovers turn into young mother. Ladies back up and slow down. Recognize that profound…intellect that you so neglect. You’re only pushing behind what matters the most. Acting all stank and becoming engrossed all up in yourself. Leave that he say she say gotta have it your way mess. Acting like a slogan for fast food joints. Nevertheless, always to impress when them guys say you on point. Your defiant ways have caused your bitter days. Hating on the other girl as she’s at her blissful peak Watching from a distance waiting for her very defeat. We need to escape this girl on girl crime. We can do better than just possess a shallow mind. I’m tiered of the we no nothin’, corner puffin’ Forever huffin’ when the going get tough and… Thinking guys will make our lives exceptional. But girl you are already beautiful. This world breaks sinners that sin with no remorse or end. I am here for you ladies to recognize the world is cold to those who are the victimized.

By: Rana N. Tuggle If€you€are€interested€in€submitting€your€own€creative€works€such€as€poetry,€artwork,€short€stories,€ please€contact€Danielle€at€!€€


The Goddess Within Reflections of the Most High By: Crystal Dion Lewis

I adore mirrors; most girls do. But I mean personally, I absolutely love mirrors. It is hard for me to not look in a mirror if I am near or around one. Mirrors are probably one of the most innovative inventions known to man, especially to women, because it allows us to really see ourselves exactly the way we look at that period and time. And if at that period of time we think we are pretty, it gives us what we believe to be the pretty truth. Now in addition to our pretty moments, more often man made mirrors also show us the natural, the flaws, and the things we may often times try to cover up. The blemishes and imperfections that sometimes can be less than desirable and maybe the things that we have been told are not pretty or cute. A man made mirror can be your friend, or your enemy. It could be your dream or your worst nightmare.

anything less than perfect is "damaged goods". This, young ladies, is an ultimate untruth. There is nothing on this great earth that God put His hand in and created that was damaged or contains imperfection in His eyes or by His standards. So I ask you this, what mirror do you have? Whose mirror are you looking in? Is it man's mirror, or is it God's mirror? God's mirror honors no flaws or imperfections because you are perfect, lovely and unique to Him. God’s mirror does not give the reflection of a blemished fallacy because you are a specific reflection of Him. You are indeed a reflection of perfection. And remember, if you are a reflection of Him, the Most High; then well, by the grace of His majesty and dominion, you must be fly. Song of Solomon 4:7: 7 You are altogether beautiful, my darling, beautiful in every way. (New Living Translation) To contact Crystal, visit

When we are all dolled up, we usually can't stay out of them. We love to look at our beautiful faces, perfectly manicured with all the trimmings of foundation, concealer, lipstick, and liner. And if looking in a large mirror, we twist and turn to see all the angles of the phenomenal completion of a trendy dressed woman. However, on the flip side, sometimes many of us including myself, have no desire to look in one if we fear what is staring back at us is less than what we desire. Needless to say, a man made mirror, at any given moment, can also give us what we believe is the ugly truth. In contrast, it is really not a truth but more so a man made perception. This is the fallacy of what a man made mirror can tell. We quickly forget how no matter what we may look like at whatever time, we are still a reflection of the most high. God created us in His image...let me say that again...God created us in HIS IMAGE. You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalms 139:14). A masterpiece sculpted by the master of perfection. You are beautiful beyond words. You are so special to God, that when He created you, He set you apart from all the rest. He loves you so much that you are more than a flock of sparrows to Him. (Luke 12:7) What a man made mirror shows, God does not even recognize. What a God made mirror shows, man does not want to recognize. Man does not want to recognize that God sees no flaws, even if and when they are present. We have been trained by worldly standards to think that what we look like is most important, and€


I Believe in Me! I believe that I can achieve whatever I put my mind to. I will strive daily to give my best in everything that I do. I will conquer all challenges and strive daily for success, studying for all of my assignments and passing all of my tests. I am determined to stay focused and stand above the rest, motivated and inspired to always give my all and nothing less! I believe that I will excel in all required areas and speak intelligently. I am destined for excellence, that’s right, I Believe in Me! I will concentrate on my education pushing all obstacles aside, determined to be a winner with dignity and pride. I will be careful of the friends that I choose, my education because of them, I will not lose. I will respect staff, teachers, myself and also my peers, celebrating my achievements and preparing for my future career. I will give my best each and every day, realizing that there is a time for work and when its time for play. I believe that I have an ordained appointment with Destiny! I believe that I am purposed for Excellence, that’s right, I Believe in Me! © 2006 Inspirational Poetry and Novelties by Denna © 2006 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!€


By: Justine Gilbert, Staff Writer

It’s becoming easier and easier to make the world a greener place, and now you can do your part too. Simple changes to your daily routine can make a huge impact to the environment, if you are consistent. If every person makes a contribution to the green movement, the world will be a much better place because of it. Below are some stats and tips from on how you can make your Green mark.

