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A sophisticated Natal de requinte Christmas for all tastes B A L A N C E



Wine harvests 2019

Paço dos Cunhas opens its gates

Meeting Points

The 2019 campaign is expected to produce great

Both Portuguese and international customers

Events were held at some of the best venues in

wines in the different regions in which Global

attended the 2019 Harvest Festival, which marked

Portugal in the summer months. People were able

Wines is active. From the Alentejo to the DĂŁo,

the end of the most important time of the year for

to get to know Bairrada sparkling wines to the

while not forgetting the Bairrada region.

Global Wines.

sound of good music and in first-rate company.

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A constant challenge


e have always believed in the potential of the region in which we were founded, Dão, and from where we began opening up the “terroir” of a differentiated winemaking universe with great potential for development to the world. We have been consolidating this vision year after year, harvest after harvest, by placing top-quality wines with a distinctive profile on the market, capable of satisfying different types of consumers. Aware of the work we have been conducting to the benefit of the region and Portuguese wine in general, we have been implemented increasingly higher standards, in vineyards, our processing units and wine tourism facilities. Reason for which everything bearing the Global Wines signature is a guarantee of quality for our many loyal consumers in the four corners of the globe in which we are represented. Ambitious, we always strive to improve, to identify new niches, to develop new products, to be alongside consumers and business partners on a wide range of occasions in their daily lives. And due to the fact we will enjoy being the brand of choice on Portuguese tables this Christmas, it couldn´t be any different. There are many good reasons to celebrate with Global Wines. Acknowledged quality for all occasions. We know how to do it and we like doing it!


A sophisticated Christmas with Global Wines


ith the upcoming Christmas season in mind, Global Wines presents a series of propositions aimed at bringing the best Dão and Bairrada products to your table on this important date. Different products for different tastes, with all the acknowledged quality of our brands. See what we have in store for you. Cabriz Origami pack Inspired by oriental culture, the Origami pack is composed of two bottles of Cabriz Colheita Selecionada Red, the packaging of which is based on the concept of folds and overlapping cardboard, so that it closes automatically. A standard item in our portfolio, the Cabriz Origami pack is the perfect way of giving someone a democratic Christmas gift. Highly affordable, with a recommended sale price of 8.98 euros, the Cabriz Origami pack is geared to sharing, friendship and family, values that are an omnipresent part of the Cabriz brand. Cabriz Sparkling Wine pack

A new product introduced this year, the Cabriz Sparkling Wine pack, containing two bottles of Cabriz Brut Sparkling Wine, calls for the appropriate celebrations in the upcoming festivities. A pack designed to surprise, by enabling you, among other festive options, to wish everyone receiving it all the best for the New Year, and where the 19|90 Club will have even more new products for you. This pack will be on sale at hyper and supermarkets at a recommended sale price of 16 euros. Casa de Santar case Vinha dos Amores A bold proposition for winemakers and a safe bet for all lovers of wine, this case consists of three different bottles of Casa de Santar Vinha dos Amores: a bottle of Touriga Nacional red, a bottle of Encruzado white and a bottle of Touriga Nacional Sparkling Wine. A luxury case that evokes the discovery of the most iconic Casa de Santar vineyard and its grape varieties, which are also known as the most emblematic varieties of grape in the Dão region. Touriga


Nacional is now the most highly acclaimed variety of Portuguese red grape, and its prestige has resulted in it crossing borders, where it is now grown in a number of different countries. It has recently been authorised in France in clear recognition of its potential. This Vinha dos Amores case also features the very best of the white variety Encruzado, demonstrating all the smoothness and longevity of Dão wines. The recommended sale price of this case is around 75 euros and it´s limited to 100 units. Casa de Santar Red pack Repeating last year´s success, the Casa de Santar Red pack, consisting of two bottles of Casa de Santar Red, is aimed at the most demanding connoisseurs looking for an affordable solution for their Christmas presents. This pack is available at standard points of sale at the recommended sale price of 12 euros. Casa de Santar Red box Magnum Reserve The Casa de Santar Reserve range

