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Architecture, design and wine in harmony An irreverent and experiential brand that embodies a youthful essence and conveys many good messages RELEASES

Cabriz reinforces its product line


Encontro 1 Red with 94 points


Wine Experience Vinalda

Dão’s reference brand is preparing to add to its portfolio three new wines that will reach a wider profile of consumers in different marketing channels.

The renowned international critic Mark Squires awarded a score of 94 points to Meeting 1 Red in the specialized publication where he usually writes: Wine Advocate.

The oldest national distributor of wines and spirits, a partner of Global Wines, organized at the Lisbon Secret Spot, in Montes Claros, a wine tasting of its top brands.

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Global News - Number 8 / February of 2019




A Meeting is Arranged airrada has always been a region we are passionate about. Thanks to its less consensual profile, the lie

of the land and the expression of a Portugal of contrasts and contours. But, above all, thanks to the elegance of its products when nature is treated with the respect and affection it deserves. The time has come to look at our brand from this challenging region: Quinta do Encontro. The Portuguese word “encontro” means meeting, and Meeting(s) is what we are talking about in this edition. A new look, a new way of approaching the market, a youthful, social and modern spirit, associated with a winery where design and arc hitecture interlock and help to place Bairrada on everybody’s lips. With this rebranding, I believe that Encontro will be the reason for many good celebrations all around the world where fraternity, friendship and life, in short, are celebrated. One more brand that Portugal offers to the world, with our sparkling wines being a business card of what we have best achieved and did well in the winery. Sparkling wines have made the quiet place of São Lourenço do Bairro widely known and a commercial and communication hub. But we should not forget the undeniable quality of the still wines our team of oenologists is pre paring to surprise once again the market. Incidentally, that has always been our motto. To enhance the various terroirs that we own and manage in such a harmonious and passionate way that expresses our standing in the competitive world of wine. It is with great pleasure that we see this new image, this renewed brand, reach the market. We wish you will enjoy it as much as we do.


Architecture and design in harmony with the wine


nspired by the graphic and architectural design of Quinta do Encontro, Encontro is the commercial name under which Global Wines’ Bairrada is now presented to the market. With an appealing, cosmopolitan and trendy image, the brand Encontro assumes a youthful essence, with many good messages to convey. It has an irreverent and experimental profile that is able to surprise, and seduce, the most different types of public. A brand that expresses design, architecture, colour, moments, space and time, sharing and meeting. In any language or space. The source of inspiration for the logo came from the geometry of the building, whose top view allowed us to reach this distinctive icon, which represents the circumference, while the balcony on the upper floor leads us to the final stroke in the letter Q. The copper colour, on the other hand, originates on the feeling conveyed by the colour of the building. The merger of past and present embraces all the movements and trends of current life, as it does in contemporary architecture and plastic art, being a mark of what can be present and enjoyed in different environments, whether in silence, noise, light, darkness. It manifests itself, appreciates and lives the different environments in a unique way and with total generosity, whether they are high-tech, sus-

tainable or futuristic. A modern Bairrada, of the world and for the world, always with Portugal at its origin. And it is at the heart of Bairrada, in São Lourenço do Bairro, where the wine production tradition dates back to the 1930s, that the distinctive round building, in the shape of a giant wine barrel, marks the landscape, appearing halfway between the vastness of the Atlantic and the mountains of Caramulo and Buçaco. As a distinguishing feature of this asset in the wine growing region of Bairrada and in wine-producing Portugal, the architect Pedro Mateus, who favoured wood here, has dispensed with the stairs, the connection between the four floors being made with a spiral that reproduces the action movement of a corkscrew that, bottle after bottle, releases the nectar of the gods. In this building, everything is in communication with the universe of wine. The fireplace has the shape of a bottle and the wooden veneers around the building are like a structure of perennial scaffolding that symbolises the making of the wine, a work that ends and begins again from scratch every year, in a continuous harmonisation of human action and nature. In addition to the cellar, there is a restaurant and an events room, with windows that frame the vineyards, evoking canvases that change every day and with every season of


the year, allowing a 360-degree view of the surrounding landscape of vineyards and mountains. This is the necessary source of inspiration for the growing of the perfect fruits from the varieties Bical, Arinto and Maria Gomes (the name by which the Fernão Pires variety is known in this region) in the 30 hectares of vineyards that the company explores here. On the red grape varieties, Baga, Touriga Nacional and Merlot stand out, thus giving the oenology team led by Osvaldo Amado a greater capacity to create wines that are as contemporary as the winery’s architecture. The same elegance is expressed by the still and sparkling wines. High-quality products that arrive on the market with a new look and a new brand concept, which started in September 2018 and will be implemented gradually, with the ex-libris Encontro 1 (white) and Encontro Baga (red) being the last references to welcome this rebranding, due to their exclusive production nature. Product Line Encontro presents today a range of sparkling

