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Celebrating Vine and Wine Santar was the stage chosen by Global Wines to celebrate vine and wine in one more Harvest Party filled with elegance and guests NEW RELEASES


Elegant Wines

A Unique Feira de São Mateus

is plenty to taste, offer and enjoy.

edition of Feira de São Mateus. The brand had several campaigns, including customized bottles that were offered to each performer.

Aurélio Claro, viticulture manager at Global Wines, talks about his passion for vines and grapes. And shares some practices associated with good vine care.

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AurélioClaro,Master of the Vineyard

Global News - Number 7 / October 2018



A never-ending mission


he summer of 2018 was very i n t e n s e f o r G l o b a l Wi n e s ’ brands. In that season that brings so many new people to o u r c o u n t r y, t h e r e w e r e p l e n t y o f opportunities to taste our wines and sparkling wines, in plentiful and joyous occasions. The universality of our value proposition was, once again, evaluated under the demanding scrutiny of all those that prefer w i n e s m a d e b y G l o b a l Wi n e s . An intense brand activation period wrapped up with another Harvest P a r t y, a t P a ç o d o s C u n h a s , i n S a n t a r, w h e r e t h e u n i q u e v o i c e o f Te r e s a S a l g u e i r o g a v e a s p e c i a l touch to this celebration prepared with so much care by our team, in order to properly welcome our partners, clients and consumers. I do not doubt, for a second, the universality of our wines or their growing dimension, fame and recognition. It is with this dimension in mind that we close another harvest and focus, from now on, on giving you the best that we have to offer in the next big event coming up: the celebration of Christmas. Although the last warmth of summer still lingers, we have always worried about preparing for tomorrow with caution and strategic vision. Get to know our news! Good readings!



Paço dos Cunhas celebrated the harvest


Paço dos Cunhas, in the centre of the village of Santar, one of the most iconic places in the wine making region of Dão, was the chosen venue for Global Wines to celebrate the Harvest Party, an event with music, wine and gastronomy, to commemorate another harvest. Two days, meant for two distinct types of guests. In tember, the guests were the clients and distributors of our company, national and international, that were able to enjoy a rally in the vineyard, zip line across Vinha dos Amores, visit Santar in a carriage, enjoy a jazz concert in the garden of the cellars of

Casa de Santar, a live magic show and traditional games in the vineyard. We gathered the wines from several producers of the region (Casa de Santar, Quinta do Sobral, Fidalgas de Santar and Quinta da Fata) that all guests were welcome to taste, and paired them with cold meats, cheese and the exquisite cuisine of our chef Henrique Ferreira. A party open not only to the “wine lovers”, but also to the general public that joined in, in vast number, in our party on the 9th of September. The grand musical moment of the second day of our Harvest Party, besides the performances of the traditional rancho folclórico and DJ Gryzzler,

was Teresa Salgueiro’s show. The former lead singer from one of the most international Portuguese bands, Madredeus, gave an intimate performance, joining all those present with her unique voice and leaving all with everlasting memories. The harvest is a moment of celebration, the peak of an entire year of tending and hoping for a large and great harvest. The wine making region of Dão, one of the most important in the country, is already a landmark in the national and international wine making world, with wines of superb quality that gather, more and more, the trust of its consumers.


Global News - Number 7 / October 2018

Extraordinary wines for a perfect Christmas New harvests and gift packs from Casa de Santar for an authentic Christmas


rom Casa de Santar, we get two very different wines: Outono de Santar Late Harvest 2013 and Vinha dos Amores Red 2013, both from DĂŁo. Thinking about the best pairing with the traditional Christmas sweets, Outono de Santar has changed, but remains a perfect blend of the elegance of Encruzado (90%) with the Furmint. With six months of battonage

barrels, this wine has a clear botrytized, with nuances of butter, lightly roasted nuts, In the mouth, it is complex with a distinct freshness, creamy and well balanced with a long and to enjoy in moments of leisure and to pair with delicacies and


delicate desserts. The 2013 harvest produced 5.200 bottles and is available, as always, in bottles of 375 millilitres. With the main courses, Global Wines suggests what is already a best-seller from DĂŁo: Vinha dos Amores Touriga Nacional. In the, now available, 2013 harvest, this monovarietal

produced a total of 13 thousand bottles of 750 millilitres. A nectar with an intense red colour with distinct violet undertones. With an intense and complex scent, you can clearly smell the berries, the mature red berries

well-balanced structure with a distinct persistence, due to the 18-month ageing in French oak barrels and six months in bottle. Pairs perfectly with matured cheeses and delicacies made with fat

tones and hints of spices. It has a fruity taste, a silky feel and a

An iconic wine from DĂŁo!



