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By Evita Joan Coutinho|GT


t was that time of the year when the tourists are crowded and the hotel rooms are full well in advance but that didn’t seem to happen this time. The month of Decem-ber 2012, especially the Christmas week, saw a drop in tourist arrivals by atleast 30 per cent? Shocking isn’t it. Yes, at a time when the hotel rooms are sold at Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 in 3-stars and above Rs 30,000 in 5-stars, the rooms were left empty and were sold

• Tourists give Goa the slip this Christmas-New Year season

muscle gain

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it all starts here






• Rooms sold at 50 per cent less rates as tourists decline at less than 50 percent of the price. So where have the tourists gone. Agreed, Goa did have fair amount of tourists but many of them were domestic tourists, who came with own vehicles, made their buses their homes and cooked in the field. But is this the tourism we are looking at which is

Agreed, Goa did have fair amount of tourists but many of them were domestic tourists, who came with own vehicles, made their buses their homes and cooked in the field. See Page 2


Friday, 4th January, 2013


Garbage, lack of


not giving any revenue to locals or the government coffers? We all know and have learnt that Goa has always had its tourist season peak around Christmas-New Year festivities. But the decline was such that hotels were available effortlessly up to New Year’s Eve, while it has always been crowded with tourists over the years. Tourism has drifted its way this year. Reason? Ineffective Tourism? Goa, in 2012 saw a hell lot of parties, international events, shows and celebrities. David Guetta, Paris Hilton, IRFW and not forgetting the massive Sunburn 2012. Surprisingly, this time Sunburn has not seen an emulsion of tourists during the festive time. After having spoken to travel agents taxi drivers, hoteliers and shack owners; all of them expressed similar sentiments on the issue that is causing a wreck to the economy. So why is this happening? GOAN TIMES investigates… The garbage issue which has been constantly causing menace in coastal areas would repel tourists from coming

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Dj Ajit Pai Dj Jay

to Goa. Owners of shacks expressed themselves towards the garbage strewn along beach roads, “Garbage on the Calangute and Baga beaches itself and behind shacks shows a very depressing image to our tourists who are health conscious.” says Edward Fernandes, shack owner in Calangute. The Tourism Department once mentioned in an interview that they are thinking of having single window systems for putting infrastructure along beach belt in place. However, this doesn’t seem to be happening in the time when Goa needed it the most. “We desperately need a change in Calangute, just doing

up roads in Baga around the clubbing area wont help.” – Lionel Mascarenhas “When we are expecting international tourist, all that I can see in Calangute and Baga is tourists from Karantaka, Gujrat, Maharashtra and Haryana camping in the neighborhood and fields. This creates a poor image to the upper class tourists and is causing nuisance to the locals as well. And this is definitely not the kind of tourists Goa should attract,” he says. On the positive side, shack owners and taxi drivers mentioned that the local tourists provide them more business than others. So this leaves us with a debate


Friday, 4th January, 2013


infrastructure cause of decline


here. We could argue forever about why the tourism has been declining over the years. The rape case in Delhi is in the news for a long time. Is this scaring international tourist from visiting India??? “Sexual violence and harassment is bringing shame to India and is driving our best tourist away” Mrs. Valentina Fernandes says. So are we driving away our own tourists or is he Government failing to do its job? Let’s hope for the best for our Goa at least in 2013.

Only road shows won’t help: Lobo Getting all the stakeholders on a common platform to debate the decline is the need of the hour, states Calangute MLA Michael Lobo. “We need to have a meeting of all stakeholders and debate the issue threadbare,” he says. Lobo adds, “At a time when we need to have full occupancy the rooms were given at 50 per cent less rates. I am not speaking of others but my own hotels

I agree the occupancy was less.” The reason, he says, “is that the creams of the tourists have deserted Goa that is due to the piling of garbage everywhere.” “Many foreign countries have already mentioned that unless you get rid of garbage issue they would not come to Goa,” he says adding, “secondly, if you land at the railway station also where is the cleanliness. Why would the tourists come here?” “Only having road shows in foreign countries will not help, we need to have shower and changing facilities, toilets at all beaches. The beach cleaning drive seem to have gone haywire,” he says. “I am not blaming only the government but all the stakeholders like hoteliers, shack owners, the TTAG, restaurant owners and taxi association need to do a rethink on the issue and think on building tourism infrastructure,” he said “We should look at

DE BAGA DECK Restaurant & Pub

Many foreign countries have already mentioned that unless you get rid of garbage issue they would not come to Goa. engaging experts and architects who could help Goa design plans that would match other tourist destinations such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia. Today we are losing tourists to these destinations and even to Sri Lanka,” he said on a regretful note.” He says what Goa is depending on is the natural or scenic beauty like pristine beaches, backwaters, forts and temples. “…but we need to have amusement parks, Bondla zoo can be done up in a better way and so on to bring in more tourists,” he says.

We Serve the Best of Goan/ Indian/ Tandoor/ Continental/ Italian/ Chinese Add.: Khobravaddo, Opp. Subway, Baga, Calangute-Goa Contact : 08323- 2277529


Friday, 4th January, 2013


participants in the campaign found piles of sachets, packets, glass and plastic bottles hidden in bushes “Those big cars stop, camp and litter the whole area, I saw it by myself, it’s very sad to see this happening at the coastal belt which is driving the tourists away from our state”- Mrs. Rita D’mello (local). Hordes of tourists, who live in their buses, literally pitch


their tents by the roadside and muck up the environment. Some tempo and bus travelers create more garbage. The waste management experts admit that the 'fling bag' culture among locals also adds to the roadside litter. We can't simply blame tourists for this. Many of us are partly to the litter on roadsides and in streets corners. The lack of focus and priority in garbage management has grave economic implications. This year, high-end tourists have kept away. We know this because lots of rooms are still easily available. Goa's tourism sector is at

of a New Year

By Evita Joan Coutinho|GT


his Festive season, Goa’s image is gone down the drain when it comes to the garbage and littering on the

streets, highways, beaches as well as fields. Though the quantum of waste being flung from tourist buses and other vehicles is little, the disgusting sight

exposes the casual approach of authorities and citizens to environmental sanitation. The garbage menace has been haunting us over the years but not to this extent. It’s

depressing to see it continuing and worsening day by day. The fields after the Calangute Church are flooded by plastic bottles and paper waste. Beyond the roadside, the

the crossroads and needs a revamp to attract high-end tourists. We need to focus on better tourism and need to begin at home, by keeping our surroundings clean.

