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about us Straight outta NYC, Glossy Pops are the killer combo on everyones lips. Shaped like a lollipop, Glossy Pops are here to seriously sweeten your daily routine. Flip open the top of the Glossy Pop to swipe on our exclusively formulated lip product and then up the sass by unscrewing the handle to become the gloss boss with our lip gloss or lip liner combo to top off your fierce look. With a large variety of flavours and shades then the Glossy Posse has everyone covered across our collections.

sly eriou s o t e. here s are aily routin p o P y Gloss ten your d swee

Oct The idea was born a seasoned entrepreneur treated her daughters to lollipops and knew that this was the next sort of sweet treat everyones makeup collection needed.


Our first ever campaign shoot with the gorgeous Tara Sky Martin. Fashion Month kicked off with Glossy Pops in attendance at LFW getting all the backstage gloss.

Jan 2018

018 Feb 2

our story Our ‘Girl Get Glit Boss Babes Pool Party’ took place in a secret location in Palm Springs on Friday 13th April. Our guest of honour was obviously the gorgeous Californian sun which shone down on us all day.

h April 13t

We made an entrance at our first ever trade show at one of the biggest beauty shows in the world.

26th Feb

The Glossy Posse was back in their home turf for New York Fashion week. Attending the hottest shows and having serious street style makeup goal envy.

Feb 18th

TH E TA RG ET CO N SU M ER PR OF IL E Our key target market are beauty queens seeking the most snatched makeup looks. The Glossy Posse is not gender specific as we’re all about self expression and want to share the love around the globe.

it ’s a l l in f l u e n c e r b a b y With our target audience being social savvy then the use of Influencers is key in our marketing journey. Associating with some of the biggest beauty Influencers in the biz, is key to our everyday brand development. A key market close to our hearts is the LGBT community as we pride ourselves on being inclusive to all. We’re always looking for the next big name and continue to work collaboratively with a variety of diverse Influencers. The importance of everyone being invited is our only ethos….

Hey Shisters a bit of inside info here, we live for a new beauty trend and are always on the look out for the next big thing that has the beauty world shook. We are not only following the latest trends but behind the scenes we’re creating our own. We follow serious makeup inspo from runways all around the world by attending all of the hottest shows during fashion month. Pulling together ideas from runway trends and using them alongside current social media trends to create new product lines. At Glossy Pops we love to Party! We also throw the most talked about events in the biz. Recently our Girl Get Glit Coachella Pool Party was a huge hit with Influencers and Buyers. This gave us a great opportunity to get together with Influencers and Buyers and request their feedback on new product developments. This ensures that we are constantly staying ahead of the game.

! ! s n e e u Q d e t a r d y H s p i L r u o Y p e Ke ss Combo lo G d n a Balm ormulated

imate Lip lusively f lt c x U e e h h t T o g o andle r sm h u o e h o t Presentin t w p e o r P c . Then uns the Glossy s f p o li ecome p r b o u t o o y t e h s it t s h lo n n e g Flip op e hydratio t-have lip s h t u l m e e r f u o d n n lip balm a swiping o y b l e v le s SS BOSS. s O a L s G t a e t h t a p and u the Ultim In Line u o Y g in p e ombo Ke C r e in L k ic s lip liner. t p s o P ip L y s e s h T lo troducing with our G n , I t ip open in p o fl U p n e n e o h in T L s . p t s li is p A-L get those luscious li t e s s r o atching fi h m s t g e ly t in t a c h u t e t f t r n s e e Fir ut with p p and acc o o p p r e u h o t y t w e Unscr finish. op to pain P E S y s S s O lo P G Y S e S th that GLO r the top of o f k ic t s p li

ba lm / gl os s


lip duo | lip gloss / lip balm

i believe in unicorns

lollipop in lights

donut kill my vibe

coney island cone

hey cupcake

S W E E T Y O ’S E L F

Oh hey sweetie!! We got some sweet ass treats for you, from cakes to cones we’ve got you covered for all things sugar & sp ice.

lip duo | lip gloss / lip balm

SWEET YO’ SELF product


LIP BALM Color Per design Flavor Vanilla

HEAD Colored (solid)