is probably one of the most illustrious examples of the best of the Dão region. And what better than the usual 0.75-litre bottle of Casa de Santar than a 1.5-litre bottle? At a time of sharing, when families get together at the table, this bottle ensures a great wine can be shared among all the adults in the family. Encontro box 1 Subsequent to the rebranding of the Encontro brand, it´s now time to reveal the manner in which Encontro 1, or 1st Encontro, will be marketed. This time it´s white nectar, a monovarietal Arinto, aged in a barrel, with the 2014 vintage marketed in an elegant two-bottle case. An excellent wine and the perfect pair for the cod and octopus dishes commonly served on Christmas Eve. Marketed at the recommended sale price of 35 euros per bottle, this iconic Bairrada is a delight for all connoisseurs, and, as such, we suggest purchasing the two-bottle case, opening one of them at Christmas and saving the other for later, thereby benefitting from the storage po-

tential of this wine. Vinha do Contador Schnapps The refinement contained in this one-bottle case of our Velha Vinha do Contador schnaps is not enough to illustrate the entire quality of this schnapps. 1,000 bottles of this precious liquid are placed on the market every year, so our readers need to guarantee a bottle of this extraordinary schnapps right away. Recommended sale price of 75 euros. Encontro Sparkling Wine Magnum Brut This is the ideal gift for those of you who are already thinking about the 12 chimes. Encontro Sparkling Wine is inspired by and inspires the world of fashion, partying, nights out, “instagrammers” and influencers who like the beat of music, who never stop, because life is all about moving. If you identify with this brand positioning, or if you have a friend like that, then this is the right gift, available for 12 euros. This is where the expression “cheap at twice the price!” applies.

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2019 harvests: different regions, different sensations



he 2019 campaign is expected to produce great wines in the different regions in which Global Wines is active. From Alentejo tao DĂŁo, and not forgetting Bairrada, the 2019 harvest went according to plan, from both a qualitative and quantitative point of view.

second half of August and September resulted in good maturation, and the harvest took place as expected on the normal dates for the region (from the last week of August until mid-Septeamber). The yield obtained can be regarded as normal, but it fell short of our expectations.

Alentejo The wine producing year in this region was a dry and mild one. Groundwater levels were not replenished and it hardly rained in the winter. The spring, with some humidity during flowering, caused the grape berries to develop slight coulure. The summer was mild, so despite there not being much water available, we were able to ensure the vegetative state of the vines was well balanced. The warmer weather in the

Bairrada The year was similar to that experienced in the Alentejo, reagistering a slight loss in production due to late frosts, namely in April. Grape maturation was good, although the yield was low compared to previous years. The slightly late harvest took place, as expected, between late-September and early-October. DĂŁo The wine production year was similar to that experienced in the

other regions, with a dry winter and a cold spring. It should be pointed out that losses were incurred due to the late frosts registered in April and early May. There was no loss due to disease in this region either, although formations of early-morning mist, both in the spring and early summer, forced us to monitor the vines, particularly with regard to powdery mildew. Good plant development ensured the high quality of the grapes, which generates expectations of a year of quality wines. Some rain fell in the month of September, which resulted in good maturation, and the harvest, although regarded as late, was conducted normally until the second week of October. In terms of yield, the year was positive, although there was some loss due to frost and less clusters bloomed in some varieties.


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1990 Magazine_Number 10_December 2019



Fruitful harvest in Santar


he 2019 edition of the Global Wines Grape Harvest Festival was held on 07 September, the main purpose of which is to provide domestic and international clients with a unique experience, geared to an association with nature and the group´s heritage. A social event that enables you to celebrate the best things in life through a series of activities that are easy, interesting and memorable. And once again, the village of Santar, set between the vineyards, the Casa de Santar winery and Paço dos Cunhas, one of the most emblematic spots

in the Dão winemaking region, was the stage chosen by Global Wines to haost the Grape Harvest Festival, an event that brought together music, wine and gastronomy to celebrate yet another fruitful harvest to enable you to savour memorable wines at the right time. To the sound of jazz, the day kicked off with enthusiasm in the Santar winery garden, with the presentation of the activities and the formation of the groups for a full day. Among the range of activities conducted was the assembly of the human label in Jardim das Laranjeiras in Paço dos Cunhas.