Friday, 4th January, 2013



Govt. Schools loosing out? By Ganesh Lamani | GT


Pic by GANESH LAMANI | GT difficult where as

ave you ever noticed the strength of students in government schools? Why do you think there is a decline in the number of students in the government schools? On the contrary the number of students in government aided schools are increasing. How many of the parents are willing to send their wards to government schools? Though the fees are very high, everybody wants to admit their wards in private schools. Isn’t the government spending the same amount of the Education department that of aided/ unaided school funds, infrastructure and man to monitor the functioning is 67,222. This means the power to the government of the government schools? aided schools are doing much schools? The moment we hear Why do you think people better than the government the word government school Schools. have so less faith and trust we have set a mentality of in the government schools? As per the statistics above, poor quality of studies. What do you think is lacking? the government schools are These are some of the facts What steps the government doing well in the remote of government schools which should take as an initiative areas like Satttari, Cancona, we all know. Then why do to improve the strength of Sanguem & Bicholim you think that government NUMBER OF SCHOOLS: GOVERNMENT AIDED/ UNAIDED is not keen in improving Primary Schools (1st to IVth) 899 328 the standard and quality of Middle Schools (Vth to VIIth) 51 22 education in government High Schools (VIIIth to Xth) 74 299 schools. Recently Goan Times had a visit to some Higher Secondary Schools (XIth & XIIth) 9 69 of the government middle government schools. If today, while the other talukas like schools and after having the government does not Salcete and Mormugao a conversation with the suffer tremendously. This take any steps to improve teachers it was understood is basically because the the decline in the number of that on an average the students in the government numbers of aided schools strength of each class was schools, then a day shall come are less in the rural areas so just 8-10 students while the 15 when all the government the children are compelled nearby government aided EDUCATION to go to government schools. will be shut down. school is having more thanDIRECTORATEGOAOFschools Whereas in the urban areas TABLE: 2.2 Enrolment According to Class, Sex and Management, 2011 – 2012. I II III IV TOTAL (I-IV) Sl. the number of aided schools Taluka Management No. BOYS GIRLS BOYS GIRLS BOYS GIRLS BOYS GIRLS BOYS GIRLS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 are more and parents have a 1. PERNEM GOVT. 230 230 266 233 264 233 263 259 1023 955 AIDED/UNAIDED 288 210 268 209 273 236 249 218 1078 873 choice between the two and 2. BARDEZ GOVT. 471 417 423 426 454 404 428 388 1776 1635 AIDED/UNAIDED 1759 1580 1699 1579 1663 1550 1681 1518 6802 6227 prefer to go to aided schools 3. BICHOLIM GOVT. 385 368 435 397 420 383 462 408 1702 1556 AIDED/UNAIDED 427 363 389 349 374 322 351 295 1541 1329 who have equal number 4. SATTARI GOVT. 359 333 398 351 364 341 381 424 1502 1449 AIDED/UNAIDED 137 93 120 96 95 85 106 78 458 352 of facilities as government 5. TISWADI GOVT. 427 369 397 356 390 350 406 339 1620 1414 AIDED/UNAIDED 1313 1169 1252 1146 1201 1047 1235 1150 5001 4512 schools. 6. PONDA GOVT. 571 591 614 624 619 617 655 669 2459 2501 AIDED/UNAIDED 817 723 792 692 709 674 792 614 3110 2703 To solve the mystery 7. SANGUEM GOVT. 384 379 400 396 392 362 426 360 1602 1497 AIDED/UNAIDED 81 71 68 63 68 75 54 59 271 268 behind the above problems 8. QUEPEM GOVT. 261 245 266 274 252 268 281 300 1060 1087 AIDED/UNAIDED 439 366 408 384 410 360 399 364 1656 1474 of the government schools, 9. CANACONA GOVT. 213 198 231 202 220 211 266 226 930 837 AIDED/UNAIDED 150 120 153 139 136 117 135 145 574 521 Goan Times spoke to the 10. SALCETE GOVT. 484 528 474 457 440 426 442 388 1840 1799 AIDED/UNAIDED 2705 2434 2629 2409 2597 2246 2528 2302 10459 9391 Chairman of the Goa Board 11. MORMUGAO GOVT. 336 318 357 358 336 332 351 352 1380 1360 of Secondary and Higher AIDED/UNAIDED 1213 1093 1141 1014 1159 979 1059 964 4572 4050 TOTAL GOVT. 4121 3976 4261 4074 4151 3927 4361 4113 16894 16090 Secondary Mr. J.R. Rebello AIDED/UNAIDED 9329 8222 8919 8080 8685 7691 8589 7707 35522 31700 GRAND TOTAL 13450 12198 13180 12154 12836 11618 12950 11820 52416 47790 who briefed us saying, the number of students it According to the statistics of “Frequent transfer of the teachers to other schools can accommodate. Like this the Directorate of Education: causes the imbalance in government school, there will If you see the statistics, the situation.” He further be many other government the number of government added that “Whenever the schools who are suffering in primary schools are more government teachers are entire Goa. compared to aided schools being promoted as officers Now where does the but the strength of aided/ to the higher level, there is a problem lie? Who is to be unaided schools is almost vacuum which is created and blamed? Either the faulty the double. The strength of to find the right replacement management skills of the the students in government teachers or the failure of primary schools is 32,984 and at the right time becomes

in aided schools the continuity is maintained.” When the secretary of the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Mr. Bhagirath shetye was questioned regarding the decreasing strength of the students in government schools and higher secondary he said “Some of the schools in the rural areas of Canacona, pernem and Sattari are really doing well in terms of their academics and the strength of government schools is better than the aided schools.” Further he added “But sometimes the delay in the recruitment procedure of the teacher’s takes time unlike the recruitment of the aided schools teachers the formalities are less so the students suffer and untimely transfers adds to the problem.”

When the Director of Education Mr. D.P. Dwivedi, IAS was contacted regarding his view point on the problem, he said “There is no denial fact that the students have decreased in the government schools in the urban areas, but at the same time our schools in the rural areas have been doing well.” He further added “Efforts are being taken up to provide Bal Rath facilities to the government schools also.” The Deputy Director of Education Mr. Anil Pawar said “This is a universal problem where the number of admissions registered in government schools is comparatively less due to the parents who have more trust towards the aided schools, in spite of having good teachers & infrastructure.” Further he added that “The department is taking efforts to improve the strength of the primary schools but until and unless the mentality of the parents changes the problem would remain the same.”


Friday, 4th January, 2013

Hopefully New Year would be different for Goa’s aam admi


irst off, to everyone who thought the world would come to an end n end in 2012, well – congratulations! You were wrong. And we’re not sure there’s ever been something so good to be wrong about. But we think this is deserving of a celebration! And for all of us we had, Christmas and New Years are right around the corner after the December 21 Mayan calendar myth. Well, so now what? It is beginning of another New Year and let us all strive to make the world and Goa in particular a better place to stay. The year 2012 saw a major change in the Goa’s political set-up with the Manohar Parrikar led Bharatiya Janata Party coming to power in the state assembly with a thumping majority thereby bringing an end to the 5-year rule of “corrupt” Congress-NCP regime. Well the new government under Parrikar, which took charge just before the start of financial year, made a promise to give corruption free rule. How much Parrikar has fulfilled his promise only people can judge. But one thing is for sure, the illegalities in mining have come to a halt, developmental works are being taken up, beside announcement of several schemes, Goa is become a place where petrol is sold cheapest. But is this enough? The toil the aam admi has to go through at the government offices hasn’t decreased. The same long queues at mamlatdars for income certificates, ration cards etc etc continues and these woes seem to be never ending. But the same things can be done in minutes if you pay some commission to the touts outside the offices. While Parrikar claims that the corruption at the top has been finished he needs to understand that it is the corruption at the lower rung, which hits the aam admi more than the top as teh aam admi seldom need to go at that level. Now that he claims corruption is over at the top, Goan now hope or rather anticipate that the 2013 will see a major drive against corruption in 2013. Agreed, there are lot many issues for the CM to deal with first, to rehabilitate the mining ban-affected people and secondly fight the enemies within his party who are trying hard to dislodge him. Seriously, while Parrikar is the right person to bring about the change in the functioning at government offices, he has been only been a shadow of himself. Hopefully with the ringing in of New Year, he would change himself and Goa for the better.




On a New Year High!

nd the world didn’t end in 2012. I guess most of us knew that would not really happen. New year in Goa for me was hectic and fun to a certain extent. Why hectic and disturbing? Because I got delayed for everything that I had planned. The biggest challenge was leaving from home, Calangute to Baga for mass and then moving out from there to go to Emeralds for the New Year eve dance. The traffic was intolerable, adding to that people were people yelling drunk on the

peace of mind. You would not believe, but the truth is, it took me an hour to move from Calangute to Baga on 31st December. Adding to the chaos were accidents due to reckless driving. Now, let me tell you why it was fun, who

Watching people dance, scream and shout to our very own Goan bands was a site to die for. roads and blocking the roads and messing with the local’s


Corrupt Goa Police?

I am writing this email to express my disappointment in the Goa Police. Recently, I was stopped by the Goa Traffic Police and asked for driving licence. The police view was the licence was not valid for the scooter I was driving. I have talked to the other police in the area and they have said my licence is perfect (which it is). This had been confirmed many times. The police then asked me to pay Rs 3000 on the spot. I didn’t have that amount, so he looked through my wallet and found Rs 1000, which he just took away without giving any receipt, meaning that the money went straight to his pocket. This kind of thing is extremely disappointing for this type of thing to happen. Goa should be encouraging tourism and not exploiting the visitors. It is fair to say this has ruined my stay and I will not be recommending my friends or colleagues to visit Goa in future. - Jack Stevens, U.K.