Global News - Number 7 / October 2018

Encontro 1 Red 2011 and Baga 2012


irectly from Bairrada, the two red icons from Quinta do Encontro, Encontro 1 and Baga Encontro, now present to the market their 2011 and 2012 harvests, respectively. Incredible wines that broadcast the terroir of Bairrada and Baga Encontro Red 2012 perfectly broadcasts the best that Bairra-

thousand bottles of 750 millilitres produced, this monovarietal


made with Saga pairs perfectly with spiced and complex dishes, and cured cheeses. A perfect companion for the dishes that son. Clear and with a great red scent of very mature red berries, their jam and light balsamic and roasted notes. It is also known for its pleasant and fruity volume, good structure, harmony and an obvious persistence.

Quinta do Encontro’s value proposition is reinforced by the 2011 harvest of Encontro 1 that brings back the varieties Baga and Touriga Nacional to the table of the consumers, in an equal marriage of both varieties that brought so much fame to this iconic cellar from Bairrada. With production limited to 4.267 bottles of 750 millilitres, this nectar matured for 18 months in new barrels as well

with medium toast. It has an intense garnet colour with slightly brownish tones. The scent is intense, with mature berries, their jam and subtle spiced and balis fruity, silky, crunchy, with a clear volume in the mouth, delicate and with a long persistence. A wine for several occasions, Encontro 1 is a perfect pair for classical dishes of the Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese and African cuisines.

Global News - Number 7 / October 2018

Cabriz wants to be the best present this Christmas


rom Dão, Cabriz presents its Christmas pack, so you can take the best of the region home with you. Cabriz Colheita Selecionada 2016 and Cabriz Reserva Red 2014 are Global Wines’ suggestion to enjoy in great company. That is why they will be in the market in two-unit sets. Cabriz Colheita Selecionada 2016, with its blend of Alfrocheiro, Aragonez and Touriga Nacional, keeps on seducing consumers all over the world. It is a perfect nectar to pair with soft cheeses and complex

well as dishes made with white and red meats from the Mediterranean, Chinese, Indian and African cuisines. With an intense and clear ruby colour, this Colheita Selecionada 2016 has a fruity scent, with obvious notes of fresh red berries, berry


jam, a hint of spices and roasced 2,5 million bottles and can be found in a six-bottle pack of 750 millilitre bottles, as well as in the aforementioned packs that will bring a special light to your Christmas. Still in Dão, the anxiously awaited fourth edition of Cabriz Ímpar hits the market in time to make your Christmas even more special, along with Cabriz Colheita Selecionada 2016. This liqueur wine is created with Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, Alfrocheiro and Jaen. With a production limited to one thousand 500 millilitre bottles, this year’s Cabriz Ímpar had a 20-year ageing in Should be drank at 18º C and has an alcoholic volume of 20%. With a clear look, an intense topaz colour and greenish tones, it has a complex scent

where nuts are clear, as well as candied orange zest, exotic woods and roasted cereals. Complex, silky, with a distinct freshness and a long persistence, Ímpar is perfect for

moments of leisure and pairs very well with complex cheeses, sweets and tropical fruit. A wine so unique that only Cabriz could create it and is perfect to add to our portfolio for a perfect Christmas.

Global News - Number 7 / October 2018



he 626th edition of Feira de São Mateus has brought new life to the centre of Portugal, in August and September, and Cabriz

what is called “The Fair of the Reunions”, in every restaurant and booth and even had its own Wine Bar, where people could taste all the iconic wines from Cabriz and even some cocktails. Cabriz also had several brand activation campaigns. One of the most notorious ones, in the event and in the social media, was the gifts offered to some of the artists, at the end of their performances, of a Magnum bottle of Cabriz Reserva Red with personalised labels with drawings made by João Rodrigues.

The hostess Filomena Cautela was one of the many familiar faces that toasted with Cabriz..

Deixem o Pimpa em Paz gave Feira de São Mateus a bit of their good humour.


Diogo Piçarra and his unique joy were very present in Feira de São Mateus.


The eternal Xutos e Pontapés carry on with their successful career.

Credits: Viseu Marca/José Alfredo

The fado singer Raquel Tavares was one of the many performers honoured by Global Wines.

Richie Campbell brought his energy to Feira de São Mateus.


