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To fulfill the great commission and to encourage, train and equip others to do the same. Mission Statement Global Mission is a ministry to restore, equip and release individuals for ministry according to Ephesians 4:12 in the local church and in the world.

About Global Mission Equipping, informing, and transforming

What is Global Mission?: Global Mission is a 501c3 public charity. Global Mission has brought together individuals of all ages (children, teens, adults, and seniors) who have taken Christ's mission statement as a matter of personal obedience and relate it directly into their lives. God is using and equipping ordinary people to go and do extraordinary things by participating in mission trips and mission projects.and mission projects in our state, country, across boarders and oceans. Global Mission also offers a networking and covering for the development of new ministries. Global Mission foundation: Global Mission was birthed from pastors/ missionaries Al and Helen Cambra's passion to see Christians of all ages in our churches equipped and released into the divine destiny that God has given them. To put tools and opportunities in their hands and challenge them to respond to the "GO YE" call. Acts 1:8: “we will be witness in Jerusalem, in all Judea, in Samaria, and to the uttermost part of the earth.”

After 20 years of developing Teen Challenge of Idaho, their vision began to expand beyond what they had been doing in Teen Challenge. They turned over the Teen Challenge ministry to new directors. This released them to pursue the development of Global Mission Ministry Center. God had been speaking to them since the early 90’s that they would be traveling and training. In 1998 the first door opened to travel to Guatemala for the first time. The first two trips were as part of a team. From there, they led and developed teams for ministry. Their National Home Mission assignment was changed from Teen Challenge to Intercultural Home Missionaries with the Assemblies of God. Al and Helen have been part of the Associate Pastoral staff with Central Assembly Christian Life Center in Boise, Idaho since 1980. Helen has traveled into Mexico, Guatemala, Russia – Siberia, Romania – Holland, Japan, Nigeria and India. Al has traveled into Guatemala and Nigeria.

Boise, Idaho 83713, U.S.A   

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School supplies beggar school. Dear Beloved Bro. Al and Sister Helen Cambra, My heartfelt loving greetings to you all in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I hope with prayers Bro. Al's health is good with his eyes. We are continuing the prayers for him. God always take care of His children who show the divine love in the needs of poor people with their compassion and kind heart. As it said in Scriptures," Blessed is he that considereth the poor: the LORD will deliver him in time of trouble. 2 The LORD will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth: and thou wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies. 3 The LORD will strengthen him upon the bed of languishing: thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness." (Ps 40:1-3). So God's promises always true in the lives of saints.

Dear Sister, as I wrote in the last e-mail

I bought the stationary Like Pencil Boxes, Pens, Pencils, Erasers, Pencil sharpeners, , books like text books, Note Books, Mathematical books, and also Uniform dresses, We also bought sports and games material to the children. You can see all the material in the pictures. We distributed these materiel to all the children on 6th July in the school. Children felt very happy and they all praise God and telling thanks by lifting their hands in the pictures. You can also see a crippled child that received our help. He can't walk but we carrying him to school every day. He is in 4th slandered. There is another girl who is mentally retorted. She needs prayers and treatment. Kindly pray for these two children. All the children thanking you from their heart. There are two more children that came to school when they see this distribution of material. It is a great help for them because many parents don’t want to send their children to the school as they need to pay the fees and buy the books and stationary. So this help turn the minds of the parents to send their children to school. They also learning how the love of Jesus fulfilling their needs and they know Jesus.

Thanking you once again. Here I am prayerfully looking for your kind reply. May God richly bless your family and your ministry abundantly. Your Brother in Christ, Pastor.K.Abraham & Ruth.

Mission Alliance “Rejoice in Praise” Ministry Joyce Labuda Minister in Praise and Worship Dance “Let them praise Him in the Dance”

(Psalm 49:3 )

Churches ministered in are: Agape Worship Center, Church of the Now, Boise Christian Center, Oasis Mission, Higher Ground, Life Church of Magic Valley, Victorious Overcomers, Caldwell Christian, Love Abiding, Mt. View Christian, River Wind, Progressive Faith,

Conferences include: Unity Gathering, Agape Worship Center, Love Abiding , Living Waters Ranch Preparation, and Flagging for Jesus.Sisters Shine II, Aglow, Jerry Heater Ranch, Vineyard of the Lord.

Doug Harmon – GMA Guatemala affiliated

Date: November 25, 2013 at 10:02:45 AM EST To: John & Rita

Subject: Update (Rom 11:36) For of him, and through him, and to him, are all things: to whom be glory for ever. Amen. Greetings Prayer Partners, Thank you for your Faithfulness to pray for us and the Idaho Team. The Lord worked in and through them to minister to the people in seven different villages. We ministered in the mountains in the Department of Jalapa. The team ministered in six church services, Women’s Ministry, Children’s Ministry every day, four Medical clinics, and foot washing of all that went through the clinic in Tobon. What a special time of ministering individually to the people. Praying for each person after passing through the clinic showed the POWER of the LORD and HOLY SPIRIT. Clothing and or shoes were given to the people that passed through the clinics. Church services included sharing the WORD, songs in English and Spanish, Worship dance, testimonies, and powerful prayer time. Anshigua, Sestiadero, Portreo Carillo, Laguna Seca, San Jose, Tobon, San Pedro Pinula each were very different villages and were impacted by the team’s ministry and each village impacted each team member. We will never be the same. The HOPE, ENCOURAGEMENT, and LOVE the team gave was a blessing. The team members each used their God given gifts showing their love for JESUS. The Spiritual Unity of the team was amazing.