Another U turn?

Well, the dashing Chief Minister of Goa seems to have made another U turn after taking over as the chief minister of Goa. For all the years as the leader of Opposition, Parrikar has been crying foul over the organisation of Sunburn claiming it to be the “Festival of drugs” and had demanded ban on such festivals but shockingly when he became the CM he is patronising such

friends and family? Well even though it started on a chaotic note, this New Year eve was not such a bad one either. Watching people dance, scream and shout to our very own Goan bands was a site to die for. Family get to-gather’s, re-unions with friends and acquaintances made it a memorable night in deed. The good thing about the end was, there was no traffic while returning home. And trust me; you would be so glad that you did not leave

Family get to-gather’s, re- unions with friends and acquaintances made it a memorable night in deed.

would not be glad welcoming 2013 when with wonderful

the venue before 5 am if you were in my shoes.

Send in your letters to : festivals. Goans now seem to be losing hope from all politicians. Andrea D’Souza, Nerul

Move Sunburn away

Sunburn festival, which is termed as Asia’s biggest music festival, should be moved out of Candolim from next year, as it is giving tough times to the local residents. Every year the politicians say they will move the festival out but that never seems to happen. The rush during the festival is so much that one takes hours to reach Calangute from Candolim. It is high time the government takes a decision and give some respite to the locals. Harshad Kerkar, Candolim

Soft Issue

This was a much better issue. As the weeks go by, you all seem to be consolidating. However, I think you all were too soft in this issue. The Russian story was revealing and yet not hurting. I would also appreciate if you focus more on human interest stories. I went to the Baga Deck for a meal and found the quality of the food really good. The review was practical and Thank you for that. Joan Trimble on email

Very Patronising !

Your sports page was a very patronising one. The way it was written, it looks like the Goa football Association(GFA) cannot function with Savio

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Messias. Who says the president of the Association has to come to office? He can function from anywhere, as long as he delivers the goods. One cannot judge the President of the Association by the number of times he comes to office. Anyway, your reporters seem in love with the new Council that has been started. Better luck next time, in what you are trying to say. Felix Viegas, Curtorim.

Great work

It’s great to see that you’ll are covering hidden stories Like the online selling of prostitutes in your last edition. Great work! Keep it up, hope to read more interesting stories. Domnic Carvalho, Panjim

Better quality paper

I think it would be nice if the quality of the paper is upgraded. It would look even neater and presentable. Just a piece of advice. But still, great news and your stories are very objective which is a good thing. Savia Mendonca, Sinquerim

More entertainment

I would like the paper to be a little more entertaining. More of fun things as I am a college student and I feel Goan Times is an overdose of news. May be the paper can include a page on fashion updates or games and contests. It would be a little more interesting and cut down the seriousness that your paper provides. -Robelle Gomes, Mapusa Disclaimer: Except the editorials above, columns, letters and people's edit represent the views of concerned authors and do not necessary reflect the view of GOAN TIMES, editor, publisher and owners.


By Andrea Fernandes | GT The Mapusa Friday Market is a major weekly market in North Goa and a leading tourist attraction. It is only 12 Kms from Panaji the capital city of Goa. This market reflects the essence of Goa and is the best way to soak in the ‘local’ life and tradition of Goa, away from the manufactured tourist experience. The Market was planned and built by the Portuguese with extremely good planning and has rows of shops occupied by a wide variety of traders. Among them being Cloth Merchants, goldsmiths, steel, Food items, Hardware shops, Tea and Coffee including exotic tea flavours as well as coffee beans, Pastry Shops where you can get authentic Goan delicacies as well as several other products. During the week Mapusa is a sleepy little Goan town. But come Friday and Mapusa burst into a frenzy of activities. The market is situated just outside the Mapusa Municipal Bazaar and traders from all over Goa converge every Friday to Mapusa to sell their wares. Bargaining is an essential part of shopping at this market. Friday sees most housewives

from Bardez and Tiswadi villages descend on the stalls selling a staggering variety of local produce brought in by farmers and small entrepreneurs from all over Goa. Once entering into the market, the elusive smell that twitches everyone’s nose is Goa's secret ingredients for all those wonderful sweet and

sour curries - round lump of seedless tamarind, or Amot as it is known locally, is traded in great demand over here. Every inch of place is booked by sellers giving a very little space for buyers to move since

regular stalls are booked with temporary mats and boards. You’ll find all kind of requirements from lottery stalls to barbers shops, fruits stalls to vegetable stalls, there is fish street as well as dry fish stalls with all kinds of fish. You’ll also find all types of fruits and as well as vegetables, attractively

displayed some of them being Bananas, Mangoes, Chikkoos, Watermelons, pumpkins, cabbage well but all of them depending on the season. There is also a spice street and bakery section. Different types of handicrafts made of coir, clothes stalls, glass bangles, sausages, channa baskets, meat market are added features of the Mapusa Market. Every place you’ll find bars and restaurants or tea stalls serving refreshments. The shops are well arranged. One can buy things without wasting much time as one finds cloth, jewellery, utensils, groceries and pottery all in one place. Vendors of flowers, fruits and vegetables happily call out their ware (commodity). The famous country liquor is all sold at the most reasonable prices one could possibly find. A walk through the lively market, gives the visitor a taste of the 'spirit' of the land of Goa. In recent years new shops have come up to cater to the needs of tourists. With a lot of foreign

Friday, 4th January, 2013

tourists frequenting this market you will also find nowadays souvenir, ornament and carpet sellers from other parts of India. At times the Friday market can get so crowded that it becomes impossible to get a foothold. There are a lot of shops on


the floor outside. If you are a traveller you should have the ability to bargain with them even if u r buying fruits they say high rates. The best part of shopping in the Friday Market is, despite the good bargains, you are still expected to haggle. One rule is never pay the first price asked by the vendors here. If you get the chance to visit the market at Mapusa you should do it, it’s hectic, chaotic and very cheap. It can be a great experience or a horrible one depending on your tolerance levels and mindset. A lot of traffic with loads of motorbikes flow in on this day of the week. Entrepreneurs trying to sell you “everything”. If you see something you want, haggle the price. If not, just persistently walk away without being rude. The market begins at 8 in the morning and winds up by dusk and then Mapusa quickly gets back to normal, until the next Friday.


Friday, 4th January, 2013

Exercising Democracy


that the Parliamentary Committees and Judicial Commissions cannot have translators in all the Languages recognized by the Constitution, and the time available to them is limited. This can be overcome by delegating the job of collecting the comments and oral representations in respective State Language to the concerned State Assembly Secretariats and the State Law Departments. They can translate the matter into Hindi or English, as the case may be and forward to the respective Committee or Commission. By allowing a week or two of extra time

The Lessons We Fail to Learn


t has become the norm and routine for Judicial Commissions of Enquiry and Parliamentary Committees dealing with important matters affecting the Nation to invite the public to offer comments, suggestions or evidence regarding the matter under consideration. On the face of it, this seems to be a logical step to allow interested persons or groups to let their voice be heard in the proceedings of such important Committees or Commissions. Trouble starts when these become just perfunctory and there is inadequate representation of the affected persons in the memoranda and personal hearings. Why does such a situation arise? India is a vast country

with numerous officially recognized languages, besides Hindi and English as National Official languages. Yet, when it comes to the announcements inviting suggestions or representations, these are made in English and Hindi only. It beats simple logic, when proceedings of the Parliament allow Members to speak in any of the official languages of their respective States, why should the Committees

Nazri Resort

Saunta Vaddo, Baga – Calangute, Bardez - North - Goa.