LIP GLOSS Color Clear Flavor Vanilla FINISH Lip Balm Lip Gloss

Dewy High-shine

packaging White blister

styles 5 PCS

STICK Rhinestone CHARM Per design

lip duo | lip gloss / lip balm

#selfie strawberry

resting peach face

i like you cherry much

what’s up watermelon



Did someone say five a day? Tgi fruity got you covered wit h our fruitilicious collection giving your lips life for days.

lip duo | lip gloss / lip balm

TGIFRUiTY product


LIP BALM Color Per design Flavor Per design

HEAD Colored (solid)

LIP GLOSS Color Clear Flavor Per design FINISH Lip Balm Lip Gloss

Dewy High-shine

packaging White blister

styles 5 PCS

STICK Rhinestone CHARM Per design

lip duo | lip gloss / lip balm

rosĂŠ all day

muchas margaritas

champagne mami

! s r e e h c

Oh the thirst is real honey! Keep those haters hating with th ose hydrated lips on point all day ever y day.

lip duo | lip gloss / lip balm

CHEERS! product


LIP BALM Color Clear Flavor Per design

HEAD Colored metallic

LIP GLOSS Color Clear Flavor Per design FINISH Lip Balm Lip Gloss

Dewy High-shine

packaging Black box

styles 3 PCS

STICK Colored clear CHARM Per design

lip duo | lip gloss / lip balm

mango mango

high line hibiscus

nonstop gumdrop

sT. marks strawberry sorbet

goaldigger golden caramel

4 5 O I D U T S G S TA R R I N

Take note from the de n of vice and ever yt hing nice and let the danc e floor debauchery be gin. The irresistibly irides cent has arrived to th e party and it’s A-list all the way.

lip duo | lip gloss / lip balm



LIP BALM Color Glitter per design Flavor Sweet scent

HEAD Glittered

LIP GLOSS Color Clear glitered Flavor Sweet scent FINISH Lip Balm Textured glitter Lip Gloss High-shine Glitter

packaging Black box

styles 5 PCS

STICK Glitter

lip duo | lip gloss / lip balm

think pink grapefruit

playa pomegranate

caribbean coconut

blue skies fruit punch


s e v a MIC w

Mermaids are so last year!! Cosmic Queen s make waves at the ra ves and take the plunge into our irides cent festival dreams.

lip duo | lip gloss / lip balm



LIP BALM Color Iridescent Flavor Sweet scent

HEAD Colored metallic

LIP GLOSS Color Iridescent Flavor Sweet scent FINISH Lip Balm Lip Gloss

Shimmer iridescent Iridescent high-shine

packaging Hologram box

styles 4 PCS

STICK Hologram

m ak e up collections

lip duo | lip liner / lipstick


Downtown Girl

The Big Apple

Uptown Girl

New York Doll

Toasty the Mosty

Baby’s All Right

East Village Vibes

Spring Street Shopaholic

Brooklyn Heights Babe

Cronut Frosting

Oh Baby Be my Chro meo? Hit all the high shine notes and stay in the top 10 with our titillating lip shades

lip duo | lip liner / lipstick

chrome product LIPSTICK Color Flavor

container The Big Apple

Per design Sweet scent

LIP LINER Color Per design Flavor N/A FINISH Lipstick Lip Liner

Matte Matte

packaging Gold chrome box

styles 10 PCS

HEAD Gold chrome STICK Gold chrome NECKLACE Optional add on

lip duo | lip liner / lipstick



r e h t a e l r o f l l he

Do it for the hell of it ! Fetish feeling just got that bit sexi er, loose control in our toughest collect ion yet...

lip duo | lip liner / lipstick

hell for leather LEATHER container

product LIPSTICK Color Flavor

Per design Sweet scent

LIP LINER Color Per design Flavor N/A FINISH Lipstick Lip Liner

Matte Matte

packaging Per design

styles 3 PCS

HEAD Rubberized STICK Faux Leather NECKLACE Optional add on

lip duo | lip gloss / lipstick

p u t i p plum com

Chinatown Chica

Autumn in the Park




Eye Candy




Lips on Fleek



Don’t you know plum p it up. Pad that pout sweetie and keep th ose luscious lips in check day after day.