Thank you team for being spiritually prepared to minister. Glory to God there were 8 SALVATIONS. The team gave their all everyday physically, spiritually and emotionally. When we were weak the Holy Spirit gave us strength. There were so many needs seen in the clinic. Our hearts were touched deeply. Hundreds of children were touched by the love shown through the children’s ministry team, the prayer team ministered lovingly and powerfully and so many were blessed. We want to add too that we were blessed to have each member of the team here to minister. You not only ministered to the people but to us. Thank you and God bless you.

Rachel Gordon, Carly and Lindsay Buck, Candice Schnefke, Tina Morreale, Dr. Ed Newcombe, Sue Newcombe, Henry Edwards, Jerry Tibbetts, Noe Salazar, Tom Gould and Doug Harmon, John Pappas, Hosting Guatemala Pastor and His wife.

Team Guatemala-2013 Team Guatemala traveled to E. Guatemala during the period 8-18 November, 2013 to once again, work with host missionaries John and Rita Pappa. Our team, perhaps one of the most anointed and dedicated teams in recent Team Guatemala history was affectionately dubbed “The Dream Team”. Members of this team included; Carly and Lindsay Buck, Candice Schnefke, Tina Morreale, Dr. Ed Newcombe, Sue Newcombe, Henry Edwards, Jerry Tibbetts, Noe Salazar, Tom Gould and Doug Harmon. Our team arrived in Guatemala City at 7:00 A.M., on November 8th. The team was met by hosts John and Rita Pappa and after warm greetings and loading the luggage, the team was off for a 2 hour ride to our place of lodging for the trip. We arrived at “Cero Alto” around 10:00 A.M., and were met by perhaps one of the most accommodating hospitality staffs in Guatemala. The Cero Alto is a late 19 th century cattle ranch nestled in the foothills east of Jalapa, Guatemala. It is now a bed and breakfast providing a quiet and serene atmosphere from which to conduct our mission’s activities. After the team was settled into their rooms, we traveled to the home of the district superintendent, pastor Eliu and wife Becky. We received an orientation from them and our hosts, followed by lunch and fellowship. We were given a tour of new construction of a battered women's shelter and orphanage being built behind pastor Eliu's house. Then the team made their way back to the Cero Alto where we sorted medical supplies and then retired for a short nap prior to the evening meal. After dinner we gathered for a brief time of prayer and preparation for the ministries which would begin the next day. Bedtime came early as we had pretty much been up for almost 36 hours with little sleep during our flight. The morning of the 9th was a day we had all been looking forward to with a promise from the Lord that it would be the first of several remarkable displays of His amazing power and grace . We had our breakfast and a super time of devotions with the Pappas' and then loaded up for our first destination which would be Anshigua, Guatemala. Anshigua was a village we all fell in love with in 2012. We arrived around 8:45 A.M., and immediately set up for our medical clinic, clothing ministry and children's ministry. We were met by perhaps 150-200 people many of whom were seeking medical care and all of whom needed clothing. The children were so elated to see our “Pied Piper” Jerry Tibbetts and the Buck girls again and soon all were laughing and just having a super time of reunion with hugs and hand slaps. This would be the first of 7 days of children's ministry for Jerry and his crew. It would be the first of 4 medical and clothing clinics for Doc and Sue Newombe who were assisted by Candice Scnefke, Noe Salazar (interpreting) and Henry Edwards (pharmacy). We had been informed the year previous, that many if not most of these people had never been to a doctor before. There were over 100 families who filed through the clinic that day and then through the clothing ministry. We were so moved by their humble spirit while displaying smiles that just won't be denied. They received medical attention, clothing and sundries and

then we prayed with each family before they departed the area. We had intended to have an evening service that day, however, there were so many needing medical attention and that ran into the early evening so the local pastor opted out of the evening service. Although we were a bit disappointed, we were still overjoyed as we were able to lead a young woman to the Lord during the course of the day. In retrospect, God would bless us with souls saved everyday that we were in ministry during this trip. The first day ended around 5:30 P.M., and the team loaded into the van and headed back to the Cero Alto. We were tired but thrilled at what God had done on our very first day. There was much joy and great fellowship around the dining table that evening followed by a wonderful time of reflections around the fireplace after dinner. Sunday, Nov. 10, would be a day without clinics, only Sunday services in 2 locations. The first would be in Portreo Carrillo, a very small mountain village in a very remote location. We found 2 brand new pastors, both female and both extremely young. Alexia and Jenny were both in their early twenties and both absolutely anointed for the ministry. We were treated to a time of brief fellowship in their very tiny and primitive house behind the church building. Both shared their testimony and left the team heartbroken as we all considered the spiritual and physical courage of both of these young women who had met in bible school. This was their first Sunday service as the new pastors of the church. Their congregation consisted of 7 adults and about 10 children. Jerry and the girls quickly set up to minister to the children while the rest of us took our places in the church for the morning service. There were indeed 7 adults and no more in attendance for the service, or at least when it began. Rachel, Carly, Candice and Lindsay presented a worship dance that was nothing short of life changing for all who were present. This worship dance would be a centerpiece in every service during this trip and would produce the same wonderful result each time. Noe Salazar gave his testimony which would also be a focal point of each service and would also be such a tremendous blessing and inspiration. Tom Gould preached that morning while Noe interpreted. As the music and the preaching continued, more people began to filter in through the front doors of the church, mostly women and not members of the church. The miracles continued on this Sunday as we watched over a dozen more adults come in and sit through the service. We found out afterwards, that all who had come in late were from the Catholic Church just up the road from our church . We finished the service there, said tearful good-byes and traveled to our second location for service that day. El Cavalrio presented even more miracles as we saw healings in relationships and bodies etc.And this was just the beginning Over the next 4 days, we would see salvations, healings and just miracles of all kinds as the team stayed focused on presenting the love of Christ to Guatemala. You could say that the team really didn't need much in the way of leadership other than the Holy Spirit as it seemed to function pretty much on “auto pilot�. All were committed to the people, to the Lord's will and to each other throughout each day.

