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WHO WE ARE WHO WE ARE We are global training hubs for empowerment and activism

ActionAid Global Platforms is a worldwide network of training hubs for empowerment and activism. We provide innovative trainings and capacity development for organisations and young individuals who wish to take positive action in their societies. We are determined to provide youth with knowledge, skills and attitude to be active global citizens!

WHERE WE ARE We are able to deliver trainings to any organisation around the globe

Since 2009 we have established Global Platforms all over the globe. As of today we have Global Platforms in Denmark, El Salvador, Jordan, two in Kenya (Near Mt. Kenya and in Nairobi), Myanmar, Nepal, Tanzania and the US. To ensure a better global outreach, we aim to establish new Global Platforms in Asia, the Arab Region, West Africa and South America before 2017. WHAT WE DO We offer trainings that challenge and inspire

We are specialists in using participatory methods as tools to empower people to realise their potentials as positive social change makers. On the basis of comprehensive global experiences, we have developed trainings within topics such as:

A long life journey to become active global citizens starts at the Global Platforms. After participating in our trainings people feel inspired and motivated to further engage in positive social and political change making through campaigns, social movements, social business solutions or by adding value to the organisation where they are already working.


WHO WE ARE HOW WE TRAIN All trainings are based on our key principles:

PARTICIPATORY TRAINING No more s ilenc e – we want you to s peak up!

PUBLIC ACTION LEARNING Ac t it out in public !

POLITICAL EMPOWERMENT S hare your vis ion and ac t on it!

CREATIVITY AND SOCIAL IMAGINATION B reak the norms - rethink soc ial c hange!

LEARNING BY DOING P rac tic e what you learn – learn from your practic e!

RELEVANT AND APPLICABLE Apply what you learned and add value!

WHAT TRAININGS WE OFFER We offer a variety of trainings for empowerment and activism and we offer tailor-made capacity support for organisations and movements

On the following pages you can read about all the trainings that are part of our regular training portfolio. Also we are able to deliver tailor-made capacity support to a wide range of organisations and movements around the globe. Our team of experienced trainers are able to meet various demands and contextualize trainings that are guaranteed to fit your organisational needs! HOW WE CAN COOPERATE We are always looking for new partners!

If you are interested in participating in our trainings, discussing the Global Platform concept, events or activities or discussing the feasibility of establishing a Global Platform in your country or region, please contact us: Global Platforms Email: Website: Follow us on Facebook Watch us on YouTube


Campaign MEDIUM: Up to five weeks LONG: Up to ten weeks

• •

If you want to get the knowledge and skills to create effective and powerful advocacy campaigns on global problems. If you want to become a social change maker with the ability to address the root causes of structural poverty and inequality. – then this training is for you!

It is about understanding what campaigning is and can be used for as well as get hands on the different campaign strategies, models and phases of campaigning. Participants will have lectures and workshops on campaigning and globalization and they will implement campaign workshops themselves. The program builds on the learning by doing principle - meaning that participants must develop, organise and carry out an actual campaign in cooperation with ActionAid.

You will get a combination of theoretical and practical insight in the selected campaign issue through field visits, guest speakers and other activities. You will acquire concrete skills on how to develop a creative and effective campaign strategy, as well as carry out an actual campaign. You will learn how to facilitate a workshop for youth in your local community, in order to share your new knowledge. By the end of the training, you will also get an insight into Human Rights Based Approaches!

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:

“I really liked the methodology - the facilitators gave us so many techniques and tools. All these tools will help me a lot in my organization where I work with other young people.” - Leonel Márquez, 2012


Social Media SHORT: Up to one week MEDIUM: Up to five weeks

• •

If you want to become an expert on strategic use of social media. If you want to get amazing tools for mobilising thousands of people or improve your existing social media skills. - then this training is for you!

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs – and many other social media platforms. Within the last years, the use of social media has become extremely popular to use for business, education, politics etc. We all use it and we communicate through it daily. But how can we use social media strategically? In this training we focus on how social media is an incredibly useful and efficient tool for mobilizing people to create social change and strengthen important networks.