Tel: +91 832 2277390 / 1 / 2 / 3

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and Commissions insist that memoranda and oral representations be in Hindi or English only? It is a well known fact that those who speak and write fluent English and can express in it cogently constitute a small minority in the country; yet they get disproportionately high share of the opportunities for speaking out. Equally true is the fact that those who can speak and write effectively in official Hindi are a minority who get disproportionate attention to what they express. Those who are highly literate in the Regional Language are also a minority. All these groups combined do not come anywhere near the vast majority of the Indian Electorate who are unable to get their voices heard at the appropriate power centres. The media and the elected representatives who claim to represent the marginalized segments are themselves split into these three groups and the distortion referred to above are perceptible among them also. If we analyse the responses of some of our Honourable M.Ps to certain policy initiatives of the Government, we find that much of their actions are dictated by the frustration at being marginalized in the consultation processes. The dominance over the media by the English and Hindi channels was the reason why there has been

a mushroom growth of regional channels dishing out their own versions of truth. The glaring gap in official opportunities for the Regional language speakers and the barely literate in English and Hindi is being exploited by T.V. channels and they have occupied the space meant for these groups. The proverbial laziness of the elite citizens who assume the role of critics without participating in the election

for this purpose, the current trend of excluding those who speak only Regional Languages from being heard adequately can be rectified. The cost of arranging the translations can be reimbursed to the States. It must be made mandatory that all major policy legislative initiatives must necessarily go through the Parliamentary Committee process. It should likewise be mandatory that these

By C S Radhakrishnan

ECOTRONICS process or even in serious efforts to draw attention of the elected representative to pressing problems of the electorate is a severe malady affecting the quality of democracy we practise. Those who prevent electors from casting their vote are getting away with their game, without any punishment. Those who blatantly rig the elections are sitting in Houses of Legislature and preach democracy to others. Isn’t it time we put an end to the malpractices? There can be an excuse

Committees afford adequate opportunity for citizens to respond. Great care has to be exercised to ensure that such consultations are not hijacked by vested interests to monopolise the space and time, and that all genuine voices are heard adequately. Failure to provide for this type of consultation will endanger our Democracy and pave way for manipulators to usher in Revolution in the name of the marginalized, but leading them eventually into a repeat of the same malady.

Friday, 4th January, 2013

UP FRONT With just over a year left for the Lok Sabha elections, the race for the South Goa Congress ticket seems to be hotting up as Churchill Alemao has also thrown his hat in the ring. In a chat with SURAJ NANDREKAR, South Goa MP Francisco Sardinha states irrespective of who is aspiring of the party ticket, he is quite confident of being named the party candidate. He also goes on to say that the UPA will come back to power despite allegations of corruption and inflation protests. GT: The Lok sabha will go to polls next year. How would you rate your performance in last four years? Sardinha: To tell you the truth, I am very satisfied. Whatever problems my people were facing I have been able to highlight in the parliament. I also got the sanction for the National Highway 17 from the Centre but it was the failure of the state government, which could not give NHAI the alignment in time and as a result we lost the project. Besides, I was successful


too. The government is trying its best to control inflation and while doing so we are trying to increase the LPG cylinders per year to 9 and the government is honest enough in that matter and people know that. GT: Will the anti-corruption crusaders Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal have any adverse impact on the UPA’s chances? Sardinha: No way...we don’t need Anna Hazare to tell us there is corruption as we ourselves are against corruption. Even the UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi has said that she will strive to see that there is no corruption. Corruption is not something which is come now; it has always been there and will always be there. You cannot completely eradicate corruption but we must try to minimise it so that the poor don’t feel the pinch of it. Let me tell you one thing in the name of Anna Hazare some people are trying to get back door entry to politics.

in pursuing the Centre for a direct flight to Hajj from Goa and a direct train to Vailankanni. Whatever problems have not been sorted out I will bring them up again. GT: South Goa’s Congress stalwart Churchill Alemao seems to be also vying for ticket from South Goa. How sure are you of getting party ticket for LS elections? Sardinha: Well, there have always been aspirants for tickets even in the past but the party leaders know what and who is the best candidate

GT: After the defeat in March 2012 the State Congress seems to be in disarray and also

Party knows who is the best bet: Sardinha

hasn’t even played its part as a responsible Opposition. Do you agree?

and I am quite confident I will get the party ticket.

GT: You might have been disappointed to have been let out of the cabinet by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh? Sardinha: Not at all! Instead the prime minister has given me the position as the chairman of the estimates

committee. No doubt I would have been happy if I was a cabinet minister as I would have been able to carry out more work for Goa but nonetheless I am satisfied with the appointment as chairman. No regrets for missing cabinet.

government comes they will have to solve problems of the Goans as this chief minister will only make promises which he cannot keep.

GT: How would you rate Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar’s performance so far?

GT: Do you think the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) will come back to power in 2014 amidst the barrage of protests on inflation, corruption etc?

Sardinha: It is unfortunate; whatever he said as the Opposition leader he has done a volte-face on them. He is giving assurances to people, which he cannot fulfil. I must say whichever new

Sardinha: Well, I have no doubt that Congress will roar back to power. Let me ask you have we not won in Himachal Pradesh. A little bit of more work and I can tell you we would have won in Gujarat

Sardinha: Only sensible people make statements at the right time. Now that it is for all to see how Manohar Parriker has fared as a Chief Minister. We are out to bring out his true face in the public.

Well, there have always been aspirants for tickets even in the past but the party leaders know what and who is the best candidate and I am quite confident I will get the party ticket.


Friday, 4th January, 2013

Bye-Bye 2012


Friday, 4th January, 2013

Welcome 2013




Constructions on a High(way) Friday, 28th December, 2012

Friday, 28th December, 2012



• Government throws caution to wind, grants permission within setback area By Andrea Fernandes | GT • Claims to have taken undertaking PORVORIM: hey gave an undertaking while seeking permission for construction stating they would not object to demolition or seek compensation when the NH17 is widened to 4/6 lanes but when the project was announced they were up in their arms in protest. Thankfully, the project did not go on due to the lethargic approach of the State government as they failed to acquire land in time and hence the National Highway’s

It could well be termed a case of short term memory loss… Well so it is. The government as well as the state Public Works Department doesn’t seem to have learnt their lesson from the past. Even as the State is mulling the widening of the National Highway 17, from Patradevi to Polem to 4/6 lanning, the department or rather the government seems to be granting the permission for constructions within the setback area. Three huge construction projects are in progress in

Volkswagen showroom. When GOAN TIMES met Executive Engineer (NH) Ulhas Kerkar he tried to distance himself from the controversy saying the setback area to be maintained on the national highway is 40 meters. “For highways a setback area of 40 meters has to be maintained. The Nova Cidade project is not meeting the criteria and has maintained a setback area of just 21 meters.” insisted Kerkar. Already currently around 10 illegal constructions already exist within setback limits. These new people when they

Authority of India decided to scrap the project. Two years down the line a similar mistake is being committed.

Porvorim, one is a project of Nova Cidade near Goa Board, while the other two belong to one Sidhi Vinayak Dalvi and Mr.D’souza after the

apply they bring back old examples and situations and say if they could be permitted why can’t we?, Kerkar stated “When people apply as



widening of NH-17. Investigations have also revealed that PWD rules no development is permitted

others; else even the rural areas of the country will soon witness similar chaotic condition. The enforcement

ments and unauthorised constructions in the cities and towns of the country, has reminded the executive

“For highways a setback area of 40 meters has to be maintained. The Nova Cidade project is not meeting the criteria and has maintained a setback area of just 21 meters.” PWD Executive Engineer (NH) Ulhas Kerkar.