We were blessed with so much and noteworthy is the fact that not one team member suffered from any of the usual “traveler's sicknesses” that come with a trip to Guatemala. We were blessed to have a place of lodging where we could have a quiet place for meditation and devotions. We were blessed because God allowed so many wonderful miracles to occur on our watch. These memories will remain with us eternally. When our time of ministry concluded on November 15th, we then made our way to Antigua, Guatemala for 2 days of rest and recovery prior to the long trip home. While in Antigua, our team enjoyed a team dinner and just a time of fun and relaxation on Saturday evening followed by our wonderful team brunch at the Casa Santo Domingo in Antigua. After a day of shopping and sight seeing, our team gathered at the hotel Los Bucaros for our team out briefing. This is always a bitter-sweet time for us and for our hosts. We each reflected on all of the good things that had happened and the memories which were created and then faced the reality of an early morning wake up call to be on the van at 5:00 A.M., and headed to the Guatemala City Airport. The team departed Guatemala around 8:00 A.M., for the 10 hour flight back to Boise. All sat quietly for the first few hours and I knew that all were experiencing that customary withdrawal from a time of absolute splendor in God's presence as He worked in and through each one to bring about His perfect plan. This “Dream Team” will always be not just a group of people, but will always represent such a dynamic time of miracles in the tiny little nation of Guatemala. We truly are looking forward to our return on November 7th this year.

Web site: Check out Doug’s ebooks on Amazon & the Web site

Jerry Tibbetts Pied Piper International Mission on the home front …

 20th + year with Royal Family Kids Camp in McCall for Abused Kids under Foster Care.  Twice weekly working with Central’s Love Center Food Bank.  Wednesday Centra’s Refugee Children Mega Sports Program and Busing Pick up and delivery.  Spanish Church at River City. November Mission Team Guatemala and Casa Angelilna Orphanage worked back to back missions in Guatemala.  Worked with Kid’s while Medical Clinic was in process during 5 different clinics in mountaneous area aboce Jalapa.  Joined Huntsville, Alabama team in Antigua to work with orpahns at Casa Angelina.  Helped paint inside dinning/multipurpose building and other campus projects. Helped with putting Control click on Picture Christmas items together for the Kids. Then, went out to take items to widows.  Also have a sponsored girl (Beverly) in Chimeltenango that I get to spend some special time. http://globalmissionministryce

The first to join the pilot ministry development and intern launch. Now on site preparing their ministry to move to North Caroline where they believe God is calling them as Silver Eagle Ministries International. They moved from California to join us for a year before their fall September launch.

Healing International Majestic Preaching the Gospel/going to unreached villages Reaching out to the woman involved in Prostitution & Sex Trade, Youth, Planting churches, schools & clinics, (medical & alternative).

Roberta attended The Heidi Baker School in Mozambique, Africa. Now God is calling her to return and link arms with other ministries in Uguanda and Kenya.

Gender based violence has been defined by the United Nations on elimination of violence against women (devaw) as violence directed at a person on the basis of Gender. That it includes acts that inflict physical, mental, or sexual harm or suffering, threat of such acts, coercion and deprivation of liberty. GBV is global and effects are not respected on any social economic status. Statistics published in 1997 by the World Health Organization on 40 studies conducted in 24 countries in 4 continents, revealed that between 20%-50% of women interviewed reported that they suffered physical abuse by their male partners. Sri Lanka (60%), Tanzania (60%), Uganda (46%), USA (28%), Canada (27-36%). In Uganda, as in many African Countries, gender discrimination means that women must submit to an overall lower social status than men. For many women that reduces their power to act independently, become educated, avoid poverty, and or escape reliance upon abusive men. In Uganda domestic violence prevalence is estimated at 57% and sexual violence at 61%. The majority of the violence against women is committed by an intimate partner.. Paying bride price, which is widely practiced in Uganda, is used to legitimize domestic violence against women. After assessment and evaluation through a randomly administered survey to women in Mbbiko, all 60 women reported that them selves or someone they knew was a victim of violence in her marriage. While there sampling is relatively small, they looked at the statistics provided by international organizations and inform that our work would be recognized and not evidence to begin the East African Women’s Rescue Center (EAWRC) in Mbbiko.

Roberta joins the GMMC International and National Alliances team:

Pastor Benjamin Wadakar –Mumbai, India



Distribute the cake in wagle estate police station BishopBenjamin Wadekar pr jems crillo bro Ashish Waskerand pr Prakash Dalbanjan — with Benjamin Wadekar ,jems crillo and Ashish Wasker.

