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Storage Solutions beyond imagination

You name it, we store it. Let’s face it, you’ve got more to store than just file folders and mounds of paperwork. The tricky part is figuring out a way to creatively store all that other “stuff” while saving space and looking stylish while you do it. Now don’t get us wrong, we can still help you store your file folders, binders, X-Rays, and other paper materials. But we can also help you store all those other oddities you keep around, like balls of yarn, guns, sports equipment, computers, small parts, and cleaning supplies. And the fun doesn’t stop there...

When is a cabinet not a cabinet? When it’s a Datum Shelving System, that’s when. We carry a full line of shelving products with accessories galore to fit an ample number of storage applications . From heavy duty shelving to gang locking doors and more, we’ve got you covered.

4Post™ 4Post™ boasts heavy duty shelving and a plethora of accessories to accommodate virtually any storage need, making it our most popular shelving line.

Stak-N-Lok™ The gang-locking doors and optional pull out work shelf make Stak-N-Lok™ perfect for storing patient files or other important documents. It helps comply with HIPAA regulations too.

Ez2® Rotary More than double your current amount of storage space with an Ez2® Rotary Action File. This rotating “cabinet within a cabinet” gives you tons of storage, access from both sides, and the ability to lock in the closed position to help with HIPAA regulations and to secure important items.

ThinStak® & Vu-Stak® Whether you need straight tiers or slanted for your filing needs, look no further than our ThinStak® and Vu-Stak® product lines. Available in different heights and widths to fit your needs and any of our 19 standard paint colors to fit your decor.

Just move it. Running out of space and don’t have the budget for construction? Then high density storage systems are for you. We’ll design a system for you that fits your needs, your space, and your budget.



TrakSlider™ Stationary shelving with aisles in between is a thing of the past. With TrakSlider™, you can convert your existing Datum shelving into a movable system with no aisles. The advantages? You can fit more storage into the same amount of floor space or less, and it works with any of Datum’s standard shelving lines.

MobileTrak® Perhaps the most versatile of high density systems, the MobileTrak® offers you space efficiency in an easy to access and simple to operate system. Available full size as the MobileTrak5®, or as a lower profile system with the MobileTrak3®, and with an abundance of options to customize, we can create a system that not only does what you need it to, but looks good doing it.

Security is our middle name. Ok, so it’s not really our middle name. But it should be, especially once you get a look at our ever-expanding line of computer security products. Whether it’s a CPU, a laptop, or a whole bunch of laptops, we’ve got the secure storage device for you. Oh yeah, we also do servers, A/V equipment, and virtually any other electronic device that you want to keep safe and sound.

Carts We offer a series of computer security carts that are designed to store, charge, and transport laptops, netbooks, and tablet devices. They provide a secure and mobile storage solution suitable for classroom or training facility usage. Our collection includes the LapTop Cart™, NetBook Cart™, Economy LapTop Cart™, and the new QwikLink Cart™.

Lockers When you need to not only protect your computer, but the valuable information stored on it, look no further than our CPU Locker™ and LapTop Locker™. These units are designed as an individual secure storage option for CPU towers or laptops, and can be mounted to a stationary surface to increase security.

Depots If one of our carts isn’t a good fit for your application, look instead to our line of Depots™. These units are for storing and charging small quantities of laptops in a classroom or training environment. All units can be mounted to a work surface, or made mobile by adding a wheeled drawer base. The collection includes the LapTop Depot™, NetBook Depot™, and Table Depot™.

Individual Security Great for individual storage in a public setting, the TekStak™ has individual bays that can store laptops and other electronic devices. Available with three locking options and with our without electrical charging capabilities.

Rain, sleet, snow, or hail... We’ve got the goods to sort your mail! We carry a full line of completely customizable mail room furniture with Mail Master™. Put pieces together to create a system that works for your needs. Choose from cabinet and table bases, riser systems, and sort modules, plus accessories to make mail sorting a breeze. As if that wasn’t enough, we also offer a complete line of MailCarts™. Our wire basket carts are great for package transport and our regular metal carts are perfect for sorting mail in hanging file folders. They come in an array of sizes to compliment your mail transport needs. To top off our mail category, we’re introducing the MailStak™. This system is designed like a reinforced mailbox, with a slot in each individually locking compartment. A master key could be provided to the mail clerk to drop larger packages in the box.