wines comprising a white and a rosé both non-vintage dry, a Baga and the undisputable top of the range Encontro Special Cuvée. In the range of still wines, there are four reds: the novelty Encontro Baga Blend, the Encontro Reserve Preto Branco, the Encontro Baga and the top of the range Encontro 1. In the whites, Quinta do Encontro offers two wines: Encontro Bical and the top of the range Encontro 1. A reference in top sparkling wines, where Encontro Special Cuvée presents itself as unavoidable in the region, Encontro also wants to be a big name in the basic sparkling wines. With respect to the brand’s communication, in addition to the use of the architectural design of the winery as inspiration, other aspects were also taken into consideration, such as the vibrant colours and the current fashion standards. Inspired by the social and the digital, Encounter will be henceforth a very active brand everywhere social relations are promoted. Be it for daily or occasional encounters between long-time friends or friends for the day, well-planned or last minute arrangements, whatever the reason is, Encontro has

the right sparkling wines for each occasion. More specifically, it has two proposals of non-vintage dry sparkling wine that arrive on the market in the variations White and Rosé. These precede the soon to be launched DOC Bairrada 100% Baga, which in turn prepares the way for Encontro Special Cuvée, reserved for very special moments due to its very limited quantity. The great communication axis of the Global Wines’ Bairrada brand, which also offers high-quality still wines. Namely, Bical in whites and the novelty Baga Blend, a nectar where Baga rules (always with more than 50%) and which will be accompanied with the best that the fertile land can give, harvest after harvest. A proposal to be rediscovered with each new harvest. The range of reserves maintains Preto Branco, this curious wine made from two red grape varieties (Baga and Touriga Nacional) and a white one (Bical). We will have to wait to taste the top of the range, with Encontro Baga and Encontro 1 Red (blend of 50% Baga and 50% Touriga Nacional) and Encontro 1 White (100% Arinto) making the delights of the most demanding wine lovers.


Global News - Number 8 / February of 2019


Wine Advocate evaluates and distinguishes Encontro 1


he renowned international critic Mark Squires awarded 94 points to Encontro 1 Red in the specialized publication where he usually writes: Wine Advocate. This reference nectar from Bairrada, composed of equal parts of Baga and Touriga Nacional, aged for 18 months in new and used French oak barrels, saw its good acidity distinguished by the critic, who also praised its structure and evident concentration, with a velvety texture which is “the icing on the cake”. Only 4,267 bottles of this wine are produced, and Mark Squires is also curious to see how “the most interesting wine of Encontro” can evolve over the next decade. We’ll be here to help him realize that wish!

Cabriz reinforces its presence in the market The Dão reference brand will present to the market three new additions


abriz, Dão’s reference brand, is preparing to add to its portfolio three new wines that will reach, later this year, the many markets where the Global Wines brand is represented. Firstly, a top-of-the-range proposal, whose price in the national market will be in the plateau


of up to 15€. This is a wine that shows the more classic and refined side of the brand, presenting itself as almost exclusively directed to “wine lovers”. In the next editions, we will let you know everything about this wine that was designed to surprise. We will also launch in the near future a new

proposal that will allow the brand Cabriz to operate in the more competitive market for entry range wines, a segment the brand has been thinking about for many years, despite having abandoned that plan in 2015 for reasons of commercial strategy. It is designed to conquer new audiences, not only the youngest public but also the least knowledgeable, who seek to enjoy wine. For that reason, this wine will have a lower alcoholic content and colour intensity, of tannins, investing more on red fruit. In turn, Cabriz Escolha will be reaching the market very soon. It is a wine designed to be exclusively marketed on the Horeca channel, thus giving the customers the possibility to choose a wine to go along with Portuguese gastronomy. It will only be found on this important channel, where the brand wants to be more present and closer to the customer and the consumer.


Vinalda promoted the Wine Experience It’s a pioneering concept aimed at wine connoisseurs


he exclusive distributor of the Global Wines’ brands in Portugal and the oldest national distributor of wines and spirits organized, on 4 February, at the Lisbon Secret Spot, in Montes Claros, a tasting of the top wines of its brands. The Vinalda Wine Experience was a unique and exclusive tasting, aimed at professionals, journalists and more experienced oenophiles, conducted by producers or winemakers. The tasting took place between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm, after which a buffet lunch was served and other wines represented by the company were tasted. José Espírito Santo, Vinalda’s Chief Executive, explained that “similarly to what is done in other markets, we decided to innovate and hold an exclusive event, giving the most experienced professionals and oenophiles the opportunity to taste, in a single event, wines that are rarely available on the

market, including allocation wines”. Most of the seats were reserved for guests – customers, professionals and the sector’s media – but a very limited number of tickets for oenophiles were offered for sale via Ticketline at a price of 200€. Forty wines were on competition, divided by six flights. Global Wines’ brands were present on all flights. Flight A - Sparkling Wines

(Casa de Santar Vinha dos Amores Touriga Nacional Dry 2014 and Encontro Special Cuvée 2013); Flights B and C – White Wines (Vinha do Contador white 2014 and Encontro 1 white 2013); Flights D and E - Red Wines (Casa de Santar Nobre 2013 and Vinha do Contador Grande Júri 2011); Flight F - Sweet Wines (Casa de Santar Outono de Santar Colheita Tardia 2013 and Cabriz Licoroso Ímpar).