Dear Pastor Helen and Ministry Partners , Greetings from India Praise God Thanks very much for all your prayers and support. The crusade went well. thousands of people came everyday to hear the good news and 417 people gave their life to Jesus. We were able to give 775 Bible and 6000 Gospel tracts. we were short of Bible and tracts. But we did what we were able to do. And thanks God for the provision. There was one women who came to crusade. she had a problem in her mouth and face and was not able to talk and sing. but that day Holy Spirit moved and touched her, and she was healed instantly. and she testified the goodness of Lord and not only she testified but she sand a beautiful song among thousands of people and every one began to give Glory to God. And Now we are doing followup program. we are visit families that came and gave their life to Jesus. I gave them the church Pastors contact and they are going to different churches. Some are coming to my church. And also I have started Bible school. The name of the school is "DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING COLLEGE". Right now I have 32 students. according that you suggested me I have started course for three months and three course in a year, And i want you to teach our students through skype. there are more testimonies.Praise God for Salvation and healing. and thanks once again to all ministry partners. Please continue to pray for us. Love you. Thanks once again … Pastor Bill Matthews in Challis, Idaho putting

Pastor Benjain in his cowboy chaps and hat. Pastor Benjamin from Mumbai in Idaho and area churches. Challis-Pastor Bill Matthews, JeromePastor Kevin Lindley, Meridian Korean Church – Pastor Okee Chang, Nampa, Boise churches – Pastor Rick & April Dorey, Pastor Laura McCollough, Bible Exploreres Class, Feast of Tabernacles in Honolulu, Hawaii with Cambra’s.

Nigeria – MACON conference 2013

Pastors DAVID AND HELEN INA ABUJA, NIGERIA National missionaries travel from the four corners of Nigeria to the MACON mission awareness conference with Pastor David and Helen Ina in Abuja. There is great persecution against Christians in Nigeria and Pakistan. God has given us the opportunity to help strengthen and encourage these courageous missionaries As they return to work in areas that are killing Christians and burning their churches‌. Pray for them.

MACON report written by Pastor Brian Harrison - March 15, 2013 Final Report from Nigeria Dear Friends, I want to give you a final report from my recent trip to Abuja, Nigeria. Nate Jones and I arrived home at the Boise airport on Monday evening around 10:30 pm. We went to Nigeria with the intent to participate in the 13th annual Macon Missionary Conference hosted by Apostle David Ina and his wife Helen. David is in his thirties, has been a pastor since he was a teenager and has a remarkable grace for gathering, challenging and supporting other ministries. Nate and I both had it in our hearts to simply come along side David and assist him in what he is doing.

The Context By all accounts the nation of Nigeria faces many difficulties. There is a great gap between the rich and the poor. Suffering and poverty can be seen everywhere even in the wealthier parts of the city. There is also great discouragement and animosity towards the government. This was voiced to us often. Corruption is rampant. There are many large ministries in Nigeria but there is very little unity among Christians. In addition, the conflict between Muslims and Christians is quite severe. Over the last year many Christians have been killed in the northern parts of Nigeria by radical Muslims. We were made aware that we would be ministering to some of the pastors and missionaries from some of the most difficult areas. The Setting The conference was held at David’s church site which consists of a simple metal roof covered pavilion. The roof was supported by non-uniform beams, on a slightly slanted cement slab, using plastic chairs situated in a back alley behind a hotel overlooking a creek that basically operates as a sewage system. There is a sound system and like almost everywhere in the third world, it is cranked up way to loud. Loud is often considered synonymous with powerful. Nevertheless, most of the time, the worship was simple and authentic, especially when it was led by David’s wife, Helen. It was very hot but fortunately there were a number of tall trees providing shade and a slight breeze and electric fans set up. Occasionally, one could watch lizards up to a foot long with bright orange heads and grey bodies climbing the walls. Africa! The Theme The Theme of the conference was Re-positioning the Church for Positive Transformation. Primarily we spoke on coming back to the basics, the need to be simple. We spoke on the power of the Gospel, Resurrection Faith, the grace of God to forgive and transform, seeing with “Gospel eyes” and the power of the New Covenant. We challenged church leaders to make their churches and communities safe places for people to be vulnerable, to confess their sins and to process their brokeness so that they could get free. We talked about the power of transparency and that without it there can be no transformation. We spoke about the Father heart of God and the need to grow into "sonship". Additionally, we postured our hearts to be open and honest about our own weaknesses and failures but also to testify to the triumph of grace in our lives. Personal Interactions We usually spoke in the mornings and evenings and then we would do seminars in the afternoon behind the pavilion and out under the trees. As the week went on, we purposely curtailed our speaking and made room for people to begin to share their hearts and ask their questions. People began to engage in these seminar times more and more. Nate and I both got into lively discussions. Young people flocked to Nate. They obviously were starting to trust him but they complained bitterly about their experiences in the church. They said that church leaders do not give them a safe place to develop and get free. We had obviously struck a nerve. Nate listened patiently and hearts began to get free just by bringing their hurts into the light. But he also challenged them to believe in the Gospel and to trust God to work things out. What would you do? During one of the seminars someone asked about responding to persecution from Muslims. I started reading from Romans 12:20 where it says, “If your enemy is hungry feed him….” But then a pastor challenged me very directly and said, “You’re from America. You do not know what we deal with here in Nigeria.” He began to paint a scenario of someone pouring gas on a person and getting ready to strike a match and set him on fire. “What would you do in such a situation?” he demanded. I smiled and said, “You are right. I am from America and I do not know what you face. I have wondered many times what I would do under such circumstances… but I have decided