The band Cauê Nardi Trio provided the entertainment in the late afternoon, the preamble to the dinner served at Paço dos Cunhas, where the high-spirited mood was plain to see, in addition to the fine cuisine and good wines. The long day ended with a concert by the band ShutterDown and the respective Dão toast of honour to the Santar Late Autumn Harvest 2013. For the more resilient, Nelas Market (where Casa de Santar and Cabriz had a stand) was the final stop on a day that would surely be remembered in the future.

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Sommeliers and chefs taste Global Wines wines


lobal Wines attended the renowned Chef Sache gastronomy event in Dusseldorf on September 29 and 30. Organised by Viniportugal, the Global Wines delegation travelled to Dusseldorf with the intention of introducing their wines to some of the most prestigious chefs and asommeliers in the world. In a sophisticated and differentiated environment, over 3,000 gastronomy professionals met up to engage in a variety of thematic activities, showcooking and wine school seminars. An exciting and creative initiative geared to the disclosure of new techniques and concepts. Throughout the event, participants experienced different environments based on two of the most important pillars of cultural society: gastronomy and wine.

Encontro 1 2014 White now available


ncontro´s flagship product, a brand whose new concept is inspired by the graphic and architectural design of Quinta do Encontro, a venue that brings the brand to life and bears the same name. The source of inspiration for the logo came from the geometry of the building, more specifically from the view from above, which marks the circumference, as well as the upper floor balcony in the shape of the final stroke of the letter Q. The copper colour originates in the expression of colour conveyed by the building. The new image of Encontro 1 wines is, as such, pure and minimalist and only reveals its essence in a flat design. A meeting with the unconditional love of wine, with the inten-


sity and excitement of a first date, expressed in the elegance of one of Bairrada’s most sophisticated white nectars. Available in a special two-bottle pack, ideal for the upcoming Christmas season, Encontro 1 White is a monovarietal Arinto, in which 50% of the wine is fermented in French oak barrels, followed by six months of batonnage. This Encontro 1 White features a crystalline appearance, a deep citrine colour and greenish highlights. It´s fruity, fresh and full-bodied in the mouth, giving rise to a smooth elegant wine. It´s the perfect match for special occasions, when sharing unique moments as a couple or a family, or at a party. It unites the culture of wine and expresses the character and essence of the Bairrada region.


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1990 Magazine_Number 10_December 2019

Cabriz, the official wine of the EDP Vilar de Mouros Festival


abriz was one of the principal names on the EDP Vilar de Mouros poster, in continuation of the partnership announced last year and which was repeated again this year, in a reinforced manner. The basis of this partnership is the sharing of values by the leading brand in the Dão Demarcated Region and the oldest music festival in Portugal, examples of sociability, tradition and conviviality, whereby Cabriz joining the summer festival market could only have occurred through this Alto Minho event. The brand´s presence consisted of two bars and a lounge opposite the main bar, in addition to red, white and sparkling wines on offer in the event´s VIP area. The Carregal do Salbased company thereby reinforced its brand


activation strategy, embarking on a quest for new consumers, in a scenario where beer is usually the most sought-after drink, and which led to the implementation of extremely competitive prices

for the consumption of wine. The 2019 edition was held from 22 to 24 August, in the certainty that wine needs to come out of its comfort zone and start being consumed beyond traditional boundaries.


11 11

1990 Magazine_Number 10_December 2019

Meeting and get-together point


he Encontro brand boasts an appealing, cosmopolitan and contemporary image, is young at heart, and has countless messages to convey. Featuring an irreverent and experimental profile, it is capable of surprising and seducing the most diverse types of audiences. A brand that expresses design, architecture, colour, moments, space and time, sharing and meeting up. Whatever the language or value. Events were held at some of the best venues in Portugal in the summer months. To the sound of good music and in the best company, everyone was able to discover and try our Brut and Rosé sparkling wines.