Make MakeItItSimple SimpleM A K E IT SI M PL E B U T SI G N IF IC A N T But ButSignificant Significant The Glossy Posse design

The Glossy The Glossy Posse Posse design design squad squad doesn’t doesn’t missmiss a trick!! a trick!! squad doesn’t miss a A little A little info for infoour forlipstick our lipstick diva’s, diva’s, our Pops our Pops have have had had a slight a slight refurb. refurb. Don’tDon’t worry worry we’ve we’ve literally literally thought thought trick!! A little info for our of everything of everything to get tothose get those lips looking lips looking luscious. luscious. By redesigning By redesigning the hinge the hinge to extend to extend to a full toour a180 full 180 lipstick diva’s, Pops degree degree angle, angle, thenthen the top thecap top can cap open can open wider wider have had slight ensuring ensuring that our that customers our customers are a left are with left with a arefurb. flawless flawless finish. finish. Don’t worry we’ve literally


thought of everything to get those lips looking luscious. By redesigning the hinge to extend to a full 180 degree angle, then the top cap can open wider ensuring that our customers are left with a flawless finish. XOXO


140 Degree 140 Degree

AFTER AFTER 180 Degree 180 Degree

ch ai n


h o o c h ie m a m a

Hoochie Mama

a m a M e i h c Hoo

1 yard (91.5 cm), 53 gcm), 53 g 1 yard (91.5

Haters gonna hate!!! We’re taking hoochie g Haters to), 53the nextgonna level.hate!!! If you’re always losing We’re taking hoochie to the next 1 yard (91.5 cm xt ne e th to hie Ifocyou’re always losing your fave lipstick, don’t ng ho your fave re takilipstick, e’level. don’t don’t worry. We got you, a hate!!! W ve lipstick, chie oo Haters gonn always losing your fa H the attachgot re stWe worry. you, diva. It’s easy, attach the Hoochie It’s easy, ju e outfit level. If you’ . rc va fie di diva. It’s easy, just attach thejust Hoochie ur u, yo yo t ke worry. We go fave Glossy Pop and ta you need from chain to rs your fave Glossy Pop and take your fierce outfit ur chain to yo t all the colo d Sassy Silver to get level. We go to d an chain faveWe Glossy Pop andyou take Golyour tti ra to the next te lit G to the next level. got all the colors need from Black, Bootylicious point. outfit on youryour fierce outfit to the next level. We Bootylicious Black, Glitteratti Gold and Sassygot Silver to get outfityou on point. all the need from Bootylicious : Scolors ORyour AVAILABLE COL Black, Glitteratti Gold and Sassy Silver to get your outfit on point. Yellow Gold




Yellow Gold



b r o o k ly n c h a in

Brooklyn Chain

n i a h C n y Brookl 1 yard (91.5 cm), 19 g

1 yard (91.5 cm), 19 g Where’s Brooklyn At... Where’s Brooklyn At… g ), 19 rd (91.5 cm 1 yaThe Glitteratti hashas arrived Brooklyn. The of fortune The Glitteratti arrived ininBrooklyn. The wheel ne l of fortuoutfit makes every pop! Just attach the Brooklyn chain hee wheel fortune At…design . The wdesign oklyn of yn ro ainmakes every outfit kl B o s ch ro e’ B yn er kl h in o W ro ed B iv e rr a th s a ch atta Glossy teratti h Justfave ng. and keep your outfit game strong. pop! attach The Glitpop! me stroPop utfit your oto Brooklyn chain to s everyJust ur outfit ga the m o fr rs lo design make lossy Pop and keep yo t of cogot you with an assortment of colors from Don’t worry, G ortmenwe to your fave e got you with an ass . er lv Si w your fave Glossy Pop and and keep your Silver. outfit ed h y, rr tc a Don’t wo ld and Sn o Basic Black, Glam Gold Snatched G m la G , ck la B c si Ba game strong. Don’t worry, we got you with an assortment of colors from Basic Black, COLORS: AVAILABLE Glam Gold and Snatched Silver.



