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Global Wines, the most awarded brand in Dão

Global Wines won more than 50% of the awards given at the 9th edition of the contest “Best Bottled Wines in Dão” 2018, and excelled in every category W I N E I N M O D E R AT I O N



Global Wines joins in

Cabriz at Volta 2018

Vilar de Mouros drinks Cabriz

Global Wines joined the initiative Wine in Moderation - Art de Vivre that intents to promote well-being and contribute to lessen the harmful effects of alcohol.

Cabriz was in Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta 2018, supporting the professional cycling team from Dão that we sponsor, Miranda-Mortágua.

Cabriz was the official wine of the iconic festival EDP Vilar de Mouros, that took place from the 23rd to the 25th of August, in the city with the same name in Caminha.

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Global News - Number 6 / August 2018




A Toast to Dão


he ninth edition of t h e c o n t e s t “Be s t B ottled Wines from Dã o ”, h e l d b y t h e D ão Region Winegro wi n g Co mmi s s i o n , was, once again, a joyful a n d e n r i c h i n g mom ent for this wonder ful wi n e ma k i n g re g i o n that i s DÃO. In this regio n , a n d i n e v e r y produc e r individually, th e e n t h u s i a s m, j o y a n d pri de in the wines produc e d h a v e a l wa y s b e e n pre sent, from the beginni n g t o t h e e n d o f t h a t de lightful night of celebra t i o n . T hi s e v e nt is an oppor tun i t y f o r Dã o Re g i o n Wi negrowing Commis s ion t o p r a i s e t h o s e wh o worke d to develop viticul t u re a n d wi n e ma k i n g in t he re gion and who cre a t e wi n e s t h a t , y e a r afte r y e ar, keep on promot i n g , e mb e l l i s h i n g a n d enhancing the fame and w o r t h o f t h e re g i o n . T hi s c ontes t is an impor t a n t e n c o u r a g e me n t i n an e v e rl as ting pur s uit of e x c e l l e n c y. Global Wines has , once a g a i n , e a r n e d i t s s p o t as t he le ader in Dão and wa s t h e b i g wi n n e r of this event, winning the b i g g e s t n u mb e r o f me dals as well as the bes t a wa rd s . Be i n g a leade r, f o r us , is a great re s p o n s i b i l i t y. S o , we see k to live, ever y da y, wi t h t h a t mo t t o o n our minds . It was with gre a t p r i d e t h a t we s a w our com p anies excel and c o n f i r m o u r s t a t u s a s the le ader of the region, i n a c l e a r s i g n o f a comm i t ment to Dão and t o o u r c o n s u me r s , t h a t enj oy our wines and choo s e u s e v e r y d a y, a l l around the wor ld. Producing quality wines , a t t h e b e s t p r i c e and in e ver y categor y, is o u r c o mmi t me n t to our c lients . To Dão, o u r b i r t h p l a c e , we prom i se even more pas s io n a n d d e t e r mi n a t i o n in i nt roducing to the wor l d t h e q u a l i t y a n d el eganc e of its wines . T he inc redible res ults ac h i e v e d i n t h e n i n t h edi t i on o f “ Bes t Bottled Wi n e s f ro m Dã o ” f i l l the e ntire team from Glob a l Wi n e s wi t h p r i d e and giv e us the deter min a t i o n a n d wi l l t o d o more and better.



s part of its presence in Portugal and in the international market, and for a healthy wine consumption, Global Wines has joined, in July, the initiative Wine in Moderation - Art de Vivre. This initiative started by the European wine sector aims to promote healthy lifestyles, well-being and to contribute to a reduction of the harmful effects of alcohol. In Portugal, Global Wines will be one of the companies that will join in. Based on scientific facts, education and self-regulation to organise and manage the international wine sector, this initiative aims to promote responsibility in wine consumption, wine related products and to promote the image of wine as a product of excellence that must be experienced in moderation. In conclusion, it is an active and continuous promotion of a sustainable wine culture that inspires healthy lifestyles, making moderate wine consumption fashionable and a key value in today’s society.

Not only is it a delightful drink, that should be enjoyed in moderation, but wine is also, in Portugal and the world, an important economic sector, creating employment and being an important tax revenue sector. Aimed at young adults, the program Wine in Moderation, intents to help society make responsible decisions about consumption and also to protect the cultural, environmental and economic importance of wine in European society, making responsible consumption an established cultural and social norm. The initiative Wine in Moderation - Art de Vivre, has the leadership, a social responsibility commitment and several measures taken towards a more moderate consumption of wine. Global Wines joined the initiative of a social responsibility program, thereby promoting in Portugal and all the countries it is present in, several actions that aim to celebrate, in the best way possible, that noble product that is wine. A toast to responsible drinking!