that I do believe in the Gospel and I believe that the Bible is true.” Immediately many hands went up of those who had something to say and men began to testify of how the Lord had kept them safe. These testimonies were amazing. One pastor said that his house had been burned down twice but that the Lord had protected him and his family and they were still involved in the work, still full of hope and thankfulness and that some of the very people who persecuted him were now part of his ministry. Another told how some of the Muslims involved in the persecution were going to authorities confessing their participation because of how guilty they felt. One man said that many Muslims stopped persecuting Christians because they saw angels coming to protect the believers. He said that four times mobs have come to his village to kill Christians and burn their dwellings but that each time the believers got word of it, began to pray and that always something turned the persecutors back. There was a chorus of agreement as this man shared his story and then everyone had a testimony. At the end of the discussion, the man who had challenged me came up to me and thanked me and said, “You are all right.” I felt so blessed by that. But I was more blessed by the testimonies of others who lived there. I was preaching but they were testifying and confirming our words with their own experiences. Growing Faith As the week progressed, hearts became more open. Every night the people came forward for prayer. A few needed healing and were touched by God’s power. Most needed their faith restored in the power of God to overcome every situation. Day after day they seemed more open and the ease of prayer increased through the week. Humility grew, walls fell down, and love abounded. As the week progressed we watched the faith of the people growing as they began to testify to the grace of God in their own lives. We had been preaching that they were blessed with the Gospel. They agreed to it, began to testify of it and atmosphere of faith increased every day. Even as we would go home each night, many who were sleeping near the facility spent the night in prayer. Pastor David testified that this gathering was different than any other that they had ever had. People were praying a lot and lighting their fires again in their own prayer closet. Faith grew, more came for prayer, and empowerment was everywhere. The congregation grew each day also as locals caught wind of the meetings. We felt a growing sense that the Spirit was orchestrating and administrating the meetings. Prophetic words also began to flow from the congregation. Supernatural administration was manifesting. Practical Expressions of a Supernatural Gospel Though we continually emphasized the power of God, there is a practical side to the Gospel. Much of what made our job such a joy was the giving heart of the host pastor and his wife. They believe in the power of the Gospel but also feel compelled to help practically in every way they can. Every year they buy food to feed everyone who attends the conference three meals a day. Many barely have enough money to get to the conference and do not have enough to get home. Pastor David helps many with the funds to return home. This extraordinary grace blessed us deeply as we personally witnessed the personal needs of the pastor and his wife. Even though they were in personal distress, and have very real needs of their own, day after day they spent what money came in on those who were attending the conference. At the end of every conference they try to sow something extra meaningful and practical into some of the various ministries who gather for the conference. They give to those ministries that are already doing the work in the various fields. This year they gave away two sowing machines to help widows make a living and a food grinder to a lady who gathers unwanted babies and takes care of them. The sowing machines will be used to train widows how to make a living with sowing. The food grinder will be used to grind food for the orphan ministry but also it will also impact the entire village and help lots of people process more food to sell.

Heart Connections and Open Realms The final day we probably stood at the front of the pavilion for over an hour as people came who wanted to have their picture taken with us. The people thanked us over and over for coming. One of the most life changing things that can ever happen to a person is to have hungry people pull on that internal thing one has to give. It is profoundly fulfilling but it also opens up realms inside of the person that the person did not know they had. Both Nate and I had this type of experience in Nigeria. I felt a new clarity in my spirit like I have never had. I felt a new sense of understanding and boldness in the Gospel. Since returning home, my mind has been running continually and I do not ever remember a time when I have had so many dreams that were so full of meaning. I feel like I have been thrust into another dimension. My spirit has been opened up somehow and I feel like I am engaged in an almost continual download. I believe that God graced us to genuinely impart something to the many pastors and leaders that we shared life with for a week. But I also believe that we have brought something home. One thing I feel deeply is an overwhelming sense of the power of the Gospel. Indeed, “It is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe.� Thank you In closing we just want to thank you all again and tell how much we appreciate your love, your prayers and your investment into our lives. It was a short visit but I trust that it will have a long impact. Thanks for coming with us. Blessings to you all,

Brian Harrison Click on Video for MACON Worhsip with Helen Ina

Prayer Needs from India – Pastor Abraham Dear Beloved Saint, Pastor. Helen and Pastor Al, My heartfelt loving greetings to you in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hope with our prayers you are doing well. Here the family of JTm praying for your health and wealth and provision of every need. We also asking God to bless your country again and release the financial threat of the devil and proper you all. Thanking you for your fervent prayers for the family of JTM India. With all blessings we can do more wonders through Christ Jesus in coming days and win more souls to the body of Christ. Dear beloved, I informed you in the earlier e-mail that our Pastor. Solman Raju got accident and we admitted him in the hospital. This is the Pastor that took you, Pastors Laura and Helen in to the school on three wheel auto. ( See the picture) There is a fracture in two places of the ankle. Doctors did x-ray and they found that it need surgery. The cost of the surgery and medication is about $900. It is very difficult for this Pastor to afford it. But by the grace of God the hospital reduced it to $600. This poor pastor working in Bolleddupalem and Devaram and Indukuru , small villages of the tribal area. He is very active in ministering people in these unreached areas. He has a wife and two sons. He is only the source of feeding them. But now he has to keep himself at home for three months and at the same time need to afford for the treatment. So kindly pray for him. He needs money for feeding the family and medication. Actually, The accident was done one week back. I was 5 days late to visit him. Because I did not have any money to give him in the time of need. I decided to go there after Sunday worship of last Sunday as I can take the offering to give him as a help for the treatment. I was able to collect only $15 (Rs.750) as offering on that Sunday to give him. So this is the situation that hurts me so much because I cant even help the dedicated pastors in their need of help. So kindly pray for the need of renew the help from the saints and also this poor pastor Solman. Here I am attaching the picture of him in the hospital. Kindly go through and pray. Here I am prayerfully requesting your kind reply of blessings. May God bless you and keep you. Your Brother in Christ, Pastor.K.Abraham.