Olivalmar, Armação de Pêra beach

Clube I, Lisbon

Topo Belém, Lisbon

Hotel PortoBay Liberdade, Lisbon


Topo Chiado, Lisbon




1 990premiumwines WWW.1 990.WINE

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Tradition and flavour at Christmas Eve dinner Henrique Ferreira, executive chef at Global Wines´ B2C (Business to Consumer) brand 19 | 90 restaurants, addresses the theme of Christmas at a time when there is so much talk of changing consumer habits, and suggests a number of really authentic and flavoursome possibilities. Helpful tips for a plentiful Christmas Eve dinner that doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive.




9|90 Magazine - Christmas is almost here again. At a time when there is so much talk about changes in eating habits, do you believe, as a professional, that cod, goat and turkey will continue to be part of the tradition? Henrique Ferreira - Of course. I think customers are increasingly looking for authenticity and tradition. Now that everything is being globalised, including food, what customers most appreciate are authentic and seasonal things.

19 | 90 Magazine - How do you prepare one or two of these dishes in a practical, economical and “simple” manner? What suggestions can you share with our readers? HF - We like to use certain ingredients in order to place value on the product. In the case of cod, using extra virgin olive oil when cooking it makes all the difference. For example, confitting cod (slow-cooked in fat), in my opinion, turns it into an absolutely fantastic delicacy. The texture and flavour are amazing. We also like to marinate roast goat with rosemary and orange. This adds character, sweetness, intensity and aroma to the flavour.

19 | 90 Magazine - Can the local and national products you so appreciate add a special “touch” to this holiday season? HF - Without a doubt. As I mentioned in the first question, our customers are increasingly looking for quality, seasonal, endogenous products, often produced in a highly artisanal manner, but with far more flavour and care afforded to the end product. At a time when there is so much talk of organic products and minimal chemical treatment, we also enjoy, wherever possible, working on a lo-

cal and national basis with firstrate quality. We have incredible products in the Dão region at Christmas time, such as spouts, mushrooms, goat, Arouquesa veal, citrus fruit, wild apples, etc.

19 | 90 Magazine - What wines would you pair with these dishes? Dão or Bairrada? Or the smoothness of an Alentejo red? HF – Coming from Beira and as an advocate of the country´s interior, I, whenever possible, go for Dão wines. As such, I´d suggest our Casa de Santar Reserve Red for Cabriz-style roast goat, while our Cabriz Touriga National White is the perfect match for cooked cod on Christmas Eve. But if we´re talking about Bairrada-style roast piglet, then you really have to try our Encontro Special Cuvée Sparkling Wine, because it’s absolutely extraordinary.

19 | 90 Magazine – Christmas isn´t Christmas without sweets. Does Tigelada da Beira fit the bill? HF – Yes. And moreover, it´s one of the emblems of our Quinta de Cabriz restaurant in Carregal do Sal.

19 | 90 Magazine – Would you suggest Outono de Santar Colheita Tardia to accompany it? HF – Outono de Santar is an excellent choice for serving with traditional sweets.

19 | 90 Magazine – Does a plentiful Christmas Eve dinner have to be expensive? HF – Not at all. Of course cod, octopus and goat are expensive ingredients. However, you can find less expensive and equally flavoursome cuts. This is the case, for example, of cod neck. This is a cheaper cut, delicious and incredibly versatile.