The wines were introduced by the producers and winemakers, and the tasters had at their disposal a Tasting Book with images, technical sheets and tasting notes. During lunch, the participants had the opportunity to ask the producers and winemakers questions about the wines being tasted and their projects. Forty wines were tasted and a total of 900 bottles were opened at this great event.



n 2 February last, one of the “best kept secrets” of Global Wines, the Club 19|90, was invited to attend the launch of the most recent Peugeot 508 at Paço dos Cunhas, in Santar. The car was presented by Auto Martinauto and Global Wines introduced some of its unique wines during this exclusive event.


Global News - Number 8 / February of 2019



Global Wines at EV 2019 Global Wines was once again present at another successful edition of Essência do Vinho (Wine Essence), which took place from 21 to 24 February at Palácio da Bolsa, in Porto. On the first day of this year’s edition, the company’s stand, where it was possible to taste some of the main references of our portfolio, welcomed the visit of the Mayor of Porto, Rui Moreira, who was thus introduced to some of the wines we took to this event.


n the first day of February, Quinta do Encontro received students from the marketing course of ESPM (Superior School of Advertising and Marketing), from Brazil, who were in Portugal for an exchange promoted by FEUC (Faculty of Economics from the University of Coimbra) and followed a programme prepared by Global Wines. The visit to the winery was guided by our public relations

Refined menus for the most passionate (and not only) Global Wines provided a truly different Valentine’s Night to all couples who chose to commemorate this date in the sophisticated atmosphere of the various restaurants of the group. With this very special evening in mind, the executive chef of Global Wines’ restaurants, Henrique Ferreira, prepared a number of gastronomic proposals under three thematic menus aimed at celebrating life and love. Three brands, three author highly refined menus, to be enjoyed at Quinta de Cabriz, Quinta do Encontro and Paço dos Cunhas de Santar and to make a toast to those we love the most. After all, many good wines are produced in these wineries, and the Portuguese wine group is proud to provide a varied and distinct gastronomic offer in idyllic settings. Really, the most difficult thing was choosing the best harmony.


Ana Paula Teixeira and was followed by the presentation of the strategic marketing plan by Rui Correia, director of Marketing and Sales. At the end of the presentation, the students were challenged to get involved and to explore proposals for the expansion of the brands in international markets. There was also a Cabriz wine tasting under the supervision of Pedro Teixeira, Export Manager.



lobal Wines accompanied the visit of Master of Science in Wine Management students from OIV - International Organisation of Vine and Wine, organized by the Dão Regional

Wine Commission. The students, of different nationalities (French, Swiss, Chinese and Russian), had the opportunity to participate in a wine tasting that included some wines from local producers, such as Cabriz, Casa de Santar, Sociedade Agrícola Boas Quintas and Julia Kemper Wines. This initiative has been going on for several years, but it has only recently adopted the format of a joint tasting. This allowed the students of this itinerant master’s degree to get to know the different profiles of the wines produced in this region.





n 6 February last, Global Wines received FJN Fine Wines LLC, importers from the state of Rhode Island, USA. The visit began with a tour of Casa de Santar’s vineyards, the largest in the Dão region, and was followed by a technical tasting of several reference wines produced by Global Wines. A lunch at the Restaurant of Paço dos Cunhas de Santar ended the visit. This distributor, located in Pawtucket, is a reference company in the distribution of wines and spirits. Created in 2007, the company has always invested in long-term partnerships with its customers and suppliers, providing an attentive service and always having in mind the building and increasing of the value of the brand. With specialized sales teams, FJN Fine Wines LLC holds a vast portfolio of premium and handmade beverages.

“Meeting the needs of our customers is our top priority. We offer many distinct advantages towards this goal, including a dedicated customer service with highly trained professionals to answer questions accurately and efficiently, as well as to solve any problems at an impressive speed, even offering extra hours during peak periods. In addition to this, there is a warehouse and logistics team that use the most advanced technologies to order and receive products from around the world”, explained Fatima Fino Pereira, president and owner of FJN Fine Wines LLC. This businesswoman also points out open communication, humour and frankness as unique characteristics of the work environment at FJN Fine Wines LLC, the partner of Global Wines in the state of Rhode Island.


Global News - Number 8 / February of 2019


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