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Bore Well Pray for $900 to bore a village well‌ Can we be an answer to that prayer?

Pastor Abraham visited the tribal people living in the middle of the forest. They built their own huts in the middle of the forest. They carry water in pots on their shoulders and walk 3 miles to bring water for them. They go daily to the canal from near by the hill to bring water but it is contaminated water so that they can easily get diseases.

They can hire the digging machine to dig a bore well for $900 .. The ground is hill and rocky area.

Teaching Word, Touching lives, Changing Nation Dear Sister, I am sorry for belated report of bore well. My pc cracked and so I thought to send all report at once. But as the pump fixing is being late due to road repair in the hill tribal area, here I am sending you the the pictures of the bore well digging in the tribal village. We done it and the water came out with good taste. you can see the out flow of water in the picture. We already bought the pump and the pipes too. But we are not yet fixed the pump because the team can't go to the village due road repair after cyclones. So I will send you the pump fixing pictures again.

All the villagers thanking you for your compassion through the Global Mission. I am calling the GMMC "Living Water Project" You can see it on the banner in the pictures. Kindly convey our gratitude to the saints who helped us for providing drinking water to the tribal people. God certainly bless their charity for the poor as they have done the permanent help to the unfortunate people.

Dear Sister, here I am sending you the pictures of the Bore Well Pump fixing. Kindly share the pictures to the saints that help to the bore well in this tribal village. Now it is utilizing by all the villagers of Chodavaram. with good drinking water. May God bless you for this support to this village. May God build up this ministry to help many in the world. Thanking you. Your Brother in Christ, Pastor.K.Abraham.

Poiema Bible Institute PBI has completed its third year of session. We had students represented by different churches. God is faithfully bringing us the leaders who have hunger for the word of God from all over the city. We had a wonderful time with these students seeking the Lord together and expecting fresh revelation of His Perfect, eternal Truth. We are full of Vision and passion to train the leaders from outside of our city. God is equipping Labor to reach His harvest. Through only one Bible school in the region we always love to receive the applications from other villages and cities of South Punjab. But there was not perfect time to enroll them. Now we got clear direction from God to take in the students from other areas. You can be vital part of His work as you pray with us and support these National leaders with your faith and finances.

Graduation Ceremony 2013 The Gospel is not spreading fast in Pakistan because we do not have trained leaders and to get trained leader for the fulfillment of great commission we need to invest in lives. In Pakistan people are poor and always look forward to help their family by doing some Jobs. People who want join the bible school and have calling in their life need some financial help that they can continue the training in Bible school. From last three years our session was for one year but now we make it short and doing for 9 months .It will be a full time Bible school. For the new session we are planning to enroll 10 students and need prayer for the finance of a year. Details are below. Rent of the house for the accommodation of students (1 year) = USD 1010 Food and utilities for 9 months = USD 2841 Cooking helper (salary of the person who will cook food for students and will take care the house)= USD 1000 Support of 10 students for 9 months = USD 1894

Total we need for a year to impact the lives of 10 students = USD 6745 FOR 9 MONTHS IN A SINGLE LIFE AND THE LIFE WILL NEVER THE SAME AGAIN. Dear Pastor Helen New session will start in August 2013 and end in April 2014. I believe for God’s provision. We will make schedule for Skype teaching for whole year and you can invite your other friends too for online teaching. Together we can make a difference.

Pastor Ansab (PAKISTAN)

Dear Pastor Helen. This is the reply of your comment on Face Book regarding the Church Issue. Our two alumni students from Poiema Bible School got the vision for a place called Kaccha Khoo. This is a town of Muslims with 500 to 700 Nominal Chirstian People. There was no church and no Pastor for them from last 70 years when this town populated. I went in that town in 2007 and it was in my heart from that time. During Bible school in 2010 I shared my vision to plant church there. Two students got my vision and started to go there. They travel by bus to reach that town. It is 90 km away from Multan. They faced lot of challenges there from Muslims because Christians are working for them in their agriculture fields. It was like Christians were converting into Islam and it was very sad for me. Muslim’s children were get education in school but Christian kids worked in field. Our leaders (Alumni) make lot of changes in our community so this makes unhappy the Muslims. We got property in that town through some sources but Muslims were against it. But prayers changed some Muslims and they become agree and show their favor to build the church. There point was to build in Christian area but there was no property among Christians. A property of Muslim person was there among the Christians but he did not want to exchange. God prepare the heart of Christian person who is the worker of the owner to motivate for exchange. It took six months and after all he decided to exchange. We got the property now Praise God but need to build the church building for worship. If we waste the time it could make problem again because in next month there are provisional elections and Muslim leaders need the votes of Christians so now we have favors but after the election we may face challenges. This is the whole story. Please keep it in your prayers. It will be the first church building in that area.

Report from these Leaders. Name of Pastors of this Town: Pastor Sabir Khan and Pastor Fasail Daily Activities: Planting Church, Making Life groups, Evangelism in different villages, Prayer fellowship with new believers. Areas: Village 25, 30 and 31 (In Pakistan mostly villages are known as numbers). God make way to start three life groups in last two months in two different villages away 30 kilometer from each other. I went to new village with a person who came to attend life group meeting in other village. Reaching at least 80 people every week and also new comers through life groups. These people are living in Muslim people. Prepareing and teaching people to live like jesus among Muslims that they can see jesus in their lives. Reached new people and shared the gospel with them. Three people gave their life to Jesus. We arranged a Baptism day and place for new believers. With a group of people we walked 4 kilometers to a canal to baptized three people. With Praise and worship at canal three people baptized in water. This was a great time of testimony when Muslims where watching us working around in the fields, asked question and I got chance to shared Jesus the truth with them. We have two days prayer fellowship in a week with new believers and also praying for the needs and healing of people. The purpose to spent time in prayer to make them strong spiritually. A woman got healed from the pain of knees. She had pain from last two years and espacially had hard time in winter but now in winter she is able to go in fields to collect cotton and earning money for her four kids. Prayer Request: We have fellowship in homes now but need church Building to worship. As the winter has started and every day getting cold so we need a room for Sunday service.