You will get hands on experience with technical skills of different media tools such as video making, photo shooting and blogging. We will introduce tools to analyse audiences and target groups, write articles, blogs and catchy lines for Facebook and Twitter. We will focus on how to strengthen activist networks to mobilize and gain support from youth across the globe. How do you get your campaign to go viral? What can we do to influence the global stream of communication in a direction which fights for a just and equal world? Sign up and discover all the possibilities.


Read much more about the training and sign-up at:


Creative Activism SHORT: Up to one week

• •

If you want to push your creativity to the maximum while combining it with a social change mind-set. If you want to become inspired on how to work with activism in innovative ways. – then this training is for you!

Rethinking the whole concept of activism - from traditional activism to today’s more creative ways of trying to catch public attention and influence decision makers. We will, among other things, work with flash mobs, art, design, and theatre! In recent years, a great deal of people have begun to look at activism through a creative lens, both within the processes of coming up with fresh ideas, but also in the aesthetics of their campaigns and actions. The new activist must attract people’s attention through creative means. In this training you will learn about the creative process and how it can be used effectively.

By being challenged to think out of the box, you will get a combination of theoretical and practical inspiration and knowledge on how to work with activism in new and creative ways. Through stencilling, designing posters and stickers, amongst other tools, we will try to motivate and provoke people’s desires for social change.

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:


Communication and Storytelling SHORT: Up to one week

• •

If you work with communication, and want to improve your skills on how to communicate in a way that attracts people’s attention and makes them understand. If you want to learn how to communicate strategically with people by using different tools and to improve your social media and layout skills. – then this training is for you!

In this training we will focus on how you can become an excellent communicator – by using written, oral and creative methods. The training touches upon various aspects of communication as well as storytelling. In order to strengthen your communication tools, we will work with formal writing and article writing, press releases, news criteria’s, social media channels and layout.

You will get hands on experience with communication tools such as formal writing and article writing, as well as technical skills in relation to different medias. We will introduce you to tools for improving your storytelling, article writing and press releases. We will also focus on how to strengthen your professional and efficient business communication in order to address international organisations and partners. Also we will be working with the practical aspects of design, text and layout in relation to marketing materials and online communication on different social media sites.

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:

“It was so nice to participate in the Communication & Storytelling training. I fell so privileged and got a lot of new skills, which I can use in my work with poverty reduction and gender equality in Uganda. It will help me to bring positive change.” - Isaac Ssemwanga, 2013


Youth Participation in Governance MEDIUM: Up to five weeks

• • •

If you want to become a more active young citizen in your society. If you want to be able to understand the mechanisms regulating power at local and global levels If you want to have an influence on the decision-making process. - then this training is for you!

Ensuring that the voice of youth is heard and included. Youth are often seen as powerless or inactive. To overcome the challenges of the 21st century we need youth-led innovative solutions. We believe in youth as an active part of society and as change makers. So we will provide you with knowledge on formal and informal ways to influence decision-makers.

You will get an in depth understanding of governance, democracy and human rights. You will also learn how you can be actively involved in the decisions that affect your life - appreciating your rights and responsibilities and being able to claim them and report any violations and abuses. By the end of the training you will be capable of doing power analysis in order to plan strategies for your actions.

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:


Young Women and Governance SHORT: Up to one week

• •

If you want to improve your work on building the capacity of young women to achieve a deepened understanding of democracy and governance from a human rights perspective. If you want to know how to mobilise women to become active citizens with the ability to analyse power relations and claim their rights in the governance of their respective communities. - then this training is for you!

Getting knowledge about major issues like gender, human rights, democracy and social change. Through this understanding, we can give you skills and knowledge of how to challenge unequal power relations, which are a major cause of injustices against women in society.

Upon completion of this training, you will have a deepened understanding of democratic governance and women’s rights. You will be able to mobilise community collective action in challenging social injustices and have the ability to hold power-holders accountable.