15 15

1990 Magazine_Number 10_December 2019

A starter from the new Quinta do Encontro menu

Garlic Sausage Fritters with Mustard Emulsion


The new Quinta do Encontro restaurant menu is now available. Executive chef Henrique Ferreira’s latest creation is based on “Sharing Flavours, Sharing Emotions, Sharing Experiences”. At the table, of course, with all Portuguese cuisine and wines have to offer. Ingredients 0.5 kg of garlic sausage 0.25 kg of spinach 1 clove of garlic 0.01 of olive oil Salt to taste Pepper to taste 0.1 of mustard


0.1 of milk Oil to taste Instructions Mustard Sauce: Sauté the clove of garlic in olive oil. Then add the mustard, cool it with milk and let it boil. Add the seasoning and grind. For the fritters: Skin the sausage, make the fritters and roll them in flour. Fry in very hot oil (180 / 200 ºC).

For both textures of spinach: Sauté the spinach in olive oil and garlic, season with salt and pepper and make a puree. For decorating the dish: Cut fresh spinach leaves into fine julienne, season lightly with olive oil and fine salt. Rather than experimenting at home, come to our restaurant and try the dish cooked by our chef. Book a table at our restaurant.

Quinta do Encontro Restaurant Rua de São Lourencinho 3780-907 São Lourenço do Bairro, Anadia

Tlf: +351 231 527 155 E-mail: enoturismo@quintadoencontro.pt

Horário ·


Closed ·

Tuesday to Saturday

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.* ·


10 a.m. to 4 p.m.* *These times can be extended for group bookings of more than 15 people.


In brief

Wall Street Journal highlights Cabriz

An ideal dish for pairing with Casa de Santar Nobre Red 2013

Lafões-style roast veal


hristmas is synonymous with family, conviviality, human warmth, long meals on days that seem endless. Storytelling, shared recipes, family photos posted on the social networks. The ideal surroundings in which to enjoy, with due calm, one of Portugal´s best wines, sharing it with all your loved ones. Challenged to come up with a dish for a specific wine, the executive chef of the 19 | 90 restaurants, Henrique Ferreira, has suggested the ever-appetising Beira-style roast veal. A dish of rich flavours, and the perfect pair for Casa de Santar Nobre Red 2013. One of Portugal´s great wines, a magnificent example of Dão products. Ingredients: 600 g of shoulder and undercut of veal

1 chopped onion 2 tablespoons of pepper pasta 100 g of butter 500 g of new potatoes 1 spoon of sweet pepper 3 cloves of garlic 200 ml of Cabriz white wine 1 bunch of rapini 2 dl of olive oil 1 clove of garlic Salt Instructions: The evening before, remove the skin and fat from the meat and season it with salt, olive oil, sweet pepper, pepper pasta and leave it to marinate. Place this mixture in a Molelos clay tray and roast it at 200 ºC for 30 minutes stirring every now and then. Then, braise the onions cut into half moons in a pan of olive oil, place the sealed veal in the oven and let it steam until it´s

tender. Then, roast the peeled potatoes seasoned with salt and sweet pepper at 190 ºC for 30/40 minutes, sprinkling with the sauce every now and then. Wash the rapini and cook it in salted water. Drain it, chop it up and then sauté it in the olive oil with the sliced garlic and season with salt. Sprinkle the seasoning on the meat and serve it with the sautéed rapini and roast potatoes. Serve the food with a bottle of Casa de Santar Nobre Red 2013. You now have everything you need for a sophisticated Christmas Eve dinner.

Cabriz Colheita Selecionada Red wine has been highlighted in one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world, the Wall Street Journal, as being one of the top five wines in relation to quality/price worthy of trying. “Some wines simply don’t get the attention they deserve. In particular, if we analyse the quality of the wine and how much we have to pay for it”, says the article, which also praises the work being carried out in the Demarcated Region of Dão, especially with regard to the production of red wine. “Despite the fact these wines are constantly improving in quality, the prices are still highly affordable”, emphasises the Wall Street Journal. This is yet another distinction underlining the excellent performance of this product in the world of wine. Mark Squires, the Portuguese wine taster and a member of Robert Parker’s team, the most influential critic in the world, had already written that “we need to invest in this fresh, elegant, easy to consume and multi-purpose red”. At the time, Cabriz Colheita Selecionada Selected Red was regarded as the best Portuguese red wine in relation to quality/ price. Furthermore, Wine Spectator had already included this wine in its annual Top 100. Alfrocheiro, Tinta-Roriz and Touriga Nacional are the varieties that make up the Cabriz Colheita Selecionada Red, which has a deep ruby colour, and is fruity with a predominance of fresh red fruit, wild berry jam, spices and toasted notes. It´s fruity, smooth, elegant and harmonious in the mouth, making it an excellent pair for oven-baked fish, roasted white meats, stewed or roast red meats and soft cheeses.