Nigeria emails & action with Pastor David Ina Greetings, how are you, family and the ministry? By the Grace of God, the Rural School of Ministry scheduled for July and advertised in the mission conference programme, was shifted to August 15th-17th, due to the death of the host pastor. We will be traveling about 7 hours from Abuja to the place. It's a very big area, dominated by orthodox and traditional churches, many pentecostals churches close up and left. I went there met traditional leaders, youths and church leaders, and talk on the need to hold this programme, and permissions to allow 10 leaving churches to be planted in variouse villages within the Areas, and it was accepted. Each morning We will be retraining 63 pastors and 86 Church workers from various areas, Salvation, Healing and Revival night every evenings for all. For now, the churches will be name after villages e.g: 1. Asukunya village, Church at Asukunya, 2. Tse Gwaza village, Church at Tse - Gwaza. E.T.C. As the spirit leads, leaders will be innuagurate in each village to lead the church. 12 Prayer warriors will be going next week Wednesday, ahead of us. Will send flyer. we need prayers and support from like minded leaders. What we are doing is to assist re train the leaders and workers in the area, plant fellowship centres (Churches) in ten out of villages numbering about 24 without living churches.

What really gave me favour was some community development projects i initiated in the areas, we started borehole water project for them before now, assisted the Existing of the only Elementary School in the whole of the area. The school have 258 children. No government project in the region. Uptill now no community health centre. I planned that if things work out well, we will get 6 Sowing Machines to set up vocational training centres in 3 difference locations, and 3 grinding machines one in each of the 3 places to raise small funds to service the trainning centres. Already, i have plans to buy some copies of their language bible to give to some as gifts, we will take feedings cost for the days, taking some used clothes to give out as gifts. We are praying for Healing, Salvation of souls and financial supply as we are taking the gospel back to where they rejected it outrightly. Son, David Pray for this big breakthrough in this dark area of Nigeria … churches have left due to witchcraft in the area … etc. Taking back the territory. BENUE RURAL SCHOOL OF MINISTRY,2013. - We sent Total: $2130.00. 1. 2. 6. 7.

6 Set of Sowing Machines = $ 170 x 6 = $ 1,020 3 Set of Grinding Machines = $ 200 x 3 = $ 600 20 Language Bibles (For Pastors and Assistance in the New Churches) = $ 13 x 20 = $ 260 Printings (Materials, Tracts, Salvation Booklets translated in Native Tongues) = $ 250

From: Pastor David Ina <> To: globalmissionmc> Subject: Brief Reports


A big thanks to you, Almo and the entire GMMC’s Family for the support and solely sponsored of the Rural School and Vocational Centers. The programme was great, Rural Missionaries came from various Local Government Areas and nearby States for the meeting, a lot of time was spent in prayers during the Ministers Training, the burden for Revival was great, the evening Revival meeting had a huge crowd aswel. We prayed for the Pastors and their assistants for the 10 New Churches, and equipped them with their Language Bibles, we were unable to give them financial assistance to take off, but with Prayers we are believing God to raise funds and send to them. Ma, the three Vocational Training Centers were set up, we want your permission to give us Names for the centers, some suggested: Helen Cambra Women and youths Vocational Center, Global Mission Vocational Center Global Mission Skills Center Mum, please give us Names for centers, more communities are calling us to come with the School of ministry and set up vocational centers for them aswel. We received calls from 2 States in the Northern Region that sent delegates for the meeting. And some Rural Areas aswel.

Many Orthodox Church Leaders and Members came out openly to give their lives to Jesus, and Records of Healing. I will send full reports soon. How is Almo doing? Greet him for us. David

Name for sewing Centers

GMMC - "Marie's Sewing Centers"

after my Mother’s passion for sewing. There is a story with that.

Mum, Marie's Sewing Center is okey, you may not know what God is using you to do to eradicate poverty in the Rural Areas in Nigeria. We have the Centers in the following locations: 1. Tse – Gwaza 2. Naka 3. Konshishia After the last Rural Outreach, some of our Leaders from some States in the far North that were in attendance, place request for 1. Bauchi State and 2. Gombe State all in the North, location dominated by widows mostly whose husbands were victims of the deadly terrorist attack. Other Areas who pleaded that opportunity be giving to their Women and Girls child to partake in the Skills acquisition program are: 1. Otukpo 2. Onyagede 3. Gunduma 4. Ihugh. We are praying and believing that God grant them favour in the sight of many to enable their desire come into place. So we have 6 vital locations including the 2 hot beds of the terrorist activities in Nigeria to have Marie’s Sewing Center. This projects aught to be government program, but since they are less concern, God is using you, your family and the GMMC to do them. Mum, the setting up of the Centers really helped the Rural meetings, the last days Traditional Rural came from some Villages to attend the meeting. We plan that we will go round in 2nd Week of September to officially open them and Name the Centers, where we will invite Political, Religious and Traditional Leaders to grace the Events. This week Friday, 2 Leaders will be coming to Abuja to collect our financial assistance for the Roofs of the 10 New Churches, so that fellowship can commence immediately. If things work well, I will also get the Sowing and Granding Machines for the Remaining Centers send to them, so that 2nd week of September, we will go round, Name the centers and commission them for take off. I am preparing a nice portable Jotters, for GMMC partners, with some projects you helped done in Nigeria. Also, we will come out with Brochures for the Marie’s Sowing Centers, infos and pictures will be on them, this will be out after we set up the remaining Centers. Government, People and Organization need to know what GMMC is doing in Africa. David