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:

“After joining the Youth Participation in Governance training at Global Platform Myanmar in 2012, I was chosen as one of the representatives of Yangon Region to participate in the Myanmar Youth Forum 2012. After that, I joined GP Myanmar again, this time attending the Training of Trainers training. I can now conduct trainings and organise workshops! I love GP Myanmar for giving me energy, power and strength to change myself, our society as well as adopting the motto: Just do it!” - Nan Kyihsut Wai


Human Rights Based Approaches SHORT: Up to one week

• •

If you want to understand ActionAid’s Human Rights-Based Approaches. If you want to get excellent tools on how to hold the state accountable as a primary duty bearer in protecting human rights. - then this training is for you!

Introducing you to the world of human rights and rights based thinking. We will create links between human rights and development, as well as, human rights and poverty to make human rights something you can use in your everyday civil society activities. To top it all off, you will get participatory techniques you can use for empowerment.

You will get skills and knowledge in relation to Human Rights-Based Approaches and how to mainstream human rights in your daily activities. The training will make you confident in holding the state accountable as a primary duty bearer in protecting human rights.

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:


Social Entrepreneurship SHORT: Up to one week MEDIUM: Up to five weeks

• •

If you want to set up your own social enterprise or develop economically sustainable business solutions that engage local communities in solving social problems. If you want to acquire knowledge and skills to generate innovative and economically sustainable business solutions by an approach that engage the local communities. – then this training is for you!

Understanding the concept of social entrepreneurship, social economy and different solidarity concepts. We will identify what it takes to become a community team player, organising and stimulating social change through social entrepreneurship. We will focus on evaluation and identification of social challenges and potential resources in local communities. You will be coached on how to get started and organise ideas and social mobilization. And you will get a good understanding of strategic business planning, marketing and advocacy. Finally we will go through support opportunities such as micro finance, entrepreneurial networks and other resource pools.

You will get an overall knowledge of how to set up social enterprises, learning how to generate innovative and economically sustainable business solutions by an asset-based approach that engages local communities in solving social problems. You will be confident in addressing social problems and poverty reduction in your own communities through social economic development and employment creation.

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:

“The Social Entrepreneurship training has been really good, because the trainers are young like me. They are skilled and use interesting methods with a lot of practical exercises and I feel free to express myself.” - Fatuma Rajabu Juma, 2013


Training of Trainers MEDIUM: Up to five weeks

• •

If you want to strengthen your understanding of how to use training to promote social change. If you want to be able to train other youth activists in creating social change. - then this training is for you!

Learning how to develop, plan, organise and train full-scale trainings for social change. You will experience a practice-oriented training based on 'learning by doing' principles, where we will provide you with knowledge about participatory processes and tools to train different groups. You will learn and practice how to design, organise and carry out workshops and seminars for youth, while being able to evaluate and reflect on training and learning processes.

You will get practical experience with facilitating workshops, which includes methods to manage group processes and good cultural understanding. After the training you will know how to plan learning processes, carry out evaluations, get feedback as well as implement changes accordingly.

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:

"At my university the only person who speaks is the professor. Therefore I was shy and afraid to speak in the beginning but by time I adapted through the training and increased my trust in myself because I had to stand up and tell, talk". - Mahmoud al-Attar, 2013


Youth Leadership SHORT: Up to one week

• •

If you want to strengthen the social and intercultural competencies you need to lead a diverse group. If you want to learn how to lead by leading other participants during the training. - then this training is for you!

Making you into an appreciative and inclusive leader, who promotes dedicated group members, a strong sense of belonging to a community and creates a sense of responsibility towards the project at hand. You will have to lead a group through a project – from the first group meeting to the final evaluation. Going through this process, one step at a time we will reflect upon the need for a leader in the different phases. Along the way we will discuss the leader’s role in each step and you will get tools to help you control the process.

You will develop skills, knowledge and attitude in youth leadership, facilitation, motivation, project management, communication, group dynamics, conflict resolution and empowerment. Your participation in the training will qualify you to lead and manage international volunteer groups, international work camps and campaign activities in an NGO setting.