Mail Master™

Wire basket

File box


Lets get technical. Organization is key in busy areas like network rooms and assembly areas. That is why we designed the Technical Furniture System™ line of products. Built to withstand even the most rigorous use, but still good looking enough to turn a few heads, and all the while offering complete customization, flexible reconfiguration, and a ton of accessories to complete any work environment.

A place to hang your hat. Wardrobe areas are perhaps one of the most overlooked areas of any office, school, or waiting room environment. People don’t really think about the area where wet coats and umbrellas reside as a place that should look nice. We think a little differently, that’s why we offer Rigid Rak™, a complete line of wardrobe accessories including free-standing racks, wall racks, and hook panel systems. We’ll paint them to match your decor and we offer beautiful hardwood choices to add the finishing touch.

Won’t fold under pressure... Ever needed a place to work in a high traffic area, but there isn’t room for a desk? The WallWrite® can be the perfect solution for you. Designed as a fold-down desk, that attaches to a wall, just open it’s door to create a temporary work surface. Now that’s what we call convenience.

DeskTop Lectern™ Need an impromptu meeting space, but don’t have the room for a full size standing lectern? No problem. Just break out the DeskTop Lectern™ and turn virtually any flat surface into an official looking speaking platform.

Presentation worthy... We don’t just do storage either. We’ve broken into a new field of items we like to call desktop accessories. These little gems are just the beginning of our endeavor to create helpful convenience products for everyday use.

Mobile Podium™ The big brother of the DeskTop Lectern™, the Mobile Podium™ is a full size, standing lectern. It is designed as the perfect solution for any type of presentation arena, and it’s wheeled base allows it to be easily moved out of the way when not in use.

Load and lock... literally. It really is that simple to secure your weapons and ensure their safety. Whether you’re dealing with local law enforcement or military special forces, we can equip your armory with the tools you need to get organized and be ready for action. Configure the unit however it works best for your needs, with parts designed to hold pistols, tasers, rifles, heavy weapons, and more. Then load it up, and lock it up.

Our rack systems are ideal for secure storage facilities where the need to lock individual cabinets isn’t necessary.

Our cabinets are available with hinged or recessed doors and are ideal for areas where storage needs to be secure, such as warehouses or even evidence rooms.

Every cabinet and rack system is completely customizable to fit any ordinance need, down to your paint color.

Did we mention the components?

TSI Weapons by Datum has a ton of components to configure your cabinets or racks to best suit your needs, from storing pistols to rifles, heavy arms, ammunition and more.

You want it, you got it. We won’t just stop at offering our already extensive product offering either. We welcome the challenge of custom projects. Need a place to store those wine bottles? How about a custom cart with the logo of your choice on the side? Or do you just need to match a color that already exists in your current decor? We can do all that... and then some.

This is how we do it... In this section, you’ll explore the backbone of what we think makes Datum a great source for storage products. From our experience in the business to our dedication to quality products and beyond, you’ll learn what makes us proud of not only our products, but our business as a whole.

Four Decades and Counting. Datum Filing Systems, Inc has been designing and manufacturing filing, storage, and office furniture for more than 40 years. We are a family owned and operated company that offers a full line of products designed to meet virtually any office furnishing need or storage application. Dealers across America offer Datum products in addition to planning, moving, and installation services. In-stock distributors coast to coast offer prompt delivery. To make things even simpler, we can arrange delivery and installation for you. We have a network of national field representation to assist with your needs.

Made in the USA Datum purchases 98% of supplies from US suppliers. Additionally all of Datum’s products are manufactured in Emigsville, PA. From cutting shelves on the state of the art Salvagnini laser to machining our own wheels from bar stock, Datum takes pride that your products are manufactured and assembled by America’s workforce in our 120,000 square foot facility.

Lifetime Warranty And we do mean Lifetime. We are so confident in our ability to manufacture durable, quality products that we back them up with the industry’s leading warranty. We guarantee it’s right, or we’ll make it right.

89 Church Road, PO Box 355 Emigsville, PA 17318-0355 Factory / 800-828-8018 National / 800-FILING-1 (345-4641) /

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Datum Storage Solutions Booklet  

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