far as permission is concerned it is not in our hands and neither is the relaxing in our hands, we pass on the file to the government who takes decision. We tell them that they have to maintain 40 meters. Earlier, from the 80’s some relaxations were given. This road was not a highway earlier. There are already some illegal constructions existing here from before the 40 meters rule came into existence” explained Mr. Kerkar. The constructions of Nova Cidade as well as Mr. D’souza have given an undertaking that incase the PWD take up the widening of the highway and their construction has to be demolished they won’t be receiving any compensation from the Government for the loss of the property if subjected for demolition in case of up gradation of the highway. Kerkar adds, “It all depends on the person at the high end whoever is at that moment in authority in the

government will decide whether the permission can be granted or no keeping in mind the report and photograph of the property sent by the chief engineer.” He further adds, “earlier, they were not even taking undertakings. Now

recently due to some proposal for widening of the road matter we have started taking undertakings from 2009 onwards.” Sidhi Vinayak Dalvi relaxation took place in 2007 and it has been seen that 22.5 meters from the center

line is maintained and the same distance of 22.5 meters has been maintained by Mr. D’souza as well. Some oral undertakings are made for example Volkswagen was supposed to maintain around 22.5 meters but he has maintained a bit more i.e between 27.5 - 28 meters distance from the highway. What is pertinent to note here is that the government seems to have such a short memory as only about 18 months ago the people of Porvorim, whose constructions come within the setback area had launched agitation protesting against the proposed road widening. This despite they giving an undertaking that they won’t object to demolition if the government goes ahead with road widening. However, those in the know say that this decision could cause obstacles when the National Highways Authority of India or the State government begins the

within the 40 meters from the national highway central line. However, sources in the department have disclosed that the Government, despite unwillingness of the PWD and rules not permitting, has granted relaxations in several cases. Although the PWD rules clearly state that no development is allowed within 40 meters of Central line of the highway, the High Court had pointed out that there was no legislation to prevent the same as the department was working based on Indian Road Congress guidelines. In a bid to enact Legislation in this regard, the NHAI division had also prepared a proposal, which according to the sources is gathering dust in the Chief Engineer’s office. Sources further stated that the file was forwarded to the Chief Engineer in two years ago but doesn’t seem to have moved from there. GOAN TIMES opines that those in power have come forward to protect the wrong happenings either by issuing administrative orders or enacting laws for regularisation of illegal and unauthorised construction in the name of compassion and hardship. It is high time that the executive and political apparatus of the state take serious view of the menace of illegal and unauthorised construction and stop their support to the lobbies of affluent class of builders and

of laws enacted for ensuring planned development of the cities and urban areas has been extremely poor and these laws have been violated with impunity. The widespread encroach-

and politicians in power to take effective steps to check the menace of unauthorised constructions and encroachments and also to stop supporting the lobbies of builders and land mafia.

Nazri Resort

Saunta Vaddo, Baga – Calangute, Bardez - North - Goa.

Tel: +91 832 2277390 / 1 / 2 / 3

Email: | Website:


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Hema Sardessai By Evita Joan Coutinho|GT


usic is the language of the soul and the heart and if anything in music doesn’t reach the heart and the soul, it is not complete music.” Hema Sardessai And who has not heard of Goa’s nightingale, Hema Sardesai? Hema Sardesai is one of those Goans who have made Goa proud thanks to their talent being recognized all over the world. Singing playback songs for over sixty Bollywood films, she also has numerous Indi pop albums to her credit. Hema has performed all over India and toured different countries around the globe. She is also known for doing free of cost shows for charitable causes. Hema is without a doubt one of India's finest singers. The lady from Goa with a mellifluous voice has been

singing since the tender age of 8 and has lent her voice to over 50 films including Sapnay, Garam Masala, Josh, Chak De! India, Biwi No. 1, Takshak, Asoka, Khushi, and Asambav. Born in Mumbai, India, Hema Sardesai hails from Goa she began singing from a very young age and made her stage debut as an eight-year-old at the Navratri Festival. As a child, teachers and friends used to call her Happy Go Lucky Girl and even today she is frequently called so by her colleagues in the Indian music industry. Hema not only has a beautiful voice but a beautiful heart-she refuses to compromise her values for success and devotes a lot of her time to social work. She is living life in simplicity but one interesting thing about her is that she wears a Cross, an Allah, a Kada in her hand and an Om in her neck. What she is trying to say is that God is one, so that means, we all are one. She started her playback singing career in 1989 and made her debut in the film Goonj, singing for actress Juhi Chawla. Since then she has sung


songs for over 60 Hindi films for many popular actresses like Manisha Koirala, Urmila Matondkar, Karisma Kapoor, Raveena Tandon, Tabbu, Kajol, Preity Zinta, Sushmita Sen and Kareena Kapoor, collaborating with some of India's most prominent music directors and composers, including Anu Malik, A. R. Rahman, Rajesh Roshan, Nadeem-Shravan, Vishal Bhardwaj and Pritam. “God influenced me to take up singing, I think because he gave me the talent, and when it was discovered at the age of 6, by my teacher at school, the late Mrs. Sequeira and then afterwards, there was no looking back. It was music all

Her Awards 1989 - 16th International Pop Song Festival, Grand Prix in Germany 1999 - The best selling album of the season for the album Piya Se Milke Aaye Nain 2006 - All India Woman's Conference, Gomant Tejaswini Award for her outstanding achievements in the music field. the way” said Hema Sardesai. We got a little inquisitive with Hema and she disclosed her little secret. On asked “How long did you have to struggle to get recognized as a singer?” she said “Things just happened as if planned by God in my life. At the age of 11 in Goa, I won the first prize at the all Goa

singing competition, being the youngest participants, among 69 participants. After that, be it in any contest I entered, it was always the first prize. I don’t know why, God had slotted me for the first prize, be it inter-state or international contests.” “…and then,” she continues, “while I was still in college, I happened to go abroad, and then I got to know about this contest from Remo Fernandez, my senior in Goa and a friend of mine, he wanted me to enter this contest, the 16th international pop song festival, held in Germany, in which 20 countries were participating in it and I was representing India and luckily I happened to win the first prize there too.” She explains that the win was the Grand Prix and thereafter she went ahead to participate in the UNICEF contest in Yugoslavia and stuff like that. “It was like God was paving the way all the time. I didn’t have to really struggle until then, but then in my own country, when I went to settle down in Bombay (where I was born, but brought up in Goa and then, went back to Bombay) it was quite a struggle, in spite of the fact that I sang in the film Goonj. It was quite a struggle, because I had heard that you have to go to music directors, and give them cassettes, and sit in their studios for hours, cajoling them and making them understand that they should give you a break, etc” she says, adding “…but, I respected my music a little too much. I did go

once or twice, but then I said no, I am not going to do this. I don’t think my music is that kind of a low at any level, or in any way, that I should go and beg or ask or even persuade somebody to do something for me. If God has given me the talent, he will look after it. And that’s exactly what has happened.” Her first milestone achievement was her winning the Grand Prix at the 16th International Pop Song Festival '89 held in Germany. This gave her an opportunity to express her stage talent and, since then, she has successfully performed on TV and live stage shows in almost all the states of India and numerous world tours to places such as the United States, UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Holland, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji Islands, Thailand, Indonesia and so on Her 1999 album Piya Se Milke Aaye Nain won Hema an award for "The best selling album of the season". During her years in the Indian film industry, Sardesai was widely praised for her song performances. Hema is the only singer who sang playback duets with four superstars: Amitabh Bachchan (Baghban), Naseeruddin Shah (Asambhav), Govinda (Hum Do Hamara Do) and Shahrukh Khan (Josh). When it comes to her own heritage she dint lag behind. Hema sang several hit songs in Chris Perry's Konkani album Cu Cu Ru Cu. In 2005, she released her own Konkani album, Goa Zaai.

