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The new plan for the fleet of C-130J Hercules will see up to 14 aircraft retained until 2035

“I TAKE ORDINARY PEOPLE AND DO EXTRAORDINARY THINGS WITH THEM. I NEVER CEASE TO BE AMAZED BY THE THINGS PEOPLE DO” The Strategic Defence and Security Review, published in November 2015, saw a change in the previous plan to retire the fleet of 22 C-130J Hercules by 2022. The new plan will see up to 14 aircraft retained out to 2035, equipping No 47 Squadron as No 30 Squadron transitions to the Atlas in spring 2017. The enlarged 47 Squadron will initially share up to 20 Hercules across four or five flights, one of


them with high-end esoteric skills. “Some of the customer groups know it and like it and understand its capabilities, but they’ll get used to using the A400M in due course,” says Lushington. Despite the retention of the Hercules, “there is still that appetite and desire to migrate the parachuting capability to the A400M on the original timelines. What the extension to the C-130J gives us, however, is just a little bit of extra flexibility. It gives us more headroom. We might not choose to transfer that capability quite so quickly now.”

STRENGTH IN ITS PEOPLE Summarising the strength of the AMF – its people – Lushington concludes: “I take ordinary people and do extraordinary things with them every single day. I never cease to be amazed by the things people do, given the opportunity, the correct training, the best equipment. When you glue it all together, you get a quite phenomenal capability.”


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