The Legacy of a sewing machine story

My mother’s parents came to the United States from Germany and pioneered in Jerome, Idaho in the early 1900’s. The youngest of 10 children, she grew up during a war and during a depression in a time of prejudices against Germans in her communit y. She learned to sew as a young girl and her older married sister would send her material … she made her own patterns and sewed everything. I grew up with Mom’s sewing. She always said, “she knew that if she had her sewing machine, she could make a living and support herself sewing.” Even after my father was gone and she had eye sight into her late 80’s she used her sewing machine to add some income to her limited income. As a young girl, on my eighth christmas, I became ill with Rhymatic fever and could not walk for several months. That Christmas I received a toy sewing machine that you crank to make the needle go up and down to actually make little doll clothes. I spent the days setting up in bed … cranking the little handle of that sewing machine and learning to sew for the first time. She passed her legacy of sewing to me. Now, It thrills my heart to see the legacy left to me by my mother is being shared in India and Nigeria with GMMC “Marie’s Sewing Centers to help other women know that they can always provide for their families with their sewing machine. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving. ……………….

There is much more to this story to be continued

Prayer Notes:

Sister, I am also corrected the name of the sewing centers as Marie"s Sewing Centers. Now there are Two old centers running with the team with the old missions. We are going to start a new training center in Dosakayalapalli village next Monday. So kindly send us the money to buy the sewing machines for the new center as you promised. Thanking you very much for your kind help for the need. Next week I am going to tribal remote hill area for mission out reach. Kindly pray that we meet new people. Kindly greet Pastor Al for our ministry team. Here I am closing this e-mail with the greetings rom my wife Ruth and my daughters and the JTM team. May God abundantly bless you. Here I am prayerfully looking for your kind reply of blessings. Your Brother in Christ, Pastor.K.Abraham & Ruth.

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Simply The Story Workshop presented by Mission Aviation and hosted by Global Mission ... what an amazing tool of ministry.

Click on Picture 1

Rick Dorey commented on your status. Rick wrote: "Helen can't wait to share what it is doing in our ministry already. Thanks to you and Al for bringing that training to Boise. If just the one day after was all the results I saw it was well worth the time and like I said the price was amazing for such high quality training. On Sunday used it in my service, and then 3 different times during our work with the homeless. The results and impact was amazing."

Impact of Simply the Story

Regina Manley

From: Carolyn Bailey Date: Monday, June 10, 2013 10:54 AM Subject: Impact of Simply the Story

Dear Friends, Rick is a pastor that I worked with in an STS workshop this past week in Idaho. He loved the method of teaching Bible stories in an oral style and having a discussion. He wrote this morning to share what he did after the workshop and I thought I'd share with you. His testimony is one of the reasons that I go where I go and do what I do. He did all the sharing using just one story he had learned in the workshop. Think about the impact this might have with many stories. Carolyn ********************** I want to share with you my first Sunday. It started out with the morning where I talked about how I felt the training would give us a powerful tool and that I would like to illustrate how I felt it could be used in a regular service. I told the Bartimaeus the blind beggar story. One of our quietest members talked more than I have ever seen her talk and with depth and understanding I knew was behind all the normally very reserved person. I was able to take our self declared prophet and keep him in line with allowing other to share without being rude or upsetting him by simply thanking him when he took a breath. We have someone else that often is effected by blood sugar and when it drops so does their attention and participation. Was not the case this Sunday. Our youngest member is 10 years old and did the best retell of the bunch. She participated at a level that was equal to the adults and had insight as well as input. Then the Holy Spirit guided me to give an example on how it could be used out in the world and one of my men came up to volunteer. We dxample of just running into someone with a struggle in his life. He shared an honest and deeply troubling event that was going on in his life right now. I remember (surprised me how well) the story told in the training about the

woman who had been crippled for so many years and came to Jesus on the Sabbath. It fit the situation in so many ways he was in tears in what he got from it. He thanked me and told me that it had given him great hope. Then later in the day as we where serving the homeless in the park God provided the opportunity for 3 more story telling's. Each one given a chance for more discussion of how God can work in our lives. One in particular is a man who is homeless and has been on extended Chemo therapy. It has been hard to watch his suffering over the past months. He looked better today and I simply told him so. He responded with he was taking a break from treatment and although he was feeling better he was still concerned that God was hearing his prayers. When I told him the story of Bartimaeus his eyes welled up with tears when I asked him what was happening in that story. He said if Jesus could hear a blind beggar off the side of the road with that crowd all around him then, Jesus, could hear his prayer each morning. I asked him as we went along what was the impact when the blind man would not stop calling out to Jesus even though others in the crowd had tried to stop him. He responded that by not giving up and calling out that the blind man was healed and then it hit him that the story inspired him not to give up and to keep believing in God being able to hear and answer his prayers.

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Acts 1:8 We are all called to be witnesses through the power of the Holy Spirit. first where we live, then around us, across our country, o...


Acts 1:8 We are all called to be witnesses through the power of the Holy Spirit. first where we live, then around us, across our country, o...