LPK Waterfront LIFE & STYLE



The ultimate venue for weddings and parties

By Evita Coutinho | GT

f you are looking for a place for your wedding, LPK Waterfront is the most unique wedding destination and location in the world. Having won the innovative tourism concept of 2012, LPK offers incredible water views, breathtaking beauty, grand opulence and romantic charm. Be it a wedding ceremony, a disco party or a gala dinner, LPK caters to all your needs. You can foresee your special event over the banks of the Nerul River with the historical Candolim 400 year old Indo Portuguese Church as the milieu while dancing the night away in LPK’s specially sculpted indoor dance floor. Nandan Kudchadkar executed his father Laxmikant’s dream when he completed Goa’s most exclusive and the world’s most unique wedding venue, LPK Waterfront. Situated on the banks of the scenic Nerul river, this waterfront is spread over a massive 26 acres of land and was completed in a span of 15 years. In Nandan’s own words, LPK has been a labour of love. Among its attractions are the five sections, the venue is divided into namely, the love temple, an indoor sculpted hall, the passion deck, the sundeck and Woo, LPK’s very own love themed restaurant. Each section has its own exclusive attractions. The waterfront provides you with ready wedding sculptured theme deco, lights and effects to wow you, a DJ console and an amazing sound system

Friday, 4th January, 2013

which is the latest in house. It also provides a huge parking space: valet parking and security is managed at its best service. Besides its charming location, LPK’s most

stunning attraction is the largest sculpted woman in the world along with several other majestic and artistic sculptures spread out through the vast expanse of the venue, thus making for

an awe inspiring view. For the project, the sculptures were executed by several Italian artists who were flown down especially for this purpose. Every face, body and

abstract sculpture has been carved with artistic precision, adding to the charm and mystique of the venue. As a wedding destination, the venue, surrounded by a water body on all sides and lush green mangroves across the river makes the perfect backdrop for that dreamy, fairy-tale styled wedding ceremony. The location can easily accommodate above 400 people. LPK has hosted the after burn party of sunburn recently and also the after party of IRFW in November. When it comes to weddings, it is all about pure indulgence and romance and there is no better place to complete this experience by celebrating and welcoming your guest to the most unique wedding location this world has ever produced.


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sad to say that our students are missing out on this sport”. Joaquim Carvalho a Mumbai based Goan legendary Hockey player said “There is plenty of talent in Goa but The Goa Hockey Association is not doing anything for the betterment and development of this sport. An individual from here went as an observer abroad but there is no tournament held in Goa. The game is lacking behind because the ones in power are keeping in front their selfish motives rather then this sport. There is no initiative taken for the development of this sport”.

in Goa”. “Hockey is practically dead in Goa.This emanate from the rivalries at the federation i.e. the 2 rivalry associations. We have no adequate infrastructure as well for this sport. Whatever fame Goan hockey got was from boys and girls from outside either Mumbai or some other place. If these two rivalries can come together then perhaps we as the government can help them do something. We are willing to help them recently even the Deputy Chief Minister was with the idea of constructing an artificial turf at the peddem for the betterment of

Hockey NEEDS

this sport. They should only see that this infrastructure will be used properly and work for the development of some talent” added Mr. Elvis Gomes, Executive Director of the Sports Authority of Goa. It’s time to wake up and also consider why this sport is dwindling in our state in the past few years. If Goans have excelled both in football as well as hockey and reached the Olympic, World and Asian levels, then what is the problem now? Goans all over the world or outside Goa are worried about Goa and Goan affairs, unlike Goans in Goa who seem to be very casual in their approach. We need to


HOOTER By Andrea Fernandes | GT


ot long ago, India were a dominant country in hockey but today we are struggling to keep up pace with western countries. The state of Goan Hockey is going from bad to worse. Goan Times tried to speak to people associated to the field of hockey regarding the scenario of this sport in Goa.the responses got can be viewed in the following stanzas. We started off with Gurudatta Bhakta, Secretary of Goa Olympic Association who said “To put it in short the current position of Hockey is really very very bad. The state of Goan hockey is in a

miserable condition. After Churchill Alemao taking over as president we thought things would improve but nothing has been done. It’s

Mr. Anselm Gabriel, General Secretary of Association for Control of Hockey in Goa, said “The people at the high end can be solely blamed for the pathetic state of the sport of Hockey. We need to have our methods of functioning in place. IOA has two sections under it such IHF as well as Hockey India. FIH is also to be blamed for this full scene. The state’s hockey is in a really miserable condition currently. The people in the department have been involved in several scams and yet not been removed from authority nor suspended. If we can get a system in place Hockey definitely has a bright future

set up proper infrastructure, have a sincere federation in power and also have a system in place if we need to excel. Talent abounds in Goa. If we need to develop the game it is necessary to have an artificial turf for hockey first and foremost. We also need to get modern equipment Goa has produced household names in hockey and we are confident that proper guidance and leadership of the past can be revived. On a more serious note, politics destroyed it all. Can’t anybody do something? Anything?? We can only wait in hope to see hockey soon regain its lost ground.

By Eduardo Rodrigues


Moments in



he year end saw the ILeague come to Mapusa. The Duler grounds was quite a place to be in that evening. Not just because the I- League is back but also because the new astro turf was put to test. Let’s, talk about the ground later. First, the emotions of the evening. There was a crowd. Not much of it but it was crowded. Maybe, it appeared crowded because the stadium is petite. So, a small group can sound like a crowd. People cheered the teams, Salgaocar Sports Club enjoying the large part of the cheers. And the boys did their supporters proud. They pumped in four goals in a matter of around 25 minutes. Their goal kepeer had a good day too. Despite the score line, there was a lot of fire in the bellies of the two. It was nice to see Salgaocar field a team compromising mostly of Goan boys. They played O.K. As has been said by the experts before, it was evident that they lacked in physical fitness. The kids are yet to get tough. Some of them have years in their favour. The others, a bit more of hard work. Nevertheless, the first half was good. Entertaining enough! Now, the ground. The astro turf pitch. Sarto Baptista found an uneven bounce. It appeared that the ball moved a bit fast. If it did, it expedited the game. At least, the football looked a bit pacey. In patches, at least. There were occasions when one could see some black flying around on the pitch. It is that tar substance it seems. People in the know say, it is too early to comment on the condition of the ground. It needs more time and more matches to settle down. Some games have already been organized and more will. As we wait for the turf to mature, hopefully the game will grow more in popularity in the North . In Mapusa, especially!


By Evita Joan Coutinho|GT Earthen Heaven is the right word for this place, Resort Terra Paraiso a unique boutique resort that surrounds you with everything you need to make your holiday special. Resort Terra Paraiso, is a seaside haven is surrounded by fascinating Goan culture on one side and the blue seas on the other. Holidays at the resort offers you a wide range of options for fine international cuisines, personal attention and warm hospitality, all set in exquisite landscaped gardens. A unique Goan hospitality warmly welcomes tourists at its simple yet stylish entrance and lobby. The boutique resort reflects the ambience of charming Goan & Portuguese villas. Tropical greenery surrounds the earthen roof villas and spacious Rooms look out over the azure swimming pool.

Friday, 4th January, 2013


-Paradise in Goa

Antique furniture and local handicrafts lend traditional style to the contemporary facilities and all this just a step or two from the surf, sunsets and shopping of

internationally. The resort has 44 villa styled A/C Rooms. They have 44 total rooms which includes 27 deluxe rooms and 17 super deluxe rooms.

for relaxing on the private balconies. All the Superior Deluxe Rooms are pool facing while the Deluxe Rooms face the other side.

Calangute Beach. Their facilities are constantly maintained and they keep a high standard of cleanliness consistent with good hotels

The Rooms are resplendent with antique furniture unique to Goa with bell styled doors and windows and antique lay back chairs

The Resort offers certain amenities in their rooms, Air-conditioner, Telephone/ Intercom, Mini Bar (chargeable), Satellite

Television, Tea/Coffee Maker - replenished once daily, Hair Dryer ( on request), Round the clock hot & cold water, Standing shower in Deluxe Rooms, Jacuzzi in Super Deluxe Rooms, Safe Deposit Locker in all Rooms, Private Balcony and Room Service. While the hotel makes sure you grt thr luxury of a 44 Villa style A/C Rooms, Swimming pool, Gym, sunken bar in the pool, blue bistro bar and restaurant, travel assistance, laundry service, money exchange facility, safe deposit locker, Wifi connectivity, the saloon – beauty parlor, massage and Spa. The resort strictly only provides elegant and luxurious accommodation but dining at Resort Terra Paraiso is a gastronomic journey in itself. There is choice for everyone to pamper their taste buds. Their aesthetic and exclusively decorated multicuisine Bar & Restaurant ‘Blue Bristo’ offers the best of world and international cuisines. A skilled culinary team of

chefs, inventive cuisine and a variety of dining choices have earned our resort a reputation for excellence in dining. Blue Bristo serves delectable International & Indian Cuisines which is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner . Here you can enjoy poolside all day dining at this restaurant offering Indian, Chinese, Continental and Italian cuisines. As can be expected our restaurant specializes in Goan delights and offers the best you can get Fish Curry and Prawn Curry Rice. If you want to experience the uniqueness of Goa stay with them! They offer you the Goan experience as soon as you enter the resort, an amazing terracotta heaven we call ‘Goa.’ The entire resort with its authentic Goan-Portuguese styled villas offers a degree of privacy and calm not available elsewhere. So what are you waiting for? Holiday is Goa can get a lot more exciting and luxurious only with Resort Terra Paraiso.