Global Wines sweeps the competition in the ninth edition of the contest “Best Bottled Wines from Dão” Won more than 50% of the awards given and has stood out in every area


lobal Wines was the great winner of the ninth edition of the contest “Best Bottled Wines from Dão” 2018, by winning 19 medals in a total of 37 that were given in this year’s edition of the contest that honours all the best that is created in Dão. Winning over 50% of the awards presented, Global Wines shows the consistency of its brands in the different segments of the market it operates on and in which we have remarkable wines like Vinha do Contador, Cabriz or Casa de Santar. Organised, once again, by Dão Region Winegrowing Com-

mission, this annual initiative intents to award the producers and to give credit to the work done in viticulture and wine making. Another of the great goals of the contest “Best Bottled Wines in Dão” is to encourage the production of quality wines, and to show the consumers the best wines that are produced in Dão. For the managers at Global Wines, these 19 awards “re-enforce the importance of our philosophy to produce with the best possible quality, for the best price, in all the segments we work on” and “as leaders in our region, this is our commitment to Dão and to our consumers”.

The contest, held in Salão Nobre in Solar do Vinho do Dão, gathered 142 samples of PDO wines from Dão from 43 producers organised in: white wines, red wines, rosé, monovarietal wines and naturally sparkling wines. The panel was led by Beatriz Machado, wine manager at The Fladgate Partnership. The representatives of the Chambers of Tasters from several commissions in the country were joined by wine makers, journalists, sommeliers and other wine connected entities.




t the heart of the historical centre of Manassas, in the state of Virginia, we find Carmello’s, an establishment with the ability to make any family feel at home. At any time of the year, Alice Pires’ restaurant is always a good choice and an excellent addition to a visit to this historical city. Located merely 60 kilometres from the American capital, Carmello’s is known for its wine selection one-of-a-kind in the city - as well as for the craft beer they greet they costumers with. You will be greeted by the owner, born and raised in Portugal, and you will be drawn to their famous home-made pizzas, pastas, sandwiches and salads. A diversified menu that can be perfectly paired with a glass of Cabriz Reserva Red, one of the most famous wines from Dão and now available at Carmello’s wine menu. The restaurant admits, without any shame, that they prefer Portuguese and Italian wines and that clearly shows in their menu cover. Their goal is to enhance the culinary experience that Carmello’s offers, that has already won several national awards, making it a mandatory stop if you’re in Virginia. Award of Excellence by Wine Spectator for eight straight years and, in 2013, was elected Best Restaurant by Prince William Living. With seasonal menus, the dishes served are created using only fresh produce from the garden of the restaurant, that was founded in 1987, and that aims to present a north-American contemporary cuisine with Portuguese and Italian influences. On the weekends, live music joins the best cuisine and demands the opening of a bottle of Cabriz Reserva Red. Enjoy!


Global News - Number 6 / August 2018

Cabriz in Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta 2018 The leading brand in Dão developed a strong brand activation campaign


abriz was in Volta a Portugal em Bicicleta 2018, supporting the professional cycling team from Dão that we sponsor, Miranda-


-Mortágua. This brand activation initiative consisted in accompanying the professional cycling team Miranda-Mortágua during Volta

a Portugal em Bicicleta 2018, offering flutes of brut sparkling wine from Cabriz and promotional gifts (car sun shades) to all those that came to see the race that ended with the victory of Raúl Alarcón (W52/FC Porto). Cabriz’s van was always near Miranda-Mortágua’s technical team’s trailer, with a booth that offered sparkling wine flutes. The trailer of Miranda-Mortágua also had two flags from Cabriz that were placed in the back of the vehicle when entering and exiting the cities. Cabriz was there in

all these stages: 1st of August - Prologue in Setúbal 5th of August - 4th stage - Guarda (start) and Covilhã/Penhas da Saúde (finish) 6th - 5th stage - Viseu (finish) 10th - 8th stage - Barcelos (start) and Braga (finish) 11th - 9th stage - Felgueiras (start) and Mondim de Basto/ Senhora da Graça (finish) 12th - 10th stage - Fafe (at the Time Trial) This brand activation was a remarkable success. The public loved it and praised the quality of our sparkling wine. Cabriz also reached out to the many tourists that were visiting these cities and introduced them to the brut sparkling wine of the world’s best seller from Dão.




rom the 25th to the 29th of July, took place in Viseu, this year’s European City of Folk, the 55th edition of Europeade, the ethnography and folklore festival. Overall, it had 5400 people, organised into 203 groups, from 24 European countries that came to Viseu, a city that is always ready to welcome visitors and that, this year, welcomed Europeade. The several nationalities connected by folklore will bring life to the festival and occupy the squares, streets and gardens of the city, creating a living showcase of the diversity and cultural richness of the European traditions. Europeade is already the biggest and most important European event of ethnography and folklore and, for five days, it filled Viseu with music, dance and cheer. During the event, Cabriz was in the several booths in Mercado 2 de Maio and in Parque da Cidade, where the visitors of this great party had the opportunity to toast with “the best”. Because it is known that we eat with our eyes first (in this case drink), Cabriz was also part of the decoration of several windows in traditional shops in the city. The shop owners wanted to join the party and create the perfect environment for the festival, so in the shop windows of Viseu, the latest fashion shared its space with traditional clothing from rancho folclórico, farming tools, Cabriz bottles and baskets with chouriço and broa. Altogether, at Europeade 2018, 53 shop ow-

ners joined the shop window contest created by the Dealers Association of Viseu. According to those in charge, it was a record number in this type of initiatives.

Teresa Salgueiro is the most recent ambassador of Casa de Santar

She is a key personality in the national arts and the most recent ambassador of Casa de Santar. Teresa Salgueiro, a unique voice that has, for three decades, been an emblematic representation of Portugal all over the world. Her artistic career started in 1986, at only 17 years old, when she joined the band Madredeus, with whom she recorded nine original albums that have made Teresa Salgueiro a star. Between 1987 and 2007, after 20 years of travels and over five million albums sold all over the world, Madredeus were the first international representatives of Portuguese music since Amália Rodrigues. And Teresa Salgueiro, with her discreet and delicate presence and her extraordinary voice, was the figurehead of that musical ship. Artists as important as José Carreras, Caetano Veloso, Gilberto Gil, Carlos Núnez, Angelo Branduardi or Zbigniew Preisner have recognised Teresa as one of the greatest contemporary singers. Today, with her solo career and “Horizonte”, her latest album, she reinstates herself as a songwriter and composer and expresses it all in the creation and interpretation of a new original repertoire. In a tour that will take her, once again, to the most prestigious stages in the world, where she was always welcomed with open arms and appreciation, Teresa Salgueiro will present a new show that celebrates the multitude of herself. She will bring us songs written by her, her adaptations of Portuguese songs and also an homage to her old band. Teresa Salgueiro sets a course for us, through an elaborate, delicate and complex tissue of emotions in which she proves, beyond the shadow of a doubt, her reputation as the creator of unbelievably beautiful and magical environments.


Global News - Number 6 / August 2018

Cabriz in Feira de São Mateus The official wine of the biggest fair in Portugal


ill the 16th of September, the 626th edition of Feira de São Mateus will have Cabriz as its official wine, giving the visitors several opportunities to celebrate with the leading brand from Dão, in this event filled with meetings and memories. Cabriz will be in every restaurant and booth in the fair and it will also have its own Wine Bar, where the visitors can taste all the main wines from this brand, as well as some cocktails created with Cabriz. At the same time, Cabriz has also been very active in brand activation. One of the initiatives that has been praised, at the event and in social media, is the bottles with personalised labels and pictures that the brand has offered some of the performers at the end of each show. Raquel Tavares, Ana Moura, Maria Rita and Rui Veloso are some of the


faces that Cabriz used to create a personalised bottle, each as unique as the artists they represent. “Even though Cabriz is a brand with more than 25 years of history, it has in its DNA a young and rebellious spirit, and a constant desire to surprise. This initiative is a way to surprise the musicians that give us, every night at Feira de São Mateus, high quality shows that bring cheer to all those who visit it and to celebrate the occasion with a unique and custom magnum bottle of Cabriz Reserva Red. The feedback from the artists has been great! Many of them were already fans of Cabriz and they are always grateful for the originality of the gift.” says Patrícia Gonçalves, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager. The pictures were created by João Rodrigues which is also “a way to support and promote

young Portuguese artists that have extraordinary talent and worth”. In a site that is over 18 acres and holds over 300 booths, Feira de São Mateus has carnival rides, music shows, restaurants and shops of every kind, in what is one of the biggest

examples of popular culture in the centre region of Portugal. As the biggest fair in Portugal, Feira de São Mateus is part of the collective imagination of the Portuguese people. The 2018 edition has been even more special with Cabriz as the official wine!


Vilar de Mouros 2018 drinks Cabriz The leading brand from Dão has been the official wine of the festival in Caminha


Cabriz was in EDP Vilar de Mouros as the official wine of this historical festival that took place from the 23rd to the 25th of August.

With two wine bars at the event, one inside the festival and one outside by the entrance, this wine brand from Dão brightened the party through several brand activation initiatives. Besides offer-

ing promotional gifts, at our bars, the visitors could taste Colheita Selecionada red, white and rosé as well as our sparkling wine brut. Cabriz was also in the VIP area

of EDP Vilar de Mouros, where the guests could taste Reserva. Many people visited these spaces and were delighted to try the nectars of the only wine brand present in the festival.




t is said that Macao is toasting, more and more, to life with the flavour of the Portuguese brands that are present in the east Asian market. For many, Pútáoyá is, simply, Portugal, in mandarin, but the importance of the country is growing in Asia, and Macao is no exception. In Macao since 1997, Vino Veritas, was brought by its founder, Tomás Pimenta, and brings to the Asian market all the best that is produced in Portugal. It is one of the biggest wine and food distributors in Macao and Asia. Vino Veritas is the exclusive distributor of the best wine brands, as well as other Portuguese food products, that have been getting more recognition all over the world, winning awards in the biggest international contests and being highlighted in speciality magazines. Global Wines’ distributor in Macao has a professional team and a lot of experience in Macao’s and Hong Kong’s market. Vino Veritas has workshops as well as counselling and consulting sessions to promote knowledge about wine. With a portfolio with more than 150 references, Vino Veritas is, in the local market, the largest

distributor of Portuguese wines in this part of the world and it uses its broad portfolio and known specialization to seduce the most demanding consumers. Clearly a great partner for Global Wines!


Global News - Number 6 / August 2018


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