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:

“I used to think leaders are born, not made. Now I know everyone can learn to lead - and I have found the leader in me.” - Solvai Kjærulff Takeda, 2012


Global Citizen Course LONG: Up to sixteen weeks

• •

If you want to get a unique insight into cultures, people and political structures of a part of the world that is very different from your own. If you want to meet people and visit places where most people don’t go; and at the same time have fun and make lifelong friends with fellow participants from Asia or Arica. - then this course in either Kenya or Nepal is perfect for you.

At the Global Citizen Course the world is our classroom, where we will work with global and local challenges and try to understand cross-cultural differences and similarities. We speak with, and not just about, the local people, so we can challenge our own prejudices and views of life. The spotlight will be on Africa and Asia’s positive stories and alternative life forms and we will collaborate with people who work towards social change. During the four months course you will go on many fieldtrips including different adventure trips. The experience also includes a one-month travel to another country in the region you decide to explore.

The course will give you global awareness and new perspectives on the world and life itself. You will get an insight into the two countries current situation through lessons and interactions with inspiring people. You will get to explore perspectives of gender, caste, global citizenship, inequality, and social change. The learning is combined with acting, so you will be taught in different methods to express yourself, including tools like journalism, painting, campaigning, video, blogging, theatre, street art, dance and music. And in the end you will translate what you have learned into projects and activities. Through the challenging experiences you will get to know yourself better and discover new things about yourself!

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:


Global Citizen Summer Course MEDIUM: Up to five weeks

If you want to experience something completely unique in your summer vacation, combining cultural encounters with people and places that a normal holiday trip would never explore - then this course in either Kenya, Jordan or Nepal is perfect for you.

Through excursions and interaction with inspiring people, groups and organisations you will get new perspectives on culture, politics, art, creativity and communication. We will put Africa, the Arab Region or Asia’s positive stories and alternative ways of life in the spotlight and collaborate with people who work towards social change. We will also go on many fieldtrips including different adventure trips in Nepal, Jordan or Kenya.

You will get an insight into Asian, the Arab Region or African society and its people, when we explore perspectives of gender, tribalism, global citizenship, cultural diversity, inequality, and social change through excursions, workshops, group work and discussions. We will challenge our own and each other’s points of view and prejudices and get a new understanding of what it means to be a global citizen. We believe that through these challenging experiences and unique interactions you will be able to discover new things about yourself! The course is also an intense social experience with a lot of fun activities, where new best friends across the world are found.

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:

“The best thing about this course is that you get to experience Kenya and its culture together with local people. You go to places that you would never have gone to as a tourist. I liked the combination of community work, teaching and visiting sights.” - Mette Kræmmer Schelde, 2013


Global Volunteer SHORT: Up to one week MEDIUM: Up to five weeks

If you want to volunteer abroad and want to be properly prepared for your volunteer experience - then this training is for you!

Learn about volunteerism in an African, Asian, Middle Eastern or South American context – at one of our Global Platforms around the world. Through workshops, field trips, lessons and discussions you will be introduced to themes of cultural understanding, volunteerism and social change and attain practical skills you can use as a volunteer. If you have already planned to volunteer for an organization somewhere, this training will give you a valuable introduction to the region and prepare you for life as a volunteer. But you can also attend the training without any further volunteer plans, if you just want to get a taste of what it is all about and meet a lot of like-minded friends during your course. If you have never travelled abroad before, this training also serves as a safe and easy way to get acquainted with a foreign culture and prepare you to stand on your own feet in a volunteer context.

You will get skills that prepare you for your volunteer stay as well as concrete volunteer experiences. You get tools in workshop design, teaching techniques, conflict resolution, intercultural communication and how you can share your experiences through video or blogging. We learn by doing and go on a lot of trips, where we meet and talk with the locals. You will also get ideas and inspiration for projects you can start at your volunteer placement and be prepared for the different cultural encounters and challenges you will meet on your way.

Read much more about the training and sign-up at:

“It has been a nice and very cozy stay at the platform. I feel like I have come under the skin of the African culture in a way there’s no way possible if I’d travelled as a tourist. We have come around some very interesting themes and debates during this month. I wouldn’t have been without this.” - Nicole Avlund, 2013


Global Platforms Training Catalogue 2014  

The Global Platforms offer a huge selection of trainings for empowerment and activism in 2014!

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