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Aries - (March 21 - April 19)

Chase practical and prestigious goals all week, Aries. Higher-ups might test your qualifications or talents. Sunday (disappointment in the intimate zone) and Monday (sweet success early) are romantic, draw you to someone whose mind or experience pleases and enlightens you. (A person met Monday before 2 p.m. is “mate material.”) Tackle chores midweek – you’ll succeed, but be alert for electrical or computer “dangers.” Relationships – and opportunities, and opposition – fill Thursday night to Saturday. The best developments or openings arise before dawn Friday, and Saturday. Taurus - (April 20-May 20)

A gentle, understanding mood continues. This is an excellent few weeks to succeed at school, to travel afar, to perform intellectual tasks, or to deal with the media. You’re a slow-starter, Taurus, so if you’re a student, get the jump on everyone else by starting your studies early. Home, family and security concerns are slated Sunday/Monday – despite a roadblock Sunday eve, you’ll accomplish something special. Midweek’s romantic – and this month is love-blessed, so take a chance. Risk your heart. Chores arise Thursday eve to Saturday. Avoid a disagreement Friday morning. Gemini - (May 21-June 20)

Research, lift the corners to see what’s beneath. Your subconscious rises to the surface – dreams, sexual urges, financial hunches emerge. Steep yourself in these – you could find a treasure within (insights that solve old personal riddles) or without (good investments, etc.). You might find your private or secret searches conflict with friends and social life. Short trips, communications and acquaintances fill Sunday (some barriers) and Monday (good). Tackle domestic concerns midweek: kids, food, real estate, security, retirement plans, etc. Is that love or lust late week? Cancer - (June 21-July 22)

Chase money Sunday/Monday, Cancer – but avoid speculation, risk and romance. Midweek brings friends, trips, emails, paperwork and variety – be curious, there’s much to learn. A glitch might occur at work or with higher-ups around Thursday: not a big deal. Be friendly, not rebellious. Get home, nurture kids, Thursday night to Saturday. You’re in an important relationship month. About seven per cent of Cancers will meet their true love each year between 2009 and 2024. And the “meeting” is most likely to occur in late December or January. So respond to overtures and your own urges. Leo - (July 23-Aug. 22)

The weeks ahead are a bit of a slog, Leo – work, health, dependents. Your job is changing, perhaps not with fireworks, but deeply and irrevocably. The job you performed pre-2009, and perhaps the job you do now, likely won’t exist in a decade. Realize this; go with the flow. Your charisma and energy soar Sunday/Monday – you could attract someone who would be a “workable mate.” (NOT before 7 p.m. Sunday.) Chase money midweek – buy/sell, seek new clients – but don’t buy high tech, computers. Trips, friendships, details and paperwork fill Friday (pre-dawn succeeds) and Saturday. Virgo - (Aug. 23-Sept. 22)

FUN, FOOD & FUTURE Food court

Goan Chana Masala Ingredients

• 1 kg black channa • 4 onions, sliced

• 2 raw bananas, boiled and chopped • 10 flakes of garlic, crushed • 1 piece of ginger, crushed • 1 tablespoon Goan sambhar masala • 1 coconut, grated • Marble-sized ball of tamarind in 1 cup water • Pinch of sugar

Instructions • Boil the channa in salt water and keep aside. Boil 2 raw bananas and keep aside. In a frying pan, saute the onion along with ginger and garlic. • Mix the sambhar masala in the grated coconut and add this to the pan. Add the boiled channa and bananapieces, sugar and tamarind water. • Add salt if required. Cook over slow fire.

Strange but true facts... 21 years???

Take risks, in heart and pocketbook (within reason). You’re on a winning streak. Romance, pleasure, creative surges, joys from children, sports and games fill your days – or your thoughts. But private obligations or weariness dampen romantic aspirations Sunday p.m. Your charisma, energy and sense of timing soars Tuesday to Thursday. You can attract others: sparks might flash, even blaze. Start important things. You’re now in a major marriage phase, but it has little urgency, for it lasts until 2025. Chase money, buy/sell, seek new clients, angle for a pay raise Friday/Saturday.

Pearl or tennis ball?

Libra - (Sept. 23-Oct. 22)

For you, the New Year is always a time of leaving the old and starting the new, especially in the areas of home, family, real estate, and general foundations. This is particularly so from 2009-24, as Pluto will not let old systems, relationships and platforms remain: change is inevitable. Sunday/Monday give you a solid glimpse of the new – mixed Sunday, “all systems go” Monday. Be glad, be friendly, and wish for your future! Retreat, rest midweek – home, security, money, all have good solutions. Your energy rises Thursday eve to Saturday. Let someone know you’re “available.” Scorpio - (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)

Calls and messages lead you along a trail this week – to ambitious situations Sunday/Monday, to friends and celebrations midweek, and to obligations and duties Thursday eve onward. But the most important thing in all this are the calls and messages and the information they contain. What you learn now, and the contacts you make, can lead to future advantages. For example, on Sunday/ Monday you might learn the boss’s favorite sport, and be able later to use this. Your income remains good, buoyant: take advantage quickly. Be gentle at home all January: channel energy into repairs.

Just another Laugh

Sagittarius - (Nov. 22-Dec. 21)

Chase money all week, Sage. Buy/sell, seek more clients, angle for a pay raise, etc. You remain charming, attractive – and your “sensual quotient” is high. You might make a friend this January who now or later turns into a lover. You express yourself with superb creativity all month, and handle all details, errands and paperwork with speedy accuracy. Travel’s a pleasure. (A potential partner or opportunity remains elusive until the 30th – but February into June explodes with solid results here.) Sunday/Monday are mellow, wise – explore, learn. Be ambitious midweek. Capricorn - (Dec. 22-Jan. 19)

Your energy, charisma, effectiveness and sense of timing hit a yearly peak for the three weeks ahead, Cap. Start important projects, ask favours, see and be seen. All January, more money than usual flows to you – bank it, or you could lose it – and more. A minor income source might end. Your communication skills suddenly return, but love is waiting one more week. Sunday (careful) and Monday (good) bring secrets, sensual and financial urges/hunches – research. Understanding, gentle love flow midweek. Be ambitious Friday/Saturday – you’ll succeed, especially early Friday.

The largest Pearl ever found was the size of a tennis ball.

Summer and winter on Uranus each last 21 Earth years

SUDOKU The rules for solving Sudoku puzzles are very simple: each row, column and block must contain one of the numbers from "1" to "9". No number may appear more than once in any row, column, or block.

3 4 9



Why do witches fly on broomsticks?

1 9 4

5 1


Because its better than walking.

5 2

6 7



6 3

7 4

Aquarius - (Jan. 20-Feb. 18)

Not your favorite time of year, Aquarius. You’re weary, your health needs sensible care, and others might be pressing you to fulfill old obligations (e.g., tax man, bill collectors). But it’s also a superb time to catch a second breath, plan future action, and interface with civil servants and administrative types. God, spirit, charity flow in you. Paradoxically, your attitude might be more aggressive than usual – turn this into friendliness, humor. A short but significant trip looms. Sunday/Monday bring opposition and opportunity (for loving partnership, especially, Monday). Pisces - (Feb. 19-March 20)

Dreams can come true, Pisces, especially this month, especially for you. (Read this week’s preamble for further clues.) Higher-ups favour you to January 8, so propose ventures, or forge ahead with research or financial projects. All month, steer clear of belligerent people and dark alleys. You might receive money from the government, or receive a demand for same. Tackle chores Sunday/Monday – you’ll succeed. Partnerships, marriage, co-operation, opportunities – and, possibly, enmity, opposition – fill midweek. Mysteries, sensual urges, money hunches fill Friday/Saturday.