Replacing three frequently used light bulbs, like your desk lamp and bedside light, with compact florescent bulbs. This saves the Earth from an extra 60 pounds of carbon dioxide from being emitted into the environment. Making sure the dishwasher is completely full before running it saves 100 pounds of carbon dioxide and countless gallons of water from being wasted. Showers account for two-thirds of all water heating cost, by shortening your showers by just a few minutes you can save up to 350 pounds of carbon dioxide every year from being used by the water heater. Approximately 100 billion plastic bags are thrown away every year, which needlessly fills our landfills and releases unwanted chemicals into the soil. By investing in cute, reusable canvas or cloth bags you could save thousands (if not mil-

lions) of bags a year from being wasted. 2.5 million Individual plastic water bottles are thrown away every hour in the U.S. Which isn’t recycled! Wow. Start using a reusable water bottle and just say no to plastic! Society has tons of electronics that are constantly plugged in and wasting energy—even if they’re off. If unused electronics are unplugged, could save 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide per year, and your parents would be grateful for the lower power bills. Layering is fashionable and totally great for the environment. Instead of turning up the heat in your home, wear more clothes and save 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. Shopping from a catalog can be fun, but it’s not fun for the trees. Many as 17 million catalogs are mailed out every year and most aren’t recycled. So, either remove your name from mailing lists and switch to online shopping or recycle your catalogs when you’re done. Do you love coffee, and get it to go? Just add that disposable cup to the 25 billion that accumulate in landfills every year. 20% of them being recycled. Do your part by bringing reusable mugs to your favorite java joint. A total of 4 billion trees are used to make paper every year, so make sure you purchase recycled paper. If your printer paper is 100% post consumer recycled paper, you can save 5 pounds of carbon dioxide per ream of paper and numerous trees.€


by: Angelique Boyd, Staff Teen Writer

Basketball is one of America’s favorite sports and it means different things to different people. To some individuals, basketball is a game that helps a boring day become more lively and fun. To others it is about competition and winning or for some girls it could be about checking out the fellas on the court! For the RBL, Resurrection Basketball League, basketball is all about healing broken communities and creating new ones. Teen Sky is the only all–girls team in the RBL and they have experienced the positive affects the RBL has on youths. RBL was created in 1997 by The Resurrection Project (TRP) to give youth something positive to be a part of, rather than gangs and violence. The RBL has Friday night events from 4pm – 8pm where they gather youth from communities high in gang violence and crime, to play basketball in a fun and safe environment. Neighbors get to know each other more and the community comes together for a block party type event. The RBL partners with the Chicago Police Department that provides security at the weekly event which allows the community members to build trust with the police and build a safer community together. Teen Sky is the only all-girls team in the RBL and was formed 3 years ago. Sandra Hoyt is the coach for the team and started out helping RBL as a griller for one of the Friday night events. She saw that the girls wanted to make their own team so they could play against the boys and show their “Girl Power”. Since Sandra has knowledge on the game, she decided to help them form their team. Teen Sky changed their name by being around their mentors with the WNBA team, Chicago Sky. The Chicago Sky gave the girls tips and advice about the game of basketball. “For me, playing basketball with the guys has challenged me because I have to step up my game and practice tactics,” explained Jacqueline Saldana, the captain of Teen Sky. The members of Teen Sky are surrounded by a family environment where they can talk to their coach or any adult in the program. “I feel like the girls’ big sister and love giving them advice on questions they may have,” explained Hoyt. The coaches also stress the importance of college to the team even though it might seem like an unfamiliar subject to some of them. The team’s record their first year was 10-6. This team is a basketball team that loves to win games, but the family, friendships, and positive encouragement they are given is more important than slam dunks. These girls go through issues like every other girl goes through. Some girls do not receive positive guidance from their parents or relatives; however, RBL makes sure that Teen Sky does receive the guidance they need. Coach Hoyt makes sure that the team knows that the SKY is the limit. If you are interested in joining Teen Sky, please contact Sandra Hoyt at If you can show commitment and interest with the team, than you are qualified to join to the Team!€


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Continued from page 15 That’s what makes people stand out. Once you accept that you’re different from everyone else then everything falls into place. People who are different attract other people. RT: All young women should be leaders whether it is in school or in their community. So what is your perception of a leader? BF: I believe that a leader is someone who takes control of their destiny, someone who is confident in where they are going and someone who knows how to let others lead. A leader is not a person who is in the forefront all the time. Leaders are those people who have a certain “swag” about themselves and are confident. For more information, please visit Bionce Foxx at Rana Tuggle is a junior at Young Women's Leadership Charter School.

Continued from page 9 Spend your time volunteering- colleges like to see well-rounded, sociallyaware applicants. Besides, volunteering makes you feel good. Try new things- you may discover you love something you have never tried before. Preview for next issue: I have narrowed down my list of colleges… now what? Also visit these websites for more information: The undergraduate admissions website for colleges that interest you.€



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