Yellow Gol



Yellow Gold



U p p e r E a s t S id e

Upper EasterSide e d i S t s a E Upp

1 yard (91.5 cm), 10 g Keep it classy and hide the trashy g 1.5 cm), 10the weekend ;)nd);) ).. If an 1 yard (9(for ’re If youyou’re ke e e Keep it classy and hide the trashy (for the weekend ;) ) tr. aIfshyyou’re w e (for th , then e r fave gloss Upper Side always nd hide thEast afave sing heprincess y lo ss a ys a cl ur o it lw r a an Upper East Side princess always losing her gloss, then p Kee e best fo princess th e ly id n S O st e . a id d E S per covere gloss, er East an Uplosing t youour fave no issues e Uppthen gofor - we her no issues here - we got you covered. Only theerebest st attach th Ju . the next ys u to g no issues h it d tf n u a o ls r a u g yo e take ast SidUpper r Ethe Pop andyou lack, Glam Only the - we got covered. Uppehere Upper East Side gals and guys. Just attach om Basic B fave GlossyEastu nSide fr r u d e yo e BFF to in yo a your gloss colors eto ot all thfor never lose East Side gals g ill chain to your fave Glossy Pop and takech your outfit the next e w W u l. best our Upper Yo ve . le s Silvers and Seriou GoldsBasic level. We got all the colors you need from Black, Glam again. and guys. Just attach the Upper Golds and Serious Silvers. You will never lose your gloss BFF East Side ORS:chain to your fave Glossy again. AVAILABLE COL Pop and take your outfit to the next level. We got all the colors you need AVAILABLE COLORS: from Basic Black, Glam Golds and Serious Silvers. You will never lose your gloss BFF again.

1 yard (91.5 cm), 10 g


Yellow Gol

Yellow Gold





It’s not just about whats on the inside‌. Being an NYC brand at heart then we felt it was only fitting that we offered our customers bespoke packaging with every website order. We have expanded our bespoke packaging into gift boxes and are constantly updating our Lady Liberty design to take our get glit design to the next level.

s o p l i a t e r We make a statement on the shop floor with our pinktacular POS display options. From oversized lollipops to our brand icon Lady Liberty, on our POS units we offer our retailers a choice of extremely Instagramable customer shopping experience options. Our options include freestanding floor displays in a variety of sizes and small till displays perfect for every store size. Our larger units also offer tester product options and “Doin it for the gram� mirrors perfect for customer selfies.

b r a n d c o l l a b o r a t io n

YOU CAN SIT WITH US!! Working with some of the biggest brand names in the biz the Glossy Pop is ready to dominate the brand collaboration circuit. With secured collaborations so far with Swarovski and Gypsy Shrine our Get Glit products are taking the glitteratti to a whole new level. With other collaborations in the pipeline that we know our consumers are going to love, we look forward to pushing the boundaries further with our next selection of brands we choose to collaborate with. Watch this space...


2018 Breakdown

The Glossy Posse season opens with our heritage lines Sweet and Fruit lip balms in July. With the July festivities kicking off with a bang with our Cosmic Waves collection perfect for our Festival Bunnies In August then the party season hits new heights with our party collections Studio54 and Gypsy Shrine Yes you heard it right the Christmas countdown begins in September with the launch of Cheers, Chrome, Leather and Christmas Gift Sets Then to warm up your winter our Plump It Lip Plumper drops along with our premium Swarovski collection Gearing up for the Gym rush in January our Stripped collection drops. Including hydrating and long lasting fitness lip balm products

Welcome 2019 Cupid strikes again with our Aphrodite Valentines Collection in January No February blues here. Our makeup line drops with our S/S19 Makeup collection from highlighters to eyeshadows the Glossy Posse expands their family Festi- fun kicks off in March with new S/S19 festival collection dropping Have you got your prom date? The Glossy Posse launches first ever Prom Date collection Drop it Like It’s Hot collection, including SPF products drops in May June Pride celebrations begin and to celebrate we will be collaborating with the LGBT community on an exclusive Pride Collection






JAN 19














Prom Queen

Holiday SPF

Pride collection


VP, Sales & Business Development | Glossy Pops LLC e: | p: +1 212.268.8880 | c: +1 219.742.4046 A: 493 Johnson Ave, Unit B, Bohemia, NY 11716


Marketing Director | Glossy Pops LLC e: | p: 07970103139 | c: +44 7970103139 A: The Loft, 22 Lever Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 1EA





493 (unit B) Johnson Ave, Bohemia, NY 11716

Can Casablancas, C/Valles 3,08192 Sant Quirze Del Valles, Barcelona, Spain

2D, 22 Lever Street, Northern Quarter, Manchester, M1 1EA

Rm. 2318 Leighton Centre, 77 Leighton Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong