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JUNE 2018

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Cabriz is on the menu

Top 100 references Global Wines

Fernando Mendes sells Cabriz

The famous brand from Dรฃo is already available in one of the most emblematic and characteristic restaurants in the Wonderful City, Rio de Janeiro

The Top 100 of the famous magazine Wine&Spirits rated three wines from Global Wines, all with over 88 points.

The actor Fernando Mendes plays Custรณdio Reis, a liquor seller, in his most recent play: Insรณnia. Cabriz supports culture.

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Global News - Number 5 / June 2018




he summer months are busy months for our brands. Due to their quality, versatility, market presence and the preference of the consumers, it is hard not to choose a Global Wines’ wine for every occasion. Come and see what we have been doing in terms of brand activation this summer.


Quality and Authenticity


e never doubted the potential of the region we were born in. Currently recognized by all, Dão is a region capable of creating wines that fill our souls and awake our senses. Authenticity and know-how wrapped up in a single expression: “terroir”. The same authenticity we give to all our nectars, regardless of the region. Hence, we shall embrace this summer with a strong commercial and marketing dynamic. It is, or will be, possible, all over the country, to get to know a little bit better all our brands and what each of them has to offer. Regardless of being a seller or a consumer, I b elieve no one will be able to forget our wines. We are getting increasingly known, nationally and internationally, and we have been on a path that has allowed us to be in some of the most respected sellers and restaurants, as well as big retailers, all over the world. We want to be where people want to drink good wine and our clients know that we can surprise them. Wherever they are. That is what we work for, so hard, every day. I wish you good readings and good tastings.


Cabriz and Vinha Maria in Continente’s Food Fest In the past 7th and 8th of June, GW was present in Continente’s Food Fest in the supermarket’s Fair of Wine, Cheese and Deli Meats, with our brands Cabriz and Vinha Maria (an exclusive for Continente in the national market). Two days filled with fun, tastings and conversation in an event that held numerous activities such as cooking presentations, workshops, music shows, etc. Thousands of people visited the festival and GW had to be there, next to all our consumers. Cabriz Happy Hour in Archi Summit 2018 Cabriz was the wine partner of the 4th Edition of the Archi Summit 2018 held at Lx Factory in Lisbon on the 12th and 13th of July. Overall, the event gathered 1500 partici-

pants, including architects, civil engineers and entrepreneurs, in what is the biggest architecture event in the country. Under the theme New Housing Challenges and Public Space Planning, Archi Summit 2018 held debates as well as the presentation of architecture projects and a display area meant for business networking and promotion of businesses in the construction and industry sector. To refresh these two days, Cabriz had a Happy Hour, where all could relax and enjoy our wines and sparkling wines. Meeting Points with Quinta do Encontro This summer we will, once again, execute our campaign Ponto de Encontro (Meeting Point in English) This campaign, by our brand from Bairrada, intents to turn “trendy” points of sale into true meeting points, where friends can meet, by encouraging the purchase of our sparkling wine Quinta do Encontro (QdoE) and giving every condition necessary for it. The meeting points are scattered all over the country such as the restaurant Wish (Porto), Salgaboca (beach in Mira), Lagoa ó Mar (beach bars in Melides and Santo André), Marriott Beach Resort, Topo in Belém and Chiado (Lisbon), Olivalmar (Armação de Pêra), Anantara (Vilamoura) and the liquor


store Rossio (Portalegre). At these meeting points, our clients can enjoy a glass of our sparkling wine QdoE. Who doesn’t love a flute by the ocean? All set in terraces and bars decorated with motifs from our brand. Concurrently, we will also have other brand activation initiatives that intend to bring QdoE closer to our consumers. Viseu Folk This year, Viseu is the European City of Folklore and hosts the biggest, most relevant and historical European event of folklore and ethnography: EUROPEADE. The event has 5400 sign-ups from 203 groups that come from 24 European countries. For five days, they will occupy the squares, streets and gardens of the city, creating a living showcase of the diversity and cultural richness of the European traditions. From all over Europe, there

will be 40 groups from Spain, 22 groups from Germany, 18 groups from France, 15 groups from Belgium, 13 groups from Latvia, 12 groups from Estonia and Finland, 10 groups from Italy, eight groups from Hungary, three groups from Sweden, Slovenia, Switzerland, Cyprus, Poland, two groups from the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and one group representing Ireland, Russia, Bulgaria, Luxembourg and Austria. In these five days, the EUROPEADE Forum with be set in Parque Aquilino Ribeiro, the heart of the festival, where several European cities will be represented and where there will be a folk market with crafts, workshops and international cuisine. In Mercado 2 de Maio, the flavours of the region will be the main event. Here we will have the food court, in the two floors, that will have about a dozen local gastronomical representa-

tives. There will be plenty of offers perfectly adapted to the event, blending street food with the flavours of local gastronomy. All these delicacies can only be paired with Cabriz. In a glass, a bottle or a pack, the visitants can take a bit of Dão back to their countries. Cabriz is the official wine in EDP Vilar de Mouros 2018 Cabriz is the official wine for the music festival EDP Vilar de Mouros that will be held in the small town of the same name in Caminha from the 23rd of August to the 25th. With names as John Cale and Peter Murphy confirmed, among others, the festival will have the famous brand from Dão as its official wine. Feira de São Mateus Cabriz is the official wine from the 626th edition of Feira de São Mateus, the oldest fair in the Iberian Peninsula. Over a million visitors are expected in

this fair in Viseu that will start on the 9th of August and end on the 16th of September. Not only will you be able to find Cabriz in all the restaurants in the fair, but the brand will also have its own Wine Bar, where the visitors can drink glasses of Cabriz and buy packs of bottles as souvenirs from the fair. To bring even more life to the party, Cabriz will also have several activities throughout the fair. Feira de Vinhos do Dão - Nelas Feira de Vinhos do Dão - Nelas From the 30th of August to the 2nd of September, GW will be present in another edition of the Feira de Vinhos do Dão, a wine fair held in Nelas. As usual, it shall be four days of plenty of fun, tastings and talks about wines. GW will be present with its brands from Dão and we promise that we will have news and activities in the fair where you will be able to get to know, if you don’t already, our portfolio.


Global News - Number 5 / June 2018


Cabriz in Rally Vinho do Dão Cabriz was in Rally Vinho do Dão, an initiative promoted by the city of Nelas and the Clube Automóvel do Centro, as the official sponsor of the driver Hugo Lopes from AMSPORT. The 4th edition of Rally Vinho do Dão, held on the 26th and 27th of May, in Nelas, had 27 participants running and a great deal of audience. They witnessed the races for two days and had the chance to taste Cabriz’s sparkling wine as well as the new harvests of white and rosé from Cabriz Colheita Selecionada.



lobal Wines was present in the Perfect Portuguese Pairings – Macau 2018, a wine and gastronomical experience dedicated to the perfect pairing of cuisine from Macau with Portuguese wines. Held on the 26th of May, it had 100 workers and 150 clients. In the end, Casa de Santar Vinha dos Amores white brought home one of the three awards that were given. This event included a wine tasting in a very peculiar format, limited to 18 companies, where Global Wines stood out with its brands. Several sommeliers and chefs explained each of the pairings and led the visitors to taste the wine from each of the producers. During the event, the participants voted in the best pairing and chose three winners: Casa de Santar Vinha dos Amores white was one of them.



ith only 13 thousand bottles produced and available in boxes with three units of 75 cl, Vinha dos Amores Touriga Nacional 2013 is already on the market and it highlights all the best that Casa de Santar’s vineyards have to offer. With an intense red colour with distinct tones of violet, it is an intense and complex wine. You can clearly taste the berries, the mature red berries and their jam. It also has floral tones and hints of spices. Aged for 18 months in French oak barrels and six months in bottle. An icon that must be discovered and tasted.

Cabriz in JN’s Cycling Run Cabriz was with the team Continental UCI Miranda - Mortágua, in Viseu, for the 28th edition of the Grande Prémio de Ciclismo Jornal de Notícias, a grand cycling award. This is one of the most emblematic cycling races in the country and the team from Dão made more than 500 miles in one week (from the 28th of May to the 3rd of June). Always with the support from Cabriz..



lobal Wines keeps on impressing the national and international critics. This time, it was Wine&Spirits that placed, no more no less than, three of our brands in their Top 100: Vinha Maria, Monte da Cal and Cabriz. From Dão to Alentejo, the common denominator was the fact that all of them had over 88 points, which is proof of the consistency and quality of the wines produced by Global Wines. Vinha Maria Dão White Premium 2016,


Monte da Cal Colheita Selecionada Red 2016 and Cabriz Colheita Selecionada Red 2015 were the wines awarded in this tasting.


Cabriz in the historical restaurant Quinta da Boa Vista The known brand from Dão is already available in one of the most famous and renowned restaurants in Rio de Janeiro


he restaurant Quinta da Boa Vista, in Rio de Janeiro, is all about History and histories which is inevitable since its building is the former chapel of the residence of the Portuguese Royal Family in this Brazilian city. It was already the world’s best seller from Dão, and now it shall make History in this history filled with tradition, flavours, tropical climates and Portugal/ Brazil connections. In the current location of the restaurant’s kitchen, before stood the priest’s house. In the old chapel of the residence of King D. Pedro I, in Brazil, that was turned into a restaurant in 1954, we can still see the architecture that

was carefully preserved and the environment, enriched by the old paintings and furniture from the 16th century. Even the menu of the restaurant mirrors the historical heritage of this place. We can choose dishes such as D. Pedro cod fish (grilled cod fish fillet, Portuguese potatoes, peas and heart of palm) or a brewed coffee, made as King D. Pedro liked to drink it.

of Quinta da Boa Vista that it ended up becoming the official uniform of the employees. The next time you drink a glass of Cabriz in this iconic restaurant, don’t find it odd if you see some wigs, corsets and frock coats.

The gardens that rim the restaurant also deserve an attentive visit. They are lovely and the most wonderful scenario to taste, in a serene and soothing way and in great company, a perfect glass of Cabriz. I’ll meet you at the table? See you soon, then.

But a visit to Quinta da Boa Vista is an experience, not just for your palate, but for all your senses. To honour the 200 years of the arrival of the Royal Family to Brazil (that moved to flee from Napoleon Bonaparte) in 2018, the employees dressed in 19th century fashion. The idea was so deeply praised by the clients and friends 5

Global News - Number 5 / June 2018

Custódio Reis selling Cabriz

Fernando Mendes is in the play “Insónia”, where our brand from Dão has a very prominent place

Global Wines - We are more used to see you on TV than on the stage. What do you prefer? Fernando Mendes - Even though my work is, clearly, mostly associated with TV, I definitely prefer the theatre. GW - What are the main differences between working on television and what you are currently doing in the play “Insónia”? FM - The first maian difference is the fact that they are two completely different platforms: television and theatre. In my program “O Preço Certo”, that I have hosted for over 15 years, I don’t have a script. It is all improvised. In the play “Insónia” I have a script, the play has a story, that was written and staged by the talented Roberto Pereira and, 6

because I believe it is truly well written, there is no room for improv. GW - You usually say that you prefer to be a popular actor than a known actor. Can you explain that? FM - To be popular, in my opinion, is to have the audience’s heart and I need that energy to perform. GW - Do you like wine? How did you prepare your character of Custódio Reis, a seller of wines and liquor? FM - Yes, I do like it. And the answer is many, many rehearsals! (laughs) It was the first time I was alone on stage so there was a lot that depended on me. The responsibility was great, so I had to work hard. To prepare this character, I analysed some families I know

because, in fact, Custódio Reis is a reflection of a lot of Portuguese families. GW - How was the audience’s reaction to the play so far? FM - Luckily, it has been very positive. We have done 28 sessions and it has been great. GW - And how was the feedback from the premier of Cabriz on the stage? FM - It is an excellent brand and very beloved. As soon as it appears, the audience recognizes it immediately. GW - What is your opinion about Dão and Cabriz in particular? FM - Dão is a region that is very dear to me and it creates rather unique wines. And Dão is Cabriz, as the slogan says, so, every time I think about the

wines from Dão, Cabriz is the first thing that comes to mind. It is a brand that is almost three decades old and has accompanied me in some very happy moments. It’s part of my life and it is part of the lives of the Portuguese and, luckily, of more and more foreigners as well. GW - If you had to offer a wine from Cabriz to a friend, which one would you choose and why? FM - I can only offer one? (laughs) I would offer a box with Cabriz Reserva white and Cabriz Reserva red. Two wines that I truly like, and they are great culinary companions, very gastronomical. I don’t know if you know this, but I love gastronomy. (laughs)





idil Wines was founded in 1984, in New Jersey, in the United States of America, by the Portuguese entrepreneur Lee Cruz, that named his company after his wife’s name, Lídia, when read backwards. The anagram Aidil/Lídia can be equally understood as the English expression “ideal” and that has helped create some notoriety for the business. It started as a company that imported Portuguese beer and some wines for the construction business in which Lee Cruz was involved. Later on, Aidil Wines evolved very consistently and branched out to New York and New Jersey. In 2002, it ended up being sold to the businessman António Seabra that turned the company into a serious partner in the import and distribution on both American shores, as well as Portuguese, through local partners. Even though Aidil Wines’ portfolio recently expanded to include other regions of the world, the compromise to sell Portuguese wines, port wine, beer and spirits remains unchanged. The company admits that the goal is to “educate the American consumer about this wonderful country, its people and culture, as well as, of course, the wonderful nectars that come from its wine varieties”.

Built upon principles of quality, integrity and a good service provided by a dedicated team, Aidil Wines strives to keep employees that can truly and easily relate to “our wines” and that are “just as in love with our culture as we are”. Definitely a great partner for Global Wines!

Global Wines took the best from Dão to Porto The initiative Dão Invicto was held in the 29th and 30th of June in Alfandega Porto Congress Centre


lobal Wines was present in the initiative Dão Invicto, held in the 29th and 30th of June in Alfandega Porto Congress Centre. There, we introduced the wines from Cabriz and Casa de Santar, highly appreciated by Portuguese and foreign alike. “Many tourists visited us and it is great to see that the international consumers truly enjoyed our wines”, says Patrícia Gonçalves, responsible for the national market at Global Wines. “This is proof of the successful path that both of these brands have been on, in Portugal as well as internationally”, she adds. But that wasn’t all for Global Wines’ presence at this event. Osvaldo Amado, the

chief winemaker at Global Wines, and Henrique Ferreira, executive chef of the group, also attended the event, with separate activities where they showed, in their own individual ways, all that Dão has to offer. Osvaldo Amado led a workshop named Grandes Ouros do Dão - National Wine Contest 2018, in which he highlighted the awarded Global Wines’ wine in this contest, Casa de Santar Reserva Red 2013. Henrique Ferreira took over his own booth, Dão Invicto by Henrique Ferreira, where he cooked and sold “Portuguese delicacies with an author’s approach”. “The feedback was very positive, particularly from the international audience, that always reacts incredibly well to Portuguese cuisine” said the chef as he added that “Dão is, more and more, a beacon of interest, which justifies the vast number of

visitors in this event”. Throughout the two days of Dão Invicto, besides the wine tastings, the audience could also participate in workshops

with renowned winemakers and with gastronomical pairings, as well as visit the exhibit from Maserati, the main sponsor of the event.


Global News - Number 5 / June 2018


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