Global News - Number 7 / October 2018

and trying to understand them” Interview with Aurélio Claro, viticulture manager at Global Wines

GW - How important is viticulture in making a great wine? AC - Viticulture is the foundation of the entire wine making product: wine. Without good grapes, we can’t have good wine. GW - What are the most


important things to tend to when dealing with grapes and vineyards? AC - There are several. The strength of the vine for example, with the winter pruning and the green pruning. The winter pruning controls the amount of buds you leave in and depends of the strength and the type of wine. That

is why viticulture and wine making must be in synch. The green pruning gives us a chance to eliminate undesired growth that may compete for the place where we want the cluster to grow. Then, we have the nutritional part of the plant that is critical. The water is incredibly important. Without water, the plant can’t

bear fruit, and, in extreme cases, it may even jeopardize its survival. The orientation, good ventilation and plague control, from things like “empoasca vitis” or honeydew moth, disease control, specially mildew and powdery mildew, are just as important. But, nowadays, my biggest concern is the climate changes


because they are uncontrollable and have a direct impact on our sector. The last decade, with rainfall below the normal average, increase in temperature, and rain out of season, clearly shows how the vines are affected by the unevenness of the weather. GW - What characteristics should the grapes have to make a good wine? AC - Good alcoholic and phenolic maturation and a good PH and overall acidity balance. GW - What do the vineyards in Dão have that makes them different? AC - The pairing with the pine tree forests and the surrounding nature. If you drive by, you can barely notice the vineyards, because they are ther in Dão is also different from the rest of the country. mountains Estrela, Caramulo and Buçaco, that surround the region and by the two rivers, Mondego and Dão. The climate is mild: the summer has hot days but cool nights, with winter is severe, with plenty of rain (that rebalances the necessary hydrological levels for viticulture) and relatively

low temperatures, with some

GW - What are the main challenges of working in viticulture in this region? AC - I would say that the varieties used in the region are a great challenge. Touriga Nacional and Encruzado are, for me, some of the best varieties in the world. The fact that the another challenge. Sometimes, it’s under 2,5 acres. GW - How is the life cycle of the vineyards and what is your job in each stage? AC - A vine will last approxiinto production and the rest thing to do is to analyse the soil to make decisions about possible corrections (organic matter, limestone, nutrients) to gather the best conditions for the vines. Afterwards, we must break up the soil and add organic matter, limestone, nutrients (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and others). Then, we have to plant and build the frames that will support the plant. The next two years is when the vine grows, and it implies a lot of labour, because this is when you build the basis of the grapevine that will last for the rest of its life.

From the third year onwards, the vine starts producing clusters, and reaches its or sixth year and remains fully producing till it reaches 25 or 30 years. After 30 years, some plants start to wither but, it we add some new plants to it, the grapevine can last a couple more decades. I have seen vines last more than a century.

tonnes per hectare with good alcoholic content and good acidity. However, with Touriga Nacional, in order to have good alcoholic and phenolic maturation, the production cannot be over six to eight tonnes. GW - What do you like the most about viticulture? AC - The contact with the

GW -What are the main differences between the main varieties in Dão, Touriga Nacional and Encruzado? AC - Even though one is red and the other white, there are more similarities than differences. They are both

talking to the vines and trying to understand them. An old saying states that “the vine must be tended to every day, because every day you will

stems grow very erratically. With Encruzado, during the orientation of the plant, we must be extra careful because the stems tend to brake at the base. They are both relatively sensitive to fruit displacement during blooming, when the weather is moist and cold. In terms of ripening, Encruzado had a medium cycle and is harvested one week later than the rest of the white varieties. Touriga Nacional has a long cycle and is harvested at the end of the harvesting. They are

GW - If I wanted to give a friend a wine born from “your” grapes, which one would it be and why? AC - Casa de Santar Reserva White. Because I always preferred white wine and that is one of my favourites.

(growth of clusters). Encruzado can easily produce 10

a crop that demands constant attention, the entire year.

ID Name: Aurélio Claro Age: 43 anos Place of Birth: Penajóia, in Lamego At Global Wines since: 2001

A Great Harvest


espite the climatic changes that imply even more hurdles for our producers to jump through, Global Wines considers that the 2018 harvest had very positive results. From Alentejo to Dão, and, obviously, Bairrada, the future will bring a good year for this company’s wines in all its regions. To the south, in Alentejo, Monte da Cal had “a great year in viticulture, despite a slight scorching that caused mild damages due to a heat wave, an uncontrollable

natural phenomenon. The production increased considerably since 2017, which didn’t happen in the whole data, didn’t register production growth” states Aurélio Claro, viticulture manager at Global Wines. That was clearer to the north, where Bairrada had very good ripening, in a year that was just as hard in terms of wine making, where a rainy spring forced the team to double their care.