2 1 4 6 6 What did the Alien say to the gas pump? Take your finger out of your ear when I’m talking to you.





9 4



6 2

6 8 9

7 8

5 1 2 6







SRK once again goes gaga over Kat B

ack in 1943 when freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose mouthed the words “Tum mujhe khoon do, main tumhe azadi dunga”, it moved an entire nation Back in present times: With

Friday, 4th January, 2013


Paresh Censored Paresh Rawal saying these exact words in his next film, it has come under the radar of the Censor Boards. A source says, `Paresh had a scene with this line. The words remain the same but the context is different.

The Censor Board has however objected to this line and have asked it to be edited out.` Producer Viki Rajani says, `Yes, the board asked us to delete the line as it may hurt people’s sentiments.


The hottest celeb


urns out SRK has nothing but good words to say about the Britaccented leggy lass. Having worked with her recently for the first time, the actor feels he learned a lot from her! `She has a wonderful sense of clarity. People keep saying



MZ reports that the $20 million lawsuit the singer filed against her former driver has been dismissed. A judge has sided with Lopez’s onetime chauffeur Hakob Manoukian, who started the legal battle when he sued the 43-year-old singer for wrongful termination

that she’s hardworking but if you ask me, that’s a prerequisite in this industry. It was very shocking to learn how she’s very clear of the direction in which the film is heading. I’m not patronizing her, just saying what is true,` the Bollywood Baadshah told in interview.


eha Dhupia is leading among the hottest female vegetarian celebrity contest She has garned the maximum number of votes amongst the ladies in the annual contest organised by an animal rights group. The results will be announced in January as the voting is still on. Others on the list are Vidya Balan, Kareena Kapoor and Hema Malini. While among the guys Shahid Kapoor leads with Sonu Sood, Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush also among the contenders.

Seriously! Another


M and breach of contract. Manoukian claimed he’d been forced out of the job after Lopez’s manager Benny Medina berated him in public and stripped him of certain responsibilities. In turn, Lopez countersued, claiming that Manoukian had tried to extort her

for $2.8 million or he would go public with confidential information about the singer that could have her criminally prosecuted. Manoukian’s original lawsuit against Lopez is still pending, and Lopez is developing quite the reputation for getting those around her fired.

atthew McConaughey’s wife just keeps delivering. The Killer Joe star and Camila Alves welcomed their third child this morning in Austin, Texas. The newborn—whose name (and gender, for that matter!) has not yet been released—joins big brother Levi, 4, and sister Vida, 2, on the family homestead. Congrats to the proud parents!


Friday, 4th January, 2013





Name: Jack Mathews

Favorite Track: As a music lover my favorite track always changes … Best venue ever played: That would definitely be Club Paradiso (Goa) for the new year bash. Likes: As a Dj it would always be the crowd going mad after your music…and definitely it would be the same for every artist… Dislikes: To be asked to play the track you just got done with just because he/ she was not on the dance floor at the very time… If you were to be marooned on an island: First I would begin searching for food, water ,defense weapons, tools and firewood….build a shelter, several fire signals and then relax and just enjoy your time at the island… hopefully by then someone comes to rescue … Person you would love to meet: Its one and only the Legend Michael Jackson. But sadly that’s never going to happen now. Person u would love to kiss: Now I never thought about that one. Damn I can’t think of any. Let’s just keep that private yeah!!! Favorite Dish: I love more of Italian, Thai and Chinese … God is: For some its imaginable superpower… For some Universe Creator …For me God is Love.

2013 in Goa


Friday, 4th January, 2013


All Pics by ALOK

Bring on the new


Friday, 4th January, 2013



Choice of Song 7:00pm onwards Cavala Baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards Fiplees

Revion with JOLUS Live Dineout & Dance with some live Music




Sunrise: 06:58 Sunset: 18:11

De Baga Deck Keven Simply Solo Cafe Mojo Corporate's n Cocktails 10 percent add on to your cards on recharges of rs 1000 or more. Discounts on all your favorite cocktails. Cavala Baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards




Sunrise: 06:57 Sunset: 18:09

Nostalgia Salcette Live Music on friday 8:00pmto 11:00 pm Sweet Chilli Bardez Beer, BBQ & Blue 8:00pm to 11:00 pm Cavala Baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards Hilltop

Groove Temple Live in Goa 2013 feat. Talvin Singh, Ankur Tewari and Vicckey Goswami

Cafe Mojo Mojo Goes Old Skool Old skool hip-hop n video's Fiplees

Karaoke and Dance Party Sing along to KJ FRANCIS PAUL followed by Dance Party with In-House Dj’s

Kerkar Art complex Calangute Art exhibithion by Chandrakant kerkar Banyan tree Taj holiday village Friday buffet




Sunrise: 06:57 Sunset: 18:10

Club Tito's @ The Radisson Blu BACARDI GOT TOGETHER MIX GOA GRAND PARTY 09:00 pm Mambo Saturday Showtime 9:00pm onwards Cafe Mojo Saturday Shuffle Every genre of music Sweet Chilli Bardez Karaoke Night 8:00 pm to 12:00pm Kerkar Art complex Calangute Art exhibithion by Chandrakant kerkar Cavala baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards Fiplees

Saturday Nite Fever Retro-Pop to Night Club Genres ! Dazzling sound & visuals ! ALISON - Live

Fiplees New year's Eve Carnival SUN Live Acts, Top Deejay's, Fire Eaters, Fireworks, Bonfire, Sunrise: 06:58 06 Jan Sunset: 18:10 Dazzlin Light Effects & Visuals Titos courtyard Retro & Jazz Music Brunch 12:00pm - 3:00pm Mambo Saturday Showtime Titos courtyard Together 4:00pm onwards Club Tito's @ The Radisson Blu Groovetonic EDM Night 9:00pm Onwards Hilltop Hilight Tribe Live in Concert by Hill Top Rec & Digital Distortion rec 4:00pm onwards The Fisherman’s Wharf Musical Evening 8:00pm to 11:00pm De Baga D Sweet Sensation Duo Band Cafe Mojo Bollywood Boulevard 11:00 am to 7:00pm Digital Jukebox Request Your




Sunrise: 06:59 Sunset: 18:11

Club Tito's @ The Radisson Blu

Retro And All Time Hits With DJ Aggie 9:00pm Onwards Kala academy


The Fisherman’s Wharf

Live Music Performance

8:00pm to 11:00pm Fiplees The 2013 Bash Feat 'MICHAEL & DYLAN' - Live . . Dance and sizzle to festive tunes & party hard and Deejays


09 Jan

Sunrise: 06:59 Sunset: 18:12 Club Tito's @ The Radisson Blu Russian Ecstasy Nights 9:00pm Onwards Cafe Mojo Ladies Nite Out!! with Dj Joel , a.k.a, 145bpm & Dj Usman Free Cafe Mojo shooters for ladies all nite long Wednesday Flea Market 11:00am to 6:00pm


Seafood Night

Sunrise: 06:59 Market 10 7:00pmto 11:00pm Jan Sunset: 18:12 Caravela - The Taj Holiday Village Club Tito's @ The Pescheria- Mediterranean Radisson Blu Bollywood Madness Seafood Market

With DJ Aggie

9:30pm to 3:30pm

Fiplees Jelin with Jolus Live Dance and sizzle to the tunes of the Duo

Cafe Mojo Mojo Goes Retro Retro music

Art Escape , Woodstock Resort

Salsa Night

Musical concert LokGut from bihar

Grand Hyatt


8:00pm to 11:00pm

Cavala Baga The Piano Man Bosco D'Souza, Will enthrall you with some old time hits. People are invited to jam up with him. 7:00pm onwards De Baga Deck Karaoke Nite with Hendry

Goan times  


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