17 17

1990 Magazine_Number 10_December 2019

From A to Wine


Acid - Acidity is a sensation felt on the sides of the tongue, stimulating salivation. Acids are responsible for ensuring the wine is well, but not excessively balanced; Alcoholic - is wine with a considerable alcohol content; Aromatic – aromas and fruit are soon sensed in wines with this characteristic. The aromas can be divided into three groups: primary, from the grape itself (e.g. fruit, flowers, vegetables and animals), secondary, from the winemaking process (e.g. wood and yeast) and tertiary, developed after bottling (e.g. animals, mould and truffles); Assemblage – a blend of different types of grapes for wine production. Also known as cut or blend; Austere - great wines have this characteristic: slightly fruity aromas and flavours with strong tannins and high acidity, all of which helps the wine age in the bottle.



Cabriz brightens up the 7th edition of the Rio Wine and Food Festival


reated seven years ago, the Rio Wine and Food Festival is now one of the biggest and most representative initiatives involving the world of wine, gastronomy and culture in Brazil, and is already viewed as a mainstay event beyond our borders. A democratic occurrence that engages the entire city of Rio de Janeiro and attracts different audiences, boosting the wine and food industry, while impacting end consumers by introducing them to experiences involving food and wine, in addition to promotinga art and culture. An extremely appealing scenario in which producers and importers can present their brands and new products, as well as working on new sales channels. Among the different activities within the scope of the festival, Cabriz was

present, for the second year running, at the traditional Wine Trade Fair at Clube Piraquê - Lagoa, in Rio de Janeiro. The trade fair took place on 09 and 10 August, the first day of which was dedicated to the press and guests, while the second day was geared to the general public. This Wine Trade Fair brings together dozens of producers from a wide range of countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Portugal, France and Spain, among others. Cabriz and Rio Sol decorated the outdoor deck of Clube Piraquê - Lagoa for the two days of the event, and both guests and the general public were able to indulge in the pleasure of enjoying a glass of wine in a relaxed atmosphere with a view of the Corcovado mountain.



Vino Veritas: a little of Portugal in Macau


nder the management of Portuguese national Tomás Pimenta, Vino Veritas has been supplying Asian markets with the finest products from Portugal’s vineyards since 1997. 22 years later, Vino Veritas is now one of the biggest food and beverage distributors in Macao and even Asia. This partner of Global Wines is responsible for marketing brands such as Cabriz, Casa de Santar, Paço dos Cunhas, Encontro and Monte da Cal. Vino Veritas delivers the Global Wines brands to casinos, restaurants and hotels on a daily basis, of which Cabriz Red is the best seller in the Macau region, sold and savoured in top restaurants such as Mariazinha, the Macau Military Club, IFT, Casa Lisboa, António, among many others. The exclusive distributor for the Macao and Hong

Kong markets of some of the most renowned Portuguese brands of wine, among other products, Vino Veritas is comprised of a team of highly experienced professionals, and also provides wine consultancy and training services. Based in Macau, Vino Veritas is the number one distributor of Portuguese products in Asia, and markets a total of 150 prestigious and award-winning whites, reds and Ports, in a clear demonstration of the depth and diversity of its portfolio. Comprising a fine selection of green wines and including white and red nectars from the Minho, Douro, Dão, Bairrada, Lisbon and Alentejo regions, without forgetting the much appreciated Ports. In other words, Vino Veritas puts a little (or a lot) of Portugal into Macau.

19 19

1990 Magazine_Number 10_December 2019


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