“The same happened in Dão, where we production. We had problems with fruit displacement, hail and scorching” states Aurélio Claro. The production from the vineyards in Dão had a slight decrease, but it was still superior to the average of the region, where 30%. “In qualitative terms, Dão also had a good year in 2017, which forecasts a good future for wine” he concludes.


Global News - Number 7 / October 2018


Cabriz Reserva Red and White receive 91 points and “Best Buy” from Wine Enthusiast

The wines from Cabriz have, once again, earned the recognition of the international critics as one of the leading brands in the wine making world. The iconic northern-American magazine Wine Enthusiast gave Cabriz Reserva Red and Cabriz Reserva White 91 points and awarded them the seal of “Best Buy”. The leading brand from Dão, Cabriz is still a favourite of the consumers, thanks to the labour that the company has invested in it in the last 25 years, every year, to produce wines of excellent quality. The work of our wine making team, led by Osvaldo Amado, along with our strong advertising of our brand with the critics, retailers and consumers, in all the markets we are present in, with a clear leadership strategy, are the decisive ingredients for the success story that is Cabriz. The proof of the success of this strategy is the awards that Cabriz has won, regularly and both national and internationally, being recommended by world renowned magazines, like as Wine Enthusiast among others, receiving extremely high scores and praises as a distinctively great option for the consumer when it comes to value for money. The results we received now are even more relevant in the international market, where Cabriz has been set as a prestigious and quality brand, investing in the production of wines that have earned the praises of the most demanding panels of tasters. With a vast portfolio, from reds to whites, including carry on taking the name of Portugal and Dão further and further.




he amateur golf tournament for the medical staff of Hospital de Santa Maria in Porto, Golf Cup, was played in the 15th of September, at Axis Golfe in Ponte de Lima. Casa de Santar not only organised a wine tasting, but also offered bottles of wine as the prizes for this charitable tournament. Besides the athletic and recreational inten-

tions, this tournament also intended to help Casa de Acolhimento do Centro de Bem-Estar Infantil e Juvenil do Coração de Jesus (a foster home for girls till the age of 18 from families at risk). With that in mind, the tournament gathered 70 players, was played in 18 holes and raffles were sold and the profits given to the institution.



NAC in Viseu organised, on the 15th of September, its 10th edition of the Photographic Marathon. This year, the event travelled to Santar, to challenge the

photographers to capture new dimensions in this beautiful wine growing village. The contest, open to both professional photographers and amateurs, passed through Casa de Santar and some other producers in the village (like Fidalgas de Santar and Quinta do Sobral) as well as through many other landmarks of the village. It ended in the iconic Paço dos Cunhas, with an unforgettable dinner by the chef Henrique Ferreira. Casa de Santar’s cellar, the dreamy Vinha dos Amores, the century old cork oak that lives in the vineyards of Paço dos Cunhas were some of the highlights of the marathon. Landscapes of incredible beauty that deserve a picture.





ince 1976 that Covin AG is an iconic brand in the representation and distribution of Portuguese food and drinks in the Swiss market. Located in Bachenbülach, in the canton of Zürich, Covin AG has business all over the country and deals in every sector and channel in the market (within the Food and Horeca channels). All thanks to their distribution networks and the warehouse they own in the region of Geneva. Pioneer in the distribution of products for the Portuguese community, this partner of Global Wines is a source that links the needs of some pioneering export companies and some segments of the market that wondered about the origins of the products that came from a country with a community that is growing and has a very strong buying

power. Covin AG intents to fulfil every need of the marked and its consumers. Therefore, they have their own facilities with loading decks and a truck and van fleet that drives around Switzerland every day, taking Portuguese products to more and more consumers. They have exclusive rights to distribute several products in the Swiss market and some of them are the leading brands in their fields, like the ones that are owned and sold by Global Wines. To these brands, they add several others like Super Bock, Pedras, Sumol, Compal, Lacticínios do Paiva, Quinta de Jugais, Meps, Paladin, Peninsular, Maçarico, Cantoliva, Gallo, Cerealis, Caçarola, Bom Petisco, Lactogal, Probar, Ferbar, Dom Duarte, and many others.


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